“Here, There, and Everywhere.”

Joe’s version of a Beatles song:

To lead a better life,
I need my documents here.

Appearing each day of the year,
Changing my life with each wave of a search,
Nobody can deny that there’s something there.

Except for Joe.”

When he said, “There’s no there, there.” Reminded me of my favorite, yet less popular, Beatles song. But another stupid comment by Joe that was vague and misleading. And he has no regrets.

To lead a better life. Remember his motto was Build Back Better. He needs his documents near him that he sold to the highest bidder. He was building his life back better when he was a vice president. And we all know that criminals return to the scene of the crime, except that dopey Joe just brings the crime home with him as a trophy. The classified docs have already been used to make millions, but he needed the files for prosperity. He kept some in his garage along with his treasured Corvette.

Let’s stop beating around the bush. Joe and Hunter are partners in crime like Bonnie and Clyde. They’ve been selling access to the U.S. for years. They’ve been selling out our country for years. Joe’s a hypocrite pretending to be an environmental president that cares about climate change yet is the point man behind selling natural gas to China. So, while he is rewarding China, he is punishing us in America by shutting down fossil fuel.

He’s also aiding Ukraine in the war against Russia with our supply of weapons. What will our country do if there’s a war against us? He’s paying back to Ukraine what they’ve given to his family. He’s Compromised Joe. He’s also compromised with China. He owes them big time for unleashing the covid virus during Trump’s presidency not to mention the influence selling by Hunter.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves, please, especially the news anchors. It’s getting impossible to listen to and to a point of being sickening. If Joe were Trump, Nixon, Bush, or even Reagan, he’d have already been impeached and asked to resign in shame or indicted for treason. But the media, FBI, DOJ, CIA are circling the wagons around Joe. Joe must be protected at all costs. I weep for our future as we are living in very unprecedented, scary times.

Stay tuned.

Is Everything a Coverup These Days?

I’m old enough to recall the assassination of JFK then witnessing the subsequent murder of Oswald by Jack Ruby live on our RCA black and white tv. This had a lasting effect on me. I knew then at the age of 13, something was up. From that day on, I believed in conspiracy theories and was already a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s conspiracy movie Vertigo and writing short mystery stories with a twist at the end.

I believed Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by the winner of a look-a-like contest and, therefore, why The Beatles broke up. All the clues were in the Abbey Road confessional album, if played backwards. Very clever, I thought as I sat in my Nob Hill apartment playing my vinyl album backwards by hand and my roommate asking what the heck are you doing? Still not sure if the Paul that dumped beautiful Jane Asher and married a photographer is the real Paul.

But what I do know is that the government has ways to bury stories like a body on the beach if they don’t want the general public to know. I’m pretty sure we landed on the moon, but the movie Capricorn One put doubt in my mind and scientists still are. Then the coverup by Ted Kennedy after his vehicle drove off into a body of water drowning his secretary. Very suspicious to me at the time. And as it turned out, nefarious; but Ted wasn’t held accountable.

Mysterious things were happening in government and seemed to be becoming more commonplace. The death of Marilyn Monroe suddenly became skeptical years later. She apparently had an affair with JFK, and the government needed to cover it up. She was found dead at the age of 36, a year before JFK was assassinated. Did the government need to eliminate her to secure JFK’s future reelection? We’ll never know, but Hollywood has made movies about her murder too. Lots of conspiracies circling around the Kennedys that was for sure. The media liked to call it bad luck, as I recall. The Kennedy family was cursed and other weird comments. Sometimes bad luck is bad karma or was it a coverup? But we didn’t have as many conspiracies and coverups as we do today.

Then came the Clintons and when I really became interested in political conspiracies. There was suspicion swirling around Vince Foster’s death and the spin machine over Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Broderick, and Monica Lewinski’s stories. The Clintons both lied on national tv about these women. That’s when I became a Republican. It seemed Bill was following in JFK’s footsteps as far as the womanizing goes. These women are lucky to be alive, IMO.

Sure, Nixon had a coverup of a break in at the Democrat Headquarters that hit the airwaves and is still being called “worse than Watergate” today. That’s where “the coverup is worse than the crime” phrase began. If a GOP does a fraction of what a Democrat does, it gets much more negative news coverage. Things were pretty quiet during the Bush years as far as political coverups except for Weapons of Mass Destruction and then came Obama. He had more coverups than Max Factor.

We’ll never know the real truth about Obama. Was he born in the U.S.? Did he really have two children born to Michelle and him? Was Osama Bin Laden really killed by Seal Team Six or just some dude with a beard; and, if so, why the burial at sea without taking his DNA and the subsequent death of many of the Seal Team Six in a dubious helicopter crash? Then there was the Benghazi terror attack coverup and the ensuing deletion of 33,000 emails (some between him and Hillary) and the questionable murder of Seth Rich who was a whistle blower at the DNC office which eventually led to Trump’s campaign being spied on by the FBI at, none other than, Hillary’s request. Do the math.

Of course, we’ve always known that the 50 “intelligence” agents that signed a letter saying Hunter’s laptop was Russian Disinformation was in fact a coverup for Biden and Hunter so he could win the election against Trump. This was after the Covid 19 virus miraculously came to America on an election year that Obama and Fauci invested our U.S. dollars in. All suspicious, all covered up by our deep state government; and the media is just catching up.

This brings us to today where we have the biggest crooked liar in history running our country and the FBI, DOJ, CIA are running interference for him. Notice how most of the conspiracies have been committed by Democrats? We let them get away with this kind of stuff for years and now it is commonplace for them to coverup and lie with the help of the media. They’re good at it. It’s the one thing they know how to do.

This story of documents found in Biden’s garage, library, offices, etc. is much bigger than just sloppy ol’ Joe not giving a crap about papers he stole from the White House. These papers are possibly what he’s been selling to our enemies like China. And what about Hunter’s $49,000 a month rent he pays Joe? If that isn’t a clever, yet red flagish, way for the Big Guy to get his take, I don’t know what is. And don’t tell me his wifey doesn’t know about the $49,000 a month income from Hunter. If she doesn’t, she’s dumber than I thought. Check Joe’s tax returns as he has to claim rental income.

Follow the money, GOP. That will uncover the truth about the Biden Crime Syndicate family. Hiding in plain sight is Joe’s M.O. No one would think to look in a cardboard box in the trunk of his Vette or on the floor of his garage camouflaged with junk. But, of course, in a locked designated storage room at Mar-a-Lago that is guarded by the secret service, that’s the place to raid! But we all know the DOJ is covering for Biden as they allowed his personal lawyers (that have no security clearance) to search for documents. Wow! Trump’s lawyers were kicked out of Mar-a-Lago during the raid of his home. So, there’s the big difference.

I could go on and on with conspiracies over the years and today; but the point is, we are seeing more and more of them of late and that is disconcerting to me. If everything’s a coverup in government, what’s not? So, as we watch Karim Jean Benet (or whatever her name is) tapdancing at the daily press meetings, just know that she was hired to run cover for Joe and his scandals. And if anyone argues with her, they are called racist, sexist, antigay. She checks all Biden’s boxes except for the “competence” box, but that works in his favor. The media can blame her for his incompetence. And, surprisingly, it is working. All the pundits are saying how stupid she is, but not blaming Biden.

Rules for Radicals: Choose someone dumber than you to represent you in public. Works every time. Obama did it when he chose Biden. And Biden did it when he chose Kamala and Karem whatever. Joe is doubling down on his incompetence when he says he has no regrets. Another Rule for Radicals: Never admit fault.

Environmental Exploration is Killing Whales.

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But with the best intentions of getting rid of fossil fuels which pollute the environment, a few whales are washing up on shore is okay, right? The ultrasonic antifouling devices, UA, that these scientists are using to locate the right location for wind turbines off the eastern shoreline use the same frequency band that marine mammals use to communicate, find prey, and navigate their environment; and are, therefore, probably killing them. Sort of like a bomb blasting in our ears.

So, whales are washing up along the shoreline in New Jersey, and we used to kill whales for oil back in the whaling days of Moby Dick fame. Now we are killing them, albeit unbeknownst to us, for wind turbines. The result is the same: dead whales. One, to get oil; and the other, to avoid oil. Sounds like we’ve gone full circle, not to mention all the birds these wind turbines kill.

Nothing we do in the name of climate change, green new deal, or saving the environment seems to be working. Maybe it’s time to hang up our “good intention” signs and leave well enough alone. Even Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, is in trouble for protesting against coal in Germany and got arrested.

“Greta Thunberg has today been protesting against the expansion of a coal mine in Germany. But the very reason Germany is forced to expand the coal mine in the first place is because they listened to Greta and built useless wind turbines instead of nuclear power.” NWO Report. Again, good intentions causing problems. Everything we do makes the environment worse off, like importing chips for the EV cars which require mining for minerals that pollute the air, soil, and water. Way to go, Biden.

And where’s PETA when we really need them? Of course, they are a left-run organization, so they will turn a blind eye to this cruelty to whales and rather favor Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. And they once cared about polar bears.

Biden Blames Trump for Document Dumpster Fire.

Now I’ve heard everything. Big, bad, cornpop, take-you-behind-the-gym Joe was so afraid of Trump coming into the White House after he won the presidency that he and his staff had to exit quickly causing them to pack up his office in such a hurry that they were unaware of what they were packing! Wow! This could be the biggest whopper he’s ever fabricated.

But there may be a scintilla of truth to this. Possibly Biden didn’t want Trump to discover what he was up to as VP as there may have been correspondence that Trump would find once in office exposing Biden for the influence-selling he and Hunter were involved in. So, he purposely removed incriminating scores of correspondence with other countries.

If the leftwing media falls for this “in a hurry” excuse, they are worse than I thought. This is why Hillary had to win in 2016, to cover for Obama and Biden’s dirty deeds. When it was clear that she had lost, they panicked and were caught totally unprepared to leave the White House. Being unprepared is another lame excuse and good reason to never vote for a Democrat again. Who wants a leader that can’t prepare for the unexpected? No one. And why is the media treating him with kid gloves? Rhetorical question again.

They have given Biden the benefit of the doubt since day one, and it’s getting monotonous. Remember Obama’s parting words for his staff including Biden. “We did everything by the book.” Really? If you did, you wouldn’t need to reassure your staff like Valerie Jared and Susan Rice. Notice these gals have been suspiciously quiet lately, but we know they are involved behind the scenes. Notice how they are quietly hinting that Michelle Obama may run in 2024? Is this so Barack can still be in control? Rhetorical question again.

I always thought Barack had an axe to grind, but this is too much. He already controlled Biden and now Michelle? He really does hate this country along with George Soros. They must have been separated at birth in Thailand or wherever Barack was born. Barack is still taking vengeance out for being raised by a single mom after his father deserted them. He hates the family unit and traditional values and will do everything possible to eliminate them along with the U.S. Constitution. Remember his wife said, “the first time I was ever proud of this country was when Barack became president.” These are radicals that live by the Rules for Radicals by Saul Lewinsky. Although Biden was the First Green Activist president, Obama was the First Radical President. And we are still feeling the repercussions today.

He joined the Paris Climate Accord, couldn’t say Radical Islamic Terror, traded terrorists at Gitmo for a known deserter, lied about Benghazi, allowed sailors to be captured by Iran, weakened our military, called several Radical Islamic terror attacks workplace violence, started up racial divide again with the Treyvon Martin story, invested in Solyndra, and destroyed manufacturing in the U.S. saying it would take a magic wand for it to return, and tanking our economy and stock market. Well done, Barack.

I do recall that when the Clintons left the White House, their staff poured liquid on the computers, stole decor, and furniture. They were never held accountable, and Bush didn’t make a big deal about it. It’s the Democrat way when leaving power to leave their calling card behind. No telling how they left it for Trump. Plan B or C by Peter Strzok? So, when you hear Biden blaming Trump for their sloppy exodus from the White House just caulk it up to more “when caught, blame Trump” mantra.

FBI’s Modus Operandi: “Best Defense is a Good Offense.”

In other words: Accuse President Trump of what Biden, Hillary, or any of his opponents are guilty of. This has been going on now for six years. It started with the Russia Collusion Hoax. Hillary was in fact guilty of paying for the Steel Dossier which fabricated a dirty Russian story on Trump which then sparked a three year long special counsel investigation of Trump at the cost of 35 million taxpayers $$$$ while he was trying to run the country.

Then the Ukraine quid pro quo accusation. That was a big nothing burger, but why did it surface in the first place? Because it was all on tape that Biden held back aid to Ukraine unless they stopped investigating his son’s company, Burisma. And Son of a B it stopped. That was the real quid pro quo, not Trump’s phone call congratulating Zelensky and asking him to look into the Hunter story.

The next good offense used by the FBI was after two years of antifa and BLM rioting in Portland, Seattle, Minnesota, and other left-run cities costing billions worth of damage, they suddenly cared about a patriotic riot at the capitol building, and we all know how that went. A fake 1-6 Committee was formed trying to mirror the Warren Commission comparing the rally to 9-11, Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, and other horrendous moments in history.

So you see, whatever they have done or are guilty of doing, they get ahead of the story (good offense) and accuse Trump of something similar.

That brings us to the present. We all remember when Trump had his Mar-a-Lago home unprecedently and unnecessarily raided for classified documents. This raid came out of nowhere which is suspect as to why. Now it seems clear, they were trying to blame Trump for what Biden had already done. But Trump had the right to remove documents as long as he declassified them just as Obama and Bush have done, and the FBI had already gone through his guarded storage shed and asked him to put a padlock on it. So, the raid was staged to make Trump look bad, i.e. good offense.

What prompted the raid now appears to be the discovery of Biden’s unsecured classified documents that he may have been selling to China and others for millions. This story goes much deeper than just a few boxes of memorabilia found in his garage sloppily dumped next to his Corvette. And why are Biden’s lawyers the ones discovering these boxes? Must be because Biden knew they’d come out now that The House has promised to investigate the FBI. The tables are turning.

This guy is up to his eyeballs in corruption, yet he had the gall to call Trump irresponsible on national tv. And Joy Blowhard said we all know Trump is a liar and a thief and the audience clapped. When was he a liar or thief? Oh, because the left says so. He lied about a rigged election and stole documents to sell to our enemies. Sounds more like Biden than Trump. Trump’s so-called lies were mostly innocent jokes that the humorless media never got. Like when he claimed he had hamburgers stacked up to the ceiling for guests he had at the White House. It was a joke, but the media called it a lie.

So, the FBI went on offense and released Biden’s documents prior to them being discovered during discovery making it appear more innocent. Notice how they are calling them “inadvertently misplaced.” Nice try.

The FBI knew of these documents prior to the midterms and possibly prior to Biden’s run for president, but they’re all in the coverup together. The news anchors can stop asking, “Why didn’t this come out prior to the election?” That is a rhetorical question and actually starting to sound stupid to even ask. Stop it, Hannity. We know the answer.

So, AG Garland appoints a special counsel to investigate these newly found six-year-old boxes of classified documents in Biden’s possession, but the special counsel is a sidekick to Chris Wray and was an integral part of the Russian Collusion Hoax, i.e. the fix is in. But conversely, the special counsel they appointed for Trump’s document review is a well-known on-record Trump basher also involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Biased much? That fix is in too.

This is just another coverup by the left-controlled DOJ and FBI. The House needs to investigate the investigators before they come for Trump. In short, Biden’s run for office in 2024 is now a dumpster fire and Kamala are Newsom are licking their chops. Trump’s run has been tarnished as well, and DeSantis is licking his. Don’t get too comfortable DeSantis, they’ll come for you too. But remember whatever they accuse you of, they are guilty of themselves because that’s their M.O.

Border Agent Caught Helping Illegals Climb Down the Wall Safely.

This is Biden’s world. Instead of an agent yelling “stop, climb back, or you’ll be cuffed and arrested,” they are aiding and abetting in the invasion of our country at Biden’s direction. Their hands are tied. Reminds me of the standdown order in Benghazi, or the smash and grab crimes that police turn a blind eye to. What in the world is going on in this country? Have we no more law and order?

Biden’s trip to the border did not include any illegals lying around El Paseo as homeless street vagrants or any crossing the border illegally like they do every day to the tune of hundreds to thousands. He conveniently went to a cleaned-up area and set up tables with agents appearing to be awaiting any migrants wishing to enter our country, which is not what goes on. It was all a facade. His press secretary said it was a coincidence that no illegals were crossing that day. Wow! If anyone believes that…

This presidency has been a facade since day one. How the Democrats can still support this fake president is beyond the pale. He also went to a Salvation Army and thought they were Secret Service agents. The guy is clearly living in his own world, and we have to listen to him daily spew his nonsense from banning gas stoves to pushing EV cars that can’t go far and won’t go in freezing weather or in deep puddles. He is clearly gone off the rails and being controlled by the far, far anti-oil, pro-choice environmentalists. The Green New Deal has morphed into more like the Green New Surreal. It’s not working nor is it sustainable, but he doesn’t care.

The following is a takeoff from the First They Came poem. “THEY” are the globalist leftists like Bill Gates controlling everything right now and “WE” are the people living under their dictatorship.

























This is where we’re headed folks, if we don’t do anything to stop these crazy authoritarian nutjobs. Talk is cheap. actions must take place. They are ruining America with every bill or executive order they pass. We started out by giving them and inch, and they have taken thousands of miles in return and are not stopping! They are running amuck over us, and we don’t do a thing. Something has to be done.

Biden just lied again on national tv. He said his wife “was out for five hours in surgery,” This is a blatant lie. Mohs surgery on an eyelid does not need anyone to be put under anesthesia. It is a long procedure as they take a piece of skin at a time but done with local anesthesia, not “put out!” He also said she had surgery on her eyes for cancer. It was her eyelid! This guy exaggerates all the time! I’ve had the same surgery on my face, and you read magazines while they are viewing your skin under the microscope. Such a liar. You’re totally awake. She’s recovering today, says Biden. When Joe isn’t looking for sympathy, he’s lying like a rug.

Microsoft Online News Banned Me from Comment Section Indefinitely.

Here’s what’s happening:

If you comment online on a news article and the screeners behind the scenes do not agree with your opinion (which is really what it is just an opinion), they begin to monitor you. After days of monitoring, they finally ban you from posting any more comments. You could write “It’s a sunny day,” and it will be banned. They wrote, “You are indefinitely banned from posting!” I’m not even allowed to click on a thumb’s up icon or a heart.

This is the definition of suppression of free speech and conservative speech. I feel like my rights are slowly being taken away from me little by little. Now I know how the twitter members felt when they got banned. At least I am in good company and on the right side of history. I never wrote vulgar comments, misinformation, impersonated anyone, or bullied unlike what I read the left was posting about Trump and conservatives. And Speaker McCarthy is their new target calling him McCarthyism. What the left is able to write about Trump is atrocious, yet it remains with no screening or monitoring. This is where our country is going. The left is controlling all media, online, social media, and opinions. Conservatives are not allowed to voice their opinion.

Microsoft, google, control those news sites and should be ashamed. Now we know how Trump feels when they lie about him. And boy, oh boy, do they reprint negative articles on Trump every day. They are obsessed with him. Yet nary an negative article on Biden. Only positive ones. They claimed all sorts of things about my comments, none of which were true. I was writing the truth which apparently Big Brother wants no part of. They don’t want their minions reading the truth, and trust me, most of them have no idea what is going on in this country. They appear to be clueless, but I never called them that. If they asked for details, I tried to enlighten them.

Conversely, I was called fascist, domestic terrorist, fool, and many other degrading and sexist names. But those comments were left untouched by the screeners. Fair? You do the math.

In general, after reading many comments, the left still believes Trump colluded with Russia, is in bed with Putin, stole secret documents to sell to our enemies, incited an insurrection, tried to change the results of the 2020 election by raiding the capitol claiming police died that day, handed over a broken border and high gas prices to Biden etc. etc. In other words, they have bought all the lies Biden has told.

Our country is in trouble when we have Big Brother screening our online comments that contain no vulgar language or misinformation, just the facts, ma’am.

Here’s the rules that I apparently broke:

  • This is a place for considerate, inclusive discussion. Everyone here has the right to participate free of:
    • Harassment
    • Bullying
  • Two people sending commentsBuilding trusted community means respecting others and showing up authentically:
    • Don’t impersonate someone else
    • Respect other people’s privacy
    • Don’t share content that you know is or suspect may be misleading or false
  • Two people; one of them is sending a comment, other one is sending a reaction.Abusive or illegal conduct are not acceptable here. Do not post:
    • Violent content
    • Illegal activity
    • Risk to self or others
    • Abusive language
    • Hate speech
  • Two people shaking hands.Finally, respect the community, and do not post:
    • Material that violates the rights of others
    • Spam, viruses, malware or phishing

Never did any of the above yet got banned from commenting. And they won’t allow one to appeal their decision. What kind of world am I living in? This is distressing to me. It must have been a comment claiming there was voter fraud. They really hate it when folks claim that. But are sure proud to claim Biden got 81 million votes. That comment remains without any disclaimer attached to it. I was the one bullied by the left online with hurtful names, yet those commenters are allowed to stay. Double standard rears its ugly head again.

So glad I sold my Microsoft stock when the pandemic came, and Bill Gates became a scientist and now is the authority on the truth.

Biden Finally Cleans Up the Border!

And in one day! So, we know it can be done when he puts his mind to it. BUT, unfortunately, it was only for a PHOTO OP to make it appear to the gullibles that there is NO CRISIS! And boy, oh boy, are there a lot of gullibles out there.

We knew he’d pull something like this. It makes me sick. Him standing around shaking hands with suits, walking slowly looking down like he was concerned, and avoiding the illegals lying in dirt under space blankets freezing their butts off with debris all around. He is a disgrace to the office of presidency. Did he address the fentanyl problem or the drug cartel? No. In fact, he blamed the Republicans for passing off the problem onto him. Bull.

Trump had Stay in Mexico program together with the wall being constructed. He also wasn’t shipping illegals to other states to gain future voters. He didn’t catch and release. He also wasn’t promising incentives for illegals to risk their lives crossing several countries to come to America for free cellphones, welfare, housing, schooling, clothing, and food. He never did that, nor did he ask these illegals to surge our border. Joe wants them to keep coming.

Now I know this is getting repetitive, but the left knows nothing about what we know. They only believe what the hear in school, social media, MSM, and leftwing rags like the LA Times. We have to do everything possible to educate them to the truth.

Now that we finally took the House, we will investigate Secretary Mayorkas and get him fired. We will investigate Director Chris Wray and get him demoted. Maybe he can go to work for MSNBC. We will also investigate Garland and get him arrested. We also need to investigate lying Fauci and have him spend some time in jail for lying to congress under oath. And last, but not least, we need to investigate Biden’s ties to Hunter’s business dealings and his kickbacks that have allowed him to purchase multimillion dollar homes on the beach. Senators don’t make that much, and schoolteachers don’t either. So, something’s up.

Here’s some words that are repeated ad nauseum by the left that I am tired of hearing, in no particular order:

  1. Insurrectionists.
  2. J6 committee
  3. Clownshow
  4. Orange man
  5. Putin’s puppet
  6. Racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-science, white supremacists.
  7. Dictatorship
  8. Seditionists
  9. Fascists
  10. Nazis
  11. Election deniers

When the left gets backed into a corner with no facts to back up their false claims, they always, always, resort to name calling us or Trump. They are obsessed with Trump and won’t leave him alone. Can you imagine they are chanting “Lock him Up” online? For what? Trump knew he won in Georgia, at least he had before the counting stopped but a miracle happened overnight and the cowardice people in charge wouldn’t touch it. Election fraud was just too much for them to comprehend.

So now they want to turn the tables and accuse Trump of trying to commit election fraud in Georgia by flippantly asking the governor to find enough votes to put him in the winning column. He wasn’t asking him to invent votes or counterfeit ballots just find some that hadn’t been counted yet like overseas soldiers or do a recount. And it was tongue and cheek unlike what the Democrats pulled, watermains breaking, card boarded up windows, kicking out the poll watchers, and rolling in suitcases filled with fake ballots after hours and after a change of clothing. The gall of the left accusing Trump of voter fraud is beyond the pale.

The 2020 election was rife with fraud; but whenever we mention it, we are called election deniers. This was the biggest crime in U.S. History, but the left wants to sweep it under the carpet like Biden wants to sweep the border crisis under the carpet. Boy, that carpet is getting pretty darn lumpy as it fills up with the left’s scandals.

Time to Set the Record Straight, Again.

The left is on some sort of high horse thinking that they have won the Senate, the Presidency, and are hoping they can clinch the House too. Not so fast. The GOP is taking their time voting and revoting trying to get the best possible choice for the job of Speaker. They have the right to do that, but some congressmen elect may just be trying to honor the promises they made to their constituents. “Can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, sometimes you get what you need.” We have to break a few eggs to make an omelet, so be patient with the process.

We need a Speaker of the House so we can start investigating the heck out of the Democrats, FBI, DOJ, Fauci, Mayorkas, Wray, Buttigeig, Biden, Hunter, Austin, Kamala, et al. Any speaker is better than what we had before, Nancy. We have so many good choices, it is hard for the GOP to choose just one so; therefore, the many rounds of votes.

I’ve been reading lately online what the left has instilled in the young minds of voters, and it is all lies. So, I need to try to debunk what they are learning in school or from social media.

So, let’s set a few things straight, in no particular order:

  1. Biden is doing a terrible job no matter what the media says. He’s incompetent, arrogant, cocky, compromised, senile, and all out bad for our country. Anyone that thinks he’s doing a good job needs their head examined. Just look at our retirement plans. They have tanked! If Trump were president, they would have doubled by this time. No joke. And I blame everyone who voted for him for this loss of wealth.
  2. The FBI, Nancy, together with the Capitol Police conspired to stop the count of electoral votes on 1-6-21, not Trump. They didn’t want any state contesting the results of the stolen election. And Pence lost his backbone. PERIOD.
  3. Big Tech like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google conspired along with the FBI and 50 dubious CIA agents to stifle conversative speech, articles, posts, and searches prior to the 2020 election even to the point of calling the “laptop from hell” Russia disinformation. PERIOD. Case closed.
  4. Biden has an all-out war on fossil fuel which is destroying our country with EV cars that can’t drive in freezing weather or deep puddles, can’t drive too far, and not enough charging stations if they wanted to drive. It is a pipedream by Biden that has failed, big time.
  5. The southern border is a mess, and the left is doing everything in their power to make it worse like removing portions of Trump’s wall, removing the makeshift walls installed by Texas, and bussing illegals to red states for them to deal with. Biden caused this problem hands down when he said in his campaign that he wants a surge of migrants crossing our borders. That’s who we are. Well, he got it. No blame goes to Trump like the leftists are charging. They are saying Biden inherited the problem. Bull.
  6. Israel was happy with Trump and him trying to usher in peace between the Palestines and Israel and moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The left thinks differently.
  7. The left has domestic terrorists, not the right. They vandalize prolife buildings, attack subway travelers, mug walkers in NYC, steal cars, smash and grab jewelry stores, steal from department and drug stores, attack officers on duty and many other crimes. And are set free to commit more crimes. But our FBI, under the direction of Biden, are mostly concerned with White Supremacists. Laughable.
  8. The 2020 presidential election was stolen by election workers working in concert with the Democrats. Whether or not our SCOTUS will hear the cases proving election fraud in some states like Arizona remains to be seen. I hope they have the guts. Otherwise, no point in appointing conservative justices to the highest court if they are going to cave to the left and let our country get bamboozled by communists.
  9. School lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates was the work of Democrat governors and Biden. They have set children back in learning at least one year. My grandson said he learned nothing via zoom classroom teaching. He’s trying to catch up now.
  10. The covid 19 virus originated in the Wuhan lab in China and was unleashed on the world used as a bioweapon to make China stronger and weaken the rest of us. Coincidentally, Obama and Fauci invested in this research with U.S. money, and it was unleashed on an election year where Trump was way ahead of any Democrat candidates. Coincidence, you decide. You know what Freud said.
  11. The Democrats play dirty pool and are loyal to each other whereas the Republicans stand by principles and sometimes can’t be loyal for that reason. Democrats are sheeplike and follow each other around in circles. But if the GOP want to win any more elections, they are going to have to be on top of the dirty pool that the Democrats play like mail in ballots, drop boxes, Dominon computers, weeks long voting days, counterfeit ballots, forged ballots, late arriving ballots, dead voters, underage voters, non-citizen voters, provisional ballot voters, and not allowing election watchers in the room.
  12. The Democrats are only good at one thing: cheating. They can’t run a country, a state, a city, or anything for that matter. They couldn’t run a convenience store. Cheating is their forte and are quite good at it. The GOP tries to be honest except for that congressman elect who lied his way into winning. Not sure what he is all about.
  13. There would be no war in Ukraine if Trump were still president as he followed the Peace Through Strength doctrine. The left thinks differently. They have been brainwashed in college into thinking Trump is Putin’s puppet. Trump also turned down the Nord stream 2 pipeline for Russia. Biden approved it and look what happened.
  14. Biden is compromised with China, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries that he sold influence to with the help of his bagman Hunter. Hunter hates his dad for putting him in that position and has been acting out in hopes it would expose his father. Which it has. Hunter should have known better and turned his father down, but the drugs he took drowned his capability to comprehend.
  15. There’s a Biden plan to put hundreds of windmills in the eastern coastal waters which will, for all intents and purposes, essentially put a halt to the crab and fishing industries, killing thousands of birds, and endangering boaters. Does Biden care if he bankrupts those companies and kills birds and other wildlife including boaters? NO!

There are many more lies on record that need to be set straight that the media and school have instilled in our youth; but since actions speak louder than words, lets’ hope the GOP can put some action in place that exposes the Biden crime syndicate family for who they are. Lock ’em all up!

Blizzard of the Century While Biden Basks in the Sun on an Undeserved Vacation.

Who does he think he is? He has done more damage to a country in two years than any terrorist attack ever tried to do and yet he has the nerve to fly on Air Force One with his corrupt family members while people are dying without power, heat, water, medical equipment, or food in the state of New York trapped by a blizzard of the century.

Why this hit New York so viciously is beyond our comprehension, but they voted for an idiot governor and mayor of NYC who will undoubtedly do nothing to help the people other than blame climate change or Trump. If the residents would look in the mirror, maybe, just maybe, they’d realize they made a grave error in voting in the climate change czar congressperson AOC and their biased governor and mayor.

But the gall of Biden skipping out of the country during this blizzard, which has also caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled leaving passengers stranded at airports, just shows how he feels about Americans. He thinks the rest of us are peons and should fend for ourselves during any crisis. If Bush or Trump had done something even close to this, the media would be screaming impeachment. The optics of Biden leaving is beyond. Not only is he tone deaf, but he is tone blind and tone mute.

His dumb wife should know better, but she’s just as bad as him. She wants her perks of the job just like Michelle Obama used to take long vacations in Hawaii every Christmas at the cost of millions to the taxpayers. Conversely, Trump never took one vacation in four years unless they considered his second home in Florida. He never went anywhere else. He also never took a salary in four years and left office poorer than went he entered office. That’s a first.

The “compassionate” president, as the media has labeled Biden, is not so compassionate after all. We all knew this, but now maybe the stupid people in this country will wake up and smell the coffee. This guy could care less about the rest of us. He thinks he’s a king and dictates like one. He is so full of himself, his buttons are about to burst. And the contrast of a deadly blizzard next to the white sandy beach where Biden is hanging out is blinding. Although just the visual of him ogling little girls on the beach would sting your eyes.