Republicans Claim the Democrats Ambushed Them in the Hearings.


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Democrats were holding all the cards and running the show.  The Republican members of the Judiciary Committee had no say in the procedure. The Dems ran the scheduling, the witnesses, the timing, the rules, the regulations and kept them in the dark for the most part.  The Republicans were gaveled whenever they objected.  It was an ambush, a setup, and a sham from the beginning.  The Republicans made sense in their arguments but the Dems refused to listen to reason.  The Democrats on the committee made up lies to use as their evidence against Trump.

If this goes to the Senate it should be thrown out for lack of evidence and Trump totally exonerated on all charges.  PERIOD.   No trial–as it was a setup, sham from the beginning that they crammed down America’s throat. They only wanted to tarnish Trump prior to the next election so whoever he runs against can say, “You’re impeached and should be in jail for your crimes” or some evil comment like that. Sounds very Hillaryish.

Trump should have been chosen for the cover of Time Magazine not some angry girl from Sweden that has been indoctrinated into the climate change hoax. She needs to stay in school, and her parents investigated for child neglect. I would never let a sixteen year old travel across the seas on a sailboat, especially if she’s autistic.  I agree with Trump it was a ridiculous choice. They always reward the anti-American policy types. The activist Whistleblower was their other choice.  Another beauty.  The number one criteria for Time Magazine cover is to be against Trump or his policies.

Trump survived three years of Mueller investigation while bringing our economy back from the edge of an abyss to the lowest unemployment in fifty years!  Our economy is booming, and we’re the envy of other countries. That’s saying something! That’s cover-worthy!  But these magazines are run by leftists.  Even Forbes Magazine chose Pelosi as the third most powerful women in the world and left Melania off the list.  Please.  Melania should be on the top of the list along with several other conservative senators, congresswomen, mayors, governors, CEOs, and newswomen.  They might as well have put AOC or Lori Loughlin on the top of the list.  It makes about as much sense. They only acknowledge the antagonistic women of the world–the ones doing our country and the world the most damage.  Why not put lying Rachel Maddow on the top?  She lied to her viewers for three years about Trump and still is. Put her on the top of the list and show us your true colors.  Don’t tease with us.  We know where you’re at.

The Democrats are ambushing our congressmen, our president, and our country. They should be the ones impeached. Don’t let the Democrat Senators ambush you in the Senate. They’ve got something up their sleeves, and it ain’t cigarettes. It’s tricks, lies, and lying witnesses. Lying has become second nature to them now as it has worked so well for them before. They can’t be trusted. They’re diabolical. Dismiss all charges before any trial.

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Three Blind Mice: Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler.

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See how they run. See how they run.

The first one resembles Barney Fife.

They refuse to listen to any advice.

Did you ever see such a sham in your life,

As the three blind mice?

Why are Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler blind?  Because they’re blind to our U.S. Constitution. They’re blind to seeing direct evidence. They’re blind to the results of the Mueller and Horowitz Reports. They’re blind to facts.

They’re blind to telling the truth. They’re blind to giving due process. They’re blind to the will of 65 million voters.  They’re blind to the reading of a transcription.  They’re blind to recognizing a joke at a rally.

They’re blind to legal procedures.  They’re blind to testimony of witnesses. They’re blind to the results of the 2016 presidential election. They’re blind to accomplishments of President Trump. And they’re blind to the seriousness of impeaching a president for nothing. And yet these three blind mice are allowed to run a sham on our country.

I listened off and on today to Nadler lie to the American people.  He and Swalwell made up evidence.  Just because they say it over and over does not make it true.  They’re still repeating the old lie that Trump asked Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. He did not!

For the last time: Wikileaks got the Podesta emails from an inside DNC job, and they were made public before Trump joked for Russia to find Hillary’s MISSING deleted emails. Nadler testified that Trump asked Russia to HACK Hillary’s computer and the next day the DNC was hacked.  Total blatant, outright lie spread by the Democrats for the gullibles to believe.

Another lie they’re spreading is, Trump enlisted the help of a foreign country to help him win the 2020 election like he did in 2016. We have to stop him or he’ll keep doing it. I just wish there were lawyers to yell, “I object!  States facts not in evidence.”  If there were, they’d be saying that all day to the Democrats’ testimony. Just about everyone of them lied. They’re desperate, diabolical, and running the biggest con job on the American people I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Three dumb, blind mice. Why are they mice?  Because they’re behaving like rodents. We need to find a big hungry cat.

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All Roads DON’T Lead to Putin…They Lead to Obama.


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Someone has to say it.  The media will never say it–not even FOX News. They nibble around the edges but never say it.  As Democrat President Truman once famously said,

  “The buck stops here” is a phrase that was popularized by Democrat U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. The phrase refers to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions. Wikipedia.

“Come on, man,” as Joe Biden would say. We’re all thinking it.  All this corruption and underhanded behavior by the FBI, CIA, IRS, VA, GS, and other departments had been schemed and overseen by the top–Obama.  We were warned while Obama was running for president that he had radical connections possibly even being influenced as a teenager from a radical Muslim mentor. Then we heard he attended services in a church of the radical Reverend Wright. He also began his quest for the presidency in the home of an unrepentant terrorist which he dismissed as “just a guy in the neighborhood.” I always wondered how many pow wows Obama had with this guy in the neighborhood before he decided to run for president. All of this information was reported to us during the election by FOX News, Hannity, and Rush but was buried by the MSM to the rest of the gullibles.

I immediately became concerned about what Obama was doing to our country and labeled him a “stealth financial terrorist.”  It sounded rather harsh even to me, but our retirement plan reflected what I was feeling.  For eight years under Obama jobs were difficult to find, companies were cutting back, my husband’s business sale fell through due to the crash in the stock market, and our retirement plan was flat–didn’t make any money in eight years.  I’m not exaggerating either.  For a while I wondered why we even had money in stocks and mutual funds.

Obama’s executive orders requiring stiff regulations on companies, high corporate taxes, crazy healthcare plan, climate change criteria, and political correctness was ruining our country and in our plain sight.  Traditional values were going by the wayside too. He was caught in many scandals which he takes no responsibility for, unlike Democrat Harry S. Truman. In fact, he boldly claims now that he had a “scandal free” administration.  Not true.

First there was Fast and Furious where our government sold guns to Mexico in order to trace them and one was used at our border and killed one of our border patrolman. Their goal was to change the gun laws in America, but it backfired on them. No pun intended. Then there was the General Services scandal where they were going on expensive junkets and sipping wine in jetted tubs in luxurious hotels and taking photos.  No telling what other salacious activities they were involved in.  Then there was the IRS singling out conservative nonprofit groups and not giving them protective status or holding up their requests.  Lois Lerner comes to mind that took the fifth in front of congress then was given a pension and let go.

There were many other scandals where the FBI had dropped the ball from the Ft. Hood to Aurora Theatre to San Bernardino to Boston Marathon to Sandy Hook to Orlando Club to Benghazi terror attacks which was their biggest scandal. They all lied, covered up, had the media protecting them including Candy Crowley during a debate with Romney allowing Obama to win a second term.

Then there was the “war on police” that Obama condoned from Ferguson to Trayvon Martin to Boston Police and a few others. This was the birth of the movement called Black Lives Matter which led to the birth of kneeling Kaepernick which was a thorn in America’s side until Trump made some changes.

There were also many financial decisions Obama made that failed during his presidency; for example: the failed Solyndra startup, and his famous line that these jobs weren’t as shovel ready as I thought referring to a tax hike that funded government programs.  We suspect this government money really went to all his donors as payback.  Another scandal. Then the pallets of cash being sent to Iran in the dead of night, the hostages being taken from our Navy ship by Iran, and the horrible deal made with Iran which did not allow us to go check on their nuclear activity in a timely manner.

The fact is Obama’s administration was so filled with scandals it was hard to stay on one before another one popped up. Then the final scandal which he cooked up prior to Trump’s inauguration and held a meeting with Susan Rice who deemed it necessary to write a memo on it.  After all, they used her to lie to America regarding a hateful video that spurred on the Benghazi attack. Obama is, and was, behind the FBI and CIA coup d’etat of Trump.  PERIOD.

All roads lead to Obama. When we can finally admit this, we’ll get to the bottom of this whole mystery from the Russia Hoax to Ukraine Hoax to the current Impeachment Sham. Obama is the puppetmaster and always has been.  But the dirty cops and politicians and some investigators are fearful to say it.  Why?  Either Obama was the most clueless president in U.S. History as to what was going on all around him or he was behind it; I suspect the latter.

Obama is teflon. But as we all know teflon doesn’t last forever, it scratches up and needs to be tossed out.  Obama’s teflon shelf life is about over.  Tick…tock…tick…tock…

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Stay tuned.

Strike One: The Horowitz Report. Durham’s Now Up to Bat.


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Still waiting for one indictment or criminal referral of the Deep State. :/ Hopefully, Durham won’t swing and miss like the Horowitz Report.  What a missed opportunity to tell the truth about the FBI. You disappoint me, Horowitz. You listed all the mistakes the FBI made, then claim they weren’t purposeful or without intent? Not politically motivated?  Are…you…kidding…me?  Just sloppy like when a Democrat stuffed files in his pants and stole them from an office? Or as Comey said, “People make mistakes.”  We expect the best from our “top cops.” The investigators always err on the side of the Democrats. Horowitz went back to his Jewish roots and stuck with the Dems.  The Jews in the news are a disappointment to me lately. I can say this without being called an anti semite as my Jewish husband is disappointed too.

I hope Durham will be able to find the courage to come up with one indictment of someone we’ve heard of before.  Hate to see Comey sticking it to all the deplorables in interviews.  His lying, smug mug makes me physically ill to look at. You spied Comey! It is a moral outrage.

The FBI has dirty cops at the top and were following Obama’s orders!  Why can’t anyone say this?  Why are we playing dumb? Afraid of being called racist?  This is way beyond race.  It’s premeditated corruption at the highest level. It was a coup d’etat.

I’m counting on Durham and A. G. Barr now to hit a grand slam and bring some indictments home.  Swing batta, batta. And don’t miss this time! If they don’t, I swear I will lose faith in all government officials.

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Selling a Handgun For “Hunting” to a Muslim? Are You Kidding Me?



Can’t these gun shop owners see red flags?  Don’t they remember 9-11 was perpetrated by Muslims?  That alone should give a gun shop owner pause.  And why do we have laws that allow a foreigner visiting in our country to purchase any kind of gun, hunting aside?  We are still being too PC.  Do we have “stupid” written on our foreheads? Are we going back to pre-9-11 thinking?  I think so.

The only life this Muslim was hunting was American soldiers.  Why is the FBI, who has so many black eyes right now, sugarcoating this inhumane terror attack?  The military should have done a background check of his social media before and during his stay.  Doing it after is too late.  He hated America and shouldn’t have been allowed onto a military base training with our fine soldiers. We’re going back to the same old “turn a blind eye” problem.  The military should not allow Muslims to train in our country, PERIOD.  It is too reminiscent of when they “trained” to fly planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. Trump will have to make some changes to that program. No noncitizens of America should be allowed to purchase a gun in our country.  PERIOD.

Parents of soldiers should be outraged by this.  Spouses of soldiers should be outraged by this. Code Pink should be outraged by this. I thought they were anti-violence of any kind but maybe not when it comes to terror. When a parent sends his child off to join the military, the last thing they expect is for them to get picked off in a terror attack on base by another soldier in training.

This horrendous attack reminds me of the Ft. Hood terror attack which Obama called “workplace violence.”  Trump would never call it that.  But the FBI is surely covering for yet another one of their mistakes allowing a radical to come into our country with hate in his heart for America.  He was radicalized and was watching videos of mass shootings and no one reported it?  What happened to our mantra “if you see something, say something”? Everyone in attendance of that movie should be kicked out of the military. We’re becoming too PC and too permissive.  It’s almost like the patients are running the asylum.


The current FBI Director, Chris Wray, is still covering for the Deep State at the top of the FBI that colluded to oust Trump. He’s Comey’s buddy.  It’s almost as though he read a different Horowitz report.  Time to fire another FBI Director IMO.  I’d put Ted Cruz in charge of the FBI before this guy.  Back to square one. FISA Court should be abolished as they can’t be trusted.  They have cronies in the Deep State; in fact, I recall Strzok saying he knew the judge or was friends with him.

The Democrats in the House are trying to take credit for Trump’s USMCA trade deal by saying they “rewrote” it and it took this long to get it right.  Please!  We’re not buying it.  This was Trump’s idea and had already gotten Canada and Mexico to sign on. These Democrats in the House are disgusting.  We need to vote them all out. The only reason they are pushing it through, finally, is because they’re looking so bad with the impeachment sham, they want to get some good news on their side so they have to steal it from Trump.

This whole impeachment sham together with watered-down Horowitz report saying the FBI had reason to spy on the Trump campaign and it wasn’t politically motivated is disturbing. It should be disturbing for all Americans that the FBI can spy on a political campaign under the direction of the president and no one yet is held accountable.  And the vague articles of impeachment that the Democrats have scraped together against Trump are ridiculous. Contempt of Congress is not an impeachable act nor is Abuse of Power.  Tell me what president has not abused his power or had contempt of congress? None.  And what happened to Bribery?  It seems they eliminated it to cover for Biden who is really guilty of bribery. Very clever, Nancy.  But we see through you. We will still bring it up if it goes to the Senate for trial.  The remaining two articles are too nebulous and vague permitting future presidents to be impeached for “nothing.”  It’s the Seinfeld Impeachment: Impeachment about “nothing.”


Buzz Phrase of the Hearing: “The President Put Himself Before Country.”

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This phrase must have been chosen and practiced by the members over the weekend as it was repeated ad nauseum by Nadler et al on the judicial committee today.  It seems it’s their new line of impeachment. Something vague, all encompassing, and nebulous to confuse the viewers. But I see through them.  They are intending to be vague because they do not have one witness that presented direct evidence–just presumptions and hearsay. Another buzz word they are all using today is “Scheme.”  Trump’s scheme to enlist the help of a foreign country to assist him in his reelection.  What a stretch that is. This whole thing is a sham!   I wish Lindsey Graham was here to call the lot of them out as it’s very similar to what they tried on Kavanaugh.

Every witness they have put up has been an anti-Trump activist and not been fact witnesses. The only thing missing was their pink knit hats. In fact, there’s a picture of Karlan wearing one at the Women’s March.  So that says it all. This is an orchestrated attack on our president, and they’re trying to cram this impeachment down our throats like cod liver oil.

I feel violated that they would try to overturn an election won fair and square. In fact, Nadler said if the Senate votes not to impeach, they may just remove him from office anyway. What are they going to do send in the Resist Movement and arrest him?  This is getting scary.  They’ve never accepted Trump’s victory and have been trying to set him up every since.  We all know the efforts that they have gone to thus far. No sense repeating them.

How in the world can they accuse Trump of bribery when it was Joe Biden that held back aid to Ukraine and admits it on camera?  Joe is the thug, the gangster, the shakedown artist, the one who put himself and his son before his country.  Trump did none of this. He wanted to look into the 2016 Ukraine interference in our election which is well documented and also wanted to check into corruption during the previous administration which Joe was part of. PERIOD.  This has nothing to do with the 2020 election as no one is above the law, not even a former VP.

There is no direct evidence of any crime being committed like in Bill Clinton’s and Nixon’s impeachment. Lying under oath and destroying evidence is direct evidence of a crime. So is breaking and entering.  Zelinsky says he was not pressured to do anything for Trump. The Democrats are leaving out all the exculpatory evidence during this hearing as it doesn’t fit their narrative.  They only cherry pick negative inference and hearsay evidence presented by biased witnesses. This is a set up from the get go.  The whole hearing is a sham.

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They won’t allow the so-called biased whistleblower to even appear which is outrageous.  Their lawyer today says “the debunked conspiracy theory of Ukraine interfering in our 2016 election.”  Notice how he says “debunked.”  Debunked by whom? Debunked by the mainstream media daily but not by the direct evidence that they won’t allow the Republicans to present or any witnesses either. He’s lying. This whole hearing is a sham.

It’s clear to me that the Democrats are circling the wagons around Biden. I guess he’s their frontrunner, and they have to protect him like they did Hillary.  It’s all very reminiscent of the fixed Comey investigation into Hillary. The fix was in from the start and the fix is in again for Joe Biden.  I can’t believe history is repeating itself and so soon. They know they have a bunch of loser candidates that can’t compete with Trump so they’re trying to cripple Trump before the general election. But what they don’t know is this will only add strength to Trump’s campaign for reelection and encourage more voters to come out in support of him.

These lawyers against Trump are all liars.  They have cherry picked comments taken out of context and presented facts not in evidence like the dude who said he overheard a cell phone conversation. He was even debunked by Sondland. So this is not evidence; it’s presumption. This whole hearing is a sham. The Democrats are watering down the meaning of impeachment.  There has to be a clear crime committed to make it bipartisan.  Both sides know a crime when they see it, but the “president putting himself before country” is too vague and also just their opinion. He put our country before another country. There is also vague references to Article 2 taken out of context when he was referring to firing Comey and more vague references to Trump wanting to be a king.  That’s silly and was started by that idiot Karlan who should be fired from Stanford.

No one has put himself before country or is involved in a scheme other than the Democrats in this sham of a hearing. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Schiff is so ashamed, he can’t show his face.  I guess the Gutfeld Show’s impersonation of him has forced him out of the limelight. “I see guilty people,” Schiff’s impersonator says. Hilarious!


Bloomberg Admits “Trump Will Eat Them Up”…


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Referring to the current candidates and why he entered the race. Then he backpedaled to say, “I’m the only one that can stand up to Trump.”  This admission is coming from a Democrat and is the reason why the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump.  The main reason.  The other nonsense was just a set up to launch the Impeachment Inquiry.  Now they’re trying to change the rules of impeachment to fit their scant evidence.

Lindsey Graham says the impeachment will be dead on arrival in the Senate.  Some are calling it unconstitutional.  Some are calling it based on the least evidence and fastest impeachment in U.S. history and an abuse of power. Some are saying that their meeting tomorrow is just to takeover the news cycle from I. G. Horowitz’s Report.  Another smokescreen. Some say it is not a foregone conclusion that hate-filled Nancy will have the votes. Yes, Nancy, you have hate in your heart.

If the candidate that wins the primary turns out to be Biden, God help him. He’s not up to the challenge.  Trump will eat his lunch and his dinner. Biden will stammer, pace the floor, call Trump names, and behave like an angry teenager after catching his gal in an indiscretion under the bleachers.  Corn pop will be shaking in his tennies, but not Trump.  Trump doesn’t usually lose his cool and threaten anything physical. Trump doesn’t even need the Ukraine story of the Bidens to break. Biden is his own worst enemy, just as Kamala was. “Just let Biden talk” will be Trump’s new campaign slogan.

Once they play the clip of Biden saying, “I love kids sitting on my lap.”  Game over. It sounds creepy and lecherous.  That combined with all his sniffing tapes, blond hairy legs clip, and Hunter’s escapades, his goose will be about cooked.  Who will they throw in at the last minute?  I predict Michelle but Hillary is getting her spanks in a wad these days.


Why Is The Mainstream Media Covering For Hillary Again?

Is she planning another run for the presidency?  Ugh!  America doesn’t want to see her pants suit up on stage again. Can’t we get rid of her like we did Al Gore, John Kerry, and Romney?  Oh, we didn’t quite get rid of them yet.

Hillary goes on a two-hour interview with Howard Stern and not one question about the Zorro Ranch, Weinstein, Epstein, Weiner, and 33,000 deleted emails?  Give me a break.  That was a softball interview and Howard should be ashamed.  But since he’s Jewish, they always lean left. And why are all these Jewish guys giving the Jews a bad name?

There is evidence found in the Zorro Ranch that Hillary and Bill stayed there (and I don’t mean forensic evidence) even though they have denied it. Why can’t someone ask them about it?  What did they do there?  They were friends with a pedophile.  The mainstream media is protecting Hillary and the Bidens right now.  They won’t cover the real story.  They call the story of the Bidens “a FOX conspiracy story.”  BS.  They won’t even mention the Zorro Ranch story.  They are fake news and will always be fake news; and Trump can’t be impeached for telling the truth, scholarly professor from the forties.

“Trump will eat them up.” Second best line of the year.