“Hidin’, Ridin’, Sidin’ Biden”

Joe Biden's Fox-Trolling Mask Bike Ride Sets Twitter Ablaze

Biden’s hidin’ in his basement…

               hidin’ in his basement…  

               hidin’ in his basement.

What the heck for?

Biden’s ridin’ on his bicycle…

               ridin’ on his bicycle…

               ridin’ on his bicycle.

What the heck for?

Biden’s sidin’ with the rioters…

               sidin’ with the rioters…

               sidin’ with the rioters.

What the heck for?

Come on, Man!      

Rioters Are Killing Their Own.


black wolf on green grass
Photo by patrice schoefolt on Pexels.com

These wild animals are killing off Democrat voters, but they don’t know any better. Week after week of nightly rioting in liberal cities across the nation and shootings of innocent bystanders, fellow protesters, and the police have escalated to unconscionable levels.  The police are outnumbered by these ravaging wolves.

Attorney General Bill Barr warns the U. S. is facing a new form of “urban guerrilla warfare.”

“I think they would be generally for bringing down any administration. They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They are basically Bolsheviks.” Barr on Life, Liberty, and Levin.

Their goals and demands are irrational as they want no government, no police, no jobs, no schools, no cars but want everything given to them for free.  Obviously since these demands are completely ludicrous, this uprising (formerly known as RESIST and started by the likes of disgruntled Hillary voters) will most likely end in November as it appears to be just political. When we witnessed the “line of moms” protecting them, it was obviously a line of RESIST moms. They are all in on it.

No matter who wins or loses, these wolves will disappear as fast as covid will.  This is all done in order to upset and interfere with an election. We are onto them as they actually do what they accuse us of doing–interfering in an election.  Nice try Dems.  We’re onto you.  But careful, you’re killing off your own voters with your own ammunition. Collateral damage much? Sort of silly, isn’t it? But we are in the silly season of this election year.

Maybe these animals will grow a brain or a conscience before too long, otherwise they’ll end up collateral damage like their cohorts.  The Democrats behind all this chaos should be ashamed, but they’re in the midst of a “scorched earth” to ruin the economy by any means that is beyond the point of no return.  The only end in sight is the election.  Then they can all crawl back into the dens that they came out of and lick their wounds AGAIN like animals do.

Vote Trump/Pence

Time to Replace FBI Director Chris Wray.


Thanks for showing me your true colors | Anger quotes, True colors ...

We’ve given Wray enough time to show his true colors and the colors seem to be revealing that he’s covering for his former members of the FBI.  He held onto documents since 2018 that were requested by the Senate Judiciary Committee that would have proved that the FISA Applications were based on a junk dossier.  It says in these documents that the dossier was nothing but hearsay based on jokes people made about Trump. For Chris Wray to hide these documents from the senate in order to protect his long time buddy James Comey and the FBI’s integrity is incomprehensible!  Time to find a new FBI Director.

Trump is taking the bull by the horns these days by making executive orders.  May as well take one other bull by the horns and replace Wray.  If Wray had disclosed this information early on, there would have been no Mueller Probe as it was spun from spying on the Trump campaign based on a junk dossier. There also would have been no Ukraine hoax which was spun from the Mueller Report, nor no eventual impeachment.  So you see, Wray wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on investigations, hearings, and testimony and disgraced our sitting president all in order to protect the integrity of the FBI which was already tarnished by a few at the top.

I suggest Wray be replaced by Senator Ted Cruz or Congressman Jim Jordan or Trey Gowdy.  All three are constitutional lawyers and will protect our country over their personal interests. I remember one thing that Comey said during his congressional interrogation that stuck in my craw,  “All I really care about is my family” or “My family is the most important thing to me.”   That’s a sweet sentiment but I listened between the lines as it was off putting to the question he was asked.  I think he meant he had to support his Democrat activist wife and daughters who volunteered for Hillary’s campaign and that’s why he had to recommend no indictments of Hillary. One of the unintended consequences of marrying outside your party, especially when you hold a high position in the government.

He had the staged interrogation of Hillary on the 4th of July where she wasn’t taped nor put under oath–totally intended to just go through the motions. Hillary also had a lawyer with her that should have recused herself. It was all a charade for public view. He put family over country in order to be able to go home and sleep in his bedroom. It’s also why he addressed all Hillary’s foibles and wrongdoings in a press conference, to reconcile with his conscience.

Chris Wray continued the charade that Comey started and needs to go.  Maybe an October surprise is in order.

Stay tuned.


Why the Democrats Cover for Antifa, BLM, and Biden.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio helps paint 'Black Lives Matter ...


The Democrats in power are covering up the fact that Antifa and BLM are Domestic Terror Groups and that Joe is suffering from dementia. You may think these should be nonpartisan issues that we have domestic terror in our cities across America and that Biden needs help, but apparently only the Republicans and FOX News will point it out.  The Democrats in power say they are peaceful groups and Joe’s just being Joe.  I guess our eyes are deceiving us.

Biden can’t get his temper in check nor his facts or his words.  Some call his sentences a “word salad” which is a very cute and a euphemistic way of saying his mind is jumbled.  But when a former Vice President calls a Black journalist a junkie that needed to be tested for cocaine before he got his current gig, it reeks of racism. Trump would never think to say something like this nor get away with it, yet the MSM calls Trump a racist and ignores Biden’s racist rant.

What could possibly be the goal of our elected officials to keep covering for these Marxists groups?  I theorize that they want their votes in November and won’t do anything to offend them, plus they are banking on “crossfire chaos” to hurt Trump’s chances.  Why do they also want to release tens of thousands from prison?  I suspect they want them to get a hold of mail in ballots and vote Democrat.  After all, what’s a little voter fraud compared to murder and rape?  Prisoners are being released from jail while their victims get arrested.

We are living in an upside down world right now.  Everything that is normally up ^ is down > and everything that is normally down > is up ^.  We have crazy mayors arresting citizens that protect their property from anarchists who threatened their lives, we have violent rioters being released the next day after committing assault, we have a rogue judge keeping an innocent General from being exonerated,  we have mayors of burning cities refusing help from Federal Agents, we have governors, mayors, congress, and candidates for president asking to defund our police, we have mayors helping to desecrate their city streets with graffiti, we have governors begging citizens to move back to their crime-infested state, we have a Trump-hating NYC AG trying to abolish the NRA by suing them, we have governors and mayors inflicting inhumane punishment on gatherings in homes, we have governors and mayors still not allowing businesses to reopen, and we have states not allowing schools to reopen.

Joe Biden is an empty vessel ready to take on any passengers that want to come aboard. If he wins in November (which is highly doubtful after people see him in one debate) his vessel will be invaded by hoards of anti-American influences like AOC and her ilk.  Nancy and Schumer won’t know what hit them. In fact, Nancy will be replaced by someone AOC wants.

sea landscape water ocean
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Bill Maher, a Hollywood Democrat, claims there’s evidence that Bill Clinton was on Orgy Island, but a congressman immediately pooh poohed the idea shaking his head saying Bill has denied it. Again with the covering for the Democrats. Democrats won’t admit to anything will they?  Not even after Bill was caught in the oval office with an intern half his age?  Please.  Cue the blue dress.

The Democrats circle the wagons around all liberals no matter what they are guilty of doing: Burning down a police station, setting a police car afire, throwing a firebomb at police, burning down a fast food joint, burning Bibles, toppling statues, shooting innocent bystanders, looting and destroying stores, it’s all okay in their book. “They are just demonstrating their frustration.” These officials must be the worst parents in the world by condoning this behavior, yet this is what they do.

We need to vote all these lawless officials out of office ASAP.  They are ruining America with their permissiveness, covering, and political correctness.  We may as well be governed by goofy Hollywood elites not elected career civil servants as this is the caliber of expertise we are getting from our Democrats in power.


The Duping of America.

CNN mired in a credibility crisis as ratings continue to collapse ...

Moderators Set for NBC News/MSNBC Democratic Primary Debate ...

Mika Brzezinski Speaks Out On Chris Matthews Resignation – Deadline

Bill Gates Talks About Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Reddit AMA ...

We’re being duped and lied to daily by the main stream media and big tech giants that are in cahoots with the Democrat Party.  Their latest sham is predicting that Trump will refuse to leave the White House when he loses this November. They are relishing in the visual of Trump being pulled out of the White House by Federal Agents.  Someone at CNN and MSNBC is either trying to write a great political novel, or they have lost their marbles.  These people are crazy.

First of all, they have no inside information that Trump will lose.  Second of all, it was Hillary that has refused to admit she lost in 2016 as well as all her supporters.  Remember them saying, “Trump is not our president.” Some still won’t admit it like Streisand, Midler, Michelle, and Oprah.  Thirdly, they are trying to cheat to win in November by promoting mail in ballots that are rife with fraud.  Hillary actually was caught conspiring with Democrat Postal Union Workers to hold absentee ballots until the last minute so she could delay the results.  So you see, whatever “they” are doing or have done or are thinking of doing, they will accuse Trump of. Projection is their SOP.

We are being duped, my friends.  Every time I turn on the news I see or hear another sham they are trying to pull on America in order to win this November.  Yesterday it was the AG of New York filing a lawsuit against the NRA to dissolve the organization altogether.  Another attack on conservatives right before the election.  They are coming at us from all sides.  They are all in cahoots with each other.  It’s almost like we are in a cold civil war from now until election day.

They are promising things will go back to normal if Biden wins.  Not so fast. If Biden (the big lib) wins, conservatives won’t burn down buildings and protest like spoiled children; but we will do everything in our power to object to every law passed by a Biden congress. The peaceful Tea Party will reunite. We will investigate the election to see if there was fraud involved.  Remember even way back to JFK’s election there was fraud involved in some states.

So things will not die down if Biden wins.  AOC and her ilk will be running his show together with Obama.  It will be Obama 2.0 combined with the Green New World, i.e. kiss your 401K goodbye.  These socialists will be at the beck and call of Marxists like BLM and Antifa trying to ruin America and will have to capitulate. As Ted Cruz famously said during the 2016 presidential debate,

 “The men and women on this stage have more ideas, more experience, more common sense than every participant in the Democratic debate,” he said. “That [Democrat] debate reflected a debate between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.” TIME

I suspect if Biden wins we will be run by the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.

We have in four years practically abolished everything Obama implemented in order to bring our economy back, except we haven’t finished draining the swamp. In fact, if Biden wins all our good work of “investigating the investigators” will be for not, and that’s why they are trying their darnedest to steal the presidency back. The economy was booming prior to the invasion of the plague; but if anyone can bring it back, it will be Trump.  I, for one, am worried about our retirement plan as it is all we live off.  Should we sell in the odd chance that Biden wins and the market will crash, or do we keep our investments in the chance that they will soar if Trump is reelected?  It is a dilemma.

This is why Trump needs to debate Biden prior to the first vote being cast.  The new voters need to see what they might be voting for. They were taught in college that the Republican Party is evil, so they need to see who their candidate really is.  Biden is a victim of elder abuse from all his handlers, his party, supporters, and family.  They are using him as a placeholder like one hired by the Academy Awards to look like the audience is full or by the baseball league to make it look like there’s fans in the audience; only this placeholder will look like someone is the president. We are being duped by them all, my friends.  Let’s not let it happen. Ignore the main stream and social media as they are being run by nuts.

Sally Yates Is a Pretty Good Tap Dancer.

Clipart of a Black and White Retro Couple Ballroom Dancing ...


Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates danced around a myriad of  questions yesterday during a Senate Judiciary Hearing on FBI Russia Collusion Investigation. It was almost like pulling teeth to get her to admit anything. She doubled down on Russia interfering with our election and that they hacked the DNC’s emails.  She doubled down on the findings of the Mueller Report and wouldn’t admit that Trump didn’t collude with Russia just that they couldn’t find sufficient evidence. Mueller report seems to be her Bible as well as the Horowitz Report.

Russia hacking of the DNC hasn’t been proved yet as there is no evidence of it. Just because they assume something doesn’t make it true. In fact, the forensics evidence points to an inside job (Seth Rich).  She also didn’t add that the FBI asked to examine the DNC’s computers, but were turned down and the computers sent to Crowdstrike in Ukraine.  Get it now?   FBI was told to stand down by “someone”.  I suspect that “someone” was Obama, the same person who told the FBI to discontinue the interrogation of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Who else controls the FBI?

Now Yates also claimed it was Comey that suggested they use the Logan Act to prosecute General Flynn and not VP Biden as it says in their notes.  What is going on here?  Now it’s okay to boldly lie in front of a Senate Committee?  I guess they’ve all decided to throw Comey under the bus rather than Biden and Obama.  Great.  Will the people ever find out the truth?  This cover up conspiracy gets bigger and bigger. Comey will deny it or take the fifth.

She wouldn’t admit that Trump’s campaign aid Carter Page was set up by the FBI.  She kept saying he was a foreign policy advisor to Trump and connected to Russia Intelligence.  Graham said, “Really, man, that’s a new revelation!” She wouldn’t admit that the Steele Dossier was junk and paid for by Hillary and the DNC.  She said she didn’t know at the time.  Really?  Even though she was part of the Democrat Party?  Amazing.  They must all think we’re stupid to believe these lies.

Sally Yates was well rehearsed by Obama no doubt before coming to this hearing.  They are all covering for him and VP Biden as Biden is running for president. She wouldn’t admit that there was anyone in the Obama Administration or the FBI or DOJ that hated Trump and were doing all they could to prevent him from being president.  She said she knew of no one like that.  Can we prosecute her for perjury? We have the text messages of Strzok and Page who loathed Trump as well as Steele, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, and Rice’s public admissions.

Senator Kennedy got her to lie over and over.  He asked her if she despised President Trump.  She said no. She doesn’t respect him or something to that effect.  He asked her if she tried to verify the accuracy of the Steele Dossier and if she hated Trump.  She got all indignant and defended the career men and women of the FBI. Kennedy said he wasn’t impugning them just you and your colleagues that have tarnished the reputation for the rest of the FBI. Kennedy took no prisoners. 

Ted Cruz got her to reluctantly admit that they were spying on Carter Page because he worked for the Trump campaign.  It’s illegal to spy on a political opponent.  Remember Nixon? Ted called what they did a “profound politicization of American Intelligence”. Yates also had no idea her Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife was working for Fusion GPS to come up with the Steele Dossier.  She also did not know that Bruce Ohr was the liaison between the FBI and Steele.  Amazing.  All happening right under her nose. Ted scolded her to use the FBI as a tool to go after your political opponents like you and the Obama Administration was wrong and has done immeasurable damage and should never happen again.

In closing Senator Graham wants to prove that more than two people in the FBI knew the Steele Dossier was junk and never told anyone especially the FISA Court. He said they will be in serious trouble with the law.

Senator Hawley asked if Yates was a passive party to what was going on and was duped by the FISA Application. “She had no idea what her deputy was doing, no idea what was in the FISA application, no idea of anything going on in her department and that the whole department needs a good cleaning out.”  Bruce Ohr is still working there.  “We have a deliberate and systematic misleading of a federal court here,” says Senator Hawley in closing.

Sally can tap dance all she wants around questions and has put all her chips on the biased Mueller Report and the watered-down Horowitz Report but doesn’t seem to care about the upcoming Durham Report.  She should however. She’ll need more than tap shoes when that comes out.  She’ll need a life preserver, wet suit, and some paddles as a tidal wave is coming.

ocean wave
Photo by Simon Clayton on Pexels.com


Stay tuned.

Bitch Lives Matter in Manhattan Beach.

In Manhattan Beach while trying to eat his burrito, a gentleman got accosted by a couple of preppy liberal activists for not wearing a mask.  I’d call them yuppies but they didn’t act professional, more like “young urban pain in the asses”. They wouldn’t stop yammering at him behind his back.  All he wanted to do was eat his lunch, but they behaved like an annoying gnat that wouldn’t go away.  They were decidedly the aggressors while this poor man tried to ignore them.  Then out of the blue, the gangsta female threw her coffee in his face and all hell broke out.



The accosted man went after both of them and took them down.  It was two against one.  The girl was slugging him in the face and tearing at his shirt. Then they had the nerve to continue to harass him using vile language while they called the police on him. This is the world we are living in now where the aggressors call the police on the victim.

These two lowlifes were egging for a fight and got it. They messed with the wrong guy. I tell ya, if that was me sitting there on a bench minding my own business without a mask one block from the ocean and two nuts like them accosted me with a drink,  I would have chased the girl down too. No one throws a drink in my face, ever.

People like these nuts need to mind their own business.  Covid doesn’t give them the right to call people out.  They’re not the covid police.  Covid isn’t being spread by fresh air out in the sun.  Wearing a mask under these circumstances is an insult to my intelligence, and I won’t have two activists telling me differently. We need to stand up for ourselves like the gentlemen in this video.  Normally, I don’t condone violence, but this behavior from the left is starting to get on my nerves.  I don’t think I could have refrained either.

Violence is getting out of control everywhere if it has hit Manhattan Beach, normally a sleepy surfer town. The governors of our states need to loosen up the mask rules as it gives nuts like these two license to commit assault on strangers.  Stop the mask mandate. We are all responsible for our own lives.  In life, there are risks we take everyday.  Let us live our lives without being judged by strangers daily.



Brain-Freeze Biden Won’t Debate Trump.

Biden, on brink of White House run, reaches out to Sanders to ...


Joe gives new meaning to the phrase “I’ve got brain freeze”. We’ve all said it before. It’s usually said after sipping a blended Margarita too quickly, now it’s thought whenever Joe is in mid-sentence. For example: When Joe was speaking at an event he said,  “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their… [brain freeze] you know the thing.”  He couldn’t remember the word Creator or he knew Creator meant God and he could have no reference to God in front of his liberal, some atheist, audience.  This exposed himself as having either dementia or being a panderer.

From the looks of it, there will be no debate between Trump and Biden as Biden’s handlers and apparently the media are discouraging it and pooh poohing the importance of debates.  They know Biden will lose. The public knows Biden will lose. The media knows Biden will lose. Everyone knows Biden will lose, so why take the risk? This is the most unfair election year in U.S. History.  Unfair to Trump.

Trump can’t hold rallies without being called insensitive to rally goers’ health. He can’t hold a convention for the same reason. They want to have mail-in voting which will be rife with fraud and now they are reneging on the debates. If Trump insists on a debate, they’ll claim he’s bullying Biden because he’s losing in the polls. He’s desperate for a debate because he’s losing. Stuff like that.

This is the worst election year ever.  How does a healthy, strong candidate run in this climate of snowflake, cover up, sham artists?  He can’t.

Brain-freeze Biden has moments of clarity but it ain’t enough obviously to debate Trump.  He’ll inevitably have a “corn pop,” “blond hairy legs,” “phonograph,” “keep punching” or “stock coupons” senior moment for sure.  That’s why they have to keep him in the basement.  This is the worst election year ever.

Not having debates not only hides Biden but it hides Trump from future voters. But this is all orchestrated and planned by the left.  This is the way they want it. This is the only way they think they can win, by hiding their candidate and stifling Trump.

I hope America can see through this sham, as this is all it is–another sham. 

To date:  Not one phone call from a pollster and have not seen one Biden lawn sign or bumper sticker, lots of Trump signs held by supporters cheering though.  That’s a good sign. Dare they put one on the lawn in today’s climate where they’ll get vandalized by weirdos. Where is the enthusiasm for Biden?  There is none.

Who Will the Dems Pick for Biden’s VP?


This photo of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton at Donald Trump's ...

Coronavirus Updates: New York Sees Fewest Daily Deaths Since Mid ...



Fauci confident virus vaccine will get to Americans in 2021 ...

President Barack Obama learns about the results of the experimental Ebola vaccine, which just completed Phase 1 clinical trials, from Dr. Nancy Sullivan, Chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center Biodefense Research Section. HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci accompanied the tour.

Biden won’t be choosing his VP.  But the names that have come out are, I suspect, nothing more than a head fake to feel out the reaction from the public. Biden may have lost his political savvy but he’s always been a shrewd, calculated, lying, cheating guy.  His promise to pick a woman of color may not even be true or may just be wishful thinking as he wants and needs Michelle Obama in order to have any chance to win.

Notice how we’ve been seeing recent appearances of Mr. Obama trashing Trump? Obama is all in on Biden winning and may even say yes to Michelle being the choice.  It’s all about power with them and if she got into the White House, Obama gets his power back.

Notice how we haven’t heard from Michelle and her silly Becoming book lately? Where is she hiding?  Is she “in-training” to be the VP pick and practicing mock debates with Pence?  Here’s who I think the Democrats will choose in order of their preference:

  1. Michelle Obama
  2. Governor Cuomo
  3. Dr. Fauci

Now I know these are dark horse choices or out in left field but that’s just how I think.  I think they are trying to throw us off the scent of who they really want.  They are biding their time or letting the clock run out so we can’t vet their final choice. They are probably in the midst of printing “BIDEN/OBAMA” lawn signs as we read.

Notice how none of the other “women of color” that have been “put out there” are on this list?  That’s because they have no name recognition and you can’t win without it. Remember how that worked for Sarah Palin? Kamala Harris has name recognition but lacks likability. Remember how that worked for Hillary?  Susan Rice has name recognition but she holds more Benghazi baggage than Hillary as she was her wing girl. So that leaves three dark horse darlings of the left listed above. The ONLY darlings of the left right now by the media. Avenatti is long gone as well Beto. And what ever happened to Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard?  Nary a mention of those women.

Cuomo is not a woman of color but he is sporting a pretty good tan lately and he whines like a girl. No offense to girls. Fauci is as White as they come but his doctor/scientist creds erase any pigment of his skin or his gender. And he does throw a ball like a girl. No offense intended to girls. But seriously, man, he sucks at baseball. Notice the photo of Fauci and Obama at a Chinese lab together while Obama was president.  Interesting picture. Obama Administration did give them money for research.  Hmmmm. Just wondering.

Michelle fills and checks all the left’s boxes and then some.  She is adored by the left and some independents think she can do no harm.  After all, she was in charge of a healthy school lunch program (that the kids hated). And she had her staff plant her a vegetable garden. That’s all the left needs to hear. She is snarky, wears expensive clothes, and has appeared on more magazine covers than Jackie O.  That’s all the left needs to see. She is a lawyer and attended ivy league colleges.  That’s all the left needs to hear. She has muscles in her arms and wears sleeveless dresses.  That’s all the left needs to see.  Her hair is smooth and shiny.  That’s all the left needs to see.  She is a big outspoken critic of Trump. That’s all the left needs to hear.  Put all these creds together and you have yourself the perfect presidential pick for Biden. A sure win for Biden.

But not so fast!

I’ll leave it up to Tucker, Hannity, Rush, Watters, Gutfeld, Judge Jeanine, and Ingraham to vet Miss Michelle.  I’m sure they have lots of material that they are holding back for the opportune moment.

Stay tuned.

Obama Fans the Flames of Racism and Voter Suppression at a Funeral…


Watch Obama's full eulogy for John Lewis - CNN Video

resulting in cheers and standing ovation from the attendees of John Lewis’ funeral.  The last time I attended a funeral it was taboo to even clap during the service.  This looked more like a political rally as if Obama himself was running for president again. I wonder why Biden didn’t attend or speak?  Just kidding.

He began his eulogy sounding like a preacher then went political saying some in power are trying their darnedest to prevent folks from voting. This is blatantly wrong. Obama does not respect the dignity of the presidency and how one acts after leaving office.  He’s supposed to fade into the sunset.  But not Obama! He’s not finished with the divisiveness he started in America.

He talked of voter suppression at a funeral no less. He claims asking for voter ID is voter suppression. Yet I recall it was Obama that placed Black Panthers at some polling locations to intimidate voters from entering the building. Eric Holder, his wingman, chose not to investigate. Remember, whatever “they” are doing or are planning on doing they accuse Republicans or Trump of.  He talked of polling locations being closed down in minority areas.  This is crazy talk. If anything we’ll add more polling locations due to the virus to shorten the wait time.

Everyone knows that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud.  I have received three Federal Census Ballots when I should have only gotten one.  So with this in mind, I can only imagine how many “extra ballots” folks will receive especially if they have more than one address. There’s just no accurate way to collect ballots by mail and depend on every post office to do the same.  How do the homeless get ballots unless by volunteers distributing and helping to fill them out?

There is too much honor system involved in the mail-in ballot from post office to post office to the mailbox and back to the post office to post office to the mail in center.  Too much trust and chance for interference or accidents to occur.  And then who’s hand counting them and how long will that take?  Sounds like a repeat of hanging chads.

If we can go to the grocery store, a protest, or a funeral, we can certainly vote leaving six feet in front of us and wearing a mask.  We’re not a country of idiots like they want to treat us. We won’t get “sick” if we stand in a line for ten minutes.  Quit lying to everyone, Obama!  If anything is suppressing the vote, mail-in ballots will be, as ten percent will be filled out incorrectly and thrown out.  Obama is lying like when he lied to us about keeping our healthcare plan, our doctor, and lowering our premiums.  Obamacare caused thousands of doctors to quit or retire early.  He lied.

The hypocrisy of the left never fails to disappoint.  I like the voting booth and the voting booth ONLY.  A mail-in ballot touches too many hands and machines before it reaches the official hands. No telling how many “deceased”, illegals, pets, or felons will be voting fraudulently by mail. I know there’s jail time for voter fraud, but surprisingly we never hear of anyone getting prosecuted for it.  The government doesn’t have the time to tract these lawless people down. Plus mail-ins would begin at the end of September not allowing for the inevitable “October surprise”.

Obama, you should be ashamed of turning a funeral into a race-baiting campaign rally.  Shame, shame, shame.  You disgraced the memory of one of your icons (that didn’t attend Trump’s inauguration.)  But the same politicizing was done at the McCain funeral and has become SOP for the Democrats. Everything is politics to them.

The Democrats definitely don’t live by the Golden Rule. For instance, the Republicans wouldn’t turn a hypothetical  Republican senator’s funeral into a Biden bashing event.  They just wouldn’t. They have more class. Democrats live by their own self-aggrandizing rules. After witnessing Obama’s disgraceful performance today akin to a campaign rally, we need to vote them all out!