Trump’s Doctrine: America 1st; Biden’s: Scorched-Earth.

Scorched Earth | geographical imaginations
Biden’s Scorched-Earth, Figuratively.

The man currently in the White House is trying to leave his mark on this Earth because he knows he’s not long for this planet. His spending bill, passed in the dead of night like Obamacare, is a $1.9 Trillion goody bag for the left. He rewards his donors and punishes his opponents in one bill. It was supposed to be a stimulus package or covid relief bill but only 9% to goes to those ventures.

How will he leave his mark? He wants millions for a bridge and tunnel to nowhere built. I guess that’s his version of “build back better.” He wants billions to go to the arts, museums, theaters, pet projects of the left, special interests, mismanaged states, white privilege studies, transgender equality, gender neutrality, and Black reparations. He wants men in women’s sports, schools bailed out, aid and in-class education to illegals, Capitol security fences and guards, and a hiked minimum wage. And yet our schools are still closed to citizens, there’s a mask mandate, and we are living in a police state. All these issues will set America back for decades; but Biden will have left his mark, not in a good way.

Why does he want to scorch the Earth while he leaves? He feels he’s gotten a raw deal. He lost his first wife and daughter in a car crash, lost a son from brain cancer, his other son is a mess, and lost two elections for president when he was young enough to do the job. Now he knows he’s slipping, won’t be able to fulfill his first term, and he’s pissed. Thus the Scorched Earth. Conservatives will rue the day this bill got passed and be cursing Biden for years. At least he’ll be remembered. Not in a good way.

Everyone knows Biden’s mind is slipping. He has already passed the torch of talking to foreign leaders onto Kammie and Kerry. The Democrats are trying to remove his access to the nuclear codes. This is a red flag. They know he’s not up to the job so someone else is pulling the strings and pressing the buttons. We knew this would happen, yet they forced him on us. He’s just Being There like the movie.

I heard the FBI is seeking the identity of ever person who attended Trump’s last rally in D.C., storming their homes, and arresting them. For what? For being a patriot and believing the election was stolen? These are the “thought police.” Glad I didn’t attend. Yet not one person in Antifa and BLM that burned cities, cars, stores, and police stations last year have been sought and arrested. Those were “peaceful” demonstrations according to CNN. We are becoming a police state punishing people for their thoughts curtesy of Biden who had the gall to say he’d be the president for all the people not just Democrats. Once a liar, always a liar.

Everything the Democrats usually are against, they are doing. Caging minors at the border, remaining in foreign wars, building walls for security, jailing without due process, ignoring sexual harassment charges, killing unarmed persons, and suppressing free speech. The ACLU, Code Pink, NOW, and #metoo remain quiet because they got their man in the White House. Everything is okay when Democrats do it.

Salesforce COO said this week that their goal is to make every conservative unable to feed their children because of January 6th. How dumb are they? Amazon won’t allow a documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month to be seen. The real racists. These are sick people.

If we have to live in Biden’s scorched Earth as a conservative, it will be hard. But when will the GOP have had enough, put their foot down, and try to put an end to this madness? Where’s our Supreme Court? Where’s our voices of reason? Where’s our Bill of Rights? Right now we seem to be going along just to get along. It makes me ill. We have become a nation of cowards kowtowing to snowflakes that push political correctness, cancel culture, speech suppression, feigned virtue signaling, and green new steals.

Wake up America before there’s no America left to wake up to. Right now it’s looking more like Communist China with the masks, fences, speech suppression, and militant raids on innocent people. We’ll all be victims like Roger Stone if we allow this to continue.


30-Question Quiz for Progressives, Liberals, or Independents.

Or whatever you call yourselves.
  1. Do you think biological males and females should compete against each other in the same sports?
  2. Do you think immigrants that come over our borders illegally should get government benefits?
  3. Do you think it is right that certain groups or people are banned from Twitter?
  4. Do you think it is healthy for children to be kept out of school for a year?
  5. Do you think it is moral to abort a baby in the last trimester?
  6. Do you think voters shouldn’t have to show an ID when voting?
  7. Do you think mail-in ballots are safe from voter fraud?
  8. Do you trust the election computers that were used in the 2020 election?
  9. Do you believe Biden got 81 million lawful votes?
  10. Do you think it was right to stop construction of the southern border wall?
  11. Do you think it was okay to stop the Keystone Pipeline and layoff 11,000 construction workers?
  12. Do you think coalmines should be shutdown and closed permanently?
  13. Are you happy to have gasoline prices to go up now that we are back in the Paris Climate agreement?
  14. Are you happy to have your payroll taxes increased?
  15. Do you think noncitizens should be able to vote in our elections?
  16. Are you okay with schools being shutdown until all teachers get the vaccine?
  17. Are you okay with children having to wear masks to school?
  18. Are you okay with small businesses telling their employees to work remotely?
  19. Are you okay with the Durham Report being shutdown?
  20. Are you okay with Hunter laptop investigation being shutdown?
  21. Do you really think Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol Building with a speech?
  22. Do you think Antifa and BLM are peaceful organizations or a myth?
  23. Do you think Governor Cuomo is innocent of placing infected patients in nursing homes?
  24. Do you think President Biden is a compassionate, caring, decent, honest man?
  25. Do you think the main stream media and New York Times have been reporting the truth the last four years?
  26. Do you think President Trump mishandled the pandemic?
  27. Do you believe Trump supporters are systemically white supremacists?
  28. Do you think the police are systemically racist?
  29. Do you agree with toppling historical statues and removing names of our forefathers from schools?
  30. Do you condone the burning of the American Flag and kneeling at football games?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above you are a far left radical liberal and are getting exactly what you voted for with Biden. If you answered ‘no’ to seven or more you are a Progressive. If you answered ‘no’ to twelve or more you are an Independent and are probably surprised with some of Biden’s actions. If you answered ‘no’ to all of them you are a full-fledged conservative. Congratulations you’re not a Democrat! You may vote Republican. You scored 100% on the test.

I know people who would answer ‘yes’ to all of the above which tells me we are so divided in this country and yet we are living among those that think the complete opposite of us. I blame the biased media and social media for suppressing the news or lying to half of America.

Who’s Running Slow Joe’s Show?

Three ring circus.

Who’s writing his script that he reads from the teleprompter? Who’s composing the executive orders he signs? Who’s choosing his picks for cabinet members and heads of departments? Why won’t he take questions? Why hasn’t he gone into the press room? When will he hold the State of the Union Address where Nancy tears up the copy? These are rhetorical questions.

Yesterday after signing another bill, he rises from his desk and hears a question shouted at him. He stops to answer it. “What?” They ask it again. They ask if he read some report. His answer is, “Yes, I have.” Then while he starts to shuffle away they ask, “What did you think of it?” He smiles and walks out of the room.

He’s not all there. He hasn’t read shit. He doesn’t know what’s in his stimulus bill that is bailing out liberal states that were hurting before covid hit our shores. He’s not good with numbers. He’s rewarding his donors bigly. Some radical members of his team are writing these bills and do not care about the price. Millions for an underground train in silicon valley? Do they have any idea the value of property around there and how many years of opposition to that plan would get? This is prime beautiful coastal area of San Francisco and Eminent Domain will take years to get approved especially with all the environmentalists. So this is just throwing money at the wind.

Three dozen moderate Democrats in the House are worried that Slow Joe will take his orders from the radical part of the party and start a war with nukes. They want to remove the nuclear codes from him. Can you even imagine him even putting in codes to his strong box? Ain’t gonna happen. The guy will soon not be able to sign any more bills as his hand won’t be connected to his brain.

We on the right knew what we were getting with Slow Joe but it seems the less involved people we know are surprised by Joe’s behavior. Really? Didn’t you see him hanging in his basement for a year with a mask on with geese honking in the background or his public appearances with crop circles in front of him? What finally gave it away?

I’m shocked by the naiveté of the general public. The only thing I wonder is who’s really running the show? Obama is my first choice but there are others. AOC, Warren, Bernie, Rice, Nancy, Jarred, or Brennan? All of these characters are too radical to be running the country. Obviously it is a mistake that Slow Joe is in the driving seat of our country; but a mistake that was allowed by corrupt or bribed election officers and then the SCOTUS and lower courts. We are stuck with it for now.

The bills the left have coming down the pike will change America for decades if passed. Changes to our election laws for the worse is not what we need. We need national election laws that make it harder to cheat not easier. What the left is proposing is exactly what they got away with in 2020 and figure if it worked then, why not make it permanent law: mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, no ID, no proof of residency, 15 days of early voting.

They are claiming that if we oppose this bill, we are racist. So let’s break that down. People of color need 15 extra days to vote? Why is that? Aren’t they equal to the rest of us? People of color have no ID? Why is that? Don’t they live here? People of color need mail-in ballots? Why is that? Aren’t they mobile? This is a bunch of malarkey. The only race component to their “cheating bill” is that they want illegals coming over the border today to vote. Only citizens of United States of the proper age limit are allowed to vote for our policies and leaders. They were allowing 16 year olds with false IDs to vote in the last election.

So who’s running Slow Joe’s three ring circus? That remains to be seen. But they are radical leftists. There’s no transparency, no unity, no clarity, no coherency, and no honesty. Complete opposite of what he ran on, but we didn’t believe him. Remember he claims he got arrested in the Capitol when he was 19 for breaking in. Complete lie, as he wanted to sound like a rebel. Then years later the same cop remembers him when he was elected into the Senate? Complete and utter lie. The guy cannot tell the truth for the life of him.

Godspeed Tiger. Since Tiger had surgery on both legs, he will not be able to walk with crutches as there isn’t one leg to put the weight onto. He will be in a wheelchair for three months as you cannot put weight on bones that have been surgically repaired with pins and screws. There’s no walking cast as you cannot cover the surgical wounds. This will be hard on Tiger as he is such a physical guy.

I once broke my femur in a head on crash with no seatbelt, remained in the hospital for two weeks on morphine after surgery, and was sent home with crutches. But was unable to place an ounce of weight on the repaired bone or bend my knee for three months, then a cane, then a year later had the rod removed from my femur, then back on crutches again. All in all quite an ordeal in my 22 year old life. Very hard to go to work, although I did cheat and drove my VW Beetle without my doctor’s approval. But it does remind me how medical costs have risen. My bill was only $5,000 for surgery and a two-week stay in the hospital. Amazing. But back then the standard hourly wage was $3 to 4 bucks an hour and my rent was $205/month. Today, I get $8,000 charged to Medicare for a sprained wrist, pain pill prescription, and one hour in the ER. Trip down Memory Lane.

Can’t wait for Trump’s CPAC speech. RIP Rush. We miss you and President Trump.

AP Calls Out Biden Team for Taking Credit for Trump Policies!

Calling out State Spokesman

Really? I can’t believe my ears. Remarkably, an Associated Press reporter argues with spokesman for the State Department who was at the podium bragging about a foreign policy that Trump had already put in progress. The reporter says, “You’re trying to take credit for something that was already in place under Trump Administration. Can you tell me in one month all this happened under the new administration. Yes or no?” The spokesmen hummed and hawed and laughed dismissively as they’d never had a liberal reporter challenge them. Then he said, “people working in our department have been working here previously” or some lame excuse. But reality is, they got rid of every Trump employee and are just trying to take credit away from Trump Administration. It was not a newsworthy report as it had already been accomplished. Kudos to the Associated Press!

But if this is a glimpse into the future of how liberal reporters might finally challenge this administration, it gives us all hope. Hope that things start to turn around by liberals getting fed up of being fed lies everyday by the Biden Administration. At least, Trump was transparent and so was his press secretary. They didn’t like what they heard, but at least they answered every question truthfully. School closures are becoming a fever pitch as well as vaccine eligibilities amongst citizens. We hear something different everyday from the likes of Fauci and Pippi Longstocking. They can’t tell the truth if their life depended on it. They skirt around issues like a show horse and tap dance like Shirley Temple.

This is the Obama-way of running the administration. “Take credit from the previous administration when there is good news and blame them for everything that doesn’t work out.” Obama blamed his poor economy on President Bush ad nauseam. But when Trump quickly turned it around with his new policies, regulations, and taxes, Obama came out of the woodwork and tried to take credit. “We handed him off a soaring economy.” Truth was, Obama had given up on the economy and even said, “We can’t just take a magic wand and make factory jobs reappear.” So you see, Obama lied to cover for his failed policies and Biden will do the same.

Raising the minimum wage to $15 from $7.25 is a job killer. It doesn’t give companies a chance to hire entry level employees. High school kids will no longer be able to get a summer job nor college kids. But what’s the big deal? No one goes to high school or college any longer anyway. They just sit home getting lazy. I’m not sure where our kids are heading with no summer jobs and no in-school learning, no proms, no football games, and no physical education. But it doesn’t look good to me. My favorite class was P.E. The Democrats are running some sort of Pursuit of Unhappiness and Unfreedom of Speech organization. Our forefathers are spinning in their graves.

Biden seems to think entry-level employees are raising a family, and that’s why they need a living wage. These kids aren’t raising a family. They live at home and need a summer job. And we need them off the streets raising havoc. Raise the rate to $10 an hour, if needed, but $15 will kill small companies. Maybe that’s his intent. They’ve locked them down for over a year, why not put the final nail in the coffin?

Democrats are holding a meeting today on trying to censor FOX News and Newsmax. Wow! Without these channels, we’d never have heard the truth of what happened during the Trump Administration. We’d never have been able to see the riots and burning of cities that they say is a myth. We’d never have seen or heard the evidence of voter fraud. They realize that Rush Limbaugh is gone so they’re not letting a crisis go to waste.

News of the Biden Administration would just get sugarcoated, and we’d never hear anything negative. They reported negative news 90% of the time on Trump. When there was good news, which was quite often, they’d bury it or maybe mention it for two seconds on air: “There was a peace agreement in the Middle East today. Now back to you Rachel.” All the alphabet channels did the same thing, that’s why we had to rely on FOX or Newsmax. Just by holding this meeting, it proves that they can’t handle the truth! And they don’t want it to get out.

I think they’ve overplayed their hand this time. It will backfire on them. It makes them look guilty. Stay tuned. We miss you Rush. Godspeed Tiger.

Judiciary Dems Infer that Trump Supporters are Domestic Terrorists…

Thousands Pack Jacksonville's Cecil Airport For Trump Campaign Rally | WJCT  NEWS
Domestic Terrorists?
Seattle protest updates: The city reacts to the death of George Floyd | The  Seattle Times
Or Domestic Terrorists. You decide.

but no mention of the terror BLM and Antifa inflicted on Portland, New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, and other liberal towns all last year. No mention! They have no fear of burning cities as long as they are committed by leftist groups at night. They claim that FBI Director Chris Wray says our biggest threat is from domestic terror of white supremacists with the KKK! This is bullcrap. And Trump supporters aren’t KKK.

They actually brought up the Oklahoma bombing and compared it to the Capitol Breach as though they are one and the same. Really? Hundreds of children died in that surprise terror bombing. They are also equating some nuts who planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan with Trump supporters as well. It is frightening to think that this is what they are trying to do: spread fear of Trump supporters among Americans.

Let’s get something clear: It wasn’t just Trump supporters that breached the Capitol. They were intermingled with leftist agitators. The break in was planned days in advance. The damage done to the Capitol appeared to be by leftists as well as attacks on police. True Trump supporters love the police and would never attack them. The Democrats generalization of the crowd members that committed crimes at the Capitol building is just incorrect and disturbing.

I know what they are trying to do. They want Americans to fear Trump and give his supporters a bad rap wherein if they appear on the street peacefully, cops will have to make them disperse or be arrested. Trump supporters are the new Tea Party. They were never violent either. The Dems want the police to spray them with pepper spray or teargas to anger them into violence. This is my fear.

Have you noticed Obiden won’t travel anywhere that may have election protesters in the streets like Trump had to endure for years? He doesn’t like the optics, so he just avoids it all together. Trump had streets full of protesters with a baby Trump balloon mocking him when he first became president. They wanted his taxes released. Obiden is very thin-skinned.

Judge Merrick Garland must have lived under a rock for the last four years. He has to be the most uninformed individual in D.C. He’s heard of the Steele Dossier but never read it. He’s heard of the FISA court doctored paper but hasn’t been following it. He has the Horowitz Report but hasn’t had time to read it, just the cliff notes. He’s heard of the Durham Investigation but not sure what it is about. Really? He’s aware that illegals are crossing the border but hasn’t thought about whether or not it is a crime. Really? He’s aware of the Hunter laptop investigation but not sure if it will be pursued. That I believe. This guy had more ums and ahhs and I don’t know or my favorite I haven’t thought about it answers than a politician on trial for destroying subpoenaed evidence. In fact, he sounds more like a politician than a judge.

Basically all Garland cares or knows about is domestic terror. He said crimes done in those cities were at night so, therefore, not considered domestic terror but I’m not familiar with the cases. Really? He does not care about any crimes committed by the Bidens, leftist groups, or any against Trump. He is not an impartial candidate for Attorney General. He’s pissed that he didn’t get on the Supreme Court and will punish anyone that prevented him from it, i.e. the GOP. This is why Obiden chose him, undoubtedly. He is ill fitted for this position. We are screwed if he gets in.

Today they are holding a meeting on the Capitol Hill Breach insinuating again that it was a planned attack done by “armed” Trump supporters. One member says this was the first but there will be many more. What? It is almost like they are inviting more violence. But they never cared when the White House got threatened. In fact, the media mocked Trump for having to go underground in a safe place until the rioters went home to mommy. They allowed these thugs to set St. John’s Church afire and no one cared. If that arson had been by a Trump rally member, we’d never hear the end of it.

Yesterday the women’s soccer team didn’t kneel like they usually do. When asked why, they responded, because things are being done to end racial inequality. Really? Already? I…don’t…think…so. Is this a joke? Now it is clear that the kneeling never had anything to do with racial inequality. Maybe at the beginning when Kaepernick started it while Obama was president, but it morphed into a symbol of hate for Trump. Now that Trump is out of the picture, it’s okay to stand for the National Anthem. Ahhh, isn’t that nice?

So you see, we are getting screwed six ways from Sunday; whatever that means. Nothing the left does is for the reason they say it is. We are living in a fantasy world. Everything is a façade. Trump supporters are bad and leftist agitators are good. Nothing is what it seems.

“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” it seems…

How Amy Coney Barrett might rule - POLITICO
Amy Coney Barrett

when it comes to Trump’s last two picks for the Supreme Court. Trump stuck by Kavanaugh throughout the whole ordeal and never wavered. He then chose a woman as a favor to the GOP to get a conservative woman placed on the bench. He had twenty five other choices to choose from. Personally, I think he made a grave error. He should have picked Ted Cruz. What does he get in return? Those two turning down a chance to review the Pennsylvania Election Case. How dare them!

What’s up with Amy? We supported her and believed she was a staunch conservative. Apparently not. Someone or something has gotten to her. I haven’t been happy with her recent decisions. She may be a RINO but we didn’t catch it in time. If she’s a RINO, she will always side with John Roberts. Or she’s a typical female that wants to be in a male position; but when she gets there, doesn’t have (literally) the cojones to do the job. She needs more male hormones maybe. The female libs on the bench don’t seem to have a problem ruling in favor of the Democrats. But we always get these flipflopping swing voters (that want to be liked by both sides) on the bench. Being liked by both sides is overrated. Pick a side and stick with it. Or maybe she sided up with the female justices on the bench and joined the girls’ club. I’m over it.

Would it be so hard to at least hear the evidence in Pennsylvania Election Case? With the chance that we had the biggest election fraud in history, why not put that rumor to bed? Without hearing the evidence, they deny to hear the case. I’d have more respect for Amy if she took the case and ruled against it. But she seems to lack courage.

She lied during her confirmation hearing. She said she would rule in favor of the constitution because she is a constitutional judge. I’m not seeing it. Maybe she’s been threatened, but that sort of comes with the job. She needs to put her big boy pants or robe on and start being more appreciative for Trump nominating her. So far I haven’t seen her appreciation at all. No good deed goes unpunished. When’s she going to step up to the conservative plate?

Boy, oh boy, I’d much rather see Ted Cruz in her position, ice storm scandal and all. But I am becoming increasingly cognizant of the fact that I will be disappointed a lot this year by our SCOTUS, POTUS, Congress, and DOJ. They are holding all the cards and there’s no checks and balances any longer. :>/

Act I, Parody: A Day in the Life of the Bidens.

Photo by Bruce Clark on

The scene is 8 a.m. in the White House master bedroom. Jill is sitting up in bed staring down at her husband’s back who is fast asleep next to her.


Come on, Joey. You need to get up and start the day. There’re a lot more bills on your desk to sign.

She shakes him on the shoulder to see if he’s alive.


What the hell?! What’s wrong? Why’d you push me? Where am I?

He slowly rises to a sitting position in bed while rubbing his foggy head and eyes.


You’re in the White House, of course.

She rolls her eyes.


Oh yeah. Could you help me up?

He holds up his arms for her to come around and pull him off the bed. He shuffles into the bathroom and turns on the shower. He calls out for some coffee to be brought up. Jill throws on her robe and runs to his demands.


What shall we have the servants bring you for breakfast, dear?


The usual. A soft boiled egg on toast, orange juice, and fruit on the side.

Jill calls on the intercom for their food to be brought to the room. After several minutes Joe emerges from the bathroom stark naked. Jill asks him to cover himself.

Why should I? You’ve seen me before.

He begrudgingly puts on his robe and secures the tie.

Damn GOP keeps giving Trump credit for the vaccine. I have to change the minds of the American people today. That’s my goal today, honey.


How will you do that, dear?


I’ll just tell them it came out after I was inaugurated and the media will repeat it all day long until the stupids believe it. Just like they believed we didn’t cheat to win. Just like they believed we didn’t plan the breach of the capitol. That went down so perfect. Too bad a couple of cops had to die; but in the fog of war, that happens. Just like they believe we need that fence and guards to keep out the armed white supremacists. They are sooooo stupid.


She gives a devious chuckle under her breath.

Nice, dear. Now let’s pick you out a nice outfit for today. Do you want your stonewashed jeans to look like a casual Kennedy or do you want your tight suit to look like a professional millennial lawyer?


Give me my tight suit and those pointy brown shoes. I like showing off my trim physique. Trump can’t top that. Even my ties are better. I’m sure glad I got Tweeter to cancel his account and put an end to Parler. Without that, we’d be hearing complaints from him daily. Now we have to do something about Hannity, Tucker, and that bitch Laura.

He gets his suit on and Jill helps him with his socks, shoes, and tie.


I agree. I hate that bitch. Her, Barfiroma, and Jeanine give women’s lib a bad name. Feminists can’t be conservative! We finally got Martha, Dana, and Sandra to step in line. I’ll handle them dear. I’ll make a call to FOX. Those Murdock wives love me since I’m a doctor.


Great honey. I owe you. Today I’m gonna sign some more bills to get more and more immigrants into our country to secure their votes in four years. The more I promise them, the more they’ll come. Sort of like in that movie, ahhh…ummm…you know the one…Fields of Corn or something. If we promise them, they will come.


Field of Dreams. But dear, what about Kamala? Don’t you think it will be her turn by then?


Kamal? No. If I can make it through the first four years without a scandal and with the suckup media in my pocket, I’ll definitely run again. What’s stopping me now?

He chuckles as he gazes in the full length mirror at himself, practicing a few different smiles as he tilts his head from side to side.


Umm…possibly your health…dear?


Health. Smealth. I’m sharp as a tack. Plus, I’ve got a pen, a teleprompter, and Obama in my ear. That’s all I need.

Joe shuffles over to the door to let the servants inside. He doesn’t greet them at all. His breakfast is ready. He sits down at the bedroom dinette and slices up his egg as the yolk oozes out. He takes a bite and yolk dribbles down onto his chin and some onto his tie.

Damn it, Jill! These eggs are too runny! I ruined my tie. How will this look on camera?! Come on, man!


Now, now, Joey. Let me get a wet towel and clean you up for your first meeting today. And don’t call me man! Here’s your morning pills.

She wipes his chin and scrubs at his tie. He downs his pills with his orange juice and coffee and shuffles slowly down the hall to the staircase. Jill slumps down into one of the bedside chairs and let’s out a huge sigh then starts thinking to herself.

What have we gotten ourselves into? This is more than I signed up for. We may need a full time nursemaid in here. I’m used to him floundering around the house all morning in his robe. We might have bit off more than we can chew. I didn’t go to six years of college to be cleaning yolk off of a chin! Come on, man!

A Day in the Life of the Bidens.

Covid: A Real-Life Boogeyman.

Image result for boogeyman images

Sure, it’s killed lots of people. But so has cancer, HIV, the flu, pneumonia, car accidents, alcohol, drugs, abortion, floods, ice storms, hurricanes, and heart attacks. But the fear of catching covid is becoming a mental disease in itself. Some people I know have changed their way of life so much that I don’t think they can recover from covid fear. They wear masks everywhere and won’t let anyone come to their front door. They are living in a real life horror movie.

They won’t even let family members sit in their yard with a mask on. They make their children get tested before they come to visit. And they aren’t even in the high risk age–early 60s. Some of the women in this category will verbally mask-sham strangers outside of stores, in parking lots, and on walking paths. One woman shook her head like a bobblehead if you got within six feet of her in a store while wearing a mask. Nothing will allay the fear in these types of fearmongering weirdos.

To date we have heard of no friend or family member that have contracted covid. A “friend of a family member” or “friend of a friend” is about it. I believe the covid numbers of deaths have been overreported by hospitals in order to bilk money from Medicare, and the government is condoning it as it fits their narrative. I’m sure the covid case numbers are exaggerated. Friends of ours have had surgery, gone on vacations, dental cleanings, skiing, parties, gambling, public pools, and indoor dining and have survived catching covid. But their children can’t go to school! The school closures are unhealthy. Teachers are using covid to be lazy, and the school unions are protecting them. Defund school unions.

Obiden is adding to the fear with mask mandates and telling us covid might be gone by Christmas. Really? Christmas? He’s out of his mind. In North and South Dakota people are living normally, and they didn’t have lockdowns, masks, and school closures. They have herd immunity already. We need to get some of the herd immunity but Obiden won’t let us. They want to keep control of us and this is a form of mental control: the covid boogeyman.

This fear of catching covid is long lasting and could affect adults for quite some time. I don’t see these affected people acting normal even after covid is long gone. It has gone to their heads. Some take it to extreme like they do other things in their lives. They have fear of red meat, fear of dairy products, and now fear of covid. Frankly, if I did end up going to their home; it would be so restrictive, it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

Nothing more sad than seeing a five year old wearing a mask outdoors at a playground. It is distressing to me. I feel the cities are hurting our children. Nothing more sad than seeing a photo Christmas card with all family members wearing masks. Nothing more sad than seeing a woman driving alone donning a mask. Nothing more sad than seeing anyone wearing a mask while hiking alone in the Sierra mountains. Nothing more sad than seeing construction workers outside all donning masks. Nothing more sad than seeing children and teenagers sitting home on a laptop trying to learn. We will become a nation of sheep if this continues. We have to stand up to these draconian rules at some point.

I’ve been vaccinated but still have to wear a mask?! This is bullsh-t. I will wear one in a store just to avoid a scene, but will pull it down when no one’s around. How will we ever get herd immunity if this continues? We won’t. And this is what they want. Fear of an imaginary boogeyman to last forever. This way they will keep control of us all. They are using fear to manipulate us into compliance to do and act like they want.

The More they Cancel Trump, the Higher his Stock Rises!

Trump Stock soaring.

By the time the left is done erasing every fingerprint Trump left in D.C., his stock will rise to 90% approval rating. They are only turning Trump into a martyr. They want to forbid him from his resting place in Arlington’s Cemetery with other presidents. They want to cancel his pension and his secret service. They want to demolish all his buildings and remove his name from existence.

They cancelled a golf tournament at a Trump golf course. They want to indict him for inciting an insurrection as a private citizen. They tried to get the city to disapprove of him living in Mar-a-Lago. They had already threatened him to not come back to his Trump Tower quarters. They even demolished his helipad in Palm Beach so he won’t get any ideas of running again. Why? Because he was too successful as an outsider president and they can’t stand to be outdone or upstaged. These are sick people.

The left is behaving like a deranged teenage girl in high school that didn’t get picked for prom queen. They want revenge against the one who did. They are behaving like bullies. Governor Cuomo has been acting like a bully and finally got caught. They are vindictive, jealous, vengeful humans. Almost an alien breed of mutants. I’ve never seen anything like this before. O’Biden and Harris are in this group. It is an embarrassment to our country and will leave a stain. Now they are suspending every capitol police that supported President Trump. They should be suspending Nancy who asked the police to let the crowd inside the capitol. Makes me wonder if someone killed the Trump-supporting officer that died after January 6th. Maybe he knew too much. This is how the Clinton’s operate.

O’Biden recently said that Blacks and Hispanics aren’t savvy enough to know how to go online to find out where to get their vaccines. If Trump had ever said that as president it would be all over. They’d claim he was a white supremist and bigot and probably storm the White House like the left did to the capitol. But we hear crickets from the left when O’Biden, who is clearly a bigot, admits it. O’Biden uses Blacks as props just like his valentine cutouts. If O’Biden was for Blacks he wouldn’t open up the borders, make the minimum wage $15, and keep our schools closed. Hijacking cars and shootings are way up in Chicago due to Black teenagers not in school. He just needs the Black vote then he does nothing to help them out. Blacks are nothing more than a photo op for him.

What’s going on in Texas is God’s way of telling us that solar and wind power is not enough. We need to insulate our electric grids so they do not freeze. O’Biden has no plans to visit the desperate people in Texas. This is O’Biden’s Katrina. If this was Trump, they’d be screaming from the rooftops like they did to Bush. Remember when Trump visited Puerto Rico and tossed a roll of paper towels to someone in the back of the crowd? It was cute, but the media jumped all over it as callous and insensitive. Well…where’s the media now? This Texas ice storm is a glimpse into the future for the rest of America too that the green new steal is not going to work out so well.

O’Biden wants to keep funding the lab in China (like he and Obama did before) that produced and unleashed the covid-19 pandemic. This proves to me that they want another strain of virus to be created and unleashed before the next election. Bioweapons are the new nuclear threat. These are sick radicals running our country right now. We all have to be careful. I’m waiting for my naïve Democrat friends to complain about what is going on, but so far I hear nothing. I guess they haven’t been watching or are just reading the fawning New York Times.

We miss you Rush Limbaugh. Our mornings won’t be the same without you. You were always the voice of reason.

Defund School Unions!

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When the school union workers take a pay cut, maybe then and only then will they allow the schools to reopen. We don’t really need school unions. Teachers don’t need to be in a union. Let’s abolish school unions altogether and see how they like it.

These excuses they are using to keep the schools closed are an absolute joke: ventilation systems, mask mandates, vaccinations, and hybrid sessions. The real reason they want schools closed is they are trying to control us. If the children aren’t learning anything, we’ll have a generation of dummies which are real easy to control because they will be dependent on the government for their existence. This is getting sicker by the day.

They want small businesses to go under and corporations to thrive. They want restaurants to go under and fast food joints to thrive. They want to cancel conservative news and social media and keep liberal news alive. Why is that? They do not want any opposition to their control of us. This is communist America.

They want to encourage anarchists in the streets and arrest and teargas conservative assembly. They want a military style wall around their headquarters and removal of the wall at our borders. They want to have protection but they don’t want the people to have any. They want to defund our police and ICE and take away our guns but use the National Guard to protect themselves. This is sick.

They are screening our Facebook and Twitter comments and will send the police to your home if they don’t like what they read. Big Tech will cancel your account if they don’t like what they see. Newspapers won’t print conservative comments online after an article. They want total control of what America hears, sees, and reads. This is Communist America.

They are trying to divide the country up by race again. They speak of white supremacy and white nationalist like this is a big problem. The only problem we have is with BLM and Antifa roaming the streets at night and threatening businesses and homes. They are spreading lies about white privilege among blacks to make them hate us. They want to reward illegals entering our country and punish our citizens. They want to jail conservatives and bail liberals out of jail. These are sick people doing this.

They want us to wear masks for the rest of our lives like in China. This is a form of control. They think if they can control us to be robots walking around wearing masks like idiots then they can just about make us do anything. Sounds similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. Conservatives are the New Jews. North and South Dakota have not had lockdowns, mask mandates, and school closures and this has allowed for herd immunity to take place and their covid cases have diminished.

Now Bill Gates is trying to get rid of cows. They want to tell us what to eat now. Cancel Bill Gates’ Microsoft stock, defund the school unions, call your county auditor’s office and ask them to take school bonds off your bill, and recall your communist-acting governors. We want our children back in school. They are the future of America. Defund these school unions!

May Rush Limbaugh rest in peace. He will be sorely missed. He was my friend each morning. He was great at reporting the truth and always 99.6% correct. We’ll never forget him.