Last Night’s Debate: Liars, Loathers, and Loons…

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And for the life of me I can’t tell one from the other.  Let’s start with Biden.  He looked angry and desperate not to stutter or mix up his words.  He failed at that.  He actually called Bernie “president” at one point. He is confused. He was sucking on something like Pelosi is always doing.  He needed to share his mint with dry-mouth Bernie. At least he didn’t pop a blood vessel in his eye and blame it on his contacts.

Then there was Kamala who was filled with loathing for Trump.  All she could talk about was Trump.  She has no new ideas and when asked she just kackles like a Hillary protege.  Then we have Pocahontas which we need to start calling her “bobblehead.”  Her head jiggles when she talks and her arms wave.  I cringed when she told her childhood story of wanting to be a teacher since the second grade.  All I could think was how she played the Native American card to get into college and her first job.  It made me sick.  Were her two brothers Native American too and gamed the system like she did?  She should be ashamed to have brought up that visual of her applying for college and checking the Native American box.  Shame. Shame. Shame.

Then there was loony, hoarse-voice Bernie who thinks money grows on trees.  Nuff said about him. No one up on the stage had respect for him. Klobuchar is still directing traffic with her arms which is too off putting for me. Spartacus didn’t advance himself at all.  Boot-edge-edge got his name mispronounced (boot-a-judge) by the moderator. He looked perplexed after that or he was bumfuzzled by Yang’s great offer of $1,000 a month for a year to a winner of a contest.  Am I leaving anyone out?  Was there another liar, loon, or loather up there on the stage?  Ah yes, the guy on the end–Castro.  He tried to take out Biden but the ABC moderators tore him apart for that.  How dare he take out our leader!  How mean can you be?

These characters were an embarrassment to the office of POTUS. They had no appreciation for our current economy, Trump’s accomplishments, or American values which shows they are not up to the task.  All they want to do is turn back the clock and destroy all of Trump’s deeds.  They never mentioned jobs or the economy in a good light, just negative comments. They called Trump a racist and white supremacist which is a lie. They said Trump will eliminate allowing pre-existing conditions from our health insurance which is another lie.  They’re all off the reservation as far as I’m concerned.

The left is going to put in another candidate at some point as these ones won’t beat Trump.  Who will it be?  There’s rumors of Hillary giving it one last stab. Yuck. But there’s always the golden one who is married to the Tephlon one, Barack.  Don’t be surprised if they slip her in at the last possible moment to throw everyone off balance. The left is a shrewd group of liars, loathers, and loons.  Nothing they do will surprise me.  They chose McCabe to work for CNN.  That in itself explains that they will spit into the wind to defy conservatives.

The crowd last night was cheering when Obama was mentioned like he’s some kind of saint.  Do they not hear the real news at all?  Do they not know Obama was behind the coup to take out Trump? Do they not know that Obama was spying on American citizens and the Trump campaign?  What are these geniuses learning in college anyway? How can one group of students be that clueless?  I weep for the future when they’re in charge of our country as they collectively are being brainwashed in school.  My future step-grandson recently said, “Obama was amazing.”  This is what they’re teaching in our schools.  😦

Oops, I left out Yang.  I’m so over his tieless look.  He’s too arrogant for his own good.

Can’t wait until the Deep State is finally indicted. It can’t come soon enough for me so these students and media can wipe the egg off their faces.





If Burgers and Straws Are America’s Biggest Worry, You’ll Lose in 2020.

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Is this the best you got, candidates?  Because if it is, you’ll be in for another rude awakening in 2020.  In 2016 we had ISIS and the economy to worry about, not cows and straws. We were on the edge of an abyss ready to fall in and Trump’s policies brought us back. Surely you can come up with a more serious platform to run on aside from cows and straws. You look silly.

Nobody likes to be told what, where, and how we can eat. It’s common sense which the candidates seem to lack.  They live in their elite world and it’s all they know.  For the presidential hopefuls to think they’ll garner votes by food shaming us is a fool’s errand.  Whether you’re Democrat or Republican we all care about our meals.  Some of us are vegetarians, vegans, and meateaters; but what we aren’t is open to government officials putting restrictions or guilt on what we eat. Just ask Mayor De Blasio.

The hopefuls like Boot-edge-edge says he will ban plastic straws and shame people who eat hamburgers. Tell that to McDonalds and the cattle ranchers.  Restaurants and bars can’t serve some drinks without a straw such as a milkshake, blended margarita, or rootbeer float.  Kamala Harris thinks straws should be banned, as well.  They’re just pandering to the far leftist environmentalists for votes. They don’t have common sense.

Vegans like to guilt trip us into giving up dairy products and meat. Vegan is a fad which is unhealthy, but they refuse to admit it.  Vegan diet can cause hair loss and weight gain. I’ve seen it. They pretend they’re eating that way due to “cruelty to animals” but that’s a crock.  They just want to be different and part of a cult. The vegan cult. Vegans look down on meateaters and love shaming restaurants that don’t have a vegan entree.  I’ve seen that too. Now politicians are trying to shame us into giving up meat.

We all need protein but the vegan diet doesn’t have enough protein in it. And some mock meat items are just as unhealthy.  That’s why God created cows, poultry, and fish. These vegan candidates are wimps IMO.  I don’t want to see a man who can’t barbecue meat.  Real men don’t eat vegan. It’s just unseemly unless he’s got a serious health issue that doesn’t allow meat and fish. Everything in moderation is how one should eat; but to have the government getting involved is unAmerican.

So candidates, get out of my kitchen and grocery store. Find a more serious platform to run on.  We’ll buy what we want, eat what we want, and vote for whom we want.  You’re not our doctor or mother.  You won’t be getting our votes by siccing the food police or guilt trips on us. And Buttigeig, you stay out of my kitchen, stop preaching what God would think,  and I’ll stay out of your bedroom. Touche.  😉

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Balsey Ford is the Poster Child for Fake News. “Climate Change” is Manufactured Fear.

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According to her own lawyer, Balsey was an activist on a mission to ruin a man’s career for the sake of Roe vs. Wade.  She was chosen to bring Kavanaugh down along with her cohorts Feinstein, Booker, Klobuchar, Schumer, and Pelosi who all backed her story and helped make it appear more credible.  They purposely left out damning background information on Balsey to make her seem innocent and thus believable.  But she never was.

It was an orchestrated attack on Trump’s pick.  Thank God Kavanaugh was able to withstand the slanderous lowlifes that came after him from Swetnick to Avanati to Ford.  All paid to ruin a man’s life. All losers trying to make a name for themselves.  Their names are “mud” now and should be indicted for lying under oath.

But the good news is:  Kavanaugh doesn’t have an asterisk next to his name.  He is free and clear to make any decisions based on the U. S. Constitution–not bullying from the left.  And his reputation’s in tack.  He wasn’t a slimebag womanizer.  So Ford, stick that in your marijuana pipe and smoke it.


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Last night “climate change” town hall meetings were a joke.  Climate change (global warming) was invented by Al Gore.  Another joke.  He lost for president and decided to punish America, and he did while lining his pockets with millions. Boy, oh boy, did he ever with his phony fake news movie that brainwashed the millennials and has had them ballyhooing ever since.

The weather changes all the time.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have weathermen/women.  They try to predict the weather with science a week out, and they still get it wrong.  They had Dorian going every which way to cover their bases.  Imagine trying to predict the weather or the temperatures thirty years from now?  Climate change models are just that–models.  You can’t predict the future with models.

But whatever the future is as far as climate, God will correct it.  That’s what he does.  But most liberals are God deniers and therein lies the problem.  They figure the weather is just in the hands of us mortals. Hurricanes are to clean the oceans and the coast sometimes.  There’s a method to the madness of weather.  We do get air pollution like we had in Los Angeles but we corrected that with the Santa Ana winds, emission restrictions on the gasoline corporations, factories,  and cars. Thus the Smog Check.

The solutions the candidates had don’t make sense.  Our electricity predominately comes from coal.  Eliminate coal industry, and we’ll have rationed electricity. We can’t rely on wind and sun alone. And heaven forbid we build another nuclear plant like they use in Norway.  Imagine a big rig truck running on solar?  Sanders says we have to eliminate fossil fuels and big rig trucks and buy food locally.  That puts a lot of companies out of business and people in the unemployment lines. The whole Green New Deal is a joke.

All the left has left is to go after Trump on climate change denying.  They can’t get him on corruption, collusion, or obstruction any longer.   Trump is a realist.  He knows the models can’t predict sh-t.  He knows there’s no proof in the pudding until 30 years from now.  Gore predicted the end would be fifteen years and that has come and gone.

Climate change is the new Jehovah Witness “end of the world” prediction.  They’ve been predicting the “end of the world” for fifty years and keep changing the date.  This is what the climate change fear-mongers will do.  Extend the date.  In the meantime, they’ll make millions of dollars off of the fear and annoy us to death.

The candidates will continue to say they believe science over fantasy and climate change is the number one existential threat to America.  I believe Biden lied about the military saying that climate change was the #1 threat to America because at the time ISIS was.  I do believe Obama said climate change was the #1 threat because he’s a global fear monger and a terror denier.  That’s why he went all in on the Climate Change Accord which has caused economic havoc in Paris.  Our gas prices would have been astronomical–to punish us into not buying gas. Trump turned that around.  People of Paris protested as they should.  But goofy Biden wants to get back in it.  

Ford was the original “fake news” spreader, and climate change is called weather and not a threat to our future. The “fear of the world coming to an end from climate” is perpetrated on us to lessen their guilt as the left fly around in private jets and to punish us while they do. The left loves spending other people’s money  (Sanders, Warren, and AOC.) Soon time to bring in the heavy hitters, like Michelle.  The remaining candidates are a bunch of loons.

Biden burst a vein in his eye while on stage.  His eye got redder and redder as he stood there.  I was worried he’d faint.  They should have brought in a medic but Anderson Cooper just ignored him like he was burying the news.  The news was Biden is not healthy.  But leave it to the fake news CNN to ignore it.  Shame on them.

Will & Grace Actors Want to “Blacklist” Actors at Fundraiser for Trump! Deja Vu Much?

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Debra Messing is trying to mess with Hollywood Trump supporters by outing them at an upcoming Beverly Hills fundraiser. She’s living up to her name Messing.  She will be taking names and blackballing them. Her co-star from Will and Grace is onboard too.  I never watched that show as it tried too hard to be sexy and funny.  Canned laughter. Subtle comedies like Seinfeld had better writing.  I think this attempt to out her fellow actors will come back to bite her.

​Messing and her NBC co-star Eric McCormack ​said they would shame the Trump supporters in Hollywood who attend the fundraiser, where tickets could go for as much as $100,000 a couple.

“Please print a list of all attendees please. The public has a right to know,” Messing tweeted Friday after the Hollywood Reporter published a story about the event.

M​cCormack also weighed in on Twitter.

“Hey, @THR,” McCormack wrote. “Kindly report on everyone attending this event, so the rest of us can be clear about who we don’t wanna work with. Thx.” New York Post.

Maybe “they” won’t want to work with YOU now, McCormack.  Be careful what you tweet.  Never knew your name before, but at least, it’s getting out there.  Trump has a way of making “no name” actors like you more famous or infamous like Smollett.  I hope Clint Eastwood shows up at this fundraiser along with Jon Voight.  Try outing them.  At least they’re smart, informed, and open minded—not filled with hate or TDS.

The Hollywood blacklist—as the broader entertainment industry blacklist is generally known—was the practice of denying employment to screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians, and other American entertainment professionals during the mid-20th century because they were accused of having Communist ties or sympathies.

To Blackball:

To conspire to ruin someone’s reputation until they become unemployable and people refuse to associate with them.


Way to go Messing.  Look who’s looking Communist now?  Socialism is the mother of Communism and all the Democrats are running on Socialism.  Good luck with that.  Go to your Sanders/Warren fundraisers and mind your own beeswax.  Support your disgraced heroes like Comey and Mueller and forget about blacklisting fellow actors. Check yourselves.

And “what’s his name,” Blacks voting for Trump do not have a mental illness like you claim. They are the smart, informed ones.  You, unfortunately, have been jaded by Hollywood.  When a fish swims in water, all he knows is water.  You don’t know any better.  Poor schlump.

Where there’s a Will there’s a DisGrace. And you both just disgraced yourselves. Another attempt by the Left to divide America. And they say, Trump divides America. BS. The Left projects what they do onto the rest of us.


Joe’s Conflated Fish Story is More Suited for “Saving Private Ryan” Than Saving VP Biden.

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Not only does Joe put himself in dangerous situations where he wasn’t (like Brian Williams), but he also embellishes like Hillary did dodging incoming sniper fire when she exited a helicopter.  What is it with these lying Democrats?  Can’t they tell a true story?  Do they have to add exciting drama to make themselves look tough?  Or is their real life so boring, no one would vote for them? That’s a rhetorical question.

Biden’s story, that he swore to recently, was so contrived and conflated that it had WAPO calling him out.  Then he asks, “What did I say wrong?  I told a story about a real hero.”  Yes, but he put himself (as VP when he was Senator) into a story Williamsesque making it sound current and that he risked his life to pin a metal on a soldier.  It sounded so dramatic, if not angry, like he was auditioning for a part in Saving Private Ryan. When he emphasized what the soldier said, “Please, sir! He died!  Do not pin it on me, sir!”  it was reminiscent to how Trump imitates soldiers at his rallies. Taking a page out of the Trump playbook much, Biden?

This recent episode clearly points out that the man is either dishonest and clearly unoriginal or does not have a grasp on reality.  Or both. He was once accused of plagiarism, so there’s that.  When will the Democrats let him go?  After the next debate?  He won’t stand a chance now against any of his challengers as he stumbles through one attack after another.  It will be like dodging incoming sniper fire from them.  Hope he can handle the drama.  Maybe he can imitate Trump again and take them out.


Will McCabe Be the Sacrificial Lamb?

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Comey gets off on leaking government memos to the press and has the gall to ask everyone to apologize for “lying about him.”  Boo hoo.  Poor guy.  We won’t apologize, as he broke many FBI rules and conduct, if not the law.  They’re waiting to get him on something bigger, possibly the fraud put on the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign that he signed off on.  Save your request for an apology, Comey. You were a dirty, corrupted top cop.  You ain’t going to get one and have a nerve asking for one.  For the DOJ choosing not to indict you on these crimes, does not exonerate you. But you’ve set yourself up for a job at CNN!

Is this an example of our two-tiered justice system?  One for the well-connected, Hillary cronies, Deep State, Democrat politicians, D.C. Swamp, and FBI cronies; and the other for the rest of us schmucks?  Why is it only conservatives get indicted these days?  And when finally a known Democrat donor gets indicted (Epstein), he dies in jail along with his secrets?  Next Weinstein will be getting off, as he is well-connected like Smollett was. All these cases are intertwined somehow to the biggest conspiracy in modern day history. Everyone’s covering for everyone.  Wouldn’t be surprised if the college cheating scandal is connected to this too.  One of the named teachers was friends with the Obamas. These moms will get off too.  😦

Is AG Barr taking orders from new FBI Director, Chris Wray, a known buddy of Comey?  How is it everyone is buddies with Comey?  I remember when Comey said underoath that the only thing he really cares about is his wife and family.  Unfortunately, his wife and girls were big Hillary supporters, and he may’ve been working for his family over the country.  His wife still loves him for letting Hillary off.

How is it that when a traffic cop pulls over my “white” sons he never “chooses” not to give them a ticket for speeding?  How is that?  Kirsten Gillibrand thinks only drivers of color get pulled over.  But that’s silly.  People of all color get pulled over and never does the cop say, “I choose not to ticket you.”  Never happens to the rest of us schmucks.

But in the world of politics, the DOJ chooses not to indict.  What a wonderful life these upper echelon live–always getting off after committing crimes that any of us would have the book thrown at us.  Destroying subpoenaed evidence? No problemo.  There was no intent to destroy evidence.  Leaking government memos? No problemo. There wasn’t anything that classified in them.  Framing the President with a Russian Collusion Hoax? No problemo. No concrete evidence that this was their intent. They were just secretly protecting the President from Russian inference.  (Hope this won’t be the outcome.) Submitting unverified evidence to the FISA Court? No problemo.  No one reads all the evidence before signing the application. No intent to mislead the Court. 

I’m getting worried that this is a trend.  Someone has to be held accountable for the attempted coup on taking out the president; otherwise, a dangerous precedent has been set.  I hope McCabe will, at least, get indicted for his part in the Insurance Plan if only as a sacrificial lamb.  I’ll take it.

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Kirsten Gillibrand was About as Dumb as Taylor Swift…Dumb and Dumber.

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Yet she was running for President!  The candidates are dropping like flies.  Kirsten was running on anti-white privilege, gender equality (like Taylor), rights for illegals,  #metoo movement, Trump-hate (like Taylor), women’s rights, abolishing ICE, climate change, and apparently the Clorox Company.  She’s obsessed with Clorox and may even bathe in it since she’s so pale or lent some to her buddy Hillary when she bleachbit her harddrive.  Who knows?

Hate to pick on Taylor Swift but she knows nothing about what she spiels and needs to shut her mouth.  Right up there with “the bartender” who we aren’t hearing about much lately except for her gaffe saying the youth of today are smarter.  The bartender makes more gaffes than Biden.  The bartender and Beto are Youtube sensations showing us “stupid people” how to fry a burger, boil water for noodles, go to the zoo, put together furniture–the simple things in life.  Wow, I can relate to them.  Not.

The candidates are beginning to drop like flies.  A couple of no-name governors, Swalwell, and now the opportunist, Kirsten.  The field is narrowing.  Pocahontas is getting higher on the “totem pole” as she gets angier by the day. (Her fans love that about her.)  Crazy Bernie is hanging in there as well as poor Biden.  He’s not sure what country he’s in now, but he knows it’s suffering from climate change and needs a new soul.

There’s rumors that Hillary is lurking in the wings which even has me shocked.  How can she show her face again after putting the country through the biggest political scandal in U. S. history?  It baffles me. And with their ties to Epstein? But she has been bit by the presidential bug and can’t seem to shake it off.  Here’s a ticket:  Hillary/Michelle.  Yuck. Don’t make me sick.

We’ll see how it pans out.  Bye bye Kirsten.  Your squeaky voice will be missed by all. Maybe you can be a voice actor for cartoon characters.  We’ll miss your disparaging remarks about Trump.  That’s about all you had. But you and Taylor are making blondes look worse. And Taylor, whether you endorsed Hillary or not would not have made a hill of beans difference.  Get over yourself.  We don’t take advice from a pop star.

Send in the next challenger. Will it be a RINO/Never Trumper like Kasich?  Romney again? Or the Appalachian trail guy that cheated on his wife?  Really?  People have no shame these days.

The Democrat candidates don’t seem to have the “normal” box checked for us. Yet lately they are trying to portray Trump as mentally ill?  When all else fails, try the 25th Amendment…again! They have all the identity politics boxes checked. Trump is taking them out one by one and hasn’t even started yet.  How’s that for mental sharpness?  Get out the Jiffy Pop.

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