Biden, the Human Wrecking Ball.

The Rise and Fall of the Wrecking Ball | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

All Biden has to do is sit at his desk and sign executive orders written by others rescinding all of Trump’s good work. He is literally wrecking America with the stroke of a pen probably the only part of his body left functioning aside from his nose.

But seriously now, what’s with the urgency of reversing all of Trump’s accomplishments without taking a good look at them? He is a hasty president which is not a good quality for someone holding the nuclear codes. Who’s really behind all these reversals of fortune? I smell Obama’s hand in this. He wants Solyndra 2.0. Why put thousands of hardworking Americans out of work at the Keystone Pipeline and at our border wall? They changed their lives to move there and take those jobs. It is cruel and unusual punishment. But this is the Punishment Party.

I notice the media hasn’t mentioned that the DOW has gone south since Biden took office. Wouldn’t that be breaking news if Trump had been inaugurated? Certainly would. But you see, the media is covering for Biden as usual. Any negative stories will be buried. Reversal of fortune right before our eyes. Watch our retirement plans slowly dwindle like they did under the Obama Administration.

Yesterday they asked the National Guard to sleep in a cold parking garage rather than hang around the Capitol Building. It was punitive probably because they were angered that they had their backgrounds checked after reporting for duty. Let’s get something clear. There is nothing wrong with supporting President Trump before or after this last sham of an election. If they think they can punish everybody for doing so retroactively, then they are more crazy than we thought. But this is the Punishment Party.

All this talk about where we can wear a mask or not is silly. I can’t believe the media got sucked into the conversation. There is no proven science that the masks stop one from getting or spreading this virus. It is a guess at the best. People will do, what people do. We have common sense and will wear a mask when needed without federal mandates. No mandate is going to change our behavior. Stores and small businesses will enact rules and that’s fine.

They will probably still try to impeach Trump in the senate after he is long gone. Clearly unconstitutional and vindictive. They are obsessed with Trump. Almost glad Trump doesn’t have twitter to voice his daily complaints on what punitive measures the Biden Administration is taking. There would be too many tweets. Trump should remain silent for several months while Biden systematically wrecks the country with the stroke of his hand. Let We the People do the complaining. Even some Democrats, after all, they got the president they deserved.

If someone can tell me one good reason for the reversal of just one of Trump’s executive orders, please tell me what it is. I’d like to know. While Trump was a human snowplow, plowing away all the attacks on him from the media, the FBI, and the Dems; Biden is a human wrecking ball destroying all the good work Trump did.


“First They Came” Poem.


By Martin Niemöller and rewritten for today.


First they came for business owners,

And YOU did not speak out

Because YOU were not a business owner.


Then they came for your churches

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU were not a church member.


Then they came for your cities

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU did not live in the city.


Then they came for your police

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU were not a policeman.


Then they came for your schools 

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU were not a parent.


Then they came for your freedom of speech

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU were not a journalist.


Then they came for your elections

And YOU did not speak out 

Because YOU were not involved.


Then they came for peaceful demonstrators

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU weren’t there.


Then they came for your former President

And YOU did not speak out,

Because YOU were not the President.


Next they came for YOU

And there was no one left

To speak out for YOU. 


This is where we are headed folks if we don’t speak out. Don’t let them come for YOU.  This has been their plan all along to take out President Trump.  Don’t let them.  Speak out whenever you can, peacefully. This isn’t prosecution; this is persecution. A man in search of a crime. 

They is the Democrat Party, Biden, the Deep State, the socialists, the RINOs and their drones like BLM, Antifa, and the media. Trump will speak out for YOU.  This isn’t about him, it’s about YOU.  They want to jail YOU.

Think about it. 

“Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany. He emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps. He is perhaps best remembered for his postwar words, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out…”


Never Thought I’d Hear the Words, “Trump Will be Arrested Soon.”

For what, I thought? Turns out Soros-backed Manhattan D.A. has an axe to grind, meaning he has Trump Derangement Syndrome, and has decided to arrest Trump for a settlement with Stormy Daniels (while he was a citizen not an elected official) to hide an affair from his wife. If this is criminal, why didn’t they impeach Trump while he was in office? Because it is not criminal.

Bill Clinton (former Governor of Arkansas) paid Paula Jones $850,000 in hush money while he was running for president. So very similar. Michael Bloomberg, who ran for president, signed all kinds of NDAs with his female employees. Is he arrested? Biden molested his personal assistant as an elected senator, and the media ignored it. So, what is going on? Why is this punishable all of a sudden?

We have a two-tiered, weaponized, politicized legal system that goes after a man in search of a crime, and this is all they got? First, they tried to get Trump on the Access Hollywood Tape, then Russia Collusion, then Ukraine Phone Call, then Inciting an Insurrection, then Tax Evasion, then for Stealing Classified Docs, and now this? I’m embarrassed by what they have come up with. This Stormy Daniels story came out before the 2016 election and resurfaces again? They are either trying to take out Biden’s only opponent before 2024, or they just want to tarnish him in the eyes of new voters. They are clearly grasping at straws.

Why haven’t they arrested Hunter who has clearly broken many laws? Why was Sussmann found not guilty when he lied to the FBI about the reason for him bringing the Steel Dossier to the FBI? Why are all the Democrats found not guilty after they are arrested? Because we have a two-tiered justice system. One for the Democrats and one for the GOP. Why are there innocent rally goers from J6 still in prison, yet BLM and Antifa who have burned down buildings and cars and murdered are not? Two-tiered justice system.

Whatever the reason for this arrest, it is sickening; and I can’t believe I am living in a country that would try to arrest a former president for something he did that is not even against the law. Hush money is what the Clintons, Bidens, Pelosis, and Kennedys have been engaged in for decades. Without bribery and blackmail these families wouldn’t still exist.

I hope the judge dismisses this political vendetta before it goes any further. It is a disgrace to our country, waste of more taxpayers’ money, a distraction from Biden family influence selling, and a continuance of the witch hunt.

The Apple’s Wife Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree Either.

The corruption in the Biden family has now hit deceased Beau’s wife, Hallie Biden, who received $35,000 of suspicious money from China.

“Bank records obtained by the House Oversight Committee investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings reveal that Rob Walker, a Biden family associate, used his company to transfer money from a Chinese energy company to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and an unknown “Biden,” the panel said Thursday.

Hallie Biden received $35,000 over two transfers in 2017, according to the records. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., says Chinese firm Energy HK Ltd. wired Walker, a family Biden associate, $3 million just before those transfers. Walker then sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Biden family.

“Everyone says it was an energy deal,” Comer said on Fox News. “Well, it looks to me like these people, who were closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party, sent $3 million to a shell corporation and then they turned around and split it three ways with one-third going to the Biden family, three different family members for no apparent reason.” Comer says Walker initiated the transfers two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency.

“A fourth bank account identified as an unknown “Biden” also received money. “We are continuing to investigate the identity of this account holder,” the committee said.

Let’s be clear, it seems the whole Biden family is involved in selling influence to our enemies including Joe’s brothers, possible his sister and Beau prior to his death, and the only person left is Ashley Biden. This is a crime syndicate family. They’ve all been living off the riches of selling influence of a Vice President’s role in approving deals with foreign adversaries.

Joe is compromised with China, Russia, Ukraine and others and no wonder why we are heavily involved in aiding Ukraine with their war against Russia’s invasion. “As long as it takes” is Joe’s war doctrine. As long as he doesn’t get exposed prior to the next election which it looks like he has been.

Good luck, Joe. Your family is tarnished now and no way you can run for president again. No way. Unless our country is full of idiots; you don’t have a chance. How this family still has supporters and donors is beyond my comprehension.

Biden Rewards his Donors During Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

This woke bank behaved in risky loans and investments with startup companies and took in billions. They didn’t follow the FDIC guidelines with depositors by allowing large uninsured amounts to be deposited. They should have warned their clients not to place that much money into one bank or the clients should have known better. But since Democrats donors know that Biden will always back them up, they took the risk.

This bank was more concerned with holding woke seminars in diversity and inclusion and checking the right boxes when giving out loans. They were big on solar and wind power companies. They revered the LBGTQ community. So, if you were gay, transgender, woke, techy, or black applying for a solar company loan (whether or not you had a good credit rating or investment idea), you got the loan. This bank gave out risky loans just as what was done in 2007. They took in deposits over the insured amount allowed by the FDIC out of greed. History repeating itself.

As the interest rates were rising steadily, this bank could not keep up with the new rates causing them to feel the crunch of the FED’s frivolous attempt at lowering inflation. They didn’t see it coming, apparently.

But when Biden comes to the mic, who does he blame for the SVB collapse? None other than Trump! Shocker. Just like he blamed Trump for the recent train derailment and war in Ukraine. He claimed that Trump loosened some regulations that the government had over banks whereby they weren’t inspecting what they were doing. After listening to many excuses given by many pundits, it seems that our government wasn’t on top of banks and what they were up to but not because of a bipartisan bill that congress passed but rather due to lack of doing their jobs just like how the Transportation Department runs. In short, they were falling down on their jobs. Remember, a fish stinks from the head down. Biden is the head.

So, the bank didn’t have anyone looking over their finances nor did our government and the FED kept raising the interest rate and now Biden breaks all the rules of the FDIC and decides to honor their millions lost anyway with increased bank fees that will be passed onto the consumer–US. This de facto bailout would never happen in a Red State, Red City. Biden hasn’t even gone to Ohio yet to see the people suffering from the train derailment. This guy is only about helping his donors.

Biden is a human wrecking ball. Everything he touches, crumbles. He has never run anything and does not know how the economy works. He’s never even balanced his own budget or paid his own bills; he has Hunter doing it. His wife doesn’t pay her own bills. This incompetent couple is running our country into the ground like a demolished building.

He’s destroyed our energy independence, Education Department, Transportation Department, Military, border control, peace with other countries, retirement accounts, women’s sports, morality in schools, farm and cattle industries, manufacturing, food supply, shipping industry, racial relations and many more industries to come. This is his goal to destroy our country as he hates it. As the stock market goes then goes the real estate market and possibly war with another country. Then he’ll be happy and say he got more done than any other president in four years. True with one caveat. He got more UNdone than any other president in four years. Nothing to brag about.

Moral of the story: Go woke, go broke. This Green New Deal bank got what was coming to them.

We Can See Clearly Now,

the reign of suppression is gone.
We can see all obstacles that were in Trump’s way.
Exposed is the Deep State that had us blind.
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

Now that all the truth is coming out about how enmeshed the government and FBI were in the 2020 election, I don’t see how the results should not be overturned. The media together with the Deep State had a well-coordinated plan to dismiss anything Trump said, did, recommended, or advised to the public during his presidency. If he said the clouds are black, they’d say they were white. That’s how dug in they were on hurting Trump. But, alas, Trump was always right.

My favorite was how quickly they warned that Hydroxychloroquine not be prescribed across the nation by doctors, just because Trump praised it. Doctors believed the hype that Trump didn’t know what he was talking about. But in all reality, the drug may have saved millions of lives if taken early on rather than being admitted into an overcrowded hospital and getting hooked up to a ventilator. It had been on the market for fifty years, was safe and cheap. But we’ll never know now due to malpractice of the CDC, Fauci, and the media.

Another one of my favorites was how they controlled what Twitter was allowed to show on their platform. If any tweets were pro-Trump, they had to be suppressed. If they were anti-Biden like the Laptop from Hell, they had to be suppressed. Only positive news of Biden and negative news of Trump need apply. This is election interference by the FBI and Twitter. If Elon hadn’t bought Twitter, we’d probably never know this for sure. Mainstream newspapers handled stories much the same, especially the New York Times.

Thank goodness for the hearings that The House has held which is exposing our government for what they really are: an authoritarian communist-style regime, i.e., stick with our narrative, or we’re coming for you. If the House hadn’t been taken over by the GOP, we may have never heard the truth. Little by little. we may be able to dig ourselves out of this hole much like folks are digging themselves out of their homes in the Sierra Mountains. It will take some time, however, to convince hardcore leftists and wokeys that they’ve been lied to for six years, some even still believing that Trump incited the Capitol riot, colluded with Russia, and Fauci is a God. Balderdash!

We also all knew that the covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab in China and not a wet market like the left was pushing. Common sense told us that from the get-go. Wuhan lab was working with coronaviruses, scientists that worked there went missing after the leak, and China wouldn’t allow our investigators to come in. Do the math. It started there. What we needed was proof of whether the U.S. funded Gain of Function to engineer a deadly bioweapon virus. Also, do the math and follow the money. Fauci asked some scientists to write a letter pooh-poohing this theory, and they in return received millions in grants from our government. The one time where the coverup isn’t worse than the crime. Follow the money. Bureaucrats love spending other people’s money especially when it helps their coverup. Another theory that Trump suspected all along but got slammed by the media as a conspiracist and racist. Trump was right again.

So, as we slowly peel off the layers of the onion this year to get down to the center of where all the corruption began, we’ll be able to see clearly. When it all comes out, let’s hope many heads roll as there has been fraud, treason, dereliction of duty, and the crime of the century committed yet not one person has been held accountable. Amazing. And Durham hasn’t lived up to his expectations either.

And what is the left doing about all the truth that is finally surfacing? They are conjuring up the Stormy Daniels story. Pitiful. If they have to go back to that well, they don’t have much to run on. They must be desperately scrambling behind the scenes in the Democrat Party.

Why is Congress so Upset About Release of Capitol “Riot” Videos?

For two years we’ve had to endure the Jan Sick Unselect Committee which was only formed to incriminate Trump. We knew all along that the videos they showed the people were sliced and diced to fit their narrative along with their witnesses and chosen RINO members. But now that McCarthy has allowed for videos that show peaceful demonstrators being escorted inside the capitol along with the police walking away from those that got violent or the police and FBI stirring up the crowd with teargas, rubber bullets, and batons, they are up in arms!

For Schumer to come to the Senate podium and claim that these new videos will inspire another insurrection is laughable as there wasn’t an insurrection to begin with. Nice try, Schumer. But the bigger question is “why is congress trying to hide the truth from the public?” Aside from the obvious that the Dems will look like they’ve been lying to the public for two years, the real reason is that they don’t want Trump to be validated as he is running for his second term as president and has them shaking in their boots.

They know they can’t pawn off old, lying, inept Biden on us again. The public was fooled once, not again. They know this bag of brittle bones can’t compete against Trump in a televised debate without hidden mics to feed him answers. They are fearful of Trump and is why they don’t want the tapes to come out. All the pundits on MSM are dismissing the tapes and vilifying poor Tucker for running them. Haven’t they heard the old adage “Don’t kill the messenger”? Guess not. They are actually comparing the release of the tapes to communist style indoctrination. Wow! Have they no self-awareness that they have been doing exactly this for two years? Amazing.

The conservatives being held in jail for attending the Capitol Rally need to be released from jail ASAP. They were falsely arrested based on lies told by the Capitol Police which were part of the scheme to incriminate Trump. Why do you think they lied about Officer Sicknick being killed by a rioter and planned a huge, televised funeral that Biden attended? Because it was all staged. Not sure why Sicknick died days later, but he was a Trump supporter so there’s that, and the ME said from natural causes which could be a heart attack. Ashlee Babbitt was shot by a Capitol Officer that was a member of BLM that got awarded for his kill. No mention of her during the hearings. Shameful.

All in all, We the People have been lied to for six years by the left. They either hide, coverup, or bury the truth as we are finding out years later. From the covid virus and how it was treated, to the mask and vaccine mandates, to the origin of covid, to the school and business shutdowns, to the zoom classrooms, to the mail in ballots, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting and stuffing, to the refusal to review the electoral votes in states in question, to the war on fossil fuel, to the bombing of Nord Stream II, to the funding of Ukraine War, to the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, to the raiding of Trump’s home, to the ignoring of BLM and Antifa riots, to the threatening of Supreme Court Justices, to the slandering of Kavanaugh by lying witnesses, to the staged attack on Mr. Pelosi, to Jussie Smollett’s fake racist attack, to the hiding of CRT in our schools, to the claim that the border is closed, to the teaching of gender confusion to grade school children, to the forcing transgender rights on all of us, and to the forcing of alternative lifestyles onto the rest of us or be cancelled. All were lies or schemes intended to hurt Trump’s presidency or punish his supporters.

But the truth always rises to the top as we are witnessing lately.

The Domestic Terror Attack in Georgia…

is just a taste of what’s to come in 2024. They are just beginning. Why did Antifa think they could get away with such outrageous violence? Why does this administration feign no knowledge of the attack one day later? Is this all due to soft-on-crime leadership by Georgia RINO Kemp and Senator Warnock who suspiciously won over Hershel Walker? Too bad Walker and Purdue didn’t win their elections in Georgia. Things may have been different.

When is our administration going to label Antifa a Domestic Terror Group? How many more deaths and destruction does it take to qualify as a Domestic Terror Group? They are not protestors. They are not an idea. These terrorists came from other states as usual and are probably funded by George Soros or their rich elite parents. This was a well-calculated, premediated terror attack, not protestors out for a walk gone wild. If the terror attackers aren’t White Supremacists or Proud Boys, it doesn’t fit the FBI’s narrative that white supremacy is our biggest threat, so they turn a blind eye. Twenty-three have been remarkably arrested but let’s see how many are prosecuted. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are released and asked to return at a later date. Kamala may even pay their bail. This is how the libs run their judicial system. Soft on crime and only seek conservative demonstrators.

These terrorists are predominately young, white, unkempt GenZrs or Millennials who come from elite liberal upbringing. Parents were probably anarchists when they were young and passed on this hate to their kids. All future professors in universities. Biden’s press secretary acted like the attack was not even on their radar a day later which we know is not true. It was relayed to ol’ Joe but was probably more upset by the attack Trump laid on him at CPAC Saturday night. Whoa! Trump ate his lunch and then some.

Everything Trump promised was music to our ears after two years of the utter nonsense coming out of Biden. And we know Trump keeps his promises. He even promised he could end the Ukraine War within days. He has the secret sauce but has to be president for it to occur. I seriously believe it. I do like DeSantis too, but his speeches lack the off-script dialog and humorous stories that Trump is able to pull off. Charisma is underrated. Trump’s got it; his opponents don’t. They may have the youth, gender, spunk, skin color, speak multiple languages, or government creds, but they don’t have Trump’s charisma or his proven success as president. I will support whoever wins the primary though.

If Trump wins the primary, expect the Deep State to come at him stronger than they did before as they know their time in government is about up. Chris Wray, Garland, Mayorkas, Buttigieg, Austin, Blinken, and many other secretaries will be the first to go. The FBI and Department of Education will have to be restaffed from the top on down. Men will not be able to compete in women’s professional sports. Bathrooms will be designated for Men or Women not both. Election reform laws will have to be passed.

The Wall will be completed, border closed, and laws enforced once and for all. Drilling, fracking, and coal mines will be working again. Keystone Pipeline will be completed. China will be held accountable for the release of the virus. Trump may not want to go after Fauci, but I think he needs to use the strategy of the “best defense is a good offence” this time. Prosecute Fauci and take away his pension. He’s made enough money off Big Pharma. Take them all out. Trump was too trusting last time and look what they did to him in return. No good deed goes unpunished was proved true again.

Trump said socialism has come and gone, now we are experiencing radical communism in America. If Democrats win again, we lose our country.

20 Questions the Media Must Ask Biden Prior to 2024 Run.

In no particular order:

  1. Have you ever taken a simple cognitive test at the doctor’s office which involves drawing a clock on a whiteboard with a time given you and remembering three words given you earlier in the exam?
  2. Are you currently taking dementia meds; how often and at what strength?
  3. How many times in the past year have you fallen down?
  4. Were you or have you ever been involved in your son Hunter’s business transactions with other countries; and, if so, did you receive compensation whether under the table or via money laundering? How much did the “Big Guy” receive?
  5. Were you notified by the FBI prior to the 2020 election that they were in the possession of Hunter’s laptop containing suspicious content; and, if so, what did you tell them to do with it?
  6. Were you aware that Twitter, Facebook, and MSM were suppressing news of this laptop prior to the 2020 election; and, if so, was this at your or the FBI’s request? If so, have you weaponized the FBI and DOJ?
  7. Why did you lie during a national tv debate that the laptop was Russia Disinformation when, in fact, you knew all along it was Hunter’s as the FBI had it in their possession for nine months?
  8. Who do you know asked that former CIA and Intelligence Agents write a letter confirming it was Russia Disinformation?
  9. Do you really think that the 2020 election wasn’t rigged in your favor? If so, how many fraudulent votes are acceptable to you?
  10. Do you approve of ballot harvesting, drop boxes, and mail in ballots without proper ID?
  11. Are the rumors true that Susan Rice and Obama are running the show at the White House and not you? If so, why do you think one American should vote for you again? Why does your press secretary keep misspeaking, “President Obama” instead of Biden?
  12. If America goes to all electric vehicles in the future like you propose, how will the electrical grids across the nation be able to sustain the increase in use especially during a heatwave or snowstorm? Is this just a pipedream?
  13. Is wind, solar, and battery power efficient during an ice storm? If not, what should consumers do to stay warm and power their vehicles? Wood burning fireplaces are taboo too.
  14. Have you thought through the unintended consequences of the green energy bills you are trying to promote?
  15. Why are you promoting transgender rights? Do you think men should compete in women’s sports and use their bathrooms? Do you think children should be thinking about their gender in grade school? Do you approve of gender change surgeries in the military?
  16. Are you compromised with China; and, if so, were you involved in the gain of function of the covid virus unleashed on the world prior to Trump’s reelection? Why won’t you punish Communist China for killing millions and getting away with the crime of the century?
  17. Did you, Nancy, and the FBI conspire to start a riot at the capitol in order to take the focus off of the states that were in the midst of rejecting their electoral votes?
  18. Why have you divided the nation down racial lines when you promised to be a uniter? Why won’t you punish BLM and Antifa that have broken laws, yet go after peaceful patriots that oppose you?
  19. Why do you continue to say that your son Beau died in the Iraq War? And why was Jill kissing Kamala’s husband on the lips at the SOTU address?
  20. Since you reversed all Trump’s energy and border control policies, do you regret it now that we have the worse border crisis in history and have depleted our energy reserve? Why won’t you declare the drug cartels at our southern border as terrorists?

I admit, most of these are leading or rhetorical questions; but remember the questions they used to ask Trump during the debates which were all leading? I’d like to see our media, especially FOX News, give one of these questions to Biden at a press conference or during a debate and watch the audience’s jaws drop. I’d also like to see more Democrats come out and oppose Biden in the primaries. What are they, a bunch of cowards? Looks like it. Or do they think Biden is best at cheating so why not keep him in the race? And where’s ol’ Hillary when we need her? Why doesn’t crooked Hillary come out and oppose Biden? Surely, we can get more than Marianne Williams. Step up to the plate, Dems! Your leader is a proven corrupt, compromised cheater. Cheater can’t be a leader.

“Political Correctness is a Bunch of Garbage”…

says Dr. Ben Carson. I agree with him. People my age are constantly getting schooled by millennials on what words we can no longer say. I grew up saying “oriental” for any Chinese or Japanese person if I didn’t know their real heritage. It wasn’t insulting. One of my best friends was half oriental, and I never even knew if she was Japanese or Chinese. It didn’t matter to me.

So today we have wokeys telling us how to speak. I’m over it already. I used to be kind and let it pass, but no more. If Ben Carson is over it, so am I. I never bought into the gender-neutral conversation and never will. “What pronoun do you use?” Seriously? I don’t even know what that means. I got an A in Business English but never got asked this on a test. And what is nonbinary?

This country is so racially divided now due to Biden that he can’t give a normal speech without invoking how we used to be segregated even in 1967. Not sure where Joe was back then, but I never experienced segregation in 1967. I shared the Dean’s Office as a secretary in high school with a Black girl at the same desk in the same room. She was quite popular and on the cheerleading squad with other white girls. Didn’t look like segregation to me. We didn’t have separate water fountains either.

In my opinion, if someone says, “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid” like Joe recently said, that’s a racist comment. That flowed off his tongue too easily which means he used to say this to Black kids only he added, “not stupid like you.” And “boy” used in reference to Blacks is a racist word. Joe is the real racist, and it comes out in his unscripted dialog quite often. He panders to the Blacks, only for votes, then ignores them once elected.

Joe wants to keep instilling that Blacks were and still are being oppressed, but actually they were given opportunities over other whites due to Affirmative Action Laws. I was a casualty of that law when I once got promoted, but an unqualified Black fellow protested as he wanted the position. Needless to say, the company caved to him and gave him my new position as they didn’t want to get sued. I said nothing at the time as I was a mild-mannered 23-year-old but secretly applied for a new job elsewhere and quit within two months, much to their chagrin. They all looked and acted embarrassed for their decision. It was the best career move I ever made. But I digress.

“Political correctness is a bunch of garbage.” We don’t need to kowtow to the left and fall in place using their new vocabulary words. We can say “China” and “Chinese” and “Japan” and “Japanese” without being quietly corrected, “It’s Asian.” What’s so great about the word “Asian” over “Oriental” or the actual country? Pretty soon Asian will be banned by the left and replaced with another word. They just like controlling and correcting the rest of us.

Sure, I went along with most of the changes like “flight attendant” from “stewardess” or “waitperson” from “waitress”, but no more. “Homeless” are now called “temporarily displaced individuals” and “violent protesters” are called “mostly peaceful demonstrators”. “Antifa is just an idea” was a classic. Last time I checked, ideas don’t burn down police stations. I’m going back to the way I learned to speak, and I don’t care what they say. It’s getting out of control. Men are men and women are women. Boys are boys and girls are girls. PERIOD. They are different and should have different titles. We still have the term First Lady in the White House. When will that be banned by the left and called First Person? Certainly not while queeny is there.

Everything the left touches now sucks. Senator John Kennedy said, “the Biden Administration sucks.” I agree with him too. We have to start speaking our minds and not letting them control our minds. Six months ago, I had lunch with my feminist wokey friend and haven’t seen her since. I was rudely interrupted in mid-sentence and later told I was so intense. I can take names from my husband occasionally, but I draw the line at friends. When they resort to name calling, I’m done. I don’t need friends like that especially when they feigned outrage by the tweets Trump gave his critics.

Political correctness has been the downfall of our country and lately has included transgender rights to operations and puberty blocking on children. All of this is a bunch of garbage and needs to stop. Can’t wait for Trump’s CPAC speech today. Should be funny and politically incorrect.

Why is the Media Obsessed with Murdaugh Trial?

Who cares about this greedy lawyer that had the walls closing in on him? After he decided to commit familicide on his wife and one son (after being caught red-handed embezzling money from his own company, his wife filing for divorce, and son was investigating him), he obviously lost his mind and killed out of pure anger and hate. His life as he knew it was over and took revenge out on those who didn’t support him. Then he tried to coverup the evidence.

This is a common occurrence in America. Why was this trial shown on cable tv? I would have rather seen the trial of Michael Sussmann who was found not guilty by a jury of his D.C. peers. That affects our lives more than this greedy rich guy.

“Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted Tuesday of lying to the FBI, in the first trial of special counsel John Durham’s investigation.

The verdict is a major defeat for Durham and his Justice Department prosecutors, who have spent three years looking for wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia probe. He claimed Sussmann lied during a 2016 meeting in which he passed a tip to the FBI about Donald Trump and Russia.

The Sussmann case revolved around his September 2016 meeting with James Baker, a friend who was the FBI’s general counsel. Sussmann passed along a tip that led to a four-month FBI inquiry into a possible internet backchannel between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank. Both companies denied the claim, and the FBI didn’t find any improper cyber links.

Prosecutors argued that Sussmann intentionally lied to Baker by saying he came only as a concerned citizen, and not on behalf of any clients, saying Sussmann hid his ties to Democrats to “manipulate the FBI” and gin up an “October surprise” to help Clinton win.” Wikipedia

Every time I turned on FOX News, I saw this man crying with pundits pontificating and wondered who the hell he was. It wasn’t exactly a Scott Peterson, OJ, or Ted Bundy worthy trial. One, being a double-life killer; another, a jealous-rage killer; and lastly, a serial killer. It wasn’t even Casey Anthony, a mom-gone-wild killer. Those salacious trials had the public’s interest for months and were newsworthy. This rich guy came out of the blue and his trial means nothing to me when our country is going down the tubes with a corrupt president in charge pushing us to the brink of war.

I wish the media cared more about Biden’s crimes than some rich lawyer that tried to get away with familicide. At least he wasn’t killing the country with his daily lies and executive actions. Gregg Kelly of Newsmax agrees with me. Why the hell is this guy’s trial being televised on cable news? I have a sneaking suspicion the obsession with this trial is another smokescreen ordered by the Biden Administration to get the news off his failure to visit the Ohio train derailment, the House’s hearings, and FBI’s and DOJ”S corruption being exposed. And it’s working.

Now today we have to wait with bated breath on how long this guy’s jail term is. He’ll be shiv’d or suicided while waiting for his appeal. Saddest part of this trial was his sole surviving redhead son being left all alone. Moral of the story: Never turn against your wife. It won’t turn out well for you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.