Trump Extends Olive Branch to Iran While Taking a Swipe at Obama.


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It was a “two for.” He also put out another “war is imminent” fire that has been fanned by the candidates, Hollywood, and media and almost encouraged. Today’s speech from Trump in the White House foyer gave Americans a collective sigh of relief. Even though Iran did retaliate last evening by sending missiles to our Iraq Military Base, Trump was not impetuous like his rivals for president have claimed as well as the fake news media.  We had intelligence which alerted us to the incoming which probably helped in saving soldiers lives. All is well.

Some would say Iran’s missiles were an act of war and Trump would be legally obliged to attack back. Some would say if he doesn’t, he just capitulated to them. But Trump has a “peace first” mentality. He offered that Iranians should live in peace and that we were willing to come to an agreement.  Ball’s in their court. He also said the missiles were funded by the 1.6 billion dollars in cash that Obama gave to them as a bribe.  Snap!   He opened with “Iran will never obtain a nuclear weapon while he’s president.” So he responded with a little honey and some salt–carrots and sticks.

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So all the media and the lying presidential candidates should get off their high horses and stop calling Trump a warmonger or incompetent at foreign affairs. They’ve claimed he’s running the White House like a game show.  It’s all lies.  This is all his rivals have to go against him. But if having a game show brings our economy back from the brink of an abyss, maybe it’s not that bad a thing. Maybe they should get one. Warren can name hers, Who Wants to be a Fake Native American? Bernie can name his, Wheel of Lost Fortune. And Biden can name his What’s My Lie? Buttigeig can name his Queer Eye for My Presidential Try.

They always jump to conclusions about him as they still don’t understand Trump’s America First Doctrine.  Last thing he wants to do is get involved in another huge wasteful war with nations. Neither do we. The media is claiming that Trump dodged a bullet last night like he is a bumbling idiot running the country.

But I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to vote for going into war just to ruin Trump’s chances at winning the next election. They put their party before country as evidenced by the coup d’etat to take out Trump. They’re always trying to set him up.  He just needs to be careful as everything the Democrats do is part of a plan to set him up again. Watch your back, Trump.

Warren knows nothing about foreign policy.  All she knows is how to advance her career by lying on her applications and to the people.  Bernie knows nothing about foreign policy as he is nothing but a cowardly blowhard who wants to turn us into a namby pamby socialist country.  Biden knows nothing about foreign policy as he has been on the wrong side of decisions throughout his long career.  Even as VP he went along with awarding a known deserter, Sergeant Bergdahl, and was part of the Benghazi fiasco too.  He shouldn’t be talking. Buttigieg knows nothing about foreign policy as his head is stuck in the LBGT sand of resentment toward heterosexuals and Republicans.  He’d make a terrible president.

Coincidentally, a Ukrainian plane leaving Iran last evening exploded mid air which looks suspicious.  Did Iran think it was a U.S. incoming bomber and they freaked?  Just saying, as they said they will not release the Black Box. And what’s with all the Ukraine news?  Iran sure has had a lot of accidental deaths since Soleimani’s. Karma much? Stay tuned for that story.

Democrats lose again. They wanted to add Trump’s impetuous or impotent response to Iran to their fake “Articles of Impeachment” and that just went south. His response was neither. All their hopes and dreams are fizzling. Patricia Arquette’s puffed-up chest has deflated while she eats crow.  Is crow plant-based?  Iran receives an olive branch and a warning from Trump while he takes a swipe at Obama’s failures. It was a “two for one” speech.


“Liberal Prosecutor” is an Oxymoron.


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A prosecutor is supposed to be PRO “law and order” not pro “lawlessness and disorder” YET this is what cities across America, especially in San Francisco, are dealing with.  A prosecutor is supposed to prosecute crimes not dismiss them. Yet we have liberal prosecutors, which is a contradiction, doing just that. California is allowing criminals to break into cars and steal contents up to the value of $900 in loss with NO prosecution.  This only encourages theft and vandalism, increases car insurance premiums, and could lead to violence if caught in the act.

Our automobile is our safe place and sanctuary when we leave our home.  We hide our personal belongings and set our alarm when we park our car.  We love our cars.  Break ins are increasing across the city and into the suburbs as the perps know they won’t be prosecuted. They call it “smash and grab.”  It’s also being done to stores.

Why would a prosecutor have no respect for citizen’s cars and their belongings?  Why would these prosecutors have no respect for brick and mortar stores that have enough trouble staying open due to Amazon? Because they are liberal activists hired by liberal District Attorneys. It’s as though we have AOC prosecuting these criminals not lawyers.  California laws need to be reversed immediately or Newsom needs to be repealed. He has done nothing to help California and everything to ruin it.  What is he smoking? And to the voters who approved these laws, you are getting what you deserve.

I heard that George Soros is behind the elections of liberal District Attorneys across America. He’s backing their campaigns.  I also read that SF’s DA is the son of known terrorists. This is not only liberal but radical. This is another effort to ruin our country and turn it into a third world country where anarchy reigns along with civil disobedience.  Anarchy is when no one has any authority over anyone else. There would be no laws, no police, nothing.  Is this the world we want to live in?  Of course not. Yet San Franciscans are dealing with this on a daily basis together with increasing amounts of homeless tents, feces, and needles.  Wake up California before it’s too late!  Newsom needs to go!

Victims have no rights in San Francisco.  I suspect when they dial 911, the police come at their leisure if it’s a break in or vandalism and then take no report.  They’ll give some liberal advice like get a security system for your home, park your car under a light, or call your insurance company and put in a claim.  This is BS.  Do your job and arrest these criminals!

Personally, I think Trump should send the National Guard into SF and clean up the streets.  Nancy Pelosi should be voted out. She has delusions of grandeur by the way she’s handling the Articles. She is obstructing justice. But I regress.  The homeless will just have to be moved to shelters temporarily and appointed guidance counselors. There’s plenty of jobs to go around so they can’t claim it’s the economy. And they have plenty of taxpayer money to feed these souls until they are healthy and back on their feet. Use Zuckerberg’s money. That guy has done more damage to our country with the invention of Facebook than we’ll ever know.  Someday we’ll look back on his “great” idea as one of the worst ideas in American history.  The damage, rumors, false news, havoc, hate, terror, bullying, addictions, suicides, and election interference this social media has caused is irreversible and irreparable.

We need Prosecutors to prosecute not act like liberal Defense Attorneys.  Fire these liberal prosecutors before we get beyond the point of no return to normalcy in our fine cities. No wonder people are fleeing California in droves.

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Democrats Side With Enemies While Trump Threads the Needle.

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When we trapped Baghdadi into suicide, the Democrats wrongly claimed it would instigate a war. Hmm, so far–no war.  When Trump met with Kim Jong Un, they claimed it was unprecedented and that it was a trick. Hmm, so far–no trick.  When Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, they wrongly claimed it would escalate into war. No war ensued. When Trump put stiff tariffs on China, they wrongly claimed it would backfire on us. It hasn’t. But when Trump defended our embassy in Baghdad, they claimed Trump showed a weak response.  They can’t have it both ways.  Trump is either tepid or he’s hot in their minds.  I suggest he’s neither.

I suggest that Trump is making the appropriate response to all potential threats and intelligence. He is privy to intelligence that the media is not.  He definitely threads the needle but, nonetheless, is doing the right thing. But for the left to immediately side with our enemies just fans the flames of war.  Iran hears what they’re saying, and it is an open invitation to retaliate. If they do, that’s on them–not Trump.  It’s like the left is supplying the ammunition but telling them not to shoot.

Biden should be ashamed as he has always been on the wrong side of foreign policy.  For him to criticize Trump’s decision is rich. He’s now claiming, as I predicted, that he was against going into war with Iraq.  What a liar!  Warren is a joke.  Could you see her running our country–arms flailing and head bobbing at every threat? Trump has remained calm and collected despite what some on the left are reporting.  He’s not a thug or a tyrant.

When our country comes together and supports our president, we will be a stronger country.  According to Democrat Joe Lieberman:

“President Trump’s order to take out Qasem Soleimani was morally, constitutionally and strategically correct. It deserves more bipartisan support than the begrudging or negative reactions it has received thus far from my fellow Democrats.” WSJ

Well said, Joe.  Maybe you should run for president on the Democrat ticket and replace the other Joe.   It’s your turn.  They don’t have a moderate yet in the running–just a bunch of climate-change hoax loony tunes. It turns out Australia’s fires are mostly due to children out of school unsupervised and campfires gone wild.  Not to do with climate.  Maybe a little rain is in order, but the drought didn’t start the fires. People did.  People aren’t changing the climate; but they’re starting fires.  Just like in Sonoma, PG&E equipment started fires, not climate. But all we heard last night on the awards show was climate change/climate threat/climate emergency.

Weather will always be around and so will changes in the weather, thus why we have weathermen.  But they can’t accurately predict the weather beyond a week’s time. Some years will be hot, some years will be colder, some years will be wet, some years will be a drought. It has been this way my whole life.  I see no big change.  Overpopulation in desirable areas of California is the big difference.  Houses on hillsides, cliffsides, forests, oceansides, lakesides, and riversides will always be at risk.  Buy at your own risk.  “Buyer Beware” is the oldest adage in real estate. If you buy in a high fire risk zone or a flood zone or an earthquake zone or mudslide zone, beware. But if you experience any of the aforementioned, that’s on you–not the government. We need to take personal responsibility like Joaquin Rivers inarticulately tried to say last night.

Our government can’t think for us.  Everything is the government’s fault according to the actors last night on stage as they take no personal responsibility for their choices in life.  They don’t want to raise children in this world if Trump is our top leader. How ’bout raising your children with good values and forget about it takes a village.  It takes good parenting. If we accidentally get pregnant, that’s on us–not the government’s fault. The only thing we have in life is our choices.  Be smart.  Make good ones.



Ricky Gervais Calls Out Hollywood! “Bushfires” Was the Big Winner.

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The host of the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, was on fire last night. I wasn’t going to watch the awards show as I knew a few of them would get on their anti-Trump soapbox; but after his blistering opening monologue, I was intrigued. He said what we’ve been saying about Hollywood for years and in one paragraph:

“If you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and fuck off,” he added.

Was that true or what?! That could have been one of Trump’s tweets minus the “f” word.  But despite his shaming of these self-aggrandized folks,  pillowy-boobs Patricia Arquette and orange-garbed Michelle Williams were too stupid to understand and asked for a better world and told us to vote.  Don’t worry we will, and we’ll vote for Trump! Thanks for the tip. Arquette claimed we were going to war because of Trump and Williams thinks we are in danger of reversing Roe vs. Wade.  Two clueless, bad-dressed actors.

Gervais was on a roll. He also linked Epstein and Weinstein to “perverts” in the audience. You know who you are.  You have never seen so many sour faces during his monologue.  He mentioned that the license plate on his limo was made by Felicity Huffman while she was in prison.  The audience groaned. It was almost as though they condone what Huffman did.  It was close to watching a Trump rally with Democrats in attendance.

Australian Bushfires was the big winner last night.  Most of them sent thoughts and prayers to the firefighters and the residents of Australia and blamed it on climate change.  Old white men were also big winners last night.  Not sure why Robert De Niro was sitting up front as well as Meryl Streep as neither won an award.  Thank God for saving us from their speeches. Big liberal Tom Hanks gave a speech but must have gotten Gervais’ message and refrained from politics.

Brad Pitt looked very handsome as well as best-dressed, Jennifer Aniston. Maybe they should have stayed together. They make a cute couple. Taylor Swift looked slouchy-bad posture. Worst dressed was Michelle Williams with Charlize Theron coming in a close second.  Her dress looked like it was torn on one side exposing her black bra. Dumb.  Williams looked like she was wearing a prison garb formal or walked off the set of the Time Machine remake.

Poor Ellen won the Carol Burnett Award but her hair, ugh.  It’s too short making her look like an elf.  Let that hair grow over your ears. We get it, you’re a lesbian. But why do you have to try to look like a man?  Isn’t the fact that you’re a lesbian mean you are a champion of women?  So why the bad male impersonation? With all their money can’t they get an honest opinion from anyone? The answer is ‘no’.  They’re surrounded by “yes men.” I must be channeling Joan Rivers, but someone has to. The fake news media won’t.

Joaquin Phoenix won best actor and gave a rather odd acceptance speech. He rambled from plant-based meals, to global warming, to Australia, peppered with the “f” word. De Niro looked visibly annoyed, and he’s the king of the “f” word. Rivers seems like the part as the Joker was right in his wheelhouse.

The movie Cats took a lot of hits from Gervais, one of them being nasty but the audience liked it. Sex IS their wheelhouse.  It’s really what they have knowledge of. Politics, not so much. Regardless of what movies and shows won what (most of which I never heard of), Netflix was a big winner as well as the viewers.  We got to hear Gervais say to Hollywood what we’re all thinking.  Thank you, Ricky. Please come back next year. You were refreshing. If you don’t, viewership will tank for sure. So tired of the butt-kissing monologues from the usual hosts these days.  Eddie Murphy would be welcomed as well.



The Fictional Seven Dwarfs Are Running for the Democrat Primary…


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but some of their names have changed and no offense to “little people.”  There’s Uppity Pete, Calamity-Climate Steyer, Dopey Warren, Creepy Joe, Professor Bloomberg, Grumpy Sanders, and Techy Yang. I left out Klobuchar as she has no distinct character. She’s not Bashful, Sleepy, or Sneezy.  Notice none of them got the name Happy as they’re all basically angry.  Angry is the general attitude of all the candidates especially Kamala Harris who dropped out already.

They’ll all criticize Trump’s decision to target Soleimani, as expected.  If Obama had done the same, he would be revered.  Instead they’re calling a known terror leader “revered.”  Go figure.  Trump took the harder, less-traveled road when making this call; but it will result in America being treated with more respect from our enemies.  “Don’t mess with the U.S.” will be our motto.  If the left loved Nancy saying “Don’t mess with me,” then they should love this.  America doesn’t want enemies; but when there are bullies that behave provocatively like he did in Baghdad, we have to stand up to them otherwise it gets worse and massive lives will be lost.  It’s the common sense approach which Trump ran on.

Soleimani will probably be replaced by another ruthless killer like Bin Laden was, but that’s the nature of the game–one down, many more to replace him.  Iran can’t be too surprised.  When a terrorist has wreaked havoc on many countries for years, he will eventually meet his demise.  He was a dead man walking. We outsmarted him.

We had chances to take him out before but were told to stand down from the “Appeaser and Chief.” That’s what an Appeaser does.  We also had chances to take out Bin Laden under President Clinton, but he failed to do it and look what happened on 9-11.  We don’t know how many 9-11s Trump has thwarted by this move as behind every terror attack there is a rogue leader like Soleimani.

Let’s pray that Iran has the sense not to retaliate on America for the targeting of a bad actor in order to prevent a future war.

Hollywood Criticizes Trump’s Decision as “Distraction From Impeachment”…


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while they remained silent during the Obama Administration for the Benghazi “stand down” blunder, the “stand down” Navy hostages fiasco, pallets of cash bribe to Iran, and the Syrian redline broken promise.  Amazing.  Obama was the “Appeaser and Chief.”  He bought off our enemies to buy himself time while in office.  The Iran Nuclear Deal was nothing more than a “kick the can down the road” to the next president to deal with.  It was a bad deal that Trump got us out of.  Trump does not want war especially with countries that possess nuclear weapons.

Trump is now between a rock and a hard place.  He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  No matter what he does from now on the left will consider it a “distraction from his impeachment.”  He cannot govern without it being called a distraction from his impeachment.  If Trump had ignored a chance to take out a known terror leader Soleimani that led the attack on our embassy in Baghdad and was planning something bigger, Hollywood would undoubtedly call him a coward.  He can’t win for losing.  But since he did something about it, they call him lighting a fuse to war with Iran as a distraction from his impeachment.  He can’t win with these children. And they are children.  They have never grown up.  Hollywood has stunted their minds and their growth. Case in point: Lori Loughlin.  She didn’t realize that $500,000 to get her daughters into the college of HER choice was a bribe.  Clueless Hollywood actors.

The Democrats in office are behaving similarly with outrageous comments like Trump should have gotten congress’s approval before taking out Soleimani.  By the time congress would be able to approve anything like that, it would be leaked to the press by Nancy or Schiff who can’t be trusted.  Then the terror leader would be tipped off.  Some fake newspersons are calling this “Trump’s Benghazi” when it is exactly the opposite of Benghazi.  No Americans were killed, and Trump sent in troops to defend them.  Total opposite, not even a close comparison. The only comparison was that it was a terror attack on a U.S. Embassy (which Obama refused to admit).  Trump doesn’t shy away from the truth like Obama and Hillary did with their lies about a video causing protesters to attack Benghazi.  In fact, if anything, this is just exposing how incompetent the Democrats in power were at the time.  Cowards and liars.

The Democrats should be rallying around Trump’s decision rather than ridiculing it, for the sake of our country.  When we stand together, we appear stronger in the eyes of our enemies, but the Democrats don’t care.  They want their power back at all costs, even at the cost of going to war to hurt Trump.  Trump does not want to go to war.  He’s against “endless wars.”  He ran on getting out of “endless wars.”  Why would he want to start a new one?  He wouldn’t.  He’s for America First and that means protecting America first not getting involved in other countries’ issues.

Iran is a known terrorist hotbed country and has been ramping up their provocative acts against America as they see an opening with Trump being maligned by the press and the Democrats.  They figure they can do anything now that Trump is impeached.  But Trump showed them he’s not going to turn a blind eye like Obama did. Of course, the likes of lying Susan Rice, goofy Warren, and lying Biden have condemned Trump’s decision which was encouraged by the Intelligence Committee which they are always ballyhooing about.  These people are not well.  I guess when Trump agrees with the Intelligence Committee, then the committee is wrong.  They are only right when Trump doesn’t agree with them.  They can’t have it both ways, but they’re certainly trying.  The American people are on to the Democrats by now.  If they aren’t, they must have their heads in the sand.

Biden has always said that he was against taking out Bin Laden but now that Trump took out a Soleimani, Biden flip flops to saying he was FOR taking out Bin Laden.  John Kerry move over.  There is a bigger flip flopper than you. He was “against taking out Bin Laden before he was FOR it.” Next Biden will say he was for going into war with Iraq before he was against it.  

Trump’s strategy for 2020 is “Just Let Biden Talk.” That’s all Trump needs to do. Distraction or no distraction from impeachment, no matter what Trump does, the left will be against it.  This is just one of many cries of disapproval of Trump with many more to come. Trump, be careful.  The left won’t stop.

Can’t wait to hear what the nuts on the Golden Globe Awards say tonight.  It will probably be more political than ever.  America should boycott the show.  Haven’t seen any of their crappy movies anyway.  Movies aren’t what they used to be.  They all have to have a hidden agenda, or they won’t be acknowledged. Some gay, transgender, metoo, women’s empowerment, anti-war, anti-Trump, Black lives matter, or handicap boxes will have to be checked before a movie wins an award these days.  And they are all politically correct. Whatever happened to the likes of Splendor in the Grass Broadcast News, Dirty Harry, and Uncle Buck? NO boxes checked, just good movies. The liberal left has ruined movies, education, and politics for the rest of us.

Biden Claims He’s “Clean as a Whistle” Just as Obama Claimed…

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the IRS having “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the targeting of conservative groups.

“There were some boneheaded decisions,” Obama said. “Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgen of corruption.” The Hill

Biden claims that after all the investigations of his son and his involvement in Ukraine, they came out clean as a whistle.  Except for one thing: Biden hasn’t had an investigation. He put a stop to it.  Just because he says he has, does not make it true.  Joe had the prosecutor in Ukraine fired.  The proof is in Ukraine, and we’ll get to the bottom of it at some point in his campaign. For him to dismiss it daily does not make it go away.  His whistle is not clean.  In fact, it is dripping in corruption just as Obama’s IRS was.  Remember Lois Lerner taking The Fifth?

Biden is a cover up artist. For him to lie in a soft tone to his audience doesn’t make his lies more believable.  Biden and his son were in cahoots selling access to the Obama Administration to the highest bidder while he held the position of VP and Obama was well aware of it.  Obama chose him as VP because Joe was even more shady than himself and would take some of the spotlight off of him while he got away with all that he did.  That’s what Democrat Presidents do.  They choose a VP that is more corrupt than they are to take some of the heat off of themselves. “Don’t look at me, look at him” is their mantra.  That’s why Obama is still teflon.

Obama has done no favors for Biden during his campaign, yet Biden is promising to nominate Obama for the Supreme Court?!  Just what we need a radical activist in the Supreme Court legislating from the bench.  Biden was probably just trying to garner Obama’s endorsement.  We thought he didn’t want it; but now that he’s desperate, he wants it. Make up your mind Biden.  You’re giving us whiplash.

Biden can’t stick to any positions because he doesn’t have any positions or scruples to stick to.  He flip flops more than John Kerry used to. He brags that he can bring back the soul of America. It’s surviving quite well under the Trump Administration; in fact, it’s getting better. It’s the Democrats acting like soulless swamp dwellers.  Biden has nothing to offer the voters but more lies and cover ups.  He should quit the campaign before he embarrasses himself anymore. Everyone is mocking him, although the fake non-news media covers for all his gaffes like they did for Obama and Hillary.  Give it up Biden.

When asked why he wouldn’t want to honor a subpoena he answers because it’s about Trump not me. I have nothing to offer in the way of Trump’s defense for what he did.  But what Biden leaves out is that Trump was getting impeached for abuse of power for asking Ukraine to check into the Bidens.  So obviously the Bidens have a lot to offer in the way of Trump’s defense especially if they tell the truth underoath.  Heaven forbid they’d want to tell the truth about themselves so thus the defiant attitude.

Since the whole Mueller Probe was based on evidence obtained illegally through the illegal spying of the Trump Campaign after the fake Steele Dossier was used to obtain the FISA Warrant to spy, it is the definition of fruit obtained from the poisonous tree and Articles of Impeachment should be thrown out of court.  The Mueller Probe launched the Ukraine hoax which launched the Articles of Impeachment.  All should be thrown out of the Senate.  The FISA Court was in cahoots as one judge is friends with Strzok and remained suspiciously silent throughout the whole Mueller Probe. Once it was known that the Steele Dossier was fabricated, the FISA Court should have came forward and ended the Mueller Probe. But they are all part of the D.C. Swamp and cover for each other.

Bye bye Biden.  Go retire with your “nice” family and save yourself from scandal.  Get your son Hunter some help with his addictions. Biden may use the idiom that he’s clean as a whistle but it’s more like where there’s smoke there’s fire.  He was just trying to take a page from the Obama playbook: not a smidgeon and clean as a whistle have an authoritative implication to them.

“where there’s smoke there’s fire—used to say that if people are saying that someone has done something wrong there is usually a good reason for what they are saying.” Merriam Webster

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