Patience is a Virtue…But How Much Longer Can We Wait?

The wheels of justice are moving awfully slow.

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For two and a half years since Trump won the election, I’ve been hearing about justice being brought to those who meddled in and spied on his campaign. I’ve also heard that Hillary will be brought to justice for destroying subpoenaed evidence. I’ve heard there are indictments coming down the pike. I’ve heard the IG Report will nail the accused and is imminent.  Every night Sean Hannity has breaking news that more evidence of the conspiracy against Trump that goes all the way to England is going to break soon.  But SOON has come and gone.  They even gave Comey a pass for leaking government memos to the press.

The longer this goes without any indictments, I fear someone is getting to those who are in charge of carrying out the indictments.  I feel there is a coverup going on bigger than JFK’s murder. These people with power do things that we can’t even imagine. Look what happened to Epstein to shut him up.

All I know is Trump wants to get to the bottom up who tried to set him up.  Who started the Russian Hoax?  Who approved the FBI to spy on him?  But are others starting to give up and not care?  That’s what worries me.  We know many people are guilty of many different crimes, yet not one has been indicted. Are the investigators being threatened?

Why is it the Democrats in power can indict a ham sandwich, but the Republicans can’t indict an admitted leaker of government memos?  Do we have no backbone for the flurry of press it will get when the indictments begin to fall?  What’s the reason for the hold up? Or are we trying to let the statute of limitations run out because we don’t have the courage to do anything?

This is an election year and there’s a lot at stake.  The sooner we get some of these corrupt politicians and government employees arrested, the easier the next election will be.  If there is nothing done before the next election, Trump will have a difficult time winning. They will hang the Racist and Russia labels around his neck. And it’s only going to get worse.  Everything he does from now on will be called racist and with the help of Russia.  Some in the press even tried to blame Epstein’s murder on Russians.

Let’s get a move on.  I’m usually patient, but this is getting old.  Let the justice cards fall as they may.  Let someone be indicted for something: Ohr, Nellie, Strzok, Page, Powers, Simpson, Steele, Comey, Rice, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, someone please. Start the indictments coming and don’t let the Epstein investigation take priority.  Maybe that was why he died as a smokescreen to take our eyes off the ball of the real investigation–who framed Trump’s campaign?  Who was the mastermind?  Who was the puppetmaster?  Who started the Insurance Plan?

We know the answers, we just need THEM to be made public for the “low information voters.” Some of them actually think Obama had no scandals on his watch. Please.  Start the indictments and cut with all the breaking news. We get it.  It’s time to put up or shut up or we’ll lose in 2020 like we lost the House in 2018 due to the lingering Mueller Probe that hung over his head like a wet blanket.

Stop dragging your feet.  Let’s see if we have the mettle to sign and issue one indictment. Let’s put some oil on the wheels of justice and get the indictment ball rolling and see what pins we take down.

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