“They Will Pay!” Threatens Biden in a Sinister Tone.

The Righteous Anger of Joe Biden | The New Republic
Biden angry at the wrong people.

“Who will pay?” you ask. The commander that took out innocent children and civilians with a drone attack on a Toyota Corolla in Afghanistan in an attempt to retaliate for the 13 soldiers killed? Or does he mean the Defense Department for screwing up the timing of his withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving thousands of allies and Americans behind as well as 85 billion of our military equipment? Or does he mean those responsible for allowing tens of thousands of Haitians to invade our border and amass under a bridge setting up makeshift tents in squalor? Or does he mean China for unleashing a deadly virus on the world? Or does he mean the W.H.O. for covering and lying for China preventing us from early warning of the virus? Or does he mean the New York Post or Politico for confirming the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop emails?

No, to all of the above. He wants to punish border police for doing their job protecting our border from migrants crossing over the river into our country. So Biden is at war with our police. Apparently students at ASU are at war with our police too. What is happening in our country when the ones protecting us from crime are the ones being punished and vilified?

Biden has instilled this fear of police in Americans whereby they think the police are our enemies. They are not. Police risk their lives everyday going into rescue people in car fires, house fires, hostage situations, robberies in process, break ins, kidnapping, and highway accidents. Everything they do is risky. Yet, our youth and Biden think they are racist. That’s all they think. Police are racist and out to hurt us. So sad.

Since when is Biden the judge and jury for our border police? What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Biden has already convicted them and taken them off the force. Biden is a disgrace to America and should be removed from office before he does anymore damage to the relations in our country. He is the opposite of a unifier. He’s a Divider in Chief. He pits vaccinated against non vaccinated, masked against unmasked, blacks against whites, Republicans against Democrats, straights against gays, transgenders against women. By the end of his term he’ll have everyone hating each other because he hates himself.

Hate starts within ourselves and spreads to others. We don’t know when Biden began to hate himself. It could have been after losing two or three presidential elections as he thought he deserved to be on the ticket. It could have been after losing his wife and daughter in a fatal car crash. Even after Obama chose him to be VP, he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to be on the top of the ticket. When he decided to run again after Hillary’s loss to Trump, he recruited all his drones to do the dirty work for him even allowing a bioweapon to be released. (Word still out on who was behind it.) He also tried to tarnish Trump’s presidency with fake investigations of Russia collusion and Ukraine bullying. None of which were true. He was just deflecting from the news of FBI’s possession of Hunter’s laptop from hell.

When that wasn’t enough he had to rig the election with a multitude of methods too numerous for biased governors to figure out or the biased courts for that matter. He had all his drones across America helping him from election workers, Pelosi, BLM, postal workers, Antifa, Soros, the media, social media, the Deep State, and Democrat governors. They all worked in concert to make sure Trump lost the second term. Word still out on who won yet. Even having a go at him after the election with a staged “insurrection” which they blamed on Trumpers.

Stealing is not winning, so Biden still hates himself and will continue to punish us. Let’s get him out of office ASAP for failure to protect America from foreign invaders.

Snarky Psaki Avoids Questions on the Border Crisis.

Prankster Posing as White House Reporter Duped Press Corps Into Relaying  Questions to Press Sec

Not only does she avoid them, but deflects by asking the questioner a question in true sociopathic manner. “Why do you ask such a thing?” She asks Doocey who wants to know if Biden has ever visited the border. “He relies on his years of experience to evaluate the situation at our border which was the result of poor immigration plans.” A snide reference to the previous administration, which is a lie.

She is so embarrassed by what is happening around the globe that she has resorted to snarky answers like a petulant child. She is worthless as a press secretary while she turns the pages of her binder in a frantic attempt to have an answer jump out at her that makes even a little bit of sense. And the fake news about the border police on horses whipping the Haitians is nothing more than horseshit intended to deflect from the real inhumanity and squalor at the cesspool border created by Biden’s policies, not Trump’s.

The Haitians that were scheduled to be sent back to Haiti are now being dispersed among Dallas and other cities. Talk about a super spreader. The Haitians attacked the bus drivers and border patrol when they thought they were being sent back to Haiti and our administration had to relent and keep them here. Spoiled children are the ruling class of America. If they don’t get their way, they have a hissy fit and Biden caves like a cheap suit like he did with Hunter his whole life.

Poor parenting begets poor adults and that is what we are dealing with from The Squad to the rest of the Biden Academia Administration. A bunch of former or current college professors, community organizers, or bartenders running our country. They’ve never ran anything before. HELP!

Biden makes another attempt at a joke that you may be shocked to know that I’m over the age of 65. Really? He looks and acts like someone in his 90s. He probably doesn’t even remember how old he is. He’s a bumbling, stumbling Mr. Magoo on his best day. Biden cheats on his taxes and cheats in elections. He lies about the border and lied about Hunter. Anyway…I’m not kidding…it’s not hyperbole…come on mannot a joke...I’m going to get in trouble…are his go to phrases.

Secret Lab | Mr. Magoo | Boomerang Africa - YouTube

Today he pretended to take questions from the press but rather took two questions then went on a rambling incohesive speech about God knows what taking up all the time. Then we saw the back of his head as he scooted out leaving the press corps screaming behind.

Greg Kelly played a video of lying Jill and Joe reminiscing about their first date. Except Jill left out the part that she was married and her husband was friends with Joe and she sneaked off to Joe’s house on the ruse that she was babysitting his boys. Her husband thought it was suspicious and soon found out that they were having an affair. Jill implied to us that she was single when she meant Joe. That should say it all. She’s everything I hate in some women. She’s a gold-digging, homewrecking mistress. She traded up; but in my opinion, traded down, big time. But they are of like minds. Karma is a b**ch and will be coming to collect soon.

The grass may have been greener on the other side of the fence but is about to turn brown. Jill may be known as the First Lady of the Worst President in U.S. History. Nice going Jill. Bet you wish you would have stayed with your first husband about now. Life is like a poker game; in the end we all have to show our cards.

Who is Providing Food and Water for Haitian Migrants Amassing at our Border??

U.S. starts mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas border town - CBS  News
America looking more like a third world country.

We’ve all seen these shocking photos of the invasion of illegal Haitian migrants lying around under a bridge along our border in Texas unless you watch CNN. But what are they eating? Thousands of migrants had settled underneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, in the heat where essentials such as food, water, and restrooms were scarce. Did they bring enough food to last? Of course not. Someone is providing them with food and water, and I suspect it is the state. How can we afford to feed tens of thousands of foreigners along our border when we have our own homeless starving in the streets of San Francisco and Austin? This is outrageous.

Biden is the worst leader of our country probably in history. His speech today at the UN was nothing more than vague, lofty, academia speak probably written by Obama. He took no blame for his failure in Afghanistan rather claiming he is the first president in 20 years that is not in a war. Oh, that claim will come back to bite him in the ass. He also didn’t mention this crisis at the border nor tell immigrants to stop coming here! He failed by not addressing this crisis in his speech to other nations.

He creates manmade disasters of epic proportions then ignores them. He is a very vindictive person by nature and is ruling with punitive actions against red state governors in particular and will blame Trump at every turn. Something is seriously wrong with him. He speaks of “dignity, soul, and unity” in his speeches but actions speak louder than words. There’s no unity, soul, or dignity in what is going on in Afghanistan or at our borders. The complete opposite is true.

I suspect in the near future we will be seeing these migrants (who were incentivized to come here by Biden) die from heat exhaustion, starvation, and disease. Bodies will be piling up. Several women have given birth. How will their babies survive? Will the media cover the story? No. This is what a real super spreader looks like as these migrants have had no vaccines not even for measles. We are in big trouble if they spread out into our society.

Biden and Harris do not want to be associated with the inhumane cesspool at our border or the ruthless killings in Afghanistan. They only want to be credited for successes; unfortunately, they’ve had none. Everything they touch goes to shit, literally. Where are all the migrants relieving themselves? Probably in the river or in the sand. Must smell nice there. The governor will probably have to bring in rows of porta-potties and food trucks soon. Thanks Biden. Where’s FEMA? This is a major manmade disaster caused by Biden.

Former President and Wife Conspire to Frame Trump.

Hillary Clinton | Biography, Politics, & Facts | Britannica
Till jail do they part?

This is what it boils down to. Now that a lawyer for the Clintons gets indicted, who do we think paid him to start a rumor about Russia Collusion? The Clintons, of course. Who paid Christopher Steele for the phony dossier? The Clintons, of course. Who asked Comey for a favor to spread the rumor? The Clintons, of course. Who recommended friend and colleague Mueller to start the fake probe? Comey, of course.

Why do we have to play dumb all the time? The FBI has known about this scheme all along. They were part of it! McCabe, Comey, Stzok, Page, Orh and Nellie, anyone? Come on, man! We’re not stupid. We can put two and two together. Durham doesn’t have the guts to indict who was really behind the Russia Collusion fake Mueller Probe. Instead he picks off low hanging fruit campaign lawyer Michael Sussman to save face and imply that the Clintons were behind the 30 to 50 million $$$$ scheme to frame the Trump Campaign.

Notice how Durham has waited for the statutes of limitations to run out? You don’t think this was his plan all along? Let the time to indict run out so they can’t go after Hillary and Bill. Durham is a coward along with Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions. They all had their chance to get the Clintons but blackmail and bribery is a strong deterrent. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

Former presidents cannot behave in this manner. Bill and Hill did this together with the help of the (everything we did was by the book) Obamas et al (Rice, Valerie, Joe). None of them wanted Trump anywhere near the Oval Office. Trump was their enemy. Trump was the one who forced Obama to come up with a forged U.S. birth certificate rather than one from Thailand. And Obama will never forgive him for that. Later the forger turns up dead. Coincident? You decide.

These two partners in crime (Foster, White Water, Broderick, Lewinski, Benghazi, Epstein, Weinstein) are up to their eyeballs in corruption along with the Bidens (Reade, pay for play, Ukraine, China, Hunter) and Obamas (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bergdahl, Iran bribe). Six peas in a fraud. What’s always baffled me is how the media paints Michelle as sweet and savvy and Barack as intelligent and honest and Joe as caring and sympathetic and Jill as smart and classy, when the complete opposite it true. So whatever the impression the media tries to force down our throats, the opposite is usually true.

I’d love to see Hillary locked up for all that she’s done; but let’s be clear, Bill was just as guilty as her. Because behind every strong woman is a man. You can’t indict one without the other. And we’ve never put a former president in jail, so there’s that. The prosecutors are stymied due to Bill being a former president; and, therefore, rendering Hillary untouchable.

Pentagon’s CYA Drone Strike Exposed!

Photo by Andrew Jones on Pexels.com

Biden, in a failed attempt to look tough after allowing 13 soldiers to be killed by a suicide bomber and threatening to kill the ones responsible, orders a drone strike on a white Toyota Corolla filled with children and civilians. Then Milley comes out and brags that they thwarted another possible terror attack by taking out an ISIS vehicle that had secondary explosives in it. Lie, Lie, Lie.

This was nothing more than Wag the Dog 2.0 which was coined under the Clinton Administration when he started bombing to get the story off of his sexcapades. Similarly Biden, in order to get the heat off his back for blowing the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, allows a hasty drone attack on an innocent family in Afghanistan. This guy, his Secretary of Defense Austin, and General Milley need to go.

“The political phrase wag the dog is used to indicate that attention is purposely being diverted from something of greater importance to something of lesser importance.

The phrase indicates a backwards situation in which a small and seemingly unimportant entity (the tail) controls a bigger, more important one (the dog). It was used in the 1960s. The film became a “reality” the year after it was released, due to the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal. Days after the scandal broke, President Bill Clinton ordered missile strikes against two countries, [coincidentally] Afghanistan and Sudan.[19] During his impeachment proceedings, Clinton also bombed Iraq, drawing further “wag the dog” accusations[20] and with the scandal still on the public’s mind in March 1999, his administration launched a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.” Wikipedia

This proves to all of us that we cannot trust a word that comes out of this administration’s mouths. Nothing they do is transparent nor above board. Everything they do is for political reasons not for We the People. They are governing our country through the eyes of politics and what will garner more votes in the next election. Some think that Obama is the puppet master controlling all Biden’s moves as he had bragged about wanting to do such a thing. This actually makes sense as Obama sucked at foreign affairs.

They played their Afghanistan hand wrong, however. In order for Biden to be known as “the president who ended a twenty year war in Afghanistan” timed with the twenty year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, they bit off more than they could chew.

First by choosing the 9-11 date as to have everyone pulled out of Afghanistan, it was criticized for possibly being used as a reason for the Taliban to launch another terror attack like in Benghazi so they had to move it up to the end of August. By hook or by crook they were going to have our troops out but forgot about the Americans, allies, and all our military equipment. Oops! What a grave error they made but was too late to backtrack so they started shooting from the hip–making up the exit plan as they went along but always blaming Trump as they went. These academia types have no idea how to run a military as everything they know is from books. No hands on experience and it shows!

This has led us to where we are today. Finally admitting that they accidentally took out a vehicle full of innocent people and children rather than ISIS terrorists. Disgusting, incompetent, if not, dereliction of duty. Heads should be rolling. Let’s see who they choose as their sacraficial lamb. Hillary’s lawyer got chosen as the lamb to be sacrificed for the fabricated Russia Collusion story leaving Hillary to live another day. Who will go down as the screw up in Afghanistan? Stay tuned.

Are Biden’s Draconian Mandates a Sign of What’s to Come?

Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood (2015) - IMDb
Angry, testy Joe.

I suspect we are heading for another national election that allows mail in ballots with see-through envelopes being sent out to millions again. The more covid-fear this administration instills in people, the more likely they’ll go along with another mail in ballot scam by the left.

Biden revels in the news of increased covid cases as it works to his favor. Hospitals are tweaking their covid-positive cases as it works in their favor. Why do you think Biden’s bringing in hundreds of thousands of untested Afghans and millions of untested migrants? It’s to spread the virus.

We are all getting played, and I can’t believe the GOP is allowing it. We have to put our foot down and demand an honest election in 2022. Without election integrity this time, we are doomed to get hoodwinked by the left and all their evil schemes. Just like what occurred in California this week.

When are we going to get smart? Why haven’t bills been written by senators to ban mail in ballots especially in the suspicious states of the 2020 election? Something has to be done. If everyone is vaccinated now, why must we mail in our ballot? What…are we just lazy? I don’t want lazy people electing our senators and congressmen. I want people who care enough about our country to leave the house and stand in a line. It seems the only ones fighting for us are Ron DeSantis, Trump, and Ted Cruz.

I know there are millions of upset Americans about what is going on from Afghanistan, to vaccine mandates, to the border crisis, and inflation. But we are honest Americans who don’t practice to cheat to win an election. We are up against those that do cheat and therein lies the problem. How do we beat the amoral cheaters? We need to enforce the laws that are in place that don’t allow double voting, underage voters, nonresident voters, dead voters, photocopying ballots, discarding ballots, unmatched signatures, and computer tampering. But I don’t think one person has been indicted for voter fraud from the 2020 election as yet.

But many persons have been jailed that were invited into the capitol building by police that were in on the set up in January. Amazing how that works. Rules for thee but not for me. We are, unfortunately, getting played by this administration from all sides. Nothing we do seems to work in our favor. We don’t have any power left. Occasionally the Supreme Court will side in our favor, but it’s not enough. Even the FAA is against us as they have banned FOX News camera drones from flying over the Texas border exposing thousands of migrants amassing there. Isn’t it communism that bans news from the people?

Biden is smokescreening all his failures thus far by enacting all these crazy mandates. He’s punishing red states from getting therapeutic medicines for covid. He trying to take our eyes off the ball of his failures in Afghanistan. Next he’ll be shutting down companies again and closing schools. The guy’s out on a limb ready to break and bringing us down with him. He’s foreshadowing of what’s to come in 2022’s midterm election. He’s covid batshit crazy.


Breaking News! Durham has surfaced. He is indicting one lawyer that worked with Hillary to spread the Russian collusion lie. Really? After all this time only one lawyer that no one’s heard of? Are you kidding me!? Durham got paid for this? What a waste of money. Why not indict the girl behind the Russian Collusion fake news story that cost taxpayers 30 million $$$$? Why not go after Bob Mueller who knew the truth but ignored it and allowed two years of shade hanging over Trump’s presidency? See what I mean? We are getting played even by our own investigators. What is everyone so afraid of?

General Milley and Pelosi Collude to Undermine Trump’s Power.

On January 8th, two days after the Pelosi-planned fake “insurrection” by Trump supporters infiltrated by Antifa and BLM of the capitol building, Pelosi wasn’t finished. She decided along with Trump-hating Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley to make the insurrection look more serious by placing a secret call to his counterpart in China implying that Trump may want to start a war with them and that Milley will warn them ahead of time. This call was unbeknownst by the Trump Administration and could have scared China into a preemptive strike against us. Milley is clearly part of the Deep State and just proved that there was a Deep State all along trying to undermine Trump while in office.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley confirmed that he made secret phone calls to the Communist Chinese assuring he’d first warn them of any military action against them, but claimed that was simply part of his “duties. John Kirby spokeman for the Pentagon reaffirmed the same and scoffed at the notion that Milley should be court-martialed for treason.

Instead of denying that he made two secret phone calls outside the military chain of command to Chinese counterparts before and after the 2020 election claiming Trump may attack them, Milley said he was just doing his job. (Doing his job working for the Deep State not under our constitution.)

When Milley called the China counterpart in October 2020, prior to our election, I suspect he warned that there could be a attack instigated by Trump after his discovery of the rigged election. He thought Trump would want someone to blame and who better than China for unleashing covid on our country. This is how the left thinks and works. They cause the problem then try to look like they’re preventing a reaction to the problem. They had something to do with covid as well as the rigged election then try to stop Trump from having an adverse reaction. But little do they know that Trump is the anti-war president. Always has been. He’d never start one.

This was a silent coup orchestrated by none other the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley who hates Trump and Pelosi according Woodward’s new book which should have been breaking news three months ago but Democrat Woodward (who also hates Trump) sat on the story. If this is true, it is treason, sedition, insubordination, and unconstitutional and Milley should be court-martialed and Pelosi arrested. But the Democrat media and the Pentagon are already circling the wagons for these two Deep State Scoundrels. Pentagon says they have full trust in appointed General Milley. Biden parrots the same. The Democrats will always protect their own.

Biden, John Kirby, Joy Behar, Pippi Psaki, CNN, and basically all the left wingers have found a new “darling of the left” to worship until he is taken down and ashamed in public, possibly court-martialed. He’s the new Lieutenant Vindman. Again they will have egg on their faces. I hope they own stock in chicken farms.

Kirby, when asked for a copy of the transcript of Milley’s call, had the nerve to say, we don’t release transcripts from calls in the previous administration. Really? Milley worked there then and is working in same job now. Pelosi is still in the same job. These are carryovers from the last administration so why not release the transcripts? Trump’s transcripts were released when asked. This is obstruction of justice if I’ve ever seen it.

But this is just the beginning of the fall of the Biden Regime now that it is getting exposed. You don’t think ChinaBiden was innocent in all this underhanded activity do you? Of course not! He was in the process of stealing an election, why not ruin Trump’s reputation in China while he’s at it. Make the Chinese think that our military has lost all respect for him in the slim chance the SCOTUS reviews the election fraud cases and Trump remains in office.

Trump’s biggest mistake while in office was being somewhat naïve to the enemies within that he was working along side with. He should have fired Chris Wray from the get go, Tony Fauci after his first appearance on CNN, and General Milley after he made a politicized address regarding the Lafayette walk in the Park. He kept them on much to his detriment as they were all part of the Deep State working together to undermine him and take over the chain of command. The enemies within.

Racist Californians Keep Newsom.

Photo by Anton on Pexels.com

We know who the real racists are. Those Democrats that couldn’t vote for a black governor. They’d rather live in a state that is mismanaged, than vote for a black governor. Insane.

Keep in mind when Trump won, the Democrats blamed Hillary’s loss on racist voters because she would carry the baton for Obama. Two can play the racist game. See how they like it.

The California Recall Election was rife with fraud again. The Democrats ran on keeping power away from Republicans. Simple as that. They don’t want to lose power. But in order to keep their power, they resorted to cheating once again with the help of the postal workers, thieves, and dishonest voters. No, Russia wasn’t involved like they claimed after Trump’s win, but cheating was.

Widespread reports of same day in-person voters being told they had already voted and couldn’t vote again. But who voted for them is the problem that the election workers didn’t seem to care about. Bags of discarded ballots found in garbage cans with “Yes for recall” as the envelopes were see through with a flashlight. Insane.

Were ballots stolen from mailboxes or were postal workers not delivering them to the rightful recipients? Something nefarious went on. 70 million dark $$$$ were spent on Newsom keeping his job. Were postal workers bribed to commit fraud? Barely $16 million was spent on Elder’s campaign. George Soros, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi were all involved in this recall election. And we all know Pelosi is the blackmail and bribery queen. What about the checks Newsom sent out before the election to deadbeats? Bribery much? What about the ballot boxes placed on streets? What was the chain of custody of those ballots? Mail in ballots are the reason covid lives on in the Biden regime and will continue throughout 2022.

Californians that voted to keep Newsom are willfully ignorant. Insane. Why wouldn’t voters elect Larry Elder who promises to solve the tent encampment problem, the wildfire forest mismanagement problem, the water shortage problem, the draconian covid restrictions problem, and high taxes. Why wouldn’t they? At least give someone else the chance that doesn’t dine at the French Laundromat. Insane.

Until we change things, we are doomed to repeat the same; and that is the definition of insanity. The Newsom/Pelosi dynasty lives on. Surprisingly, Newsom compared himself to Bobby Kennedy who was assassinated by Serhan Serhan and who is currently up for parole.

According to the commission’s vote, Serhan is no longer a threat to society, but that does not necessarily guarantee a prisoner’s release. The decision must now be made by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Read more at: https://usnewslatest.com/palestinian-who-assassinated-robert-kennedy-may-go-free/

Did the parole of his killer conveniently come at the same time as the Newsom Recall Election to prove to voters that he is tough on crime? We will see.

You blew it, racist California. This is the reason we left 16 years ago and why more businesses and residents are fleeing in droves. You really, really blew it. You suck at voting.

He Can Run, But He Can’t Hide…

Joe Biden Running in Pittsburg - Jogging Joe Biden

from Afghanistan. He owns it. One of the biggest foreign blunders at the helm of Biden in U.S. History. He sent Blinkin to the firing squad today to take the blame at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Trouble was, the Democrats on the committee curiously seemed to forget that Biden has been president for eight months! Based on their questions, you’d think Trump was running the show in the State Department because Blinkin and the Dems put all the blame on Trump.

It was classic. When in doubt, blame Trump. I can only assume that Trump was a very influential president after all. Amazing! Apparently Trump would have left Americans behind on enemy soil and the military would have cut and run. They even blamed the 13 soldiers killed by a suicide bomber on the ISIS prisoners released from prison under Trump’s plan. It was hard to watch. Blinkin avoided the question about Biden asking president of Afghanistan to tell the people that the Taliban weren’t spreading across his country and soon to take over. It was better optics for Biden. That fact somehow got buried in the question and answer session.

A few GOP congressmen were able to nail Blinkin and asked him to resign. He was arrogant and kept patting the State Dept. on the back taking credit where none was deserved. This is who are running our country right now. A bunch of selfaggrandizing, academic blame-Trumpers. Pathetic. They should have stayed in their academia jobs indoctrinating wide-eyed college students. We ain’t fallin’ for it.

But this administration cannot have it both ways. Either Trump gave them a plan that was doomed to fail but they followed it to the letter or Trump left them without a plan only a date of withdrawal. But they seem to be playing both cards as they have testified to both. He also lied under oath that no Americans were denied permission to leave the country by the state. 100% falsehood. I suspect Trump left them his plan that was to be carried out before May 1st during nonfighting season and this administration scoffed at it but rather did their own thing to try to take credit for ending the war closer to the anniversary of 9-11. In fact, their original departure date was 9-11.

So Biden can run, but he can’t hide from his failure in Afghanistan. He can blame his State Department, the military, the Afghans, or even Trump and climate change, but no one is buying it. The buck stops with lying Biden. This will stick with him throughout his term. Thus why college age students are chanting “**ck Joe Biden” at football games. A little late to the party, but nonetheless refreshing.

Lastly, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal is 13 times worse than the non-insurrection of January 6th, as we lost 13 soldiers due to incompetence of the leaders that had full warning that an attack was imminent and took no precautions. In fact, they left it in the hands of the Taliban. That’s incompetency. I don’t want to hear one twit about January 6th from here on out! Maybe today the senate will have the guts to ask why ignore an imminent threat.

The “Mean Girls” of Politics.

Mean Girls' Broadway Musical Movie: Release Date, Cast, More
Barack, Hillary, Michelle, Joe.

We’ve all experienced the mean girls mentality but why are the leaders and former leaders of our country now behaving like spoiled mean girls? What do I mean by this? Former presidents such as Obama, Bush, Carter, Clinton, and former candidates for president such as Hillary, Biden, Romney, and former McCain are/were all part of the Mean Girls Club. Sarah Palin is the only sane one in the group. Never underestimate the power of a candidate scorned.

During the 9-11 ceremonies this weekend it was quite noticeable that one former president was missing from the group. It was President Donald J. Trump and his beautiful wife, Melania. Why is that? Because poor losers like Hillary, Obama, and Biden can’t stand to be around the winner of the 2016 election as well as the real winner of the 2020 election. They are poor sports. If Biden had won this last election fair and square, he should hold his head up high with pride. But he didn’t, and it shows in his affect and body language as well as in the other mean girls around him. They all look guilty of having their hands in a shady election as well as playing part in the origins of covid.

This disrespect for a former president should be unconstitutional but this administration doesn’t care about our constitution; in fact, they’d like to abolish it along with the supreme court. They are doing everything in their power to upend our democracy (which they are always ballyhooing about) and our constitution, law and order, and criminal justice system. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such disrespect for a former president who actually won his election fair and square with no hanging shags nor mail in ballots nor dominion voting machines. They treated Nixon with more respect.

They are jealous of all the accomplishments that Trump achieved in his short stint as president with no former experience as a politician and want to dismiss him like he never existed. I find this behavior appalling if not bordering on sociopathic. Thus why Biden abolished or ignored every successful executive order and bill that Trump signed while president even ignoring some that he couldn’t abandon. They are human wrecking balls. Look what they’ve done to our border. Look how they left Afghanistan. Look how other countries perceive us now, as weak cowards. Look what has happened to women’s sports and rights. Look what they’ve done to our gas prices. Look how inflation is rising. Look at your taxes going up. Look how crime and gun shootings have increased. Look what they’ve done to our school children. Look at the 3 trillion $$$$$ pork-filled infrastructure bill they are trying to cram down our throats. All on Biden. 100%.

But what do these former presidents and current one care? It’s all about revenge and being mean, thus the mean girls mentality. Even George W. Bush is jealous because Trump beat out his brother early on in the 2016 election, ending the Bush dynasty. JEB thought he was next in line. I guess George thought he was too. But JEB looked and acted like a big baby on stage and our country doesn’t need babies running it. We need tough guys like Trump. Now we have a weak, inept, compromised president that everything he touches goes to shit.

I’m personally ashamed of the likes of the Obamas, Bushes, Bidens, Romneys, and McCain’s. For an administration that ran on bringing dignity and soul back to the White House, they have failed big time. I see no dignity coming from Joe or his “doctor” wife. I see just the opposite. They have shown no empathy for fallen soldiers or abandoned hostages, no dignity at the coffin arrival, and no respect for former holders of the office of the presidency. Neither does Pippi Psaki nor Pelosi.

All and all, I am ashamed of the way our country is being run and who is leading it. This jealousy of a former president is conduct unbecoming. The sooner we get these mean girls out of office the better, starting with Gavin Newsom. He’s a girly mean girl if I’ve ever seen one. And now he has the biggest wuss of them all heading to California to stump for him. He must be desperate. There’s no way Biden would show his face unless he thinks Newsom is winning so he can take credit for the win. He always wants to take credit. Once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer, I guess. Another mean girl characteristic spawned by jealousy.

Vote the mean girls out!