The Impeachment Sham Begins…


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“Kent and Taylor,” two smug, pro-Ukraine diplomats, sounding more like an investment firm or a men’s formalwear boutique, sat there bragging about how more experienced they are than the president and how “concerned” they are for Ukraine. It was a boring, snoozefest.  The bowtied one reminded me of Strzok with his smirks and expressions. They’re only there to take out the president. Their testimony was essentially about the president’s policies that they didn’t agree with. This is an embarrassment to our country and another waste of money.  It will be dead on arrival in the Senate. We have to legitimize impeachment by going through an orchestrated, phony punishment-in-search-of-a-crime PISOAC Hearing. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable; but it’s not fair nor is it right.  It’s a one-sided attack on the president led by bug-eyed Schiff and will fall flat like the Kavanaugh hearing leaving more egg on the Democrats’ faces.

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The Mueller Probe was an investigation-in-search-of-a-crime, now we have PISOAC. The left has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Trump, but he’s still standing. Why?  Because he hasn’t done “something” as DeNiro calls it. I do worry, however, that this impeachment sham will tarnish his next election with the Independents who are mostly gullibles. They don’t have time to keep up on the latest news and probably just get snippets off the radio, the internet, or late night comedy.  These snippets are always left leaning and, consequently, can influence a voter in the wrong direction. For instance, I was listening to the hearing in my car and when a Republican member started asking a question the station played music drowning out the dialog.  It was disgusting.

I feel like Big Brother is everywhere controlling our content. I worry that the left is hijacking America with radical prosecutors being placed in our big cities and radical governors like Newsom being elected into our big states. Why is radicalism being rewarded?  Why does illegal activity by our government leaders like Biden and Brennan get applauded? What is going on?  Why has our media become so complicit or plain apathetic in all the illegal actions of infamous citizens from Weinstein to Epstein to Clinton to Biden?  It’s almost as though they have blinders on.  They used to care about getting to the truth. It used to be the media’s job to expose corruption. Now they just cover it up.  When did this all begin?

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I’m sure it’s been slowly building up since the Bill Clinton impeachment and went totally rogue during the Bush years and now is off the charts haywire.  Thank God for FOX News; otherwise, there’d be no news. Ambassador Taylor is a rehearsed witness for the Democrats.  He was fed leading questions and answered them as practiced with Schiff.  He’s also an older guy trying to make himself look important. Obviously, he doesn’t think Trump is qualified to be president and wants to be part of history in taking him out. When asked about Biden and Hunter, he gets a blank face and says, “I don’t know.”  Kent at least admitted there could be an appearance of a conflict of interest with Hunter’s Burisma position.  Ya think? How convenient that they know so much about Trump’s involvement with Ukraine but with Biden, who’s been to the country many times, they play dumb.  This is clearly a coverup and a setup.  It’s so clear.

Schiff claimed he did not know who the whistleblower was.  That’s a blatant lie. But all he does is lie. This feigned protection of the whistleblower is getting old. We all know he has ties to Soros and is a partisan activist.  Then Schiff objects to a Republican member’s question clarifying that it states facts that are not in evidence.  While Schiff and his clowns proposed all their questions with facts not in evidence.  This is not a fair hearing and the two witnesses are clearly against Trump but have never even met with him.  They’re part of the Nevertrumper clan and Obama holdovers.  They remained quiet when asked anything about Biden’s quid pro quo almost as though they were warned ahead not to answer anything about Joe. These witnesses behaved very similar to Mueller as a witness.  They look as though they’re completely unaware of some of the facts in the questions very much like Mueller was. “When in doubt, play dumb” seems to be the Democrat SOP.  Biden is definitely getting the Hillary treatment by the impeachment panel. Cover for him at all costs, even your reelection.

I think the public can see through this sham and that this first hearing was a big nothing burger.  The fact that the Democrats are so sympathetic to Ukraine all of a sudden is a joke.  They only care about them in reference to Trump’s phone call. Trump has done more to help this country than Obama ever did but they don’t want to bring that up.

Pelosi’s claim that all roads lead to Putin is a made up narrative by the left.  What it really should be is “All roads lead to Obama.”  But way to project, Pelosi. She’s acting so desperate now that the hearing has gone south. She has to go to the press and claim that “hearsay evidence” is the most important evidence one can have, that they don’t need first-hand evidence, and we’ll never see the whistleblower. Not over her dead body, apparently. Boy, oh boy are the left worried, or what, that he’ll have to be exposed and answer questions before the committee almost like an Avanati appearance–can only serve to hurt their impeachment case.

But seriously, if these two stiffs are the best the Democrats have against Trump, we better get out our pillows for the rest of this sham of a hearing.

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Biden: Suffered From Developmental Stuttering as a Child or Something Else?


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The other day Biden had his doctor wife introduce him and casually disclose that he has been a stutterer since childhood (developmental stutterer) and overcame it.  I immediately saw red flags popping up on the screen.  Is Doctor Jill coming to the rescue of stammering Biden by claiming he’s had this affliction since childhood and conquered it so the voters won’t think he’s getting senile and so Trump won’t go hard on him in the debates? I can hear it now: Trump is picking on another person with a handicap.

I swear I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats in power to play the “handicap card” as an excuse. “Race card” hasn’t worked. “White supremacy card” hasn’t worked. But the real reason I’m questioning this is: I’ve seen Biden in congress for most of my adult life and never remember him having trouble speaking.  His only problem was what he was saying not how he was saying it.  And why have his colleagues never brought this condition up before?  Why has he himself never spoken of it since he’s ran for POTUS three times now? Why did it not show up while he was vice president?  Because it’s not developmental stuttering, it’s a geriatric condition, and he doesn’t want the voters to know it.

I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but met a stutterer once before.  I’m not sure you can hide something like this your whole adult life then it all of a sudden it appears when you’re on stage for the biggest job interview of your life.  My personal opinion is that Jill has been recruited to do another lie for the Dems like Susan Rice was.  I am getting sick of their lies and yet they call Trump the liar.  Jill also had to add a good story to accompany Joe’s condition saying that he helped a young kid recently with his stutter problem, like a good sociopathic liar does.

It is not uncommon for individuals with neurogenic stuttering to experience several other types of communication impairments. These might include:

  • Aphasia—complete or partial impairment in language comprehension, formulation, and use

  • Dysarthria—errors in the production of the speech sounds, such as slurring of sounds and words that affect the intelligibility of the individuals speech

  • Apraxia of speech—irregularities in the timing and inaccuracies in the movement of the muscles used in speech production

  • Palilalia—speech disorder in which a word, phrase, or sentence may be repeated several times, generally with increasing rapidity and decreasing distinctness

  • Anomia—difficulty in finding the appropriate word to use

  • Confusion—uncertainty as to their own identity and that of others, their location, current time period, etc.

Neurogenic stuttering can occur at any age; however, it appears more often in adulthood, and the highest incidence is in the geriatric population.  The Stuttering Foundation

The timing of this medical disclosure is telling. If Biden wins the primary, he’ll need to have a mental physical and disclose all his medical conditions. Stuttering can be a symptom of something more serious like Parkinson’s Disease or previous stroke. But I doubt if he’ll win as his Ukraine shakedown is dragging his polls down and Bloomberg entering the race is evidence of that, despite the fact that the media has circled his wagons big time. And the media is beginning to target Trump’s spelling in his tweets like Trump is getting senile.  The media will always project onto Trump what they’re trying to hide.  I suspect Trump is so angry now while he tweets that they’re typos and he clicks “send” before proofreading.  Slow down Trump, they’re after you.

Let’s recap:  1) Biden has forgotten what city he’s in several times. 2) He’s used the wrong word in place of what he’s trying to say i.e. “record player and stock coupons” neither of them made any sense. We can’t have the leader of our country going into negotiations with other countries and saying the wrong word.  Jill won’t be there to step in and speak for him. 3) Biden recently had a blood vessel pop in his eye on stage and he said he scratched his eye while putting in his contacts.  Lies, lies, and more lies.

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In contrast, Trump has never introduced anyone by the wrong name at his rallies nor forgot what city he’s in. He can speak for hours on end without one misstep.  If he did make a faux paux, the media would replay it ad nauseam. He has a great memory and I contribute it to never drinking alcohol or smoking. And we’ve never witnessed Trump collapse while getting into his car or have a blood vessel pop in his eye on stage. Both signs of something more serious–not dehydration or contacts. But the media always covers for the Democrats.

I think this late disclosure of Biden’s childhood condition doesn’t pass the smell test. It stinks, in fact. Just saying, as leopards can’t change their spots. Remember Biden said he asked Obama not to endorse him and that he never talked to Hunter about his job in Ukraine–not even the media believed those whoppers.

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Who’s Sick of the Word ‘Whistleblower’?


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I, for one, am.  I can hardly turn on the news without hearing it in the first few minutes. The Dems are acting crazy. Can we all just agree that this scoundrel is not a “whistleblower” in the true sense?  He’s a rogue CIA plant by Brennan, Schiff, Biden, and the rest of the swamp. Schiff is the lowest of lowest human beings. He and Pelosi have been planning this attack on Trump since the Mueller Report bombed. It’s Plan D or E and “whistleblower” has replaced the word “Mueller.”

I can’t believe Graham or McCarthy can’t have this clown Schiff removed from the House, if not arrested. He has broken so many standard rules of operation it is almost as though we are living in a third world country with a kangaroo court system. The ruling class is making the rules up as they go and ignoring the minority. Whenever the Republicans request to have a witness, they turn it down.  They won’t even allow Republicans in the room. This can’t be happening in America, and there’s no way the Republicans would ever be able to get away with this nor would they want to.

Everyone has the right to due process.  Everyone has the right to confront his accuser. But when Trump is the defendant all rules are thrown out the window. Trump is not allowed any of the legal defenses that an average criminal is allowed. It is disgraceful! If the people have been following this sham, it will be sure to backfire in the Dems faces. If they haven’t been following it, we’re in trouble as all they hear in the fake news media is anti-Trump narrative like, “Trump is not allowing witnesses to come forward.  Trump is claiming executive privilege.  Trump is ignoring subpoenas. He is obstructing justice.  What does he have to hide?” It’s even being reported on the radio news like this. These comments will be heard throughout Democrat gossip circles and will spread down to the gullibles. Schiff selectively leaks any negative comment taken out of context from their private non-transparent hearing. It’s an orchestrated sham on America.

Let’s hope the Republicans can keep Jim Jordan on the Impeachment Panel as he’ll be the only voice of reason in a bowl of mixed nuts.  They are all craaazzzy as Trump claims.  And he’s not wrong. The sooner we put this sham of a hearing to bed, the sooner we get to the business of our country.  On The View this week the way those women treated Donald Trump Jr.was crazy.  They systematically, with written comments, tried to embarrass him but he held his own by saying Joy was in black face once and bragged about it. They all went crazy after he said that. I’m ashamed of the only conservative in the group, Meghan McCain.

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Let’s not forget that the only reason this is going on is because the Democrats lost in 2016, and they’re poor losers, especially Hillary.  Hillary is making all the late night talk shows and looking foolish.  She’s not funny and just because she kackles at her own jokes does not make them funny.  And her daughter is even more of a dud.  All their jokes fall flat. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Both boring, untalented women.

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Yesterday’s football game between Louisiana and Alabama gave a glimmer of light that there’s hope that the country isn’t buying this impeachment sham.  Trump received a thunderous applause like he was at one of his rallies.  The liberal announcers tried their best to downplay the fact that Trump was in the stands, but the crowd knew he was there and it definitely filled the stadium and tailgate parties early.  A rock star was in the house.

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The word whistleblower has lost its legal meaning.  This political hack was out to frame Trump from 2017; he’s not a WB.  The requirements for a WB used to be firsthand knowledge and it can’t be hearsay or used on a president.  But someone changed the rules (Schiff) prior to the WB coming out with his report written by his political hack lawyer. Therefore, this is all a sham to take the public’s eye off of the real scandal in 2016.  In legal terms fruit (the WB report) obtained from a poisonous tree (Schiff) is inadmissible in court and should be inadmissible in this sham of a hearing next week.

Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source, the “tree,”(Schiff) of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted then anything gained, the “fruit,” (WB report) from it is tainted as well. Wikipedia.

Bottomline:  WB obtained his report through hearsay and coordinated with Schiff to sound as though it was from an honest, nonpartisan employee of the government that was just doing his civic duty to report it.  Balderdash! We ain’t buying what they’re selling.

Election May Come Down to Billionaire vs. Billionaire.

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Two old white guys with big bucks, bucking horns for the same job. If this happens, who will the AOC’s, Millennials, and GenZ’s vote for?  There’s no way they’ll vote for a successful billionaire whether he’s liberal or not.  No way.  They want the billionaires’ money to pay for free stuff for themselves.  They want free healthcare, free college, free childcare, free pre K, with no feasible way in hell to pay for it all. Like Pocahontas, they’re all about punishing the rich and big corporations.

Where would the Socialists go without a Socialist on the ballot?  Would they vote for the Green Party candidate?  That would take votes from the Democrat candidate. Hopefully they would stay home sulking in their parents’ basement.  AOC and her gang would have a conniption. They wouldn’t be able to endorse a billionaire candidate.  It would serve the Democrats right for all the trouble they’ve given Trump. It would actually be karma for the way they’ve been treating Trump.

The rest of America would have to decide between the two billionaires, one who was mayor of New York City and ran it like a “nanny city” and the other the current president of the United States who gave us a roaring economy.  Who did a better job?

Bloomberg didn’t trust people to choose their own type of food, size of drinks, or seasoning.  He restricted food establishments in what they could serve.  He sounds controlling. He’s bought into the climate change big time yet flies around in his private jet.  He sounds hypocritical.  He’s for encouraging illegals to come to our country to better their life and not for deportation. He’s pro, pro, pro choice and will nominate liberal Supreme Court Justices.  Although he ran as a Republican when Mayor of NYC and more moderate than his Jewish contender Sanders, he is Jewish and they’ll always be Democrats at heart. Not sure why Judge Judy recommended him other than him being Jewish. Did she like him restricting her food choices?

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It would be interesting to see a debate between two New York billionaires that have both changed parties. They ran in the same circles at one time as Democrats. Trump probably supported his campaign for mayor and in return asked for approvals of projects. Two New Yorkers bucking horns. Two New Yorkers with different goals for America. Bloomberg voted for Hillary which I think disqualifies him from the get go as he doesn’t have good judge of someone’s character. Or he doesn’t care if she was crooked which makes him complicit.  He probably also voted for Obama. Being a good judge of character is a prerequisite to being president. When the president surrounds himself with shady characters it makes for a corrupt government. Just look who Obama surrounded himself with: Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok and the office lover, and Rice.

Bloomberg made his money on Wall Street while Trump constructed buildings on All Streets. Bloomberg restricted the Big Gulp while Trump made the fake news media take a big gulp. Bloomberg is against trans fat in food while Trump is against transgenders in the military. Bloomberg restricted salt in restaurant meals while Trump rubs salt in his critics wounds. Bloomberg is pro choice on abortion while Trump is pro choice on hospitals for Veterans.

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Bloomberg sees a crippled Biden and thinks it’s the perfect time to come into the race. Bloomberg along with many successful billionaires do not agree with Warren’s “medicare for all” plan and wants to get on the stage to shoot it down like a good billionaire can.  Tom Steyer, billionaire candidate, had a poor performance during the last debate.  He was all about calling Trump a criminal but didn’t go after Warren. Time for a capitalist to come to the table and set them all straight.  He’ll probably play the “climate change” card to court the Socialist vote; but if Lil’ Mike thinks he can come in and take credit for Trump’s economy, he’s got another thing coming. Trump won’t let him.

It’s a bad day for the frontrunner Biden. Bloomberg thinks he’ll be the superhero or has the secret sauce to save the world from Trump. We’ll see about that.  Stay tuned.




A Moderate Could Beat President Trump…

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:/ But could a moderate, dripping wet in scandal, beat President Trump?  Based on some of the polls and interviews with Independents and Democrats, it looks as though candidates who endorse the Green New Deal may be ending their chances for the presidency (Warren & Sanders).  That leaves a few moderates left.  Without saying who they are, let’s wonder if they even have a chance against a successful president that has the economy roaring like a lion.


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Will a moderate, that clearly has corruption baggage, be able to win more votes than Trump that has been bloodied from day one by the Democrats?  It could be a toss up. It sounds similar to the race between Hillary and Trump.  Trump was bloodied prior to the election with the Hollywood Access “hot mic” tape and misconstrued nonsense about a Gold Star parent, mocking a handicap reporter, the Muslim ban, and rapist Mexicans comment.  Hillary had the 33,000 missing emails and private server scandals not to mention her Benghazi lies.  Hers occurred while she was Secretary of State and Trump’s misconstrued comments were as a private citizen. Hers were obviously more serious and, thus, she lost. It’s the ONLY reason she lost.  Not all the other 120 reasons she claims.

But the Democrats had a back up plan in case Hillary lost. Boy, oh boy, did they ever. And now they aren’t even denying it!  It’s out in the open. They’re proud of what they’ve done.  The coup was in full force prior to Trump’s inauguration. Remember the meeting with Obama, his staff, and Susan Rice where she had to write a memo where Obama assured them, “Everything we did was by the book.”  That must be some book they were using.  Was it Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals?

Saul David Alinsky was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals (1971).

In the 1960s, his ideas were adapted by some U.S. college students and other young counterculture-era organizers, who used them as part of their strategies for organizing on campus and beyond.[5] In 1970, Time magazine wrote that “It is not too much to argue that American democracy is being altered by Alinsky’s ideas.”[6] Conservative author William F. Buckley Jr. said in 1966 that Alinsky was “very close to being an organizational genius” Wikipedia.

And the same Buckley voted for Obama. Is this the book Obama was referring to when he said we did everything by the book?  Could have been.

Today we have a few moderates left on the stage from Biden, to Boot-a-judge, to Gabbard, to Klobuchar.  Two of them have no name recognition, one of them has too much name recognition, and the other does not have clean hands.  I suspect a few more moderates will come out of the woodwork before the end of the year, whether it’s Michelle or Bloomberg or both.  Michelle is the woman behind the corrupt coup mastermind, and we all know behind every “great” man there’s a woman (who knows what’s going on.) She can’t play dumb when everyone is now admitting in full view to the coup even the lawyer for the fake whistleblower who tweeted in 2017: the coup has started, impeachment will follow.  It’s very scary. We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters.  Disgusting!

The coup cat is out of the bag and it names CNN as a co-conspirator.  The whistleblower is just one of the actors in the coup and a known Obama loyalist and activist. Now what will our Attorney General do about it?  Something has to be done to restore our democracy and the integrity of our elections.   Something should be done before all this impeachment inquiry nonsense continues.  In fact, once the AG does something, the impeachment will take a backseat to what really went on in 2016.

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Once the sh-t hits the fan, most of the candidates who are part of this coup will be gone. There’ll be no one left to run against Trump.  Maybe only Gabbard and Boot-a-judge will be the last ones standing. No wonder Hillary wanted to take out Gabbard early on–the only woman left on the stage with clean hands.  Klobuchar and Harris went after Kavanaugh as though they were part of the coup to take him out which dirtied their hands. We should never forget their part in that sham as well as Spartacus’s.

It’s doubtful if moderate Biden will last through the primaries after the Barr Team findings are revealed.  Biden may have cooked his own goose using Eric Swamp-dweller (pajama boy) in Ukrainegate as his authenticity is turning to mud.

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Who Started Divisiveness in Our Country? Not Trump.


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A female voter in Kentucky when asked what she’s looking for in a president responded, “I want to have a Uniter not a Divider in the White House. One that doesn’t sling insults. We’re teachers.”  Shocker.  Ironic, and hypocritical, that a teacher that slings insults at our president in her classroom, no doubt, wants the president to be more kind. Amazing. Practice what you preach, lady. Schools need to start hiring conservative teachers.  They seem to be outnumbered by liberals indoctrinating our children.

You call what Pelosi, Schiff, and Obama have done to Trump ‘uniting America’?  Do you call the daily onslaught from the lying NYTs and fake news media ‘uniting America’? Do you call what the CIA and FBI tried to do to Trump before and after the election ‘uniting America’?  Do you call the current impeachment sham, ‘uniting America’? Do you call the hateful vitriol coming from Hollywood and the candidates ‘uniting America’? Do you call the Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration ‘uniting Americans’? Do you call the Mueller sham ‘uniting America’? Do you call trying to reverse the votes of millions of Americans ‘uniting America’?  No, this has all divided us, not Trump.  They started all the divisiveness after, and even before, Trump won.  Then you want Trump to just sit there and take it and call them flowery names?  That’s not why we voted for him. They are all crazy.

If the gullibles can’t see that Trump is being attacked from all sides for no reason, they must also like bullying. Obama started and condoned Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the kneeling at football games.  That divided America.  Obama was NOT a uniter.  He started the war against law enforcement and now look how it has escalated.  He started telling mayors to tell their police to stand down and allow protesters to be violent. Now we have thugs ruining police cars and assaulting police in New York City. The police aren’t arresting them due to poor leadership in New York.  Trump should send in the National Guard and clear them out.

Trump is very inclusive to all groups, races, sex, and religions.  Blacks have noticed this as well women and the Jewish.  Everytime Trump tries to connect with the Democrats in congress they shut him out or shout him down.  They are the dividers, not Trump.  The Republicans never treated Obama like this. They treated him with respect, although they didn’t agree with anything he did.  Trump deserves the same respect from Democrats as we gave to Obama.  It’s called being reciprocal or living by the Golden Rule.  But the Democrats are never reciprocal nor even heard of the Golden Rule; in fact, they are vengeful.

When the Clintons finally left the White House their staff vandalized and stole from the White House because George W. Bush won over Gore.  They were angry and vengeful much like Hillary’s followers are today.  Notice how the Clintons’ hands are in all this divisiveness?  Wish they’d just go away along with Soros, and we’d have a more united country. Soros is putting his money into the elections of radical prosecutors across the country to make sure they’re permissive. Cities are releasing prisoners across America before their time was served.  Cities are reducing the meaning of theft to be over $1,000 in order to be a crime.  This will only condone thieves to steal up to $1,000 and not be arrested. Permissiveness is not the answer to reducing crime, stricter enforcement is.

Very proud of the governor of Texas that put a workforce together and cleared out all the homeless from Austin.  They did a beautiful job cleaning amid the smell of urine and feces and only took one day. One homeless man complained that the governor is wasting taxpayer money.  Classic “kettle black” syndrome.  The homeless encampment caused the governor to have to come in and clean it up.   If Nancy and Newsome could take a lesson from this, maybe we could see the same in California.  So proud of Governor Abbott. Wake up California!  Trump told Nancy at his rally to stop wasting government time on impeachment and go back to her city and clean up the filthy mess. Great advice.

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The Demo-rats clearly see that they can’t beat Trump in 2020 so the impeachment sham is in full force.  A caller into Limbaugh Show nailed it when he said the Democrats are trying to take out Trump using death by a thousand cuts.

Lingchi (Chinese凌遲), translated variously as the slow process, the lingering death, or slow slicing, and also known as death by a thousand cuts, was a form of torture and execution used in China from roughly 900 CE until it was banned in 1905. It was also used in Vietnam. In this form of execution, a knife was used to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time, eventually resulting in death.

Lingchi was reserved for crimes viewed as especially severe, such as treason. Some Westerners were executed in this manner. Even after the practice was outlawed, the concept itself has still appeared across many types of media. Wikipedia

“This figure of speech refers to the idea that while a single small cut may not be not fatal, the cumulative effect of many of them could cause a person to bleed to death. The term is derived from an ancient form of torture in which the condemned person was subjected to a number of minor wounds until the accumulation of damage became fatal.” Investopedia.

Then when the election comes around, Trump will be so wounded from all the cuts that he’ll come limping onto the stage like a wounded animal next to old senile quid pro Joe making Joe’s chances better.

Image result for images of injured animals

This is what they’re trying to do.  It is a form of torture, and we need to stand up against it.  Just like Rand Paul said at the Trump rally yesterday.  He asked congress to come to President Trump’s defense i.e. circle the wagons like the Democrats always do. Not enough of them are.  I have always thought that their silence only hurts Trump.  They’re worried about their reelection if they support Trump, more than the country.

For instance, the winners of the World Series went to the White House yesterday and courageously praised president Trump for making America Great Again and keeping us safe.  The social media immediately jumped on the team with threatening comments.  This is what happens when you support our president, the meanies come after you.

Bottomline is:  Trump is not the divider; he’s trying unite the country but the Demo-rats and the media won’t have it.  The more they cut him, the more they misreport the news, the more he’ll stand up for himself.  Whether it’s by harsh rhetoric, or more conservative policies, or more clandestine ISIS missions; he will not bleed out. Get over it, gullibles.


The Deplorables vs. The Gullibles. Who Will Win in 2020?


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We all know who the deplorables are as coined by Hillary in 2016.  We are the “dregs of society” (Biden coined) and “irredeemables” (Hillary)  that support President Trump. The rest of the candidates just call us racists which is becoming overused and thus has lost its meaning.

I’d like to coin the Democrat nominee supporters “the Gullibles.”  After hearing them clap and cheer for Brennan, an admitted Deep State coup planner, I feel they have to be gullible if not lawless.  Lawlessables doesn’t have a good ring to it.  So ‘the Gullibles’ it is.

Anyone that supports AOC and her gang of corrupt idiots has to be either lawless or gullible. Anyone that believes Bernie’s or Pocahontas’ healthcare plan will work HAS to be gullible. And anyone who believes Biden wasn’t involved in a shakedown with Ukraine IS gullible.

These gullibles have fallen for just about everything the Democrats and media have pushed from Stormy Daniels, to Russian collusion, to Kavanaugh assault, to Charlottesville, to altered weather maps, to mafia style script of Ukraine conversation, to Smollett-staged attack, to Muellersham, to whistleblowergate, to impeachmentgate, to a photoshopped dog getting a medal of honor.

Why are they so gullible, we ask?  I think it is wishful thinking on their part or just plain apathy–they don’t really follow politics so they’ll listen to the most often reported version of events which is usually the mainstream fake news or ESPN.

These gullible voters also watch late night comedy shows which are always anti-Trump and pro whoever is the liberal darling of the week.  They also get their information off of liberal social media like Facebook.  They think they’re being populist or with it by agreeing with ESPN, Hollywood, or Facebook.  But they’re just being gullible, willfully ignorant.

These gullibles actually still think that Obama was a shining example of a great president–that he brought the country together, was scandal free, and restored the economy.  How could they think any different when this is what the media and our schools have been serving us for eleven years?  They have been fed a pile of horse manure for eleven years and don’t even know it.

Therefore, to change their minds will be next to impossible.  The gullibles have their heels dug in deep. The only eyeopener for them may be when one of the Deep State clowns get indicted.  The sooner the better.  I’ll take anyone of ’em–McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Strzok and the office s-ut, or Nellie, preferably with a late night raid of their home. Anyone will do, to help change the Gullibles’ mindset.

Who will win in 2020 the deplorables or the gullibles? I predict the deplorables, America, and our Constitution wins.  When one wins, they all win.

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