Biden, the Human Wrecking Ball.

The Rise and Fall of the Wrecking Ball | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

All Biden has to do is sit at his desk and sign executive orders written by others rescinding all of Trump’s good work. He is literally wrecking America with the stroke of his hand which is probably the only part of his body left functioning aside from his nose.

But seriously now, what’s with the urgency of reversing all of Trump’s accomplishments without taking a good look at them? He is a hasty president which is not a good quality for someone holding the nuclear codes. Who’s really behind all these reversals of fortune? I smell Obama’s hand in this. He wants Solyndra 2.0. Why put thousands of hardworking Americans out of work at the Keystone Pipeline and at our border wall? They changed their lives to move there and take those jobs. It is cruel and unusual punishment. But this is the Punishment Party.

I notice the media hasn’t mentioned that the DOW has gone south since Biden took office. Wouldn’t that be breaking news if Trump had been inaugurated? Certainly would. But you see, the media is covering for Biden as usual. Any negative stories will be buried. Reversal of fortune right before our eyes. Watch our retirement plans slowly dwindle like they did under the Obama Administration.

Yesterday they asked the National Guard to sleep in a cold parking garage rather than hang around the Capitol Building. It was punitive probably because they were angered that they had their backgrounds checked after reporting for duty. Let’s get something clear. There is nothing wrong with supporting President Trump before or after this last sham of an election. If they think they can punish everybody for doing so retroactively, then they are more crazy than we thought. But this is the Punishment Party.

All this talk about where we can wear a mask or not is silly. I can’t believe the media got sucked into the conversation. There is no proven science that the masks stop one from getting or spreading this virus. It is a guess at the best. People will do, what people do. We have common sense and will wear a mask when needed without federal mandates. No mandate is going to change our behavior. Stores and small businesses will enact rules and that’s fine.

They will probably still try to impeach Trump in the senate after he is long gone. Clearly unconstitutional and vindictive. They are obsessed with Trump. Almost glad Trump doesn’t have twitter to voice his daily complaints on what punitive measures the Biden Administration is taking. There would be too many tweets. Trump should remain silent for several months while Biden systematically wrecks the country with the stroke of his hand. Let We the People do the complaining. Even some Democrats, after all, they got the president they deserved.

If someone can tell me one good reason for the reversal of just one of Trump’s executive orders, please tell me what it is. I’d like to know. While Trump was a human snowplow, plowing away all the attacks on him from the media, the FBI, and the Dems; Biden is a human wrecking ball destroying all the good work Trump did.

Political Pop Quiz for Know-it-All Liberals…

Photo by Judit Peter on Pexels.com

Or low information voters.

These are trivial questions about things in politics that were said or occurred in the last 15 years that one may have not heard or read in the news depending on where you get the news or one may have forgotten. It will be interesting to see what the liberals really know. The answers are mostly simple yes or no or just a few words.

No researching allowed, although I think google will have buried most of these stories by now. Hopefully, most of them will get 80% of them correct. If not, hmmm, I wonder why they think they have a leg to stand on. Answers to be released tomorrow.

  1. Which president said that there were 57 states?
  2. Which president mispronounced the word corpsmen twice in one speech, saying corpse instead of core?
  3. Which president called his wife Michael twice in one speech?
  4. Was Jussie Smollett attacked by a Trump supporter?
  5. Was racecar driver Bubba Wallace a victim of a hate crime?
  6. When Trump said, “There are good people on both sides” referring to Charlottesville what sides was he referring to?
  7. Did Trump say some Mexicans coming over the border are rapists or Mexicans are rapists?
  8. Who held back 2 billion in aid from Ukraine in exchange for firing a prosecutor handling the case against corrupt Burisma?
  9. Who is referred to as “the big guy” who gets 10% of money from China in Hunter’s emails?
  10. Who turned Hunter Biden’s laptop into the repair shop in Delaware?
  11. Who called the FBI after seeing what was on the laptop?
  12. Was Hunter’s laptop Russia disinformation?
  13. What social media groups, newspapers, news networks, and radio stations suppressed the story of Hunter’s laptop prior to the election?
  14. Who sent a memo to the FBI asking them to investigate Trump for collusion with Russia prior to the 2016 election?
  15. Who is Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?
  16. Who came up with the term “insurance plan” referring to keeping Trump from winning the 2016 election?
  17. What was the insurance plan?
  18. How much was spent on Special Counsel Mueller Report on Trump’s collusion with Russia?
  19. Who is Nick Sandman?
  20. Who is Bruce and Nellie Ohr?
  21. Did Trump’s final speech in D.C. say march to the Capitol peacefully and patriotically to let your voices be heard or break into the building to fight and stand strong?
  22. Was the FBI warned of the Capitol attack prior to that day?
  23. Were the attackers all Trump supporters or infiltrated by Antifa and BLM?
  24. What does Antifa stand for?
  25. What president was nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes between Israel and the Middle East?
  26. Was the Benghazi attack on the embassy a planned terror attack or a protest inspired by a hateful video?
  27. How many requests from Stevens went unnoticed to the Secretary of State asking for security in Benghazi prior to the attack?
  28. Why didn’t troops come in to save Ambassador Chris Stevens?
  29. Who leaked Podesta emails to Julian Assange?
  30. Did Trump ask Russia to hack Hillary’s emails at a rally?
  31. Who got more black and hispanic votes than any previous GOP candidate?
  32. What is Dominion?
  33. Were there some states that allowed folks to take advantage of the mail in voting like voting twice– once by mail and once in person?
  34. Were there any postal workers that either disposed of ballots or moved ballots out of state?
  35. Who stalled a stimulus bill from those hurting from covid shutdowns until after the election and admitted it?
  36. Who set up a fund to bail out Antifa and BLM after they were arrested across the nation in 2020?
  37. Who said, “The rioters should protest before and after the election and should never stop”?
  38. Whose theme song lyrics say, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”?
  39. Do donations to BLM go to the underprivileged black community to fight poverty or other issues they are flighting for?
  40. Who called Trump’s decision to ban flights from China after covid broke out, xenophobic and racist?
  41. Who brought the unemployment rate to the lowest in 50 years prior to covid breaking out?
  42. What president’s grades and college records were forbidden to be released from the college?
  43. What president’s professors do not remember him being in their class?
  44. Did the IRS under the Obama Administration purposely target conservative non profit groups?
  45. What administration was allowing Veterans Administration personnel to postpone and delay patients from getting proper care to save their lives?
  46. Did the writer of the ACA say “that Americans are stupid people” meaning that their plan was easily sold to the gullible public?
  47. Did Dr. Christine Balsey Ford know the address of the house she was assaulted at or whose house it was?
  48. Did any of Ford’s friends remember the incident?
  49. Did Ford scrub her social media posts prior to coming into testify against Kavanaugh?
  50. Is Jill Biden a medical doctor? If so, what field of practice?
  51. Did Melania appear on the cover of one women’s magazine since becoming First Lady?
  52. What president is the only president in history to donate his salary back to different government departments like national parks dept. etc?
  53. How many vacations did Trump take with his wife while in office–not work trips?
  54. Can a president legally be impeached once leaving office?
  55. Was the first vaccine for covid held back from release until after the election?
  56. Who came up with the Warp Speed Plan to expedite years of red tape allowing for a speedy approval of a covid vaccine?
  57. Who said in March wearing masks won’t stop the spread of covid?
  58. What governors refused to allow therapeutic Hydroxychloroquine to even be prescribed in their state for first symptoms of covid allowing many victims to be hospitalized and possibly dying?
  59. What governor signed a bill putting patients with covid back into nursing homes spreading the disease?
  60. Who quickly requested the manufacturing of ventilators from private companies like Ford to be sent to hospitals across the nation and other countries to save lives?
  61. What GOP candidate brought up the size of Trump’s hands during the 2016 GOP debate?
  62. What GOP candidate said he’d give someone a warm kiss during a presidential debate?
  63. What GOP candidate said, I may not go out for a beer with you, but I’ll drive you safely home?
  64. What GOP candidate said, “What are we going to do, put a chicken in everyone’s pot?”
  65. Which party never once brought up the violence and rioting in the streets of our cities during their convention last year?
  66. Which president displayed a banner reading MISSION ACCOMPLISHED a little prematurely.
  67. What 2016 candidate for president’s volunteer shot up a GOP congressional baseball game once Trump was in office?
  68. Which candidate for president in 2020 frequently said, we have a criminal occupying the White House?
  69. What governors have shutdown their states in the name of covid for almost a year in order to hurt the economy and hurt President Trump’s chances for reelection?

Good luck and don’t cheat!

Democrats: The Party of Instilling Fear.

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

We’ve seen how Nancy Pelosi brought in 26,000 National Guard to protect Biden on Inauguration Day and some of them have remained. Well…this was just to instill a false fear of white supremacists in America. Young people are saying how there was an attempted overtake of the government by white supremacists when the Capitol Building was breached. It was hardly an overtake of the government, but this is how fear and lies spread, through facebook and twitter comments.

Evidence points to the breach being an inside planned attack to disrupt the proceedings that were going so well for the GOP, but it got out of control. Notice how they are trying to punish Hawley and Cruz for objecting to the electoral votes? All part of their plan to isolate them as being totally out of touch with America. But they are actually fighting for America.

Let’s face it, Biden wasn’t going to be able to draw a crowd at his inauguration to compete with a Trump crowd and that would hurt Biden’s image. So what better way to have an excuse for why there was no crowd than to shut down the city prior to the ceremony to protect Biden from the evil Trump supporters known to them as white supremacists. So ridiculous. But the gullibles bought it.

Ironically, since the Inauguration the leftists are still rioting in Portland, Seattle, and Denver and attacking Democrat interests and federal buildings, so Biden being president hasn’t changed a thing. The Mayor of Portland finally called them out for who they are, Antifa, not white supremacists. But it is too little, too late. The activists have gotten a taste of evil, and it’s hard to get them to stop.

We saw how the left turned the fear of catching covid into a mass mail-in ballot campaign as a ruse to steal the election. Guess what? Fear works again. We also saw how elected officials like Kammie and Biden instilled fear of the Trump vaccine to the public. Now a percentage of young folks and blacks are refusing to take it, thanks to the fear.

Trying to impeach Trump after he leaves office is another form of instilling fear of Trump onto Americans. Trump is so bad, we have to unconstitutionally impeach him after he leaves. This will no doubt leave a lasting impression at least among the gullibles or those not of legal age to vote. They’ll be taught this nonsense in school; and then when legal age to vote, will vote against Trump.

The Democrats only care when conservatives break the law. Liberal suspects are being released after breaking the law but those on the right have to stay in jail. Why is that? Because George Soros was successful in 2020 spending millions on campaigns to get radical District Attorneys placed in liberal cities like San Francisco across America that want to change the fabric of America into a leftist, socialist society. So, therefore, liberal suspects are treated with kid gloves while they throw the book at conservatives. Also why Trump has not been successful bringing his voter fraud cases to courts with activist judges. All in liberal cities. Well-calculated plan to hurt conservatives.

Now the left wants to get rid of the Death Penalty. This obviously will eliminate the deterrent for the worst and most heinous of crimes. The fabric of America is being changed.

What is the end game for the Democrats? What do they really want? To have all conservatives jailed and liberal criminals running free and taking over the government, open borders with millions of illegals pouring in, pipelines discarded and lying rusty on the ground, thousands of blue collar Americans out of work, discrimination against females in sports, gasoline soaring to an unprecedented level, dependency on our enemies for oil, truckers forced to quit their careers, terrorists allowed in from hotbed countries, homeless filling our streets, The Wall being torn down, and doctors quitting their jobs out of frustration? A third world country? All this is possible after only one week of Biden in office.

What do they really want? What is their end game? It starts out instilling fear in Americans but where are we heading? Even the conservative news anchors aren’t asking this. They may be thinking it, but political correctness keeps them from asking. They have to pretend to be giving Biden a chance even though all his executive actions so far have hurt America.

Fascist Antifa Won’t Let Up.

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

They are still burning and destroying property like in Portland last night. What do they want!? They got Biden. Go home to mommy and shut up. Maybe when Kammie said they won’t stop after the election and shouldn’t she was onto something. But notice Biden and Kammie aren’t asking for calm. Instead the news will continue to blame Trump supporters for the riots like they did at the Capitol. Nice try.

The Punishment Party is now in power and anything is possible. They won’t even look at Biden and his past crimes, but instead will focus on all of us. Biden’s whole purpose in office is to punish Trump and all his success. He will systemically reverse all the good Trump has done. He already has Canada and Israel mad at our country but has embraced China and Iran.

He will be the Opposite President. Whatever Trump did, he’ll do the opposite. Childish, but coming from a man who is reliving his childhood with Cornpop, the phonograph, pulling his dog’s tail, and fights behind the high school gym. Why in the world would we stop building The Wall and let tens of thousands of super spreaders into our country when we are suffering daily from covid? Why? Because it is the opposite of what Trump wants. The Opposite President.

We have gone from America First to America Last in one day. Amazing. Reinstating “white privilege training” is in itself–racist. We shouldn’t be dividing the country by our color. That is against Martin Luther King’s dream to not be noticed for our color but for our integrity. They want to pit one race against the other which spawned the creation of BLM under the Obama Administration. It needs to stop. We’ve had enough brainwashing of our children from high school to college, no need for anymore. If anyone needs deprogramming, Katie Couric, it’s our college kids not Trump Supporters or possibly you who have listened to NBC for years. How’s your mentor Matt Lauer doing?

The Opposite President, who gave his inaugural speech on Unity, has failed on day one. In fact, he slipped in that his main purpose will be to eliminate domestic terror like white supremacists but no mention of BLM and Antifa. Amazing. They are coming for us. By the way, Trump supporters are not white supremacists, but they have labeled us that for four years and it has stuck. We are not.

Just because we vote for a white man does not make us racist. Biden is whiter than white so that doesn’t even make sense. We are just regular people of any color that respect freedom, the constitution, liberty, and honest elections. They used the Capitol Invasion to blame on white supremacists who they called Trump supporters. But the agitated crowd was filled with all sorts of nutcase groups of all color, yet to be determined.

Like I will say to all my Democrat friends and family, “The country got what they deserved with the inauguration of Biden.” That should make them happy, right? But I think it will offend them. Our country doesn’t deserve Trump. That can be taken two ways too. Trump is too good for the likes of our country these days. Our country is filled with dishonesty, deception, and dirty politics. The list of culprits is infinite. D.C. is too dirty for the likes of Trump and Melania. And I’m frankly fed up with the media, the government, sports channel, and all the others that drank the “stupid” Kool Aid.

Washington D.C. Got What They Deserved.

Joe Biden to scale up campaign as Democratic anxiety grows ahead of general  election fight with Trump - ABC News

From the Nevertrumpers like McConnell, Romney, Sass, Liz Cheney to all the elected Democrats, the FBI, CIA, some governors, and the rioters, they played dirty politics and got what they deserved with the inauguration of Biden. Birds of a feather should flock together. Why would an honest president want to work with a bunch of swamp dwellers, rioters, and Judases too disguised to even trust? It may sound like sour grapes but too bad. They don’t taste that sour, as they won’t have Trump to kick around anymore.

How will Biden feel knowing that he had many city election offices acting corrupt in order to steal this election? That wouldn’t make me feel good about taking over the presidency under a cloud of suspicion. I notice he asked for a refresh button so we could all get along. Uh, was that same courtesy offered to Trump in 2016? No, so why should we offer him such a gift? Hard pass. These swamp dwellers are lacking conscience and have no guilt. Much like sociopaths. No place for President Trump.

I noticed President Bush was sitting there cozied up to the Clintons. That made me almost throw up. Bush has jumped ships so far, I think he fell into the water and drowned. Does he even realize what dirt Hillary was up to her eyeballs in? Does he even care? Apparently not. And what the hell was Hunter doing there up on stage with Joe? Shouldn’t he be in FBI custody getting grilled? This D.C. is so corrupt, I’m glad Trump left. They have no shame.

I actually feel relieved today that Trump doesn’t have to put up with these crooks any longer. They left the White House with much more class than when Bill Clinton left. His staff trashed the place upon leaving. And the media and press said they’d have to drag Trump out of the White House with the D.C. police. Boy, oh boy, were they wrong. They never knew Trump at all. Most misunderstood president ever.

Trump can now get back to his companies and his nice family and grandchildren and make up for the money he lost as president. He is very talented and can start up many new ventures like a new political party or a new social media or even a new television news network or history channel. Trump loves history. If the likes of Zuckerberg, Murdock, and Turner can do it, Trump certainly can. Success is the best revenge.

Melania should start her own high fashion magazine called Melania in competition with Vogue that features only conservative women, celebrities, and actresses. Melania dressed and looked like Audrey Hepburn when leaving the White House today. Ivanka can adorn the first issue. There would be stories about all the GOP women in congress and conservative anchorwomen on the airwaves. It would be awesome. Joy Behar will be fit to be tied like she is everyday. But she won’t have Trump to kick around anymore.

D.C. got what they deserved i.e. corruption begets corruption. Couldn’t have gone to a more deserving candidate.

Goodbye Mr. President…

The House's Impeachment Inquiry Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup |  WIRED

you will be sorely missed. You accomplished more in 4 years than most presidents in 8, and you kept your promises. The only promise you didn’t keep was: “We’ll never be a Socialist Country” but not for your lack of trying. It’s hard to beat corruption.

It must have been hard to leave a job that you were so successful at, especially with no former experience as a politician. This was, in fact, your undoing. Politicians in D.C. couldn’t stand the fact that you had the courage to implement many things that other presidents failed at, like moving the embassy in Israel. They all promised, but none had the courage. Your success was your undoing.

Also, in a town of dirty politics, you didn’t fit in. You were not dirty enough. You’re too good for Washington D.C. which is filled with invisible swamp dwellers like in The Predator. You don’t know who they are or when they’ll show their true colors, like McConnell. Wow! You governed by the constitution and never broke the rules. D.C. wasn’t used to that and, therefore, became increasingly jealous of you especially the media. The names the left has called you and your family are reprehensible. Their favorite name was white supremacist and racist which we all know is laughable as you did more for the blacks than any previous president. Therein lies the rub. That bugged them so much that they had to conspire to have you removed. Never underestimate the power of jealousy especially from Hillary who paid for the Steel dossier and Biden who suggested the Logan Act to remove General Flynn.

Huckabee said is best yesterday in a interview. The awful way they treated Trump and his family is nothing more than extreme jealousy of them. They couldn’t match Trump’s accomplishments so they had to bring him down to their level. Makes sense to me. My husband says jealousy is a childish word, but there aren’t that many replacements for it. Envious, resentful, covetous, maybe, but they all mean the same. They were green with envy for what Trump was able to do with little experience and coveted his success. They were also jealous of Melania’s grace and beauty as a First Lady so had to pick on her to bring her down to their level. It never worked. She never took the bait.

I’m not going to go through a litany of Trump’s accomplishments as president as it is too long. I think his main legacy will be bringing back the economy from the edge of an abyss and traditional values like Christmas and respecting our National Anthem at games.

This disgusted the left, so they had to bring back the kneeling and painting of BLM after George Floyd’s unfortunate death. Again, not Trump’s fault. But never let a crisis go to waste. In fact, jump on a crisis and run with it to make it more than it really was. Just like the pandemic was not Trump’s fault, but the left turned it into a year-long shutdown of companies and mail in ballots. Two of my sons have not been in their offices in eleven months. It is a disgrace. China was involved in some shady bioweapon research in their labs funded by the Obama Administration that needs to end. Maybe they’ll let their buddy Biden send some investigators in. Most of the evidence and scientists are long gone (literally), however, so we’ll never know the truth.

My biggest disappointment was the media and the way they reported 90% negative news on Trump and buried any positive stories. Yesterday, they didn’t even cover his final departing speech on MSM. I’m sure they will be fawning over Biden for as long as he holds office like they did with Obama. Reason why? The press are all Democrats. There isn’t much positive to fawn over Kammie but they’ll find it. Yesterday they called Senator Stefani a childless woman at age 35. Well…Kammie is childless at age 50. So you see the press is mean and ruthless when it comes to Republicans and treat Democrats with respect. This is the way it is. And will never change.

Goodbye Mr. President. You held the office with grace and dignity more so than previous presidents in modern history. You kept us out of foreign wars and ended the threat from ISIS and North Korea. You forged many peace agreements in the Middle East and enacted the Warp Speed Program allowing for many vaccines to be approved in record time. Thank you.

You will undoubtedly go down as the most underappreciated and most falsely maligned president in history. Some Americans have been ungrateful and some downright dishonest during the election and will get their comeuppance. But Congress has been outright vengeful and vindictive. You didn’t deserve that treatment but just know that 74 million plus Americans think you won in a landslide but were unable to be allowed to prove it. Washington doesn’t deserve you. You’re too good for them. They deserve who they got, Biden.

Goodbye Mr. President.

The Left is Trying to Erase Conservatives from Existence.

Pin on Back To The Future

Remember the photo of Marty’s vanishing family from Back to the Future? Remember how one by one they started to fade? Well…that’s what the left wants to do to us. Make us disappear.

Publishing companies refusing to publish a book written by Trump, Harvard trying to revoke diplomas from Trump’s staff, social media closing all Trump and supporters accounts, vetting members in the military for having conservative views, removing Trump’s cameo from Home Alone, sending children of conservatives to reeducation camps, deprogram anyone in what they call the Trump cult, asking telecommunication companies like Comcast to cancel all conservative news networks, and cancelling music contracts for attending a Trump rally.

All of this talk is the talk of Nazi communists and very Orwellian and they have no idea how they sound. “Orwellian is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and control by propagandasurveillancedisinformationdenial of truth (doublethink), and manipulation of the past, including the “unperson” a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments.” Wikipedia. Basically they are blacklisting or blackballing all conservatives. Maybe they should come up with a new name like “blacklivesmattering” us all. We got blacklivesmattered. They won’t silence me.

What’s next, burning all books with Trump’s name in them, mass burning of MAGA hats, confiscating our bank accounts, firing us from our jobs, bombing RNC offices, microchipping all conservatives so they can’t board airplanes, or putting us all into a camp? This is not uniting America. This will enrage America.

For publishing companies to lie that Trump incited a coup d’état and put children in cages is exactly what Obama did. They are projecting what Obama was guilty of doing onto Trump, again. And Katie Couric saying that the GOP members bought into “the Big Lie” [that the election was stolen] from their constituents and need to be deprogrammed is a crock of sh-t. Katie must be overdue for her colonoscopy because she is full of you know what. They’re all trying to cover up the fact that the election was stolen by repeating that it was a Big Lie. Nice try.

I got silenced yesterday by a long time friend when she said she just wants calm in the country to return after Biden gets in. So that prompted me to ask her, “You don’t think Trump incited the attack on the Capitol do you?”

“Yes he did!” (I seriously thought she’d say, No, of course not, but I was wrong.)

“Where did you hear that?” I asked.

“Trump stirred up his crowd telling them we are strong and go fight.

I then told her Trump said, “March to the capitol ‘peacefully and patriotically’ and let your voice be heard.”

“No he didn’t! He caused it! Those were Trump supporters!”

“No, some of them were Antifa and BLM disguised with flags and Trump hats.”

“I can’t listen to this!” She hung up. I got cancelled or silenced.

I won’t be silenced when someone is blatantly wrong. If they were a little wrong, I’d let it go. But she wouldn’t even give Trump the benefit of the doubt that some agitators were dressed in Trump clothes to make Trump look bad. Wouldn’t even consider it. This is what we are dealing with now– cancellation of friendships. This coming from a gal that didn’t know there had been riots all year long in certain cities, hadn’t watched one presidential debate, nor the State of the Union Address. “Why are they boarding up stores?” she once asked naively. “Who’s Nick Sandman?” This coming from someone who religiously reads the New York Times from front to back. Glad I didn’t tell her our election was stolen and that Biden has been selling access to his position to China for years. Glad I didn’t let that cat out of the bag. I need to find new friends.

Once Biden gets in, our tax cuts will be revoked, Paris Climate will be reenacted as well as the Iran deal, Keystone Pipeline workers will get fired, fossil fuel will be phased out, gas prices will soar, travel bans will be lifted from hotbed countries, illegals will be given citizenship, opening up our borders to all, minimum wage will soar to $15, layoffs will be massive, fracking will end, mask mandates across the nation, and no doubt our stocks will plummet. Basically, we will be China’s b-tch. I weep for all our futures even those who naively voted for him.

Even for my friend who silenced me. She hates wars and loves national parks. All the above will make us vulnerable to foreign wars again and increase the wildfires in our national parks due to all the homeless and illegals camping out there. She can’t come whining to me when things start to sour for her. Careful who you vote for. Elections have consequences. I won’t be silenced or erased! She won’t have Trump to kick around anymore! Now she can only blame Biden. Here’s a taste of what she’ll get.

What’s Really Behind the Excessive DC Security?

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on Pexels.com

Everyone is asking. We’ve never seen this many National Guard and razor-topped fences erected at a presidential inauguration in history. Who is calling for this? There are no active reports or intelligence that there is any threat of an attack by any group. This appears to be all for show. But why?

Is this a reflection on the fact that Joe and Kammie know they did not win and are expecting to have the ceremony attacked? It certainly shows guilt on their part. Is this the way the most beloved candidate with the most votes in history behaves? Certainly not. The hypocrisy is alive and well for a party that doesn’t believe in walls or bringing in the National Guard. They certainly do believe in it when they are the ones at risk. They didn’t care about small businesses or the police under attack by BLM evidenced by a year-long of calling burning cities “just peaceful demonstrations by those that are expressing their discontent.” Then they helped these same criminals get released from jail.

Or is it just for show to embarrass Trump by making the world think that they expect Trump supporters to come into town and attack the ceremony. If so, really stupid and unnecessary; but actually sounds like something Nancy would do like when she tore up the State of the Union Address live on tv just for show. She looked so incredibly childish and meangirlish. But that is who she is. Daughter of a mafia mobster.

Or are they trying to prompt or egg on an attack by showing that they are prepared for it. Like, come on, man, we’re ready for you. Bring it. Let’s see you fight 26,000 soldiers. It’s almost like they want an attack.

Or do they know something that we do not know, like Biden will not be inaugurated on January 20th; but instead an announcement will be made that evidence has surfaced that election fraud did occur and the inauguration will have to be postponed. Arizona is finding that the illegal votes that flipped to Biden, if reversed, cause Biden to not reach the 270 threshold of electoral votes needed. That in itself may postpone the ceremony as it is a game changer.

If this announcement is made on the 20th all hell will break out spontaneously from the left, now know as Antifa and BLM. They will come out in masses in many cities causing havoc and mayhem. This could be what the National Guard and Army is preparing for. I can see no other reason that makes sense. If it’s just for show, then its a waste of taxpayers money and the government should be ashamed.

I think if there is an announcement to be made, it should come beforehand and the inauguration cancelled. Send J-Lo packing and let’s have a real audit of the five remaining states that got stolen. But leave up the fences and National Guard as the left will be livid.


Has anyone noticed the shakeup at FOX News since election night? America’s Newsroom has gone back to 2003 with Hemmer and Perino being the anchors. This is not a promotion for them but FOX ratings are hurting so they put their two top anchors in this spot. I think Sandra Smith, who had no idea what someone was talking about when they said voter fraud, got canned. Martha McFly got taken off the evening slot as she couldn’t compete with Greg Kelly show on Newsmax. She got demoted to the noon news slot. Next to go is Cavuto. Election nights have consequences.

Was Dirty Harry Foretelling the Future in Magnum Force?

Incredible as it seems there may be a whole suborganization within… [the government like the Deep State.] “Yeah, some nights I wake up…wonder what the hell the world is going to,” says Inspector Callahan. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Clint. Damn, he’s handsome even with a Band-Aid.

Clint Eastwood was my celebrity crush. Many moons ago in the 70s, I met him on my 29th birthday at a private tennis club bar that my boyfriend and I snuck into to watch a Bjorn Borg tennis match on tv. No sooner had we sat down and ordered some food (and just by happenstance) in walked Clint and other celebrities like Merv Griffin and Lloyd Bridges all there for a celebrity tennis tournament. My boyfriend whispered like a ventriloquist, “Don’t look up, but there’s Clint Eastwood. Act normal, pretend not to notice him” which I proceeded to do while my heart was beating out of my chest.

Once Clint was seated at a long table next to mine, a 21-year-old cocktail waitress handed him a note. Clint turned around to me and asked, “Can you read this for me?” He apparently left his bifocals at home. I nonchalantly took the note (playing along like I didn’t know who he was) and read it aloud for his guests to all hear, “Meet me in Room 211 after I get off work.” Gene Hackman asked to see the note for himself but couldn’t read it either and said to me, “I love young eyes.” It was the best birthday of my life and I’ll never forget it. At age 29 and single I was feeling at a crossroads; but I was young to them, and Clint made my day. Actually, it was a turning point in my life as I met my husband two months later quite by happenstance, again. But I digress.

Dirty Harry’s comments in Magnum Force were way before their time. The movie was about a secret organization within the SFPD that was judge, jury, and executioner of suspects with criminal records. They hired rogue policemen as traffic cops that pulled over suspects then shot them to death without any arrest or evidence or court appearance. The Deep State is treating the GOP, Trump, and his supporters much in the same way. They are judge, jury, and executioners all in one for us thinking or believing differently. We are guilty until proven innocent.

They use BLM and Antifa as their rogue policemen. They turned a peaceful assembly into a chaotic riot at the Capitol by inciting violence and the Deep State quickly (without evidence) blamed Trump. Judge, jury, guilty as charged. This is scary stuff. I read the transcript of Trump’s speech that day as well as watched it live. It was lacking in enthusiasm and rather lackluster. Not inspiring at all. More of a review of how the election fraud took place. Not enough to stir up a crowd. In fact, he told them to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to let their voices be heard.

Look how the Deep State treated Roger Stone and Manafort for working with Trump. Look how they’ve treated Trump and his family from day one. Look how they’re treating any member of congress that dares to say that there was election fraud. They want them to resign. Look what they’re doing to the owner of Parler having him flee his home from death threats. Look what they’ve done to all conservatives on Twitter–banned. They have been treating us all like criminals for not believing or thinking the same as them. It is a travesty. They are the thought and speech police and are trying to silence us.

Ironically, they are the criminals overthrowing our government and treating us as the criminals. They are metaphorically pulling us over for a traffic violation and shooting us to death. I do wake up at night and wonder where the hell our country is heading. Dirty Harry’s comments in Magnum Force were foreboding and ring true today.

What the hell is the world going to?

We Are Living in a State of Limbo.

Prairie dog wondering what’s going to happen.

No one knows what will happen between now and January 20th, and we are feeling like this prairie dog looks. Will Joe Biden really be inaugurated? I’m not so sure. They are preparing for a huge attack by an enemy based on all the fences erected and security brought in; but it is clear from facts coming out, that the last riot was instigated by anarchists. They support Biden, so this baffles me. Who’s coming to command such a heavy-handed response?

Trump has finally released classified documents revealing that the FBI was in on pushing a Russia Collusion crime onto Trump in order to run interference for their buddy Hillary. Three years of a Mueller Probe costing taxpayers 35 mil. Shouldn’t that be a crime in itself? The media and social media are dead set in taking away conservatives rights to freedom of speech, right to assemble, and right to bear arms. Are they going to be held accountable?

Nancy and her cohorts broke the constitution when they impeached Trump with a drive-by impeachment presenting no evidence of a crime. Will they be held accountable? Small businesses are being forced to shut down and some of them are getting their bank accounts confiscated by their local government. Is this legal? Sounds like something done in a communist country.

More and more proof is being released that our election was stolen by the Democrats. Will anyone be held accountable? Anyone? Will Biden be arrested prior to his inauguration and replaced by the true winner, Trump? And where’s Hunter and Durham? I’d really like to know. Every state is using different criteria for who gets Trump’s covid vaccination causing residents to get angry and frustrated. Their governors have no set plan and are not releasing information on websites to inform their people, leaving them in limbo. It’s every man and woman for themselves it seems.

The Democrats have been inciting violence over the airwaves and on the internet for years with no repercussions, and yet they accuse Trump of inciting violence when he did not. Remember what Madonna, DeNiro, Depp, Maxine, and many others have threatened. Harvard Trump supporters are being threatened to lose their diplomas.

Our freedoms are being attacked daily by the left, and it is getting out of control. No one knows what is going on. We really don’t. We’ve lost communication with the president due to Twitter banning and Parler closing and are left with only Newsmax who is grabbing at straws to make sense of what is going on. FOX News is done except for in the evening.

We feel desperate and saddened at the same time about what is going on. No one seems to be able to tell us. All we do know is that J-Lo will be performing at Joe’s in-aug. Big whoop! Can’t wait!

What do we have to look forward to if Biden becomes president for real? Migrant grape pickers getting $15 an hour raising the cost of wine, hamburger flippers getting $15 an hour causing massive layoffs at In and Out Burger, stimulus checks being mailed out too late to pay anyone’s rent, and open borders with caravans coming our direction. Great! Can’t wait!

Getting in bed with China and back in bed with Iran. Revoking Trump’s tax cuts and taxing our wealth. Small businesses getting their corporate taxes raised causing massive layoffs. Some of these companies may have voted for Biden and will get what is coming to them, but the rest of us didn’t. The Supreme Court will get packed with more members. John Roberts will be getting what he deserves but we won’t be. Great! Can’t wait!

Free healthcare for all, even illegals. How will that work? It will be paid by our government, having seniors share their Medicare with illegals. Do they even know that we are paying for it out of OUR social security retirement check? Comes right off the top. Illegals and others not retired will not be contributing. A recipe for bankruptcy. Ending fossil fuel will make us energy dependent on the Middle East. A recipe for terror attacks again. Great! Can’t wait.

Bottom line is Biden will not unite the country. He will divide it so harshly down strict political lines and even take prisoners and punish his enemies. We will not even be able to keep our friends, colleagues, and family that are on the other side. Great…can’t wait.

This is why we are all in a state of limbo. We don’t really know what is coming down the pike. Biden never told us his plan while running for president in his basement, and now we will just have to get what his handlers force on us. Great…can’t wait. :</