Trump Was the Tasmanian Devil Last Night Spurred on by Joe’s Combative “Impeach Trump” Speech.


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When Biden gave a recent speech suggesting that Trump be impeached for various reasons, little did he know he’d be unleashing the fictional Tasmanian Devil at the Minnesota Rally.  Trump started out reading from his teleprompter then suddenly went off script first tearing into Strzok and Page, the lovers, and mocking their romantic emails.  It was hilarious.  But then he went after Sleepy Joe.

He said things about Biden that we’ve all thought, but were afraid to say aloud even to other Republicans.  He didn’t hold back.  Then he came up with a classic idea, a “Where’s Hunter?” tee shirt.  Someone should turn these out and make lots of money.  Trump is always spurring on the economy.

Trump’s cadance and voice changes were on the level of comedians and fictional characters.  To the average American, it was refreshing; to the snowflakes, liberals, and progressives, it was probably disgusting. Juan Williams’ face on FOX News said it all.  He looked visibly ill. The left has no sense of humor.

Trump slammed the mayor of Minneapolis who tried to keep him out of his town. He then went after Omar, the congresswoman who married her brother, committing immigration fraud.  Who else could point this out?  He asks why she’s still allowed to be in congress?  We all wonder that. She broke the law.  Why’s she not indicted?  The Democrats are always ‘above the law’ and conservatives are held accountable.  The double standard is blinding.

Then he revealed to the crowd of 20,000 that the candidate that is behind the whistleblower turns out to be none other than Joe Biden.  He called it a political hitjob and witchhunt coordinated by the Democrats.  The crowd groaned.  It’s no wonder that Trump went ballistic on Biden.  He barely mentioned Pinocchio Pocahontas this time.

Lastly, he got serious about pulling out of Syria and how hard it has been to see coffins coming home with parents crying.  He turned from Tasmanian Devil to Bambi. He expressed how hard it was to write the letters of condolence to the family of one that was killed in action.  It brought tears to my eyes at the thought as my mother lost her first husband in the war and how she must have felt at the time. He relays a convincing story; but unlike Lizzie Warren, his stories are actually true.

After the two-hour rally was over, the crowd dispersed and were met by angry, insane ANTIFA holding very strange signage and burning MAGA hats in the street.  One sign reading LockHimUp another TimesUp and Blacklivesmatter.  Old regurgitated slogans.  They don’t even know why they’re protesting apparently as their signs don’t make sense-a combination of Hillary and Weinstein and Kapernick.  Not original at all.  Was Soros paying them to show up? They were shouting obscenities and calling the police ‘pigs’ and throwing bottles at them.  The police seemed to be in a “stand down” position.  They weren’t arresting anyone.  Their mayor needs to step down. He’s a disgrace.

If the Democrats think going after our police and law and order is the ticket to win in 2020, it’s over.  Trump will win. Or as renowned actor Jon Voight said,

“This is a crime that the Left are trying to force,” he continued. “This is a disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what truly has been brought back to our country. We have gained greatness; we have gained jobs; we have gained more than any president has promised.” NWO Report

All in all it was an action-packed audience with a few protesters that were escorted out but the rest were well-behaved, but spirited, deplorables.  Even the Mypillow Guy was in the crowd enjoying every minute of it.



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  1. There should be more to a political candidate than insulting others and defending his/her own actions.

    A POTUS candidate should be laying out his/her plans for the future … how he/she will make things better for the American people … not insulting and defaming and calling people names simply because s/he doesn’t like them or because they don’t kowtow to his/her wishes. Further, to criticize and defame others reveals an awful lot about the individual that’s doing it.

    And this is true on BOTH sides of the political fence.

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    1. He did put out plans for the future. He said the best is yet to come and relayed all that he has done. But his insults were in retaliation for what they’ve been saying about him. He’s his ONLY defense as the media will not come to it unless it’s FOX.


      1. But is it appropriate for the Leader of the United States to “retaliate” for what’s been said about him/her? Remember the old adage about stick and stones?

        Also, just based on your post, I didn’t read anything that indicated Trump’s plans for the future. He definitely likes to reference his past acts, but this doesn’t give a potential voter much information for the future.

        I appreciate you allowing me to comment on your post. It’s quite obvious you are a solid Trump supporter and many in your place would either ignore my comments or respond with insults. IMO, the only way to true understanding is through open communication.

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      2. My post wasn’t a summary of everything Trump said. He talked about the health care getting better, VA, building of more wall, finding cure for AIDs, negotiating better trade with China which will add more jobs, trying to get out of these endless wars, signing an immigration and trade bills once the Dems put it on his desk, etc. But yes he’s definitely a “names will hurt him” kind of guy. But most feel he’s the only guy that could last as long as he has with all the incoming assaults on him especially by the FBI, CIA, Deep State, and now the House. But I wish both sides would stop with the name calling! Haven’t heard racist in about three weeks, however, so maybe there’s hope.


      3. Naturally I have doubts about some of his promises … but then no president has been able to fulfill everything they promised. What does bother me, however, is some of the things he talks about doing are simply repeats from his 2016 campaign … and they’re still outstanding. And it isn’t just because of the “incoming assaults” since many of these are comparatively recent. Plus, this kind of thing should not be a distraction from serving the American people.

        Ya’ know, I used to really enjoy watching The Apprentice although I didn’t much care for Trump and the way he treated/insulted some of the contestants. but when he decided to run for president, I thought (hoped?) things would be different if he was elected. So far, IMO, he hasn’t changed.

        I tend to think Trump could be a decent president if he got his ego out of the way. But since I don’t see that happening, I don’t hold much hope.

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    2. I have never seen a sitting president (or even a retired one) behave so childishly and so callously toward people who are no longer in a position to harm him, (politically speaking), toward people who have served this country and paid a huge price for it, toward people who are disavantaged, crippled, poor, or of a different race. This is not a president, this is a rude immature person. I agree with Nan. We deserve better. Before he totally destroys this country and turns it into another Reichstag.

      Come along, Nan. Let’s let this lady alone.


  2. He hasn’t been distracted from serving the American people. He has served them despite all that he has gone through since before taking oath of office, the insurance plan, the Mueller probe, and now the phony Ukraine conjob. He has done more than he promised in 2016 with plenty of extra items too long to list. You realize he’s not about The Apprentice show. He was an international developer, golf course, and high rise builder for years. The apprentice was something he did for fun. The wall he is building without the help from congress as well as health care without John McCain’s vote. When you get Resist from day one, a couple of items are harder to accomplish. But lowering taxes was his biggest feat. Look at his feats, not his tweets.
    Been nice chatting.


  3. Perhaps you need to get your facts straight. Ilhan Omar did NOT marry her brother … you are perpetuating a falsehood … a lie. While you are entitled to your opinion about Trump, you are not entitled to pass along rumours and conspiracy theories, such as your statement about George Soros. The majority in this nation do not consider Trump to be a president, and if next year’s election is fair and honest, ie no gerrymandered districts, no influence by foreign entities, no voter disenfranchisement … he cannot possibly win. If he should win, this nation will no longer be run as a democratic republic, but rather as a dictatorship. Apparently you are okay with that. I pity you.

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      1. You know … first of all, i am not a democrat, but an independent who has voted for both parties at one time or another. Second, I have found that when I mention facts, when I wish to have a factual discussion with anyone who supports Trump, they either shut down and tell me to mind my own business, or else they go on the defensive as you just did. Now, once again, Ilhan Omar did not marry her brother. Ever. That was a rumour started some time ago and disproven many times. But, let me ask you … you refer to insults and such … do you take pride in the insults and vitriol Trump lobs out near-hourly? Do you approve of the name-calling, the racial slurs? And, the one nearest and dearest to my heart in some ways, do you approve of the children who have been separated from their parents, kept in sub-standard conditions often without basic health and sanitary needs being met, and some likely to never see their parents again, for our government did not keep adequate records? If that one doesn’t break your heart, then … 😥

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      2. Independents can use the Democratic talking points. I’ve voted Democrat back when they were more sensible but not for Bill Clinton. Your factual discussion is just not facts. You said you pity me. That’s insulting. Trump has more facts regarding Omar than you do. She is anti semitic and I support the Jews. Trump doesn’t give racial slurs ever yet they label him a racist. I take pride in the fact that Trump stands up for himself and doesn’t take it on the chin like Bush used to. They used to call Bush horrible names and he never did a thing about it. And they have stuck with him. Your claims about children in cages is silly. Obama started that program. As a parent, I’d never send my children illegally into another country as it is too risky. Listen to well renowned actor:

        “This is a war against the highest noble man who has defended our country and made us safe and great again,” Voight stated. “Let me stand with our president. Let us all stand with our President Trump in a time of such evil words trying for impeachment.”

        “This is a crime that the Left are trying to force,” he continued. “This is a disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what truly has been brought back to our country. We have gained greatness; we have gained jobs; we have gained more than any president has promised.”

        Thank you, Jon Voight, one of the few actors with the courage to stand up for America and our president.


      3. Betteroff, you wrote: They used to call Bush horrible names and he never did a thing about it.

        Do you know why he “never did a thing about it”? It’s because a person serving as POTUS recognizes his/her time-honored position and knows that not only is America watching, but the world as well. To retaliate (as the current leader does) with insults, jibes, and made-up names simply because they disagree with or don’t like the person is something far more commonly done by children in grammar school.

        If you wish to support Trump’s actions and decisions as related to his duties as POTUS, that’s certainly your prerogative. But to defend his extremely offensive words and actions against those who disagree with him or who have pointed out his questionable decisions speaks to you as a person as well.

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  4. Hi betteroffwithtrump on the website 🙂

    If one human being has strong convinctions in the value of life, human life as Thomas Jefferson described it eloquently, and genuinely believes, supports, and protects (with their own life?) our 244-year institution of a Constitutional Democracy with three EQUAL Branches of government all functioning together (hopefully) in harmony as best as is possible, as well as in oversight functions on each other as was the original design by our Founding Fathers, then I will always be baffled by—even astounded or appalled—by this current modern trend and (unhealthy?) obsession with ONE Branch, or ONE man/woman in the White House of the Executive Branch… ignoring the greater 2/3rds of our system of governing. This applies from the federal level, to the state levels, the county levels as well as the municipal levels. The most basic concept of a Constitutional Democracy is that no ONE domain of our government or ONE person gains Totalitarian dominance—over other branches or its people—ala the brilliant function of Checks-n-Balances, accountability, responsibility under oaths.

    Therefore, either a 4-yr term or 8-yr term is the fair extent an administration in the Executive Branch is always in flux. Arguably, there might—emphasis on MIGHT—be unanticipated, unprecedented factors that a President should serve 12-yrs. However, that option is a very, VERY slippery slope within the well-functioning domains of a Constitutional Democracy. And one that honestly was designed quite well by our Founding Fathers with the full intent of their being a process of Amendments (unforeseen future circumstances) that with full support of all 3 Branches can be modified, flexible for the needs of ALL Americans!

    My ultimate point is this. There is no reason for American voters to get hyper-polarized (less so violent & vitriol) over ONE person or ONE Branch of our well-designed Constitutional Democracy. Whether we Americans like it or not every President—with the exception of FDR during our country’s most turbulent times—does what they are able for four short years or eight years, and then America moves on. Eight years is probably not enough time…

    for sheer greatness through the ages or utter collapse and shame. Americans WILL ADAPT and survive no matter WHO is in the White House for one or two terms. The unhealthy obsession with ONE person or ONE Branch is honestly naive and unnecessary within the framework of a Constitutional Democracy.

    At least, that’s my humble opinion as a free and legal voting citizen of the U.S.A. who thoroughly understands his civil duties and the system of government we ALL abide under. 🙂

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    1. Dear Professor, You sound like a professor. No one is obsessed with one person or one branch of government. I think we are “better off” with Trump but not obsessed with him. And yes, I’d like the branches of government to act as checks and balances on each other but not gang up on the President. He has been ganged up on since taking his oath more than any other president has had to endure. Most of the threats he’s received have been ignored by the FBI. But if they had been done to Obama, those suspects would have been arrested. It’s the double standard that Trump and the rest of us are sick of.


      1. No one is obsessed with one person or one branch of government.

        Well, I completely disagree. Most reputable sources of news, reporting, public records, or being present or listening/reading at political venues—all levels from county up to federal—within all three Branches, cumulatively it all means the general public is obsessed with ONE person, ONE Branch of government. Why? Because news/info on the other two Branches is more difficult to obtain, but also because many (most?) Americans do not understand the other 2/3rds of their own government functions and interconnections. If they did thoroughly understand these dynamics, our current political climate would not be so intensely polarized. There would be more Moderates (or less volatility) Americans with a more objective perspective on events, change, problems, and their private/public solutions as a UNITED UNION of 50 states not run solely by one man, one branch.

        We may not see this the same perhaps because you and I differ (greatly? less so?) on where and how we get our reporting and information. As I’m sure you are aware, there is an overload of biased reporting/info everywhere in our country, but that is the beauty and filthiness and the concept of a Constitutional Democracy with the Freedom of Expression/Press. Therefore, it is up to every single American to wisely and calmly utilize their taught and learned skills/tools of critical-analysis and differentiating between opinions or facts. That process isn’t impossible IF an American knows where and how to find and/or distinguish the two.

        And never in our country’s 244-year history has any President (or political party) served in office without criticism and hateful rhetoric—another fantastic reason to have them serve ONLY 4-years or at the most 8-years. This helps keep the peace and mole hills from becoming devastating, permanent mountainous earthquakes.

        Nevertheless, I guess you and I will simply need to agree to disagree, huh? 😉


      2. No surprise, I totally disagree with that generalization. Again, if an (highly?) educated American wants to find the best, most objective reporting, news, and scholarship, it is NOT hard to find. For example all of these resources are part of exactly what I mentioned above within the concept of Freedom of Expression/Press under our Constitutional Democracy. Basically this means there should NEVER be just one or two sources of info/facts! For example…

        Media Bias/Fact Check’s website is an excellent quick resource:

        Since most WordPress bloggers have the default spamming guards enabled on their comments (more than 1 link), I will only list the Title of these next several websites of checking/hedging against news bias and propaganda:

        PolitiFact dot com at the Pulitzer Prize winning Poynter Institute.

        FactCheck dot org… the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

        Snopes dot com… fact-checking since 1994, from the independent Snopes Media Group, not politically affiliated.

        PRRI dot org… or Public Religion Research Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution who researches, explores, and reports on America’s changing cultural, religious, and political landscape.

        This list is certainly NOT exhaustive, just an introduction for any interested. And of course all our large public libraries are a WEALTH of information, reporting and facts across political spectrums. However, they are only as objective as the individual makes them using ALL sources and perspectives. This was the original design and intention of our public libraries going way back in our nation’s youth.

        Nevertheless, this is only my suggestion for fair-minded Americans, and perhaps others on polarized agitated sides to access. These are methods of critical-analysis Americans should always utilize so NOT to get trapped into a Kangaroo Court with biased judges and juries.

        Have a great weekend BowT. 😉

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      3. I let the investigative reporters like Gregg Jarrett on Hannity and Rush Limbaugh read those for me. They should be winning the Pulitzer Prize but, alas, they don’t give those to conservatives. They read all the sites you mentioned. Rush breaks it all down has been 99.6 % correct in his opinions and Hannity has never been wrong. Good sources. We can’t believe the New York Times or MSNBC now can we? And, of course, I read articles on this website that I am brave enough to click on.


      4. …they don’t give those to conservatives.

        Sorry BowT, that is simply untrue. Pulitzer Prize winning historian and author (1193, 2002) David McCollough is a moderate Conservative—I do tend to like most of his work because of his exceptional researching skills he learned at Yale University and since!—who won the prize. Conservative columnist of the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens, won it in 2013. The late Charles Krauthammer won it in 1987 and has been a Finalist too. These are only 3 Conservatives I can remember, but I’m sure there are many more.

        Aside from your above error, Jarrett, Hannity, and Limbaugh are all hyper-Conservatives on a Conservative media platform. Do you listen to, read, or watch any Moderate media and news sources and perhaps 1 or 2 Liberal ones?


      5. Unfortunately Krauthammer I didn’t agree with much. And not sure about Bret Stephens; maybe he was a financial writer. But you know what I mean. They don’t give those out willy nilly to conservatives. Mark Levin should get one as well as Bill O’Reilly and Gregg Jarrett and a few others. Moderate media? Is there any? Bret Baier maybe. But the mainstream liberal morning news is always biased against Trump.


      6. Unfortunately BowT, you and I are diverging more and more with each reply. Regardless, the simple point and fact was that your hatchet dismissal of the Pulitzer Prize was wrong. I’m very sure if I dug further I’d find many more Conservatives that have won and/or were Finalists for the Prize. That was my point in the reply. This makes me a little cautious and suspicious now regarding your critical-analysis skills and what YOU consider to be fraudulent mainstream media and investigative journalism, and subsequently your blog-posts.

        Now don’t misunderstand me, EVERYONE has a right—under a Constitutional Democracy that PROTECTS all legal & reputable Press or news sources and IJ like Frontline by PBS—to express their own viewpoints and personal opinions, even if it is based on shotty facts and support! Hahahaha!!! Yep, even the town dunce has a right to peacefully and legally speak/protest.

        However, there is also a simultaneous responsibility and accountability that goes with this sacred, Constitutional right of every American. That is the verifiable accuracy and veracity of what is spoken or written to the public. Hence, the need for Freedom of the Press! This fact-checking and Checks-n-Balances are in many ways too the civil, honorable, dignifying responsibility of every single American. Does every single 328-million Americans do this or take it seriously? No. A portion don’t bother in the least! They’d rather spew out propaganda and lies (as you called it) to naive, gullible uneducated Americans. Other Americans are just simply lazy and don’t care.

        For Americans like myself it is part of my privileged national, civil, and principled duty to help PROTECT these public institutions and those private institutions which align with these same Constitutional precepts and Amendments, all of them! Not just ONE Branch or ONE source of media!

        They don’t give those out willy nilly to conservatives. Mark Levin should get one as well as Bill O’Reilly and Gregg Jarrett and a few others.

        BowT, you are entitled to your own personal opinions, of course. Does it mean you are right? Does it mean anybody is right and factual? No! Of course not. But I did just prove to you and your readers that your preconceived notions and prejudice toward the Pulitzer Prize is unfounded. Regarding Levin, O’Reilly, and Jarrett, why don’t you try to get on the Pulitzer Prize awarding Board. There are already several Moderate Conservatives on it. 😉

        But let’s not get obsessed with one single institution awarding exceptional, scholarly, authoritative works. There are more very reputable acclaimed groups and organizations that recognize excellence and genius in journalism, literature, news, and music and other domains. All of them should be A resource to check and double-check other people’s and organization’s propaganda or actual facts. THAT is what is important.

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend BowT.


      7. ProfT: I think you’ve gone off track. Not even sure why you originally commented something about being obsessed with Trump. Bottom line: Trump has all the qualities for president that I look for. Don’t care about Pulitzer Prizes. Hope he wins again.


      8. BowT: Or…you are not really trying to read my comments, read between the lines so that I don’t have to write a dissertation for you and your readers… OR… as I’ve courteously stated to you we can just agree to disagree with how we both go about verifying truths, facts, and highly plausible ACTUAL political dynamics given our Constitutional Democracy and our nation’s institutions of journalism, reporting, and public education… K thru under-grad University minimum!. There’s no need to be irrationally dismissive BowT. We are merely having civil dialogue, right?


      9. If I were a creative writing teacher or editor, I’d say you need to condense your responses to make them more pithy to give them more impact. Or as Shakespeare once said, “brevity is the soul of wit.” When you drone on and on you lose your readers. Just saying.


      10. I’m a very happy to condense, cut to the chase. 🙂 Reading your 9-paragraph replicating news post…

        Your post here really repeats the obvious: modern American politics are hyper polarized, “spirited” as you wrote, with exciting slurs, overused rhetoric, and more partisan tactics from both sides. What’s new? Politicians as well as many, normal American citizens like you BowT, lose complete sight of the forest by focusing and obsessing on this tree or that tree never (or rarely) keeping in mind how, why, or when the entire forest functions above one or two trees.

        Therefore, back to my original comment:

        There is no reason for American voters [like you Bowt] to get hyper-polarized (less so violent & vitriol) over ONE person or ONE Branch of our well-designed Constitutional Democracy.

        Your post and comment-replies have contributed little to nothing to the current Washington D.C. political and legal events. You have only added more flammable accelerants here. Like many tunnel-visioned Americans, you’ve lost sight of the forest… that is why, how, and when our three-branched government officials can or cannot operate.


      11. I’m an average citizen who’s expressing her opinion. Read at your own risk like my bio says. Just because you don’t agree with my opinions is no reason to call me names. “Let it go” like the song says or just move on to something you enjoy reading. That blog is 3 days old now. Move on.


  5. With respect: It was suggested that I keep this respectful so here it comes. You have helped to elect a man that rejects any established science he doesn’t agree with at the moment. Dismisses it out of hand. At least his VP has a bedrock conviction when it comes to the natural world. Unfortunately he has a religious over ride on his reasoning organ. He rejects all of modern biology, earth science, climate science, anthropology, archeology etc. etc. etc. The Donald has appointed people whose world view are aligned with his.
Gets worse. The republicans are directly responsible for the affordable care act. Whatever you don’t like about it you can thank them. The entire process was open and bipartisan. There were months of public hearings, public input and compromise. They poison pilled it and then not one republican voted for it. If the president hadn’t insisted on bipartisanship we would today have Medicare for all or something similar. Every other western democracy has some form of single payer system. But oh no, not us. We have two perfectly good single payer medical systems in place now. Medicare and the VA. ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS HAVE SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE. Republicans did everything thing they could to make it go away. They said, out loud and on television, they would deny president Obama cooperation on everything. The result was our  health care system. The dems knew it was flawed. They thought they would fix it but the other team used it for a political wedge issue. Under Trump they tried to dismantle and replace it with something with corporate profit as the priority. That effort failed only because one very brave and principled man. Well there’s nothing for it now but to buck up.
With all the derogatory comments coming your way it’s no wonder you’re defensive. Well to bad. Goverment oversight of clean air, clean water, product safety, food safety, environmental protection and public spaces are being neutered. Donald engages in body shaming, belittling, humiliating and on and on. He is a textbook case of terminal narcissism. This behavior is not quirky, eccentric nor reasonable. It is pathological. What it boils down to is unless you are in the top 10% of income earners you will be worse off than you were. Worse, the prestige, leadership and influence of the United States is suffering greatly because this man and his cabal are totally out of there depth.

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    1. First of all you have a lot of wrong facts. The Democrats put together the healthcare plan behind closed doors and didn’t let one R in the room. It was written by one dude who bragged later about how stupid America was and that they’d fall for it. That’s on tape. I forget his name. Healthcare provided by employers is perfect as it was before Obamacare. Medicare is perfect for seniors. They paid into it. Medicare for all would be government run and result in long lines at medical facilities together with seven month wait for an operation. The other countries like Canada that need an operation come to America to get it but pay for it. We need to work on getting the deductibles down. At least we got rid of the mandate. Trump believes in science and clean air and water as we all do. Those are false claims. There are only two genders male and female and the Paris Accord was just about raising our gasoline taxes while the limousine liberals fly around in their private jets–Al Gore. Hypocrites. Listen to what this well renowned actor has to say:

      “This is a war against the highest noble man who has defended our country and made us safe and great again,” Voight stated. “Let me stand with our president. Let us all stand with our President Trump in a time of such evil words trying for impeachment.”

      “This is a crime that the Left are trying to force,” he continued. “This is a disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what truly has been brought back to our country. We have gained greatness; we have gained jobs; we have gained more than any president has promised.”

      Thank you, Jon Voight, one of the few actors with the courage to stand up for America and our president.


      1. Amazing, I lived through the entire process with great expectation the devolved in frustration with the lack of any meaningful let alone constructive Republican participation. None. From start to finish they did the best to subvert the process. So you rejoinder is based solely on innuendo and lies. Shame on you. Shallow and the lack an honest dialogue is disappointing. Trying to find anything other than FOX speak is like look for pearls in a dung heap. Just say’n. Oh ya, on a separate topic, ask yourself, what kind of mind demands to be worshipped for doing what came naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever!”


      2. When you say FOX speak you make yourself look uninformed. FOX News has been the only news telling the truth for three years. Get up to speed. The fake news media lies daily with coordinated talking points from someone at the top controlling them. You should know better.


      3. We live in a world that is full of opinion and short on fact. It is very difficult for people to consider points of view that are counter to what we want to hear because we are adverse to being wrong. It a constant problem because, well, people don’t like to think that what they believe to be true may not be and seek confirmation that support their own biases. It’s why people seek information that supports those biases.

        This is known as confirmation biases. Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or my-side bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.

        People also tend to interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing position. Biased search, interpretation and memory have been invoked to explain attitude polarization (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence), belief perseverance (when beliefs persist after the evidence for them is shown to be false), the irrational primacy effect (a greater reliance on information encountered early in a series) and illusory correlation (when people falsely perceive an association between two events or situations).

        It’s part of the why we work so hard at being right. Here’s the deal, we’re wrong about everything as often as we are right. The reason for this is that the only access to the world we occupy is our faulty sensory organs. Because of this we need tools to overcome these natural deficiencies. One of those tools is called critical thinking. It involves questioning everything and looking to falsify your conclusion. To except this method makes the idea of being wrong a reason the be excited about the real possibility for personal growth.

        One more thing, humans are a communal spSpecies

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      4. I believe in commonsense thinking rather than critical. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. I can smell a setup a mile away.
        Comes from years of experience and the school of hard knocks.


      5. Honey, common thinking is what made people believe that the earth is flat, that the earth was the center of the universe, that our atmosphere is a fermented. The list of erroneous thing is a flaw of reasoning. Really, you’re an intelligent person. Remember a couple of years ago there was a picture of a dress and some people thought it was a certain color and others thought it was another. Well, this is what I’m referring to when I talk about the tools we need to employ to come to a conclusion about anything. We never talk in terms of absolute certainty anything, ever. You would never trust a surgeon that used common thinking to guide the blade. Feelings, common sense is no more a reliable pathway to the truth of a problem as flipping a coin. Just say’n.

        No need to respond because your rejoinders make me feel like I’m talking to your hand not your head.

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      6. When you resort to insults, you’ve lost. I said commonsense not common thinking. There’s clearly not enough commonsense in the new generation. We’d never put up with the likes of ANTIFA twenty years ago. They’d be jailed, fined, and sent home to mommy. Luckily for me WE won. And I knew we’d win. How’s that for critical thinking? And all the smart pundits were shocked. Truth always prevails and it will again. Trump 2020.

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      7. My bad! You are absolutely correct, my mistake. Let me reframe my response.

        Honey, commonsensical thinking is what made people believe that the earth is flat, that the earth was the center of the universe, that our atmosphere is a fermented. The list of erroneous thing is a flaw of reasoning. Really, you’re an intelligent person. Remember a couple of years ago there was a picture of a dress and some people thought it was a certain color and others thought it was another. Well, this is what I’m referring to when I talk about the tools we need to employ to come to a conclusion about anything. We never talk in terms of absolute certainty anything, ever. You would never trust a surgeon that used commonsensical thinking to guide the blade. Feelings, common sense is no more a reliable pathway to the truth of a problem as flipping a coin. Just say’n.


    1. Maybe you don’t know that Obama raised the deficit more than every president combined and now that Trump has released overseas money to come back to America, increased jobs, lowest unemployment in 50 years, works for free, making trade tariffs more even, cut the fat from many departments, it will start lowering. But he rebuilt our military and that cost a bundle.


      1. You didn’t answer my question: what do you think of Trump blowing the deficit out to over $1 Trillion (Obama got it down to around $500 billion in 2016), and blowing the national debt up to a staggering $22.5 trillion?

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      2. And FYI, Obama inherited an absolute mess and a $1.4 Trillion dollar deficit. That was steadily decreased, every year to a low of $439 billion in 2015, with a slight uptick in 2016 to $587 billion.

        I’m not sure where you got your information, but it’s incorrect.

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  6. For what it’s worth, I’d like to put my 2 cents in here. I’d like to ask if you have any problem whatsoever with Trump’s multiple conflicts of interest. Do you realize that whenever he makes a foreign policy decision, such as the one he just made in Syria, at the behest of the dictator Erdogan, many of us are concerned that he’s making these decisions based on what might be good for HIM, not the country? He himself, in 2015, admitted that he had a conflict of interest in Turkey because he had twin Trump Towers in Istanbul. How do we know Erdogan didn’t blackmail him in some way because of these towers? The same with Putin and Russia. He wanted a huge Trump Tower in Moscow, and was still negotiating it while he was running for President. What other reason is there for him capitulating and bowing down to Putin so much? It’s not right. Deep down, you must know this.
    You see, this is the problem from him not divesting, not releasing his tax returns, and having his daughter and son-in-law work right next to him in the White House. We’ll never know what kind of self-dealing he and his family are conducting. Well, we might, now that there is an impeachment inquiry going on. But still, this is wrong. I know the usual right-wing talking points will say that they don’t care, and that ALL politicians are on the take anyway. What’s the big deal, right?
    Well, it IS a big deal. And we should expect more from our leaders. Jimmy Carter sold his small peanut farm just because of even the slightest possibility of a conflict of interest. Trump? he’s a walking/talking billboard for conflicts of interest. I can’t believe you would think otherwise. Right?


    1. Trump’s not in it for money or himself. He was already rich and could care less about his past business. He’s trying to save the country. Otherwise , he’s be going on vacations and wasting taxpayer money. If that’s all you got on him, you better go back to the well, like Ted Cruz would say.


      1. He’s always on vacation anyway. Nobody golfs as much as he has, including the guy he criticized over and over for doing the same thing. Btw, we have no idea how rich he is. For all we know, he’s in hock up to his eyeballs.
        He’s not saving the country. He’s filled the swamp, not drained it. It’s sad that you don’t see that.


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