Why Does Sleepy Joe Move so Slow?

He’s obviously on some major meds to help him think clearly; but it affects his movement, so everything he does is in slow motion.

What person in THEIR right mind would vote for a man suffering this condition? will be the question of our time.  This would never have happened back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.  What has changed?  Has our politics gotten so corrupt that anything goes now?  With the invent of hidden mics, instant fact checking, and monitors will Joe be able to pull off a debate with Trump to any degree of success? The expectations are so low that if he is able to get in one clear concise comment, the media will praise him. I can hear them now, “Joe came out tonight armed for bear and took Trump down.”

Isn’t what his family is putting him through considered elder abuse?  Why won’t his so-called doctor wife come out and admit that Joe is suffering from senility and will have to step out of the race? Why won’t his medical doctor come out and admit it? Does the Hippocratic Oath need to be changed?  Right now it reads: “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.”  Maybe it should be rewritten to modern times to read: “I will respect the privacy of my patients unless their condition will impact the health and safety of our country.”

If Jill had any decency, integrity, or compassion for the man and for our country, this is what she would do.  But she doesn’t.  She and his other handlers are all about power. They want power back in the hands of the Democrats at any cost.  Even at the cost of our election process and the health of our country, thus why they want dead cats voting by mail.

If, in the odd chance that Biden wins, he will be controlled by the likes of Nancy, AOC, Bernie, Obama, Schumer, Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the rest of the conspirators. Is this what you want for our country, America?  Let’s hope not. Wake up and smell the corruption.  Biden will be a puppet to the “corruption” puppet masters.  Don’t let him be president.  Our country, as we know it, will go down the tubes along with our retirement plans, savings, paychecks, healthcare, transportation, fossil fuel, military, safety, beautiful cities, police, culture, schools, parks, streets, and vacation spots. :/

Propping up an ailing man for president would never have happened in the good ol’ days.  He would have been shunned and chased off the stage no matter which party he was with. But today he is revered.  Why is that? Is this the result of too much political correctness that we have to overlook a mental condition of our president?  Or the result of not having any honest, impartial journalists left in the profession to point out his obvious lack of mental acuity? Or a combination of both.

So if you are wondering why Joe is so slow at everything he does from moving his hands to his legs to slurring all his “p” words together, it is probably due to heavy medication. And when he says “he’s tired,” he really is tired. It’s not another gaff. Those meds make you sleepy.  And his slogan is “Bring Back Better?” [More like “Bed Bath and Beyond”.] (rip off from Gutfeld Show.)

Sleepy Joe Moves Slow. 

Let Sleepy Joe Go.

Is the Tide Turning in Trump’s Favor?

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Roger Stone and the Trump phenomenon


Ghislaine Maxwell to make first court appearance remotely after ...


Angela Ruch - Wikipedia

When I heard that Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence, that Ghislaine Maxwell had been arrested, that the Supreme Court threw the decision to release Trump’s taxes back to the lower courts, that Mike Cohen got sent back to jail, that a Hispanic food company is endorsing Trump, that Pelosi doesn’t care about statues, that Trump is planning an executive action to help the Dreamers, that a female in NASCAR Angela Ruch supports the men in blue over BLM, that Biden got caught plagiarizing Trump’s message of “Buy American, Hire American” I began to wonder are the tides turning in Trump’s favor? It’s about time!

My family has been concerned that Trump will lose this November based on all the negative news of chaos (Crossfire Chaos) caused by the crazy left combined with the fake polls that Biden is ahead.  To date (and I’m answering every call that comes in) not one pollster has called me on any of my phones: two hard line numbers and one cell number. So the polls are skewed. But to hear that things are happening that will help Trump in November makes the phrase “the truth will always prevail” ring true.

Now if only the tides could turn a little more if Durham could make a few indictments prior to November of any of the co-conspirators involved in the take down of Trump before and after his election, if General Flynn could be pardoned, if the schools could reopen across the nation this fall, and if the covid fear could subside based on fewer deaths not fake science, I think this could be the icing on the Trump reelection cake. 🙂

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Let’s Defund Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, and all Congressional Democrats!

In this fight, there's no wall between Pelosi and Schumer ...

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Coal - Photos - The Big Picture - Boston.com

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Pelosi and Schumer and their “do nothing” Congressional Democrats don’t deserve to get a salary while the police are working overtime and risking their lives to keep us safe. Let’s hit them where it hurts like BLM did to the Mayor of Seattle.  Once her home got threatened, the CHOP city got cleaned up.  Pelosi said yesterday regarding the destruction of statues, “I don’t care about statues.  People will do what they will do.”  I wonder if she would want her home vandalized like that?  Rhetorical question. She is an uncaring, clueless bleep.

Now they want to defund the Pentagon?  Ridiculous talk! All this talk of defunding is outrageous but makes sense to defund the “do nothing” Congressional Democrats as all they’ve done is waste taxpayer money on politicized impeachments, hearings, investigations, and hoaxes with more to come while we still can’t get an immigration bill to the president’s desk nor a new healthcare bill to replace the failing Obamacare that is fleecing folks with high premiums.

Plagiarizer Biden is now trying to ripoff Trump’s economic plan as he cannot come up with one on his own that is feasible.  Yesterday he plagiarized part of Trump’s message. Biden has moved so far to the left that he had to appear like he was coming back with a “Buy American, Hire American” message.  This is 100 percent Trump’s message as we all know he and Obama sent manufacturing jobs overseas and told us they would never come back. Trump got them back.

Biden also said recently for coal miners to learn how to program computers as they were going to shut down coal mines due to pollution and health concerns.  “If they can shovel coal, they can program a computer!” he claimed. Really Joe?  Totally different skill set and personality required, but what does he know? Little does he know that coal mining is a tradition passed down through the family much like farming.

He can’t ripoff Trump’s economic plan; as the reason it worked, was Trump’s lowered taxes and reduced regulations. But Biden is promising to raise taxes and reinstate the regulations on companies.  Trump’s economic plan won’t work under those conditions.  Biden is the biggest flip-flopper since John Kerry.  All that’s missing is a wake board.

Let’s be real.  Biden is trying his best to have it both ways: to please the Bernie and Warren voters by sticking it to corporate America,Wall Street, and fossil fuel industry yet still trying to appeal to small businesses, manufacturing, and the blue collar workers.  What Biden doesn’t realize is that when you raise corporate taxes to punish the rich corporations and Wall Street you also punish small “S” Corporations too which are the backbone of our economy and will cause massive layoffs.  Obama did it and look what happened. You can’t have it both ways. When you punish one, you punish all.  But Biden’s never run a company so, therefore, he knows nothing of this.

So when you hear the left cry “defund the police”, come back with “defund the Democrats”.  See how they like it.


SIDE NOTE:  The other night I was watching Cash Cab for fun.  Suddenly the cabdriver is asking political questions regarding Trump, Obama, and even Hillary.  I don’t remember him doing this before, but it is clear he is anti-Trump based on his side comments.  Here’s some of his questions:  “What pants suit woman has her portrait hanging in the White House?”  (What? No questions about her erasing 33,000 emails?) “Who was President Trump referring to when he made his infamous gaff calling a tech giant Tim Apple?” (Are you sure Trump wasn’t just being funny rather than a gaffe?)  “What is President Trump’s favorite book, aside from the Bible, called and written by him?”(Implies narcissism.) One other endearing question about Obama.

Point is:   Saying Trump had an infamous gaff that no one remembers proves to me that Hollywood is trying desperately to link Trump with gaffes like Biden has, and which Trump has so few of.  Also for the cabdriver to say Trump would want a book with his name as the title again implies that he thinks Trump’s a narcissist. Why doesn’t the cabdriver ask, “What president made the infamous gaff of saying there are 57 states?”  No one will answer it correct as not one news person ever repeats Obama’s gaffes: Corpse men instead of corps men. Michael instead of Michelle.  Oops!  Major gaffes!

Trump, they are coming at you from all sides now even innocuous tv game shows.  Mike Cohen with a tell all book and possible movie too?  Is Netflix meeting with him? You’re not supposed to profit while you’re in prison.






Covid, Chaos, Cancel-Culture, and Courts: The Four C’s That Threaten the Presidency.

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Protesters in Durham Topple a Confederate Monument - The New York ...

Main frieze of the US Supreme Court Building. Washington DC. On ...

With the daily reporting of rise in covid cases to the chaos in our cities to the canceling of our history to the politicized court decisions, Trump has his work cut out for him.  None of this existed prior to his election so, therefore, the dunces of America will blame all this crap on Trump. But it has nothing to do with Trump’s leadership. Nothing. It’s all politics.

Today Mayor DeBlasio, who’s gone rogue, is ordering the police to paint on the street in front of Trump Tower “BLACK LIVES MATTER”!  This is a spiteful act by a sick man and should backfire.  Why would the police obey such an order?  I thought they hated DeBlasio. Are they that big of wusses?  Cue the sandblasting equipment once Trump wins election. Or send in the National Guard and remove this guy from the mayor’s office.

But let’s be clear.  Covid is a worldwide epidemic that was carelessly unleashed by China after doing stupid things in their labs.  Unavoidable and not Trump’s fault. We should probably go into their country and bomb their labs in retaliation for the deaths they have caused. The case numbers are being inaccurately reported by hospitals and jacked up to hurt Trump’s chances in November, but the deaths have gone way down. And there’s proof that when HCQ is taken early on, it cures the virus in about five days despite what the lying media says.

The chaos, mayhem, and shootings in our cities started out as a backlash of police brutality on one black fellow in a liberal city in a liberal state.  But now the chaos has escalated and attracted all the lowlifes and is highly funded by outside interests (Soros, Biden, Bernie) due to an election year. The actions of one police officer is not Trump’s fault.  This chaos will immediately subside once the election is over.  It has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter and more to do with Biden Loves Mayhem as he thinks it helps his chances.

The cancel culture seems to be a spin off from the police brutality backlash and is spreading across the nation.  Erasing any memory of slavery claims to be their intent; but, again, has run off the rails and is erasing all our culture. Again, not Trump’s fault as it is being orchestrated by the powers at be in the Democrat party to ruin Trump’s chances in November. Evidence of this is the fact that Nancy Pelosi herself has removed historical portraits of our forefathers from the walls of the House of Representatives.  And I can assure you, whomever she removed from the walls was a much more respectable, notable, and honorable person than herself. She should have a composite sketch of herself posted on the bulletin board in every post office.

The courts have become politicized as well, including the supreme court.  They all know it’s an election year too; and, based on their personal feelings, is how they’re ruling. If they like Trump, they rule in his favor and vice versa.  It shouldn’t be this way, but our country is being ruled by a bunch of wusses right now. So Trump is up against that too.  The Democrats are coming at him full court press as the clock is running out.

But the Democrats causing all this better be careful as America just may see through what they’re doing and come to the realization that it is THEY that are causing the Four C’s not Trump. Some won’t care as they embrace corruption; but the more levelheaded ones may see that their country has been hijacked by a bunch of loony-tuned, radical Marxists (much like Bernie Sanders) and, they’ll prosecute the only way they can–in the voting booth like we did to Hillary.

So be careful what you’re trying to do, Democrats.  It just may backfire in your faces in November. And we’d hate to see you injure your pretty little faces, like Newsom and Robert’s.


Mary Trump: A Disgruntled, Resentful Niece…


Green with envy? - Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education ...

who had to listen to her jealous widow mother for years whose husband died of alcoholism at a young age.  A man with a weakness who’s probably spinning in his grave right now for what his daughter is doing–shaming the family name. No telling what’s in that book.  But from the snippets I’m hearing, it sounds a little convoluted like the SAT test.  We didn’t take them back then. She probably got the idea from the Hollywood cheating scandal and figured Trump’s supporters would react negatively too. Or her mother spread that lie.

Obviously, the widow of Trump’s oldest brother will build her husband up over the years making him sound like a saint all the while putting down his younger brother who made such a success of himself.  That’s what families do. For instance, my husband made a success of himself from a business he started all on his own, but he has one resentful nephew who claims he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  This is something his father must have told him to rationalize why he wasn’t successful. Complete lie.  I’d hate to read a book written by any of my nephews after they’ve listened to their feminist mother all these years. They’ll embellish stories for their children to hear just to build themselves up.

This mother of Mary Trump must hate the president for his success and decent children he’s raised.  And to top it off, Donald has never touched a drop of alcohol!  That must really irk her. Sounds like a case of the green-eyed monster: jealousy. Jealousy combined with greed is a lethal combination. The daughter profits on her family name to write a “tell all” book before the election to become the new “darling of the left”.  She’ll soon be on all the talk shows spilling family dirt.  I can see her now with Rachel Maddow and Joy Baher sucking up to her every word.  Mary is a sick puppy and her mother should be ashamed.

This is what Trump is up against now.  Even a family member, although an estranged member, has a go at him. Good luck Trump.  They’re coming from all sides now.  Keep up your guard.  You can’t trust anyone now.

O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster ...


Let’s Get a Few More Things Straight…


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1.  Trump is not a racist and is NOT dividing America with his patriotic speeches. Patriotism is not racist.  Defending statues and monuments is not racist. Defending the police, law and order, and rule of law is not racist. The 4th of July is not racist.

2.  Bubba Wallace jumped on the BLM bandwagon the minute the fake noose was found in his garage that had been there since last year.  I smelled something rotten in Denmark when this story first began. He went on all the news shows supporting BLM just like Jussie Smollett did.  He needs to apologize to NASCAR fans that were falsely accused of racism as well as his team members that rallied around him. He’s anti-Trump all the way.

3.  Our schools are indoctrinating our children to hate the government, the president, and the police.  It’s no wonder they break the law once they are out of school as they have no respect for it. We need to complain to school administrators if we suspect this going on in any classroom from elementary to college.  Some of these teachers proudly belong to the RESIST Movement.  Outrageous that they’re teaching our children.

4.   Sports like Golf on television have kowtowed to the radical group BLM with commercials supporting them. They are all wusses. The wussification of sports. The NBA plans to paint BLM on their courts and the NFL plans to kneel again.  Do they know that BLM gives donations to Biden and vice versa?  Get it now?

5.  Covid fear is being hyped by the media due to the election year. The case numbers are being illegally jacked up, hospitalization counts are not all for covid patients, and the death rates are down.  We will not be wearing masks for years.  Give me a break.  We will be back to normal not a “new norm”.  After the election, the virus will miraculously disappear. Amazing how that works.

6.  The polls showing Biden ahead by nine points is fake news.  I have three phone numbers with two hard lines and to date have not gotten one call from a pollster.  Not one.  So they are calling mostly Democrats and Independents.  Full Stop.

7.  When outdoors the covid virus is not a threat when social distancing, only indoors when speaking close with one person that may be carrying it.  It’s like catching a cold.  Wash your hands when coming home, avoid touching public surfaces, don’t touch your face.  Wear gloves when appropriate or a face covering in crowded areas. If you’re of risky age, avoid seeing friends for a while longer.

8.  When the news reports that well-educated voters are voting for Biden…well…they may be college-educated but not well-educated.  They’ve been brainwashed into hating conservatives so, of course, they’ll vote for a liberal president and get counted as a well-educated voter.  My vote is just as crucial, if not more, than theirs; after all, most of them can’t spell or sign their name in cursive. We’ve seen their well-educated protest signs.

9.   If you’re still collecting unemployment checks after your job was offered back to you and declined, you’re breaking the law.  They’ll catch up to you, and you’ll be prosecuted.

10. Trump is running against all the media and most of the liberal organizations.  He can’t trust the news to report accurately on him so he, therefore, tweets the truth in his defense.  Let him tweet the truth without complaining like a wuss. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s not harsh or cruel.  He’s just defending himself against a rushing tide of lies.  His tweets aren’t speeches so don’t criticize them like they are. They’re just thoughts. The House even wants to impeach him again for some fake Russia Bounty intelligence. They won’t let up.

11. Biden has some serious mental acuity problems despite what the fake news is reporting.  He introduced himself as “I’m Joe’s husband, Joe”.  That alone says it all.

So when you’re hearing all the chaos, bias, lies, and complaints in the news, just remember the aforementioned.  Just trying to set some things straight. The truth will prevail.

When Covid’s Not Enough.

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I guess the covid pandemic and mask issues aren’t hurting Trump enough.  I’m hearing snippets of gun control becoming the next big issue.  All of a sudden the media and mayors care about random shootings in New York and Chicago when they are the ones allowing them to occur. They are blaming it on the guns rather than the rioters and lowlifes in the streets.  This will all boil down to: Trump is FOR the Second Amendment and, therefore, part of the problem.

A White female protester who’d been dancing on the highway in Seattle in honor of George Floyd and stands for Black Lives Matter, got violently run over by a vehicle on the highway the protesters took over. The irony was the driver, was a black fellow.  From the video it looks as though he was startled by a vehicle parked sideways across one lane and then came upon the two girls.  He may have not even seen them before it was too late.  Authorities said he drove up an off ramp onto the highway to get on.  Maybe he was fed up with all the road closures and just wanted to get somewhere.

But as in guns being blamed for increase in shootings rather than lowlifes in the street, this girl’s death is being blamed on the driver rather than crazies on the highway where they shouldn’t be.  Guns don’t shoot people, people do.  Cars don’t kill people dancing on the highway, dancing on the highway does.

Biden, who claims he will transform the country, has already promised the anti-second amendment nut Beto to be in charge of gun control if he wins.  Wow! This guy wants to confiscate guns from every person in the U.S.  He also wants anti-capitalist Elizabeth Warren to be Secretary of the Treasury. Why?  The lady who wants to tax our wealth rather than us receive interest will be in charge of the Treasury? She knows nothing about bringing back the economy other than taxing. She’s a former teacher for godsakes. Never ran anything involving money.  Appoint her Secretary of Education, something she has experience in.

Biden has also said he wants Obama himself to be on the supreme court!  The guy who wants to legislate from the bench and doesn’t respect the constitution put on the bench? What else does Biden have up his sleeve, AOC for Secretary of Defense? Sounds about right.  All this will transform the country. But not in a good way.

Why are the news anchors so shocked that anarchy will result in gun violence?  Why are the news anchors so shocked that occupied cities will result in gun violence? When mayors allow this kind of rioting and takeovers to persist, it will eventually result in gun violence. Thugs have more guns than honest people do. They’ve been allowed to commit every other kind of violence from rocks, bottles, bricks, garbage cans, Molotov cocktails, firebombs, arson, knives, why not guns?  So for the news anchors to sound shocked, it’s almost as though they’re playing dumb. Or are dumb.

So if you start to hear lots of stories about gun control even on FNC, it is a collective, orchestrated “silent dog whistle” to blame the violence on 2nd Amendment Trump rather than poor leadership of the mayors and governors in high crime cities.  Trump will get blamed.  Just like how Cuomo blamed him for the nursing home deaths. They have no shame. Blame is the name of their game.


#guncontrol  #blamegame




Kanye Sees Trump Slipping in Polls and Comes to the Rescue?


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Kanye West sees a chance to possibly help his buddy Trump.  If he runs as an Independent it will undoubtedly hurt Biden.  Spoiler alert. Biden thinks he has the young people, the feminist, and the black votes cinched up.  But…not so fast.  The Kardashians alone have a huge following among young women then add Kanye to the mix and he has the music industry following not to mention the young blacks.  Biden thought he had all those votes.

Kanye must see that the BLM movement is hurting Trump and wants to lend him a helping hand.  The chances of him stealing a Republican vote is slim to nothing as we don’t care much for the Kardashians and even less about rappers.  But if he can help Trump, he needs all the help he can get.

Let’s be frank though.  Kanye knows nothing about running a business let alone a country.  He’s a celebrity that everything comes easy for.  He married into a rich media mogul family that has made their money off their father’s fame from the O.J. Trial.  He’s never worked with politicians like Trump had done. He is as cold and inexperienced as they come in government.

Staunch Democrats will continue to hold their noses and vote for Biden as well as excited Republicans will vote for Trump.  It’s the moderates, independents, and far left that will have to decide who to vote for.  Will the fascists, antifa, BLM, rioters, CHOP, and criminals vote for Kanye?  Not sure.  He’s a religious guy that portends to be Republican. Will they overlook that fact about him and vote for his age and color? But they hate capitalism.  Another conundrum.

Will he steal Hollywood, Hispanic, and the music industry’s vote from Biden?  Will he steal the entrepreneur vote from Trump? Will Bruce Jenner vote for him? Hell, will O.J. vote for him? Will he steal the gay vote from Biden?  At least he’d have a super model wife as First Lady like Trump has.

Poor Biden.  Watch how fast he slips in the polls now. He’s gonna have to pull something quick out of his bag of tricks.  But he’s not quick.  Nothing he does is quick. Everything he does is slow and sleepy.  Bye bye Biden.

Stay tuned.

#byebyebiden #kanyetotherescue 

Who Is Trump Really Running Against?


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Trump has incoming fire coming from all directions during this election year. He can’t trust anyone. What companies and organizations are working against Trump? Facebook, Twitter, TicToc, Microsoft, Amazon, FedEx, ESPN, NBA, NFL, Golf Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS, NOW, MSNBC, CNN, DNC, Domestic terror groups, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, Teachers Unions, Wayfair, Netflix, HBO, BRAVO, Yahoo News, Google, New York Times, Washington Post, WHO, and the CDC just to name a few.

If you don’t believe it, tune into one of these tv shows and just listen to the commentators. Then we have the majority of Hollywood, Music Industry, United Nations, Congress, Supreme Court, Nevertrumpers, and some RINOs against Trump. These companies/organizations/groups have a big influence on voters, so Trump has his work cut out for him.

How do we help Trump to stop the false stories we are hearing or reading on any of these outlets? We can’t because these companies/groups are all biased and it falls under the category of Free Speech. They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories of Russia interference in our elections.  Don’t fall for it. They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories of racism, hate, and white supremacy. Don’t fall for it.  They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories of covid cases, mishandling, and incompetency.  Don’t fall for it. They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories on Trump’s health.  I saw one this morning. Don’t fall for it.

This is their latest attack on Trump. Spread the rumor that he is not healthy as Biden’s health is falling faster than a lead balloon. Remember, whatever they are guilty of, they will accuse Trump of.  It’s called projection. This is the platform they’re running on:  Hate and lies about Trump. Project what the Democrats are guilty of onto Trump.  It’s all they’ve got as Biden has no policies other than raising taxes and ending fossil fuel.  What can we do to stop them? Probably nothing; just don’t believe them and stand up for your beliefs if they come at you with one of these lies.

Stand up for Trump to shut down the lies and false stories. It’s about all we can do aside from supporting Trump in the streets.  But that seems to be taken over by the Crossfire Chaos crowd.

So who is Trump running against?  Not Biden, as he is unfit to even debate Trump. Trump is running against all the liberal media, sports, music, Hollywood, politicians, feminist groups, social media, online shopping and delivery, judges, science groups, domestic terror groups, and atheists who all support Biden. And that’s a lot of incoming fire.


Covid Cases Being Hyped and Jacked Up.


Haynes How-To: jack up a car

So the covid case count is all messed up.  When we hear that cases are surging it is just code for they have found a new way of jacking up the count.  Here’s how: When one person tests positive he has to come back weekly to get retested.  If he retests positive, it gets counted as a NEW CASE. Then he comes back another week and if still positive, still another NEW CASE.  This has the potential of tripling the number of people with covid being reported.  Plus we find now that the CDC is combining previous virus illnesses picked up in the test and using them in the Covid count. That’s called cooking the books in accounting terms.  That jacks up the positive case numbers too as we’ve all had a virus at some time in our lives.  So what’s really happening?

It’s a political year and the more rise in cases Biden can complain about (and get his numbers wrong), the more cases will get added.  So the likes of Fauci (the Science God) and the CDC will use alternative criteria to add more cases. Biden even said today that it is not mission accomplished.  Trump has never used those words.  He’s being an asshole.

Remember Rush said don’t believe anything you hear in the news from now until election day.  I will add to that “especially if it is regarding the covid virus”. The day after the election (no matter who wins or loses), the covid virus will miraculously disappear.  It’s being used to control society. Mayors are demanding cities to wear masks.  It’s a form of psychological control, and we shouldn’t have to obey them. They are trying to psyche us out and are doing a good job among the youth.

The governors and mayors of certain cities are using rise in covid cases to re-close certain activities in their cities like beaches, indoor seating, gyms, and bars; yet they are encouraging lowlifes to keep protesting in the streets and toppling statues. What does this tell you?  It tells us that they could care less about stopping the virus; it’s more about stopping the economy.  They must hate the job numbers that came out today and want to reverse them.

The virus is nothing more than another form of the Democrats taking control of us.  They want to tell us what to eat, what to drink, what to drive, what to buy, what to read, what to watch, how to shop, how to work, how to travel, how to heat, how to play, and how to dress. They want us all to be a bunch of masked-faced green new deal robots walking around not talking to or touching anyone.  Basically being unsociable robots. It’s a form of psychological abuse. And what the governors are doing to our children by keeping them out of school is child abuse.


people wearing face mask for protection
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Note to Biden:  You’re not healthier than Trump.  You won’t pass the cognitive test that is required by the government after age 65. You just won’t.  You may be slim but Trump has never drank alcohol, smoked, or taken drugs. His liver is golden and so are his lungs.

You’ve had botox, hair plugs, and possible face lift.  That doesn’t make you healthier.  Just makes you weird and phony.  Trump shot a 74 on the golf course yesterday.  Let’s see you hit the ball as far.  Push ups are not a measure of one man’s health.  You can barely walk across the room as you are low-energy Sleepy Joe. You shouldn’t be bragging about your health. Someone may ask for YOUR jacked up health records.