In Search of a Church…and Failed.

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Five years ago when my life, as I planned it, went off track and I didn’t want to burden my kids and friends with my problems, I decided to go to church to pray and sing hymns in order to find comfort.  I chose a church close to town.  It had a full attendance so I sat in the back pew.  The minister noticed me as a new attendee and asked are there any new worshipers here today?  I shrunk in my seat as the whole room turned around to “out” me.  “Please stand and introduce yourself,” the minister instructed.

Are you kidding me?  This is why I came to church to be singled out in a crowd?  I don’t think so, I thought. I obediently stood and introduced myself.  I sat through the sermon and sang a few songs and prayed then slunk out quickly afterwards.  Amazingly, I came back the following week.  This time the minister walked down the aisles and picked me out.  “Are you new here?”

“No, I was here last week,” I meekly uttered.

One of the other members confirmed, “Yes, she was here last week!”  No, I’m lying in church, I thought sarcastically.   Again the whole room turning around to glare.  Honestly, this is not why I came to church to be singled out in a crowd.  I wanted to blend in, pray, and sing. I wanted to heal. I wanted to be anonymous.  That’s it.  Afterwards, there was a breakfast where I had to sit with strangers and make small talk.  I felt worse than when I came in and decided to find a new church.

Two weeks later I attended a different church closer to home, hoping for a better experience.  Once inside an older woman walked down the aisle from one of the front pews and came up to me. “How is it I do not know you?” she asked snobbishly.

“I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s a big world,” I answered flippantly. Does everyone have to know everyone? I thought. Who are this church-going people?

I already had my back up when the minister singled me out before the sermon began. He asked me to stand and say a little something about myself.  I became defiant and shook my head in refusal. What am I, in school?  I thought. But the girl next to me said she would stand with me.  It was so humiliating.  I almost ran to my car when it ended.  And I never looked back. There were no hymns with an organ just the minister singing folk songs with his guitar.  Not what I expected.

Needless to say, that was the end of my church experience.   I went back to pray in the privacy of my home.  I healed on my own by getting engulfed in my first and second mystery novels.  Out of everything bad comes a little good. Silver lining.

I never remember church being so “in your face.”  Why can’t people just come inside a house of worship to pray?  Why do they have to be introduced?   Ministers need to understand that not all people like having the spotlight on them as they do.  I realize this is the “look at me” generation but not all of us are part of it.

Ministers should introduce themselves in private to a newcomer and don’t ask them to stand for whole congregation.  It takes a lot of courage for some of us go to a church alone and there are many different reasons why one would.  Don’t ruin the experience for them by singling them out. It may be the church’s way of welcoming new people, but it was off putting to me.

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Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers.

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We see in the news and even in sports the rich and famous getting a shout out on Father’s Day.  I dedicate this blog to my father.  He wasn’t rich or famous but was the father of four and a husband to one wife which is rare these days.  He held the same job for thirty years and always provided for his family.  He even had his mother-in-law living with us the whole time.  Also rare.  That’s a kindhearted, generous man.

My father never rose to the highest position at his company but was a dedicated employee until he retired.  He never took us on European vacations but taught us how to fish and camp and be handy around the house. He was a Cub Scout den leader for my brothers.  Although he may have had one too many highballs on the weekend and smoked one too many packs of cigarettes, that was his only vice.  He was a Navy Veteran of World War II and could fix or build anything.  He could replace a clutch in my 1964 Austin Healy Sprite.  In all his years of marriage, he never called a plumber or a carpenter and rarely needed a mechanic.  He owned three homes during his lifetime and several automobiles from a Buick to Chevy’s and finally a Cadillac.  He loved his workshop in his garage and planting vegetable gardens with my mother.

Fourth of July was his favorite holiday and would always host a block party with fireworks for the neighborhood kids to enjoy.  Expert at barbecuing and taught us all.  Big sport fan of baseball and football–always listening to the games on his portable radio.  Didn’t purchase works of art, expensive jewelry, or any frivolous items–just practical stuff.

Always told me if he didn’t like my outfit or my hairdo.  He was good at that. Was known for shouting “Yahoo” at high school graduations even though the crowd was told not to. And when I had a broken heart from a boyfriend it was he who came into my room to console me while I cried myself to sleep to say, “I understand. You’ll live.  I had my heart ripped out once too.”  And once while pregnant with my first child and crying for some other reason, he came again into my room to say, “You have someone inside you who will love you forever.  Never forget that.” He was right.

Those are the things I love about my father.  Not what movie he starred in, what political office he ran for, what sport he was great at, what charitable foundation he started, or what fortune he amassed.  Just that he was kind, sentimental, and great at fixing things; and usually gave me good advice. The simple things in life gave him contentment. Contentment is the secret to happiness which he instilled in all of us.  And he was good at being a grandpa.  I think becoming a grandpa was his proudest accomplishment. He was grandpa to five grandsons. We all miss him.

Happy Father’s Day to the best and only father I knew and all the other not-so-famous fathers who are loved.

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Flip-Flop Biden Now Playing the “Cancer” Card for Votes.

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Biden thinks he has the answer to curing cancer now.  He stated that curing cancer will be his number one priority if he becomes president.  I do recall Obama passing that job onto him while he was VP.  Hmmm.  I guess he failed at the job and wants a redo.

President Trump has created and passed the Right to Try law which allows terminal patients to get unwarranted treatments like chemo that hasn’t passed FDA yet.  So far it is helping terminal patients, and now Biden wants to come in and take credit.  Again, the Obama administration trying to take credit for Trump’s accomplishments. Once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer.

Flip-flop Joe has no new ideas.  He’s washed up.  He’s like that old pair of shoes in your closet that are out of style and worn out, yet you don’t throw them out because they have sentimental value. They bring back memories of when and where you wore them–the prom, your first date, a job interview, or your wedding. Anyone thinking of voting for Biden must feel the same way–sentimental.

Biden brings back times when Obama was in office.  Times when climate change was the biggest threat to our country.  Times when there were anti-cop protesters in the streets daily.  Times of violent protests at colleges with buildings and cars afire.  Times when our 401K accounts remained flat as well as our savings accounts. Times when the football players knelt during the National Anthem. Times when we shouldn’t say Merry Christmas. Times when we apologized to other countries and gave them pallets of cash.  Times when college grads couldn’t find a decent job.

Times when the threat of ISIS and North Korea loomed over us daily.  Times when we went online to apply for a high priced health plan.  Times when we ignored our vets. Times when we told our soldiers to stand down.  Times when we invited illegals to come to our country.  Times when we treated Israel like a rival and Russia like a friend. Times when we targeted conservative speakers at colleges and non-profit companies. Times when solar company startups were failing. Times when companies had to move out of California or the country due to stiff regulations.  Times when the FBI and CIA were weaponized against political opponents.  The good ol’ days.

God, I can see why people will vote for Biden.  The sentiment is overwhelming.  Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane.

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Left-wing “Journalists” Need to Invest in a Dictionary in Order to Understand Trump’s Comments.

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When Trump says the words “listen to” it doesn’t mean seek out, invest, spy, hire, pay for, phone, call me, meet with, email with, hack, conspire with, collude in, collaborate, or any of the other accusations the fake news is making.  It also doesn’t mean he’s done it. If Trump heard of some illegal activity regarding a challenger, he would pass it on to the FBI to check out just as McCain did with the fake dossier coming from Russia “disinformation.” The double standard of the left is atrocious!

For instance, if Trump heard from any of the leaders of countries, that he routinely speaks with, that Sanders was involved in any illegal activity in their country; he’d listen and pass it on to the FBI as any responsible president would. Period. Done. Shut up media. That’s all he said!  He didn’t say he wants countries to call him or he’s going to be spying on any candidates or he wants them to hack the DNC or he’s going to be seeking out this kind of information from other countries like the media is raving about.  That’s what the left is guilty of doing, coincidentally. The spin put on this answer is reprehensible.

The shaking Pelosi and her cohorts are having a conniption over this flippant answer to a known Hillary-supporting Stephanopoulos’ question obviously intended to slip up Trump.  She called it unpatriotic. The way the fake news adds to Trump’s dialog is diabolical and coordinated. There should be some sort of journalistic law against this, but Freedom of Speech protects them and the sycophant followers believe them. It should be renamed Freedom of Lies.

Journalists need to take off their biased hats and invest in a dictionary so they can understand Trump.  They either have no comprehension skills, or they’re willingly ignorant in order to spread lies about Trump.  And I think it’s the latter.

I saw the wide-eyed, drooling journalists right out of liberal college asking leading questions at Pelosi’s press conference.  Is this now grounds for impeachment, Madam Speaker? Journalists, either get a dictionary or quit your job.  You’re committing journalistic malpractice or career suicide.  And consumers, just change the channel.

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“Something Has to Give!”

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Like the saying says, the House, activist judges, Democrat Governors, and our colleges are incentivizing illegal behavior and something has to give!  The Stanford sailing coach who accepted and handled the bribes for Stanford gets off with no jail time just a fine and community service!  Since when is it legal to accept bribes?  California Governor is allowing illegal foreigners to receive full health care benefits and apply for driver’s licenses.  Since when is it legal to sneak across our borders and why are we incentivizing this behavior with benefits?

Matt Albence, ICE Deputy Director says, “As long as you continue to incentivize [new word] illegal behavior, it’s the height of idiocy to think you’ll get any less of it.” The House of  Representatives are incentivizing foreigners to come to our country illegally by refusing to pass immigration reform laws to protect our borders from this mass invasion.  Now these invaders are coming from as far away as Africa into Texas.  What rare diseases are they bringing here?  No one seems to care. When is someone with commonsense going to stop all this crazy behavior? Something has to give!

If the Republicans don’t take back the House, keep the senate, and get a win for Trump, we’ll all be doomed.  The left talks about our country ending twelve years from now due to climate change but the biggest threat to our country really is Democrat law makers, activist judges, and liberal professors. They will be the ruin of this country.

If you don’t follow politics and what the liberals are doing to this country you may fall victim to their trap and vote for a Democrat candidate who offers goodies like free college, Medicare for all, taxing wealth, and forgiving college loans.  Listen, nothing in life is free.  If it is, then it’s not worth getting as someone else will pay for it.  It’ll come back to hurt you in other ways with job losses, increased prices, cheapening the value of a college degree, and rising state tax.  Voting Democrat will be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your lifetime. Be afraid of what they’re offering, be very afraid.

The latest buzz phrase from the left and their ilk is: “No one is above the law.”  They and the fake news are repeating this ad nauseam this week as they are pushing for impeachment of Trump. With that said, I guess that phrase doesn’t apply to the college cheaters, Smollett, Hillary, and all the illegals coming across the border.  How they say this shit with a straight face never ceases to amaze me, including Hillary who’s the poster girl for someone who’s “above the law.”  The height of hypocrisy.

Today they’re calling the salacious dossier against Trump “foreign disinformation.”  But they ignore the fact that it was paid for by Hillary and used to get warrants to spy on Trump and the impetus for the Mueller Probe!  It’s outrageous what they’ll say and what they’ll ignore.  And when Trump said he’d “listen to another country” who knew something about one of our candidates for president, he may have misspoke, but he hasn’t done it!  This was what Obama and his crew are guilty of doing and the left ignores it.  Trump knows that Ukraine and China have got the goods on Biden and our country needs to know about it.  Something has to give! 

If something doesn’t give soon like the real criminals that rigged an election for Hillary getting punished, then we’ll have a constitutional crisis on our hands.  Russian Hoax, Spygate, Mueller sham, rigged election–whatever you want to call it–it all happened but the left and shaking Pelosi are ignoring it and trying to turn the tables back onto Trump. They’re still saying President Trump is involved in a coverup, collusion, and now making an appalling unpatriotic statement. 

I can’t stand to listen to their lies much longer.  It’s getting out of control.  Shaking, sweaty Pelosi is actually saying “follow the money” to see why Trump is trying to make “fair trade” deals with other countries. If we follow Pelosi’s sweaty money, we’d all be enlightened.  More projection by the left.  They accuse Trump of what they’re involved in and their sycophant reporters eat it up. Garbage in, garbage out.

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Something has to give! And soon!

First Cher…now Bill Maher? Is This a Sign That Hollywood is Fed Up With Liberalism?

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Say it ain’t so!  First Cher says we need to help our own before helping illegals, and now Bill Maher says liberals hate political correctness and are tired of talking on eggshells.  He also admitted on national TV and to his liberal audience that Hillary destroyed her cell phones with a hammer and deleted subpoenaed emails and that’s obstruction of justice. I’m sure this is the first time some of his followers ever heard this fact. When did this light come on? Never thought I’d see the day.

I thought liberals loved political correctness because they’re always correcting me.  Oh, you can’t say that any more is their favorite phrase. But secretly after schooling the rest of us, they hate it?  This comes as quite a shock to me.

Thank you Bill Maher (who I never agree with) for revealing this little secret and telling the truth about Hillary.  Trump is the poster boy for being politically incorrect.  He started his first election debate saying that he doesn’t care about political correctness and that our country loses at everything.

Maybe Hollywood is seeing the writing on the wall that Trump is going to win again, and they’re trying to save face before the next election.  Maybe they’re tired of what their governor is allowing in their state, like free healthcare to all illegals in the name of compassion.  Whatever it takes. Treating people who break the law better than the rest of us, is not going to sit well with the voters, even Hollywood leftists now it appears. The NIMBY’s are feeling the walls closing in on them as the homeless get closer and closer to their backyards.

Now if we can lasso the loony, activist Allysa Milano and raving Deniro into thinking this way, we’ll really have come a long way baby.  But I won’t hold my breath.

The country has gone too far left and believes too many lying politicians in Congress. How do I know this?  Because Hillary got more than one vote for president.  Anyone with half of brain would have seen through her foibles.  She was corrupt; or as Trump called her, crooked Hillary–the perfect nickname.  Those that knowingly voted for a crooked candidate should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re not.  They’re doubling down and resisting.  Turns my stomach.

Why do Democrats and the left media put villains like John Dean, Avanati, Brennan, and Clapper on a pedestal?  I often wonder.  Maybe it’s to make themselves look better?  Or maybe birds of a feather really like flocking together.  They’re all corrupt.

The kangaroo House hearing yesterday was nothing more than another attempt by the House to tarnish Trump before the next election.  John Dean repeating that Trump is the worse president since Nixon over and over was nothing more than theater. Remember just because they say it often, does not make it true.  They’ve taken a playbook from Hitler, yet they call Trump a Nazi.  Classic projection.

It’s going to take a lot to stop the incoming missiles aimed at Trump before the next election.  It’ll get worse and worse as they get more and more desperate to win.  Their candidates are all lying losers so far.  And none of their lies are sticking on Trump. They may have to resort back to their original “p-ssy grabbing” Access Hollywood claim.

I still worry this is part of a bigger plan to throw in Michelle at the last minute to save the day.  No one can touch her when she’s out of the limelight.  But she does has influence as they are part owners of Netflix and have a lot of influence on the movies being made and infiltrated into society–slowly but surely brainwashing the youth of America.  And now Hillary wants a go at movie production.  Yuck!  Birds of a feather do flock together.  But when the shit hits the fan, they’ll sing like canaries.

Michelle was behind the coup d’ tat of Trump just as much as her husband was.  Let’s not forget that.  She’s a devious one.  Don’t be fooled by her big fake smile.  Her roots are in radicalism just like her phony husband.  And they’re out for revenge.

I went off track.  Let’s keep an eye on Hollywood to see if they really are coming around to conservatism.  I’d like to see it.

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Hillary and Chelsea Are Going Hollywood!

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“Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea may be going Hollywood.

Sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter that the former presidential candidate and her daughter are exploring the the idea of launching a film and television production company. The goal, sources say, will be to focus on stories that revolve around women.”

They also plan to produce a few remakes of old films.  The following is a list of new titles to the films they plan to explore:

  1.   “Broadcast Fake News”
  2.   “Fatal Unattraction”
  3.   “What About Bill?”
  4.   “Mrs. Doubtwinner”
  5.   “Shallow Hillary”
  6.   “Cast Aside”
  7.   “On The Whitewater Front”
  8.   “Raging Bullshit”
  9.   “All The President’s Women”
  10.   “Liar Liar Pantsuits On Fire”
  11.   “Basic Stink”
  12.   “Good Willie Hunting”
  13.   “Close Elections Of The Third Try”
  14.   “You Got Emails”
  15.   “Demolition Woman”
  16.   “Dirty Hillary”
  17.   “Primary Fear”
  18.   “27 Dress Slacks”

                                      That’s a wrap!  🙂

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