It’s Time We Start Ignoring the Left and all Their Lies.

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They are all filled with hot air.  We endured two years of them fabricating lies about Trump, his family, cabinet, and associates.  We endured two years of an unwarranted so-called investigation (witch hunt) costing thirty million tax dollars. We endured two years of them ruining lives and reputations of many fine people who knew Trump.We endured two years of them calling for Trump’s impeachment. They will not stop.  Now they are going after poor Attorney General Barr.

But we can stop reporting on their lies.  The more we repeat them, the more people will think they are true.  Let them subpoena the sh-t out of Trump.  Ignore the subpoenas like the Obama administration did. Claim executive privilege like the Obama Administration did and plead The Fifth like the Obama Administration did (Lois Lerner and Hillary’s tech guy). What’s good for them is good for us ganders.

We deplorables have endured enough from the likes of Maxine, Bernie, Hillary, Michelle, Brennen, Clapper, the bartender, Pocahantos, Betos, Schiff, Flake, Strzok, Comey, Gillibrand, McCabe, Romney, Nadler, Obama, and many more spreading lies about Republicans, Trump supporters, and Trump. We’ve been taking it on the chin for too long. We need to put them in their place legally and shut them up finally.

First the news stations that slandered the Sandman boy are getting sued.  Then the AG report will come out exposing the conspirators who orchestrated the coup d’etat against Trump. Then our new AG will examine everything, assemble some grand juries, and start the indictments and heads rolling.

Remember Samantha Powers unmasked 260 names to be wiretapped and surveilled while secretary of the United Nations under Obama but claims it wasn’t her.  American Thinker says: Why are our supposed human rights activists not horrified?  Why is this not a daily banner headline in every major newspaper in the country?  I could see the MSM attempting to hide this damning evidence of Obama administration malfeasance, but why are the conservative news outlets not clamoring for answers?

Perhaps 2017 just saw too many revelations of government abuse?  But this one does not deserve to be forgotten.  And if we don’t act soon, it will go down the memory hole. Read more:

The more the left cries wolf, the more we should ignore them.  So FOX News stop giving these liars air time.  Stop interviewing the likes of Schiff and Nadler. They are filled with enough hot air of their own.

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Mueller Findings: “NO Collusion” Conclusion; Obstruction Absolution. Big Yawn.

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Now that the Mueller Report has been dissected, digested, and regurgitated to death by the media, it’s our turn to put the investigators under the microscope.  If I hear the name Mueller anymore, I think I’ll throw up.  Who do they think he is, God? And why is he hiding? Because he knows the whole report was a sham from the get go. It’s filled with what we already knew combined with irrelevant information about Trump.

Trump has endured slander from the Deep State and their ilk from day one.  The AG and IG need to investigate where and when the frame job originated but it’s out of Trump’s hands now.  He can breathe easily.  He was found innocent of all accusations and is vindicated.  There was never any Russian involvement with Trump campaign.  But not so sure about not one American being involved with Russia.  What about Hillary?  Another attempt to cover for her.

I may be alone in my opinion but think that Russia did not try to meddle in our election favoring Trump or the other side.  I think this is another fabrication by the Deep State trying to save face or justify the reason they went after Trump.  Why would Putin want Trump to be president in the first place when Putin was paying “pay for play” with the Clintons and was due “play” if she won?  That part of the report I don’t believe. It was added by Weissman as something for the Democrats to chew on. Doesn’t make sense; and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually wrong. Remember it was Obama caught on the hot mic saying to a Russian, “I’ll have more flexibility once the election is over.  Tee Hee.”  The left is infamous for projecting what they do onto Trump.

Assange swears that the hacked emails did not come from Russia.  Evidence proves it came from the inside with a flash drive.  More evidence that Russia did not hack the DNC.  And why was the FBI told to stand down after the DNC was hacked?  They were supposed to get the computers and do a forensic examination of them.  But nothing happened.  Why was the FBI told to stand down when they went to interview Assange?  All this adds up to a conspiracy to frame Trump.  Nothing more and nothing less. Bottom line:  Nothing in the wikileak emails was untrue.  They were taken word for word from the DNC.  Voters could deduce for themselves what the emails revealed.  They weren’t lies being told.  Trump can’t be blamed for facts that came out against Hillary.  Although they blame him for everything else so why not?

When the Democrats and the liberals finally realize that Trump had nothing to do with Russia and, therefore, had no reason to obstruct, maybe they will apologize.  Not!  One could only hope. They are acting like unruly delinquent kids on a playground. “Impeach Impeach Impeach” is the name of their game, and they won’t stop playing it even though the game is over.  Trump won.

I think this feigned outrage over the Mueller Report is just another smokescreen by the fake news media to cover for the Deep State. Very clever.  The Deep State is using the fake news to get the focus off of them so the people won’t know it was they who orchestrated the sham against Trump. A liberal relative of mine said yesterday that the Mueller report was a fix.  Fixed by whom?  Certainly not Trump. Not by Michael Cohen.  But this is how they think.  He thinks Trump is in cahoots with Mueller now.  Wow!  The gullibility of the left never ceases to amaze. He’s waiting for the full unredacted report to get the full truth on Trump.  And I notice the left has started calling Mueller a “long-time Republican” as they did to Comey, implying that Mueller was on Trump’s side and can’t be trusted now. Republicans have lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing these days, JEB, McCain, Flake, Comey, Kasich, and now Romney.  Can’t trust a one of them.

Big smokescreen.  Don’t fall for it. Romney is part of it. Remember Romney was recruited during the election with a scathing speech to take out Trump. He could be guilty himself as he was a buddy of McCain.  Turn the tables on them all. Examine the investigators and their ilk.

Bernie Admits on National TV That “Medicare for All” Isn’t Free. Oops!

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Martha MacCallum pressed him about the cost of “free” healthcare, and he slipped. He said, healthcare is a right but, of course, it’s not free.  Uh oh!  Messed up on that answer.  He’s not used to FOX News interviewers.  The questions are much more difficult than CNN fluff questions.

And who was the cherry-picked audience?  They cheered and hollered at every word he spoke, like he was saying something relevant.  He admitted that raised taxes would have to pay for it but will be easier because, everyone will be treated. What bothered me more than Bernie’s weird character and silly answers was that the audience was so ignorant. Where did they find them?

What I heard was double talking, evading questions, defiance, blatant lies, and cheap shots at FOX News channel and Trump at every chance he could to gain applause. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and at the same time. He said “insulting Trump won’t win an election” but he couldn’t stop slamming Trump. He claims Trump’s economy was the global economy coming back and ignored the fact that many countries are hurting. He implied it came back under Obama and Trump inherited it.  Another lie spread by the lying left.  He is a shyster with a used car salesman mentality and no one should listen to this nut.  I see right through him. But there’s a sucker born every minute, and he’ll find them.

He admitted that Medicare for All will raise taxes for everyone and raise the deficit even higher, but he’s not concerned.   Reality is: it will take away supplemental health insurance plans for all seniors, work place health plans, and deplete the social security that they paid into for years.  Then he wants to impose a wealth tax on life savings accounts at 52%!  That would take half their retirement money.  He must hate seniors. Socialists will eventually run out of other people’s money starting with seniors.

He also said our country has twelve years left because of climate change.  He’s against nuclear plants altogether.  His ideas are not in the main stream and need to be challenged. I’m sure he drives a Prius when he’s not taking a private jet.  Another hypocritical environmentalist.

Bernie brushed off the immigration crisis question making a stupid comment like we need border security but it has to be smart technology not a wall.  If he’s so smart, why doesn’t he elaborate on that idea?  He won’t, because he has no original ideas.  He’s a lifetime politician; they’re not that smart.

Here’s who’s left to vote for Bernie:  prisoners, illegals, homeless, Hollywood, welfare recipients, drug addicts, criminals, socialists, New York Times readers, Jewish, college kids, and random “low-information” voters. Or any combination of the above.  He actually said he was against the Israel administration.  He’s not a supporter of Israel, just like Obama wasn’t.

It doesn’t look like he’ll be much of a threat to Trump, so I guess we should encourage his run at the Democrat ticket.  Trump will eat crazy Bernie’s lunch. Next!

To the 3 New Women “of Color” in Congress: Walk Softly and Lose the Big Shtick.

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The new women of the House are trying too hard to be noticed when they should feel grateful that they won their campaign for Congress.  Instead they have been stepping all over themselves to be heard resulting in no one listening to them now.  In fact, they are now claiming they’re dismissed because of racial discrimination.  When all else fails, cry racism is the left’s “go to” mantra.

Their shtick of bating Trump with vulgar language, lies, and anti-Semitic remarks is getting them nowhere.  When Pelosi has to apologize for them daily, you know they are losing. They should be kissing the floor of the United States Capitol they are walking on but are spitting on the floor of the Capitol and the Constitution.

When a woman of any color makes it to what used to be an all male career, they need to silently get their bills passed and then be noticed.  Shouting from the halls of justice and causing havoc is not the way to be recognized.  Passing good bills for our country, however, is.  So three new women of congress, and you know who you are, just shut up and give us some good new laws. Maybe start with immigration as we have a crisis on our hands.  And keep your Green New Deal in your head.  That’s a pipe dream and you know it.  More like a marijuana pipe dream. Most like an inconvenient spoof.

Lose the shtick, walk softly, and pass good laws.



If AG Barr is “Off the Rails,” Pelosi Has Blown Her Stack.

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Pelosi has the nerve to disparage our new Attorney General, Barr, for telling the truth.  She said Barr’s not the attorney general for the United States but is the attorney general for President Trump. Others in her party expressed the same. Comey said he has no idea where this word spying came from.  Give us a break, Comey.  You started it all.  No one believes you.  When you’re in a hole, stop digging.   Go back into the woods with Hillary and get lost.

Was not “Hands up” Holder carrying the water for Obama when he went into Ferguson and sided with violent protesters over the police?  How ’bout Tarmac Lynch?  Who was she working for when she told Comey Hillary’s investigation was “a matter?” These Democrats can’t have it both ways.  Their AG’s were so in the tank for Obama it wasn’t a close comparison.  Lynch was promised a promotion if Hillary won. Who knows what position Holder was promised.

AG Barr showed that he wasn’t going to be pushed around by the democrat politicians. He’s his own man.  Doubt if Trump could push him around either. This feigned outrage every time something goes in Trump’s favor is getting old.  They’ve been exposed for what they are: conspirators who tried to frame Trump.  Just let the chips fall where they will as a new sheriff is in town now investigating the investigators.

These socialist democrats running for president will self-destruct one by one.  Their mouths will be their undoing.  For instance, Bernie’s medicare for all promise will kill his chances.  Just so he knows, medicare isn’t free.  It takes a big chunk out of the social security check and then you have to supplement it with another health plan and drug plan to cover your costs. Seniors will not allow Bernie to take away their health insurance and share their social security with a bunch of freeloaders that didn’t pay into it. Nice try, Bernie.

And when they all fall down, Michelle Obama will try to swoop in to save the day.  Hopefully, by then Barack will have been implicated in the failed coup of Trump and she’ll have no chance of running because she was part of it.  There’s no doubt that Obama wants back in the White House and will do anything to get his policies reinstated even put his wife up. Sort of like when Bill put Hillary up, twice, in order to get back in that oval office. (It worked so well for him the first time.)

Pelosi needs to stop blowing her stack and just pass some immigration bills that will help save America from the invasion. And get her House in order.  It’s a mess right now with the children running the asylum like Omar who dismisses 9-11 terror attack.  If something doesn’t change soon, this could be the beginning of a train wreck for the democrat party.

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AG Barr Admits There Was Spying During the 2016 Election…

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Just as Trump claimed all along.  Let’s not play opossum Democrats as to who was doing the spying.  Trump’s campaign was illegally wiretapped as well as other unwarranted actions in order to frame him.  The Democrats are going to act like they weren’t involved or that this comes as quite a surprise to them, but that is their strategy. Don’t fall for it. Some or all were part of it.  In fact, there may not be enough zip ties to restrain them all.

Hide your red cups kids, the grownups are home now and the teenage party is over.  Or as Reverend Wright once said, “The chickens…have come home to roost” i.e., what goes around comes around.  Barr is going to investigate the investigators and who they took their marching orders from.

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So kids, hide your emails, crush your cell phones, get some bleach bit, and deny, deny, deny like you’ve been instructed even though you all went by the book.  And get your passports out. There’s a new sheriff in town.  He stands his ground and takes no prisoners. He’ll look under every stone, nook, and cranny.

So as the canaries begin to sing and the rats scatter from the sinking ship, we will hopefully see some of these guilty members of our government perp-walked in the wee hours like they did to Roger Stone.  Just wonder if CNN will be alerted ahead of time. Doubt it. :/

Barr’s going to reset the bar for the justice system, making it equal justice for all again… not just for the privileged elite.  So stop playing opossum Democrat senators and congressmen. You know who’s involved in the coup d’etat…if not yourself.