Biden, the Human Wrecking Ball.

The Rise and Fall of the Wrecking Ball | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

All Biden has to do is sit at his desk and sign executive orders written by others rescinding all of Trump’s good work. He is literally wrecking America with the stroke of a pen probably the only part of his body left functioning aside from his nose.

But seriously now, what’s with the urgency of reversing all of Trump’s accomplishments without taking a good look at them? He is a hasty president which is not a good quality for someone holding the nuclear codes. Who’s really behind all these reversals of fortune? I smell Obama’s hand in this. He wants Solyndra 2.0. Why put thousands of hardworking Americans out of work at the Keystone Pipeline and at our border wall? They changed their lives to move there and take those jobs. It is cruel and unusual punishment. But this is the Punishment Party.

I notice the media hasn’t mentioned that the DOW has gone south since Biden took office. Wouldn’t that be breaking news if Trump had been inaugurated? Certainly would. But you see, the media is covering for Biden as usual. Any negative stories will be buried. Reversal of fortune right before our eyes. Watch our retirement plans slowly dwindle like they did under the Obama Administration.

Yesterday they asked the National Guard to sleep in a cold parking garage rather than hang around the Capitol Building. It was punitive probably because they were angered that they had their backgrounds checked after reporting for duty. Let’s get something clear. There is nothing wrong with supporting President Trump before or after this last sham of an election. If they think they can punish everybody for doing so retroactively, then they are more crazy than we thought. But this is the Punishment Party.

All this talk about where we can wear a mask or not is silly. I can’t believe the media got sucked into the conversation. There is no proven science that the masks stop one from getting or spreading this virus. It is a guess at the best. People will do, what people do. We have common sense and will wear a mask when needed without federal mandates. No mandate is going to change our behavior. Stores and small businesses will enact rules and that’s fine.

They will probably still try to impeach Trump in the senate after he is long gone. Clearly unconstitutional and vindictive. They are obsessed with Trump. Almost glad Trump doesn’t have twitter to voice his daily complaints on what punitive measures the Biden Administration is taking. There would be too many tweets. Trump should remain silent for several months while Biden systematically wrecks the country with the stroke of his hand. Let We the People do the complaining. Even some Democrats, after all, they got the president they deserved.

If someone can tell me one good reason for the reversal of just one of Trump’s executive orders, please tell me what it is. I’d like to know. While Trump was a human snowplow, plowing away all the attacks on him from the media, the FBI, and the Dems; Biden is a human wrecking ball destroying all the good work Trump did.

Why Are Statues of George Floyd Being Erected but not for Ashli Babbitt?

Ashli Babbitt's journey to the Capitol, where the Trump and QAnon supporter  was fatally shot by police - The Washington Post

It’s an obvious answer. Ashli Babbitt was conservative, served in the air force, and a Trump supporter. She was an unarmed female veteran shot doing something she shouldn’t have been doing but so was George Floyd. In fact, George was under arrest for passing counterfeit bills in a store and swallowed a bunch of pills so he wouldn’t get caught with drugs. He probably would have died anyway despite having a knee on his neck. Where are the women’s groups for Ashli Babbitt?

We watched live on tv Ashli getting shot in the neck and lying down with people holding pressure onto her to stop the bleeding. It was gruesome. Just as gruesome as George Floyd’s death. It was definitely murder with no shout out to drop her weapon. She had no weapon. She had no pills to swallow. She only wore her Make America Great hat and that’s all the Trump-hating cop needed to see. She was a threat to Democrats. There was no insurrection that day. There was no sedition that day. Just a bunch of parading rally goers according to the latest findings.

When will the media stop vilifying a woman who probably got caught up in the excitement of the parading rally goers and went overboard. But the black cop who shot her was not under any threat nor were anyone in the senate or capitol building for that matter. Ashli was a victim of circumstance and a rally gone wrong. The cop was exonerated before any charges. Basically declared innocent before a trial. Why? Because he is black. If he was white and shot a BLM gal, he’d be hung already from the nearest tree and the black victim would have statues placed across DC.

But seriously, this double standard (or reverse racism as I always call it) needs to stop. Blacks are given the benefit of the doubt whereas whites get the book thrown at them. It was never like this before. It was the complete opposite. And therein lies the problem! I guess what is going on is the media, blacks, and prosecutors are giving whites a taste of their own medicine. Payback. But we all don’t deserve it. You can’t blame all whites for the senseless acts of the KKK (which were rich Democrats) in the past. Conservatives are getting punished for the racist acts of Democrats. Makes perfect sense, right? I guess if you say it often enough and teach it in our schools, it will be believed.

What they are trying to do is make the conservative party out to be the racists which it is the complete opposite. Lincoln was Republican. Everything Biden has done so far in office is to divide our country down racial lines. Martin Luther King was Republican; and yes, even Colin Powell was Republican although he didn’t vote that way in later years. Biden is trying to say that the unvaccinated folks are conservatives which is not true at all. Many blacks don’t trust the vaccine for their own reasons. After all, Harris said she wouldn’t trust the vaccine. That’s all they needed to hear. They have the right under our constitution to not take it. Our bodies, our choice. Our health decisions should be private under the HIPPA Laws, but I don’t see this occurring.

This vaccine mandate will eventually end up at the Supreme Court as no one knows what the heck is going on. People are getting fired from their jobs for refusing to take the vaccine. Statues of Jefferson are being removed and a lifetime criminal is being honored with a statue. The world is upside down right now. No one knows what VP Harris is doing, what Biden has done in his sordid past, nor what his administration is trying to pull off in plain sight.

What is their ultimate goal? I’d sure like to know. It’s not putting America First. It’s putting us last. It’s not building back better, it’s not building at all. And I’m pretty sure not one pretty cloth mask has prevented anyone from catching covid. Not one. It’s a means of control. And whether you catch covid or not is, unfortunately, the luck of the draw. Even those vaccinated are catching it.

Condolences to all that have fallen victim of the China virus and to their families. Let’s not forget Ashli Babbitt who died needlessly. But neither her or George Floyd should have statues erected in their honor. Statues should be reserved for notable citizens that have advanced society by their accomplishments not for being killed in the act of breaking the law.

President Doom and Gloom Has Interesting Recollection.

Quinnipiac polls: Are Biden's bills popular? Yes, but Democrats may not be.  - Vox
Biden sitting at his fake desk, in his fake room, with fake background.

Our president who continually scares the bejesus out of the general public with warnings of a dark winter, increased covid deaths, no Christmas toys, climate change, hurricanes, no gatherings, and other dire warnings in order to get his vaccine mandates and trillion $$$ pork bills passed, had an interesting recollection during a recent speech. He said, “My surgeon, who worked on my aneurism, said I was a congenital optimist.” I thought he was going to say congenital liar, but no such luck.

If Biden is an optimist, then we need to change the meaning of the word. Oh sure, he sugarcoats all the bad news he gets about his economy, his inflation, his high gas prices, his Afghanistan withdrawal, and his border crisis; but it is usually and wrongly blamed on Trump. That’s not optimism, that’s lying or scapegoating.

Now he has Buttigieg and Psaki lying for him by saying it’s a good thing the ports are backed up. It means people are shopping, people are driving, people are working; and the demand for goods cannot keep up with it. Well… if that isn’t spin, I don’t know what is. Funny how the transportation industry worked so well for four prosperous years under Trump. I wonder why? One problem could be that Biden is beholding to China so he cancelled the tariffs that Trump had placed on them allowing more goods to be purchased from China; therefore, crowding the ports of entry. Another reason could be that Biden’s stimulus and unemployment checks keep longshoremen from returning to work. Vaccination and masks mandates don’t help either.

The truth is: this country has more problems since Biden came into office than Merck has pills. Biden is not a businessman as he’s never run a company. In fact, his son had to pay his bills for him. No “balancing a budget” skills either. One problem that no one seems to want to address is how we got here, i.e. what happened in the swing states? What really happened? Evidence has come to light of mass voter fraud but no one wants to touch it. It wasn’t a fair election and Trump should have prevailed. But the Deep State et al wasn’t having it. They willingly accepted the results of the 2020 rigged election.

Another problem that no one seems to want to address is what really happened on January 6th? If six capitol police have been let go for conduct unbecoming of an officer, some committed suicide or died mysteriously since, and one is a murderer of Ashli Babbitt, doesn’t this reek of conspiracy? It does to me. It has shades of JFK assassination and the ensuing deaths of multiple people involved. Who was behind it [cough, Nancy]; who condoned it [cough, Biden]; and who is continually trying to put the blame on Trump [cough, the FBI]?

Bottom line: Trump got robbed in plain sight and now the country is paying for it tenfold with the incompetency of this administration which will only get worse as the years go by. Did we get what we deserved? Not me, but those that actually voted or cheated for Biden did. They are getting what they deserve in death by a thousand cuts; but are remaining suspiciously quiet. In fact, they don’t even mention Biden in mixed settings. They will not hesitate to take another swipe at Trump, however. Trump was their punching bag; they can dish it out, but not take it. Heaven forbid someone says something negative about the old bag of decaying bones occupying the White House or the fake stage setting.

But a congenital optimist, he is not. He’s a pessimist from day one in office. The world is dying from climate change, there will be more pandemics, and we won’t have toys on the shelves this year. His old surgeon needs to recant that comment, (if it was even said.) Biden most likely lied about that as well. He does like to spin a yarn.

Biden: The Punisher.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

While his polls are sinking faster than a ship’s anchor due to just about every industry suffering since he became president, he now wants to take out the fishing industry. Deadliest Catch will be a thing of the past.

Offshore turbine windmills along U.S. coastlines will not only devalue properties in the line of sight of these monstrosities but will upset the fragile marine life, fish, whales, sea turtles, porpoises, sharks, seals, and birds. Not to mention pollute the water with toxic emissions.

During foggy nights or rough seas will ships be able to maneuver around these turbines without hitting them and sinking? Fishermen, boaters, cruise ships, submarines, and sailboats will be in danger as well. The ocean has a mind of its own and all the technology in the world on your vessel cannot keep it from sinking if it hits one of these turbines in rough waters.

And where are all the environmentalists that usually ballyhoo about offshore drilling? Where the hell are they all now? Suspiciously silent. They sure have selective outrage when it comes to messing with the ocean. I guess as long as it doesn’t interfere with their unobstructed view of the horizon from Malibu or Obama’s from the Eastern sea cliffs then everything’s hunky dory. Put these structures up the coast near Oregon or Eureka or down by the red states. No celebrities live there. What a bunch of NIMBYs. (Not In My Back Yard).

Biden seems to want to punish us all before his mind turns completely to mush. A doctor needs to examine him ASAP, and I don’t mean his wife. He fell asleep at a family wedding then demanded a deli sandwich when he awoke from his nappy sending the secret service scattering to his demands. He’s like the grumpy old grandpa we’ve all experienced.

I don’t think even Kammie would try to put turbines in the ocean. But she’s out to lunch right now along with Buttigieg who had twins with his husband? What is going on? Secretary of Transportation is on maternity leave during the worst transportation crisis in history. Funny how that works.

Seems to be standard practice though. Secretary of State goes on vacation along with Biden during the Afghanistan withdrawal. Kammie goes on vacation during the border crisis. And now this. Democrats cut and run when there is crisis just like after Benghazi terror attack whereby Hillary went to bed along with Obama (not together). That story actually never rang true with me. I think they were up all night coming up with the “hateful video excuse” before they jointly went to the mic the next day.

I never did trust Mayor Pete. He was just out for himself. And how many taxpayer dollars went to his surrogate? I guess his student loans are paid off now. Our country is being run by a bunch of academics on summer vacation taking advantage of the perks of their position along with a man on a mission to punish us all. The Punisher.

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If Coach of Raiders is Cancelled for Using the Fa**ot Word Back in the Day…

Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane.

then maybe Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane fame who was married to cinematographer and drummer Gerald “Jerry” Slick from 1961 to 1971 should have her music cancelled. Why? you ask. Is there a statute of limitations for using the offensive word? If so, what is it? Ten years, twenty, forty? Does it matter who used it, a woman, a man, a liberal, a conservative, black, white, gay or straight? Does it matter if it was spoken or written in an email? Please tell me, I’d like to know. When does all this cancel culture end? Maybe the coach should have stood up to it to set an example.

In 1968, I had never heard the slang word until Grace (who was ten years my senior) introduced it to me. How? you ask. Well…I’ll never forget it. I was working as a hostess for ten bucks an hour at a wedding fashion show at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco selling tickets and filling out applications for engaged couples that wanted to attend. Well…low and behold as a mere 18-year-old and unbeknownst to me I was graced by having Grace Slick come to the front of my line.

She was garbed in an antique diaphanous wedding gown with a necklace of old skeleton keys and her hair dyed a dark henna. She was a vision. How do I remember this? I was into antiques from the age of 18. Her necklace and dress intrigued me. I was also into coloring my hair. Her fiancé wore a black leather jacket and matching leather pants. I was also into leather like the kid from movie Annie Hall. I can picture the couple to this day.

So I sold her and her fiancé two tickets and began to fill out their application. “What is your name?” I casually asked.


“What’s your fiancé’s name?”


“What does he do?”

“He’s a faggot actor,” Grace said with a straight face.

(Notice there was not a question asking what she did. It was the 60s after all and gals weren’t expected to hold serious jobs.)

“How do you spell faggot?” I stupidly asked as I never heard it before. I was a stenographer during the week and heard just about every business-related word. This one threw me for a loop.

I’ll admit I was naïve for working in San Francisco, the gay capitol of the world, but I studied Business English, not rock star English. And I still lived at home. I knew of the queer and homo words but that was the extent of my gay jargon aside from Castro Street.

A more worldly hostess next to me leaned over and whispered, “That’s Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane.”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. I knew of the band. I have their album for gosh sakes! Jeepers! I went along with Grace’s charade as she was already married; and it soon became clear that they only came to crash the fashion show as they later got hauled out by the police for disturbing the peace. They were into crashing events back then. The original wedding crashers. They were both high on something. LSD was her drug of choice according to her.

Point of the story is: In 1968 the word was used in certain circles. I’ve never used it. No reason to cancel her or any coach of a football team. Freedom of Speech was honored and respected back then. We have to be more forgiving to past generations and the words used back then. I’m sure Grace Slick would be abhorred now knowing that she used that word in front of an innocent 18-year-old (or not). I won’t hold it against her. She made my day.

People need to lighten up. Maybe they should read the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Way too many people looking through the past of people to cancel them. Liberals or wokes or whatever they want to call themselves need to leave the rest of us all alone. We don’t look into their past or their parents’ pasts. Or maybe we should. Could be why they are like they are. I’m quite sure their parents may have said this word back in the day at some point. Would they cancel their own parents? Probably not. What we have here is Selective Generation Discrimination.

If a “Job is More Than a Paycheck, it’s About Dignity,”…

Photo by Thibault Luycx on Pexels.com
Photo by Mike on Pexels.com
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

why in the world would the Biden Administration incentivize perfectly healthy workers to sit home on their couches while there’s 1-1/2 jobs out there for every unemployed person? Plenty of businesses are suffering from staffing shortages to keep it running like the shipping and unloading industry, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, police, and hospitals. There are “Help Wanted” signs everywhere. No one wants to work.

Why is that? They’d rather collect their unemployment checks, live off their relatives, or sleep in a tent? Who knows the reason. But sending these freeloaders a check every month doesn’t help. It has only made a generation of lazy kids. Especially when employers are hiring back and desperate to get qualified help. Even Amazon has to incentivize workers to come back with freebies of cash and college. It’s sickening to me.

I can remember when I got my first real job and my paper paycheck; in fact, I have saved every check stub from every paycheck I got back then. It was more than a paycheck, like Biden has said. It is the only truth Biden has ever told. I have stacks of stubs from The Emporium, CALTRANS (formerly known as Division of Highways), Bank of America, PG&E, County of Marin…and many more. Point is, kids of today are not being raised to know what it feels like to hold a job, be responsible, proud, and self-sufficient. My mother’s nickname for me was “Big working girl.” It sounded cute back then but means a lot to me now. I think she wanted me to be married earlier like she had been; but since I wasn’t, I worked. Thus the nickname.

Fear has a lot to do with workers not returning to their jobs. They don’t want to catch covid and also don’t want to wear a mask while sitting at an office desk or greeting customers. This Fauci character carries much of the blame as he has put so many mixed messages out there, workers don’t know what to do. Easier to sit home until the “pandemic” has subsided. Three of my family members still work from home as their employer has not required them to return yet. Their employers are fearful of being sued if one employee catches covid while at work. So there’s another reason businesses are suffering as well.

None of this would be happening if Trump were still president. He would have shut off the spigot of freebies and stimulus checks long ago forcing these freeloaders off the couch. Tough love is what this country needs and Biden is not tough. He’s weak and has proven it by the way he left Afghanistan. Weak, fake, and foolish are words that come to mind. Biden needs to resign. No one likes him any longer.

There’s another reason some folks don’t wish to return to work as some employers are requiring them to be vaccinated. This is a personal choice and our health questions should be private. What ever happened to the HIPPA Laws? They sort of went by the wayside with everything else this administration got rid of. Let’s do Kamala.

She is a caricature of herself, animated, goofy, dimwitted, and incompetent. She’d make a great cartoon character or a news anchorwoman like Katie Couric. But a VP? Not so much. We need serious people running our country. How in the world she became a prosecutor at one point in her life baffles me. She is so scatterbrained, I find it hard to believe. Biden doesn’t even want to be seen with her now and that says a lot. It was a gift, her being chosen as VP. I thought it would be Michelle as they had to pick a woman, but Obama had some say in who Joe picked. Obama didn’t want his wife upstaging him. And it’s the Democrat way to choose a VP that is more corrupt and incompetent than yourself so he/she can be blamed for any mistakes you make. Thus putting Kamala in charge of the border crisis and having her completely ignore it. I’m surprised he didn’t put her in charge of the Afghanistan withdrawal.


I think the perfect ticket for 2024 would be TRUMP/DESANTIS. Trump would be president for four years and let DeSantis carryout the next four to eight years. Bye bye Pence. You blew it. This way we can get back all that we have lost under Biden. It will take awhile to reverse all the socialist policies that they have enacted starting with finishing the wall and Keystone Pipeline, making us energy independent again. Right now thousands of steel posts are lying in the dirt awaiting to be erected as well as pipes while our gas prices are soaring.

Biden’s senators have asked for “smart patrol” of the border. What the hell does that mean? Does it mean drones that fly along the border, spot invaders, then shoot them with stun guns like animals? That’s inhumane, and I thought they were all about being humane. Or does it mean taking pictures of them via drones then sending them off to be analyzed by the FBI to see if they are a threat to America? This idea is useless and time consuming as they’d be long gone before the FBI gets out of bed. Besides, they’re busy tracking down school kids’ parents.

California has so many problems right now that Newsom is deflecting with silly laws to take our eyes off the ball. He wants gender neutral isles for toys in stores of over 500 employees. So that means we can shop at the ma and pop store down the street to find our grandsons the proper toy. Okay. He also wants the sale of gasoline lawn mowers to end in a few years, so I guess our gardener will be carrying long electrical cords around with him and asking to plug into our house. Another great idea to cut down on our electric costs, Newsom. And what about the careless gardener that accidentally runs over the cord? Oops! Stupid ideas with lofty intentions. See how they pick winners and losers in this economy?

So let’s get Americans working again, so they can feel dignity. Stop sending unemployment and stimulus checks. Stop forcing masks and vaccinations on employees. Let them have the freedom of choice. Covid will go away when we stop talking about it. Trust me. A year from now it will be nothing more than a scary memory, although our babies will be scarred for life from two years of isolation from people and having their smiles covered by a scary mask. It’s not normal and should never have been made the norm. Masked people are partly to blame.

America needs you. Go back to work! Mask or no mask, get off the couch!

Happy Columbus Day!

Clueless Reporter Changes Wording of “F*** Joe Biden” Chant.

And we ask ourselves, “Is the media in the tank for Joe?” This proves it. Either the sports interviewer is hard of hearing or she’s clueless to what is going on at college games. I suspect the latter, so she heard what she wanted to hear. But if neither, she is part of the problem of news networks suppressing or changing the story.

Let’s face it, “Let’s go Brandon” is much more cheerful-sounding to the snowflake reporter. But we are living in a country that doesn’t feel too cheerful about the way we left Afghanistan allies and Americans behind to be tortured. We might as well have left them with the Mexican Drug Cartel. And we all know what they do.

But this is the world we are living in now where the media controls what we hear and even what we see. It is communist America. Look at the mock office they have set up for Biden when he reads his teleprompter speeches. Look what they did to the story of the Border Police on horses which they now have to backtrack without looking insane. Look how they told us that they took out a car full of terrorists in Afghanistan with a drone but it was only civilians and children. That screwup alone should be frontpage news for months, much like the Charlottesville story they tried to pin on Trump. But it’s not.

Look at today’s story of why Southwest Airlines had to cancel 1800 flights. It wasn’t due to weather like the news tried to pawn off on us, it was because of vaccine mandate walkouts of pilots, stews, and air traffic controllers. Biden and his draconian rules are putting our lives in danger. Look what they did before the presidential election by calling the laptop from hell just Russia disinformation and the stupid people believed it. I used to call them gullibles, now they are just stupid. Remember when Biden fell three times on the steps to Airforce One and the press said it was due to high winds.

Remember when the media falsely reported that Officer Sicknick was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher at the rally and the White House ran with the false story for weeks even having a special memorial for him when he died days later from “undisclosed causes?” That could be code for “they took him out because he knew too much.” However, they ignored the death of Ashli Babbitt who was murdered at the scene by a Capitol Police Officer! Remember when they erected fences around the Capitol for months after the rally as a photo op only so the FBI could say domestic terror from white nationalists [Trump supporters] is our No. 1 threat? All for show.

Nothing we see or hear from this Administration will be true from now on. Whenever they fear that the real truth is being exposed, the DOJ weaponizes the Feds against anyone reporting it, even school parents. Pippi Longstocking Psaki will soon be called Pinocchio Psaki. The public is slowly opening their eyes to what this administration along with the media is doing and what they have done like helping to rig an election. One could only hope.

Biden who ran on “decency, dignity, soul, and transparency” is just the opposite. “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies” by Fleetwood Mac should be his theme song if he ever holds another rally that no one will show up at.

Happy Columbus Day!

Check List for Biden’s Accomplishments FOR DUMMIES.

Books For Dummies: A Key to Information

President Biden has accomplished so much in such a short time! Here’s a list of his accomplishments that the media may have overlooked:

In no particular order:

  1. Biden has increased the vocabulary of the general public by five words: Hyperbole, existential threat, systemic, autocratic, and resilient. After all, he uses these words in every teleprompter address together with phrases like “not a joke,” “come on, man,” and “I’ll get in trouble.”
  2. Increased public awareness of mental decline of seniors and donations to the Alzheimer’s Association.
  3. Unified parents of school age children to lose respect for public education and the FBI.
  4. Unified the public to lose respect for the art of painting and the FBI.
  5. Unified the public to lose respect for our commanders and The Pentagon.
  6. Brought realization to the public of the liberal bias of several news networks and social media.
  7. Brought realization to the public that President Trump really was Making America Great, not just saying a campaign slogan. And that The Wall and his policies really worked.
  8. Increased the viewership of Newsmax, Gutfeld, Bill Maher’s show, and the movies The Truman Show, Capricorn One, Outbreak, and Wag the Dog.
  9. Increased the sale of guns, fences, security systems, safes, drugs, and alcohol.
  10. Increased the number of students interested in careers in set directing, stage managers, and sound and lighting engineers. They have a future in D.C.

All good stuff, right? Anytime you can unify people on anything or increase public awareness of anything, that’s an accomplishment. He did promise to unite America; still looking for the promise of dignity and civility, but all in good time. Amazing what he did in such a short time.

Stay tuned. Still compiling the rest of his list of accomplishments. It will take some time.

Watch Trump’s speech tonight!

Media Goes Silent on School Shooter in Texas.

Typical high school students.

This was breaking news on Wednesday of another school shooting at an Arlington, Texas, high school with the shooter fleeing police in his car. He pulled a gun from his backpack and shot three students and one teacher during a raucous. Then when Thursday morning came around, there was no mention by the media of the shooting or the suspect leading me to believe, once again, that he must be black. This is becoming SOP for the media.

Yep, it turns out he is black and his defense of the shooting was that he has been a victim of racism on school property with the school doing nothing.  “Recently he was ambushed by a group of young males outside of school, stripped of his clothing in front of a crowd of onlookers, and robbed of his money and possessions.” says the local newspaper. I don’t believe a word of it in this climate of BLM. It just reeks of a lie. Jussie Smollett comes to mind.

Then the story goes on to say that he is a straight A student planning on becoming an engineer. I’m sorry, but the last time I checked, straight A students do not carry guns to school or have guns in their home. He is definitely the product of poor upbringing using racism as his excuse. I’m not believing any of this story as the court has already released him from jail on home confinement and the media is sugarcoating this kid’s background as it doesn’t fit the narrative of white supremacists. But it does fit the narrative of a BLM hate crime.

All this mollycoddling of black suspects is the same way they treat Biden after he messes up. But if there aren’t stiff repercussions for these crimes, they will continue to commit them. I can assure you if he was white and shot black students and a teacher it would be front page news, and he’d be behind bars without bail and charged with attempted murder. No doubt in my mind.

Since when is it okay to bring a gun on school property? Have the courts gone mad? Do they even remember Columbine or the Parkland shootings; one committed by bullied students and the other by a troubled teen? There should be no leniency given to this student just because he is black. But there is, and it’s sick. Local police are covering for this kid, as well. Remember the “Promise Program” initiated by none other than Obama? Must have been reenacted by Biden.

Who are these judges? Do they have any common sense or knowledge of past crimes in schools? And why don’t school entryways have metal detectors overhead especially in this current climate of racial division by the Biden Administration? Check this alter boy’s social media for BLM activism and his parents’, and we’ll know the full story which led to this mass shooting. He pulled the trigger four times, at least! That’s attempted murder, not aggravated assault like the court is charging him with. Outrageous!

Hate is being spread daily by this administration. They hate Republicans, Moderates, parents, Texas, DeSantis, and anyone who supported Trump. We need to be more vigilant in our schools. Maybe, just maybe, all this teaching of CRT has put ideas in the students’ heads that they are different from each other. Duh! Martin Luther King said to judge not by the color of one’s skin but the content of their character. CRT throws that suggestion out the window. And this shooter’s character, not his color, is immoral.

Thanks liberals. Here’s another mess you’ve got us in.

America is Like a Bathtub with a Running Faucet.

Photo by Olena Yelisieieva on Pexels.com
DGA Quarterly Magazine | Spring 2010 | Shot to Remember - Fatal Attraction
Tub in Fatal Attraction: Symbolic of our overflowing borders.

Eventually it overflows! And you know what happens when the floor cannot hold the weight of all that excess water? The tub goes crashing through the floor down through the ceiling of the first floor like in the movie The Money Pit. Only America will soon be the money pit as it is the attraction of America to migrants that will be fatal to us.

We can’t afford this continuous flow of millions of primitive natives coming into our country that the government will have to feed and care for. Some are actually crossing over and giving birth to instant citizens, which I think this law needs to be readdressed at some point. Crossing illegally and giving birth does not a citizen make! We have to turn off the spigot! Social security is for working Americans when they retire, not for illegals crossing our border.

It goes without saying, but someone has to point it out that all the migrants crossing the border illegally are primitive natives from third world countries that speak their own language. There’s not a fair-skinned, English-speaking one in the bunch. Not trying to sound racist. It’s just an observation that no news anchors are willing to address for fear of being cancelled. No Irish, Swedish, or Italians are crossing over our border illegally. Is this the intent of the Biden Administration to dilute our country until the white race is no longer the majority but rather soon to become the minority? It’s a self-loathing mission. I know he hates himself.

Biden, tv ads, and Netflix seem to want to reflect this too. European explorers like Leif Erickson and Christopher Columbus discovered North America (although it’s not PC to say that any longer). Then Europeans migrated here legally like my Norwegian grandparents and paid their dues to become honest citizens, learn to speak English, and get real jobs not like these invaders at our southern borders expecting handouts when they cross the border.

My one grandfather retired from the railroad company and the other started his own lumber company passed down to his sons. Hardworking immigrants that appreciated and built up America then sent their sons into war to fight for our country. They gave birth to what we used to call The American Dream which is slowly becoming a nightmare. Not like today’s migrants. They don’t deserve to be on the dole or become citizens like Biden wants them to be. Biden just wants to flood our country with South Americans, Asians, Afghans, Middle Easterners, and Haitians in the hopes that they will keep the Democrats in power for decades.

Let’s stop playing dumb, we all know plenty of illegals voted in the 2020 election with impunity. All they had to do was mail in a ballot with no questions asked. No ID or signature verification. And the corrupt election workers willingly accepted their ballots. After all, they voted for phony Biden. It’s all a scam by the leftists together with the media who keeps propping up this “Capricorn One president” doing the dirty work for Marxists and Socialists. I’m half expecting Elliott Gould to appear on the scene to expose Biden for who he really is.

They want a continuous flow at our borders to dilute our population. Descendants of Europe will soon be outnumbered by descendants of third world countries and the middle east. And notice they are surreptitiously spreading these invaders out across America especially into swing states and red states to effect the next election. All part of a bigger plan to cheat again in 2022.

Turn off the spigot! Close the borders for good. Force Biden out of office. This nonsense has gone on long enough. Enough is enough!

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid…

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com

of your School Board? They may just call the Feds in to have you arrested if you don’t agree with the Biden Administration’s critical race theory or mask and vaccine mandates of our children. DOJ Garland has now made it criminal to voice your concern at a school board meeting. He has labeled concerned parents “domestic terrorists”.

So let’s break this down: Harassing and following a senator into a bathroom and filming her is part of the process but going to a school board meeting and speaking out for our children is terrorism. Got it!

Never in all my life has the FBI been involved in school policy to this degree. This cowardly DOJ is nothing more than a Pitbull for Biden and his draconian and punitive approaches to everything. Thank God he never became a supreme court justice, as he has no mind or scruples of his own. He’s a wimp in the true sense of wimp. He’s supposed to be representing the people, not Biden. Biden knows he’s failing as president and seems to be on a scorched earth mission to ruin the entire country for decades, starting with our children—the future of America. And where the hell is Kamala Harris? Anyone…anyone? MIA.

Biden has no economic sense. He thinks his pork spending and amnesty bill will cost “zero.” Maybe in his empty brain it will cost zero, but not in reality. Reality is big corporations do have many loopholes to prevent paying taxes, like huge write offs to charities. Until those are removed from the tax law, corporations like Facebook will still pay little taxes. But Biden thinks we don’t know this. He thinks saying “those earning below $400,000 a year will have no tax increase!” Malarkey! He’s also claiming this bill will pay for the deficit that Trump ran up. But Trump was paying for an emergency pandemic which Fauci, Obama, and others may have been part of. Word’s still out on that.

Small S Corporations will either layoff employees or cut their salaries, and individual taxes will have to be increased. Ironically, Joey and Hunter have been hiding income for years to prevent the IRS from finding out where it comes from (influence peddling). But We the People have to be punished for their behavior. Biden won’t be happy until everyone that thinks he stole the election is either jailed or put in the poor house.

Biden’s bill, which he claims he wrote himself (don’t make me laugh), is nothing more than a bill to repay all those unions that helped him rig the election. PERIOD. He even admitted it when he said, “I’m paying you back for helping me [cheat] to win.” If that’s not an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is. Maybe the DOJ should be investigating voter fraud instead of parents at school board meetings.

Where are the women’s movement groups to protect our girls in school from being brainwashed by Facebook and CRT? They have become suspiciously silent because they can’t go against the socialist agenda of the green new deal of Biden and AOC. And since when should preschool be free? We had to pay for our kids’ preschool. Why does this generation get college loans dismissed and preschool freebies? Are we raising a generation of freeloaders (as my grandfather used to call them)? No wonder they prefer living in tent cities on the dole. No ambition to earn a living.

This whole country is going to hell in short order because of Biden; and no one is stopping it. We need to shutdown Facebook and Twitter altogether, fire shady school board administrators, enforce election integrity rules, close our borders, reinstate border laws that were in place, and finish building the wall just for starts. This alone will save our country from the abyss we’re falling into.

But still be very afraid of your school board until the aforementioned happens. You may just find yourself behind bars with those pesky, horned rally goers of January 6th.