Biden, Our First Handicapped President…

Can Biden Plan for a Pandemic Presidency? - The Atlantic

and I don’t mean his golf game. Some presidents may have become physically or mentally handicapped while they were in office, but Biden is mentally challenged out the starting gate. Just the way he is being sheltered from the media shows that everyone knows. They usher him in and corral him out like a show animal. We all knew of his challenge during his campaign. The only reason some voted for him is because he had a “D” next to his name. Well… the D stands for dementia. It is probably the biggest sham put on the American people in history aside from our last election. Not fair to other countries either. Staying in his basement with the geese honking and birds chirping worked in his favor.

The media and late night comedy shows are covering for him too. It is almost comical in itself. They used to make fun of presidents who tripped or stumbled on a few words, now they actually ignore Biden and continue to make fun of Trump. It is too obvious. It is becoming a tragedy.

When I wrote America got the president they deserved, they really did. They all knew of his handicap and collectively ignored it and still are! Now we are at the whim of every nonsensical executive order he signs without any explanation. We, as a nation, are screwed. Not sure what is going to happen, but I can see he is heading us into a war. In his first week of office, traders have taken advantage of America by illegally controlling the buying and selling of some stocks. They figure there is no one in charge now, so anything goes. And they put Martha Stewart in jail for a year for much less.

If only, if only, the we had an Election Commission like after 9-11 done on our last election which could overturn the results. It’s our only way out of this mess. And it is a mess. Don’t kid yourself or rationalize anything he has already done like the media is trying to do. It is catastrophic. The radical left members of congress are writing these bills. Up to one million jobs will be lost from the orders he has signed already. And he doesn’t care. He is a human wrecking ball.

To say I’m worried for our future, is an understatement. Schools remain closed in several states while the teachers and teacher unions are collecting salaries. Our children are suffering as well as their parents. It is a national disgrace. This shows us that they are taking advantage of Biden’s presidency as well. Tens of thousands of illegals are heading toward our now open borders. It is scary. And riots are continuing with no National Guard to come in to put a stop to it. But the Capitol Building is protected from white supremacists! Such a joke. It is a bizarro world.

And Biden’s press secretary has no answers to anything. Her pat answer to everything is: “I’ll have to circle back to you on that question.” But according to the press core, she never does. This is a fake presidency that was forced on us by the fake news. He is worse than Obama. At least Obama tried to cover for his radical decisions, Biden blatantly makes them without guilt. If you’re mentally challenged, you have no guilt. This is what scares me. We are living in a fantasy world right now. Nothing we see is real. Nothing we hear is the truth. And absolutely nothing we read is honest.

God help us.


2 thoughts on “Biden, Our First Handicapped President…

  1. Have you seen the latest hilarious news clip of Slow Joe talking about the increased vaccine production? He says, “by mid to late summer, they will have 600 million doses ready, enough to vaccinate 300 Americans” , Then he repeats it as if to verify the claim. He was talking randomly, not reading this from a teleprompter, and it was excruciating to watch, aside from the blunder. I’m waiting for the liberals to compare Joe’s difficulties to the movie ” The Kings Speech “. I carry a barf bag with me in case they catch me off guard.


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