The Left Thinks Everything is Racist or Anti-Semitic. It’s NOT!

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Thank you Trump for exposing the elephant in the room which most people are afraid to say about the Jewish people.  Just because one wonders why the Jewish folks vote Democrat is not anti-semitic. We all wonder why!  It’s a mystery.

I have Jewish relatives and there’s no way they’d ever vote Republican.  They’ve been raised or taught in college that Republicans only care about money and ignore the poor.  My brother-in-law votes Democrat no matter who’s running.  He’d vote for Anthony Weiner over Trump if he was running.  Not kidding.

When asked why, he says because Democrats give us a safety net.  To him a safety net is government welfare, unemployment checks, and other policies that his family (I won’t even go there) takes advantage of which are unethical, if not illegal. The government allows these loopholes to remain for those who don’t want to work or are looking for ways to gain the system.  Much like Elizabeth Warner did to get into the university of her choice.

But for the rest of the successful, hard-working Jewish citizens like my husband, they need to hear which party is looking out for Israel.  The Democrat Party is not.  The Democrats in power have shown support for Omar, AOC, and Rashida and they’re anti-semitic. I agree the Jewish are either uninformed or disloyal to Israel but will add one other choice. They are informed but turn a blind eye (willfully ignorant) due to their hate for Republicans which they were raised to hate. Sort of like a wife that turns a blind eye on her cheating husband for the love of family. Love and hate are strong motivators.

Hate is a strong drug. Almost like heroin.  Once you are hooked on it, it’s hard to get off. Trump could not have pointed this out any better.  Someone had to say it.  It’s the elephant in the room around family get togethers.  Thank you Trump now we don’t have to say it. But needless to say, the press, Democrats, and some Jewish will say it was anti-semitic.  Bull!  Sometimes the truth hurts.

Look at the FOX News Jewish guests they bring on like Geraldo or Alan Dershowitz.  They all still admit they voted for Hillary!  WHY in the world would a good lawyer vote for a corrupt candidate?  Why would they want to look ignorant on national television?  Because their hate for Republicans outweighs them looking ignorant. It baffles the normal thinking mind. Usually they’ll say, “Well, I’m Democrat and I always vote Democrat. I voted for Hillary.” And I cringe when they say it.

I asked my brother-in-law if he approved of Trump moving the U.S. Embassy into Jerusalem.  He pooh poohed it and said under his breath, “He upset the Palestines.” It sounded like he cared more about the Palestinians than Israel.  This is how they think.  They’ll never give Trump or any Republican credit for anything good they do.  It’s a lost cause.  And he doesn’t like Benjamin N. because he’s conservative.  Just like Obama doesn’t.

Nothing Trump says or does is racist or anti-semitic.  Sometimes telling the truth though may sound foreign to the press or to Democrats. That’s understandable, as they lie for a living.  The truth is not anti-semitic or racist. It’s just the truth. And sometimes the truth is the elephant in the room that no one wants to address.  Except for Trump.

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Save Your Crocodile Tears, Rashida…

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For your pillow.  You’re fake. You’re grandstanding on camera to spew lies about Israel and Trump.  We don’t buy it.  Where do we find these women and how do they get into Congress?  Deb Haaland of New Mexico is the latest of beauties who says Antifa is a peaceful movement safeguarding their cities against domestic terrorism.  She’s a moron.  There’s nothing peaceful about chasing down and attacking conservatives in the street.  There’s nothing peaceful about giving someone brain damage. There’s nothing peaceful about calling a line of police parasites and asking them to commit suicide by shooting themselves. This is despicable behavior by Antifa, whoever they are hiding behind the masks.  I swear they are paid by Soros and other leaders in the Democrat Party to be disruptive and anti-American. They’re an embarrassment to our country.

The more disruptive, the more they get paid.  They are middle-class, white, spoiled losers. Their liberal degrees didn’t get them a normal job, so they go to work for Soros.  Another example of poor upbringing.  But this poor excuse for a congresswoman who calls conservatives domestic terrorists needs her eyes and hearing checked.  These congresswomen show up on CNN spewing their ignorance, and the fake news just eats it up.

Then the knucklehead from the Squad holding an emotional press conference about things that may or may not have happened to her family in the past was a pitiful display of feigned self pity.  We don’t care. Every person has a story from their past.  We care about what she’s doing to our country today.  She’s a disgrace to our country with her foul language and anti semitic comments and shouldn’t be representing anyone, let alone a state.  She needs to resign, go home, and cry in her pillow.  Her crocodile tears aren’t welcome on television.

Five activist congresswomen now making the airwaves. We need to not say their names or give them anymore airtime.  They’re a waste of humanity.  The police need to arrest Antifa and keep them behind bars. They are violent, and there’s no place for them in our society. They carry weapons, and they use them. And the MSM doesn’t film their violent acts, just the peaceful ones. And the police turn a blind eye.

Two years ago we had to worry about our stagnant economy and a potential terror attack from ISIS. Now we have to worry about the homeless, filthy streets, sanctuary cities, invasion of borders, Antifa, and activist congresswomen and in the middle of our best economic recovery. How could this happen? What a difference Democrat Governors (Newsom) Mayors (de Blasio), and Congresswomen (Tlaib) have made–for the worse.

Vote them out!

Candidates Are Running on the Three R’s.

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And it’s not reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic but Racist, Russia, and Recession!  These Three R words will be repeated ad nauseam until the election.  Recession is becoming the media’s and candidates’ new buzz word.

The Democrats are actually hoping for a recession like Bill Maher suggested, so they can kick out the current resident of the White House.  What kind of candidates would root against our country’s great economic recovery?  “It’s the economy stupid” is real, and they know it.

They actually care more about getting back in power than maintaining a good economy. They think our president is illegitimate since he colluded with Russia (ha ha), so they’ll do anything to take him out.  So when you hear on the news or in the checkout line at the market that we’re heading for a recession, just ignore it.  They want to spread this ugly rumor around so people will panic, sell their stocks, and cause havoc to effect our election.

Six months ago my realtor told me we’re heading for a recession. (Still looking for it.)

I quickly retorted, “No we’re not. We have the lowest unemployment in fifty years.  Where do you hear this crap?”

“From other realtors.”

It’s wishful thinking by Democrats. If the economy tanks, Trump looks bad. They’re listening to fake news and spreading it around to their circle of friends and colleagues so real estate will go down, making Trump’s economy look bad.  So we’ve already debunked Russia collusion and we all know Trump’s not a racist so now we have to quash the recession rumor.  It’s like we’re constantly playing defense against false accusations on Trump.  It’s exhausting.

Message to Trump: Just keep working on our country and ignore The Squad.  They aren’t worthy of your attention. No matter what they say or do, ignore them.  Whenever you tweet something negative about them, you get called a racist and their stock goes up.  They aren’t running for office. Just don’t give them any more attention.  They’re not smart, and we shouldn’t even know their names.  They’re newbies.  But continue to go after the candidates and finish the tariffs, immigration, and healthcare.  Also keep a check on North Korea and Iran.

Obama tells Biden he doesn’t have to run?  “Come on man, you don’t need to do this.” Really?  Oh my, I wonder why? Because he’s already planned to slip his wife in at the last minute and doesn’t want her running against his VP? Don’t be surprised.  Obama’s got something up his sleeve besides his pack of cigarettes.  He wants the cover of being in the White House so they can’t be indicted for their part in the coup d’etat on Trump.  Very devious, Obama.

The candidates need to find something to run on besides the Three R’s.  Why not try running on your Green New Deal? Talk about arithmetic, maybe they should bone up on some math.   Basically, they’ve got nothing to run on aside from lying about Trump.  If the economy is good, take it down is how they roll.

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NIMBY Richard Gere Didn’t See This Coming.

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Liberal leaning (much like this tower) Richard Gere is shamed by Interior Minister of Italy.

Liberal Hollywood star Richard Gere travelled to Italy on the weekend and held a press conference where he demanded the Italian government stop “demonizing” refugees and instead accept hundreds of migrants who have been stranded on a boat in the Mediterranean for more than a week — but Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had a powerful response to the liberal grandstanding.

Yahoo report: Gere compared the political situation in Italy, where League leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has repeatedly refused requests by migrant ships to dock, to that of the U.S. administration of Donald Trump.

U.S. actor Richard Gere holds a news conference in support of an NGO ship “Open Arms”, which carries stranded migrants, in Lampedusa.

“This has to stop everywhere on this planet now. And it will stop if we say stop,” he said, adding that he only wanted to help people and not get into a political fight.

Salvini, who this week pushed through parliament tougher sanctions on charity ships that seek to bring migrants rescued at sea to Italy, was quick to reply.

Given this generous millionaire is voicing concern for the fate of the Open Arms migrants, we thank him: he can take back to Hollywood, on his private plane, all the people aboard and support them in his villas. Thank you Richard!” he said in a statement.


Bravo Interior Minister of Italy.  Way to tell Gere off.  For him to fly to Italy on his private jet and tell them how to run their country is the height of arrogance.  This act by Richard Gere is an example of how actors feel about themselves–delusions of grandeur. “It will stop if WE say stop,” says it all.

Hollywood figures if they’ve filmed a movie there, they have a say in what goes on in your country. Great idea to have him bring the stranded refugees back to his estate if he’s so worried about them.  He’s a typical NIMBY so that ain’t gonna happen. They love spending other people’s money and ruining other people’s cities, even Italy’s. As long as they’re safely behind their gated properties, they could care less about people beyond their own walls. (Pelosi).

But let’s get real.  He’s only there to put our immigration problem in the international spotlight as if it needs to be any more. He hates Trump and thought he could get Italy to agree with him, yet it seems Italy is siding with U.S. immigration laws not Gere’s left-wing agenda. I guess Gere is a Beto supporter.

Why do actors think their political opinions should be voiced?  I always wonder that.  Just because they have celebrity and the press following them, doesn’t make them smarter (Gere, DeNiro, Depp, Streep, Madonna, Judd, Midler, Baldwin, and others). But they think they can give their opinions to their fans and influence our elections.  I wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves so I can watch one of their old movies without cringing.  Emphasis on “old” movies.  Nothing they’ve done recently is worth recording.

Another attempt to embarrass Trump overseas with a comparison to our borders, but failed. Apparently other countries feel as Trump does, immigrants need to come to countries LEGALLY not invade their borders.

Shut your mouth, Gere, and act!  Love America or Leave it (but go LEGALLY.)

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“Tell Me Lies…Tell Me Sweet Little Lies…”

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Biden’s gaffes are sounding more like lies. But he learned from the best.  For Biden to mistakenly think he was in the White House in 2018 after the Parkland Shooting is not a gaffe or a senior moment.  It’s a lie.  Almost Brian Williamsesque.  He strategically tried to place himself as Vice President in the White House as consoler to the survivors of the Parkland Shooting. He even elaborated that “they came to see me then went to the halls of congress and you guys covered it. The congressmen hid from their questions.” He could probably recall what they were wearing that day if push came to shove. It was no gaffe.  It was a calculated and crafty attempt to try to sound current and sympathetic to the victims of the recent mass shooters, but failed miserably.  But his boss used to pull off so many of these lies effortlessly, it’s SOP–Standard Operating Procedure for them.

Obama’s “you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan, your premiums will go down 2400 a year” and  “the first I heard about this IRS scandal was in the newspaper” anda hateful video incited the attack on Benghazi” were all lies.

When asked about the IRS scandal by Bill O’Reilly on national television:

OBAMA: “Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgeon of corruption.”

Since leaving office the lies continue. Obama is taking credit for the great economy even though he said you’d “need a magic wand to bring back jobs.”  I guess Trump got a magic wand.   He said that “his administration was not involved in one scandal while he was president.”  More lies.  The only reason he gets away with lying is that the fake news media didn’t report on his scandals. Just FOX News. But they figure if they say these lies often enough, the clueless will believe them.  Like the Charlottesville lie heard ’round the world or the Mexican rapists lie repeated daily by the desperate candidates. Lies, lies, and more lies, is all they’ve got.

Remember Hillary’s big lie that she dodged sniper fire getting off a helicopter when she was First Lady.  Then she said she was tired and misspoke.  Biden will be saying he misspoke.  They are infamous for misspeaking and the press letting them off the hook. Or Hillary’s other big lie that her 33,000 missing emails were about yoga and her daughter’s wedding.  We know better now, don’t we?  They’ll lie to suit their purpose.

The big lie told this week by all the candidates is that Trump is a white supremacist or nationalist. They figure if they collectively say it, the stupid public will believe them. Ask people on the street and the first thing they say is, “Trump’s a racist.”  This will soon be a bumper sticker for the candidates. Even today the candidates are lying that the Ferguson shooting was murder by cop.  They lie to support their belief that cops are racist over the facts of a case.

The smarter people, known as deplorables, know that Trump’s not a racist.  He’s an equal-opportunity insulter.  Doesn’t give a hoot what color, gender, or race you are.  It’s just him speaking in retaliation for something the recipient of his insult said about him.  Tit for tat.

Tit for tat is underrated.  Bush never did it and look what happened to him.  He never stood up to all the incoming lies about him. “Bush lied, people died” was their favorite lie about Bush.  But he never defended himself like Trump does.  He was like a bullied kid on the playground. Just took it on the chin.

The Republicans have been too nice and now they’re paying the price for it.  Can you imagine if someone said over a mic in a public place, “I often think about blowing up the White House” while Obama was president?  That person would have been bum rushed off stage, cuffed, and shackled, but they did nothing when said about Trump’s White House.  We’ve been too nice. We always give these loons the benefit of the doubt.

The press says, “Oh, poor Biden is having a senior moment.  It’s just Biden.”  He’s allowed to make inaccurate, racist, and sexist comments constantly, and the press gives him a pass.  It’s nauseating.  Yet they will spin all Trump’s nonsexist, nonracist, and accurate comments into something homophobic, white supremacist, xenophobic, and sexist. We’ve heard enough. Enough is enough. Today they’re trying to link Epstein’s death onto Trump.  They’ll never stop.  They have no scruples.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…but we won’t believe them. Don’t be surprised at who’s waiting in the wings after Biden and Pocahontas implode–Michelle Obama.  And she lies too, just like her hubby. Two peas in a pod.

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Epstein’s Death: Suicide or Something More Sinister.

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I always thought that Epstein had a target on his back.  Dead man sitting.  All it takes is one dishonest guard and $1M to off Epstein. This has shades of DNC employee, Seth Rich’s sudden hit job or Jack Ruby’s death.  Epstein had a list of names of prominent men who went to Lolita Island with him.  Epstein was witness to what went on at this island. Maybe the list was in his head. Who knows now?  Seth Rich had knowledge to who hacked the DNC computers. Who knows now? Only Jack Ruby knew why he shot Oswald or who put him up to it. Who knows now?

Obviously Epstein didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail, but was a coward and probably couldn’t pull off suicide.  Someone got to him. When you know people in power, they will threaten to keep you quiet.  This guy was dead on arrival in jail. IMO.

Either he was jailed in the most incompetent, corrupt jail or there was a conspiracy to take him out or stage his death. He knew too much and too many people.  Too many lives would be ruined if the truth came out. With him dead, there will be no trial. Without a trial, the inculpatory evidence is just evidence not presented in a court of law. It will stay a “he said, she said” without a witness to corroborate either of them.  It will remain a flurry of rumors.

Let’s hope this investigation doesn’t get quashed like all the other suspicious murders connected to politicians.  Let’s hope someone in high authority doesn’t tell the police to “Stand down” like they did in Seth Rich’s murder. Conspiracy theories will be running rampant now, but for good reason.  We’ve just unfolded the biggest conspiracy in America’s history, the attempted taking out of a duly elected president by the FBI, CIA, and a former administration.  Nothing else can shock us.

What shocks me the most is that not one of FBI or CIA members involved in the attempted coup d’etat stood up and said, “This isn’t right.  I won’t be involved. This isn’t who we are.  This is illegal.  This is against our constitution.” But they didn’t, and that is disconcerting that so many could be complicit in a crime without any conscience. If the government could pull something like this off, what’s stopping them from staging Epstein’s death?  Did he really die or was it a photo op to look like he died?  Some say it was a mask made to look like him on the stretcher. Wonder if he got shipped off on a private plane out of the country? Wonder if prison officials are involved in a staged death?  Awfully coincidental that it happened the day after names of prominent men were released. If so, the swamp is deeper than we thought.

Conscience seems to be a thing of the past, at least for government and politicians.  Whoever, if ever, is involved in this latest murder, has no conscience either.  And if it really was a suicide, I say good riddance.  To his victims, I say, “Sorry he wasn’t brought to trial but we know he was guilty of at least sex with a minor.” We just don’t know who else is.  Who knows now? Another mystery for the history books, a great novel, and the makings of a blockbuster thriller.

Regardless of how he died, there are prominent men breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning. “Phew!” can be heard all around D.C. and NYC. IMO.

Movie “The Hunt” Tells Us How Hollywood Really Feels–Target Conservatives.

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They hate conservatives and want to eliminate them.  What happens in this movie would be considered a hate crime if it were true. Hollywood can call this movie a satire but it shows how they really feel about conservatives. They have so much pent up anger for us like De Niro, Madonna, Depp, and Spielberg that they’re getting their kicks out of making a sick movie in which rich liberal elites are hunting down “deplorables.”

The left is supposed to be the party against guns, for peace, and for tolerance yet they continue to show us the complete opposite.  Imagine a conservative like Clint Eastwood producing a movie in which folks from Red States embarked on a mission to hunt down liberals and minorities for thrill shooting. I don’t think the script would get past the producers or investors desk. It would be thrown in the round file for being racist. Although a Black produced the movie Get Out which depicted Whites stealing Blacks for their bodies and putting their brains in them.  Totally racist movie but when a Black produces it, it’s okay. Blacks are allowed to be racist.

So why isn’t this move, “The Hunt,” called discriminating against White conservatives which is reverse racism. They’re hunting down Whites even though there are plenty of Black conservatives (but Hollywood won’t depict that.)  This movie should never be released as it could inspire some sickos out there to do just this–hunt down conservatives for thrill.

We already had the sicko that hunted down the GOP baseball players.  That was outrageous enough, but the GOP sort of downplayed it so as not to embarrass the Democrats.  And this is the result.  I swear whenever we let them off the hook, they come back and bite us in the a-s.  We can’t let them get away with this sh-t any longer.  They blame every shooting on the GOP or Trump; yet when it’s a clear ANTIFA guy in Daytona, they bury the story.

I’m sure only liberals will attend The Hunt and will cheer whenever a deplorable gets shot.  But they’re the villians in this movie and they won’t care.  They have crossed a sick line that allows them to be the villains for the betterment of society, culture, and climate change in their mind.  This is the only way this movie could have been conceived, let alone filmed. But this is how they think, and they’ve shown their true colors.

This movie could inspire violence against conservatives like they’re doing to Mitch McConnell right now.  They are threatening his life outside his home, and the police don’t arrest anyone.  And when McConnell puts the video on Twitter, the liberal Twitter bans HIM.  Wow!  Discrimination against conservatives.  Could you imagine a group of Tea Partiers protesting outside Obama’s home and Twitter banning Obama’s video of the protest?  I don’t think so. We’re allowing social media, the police, IRS, and Hollywood to partake in reverse discrimination without it being called out.

This movie is so sick I wonder if Hillary’s behind it.  Did she finance it?  Is this her first attempt at movie producing?  I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a silent investor.

If liberals can boycott companies that donate to Trump campaign and protest outside Mitch McConnell’s house, then conservatives can ban their hypocritical movies. The double standard and hypocrisy of the left is on full display these days.

#Banthehunt #liberalhypocrites #Reversediscrimination