Antifa and BLM are Terror Groups–Not Civil Rights Marchers.

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They can loot, decimate, and injure all they want but nothing will change in society from their vile behavior. If anything, all it does is make themselves look bad. I was shocked to watch a group of hoodlums in Philadelphia open the hood of a police car, pour lighter fluid on the engine, and drop a lit match.  This was after they broke out the windshield. All done in broad daylight with not a cop around.  These are experienced paid vandals.  This isn’t their first rodeo.  They all must have a record.  Then the police car went up in flames with them filming it.

Let’s get one thing straight. They aren’t vandalizing in the name of George Floyd or seeking justice for his death.  I doubt if they remember his name.  These hoodlums are a bad element that have been recruited to come out in droves. Whether they call themselves Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or Occupy Wallstreet, they all have the same agenda.  They are domestic terrorists.  Why?  Because they needlessly, without care for life, destroy buildings like Al Qaeda does and everyone is fearful of them.  That’s the definition of terror. Thus the name domestic terror.  Not foreign terror, domestic.

These are self-serving thieves getting paid to cause havoc by looting and destroying stores and property.  This has nothing to do with George Floyd or civil rights.  Absolutely nothing.  They have similar qualities to Al Qaeda:  They hate America, Whites, success, the rich, capitalism, and our president.  They want to destroy America like Al Qaeda tried on 9-11. Why do you think they congregated outside the White House?  There’s no doubt in my mind that they would have burned the White House down if given a chance. The White House had nothing to do with one rogue cop in Minneapolis. One FOX Newsman asked if these outside groups could be White Nationalists or White Supremacists?  Are you kidding me?  Do you see the color of their skin?  How can you call them White?

I swear the left and some on the right are afraid to say what we all can see with our own eyes.  They also seem to wish these hoodlums are Trump followers. How these villains can find joy in burning down someone’s store and filming it is unthinkable. But they do. They are behaving like a pack of wild wolves not humans.

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For Chris Wallace to say that more Blacks die at the hands of police in Minnesota than Whites is a stupid comment. Possibly more Blacks were involved in crimes that got the police involved.  Chris also tried to imply that covid 19 is racist as it hits more Blacks in Minnesota than Whites.  This is another stupid comment.  Maybe more Blacks didn’t follow the guidelines or maybe more of them have underlying conditions. Not a racist reason for their deaths.  For him to say many Blacks have been laid off due to the shutdown and could be the reason for their protesting is another stupid comment.  Whites and business owners are hurt just as much.  It does not give you license to vandalize and burn down buildings.  Quit playing devil’s advocate, Chris.

I saw on television a group of protesters on a Minnesota highway bridge surround and stop a gasoline tanker truck.  They stormed the cockpit while one was tampering with the back of the tank.  They wanted to light it up as a bomb, no doubt in my mind.  This is the definition of domestic terror.  Or as Chris Wallace would rationalize, the tanker got in way of the protesters and forced them to surround it and storm the cockpit. The media is also covering for the thugs saying the truck driver tried to run them over.

Classic end to the story: They arrested the driver of the tanker.  What in the world!  He was on the highway minding his own business when these lawless hooligans who shouldn’t be on a highway surrounded him like bandits. He was probably scared for his life and the truck. They assaulted him, sent him to the hospital, and he gets arrested?  What’s next? Will we get arrested if our homes get invaded by a group of marauding criminals, and we defend ourselves?  It’s beginning to look like it.

When in doubt, give the benefit to the Blacks. Also when in doubt, blame Trump. And the Blacks think they are discriminated against?  Not this week!  They’ve been handled with kid gloves while their victims get ignored.  Two cops were fired yesterday for pulling two Blacks out of a car.  No wonder the cops are gun shy, they’re afraid of getting fired. I’ve never seen so many villains be ignored by the police.

One store owner in New York that had his store destroyed saw a group of police just standing there while it all happened.  They must have gotten the stand down order.  How did the church outside the White House get fire bombed?  I was sickened by the visual of terrorists outside the White House setting fires to historical structures.  I can’t believe our secret service cannot handle a group of delinquents. Trump is right.  The governors and mayors aren’t doing their job or are allowing this havoc to continue for an ulterior motive.

If our police can’t protect these businesses, it’s time for the business owners to take over.  Get back to work, open your shops, and hire armed security guards. We can’t rely on the police any longer. They are outnumbered and outplayed.  And where’s the National Guard?  Armored trucks should be cruising the streets throwing out teargas and the streets should be closed to the public. If these terrorists show up, arrest them all.  No more peaceful demonstrations. Their message has already been made.  Time to get serious about ending this violent group of terrorists.

These terrorists also hit small towns in California from Walnut Creek to Concord to Mill Valley to Santa Rosa to Long Beach to Santa Monica to San Diego.  Macy’s and other high end stores in Walnut Creek got broken into and cleaned out by these roaches. They are spreading like cockroaches and just as hard to catch.  They come into these cities from out of state in cars loaded with destructive material, windows blackened, and license plates removed.  It is well orchestrated and paid for by these anti-American groups.  They want Black lives to matter?  I tell you what.  If I had a store that just got decimated and looted by a group of Blacks, they would not matter much to me any longer.  PERIOD!

Cockroach infestation – Know how to get rid of them - Pest Control ...

What is their end goal?  I think to destroy America as we know it.  First the covid virus, then the shutdown of the economy, and now these terrorists come in to put the final nail in America’s coffin.  It was the perfect storm and we had no warning.





In Defense of Our “Men in Blue”.


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It’s clear from the riot footage shown the last four days that there is a total disrespect by these hoodlums for the police and officers in authority whether it be ICE, National Guard, Highway Patrol, Sheriff, or the City Police.  We were always raised to respect the “men in blue” and raised our children that way.  This is something taught in the home and taught in kindergarten. Not sure if it goes beyond that in school. Police protect us and our property every day from thieves, burglars, and assault.  When something bad happens to us, the first call we place is to 911 not to Antifa, Blacks Lives Matter, or one of these rioters.  They wouldn’t help their own mother being accosted.

I was rescued by a policeman on my first day of kindergarten. My mother sent me to the wrong school and the brilliant teacher didn’t seem to catch it. I wasn’t on any of their rosters even the bus roster, so I began to walk home.  A policeman saw me crossing a six lane thoroughfare and stopped me. He asked me where are you going?  I told him home.  He gave me a ride home which was about five miles.  If I hadn’t been rescued by that policeman, I don’t know how my mother would ever have found me. Needless to say, a policeman rescued me on my first day of kindergarten and I’ll never forget it, much to my mother’s chagrin.

Police have a dangerous job and whenever they leave the house their spouse wonders whether they’ll return at night. Occasionally, there is one bad apple that ruins it for the rest of the police like in Minneapolis.  Obama said “the police acted stupidly” during his first term as president.  He took the side of a Black homeowner over the Boston police doing a routine arrest when someone is breaking into a house. This planted the seed of hate for the police by Blacks and has gone downhill ever since.  Mayor DeBlasio said,”He’s raising his kids to be fearful of the police.”  On December 20, 2014, two officers, while sitting in their vehicle, were shot to death in New York during Obama’s term.

“Two police officers sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn were shot at point-blank range and killed on Saturday afternoon by a man who, officials said, had traveled to the city from Baltimore vowing to kill officers.” New York Times

Officers have been shot when they pull over a vehicle or go to a domestic violence call. Regardless of what race of person shot them, they have a high risk job.

Whenever we have our leaders disparaging the police, it trickles down to the citizens and is a dog whistle for them to disrespect the police.  Remember the Democrat candidates like Kirsten Gillibrand were running on abolishing ICE?  Obama and Eric Holder were the birth of kneeling Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. Remember them marching and chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”? No one did a thing to stop it.  Obama always had an ax to grind when it came to the police and still does based on his comments yesterday. After all, he was a community organizer (agitator). Eric Holder went into Ferguson and stirred up trouble after an officer involved shooting of a suspect.  Of course, he took the suspect’s side. This guy never said, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That was made up by the media.

Bottom line: When you attack a police officer, you risk getting shot.  It’s simple as that.  Don’t attack a police officer and you’ll live, unless a rogue cop is involved.  When I saw these hooligans throwing bricks, bottles, garbage cans and the like at the police just doing their job, it made me wonder what kind of a world have we become where THIS is acceptable?  Why weren’t these rabble-rousers arrested on the spot? Is it because the mayors of these cities are telling the police to “stand down”?  Obama also was infamous for telling our military to “stand down” as well as other liberal mayors that let their city be destroyed.  It is almost as though the mob is running these cities, not the mayors and governors. Are they being permissive to garner the Black vote next election?  Most likely.

We need to vote for conservative leaders in our states.  Vote all these permissive liberal leaders out.  Otherwise, we’ll have more of this carnage of our precious statues, landmarks, buildings, cars, and police. What’s stopping these hoodlums from burning our homes down too?  Nothing, apparently.  They have no respect for property.  We need to nip this in the bud, as they say, or it will only escalate.  We’ll end up in a civil war and soon we will have no neighborhood to come home to nor a policeman to rescue our lost child. 



Who Are These Haters of America?


Donald Trump: Burn the flag, go to jail - CNNPolitics


Last night’s tragic, destructive, lawless mayhem in our cities across the nation made we wonder who are all these haters?  They obviously hate America and have no respect for authority or even for their own cities.  But where did they originate from?  From afar, they appear to be the largest group of misfits I’ve ever seen. They weren’t born this way.  It has to be their upbringing.  Their parents or parent instilled hate and disrespect in them for America and the police from the day they were born.  Hate always starts in the home then gets marinated in our schools then perpetuated by liberal city leaders. And, viola, what we are facing now.  It is so disheartening.

The rest are just hangers on spoiled pajama boys that like chanting and feigning support so they can get on camera. I wondered how these poor kids were able to buy sweatshirts with “I can’t breathe” printed on them.  Hmm.  George Soros, at it again?  Then come the agitators like Antifa and college students from out of the city to do mayhem. They all committed assault like throwing rocks, garbage cans, and bottles yet few were arrested. Some Secret Service were injured as well as cops. It was sickening to watch.

This isn’t about the death of one Black man from a police officer or racial inequality any longer, this has taken on a life of its own. This has become domestic terror. I am expecting the U.S. Army to come in; and, when and if they do, it won’t turn out well for these criminals.  Yes, criminals not protesters like NBC is claiming.  When they start to storm the White House, it will be all over.  No more playing Mr. Nice Guy with these thugs.

A rioter was shot last night by a drive by shooter but no one cares a thing about that.  It’s not even newsworthy because the perp was probably Black. What’s the one thing all these delinquents have in common?  They all carry cell phones and video their crimes.  What’s the other thing they all have in common?  They will all vote Democrat, 100%. What’s one other thing?  They all hate the president. And lastly, none of them are peaceful protesters. If they were, they’d run from a group like this so they wouldn’t be associated with them.  But do they run?  No, they follow.  Birds of a feather flock together.

And what happened to social distancing?  No one was practicing this last night.  In fact, they were screaming in officers’ faces spreading germs.  Their masks are nothing more than a disguise like a bandit’s bandanna. And where is the remorse for George Floyd?  Half of these dimwitted criminals probably don’t remember his name.

How is it the cops are getting outnumbered by a group of unarmed thugs?  It’s hard to watch.  They should use teargas and make them stand back not run from a group of thugs.  They’re law enforcement not law unenforcement.  The thugs have power in numbers, but the police have weapons.  Don’t let them takeover another police station, please.  When asked why they’d vandalize the CNN Building, one said we don’t get news from them just Facebook and Twitter.  Wow!  That says it all.  A bunch of mindless, liberal Facebook-brainwashed youth getting their marching orders from Facebook.  Facebook will go down in history as one of the worst influences of our time along with Zuckerberg. One FOX News reporter got surrounded by these delinquents chanting F–k FOX News! 

And where are our African American leaders about now?  Why aren’t they asking for cooler minds to prevail?  Why?  Because they hope this mayhem will affect the next election.  Trump couldn’t stop it, so we’ll vote him out.  These Democrat leaders will stop at nothing to get Trump out.  If this helps, they’ll remain silent. The pandemic didn’t work yet so why not let this carnage of our cities run out?  Even Obama’s silence is deafening. Shame on all of them. And Biden, preaching from his 10,000 square foot mansion bought with bribery and payback money, shut the blank up.  You are the biggest racist ever running for president.

In conclusion, parents need to be mindful of their talk around their children.  I once heard a parent shout in front of his high school son, “Bush is a m–ther f–ker!” I never wanted to be in the same room with him again. Children do what they see; and if they are raised around hate, there’s no other result than them becoming hate-filled themselves like these criminals.  I can only imagine what their parents have said about Trump.




During a Shutdown, We Don’t Need Civil Unrest Too!

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When I turned on the news and saw a city on fire from rioters, I thought Hong Kong is at it again.  But then it wasn’t Hong Kong so must be a third world country.  But wrong again.  It was Minneapolis!  I’m embarrassed of what we must look like in the eyes of other countries. How can these rioters take it this far?

They should be ashamed of themselves!  They have disgraced the death of George Floyd who was killed from excessive force by a rogue officer.  Burning down their town and looting in the name of this man is going too far.  And where are the police and national guard?  Why did authorities allow this to escalate?  Lack of leadership and cowardice.

Fakes News like NBC and CNN are claiming these violent delinquents are protesters.  This isn’t protesting, it’s anarchy.  They compared these delinquents to peaceful business owners in Michigan that just wanted their businesses to reopen.  Delinquents in Minneapolis are using the death of a Black man to burn cars, stores, police station, and loot while chanting “kill white folks.”  The police let them riot and destroy.  The protesters in Michigan didn’t steal, burn, or destroy anything.

These delinquents aren’t burning down their town due to the death of one man.  They are anarchists that look for any reason to claim America is racist.  They could care less if the structures they’re destroying are owned by Blacks.  They like being violent and this is an excuse to congregate in masses and be destructive. And where are their parents in all this violence?  If that was one of my kids doing this, I’d be calling them on their cells and saying, Get your butt home if you ever want to eat again! Poor upbringing.

This all started under the Obama Administration when racist, wingman Eric Holder and some loony governor or mayor ALLOWED these types to show their aggression. Let them be destructive, one said. This was the birth of Black Lives Matter. Then came the birth of kneeling, disrespectful Kaepernick.  His fifteen minutes are up.

Black youth are getting shot everyday in Chicago but no one cares about them.  Why?  Because they are shot by their own. Also Whites are killed and assaulted by African Americans quite frequently but you have to search pretty hard to find out the race of the perp. But when a White officer is involved in a death of a Black man all hell breaks out. I can assure you that more police officers have been shot by Black men than vice versa but no one becomes outraged over that fact.  Just the men in blue and Trump.

White people get arrested everyday and sometimes are treated unfairly too.  They get pulled over and roughed up if they talk back to an officer.  We don’t go out in the streets and tear apart our own city.  If a White man is killed by a cop, it is usually glossed over by the press. Do White lives matter? Do blue lives matter? I guess not.

We don’t know what went down when Floyd got arrested.  It will come out. But remember, he was caught in the process of a crime and it wasn’t jaywalking. But so far this arrest looks far worse than some of the past controversial deaths by police. There is no excuse for the excessive force, but there’s also no excuse for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the rest of the delinquent snowflake pajama boys to get their panties in a wad enough to destroy buildings and cars, loot, and commit arson. They stole Oxycontin from the drug store they destroyed!

What does stealing have to do with protesting racial inequality?  Nothing!   None of this helps their cause.  Thank God they had their covid masks on though.  Mommy must have told them to don one before they left the house with that can of gasoline to commit arson!  Now this unrest is spreading to other liberal cities.  Shocker.  Call George Soros or Gates. There must something underlying going on.

Floyd’s death has been taken over by politics already. This is a Black man killed in a liberal state with a liberal governor and a liberal mayor.  The height of permissiveness prevails. There are a lot of Trump haters there too, so this death must be Trump’s fault or at least the Republicans.  I’m sure it’s what they must think based on some of the delinquents’ irrelevant rants. But possibly their state is being mishandled during the covid crisis by their governor and the youth are angry to begin with.  Maybe this is what they’re really pissed off about and George Floyd’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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I’m sure the press is aggressively seeking information about the officer to find out if he’s a Trump supporter.  It’s the press’s SOP (standard operating procedure) like when they blamed Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooting on Sarah Palin but the shooter was an obsessed liberal fan.

When someone is murdered, the killer must be a Trump supporter.  Wait for it.  If he owns a red baseball cap, that’s all they need.  Conversely, if he’s a Democrat, you’ll hear crickets about his politics. It’s a known fact that Trump supports the police, so he must be to blame.  When in doubt, blame Trump is their mantra.


If “Mail-in” Voting is Anything Like the Census Forms…Forget About It.


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The Census Forms have been sent to our principal residence and our second home too.  The government sends them out to every address.  If the voting forms are handled the same way (and I can only assume they will be), there will be potential for fraud.  Ballots will be sent to your previous address and your current address and some devious person may send in your ballot. Ballot harvesting should be illegal. Someone coming to your door or sidewalk to fill out a ballot for you opens the potential for bribery.  There’s plenty of evidence of past fraud committed by “mail-in” voting despite what the Washington Post and CNN says. They are fake news and lie for a living.

For Twitter to censure Trump’s comment on this subject is outrageous! Trump is telling the truth. And the censure-guy they hired is some LBGTQT activist with an ax to grind.  He has tweeted vile comments about conservatives and shouldn’t be allowed on twitter himself.  He’s a friggin’ joke.

Voting should be done in person with your ID shown preferably on one day only so that your vote can’t be tampered with by the receiver of your mail-in ballot.  I don’t know why “they” changed the voting day to “early voting” but this has become a problem.  Voting should be one day only “in person” with an ID standing in line six feet from the other voter.  Masks optional but may not be an issue in November.

Open up more voting polls and this will solve the problem of overcrowding.  Those that are sick or home bound, can apply weeks before for an “absentee ballot”.  This is the way it used to be done, and it worked. Those citizens not on the register will have to apply for a “provisional” ballot to be determined later if they are legit. But they should’ve re-registered once they moved.

Voter ID is a must.  We can’t have illegals voting in our election again like they did in California running up the popular vote. Otherwise, illegals will be recruited to come over the border prior to election day.  We also don’t want prisoners voting in our election.  They are in prison for a reason and lost their right to vote. We don’t want the deceased voting in our election; therefore, one must show their ID at the voting booth.

These are simple solutions to the election problem.  If they can’t be followed, maybe there’s something nefarious going on.  An employer will let one leave early to vote on voting day. No need for voter holiday. People are reasonable. Leave the polls open longer, if needed. There should be no excuses why one can’t vote. Quit crying Democrats about your safety.  We know what you’re up to, and you’re up to no good. Don’t you want an honest election?  Of course, not.





The Battle of the Red States vs. Blue States = Good Governors vs. Politicized Governors.

Governors 2019-2020: Democrats Try to Hold the Line in Red-State ...


This is what it’s come down to.  We are at a point during this virus crisis where in order to bring our country back economically as well as maintain control of the outbreak it will depend on how our states are handled.  Unfortunately, I own property in two blue states with governors that are playing politics with the virus trying to ruin businesses so that it will NOT bring back our economy. Newsom has extended the shutdown for two more weeks in some counties and schools remain closed.

In the meantime, while these knuckleheads play politics with our lives and our livelihood our grandkids are not allowed to go to school, golf courses remain closed, casinos remain closed, restaurants remain closed, department stores remain closed, rivers remain closed, beaches remain closed, companies remain closed, and small businesses remain closed; but liquor stores and pot stores are open for business.

The way these governors are picking winners and losers is discriminatory.  They are taking away our civil liberties little by little in the name of their agendas like the Green New Deal.  Hillary and Biden even admitted it in some weird teleconference together. Some companies are allowed to be open as they are labeled “essential businesses.” I doubt if a pot store is essential or planned parenthood.

And what’s with Biden?  He stands next to his wife like a cardboard cutout with no expression and let’s his wife babble on about him.  Is this really what the Democrats want for a president, a sock puppet? What an embarrassment–a president that has someone else talking for him.  This is the most ridiculous candidate I have ever seen run for president, and he’s getting endorsed by all the women who ran on women empowerment?  These women endorsing him have lost all credibility, and they had little to begin with. What a bunch of sycophant losers trying to ride on Biden’s coattails all the while selling out their souls.  They have no integrity if they support Biden with his sexual assault claims silently hanging over his head.  And the fake news media fails to report. But I digress.

But what IS essential is full healthcare coverage that we pay for like health screenings and testing but aren’t getting them.  I need a mammogram but they won’t let me yet I’m in the age range they are apparently protecting from the bat virus!  Why can’t people be screened for other diseases other than bat virus?  Or is only the bat virus a serious threat and cancer is not?  People should be able to get full service from their healthcare providers during this bat virus crisis. Again they are picking and choosing what is right for us but we know better.  Vote these crazy governors out.

And this Fauci character:  He needs to shut the hell up.  For him to say the bat virus may come back in the Fall and next year is just him covering his ass in case it does and giving the Democrats reason to keep their states closed even longer in order to hurt Trump.  And if it doesn’t come back he’ll say, he was erring on the side of health and safety.  This is all becoming a set up.

Fauci appears as a guest on all the news shows like he’s some kind of celebrity.  He’s not!  He’s a bureaucrat with an agenda.  Trump needs to distance himself from Fauci. And as usual, the fake news media puts Fauci and Cuomo on a pedestal even though they’ve screwed up during this pandemic but blame Trump.  Whenever the fake news media adores someone, a red flag pops up. That person’s opinions need to be taken with large portions of salt. But I digress.

If I owned a small business I would secretly open it already and take the chances. These owners are paying for rent, utilities, insurance, but aren’t allowed to open?  I don’t think so.   What right do these corrupt knucklehead governors have to ruin someone’s livelihood so that it will hurt Trump?  No right.  Businesses need to slowly open despite these governors and stand up for their rights.  Don’t even wait for the governors to give them the word on whether it is safe or not.  If it’s safe enough to go into a grocery store or convenience store, it’s safe enough to go into Macy’s or the corner boutique. Use your common sense and safe practices and open up already.  Enough is enough. We’ve had enough of this nonsense.

Protest your liberal state governors when you can and try opening your companies.  I hear even in L.A. companies are secretly opening despite their governor and mayor.  People need to work.  AOC and her ilk don’t want anyone working.  Nancy wants America to live off a living wage given out by the government.  This is sick.  If no one works we will turn into a third world country with high crime rates, anarchy, and poor health conditions.  If protecting our health is what started this whole shutdown fiasco, ironically ruining our health will be the result if this continues.


UPDATED 5-27-20:

I predicted the blue states would behave badly, and they have not surprised me.  Suicides are up higher than deaths from covid now and these goofy governors need to get off the pot.  We got their message: They hate Trump. 

Their hate for Trump seems to be stronger than their love for their state.  If they can’t handle running their state (Cuomo, Newsom,Whitmer) then resign already.  Their excuses for why their citizens are fleeing, protesting, or revolting are getting old.  Their “do as I say, not as I do” mantra has been exposed. They are nothing but hypocrites using the covid crisis as an excuse to hurt the economy even more in “the name of health over wealth”.   Don’t worry, there will be no wealth left. Their states will be bankrupt if they have no income taxes coming in.  Do the math knuckleheads!  Asking for a bailout will be a fool’s errand. Trump will not pick and choose winners like you have done.  All states will be treated equally.  Snap out of it!

Let your citizens get back to work and cut with the FAKE NARRATIVE: “THAT YOU’RE LISTENING TO THE ‘SCIENCE AND DATA’ AND ERRING ON THE SIDE OF HEALTH”. We don’t believe it.  You don’t understand science and can’t do simple mathematics.

What you’re really saying is: You are listening to Biden and don’t like what you hear. You need to take out his opponent, Trump.  Tanking the economy in your state is the only card you have left to play.  Then you will blame it on Trump’s “handling of the coronavirus” like Cuomo does daily. Good luck with that!


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To Work Remotely or Not? That is The Question.


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I’m surprised to hear from young folks that they don’t mind working from home.  It actually shocks me.  You’d think they’d be bored talking with the same family member every day or significant other or spouse.  I’m bored of hearing my spouse repeat stories he’s already told me during this shelter in place.  But the young folks aren’t complaining.  What is going on? Let’s examine three cases:

The first case is an engaged couple that both previously fought commute traffic to get to work. They live in the suburbs of Oakland. One has a toll bridge charge each day.  They are finding that they can save around $500 in cash each month on travel expense alone not to mention going out to lunch and this pleases them. The second case are a couple that are not engaged but have been sharing expenses and live in the suburbs of L.A.  They find when they do go out, the freeways are less crowded, the air is cleaner which pleases them, and they believe in climate change. : >/  The third are a young married couple with two small children living in suburbs of San Francisco. Normally one would commute to SF either by bus or ferry.  For some unknown reason he doesn’t mind working from his bedroom amid kids crying and a dog barking.  Could be, not taking public transportation pleases him.

Whatever the case, I’m flummoxed.  When I was single it was actually part of the American Way to go to work and mingle with co-workers, go to coffee with them, and dare I say, flirt with a single person that caught your eye and possibly go for a drink after work.  You can’t find a date over your cell phone.  You can, I guess, but it certainly won’t be as truthful.  We need to see what one wears, how one walks, and their mannerisms one cannot see over a cell phone. You may meet your future spouse at work not at home on your laptop.

Interaction with other humans, whether you are single or not, is still necessary at work.  You can brainstorm a work topic more effectively.  You can attend group office meetings in the conference room.  Your boss calls you into his office to show you plans, files, or material for your next assignment.  You can all go to lunch and relax together.  None of that happens at home in your bed.

I think it is healthier for the kids to be in school with other kids–not be home everyday with two parents.  Save that special time for the weekends. One parent home is easier to be the disciplinarian. But two parents at home trying to work off their computers plus teaching their kids is not good for anyone. As a child I never saw my father home during the week with my mother.  It never happened.

The American Way is to Go to Work not Stay Home to Work.  We never went to a job interview to be asked to stay home and work, unless you were a novelist.  We’d look around the work environment to see what they had to offer.  Does the building have windows, offices, or work spaces?  Does it have a cafeteria? For companies like Facebook to say now that they will keep half their workforce working from home remotely, good luck with that.

Out of sight, out of mind.  You will be first to be forgotten and fired when there is an economic downfall.  They will keep those that are in the office.  So careful what you wish for.  Working from home is one foot in the door to the unemployment office.  And I say that to all my kids.   Don’t be the one who chooses to stay home (unless you’re pregnant.)  You’ll regret it. Maybe not now, but in the near future. Choose to go back to the office.  Healthier all around for your family. Even for the kids.  Leave the homeschooling for those that are trained for homeschooling. The average parent is not.

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