Biden, the Human Wrecking Ball.

The Rise and Fall of the Wrecking Ball | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

All Biden has to do is sit at his desk and sign executive orders written by others rescinding all of Trump’s good work. He is literally wrecking America with the stroke of a pen probably the only part of his body left functioning aside from his nose.

But seriously now, what’s with the urgency of reversing all of Trump’s accomplishments without taking a good look at them? He is a hasty president which is not a good quality for someone holding the nuclear codes. Who’s really behind all these reversals of fortune? I smell Obama’s hand in this. He wants Solyndra 2.0. Why put thousands of hardworking Americans out of work at the Keystone Pipeline and at our border wall? They changed their lives to move there and take those jobs. It is cruel and unusual punishment. But this is the Punishment Party.

I notice the media hasn’t mentioned that the DOW has gone south since Biden took office. Wouldn’t that be breaking news if Trump had been inaugurated? Certainly would. But you see, the media is covering for Biden as usual. Any negative stories will be buried. Reversal of fortune right before our eyes. Watch our retirement plans slowly dwindle like they did under the Obama Administration.

Yesterday they asked the National Guard to sleep in a cold parking garage rather than hang around the Capitol Building. It was punitive probably because they were angered that they had their backgrounds checked after reporting for duty. Let’s get something clear. There is nothing wrong with supporting President Trump before or after this last sham of an election. If they think they can punish everybody for doing so retroactively, then they are more crazy than we thought. But this is the Punishment Party.

All this talk about where we can wear a mask or not is silly. I can’t believe the media got sucked into the conversation. There is no proven science that the masks stop one from getting or spreading this virus. It is a guess at the best. People will do, what people do. We have common sense and will wear a mask when needed without federal mandates. No mandate is going to change our behavior. Stores and small businesses will enact rules and that’s fine.

They will probably still try to impeach Trump in the senate after he is long gone. Clearly unconstitutional and vindictive. They are obsessed with Trump. Almost glad Trump doesn’t have twitter to voice his daily complaints on what punitive measures the Biden Administration is taking. There would be too many tweets. Trump should remain silent for several months while Biden systematically wrecks the country with the stroke of his hand. Let We the People do the complaining. Even some Democrats, after all, they got the president they deserved.

If someone can tell me one good reason for the reversal of just one of Trump’s executive orders, please tell me what it is. I’d like to know. While Trump was a human snowplow, plowing away all the attacks on him from the media, the FBI, and the Dems; Biden is a human wrecking ball destroying all the good work Trump did.

Time to Set a Few More Things Straight.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We are all getting frustrated by the news feigning outrage over certain topics that they already knew about, even FOX News. It is frustrating how they pretend to be surprised or bewildered by certain things we’ve always known or suspected. Here’s what really is going on:

  1. In the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, a prosecutor is Jim Comey’s daughter! This a conflict of interest but the news is avoiding this fact. Let’s have a refresher course. Jim’s wife and daughters campaigned for Hillary. They are big time feminists. Hillary’s husband is accused of being on the Lolita Express with underage girls going to a “virgin” Island. And the judge is an Obama-appointed lib. If this isn’t an attempt to hide the truth about who were the clients of Epstein, I don’t know what is. The prosecutor will be covering up for Jeff Epstein’s clients. We’ll never hear of any prominent names in this trial except for maybe Trump’s name to offset Bill Clinton’s guilt. Remember: “When in doubt, blame Trump” is their mantra.
  2. In the Jussie Smollett trial, he faked a hate crime but the crime is bigger than that. He may have been hired by politicians like Kamala to hurt Trump like Dr. Ford was hired to hurt Kavanaugh’s chances for the Supreme Court. After all, Jussie called it “MAGA Country and racists and homophobes attacked him” and that stuck with the general public. Trump and his supporters are called racist and homophobes to this day. So Jussie et al got what they wanted. To taint Trump. The hate crime was just “a means to an end.” Part of their plan to influence the election. Notice he wasn’t arrested when they realized he planned it all until quite later after word got out. DA covering for the politicians and the left.

Now that we know the left is capable of many coverups and conspiracies, just about everything we hear from now on will be a conspiracy or coverup by them.

3. After Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal, he is still being labeled a white supremacist and murderer by certain public figures and those in the media. This their way to tarnish Kyle and the GOP at the same time. Also to make self defense against Antifa and BLM a crime. Don’t fall for it. Ignore those in the media and hate groups at ASU that are trying to ruin his future. He will win in the end once he sues all those who defamed him prior to the trial and afterwards. He’ll end up a rich young man who can pay his own way into the university of his choice.

4. Dr. Fauci is a egomaniacal, political hack. He deflects what he has done onto January 6th. Fauci is responsible for funding research on a virus that has gone haywire now across the globe killing millions but changes the subject to a few lawless agitators on January 6th? That is a trait of a true sociopath. Trust me, Fauci knew about the bioweapon and somebody authorized it to be unleashed to ruin Trump’s great presidential term and effect the election. Fauci has always been a fly in the ointment, snake in the grass, traitor.

6. Hunter’s laptop from hell has finally been authenticated like we knew from the get go but the media, Joe, Hunter, Social Media, FBI, Chris Wray, and Dems gave cover for Joe. Hunter dropped it off at a repair shop, signed a receipt, but forgot about it. It became the property of the shop owner who called the FBI prior to the election, and they held onto it in silence. Just like they did with knowledge of Hillary’s deleted, subpoenaed emails. Then six corrupt CIA agents signed a letter saying it came from Russia disinformation. AGAIN! Do we all have STUPID written on our foreheads? They must think so. And Biden lied through his false teeth during a debate with Trump claiming the laptop was not Hunter’s. Lied on national tv! But he always lies and the moderator covered for him. All in it together.

And this latest deal with China making Hunter rich once again, are you kidding me? If this was one of Trump’s sons, we’d be screaming from the rooftops. But, alas, it is only the kid, Hunter. And if you think his paintings weren’t pay for influence to the president, you need your head examined. I suspect this billionaire’s home they went to in Nantucket was one of the buyers and Biden got an earful from them. No telling how many extortion attempts from China, Russia, and Ukraine Biden gets daily and gives into. They’ve got the goods on the Biden Crime Syndicate.

5. The racist murderer Darrell Brooks, who mowed down over 45 and killed six, committed a hate crime. He should be charged with a hate crime and domestic terror. His social media and rap songs all express hate for whites, GOP, and Trump. The media is implying an unmanned car killed six parade goers. Must have been a Tesla. This is how ef’d up the media has become. They won’t even say Brooks’ name or show his picture because it doesn’t fit the narrative: White suspects guilty, Black suspects innocent.

6. When Trump called the virus that came from China a “China Virus” it was not racist nor xenophobic as many viruses are labeled after where they originate from. But WHO downplayed the origin by labeling it some “coronavirus 19” which makes no sense to average people. But guess what? The hate crimes against Chinese Americans are committed by BLM types in order to make it seem like conservatives are angry at Chinese Americans. We are not. This is part of their plan to still tarnish Trump for calling it the China Virus. And the media is covering up this fact by reporting “a large rock hit a Chinese woman today.” I guess it was an unmanned rock that fell from above. Then the media latched on together with commercials on tv saying “Stop Asian Hate.” Their way, once again, to spread nonexistent hate of Asians while subliminally tarnishing Trump. Everything they do or say has a hidden agenda.

The left is smart at corruption, deceit, and malice, but terrible at running a successful country. Socialism will never work. It never has in other countries and will not here. There are more news items to set straight but I’ve run out of time.

Biden Copying Trump is Too Little, Too Late.

(“I wish I could be more like Trump.”)

Out of desperation to raise his approval ratings Biden is trying something, anything, to change the tide back toward himself. But what he is trying is almost too late. Enforcing the Stay in Mexico policy like Trump had will probably just have illegals piling up on Mexico’s side of the border causing problems for them that Biden started. Biden encouraged millions to come our way with promises of freebies.

Banning flights from some countries in Africa is like putting a Band-Aid on a leak in a dam to stop covid. And remember when Trump did it, he was called a racist by Biden and the media. Demanding oil from OPEC defeats the purpose of ending oil drilling in our country in the name of climate change. We were energy independent under Trump. Biden is paying workers more to stay home than to get back to their jobs as longshoremen. And oil prices are keeping truckers off the road. When he restores the building of the wall and our pipelines, shuts down our southern border completely, and ends the stimulus and unemployment bonuses; then, and only then, will we see a difference in our borders, ports, oil prices, inflation, and covid cases. Not until then.

Biden has instilled so much fear of covid in people, it will take years to erase. Where we’re at now is so willy nilly no one knows whether to wear a mask or take the booster. I’d prefer to not wear the mask or take the booster. My husband has been inflicted with two medical conditions since taking the vaccinations. Worse year in health ever and he used to golf three times a week, ride his bike, and go to the gym. Now he cannot get out of a chair without help. He’s fatigued, lost weight, and in pain. My kids don’t recognize him. Coincidence? Maybe, but I feel the vaccines had something to do with it despite what our doctors tell us. It killed his white blood cells that fight other diseases. IMO.

Now as far as coming down with covid, it is the luck of the draw. It will have to run its course. We have to be vigilant but not alter our lives to a point where we aren’t enjoying it. Personally, I hardly ever think about covid any longer only when I have to go shopping and see morons still keeping ten feet away from other carts in the checkout line. I feel like saying something to them, but they have fear instilled in them that has become habit now and will take years of normal behavior from others to rub off on them. They are like programmed robots. I never knew how compliant our society was until covid came around.

These are the gullibles that voted for Biden and think he’s doing a good job, like Joy Blowhard bragged about. She held up a small card with Joe’s accomplishments. At first, I thought she was being facetious, but she was serious. It had about six items on it! “Got back into the Climate Accord, Passed two stimulus bills, Passed a spending bill, Got back in the Iran nuclear deal, And ended the war in Afghanistan!” The audience clapped. These people are drinking some new flavored Kool Aid for sure. I’ve never seen so many closeminded, uninformed idiots in one room. They must only listen to CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and CBS or read the NY Times, LA Times, or WAPO. Poor lost souls.

Biden will undoubtedly have to reinstate Trump’s policies if he is ever to restore some semblance of prosperity in our country again. And if he does, the media will give him full credit like it has never been done before under Trump. After all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- Oscar Wilde

Bottom line is: Biden is the epitome of mediocrity. As a lifetime bureaucrat, he has never run a company or even held a job in the private sector. He doesn’t know how things are run. I wouldn’t trust him to run a 7-Eleven Store yet he is the leader of the free world. His son, Hunter, had to pay his bills for God’s sake. Not even Jill. We need our great businessman and stylish Melania back in the White House rather than these imposters.

“Black Looting Malcontents” Give New Meaning to BLM.

Patrolling for Looters.

I can’t stand to see these hooded gangs of delinquents breaking into luxury stores and stealing as much as they can hold then driving off in their cars. Who made it legal to steal up to $1,000? That person needs to be fired. And trust me, they are stealing over $1,000 when they steal high- end purses, jewelry, and cell phones. And I’m sorry if “looters” is a racist word. Maybe it is because only black gangs are looting. Hmmm.

This mass looting makes me not even want to spend my hard earned savings on gifts this Christmas when I see these thieves getting stuff for free and the stores just let them run. Why should the rest of us hand over cash when they just don’t care?

There should be armed security guards out front of these stores and when the gangs show up put them under arrest and call for backup. These looters need to be rounded up and put in a paddy wagon. It’s not brain surgery, but these liberal cities seem to be flummoxed by these marauding teenagers. Any movie we’ve ever seen where robbers come in and steal jewelry, they get shot if they don’t stop as they try to flee in their getaway vehicles. Simple as that. Until we resume that kind of law and order, this mayhem will continue.

These BLM have ruined San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Walnut Creek and is now spreading to Santa Rosa. It’s like a fad for these robbers. Who are their parents? What did they raise, a bunch of entitled lawless renegades? I think these villains coordinate through Facebook and plan their attack at the same time at one location. Zuckerberg should be banning them from Facebook as they are promoting criminal activity. They outnumber the police, so it’s time for the National Guard to take over the Streets of San Francisco and other cities that are going through this. Where’s Dirty Harry when we need him? Lock these thieves up! That’s the only way to deter this behavior. When you catch them, hold them at gunpoint then say, “Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?”

The more you allow it, the worse it will get and these stores will undoubtedly go out of business. Something has to be done about it. These cities need to grow some you know what and fix the problem. And for the mayors or city council that say it’s okay as it’s for reparations, give me a break. These thugs don’t know what it was like for their ancestors only what the radical left has been indoctrinating them to think. This is probably the result of all the CRT they’ve been hearing. All they’re really doing is making a bad name for future African Americans.

The murderer who maimed 45 plus innocent Christmas parade goers killing six with his car is also a product of years of kowtowing to the blacks and letting them get away with everything, especially the riots of 2020. How many of them have been arrested and jailed? None, I suspect, and why we are where we are now. It wasn’t a Parade Crash! Please.

This administration will cover for criminals until the cows come home. Biden should be consoling the victims of this horrendous attack in Waukesha rather than sitting on his ass in Nantucket. It was worse than any recent terror attacks or school shootings. Has anyone noticed his gait lately? Stiff-legged Frankenstein walk. Biden should be denouncing this mass murderer and these looters; but instead, he turns the page like he did with Afghanistan. He thinks the people will soon forget. But we won’t. Like we didn’t forget Benghazi.

Let’s kick Pelosi out of San Francisco and bring back law and order. She has ruined the city. Clean up the streets and lock up the looting malcontents. The radical left wants us to live in fear and filth so they can maintain power over us. These BLMers are nothing more than their drones doing the dirty work for them. That’s why they don’t get arrested and are running roughshod over our cities. If we ever needed to take over the House and pass some good bills, now is the time. Vote these malcontents out of office in 2022.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the honest people. The looters can eat crumbs behind bars where they belong.

Motive in Waukesha Reduced to “Domestic Disturbance?”

Domestic Disturbance (2001 film) poster.jpg

Where was John Travolta during all this mayhem? Waukesha needed him.

Let me get this straight. So…if you have a squabble with your baby momma you may flee the scene in a high-speed vehicle, cross over barricades, and run down forty-five innocent people in a parade never stopping once to check to see if you injured someone? As long as there was no intent to kill but rather to escape your baby momma, it’s not considered a hate crime, domestic terror, mass murder, or a killing spree? You’ve got to be kidding me!

The euphemism used by the police, president, and media sickens me compared to the names they called Kyle Rittenhouse. This killing spree or domestic terror has been called a tragedy, an incident, and a situation by the White House. A tragedy is a hurricane or earthquake not a killing spree by a career criminal out on bail for the exact same thing, running his baby momma over with his car! This is his weapon of choice. The police are calling this killing spree “the parade crash.” Someone obviously got to them. OMG! It wasn’t a car accident! It was intentional and went on and on hitting as many victims (not cars) as he could. Where they came up with the word crash, I can’t imagine.

I see what they’re all doing. They are covering their asses for letting this nutcase out of jail so they need to downplay the result of their stupidity. They are also covering that fact that it was committed by a black militant with a history of hate of country, Trump, and police. It doesn’t fit the CRT narrative. If he was white, he’d already be strung up from the nearest tree by the liberal media, figuratively speaking; and Biden and the media would be labeling him a white domestic terrorist, no doubt in my mind.

We are experiencing the results of George Soros-appointed and paid for DA and Prosecutors who are too lenient and permissive to liberal perps but throw the book at the rest of us. It’s a two-tiered justice system who’s chickens are coming home to roost. There’s no excuse for five innocent people being mowed down and forty plus suffering in the hospital. No excuse other than poor judicial system. Someone who was arrested on attempted murder should never be out on bail as this is the result. He’s a hate-filled racist who was obviously angered by the result of Kyle being acquitted. Will the police admit that? Of course, not. They’d rather have us think he was fleeing from his baby momma. Poor guy.

And for those in the media calling innocent people being mowed down, bad karma for Kyle’s verdict. You are sick. It may be the real motive for his killing spree but not karma for a verdict. But this is exactly what Darrell Brooks wanted the far left media to say. Congratulations for completing a psychopath’s wishes. He knew exactly what our goofy president and far left media would say, “A tragedy and karma for a verdict.”

Will the Real Domestic Terrorist Please Stand Up?

Notice how fast the White House is trying to distance themselves from the black career criminal rapper released out on bail just recently for negligent homicide? Notice they’ve labeled this terror attack on 40 Christmas parade attenders “a situation” and “an incident” rather than domestic terror by a militant like they were quick to label Kyle Rittenhouse? In fact CNN and MSNBC aren’t even covering it, now that they know who has been arrested. Doesn’t fit their CRT narrative.

This “person of interest” in custody is a follower of Malcolm X and raps about hating Trump and pigs. This is a true domestic terrorist that used his car as a murder weapon killing five and injuring forty plus, some of them children. He was a real active killer on the street targeting innocent parade goers with his car similar to a school shooter. This is one of the methods of mass murder used by home grown terrorists. Will he get a trial similar to Kyle Rittenhouse where the president chimes in calling him a black militant in order to influence the jury? Will this act of terror get covered by the liberal press as if a white guy had committed it? I seriously doubt it.

Will the ladies of The View like Whoopie have some words of wisdom? Will Joy Blowhard condemn this killer like she did Kyle? I think not. What we are dealing with here is one justice system for the left and another one for conservatives. It’s a two tiered justice system. The George Soros-appointed prosecutor released this killer from jail as he doesn’t like to see blacks behind bars. But we have 400 white rally goers sitting behind bars that did nothing other than attend a Trump rally.

The motive of this killer is simple. He was mad about the verdict in Kyle’s case. He hates whites and figured mostly whites would attend a Christmas parade. The media will cover for his motive as well as the White House as it doesn’t fit the narrative that “blacks are oppressed and whites are the suppressors.” He’s a modern day Black Panther.

Condolences go out to the victims of this latest hate crime under Biden’s regime. We know now who the real domestic terrorist is: Darrell Brooks not Kyle Rittenhouse. And we also know now who the real racist is: Darrell Brooks not Kyle. And what’s going on in Wisconsin? Used to be a peaceful northern state. What a shame in Waukesha.

Rule of Law Won Over Mob Rule in Today’s Verdict.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

Justice was served. Conservatism won over the liberal mob today. Self defense won. Our constitution won today. Conservative news won over CNN today and especially MSNBC. I’m so proud of the jury in this case. They rose above the threats that they had endured from the mob and the media. That takes courage, conviction, and sharp reasoning. I half expected a hung jury with a few hold outs of “Not Guilty.” Makes me proud to be American again. Proud of the jury system.

Cuomo, DeBlasio, and Newsom should shut the hell up as Cuomo has his own trial coming up. Doesn’t he want jurors who follow the rule of law? I guess not. He wants mob rule to support him in the streets and threaten the jurors. Good luck with that and way to fan the flames of violence. Newsom apparently has no legal knowledge except for being married to a prosecutor once. To call Kyle a vigilante active shooter was out of line for the governor. So far no violence in Kenosha, in spite of the liberal politicians and goofy news anchors weighing in stupidly.

Conservatism did win today over liberal mob think and rule, the likes of Newsom and Biden. Two beauties, as Trump would say. The BLM movement lost big time today and should never have stuck their nose in where it didn’t belong. I hope Kyle sues the pants off all of them including the media for slander like Sandman did. I hope he makes millions for what they put him through.

Let’s hope the town of Kenosha got the message that the truth will always prevail and today it did. There was never a racial factor in this trial. Now if New York City could follow suit and erase that worthless BLACK LIVES MATTER graffiti from the pavement in front of Trump Tower and make a public apology to Trump, I’d really feel like we are making ground. But I won’t hold my breath. DeBlasio had no business defiling public property with a radical movement’s name. It was vindictive, threatening, and a bit sophomoric.

Pray for peace in Kenosha tonight.

What is Biden’s “Build Back Better” Bill Really?

Photo by Charles Parker on Pexels.com

It’s code for “Reward my Donors” and “Punish my Opponents” under the guise of taxing only billionaires and corporations to “build bridges and roads” all the while raising the deficit to bankrupt America. Thanks Biden. Good job. Thanks to whoever voted for him. Good job.

I read the ticker tape that the Covid Virus “likely came from a wet market in Wuhan.” Hmm. I wonder who’s putting that big lie out there for us to believe, [cough] Fauci. Amazing how one bat’s virus could combine with another animal’s virus to come up with a super killer virus that attacks humans across the globe. Amazing what nature can do. And which animal bit a human to get it spread to a human? Or was it spread by eating the dead diseased animal? Elaborate please, Fauci. And while you’re at it where did the whistleblower scientists that worked at the Wuhan Lab go? Where are they? Why did they mysteriously disappear if the virus came from a wet market? The evidence doesn’t back up your latest lie.

Biden is getting a colonoscopy today which is ironically what he’s been doing to our country for the last nine months. I’m wondering why they chose that end of his body to examine when it is clear that it is his head that needs a thorough going over. I’m quite sure he can’t pass the cognitive test that the rest of America has to take every year since reaching age of 65: Remember three random words and draw a clock’s time. Pretty sure he’d mess up on that test which would lead to further testing which he has not taken. The press is covering for his dementia as well as his cabinet and congress.

Let’s do the FBI. How disgusting are they to be arresting parents that show up at school board meetings in protest over CRT being shoved down the throats of innocent children? How disgusting is AG Garland feigning innocence to all of this? How disgusting that they infiltrated the January 6th rally with rogue agents that incited the violence? Chris Wray, Garland, and Fauci all need to go. While they are at it, take Pelosi and Harris too. Two of the worst women in power of modern times.

Harris’s biggest accomplishment thus far is receiving transfer of power while Biden is out for twenty minutes with a camera up his butt. BTW, shouldn’t he do this procedure while on vacation at his Baltimore home not while the House simultaneously shoves a pork bill up our butts? Just a thought.

A Country Divided Down Racial Lines.

Photo by Robo Michalec on Pexels.com

From what I am seeing lately, the liberal politicians, schools, and media seem to hate the white race, thus the talk of white privilege and CRT. Or do they just hate conservatives of any race? They quickly side with a person of color (no matter if they have a criminal background or not) before reviewing evidence like they did with George Floyd, Breonna, Trayvon, and Brown. Just like Biden did with the Rittenhouse case. And they try to put the white person or cop in a bad light, tarnishing their reputation with false claims.

It was very evident during the Rittenhouse trial as they tried to turn Kyle into a white supremacist with a racial motive where there was clearly none. They seemed flummoxed that someone as young as Kyle would want to help out injured people or store owners. No one puts themselves out like that, they assumed. Democrats don’t offer help. They stand back and watch crimes in progress via their phone cameras. Isn’t there a Good Samaritan Law whereby you have to step in and offer help? Where’d that go?

The victims were no heroes as the prosecution claimed. They had criminal records and were breaking all kinds of laws that night in Kenosha yet the prosecutor wrote it off to be “rioting as usual.” SOP for rioters. No biggy. Dumpster fires, broken windows, flying rocks, and assaults with skateboards are standard fare. They chased Kyle down like a pack of wolves after prey. But if you don’t agree with these rioters’ ideology or cause, you’re a racist!

Every liberal news anchor whether black or white is against anyone who opposes the BLM movement. One numbskull commentator said, “We have to stop making Republicans appear to be normal. They aren’t normal. They’ve been spreading culture war memes and hate.” If that’s not calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. And what’s with all the blacks congregating outside the courthouse in Kenosha? This isn’t a black issue! But it is a conservative vs. liberal outlaw one. Outlaws stick together no matter the race.

The liberal media has gone off the rails. We can’t believe a word that comes out of their biased mouths. They hate all conservatives. Their hate and stupidity is oozing out of their pores live on camera. It’s unseemly. I can’t imagine what their regular viewers must think as they were brainwashed for five years to think Trump was a racist and Russia colluder. And some journalists got Pulitzer prizes for lying. What are they brainwashing them to think now?

And as expected, Biden can do no wrong. He is their savior from the mean boogeyman, Trump, who used to post mean tweets! (But kept our country safe and prosperous!) The world is tiptoeing on thin ice under Biden but the liberal media ignores it. Other countries are ready to go to war with each other as Biden is not looking or giving a hoot. He walks around in a fuzzy haze.

When, and if, the liberal media wakes up and reports the truth, our country will unite and be a better place to live in once again. But I won’t hold my breath. Never in past generations did we have to endure such incompetency and racism from the journalists and our government. The combination of the two makes our country vulnerable to just about anything. They are dividing us down racial lines. There was a similar aura in the air to how we were right before the 9-11 attack: clueless, unaware, and vulnerable. The Clinton sexcapades had knocked all the wind out of our country leaving us vulnerable to just about anything. And we got the shock of our lifetime.

Be prepared as our country is divided rendering us vulnerable.

There Are ONLY Two Genders: Male and Female!


blur boy brother casual
Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

When couples have a Gender Reveal Party it’s only pink cake for “it’s a girl” or blue cake for “it’s a boy.”  There’s no purple, gray, or rainbow cake.  How do the millennials or the Gen Z’ers or schools have a problem with that?  When a doctor delivers a baby he says, “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy.” He never says, “I’m not sure” or “we’ll wait and see what it feels like.”

How does anyone think there are more than two genders?  Ask a pediatrician how many genders there are.  Ask any scientist how many sexes there are.  Ask the hospital how many genders there are. Ask a biologist how many sexes there are. [But don’t ask your local school district or toy store.] This discussion on how many genders there are is ludacris. It’s black and white with no gray area.  I thought the Left likes science–only when it agrees with them.

Let me break it down for the younger generation and the Democrats.  If you’re born with a pee pee, you’re a boy.  If you’re born with a vagina, you’re a girl.  Didn’t you watch Kindergarten Cop? It’s as simple as that.  Kids shouldn’t be outraged when someone says “there are only two genders.” This nonsense needs to stop and parents of these young kids need to tell them so. Nip it in the bud.

SEX: Either of two divisions of organisms distinguished respectively as male or female. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1973.

I don’t think women are pushing out any new genders from their womb since 1973, although the newer dictionaries have become PC with vague, muddled definitions relating to social justice.  Schools are even changing our history books to reflect famous transgenders.  I suspect the woman caught wearing men’s clothes driving a stagecoach was because she wanted a job outside the home and that was the only way to get it–like in the movie Yentl. To portray her as a transgender just to change the history books is a stretch.

Back in 1973, when Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs had the highly promoted Battle of the Sexes tennis tournament, it was not called Battle of Two of the Genders.  Just saying.

Parents who try to change the gender of their child because he/she feels like the opposite gender are guilty of child abuse.  Leave your child alone. Let them be the sex they were born with.  If your daughter doesn’t like to wear a dress, so what?  If she doesn’t like to play with dolls, so what?  She’s a tomboy.  Buy her a tennis racket. It’s a trait.  Deal with it.

If your son likes to try on your high heels or lipstick, so what?  If he slips into your underwear one day, so what?  If he doesn’t want to play sports, so what?  He’s not coordinated maybe. Put him in acting classes.  It’s also a trait.  Deal with it.

Trying to blur the sexes is a problem.  They are different.  They need separate bathrooms and different parenting. We don’t raise them the same.  Don’t mess with something that was working for years.  When you do, there will be new problems in schools and society [like what happened recently in a school bathroom that allowed a transgender to use the girl’s bathroom.  A girl got raped! ]

What they do as an adult is on them.  Don’t interfere with their God given sex when they are young.  That’s all I have to say.  Don’t want to read or hear about child gender changing.  I did hear about a nine year old transgender who spoke up at a town hall.  The audience clapped.  [Biden praised the child.]  At nine years old, I was playing jacks, hopscotch, and doing cartwheels.  The thought of my gender was not even a blip on the radar and shouldn’t be on the kid’s radar that attended the town hall either.  Parents put them up to this crap. It needs to stop.  It’s dangerous to their health.

There are only two genders!   It’s a girl!

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Boys trying to play as girls on sports teams should not be allowed.  They have different muscles and hormones.  They are taking scholarships away from the girls.  VOTE “NO” ON THE EQUALITY ACT. It’s ludacris.

UPDATED: 11/16/21 Sentences between [ ] have been added since original post.

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“EXETER — An Exeter High School freshman and his mother are suing the school district after he was suspended from playing in a football game for allegedly expressing his view there are “only two genders.””

The nonsense continues. Since I first wrote this many weird things have occurred like Target having no girl or boy section in their toy department. They’ve blended the genders into one.

But let’s get something straight, no pun intended. If a man decides to change his look to a female via plastic surgery and hormones; he’s still a man as he was born a man. No disguise, no surgery, no dress and heels or wigs or fancy purses makes him a female. He was born male and will always be despite what Bruce Jenner thinks. You can’t play God and change your biological (science) gender. You just can’t. It’s nothing more than dressing up or what we used to call a “cross dresser.”

How Mob Rule Can Influence a Jury’s Verdict.

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Now I hope I’m wrong, but judging from the way some in the media are slandering Rittenhouse (Joy Behar) and the city bringing in the National Guard (which they should have done prior to the innocent), I suspect the jury is feeling intimidated to make a verdict whereby they will not be retaliated against by Black backlash and the biased media. Any juror that doesn’t have this fear is not being truthful.

Can you remember the trial of O.J.? There was so much evidence proving him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” that there wasn’t a smidgeon of a chance he was innocent; yet the jury (who was intimidated by Black backlash) acquitted him. In fact, they had turned the trial into claims of racism against the cops that arrested O.J.. It sent shockwaves across the nation. Also the trial of Michael Jackson. His supporters didn’t care about his accusations and influenced his jury to declare him innocent of all charges. It was also shocking. Both black defendants, I might add.

But now we have a non-celebrity, conservative white teen who, for all intents and purposes, did not go out into the night to kill ruthless rioters; but rather found himself in the middle of a gang attack and over his head literally. And where for God sakes were the police? Rittenhouse freaked and found himself fighting for his life. And he didn’t shoot black rioters, but they were members of Antifa or BLM and that’s all that matters to the blacks and the biased media. The boy’s a racist!

I don’t know if this boy has a jury of his peers or what, but he should be found innocent of Murder One. I hope the jury and the judge have not been intimidated enough to effect their vote from the threats they have received to them and their families but rather rule according to the law, not mob rule.

If mob rule is the way our high profile trials are going to go, then there’s no point in having a judge and jury. But notice it is only conservatives or cops getting prosecuted these days by leftwing prosecutors. This is what worries me. I can assure you if Kyle Rittenhouse had been shot dead by one of his victims, those perps would never have been charged, i.e. no high profile trial, no media reports of the killing. They’d bury the story. For example, why hasn’t the cop that murdered Ashli Babbitt been prosecuted? Why was his identity protected for so long? Oh, I forgot, he’s black and a known supporter of BLM. And he hated Trump. I suspect Ashli’s MAGA hat alone prompted him to shoot her. Reverse racism.

If this boy can’t get a fair outcome to his trial because of threats of the city being burned or lives of the jurors, then this country has turned into a third world country whereby elections and trials have no purpose and are, therefore, nothing more than “for show.”