Evolution of the Women’s Movement Explained.

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I’m a little baffled when it comes to Women’s Rights these days. Back in the 50s and 60s, girls were required to wear dresses to school. It made it hard to do cartwheels on the playground during recess. In high school, we were lucky to be allowed to wear shorts one day out of the whole year. They called it “Shorts Day.” We were ecstatic on that day. But we never complained.

Since the 70s, all we wanted was to be treated equally in the workplace and compete in sports professionally like men did. We definitely benefitted from Affirmative Action bills which required companies to hire a percentage of women in male positions [and from Title IX.

Title IX, the landmark gender equity law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972, banned sex discrimination in federally funded education programs. Its protections would open doors for girls and women in admission, academic majors, teaching positions, vocational programs and individual classes, and help ensure equal access and treatment once they got in.

“This was during a time where there were a lot of barriers for women to progress or succeed in society,” says Karen Hartman, an associate professor at Idaho State University who has studied Title IX extensively. “The Educational Amendments Act, and specifically Title IX, was attempting to address some of those wrongs and provide more opportunities.”

Yet despite its broad aims and applications, Title IX is most famous for its impact on expanding opportunities for women and girls in sports. In 1972, there were just over 300,000 women and girls playing college and high school sports in the United States. Female athletes received 2 percent of college athletic budgets, while athletic scholarships for women were virtually nonexistent.

By 2012, the 40th anniversary of Title IX’s passage, the number of girls participating in high school sports nationwide had risen tenfold, to more than 3 million. More than 190,000 women were competing in intercollegiate sports—six times as many as in 1972. By 2016, one in every five girls in the United States played sports, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation. Before passage of Title IX, that number had been one in 27.”] HISTORY

But after we got that, some still weren’t happy. Then they wanted to have children and still be able to go to work which involved all kinds of childcare perks from companies even providing onsite childcare which allowed women to continue working after childbirth. (After my time.)

Soon after that we benefitted from Sexual Harassment Claims in the workplace, whereby we could sue our boss for hitting on us. What a concept! Boy, we have come a long way! But some women chose to stay in a hostile work environment as long as they kept getting promoted which gave birth to the #Metoo Movement which ruined men’s careers many years later. But these same women became suspiciously silent when transgenders started competing in the same sports as they did and winning. Not a word came from the Women’s Movement. They were okay with it.

We’ve had Planned Parenthood since the 70s and no one is worried that it will go away except when conservatives outnumber liberals on the Supreme Court. Why is that? Why is a conservative majority so threatening to the Women’s Movement? It’s not. These men in the highest court have wives and daughters. They aren’t going to rule on anything that hurts women. So what’s got the libs so riled up all of a sudden?

I believe it has nothing to do with Women’s Rights or Health like the protestors are ballyhooing about, but more to do with liberals, progressives, feminists, and wokesters changing the world as we know it. Climate change is a religion to them taught in college (thanks to Al Gore) and they know conservatives do not think the same way. One reason is, because the U.S. can’t do enough to effect the Globe as far as reducing fossil fuel emissions and keeping water and air clean. It’s basic science. We are just a drop in the bucket.

So although the left likes to feel good as they drive their EVs, install solar panels, compost their waste, and use their bathwater to irrigate their plants, it will never be enough. Conservatives actually believe the planet together with God has its own restorative methods. Heaven forbid the Environmentalists believe in that. They also don’t believe in constructing more dams and nuclear power plants or forest thinning which would reduce wildfires.

So they think if they hang their hat on the ol’ “Women’s Right to Choose” issue, they can keep control of the Congress, the Presidency, and eventually the Supreme Court this November. But they are holding on to this issue under false pretenses, as they didn’t give a whip about transgenders taking over women’s sports. Why? Because it was condoned by the leftists and Biden. Anything approved by the left is okay in their eyes like mask and vaccination mandates. Women are becoming just pawns in the game for Climate Change Activists. Way to be used, ladies.

Can you imagine a woman wearing a pink knit cap and a mask too? Lovely. This is where we are headed. Boy, oh boy, have we come a long way, baby. We’re still talking about Women’s Right to Choose even though we have a multitude of birth control options since the 70s [including a “morning after pill” if one gets raped or incest or just had a one night stand like Chelsea Handler. Aren’t we smart enough to protect our bodies before we get pregnant?] It seems like we’re going backwards, not forward. We’re regressive, not progressive. [We’re getting stupider not smarter.] Women were happier in the 70s and had better manners, social etiquette, [and morals] than they do now. I would hate to be a woman in her twenties these days.

I don’t think we’ve come a long way any longer. We haven’t broken any glass ceilings recently without cheating to get there. And then once there, our accomplishments haven’t looked so impressive at all, (cough) Kamala. Maybe women are trying too hard to have it all. Guess what? If you’re feeling guilty trying to have it all, it ain’t worth it. Take one thing and be your best at it.

That is the Evolution of the Women’s Movement. We burned our bras, sued our bosses, let transgenders into our sports, and got used by the Climate Change Activists. Way to go, ladies. We were advancing and advancing and then have been spinning our wheels for the last ten or so years. I suspect next, boys will be required to wear dresses in school in the future like in the movie Time Machine. After all, they want to be gender neutral as far as this administration believes.

Time for a wake up call, women. Start behaving like ladies again. Get out of the streets with your stupid [Pro Choice] banners and masks and do something that really helps others. [Stop watching The View that has brainless twits on it. ] Stop complaining, start achieving. And stop being a pawn for the Climate Change Activists or being [taken in] by the BLM [Movement. We are better than this.]

UPDATED: July2, 2022. Items between brackets [ ] have been added since original post.

Voice of Reason from the Midnight Cowboy.

“Biden has taken down our morals.”

Why is it that we haven’t heard from one of our esteemed, renowned, former elected leaders regarding impeaching Biden yet? Where’s cowardly George W. Bush? Notice how he’s been suspiciously quiet during the last two years yet spoke out against Trump? Shame on him. Where’s the voice of reason from Colin Powell when we need it? Crickets. Why is it that we have to hear from a beloved actor to make sense of what is going on? Actors shouldn’t have to do the job of our former leaders.

Although I love Jon Voight especially in Coming Home, it’s not his job to speak to the public about where our country is headed. It’s the job of our elected leaders past and present. Except for Trump, we hear nothing from former leaders. And we can’t believe a word Pence says any longer as he just goes with the direction of the wind. They should all be in agreement that Biden needs to be impeached ASAP.

Ironically Dick Cheney’s daughter is one of the culprits trying to bring down Trump after the election was stolen. Where’s Dick in all of this? He used to be a fan of Trump much to the chagrin of George Bush. Maybe he hates what is daughter is doing. If so, come out and tell us what you think. Don’t be a vindictive coward like George W. Bush. I wish Ronald Reagan were alive to speak on our behave.

Where’s Condoleezza Rice in all of this? She’s usually a respected woman of color, yet I hear nothing from her. We need a savior right now aside from Jon Voight or liberal Bill Maher. I’ll even listen to Laura Bush if she was allowed to speak her mind on the state of our union. But I’m sure they have silenced her already. Instead we have to hear fat-face Hillary bloviating how angry Justice Thomas was in college or “First time in my life” Michelle.

Except for a few senators and congressmen who speak out via conservative news networks, we have no voice of reason. No way to voice our anger in what Biden is doing to our country other than voting that we now know gets tampered with. Biden turns his back on questions regarding 50 migrants cooked in a semi; but if that had been Trump, the media would be screaming from the rooftops for impeachment. Biden gets away with everything with the coverup from the media.

It’s sick and needs to stop. More voices of past leaders need to come out and demand triple impeachment proceedings at once. Throw in Kamala and Nancy with Biden. All corrupt incompetents.

With Roe Overturned and 2nd Amendment Upheld, SCOTUS Goes Against Biden.

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Even John Roberts, who is more about what parties he’ll be invited to, sided with conservative justices. Well.. parties aside, he used his noggin rather than his social calendar this time. Next, we’ll be hearing that the J6 Show Trial is unconstitutional, which it is. Someone needs to sue the pants off the J6 Committee so it ends up at the Supreme Court. Egg on faces much Democrats?

Losing is becoming second nature to the left now that the Supreme Court is against them and may be a sign of things to come this November. Everyone is displeased with the Biden Administration including SCOTUS as Biden’s AG Garland wouldn’t arrest the unlawful protestors outside the justices’ homes nor those that committed vandalism at Pro-life Pregnancy Centers across the nation. Failure to enforce the law! All their threats to the justices and pregnancy centers just backfired in their faces. Payback is a b****h.

Biden overplayed his hand. Somehow he thought he had control over the Supreme Court by intimidating them, but he was wrong. We suspected Obama had something on Roberts as he ruled in favor of Obamacare. Conservatives across the land are rejoicing today over this ruling. Radicals like Jane’s Revenge are conspiring a night of terror. Let’s see if the FBI even cares; as if it’s not White Supremacists, they turn a blind eye. They intercepted and arrested a group of so-called WS riding in a van for thinking about attending a protest. I thought protesting was protected under freedom of speech. Amazing that you can get arrested for thought. The Thought Police. Guess they never watched one episode of Law & Order.

Kamala’s missed shots at the basketball hoop was a premonition of their missed chances to prevail in upcoming monumental SCOTUS decisions. Thanks goes to Trump for selecting Kavanaugh (despite the onslaught of attacks made on him), Barrett, and Gorsuch. Three constitutional justices that decide according to the adopted U.S. Constitution rather than legislate from the bench.

Nancy literally falls apart during her reaction to the Roe decision. Her earring fell off onto the podium making a loud noise. I half expected her face to fall off with it. She was fit to be tied. Cue the radicals to come out after dark once their Ritalin and lattes kick in. Wait for the destruction that they promised if the spoiled brats didn’t get their way. Discipline starts in the home, and these lowlifes never had any. In Nancy’s speech, she said the law has turned back to the mothers of the girls today. But totally missed by Nancy is the fact that the girls of today wouldn’t be alive if they were impulsively aborted by their mothers.

Biden says, “Roe is on the ballot this November, and that we will fight this ruling.” Notice he said “fight” and Trump got reamed for using that work before the rally at the Capitol. So the word “fight” is okay when Biden says it. Got it. !

You’re wrong Mr. Cheat Card, YOU are on the ballot this November!

I’m Tired of LBGTQ, Pride, CRT, Juneteenth, Woke, BLM, and Rainbows!

Photo by Brianna Amick on Pexels.com

It’s all crap forced upon us by the left and none other than goofball Biden. What kind of a country are we passing onto our poor grandchildren?!!! It’s a crying shame! Half the crap I’m hearing on even conservative channels makes me hurl. My dad is spinning in his grave right now. He wanted nothing more than grandchildren before he died and read me the riot act when I was a single 29 year old. He wanted to know before he died that he would leave behind heirs, not to his name as I am a woman (unlike one justice is afraid to say), but heirs nonetheless. He had five grandsons from his two daughters. We did add his given and surname to three of their middle names.

My father fought for our country in the Navy, but we rarely heard any war stories. Lots of pictures taken overseas as he was a big photo guy. He was just happy to be alive as his only cousin in America was declared MIA after the USS Mount Hood explosion while my mother was pregnant with his cousin’s firstborn.

USS Mount Hood (AE-11) was the lead ship of her class of ammunition ships for the United States Navy in World War II. She was the first ship named after Mount Hood, a volcano in the Cascade Range in Oregon. Soon after 18 men who had left the ship for shore had reached the dock, the USS Mount Hood exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island on 10 November 1944 killing 45 men with 327 declared missing, obliterating the ship itself, and sinking or severely damaging 22 smaller craft nearby.” Wikipedia. It was the biggest tragedy in the Pacific during WWII aside from Pearl Harbor.

My dad ended up marrying my mother after her son was around two. They fell in love the old fashion way through beautiful, long distant letters. It was a story fit for a Hallmark Movie, IMO.

But if my father were alive today, I can guarantee you he would no longer vote Democrat! No way, no how, even though Norwegians are typically liberal. The Democrat party has left The People. They care more about lining their own pockets from ill gotten deeds much like the mafia of olden days. In fact, the leaders of the Democrat Party are all part of crime syndicate families like the Pelosis, Gettys, Browns, Schumers, Newsoms, Bidens, and, of course, the Clintons. It’s a bold statement, but my opinion.

How do we fight off such influential families? It’s hard because they bribe and blackmail supporters to do what they want, thus the stolen election of 2020 and the J6 staged riot. Much like what their supporters are doing to the SCOTUS right now. Intimidation. Very powerful people. But I digress.

I really am sick of the LBGTQ friggen movement. Not because I’m homophobic but rather because they are too much in our faces everywhere. They will be getting a national holiday soon just like Juneteenth, whatever the hell that was. I thought MLK Day was for the Blacks. When do we get a holiday just for Whites? We don’t. Where’s our Pride Day? Where’s Heterosexual Pride Day? Aren’t we allowed to be proud? Guess not. What has the LBGQT Movement done for the country? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Kids are confused, committing suicide, ODing, changing their genders, and mass shooting.

Gays don’t own rainbows nor is one showing up after a rainstorm a symbol of gays. It’s called science. I thought they believed in science. Heterosexuals should claim a beautiful sunset as our symbol. How would that go over? Not so well. So you see, rainbow flags annoy me as their symbol. Leaving San Francisco there’s an entrance to a tunnel painted in rainbow colors long before the word gay was even stolen by the homosexuals. It is the entrance to Marin County and the idea of the Division of Highways not by the gay movement. But I’m sure they have claimed that as theirs too. It’s not!

I blame liberal parents along with the school districts as well as Biden for forcing this crap down our grandkids’ throats like Critical Race Theory which is another beauty, as Trump would say. We don’t want racial division in our schools. We don’t want children feeling White privilege or Black oppression. And we don’t want drag queens influencing any children! Save it for a San Francisco night on the town once they are of age. By forcing it at a young age, only normalizes it which is their intent. It’s akin to teaching children to smoke or drink in grade school.

My dad would be appalled. There’s a reason he died young. He wouldn’t be able to handle this shit like rainbow-colored military bullets or sex changes. He wouldn’t want to see his great grandsons subjected to this crap. No way, no how!

Vote all the degenerates out this November so we can take over the House and Senate to “Make America Normal Again.”

The Democrats Turn a Blind Eye to Violence at SCOTUS but…

Potential Democrat Candidate

are horrified by a crowded Trump rally gone awry. Why is that? Because protests against abolishing Roe are good; protests against the stolen election are bad. It’s “the means justifying the end game” again. And their end game is not to lose power. The left has to be in power no matter who’s in charge. The Marshmallow Man could be president as long as he is a Democrat. I deduced that after my Interview with a Democrat. Part II.

They don’t care about the direction the country is going. They don’t care about good policies that make our country safe and prosperous for all. All they care about are programs that line their pockets and the pockets of their followers with money, thus the war in Ukraine. Dems make money when there is a war. If they stay in power, they also commit insider trading on policies they plan to approve. They also are involved in influence selling with other countries. It’s a no brainer for them as they never get prosecuted.

But I feel their karma is finally coming back to bite them in the a$$. Pelosi’s husband gets arrested, Colbert’s staff gets arrested, and Biden falls off his bike. They are beginning to get a taste of what bad karma is. Their chickens are coming home to roost.

Don’t be surprised if Roe gets abolished, they go crazy in the streets destroying property and the Democrats remain silent. Over 500 riots occurred in 2020 prior to the election and none of the rioters were arrested. So many police were killed as well as property owners, but we heard crickets from the Democrats. BUT they come out armed for bear when Trump’s rally goes to the capitol. Heaven forbid, Trump supporters protest something. This can’t be done after the Dems regain power!

Roe isn’t about Women’s Rights either. They don’t care about Women’s Rights. If they did, they would have protested transgenders competing in women’s sports. They didn’t. They would have believed the women who claimed Biden and Bill Clinton sexually harassed them while they worked under them. They didn’t. They wouldn’t be protesting outside a female SCOTUS justice’s home. But they are. So you see, Democrats are nothing more than hypocrites or Hypocrats.

Those That Can’t Do, Get Hired by Biden.

One of Biden’s cabinet members.

This is why nothing gets done! Not because they are lazy, but because they don’t know how to do anything. They’ve usually come from academia where they lecture, hand out assignments, and give out grades. No one has ever asked them to solve a real problem. Look at what happened when Biden asked Kamala to solve the border problem. She was a cackling deer in the headlights. It’s still there but worse now.

Look what happened when Biden asked Buttigeig to solve the supply chain problem. He stayed home chestfeeding twins. We still have it, but it’s worse now. Look what happened when he asked the energy secretary to investigate why gas prices are rising. She laughed, said the Keystone pipeline wasn’t finished, then blamed Putin. They’re still rising! Look what happened when he asked AG Garland to investigate school shootings. They’ve gotten more frequent, but he only goes after the gun stores, gun laws, and GOP. Never after the root cause which is mental health together with open campuses.

Biden surrounds himself with incompetents just like Obama did. It’s their M.O. If something goes awry (which is everything these days), he blames one of them as long as Putin or Trump can’t be blamed. Get where I’m going?

He couldn’t have gotten a more incompetent Press Secretary, Secretary of State, SCOTUS pick, Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, and some transgender Health Secretary. He’s all about diversity rather than competency. They either read their answers or tap dance around the question. And he keeps Fauci around as he’s really easy to blame. Trump will fire him on day one in office once he’s back.

I rarely watch the news any longer as what I am seeing gets stupider and stupider and the anchors actually have the audacity to report it without a warning label: “This news may be hazardous to your brain cells.” But this is Biden’s World. His followers may think he’s just a dope, but his dopiness is contagious. We can’t live under his regime much longer as everyone’s IQ is going down. In fact, it’s the only thing under Biden going down aside from his bike. Something has to give.

Interview with a Democrat. Part II.

Around two years ago I interviewed one of my close Democrat friends about how she felt about Trump. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. I was flabbergasted by her sudden change of demeanor and have treaded lightly with her ever since. She is what I consider “a Lost Cause,” brainwashed from years of reading the lying New York Times and L.A. Times. No hope for her.

She said horrible things about Trump and his children that had no basis in facts. But she got the fake news from her newspapers. I still, to this day, tease her about The New York Times. Every time she says I never heard that story, I reply, “Of course, not. It’s not in the New York Times.” She giggles. I’m quite sure she has no idea Kavanaugh had an attempt at his life. And she’s never heard of Neil Cavuto (who’s a Democrat) as FOX News is evil.

So yesterday I had a similar interview with a long-time, bleeding-heart, liberal, progressive, feminist Democrat when we went to lunch. I also treaded lightly but was curious as to how she feels about Biden and what he has done to the country. The restaurant we went to was conspicuously hurting for business and had a limited staff working there. The restaurant was empty for the first half hour and I asked, “Doesn’t anyone eat in this town?”

“They are probably home watching the hearing” (referring to the J6 Commission.) I couldn’t believe my ears that she would say that to me. Here we go I thought. But maybe she was right.

“You mean the sham hearing?”

No response. We began to read the menu. Not long into our meal I had to ask, “How do you and your husband get along when you are both politically polarized?”

“Well, recently we agreed on one thing. We want stricter gun laws.”

“Well, no gun law will change the mind of a mentally ill person whose parents dropped the ball on him.” I went on to say guns don’t kill people, mentally ill

“Don’t even go there!” she snapped in midsentence.

Whoa, I thought. She is touchy. “So guns aside, that’s all you can agree on with your husband?”


“So you think Biden is doing a good job?”

“No, I’m not for Biden or Kamala. We’re going to find someone to replace them soon. I was never for Biden. No one likes Biden. None of my Democrat friends do,” she rambled on.

At first I was taken aback. What’s this I’m hearing? No way, I thought. But then I realized I was smelling a rat running from a sinking ship so I had to ask, “So you didn’t vote for Biden?”

“No,” she lied as I remember she told me she did. She also lied about never voting for Hillary or Bill Clinton. Lies, lies, lies. She said her favorite president was Jimmy Carter and that she doesn’t vote down party lines. She also said she liked John Kasich, to which I responded that he was a traitor to the party. To her rolling her eyes. So I deduced her reason for lying was that she will never admit to being on the wrong side of history. She still brags about voting for Obama.

“So who do you have in mind to replace Biden?” She mentioned that she does a lot of research and that there’s a Republican governor that she likes. Research to a Democrat is listening to NPR or late night comedy. So I kiddingly asked, “Is it DeSantis?”

God no! I hate him! He’s ruined Florida, and I know Florida,” she answered arrogantly. She’s been on vacation there.

“Well, if he’s ruined Florida, why are all Californians and New Yorkers flocking to Florida?”

Rolled eyes again.

“Well, you better get used to him because he’s right up there with Trump in popularity and capability to run the country.” I then asked sort of jokingly, “Do you want to know my favorite presidents?”

“Okay,” she responded disinterestedly.

“Reagan and Trump were the two best presidents in modern history for peace and prosperity.”

I think she threw up in her mouth then responded, “Uh huh” then rolled her eyes again. “Let’s not talk politics.” Silence was all pervading until the check came.

It will be a while before we go to lunch again. Again I end this interview thinking to myself, “I have to find new friends!” :>/

The Left Protects Biden Like Antibodies Protect our Bodies.

Consider the fact that the left thinks of conservatives as antigens–harmful substances in the body that need to be eliminated like a cancer.

An antibody is a protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances, called antigens. Examples of antigens include microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) and chemicals.

Antibodies may also be produced when the immune system mistakenly considers healthy tissue a harmful substance. This is called an autoimmune disorder. With this analogy, the Democrats (sent out to attack) are attacking healthy tissue known as conservatives so they are suffering from an autoimmune disorder. We thought they suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it may just be an autoimmune disorder.

They come out in droves protecting Biden from the cancerous conservatives like antibodies in our body. They surround the conservatives and will do anything to wipe them out like they did to Kavanaugh and are still doing. Unfortunately, they are fighting the “good cells” so an autoimmune disorder it is. It’s uncanny how they overlook the bad cells like Biden himself and go after the good ones. They call him energetic while we see a sloth. They call him a great speaker while we see an irate old man with arms flailing and voice ranging from shouts to whispers. Not presidential at all. They praise his economy while we see our retirement plans disappearing before our eyes and costs going up daily. They praise the high gas prices as they think they’re helping America go all EV, while we are having to cut back on spending on food and other living expenses.

So I guess my old BMW classic car will become a thing of past. Why am I preserving it? Because it was made better and is fun to drive. Also because we took out a big loan to purchase it and was my dream car–a navy blue 740IL that runs on Supreme. But in Biden’s world, we are not allowed to be happy. Not allowed to be proud of something we purchased the old fashion way like a college degree. Pursuit of Happiness is a thing of the past. John Kerry thinks it’s a great idea for us all to go EV. He wants no more drilling for oil in our country. He must have left part of his brain back in Viet Nam or it’s in his chin. Whoever voted for Biden should be alarmed at this point. But I hear crickets from them. They refuse to admit they made a mistake!

Where will all our gasoline cars go? Are we supposed to erase our history and have these vehicles sent to the salvage yard? Will Jay Leno give up his collection of vintage American cars? Will NASCAR races be a thing of the past like the horse and buggy? Will bulldozers be fueled by electricity? Where will the Gold Rush diggers plug in their backhoes for electricity out in the middle of no where? How can rich Democrats that fly around in private jets and own Bentleys be in favor of John Kerry’s plan? “Plans for thee but not for me” probably. I’m shocked that this is even admitted out loud. And where do they think electricity comes from, the electricity fairy? We already have rolling blackouts due to surges in usage on hot days.

But I digress. Biden is protected by the media, his cabinet members, social media, newspapers, and the Democrats. They are in essence suffering from an autoimmune disorder as they are attacking what is good for America and protecting what is bad: Biden.

A List of Biden’s Self-inflicted Wounds.

Bewildered Biden wonders why his approval rating is so low. He forced the Green New Deal down our throats from day one in office thinking the liberals would reward him with their approval. But what he forgot was that conservatives outnumber liberals in America. Build Back Better is now nothing more than a joke slogan as nothing has gotten built and nothing has gotten better under Biden. Young folks don’t want to work. Look at Buttigeig.

Here’s a list of just some of his self-inflicted wounds in no particular order:

  1. Cancelling the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.
  2. Ending fossil fuel exploration: drilling for oil, fracking, and coal mining.
  3. Ending the construction of The Wall on our southern border.
  4. Cancelling the Stay in Mexico program.
  5. Incentivizing invaders with freebies like cell phones, clothing, food, and shelter.
  6. Showing apathy toward Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.
  7. Putting transgender social justice at the top of his list of priorities.
  8. Encouraging the waste-of-time January 6th Unselect Committee.
  9. Pulling troops out of Afghanistan before our allies and Americans.
  10. Leaving behind billions in our weaponry and vehicles in Afghanistan.
  11. Trying to have an exit date that was timed with the anniversary of 9-11.
  12. Pushing critical race theory in our schools.
  13. Weaponizing the DOJ against parents.
  14. Sending out virtual signaling and mixed messages on masks and vaccinations.
  15. Making vaccinations mandatory for certain groups.
  16. Choosing a soft on crime SCOTUS justice by her color and gender.
  17. Running up the deficit by paying people to sit home on their asses.
  18. Allowing George Soros to sponsor soft on crime District Attorneys in big cities.
  19. Imprisoning rally goers indefinitely from January 6th without due process.
  20. Dividing America down racial and political lines.
  21. Weaponizing the DOJ to target anyone that believes the election was stolen.
  22. Encouraging unlawful protests of conservative SCOTUS justices at their homes.
  23. Ignoring initial reports of baby formula shortages.
  24. Promising us that inflation was just transitory.

There are many more but too numerous to remember them all. But his biggest mistake is never taking responsibility for his part in all the above. He’d rather blame Trump, Putin, the media, meat companies, supply chains, oil companies, climate chain, or covid rather than himself. The buck doesn’t stop on Biden’s desk.

All of the aforementioned are choices Biden made and why his polls are plummeting. Some are reversible which would bring down gas prices immediately. Some, I’m afraid, will take years to reverse as the damage has already been done to impressionable young minds of school children. No telling how many little boys are thinking of changing their gender because of Biden’s flippancy. And how many illegals have we allowed into our country that we will be paying the price for years? And how do we reverse the war in Ukraine that he turned a blind eye to? By Superman flying backwards or inventing a Time Machine? I bet lots of people are wishing they had a Time Machine right now.

How do we pay down the deficit under a Green New Deal administration? We don’t. More and more young people are dropping out of the workforce. They’d rather stay home and post TikTok or You Tube videos. They aren’t paying taxes. Their parents are enabling them.

Decriminalization of marijuana was one of the mistakes from previous years and the repercussions from that one item can never be reversed. It has made a generation of lazy millennials and for some a gateway to other drugs.

“In 2001, Nevada became the first state in over two decades to decriminalize cannabis. In the following years, major cities across the U.S. began to either decriminalize cannabis or make enforcement of cannabis laws the lowest priority. Among the first cities to do so were Seattle (2003), Oakland (2004), Denver (2005), and San Francisco (2006). The trend continued with Massachusetts decriminalizing in 2008, followed by Connecticut (2011), Rhode Island (2012), Vermont (2013), and the District of Columbia (2014).” Wikipedia.

So you see, one capricious law can ruin America for generations. Look at Seattle or Portland or SF. They used to be quiet, beautiful, decent towns. Now, not so much.

Also there’s nothing worse than a stupid man in power. The left seems to use Biden’s age as an excuse for his brain freezes and other gaffes. It’s not his age. It’s his medical condition combined with his ideology. Biden has always claimed the mantel of “lunchbox Joe from Scranton.” But reality is, he was the entitled child of a Chevy dealership owner that got a new car every year of high school, partied in college like a rich frat boy, and cruised chicks. His family wasn’t sitting around the kitchen table worried about gas prices. Please. All lies.

He plagiarized his way through college and eventually made it through law school. “How many times did he take the Bar Exam before passing?” would be a good question to ask. Or did he pay someone to illegally take it for him? Wouldn’t put it past him. Then he scooted into a senator’s position with the help of his rich family. Then he had an affair with a married woman, Jill, and stole her from her husband. He has been in politics ever since, never creating one job, never running one company, never driving a big rig, never being a civil rights activist, just selling his position to other countries with the help of his son and brother. The Biden Crime Syndicate Family.

So you see, Joe takes what he wants, when he wants it, and does not care about the wake of destruction he leaves behind. He’s on a scorched earth mission. This is who is running our country now. He’s not “ol’ lunchbox-Joe.” He’s “out-to-lunch Joe.” He’s always been out to lunch.

Just recall his self-inflicted wounds whenever someone tries to defend him for what our country is going through right now.

J6 Commission is Practicing Communist-Like Tactics.

Members of the J6 “Select” Committee

We are living in an authoritarian, totalitarian, Communist regime that only allows the views of their side; and if you don’t agree, they will punish you. “Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. It does not permit individual freedom.” Wikipedia

After briefly tuning into the sham kangaroo court yesterday, it was clear from the onset that this committee is not only biased, punitive, vindictive, slanderous, hate filled, unethical, and immoral, but rather pure evil. Here are some of the words they kept repeating in communist fashion: Democracy, Proud Boys, Insurrection, Violence, Incited, Overthrow, and Trump Trump Trump. The only word missing was Russia Russia Russia.

As far as I could see from their footage, there was none on Ashlee Babbitt’s murder, the security guards removing the barriers and happily welcoming visitors into the capitol, the pipe bomber suspect from the day before, busloads of Antifa arriving the night before, people begging the cops to call for more security, security teargassing the crowd to agitate them, FBI agents stirring up the crowd and leaving their posts in front of the capitol, and Nancy gleefully ending the election count (which was going Trump’s way.)

All the footage revealed was a capitol that was unprepared for the size of the unarmed crowd. Pushing, shoving, trampling, and yelling was the extent of the calamity whereby the crybaby security guards gave up and cowered in fear. I guess they never attended one of the 500 BLM riots of 2020 or the attempted breach at the White House. Wonderful job. They should be so proud. Most of the attendees were angered by the stolen election, as they should be; but some went overboard infiltrated by violent Antifa types to make them look bad. This committee is just a last ditch effort to garner votes for the Democrats in November. PERIOD. And to end Trump’s chances in 2024.

We are living in scary times when a Hollywood production crew such as this is airing this hearing during prime time and describing it as protecting our Democracy. The members are all lying, lying by omission, and committing impeachable crimes themselves. We have no separation of power nor rule of law left. When will this nightmare end? I’ve never in my lifetime seen such a two tiered justice system where one side goes scot free and the other gets shammed. It’s disgusting, immoral, and unconscionable; and the Democrats should all be ashamed of themselves.

If just one of the following questions were asked, there’d be an end to this sham committee:

  1. Why did Nancy and mayor of D.C. turn down 20,000 National Guard requested by Trump?
  2. Why would Trump want to end the electoral count when he was clearly getting senators to ask for vote recounts in some states like Arizona?
  3. Why did security guards allow visitors inside the capitol on such an important day?
  4. What was the FBI’s involvement in the riot?
  5. Were there Antifa or BLM members in the crowd?
  6. Why aren’t Republicans allowed on this committee?
  7. Why were some of the capitol security staff sent home that day?
  8. Why hasn’t the name of the pipe bomber caught on tape been released?
  9. If this riot was planned days or weeks ahead, how did Trump incite the crowd at his rally?
  10. What did Pence know of the ensuing riot and when did he know it?

If just one of these questions were asked of this “select” committee, the whole charade would immediately come to an end. This charade is nothing more than a charade and no one should tune in.