The Left Does to Elon Like They Did to Trump.

Why? Because billionaire Elon Musk used to be the darling of the left with his space exploration and EV cars but is now realizing that it IS the left that is filled with hate and racism, not the Republicans. So he’s abandoned the Democrat Party which he falsely thought was the party of kindness. Haha. Same thing happened to Trump. He saw what radicalized Obama was doing to our country and had to leave the Democrat Party and run as a Republican to save America, albeit a little bit late to the party.

Both billionaires are self-made and formerly Democrats. When Trump left his party and joined up with the GOP, both parties were reviled. Those on the right thought he was just a plant for the left and would govern as a leftist, not a conservative. But he surprised them and kept all his campaign promises and then some. Those on the left treated him like a traitor and spent four years trying to impeach him as a punishment: first with a phony Russia Collusion hoax, then the manufactured Ukraine quid pro quo, and finally the cherry on the top: the capitol riot.

I see the same thing happening to Elon. Women will be coming out of the woodwork claiming sexual harassment which is part of their playbook. Cue the Balsey Fords and Stormys. Every sexist remark he’s made over the years on camera will be exposed and replayed ad nauseam. Then every innocent remark he’s made regarding the black movement over the years will be amplified and turned into something more than it is. The Democrats will ruin his reputation so badly that Twitter will lose all its members on the left leaving a shell of a company for him to run with freedom of speech for both sides, i.e. they will try to discredit Twitter as a far-rightwing social media.


Biden is committing mutiny by abandoning America during domestic turmoil. He’s like a captain abandoning ship as it sinks. Why he goes to Asia during the height of our energy crisis is very telling. He’s running away from negative news about himself. He cancelled many drilling leases yesterday. He wants an end to fossil fuel altogether. He’d be happy with the return of the horse and buggy. But he is in cahoots with China so what better place to land softly than with his communist allies. (The ones who engineered the China virus and unleashed it on the world.)

And what’s with the media constantly saying Biden is at an all time low approval rating but it is always at 39%? Can’t it at least go to 38%? It’s not an all time low if it never changes. Truth is, it is probably really around 34% approval rating. And who are the 34%? What rock are they living under? Name one thing Biden has done to make America better? The same rock Whoopie lives under it seems.

Recipe For An Excuse:

“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”


One Everlasting Pandemic

Sprinkled with Racism [or guns]

A dollop of Climate Change

[Just read about it in the newspaper]

[A heavy serving of Russia or Greed]

Served with a Slice of Trump

[Dessert: Disinformation and white supremacy]

Bon Appetit!

This has been the ingredients this administration uses for every one of their failures. Sometimes the pandemic without racism, climate, or Trump and sometimes racism without the pandemic, climate, or Trump and sometimes just Trump like they tried for their failure in Afghanistan. Get where I’m going?

Think back to every challenge they’ve had since taking office. Looting’s root cause now is the pandemic combined with suppression of black race. Can’t really blame Trump now, can they? Failure at the border was blamed on Trump and climate change. Kyle Rittenhouse’s shootings were blamed on racism. Darrell Brook’s rampage was actually caused by racism against whites but notice this administration ain’t touching that story. Doesn’t fit their recipe although one news anchor tried to blame it on too many cars. So that would fall under climate change.

Inflation and supply shortages they say is caused by the pandemic. So many people getting back to work after covid that we can’t keep up with their demands. Next Alec Baldwin will be blaming Trump for putting the bullet in his “prop” gun. Don’t be surprised.

See where I’m going with this theory? The Biden Administration has a “playbook.” In it is the Recipe for an Excuse that they refer to whenever they get caught with their pants down. Psaki flipped through her notebook when Doocy asked her, “What is causing all this looting?” He wanted her to admit it was due to radical DAs (financed by Soros) allowing for no ramifications for these thugs when arrested, but she came up with her own doozey: The pandemic together with suppression of blacks. And no follow up by others in the press core?

A light went on when she used that as her excuse as it obviously sounded stupid to average ears. I knew then that they are using the same excuses over and over and interchanging them whenever possible. Remember how they all jumped on the Jussie Smollett story buying it hook, line, and sinker almost made to order by this administration. The fact that Jussie is sticking to his story of being jumped by MAGA-hatted racists defies plausibility.

Their latest: blaming the Trump administration for not getting the supply of vaccines out fast enough is causing covid to spread and mutate. Wow! Without Trump, there’d be no vaccines to get out! Trump expedited the research for the vaccine in record time and should be thanked. But this administration can only blame.

Even today Biden blamed his cough on kissing his grandson. Gee, I thought we were supposed to wear masks around our family especially toddlers with colds!. How can he blame his grandson for his stupidity? Because Biden never takes blame for anything. Not even catching a cold. Must have been the climate.

Biden’s theme song should be “It wasn’t me,” by Shaggy.

UPDATED: 5-19-22 [ ] Brackets around updated.

Nothing has changed much since this was posted except for more excuses added to the Recipe. I guess their original ingredients were wearing thin. They blamed cancelling the “Disinformation Department” on disinformation coming from outside sources. You can’t make this up. Gasoline prices are Putin’s fault. Shortage of baby formula is greedy companies cutting corners on safety of their products. They knew about this since last year but did nothing. Didn’t see it coming apparently until it hit the newspapers. Truth is, Biden sent our baby formula to the borders for incoming migrants. Mass shootings of late are the result of White Supremacy if the shooter is white; if black or Asian, it goes ignored.

Rising inflation is caused by Putin’s war. But truth is, inflation is a direct result of borrowing money, printing money, stopping oil and fossil fuel production and pipelines in our country which gives us a shortage of oil in exchange for advancing the green energy program.

Way to go Biden. Keep blaming others with your piss ass excuses. See how that works this November.

Biden is the Real Poison.

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He’s poisoning America in small doses. Yesterday he claimed white supremacy is a poison and his audience applauded. If white supremacy is a poison, then Biden is a nuclear bomb. We actually don’t see much white supremacy going on. We see more black supremacy being taught in schools and played out in the streets by BLM these days. How Biden and Garland do not see that is beyond.

His speech yesterday was oozing with scorpion venom and divisiveness. He equated white supremacy with Trump voters without even saying it. He let the cat out of the bag though when he said, “they pretend to love America but don’t understand America.” That was his “deplorables” moment. We all love America and understand it more than he and his cronies do. At least we know how to run America without running it into a ditch.

Biden is grasping at straws now as he knows he has gotten us closer to war with Russia, ruined the economy, set back racial relations 50 years, harmed the baby food industry, failed to eradicate covid, and opened our borders to a tsunami of illegals. Everything he has changed since Trump left has backfired in his face.

He has never run a corner store let alone a country and does not have the skills to do either. He has the mental sharpness of a middle school preteen. But white supremacy is the poison on our country? Laughable. The real culprit behind the Buffalo shooting is biased teachers and lenient law enforcement. No telling what his school was indoctrinating the kid with and the police should have already arrested him for school threats. They both dropped the ball.

The left is in campaign mode and will continue this false “racist Republicans” narrative till the cows come home this November. Just get ready for it to spread. They will jump on the Buffalo train like Biden clung to the Charlottesville story. He beat that story like a dead horse. This is all they’ve got aside from stuffing the ballot boxes and rolling in suitcases of forged ballots after hours.

Biden’s white supremacy speech was not only despicable but deplorable.

Mass Shooters Mostly Vote Democrat…

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but most Democrats are not mass shooters. But from what we are hearing in the news lately, you’d think all mass shooters are conservative Republicans or Trump Supporters. This is being falsely spread by liberal news anchors. They are comparing Rittenhouse to a mass shooter in Buffalo who was merely a high school punk, not an actual adult white Supremacist–unless they are teaching white supremacy in school now. But they are teaching the kids to hate down racial lines by making blacks feel oppressed or suppressed and whites feel guilty. This shooter is the pure result of teachers failing our students and the police not following up on school threats. The Promise Program lives on way after Obama it seems or reinstated during Biden’s regime. His parents hold some responsibility for probably talking hate at the kitchen table. Good rule of thumb: Don’t talk politics in front of your children.

Remember the long forgotten mass shooting in Las Vegas where a lone gunman picked off concert goers one by one from a hotel room? Notice how his motive has never been disclosed? The FBI is hiding something. Why is that? Probably because he was a disgruntled Hillary voter. Also remember the mass killer who mowed down parade attendees with his car last Christmas? How quickly that disappeared in the news. Why didn’t Biden go to grieve with the victims’ families like he plans to do today? Because it didn’t fit his narrative that white supremacy is the biggest threat to America as a black Muslim mowed down those white folks. But he equates Buffalo shooter with Charlottesville where he was inspired to run for president against Trump.

Let’s get one thing clear. Not Trump, nor Republicans, are White Supremacists. The KKK were rich Democrats! January 6th was not a gathering of White Supremacists. See how he tries to link Buffalo to Trump? He is sick. Buffalo will be their new Charlottesville which was fake news. Remember when a disgruntled Bernie volunteer shot down the Republican congress baseball game almost killing some and the right never condemned Bernie for inciting violence? We never dragged that story out through the media trying to blame Democrats. All Biden did today was send a dog whistle for more BLM riots in the streets. They are in campaign mode and this is all they know how to do.

What about the black New York subway shooter of late? Notice how the news has quickly buried that story. Why? Because he is another Democrat voter and we don’t go after Democrat voters. What about the mall shooter who shot Gabby Gifford in the face? They blamed that shooting on Sarah Palin for having a bullseye in her campaign ad. Really? What a stretch. The shooter was an obsessed fan of Gabby who was deranged. Remember the autistic shooter who shot up his mother’s school after she bought him a rifle for his birthday? Another Democrat shooter. Remember the Pulse Nightclub shooter who was secretly gay and decided to shoot up a gay club? He was a gay Muslim who was also deranged but somehow the right got blamed for gay hate.

Remember the theater mass shooter in Aurora, Colorado? He picked off movie goers that were trapped in the theater. Another product of a Democrat voter. Haven’t been to a theater since. Let’s not forget the forgotten children in Chicago that get killed every weekend by Black gangs. That is Black on Black crime, i.e. Democrat on Democrat crime, that goes unreported by the media. Why is that?

No one forgets the Columbine shooters which was life imitating art of the movie The Revenge of the Nerds. It was in Colorado though which predominately votes Democrat. There was another one in Southern California whereby a Muslim and his wife shot employees at his company party. It had been planned for weeks. It was a terror attack by radical Islam but downplayed as workplace violence by Obama together with the Mt. Hood military base shooter who killed fellow soldiers. Another Democrat voter. And we’ll never forget the Boston Marathon bombing by Muslim immigrant brothers who targeted spectators along the roadway, influenced by their radicalized aunt. Definitely not Republican voters.

There are many more mass shootings over the years that go forgotten with time, But the truth of the matter is Republican voters aren’t mass shooters. Nor do we plan insurrections! Rittenhouse was acquitted on self defense as he was attacked in the street by a white mob of Democrat voters i.e. Antifa. He went to the Seattle street to protect a family business and got chased down. I don’t condone that he brought a rifle but remember in 2011 when President Obama said, “When they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.” He’s the OG of condoning violence with guns. The left condones more violence with their hateful rhetoric than the right does. Just listen to Maxine Watters, Biden, DeNiro, Depp, Madonna, Kerry, and Schumer. All spewed fighting, violence, bombing, and assassination. But notice none of them get called out for it. Three of them should be behind bars for making a threat against a president or Supreme Court Justice.

Notice the FBI has not taken the case of the leak from the Supreme Court yet. Why is that? Because Biden hasn’t approved it nor does he want the truth to be revealed. We are living in a two-tiered justice system. One for the Democrats and another for the rest of us.

How Does Joe Biden Sleep at Night?

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Aside from all the drugs he must be on for his dementia, how does the worst president in modern history get to sleep? Does his guilty conscience keep him up? Does he toss and turn like a man with mounting troubles or sleep like a baby? He certainly has aged about twenty years in two years, that is obvious; but does he sleep? He’s ruined our country in just two short years but refuses to take any blame.

He has his drones out in droves claiming that Trump’s tax cuts were only for rich corporations and that trickle down economics doesn’t work. It doesn’t need to work because there’s no such thing as “trickle down economics.” That term was made up by the left. When companies profit so do their employees with raises, more hiring, expansions, bonuses, and better benefits. That’s not trickling down; that’s direct prosperity.

In Biden’s economy, companies are forced to lay off, hold back benefits, freeze raises, or close up shop. In Biden’s economy, one person is doing the work of two or three. In Biden’s economy, many have left the workplace altogether and will not be returning. They don’t show up on the unemployment rolls as they are just not looking–maybe even being supported by their parents. In Biden’s economy, we all see the difference in the understaffed service industry. It is the worst in my lifetime. No one can get an order correct as they are not trained or lack experience. Their favorite excuse starts with “due to the pandemic” or “due to the supply chain” yadda yadda yadda.

And what’s with the crazy drivers on the freeways these days? Some are speeding and driving recklessly and there’s no highway patrol to be seen. The police take their lives in their hands every time they pull over one of these nuts. So with that in mind, these drivers feel free to break many laws and get away with it. We have to take our lives in our hands driving among these crazies. Another result of Biden’s lawless and disorder.

I guess his wise dad and gran-pappy never told him the old adage: “spare the rod, spoil the child.” (Notice he never gives his mother or grandmother credit for cautionary sayings. Proves he has mother or women issues.) With no punishments these criminals keep breaking the law. It’s a no brainer. He’d rather repeat “a job is more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity” which his dad always said or some other nonsense. But the youth of today want to stay home and work from Zoom rather than commute. How is that dignified? Ask Apple. Fire their lazy a**es.

But I digress. Biden is a conscienceless, soulless fraud that doesn’t care a twit about how our country is getting close to war, not feeding our babies, invaded at the border, spreading covid, divided by race, and going broke. He doesn’t care. MABA- Make America Broke Again should be his campaign slogan. He has a scorched-earth mentality as he knows he’s dying. He wants to take the country down with him. He wants to punish anyone who voted against him or spoke out against him. He’s a totalitarian, egomaniac, something they used to call Trump. Now look who’s ego is out of control. Look out Hannity, Doocy, Tucker, Watters, Kilmeade, Bongino, Levin, Bartiromo, Ingraham, Gutfeld, and Newsmax. He’s on a vengeful mission.

Does he sleep at night? I bet he does. The guilty sleep fine at night as they are sociopaths with no conscience. It’s the rest of us tossing and turning from the blight and uncertainty he has thrust upon us.


Be careful, covid is spiking in Los Angeles. There’s a new strain going around since everyone has let down their guard. It spread over Mother’s Day and Coachella. Stay away from close talkers or any Democrats.

Senator Rick Scott Sends Scorching Message to Biden.

“Resign. That’s a good idea.,” says Joe caught flatfooted by a unanticipated dressing down.

Notice how Biden’s smile gets bigger and bigger as the insults mount. This isn’t a normal reaction to a dressing down. He should be frowning. If someone called me unfit for office, unwell, incoherent, incapacitated, and confused, I think I’d have a different reaction. But the truth of the matter is, Scott is correct in what he said. Biden is the creator of inflation and should resign! PERIOD. He’s a human wrecking ball to this country. But Biden’s smile also reveals that no one can touch him as they don’t want his VP as a replacement. So his continued presidency is insured by Kamala.

Biden had no comeback other than to say, I think the man has a problem. He also uttered earlier that Rick Scott was a senator in Wisconsin. He got his states mixed up. He said, “The Republicans have an Ultra MAGA plan to combat inflation.” Ridiculous as the Democrats control the House, Senate, and the DOJ whose AG is just a puppet for Biden. Notice Biden is playing up the word MAGA. I guess his handlers told him that word “gets the biggest reaction from his base.” Plus he’s jealous of Trump.

Biden’s campaign should come up with a blue baseball cap reading MALA for “Make America Last Again” or “Make America Lose Again” or better yet, MABA for “Make America Broke Again” as this where we’re heading. Our stock market has had the longest continual downfall in 21 years. We’ve lost all our profits earned in 2021. I’m sure his campaign could come up with a hat like Trump’s. Or just MAW for Make America Woke” or MAS for “Make America Socialist.” It’s no secret any longer so they might as well run on it.

Biden is the “Blame President” as he blames everyone but himself for the problems in our country, but I suspect the Independents are starting to see through him. He can’t blame Putin for a supply shortage of baby formula. If we are relying on Russia to feed our babies, then we have bigger problems than we know. But surprisingly there are truckloads of baby formula sitting at the border reserved for migrants crossing illegally. Why does Biden care more about foreigners than he does our citizens? Could it be he is unfit for office, unwell, incoherent, incapacitated, and confused? If so, invoke the 25th Amendment already. We’ll deal with Kammie when the time comes.

I blame Jill for keeping her incoherent husband in office. She is a terrible wife, a terrible mother who raised drug addicts, probably a terrible professor, and a terrible First Lady. The only thing she is good at is “status climbing” like Kammie. They slept their way to advance their careers or status.

Message to Pro-Choicers Outside SCOTUS Homes.

Pro-choice socialists

My body, my choice?” Really? Where were you when we wanted freedom to not wear a mask on OUR faces or to refuse the covid vaccination in OUR bodies? You were nowhere to be found. You are looking like the biggest hypocrites in U.S. History right now. You claim to be for women’s health yet you are terrorizing the homes that have wives inside along with children. You really don’t give a hoot about women’s health or women. You only care about maintaining control of the House and Senate which is quickly slipping through your fingers because the president you voted (cheated) for is a buffoon who’s ruining the country and turning us Socialist. You are mispresenting yourselves. You’re nothing but climate change activists working for Biden.

From the looks of the crowd, it contains scruffy old men like Bernie, Antifa, BLM, a few college- age feminists, and some old ones too like AOC. Basically rioters 2019-2.0. The left was looking for a new reason to protest, thus the premature leak of the SCOTUS ruling on Roe. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Wonder if your mother had chosen to abort you? You wouldn’t have been born or able to wear pink knit caps or have the right to protest. You’d be nothing more than abortion clinic waste, thrown out with the trash. Think about it. It is against the law to protest in front of a court or judge’s home. You should all be arrested, but Biden doesn’t want you arrested. He’d rather keep peaceful Capitol demonstrators behind bars indefinitely. Biden is a ruthless dictator out for revenge against Trump voters. This is all another well-planned ahead coup.

Biden is behind these drones attacking the judge’s homes. He is so worried about losing his current position that he has the idiots out in droves helping him. It is also being done to take the news narrative off of inflation which is rising faster than the stock market is falling. Everything Biden touches turns to shit. He is now known as the worst president in U.S. History. We are in a de facto war with Russia as we are spending billions in weapons for Ukraine. He is getting us close to World War III, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have sent soldiers over there as Biden is not transparent. The more we are distracted with the likes of these protestors, the more the FBI and CIA are likely to not foresee a future attack on our soil. Be careful to not distract them from their real jobs.

I’m actually pro-choice under certain circumstances like if the pregnancy would endanger the life of the mother. A baby causing a death to its mother would be a tragedy worth avoiding. But with Roe not being the law of the land does not change a thing. One may still seek out an abortion even take a morning-after pill. It won’t be against the law or hurt women’s healthcare. That’s just nonsense spread by the leftists. They’ll still be able to seek birth control methods, etc. And to the idiots on tv who say we are coming for the gays next, that’s just their next scare tactic to get all the gays to vote Democrat even though they are losing their asses under Biden.

Stay away from SCOTUS homes. They were selectively chosen to be on the highest court of the land and do not deserve to be treated like this. They deserve better. Protest the White House as that’s where your anger should be focused.

Report Card on Biden’s Promises.

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Promises made by Biden, in no particular order:

  1. Bring back dignity and decency: F
  2. Eradicate covid: D
  3. Unite Americans in both Red and Blue States: F
  4. End to fossil fuel, drilling, pipelines, and coal: A+
  5. End to chaos and lower the temperature in the streets: F
  6. Restore honesty and transparency in government: F
  7. Foreign affairs expertise: F
  8. Work across the aisle: F
  9. Bring country back to normalcy: F
  10. Restore the economy to pre-covid: D
  11. Stop the wall and open up borders: A+
  12. No one making less than $400,000 will see increased taxes: F
  13. Lower the deficit: F
  14. Promote transgender and LBGTQ rights: A+
  15. End to racial discord: F
  16. Keep America safe by screening illegals entering: F
  17. Hunter’s laptop was Russia disinformation: F
  18. Promote EV, windmills, and solar: A
  19. Promote interracial and gay couples in advertising: A
  20. Nominate Black Woman for Supreme Court: A
  21. Inflation will only be temporary: F
  22. Get Americans and allies out of Afghanistan before the troops: F
  23. Migrants will only be here temporarily: F
  24. No Critical Race Theory will be taught in schools: F
  25. Fire anyone in his staff who insults another person: F

Totals: 17 F’s, 2 D’s, and 6 A’s. Meaning that he hasn’t honored 76% of his promises which translates to: Promises Made, Promises Broken = Final Grade 24%.

Notice how most of the promises he kept benefit rights for illegals, Blacks, and LBGTQ? What about white folks? What about seniors? What are we, chopped liver?

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It DOESN’T Take a Village, Teachers, or Government to Raise our Children!

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Unless you’re a Socialist. It takes good parenting to raise children, preferably by two parents and preferably a male and a female. But single moms or dads or gay couples or grandparents can do it too without interference from the schools, a village, or the government. When Hillary famously said, “It takes a village” that was her way of saying that she didn’t raise Chelsea but that a boarding school did. It relieved her guilt. This is why Chelsea is so na├»ve to what her father and mother were accused of. She’s about as dumb as Joy Behar from The View or AOC of the House.

But for Biden to say “We don’t own our kids, the school does” what a weirdo. I guess it makes him feel better around these small kids if he thinks the school owns them. Forget the parents. They’re nothing. Also shows he’s pissed at parents for not agreeing with the CRT and sexual education that schools are forcing down our kids’ throats.

Biden has offended a lot of groups these days:

  1. 75 Million Trump Voters (We’re not in a cult nor do we all own MAGA hats)
  2. Parents
  3. Supreme Court
  4. Republicans
  5. Police
  6. Pro-Lifers
  7. Russians
  8. Climate Change Deniers
  9. Oil and Meat companies
  10. Truckers
  11. Billionaires
  12. Unvaccinated
  13. the Doocys
  14. the DeSantis’s
  15. the Abbotts
  16. Border Agents
  17. Anti-maskers
  18. Conservative judges
  19. FOX and Newsmax reporters
  20. Commuters
  21. the Hannitys
  22. the Carlsons
  23. Election results deniers
  24. January 6th prisoners
  25. and the Elusive white supremacists, wherever they are.

That’s a lot of peeps he’s offended. It’s half of America, at least. He better be careful about adding anymore to this list. He was supposed to be a Uniter not a Divider, but all he’s done is divide us by color, race, gender, religion, political party, and economic status.

He called Trump voters the “MAGA group, most extreme political group in history” which can be translated “one of the most popular candidates in history with a huge following that probably won the last election if not for widespread voter fraud.” He wishes he had Trump’s following.


Why is it okay for Kamala to give a speech shouting “we will fight for women’s healthcare!” but not be called out for inciting violence which occurred in L.A.? They accused Trump for inciting violence for saying “march to the Capitol to peacefully and patriotically have your voices heard.” The pass given to Democrats is outrageous. Now these anarchists are marching to the Supreme Court Justices’ private residences. Incomprehensible that these lifetime judges have to be threatened in their own homes!

If all this was happening under Trump, the protestors would be arrested on the spot and kept in jail indefinitely. They’d call it an insurrection and threat to democracy. They’d call it attempting a coup to overturn a verdict given by the SCOTUS. But just wait and see, these clowns will be violent and allowed to stay to intimidate the justices–the “means justifying the end.”

This is the world Biden has given us: Mob rule and intimidation. Back to normalcy? I think not, unless normalcy for him are streets afire like in 2019 and 2020 leading up to the stolen election. History repeating itself much, Biden?

What’s next, mass mail-in ballots being sent out and drop boxes provided by Zuckerberg et al? The GOP better get ahead of what’s coming down the pike from the left; as so far, it looks like we’re going to be caught with our pants down again this November. Fool us once…