Stifling Conservative Speak.

Human reactions to muzzles | The Muzzle Up! Project

We’ve all been witnesses for the past five years or so to an increasing attempt to muzzle conservative speak. Now that Biden is running the show (so to speak), it has gotten even worse. First they started banning conservatives off of Twitter like President Trump. Facebook does the same in the name of stopping “disinformation.” We all remember how they banned any posts regarding the shady dealings of Hunter Biden with the “big guy” before the last election. Google also buries any negative searches on a Democrat (Benghazi) but places false stories about conservatives front and center i.e. Russia Collusion hoax, fake dossier, January 6th set up.

We also remember how they have crucified anyone who spoke of the 2020 election fraud, labeling it “The Big Lie”. We all know how they have ridiculed FOX News for twenty years, labeling them “Faux News.” Well… Trump labeled main stream media Fake News and that stuck. But this brings me to the reason for writing on this subject.

I heard that a cast member of Housewives of Salt Lake City got kicked off the show when the producers became aware of her political views. This housewife was giving her conservative view of the border calamity and other failures by this administration much like any conservative does, but the producers decided it was not a reflection of the way Bravo thinks so she had to be let go. They even presumptuously apologized to the viewers for choosing her. Whoa. Who gave Bravo the mantle of knowing what’s best for the viewers? Makes me sick.

This has gone too far. We don’t care what these housewives’ political views are; in fact, we assume they are all dingy libs by their shallow values. But to kick one off the show for actually having a brain with common sense thoughts that we all are thinking is beyond the pale. But this is what we have come to.

The progressive left is running the show and trying to control our thoughts and our speak now. If we think, write, or say something they don’t like, we are cancelled and given a metaphorical scarlet letter of shame. This is not the America I know. This sounds more like communism which we all learned about in school. At least, it used to be taught. Now it may be revered.

Rand Paul has been vilified for disagreeing with Dr. Fauci. Rand Paul makes more sense than Fauci and has evidence to back his position, but that is overlooked because Paul is a Republican. That alone, means he cannot be believed under this administration’s rule. They treat us like juvenile delinquents that cannot be heard from. I think if they had their way they’d lock us all up in concentration camps renamed “conservative camps.”

Now we find that this administration, that promised to be transparent, has been surreptitiously flying unvaccinated, untested illegals in the dead of night to cities across America. They are hiding them so they can boost the voter polls with millions of illegal voters in the next election. Thus why they are not requiring Voter ID to be part of their phony new “Right to Cheat” bill. Without Voter ID, anyone can vote and can vote numerous times. We cannot allow this to happen. But this is their plan. Also thus why they have no intention of closing our borders or building the wall and enforcing immigration laws. It’s all intentional.

This progressive left party that has taken over the Democrat Party is the most devious, sneaky, lawless group of louses I’ve ever seen. And the ones who support them like Whoopie and other celebrities need their heads examined. At least we have Bill Maher speaking his mind and the left has not cancelled him yet. Why is that? Because secretly some in the left are feeling and seeing what we all are witnessing and are happy to have Bill Maher speak on their behalf, as they are a bunch of compliant sheep. Can Bill Maher save America from the progressive takeover?

If anyone watches the Housewives of SLC, tune out in protest of Bravo’s stifling conservative speak. See how they like being cancelled. Taste of their own medicine? They deserve it.

Biden’s Failures Get Smokescreened by SCOTUS Retirement.


This retirement of a liberal Justice Breyer didn’t need to be announced at this time; but the Dems needed to change the narrative away from Biden’s failed presidency so, why not? We don’t care who Biden chooses to replace a liberal justice. It can be a woman, man, transgender woman of color, it doesn’t matter.

We already had the first black justice so that card has been played. Obama chose a Hispanic woman so the “woman of color” has been played. I think he also chose a LBGT gal so can’t do that. There’s no historic news here. Genders, race, or sexual preference should not even be a criteria. It wasn’t for Trump. All Biden ever chooses are radicals. though. He can choose Michelle for all we care.

It’s the timing that is suspicious. The dems see the writing on the wall that we will take over the House and Senate so why not slip in another biased activist liberal onto the court? Sotomayor certainly has proven herself to be a partisan hack repeating nonsense much like heard on MSNBC. We can’t ever trust her opinion. And likewise we will never trust an opinion from anyone Biden chooses.

So let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programing of Biden’s failures: Russia/Ukraine conflict, partisan and draconian covid remedies, Afghanistan, China dominance, choice for VP, transportation secretary Bootigeig, border control, migrant infiltration, loss of energy independence, crimewave, School Board overreach, and his cognitive decline. His pick for SCOTUS is not only uninteresting, but irrelevant. He could pick Barack himself in a dress for all we care.

But seriously, nice try media. But we’re are onto you. We know how you cover for this guy. Any smokescreen you can use to get the news off of Biden, you’ll try.

Joe whispering to a female reporter.

Crime Hits Sleepy Suburbs of California.

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While my son and his new bride slept, three punks broke into their newly upgraded garage mancave and stole all his sports memorabilia, tools, and computers. This was in a quiet suburb of San Francisco. Not a crime-ridden area at all. But these thugs have branched out to the tree-lined streets of the suburbs.

My son is too trusting and thinks people are genuinely good. He doesn’t know what I know or have seen. These gangs aren’t your gangs of former years that congregated in big cities. Now they drive cars and go into quiet neighborhoods to do their dirty deeds. Thank God they didn’t enter the house while my son and family were asleep.

My family has never owned guns or had security systems installed. We’ve always been vigilant as far as locking up at night and not leaving newspapers pile up on the driveway when not home. But that’s not enough anymore. We need watchdogs, security cameras, and motion detectors installed. These punks can get into any store, building, or house as there are no repercussions if caught. Thanks to Newsom, who thinks his state is looking like a third world country. He’s right.

When you allow migrants to enter our country from third world countries, what do you expect? When you catch and release punks without bail, what do you expect? When you give handouts to illegals and homeless and ignore the middleclass, what do you expect? When you pay people to not go to work, what do you expect? Idol hands are a devil’s workshop. When you defund the police, what do you expect? This is no brainer stuff.

Our neighborhoods have had cars broken into during the day and ransacked for valuables and sometimes stolen for catalectic converters, whatever those are. In San Francisco, it has gotten so bad that car owners leave their windows down so they don’t get shattered by these punks. These punks are brazen, well organized, and embolden. They case the houses during the day, have getaway cars, and get in and out in short order.

I can assure you my son and wife are thinking of moving out of California about now. They can get more bang for their buck in another state and maybe live longer. I can only imagine what they are talking about. Thanks to Newsom and Biden and their liberal policies no one is safe any longer–not while driving, eating out, shopping, and now sleeping.

Danger is right around the corner in these liberal states. Biden has let over a million illegal migrants enter our country with ICE shipping them to a city near you turning every state into a border state. When the property values start to drop like it has in New York, maybe the elites will wake up and do something about the crime wave. Hit them in the pocketbook. Until then, we either move, live in fear, or turn our homes in fortresses.

California is not what it used to be. Even Beverly Hills has home invasions now.

Biden’s “Basket of Deplorables” Moment.

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Let’s be clear, Biden fully intended for his snide remark about FOX News reporter to be heard across the nation. It’s all part of his plan to discredit anyone working at FOX and those of us who follow FOX News. He wants the world to know that we are all “stupid son of a bitches.” And the tone in which he said it was clearly planned.

Dementia or no dementia Joe has been watching FOX and Newsmax (James Rosen) make him look like a fool nightly on their networks. He is at a boiling point much like a volcano and needed to let off some steam. He knew his mic was still on and didn’t care. Just like when he told Obama that Obamacare was a big efing deal. He is deliberate and intentional in his crude remarks. And when he said, “Well, son of a bitch they fired the prosecutor. Now I can give Ukraine the U.S. Aid money.” And they used to call Trump mean.

I can remember a day when Trump called countries “shithole countries” that didn’t respect America’s way of life yet sent their worst to America in our immigration program. Boy, was he ever right. But the media latched onto that comment and vilified him for five years. They called it racist. Watch the media make accuses for Biden’s cruel and condescending comment toward FOX as nothing more than ol’ Joe being funny. Besides they hate FOX too.

Joe just called us “deplorables” in his own way. He despises half of America that didn’t vote for him and probably watch FOX News. He has his bitchy Jen Psnarky treating FOX News much the same. She shows total disdain for FOX. Joe wanted to put Doocy in his place once and for all. Now Doocy will be fearful of asking anything as he seems to have respect and dignity which Biden is always ballyhooing about. Biden, on the other hand, does not practice what he preaches. His comment was conduct unbecoming of a president, especially one that promised to “fire anyone who makes a cruel remark about another.” Maybe he should fire himself.

He did, however, send a dog whistle to anyone that opposes him: “they are stupid, sons of bitches.” Ironically, the stupidest president in modern history is calling half of America “stupid.” Kettle black much, Biden? You can’t make this stuff up.


Biden’s New Strategy: Make GOP the “Anti-Everything Party.”

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It dawned on me yesterday while scrolling through the radio stations in my car. I landed on a random Bay Area news station saying “Anti-Immigration Conservatives and Anti-vax Conservatives.” It pissed me off as they were saying it like it was an established fact. Which it is not. They are trying to label conservatives against immigration and vaccinations which we are not.

But this is Biden’s way of sending a dog whistle to the media that conservatives are against Asians, vaccinations, immigration, blacks voting, election reform, etc. etc. And it seems to be working. Just to be clear, we are for immigration but against migrants crossing the border illegally then being expected to vote in our elections which is the dirty little secret Biden is trying to hide.

This is why in his last controversial presser he kept rhetorically asking, “What are Republicans For?”. It looked stupid because we are FOR all the good things Biden is Not For, especially Law and Order, The Wall, Low Taxes, and Closed Borders. But you see, he wants to label us the “Anti-Everything Party” before the next election making it seem to the uninformed voter that the conservatives are against good things. We are anti-bad policies.

He has BLM attacking Asians in an attempt to put the blame on Trump supporters. Fake hate crimes. When a synagogue recently got held hostage by a Radical Islamic, the FBI tried to whitewash the hate/terror attack as unrelated to the Jewish as it didn’t fit their narrative that white supremacy is the biggest threat to America. They must think we’re stupid. Biden has weaponized his FBI and DOJ against conservatives, and we all should be vigilant. They are out to get us.

Parents in schools are afraid to speak out now about mandates and CRT for fear of being arrested. Cops in liberal cities are afraid to be called to a domestic disturbance or traffic stop for fear of being shot dead. Commuters are afraid to take the bus or the subway for fear of being killed or mugged. Shoppers are afraid to be caught in a store during a raid by looters. Air travelers are afraid to fly with disruptive passengers and covid positive migrants. Chaos is everywhere. Freight trains are afraid to stop in L.A. for fear of being ambushed by gangs of savages. And recently at a local pharmacy, they were robbed by two black youth in masks that jumped the gate and pushed around the pharmacist, stole medicines, and emptied all the registers even beating up one clerk putting her in the hospital. So you see, no one is safe not even in our local drugstore.

Hey Joe, get a grip on the increased crime wave. It is real, and you can’t blame Trump. It’s on your policies of defund the police, radical DAs, radical AG, and radical mayors and governors. Governor Newsom had a recent revelation, “California is looking like a third world country.” No shit Sherlock. Amazing how tone deaf these leaders are.

By the way, Republicans are For LAW and ORDER which has gone to the dogs under Biden’s leadership. He can’t suddenly pretend he’s for funding the police when he remained silent throughout the riots of 2020 and recommended that social services show up at a domestic disturbance.

Biden has also been on the wrong side of history in foreign affairs since the beginning of his political career. Don’t expect him to make the right decision with the Ukraine/Russia conflict as he is compromised with both countries. His best choice is to remain silent. But his weakness and his compromises are why Russia, China, and North Korea are all feeling powerful.

I blame the voters who voted for Biden and to this day will not admit they blew it.

Are we Creating a Generation of Entitled Savages?

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It’s the only name I can think of for marauding gangs that ambush freight cars stealing all the merchandize and scattering debris all over the train tracks. This is Old Wild West stuff. We’re going to need armed guards aboard these trains to arrest them whenever they get ambushed. And who’s shooting fast food clerks and babies in cars, pushing elderly into subways, killing furniture store clerks, whacking Asians, and stabbing nurses on their way to work? These aren’t petty crimes; these are random acts of savage violence.

One murder suspect was actually tracked down in New York City and perp-walked out of his home screaming obscenities about reparations promised him. He was foaming at the masked mouth. Have we gone too far in promising the lazies of this country money? Money for nothing? It appears so. The more you promise, the lazier and more entitled they become.

One news outlet labeled these entitled lazy youth “Idlers.” They are proud to live off others misfortune caused by them. They are proud to game the system by getting paid to NOT go to work. They are proud to be on the government dole while getting away with theft. They are proud to ambush a freight car and steal the contents leaving packages intended for others all over the tracks. We’ve created this generation of uncaring, slothful misfits, and it will only get worse under Biden. They see Biden lacking empathy for others and that begets the same. They don’t want to go to work! It’s a badge of honor not to.

Remember when Biden used to quote his parents saying, “A job is more than a paycheck, Joey. It’s about dignity and pride.” Well…a lot of good that speech has done. These Idlers don’t see the value in holding a job, just the value in breaking into a store or whacking an innocent person on the street. Something got lost in translation of Biden’s quote. And notice he no longer says it because actions speak louder than words. Biden’s actions of rewarding criminals, speak louder than his phony campaign speeches.

Biden administration rewards looters, cheaters, arsonists, burglars, drug addicts, counterfeiters, trespassers, home invaders, border crossers, drug dealers, ambushers, sex traffickers, rioters, and now murderers by putting them back on the street or awarding them reparations like they are planning to do with illegal aliens invading our border. They reward criminals and, therefore, make it look like crime does pay in the eyes of our youth. They incentivize lawlessness. They make it look cool to be a savage Idler.

We’ve even got the once harmless homeless attacking innocent bystanders for no reason. So wherever this savagery behavior is coming from, it has spread to the homeless. After all, we supply the homeless with free drugs, food, tents, checks, and now $350,000 high rise condos in L.A. Why would they want to work or behave within the law? We incentivize these savage Idlers whereby hardworking young people who would love to own a condo can’t, because they can’t afford it yet. They have to save up for that pesky down payment like the rest of us law abiding citizens have done for generations.

Surprisingly during Biden’s presser, there was not one question asked about the increasing crimewave occurring across the nation in our liberal-run cities. Not one. But over 30 questions about two other countries, Russia and Ukraine. What is it with these reporters that they are more concerned about Russia than what is going on in our own country right before our eyes? We are creating a generation of savages that do not value life and, therefore, will take one without a blink of an eye. We’ve seen it on tape. They kill and walk away then go into a convenience store to buy a soda like nothing has happened. Coldblooded murder it’s called.

When, and if, we can get a handle on these random acts of violence, nothing else matters in our country. Not covid, not masks, not foreign affairs, not CRT, not gas prices, and not empty shelves. Because if our children can’t leave our homes and walk or ride their bikes safely on a public street without getting shot, stabbed, or whacked by these heartless savages, then nothing else in politics matters.

Vote these uncaring, oblivious leaders out of office this November, please. Enough is enough.

Biden Ducks, Weaves, and Dodges Soft Balls.

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At Biden’s first presser in months where he promised to finally take questions, he appeared feisty and smug. He had what he perceived to be a funny comeback for some questions before the reporter was even finished, evidenced by his blooming smile. Must have ate his Wheaties yesterday and got a shot of B12 before he came on stage. He was well rehearsed in his answers.

He began taking prescreened questions from prescreened reporters with his preplanned answers written out in his binder that he flipped through until he found them. In short, he had cheat notes. Typical. But when he finally went off script, he got some relatively tough questions: “Why do you continue to run the country to the far left when it is clear it’s not working?” His answer was, “I’m not a socialist. Bernie Sanders is. Next.”

Then another question asking, “why do 49% of America think you have dementia?” His answer, “I have no idea. Next” He completely avoided a question about whether he was compromised with China because of his son’s shady doings over there. He lied about bringing up the origin of the Wuhan Virus with President Xi. No record of that.

Out of thirty reporters, not one question about the increase in crime across America or our open borders which are out of control. One reporter asked, “Will you run with Kamala again and do you think she’s doing a good job.?” His answer, “Yes and Yes. Next” Biden brought up John McCain two times like McCain would be in approval of what Biden has done. Not even McCain would. Besides McCain and Romney voted together.

So you see he was snarky, short, and outright rude. He did his standard lean-in whispering to one question about school closures. He’s out of touch. He had his standard pauses as he searched for words in his head that he had memorized. He snapped at one reporter about his speech comparing Republicans to racists in history and implied that the reporter couldn’t read or write. It is beneath a president to behave like that.

I gave him a B for his energy, but an F for his answers. And the reporters got a C+ as they continued to ask about conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Those aren’t the biggest problems we have here in our country. They were deflecting from our real kitchen table problems like safety in our streets and rising inflation.

He never took blame for the economy or bare shelves; it was covid’s fault. He tried to blame Trump for his failure in Afghanistan, again. He also brought up January 6th with a snide smirk. He said the Supreme Court made a mistake ruling against unconstitutional vaccine mandates, implying that he is smarter than the nine justices.

Twice he called out Republicans for not being FOR” Anything. My response to that would have been: “Republicans are FOR: low taxes, closed borders, election integrity, law and order, no vaccine mandates, freedom of choice to wear masks in schools, tough on crime, women only in women sports, energy independence, Keystone pipeline, covid therapeutics, the constitution, respect for the Supreme Court, honesty in journalism, building the wall, forest management, clean water, fossil fuel, no CRT in schools, arresting rioters and looters, in-class learning, no more pork bills that raise the deficit and our taxes for generations, peace through strength, and voter ID.” Easy answer to that accusation.

For him to generalize that Republicans aren’t FOR anything just because we think his policies suck, was a piss ass excuse for not having any good ideas. It’s Biden’s way or the highway. He is living in his own world, an alternative world. He actually said he has gotten more done in his first year than any other president. He slipped in that he taught constitutional law for 20 years. What? I’d like to hear from those students. Well…if reversing all that Trump got done, then maybe he’s right. But just getting something done does not mean it was good or helped us. It harmed us. So Biden’s version of what helps Americans is 180 degrees from what we want or need.

Lastly, Biden foreshadowed that the midterms would be rife with voter suppression if his “Right to Cheat” bill isn’t passed. Already questioning the results of an election prior to the election? Has he been getting advice from Cher? And I thought the covidcrats criticized us for questioning the results of the 2020 election. Amazing.

This guy needs to go. He’s tone death on what America wants or needs. Tone death.

Close Encounter of the Third Variant.

Best remedy for covid: bedrest.

As a recent victim of the highly contagious variant strain of covid-19 even though I’m vaccinated, wearing my mask, and at the vulnerable age, I can honestly say, “It wasn’t that bad.”

I’ve always thought that it will be the luck of the draw at this point, and we’ll probably succumb to the feared OMICRON if we want to live our lives, and it happened last Wednesday. I innocently brought my car into the dealership for a routine service and asked for a shuttle ride so I wouldn’t have to sit in their waiting room for two hours. A nice lady said she was the driver and off I went. She didn’t drive a mini bus like usual but rather her own small compact. I went to open the back door and she said, “Sit in the front.” My inner voice said no thanks but I didn’t listen.

Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I sat in the front seat in closed quarters with a relatively friendly, chatty lady. It was about a fifteen minute drive where she dropped me off. Covid was the last thing on my mind. That was all it took though. She wore a cloth mask and I had the hospital blue one on but that, notwithstanding, does not stop the virus.

Two hours later when I got back to the dealership they told me the reason it took so long was they had many employees “out sick.” Still didn’t register with me. I called back on Friday as my part came in, and I needed another appointment. They said everyone is out sick with covid. I responded, “Then I’ll wait until your outbreak is over to come back in.”

It starts with a mild sore throat which came on suddenly Friday night. I thought for an instance Hmmm, I wonder if I caught covid? Then in the morning the second I got out of bed, it hit me like a Mack truck. I felt really fatigued with cold chills running up and down my body. I bundled up, turned on the heat, and went back to bed. Whenever I got up my muscles ached fiercely from my neck down to my lower back. Then a wicked headache came. It covered my whole head like helmet. I took some Motrin and a hot bath as I was colder than s–t and ached all over. Then went back to bed. No appetite. I checked my fever about an hour later; it was 100.2. I knew then it was the feared Omicron. Oh shit I thought as I’m home alone.

Two more Motrin, some juice, and more rest. Day two: muscle aches, fever, and headache miraculously gone. It was now into my nose and sinuses. Watery eyes, plugged nose, post nasal junk and more fatigue. Day three: feeling more energy, most symptoms gone but fever and sore throat returns. Day four: feeling almost back to normal with mild sore throat and no fever. Not that bad considering all the hype in the news. I’ve had worse flus but they only last 24 hours. This one moves around your body like a highly engineered virus, which it is. Very clever virus.

Bottom line: Bedrest, Motrin, thermometer, and Kleenex are your best friends for three days. The masks don’t work when you are within two feet of a talker and in closed quarters. Vaccinations probably lessen the degree of the symptoms and keep you from being hospitalized. People that spread it have no idea they are sick so one cannot blame them. The blame game has to stop. No one would go out if they knew they had it. It comes on so fast like within an hour of first symptom. Then you are down for the count. The first day is the worst of it. Five days of quarantine from the first symptom. And lastly, don’t listen to a word Fauci says. He has no idea.

Biden “Had a Bad Day.”

Biden Had a Bad Day.

Yesterday Biden had a really bad day. Despite the media fawning all over this man and covering for all his foibles, he still can have a bad day now and then. Yesterday was one of them. He tried to address the public with another word smoothie all garbled and slurred together in his routine mushy-mouth manner but suddenly he seemed to short-circuit like a robot that malfunctioned. It was weird. He looked down and held his head up with his clasped hands until the camera stopped. “What is going on in this old guy’s mind?” we all collectively wondered. I was half waiting for smoke to spew out his ears.

Something’s happening here, and it ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man sitting over there pretending that he cares. But seriously now, his wife is clearly committing elder abuse as well as his staff. To put this man out daily in front of the camera with his stiff-legged Pinocchio gait is becoming pitiful to watch. It would be funny if it weren’t so cruel.

His redhead press secretary talks of bunny rabbits and ice cream in her answers to important questions, clearly a sign that she is losing it too. Everything is going against Biden now as his chickens are coming home to roost for cheating. Funny how that works. The truth will always prevail. But where does that leave the rest of us? Kammie hasn’t faired much better these days. She looks like a deer in the headlights when getting interviewed. She’s scared to death of the questions. How in the world did she debate with Mike Pence? That’s right, she lost.

The Supreme Court has ruled against his vaccine mandates for private businesses which was a no brainer yet Biden tried to push that on employees using OSHA as the means. OSHA usually checks out construction companies to make sure they are wearing hardhats and vests, not checking to see if they’ve been vaccinated. Nice try Biden. And his “Right to Cheat” bill got defeated too. He had a bad day.

Trouble is, we all see through him now. He’s not the mild-mannered grandpa that hid in his basement for fear of catching covid. He’s the angry old neighbor who yells at the kids for playing on his lawn. He’s George Wilson from the Dennis the Menace Show. He has no sense of humor like Trump does. Trump’s a stand up comedian compared to this grumpy old man. And the media used to call Trump mean.

It will be interesting to see where the chips fall this year. And they are falling fast. I don’t see this defeated man lasting much longer. He’s clearly depressed at a minimum and probably more serious and should be on antidepressant medication, if not already. He can’t handle many more of these bad days.

Can’t wait for Trump’s first rally of 2022 tomorrow covered by Newsmax. Where’s FOX these days?

Covidcrats Want to Pass “Voter Rights” Before Midterms.

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Voter Rights is code for “Right to Cheat.” They are pulling out all the stops before the midterms to change the election laws allowing for everyone to vote whether or not they are citizens. They want NO VOTER ID! No cross reference to the voter rolls. NO signature match. They want illegal ballot harvesting like Zuckerberg funded and extended days of voting and mail ins so they can stuff the ballot box past election day. This opens the doors to underage voters and serial voters, voting multiple times. In other words, they want to legalize cheating.

They got away with it in 2020, but we can’t let them do it again. Even Hillary sees a window of opportunity for her to reenter the race as cheating is the only way she could win. How can the covidcrats be so dumb? Or are they dumb but rather just evil-minded. Anyone that would allow voting without proof of identity is either dumb or evil. But every covidcrat in the House voted against a new bill protecting voter ID. Think about it. Every single one of the covidcrats are either dumb or evil. Evil people loot and steal from stores. They are no better than them.

We have to strengthen voter integrity not loosen it. I know we have the fox guarding the henhouse or the inmate guarding the prison or the mentality ill running the asylum with Biden as president; but that, notwithstanding, the GOP has to do something to thwart their evil intentions to steal another election.

Similarly this kangaroo court of a January 6th Commission is a sham. It is made up of Russia Inference conspiracy spreaders, Kavanaugh slanderers, and disgruntled Trump haters. Not one honest one in the group. Senator Amy Klobuchar should be ashamed of herself. And she wanted to be President? No way now. We judge people by who they surround themselves with. She is in the center of this witch hunt. She’s out for revenge as she knows in her heart of hearts that Trump won the last election and that she can’t let him win again. The Big Truth.

So when you hear the left ballyhooing about Voter Rights just tune them out. They are trying their best to change the rules prior to the midterms. They are running scared.