Goodbye “America First,” Hello “Apology Tour 2.0″…

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Under a Biden Administration. Biden’s picks for his cabinet looked like they came from Obama’s garbage heap. They are the antithesis of a Trump cabinet. They are shills, consultants, and lobbyists for global interests and enterprises. They have Harvard and Yale degrees, are soft spoken, and smug. Goodbye “America First.”

One of them was a big spreader of the Russia Collusion lie which makes him unqualified for any position. Some of them are CNN guests which also make them unqualified. Anyone that stupid or biased should not hold a position in the cabinet. But Biden likes to surround himself with liars, leftists, and hasbeens, much like Obama did. Why? To make himself look smarter or to blame them when he gets in trouble. That’s what Obama did. He stayed below the fray and let his drones like Holder, Lerner, and Comey take the rap.

Why would Biden ever get in trouble with the press? They’ve been kissing his ass for two years, why stop now? They’d look like fools if they turned on him now. When listening to this cast of retreads speak yesterday it was as if we were in the middle of a war on terrorism on our shores, ISIS, and North Korea all over again. They are definitely living in the past. Didn’t they get the memo that Trump brought peace in the Middle East, vetted flights from hotbed countries, and took out ISIS? I guess not, the press didn’t cover it. They are all about opening up our borders to immigrants, offering free healthcare and college to illegals, getting in bed with Iran and China, sending Trump’s Warp Speed vaccines to poor countries first, sticking it to Israel, and jumping into the Climate Accord which only means our gas prices soar to compensate for other polluting countries, China. Goodbye “America First.

Kamala said that Biden will take advice that he needs to hear not what he wants to hear or something to that effect. How does that sit with the whole Democrat party ignoring the riots tearing up our country all year long and them taking no sides? Was Biden given advice on this and it wasn’t what he wanted to hear so he remained silent? He wouldn’t even take one unscreened question from a reporter. Such liars. Biggest phony candidate in history. America’s not back under a Biden Administration, it is only going back to a failed Obama presidency. Not good.

To me, a Biden Presidency would be nothing more than a nightmare in slow motion. I can see the future and it looks grim. Now I hear Hillary wants a high position in his cabinet like Secretary of Defense. The lady who caused the Benghazi terror attack, then lied about it, then destroyed evidence regarding it, then conspired to frame Trump wants a position as Defense Secretary? The only defense she is good at is defending herself with bribery and blackmail. She probably played a big part in the theft of our latest election too. The lady who called Trump an illegitimate president wants a job working under a REAL illegitimate president. The irony is stifling.

Goodbye “America First.”



The Big Charade.

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Right now we are going through the biggest charade that Biden won the presidential election that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. We have to listen to all the news networks “going through the motions” that the election process was void of fraud. Seriously? Who are they really kidding? Has everyone on this planet gone bonkers? How can we sit back and let this charade continue without speaking up? The world is watching and even they know Biden cheated. Just the fact that Biden is choosing his cabinet (who are relics from the swamp) is enough to make someone in the news throw up or at least laugh, but they aren’t. They are going through the motions that Biden won the presidential election fair and square! FOX News is the biggest traitor since…since…since…we all know who we’re thinking of…McCain, Romney, or anyone that wrote a book after they were fired.

Someone had to scrape the cobwebs off of John Kerry and Janet Yellen to drag them back to work. Kerry had dried ketchup stains on his clothes and was sitting on lost French fries. But seriously, how much more do we have to take before someone puts an end to this charade, farce, travesty, absurd pretense? Kerry chosen to be the Climate Czar? The left loves that word Czar yet they claim Trump was in bed with Russia? What would Kerry know about our climate? He’s no scientist, no environmentalist, no climatologist, can’t even ride a bicycle, and lives off his wife’s fortune made from polluting factories. He probably flies in a private jet, rides in limos, and lives in an energy-sucking mansion. Hypocrisy. At least choose someone who walks the talk.

If the tables were turned and Trump had stolen the election from Biden with rigged machines, forged ballots, ineligible votes, and corrupt election workers, the media would be having a field day with this news. But since Biden winning meets their narrative, they remain silent. All they are ballyhooing about is covid shutdowns, increased cases, and the number of Thanksgiving guests. Or what I call their latest smokescreen.

It is a total charade that started even before election day. The Big Tech was in on the sham as they buried news stories for weeks that would have buried Biden’s chances of winning, so did all the newspapers and news networks except for FOX who waited until election night. Biden didn’t even have to campaign as he knew the fix would be in. Instead he just mocked Trump and the GOP for not wearing masks. This is what he ran on. And the left ate it up.

Not one news anchor asked Biden about the policies he was running on. Not one. So we are basically going to be surprised if he pulls this off. He is already promising to tax guns that have already been purchased sort of like our yearly DMV registration. It’s a big ripoff. They also want to send our Warp Speed vaccines to poor countries FIRST! And Kamala slipped by admitting that they will “open up” the economy, which means they have purposely been shutting it down to hurt Trump. But this is just a taste of what’s to come.

Let’s hope Trump and his legal team can put an end to this charade soon as it is starting to stink up the country. And this is a stench that won’t go away for years.

Man Saves Puppy From Jaws of Death.

When I saw this video on television I thought it was symbolic of the puppy being our presidential election being snatched by alligator Joe Biden, and the man who saved the puppy being the Supreme Court. This is where we’re heading. This is the outcome we all hope for. Our presidential election being rescued from the jaws of Joe Biden by the Supreme Court.

Kudos to the courageous man who jumped into the alligator-infested pond to save his precious puppy from a sure death roll under the water. This guy is the new Crocodile Dundee. This is the kind of guy that doesn’t fear covid, doesn’t think about death, but cares about his precious new family member enough to risk many things like quicksand, the alligator’s mommy, poisonous water snakes, flesh eating organisms, and leaches.

Sure the alligator was small but their teeth are extremely sharp and their jaw is powerful. The man surely cut his fingers getting this alligator’s mouth open, yet he stands with hat still on and cigar in mouth. Very impressive. He should be getting a hero’s award not cowardly Governor Cuomo who puts his career over the lives of thousands in his city. But Hollywood is backward or upside down as they can’t recognize good in people; they actually recognize bad as being good. They wear opposite glasses. This is why they never could see the good in Trump.

Let’s pray the Supreme Court is as brave at this man was; otherwise, we’re going to have a stolen puppy and a Commander and Thief.

Coronavirus: “An Inconsequential Truth.”

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Has anyone noticed that it’s mostly Democrats that are quick to comply with strict government shutdowns, mask mandates, and draconian rules? Why are they so fearful of catching covid over the rest of us? Or are they? They’re so quick to wear their masks outdoors in the wide open, while driving, and in their own homes. They’re also quick to pull their kids out of school, store up on toilet paper, and wait for their stimulus check. And these same Democrats are first to announce that the vaccine that they’ve been demanding, they don’t want to take.

Has covid itself become nothing more than a political statement that the left are happy to oblige by under some guise of being patriotic and they don’t want it to disappear? They love taking selfies of themselves in a mask. It’s uncanny. It’s starting to look this way as they aren’t the least bit excited about all the vaccines ready to be available. There’s nothing rational about coronavirus fear now that it’s been around for a while. We have successful therapeutics and statistics to rely on and mass testing. In fact, coronavirus fear is irrational fear.

I heard one bald financial guy on CNBC say that the government does not have a plan to disperse the vaccine once it is available. Really? I guess he only watches his network. The government has said that the most vulnerable seniors in rest homes, their caretakers, and hospital workers will be first in line. For a notable financial anchor to not know this is journalistic malpractice. He was obviously making a dig at the Trump Administration. Clueless anchor that needs to be fired if I ran his network. But, of course, they are all in this together.

Why do people want to live in a nanny state where the governor tells us how to behave? Is it because these same people have no original ideas and welcome the ideas from their governor? Are they that dependent and helpless? Or are they the product of the participation trophy or the brainwashing Inconvenient Truth generation? Little by little we are experiencing the wussification of America. We can’t make any decisions for ourselves without going to a CDC website? Where are our commonsense and self-survival skills? They seem to be stolen by a generation of helicopter parenting, schooling, coaching, and now our government. We allowed this behavior to take hold and are dealing with the unintended consequences: herd of sheeplike, masked zombies walking around with their hands out–one hand for their cellphone and the other for handouts.

So what is coronavirus, really? It’s a virus that was manufactured in China and unleashed on the world to cause an economic pandemic as well as kill off a million people. It brought the U.S. to its knees, ruined our presidential election, and gave powers to corrupt governors and mayors that should never have been allowed. And it has the left kowtowing to every draconian rule that comes down the pike. It’s out of control.

We the People, that have any decorum of commonsense left, need to start breaking these crazy rules and go about our business before this brainwashing and wussification of America is allowed to continue. Coronavirus has been hyped by the media to instill fear in us; but reality is, it is unimportant and inconsequential to our daily lives. It’s an inconsequential truth. If we don’t start to break the rules, they will only get worse as they (our governors) are trying to get complete control of our lives. Don’t let it happen. Stop it before it gets worse.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Pray for Trump. May our Christmas holidays be better.



Enemies of the State: Social Media, Anarchists, FBI, and Suppression News Media.


Highway 20 remains closed due to landslide | Local News |

After watching the press conference with Trump’s law team, I’m convinced we had an all out coordinated Domestic Terror Attack the night of our presidential election that has been covered up, if not assisted, by the aforementioned enemies of the state. And no one seems to be astounded by this? This is a nationwide conspiracy to steal and coverup an election that Trump won in a landslide and hand it over to his opponent! A landslide.

Any group or organization that attempts to overthrow a sitting president is an enemy of the state. The Democrats have been trying for four years out in the open but we now know that this is bigger than just Hillary, Obama, Comey, Holder, and the usual suspects. They have most of the media, social media, anarchists, and the FBI in their court. We are up against a tsunami but have to keep fighting for America and our democracy. This is the biggest legal challenge in the history of our country.

The forensic scientists and mathematicians that have examined the returns, timing, and numbers have determined that it is mathematically and statistically impossible for the numbers that came in all for Biden instantaneously especially when Trump was way ahead and GOP won the down ballots. Mathematically impossible! And the left “follows the science” or so they say. But only when it fits their narrative. This is why we have a sudden upsurge in positive covid tests and governors closing schools and threatening shutdowns again, so they can put up a smokescreen to coverup the real news that our election was rigged!

The only news channels that covered Trump’s law team presser were FOX and Newsmax, but some bimbo FOX reporter immediately dismissed the findings afterwards. This is journalistic malpractice of a news network not to be curious about what happened on election night and thereafter. Why hasn’t the FBI gone into these precincts with a search warrant and seized these machines in question? Giuliani said if he was still in law enforcement, there would already have been arrests made for probable cause but the FBI is dragging their feet. Why? What world am I living in?

If we continue down this road of apathy and suppression of the news, we will certainly end up like Venezuela which is what the left strives for. Biden wants Trump to concede or he’ll go down in history as an irresponsible president. What an idiotic comment by a guy who tried to steal an election. He needs to seriously look in the mirror. He’s no President Elect. He is Commander and Thief Elect.

Wake up America! We are in trouble! Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with C that stands for Corruption!

“Crossfire Voting Chaos” Reminds me of “Operation Varsity Blues.”

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Arrogance to a much larger scale. Arrogance that they thought they’d get away with it. We all remember how outraged we became when we heard of celebrities gaming the system to get their little darlings into the ivy league college of choice to impress their friends. Especially when we saved for years, sold property, or took out a line of credit to put our children into a state college even when they worked hard to get a 3.8 grade point average. How dare these entitled elitists demand better for their children, we all collectively thought? It didn’t matter if we were Democrat or Republican, we all agreed that they bribed college coaches under the guise of giving to a charity. It was disgusting.

In 2019, a scandal arose over a criminal conspiracy to influence undergraduate admissions decisions at several top American universities. The investigation into the conspiracy was code named Operation Varsity Blues.[1][2] The investigation and related charges were made public on March 12, 2019, by United States federal prosecutors. At least 53[3] people have been charged as part of the conspiracy,[4][5] a number of whom pleaded guilty or agreed to plead guilty. Thirty-three parents of college applicants are accused of paying more than $25 million between 2011 and 2018 to William Rick Singer, organizer of the scheme, who used part of the money to fraudulently inflate entrance exam test scores and bribe college officials. Wikipedia

Now we are experiencing a similar scandalous outrage to a much larger scale but it seems only Republicans are disgusted. To imagine that my vote was not counted or discarded or flipped or held back or altered makes my blood boil. It should make everyone’s blood boil, but we are hearing crickets from suppression news media including FOX. Of course, big tech has buried any stories about this. They are corrupted from the top down and people should just cancel their accounts.

The major similarity between these two scandals is we realize now we are actually living among people willing to risk it all–family, freedom, jail, reputation, and fortune–for an outcome they desire. They think they can BUY anything from a college admission to an election. These criminals are predominately Democrats as the Varsity Blues Scandal consisted of Hollywood elites, liberal CEOs, university admission staff and coaches, and California wine country moguls. These coconspirators eventually got caught quite by accident as all this criminal behavior sent up no red flags. Bribery seems to be a popular tool used by the rich in the Democrat Party. But it’s illegal and becoming more and more prevalent.

How do we know the officials in the suspicious voting precincts in several states weren’t paid off with generous bribes to pull off illegal votes for Biden? We don’t. What they didn’t plan on, however, was the extent to how well Trump would do in the election (as they believed their own fake polls), so they had to stop the counting in midstream live on television to gather additional ballots or tamper with the voting machines. That was their fatal flaw IMO as folks across America witnessed this and smelled a rat. I suspect they used more than one illegal measure to pull this scheme off as the “messier the chaos, the harder to prove in court.”

Another similarity was the extent of the cheaters to “act happy” when they found out they got accepted in Yale or Harvard or USC. The parents actually fooled themselves into thinking their children deserved the acceptance even though they knew they cheated! Much like how Biden’s handlers and supporters are behaving: measuring for curtains in the White House, choosing cabinet members and a covid science team, talking with foreign leaders, and dancing in the streets. Basically “pretending” they won with the help of the media calling Biden “President Elect” ad nauseum in order to fool the rest of us “morons.”

Another similarity is that the college scandal was widespread across the nation with families participating over the years and went unnoticed. This means there are some very lawless people in our country masquerading as prominent, successful people that we should all look up to like university deans, professors, CEOs, and celebrities. Biden behaves much the same calling himself a “decent man with character.” I don’t think conspiring to steal an election shows character or decency.

Biden’s probably not sure if he pulled it off yet as he keeps saying, “if I get elected” and Bill Maher said, “you know Biden didn’t win” to a Democrat guest. Remember how Lori Loughlin adamantly denied, denied, denied her guilt just like how the voting precincts are denying any voter fraud. Everything was on the up and up. That’s another one of their traits, “deny until the evidence buries you.”

Whether Trump wins in the courts or not, we will always know in our heart that Biden heisted the election with bribery. Bribery is the Democrats “go to” answer to just about everything. They can’t win on their own policies alone as they are whacked. We just can’t believe they actually are willing to break the law to win. And they are banking on the people thinking the same thing. But I won’t give Biden a honeymoon or let it go or bury the hatchet if the courts don’t have the courage to stand up to the mob and rule in Trump’s favor. Especially after the way the left treated Trump for four years. Forget about it.

How Will We Ever Have an Honest Election?

us elections: Counting the ballots: What could go wrong in the US  Elections? - The Economic Times

I don’t want any humans touching my ballot, but I also don’t want any rigged machines reading my ballot. So where does this leave us? Voting by computer? That could have it’s own problems with hackers. Our biggest problem is Voter ID which is willy nilly across the nation. Some states require it and some don’t. Some counties require it, some don’t. There’s no transparency. To get on a plane we have to show more ID than to vote. This is ludicrous. Then if we give the proper ID with matching signatures and put our ballot into a machine to be read, how do we know if the machine is rigged? I am getting very disillusioned in our election system.

The rules should be the same in every state and county across the nation. It should be “in person” voting with the proper ID and signature matching the roll books unless you request an absentee ballot. This would at least eliminate some of the fraud. Then we have the machines. They need to be the SAME in every state and county and checked for illicit software, certified, and sealed prior to election days. We need at least one national guard member in each voting precinct to stand guard over the machines day and night to make sure they are not tampered with. Also early voting has to be the same in every state and every county no more than three days prior to election day. Voting weeks before is not the best outcome for the nation as a lot could happen in those weeks which would change one’s opinion of their candidate, i.e. Hunter’s laptop or a vaccine being approved. Voting is a constitutional right and employers should be required to allow their employees time off to vote.

These rules have to be national not statewide. Our congress has to pass something to address this prior to the next presidential election. Otherwise, we will have a repeat, if not worse, outcome of our presidential election process. We elect our congress to implement bills and laws, surely they need to address this and soon. If we can put a man on the moon and soon to be Mars, certainly we can figure out how to have an honest election process. Come on, man! It can’t be that difficult. Now that we know there are those willing to commit voter fraud in order to steal an election, we have to prevent it. It’s like a bank hiring security guards, putting up security cameras, marking money, and placing 911 buttons under their desks. We can’t be caught flatfooted again, i.e. fool us once, shame on you; twice is on us.

These rules are not suppression of the vote, they are refreshion of the vote. We need to press the refresh button of our election system; otherwise, I’ll never trust the outcome again.


At What Price Winning?

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I’m hearing in the news that Obama says Trump should concede to maintain his dignity and legacy. Ahh, how nice of Obama to give Trump this advice. But really? His dignity? That’s rich. When the guy Obama endorsed who ran on dignity, soul, and decency just ran the biggest heist for votes in American history? Very rich. Now Trump’s just supposed to step aside for Biden? I…don’t…think…so.

At what price winning, Biden? At the price of being labeled illegitimate throughout your term, but for real this time? At the price of another long drawn out investigation that costs the taxpayers millions, but much needed this time? At the price of selling your soul that you ran on to the devil? At the price of shaming your family’s name for eternity? At the price of losing any decorum you had left that you ran on just so you can go down in the history books of becoming the 46th President of the United States? Doesn’t that seem a little self-centered? Why isn’t anyone calling him out on this? He’s been caught. Why not ask him to concede, Obama?

Stealing isn’t winning. Biden got caught. All this talk of Trump conceding is moot, as they say. People don’t say moot much anymore. I guess it’s out. Moot is out. What’s in? Social distancing, zoom, remote learning, pandemic, systemic, existential threat, tweet, text, memes, Antifa, BLM, covid. How often do we hear these words a day? Too often. But I digress.

Biden has hired an owner of Dominion software (used to steal votes) as the head of his transition team. Hmmm. Normally I’d say that’s conflict of interest hiring someone who helped you steal an election for your transition team; but since I’ve never heard of such blatant audacity, I’ll have to make an analogy. It would be like a bank robber hiring the crooked lawyer that helped him stake out the joint and give him advice on pulling off the heist to be his defense lawyer after he got caught. They are partners in crime! It’s unheard of. It’s in-your-face arrogance which is what Biden is all about. Arrogance. The most arrogant man to ever run for president in modern day history. He has no humility whatsoever.

Now, if this sounds a lot like what they used to say about Trump, you’re right. Only this time it’s true. The way the left portrayed Trump in suppressed news media was totally and utterly malicious and downright false. None of the characteristics they gave to Trump were true like narcissist, racist, anti-Semite, homophobic, sexist, xenophobe. Absolutely none; but they said them often enough didn’t they? Some came to believe this nonsense when Trump is the complete opposite of those terms.

For instance, a narcissist does not have the love of his family. They all hate him. Hmm, Hunter and Ashley? Do Hunter and Ashley love Joe? Not so much. Racist: Trump has done more for the blacks than any president in history while Biden panders to them every four years when he runs for president. Anti-Semite: we all know Trump has done more for Israel than any president in history, is up for three Nobel Peace Prizes, and has a Jewish son-in-law. So that’s a complete lie. Homophobic: Trump announced plans to have a vaccine for HIV within 10 years. Xenophobe: Trump wants legal immigration not illegal and had a plan for DACA which did not get through the House. Thanks Nancy. They didn’t want Trump to get a win. And sexist: Trump supports women and has not had an affair or groped any interns as far as we’ve heard. And he appointed a woman for the Supreme Court and head of the CIA! Biden, we’re not so sure about. He sniffs more women than a dog licks his bleep!

Now if Biden really pulls this off, he’ll be known as the Commander and Thief. Not a good nickname for the POTUS. Not good for foreign affairs either having a president who stole his election. Let’s hope the SCOTUS sees this as it is: Biden’s Heist.


The Most Ungrateful Bandits on Earth.

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And I don’t mean raccoons! I’m talking about the people who labeled Trump a racist or Hitler the last four years, tried to steal the last election from him and this one too, and now are asking him to concede and for his supporters to just let it go. Let’s all have unity now and bury the hatchet. What I say to that is: “Bite me!”

Why are they ungrateful? Because they have ignored all of Trump’s accomplishments for the last four years, too numerous to list in this blog but major ones were eliminating the threat of ISIS and North Korea and peace agreements in the Middle East that went unreported by “suppressed news media.” Do the research. If Trump really does lose in the courts and his accomplishments are reversed, I weep for our future. I weep for the Middle East’s future when we allow Iran to gain control again and open up our borders to hotbed Muslim countries as promised by “the big guy.”

Black Lives Matter movement will takeover the administration in a coup and figuratively throw them out of the White House while the Secret Service and D.C. Police are told to “stand down” by the radical leaders of the left much like the calm MAGA March ended up when they came in. They ruin everything. They are out of control violent because our liberal cities permitted them to get like this. They cowered to their demands by letting them paint graffiti on our streets and basketball courts and burn and loot our property. It never should have happened and now it’s a mess of their creating. Peace comes through strength not weakness.

We are not a racist country as Obama won two terms. Right? With a fair and honest election I might add without massive mail in ballots. I always felt he was the wrong black man to represent America, as he had an axe to grind. He really hates America and White people. He had a disturbing childhood which led to drug use which he has admitted. Not a quality I look for in a president. With the help of Affirmative Action he managed to get into college and, of course, his connection to neighborhood radicals launched his career. He started out as a community agitator much like BLM. We weren’t allowed to see his grades from college or any of his writings. Some of his professors do not remember him in their classroom. Maybe he skipped class but who knows now? His records were immediately scrubbed. Now he comes out with his latest book saying the only reason Trump won was millions of racists voted for him. That’s not only ignorant but fans the flames of racism, again. Obama, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I, for one, am getting tired to being labeled racist for supporting Trump. It is the only thing they can say as they don’t recognize freedom, happiness, and prosperity which has been staring them in the face for four years. They take it for granted and, therefore, won’t miss it until it is gone. And they will be the ones to remove it. After we turn into a Third World Country without law and order and widespread anarchism maybe some of those that voted for Biden will finally realize the mistake they made. And only then. Maybe, just maybe. Right now they are about as clueless as a blonde in a John Hughes movie or Martha McFly “knock knock anybody home” from FOX.

It is a national disgrace that prominent Republicans and Never Trumpers have not come out to defend Trump from an all out assault of his character and family. Where is George Bush and the rest of his family? They know Trump is not racist. They aren’t acting presidential at all. Mrs. McCain is a resentful, bitter woman, so are the Romneys. Hell have no fury like a lost presidential election, I guess. They have no loyalty to party. At least we still have the support of Sarah Palin who has more smarts and loyalty than the lot of them. She knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the onslaught of lies and attacks from the left. Nothing they hate more than a conservative woman.

We all know now that the “voting machines” were tampered with across the country which outrageously flipped millions of votes from Trump to Biden. It is unconscionable. Hopefully Trump’s legal team will be able to prove this in a court of law; otherwise, we’ll have 73 million disenfranchised voters. They have hundreds of sworn affidavits of witnesses to voter fraud. It’s clear all of the stealing went into Biden’s column. But I’m hearing a collective chatter now coming from the left, “Every election has some fraud in it.” This is their way of dismissing widespread voter fraud, and we’ll have to listen to this crap until December 8th. But what I won’t listen to is the idiots on The View telling us to just suck it up or the media telling us we are racists for voting for Trump or that Trump should concede or that Trump supporters should be put on a blacklist. Trump is no racist. And anyone that truly thinks this, needs their head examined. I’m not kidding.

The CIA and the FBI need to be investigated by a special counsel as it seems they are involved in the voter fraud or at least had prior knowledge of it without lifting a finger to stop it. This is probably why Trump has not fired Chris Wray or Gina Pascal yet. Biden admitted that he didn’t need votes now, he needs them later and why he felt no need to campaign. The fix was in! He spoke the truth during a lack of acuity. This is widespread voter fraud from the top down. And these bandits are the most ungrateful humans on earth. They have no idea how good they have it now. Careful what they wish for.

Stay tuned.

Wow…I’m so Impressed that Biden Received Over 78 Million Votes!


Another Bush? Joe Biden checks his wrist watch during US Election  presidential debate, World News |

OMG! What a remarkable accomplishment for staying in his basement for nine months, not taking any questions, having no rallies or press conferences, spending millions on lying Trump ads, hiding behind his mask, having no platform other than covid, promising to raise our taxes and ban fracking, having an incriminating laptop seized by the FBI, calling his granddaughter his deceased son’s name, not living up to the polls that predicted a landslide for him, not going on Chris Wallace’s Show or any FOX show. He’s the man! Wow! We should all bow to this incredible candidate! This is unprecedented! This awesome man got the most votes in American history! More than our hero Hillary and more than our idol Obama! J…u…st…kidding.

If that sounds like what we’ve been hearing on the media (minus the sarcasm) for the last week or so, you’re right. This is the crap they’ve been spewing much to my cha-cringe.

I believe millions of Biden’s so-called votes can be attributed to the following: Counterfeit ballots frantically filled out by poll workers when Trump was ahead; non-resident ballots incredibly turning up the next morning; unsigned ballots from God knows where; ballots requested from eager voters over 90 years of age all on the same day; dead people ballots who rose from the grave to vote; stolen-from-the-mailbox ballots; ballots from lazy people that suddenly had the urge to vote; ballots from some that voted twice; backdated ballots; ballots from noncitizens; harvested ballots from rest homes, the homeless, pets, postal workers, college kids, and a partridge in a pear tree; votes flipped over from Trump to Biden via the Dominion software in 25 states. Way to go Biden! You did it. The Biden Heist we’ll call it. Biggest heist in history!

When you add up all this fraud across America, it could be in the multiple of millions! Most of these votes wouldn’t go back to Trump’s column if they are from counterfeit, dead people, backdated, 90-year olds who hadn’t planned on voting, or harvested, but they’d definitely be erased from the Biden column. And when you add all the flipped, destroyed, discarded, or invalidated Trump ballots and votes, Trump comes out ahead in popular and electoral votes IMO!

We just have to tell Twitter, Google, Facebook, Hillary, or New York Times this news! They can’t wait to hear this good news that Trump will win his second term fair and square again. Just…kidding.

If they have nothing to hide, why not shine some sunlight on what went on? Seems reasonable right? Not to the left. We are all poor sports and cry babies. We need to suck it up! The hypocrisy of the left never fails to disappoint. Again, they are projecting the way they have behaved for four years onto us. We can take it and don’t go to the streets to loot and burn. That’s their gig. We go to the courts like civilized human beings, not children. May the best, most honest and ethical campaign win.

Tick tock, tick tock, time’s about up, Joe. Enjoy your lead while you can. Like I wrote before, I’m so impressed with your achievement. I’m sure it was just because you were so popular and charismatic. Has to be. 😉 Keep those stores boarded up though. We can’t let the real poor losers destroy anymore property.