Time to Cut the Illustrious Fauci Loose.


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Fauci is like the slow sleigh dog pulling back the pack.  Trump needs to cut him loose to get our country back to full speed.  Fauci has been wrong from the get go.  His models are wrong. He’s wrong about hydroxychloroquine’s success and about the estimated time to return to work. We are at war with this virus and will use the weapons we have on hand, not wait two years for a better weapon, said recently by a conservative no doubt. Fauci wants no one to go back to work until there are zero deaths. With that thinking, there will be no jobs to go back to. But what does he care?

Fauci has no skin in the game as he continues to get his bureaucratic paycheck.  He has no empathy for small businesses as he’s never run one.  Just because he’s a doctor does not make him right. He only cares about the virus not the economy and people out of work. He’s myopic whereas Trump has to be concerned for both.

“Dr. Smoke and Mirrors” used China and Italy for models for our country.  Our country is nothing like China and Italy.  Garbage in = garbage out. And he calls himself a scientist?  “PTA Mom” is not much better and those scarfs… :/  These two experts are Democrats that voted for Hillary.  I’ll bet my last dollar on that.  They have an ulterior motive to hurt Trump. When Trump finally puts the country back to work they will scoff, causing the public to scream in protest. Better to cut them loose now so they don’t have a say in the matter.  They’ve overestimated deaths and the spreading to other states.  Cuomo said his state was ground zero and that other states will experience the same, and I’m sure his Italian friend agreed. Time to get some other doctors on the payroll like Dr. Oz who has current experience in treating patients–not some bureaucrat.

Even A.G. Barr said yesterday that hydroxychloroquine was being spoke of positively until Trump praised it then the left went jihad on it. So no matter what Trump says or does, the left will go crazy.  They don’t like anything he likes.  If Trump praised the sun, the left would start hating the sun. They are so dismissive of VP Pence when he comes to the podium. They don’t even have questions for him–just questions for their hero “Dr. Smoke and Mirrors.” The left has promoted Fauci to “the voice of reason” and will ONLY listen to him.  Time for him to go.

My husband’s doctor, who is undoubtedly a Democrat, dismissed hydroxychloroquine as nothing more than a placebo and wouldn’t prescribe it.  Who the hell is he to say that! He also said that Biden’s videos in his basement are being “doctored” by the media to make him look bad.  Since when do our personal doctors get political on us?  My husband couldn’t debate with him as he’s under his care and doesn’t want to offend the guy. But boy, oh boy, did he blame everything on Trump from his lack of gowns to testing to facemasks.  Everything wrong in his office and the world, apparently, is Trump’s fault not our Democrat governor’s. This is what we are up against.  This is not good.

Also doctors may be fleecing patient’s medicare plans by putting them on a ventilator to jack up the billing to $39,000.  And now we are finding the ventilators may be harming our healthy lungs?  When money influences our care in the hospital, we are all in trouble.  But I have found it to be that way.  Last November, my medicare plan got billed $8,000 for a lousy sprained wrist by the ER.  This is not good.

And lastly, the number of deaths from Covid may be misreported due to doctors checking the Covid box rather than the real cause of an underlying condition like heart failure, diabetes, obesity, pneumonia, and immune deficiencies. This contributes to false graphs and projections. This is not good.

Dr. Fauci, Gov. Cuomo, and Pelosi have misled the public and should be fired or step down. Pelosi told residents of San Francisco to continue to visit Chinatown while the epidemic was spreading.  That was not good advice.

So when Trump pulls the trigger on our economy just wait for the left to go nuts!  Trump knows they will, but will have to do it anyway.  Better to do it without those two know-it-alls looking over his shoulder in disapproval.

Drain the swamp, Trump! Cut Fauci Loose Before It’s Too Late!

It’s Not One or The Other…


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It’s not our health OR our economy.  We can keep BOTH of these as long as we handle the transition back into the public in a precise way.  Trump has done an excellent job so far enlisting the help of the private sector, approving government monies to companies for their payroll, and recruiting the best companies for a vaccine.  His daily transparency in his press conferences is welcomed by all except the fake news media and most Democrats. And his continued effort to get supplies by hook or by crook to these demanding governors is unprecedented.

It is now Trump’s job to thread the needle to get our country back on its previous course. Right now it is off the rails.  We want the unemployed to be rehired and offices to be buzzing with employees.  We want restaurants to reopen with their own restrictions. Companies will have to enforce their best social distancing effort as they will be on their own.

We are not a socialist country despite what those in the House have tried to make us. We are not a nanny nation that needs to hold the hand of each and every citizen. Government has done as much as possible to demonstrate how to behave during a pandemic.  It is soon up to us when they give us “the word.”  It is up to every American soon to do the smart thing and protect themselves while going about their daily life the best they can. We are a country of smart people.  Let’s prove it.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” As this old saying goes, we are the horse and we now need to drink and Trump has been the one leading us.  Despite what the lame stream media continues to echo that Trump has failed us from the beginning and throughout the pandemic, we know better.  There is actually no one that could have handled this better than Trump.  He’s done a remarkable job. He has been bold yet compassionate, and that’s a rare combination.

So when we get “the word” that we can return to work or leave our homes, let’s not go ballistic and cry that it’s “too early” like the lame stream media will undoubtedly do. We are onto them by now. Remember, there’s nothing they would like more than to bankrupt America and have the government take over our lives.   Nothing Trump does or says will meet with their approval.  Absolutely nothing.  Have faith. We can do both: Maintain our health and restore our country at the same time.  Or as Obama used to say, “We can walk and chew gum at the same time.”  Not sure he was able to though.  Heehee.

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Hollywood’s Hate for Conservatives is Amping Up…

Amid decline in number of hospitalizations and rise in stock market.

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Hollywood was going to use the deaths from covid 19, the tanking stock market, and rise in unemployment to blame on Trump and his supporters during the next election.  We’ve heard it already if we happen to turn on a liberal news radio station or MSM channel on tv.  I was shocked to hear one female SF radio host manically use the ef word over and over trying to claim that Trump has thousands of deaths on his hands for mishandling and misinforming the public about covid.

Are these people really that dumb?  How were we misinformed?  Or maybe they just need someone to hold their hands through all of this. They have no common sense.  These Hollywood coots, television personalities, and radio host morons are foaming at the mouth trying to put Trump’s press conferences as reason for the deaths from coronavirus.  Are you kidding me?  Without his press conferences, we’d know nothing.

Trump has actually been very intuitive so far.  He praised the drug hydroxychloroquine combined with Z-pack as having much potential which it is turning out to be while those in the MSM claim Trump has stock in the drug.  Outrageous! He also hoped that we’d be looking good by Easter which is not out of the picture yet. Listen to Trump, he knows stuff.

Interestingly the newspersons on MSM have been gleeful when reporting high unemployment as if they were hoping for millions to lose their jobs in hopes it would tank Trump’s popularity. That is on Pelosi’s hands as she held back the stimulus bill that would have kept millions on the payroll.

Whether you like Trump’s style or not, he has been compassionate, informative,  optimistic, and presidential unlike the bureaucratic experts he brings up to the mic.  The reporters try to give him gotcha questions and rudely interrupt while he’s talking but then are very respectful to the so-called experts.  Here’s why:

Doctors Birx and Fauci both have ties to the Obama Administration and the Clintons.  Birx’s husband worked for Bill Clinton in his White House.  Both individuals have been deeply involved in HIV work and this involves PEPFAR and the Clinton Foundation.  Based on these loyalties, it is prudent to suspect their loyalties.  Gateway Pundit

And the reporters know it.  The reporters have put these doctors on a pedestal like they are speaking gospel. They also quoted an IG that was critical of the way the government was handling ventilators but the IG was a holdover from Obama’s administration.  Get it?  It’s just another orchestrated conspiracy from the left to make Trump look bad, and he’s onto them, as we all are.

Here’s what I see when these characters come to the podium:  Dr. Fauci is “Mr. smoke and mirrors,” Dr. Brix is “PTA mom” and VP Pence is “the preacher.” Trump is just being himself, and the left can’t stand it.  They thought he was some kind of snake oil salesman and now they see differently. He’s the one looking kind, compassionate, and caring while the reporters behave like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Here’s one hasbeen Hollywood celeb’s tweet:

No hiding it now. Just unashamed, unequivocal “hatred.” We don’t know what’s worse, the fact that she’s openly admitting to feeling and wishing the worst upon people, or that hatred for her doesn’t seem to be that extreme of a thing? Nwo Report

Notice how it is the Jewish that are really having a go at Trump like Jason Alexander, Silverman, Schumer, Brooks, Streisand, Maher and others.  What is it they have against Trump or is it just an opening they are jumping on to use against him as all else has failed?  They must be so jealous of his success in Israel and his praise from Netanyahu. Trump is symbolically the “first Jewish president” just as Bill Clinton was the “first Black president.”  Trump has done more for Israel than all past presidents yet the left hates his son-in-law Kushner just because he’s Jewish.  After all, if Trump has any Jewish ties, the left can’t call him a bigot or antisemitic which they do anyway for their dumb followers.

Notice how bummed Cuomo looks that his hospitalizations are leveling off rather than spiking up?  You’d think he’d smile or be ecstatic, but he looks morose.  It was his chance to take on Trump with spiking of numbers and diminishing supplies, but they are flattening out.

One NY doctor claims it is not a pneumonia virus but rather a lack of oxygen like high altitude sickness and that ventilators are actually harming the lungs.  Wow!  Hope we didn’t actually kill thousands with the ventilators that the hospitals were crying for.  How is it doctors wouldn’t know this sooner?  Not the first time ER doctors have misdiagnosed before.  I’ve had my share of misdiagnoses. I’ve also had altitude sickness after a hike and it’s clearly lack of oxygen to the brain whereby you get dizzy, shortness of breath, nauseated, and disoriented.  Someone needs to check into this claim.

“When we treat people with ARDS, we typically use ventilators to treat respiratory failure. But these patients’ muscles work fine. I fear that if we are using a false paradigm to treat a new disease, then the method that we program [into] the ventilator, one based on respiratory failure as opposed to oxygen failure, that this method being widely adopted … aims to increase pressure on the lungs in order to open them up, is actually doing more harm than good, and that the pressure we are providing to lungs, we may be providing to lungs that cannot take it. And that the ARDS that we are seeing, may be nothing more than lung injury caused by the ventilator.” Nwo Report

Read more here: https://nworeport.me/2020/04/07/bombshell-plea-from-nyc-icu-doctor-covid-19-a-condition-of-oxygen-deprivation-not-pneumonia/

I’m sure Trump will be blamed for this snafu once it gets out too.  I can hear Morning Joe now, “He should have known better. He’s the president after all!”


Practicality Must Prevail.

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We are getting to a point in this epidemic where we’re not being practical about it. In life there are risks at everything we do.  When we get on the freeway, we are taking a risk.  When we get our hair colored or permed, we are taking a risk. When we go skiing, we are taking a risk. When we go on an airplane, we are taking a risk.  When we have an elective surgery, we are taking a risk. And so on.

Life has risks.  After 9-11 we didn’t shut down our country for fear of another attack sending everyone home from work and schools.  During the threat of bombs in the 50s, we didn’t shut down our country.  During the AIDs epidemic, we didn’t close restaurants, schools, and businesses.  We were taught to be vigilant after 9-11, practiced air raid drills during the 50’s, and encouraged safe sex after AIDs.

At this point in the shutdown, we are bordering on overkill. Trump is giving his scientists a lot of leeway on advice but some advice has been over the top excessive.  Schools should reopen.  There haven’t been many cases of school age children getting it. There is a higher risk of children getting measles from unvaccinated illegals in school. Non essential businesses and corporations should be allowed to reopen and their employees return that aren’t sick. Put their desks farther apart.  Maybe the older ones stay home a little longer.  Restaurants should reopen with revised seating inside and bar seating temporarily closed or seated six feet apart.  Theatres can reopen with strangers sitting four seats apart on every other row. Common sense solutions. People and companies need to thrive by taking their own precautions not government-ordered.

Restaurants can require masks for their cooks and servers for a while longer. Churches can reopen with required six feet apart seating.  We are not a stupid country but are starting to look stupid.  The longer this goes on the more we are open to attack from an enemy.  Our guard is down now with the military and government focusing 24/7 on the virus.   Let’s be practical about this virus and get our country back to work.  Everyone be responsible for themselves to wash hands and wear a scarf or mask in public.

I notice everyone that dies from pneumonia, heart attack, diabetes, or some other underlying condition is categorized as a covid death without any tests done.  It is the “go to” cause of death that some are using.  One man said his wife died from it, but she had been suffering from an immune deficiency for months prior to covid. He lied about her death. How many hospitals are doing the same?  We don’t know.

I, for one, am tired of being stuck in the house.  I’m doing my own shopping next week with a scarf and plastic gloves and keeping distance from others.  I’ve been home for a month and ain’t taking it much longer.  We have low number of cases in my county, and I will assess my own risk. The one thing good coming out of this crisis is that California can’t make you pay for shopping bags any longer as the cloth bags are unsanitary. No more being bag-shamed by the clerks when they ask, “Do you need a bag?”

Please, no more stimulus packages right now.  Ignore Pelosi.  Let’s spend what we already got.  It’s just another ploy to get the Green New Deal packed into it.

Trump, open up our country!  We’re counting on you!  We can’t live like this much longer. We can’t find toilet paper anywhere!  You’ll take heat from the left, but they’re always wrong anyway.  Notice how Gov. Cuomo let covid patients slip onto the non-covid Red Cross ship?  One slip up would be a mistake but not six.  What are they up to in New York?  I don’t trust them.

The cure can’t be worse than the crisis!

Has New York Mishandled the Crisis?


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New York hospitals seem to be admitting everyone that tests positive for coronavirus rather than having them stay home with homecare.  This causes overcrowding, shortage of nurses and doctors, and diminished supplies. The governor won’t approve hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combo that seems to be working on patients to even be prescribed unless you are admitted to the hospital; therefore, the hospital becomes a magnet for anyone with the symptoms. The hospitals are the belly of the beast when it comes to dying.  They have the germ.

After a recent talk with my doctor via video conference she told me there are NO patients hospitalized in my county.  They are all doing homecare.  There are six tested positive and no deaths.  With less patients entering the hospital, less healthcare workers will be exposed allowing for better service once a patient is hospitalized. This makes good sense.

Governor Cuomo has been acting irresponsible from the onset of the virus and his state is now paying the price.  It’s almost too late for his state. Everything he has done or approved has been politically motivated. Even though he says it’s not a red or a blue crisis, it’s a red, white, and blue crisis.  BS!  They should have heeded warnings earlier rather than pooh poohing them. Now it is his intent each day to complain and blame, who else, but Trump.

Cuomo has been predicting that his state is ground zero and the rest of us are doomed for the same.  This is fear mongering.  Cuomo is running to replace Biden as president and needs bad news to run against Trump.  What better way to have bad news than to create it?  He’s done a good job of that even having his mother visit his brother during the shelter in place orders.  He’s now claiming his brother will be the poster child for coronavirus.  I think more like poster child for arrogance to think he wouldn’t contract it or give it to others. Cuomo held a birthday party for a family member!  Really?  While we are all avoiding our family?  Who does he think they are?  Special? Hypocrite.

The Democrats have embraced this governor as the voice of reason.  I guess if you’re desperate to find someone other than bumbling Biden to represent you. I guess if you need to be talked down to everyday like a third grader.  I guess if you didn’t know what a facemask or a gown looks like. I guess if you want someone who wasn’t prepared for the next 9-11. I guess if you want someone who ignores the shelter in place orders.

So before the Dems puts all their chips on a do nothing, wasteful spending governor, you better examine the guy a little better.  And why wouldn’t he allow the latest medicine to be prescribed to patients with the symptoms other than wanting more patients to be hospitalized to receive it?   This runs the numbers up on his lame graph.  His graph went way down today and he had the gall to downplay it calling it a blip in the graph.  What a pessimist. This proves he’s looking for bad news each day.  He is doom and gloom.  I wonder if his brother is allowed to receive the forbidden hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combo? Most likely. I don’t trust the guy.

With Dr. Fauci warning that there could be 100,000 to 200,000 U.S. deaths and that we can’t cancel the shelter in place until there are NO new cases our economy will never come back.  Trump has to take the bull by the horns and dismiss this doctor’s and Cuomo’s dire warnings despite what the press and Dems will cry.  The sooner the better.  Trump needs to use his good intuition at this point. The cure is now becoming worse than the virus.

The left are doomsayers and have an ulterior motive to ruin America as we know it by, once again, trying to steal the presidency from Trump.  Can you imagine if Trump caught this virus and then Pence?  Pelosi would be biting at the bit to slip right in. Ugh!  Worst nightmare ever.  We now hear that Biden approves of the travel ban with China.  A little late for that revelation, Biden.  Cuomo is overly thanking and praising Oregon’s Democrat governor for sending him ventilators.  Did he ever thank Trump?  Not so much.

This is all politics from this point on.  The Dems are circling the wagons around their new leader of their party, Cuomo.  It’s too obvious and almost nauseating. Nothing new here. The parties are not working together and the Dems are already trying to re-impeach Trump again.  Same ol’ same ol’.

Stay tuned.


Hollywood Celebs: What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

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When we have to see celebrities in their homes without hair and makeup pleading for us to “stay home” it makes me want to throw up.  Who do they think they are to make a public service announcement on television?  Who is their target audience? And why haven’t they learned to do their own makeup yet? Do they think so little of us that we need them to tell us how to behave?  I guess so.  Do they think they’re on a level above the rest of us and we can’t do anything until a celebrity tells us what to do?  I guess so.  It is very reminiscent of when they used to tell us to vote “I’m With Her.”  Look how that would have turned out.  They’re not a group of people we need to be taking advice from. What a bunch of poor, attention-starved actors.

Let’s face it.  Without a good story, scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, and editors actors aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.  They’re told what to do and how to look in every second of a scene throughout a movie.  What other job has such supervision and overlook?  No other job.  Sure some are better at dramatic or comedic scenes than others but half of America could probably fill in for them as a stand in without any acting classes.

These same celebrities haven’t appeared in a decent movie in twenty years and yet they have the gall to tell us we should stay home from our jobs?  They need to stay home from their jobs. Movies were so much better in the 70s, 80s, even the 90s but now they are far and few between.  Now if movies don’t have some social justice message in them, they don’t get made. They either have to have a Black, a gay, a transgender, a Hispanic, an anti-cop, anti-bullying, anti-drug, anti-war, women empowerment message or heavy sex just to get approval to be filmed.  Then to get any nominations, they should have all of the above boxes checked. This is the new Hollywood.  No more Play Misty for Me, Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Splendor in the Grass, Marty, Tootsie, The Graduate, Broadcast News, Rainman, Vertigo, or The Birds.  Now we get crap from them. It’s like the award shows of the Best of the Crap. I can’t even think of a movie in the last ten years anyone has raved about.

So, celebrities, stay in your home and watch your old reruns on DVR.  We’ll use our OWN judgement on whether to stay home or not.  We don’t need advice from you. Most of you celebrities have never even attended any college unless it was an acting class.  You know who you are. You’re not one to be giving us practical advice or political advice either.  And don’t waste your money on anymore public announcements, please.  They’re annoying.  We aren’t missing you.

We’re missing our favorite store, restaurant, nursery, and our families and friends, not you. Save your advice for your twitter account or facebook where they belong. When you enter my living room uninvited that’s when I object.  I guess they feel they’re adored by America and that we have to see them in our living rooms.  Not so.

Stay Out of My Living Room, Hollywood.

Journalists Are Next. What Are They Good For? 


This is NOT the “New Normal” Like the Democrats Want Us to Believe!

The Benefits of a Great Sales Playbook - Sales Coach

They have tried this tactic before.  Obama used that phrase over and over when his economy basically sucked.  “This is the new normal. We can’t bring jobs back with a magic wand.”  So now Cuomo and his band of doomsayers are using the same old page from Obama’s Playbook when he tried to sell us his failing economy. They use it to scare voters. Only last time it was to scare voters into voting Democrat by accepting what can’t be changed.  This time they are using it to scare voters into accepting that our country has changed permanently because Trump dropped the football on the coronavirus and, therefore, we have to vote Democrat as a punishment.  Before “the new normal” was used for acceptance, now it is being used for a punishment.  It didn’t work for Obama, and it won’t work this time, Cuomo.

We know better and hope the rest of America does too.  They see through this.  They’re not stupid.  Cuomo and his ilk are slowly but surely trying to bring us to a socialist footing and figure what better way than using the “shelter in place” with no vehicles, overcrowded hospitals, food rationing, isolation, closed gun shops, reduction in law enforcement, prisoners released, no one working, closed churches, and living off government checks to effect their final goal: Socialism.  Total chaos right?  This is what they wanted. Remember Cuomo recently said before this outbreak that “America was never great.”  It was an attack on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. So Cuomo has a personal agenda and using it. Boy, oh boy, is he ever.

Some of what we are experiencing is how they live in socialist countries even to the point of a shortage of toilet paper.  We are getting a taste of it right now and it tastes bad.  Living this way is NOT the new normal because we are a country of freedoms and we will continue to want those freedoms. We won’t stand for it.

I think they are also saying this to prolong the shelter in place to tank the economy even more.  Some restaurants won’t be able to survive this shut down and may have to file bankruptcy when this is all over.  They have a high overhead and even with a government loan may not be able to survive an extended period. This is the left’s goal.

Notice how the Democrats are coming out in lockstep saying Trump waited too long to react to the virus? This is another one of their ploys to get the voters to vote him out.  Remember Schiff and Pelosi lied through their teeth during the impeachment trial.  This is what they do. Trump and the Republicans were sounding the coronavirus alarms while the Democrats were encouraging folks to continue on with their normal activities. “Go to Chinatown,” Pelosi cried.   I heard the alarms March 1st and stopped public settings from that day on.  Others not so much.  Some of us were late to the party and hopefully did not pick up the germ to spread it to others. But now that we are all in the same boat, so to speak, we want to get out.  It is NOT the new normal.

America needs to get back to work and keep their distance from others at work. Older folks maybe should stay home for a while longer but the younger folks need to go back.  We have some effective medicines to fight the disease which should help younger folks if they get it.  Some say these meds are a Game Changer.  This is positive news that the left is ignoring. Staying home in isolation has a negative effect on our mental health which should not be ignored.  Mental health could lead to alcoholism, domestic flare ups, drugs, and even divorces.  None of which we want.

So while Trump and Pence are trying to give America hope, the Democrats are spreading doom and gloom, especially Cuomo.  And if anyone thinks Cuomo is not running for president, get your eyes and ears checked.  He’s running.  He is playing the blame game everyday for his failed handling of the virus.  He was the one that allowed his citizens to ignore the early warnings, not Trump.  He is the one stockpiling ventilators then complaining he has none. He is the one spreading the “this is the new normal” bullsh-t so he can tank Trump’s popularity all the while trying to win with us being miserable. He is the one saying that private hospitals are a problem. He is the one who practices “do as I say, not as I do” daily.

We need to ignore these liberal politicians from now on.  They’re lying to us. They may have been honest at the final realization of this outbreak but not now. It has become politicized.  Big time.  Now they are leading the pack to change America as we know it.  Even the adored Dr. Fauci has been playing fast and loose with the facts in order to scare us–predicting 100,000 deaths! He is using worst case Democrat-run studies and models to scare us–much like climate change models. But the Democrats put him on a pedestal.  Why is that?  Maybe because he’s helping to tank the economy and behaving much like a Democrat does going on liberal talk shows.  He also once said that the government “failed” with testing.  That hurt Trump, and he knows it. Not to be trusted in my eyes.  Take him with large portions of seasalt. Warning: Beware of anyone the Democrats put on a pedestal like they did Avenati and Dr. Christine Ford.  Learned from the past.  They love the title of “Doctor.”

Remember we are in the middle of a perfect storm: an election year and a deadly virus combined with the remnants of Obamacare which was failing from the onset.  (Thanks McCain.) When CEO’s of a hospital are facebooking to refuse ventilators to Trump supporters and telling them to pack the churches and wait it out, it has shades of Strzok and Page texting you can smell the Republicans in Walmart.  Politics is alive and well even at the hospitals.  Don’t wear your Trump hat or Republican pin when entering a hospital, you may be refused service but they’ll take in illegals.  Maybe this is why one newsperson said recently, more Republicans will die from coronavirus.  Maybe this is another conspiracy much like in the movie Hollywood produced about hunting down Republicans as sport. Life imitating art?  Or wishful thinking.

We’re not out of the woods yet on this outbreak and Trump has his work cut out for him with cruise ships begging for help and navy ships too. When it rains, it pours. But don’t believe what you hear from the left especially Biden and Cuomo as they are both running for president.  They have an agenda and it’s loud and clear: THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL is their mantra.  Don’t believe it or allow it to happen.  If you vote Democrat, it WILL become our normal.


VOTE TRUMP/PENCE TO BRING US BACK TO NORMAL: Strongest Economy and America First!