What Is Antifa? Ans: Epitome of Fascism.

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It is projection in the truest form.  These Antifa drones are projecting what they do onto the rest of us. They are claiming government control, group think, and dictatorship, yet it is these drones who are forcing their liberal beliefs and control onto us which is FASCISM.  “Anti-fa” is a misnomer. 

1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompassing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator.
2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.

Fascist countries are known for their harmony and lack of internal strife. There are no conflicting parties or elections in fascist countries.

Urban Dictionary

This sounds like how Obama governed.  He wanted to rule globally with his Paris Climate Accord and Iran Deal. He grew the deficit and government programs tenfold while in office. He wanted government-controlled healthcare for all. He ruined the economy so people would be dependent on welfare programs. He was secretive yet wanted his drones like Comey and Lois Lerner to submit to him. He was a silent dictator who kept his hands clean. Teflon Obama.

Trump has been the most transparent and vocal President in modern history.  He tells us daily in tweets or press conferences what’s on his mind.  He never holds back, sometimes to a fault.  That’s not a dictator.  Trump wants less government programs and spending. He wants more people working and more jobs for everyone. ICE was created after 911 and should be honored by all Americans and not threatened.  And Trump doesn’t get involved in how other countries govern unless it is affecting us.  It’s America First.  He’s trying to even the playing field with trade with other countries so we don’t get screwed.

Our country under Trump has lots of internal strife and no harmony and conflicting parties and elections. So Fascism is not a description of Trump’s presidency BUT, conversely, the left and the Mad Squad want to shut us all up, cause internal strife and conflict between parties. They also want control of our election system by abolishing the Electoral College.  One of the Mad Squad implied that if we don’t think like them, we are racist. So, it is they that are the Fascists, IMO.

Antifa are a violent group with masked faces that is supported by Facebook, CNN, Soros, the Mad Squad, and the Democrat Socialist candidates for president.  They commit assaults that are not condemned by the Democrat candidates.  In fact, their silence condones it.

This is the world we are living in now, thanks to Obama and his drones.  These Antifa clowns are nothing more than Obama’s drones.  They take their orders from him, commit crimes, and slander our duly elected president. Notice not Obama nor his wife come out to condemn Antifa.  I wonder why?  We didn’t have them terrorizing our streets prior to Obama. Since ISIS is no longer a threat, thanks to Trump and the military; the left has created their own domestic terrorists–Antifa.

If the left, no matter what color they are or where they were born, don’t like it in America; they can go back to the country of their choice. That’s not a racist comment.  It’s actually what they planned to do IF Trump won.  They just don’t stand by their threats.

Let’s tell these Antifa drones to take off their masks and fly home.  If we see them assault someone, call 911. No one should have live in a city with their mob rule mentality.  Go away Antifa!  You’re phony, worthless thugs that contribute nothing to society.  We know what you really are–Fascist drones for Obama doing his dirty work and suffering from TDS.  You’re not anti-fascism, you’re for it.  Nice try.  Go sting yourself.

Fly home! 

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Pelosi is “The Snake” in the Song by Al Wilson.

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She clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful, ” she cried.
“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died.”
She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite!

“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, tender woman, ” sighed the snake.

“I saved you, ” cried the woman
“And you’ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die!”

“Oh shut up, silly woman, ” said the reptile with a grin.
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in,” sighed the snake.

Al Wilson

Trump saved Pelosi last week saying, “She’s not a racist.” But today Pelosi comes out and says, “Trump wants to make America White Again.”  She bit the hand that saved her last week.  Why?  Because she is The Snake! She can’t be trusted, ever!

Trump knew, like the kindhearted woman, that Pelosi was a snake and should have never tried to save her.  Never.  Because she will not return the favor.  No good deed goes unpunished. This was an example. If you look the word Ungrateful up in the dictionary, Pelosi will be there.

There’s a pattern emerging that whenever Trump helps a Democrat, they turn around and diss him.  They take the help like the snake did, then turn on him.  It’s been done by Romney, sports teams, and numerous other leftists.  They are not living by the Do Unto Others, Golden Rule.  They seem to have adopted their own rule.  “Do unto others as the Resist Movement would want me to.”

Trump, let this be a lesson to you.  Never trust a snake! She will strike you when you least expect it. Even after you’ve saved her. AOC and her Mad Squad aren’t worth any tweets either.  They are four disreputable, lawless Communists who will be responsible for their own undoing. With no help from you.

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Is Megan Rapinoe the New Colin Kapernick?

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Poor President Trump never saw her coming.  What’s her beef anyways?  Trump has never said anything against the LBGT community or purple-haired women.  And Trump has always hired women and given them equal pay.  He’s an equal opportunity employer and one of the original ones. Where’s this coming from?  It’s coming from Trump Derangement Syndrome that the left is still inflicted with for Hillary losing to Trump.  They can’t get over it.

Her beef has nothing to do with equal pay.  The female players get more percentage of Women’s Soccer revenue than the males do from Men’s Soccer.  So what’s it about?  Feminists hate Trump?  Yes.  Feminists want to remove Trump from office? Yes.  The left is worried he may win again in 2020.  YES!  Exactly!  This is where it’s coming from.  PERIOD! She’s the new pawn being used by the Democrat Party.

Have the Democrats, trying to come up with something on Trump, jumped the shark yet?  They have for me.  I’m tired of all the incoming.  It’s getting nauseating to listen to. They want his taxes, a Mueller redo, his hotels investigated for conflict of interest, his kids investigated, his link to Epstein, his past business transactions investigated, they want everything but the kitchen sink.  It’s getting harder and harder to hear the news. Now they got a sports team of feminists implying that Make America Great Again means Make America Hate Again.  I think it’s the left that is full of hate, and they need to look themselves in the mirror.

We keep waiting for someone, anyone, in the Deep State involved in trying to take down the Trump presidency to be indicted.  But all I hear is more fake accusations on Trump. I know the media is smokescreening for the guilty parties, but it’s getting old.  Come on IG and AG let’s get someone indicted already so we can stop these loony feminists from coming out of the woodwork willy nilly.  Boy-chasing, drinking Christine Balsey was a phony from the get-go propped up by the Democrat party to appear like an innocent little bunny.  All phonies looking to bring down the Trump Administration including Megan, the new darling of the left.

She’ll make the rounds on all the talk shows from The View to Maddow to Matthews.  She’ll visit with AOC and her ilk.  Then NIKE will call and give her an endorsement.  It’s called capitalizing on being gay and trying to bring down Trump at the same time.  It’s a two for one.  Just like Colin capitalized on being Black and trying to bring down Trump at the same time and Balsey capitalized on belonging to the same swim club as Kavanaugh and trying to bring down Trump at the same time. All phony liars being used by the left.

Hurry up IG and AG bring on the indictments.  We’ve waited for too long now.  Anyone, anyone of the many involved.  Let’s start with Strzok, Comey, and McCabe to shut up the left.  And Megan…get in line. We’re on to you.  You may be the left’s new heroin, but you’re not my heroine.  Just shut your mouth and dribble the ball.

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Are Green Pastures Slowly Being Replaced with Vineyards? Is the Dairy Industry Being Replaced by Wine?

IMG_0554 (2)


Maybe I’m imaging it, but more and more I see vineyards popping up along roadsides everywhere in California where there used to be dairies, green pastures, or small farms. This vineyard above is back-dropped by dangerously close charred hillsides from the recent Sonoma firestorm. Wine tasting has become a favorite pastime in California. Is this the sign of the times that dairy owners are succumbing to a demanding wine industry by selling or leasing their land?

The number of California dairies has shrunk to 1,331 at the end of 2017 from nearly 1,600 as recently as 2012. Expectations are that by the end of this year the number will fall below 1,300.  LA Times

Or are there other reasons dairy farms are going by the wayside? Is it because of climate change nuts like AOC that want the elimination of cows as part of her Green New Deal?  Or is it California’s new stiff regulations on methane gas produced by cows? Or is it the new tariffs raising the cost of production? Or is it the next generation that doesn’t want keep their parents’ dairy going?  Or is it vegans and the health industry trying to get us to stop consuming diary products? Or are Californians trying to be cool vineyard owners which was glorified in the movie Sideways?  Or are animal rights activists trying to eliminate dairies due to cruelty to animals?  Or any combination of the above causing the number dairy farms to shrink and vineyards to grow? Is there a silent war on the cow?

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Regardless of the reasons, more and more dairy land seems to be getting replaced by vineyards.  Even private acreage, that was once unused, is now being taken over by grape vines. Vineyards are beautiful but require lots of water.  Wasn’t there a drought in California?  How can the environmentalists ignore all these emerging vineyards without crying water preservation or demanding new reservoirs be constructed in California?  After the firestorm in Sonoma County two years ago that wiped out thousands of homes, wineries, and properties, it was a wake up call to California’s drought problem and the governor had to do something!

In a historic vote, the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday approved spending $2.5 billion to help fund construction of four new dams and four underground storage projects — including two in the Bay Area.  The Mercury Times.

But completion of these projects is not estimated until 2028 and, knowing how slow government projects are due to red tape, it will take even longer.  In the meantime, California faces more fires, drought, and water rationing. Too little, too late.

How many grapes does one state need? Is wine in that much demand?  Wine isn’t good for us.  Hypocritical celebrities are buying wineries, despite water shortage, with their own labels on wine bottles as a status symbol.  Wine, although it isn’t mentioned much, can cause a myriad of health issues.  High consumption of wine, like any alcohol, can cause high cholesterol, heart disease, breast pain, weight gain, aching muscles, addiction, anxiety, and some cancers. People in California drink wine like it’s water and go wine tasting like they’re going to the movies. It’s their entertainment.

I’m worried that the day of passing cows grazing by the side of the road will be no more.  Milk will go by the wayside like the hard line telephone in our homes or the VCR. We’ll finally solve the water shortage and end up with a milk shortage.

What ever happened to the slogan, “Milk Makes a Body Good?” Has it been replaced by soy milk makes a body good or wine makes a body good?  I don’t think so.  Milk is nature’s way of feeding young animals and babies. It must be good.

Let’s not get rid of our sleepy cows in California.  They are good for grass fire prevention, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and ice cream.  Everyone loves ice cream!


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Sleepy Joe is Becoming Wishy Washy Joe.

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Like all politicians, Joe is flip flopping more than a trout out of water a day or two later after taking a stance. He was for the Segregationists before being against them. He was against busing before being for it. He was for China before being against China.  He was against Anita Hill before being for her. And today he came out against violent assaults on reporters.  Does this mean after the left has a go at him, he’ll switch to being for Antifa’s assault on reporters?  Most likely.

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke out against the violent assault on journalist Andy Ngo.

The Democratic presidential candidate “believes violence directed at anyone because of their political opinions is never acceptable, regardless of what those beliefs might be,” a campaign spokesman said in a statement to The Post. “He believes freedom of expression is fundamental to who we are as Americans, and that Andy Ngo’s attackers should be identified and investigated.”

This switching back and forth from one position to another is going to be his undoing and is giving us whiplash.  It hurt John Kerry’s chances. When Joe speaks with conviction like he did in his first debate then a week later backpedals, it looks bad.  It makes him look weak as a presidential leader yet polls still show him beating Trump!  Who’s answering these polls?  That’s amazing.

In a recent interview, Joe said he used to beat up bullies like Trump in school.  This “lie” just makes him look even more desperate and condones solving problems by violence which is totally against the liberal doctrine. It’s another gaff.  No one wants a president with an impulsive temperament.  It’s usually thugs acting like that.  And Joe’s no thug.

Joe also claimed with conviction that Russia would never be able to hack our election “on his watch.” Really?  Reality is, if Russia hacked our election it was on his and Obama’s watch.  In fact, Obama said at the time that our election system is so complex no country could intervene.  And Rosenstein said not one vote was changed due to any attempted election interference.  But Biden must have missed those two statements from the DOJ and the President.  

Wishy washy Joe will be his own undoing.  Trump won’t have to say a word.  Trump’s slogan against Biden should be:  Just Let Joe Talk.  Trump is probably hoping he runs against Biden rather than feminists like Pocahontas or Kamala who have a pretty good command of the English language. It’s harder to take down a feminist for fear of being called a sexist, although he did pretty good job against Hillary in debates.

So Joe, keeping talking so we won’t have to worry.  

TRUMP 2020


What Do the Ice Cream Licker and Noose Wearer Have in Common?

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Aside from committing incredibly stupid acts, here are some common links:

  1. African American decent.
  2. Crave attention by breaking the law.
  3. Have co-conspirators to back them up.
  4. Have no respect for the unintended consequences of who’d be hurt by their actions.
  5. Are an example of a race that seems to be out of control.
  6. Have no respect for law and order, property, police, or their country.
  7. They planned and staged their crime for camera.
  8. Their charges will be dropped due to racial political correctness.
  9. Both now wishing they’d not done what they did.
  10. Both an embarrassment to the Black community.

I feel the Black race has gotten license to break the law ever since Obama became president. Obama showed no respect for the police and never backed them up.  He always took the side of the Black community over the police departments.  This inspired a hatred and disrespect for the police and gave birth to Black Lives Matter, NFL Kneelers, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Antifa, and the Resist Movement. And America stupidly thought if we voted for the first African American president all past racial problems would just disappear. The opposite happened. They are now tenfold worse than before as Obama reminded us constantly. He was/is a radical.

We reap what we sow, and we sowed this crap for eight years.  And now look what we’ve got growing:  disrespectful youth, Colin K, Smollett, removal of historical statues and murals and chapters from history books and flags from shoes, burning of our flag, cops being targeted daily, removal of presidents from our currency, and hating on our country.  We don’t have to wonder why this all started, we just have to look back ten years when it did.

Look at Obama’s apology tours and race-bating speeches.  Look at CNN who’s lied to us for ten years covering for him. Look at how Obama covered the Trayvon Martin case and Ferguson shooting.  He went along with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lie and millions of youth believed him. He never went into Chicago to clean up the mess there.  In fact, he made it worse by telling the cops to stand down.  He came up with a harebrained program called the Promise Program allowing troubled kids to stay in school until they graduated.  It sparked the Parkland Shooting.  But stupid media blamed it on gun control and ignored Obama’s program.

Now we’ve got spunky, laughing youth making you tube videos of themselves licking ice cream from a carton and putting it back on the shelf, no doubt to get lots of hits on their video.  Did she think she was “above the law” like Smollett and the rest of these kooks, yes she did.  Who gave her this false sense of empowerment?  Obama did.  But consumers are affected by her action, and we can’t let it be overlooked.

This problem will only get worse before it gets better unless we have equal punishment under the law.  The pendulum seems to have swung to the side of protecting Blacks over others with similar crimes due to racial PC. NIKE sold their soul to the devil by cowering to Colin K.  Antifa and Resist groups are assaulting reporters and conservative groups on college campuses with no police intervention until the public becomes outraged.

Let’s keep on these groups and kooks and call them out whenever possible. Let’s not let them get away with harmful acts of disobedience in the guise of freedom of speech. Let’s get on our mayors who are running permissive, anything-goes cities. Let’s boycott companies doing the same in the name of PC like Wayfair and NIKE. Let’s do all we can to help eliminate racial tension by not letting a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Call them out and don’t encourage them so it won’t happen again.

And let’s hope we can buy ice cream in a carton without fear of contamination.

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Political Correctness “Gone Wild” is the Cause of Homelessness and NIKE’s Bad Decision.

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We’ve heard of girls gone wild. What we have here is an American company kowtowing to the demands of one activist, egomaniac, ex-football player and our cities kowtowing to the homeless due to political correctness “gone wild.”  If cities would enforce their vagrancy laws, there’d be no homelessness. Round them up in paddy wagons and put them in jail for the night.  Next day escort them out of town.  They won’t be around much longer.  But because of the liberal leaders in the local city government, they won’t even enforce their own laws.

We need a permit to put up a tent on public property.  The homeless don’t get one. One needs a permit to put up a tent in a campground. Why not in the city?  The homeless are encroaching on private properties and businesses which cause unsafe and unhealthy conditions to the public. Colin K. hates America and our flag so, therefore, he looks for any excuse to make his point. Unfortunately, the CEO’s at NIKE have cowered to the Resist Movement and figure the rest of us have too, so they pull the patriotic tennis shoes off the shelves.  Cowardly move.

The egomaniacs who have to be in the news everyday like the “lying bartender” need to be ignored.  Once they get no coverage, they’ll shut up.  But the left media follows her around and holds her water. Pelosi, Nadler, and Schumer use the bartender to say things that they themselves want to say.  And they bathe in her crazy.  It’s sickening.

The bartender and Colin K. both come from privileged backgrounds but they pander to the poor as if they were too.  They’re phonies–plain and simple.  Instead of being appreciative of all they were given, they act out in outrageous ways for attention.  Maybe that’s their problem–given too much attention as children.  “Look at me, look at me, look at me” was their mantra, and they never grew up.  Then when no one is looking any longer, they have to resort to kneeling at a football game to protest police brutality or going to the border and making false claims.  Sickening.

Buttigieg says his police department is riddled with racism and police brutality but the police disagree.  Another phony like Colin K. throwing the police under the bus for popularity.  Mayor Pete may be able to speak six languages, but he has no comprehension of the English language. And he should stay away from Bible-shaming Republicans.  Sickening.

The bartender, Mayor Pete, and Colin K. should all be asked to resign from their positions as well as any mayors of any cities allowing homelessness and sanctuary to illegals. And people should stand up against what they’re doing by not purchasing or wearing NIKE, writing to their city, displaying the America Flag, and not voting Pete B.

Every little bit helps and sends a message to these activist kooks. The more we kowtow to them, the more they’ll pull these stunts.  They think: well, it worked so well before.  Why not try it again?  People are stupid and fall for them. 

Political correctness has “gone wild.”  Let’s corral it in before we get stampeded. 

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