Biden, the Human Wrecking Ball.

The Rise and Fall of the Wrecking Ball | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

All Biden has to do is sit at his desk and sign executive orders written by others rescinding all of Trump’s good work. He is literally wrecking America with the stroke of his hand which is probably the only part of his body left functioning aside from his nose.

But seriously now, what’s with the urgency of reversing all of Trump’s accomplishments without taking a good look at them? He is a hasty president which is not a good quality for someone holding the nuclear codes. Who’s really behind all these reversals of fortune? I smell Obama’s hand in this. He wants Solyndra 2.0. Why put thousands of hardworking Americans out of work at the Keystone Pipeline and at our border wall? They changed their lives to move there and take those jobs. It is cruel and unusual punishment. But this is the Punishment Party.

I notice the media hasn’t mentioned that the DOW has gone south since Biden took office. Wouldn’t that be breaking news if Trump had been inaugurated? Certainly would. But you see, the media is covering for Biden as usual. Any negative stories will be buried. Reversal of fortune right before our eyes. Watch our retirement plans slowly dwindle like they did under the Obama Administration.

Yesterday they asked the National Guard to sleep in a cold parking garage rather than hang around the Capitol Building. It was punitive probably because they were angered that they had their backgrounds checked after reporting for duty. Let’s get something clear. There is nothing wrong with supporting President Trump before or after this last sham of an election. If they think they can punish everybody for doing so retroactively, then they are more crazy than we thought. But this is the Punishment Party.

All this talk about where we can wear a mask or not is silly. I can’t believe the media got sucked into the conversation. There is no proven science that the masks stop one from getting or spreading this virus. It is a guess at the best. People will do, what people do. We have common sense and will wear a mask when needed without federal mandates. No mandate is going to change our behavior. Stores and small businesses will enact rules and that’s fine.

They will probably still try to impeach Trump in the senate after he is long gone. Clearly unconstitutional and vindictive. They are obsessed with Trump. Almost glad Trump doesn’t have twitter to voice his daily complaints on what punitive measures the Biden Administration is taking. There would be too many tweets. Trump should remain silent for several months while Biden systematically wrecks the country with the stroke of his hand. Let We the People do the complaining. Even some Democrats, after all, they got the president they deserved.

If someone can tell me one good reason for the reversal of just one of Trump’s executive orders, please tell me what it is. I’d like to know. While Trump was a human snowplow, plowing away all the attacks on him from the media, the FBI, and the Dems; Biden is a human wrecking ball destroying all the good work Trump did.

AG Garland Caves to Black Lives Matter.

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Pexels.com

Now I’ve seen everything. They’ll never be happy. The left got the verdict yesterday that they demanded through intimidation of the jury, but they still aren’t happy. They had to go to the president’s AG to get him to come to the mic. Now the Minneapolis PD is going to be investigated for unfair racist practices and procedures. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars! When will this nightmare end? And why isn’t the Black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt being investigated? Where is he hiding? We are experiencing unequal enforcement of the law.

Ashli Babbitt was a white, unarmed woman, no less, and murdered by a Black cop hiding behind a wall. There was no resisting arrest involved. He stuck his gun out through a window and shot her in the neck. No one has called for his indictment. If we are going to start indicting cops and investigating police departments, then at least be consistent about it. Ashli was a trespasser along with many others, not a counterfeiter, drug user, dealer, nor lifetime criminal. This cop needs to be exposed and indicted. If anyone is racist, he is. He hated all the White cops he worked with that supported Trump. That’s reverse racism.

The riots and looting will continue because the police are being told to stand down. These anarchists will not be happy until they change America from the inside out. They hate capitalism, success, law enforcement, and the constitution. One black in the Mini Apple said it may come to just shooting all the whites. This is how they think? They’re trying to eliminate all of us. They’ve been raised and brainwashed into thinking there is widespread racism when there is clearly not. We have Black governors, mayors, police chiefs, judges, supreme court justices, senators, congressmen, and once a president, and now a VP (albeit they stole the election.) When will they be happy? Never.

We gave Blacks an inch, and they’re taking a mile and unappreciative to boot. Mini Apple gave the Floyd family 24 million which set the stage for a “guilty” verdict. Now they have our Attorney General going to bat for them. We are getting into scary territory when the POTUS and AG are coming for the police departments across America. Officer Chauvin got an unfair trial regardless of the verdict. The Defense should have asked for a change of venue, sequestered jury, and a gag order put on elected officials during deliberation. I thought it would have been a hung jury. Amazing they got 12 jurists to fall lockstep into the same verdict. Someone got to them.

AG Garland is a disgrace to the position. He should never have been put through by congress. He is nothing more than another puppet, like Biden, for the likes of BLM and AOC. We are all doomed. The left has turned George Floyd into a martyr and saint which he clearly isn’t. He’s no Martin Luther King. It was just a routine resisted arrest that turned bad like many others over the years in many different cities from San Francisco to New York. Nothing remarkable about it. The difference was that he was Black and the left needed something to make hay about since Trump’s presidency was so successful. Period.

Is It a Crisis or Are They Playing a Game of Words?

Number of unaccompanied migrant children in Customs and Border Protection  custody drops 45% - CNNPolitics
A picture’s worth a thousand words.

This administration seems to be running the country by political correctness gone wild. Everything to them is a game of words or semantics. Crisis is just a challenge; illegal aliens are undocumented migrants; rioters are peaceful protesters; arson is demonstrating one’s expression of frustration; shoplifting and theft is needing bread to live; losing your job is a chance to better yourself in a new career; infrastructure is handing out needles and teddy bears to the homeless, i.e. the left is downplaying every crime or failed policy with their choice of words.

Conversely, when an unarmed Trump supporter trespasses it is called an insurrection. They exaggerate rather than downplay when conservatives are involved. When Trump asked his supporters to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol it was called inciting violence. When Maxine Waters tells protesters to keep getting confrontational to get the “guilty guilty guilty” verdict, it’s called freedom of speech or right to an opinion. When Biden threatened Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his son, it was called helping Ukraine rid themselves of a corrupt prosecutor. When Trump made an innocent phone call with Ukraine’s new president, they called it quid pro quo. It’s all in the choice of words for them.

This administration claims illegals were treated inhumanely by the Trump Administration. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Anyone that believes this has been living under a rock for four years. Trump had the border problem completely solved while he was in office. To quote Trump, “All Biden had to do was nothing. It was working.” But Biden, being the spiteful character that he is, reversed all of Trump’s policies including the building of the wall and “stay in Mexico.” Now we are experiencing the worse crisis at the border in history, but they won’t admit it. Instead they are using PC language to downplay their failures.

I think the jig is about up. Once these migrant children start falling ill from their crowded, unsanitary quarters, the truth of the situation will be exposed. This administration won’t be able to PC themselves out of the words “hospitalized” or “sick”. There’s no euphemism. Unless they call it “temporarily indisposed due to fatigue of making the heroic trip across two countries to seek a better life.” These children are in imminent danger thanks to Biden inviting them to come then piling them into small quarters. Watch them try to hide the bodies on stretchers from the press.

Pippi Longstocking, the press secretary, will be doing a lot of circling back to us once that story breaks. She is this administration’s well-paid liar. “The crisis isn’t here, it’s in South America. The children are seeking refuge from violence, economic hardship, and other dire circumstances.” Lies, lies, and more lies.

City of Santa Rosa Caves to Mob Rule.

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As a former resident of Santa Rosa, before the hills of the city burned to the ground, I’m ashamed to say that they have wimped out. Apparently a former cop witness for the defense of Officer Chauvin (who’s on trial in Minnesota) got his former residence vandalized with red paint, severed animal head, and graffiti. The mob is not only destructive but stupid. Instead of supporting the homeowner and condemning the actions of these reprehensible suspects, the city made a statement that they do not support the opinions of their former officer. That’s reprehensible.

Santa Rosa was Alfred Hitchcock’s old stomping grounds and the location for many of his movies like The Birds and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. He must be spinning in his grave. How embarrassing to cave to a bunch of thugs and throw a former police officer to the wolves. Shame on Santa Rosa. And where’s Peta when we need them? Silent as usual as they’re a leftist organization.

If we keep caving to the mob out of fear like the Supreme Court has done, we will no longer be a democracy that follows the rule of law–just vigilante law. They are intimidating all of us in anticipation of the verdict of Officer Chauvin. The death of George Floyd has taken on a life of its own. It’s not even about what really happened or how he died. It’s all about punishing America for racism of the past. It’s Rodney King, Michael Jackson, and O.J.’s trial all rolled into one. Way to unite the country, Biden.

It’s hard to believe that the protesters awaiting this verdict are really upset about police brutality. Blacks are getting killed at the hands of gangs in Chicago every night and no one cares about those victims as they barely get reported. Additionally, officers are getting ambushed by Blacks and no one cares or receives a high profile trial afterwards. So why is it the death of a lifetime criminal and drug abuser is so much more valued? Only because it was at the hands of the police, allegedly. Period. I’m over it. The rate at which Black suspects are given the benefit of the doubt over police officers now is becoming alarming.

I expect the town to be burned to the ground regardless of the verdict. These anarchists just look for a reason for destruction. They’re embarrassed by their president that stole the election and are putting out a distraction to take the news off of him. It’s why Kammie said the rioting will not stop nor should it stop. That’s why Maxine Waters has asked we become more confrontational if they don’t get the verdict they want. All part of their plan to distract from Biden’s embarrassing failures in such a short time in office.

Simple Answer to a Simple Question…

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

that no one wants to address: “Why is it that more people of color fall victim to police brutality or death?”

Is it due to people of color being singled out or targeted by the police like the media contends? Or is it the logical conclusion that people of color do not respect the police and, therefore, do not obey them when pulled over or asked to stop?

I think it’s the latter. Most children were raised to show respect for the policeman. We learned this in our homes and in kindergarten from our teachers. We even had a policeman give a speech in our classroom on career day. There was never any talk of the need to be fearful of the police like Mayor De Blasio has taught his children. Never. If there was, I wouldn’t have taken a ride with a policeman after my first day of kindergarten when he asked me to get into his vehicle. I was lost (or at least he thought so) and gave me a ride home much to my mother’s chagrin.

The simple resolve to this problem is to teach your children respect for the policeman at a young age. Simple as that. Then if they get into a little trouble as a teenager like one of my sons did with his friends, he or she will not run from the police but will stop when they ask you to.

My youngest son was with friends in a hot tub in a yard where the owners were out of town. Not cool. But when the police arrived the kids all scrammed and my son stayed back and the policewoman caught him. They called me and I came down to pick him up. They said he was a “stand up guy” for not running. Turned out the teenage house sitter from across the street invited her friends over for a little fun. No harm no foul, so they let him go.

The point of this story is that it could have been worse if he had scuffled with the police or had shown disrespect for them. But he was submissive and respectful and the police were in kind. He ended up majoring in Criminal Justice in college and became a lawyer.

The moral of this story is the need to “teach your children well” like the old song says. Teach them respect for the police at a young age. Do not teach them to be fearful of them, if so, they end up being defiant and mistrustful and that never turns out well, regardless of your color. White kids who are raised in the same environment of hating the police, like Antifa and BLM, will get hurt too. It’s not about one’s color, it’s about showing respect for the law which they clearly do not have. Without law and order our country will become a third world country or the Old Wild West. And no one wants that, but it appears we are heading in that direction.

The thirteen year old child garnishing a gun in Chicago is a problem in itself. Children should not be in possession of a gun. Period! This is a parent problem, not a child problem, nor a police problem. When we get to the root of this problem, it will be solved. Until then, expect more policemen to get indicted for shooting a perp that resists arrest. Keep in mind, the left has a movement entitled RESIST and the media and president are showing disrespect for the police daily so this is a difficult trend to reverse once it has started.

Even Michelle Obama once said, “This is the first time in my life I have been proud of my country.” That set the table for where we are at today. Then Obama put the icing on the cake with, “The police acted stupidly.” Now we are talking about defunding the police across the nation which Biden has condoned. Remember during the presidential debates when Trump asked Biden if he supported law enforcement? He would not answer because he feared losing the Black vote. Now look where we’re at.

The media is at war with the police and it needs to stop! A police officer is a much more respected career choice than the journalists of today. Show them the respect they deserve. They risk their lives everyday when they leave their homes. They’re getting ambushed and shot at random by citizens or illegals. We need to respect them for what they do and not keep putting them on trial. Accidents will occur occasionally in the heat of an arrest; but if not for the scuffle or resist, there’d be no accident. Period. The way the media is reporting these deaths, you’d think police are just driving around and taking out people of color for sport. They are not! They are doing their best to keep the peace.

Report the facts. Stop vilifying the police. Teach your children respect for police. And keep guns away from your children, and we’ll all be better off in the future. But from where we are right now, it looks like we’re heading in a precarious direction from the top on down.

We Were Warned What Biden Might Do…

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 25: U.S. President Joe Biden answers questions during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. On the 64th day of his administration, Biden, 78, faced questions about the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, …

and now we are living in it. He didn’t hide the fact that he’d be the most progressive president in history, he bragged about it. We can’t be surprised. He didn’t hide the fact that he’d promote Flipflop Fauci to a high position, endangering all our lives. We can’t be surprised. He didn’t hide the fact that he’d open up the borders to 2 million more migrants, ending the building of the wall. We can’t be surprised. He didn’t hide the fact that he’d divide our country with racial tension, he said in his inaugural speech there is systemic racism in our country. We can’t be surprised. He also didn’t hide the fact that he wants our country wearing nonsensical masks indefinitely, he mandates a national mask wearing.

Biden wears a mask while alone in a cemetery of corpses. I guess corpses can spread covid from their coffin up through the soil and one can catch it even if they are vaccinated! That’s surprising. It’s plain to see that Biden is trying to send us a silent message that the vaccine is not effective. Biden did hide the fact that there is a threat from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two Marxist groups that are raking in millions, buying mansions, and destroying our cities nightly. But we knew better. He did hide that fact that he doesn’t respect the police and supports defunding them across America. But we knew better. He also hid the fact that his son Hunter was involved in some shady dealings with Ukraine and China. He claimed the illicit photos and incriminating emails on Hunter’s laptop were Russian disinformation. But we knew better.

Biden didn’t hide the fact that he’d be soft on China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, because he was during the Obama Administration. We can’t be surprised. Now we are at threat of a nuclear war with Iran who is getting close to completion of a nuclear bomb. Which would be World War III. We are also close to China not only owning our lunch but eating it too. He didn’t hide the fact that he wants to take away guns from law-abiding people and leave them in the hands of criminals. We can’t be surprised. In fact, we’ve had four or five mass shootings now and/or terror attacks under his watch so even the criminals aren’t happy under President Biden. Authorities have not released any information on the identity of the FEDEX shooter which leads me to believe they have been asked to hide something. As usual. If it was committed by a white guy we’d know already.

Why aren’t the criminals happy? They got what they wanted. Prisoners being released early, little or no bail set when arrested, light on sentencing, terrorists coming over from hotbed countries, police quitting in droves, migrants including MS13 and drug cartels flooding our borders, racial tensions at a boiling point, shootings way up, rioting continuing, ambush of cops way up, and people fleeing big cities to the suburbs. It’s a criminal’s dream scenario. But they aren’t happy either.

Maybe Biden has made it too easy for them which takes away all the planning of committing crime. If you can commit a crime in plain sight, why even bother? Too easy now. Let’s face it, bank robbers are even discouraged as everyone is wearing their disguise making it too easy for them when they enter a bank. The getaway driver doesn’t even have to stress out as there are no cops to stop and ask him why he’s idling his vehicle in front of the bank. All and all, too easy now for them. Even Lar &Order Criminal Intent is grabbling with finding a

But seriously, we were all warned what Biden might do, and he’s doing it. He’s spending money that we don’t have, nor can replace, on pet projects like the GND like it’s going out of style. Whether or not he knows what he’s doing is another question altogether as we know his mind is mush. And Kammie, is the most worthless, unproductive VP in modern day history. What does she do all day? I’ve heard remodeling her homes, visiting governors that should be recalled, and yucking it up. And she thinks she can step into the president position? I…don’t…think…so.

Trump…where are you? We need you back. How are those election recounts coming? Hurry up!

The Silent War.

Photo by Mohamed Almari on Pexels.com

Whether we conservatives know it or not, we are at war within our own country. It hasn’t risen to the level of a civil war, and may never, because we are losing it without one shot being fired. It’s the calm before the storm. But we are on a bridge over waters ready to erupt. There is an enemy within. We are getting hit from all sides. It is full court press against us. From big tech to the government to the military to our education system to the media down to the level of street rioters, they are coming for us.

I hate to sound so pessimistic, but I don’t see any signs of hope out there. Republican leaders aren’t doing enough to stand up for themselves or us. Even conservative news anchors are at a loss to defend us. They get shutdown as soon as they express what is really going on. Their powers at be get to them via an earphone and tell them to tone it down. Their bosses want to appeal to more than just conservatives. But the result is conservative views being stifled and the left winning again. We are outnumbered in news stations, newspapers, social media, the courts, and congress, so no need to stifle what little voice we have left.

The left or the socialcrats or the progressives or cancel culture, whatever they call themselves these days, are slowly but surely trying to erase us from history. They remove or ban statues, school names, books, movies, and songs, in the name of racism. Why do they do that? They are trying to revise history into reflecting that conservatives were part of the KKK and slavery when it was mostly the Democrat Party. Remember it was Lincoln that freed the slaves; and he was Republican. The left figures if they are the ones banning everything they deem racist, racism will get blamed on the Republicans. Two doctors at a hospital are going to treat patients based on their race, persons of color coming first, not which patient is more in need of treatment. That is racist. Turning Blacks against Whites is their main goal which began under Obama’s watch.

Under Biden’s watch we’ve had two homegrown terror attacks, another school shooting, mass murder of a family, an ice storm that debilitated two states, riots in liberal cities, stores being burned down, cops being shot, and unhealthy crowded conditions at our borders. And we were told that if Biden won, everything would calm down and get back to normal. And this turmoil is in less than three months time! Way to go Biden.

The media is feigning surprise that Kammie hasn’t gone to the border. Why would she? They want what is going on. Let’s stop the feigned outrage. This is what Biden promised us–2 million more migrants! And he’s part way there. I keep waiting for some glimmer of light on the horizon, but so far I see a dark cloud looming. It may get worse before anything gets better. Even some of our foreign enemies are acting hostile toward us. But keep in mind, we are at war with the left as silent as it seems.

Keep up the good fight, keep complaining, keep standing up for yourself whenever possible, and by all means try to not wear the nonsensical mask. The mask is their version of the MAGA hat, so it seems. Don’t let them destroy our constitution and our rights which are getting trampled on daily. Fauci says we can’t go to a restaurant after being vaccinated. What was the point of getting vaccinated? Get it now? It’s all about control and the pursuit of unhappiness put upon us so we will become dependent on the government. This government that throws cash out like a drunken sailor to other countries but won’t solve our homeless or border problem.

Drop the Mask!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Drop the charade! We’re onto you, virtual-signaling sheep. Yesterday while visiting a popular West Marin destination for lunch, we were shocked to find that the little sleepy town had been invaded by a herd of mindless sheep wandering up and down the streets wearing huge masks. No offense to sheep. Literally not one person in this town was maskless outside. It looked like a scene from some sort of disaster movie like Outbreak.

My husband and I are fully vaccinated as well as most of the zombies walking in this town judging by their age, but common sense has left their brains and replaced by some allegiance to Biden’s national mask mandate or Newsom’s, not sure which. Either way it is offensive to me as a lover of nature and quaint towns. This town is no longer on my visitation list. The side-eye and stink-eye looks we were getting for not wearing a mask was palpable. What else was palpable was that this town was filled with 100% Democrats. Not one person in this town voted for Trump. Gives one the creeps. We felt like outcasts.

What else is off my list? Friedman’s Hardware store. There’s a lady outside who I assume has not read the news that the virus does not linger on surfaces as she is still washing down shopping carts and yelling at anyone who walks past her without a mask. She chased me into the store calling on her walkie talkie for the manager cause my mask wasn’t put on soon enough. She’s on a power trip. I will never shop there again. She’s out of her mind and fit to be tied or lassoed.

Science now says that if one is vaccinated they cannot carry the virus and spread it. Tell this to the stores. They seem to be uninformed or either just listening to dumbo Biden. Biden wants us wearing masks until the year 2024 through the next election so he can warrant mail in ballots again. It worked before, why not try it again? And these people are falling in lockstep to his demands.

But I am getting sick of the mask-wearing public. They make me nauseous. I can’t stand to look at them any longer. I want to say something but bite my tongue. The mask donning couple walking their dog; I want to ask, shouldn’t your dog be wearing a mask? But I refrain. The lone woman in a car donning mask; I want to ask, does you car have covid? But I refrain. The lone hiker in the Sierras donning a mask; I want to ask, do the deer carry covid? But I refrain. The flagman stopping cars on the road donning a mask; I want to ask, do car fumes carry covid? But I refrain. But these sheep never refrain from virtue signaling us do they?

One store manager saying wearing the mask saves lives. Gee, and wouldn’t I want to save lives? I guess not, since he caught me with the mask below my nostrils. My bad. If this isn’t a mass attempt to virtue signal every person in America, I don’t know what is. And it makes me sick. At some point I will refuse to wear the nonsensical mask and I jokingly ask my husband if he’ll bail me out if I get arrested?

To all the stores that are participating in this nonsense, be aware that you are losing customers daily. You treat them like the dirt you sell. You have no memory of the old adage “the customer is always right.” There’s no loyalty to a frequent customer any longer, just rules and restrictions. You’re on some sort of power trip and need to get off your high horse, because when covid is completely eradicated you’ll return to nothing more than a clerk in a store asking paper or plastic. And I can’t wait for that day because of the way you’ve treated the consumer for over a year now.

It’s Biden’s Way or the Highway.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

He’s leading like a dictator in case anyone hasn’t noticed. He’s been this way since January 20th and it’s getting worse. Is it his dementia or is he trying to make this country “one party rule” before he dies? What a legacy he would leave. First, leaving behind a corrupt, drug addicted, lying son but that isn’t enough. He also wants the socialcrats to rule the country and take away all of our checks and balances. He basically wants Republicans to exist no longer. And he wants the memory of Trump to be wiped from our brains. If he could do that via some sort of national science experiment, he’d do it.

Sure, he’s got the likes of AOC and Pelosi in his head but that can’t be all. He wants to change America as we know it today. He wants people talking about it for years after he is long gone. “Remember that old coot who stole the presidency then ran our country into the ground? How did we let it happen?” I can hear this being said years from now by our decedents who may or may have not voted for the old codger.

He is purposely ignoring the overpopulated surge at our border by foreign children because he likes it. Why change something you asked for and got? You wouldn’t. These are future voters to the socialcrat party. So what if some of them die from covid or starvation, we’ve got plenty more coming in. They are dispensable in his eyes as there are many more coming to replace them. Every child for himself. The more the merrier to make us a diversified, global population, i.e. the United States of Migrants. And blame Trump for the surge that he inherited. Classic.

I thought Obama was bad when he was president but he had that pesky “person of color” hanging over him so that kept him in check. He couldn’t be too radical or they’d say he was part of the Black Panther Party, now known as BLM. Biden is as white as a cloud and thinks he can get away with being as radical as he wants because they think he’s a moderate and wouldn’t do anything crazy. But he’s fooling everyone.

He wants to take control over the conservative Supreme Court by any means possible. Watch out. Every conservative member on that court needs to watch their back. He wants turmoil across the globe with countries fighting like Iran, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, North Korea, and Israel. Why? Because he wants the peace that Trump put in place to be dissolved. Then he will blame the turmoil on Trump saying he left us with a mess around the world. This guy is vindictive.

He’ll try to put an end to FOX News and Newsmax since they are exposing him and Kammie for who they are. He’s already silenced conservatives on social media. We are living in communist America. He wants Americans to wear masks indefinitely despite the national vaccine program. It was never about getting vaccinated to be safe, just having control over the weak. This may sound like I’m exaggerating but we are seeing proof with our own eyes. From a successful tax rate being jacked up to stimulus bills up the ying-yang to dolling out large checks to illegals; it is happening, and we are powerless to stop it.

Every time I turn on the news I see more and more things he is doing, some that were to be expected but others not, that are blaringly bold and outrageous like forcing the Allstar game out of Georgia as a punishment. The main stream doesn’t give a hoot about what is going on. They are in on it. Hollywood isn’t even making fun of Biden which also shows their ignorance and allegiance to a dictator. He may as well be Hitler because half of America is kowtowing to his demands. It is unseemly, if not scary, what is going on right before our eyes.

Make it stop! When will karma kick in? It has to soon or our country will be doomed for decades. Some of the laws he is enacting with the help of the suck-up House and Senate will affect us for decades, if not forever. Remember, if he is capable of stealing an election, everything else is child’s play to him. He feels power and is using it like villain Lex Luther from Superman.

Why is the Noah Green Attack Suddenly Dropped by the Media?

We know why. Because he is a Black guy with a history of hate against Whites and a follower of Nation of Islam and this does not fit this administration’s current narrative of “who is a threat to America.” Plus he didn’t use that pesky gun which is what this administration is all about–gun control. But remarkedly if this murder had been committed by a White guy with a gun, it would still be dissected daily in the news. The double standard of the way these kind of stories get treated is despicable, i.e White guys bad; Black guys good.

Another story barely covered by the media was: “Five people are dead, including a doctor and two of his grandchildren, following a shooting at a home in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Wednesday afternoon, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect, 32-year-old Phillip Adams, was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at a nearby home, the York County Sheriff’s Office said.”

I had to google this story to read about it. A white family was shot dead by a Black guy, and we barely hear diddly in the news. And the usual “no known motive” was mentioned. The government and media are covering up this story too. Again, if this mass murder was committed by a White guy, Biden would have mentioned it in yesterday’s speech. Nary a word about the gun used or where he purchased it. Doesn’t matter when committed by a Black guy, the protected race.

Noah Green will get swept under the carpet just like Seth Rich’s murder, Officer Sicknick’s death, Ashli Babbitt’s murder, Hunter’s laptop, and his lying on a gun background check form. Why? Because these stories don’t fit the narrative of the socialcrats. The media is complicit with these cover ups by the government. We are living in a fantasy world where nothing we are told is the truth any longer.

Biden came to the mic yesterday and told so many blatant lies about our gun laws, it was hard to listen to. He thinks the public is so uninformed they will believe anything he says. Maybe some are, especially the ones who voted for him, but many aren’t and don’t deserve to be lied to. Yesterday’s lies were too many to list but the one that bothered me was gun show purchases need to have a background check. This is already being done, yet the media clapped like it was something new he was going to be implementing.

To date, no gun purchased at a gun show has been used in a crime. In fact, most guns used in recent mass shootings have been purchased legally and the buyer passed the background check or the FBI dropped the ball which means the background checks are worthless. The mother of an autistic child bought him a gun, and he shot up the school she worked at. That’s on the mother, not on a gun shop, not on a gun law, not even on the child. Just the mother, yet Biden brought it up yesterday like it was relevant. He should have mentioned the Parkland shooter who was allowed in school because of Obama’s Promise Program.

Also Gabby Gifford was shot by an obsessed young Democrat fan of hers that wasn’t getting noticed by her. Never a mention of that fact. No gun law or gun shop could have changed the outcome. He was mentally ill and probably got the gun from his Democrat parents. Also, no “ghost guns” purchased in pieces have been used in any murders either. Biden must have recently watched the movie In the Line of Fire and thought it was real. So Biden is chasing ghosts in the gun laws that aren’t there. He wants to make hay out of nothing.

Biden also brought up the Pulse Nightclub shooting like it was a gay hate crime. It was not. It was done by a recruited ISIS terrorist. They shoot anyone regardless of sexual preference. It was more a place of opportunity that had little security. Gun laws won’t stop a terror attack.

Hunter Biden, the new darling of the left, is boldly going on late night comedy shows making light of his laptop and the sycophant hosts lap it all up. Again the media is siding with a phony, lawless, loser; putting him on a pedestal. If he is convicted of something, anything, they will drop him like a hot potato. But I won’t hold my breath. Conversely, they make fun of Trump’s sons mocking the fact that they have the nerve to question Hunter using his father’s name to get ahead. No comparison as Trump’s sons are not derelicts like Hunter. Haven’t lost all their teeth to meth, shot porn with underage sex actors, nor snorted parmesan cheese out of a shag carpet. Never have been in any trouble and work hard for a living.

You can judge a man’s character by the children he raises. And Biden’s son, Hunter, is an example of Joe’s legacy. That apple fell straight down below the tree. Two peas in a pod; thicker than thieves; like father, like son, etc. etc.

So if you are wondering what happened to the Noah Green story, don’t bother. It has been buried and replaced by heart-wrenching stories of Hunter’s struggle with drug addiction. Amazing. Just imagine, if Hunter was Eric Trump how the media would cover this same story. Get it now?

Has anyone noticed that most mass murderers turn out to be liberals including the Las Vegas shooter who we hear nothing about any longer? Never found a motive. Really? They found a motive but do not choose to tell us. It doesn’t fit their narrative. And why did they let his girlfriend go free when she assisted him prior to leaving the country? Guns aren’t the problem, crazy people are.

Biden Incited Racial Division at 1st Press Conference.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 25: U.S. President Joe Biden answers questions during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. On the 64th day of his administration, Biden, 78, faced questions about the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, …

And now look where we are. We all remember when he called Georgia’s new election integrity law “worse than Jim Crow laws and sick, sick, sick.” Total bald face lie. Even coming from a mentally challenged leader, this was over the top. I believe he sent a dog whistle to corporations to either pull out of Georgia, or else you’ll be punished.

Let’s get one thing clear: This administration is all about punishing certain people (mainly Trump supporters), some companies, some wealth, and some states. The FBI has arrested 400 peaceful attendees of the January 6th assembly for just “being there”. Their first state target seems to be Georgia.

Notice they never target the very rich social media CEO’s or any Blue States. They bring Big Tech into congress for a public dressing down, then let them go unscathed as they are big donors to the Socialcrats. Notice they have done nothing yet to punish Governor Cuomo of New York who profited off some lame book he wrote about his “leadership”. Notice his son, Hunter, who is now boldly profiting off of some sympathy-seeking book about himself, is going to get all charges dropped by the IRS for tax evasion due to his last name. No mention of a pay-for-play with China or Ukraine. If this was a Trump son, he’d be behind bars for twenty five years, already serving time. But I digress.

Biden ran on unity and solving the covid crisis. So far he gets an “F’ in unity and a “D” in ending the covid crisis. He should have never put “flipflop” Fauci in a high position regarding covid. He has schools still shutdown and a national mask mandate, which no one is obeying. The guy has been misleading America from the get go. And unity is the opposite of what Biden has accomplished so far. He has schools teaching white privilege and racial awareness at young ages. This will only conjure up years of hate from the Blacks which was long gone. He has women turning against transgenders that are now allowed to play in their sports. He has conservatives against the socialcrats. He has mask wearers virtual signaling non-mask folks. No unity, just chaos.

We had none of this talk when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s. We had affirmative action which the Blacks seemed to appreciate. I worked with a few persons of color; and aside from the fact that they were the only ones threatening lawsuits, they seemed happy. I was once called into a supervisor’s office as a witness to an altercation between a Black mailroom personnel and his boss. The Blackman accused his boss of pushing him and throwing his back out so he could be on medical leave or win a lawsuit. I was a witness to the verbal argument and said there was nothing physical, just shouting. I couldn’t be intimidated even at a young age.

I guess what I’m trying to write is: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. We gave Blacks an opportunity to make something of themselves decades ago; and many have, but the youth of today in BLM don’t seem to appreciate anything that was given. This resentment and angst seems to have started under the Obama Administration. Obama had an axe to grind, and he passed the axe onto Biden who is running (tripping) with it. What is racist, however, is assuming that Blacks cannot get an ID. That’s nonsense and no one believes that complaint. Their true reason for not wanting Voter ID is they want illegals (undocumented socialcrats), that are pouring over the border, voting without any ID. PERIOD. Let’s stop pussy footing around the real issue. It’s all about the next election which they are fearful of.

Inciting racial division is a serious accusation and someone needs to look into it. And Biden and Pippi are currently doubling down on it. All I do know is, if this was Trump inciting racial division, the media would be screaming from the mountain tops. Next Biden will claim that Tiger Woods crashed his car due to racist Trump supporters chasing him. Sounds about right. And to date “no known motive” for the capitol attack by car and machete. Amazing. The most nontransparent administration in history.