Who is the Real Joe Biden?

Image result for images of young college age Joe Biden
Image result for risky business castIs he Joel from Risky Business?
Image result for John Boy images from the Waltons
or John-Boy from The Waltons?

We’ve all been told ad nauseum that Joe came from a poor family during the depression whose father laid awake nights staring at his ceiling wondering how he was going to put food on the table. “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck. It is about dignity.” How many times did he repeat that? These are the stories Joe told the public. Poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks in a two bedroom home from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Kids made fun of his stuttering. Rich kids looked down on him. However, the image of Joe above looks more like Joel from Risky Business carrying his BYOB than John-Boy from The Waltons, which he tried to portray himself. Which is it?

Nothing could be further from the truth and his parents must be wondering what they created (from their graves). It turns out Joe’s dad owned a Chevy Dealership and Joe had a new car for each year in high school once he reached 16. He attracted all kinds of girls and was living high on the hog. He was good-looking, cocky, rich, and got what he wanted. No sign of his stuttering problem then. Complete opposite of the stories he’s been telling throughout his campaign. He bragged in college that he wanted to be president. That was his goal. He went from city council to the senate in short order. In order to pull that off, one needs a huge ego together with lots of money to campaign with. His father’s. Poor kids don’t advance that quickly without brains, connections, and money. And we know it wasn’t brains.

Joe is much older than I but I can remember what it was like trying to get one nice car in our middleclass family let alone a car for us kids when we reached driving age. We had to get jobs and save up for a down payment to buy our first “used” car. No help from daddy. Joe was what we called a spoiled, rich kid back then. The same label he has been trying to pin onto Trump the last four years.

Image result for images of young college age joe biden

So poor old slow Joe has been in public service since getting out of college to the current age of 78. He has never created a job, started a company, or hired a soul. He has no hands-on experience on how to run a company or even hire employees. He is a combo of Obama and Bernie Sanders, only senile. He has no idea what $15 an hour minimum wage will do to a small franchise like McDonalds since he has been milking the government since age 25.

All the stories he told of his poor upbringing were nothing but lies. He duped all his voters. I saw through his lies because he was caught in so many including plagiarism and bragging on camera that he was top in his class at law school. But his voters turned a blind eye to all that. I was duped about his poor upbringing, however. What a conman!

Joe is not for helping the working man like Trump is. Joe is all about helping Joe and lining his pockets with wealth which he has gotten quite skilled at over the years. He will do nothing to help America or Americans as you can see already from all his executive orders. He will do more to help foreigners and will expect something in return, as it’s his SOP.

His voters got duped. We will soon be expecting an apology from his voters and the media who voted (cheated) for him. Once they see where the country is heading, the moderates will finally apologize to us or see the light. As we were right about Joe, and they were wrong. Won’t they? Or am I expecting too much from a Democrat?



Now after nine months in office, the real Joe Biden is finally being revealed. He wants to have the banks report any transaction over $600 to the IRS and hire more agents to inspect what WE are spending money on. What is he looking for? I suspect he is looking for whatever his son Hunter has been getting away with for years. Remember, whatever they accuse us of, they are guilty of. I suspect money laundering. Joe has the FBI personally working for him, why not the IRS like Obama had? Lois Lerner comes to mind. Another beauty as Trump would say.

Hunter paid Joe’s bills. Joe is too senile to pay them and his wife is too doctorish to do such a menial task, so Hunter handled Joe’s money. Besides Joe doesn’t want to get his hands dirty from dirty money and probably didn’t want his wife to know what he spent money on. Imagine trusting a cocaine addict to do your bills. Wow! Love to see their bank transactions. But instead the IRS will be snooping into OUR (conservative only) bank transactions.

Joe is in bed with China. He is doing everything possible to cater to China’s demands while overlooking the demands of this country. Why? Because China has compromising, blackmailing information on Joe and Hunter. Duh! Joe gave up billions of dollars of military equipment in Afghanistan and will now need to purchase more. I wonder where we will get our supplies? When Joe says “Buy American” he means the opposite. When he plagiarizes “Hire American” from Trump, he means hire immigrants.

We have a frat boy running our country into the ground who thinks a lot of himself. His ego is out of control. He keeps saying that he doesn’t look over the age of 65. Whoa, he must have Fun House mirrors in the White House to build his ego. Can we just impeach him already for all he has destroyed in such short order? Anyone…anyone? Crickets.

Yes, Joe is Joel from Risky Business. Ironic isn’t it? Life does imitate art.

Top 20 Signs FBI Incited January 6th Riot.

Photo by Ramaz Bluashvili on Pexels.com

More and more evidence is surfacing that the FBI was the instigator behind the so-called riot at the Capitol Building on January 6th which the left cannot stop ballyhooing about. Here’s the top twenty signs:

  1. A video was released showing an undercover FBI agent pulling glass from a window of the capitol building and suspiciously dropping it like no one saw him. Then corresponding with the other agents via his mic do not defend this opening from trespassers and the large group of police turned their backs to the opening and walked away. But when this same undercover agent saw he was being videoed, he immediately changed his demeanor to pushing people and shouting “get out!” All for show. All on tape.
  2. Capitol police strangely took down barricades and welcomed demonstrators and rally goers into the Capitol building as if on a tour. All on tape.
  3. Anyone that entered was later found and arrested for trespassing and are still incarcerated but only if they were Trump supporters.
  4. Agitators were witnessed coming into town the night before by the bus loads and greeted by police or undercover agents.
  5. Many FBI agents were undercover and behaved violently at the demonstration to incite the peaceful rally goers. Then teargas was used against innocent patriots which enraged them.
  6. Chris Wray feared Trump would fire him if reelected or if the electoral votes were challenged putting Trump in the winning column.
  7. Nancy knew many states would be objecting to the electoral votes and had to be stopped at all costs. Even at the cost of Ashli Babbitt’s life.
  8. The Biden Administration erected guarded fencing around the capitol building for months afterwards to make it look like they were under attack from Trump supporters. Which they were not. All for show.
  9. This administration continues to say that white supremacists (which are not Trump supporters) are the biggest threat to America. All for show. In fact, no one knows who they are or if they even exist.
  10. The cop who shot an unarmed trespasser Ashli Babbitt dead has been exonerated by authorities and by the media. No public outcry for her murder like what was done after Floyd’s death. Crickets heard from the left.
  11. Many capitol police have died since the riot either out of guilt or under suspicious circumstances. Maybe got threatened to remain quiet.
  12. The FBI has been caught in collusion with Hillary during the Russian Collusion hoax so why not be part of this set up of Trump too?
  13. Nancy was looking for another impeachment of Trump that would stick this time and put the final nail in his coffin to never run again. Unfortunately for her, this didn’t stick either as Trump said walk peacefully and patriotically to the capitol and let your voices be heard. All on tape. Trump was no where near the capitol and no evidence of an invasion being planned ahead.
  14. Nancy declined extra security the day of the counting of electoral votes even though pipe bombs were found nearby. She refused national guard and sent some capitol police home. She knew all along the secret rogue FBI agents were coming to do her dirty work.
  15. The planter of the two pipe bombs has not yet been arrested even though we have her on tape. Obviously, the FBI used tapes to find all the trespassers but this gal has not been located. All part of their inciting violence plan as they wanted the pipe bombs to be associated with Trump. And still do thus not releasing the identity of the pipe placer.
  16. Haven’t heard of any BLM or Antifa being held or arrested from the riot even though we know one of their leaders was behind much of it or was paid to come. All on tape.
  17. The whole summer of BLM and Antifa rioting and burning down cities was called peaceful demonstrations by General Milley and others, but this rally gone wrong was labeled an insurrection. The labeling was changed to warrant another impeachment of Trump.
  18. General Milley called China afterwards in order to tarnish any future Trump relationship with China just in case the SCOTUS decided to hear the election fraud cases. But Jon Roberts (another beauty) had a hissy fit heard through the walls that he wouldn’t support Trump or take the cases. He fears Trump too. They are all in cahoots.
  19. The media and Biden Administration continually call the rally goers “armed insurrectionists” but not one policeman was shot at nor one gun confiscated only a lone Trump supporter was shot dead by the police.
  20. The FBI became part of the Deep State while under the helm of Comey who is buddies with Wray and Mueller. Nothing that comes out of the FBI since then has been aboveboard including the staged kidnapping of Governor Whitmer, the staged hate crime of Jussie Smollett, and the fake hate crime of a Bubba Wallace all of which the FBI jumped on and were left with egg on their faces.

They can’t even surveil a guy who is under suspicion of killing his missing girlfriend Gabby. They let him escape! This agency is nothing more than a “Cover Your Ass” agency. They cover for themselves after they screw up. They cover for Democrats up to no good. In fact, they should rename it the CYA. And if there are honest agents working under this corrupt leadership, they need to become whistleblowers but probably fear for their life. They saw what happened to Seth Rich. Look what they’ve done to Stuart Scheller. No one is allowed to speak out against an elected Democrat or this administration. And no one is allowed to show support for Trump! No one!

I grew up admiring the FBI and their work. In fact, I wanted one of my sons to become an FBI agent. He became a lawyer instead. Smart move. I wouldn’t want him working under the corrupt leadership of this agency. They all need to be fired from the top down. But, in order to do that, we need Trump or a Trump-like president soon. Cruz, DeSantis or Trump could do it.

Release Officer who Criticized the Ineptitude of Our Afghanistan Withdrawal.

Lt. Col. Scheller vs. Lyin’ Biden

Seventeen year impeccable service of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was ignored as he was thrown in the brig for being a whistleblower to what went wrong in Afghanistan. I thought this government loves whistleblowers, the troops, and transparency. Remember when they praised pajama boy and kept his identity secret who thought Trump made a bad phone call with Ukraine? Remember how Lieutenant Vindman was praised for testifying against Trump during a phony impeachment? Did he get sent to the brig? Where’s the equal treatment of this whistleblower?

Instead he gets thrown in the brig and is facing court martial! Outrageous! Vindictive Biden at it again.

“Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. is currently in pre-trial confinement in the Regional Brig for Marine Corps Installations East aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune pending an Article 32 preliminary hearing,” said Capt. Sam Stephenson, a spokesman for Training and Education Command. “The time, date, and location of the proceedings have not been determined.  Lt. Col. Scheller will be afforded all due process.”

(After publication the Marine Corps confirmed that Scheller is accused of the following offenses under the UCMJ: Article 88: Contempt toward officials, Article 90: Willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer, Article 92: Failure to obey an order, and Article 133: Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.)

Scheller first gained notoriety on Aug. 26, when he posted a video on Facebook and Linkedin criticizing the handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. In the video, Scheller accused senior military leaders of shirking their responsibilities, and questioned some of the command decisions that were made leading up to, and during, the final moments of America’s longest war.” Task & Purpose

These soldiers were given a gag order to not talk about what went down in Afghanistan, but this officer had to speak out. Now he is being punished. Psaki promised they’d be a transparent administration. That ship has sailed. You get imprisoned for exposing the truth. Ironically, everyone else including senators, congressmen, and the media are speaking out about the debacle in Afghanistan and aren’t being imprisoned. The cat was already out of the bag and this officer wasn’t revealing anything we didn’t already know or suspect.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme among anyone who posts objection to what is going on in this country. Cancel culture has spread to the military. A cop made fun of putting on a mask in a video he posted and was released from duty. We are getting out of control with all this tattling and cancelling. Facebook, You tube, and Twitter pick and choose what offends them and it’s always conservative posts. Something has to give. We’re behaving like children and our country is being run by children.

Our freedoms are being infringed on. We can’t pursue happiness with all this retaliation going on. Comedians like Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, and even Russell Brand are disgusted by political correctness and cancel culture as well as the coverups and hoaxes the Democrats have been involved in. Even basketball stars are speaking out about freedoms being infringed upon whether to be vaccinated or not. And the rest of the celebrities live in fear of speaking their truth for fear of being cancelled. Leave us all the hell alone! Let us live our lives with impunity.

Release Stuart Scheller and let him resign at his own free will like the courtesy we have shown Austin, Milley, and Blinken. Biden lied, soldiers died. Someone needs to be held accountable, but it’s not Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller.

The Left is Slowly Awakening to What Really Went Down…

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

Let’s see what has slowly come out as the truth that we knew all along, but the media and the leftists were slow to accept or even believe:

  1. Hillary was behind the Russian Collusion Hoax, 100%.
  2. Hunter Biden’s laptop was for real and filled with evidence of influence peddling with China and Ukraine with Joe as the “big Guy” who got 10% of the laundered money.
  3. Audits in several states have turned up massive numbers of voter fraud to put Trump in the winning column. The “big lie” is not a lie.
  4. Biden refused to leave soldiers in Afghanistan as the optics didn’t fit his narrative that HE ended a 20-year war near the anniversary of 9-11.
  5. Biden took out innocent civilians with a drone to look tough and lied about it saying they thwarted another terror attack.
  6. Biden was warned days in advance of the threat of a suicide bomber but did nothing to keep our soldiers safe. In fact, relied on the Taliban to inspect vehicles at the checkpoint.
  7. There was no insurrection on January 6th. It was a peaceful demonstration until capitol police started inviting demonstrators into the building to set them up. Then some agitators incited violence among the peaceful crowd and police shot teargas harming innocent folks. All part of Pelosi’s plan for another impeachment of Trump for inciting an insurrection.
  8. Biden has invited millions of immigrants from all countries to cross over our borders illegally with no consequences. He wants open borders.
  9. Biden falsely accused our Border Police of whipping Haitians which was nothing more than checking the horses with reins attached to the bit.
  10. Biden left behind enough military equipment, arsenal, and terrorists in Afghanistan to execute another 9-11 type attack on our soil.
  11. General Milley lied to congress about an imminent threat from China that had to be thwarted by advising them: “We’ll give you a heads up if Trump decides to attack.” Milley wanted to look like some kind of hero in Woodward’s hitjob book on Trump. Turns out there was no intelligence of China or Trump wanting to attack. He made it up.
  12. The police are not racist nor do they pose a threat to blacks. This was a lie perpetuated by the BLM, Antifa, Democrat politicians, and teachers.
  13. The covid 19 virus was released from the Wuhan Lab in China and quite possibly was a planned attack on our economy and it worked.
  14. Facebook and Twitter banned conservative thought which interfered with our last presidential election.
  15. Face masks and vaccines are failing to stop the spread of covid. It just has to run its course like any flu and allow herd immunity to kick in. Everyone responsible for their own family, not the government.

With the realization of all this coming to surface now, can we expect Biden to be ousted and Trump reinstalled as President? I sure hope so. It’s clear he had the Deep State after him, a rigged election, and that Biden is nothing more than a lifetime corrupt, politician on the take. He has no business running this country into the ground. Which he has done from day one.

Cancel Culture is the new Blacklisting.

Although the term “blacklisting” would be considered racist in today’s climate.

“The Hollywood blacklist was the colloquial term for what was in actuality a broader entertainment industry blacklist put in effect in the mid-20th century in the United States during the early years of the Cold War. The blacklist involved the practice of denying employment to entertainment industry professionals believed to be or to have been Communists or sympathizers. Not just actors, but screenwritersdirectorsmusicians, and other American entertainment professionals were barred from work by the studios. This was usually done on the basis of their membership in, alleged membership in, or even just sympathy with the Communist Party USA, or on the basis of their refusal to assist Congressional investigations into the party’s activities.” Wikipedia.

Growing up we heard of communism in school or our parents spoke of it in vague terms. We never had to think about it that much until now. The word “blacklisted” (which is synonymous with cancel culture today) was used against those that were considered communist or sympathizers. But what we have going on today are the communists blacklisting or canceling anyone that doesn’t fall in line with THEIR beliefs.

Pelosi called conservativism “a cult.” I can assure you we are not in a cult. But this is the way the Democrats work. They will call us out for what they are guilty of. If anyone is in a cult it is this cancel culture that everyone is complaining about. Not even Hollyweird can speak out against vaccine mandates or the risks, the border catastrophe, Afghanistan blunder, the president’s health, Fauci’s lies, or mask mandates without getting cancelled by the left wing cult or as they currently call themselves woke culture. I’m quite sure Russell Brand is getting cancelled as I write with Bill Maher soon after.

Conservatives aren’t publicly cancelling anyone on the left. Sure, we disagree with them but don’t go on twitter (that I am aware of) and ask others to stop buying their records, watching their movies, or turning off their tv shows. Even if we did, communist Twitter would suspend our account. We just silently refuse to give them our attention any longer. For instance, I never watch The View or Ellen or late night non-comedy or SNL or Rachel Maddow or CNN. This is how we treat those that don’t agree with us. We just stop watching them. We don’t resort to cancel culture ways.

Somehow we have allowed Marxism and Communism to leak into our society. We are way past Socialism now, even though Trump said we’d never be a socialist country. That ship has sailed when we got an election stolen from us. Biden is socialism on steroids. He hates America as it has done him wrong. He lost three presidential elections, lost a daughter and wife in a car crash, lost a son to cancer, lost another son to depravity, lost his hair and mind, and America is going to be punished. He is being led around by communist AOC who claims she represents the working class. That’s laughable. A rich girl raised by liberals to hate America is now pulling the strings along with Obama.

Obama is a radical Islamic sympathizer and AOC a communist. Put those two together and we have the perfect storm running our country right now. Vote against communism in 2022 to take back our country. Vote against cancel culture and woke culture in 2022 to take back our country.

If you live in California, remember it is a felony to vote more than once, despite the fact that Newsom is condoning it by passing mail in ballot bills. Be honest for once in your life and only vote once. The most honest way to vote is in person with Voter ID as we can’t trust the change of custody of the post office nor temporary ballot boxes. But if you do mail in, make sure your envelop is not see through and don’t put it in one of those temporary ballot boxes placed on the street. Send it through the mail.

If you’re a postal worker in California, we know what some of you are up to. You won’t get away with it a third time. We will prosecute you to the fullest once we get back in power. What some of you are doing with mail in ballots is a felony and punishable by prison. So be fully warned. And don’t think breaking the law is the means justifying the end. That end may just land you behind bars. Grow a conscience if it is possible.

It’s Not Climate Change Causing Wildfires in California. It’s Girls Gone Wild.

Mugshot of 30-year-old Alexandra Souverneva of Palo Alto during her arrest on Sept.12, 2021, in Oregon, for Criminal Trespass, 2nd Degree according to the Douglas County Sheriff. She was released the following day, on Sept. 13, 2021. (Roseburg Police Department)
She’s come a long way.

“We’ve come a long way, baby,” bragged the women’s movement in the 70s Virginia Slims ad. Women had their own cigarettes! But using one’s lighter to become a firestarter wasn’t the idea nor what we strived for.

A 30-year-old lunatic from Palo Alto who graduated from Caltech with degrees in chemistry and biology was arrested Thursday on suspicion of starting the Fawn Fire with her lighter that’s burning north of Redding and has forced more than 2,500 people to evacuate their homes. Why? Why start a fire unless you are trying to give credence to global warming? She must be a climate change activist.

This wild blonde girl got arrested for starting another wildfire in beautiful Northern California forest. And an illegal got arrested for starting one in Southern California. Who is behind these crazy youth starting fires? Is someone putting them up to it or are they rogue activists? The climate change activists maybe? It is destroying the natural beauty of our forests and endangering lives and wildlife. There have been an uptake in suspicious fires popping up all along Northern Nevada and California and parts of Oregon and Washington.

I’ve been wondering why the increase in wildfires of late but whenever I research the cause it is under investigation or unknown cause.

“A 2.7-acre wildfire closed Jacks Valley Road for nearly four hours on Friday.

The fire appeared to start next to the road near the top of the ridge between Jacks Valley and Alpine View.

The second Jacks Valley Fire in two months burned on the north side of the road between the ridge and the Clear Creek Trailhead.

Unlike a handful of fires started by lightning strikes along the east side of the Valley, the fire appears to have been human caused.” Local paper.

Lightening can certainly start a fire as well as high winds and downed electrical lines. But without those two weather causes that leaves manmade: campfires, smokers, homeless, backfires, arsonists, and now girls gone wild. None of which is climate change reportedly caused by fuel and cow emissions which warm the climate causing fires to spontaneously erupt. Or so they want us to believe.

I guess burning our cities during 2020 wasn’t enough for these college-brainwashed millennials so they have resorted to the beautiful mountain ranges. When our children are taught to hate America, what can we really expect? Amber waves of grain from sea to shining sea? No, orange waves of fire from sea to polluted sea. Our discarded face masks are littering the beaches and seas as well as rubber gloves. We have a nation of litterbugs and firebugs destroying our country. Is this the Domestic Terror that the Biden Administration speaks of? Must be.

Our Texas border has illegals washing and relieving themselves in our river leaving tons of garbage along the shoreline. We are a bunch of slobs allowing more slobs to enter our country at free will. We look like a third world country. With all the problems our country is facing, we don’t need “girls gone wild” adding to them. Solution to this problem: 1) Stiffer prison sentencing for arsonists. 2) Working along side forest restoration crews planting trees 3) Firing all our teachers that are forcing the climate change and critical race theories down our youth’s throats.

Save our forests from girls gone wild!

“They Will Pay!” Threatens Biden in a Sinister Tone.

The Righteous Anger of Joe Biden | The New Republic
Biden angry at the wrong people.

“Who will pay?” you ask. The commander that took out innocent children and civilians with a drone attack on a Toyota Corolla in Afghanistan in an attempt to retaliate for the 13 soldiers killed? Or does he mean the Defense Department for screwing up the timing of his withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving thousands of allies and Americans behind as well as 85 billion of our military equipment? Or does he mean those responsible for allowing tens of thousands of Haitians to invade our border and amass under a bridge setting up makeshift tents in squalor? Or does he mean China for unleashing a deadly virus on the world? Or does he mean the W.H.O. for covering and lying for China preventing us from early warning of the virus? Or does he mean the New York Post or Politico for confirming the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop emails?

No, to all of the above. He wants to punish border police for doing their job protecting our border from migrants crossing over the river into our country. So Biden is at war with our police. Apparently students at ASU are at war with our police too. What is happening in our country when the ones protecting us from crime are the ones being punished and vilified?

Biden has instilled this fear of police in Americans whereby they think the police are our enemies. They are not. Police risk their lives everyday going into rescue people in car fires, house fires, hostage situations, robberies in process, break ins, kidnapping, and highway accidents. Everything they do is risky. Yet, our youth and Biden think they are racist. That’s all they think. Police are racist and out to hurt us. So sad.

Since when is Biden the judge and jury for our border police? What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Biden has already convicted them and taken them off the force. Biden is a disgrace to America and should be removed from office before he does anymore damage to the relations in our country. He is the opposite of a unifier. He’s a Divider in Chief. He pits vaccinated against non vaccinated, masked against unmasked, blacks against whites, Republicans against Democrats, straights against gays, transgenders against women. By the end of his term he’ll have everyone hating each other because he hates himself.

Hate starts within ourselves and spreads to others. We don’t know when Biden began to hate himself. It could have been after losing two or three presidential elections as he thought he deserved to be on the ticket. It could have been after losing his wife and daughter in a fatal car crash. Even after Obama chose him to be VP, he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to be on the top of the ticket. When he decided to run again after Hillary’s loss to Trump, he recruited all his drones to do the dirty work for him even allowing a bioweapon to be released. (Word still out on who was behind it.) He also tried to tarnish Trump’s presidency with fake investigations of Russia collusion and Ukraine bullying. None of which were true. He was just deflecting from the news of FBI’s possession of Hunter’s laptop from hell.

When that wasn’t enough he had to rig the election with a multitude of methods too numerous for biased governors to figure out or the biased courts for that matter. He had all his drones across America helping him from election workers, Pelosi, BLM, postal workers, Antifa, Soros, the media, social media, the Deep State, and Democrat governors. They all worked in concert to make sure Trump lost the second term. Word still out on who won yet. Even having a go at him after the election with a staged “insurrection” which they blamed on Trumpers.

Stealing is not winning, so Biden still hates himself and will continue to punish us. Let’s get him out of office ASAP for failure to protect America from foreign invaders.

Snarky Psaki Avoids Questions on the Border Crisis.

Prankster Posing as White House Reporter Duped Press Corps Into Relaying  Questions to Press Sec

Not only does she avoid them, but deflects by asking the questioner a question in true sociopathic manner. “Why do you ask such a thing?” She asks Doocey who wants to know if Biden has ever visited the border. “He relies on his years of experience to evaluate the situation at our border which was the result of poor immigration plans.” A snide reference to the previous administration, which is a lie.

She is so embarrassed by what is happening around the globe that she has resorted to snarky answers like a petulant child. She is worthless as a press secretary while she turns the pages of her binder in a frantic attempt to have an answer jump out at her that makes even a little bit of sense. And the fake news about the border police on horses whipping the Haitians is nothing more than horseshit intended to deflect from the real inhumanity and squalor at the cesspool border created by Biden’s policies, not Trump’s.

The Haitians that were scheduled to be sent back to Haiti are now being dispersed among Dallas and other cities. Talk about a super spreader. The Haitians attacked the bus drivers and border patrol when they thought they were being sent back to Haiti and our administration had to relent and keep them here. Spoiled children are the ruling class of America. If they don’t get their way, they have a hissy fit and Biden caves like a cheap suit like he did with Hunter his whole life.

Poor parenting begets poor adults and that is what we are dealing with from The Squad to the rest of the Biden Academia Administration. A bunch of former or current college professors, community organizers, or bartenders running our country. They’ve never ran anything before. HELP!

Biden makes another attempt at a joke that you may be shocked to know that I’m over the age of 65. Really? He looks and acts like someone in his 90s. He probably doesn’t even remember how old he is. He’s a bumbling, stumbling Mr. Magoo on his best day. Biden cheats on his taxes and cheats in elections. He lies about the border and lied about Hunter. Anyway…I’m not kidding…it’s not hyperbole…come on mannot a joke...I’m going to get in trouble…are his go to phrases.

Secret Lab | Mr. Magoo | Boomerang Africa - YouTube

Today he pretended to take questions from the press but rather took two questions then went on a rambling incohesive speech about God knows what taking up all the time. Then we saw the back of his head as he scooted out leaving the press corps screaming behind.

Greg Kelly played a video of lying Jill and Joe reminiscing about their first date. Except Jill left out the part that she was married and her husband was friends with Joe and she sneaked off to Joe’s house on the ruse that she was babysitting his boys. Her husband thought it was suspicious and soon found out that they were having an affair. Jill implied to us that she was single when she meant Joe. That should say it all. She’s everything I hate in some women. She’s a gold-digging, homewrecking mistress. She traded up; but in my opinion, traded down, big time. But they are of like minds. Karma is a b**ch and will be coming to collect soon.

The grass may have been greener on the other side of the fence but is about to turn brown. Jill may be known as the First Lady of the Worst President in U.S. History. Nice going Jill. Bet you wish you would have stayed with your first husband about now. Life is like a poker game; in the end we all have to show our cards.

Who is Providing Food and Water for Haitian Migrants Amassing at our Border??

U.S. starts mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas border town - CBS  News
America looking more like a third world country.

We’ve all seen these shocking photos of the invasion of illegal Haitian migrants lying around under a bridge along our border in Texas unless you watch CNN. But what are they eating? Thousands of migrants had settled underneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, in the heat where essentials such as food, water, and restrooms were scarce. Did they bring enough food to last? Of course not. Someone is providing them with food and water, and I suspect it is the state. How can we afford to feed tens of thousands of foreigners along our border when we have our own homeless starving in the streets of San Francisco and Austin? This is outrageous.

Biden is the worst leader of our country probably in history. His speech today at the UN was nothing more than vague, lofty, academia speak probably written by Obama. He took no blame for his failure in Afghanistan rather claiming he is the first president in 20 years that is not in a war. Oh, that claim will come back to bite him in the ass. He also didn’t mention this crisis at the border nor tell immigrants to stop coming here! He failed by not addressing this crisis in his speech to other nations.

He creates manmade disasters of epic proportions then ignores them. He is a very vindictive person by nature and is ruling with punitive actions against red state governors in particular and will blame Trump at every turn. Something is seriously wrong with him. He speaks of “dignity, soul, and unity” in his speeches but actions speak louder than words. There’s no unity, soul, or dignity in what is going on in Afghanistan or at our borders. The complete opposite is true.

I suspect in the near future we will be seeing these migrants (who were incentivized to come here by Biden) die from heat exhaustion, starvation, and disease. Bodies will be piling up. Several women have given birth. How will their babies survive? Will the media cover the story? No. This is what a real super spreader looks like as these migrants have had no vaccines not even for measles. We are in big trouble if they spread out into our society.

Biden and Harris do not want to be associated with the inhumane cesspool at our border or the ruthless killings in Afghanistan. They only want to be credited for successes; unfortunately, they’ve had none. Everything they touch goes to shit, literally. Where are all the migrants relieving themselves? Probably in the river or in the sand. Must smell nice there. The governor will probably have to bring in rows of porta-potties and food trucks soon. Thanks Biden. Where’s FEMA? This is a major manmade disaster caused by Biden.

Former President and Wife Conspire to Frame Trump.

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Till jail do they part?

This is what it boils down to. Now that a lawyer for the Clintons gets indicted, who do we think paid him to start a rumor about Russia Collusion? The Clintons, of course. Who paid Christopher Steele for the phony dossier? The Clintons, of course. Who asked Comey for a favor to spread the rumor? The Clintons, of course. Who recommended friend and colleague Mueller to start the fake probe? Comey, of course.

Why do we have to play dumb all the time? The FBI has known about this scheme all along. They were part of it! McCabe, Comey, Stzok, Page, Orh and Nellie, anyone? Come on, man! We’re not stupid. We can put two and two together. Durham doesn’t have the guts to indict who was really behind the Russia Collusion fake Mueller Probe. Instead he picks off low hanging fruit campaign lawyer Michael Sussman to save face and imply that the Clintons were behind the 30 to 50 million $$$$ scheme to frame the Trump Campaign.

Notice how Durham has waited for the statutes of limitations to run out? You don’t think this was his plan all along? Let the time to indict run out so they can’t go after Hillary and Bill. Durham is a coward along with Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions. They all had their chance to get the Clintons but blackmail and bribery is a strong deterrent. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

Former presidents cannot behave in this manner. Bill and Hill did this together with the help of the (everything we did was by the book) Obamas et al (Rice, Valerie, Joe). None of them wanted Trump anywhere near the Oval Office. Trump was their enemy. Trump was the one who forced Obama to come up with a forged U.S. birth certificate rather than one from Thailand. And Obama will never forgive him for that. Later the forger turns up dead. Coincident? You decide.

These two partners in crime (Foster, White Water, Broderick, Lewinski, Benghazi, Epstein, Weinstein) are up to their eyeballs in corruption along with the Bidens (Reade, pay for play, Ukraine, China, Hunter) and Obamas (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bergdahl, Iran bribe). Six peas in a fraud. What’s always baffled me is how the media paints Michelle as sweet and savvy and Barack as intelligent and honest and Joe as caring and sympathetic and Jill as smart and classy, when the complete opposite it true. So whatever the impression the media tries to force down our throats, the opposite is usually true.

I’d love to see Hillary locked up for all that she’s done; but let’s be clear, Bill was just as guilty as her. Because behind every strong woman is a man. You can’t indict one without the other. And we’ve never put a former president in jail, so there’s that. The prosecutors are stymied due to Bill being a former president; and, therefore, rendering Hillary untouchable.