We Had a Bad Day!

We Had a Bad Day.

I went to bed last night feeling robbed again. A pit was in my stomach that remains this morning. I can’t believe voters don’t vote their biggest issues and sometimes split the ticket which screws things up. I was really proud of the way Florida and Texas voted and will be pleased with Nevada’s results once they are in but what happened everywhere else?

Arizona is looking dumber than a rock. They can’t count votes in a timely manner, and they voted for a women who refused to debate Kari Lake. Ashamed of Arizona. We had a few rock stars last night: Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, Kemp, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Laxalt. And I think we will have a new Republican governor in Nevada. ‘Bout time. Silver lining.

Trump endorsements were hit and miss but he did so many of them. I wish Dr. Oz would have won but it seems there is an evil element in politics that will be hard to break away from. I hope Kari Lake wins as she was a rock star. I hope Walker wins in Georgia but we have to be patience. The Red Wave promised by the pundits seems more like a tremor.

We were never sure if we could take over the Senate and still is up for grabs. But the House is close too which almost gives Biden a mandate to continue with his climate change policies which are killing the economy. I can’t believe people who hated the education system, crime, inflation, and border crisis had the nerve to vote for any Democrat. I feel like I did after Romney lost to Obama. It was a shock but the gullibles believe anything the media tells them, and they slandered Romney pretty badly just like they have done to Walker, Oz, and Lake. Never underestimate the power of slander. It works in politics.

Never underestimate the power of abortion activists who are feminists. Lots of Hollywood money went into voting against those states that were happy with the SCOTUS decision. In fact, the Democrats out spent us in all the races.

I’m sure these results have given goofball Biden a reason to run in 2024 and maybe Trump is rethinking his decision to run after seeing how well DeSantis did. Trump has so many false lies tied to his reputation that he could never shake which makes him a polarizing figure. It may be time for a few of his protégés to take the baton of America First.

The only good thing coming out of this election is that we will take the House and get a new Speaker. That will be a start. Maybe we can end the January 6th Commission too. One thing we did learn last night is that it will take baby steps to get our country out of the jaws of evil. We are in too deep! We have to rejoice at every little win.

Angry Biden Pledges “No More Drilling or Coal Just Solar and Wind Power.”

This is his closing argument to the voters. He even bent over and whispered it in true Biden fashion much to his handlers’ chagrin. He figures none of his other arguments have stuck. Not abortion, not democracy, not MAGA extremists, not lowering the deficit, not infrastructure bills, not tuition payoffs, not his strong as hell economy, not his lower inflation than other countries, not Obama and Bill lying for him, not his packing the court, and not his codifying Roe v Wade. Nothing was working. So he went back to the well and dragged out his old tired “No more drilling and an end to coal in our country” leaving mouths wide open in shock.

He knows his time is up and wants to be remembered in the history books as the First Green President. Greener than Obama was. One that enacted more Green Policies that didn’t work than any other previous president. Does Biden realize that when it snows, solar panels don’t work? Yet he wants us all to go solar? Does he realize that when turbines freeze in an ice storm, they don’t work? Does he also realize that when there is no wind, they don’t work? Does he realize that coal industry provides much of our electricity which EV cars run on? Yet he wants to eliminate coal? This guy is no scientist. He’s also not much of a politician which is a real insult.

So as the price of goods rise higher and higher along with our gasoline costs, he wants them to rise even more by eliminating drilling and coal altogether. Not a very smart thing to say to struggling families of either party two days before an election. The only ones pleased with that comment are the climate change activists that destroy works of art. I don’t even think AOC bought that closing argument as hers was always phony just to garner attention. She never believed it.

Nice try, Biden. I notice you promised to “veto” any bills coming from a GOP congress. Guess you see the writing on the wall after all. Guess what? We’ll veto you for allowing an invasion at our southern border. Be careful what you threaten. Any more great ideas that you think will change the minds of the voters? How ’bout mocking the violence on the New York subways? That’ll work.

Voters, Please Save our Country From the Evil Takeover by The Left.

For the past six years, we’ve witnessed more and more evil acts and speech by people in the news. It’s almost a supernatural takeover of their bodies by the devil himself and they can’t help their evil behavior. Sometimes I think I’m watching a violent or science fiction movie. The problem lies in the fact that we’ve allowed this evil entity to infiltrate our government at the top by voting (stealing) them into office and allowing their bizarre behavior to exist and spread from the top down like an rotten apple spoils the bunch. Their behavior and corruption spreading like cancer.

It began when we slowly permitted our American flag to be disrespected and then our National Anthem. Then we slowly allowed two radical groups to form BLM and Antifa and burn our cities in resistance to Trump’s presidency. We’ve slowly allowed faith and religion to be disrespected and mocked by the media. We’ve slowly allowed our education system to permit the CRT and Gender Confusion curriculum that has made our children fall behind in standard test scores. We’ve slowly watched our U.S. Constitution be ignored and reinterpreted. We’ve slowly succumbed to the CDCs every whim regarding vaccinations, masks, and school and business closures. We’ve slowly allowed the green activists, globalists, and environmentalists to put an end to our fossil fuel exploration as well as coal, halting our energy independence rendering us dependent on our enemies.

We’ve slowly accepted murder, destruction, theft, looting, mugging, carjacking, and arson as commonplace. We’ve slowly permitted speech by conservatives to be banned, suppressed, and labeled disinformation. We’ve slowly allowed foreigners illegally into our country at our southern border increasing our welfare rolls, crime, and homeless. We’ve slowly allowed mail in ballots to confuse and threaten the integrity of our election system. We’ve also slowly allowed our justice system to become two tiered, politicized, and weaponized. We’ve slowly allowed social justice issues, Socialism and Communism, and social media to creep in and become center stage in our military, law enforcement, and society. In other words, we’re slowly becoming apathetic to all the aforementioned which has turned most folks into accepting evil as normal. Just like they accept the high gas prices and consider it something we have to live with. But we don’t. But change has to happen soon.

Here are just a few of these evil people past and present that have slipped into power and ruined our country: Merrick Garland, Chris Wray, James Comey, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Adam Kissinger, Mitt Romney, Peter Strzok, John Kerry, Valerie Jarred, Susan Rice, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barrack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Eric Holder, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Mueller, Adam Schiff, Gretchen Whitmore, Kathy Hochul, Lorie Lightfoot, AOC and her squad, Kamala Harris, and, of course, Joe Biden. If we could get just the current ones out of power, our country would come back to normal. But it’s going to take voters to pull this off by sending them a mandate.

Who coined the word Woke? What is it really? When this Woke movement ends, we’ll all be better off. Now these midterm elections will be the most important votes in a lifetime. We have to regain power back before anymore damage is done to our country. Please voters, save us from this evil that has taken over our country. Let’s do this.

Symbolic of what the evil Left is doing to America. Even the flags have had enough.

Obama Compared an Asteroid Hitting Earth to Biden.

In a very inarticulate way Obama was trying to compare how Republicans feel about Biden policies but he slipped up (unbeknownst to him) when he compared them to an asteroid threatening our existence (which is very true). So he says if an asteroid was heading to Earth the only solution Republicans have would be to cut taxes. A few useful idiots laughed in his audience as they missed the nuance of his gaffe.

Let’s face it, the Dems are desperate and will do or say anything from now until election day. They have nothing good to run on so they chose to attack the GOP. Hmmm. I thought when we go low, they go high. That was another one of their lies. They go low all the time.

Oprah even endorsed Fetterman while stabbing her old friend Dr. Oz in the back. I thought the left loves doctors, only when they’re Dems. She is an idiot who endorsed Obama, Hillary, Biden, and hates Trump even though she used to be friends with him. With a friend like Oprah, watch your back if you’re not a Dem. She’s fake, phony, and no better than Whoopie. All she really ever did was kiss up to guests to increase her pocketbook.

The Dems are trying to amp up the fake stories about violent political unrest on the right while it’s those on the left committing all the violence–shooting a bullet into a candidate’s home, slugging a candidate, destroying works of art in the name of anti-oil, stabbing a volunteer, defacing corporate offices, running over a volunteer, leaving threatening gory messages on candidate’s phone and others. But do you think the FBI will investigate these crimes? No. They only care about threats by the illusive MAGA who haven’t made any threats. And, frankly, don’t exist. Biden even linked Paul Pelosi’s hammer boy toy to a right wing MAGA. Nice try, Slow Joe. If he was anymore left, he’d be AOC.

Some nimrod on The View said white suburban women who vote Republican are roaches voting for Raid, to an audience of laughter. Wow! Another deplorable moment from the left. Hillary thinks Republicans have no solutions to increased crime. But we do. And notice how she conveniently ignores the cause of increased crime. We should keep felons behind bars and stop releasing them out to commit another one, and close our borders by enforcing laws on the books. Fire the DAs endorsed by Soros. And stop fanning the flames with hateful rhetoric. She also says we’re instilling fear in people rather than really caring about safety. They just want to scare the public. Is this the best closing argument the desperate Dems have? If so, they better go back to the well, as Ted Cruz once said.

I sure hope the general public can see through their desperation, especially Biden’s and Obama’s.

Vote to End Woke Party of Death.

The Progressive Democrat Liberal Socialist Woke Party (or what ever the ef they call themselves) has to get a mandate from the right. One that will stop the green energy program in its tracks and send Nancy and her ilk packing.

They are the Party of Death. Death to unborn children, to fossil fuel, to law and order, to free speech, to equal protection under the law, to the economy, to election integrity, to unity, to checks and balances in government, to war on drugs, to closed borders, to faith, to white heterosexuals, to end of racism, to strong military, to common sense, to the Golden Rule, to funding police, to the constitution, to freedom, to peace through strength, to prosperity, to education, to gender identity, to women’s sports, to honesty in journalism, to small business, to tax cuts, and death to America.

Let’s send them a message they’ll never forget. Vote out the Woke.

From “Deplorables” to “Nazis” to “Not Being Smart Enough”.

Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton in “Gutsy,” premiering September 9, 2022 on Apple TV+.

Dumb and dumber.

That’s what Hillary thinks of Trump supporters or anyone that votes Republican. We’re too stupid to understand the issues. Well…let’s break this down. Do the women on The View seem to understand the issues facing us? No, they don’t so thus they are the stupid ones.

Does Biden (who thinks there are 54 states) understand the issues facing us? No, he doesn’t because he caused them so thus he’s the stupid one. He is so arrogant that he can’t believe that a Progressive would be unhappy with the Pelosis so he has to blame Mega MAGA extremists for Paul’s assault. How shallow minded is he? Pretty shallow. If he has any mind left. He thinks his son Beau was a war hero who died in Iraq. He thinks Hunter is the smartest man he knows. And he thinks Kamala is the president. He thinks he brought down gas prices from $5 when he began his presidency. And he looks for dead people. Doesn’t seem smart enough to me to understand the issues. So who are the stupid ones?

Hillary better keep her big fat lying mouth shut as she’s doing her party no favors. Pissing off half the population like she and Biden do cannot be helping the Democrat/Socialist Party garner any more votes. I think anyone who still votes Democrat at this point is just a lost cause. No campaigning or convincing them otherwise will change their minds.

The Democrats are Spin Doctors. When we say “Voter ID,” they say “Racist.” When we say “Stolen election,” they say “Election deniers.” When we say “Poll Watchers,” they say “Voter Suppression.” When we say “rise in crime,” they say “why do you care so much?” When we say “inflation,” they say “transitory.” When we say “border invasion,” they say “closed and secure.” When we say “Antifa,” they say “just an idea.” When we say “smash and grab,” they say “reparations.” When we say “trespassing,” they say “armed insurrection.” When we say “BLM riots,” they say “mostly peaceful.” Doesn’t sound like they are smart enough to understand the issues especially when they can’t grasp the issues.

All this democracy talk from the left is laughable. They want to protect democracy yet the left are the only ones that are violent, divisive, and spewing venom not the conservatives. Progressives do not value life, decency, or humanity itself. They lie, steal, cheat, assault, break in, and kill but never get punished because, of course, they are poor progressives who we must take pity on.

I hope there is a huge Red Tsunami on election day so we can impeach AG Garland for being the most politicized AG in history. And we should impeach Biden for not protecting our borders from an invasion and killing our energy independence. Pray for a Red Wave! Our lives and safety depend on it. And let’s put Hillary out to pasture where she can chew on some grass rather than spew manure from her mouth.

What Are the Police Hiding in Pelosi Attack?

There are so many unanswered questions regarding the assault on Paul Pelosi in the wee hours of the morning that the police have failed to answer. There is more than meets the eye in this case. But as expected, the media, Biden, Newsom, and Nancy have jumped on the “harsh conservative language train” being the cause of the so called break in. They have blamed Jesse Watters to MAGA to January 6th to election deniers to Republican ads for the “break in.” Apparently it is no longer proper to say, “fire Nancy”.

When they discovered that the creep was a radical progressive homeless illegal alien drug addict activist that is not affiliated with the GOP or MAGA in any way but rather BLM, Green Party, and Nudists, they had to change their narrative to blame conservative harsh language inspired the nut to attack. Now they are demanding Republicans take down any anti-Nancy ads prior to the midterms. Is this their October Surprise? Sure looks like it. Was it planned ahead or was it taking advantage of a crisis to use in their favor? Sure looks like it. Did Paul take one for the team?

Where was their outrage on all the far left harsh language used against Trump for the last six years? What about what they’ve said about DeSantis this year? The hypocrisy is stifling. What about the more recent attack on a Rubio volunteer and a GOP volunteer than got run over? What about last year’s Christmas parade killer Darrell Brooks who targeted whites in his vehicle? Crickets from the media and Biden. They don’t care when conservatives get attacked and their silence actually condones more of the same.

Now getting back to the Pelosi assault. Nancy alerted the police to keep the details of this assault a private matter. Really? The third in line to the presidency has an attempted attack, and we have to keep it quiet? No way. This is very reminiscent of what the parents of Seth Rich said after he was found assassinated in the street. Better to let dead dogs lie. Here’s the questions that need to be answered:

In no particular order:

1. Is the suspect known to Paul Pelosi?

2. Who called 9-1-1 or was it a well being call from outside?

3. Who opened the door when the police arrived?

4. Why didn’t the police take down the suspect if they saw them in a struggle for a hammer prior to the strike on Pelosi?

5. Why won’t the police release the 9-1-1 call or the body cam videos?

6.Who told them that the suspect was asking for Nancy? The suspect himself or Paul and how can we even believe that?

7. Why doesn’t the husband of the third in line for the presidency have a gun in his bedside table rather than a hammer to thwart off an intruder?

8. Why are the police hedging on what they think the motive was? They are always quick to release motives when it is a hate crime. Are they victims of their own soft-on-crime policies? Was this a salacious interlude? Live by the sword, die by the sword.

9. If it was nothing more than a mentally ill suspect, why not inform the public? Why keep us guessing?

10. Elder abuse is one of the charges but that can only be charged if the victim is in the care of the suspect. That is very suspect. Was he the hired help? Or is it an attempt to garner sympathy from the public that Paul is old.

11. Why have we not heard from the hospital doctors yet as to the condition of Paul? What are they hiding? Very suspect.

12. Why has a low level rookie FBI agent been assigned this case? Why not Chris Wray himself?

13. If the suspect lives in Berkeley, how did he get to SF in his underpants? Who dropped him off?

14. Was this an attempt to garner sympathy for Paul prior to the midterms after his DUI car crash that tarnished Nancy? Wouldn’t put it past Nancy as she was behind January 6th. They still claim pipe bombs were set by MAGA, yet they haven’t arrested the culprit that was caught on camera and looked like a BLM member.

15. Was this an attempt by the Dems to change the narrative from inflation, high crime, open borders, gender confusion, fentanyl crisis prior to the mid terms? If so, I think it backfired.

Notice an extremely angry Obama has hit the campaign trail making up lies about Republicans. He is claiming that the Republicans want to end social security. Really? That has never been their platform, ever. Nice try, Obama. Why not go back to your cliffside estate and shut your lying mouth. You look desperate and really old and skinny. Biden must be rubbing off on you. Doesn’t Michael um… er… Michelle my belle cook for you? Where’s that vegie garden she was so into?

Expect more of these diversions from Biden’s failing presidency from now until election day. Nancy will be sent packing if we take over the House and that could be the impetus behind why the police are hedging, dodging, and weaving questions.

Why Doesn’t Pelosi Have a Security System?

I thought Pelosi lived in a walled off property with security cameras, armed security guards, and locked doors. For an intruder to flippantly enter by a backdoor sounds a little suspicious. Of course, San Francisco is riddled with homeless and crime, but it usually doesn’t hit the higher echelon homes with high fences. Was it hired help, or as Nancy calls them, crop pickers. Was it a disgruntled stock investor that didn’t get the inside information that Mr. Pelosi is privy to? Or was it a smash and grab perp that did the smash on Mr. Pelosi instead. If he’s black, we’ll never know; but if he’s white, he’ll be labeled a MAGA extremist.

Was this a staged event gone wrong to garner sympathy for the Democrats prior to the midterms? That would really be grasping at straws but remember the staged kidnapping of Governor Whitmore. I don’t put anything past them. Will the perp be released the same day like all the perps in New York City that attack strangers? Of course not! It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Personally, I smell a rat and its name is Nancy as it sounds eerily familiar to the Capitol breach that came the day when the votes were being contested. The Dems are being contested so why not try it again with an insurrection on her home? If they find pipe bombs outside, we’ll know it was staged as that is their signature. Only crazy libs attack people, so we’ll see if they reveal the identity of the perp.

I think the Dems are desperate as they can see the Red Wave approaching and will try just about anything to get the news cycle off of their failing policies. Or is it as simple as them getting a taste of their policies of being soft on crime and allowing over 5 million illegals into our country? It’s called getting their just deserts, and I don’t mean ice cream.

I notice the White House has quickly chimed in showing full sympathy for the Pelosi family. Wow! Talk about changing the narrative. No one wants to campaign with the old bag of bones so this is a way for him to be noticed.

Stay tuned for the real story behind this break in.


Since the attacker was found in his underpants and Paul knew his name and called him a friend, what can we deduce from that? Hmmm. Well…it is San Francisco. The MSM, Nance, and Biden are already blaming violent right wing extremists. They will try to spin this shady story into an anti-Trump story no doubt. But we all know it is usually libs that are crazy with violence especially in SF and NYC.

Woke Students Hate Oil, Only Two Genders, Pro-Life, Cops, and God.

But they believe in science. Except that it’s weird science. What in the hell are professors teaching our youth to make them so filled with hate that they’ll spit on a pro-life or pro-fossil fuel activist? Do they still believe that the world is coming to an end soon due to climate change or the end of Roe v. Wade? Poor mushy-brained little brats. They probably still believe in the tooth fairy.

I’m really wondering how gullible are these youth to believe everything their woke professors, AOC, or Al Gore tells them. Then when a professor sets them straight or a candidate for governor does, they scream or walk out of the classroom. They sound as dumb as Biden’s press secretary. And that’s pretty dumb.

I recently witnessed a tv reality Housewife scold another one for not believing that the vaccines prevent the spread of covid. The woke one screamed and rose from her seat with fingers pointing to get her point across that vaccines prevent death and the spread. These wokesters think if they yell loud enough we have to believe them. We don’t.

But what about our college-aged youth? They seem to have wasted their education on a bunch of gender confusion, social justice, anti-oil, climate and twerking classes. What ever happened to the basics like learning to write a good business letter, a report, or an advertising campaign? What ever happened to graphic arts, architecture, marketing, accounting, or engineering? Haven’t these kids picked up any skills in college aside from protesting? I’m really starting to wonder what are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

A generation lost.