Samantha who?

I’ve never heard of her nor watched her show BUT after seeing what she said on air, SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED.  PLEASE!   She’s gross and jealous of Ivanka and needs to be off the air immediately.  No apologies please.  It won’t help a hate comment.  Not racist.  Just plain hate and pathetic.

This proves my point that there is a WAR on Conservative Women by the leftist women.  You hate us.  I can feel it.  Plus Roseanne says Michelle had asked ABC to cancel her show so Roseanne did a preemptive strike.  IMO.

And Sally Fields (an old actress) has been radicalized and is now defending this Samantha nobody by calling Ivanka lots of rude names.  Sally, this makes you look small and jealous of Ivanka’s beauty, brains, and success.  If only you had a daughter like her you’d be putting her in movies.  But you don’t, so therefore, pick on Trump’s daughter.  Hey Sally–your girl, Hillary, lost.  She’s crooked.  Get over it. I’m erasing your movies from my DVR library along with DeNiro and Streep.  You aren’t smart enough to be in my movie library.  See ya.

The left can’t handle successful conservative women.  PERIOD.



2 thoughts on “Samantha who?

  1. There really is no reason for the hate. I was shocked at dismayed by Roseanne’s stupid comment – which makes it that much harder for all of us – but the fact this Samantha Bee person didn’t get fired just shows there’s a full on war against conservative values.


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