The Year of the Woman: Dr. Ford, Swetnick, Stormy, and Snipes.

Boy, oh boy,  have we come a long way, baby!  These females dominated the news this year.  Is this the examples we want when gaining equality?  Can’t we find any ethical, honest, moral women to dominate the news?  If I went to central casting to find actors to play these women, I’d choose a young Dolly Parton, a young Barbra Streisand, a living James Brown, and a dark-haired Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction, very fitting. Now, of course, I’m being facetious; but seriously folks, can’t we find honest, wholesome women for the Year of the Woman?  This is the best we got?

Frankly, I’m embarrassed that these lowlifes emerged in the news.  They are liars, a fabricator, a porn star, and incompetent, yet half of America has put these women on a pedestal, like their savior.  What do they all have in common?  They’re Democrats.  Shocker!  Three of them activists.  Why does the left media and politicians ignore these women’s amorality in exchange for them going after our president?  That was a rhetorical question.  If they go after our president it automatically makes them “okay” in their book.   The double standard among politicians is outrageous! If one of these women were Republican they’d be vilified by the left media.

Bill Nelson wanted every vote counted, but when they are, the precinct fails by two minutes to post them.  Why?  Because the votes favored Rick Scott instead of Nelson.  Now Nelson looks like an honest guy, been in the senate for forty years, but he’s gone to the dark side.  He’s been hijacked by the left who wants to take back power at all costs even to steal an election.  Abrams is holding on for dear life, claiming racism.  When all else fails, cry racism or sexism.  That has been the narrative of the left for two years now.  It’s getting stale. Come up with something new.  Go back to Russia or Stormy.  Desantis has clearly won his election for governor but Gillum is crying the same: suppression of votes.

Let’s get one thing clear.  Republicans don’t steal elections.  They’re not that crafty and they usually like following the rule of law. Democrats do, or at least, they try.  Hillary stole the primary from Sanders and tried to steal the general from Trump, but Trump was on to her.  He knows the tricks they play.  He called them out early, stating that he was being wiretapped.  They made fun of him as it was an old-fashioned term, but it turned out to be true and even worse than that.  Trump is intuitive if nothing else.  He calls thing out before they become true.  He called out California’s failure to remove dead trees in the forest which add more fuel to the firestorms.  Two days later crews felt guilty and were cutting down dead trees in Tahoe.  It takes someone like Trump with a big mouth to call out the obvious.  No one else will.  They are too politically or environmentally correct.  It’s just commonsense.

As a victim myself of last years firestorm in Santa Rosa, losing my whole community and golf course, my first thought was why doesn’t the government help put utility lines underground?  Well, I just read that a bill was passed that would have had taxpayers pay for the project in high risk areas of California like Malibu and Paradise, but Governor Brown vetoed it.  Not cool.  If we’re going to have these long periods of no rain: add more reservoirs, remove the dead trees, and put utility lines underground, Period.  And we’re not having a drought like we had forty years ago when reservoirs dried up.  It’s just a longer dry season–not two years without rain.

But I’ve gone off course.  In this year of the woman, please let’s find some better role models and I don’t mean that new senator from New York.  They have to be smart too.

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Michelle’s “Becoming” is Unbecoming for a Former First Lady

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The main stream media is swooning over her tell all book entitled Becoming.  Anytime a celebrity or politician writes a book that trashes our president, the left media goes wild. But let’s face it, they were always wild about Michelle.   Amazing what 63 million can buy.

She makes herself out to be the first successful black woman Americans have ever met?  That’s such an arrogant, self-aggrandizing comment.  We have lived and worked around minorities for fifty years.  She’s clueless.   Condi Rice was our first black Secretary of State and is much more graceful, accomplished, and humble than Michelle. And she never had to talk about her race.

What did Michelle do as first lady?  She planted a vegetable garden on White House grounds!  Wow!  My mother had been doing that every year of her married life.  She changed the menu at schools to be healthier but the children threw out her meals and skipped lunch. Great job. She also made a hatchtag saying “return our girls” that were kidnapped in their own country.  It didn’t help.  She also was the cover of many fashion magazines which was surprising as she has no modeling qualities.  She had big shoulders (which the press seemed impressed with) and little fashion sense.

Did she write about her husband’s former drug use in high school or their associations with radical former terrorists?  Did she write about her pregnancies or raising babies?  Never hear that story.  Are those daughters from Barack?

Saying that America chose a misogynist for President over the most qualified woman in the world, is an outright lie.  Trump is not a misogynist and Hillary is the most corrupt candidate (male or female) that ever ran for president.   Wasn’t much of a choice for me as I can’t vote for corruption.  Trump’s cabinet is filled with women and we haven’t heard one story about sex in the oval office or sexual harassment at all.  If there was, we’d be sure to hear it as the press does not cover for him.

I think the real title of her fiction book should be Jealous and Mad. With a subtitle of: I’m Thinking of a Run for President in 2020 and Want to Test the Waters. She knows she can beat Hillary as the press already reveres her.  But reality is: Her and her husband are so jealous and mad that Trump has turned back their liberal legacy (that they forced down our throats) they are out for a redo.  Put her in the White House and they can redo all the hurt they put on our country from running up the deficit, Solyndra, to raising our taxes, to Obamacare, to multiple terror attacks, to growing the government, stand down orders to our military, Benghazi, to stiff regulations on companies, to high unemployment, social justices, and no manufacturing jobs etc. etc. The list is too long.

She also says that Trump was unqualified to run for president.  But he ran a successful construction business for years and knows how to make money.  Our country is in dire need of making money.  So far his inexperience is turning out better than any previous presidents.  He has good instincts and traditional values which our country needed to get back.  “Merry Christmas Michelle!”

The fact that her and her husband are trying to take credit for Trump’s economy and giving him no credit is rich.  Under Obama we had high unemployment and food stamps, no good jobs, and people had given up looking.  How do you think Uber began?  It was the unemployed folks driving their own cars and headed by an Obama crony. Now we have 7 million jobs available and are looking for qualified candidates to fill them.  If you want a job, you can find one. Obama used to say, “This economy is the new normal.  We won’t be getting back these jobs.  You can’t wave a wand and get them back.”  He can’t take those comments back.  We have him on record.

Traditionally former presidents and first ladies are not supposed to give their opinions on their predecessors but, of course, with the double standard, the Clintons and Obamas do it.  Even Joe Biden, which is a joke.  What did he ever do as VP aside from being a yesman?  The Obamas have no class nor do the Clintons.  You never trash a sitting president.  It is unpatriotic. The Bushes never did that to the Obamas and they had a whole lot of complaints. Other countries will read her novel and believe what she is saying about our president.  It is a national disgrace. But the Democrats will stop at nothing to regain power even at the cost of our country.

I’m sure she’ll sell a lot of books and get lots of interviews and go on Oprah’s pick of the month list but at what price?  The shame of our nation, like what they did to Kavanaugh.

Hillary Plans a Run in 2020! Who’s Going to Vote For Her?

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Who votes for Hillary?  Not the deplorables or the dregs of society or the women who take their marching orders from their husbands, or the irredeemables, so who’s left?

Who would be able to vote for a woman who is clearly corrupt and thinks she is above the law?  She was involved in the fake dossier that led to Trump being wiretapped.  She lied about what happened in Benghazi to the Congress.  She was operating a Pay to Play operation while Secretary of State funneling millions into the Clinton Foundation. She set up an illegal server in her house bypassing the government email system so no one would see what she was up to.  When asked by congress to turn over ALL her emails, she deleted 30,000 incriminating ones and bleached her hard drive and destroyed three private cell phones.  That is unlawful but Comey let her off.  Comey was part of the Benghazi coverup; and if he indicted Hillary, she would spill the beans on the whole operation from the Insurance Plan to the fake dossier to the Russia collusion plan. She recently said that all blacks look alike and no one calls her out on that. She also said that protesting won’t stop until the Democrats take over the power.  She condones protesting, resisting, and kneeling. That’s what she is running on.

So with all this unlawful activity surrounding Hillary, who would have the integrity to vote for her?  Only a depraved person or a low information voter who gets all their news off of CNN, internet, ESPN, late night comedy, or MSNBC.

These same depraved people work in Broward County election office doing whatever it takes to make Nelson and Gillam win.  These same depraved people voted for a corrupt governor of New Jersey.  Maxine is corrupt and continues to keep her job with the help of depraved voters.  Andrew Gillam is clearly corrupt and election workers are trying to flip the votes in his favor.

Are we living in a banana republic where corruption is rewarded and honesty and lawfulness are no longer revered?  I’m appalled that the Election Officer in Broward County still has a job.  Someone screwed up there.  She destroyed ballots in the last election and was caught!  She should have been fired.

So what makes a person vote for an obvious unethical or corrupt candidate?  Maybe it makes them feel a little better about themselves if they see someone worse than themselves running the country?  Maybe if a philanderer voted for Bill Clinton it was because he felt he was in good company.  Maybe if a liar or cheat votes for Hillary they feel in good company?  Maybe if a thief votes for any corrupt candidate he feels somewhat less evil knowing his higher authority is more evil than himself. Who knows how people think?

The millennials vote prominently Democrat as they are indoctrinated in college to be liberal and that Republicans are evil.  The feminists vote Democrat because they vote for social justice rather than economy and law and order but would never vote for a Republican woman even though they claim to be the champion of women.  That’s a lie.  So the millennials, feminists, Hispanics, Blacks, low information voters, and illegals will vote for Hillary.  Even though we have the greatest economy in modern history. Go figure.   That leaves the rest of us deplorables, dregs of society, and irredeemables to vote for Trump as we are BetteroffwithTrump.  I think we are in the majority.  One would hope so.

We Need A National Voting System

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We need to change the voting system to make it less apt to be hyjacked like what is going on in Arizona and Florida.  Here are my suggestions:

  1. One must register to vote prior to voting day.  No more provisional ballots.  If you’re too lazy to register, don’t bother coming to the vote.
  2. One must show ID and sign prior to getting a ballot.
  3. Mail in ballots must be postmarked no later than election day.  One cannot mail it in afterwards.
  4. Polling workers must open and record each mail in ballot as they come in, stamp them, and store them in a safe.
  5. The ballots on election day should be paper with boxes to be filled in with black felt pen.  If one makes a mistake, give it to a poll worker to be shredded and ask for another.  Then they are fed into a machine by a poll worker while the voter watches. No chance for a poll worker to tamper with it.
  6. No more computer, punch key or hanging shags ballots.  Just paper with boxes to fill in.  Each precinct will have the same system.
  7. Ballots that double vote for both candidate or left blank will just be considered a non vote.  No more second guessing by poll workers or recounts.
  8. Registered voting lists need to be checked for deceased names or those who have moved and removed prior to election day. If a person tries to use their name, they will be prosecuted.
  9. Voters need to sign a paper prior to issuing a ballot stating that they are only voting once and that they are a legal U. S citizen.  Violators will be prosecuted. If they refuse to sign, no ballot is issued.
  10. Mail in ballots have ten days to be received after election day. No exceptions and no late postmarks allowed.
  11. Early voting in person is allowed as long as the votes are recorded and put into the computer.  No boxes of paper ballots lying around until election day.  Recorded ballots will be stamped as such and put into a safe. No chance to be re-recorded.
  12. There will be a bonded security inspector watching at each precinct.

The way Broward County is conducting their precincts is sloppy, if not corrupt.  We have no way of knowing what has been done to ballots.  Some found in a school room and turned in late. Thirty thousand more turning up mysteriously and they are all Democrat votes.   Then Hillary’s lawyers showing up to say they are there to win the election for Nelson.  I heard how Franken won for senator.  His lawyers came to town and dismissed Republican votes and accepted Democrat ones and soon Al won.  It’s the same lawyer being sent to Florida.  It’s shady and needs to stop.  The elected woman running Broward County precinct needs to be let go.  She is operating a corrupt outfit. And Nelson’s lawyers asked the judge to accept ballots from non citizens.  Outrageous!

If this all ends up in the Supreme Court, they better be careful as Kavanaugh is well aware of the Democrat’s tricks.  And he owes you no favors.

And I also heard Flake and Kasich are thinking of running against Trump 2020.  If they aren’t Democrats in sheep’s clothing, I don’t know who is.

The GOP is the Party for Women

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Despite what Vogue Magazine is telling women, that “if we vote GOP we are voting against our interests.”  What interests are those, pray tell?

Transgender bathrooms? Open borders? Higher taxes? Free birth control? No security in schools? Political correctness gone wild? Protesters gone wild? Sanctuary cities? Homelessness?  High unemployment?  ISIS and terror attacks? Mob rule? Abolish ICE? Resist our President? Impeach Kavanaugh? Smear campaigns? Kneeling and resisting?

None of the above helps women yet that is what the Democrats condone these days.  Vogue Magazine and the likes of Taylor Swift and Oprah need to stay out of our lives. GOP women are strong, independent, smart, hold high positions, raise children, stand up for themselves, and love men.  We aren’t trying to bring down men in order to raise ourselves.  We are all equal but different.  We need men to make our families complete and help raise our children and protect our country. They play an important and necessary role in our lives.

When Madeline Allbright said that “there’s a special place in hell for a woman who doesn’t vote for another woman,” where was Taylor Swift?  Was she sleeping that day? She endorsed a man over a woman senator.  The left are such hypocrites.  If the woman was a Democrat, Taylor would have endorsed her.  There’s a war on GOP women and this is just another sorry example.

Vogue is being sexist and misogynist for telling women how to vote.  We do vote for our best interests, thank you very much.  We can think for ourselves.  I vote for my grandchildren’s future.  I don’t want violence in the streets and schools. I don’t want political correctness to be America’s suicide belt.  I don’t want climate change to be considered our biggest threat.  I don’t want terror attacks or mass shootings in public places.  I don’t want mass invasions of our country by illegals.  I don’t want high taxes. I don’t want North Korea shooting missiles at us. When you vote Democrat you are condoning all this.  Democrats want to abolish ICE.  I want to abolish ISIS.

So Vogue, you’d be better off trying to schedule Melania for your cover than telling the GOP women to change parties.  Your sales will skyrocket.  We’re sick of seeing Michelle on magazine covers with her fake hair.   I’m ashamed of the Democrat party.  They all have egg on their faces, especially Hollywood.  Stick to photo shoots and fashion reviews and stay out of politics.  You know nothing about GOP women. If there is a woman elected president someday, it will be a GOP woman, as they are smarter.



What Can We Take From the Mid-Term Election Results?

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The mid-term elections were very telling.  Here are some of my observations:

  1.  Californians that moved to Nevada have ruined Nevada.  They actually voted yes to registering anyone who gets a driver’s license to vote.  Dumb. They voted for a big league Trump hater as Governor.  They voted for propositions that will raise property taxes. They voted for a California funded woman for Senator. Dumb.
  2.  Californians that moved to Colorado have ruined that state.
  3.  Californians that moved to Texas are trying to turn Texas into a blue state thus making it hard for Cruz to win.  Even with all the Hollywood money, Cruz eked out a win.  Great news.
  4. New York voters aren’t that smart.  They voted for Cuomo again and some chick out of college for congress.  She is as dumb as a rock when answering questions but since this is the “year of the woman”–she wins.  Wake up New Yorkers.  You’re suppose to be elite, smart, college-educated people.  You are voting with no commonsense.
  5. Taylor Swift’s endorsement for senator in Tennessee was worthless.  Shut up and sing.  You are a traitor to country musicians.  Go join the Dixie Chicks.
  6. Obama’s angry speeches were worthless.  He actually called Republicans liars.  Kettle black much Obama? Shut up and retire already.
  7. The Kavanaugh effect was alive and well.  Every senator in a red state that voted against Kavanaugh lost their election.  Karma alive and well. Kavanaugh must have been smiling.
  8. Florida surprised me.  They have gotten so radical with Puerto Ricans moving there that I was worried.  So glad Scott pulled out a win and DeSantis.  Both great guys.
  9. Endorsements by Hollywood fell flat.  Stay out of elections.  You know nothing about politics.
  10. Ten or Eleven of the candidates that Trump campaigned for won.  None of Obama’s won.
  11. Some of the Democrats that are thinking of running for president won hands down in their states like Sanders, Newsom, Klobuchar, Pocahontas–big league libs.
  12. Chris Wallace at Fox News is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing.  His face said it all last night when the Republicans won the senate.  He wouldn’t give Trump any credit and he argued with Laura Ingram.  “Let’s pump the breaks,” he kept saying.

Listen California.  After you ruin your state, don’t move to other ones and ruin them too like Oregon, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona.  Stay where you are and live with what you voted for.  Live in your own crap.  Don’t move to another state and want to change it.

So glad we increased our lead in the Senate!  But the silver lining is: the Democrats got a little taste of winning and will play it up big time and won’t be protesting in the streets.  So sick of that.  But they will downplay the Senate wins or request a recount.

So sorry Scott Walker lost.  That was my biggest surprise aside from Nevada.  Maybe Trump can find a place for Walker in his cabinet and Heller too for that matter.  They didn’t deserve to lose.

I wrote too soon:  Antifa attacked Tucker Carlson’s home last night terrorizing his family while he was at work.  I guess the left is never happy even after winning the House.  And a couple of the losers in Senate are going to contest the votes.  Maybe even blame Russia tampering.  Who knows?  They will stop at nothing.

The Anatomy of a Killer

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Hate is born first at the kitchen table. Be careful what you say around your children. Second, it is heard in school these days. Be careful what you are teaching our children. Then it is spread in college. Some of our professors are spreading hate. Then it is spewed on television in late night comedy, by actors, athletes, movies, video games, musicians, politicians, awards shows, sports talk, and Cable news. Careful what you say or imply in this media as you have a strong voice. And lastly, after all this hate has been nurtured it is amplified on social media and in major newspapers.

Social media should be screened for hate and our newspapers should be edited for hate. I am shocked by what I read in major newspapers. It’s almost a miracle, with all the outside influences our children are subjected to, that they turn out normal, peace-loving adults. Currently, my step grandson comes home from school saying he hates Trump. I ask him why? And he doesn’t know why. He’s only ten. Something is going on in his classroom.

Freedom of speech is getting out of control and needs to be curtailed especially when it results in police ignored violence in our streets. And all this fake Hitler rhetoric for the last two years just encourages sickos like yesterday’s shooter.

Bottom line:  All this talk about Trump’s rhetoric at rallies encouraging psychos is nonsense and hypocritical. As the ones saying it, are actually doing it.  It’s called projecting what you do onto Trump.  If Trump had said half the things the Democrats in power are saying, the media would go ballistic. But they turn a blind eye to the Dems.

Trump’s rallies are fun to watch and filled with happy deplorables and dregs of society not deranged outlaws.   And nothing he says would instigate a bomber or a shooter.  That’s on them and their parents.