Local News Blames Baby Boomers for Increase in Crime!! What???

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These liberal news stations needed to come up with a reason people are getting shot indiscriminately and more frequently in cities across America and all they’ve got is “baby boomers have retired in record numbers causing a decrease in the police force?” Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Have they gotten their heads so deep in the fake news sand that they’ve forgotten that it was the Democrats, including Biden, that have been asking for DEFUND THE POLICE for over two years now!? Remember Biden couldn’t say he was for Law and Order during a debate? Ummm…Isn’t that evidence enough?

Instead they come up with a sugarcoated story that it is getting harder to find recruits to the police department now that baby boomers have been retiring since the year 2013. Notice they had to go back before Trump time in order to avoid all the Defund the Police news. Maybe it’s getting harder to find recruitments to the police department because they are getting slammed in the news daily for the last four years as well as getting ambushed by thugs!!!!! It’s not a safe nor revered career choice like it used to be!

I’m getting sick of the news lying to us like we are idiots. Shootings have increased due to a police force that has its hands tied behind their backs not to interfere. Remember when some of the Democrat candidates for president actually said social workers should be called out to a domestic violence call? What a bunch of morons. Social workers would be getting shot down instead of the police. These thugs do not value life.

Yes, there is increased crime across America not due to ghost guns nor gun shows nor baby boomers retiring but only due to liberal cities NOT ENFORCING LAW AND ORDER, cutting police salaries, allowing a flood of criminals to cross over the border, no bails set for arrestees, releasing prisoners from jail early, and the media vilifying the police at every chance. This has caused an increase in police reduction and, consequently, increased crime. Plus it is extremely dangerous to put on the police uniform these days due to ambushes by criminals.

So when these local news stations want to blame baby boomers retiring as the reason there is increased crime, they need to replay some news clips from the last four years of street violence by BLM, Resist Movement, Antifa, and Summer of Love in Seattle then reevaluate their reasoning. When streets were on fire in Minneapolis, streets seized in Seattle, 50 shootings a night in Chicago, stores looted and police cars burned in NYC, it wasn’t due to baby boomers retiring. Please. Give us a break from stupidity just one day. And they report this garbage with a smiling face.

Most of these street thug killers are college age rabble-rousers being taught to hate America in college so there’s another reason. We could go back to the crib but to blame baby boomers is such a stretch it’s not even close to being a reason.

Bottom line: If you want a safer America, vote Republican all the way down the ticket as long as they don’t have these names: Republican Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania…all stupidly voted to convict Trump. As well as Liz Cheney. Vote them all out! We don’t need RINOs in office. They are flies in the ointment.

Biden’s Grasping at Straws Now…

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as he sees himself sinking in his covid quagmire which he created. He told his first truth, however, that the vaccine was created under the previous [Trump] administration but had to slip in a lie that it was first distributed under his administration. My vaccine card belies his statement as well as when he got his vaccine. The vaccines starting coming out curiously the day after the election. Shocker. Essential workers and VIP started getting the vaccine at the end of the year 2020 while Trump was STILL PRESIDENT! Nice try Joe. Caught again lying!

Biden actually said today, in his longest presser since taking office, that some people can’t get the vaccine because their employer won’t let them take off of work!!!! This is one of the biggest whoppers he’s ever told. There is not an employer in this country that wouldn’t let one get the vaccine if they chose to do so. So you see, this is his ploy. Blame those rascally small business owners (usually conservatives) for the reason he couldn’t get enough citizens vaccinated.

Biden…you are grasping at straws looking for a legit excuse for why covid cases haven’t been eradicated as you predicted. Here’s the main reason that may have slipped your fragile mind: You’ve let 500,000 illegal aliens into our country without checking them for covid first! Then you flew them to red states in order to infect those religious non-vaxers so you could blame them. YOU are the reason!

This is bordering on no-brainer stuff at this point. In order to get through to this administration one has to be adept at conversing with mentally challenged children and we’re not. So Kammie comes out with a 13-page report on the root causes of the border problem. All it needed was two words: Open Borders but she played the blame Trump game once again. The reason is Open Borders nothing to do with Trump. He closed the border and built a wall. They must think we are dumb or blind to come up with their reasoning.

Biden confused Trump for Obama during one of his speeches, then caught himself saying “Freudian slip.” Well…if it was Freudian, then he must secretly wish he was still VP but under Trump rather than Obama. He also confused Trump with Bush sneaking in “he caused [the recession] then caught himself and said “never mind.” Biden is clearly a couple of fries short of a happy meal.

The reinstatement of masks and restrictions indoors is nothing more than a smokescreen or distraction to get our minds off of all their failures. If everyone is talking about mask wearing, they won’t be talking about the Arizona audit in which Trump comes out ahead or the border crisis where covid infected illegals are being moved to other states, or high inflation and the cost of gas, or the escalating crime in Democrat cities, or the phony infrastructure bill, or the sham Jan 6th committee. Mask wearing seems to be the topic du jour and whether or not there is science to back up the new mandates. The answer is NO. Fauci is batshit crazy and Biden together with the CDC have politicized the pandemic to instill fear and control over the people.

Here’s the truth: If you’re vaccinated, you don’t need a mask. PERIOD. If you’re not vaccinated, take your own precautions around strangers like washing your hands when you get home, no close-talking with strangers, and avoid all sick people. Pretend like you’re avoiding getting the flu.

Bottom line: We are all responsible for our own wellbeing. Not our doctor, not our government. Let us live in peace and stay out of our homes. Don’t wear the mask.

“Buy American,” Which Trump Coined, is Being Used by Joe.

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The complete slogan was “Buy American, Hire American” but old Joe knows that many illegals will be put to work now that 500,000 have been welcomed into our country by Joe. But we also know that old Joe is in bed with China, so this half slogan is not only plagiarized but is disingenuous. Even slow Joe knows most items made in China are cheaper to purchase including solar panels and windmills. Just because Joe says it, doesn’t mean he means it. He’s a pathological liar.

Like yesterday when he said that he used to drive a big rig. Was that while he was in college as a frat boy drinking and driving his father’s dealership cars? Does he even know that he’s never worked at a job outside the government? Does he know you need special training and a special license to drive a big rig? And when old Joe says, “This country was built on the backbone of unions” does he realize he laid off thousands of union workers when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline? Most out-of-touch-with-reality president in modern day history along with his running mate. They give new meaning to the word “clueless.”

Message to college students ashamed to be American: “Love it or leave it.” Another good slogan that we don’t use often enough. It seems students are being taught in college to hate America because it is not socialist enough. These students want more freebies. They must be decibels of Bernie Sanders. Leave America if you think it’s better elsewhere. Just remember the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.” Ask yourself, “why is it that we are being flooded by migrants from 140 different countries?” America must have something they don’t.

Message to Olympic athletes that won’t stand for the Anthem or American Flag: “Don’t bite the hand that fed you.” If it weren’t for America, you wouldn’t be standing on that podium or winning. We trained you. We invested in you. We promoted you. Don’t bite our hand. Play for another country.

Basically what we have here is a nation of ingrates. Ungrateful, spoiled brats we have raised to adulthood. It is shameful. That is something to be ashamed of, not America. First I blame their parents, then social media, and then our teachers. What are they indoctrinating into our students? Hate for America? Who are these teachers that refuse to come back to work because of a virus, vacationed all last year, and got raises to boot? Sounds lazy to me.

And social media. No telling what hate they have spread into the mushy brains of our youth from talk of racism to hate for police to hate for country. Ironically, it is the left saying that patriots are spreading hate. They need to take a long, long look in the mirror because every time I turn on the news, which is less and less these days, they’re at the mic or in the streets spewing hate of one thing or another. Even ones in office or entertainment like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, AOC, Cher, and Joy Behar are. The hate they spread daily is palpable.

Why does it seem the left is still angry? They got the man in office they wanted, maybe by nefarious means, but they still got him. (At least for the time being.) You’d think they’d shut the hell up and be happy for a change. But no. They are still on a quest for vengeance. Could it be they are guilt-ridden? Never underestimate the guilty conscience. It will surface in the most uncanny ways, usually through anger.

Who Are We Kidding????

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Our country is being run by a bunch of evil idiots, but we pretend like we can have an intelligent debate with these nuts. We can’t. Yesterday the goofy head of border control speaking to congress wouldn’t admit there is a crisis at the border. Rather, he lied and said the surge began last year around April; and due to covid, it will time time to get under control! Are you kidding me? No one challenged him on that comment. They asked him if their border policies are working? He had no answer for that. Because secretly their policies are working. They want to flood America with two million illegals from 140 different countries. Joe promised it in his campaign. Play the tape.

But notice how they are trying to blame Trump? Trump started the surge? Trump incited the planned-ahead, weapon-hidden, National Guard stand down, FBI infiltrated breach of the capitol by saying, “march peacefully and patriotically to the capitol to voice your support?” I…don’t…think…so.

Yesterday’s sham committee meeting was another set up against Trump by Nancy as she has blood on her hands. It was an embarrassing display of whimpering cops deflecting blame onto conservatives while ignoring the death of Ashli Babbitt and other evidence that it was planned days ahead. Their scripted speeches were filled with lies written by none other than Shifty Schiff no doubt–the frustrated Hollyweird screenwriter. Armed militia “We want Trump” terrorists? Talk about fiction.

Evil Nancy got a note delivered to her from the National Guard and dismissed it. She refused security that day. In fact, she sent many capitol building cops home before the event occurred. This whole event was on her. She knows she’s been caught, so what does she do? She orchestrates a one-sided scripted meeting with anti-Trump, weepy cops to accuse yet again, Trump. Why not bring in the anti-Trump cop who shot Ashli Babbitt? Where’s his testimony? Oh…I forgot. He’s one of the protected class.

The GOP needs to hold a rebuttal to this committee led by Jim Jordan and bring in their own witnesses. I’d put Nancy on the stand under oath. For some reason we just keep taking it on the chin from the left. We need to play their game. The best defense is a good offense. All we do is defense. We should know better by now that they can’t be trusted.

And what’s with our giggling news anchors? They need to take what’s going on in this country serious. They shouldn’t be giggling about anything. They need to look and act as serious as a heart attack. We are in a crisis in this country right now with mask mandates looming over our heads as well as school and business closures again, yet these news anchors continue to banter with each other like nothing is wrong. We’re heading for another financial crisis. Forget about the border crisis. If we have another shutdown of any kind due to covid, our country is done. We might as well call ourselves a third world country.

Start hoarding your toilet paper and stocking your shelves again if this crazy continues. Biden is a creep in the White House and doesn’t know what the hell he has done to us. And doesn’t care. He’s got a serious health condition, why not take down the country with him? Worst president in U.S. history. I weep for our future. Who are we kidding by pretending we can debate rationally with evil idiots? We can’t.

The Enemy Among Us.

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We love America; but let’s face it, we don’t love some of the people and vice versa. We don’t love what they’ve become. They’ve become the enemy among us. We live, shop, and breathe among them, but we don’t know who they are. They are strangers to us but very dangerous to our future.

The left displays their hate for the rest of us daily by shooting strangers in the street, burning random cars and buildings, and rioting, looting, and mugging at every chance. There’s no repercussions to their violence so they continue it. The liberal government has reduced our police protection and, therefore, allowed crime to escalate. The government has also opened our borders wide open to enemies from other countries compiling the threat to ourselves.

The question is when will we defend our country from the enemy among us? They are controlling and influencing everything from social media to newspapers to national news to school curriculum to the police to our medical field. When will the Democrats see the light that the enemy among us could actually hurt them too? Barbara Boxer got accosted in Oakland by the enemy. Maybe it will take more well-known liberals to get hurt before they realize the problem staring them in the face. We have let our country go. And it has gone to the dogs.

Trump said recently at his rally, “Forget about 2024. If we don’t find out what happened in 2020 and fix it, we’ll never win another election again.” He’s right. In order to protect the future we have to correct the past. Some of the GOP tell Trump to “just let it go.” That won’t work this time because the enemy is one step ahead of us. They are holding a commission today to review the demonstration in January which they planned themselves. This commission made up of Dems is nothing more than a cover your ass smokescreen. They’ve been caught, but they still want to blame Trump so he has no chance in 2024. It’s like they’re trying to kill The Terminator, and he won’t die.

The sniffling capitol police testifying are now overdramatizing that day calling it an “armed mob by terrorists” in between tears. That’s belied by the videos that have been released. What this cop is describing is an attack by Antifa or BLM, not peaceful Trump demonstrators. Antifa scaled the walls wearing backpacks not Trump supporters. Too bad the police cannot recognize the enemy among us either. The fact that these cops are quick to blame Trump supporters shows us that they are some of the enemies among us. They’re working with the FBI’s cover up.

These cops heard chants of “Four More Years and USA” in the background as they conflate it to the BLM attacking them. What a bunch of overdramatic crock these cops are testifying to. This is another sham the government is putting on us. “Stolen batons, shields, guns, and tazors were used against them with guttural screams and foaming at the mouth” are words describing their attackers.

“Trump has given us marching orders” one cop said he was warned of in between sniffling. “We want Trump and Stop the Steal” the crowd chanted but that is not being violent. The Trump supporters got infiltrated with Antifa, BLM and FBI agents. “Weapons were used, like bike racks.” One cop testified that a bomb was planted, implying that it was from Trump supporters; but it is on video showing a young black youth planted it. This whole committee is filled with dishonest and half truths testimony.

“Insurrectionists carried MAGA Flags, Don’t Tread on Me, and confederate flags.” Did it occur to these sniffling cops that BLM carried those flags to implicate Trump? Of course not. Because they can’t see the enemy among us. These enemies can disguise themselves as one of us in order to fool the rest of us. The black cop lied to this committee saying he was called the “n” word. If that is true, it was said by BLM. See how they try to disguise themselves? This cop thinks he was attacked for the color of his skin which just threw more gasoline on the racist fire in America. Shame on him.

These cops testifying are a bunch of wusses. Never seen such a display of snowflakes in one room. Who is hiring these guys? They need to toughen up. They must be part of the “participation trophy” generation. They are in therapy for PTSD. No wonder so many quit the day after the demonstration. “Attack on our democracy” was the continued refrain from these officers. The fact that one cop testified that it “Was not Antifa, not BLM, not FBI” is proof to me that is was. Why would he volunteer that, except for he was told to say that by the FBI. It is almost as though these cops never witnessed a year of riots from BLM and Antifa whereby cities were burned to the ground. The only one guilty on January 6th is Nancy Pelosi who is trying to cover her own ass as she planned the riot then refused security from the National Guard.

What about the democracy on our election day of November 3rd? That was the Crime of the Century not Jan 2021. Stealing a presidential election? First time ever. The enemy among us is wide and prevalent as we witness this sham of a Pelosi-selected committee today. Not one question so far about what happened to Ashli Babbitt. No one cares because she supported Trump. Sick people. That alone tells us we are hearing a bunch of bunk from these officers and the committee members. I had to turn it off.

Will the Mystery of Seth Rich’s Murder Ever be Solved?

Seth Rich, a true whistleblower.

Or will his murder just become material for a political thriller novel some time in the future? Is it still an open case? Or did the Boston Police announce it a closed case chalked up as a random shooting by an unknown perp? Sounds about right.

Apparently five years later, it seems the FBI has released heavily redacted documents into the investigation of Seth’s murder. Shocker. And his Democrat parents had asked that no one look into their son’s death. I never trusted the Boston Police’s version of the story as Seth worked for the DNC and got fed up with the way they were pushing Hillary to win over Bernie like giving her the questions prior to a debate. (Donna Brazile). He was a Bernie guy. And his parents’ request not to pursue the truth seemed suspicious to me like they were covering for their Hillary-hating whistleblower son. Or they got threatened too.

So in order to hurt Hillary, Seth was the one who leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks that had many inner circle insults regarding Hillary which were made public. Forensic evidence points to an inside job. And suspiciously when the FBI asked for their computers to examine, the DNC refused. But as typical of the media today, Trump got blamed for asking Russia “to hack” to find the missing Hillary emails. (Totally bogus as Hillary had already shutdown her computer and bleach bit her hard drive.) They also blamed Roger Stone for being in contact with Wikileaks. Then they came after Hannity for interviewing Julian Assange and threatened his job at FOX. The cover up grew and grew then suddenly out of the blue comes the Mueller Probe of Trump’s Russia Collusion (at Hillary’s request for a smokescreen of her criminal destruction of subpoenaed evidence as we find out today). The cover ups were piling on top of each other at this point.

Let’s recap the timeline: 1) The FBI subpoenas Hillary’s emails in connection with the Benghazi cover up that her and Obama were involved in. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. 2) In a panic, Hillary deletes all her emails only turning over innocuous ones involving her daughter’s wedding and yoga classes, then proceeds to bleach bit her hard drive and smash both her cell phones. This is criminal behavior or in legal terms called obstruction of justice. 3) Trump hears about the missing 33,000 emails and jokes about it at a rally saying, “Russia if you HAVE her missing emails (meaning if they had already been snooping) then release them to a reporter and make one reporter really happy.” 4) The media and Hillary are shocked by Trump’s tongue in cheek comment.

5) Wikileaks releases emails between Podesta and other members of the DNC much to Hillary’s chagrin. 6) The media and Hillary immediately try to blame Trump for encouraging Russia to hack her computer although it was Podesta’s emails which didn’t make sense. 7) Soon afterwards Seth was murdered. Someone silenced him. 8) Trump wins the election and fires Comey and a Special Counsel is appointed to look into Trump’s involvement with Russia’s interference with the election which was just a smokescreen to keep Trump’s DOJ from pursuing Hillary’s obstruction of justice. Genius move. Right? Evil genius.

Seth Rich was leaving a bar in a swanky part of Boston when he got shot execution style in the street to his death. He wasn’t robbed. From that day on the cover up began. The Deep State FBI is involved up to their eyeballs and AG Barr should have uncovered the truth while in office but he got threatened too, no doubt. Chris Wray knows the truth and remains silent. Everyone who has ventured to look into the death of Seth Rich gets threatened or banned.

“With the clearly unethical and most likely criminal behavior of the upper management levels of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) exposed by Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee, there are two complementary areas that have been conveniently swept under the rug,” The Washington Times reported.

“The first deals with the murder of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich, and the second deals with the alleged hacking of the DNC server by Russia. Both should be of prime interest to special counsel Robert Mueller, but do not hold your breath,” The Washington Times continued.

It seems that the media, or at least some of them, are fully aware that Seth Rich most likely was the Wikileaks source, and that the Russian hacking narrative is bogus.

Will the truth ever come to light about Seth Rich? Will Julian Assange ever announce that Seth Rich was his source without being cryptic in his response? Will Seth Rich’s family ever see justice?” NWO Report

So here we are today still wondering what happened to DNC staffer Seth Rich who was a Bernie guy. Seth Rich’s death may be filed in the same FBI drawer as Jeff Epstein, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Justice Antonin Scalia, Marilyn Monroe, and Lee Harvey Oswald’s labeled: “Silenced by Murder.” They’re going to need a bigger file drawer.

Trump Lays Out the Case Against the Democrats.

Our future under Democrat regime.

In yesterday’s Arizona rally, Trump laid out every vindictive, illegal, punitive action the Democrats have gotten away with. He said they are turning our country into a third world country, if we don’t do something soon. We will not recognize our country after three and a half more years of Biden. Biden may be cognitively challenged; but combine that with his amoral background (which he could be blackmailed with), and we’ve got ourselves an evil man in the White House. He makes Bernie Sanders look like child’s play.

He is defacing and dismantling our country in every aspect from the constitution to education, election law, law enforcement, military, sports, economy, immigration, healthcare, and to energy. Everything he touches gets ruined or made a mockery of. He IS a human wrecking ball.

I feel like the Republicans are getting blocked at every turn to prove to the country what Trump explained at his rally. Every move we make to stop the tsunami heading our way gets washed aside. Who’s on our side that has any power besides Trump? Trump is a one-man show right now trying to right the ship in the storm. He has some in congress bailing out water and some in the media for sure, but we’re sinking fast.

George W. Bush has been silent throughout this takeover of our country and should be ashamed of himself. We have to hear Obama daily coming to the mic. Bush hates Trump, and that’s all he cares about. He puts self-interest over country. He has joined the likes of Liz Cheney. It is full court press against the left and the traitors right now.

Cuomo and facelift Whitmer get their investigations dropped. The FBI was behind Whitmer’s staged kidnapping and the capitol riot set up. They’re going after Kavanaugh again to intimidate him before the election fraud cases get to the SCOTUS. Podesta, who worked for Hillary, gets a big job at a Chinese Communist company that spies on America. Hunter is selling crap paintings to undisclosed buyers for $500,000. Fauci is corrupt up to his eyeballs and lying to congress about the Wuhan Lab. The border control is allowing 188,000 illegals a month to cross over into our country and then fly them to other states. White shame is being forced down our children’s throats in school. Patriots who love our country are being cancelled or arrested. Mask mandates are resurfacing too for no good reason. Biden says crime is down and there is no inflation. They are selling out our country to the highest bidder.

Why…we ask ourselves this everyday? Why? Why would these evil people want to destroy the country we know and love? Because they are evil. They are possessed. Even if it hurts them (which is unlikely since they have their own security guards, fences, and billions of dollars to survive), they want to live like an evil king looking down on the rest of us peons who didn’t survive. It’s almost like a cartoon movie which is where they get their ideas, from Hollyweird. It is definitely communism and Hitler-like short of the concentration camps. But don’t kid yourselves. Some of these leftist mayors have been wishing death on anyone that doesn’t support CRT. And what’s with all the incompetent female, Democrat, black mayors? Can’t we do better than this? Vote them out!

Trump summarized: The Democrats are always one step ahead of us. They see that the Republicans were successful in the Arizona audit and they’re panicking. Mask mandates will become national and threats of impeachment of any member of the Supreme Court will become routine. School closures and business shutdowns will return. We will be returning to 2020 the closer we get to overturning the last election. He also made a great analogy. “If it turned out that a sports team cheated to win a game, the win and the trophy gets taken from them.” That’s how it works in real life.

Trump made the case against the Democrats and they’re shaking in their boots. But they’re always one step ahead of us, so wait for it. They will deflect, smokescreen, and distract the people away from the truth. It won’t be pretty…fasten your seatbelts…we are in for a bumpy second half of the year. Nothing they do now, surprises us.

‘There’s Something Happening Here…’

Nwo Report

Source: Andrew W. Coy

Stephen Stills’s brooding and foreshadowing lyrics to the song “For What It Is Worth” from 1966 seem to beara great deal of relevance today.

The band Buffalo Springfield sang this song as a challenge to the political power structure in the late ’60s.Stills’s words seem to be very relevant and timely in 2021 as the patriots are left out of the election process and isolated from power, denied power, and are now looking around.

Many patriots are now thinking “There’s Something Happening Here,”but are just not clear on what it is, what is coming, and what the results will be. There is an undercurrent going on that is felt but not seen at this time. Stills’s words expressed great dissatisfaction with the national government, the estrangement of government from the discontented, and a sense that the government is ignoring and does notcareabout the masses.

There is…

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When is Babbling Word Salad Joe Going to be Called to Task?

Joe Biden Is Eerily Similar to Cartoon Character Mr. Magoo | Larry Elder -  YouTube
Mr. Magoo (2019) TV Review

Mr. Magoo called. He wants his job back. This is elder abuse. And I don’t mean Larry Elder who noticed the comparison also. Joe’s wife should be ashamed allowing Mr. Magoo to take the stage. And she calls herself a doctor? Doctor of what? Cruelty? Nancy tried to pull the 25th Amendment on Trump for no reason. Maybe she needs to take a long look at her candidate.

The media blatantly ignores Biden’s stumbling, bumbling, incoherent answers to questions off the cuff yet they used to vilify Trump for every word he may have misspoke which I can count on one hand. They replay the clip of Trump walking carefully down a slippery metal plank over and over while implying that he was senile. But they buried the clip of Biden falling three times walking UPstairs to Air Force One.

The double standard that they are treating Biden versus Trump is blaring. One reason I stopped watching most of the news these days, even conservative news, is because of the benefit of the doubt they give Joe when they attacked Trump at every possible chance. Even while he was in the hospital with covid 19 they attacked him. If it were Joe in the hospital with covid, the media would be having prayer vigils outside.

Has anyone noticed when Joe’s mind goes blank he resorts to familiar refrains like: “I’m not kidding, I’m serious, It’s not hyperbole, I’m not being facetious”? This is his way to stall for time to get his derailed mind back on track to his rehearsed talking points. When that doesn’t work he leans forward, gets a wide-open look in his eyes, then stares into the camera and talks in a soft voice with his hands in a karate chop parallel position. All very strange to me. Whoever his handler is, they need to be fired.

Politics have even ruined my favorite reality shows. We can’t get away from it. A developer on Million Dollar Listing New York said, “We have a great new president so that uncertainty is gone” but he decided to rent out his units rather than sell the units. What?? What world is he living in? I thought there was a great new president and things are turning around? He’s even covering for Biden. Amazing. People are leaving New York City in droves and the real state market is tanking there. The streets are not safe from BLM and Antifa. But somehow Biden gets a plug? I was blown over by that ignorant comment and had to turn it off.

Everyone is covering for this incompetent, corrupt, bumbling Mr. Magoo of a president. I’m sick of it. Nancy you better pull out that old amendment soon as our country has a dummy with an arrogant temper in possession of the nuclear codes and is increasingly “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” He is an embarrassment to the U.S. on the world stage. Am I the only one that sees this? Anyone…anyone…?

Bezos the Clown.

Bezos: Country 'in trouble' if tech firms turn from DoD
Bezos the Clown

What is a clown? A buffoon who dresses up in strange clothing or hats to entertain strangers. Jeff Bezos behaved like a clown while on the trip to space donning a cowboy hat and upon returning. It was off putting to see a billionaire screaming and laughing like a child on Christmas morning while on the space vessel. In the first place, anyone willing to risk their lives going onboard a private spaceship without an astronaut’s training, needs their head examined.

But when this cowboy clown arrived back on Earth, he held a political press conference giving a veiled insult to Donald Trump while awarding a 100 million dollar “Civil Award” to a known uncivil, loudmouth activist Van Jones who works for CNN! Jones angrily called the 2016 election of Donald Trump a whitelash, whatever that means. Trump ran against a white woman; but according to Jones, was running against Obama 2.0. But 100 million dollars? Couldn’t that money go to help the homeless that are destroying the beauty of San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and Austin? But it won’t. It will go to BLM for more activism. Thanks Bozo.

And what’s with Bezos’ cowboy hat? He’s never done a day’s hard labor in his life. What a clown. Anyone who turns a space ride into a political presser afterwards is a clown. I half expected him to get down and kneel in protest of the American Flag. He is definitely channeling Biden’s doctrine with some convoluted statement that we can only judge people by their policies not their character or motive. Really? That’s not what Martin Luther King famously said. He said we judge people by their character. So now all of a sudden character is off the table? Why? Because someone like Hunter or Joe possess bad character and bad motives as well bad policies. We judge on all three, but Bezos is trying to make it appear like we are just judging on character and motive. Nice try. Biden’s policies suck.

Ironically, Trump had great policies but the left judged him on his tweets which are part of his character. Hypocrites much? If you talk, you must walk the talk. And they don’t.

This whole trip to space was just a launchpad for Bezos the clown also known as “the package delivery maven” to enter politics at some point. Wait for it. He figures it is an open field for him right now as he can’t do any worse than the current leaders. And he’s right.

Bozo the Clown