How Pelosi Put Me in the ER.

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On December 18, 2019, after watching the House of Representatives vote to impeach a duly elected, popular president, I went to bed with a myriad of feelings most of which was sadness.  It figuratively broke my heart to see what they had done to Trump.  The next morning I awoke feeling like I had been punched in my heart.  It was a dull pain so I took a baby aspirin which didn’t seem to help.  I went through the holidays with the dull pain, but had other things to think about like shopping, cooking, visiting, and wrapping.  Throughout the holidays I had this dull pain in my heart but never told anyone.  I didn’t want them to say I need to get it checked out. ER’s freak me out.

So after all the holidays were over, I began to worry about what was causing the pain. I was also losing my appetite so I finally mentioned it to my husband who said I should go to the doctor but I we were out of town.  During this last two weeks the pain seemed to mimic signs of heart disease. I had a sudden unexplained pain in my left shoulder that radiated to my upper back.  That’s one of the signs of heart attack, so I really started worrying.  I thought I’d die in my sleep.  So I started to call around town for a doctor appointment, but they weren’t taking new patients.  I finally found one that would see me on Monday but the nurse told me to go to urgent care in the meantime.

When I was finally seen by the doctor in the urgent care exam room, my pulse was 150 and blood pressure 157/110.  But I couldn’t feel my heart pumping that hard. Usually you feel a fast heart beat. They gave me an EKG which was abnormal and told me to go to the nearby hospital ER.

The ER put me through a battery of tests from complete blood work, heart xray, heart monitor, and two more EKGs.  The doctor came into the room after reviewing the tests and said she didn’t think it was heart-related although it mimicked all the heart attack symptoms.  I was an anomaly. She said I turned an unrelated pain in chest area into anxiety about what was causing the pain making it worse when my pulse went up. After an ativan and four hours in ER monitoring my pulse, it went back down to 89 and blood pressure to 120/80.  My diagnosis was Anxiety with Atypical Chest Pain with a follow-up stress test on a treadmill next week.

If I hadn’t gone to ER and it did turn out to be a heart attack, I’d be regretting it.  So glad I went. Feel much better today although the dull ache is still there. It is the ache of a broken heart. I’m broken-hearted over this impeachment fiasco. Whenever Nancy says with a smile, “Impeachment is forever” it adds to my pain. She’s the sick one.

I personally think I experienced a psychosomatic heart attack due to a metaphorical punch to the heart over this impeachment sham that Pelosi is putting our country through. Why else did it start on December 18, 2019?  Pelosi put me in the ER with a fake heart attack from a fake impeachment.  Our minds are definitely connected to the physical welfare of our bodies.

Of course, the logical solution to this problem is turn off the news and put my head in the sand like half of America but that’s just not me.  I want to know what’s going on and will continue to seek information as long as it’s not fake news. Live by the sword, die by the sword, so to speak.


Senator Zombies Dramatically Slow-walk Through Congress to Deliver Their Sham Impeachment.

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What an embarrassing day in history to witness these Democrat senators slow-walking through the halls of congress after delivering their phony Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.  Senator Schumer gave a horrible speech filled with lies much like Schiff used to do. The sham continues. How did anyone keep a straight face without breaking into laughter?  Someone had to break a smile at least.  We all know what they’re doing. They all know what they’re doing.  The people all know what they’re doing.  So why do they keep up the charade?  For the stupid media, of course.  They are always slow on the uptake.

Why are the Republicans allowing these zombies to sandbag the Senate?  I thought the Republicans were in charge now.  So far I haven’t seen it. I also worry about Justice Roberts.  Wasn’t he the one who approved Obamacare and appointed by Bush?  Not a good sign. He could be part of the Never-trumpers. Hope he won’t have to break any tied votes.

The more this impeachment sham continues, the more I’m losing faith in our justice system and our government.  I can’t believe there isn’t a way to throw this whole thing out of court.  Not looking forward to next week’s beginning of the so-called trial.  Could be the weirdest trial in history.  No crimes were committed. No direct evidence of a crime was presented. The Democrats want four witnesses that they could’ve called in the House interrogation but didn’t.  They won’t accept any witnesses the Republicans want to call as they call them irrelevant to Trump’s case.  If the Senate votes to dismiss, they are already labeling it a coverup.  So basically, the Democrats think they’re holding all the cards.  If they are, we’re all doomed.

Several senators in the jury pool are running or have run for president against Trump. That’s a conflict of interest and any lawyer would excuse them.  If anyone thinks they are impartial, my God they must think we have stupid written on our foreheads. They should recuse themselves like the Republicans are always anxious to do; like Sessions did. But no. They took an oath to be impartial.  They’ve already lied underoath. I saw that angry Kamala Harris’ speech.  She is spitting venom for Trump.  The Republicans should ask them to be excused.

Has America figured out yet that this all started from a phony Russia Collusion charge which turned into an Abuse of Power with Ukraine charge–both of which were fabricated by the left?  Have they figured this out yet?  If they have, why do we have to endure more weeks of this witch hunt?  This is all it is–a witch hunt.

Now to the senators running for president:  Warren is lying 100%. The lady is a pathological liar.  Bernie never told her a woman couldn’t be president.  Bernie had the election stolen by Hillary so obviously he knows a woman can win. CNN is involved in a setup against Bernie again to take him out. They want Biden as they know a socialist cannot beat Trump.  I doubt if Biden can either as he’s a few bricks short of a load but he continues to spew lies about Trump so it’s game on.

Stay tuned for the zombie court next week.



The Real Motive for Impeachment: The Mueller Report

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The Democrats are still reeling over the 400-page hit piece on Trump that didn’t accomplish anything so; therefore, they’ve chosen a ‘phone call’ to impeach him on instead. Like the crocodile, the Democrats can smell blood in the water and are coming in for the kill. But the unspoken reason is just one line in the report by Mueller regarding his findings:

As one notable line in the report states, “If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.” Mueller declined to state. VOX Report.

And therein lies their motive to impeachThey did not have confidence that Trump did not commit obstruction of justice.  It’s a bu–sh-t comment meant to confuse and be nebulous. But it left the door w-i-d-e open for the Democrats to continue their quest to remove Trump from office.  To be clear, nothing else is behind the current impeachment process. They smelled a wounded Trump after the Muellersham and won’t stop until they have him in a death roll, crocodilely speaking.

The following is another nugget that the Democrats are holding on to:

“We, at the outset, determined that, when it came to the president’s culpability, we needed to go forward only after taking into account the OLC opinion that indicated that a sitting president cannot be indicted,” Mueller said.

The OLC policy itself is relatively straightforward: Most recently reevaluated in 2000, it argues that the executive branch would be incapacitated by a criminal prosecution:

The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions.

In his report, Mueller did not ultimately charge the president. He made clear during his afternoon testimony that because of the OLC opinion, his team did not even reach a conclusion about “whether the president committed a crime.” This point was a major clarification of an earlier exchange in which Mueller seemed to signal that he would have potentially charged the president, were it not for the OLC opinion.

Despite the report’s lack of indictment, however, Mueller stopped short of exonerating the president on counts of obstruction of justice. VOX Report

The Mueller Report was anti-Trump and filled with assumptions and false allegations. I lost count of how many times it mentioned Wikileaks and Facebook, almost as though they were the reason for the probe.  But whenever Hillary’s shenanigans were alluded to, they always use the term ‘the alleged.’  She was given the benefit of the doubt throughout the whole report. Remember Mueller claimed he hadn’t heard of Fusion GPS that helped with the dirty dossier on Trump.  Give me a break.

It’s obvious that the Muellersham was damning to Trump together with the two-year investigation.  But the public can see through this as a hit piece on Trump and put forth as an explanation on why Hillary lost.  It could have been written by Hillary herself.  In fact, one or two of the committee members were buddies of hers and may have gotten her input when composing it. It was written from rumors and gossip much like a story in The Enquirer. Mueller was in it for his long-time-partner-in-crime, Comey, and the rest of the clowns were in it for Hillary.  None of them were in Trump’s camp.

So let’s not get too into ‘the phone call’ between Trump and Zelenski, as it is much to do about nothing.  And the whistleblower/s are nothing more than cowardly political hacks planted and shielded by the Democrats, much like Balsey Ford and those that wrote the Muellersham.  They are all in cahoots together to impeach a sitting president because of the Muellersham and will stop at nothing to do it.  Nothing.

Please, get me off this crazy train that goes in circles.  Hurry up with your findings, A.G. Barr, before the left tarnishes your reputation beyond repair too. They’re already at it. They are incorrigibly unscrupulous or like the movie entitled Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

UPDATE:  And now that they’ve impeached Trump, the Senate trial begins. We’ll see what else the Democrats have up their sleeves as they’re up to no good.

Last Night’s Democrat “Doom and Gloom” Debate.


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It was cloudy, with a chance of rain last evening. I watched it so you don’t have to.  I’ve never seen so many doomsayers on one stage.  They looked angry, depressed, and irritated. None of them smiled. They had nothing good to say about Trump’s America–not the booming economy, not peace, not trade, not our military, not jobs, not foreign policy, not health, nadda, nothing.  It was sad.  Either they’re very good at lying (which we know they are), or they’re seeing the world through foggy glasses.

And the moderators used leading questions that had false information in them such as: we were on the brink of war with Iran last week, Trump wants to repeal preexisting conditions from healthcare, how can you debate against Trump who’s known for name calling and lying, to Bernie said a woman can never win for president.

The lies the candidates told were whoppers too: the Iran deal was working until Trump pulled out of it and now they’re making nuclear bombs, Trump is the most corrupt and dangerous president in U.S. history, we have a president who is lying and could drag us into a war with Iran, we have lost the support of our allies, ISIS is reconstituting itself, Trump lied about embassies being threatened by Soleimani, a mess has been created in Iraq by Trump, he puts his own interest in front of the country’s, Trump is sending more troops into harm’s way in the Middle East, Trump has no strategy in the Middle East just decisions that make no sense, Trump told over 15,000 lies, Trump admitted that the Iran Deal was working and was certified, Trump treats farmers like poker chips, Trump was raised with a sense of entitlement, Trump’s coziness with Putin, Trump told a rally in Florida, ‘you don’t like me and I don’t like you’, Trump weakened sanctions with North Korea, Obama put economic pressure on Iran to weaken their military, we can to much better than Trump-led trade deals, we are leaving a country to our grandchildren that will be uninhabitable in twelve years due to climate. 

The frontrunner, Biden, looked over-rehearsed as he struggled to remember his lines, sometimes failing to answer the question just to complete his talking points. He often quit mid-sentence saying the light was on.  He was a slow-talker and lackluster. He says character and the soul of America is on the ballot.  What a hypocrite.  Sanders is the most authentic candidate on the stage but his policies will bankrupt the country in short order as he is a proud socialist, and we’ll never be a socialist country. Buttigieg, who touts religion, answers questions like a robot; Warren is a pathological liar who has three older brothers; Steyer is a calamity-climate nut who played team sports (badminton or volleyball?); and Amy K. is Miss Knowitall who’s dad couldn’t stay married. No one likes a knowitall. If she knows so much why hasn’t she led the Senate into getting something, anything, done in congress aside from impeaching Trump? I’ll never forget her attack on poor Kavanaugh.  That ruined her, Spartacus Booker, and Kamala’s chances.

None of these candidates have the charisma, common sense, or chops to stand up to Trump. He will eat their lunch and call them out on all their past lies.  Although the media won’t bring up their ugly pasts, Trump will, and they’ll be finished.

In summary, the doomsayers loved whatever Obama did and hate whatever Trump has accomplished and want to reverse it.  Obama apparently was a saint from his pallets of cash to Iran, his coverup of Benghazi, his failed health plan, and his drone attacks on ISIS.  Everything he did was great. Everything Trump does is bad. They are running on bringing us back to Obama years: high unemployment, jobs going overseas, stiff restrictions on companies, higher taxes, sanctuary cities, open borders, cover ups and corruption, abolishing ICE, terror attacks, more homeless, war on police, weak on crime, failed solar companies, stock market crashes, and closed coal mines, nuclear plants, and offshore drilling. Their remaining platform is everything is FREE which will bankrupt the country.  Nothing is free as someone has to pay for it, and that will be the taxpayers.





What Happened to That “Glass Ceiling,” Ladies?

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We all know the feminists are waiting to break the proverbial glass ceiling at the White House for a female president.  That’s why they voted for Hillary despite all her flaws and corruption. But here’s why they’re reaching too high:  We haven’t even successfully gotten a female VICE president yet!

We’ve tried with Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Dole (1976), albeit both Republicans, and failed. Once you break that lower glass ceiling, the top ticket will be easier to attain.

The Democrats put out one “tough” woman up after another in hopes of beating Trump.  The Democrats version of a successful woman is that she looks and talks “tough.” [One that has even never washed her face with water and drinks beer from a bottle.  And another that needs to stand on a box to appear taller. ] This is a losing ticket. Why not just come up with a ticket with a woman as VP first?  That would be the most successful chance of beating Trump.  I hate to give the Democrats any tips, but from what I’ve seen with one socialist after another coming out against our president, it looks futile for them.  They are running on abolishing ICE, free college, Medicare for all, abolishing fossil fuel, and reducing the punishments for criminals.  These aren’t sensible, practical policies.

We pay for Medicare out of our pocket from our Social Security–comes right off the top of our check.  Some of these women aren’t old enough to realize it. So Medicare for all doesn’t even make sense as there’s no way to pay for it.  It will bankrupt our country and Social Security in short order if relying on taxpayers.  They are lying to the people. These females surprise me with all their collective degrees that they can’t do eighth grade mathematics. But maybe they spent too much time in college and not in the real world balancing a budget at home.

Running on “free college for all” is a piss poor plan.  Anything for free is not worth attaining.  Imagine going to a free four-year college and going up against another candidate for a job that paid $90,000 for the same degree.  Is that fair?  Certainly not. And what about parents who paid for their children’s education, will they get reimbursed?  I think not.  They just bought a degree that has been cheapened by laws passed by libs in order to garner votes from a future generation that has no clue on how to save, spend, or budget.  They want it all, and want it all now, and for free.  The day of the layaway plan at Sears or J.C Penneys is long gone.  If you ask a millennial what “layaway” means, they’ll probably say it’s a basketball move.

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We are all surprised by the interviews of college students when asked simple questions like who is our vice president or when was the Declaration of Independence signed?  They hum and haw and usually get it wrong, yet this is the demographic that the Democrats are trying to appeal to.  Get the young people’s vote, they don’t know anything.  Sort of like the Life Cereal commercial, “Let’s let Mikey try it, he hates everything.” This strategy is evidenced by the last election when they voted for Hillary. They clearly didn’t know what they were voting for.

So although the glass ceiling is taking so long to break, it will be a few more years, ladies. And, hopefully, it will be by a Republican women like Nikki Haley. But, of course, the left will tear her apart even though she is a woman with lots of experience and little baggage. 

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The left has a war on Republican women and would never allow one to be president.  I can hear Joy Behar now, “She’s a moron! We can’t let her win! I will leave the country if she wins!”  They say they are for all women, until one says that she’s a Republican. Look how they treat Sarah Sanders, Melania,  and Ivanka.


[The Democrat women candidates for president have been dropping like flies with only two left. Although Obama recently said that a woman would make a better leader than a man, it looks as though a man will be on their ticket running against Trump.  Feminists across the country must be outraged–maybe even stay home from voting. (One could only hope.)  But maybe, just maybe there is one last hope:  Joe is not up to the task of being president. Maybe he’ll pick Michelle as his running mate to garner some Obama loyalist voters. Maybe this is has been their plan all along.  Biden/Obama.  It worked before in reverse.

Don’t fall for this ticket.  It would be four more years of coverups, lies, and corruption.  Bernie Sanders would probably pick Warren as they are of like minds. But the DNC doesn’t want Bernie and will do everything to stop him. ]

To Never-Trumpers: Just Wonder If?

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Did you ever consider that you could all be wrong about President Trump? Like the bloody poster in Fargo the series says: “Wonder if you’re right and they’re wrong?”  Well, wonder if Trump is right and you’re all wrong?

Wonder if Trump really ran to make America great again and is not in it for his company, his children, or himself like you all accused from day one?

Wonder if he and his campaign were NOT involved in collusion with Russia whatsoever and just won outright by his wit and tenacity?  Why do we never hear about Russia collusion any longer?

Wonder if he really wants to keep America safe by banning folks from terror hot-bed countries and is not anti-Muslim and racist and xenophobic like you all claim?  The Supreme Court said his ban was legal and within his right as a president to make.

Wonder if these crazy women that came out accusing him of sexual harassment were just hired by his political enemies as part of the “Insurance Plan?”  Certainly seems like a possibility since reading those texts from the cowardly FBI lovebirds.

Wonder if Trump is just a sharp businessman and is bringing back our economy and jobs to America by making our tariffs fair and lowering stifling regulations and taxes on companies?  Just wonder if?

Wonder if he really wants to defeat terrorism around the world and eliminate the threat of ISIS altogether?  Why do we never hear the word ISIS any longer?  Hmmm.

Wonder if Trump has empathy for all the people of all races, religions, and economic levels?  Unemployment has gone down to historic levels for Blacks and Hispanics since he took office.  Hmmm. And he certainly cares more about Israel than Obama did.

Wonder if the Mueller Probe that was set off by Comey and Strzok is nothing more than a witch hunt to take down his presidency as he claims?  Starting to look like it.

Wonder if Trump wants peace around the world and wants to avoid war at all costs?  He certainly has calmed things in North Korea.

Wonder if the Paris Accord was nothing more than a bad deal for America and will not help the climate at all?  Just wonder if he is right?  We won’t know for thirty years so why say he’s wrong already?

I could go on and on with the wonder ifs but the bottom line is:  Trump won his election fair and square despite what the crooked hypocrite Hillary says and his win should be acknowledged and not resisted by the Never Trumpers.  You all need to support the will of the people and our president and stop all the name-calling hate and feigned outrage like Abolish ICE and Impeach 45.  It’s getting old and is ridiculous.

The next time you Never Trumpers want to go in public to say something stupid about our sitting president or his policies, just stop and think:  Wonder if Trump is right and you’re all wrong?  Just wonder if?

This was written July 6, 2018 but appears that the “wonder ifs” are becoming true. 

More wonder ifs:

Wonder if Smollett was hired by the Dems to commit his crime and when it went south, they scattered like rats on a drowning ship but they had to rescue him from prosecution?  Wonder if?  It’s starting to appear that way.

Wonder if the Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump from day one and set him up with the Mueller probe and the Ukraine hoax?  Seems that way.

Wonder if Benghazi was as bad as we all claimed but were told by the media it was not a big deal?

Wonder if Biden, when he was VP, and his son were involved in a reign of pay for play like Trump and many others suspect?

I know most of the Never-Trumpers are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and will never listen to reason; but regardless, they need to consider some of the above.

Nancy’s Goal: Take Credit for Trump’s Accomplishments While Rendering Him Impotent.


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Today’s stunt is to limit Trump’s power as Commander and Chief when it comes to military action against Iran by introducing the “War Powers Resolution.”  Nancy can’t stand the fact that Trump put out the fire on his own, so she’s trying to grab the hose from him. She’s doing this resolution to take credit for Trump’s measured and successful de-escalation with Iran. Her and her cohorts didn’t even get word of Trump taking out Soleimani and she’s livid.  For some unknown reason (the media has boosted her ego too much), she thinks she’s president. Or she wishes she was.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans for the House to vote Thursday on a War Powers Resolution that aims to limit President Trump’s military action toward Iran, saying Democrats have “serious, urgent concerns about the administration’s decision to engage in hostilities against Iran and about its lack of strategy moving forward.” FOX News

Wait–didn’t they have serious, urgent concerns that Trump was going to enlist the help of other countries in stealing the next election so they HAD to pass the Articles of Impeachment that are still sitting in Nancy’s purse with lipstick stains on them? Amazing how many serious and urgent concerns they have about Trump!

Nancy is trying to render Trump impotent prior to the next election by labeling him as provocative, cavalier, impetuous, and untrustworthy. Even if this resolution passes in the House; it will not in the Senate, so it is just another stunt by her.  But remember whatever she does, there’s an ulterior motive behind it.  It’s all part of the Democrats’ plan to set Trump up again.  Even with a failed resolution, Trump will undoubtedly feel conflicted whenever there is another attack on Americans and may do nothing rendering him weak like Obama which is their intent.  And if he responds with any kind of attack, they’ll say he has gone rogue. But we know better and trust his decisions.

Nancy is looking unstable. Something is wrong with her. She’s stumbling on her words, hands are shaking, getting words mixed up, and making excuses for her speech.  She’s unraveling. Her and Biden must both be suffering from something similar.  She’s claiming that if the senate dismisses the Articles of Impeachment, it means that Trump can’t defend himself.  It actually means, in legal terms, that there is insufficient evidence to begin a trial.  She has no legal grounds to stand on. She’s loony.

Reality is Nancy, Schiff, and Nadler are the ones that can’t be trusted. Trump would never alert them to a covert mission as they’d leak it to ruin it.  Poor Trump has to do his job while being attacked from all sides within his own government from the loons.  The Deep State is alive and well.

Nancy needs to get back to her city and clean it up.  It is warzone there. Store owners and patrons are being attacked, vandalized, threatened, stolen from, defecated and urinated on, and basically driven out of San Francisco by criminal homeless. If this is the way she runs a city, can you image how she’d run our country?  It would go to the dogs.

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