Is Delta Variant Just Another Hoax…

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to scare the unvaccinated into submission?

Since I have become a big skeptic of everything this administration does and says, I am wondering if the Delta Variant even exists or is it the same coronavirus renamed to scare the rest of us into taking the vaccine. Obviously, a more potent version of a coronavirus that killed millions would scare anyone, so why not invent one? Wouldn’t put its past Fauci and Biden. And ironically the W.H.O. and CDC are pushing this fear; but since when are they to be trusted? Never.

Regardless of the name of the virus; the fact still remains if we are vaccinated already, we will not be catching symptoms of the illness. Could test positive with a false positive test but will have no symptoms of covid. I believe they’re just trying to scare us into meeting their goals of having 90% vaccinated by a certain date. The Delta Variant is unlikely to pose much risk to people who have been fully vaccinated, experts say. So why tout the Delta Variant other than trying to instill more fear in the people?

This administration thrives on fear. They spread fear. Fear is how they keep control of us. Mask wearing has been nothing more than gaining control of the people. Many are still wearing the mask as they are fearful and submissive. I would hate to be seen as submissive especially as a woman. Women should never be submissive. That trait went out in the 70s with secretaries, housewives, and gal fridays.

I’m sure if Rush were still alive, he’d be suspect of the Delta Variant. Now California is starting to require masks again indoors due to this Delta Variant. Just when we were starting to feel free again, they pull back the reins…whoa…not so fast. And requiring children over two to wear masks is not only medically ill-advised it is psychologically harmful to the children and should not be allowed. But now that politics has infiltrated the medical field, anything can be expected. If we have learned one thing from the pandemic, it is that we have a very compliant society.

We are experiencing inflation due to Biden’s policies despite what he says. We just had a stock market adjustment and possibly soon to have a real estate bubble POP due to Biden’s policies of suspending mortgage and rent payments during covid. Soon the bill will become due and homes will likely go into foreclosure like back in 2009 when Obama took over the helm. Something about a Democrat in office causes major economic busts. They’re just not good with money, ideas, and spending. Our economy was running without a hiccup under the helm of businessman Trump. Now everything is topsy-turvy.

Some landlords who cannot redeem the rents lost this year will have to sell rather than try to evict their tenants. Eviction is a long and grueling process which a landowner may not want to tackle. So look to see lots of properties come on the market causing the supply to be flooded which inevitably sends home prices falling.

So you see why I am skeptic that a Delta Variant even exists. They’ve lied about the economy, inflation, crisis at the border, turmoil overseas, riot at the capitol, election results, racism, and four years of Russia collusion so why wouldn’t they make up a new variant of a virus that we already have vaccines for? Why wouldn’t they? If past is prologue, they most certainly would. I’d be more surprised if they didn’t.

And as we have learned, just because they say so, doesn’t make it so. Fool us once shame on you…fool us time and again…shame on us. Let’s stop believing everything the media tells us as they are just an arm of the corrupt Democrat Party.

Ten Trivial Questions to Ask Your Liberal Friends.

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In no particular order:

  1. How many illegals are caught coming across our southern border in a month’s time? How many this year? How many nations are they coming from?
  2. How many guns were confiscated from protestors at the capitol in January 2021?
  3. How many police were killed that day at the riot?
  4. How many blacks are shot by guns in Chicago on a typical weekend?
  5. How many votes cast in Arizona for the president have turned out to be illegitimate?
  6. Who said banning fights from China was xenophobic, racist, and unnecessary?
  7. Who told the National Guard to stand down on Jan 6th and why?
  8. Who originally said covid was not transmissible from person to person?
  9. Who expedited the research of a covid vaccine and cut the red tape to get it released and who said she’d never take the vaccine created under a Trump Administration?
  10. Who discouraged the use of taking Hydroxy in the early stages of covid resulting in the deaths of many patients with covid.


  1. 180,000. One million so far. 140 nations.
  2. zero
  3. zero
  4. 50 or so.
  5. 105,000
  6. Biden
  7. Nancy Pelosi, Bad optics.
  8. W.H.O. and China.
  9. Trump, Senator Kamala
  10. Dr. Fauci, Cuomo, Newsom, Neil Cavuto, and the media.

Chances are your liberal friends won’t know the correct answer to any of these trivial questions. And this is very telling. Why? It proves they get their news from social media, Yahoo, late night comedy, MSM, social gatherings, or the NYTimes which either sugarcoat, suppress, or bury the truth for a living. For example, I jokingly asked my liberal sister if she was going to try to sell her paintings to undisclosed buyers for $500,000? She asked, “Who’s getting $500,000 for a painting?”

I responded, “Hunter!” just to see if she knew of this story.

“Oh, is that what FOX says?” she asked dismissively as if it wasn’t true at all.

But you see, she heard that he was painting or she would have asked, “He paints?” She obviously got a sugarcoated version of the story saying Hunter has a new career and has found talent in painting which buried the news that he was selling to foreign buyers for access to his dad.

A normal respond if you hadn’t heard the story would be, “You’re kidding! How is he able to pull that off?” or “What a crook that guy is.” She probably never heard of the “laptop from hell” either.

Journalism is dead and has been for awhile. We just proved it.

Hospitals are Out of Control Under Biden’s Doctrine.

dressed to kill elevator scene - soulja boy instrumental - YouTube
A transgender in Dressed to Kill.

Recently my husband had the unfortunate fate to end up at the Emergency Room with an infection in the groin area. TMI but not the point. He had been on antibiotics but it was not working. His GP told him to go to the ER for an ultrasound and be seen by the attending physician.

While the exam was being performed, the ER nurse was on the computer screen the whole time. She continued with her questions of my husband and his history etc. after the doctor left the room. When she was about finished, she turns around and flippantly asks my husband, “Are you a man?” I thought she was trying to make a joke.

He shook his head in disgust and asked, “Is this a Bruce Jenner-like question?”

She continued, serious as a heart attack, “Are you born a biological male?”

Now I’m getting pissed as my husband is looking down at his genitals feeling verbally castrated so I had to intervene. “That’s a stupid question.”

“But we are required by law to ask if he’s born a biological male,” the nurse explains.

“Listen. We don’t believe in all this gender neutral and transgender talk. We don’t believe in children getting sex changes at the whim of their parents. And we don’t like the questions the government is requiring you to ask. It’s ridiculous and insulting,” I ranted.

“Is he a man or not?!” Nurse asked getting frustrated.

“Of course!”

I couldn’t look at her after that stupid line of questioning. And she left the room. I went home telling my husband to call when this humiliating experience is complete.

This is what our taxpayers’ dollars are going for? This is all about Biden making transgenders his doctrine. He has no other legacy to fall back on, so transgenders it is. He’s already ruined female sports and the Olympics, so now its the medical field. What a fool he is becoming. I can imagine all the nurses and doctors making fun of his doctrine behind his back since they are the ones who have to enforce it.

And what’s this I’m hearing about male transgender flight attendants dressing up as women on the plane and allowing transgenders back in the military? Dressed to Kill has a whole new meaning. And M*A*S*H was before its time, although it made fun of transgenders. I can’t wait until we get rid of this buffoon of a president. He’s made a laughing stock out of the medical field, sports, the military, and now the Federal Aviation Administration FAA.

Doctors, by the way, look embarrassed to be a doctor these days. They have a hangdog look on their faces. It used to be a proud profession but from mandated covid restrictions, to covid therapeutic med refusals, and now to transgender questioning, it’s no wonder they are quitting their profession in droves. They cannot even use their own common sense and expertise learned in medical school. Political correctness and politics have intervened and taken over the medical profession. And whatever profession politics touches as in journalism, it will slowly be destroyed.

When Foxes Guard the Henhouse.

You can’t trust a fox.

We are in a situation where we are being ruled and controlled by those that are not to be trusted overseeing anything let alone our country. Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Intelligence, Congress, and DOJ are not what they once were. And the current occupant of the White House is incompetent and vindictive, if not dangerous, to our existence.

Our president comes to the podium and lies daily calling it “not hyperbole” when it is in fact hyperbole. He says the Republicans are trying to undermine our election system when the exact opposite is true. We want to make our election system more honest and more secure for every U.S. citizen to vote and only once. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called election integrity. But in Biden’s squinty eyes all he can see is Republicans making it more difficult to cheat. So he is calling it suppression of the black vote. Since when do laws just pertain to blacks? When Biden stole the presidency.

They cheated to get Trump out of office and everyone knows it, even the moderate Democrats know it. Will they admit it? No. To them it is like admitting you cheated on the SAT exam to get into the college you so desired. Why admit it now? You got what you wanted, better to remain silent. The media knows it too but will never let up. It’s one big secret the left is keeping from everyone but eventually the truth will get out. What makes me sick is how the anchors hem and haw around admitting that there was in fact proven voter fraud. They’re afraid to say it out loud for fear of being fired or cancelled.

I don’t trust a word that comes out of Biden’s mouth nor Kammie’s. Arizona audits are showing over 105,000 illegitimate votes which probably put Trump in the winning column. Will the DOJ give Trump the win and possibly the presidency? I…don’t…think…so. The Democrats have been caught dead to rights cheating but the foxes in charge still look the other way. Why? Because Dems never get punished only Republicans do.

Foxes are running the henhouse and we should all be afraid. The powers at be will lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power and there’s no one higher in office to call them out. We’re just sitting ducks right now until we can win in 2022 and take over the House and Senate outright.


Has anyone noticed the world is on fire now that Biden is in office? Uprisings in Cuba, the Middle East, and South Africa very similar to when Obama was president and the turmoil called Arab Spring began and was encouraged by Obama and our social media?

“In the wake of the Arab Spring protests, a considerable amount of attention focused on the role of social media and digital technologies in allowing citizens within areas affected by “the Arab Uprisings” as a means for collective activism to circumvent state-operated media channels. The influence of social media on political activism during the Arab Spring has, however, been much debated. 

The use of social media platforms more than doubled in Arab countries during the protests, with the exception of Libya. Some researchers have shown how collective intelligencedynamics of the crowd in participatory systems such as social media, has immense power to support a collective action—such as foment a political change. As of 5 April 2011, the number of Facebook users in the Arab world surpassed 27.7 million people. Some critics have argued that digital technologies and other forms of communication—videos, cellular phones, blogs, photos, emails, and text messages—have brought about the concept of a “digital democracy” in parts of North Africa affected by the uprisings.

Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media played a key role in the movement of Egyptian and Tunisian activists in particular. Nine out of ten Egyptians and Tunisians responded to a poll that they used Facebook to organize protests and spread awareness. This large population of young Egyptian men referred to themselves as “the Facebook generation”, exemplifying their escape from their non-modernized past.  Furthermore, 28% of Egyptians and 29% of Tunisians from the same poll said that blocking Facebook greatly hindered and/or disrupted communication. Social media sites were a platform for different movements formed by many frustrated citizens, including the 2008 “April 6 Youth Movement” organized by Ahmed Majed, which set out to organize and promote a nationwide labor strike and which inspired the later creation of the “Progressive Youth of Tunisia”.

During the Arab Spring, people created pages on Facebook to raise awareness about alleged crimes against humanity, such as police brutality in the Egyptian Revolution. Whether the project of raising awareness was primarily pursued by Arabs themselves or simply advertised by Western social media users is a matter of debate.” Wikipedia.

So you see, the peace-loving Democrats together with Big Tech are the real warmongers. They incite the riots in our streets by BLM and antifa via social media as they did during Arab Spring as well as what we are witnessing overseas today. They thrive on drama, strife, and turmoil. After all Never let a crisis go to waste is their mantra or in this case: “Cause a crisis and never let it go” like the capitol riot of 2021.

Vote the foxes out in 2022. They can’t be trusted.

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Was Dirty Harry Foretelling the Future in Magnum Force?

Incredible as it seems there may be a whole suborganization within… [the government like the Deep State.] Yeah, some nights I wake up…wonder what the hell the world is going to,” says Inspector Callahan. My sentiments exactly, Clint. Damn, he was hot even with a Band-Aid.

Dirty Harry’s script in Magnum Force was way before its time. The movie was about a secret organization within the SFPD that was judge, jury, and executioner of suspects with criminal records. They hired rogue policemen as traffic cops that pulled over suspects then shot them to death without any arrest or evidence or court appearance. The Deep State is treating the GOP, Trump, and his supporters much in the same way. They are judge, jury, and executioners all in one for us thinking or believing differently. We are guilty and charged.

The Deep State, led by none other than Chris Wray et al, uses BLM, Antifa, and undercover FBI as their rogue policemen. They turned a peaceful assembly into a chaotic riot at the Capitol by inciting violence and the Deep State quickly (without evidence) blamed Trump. Judge, jury… charged. This is scary stuff. I read the transcript of Trump’s speech that day as well as watched it live. It was lacking in enthusiasm and rather lackluster. Not inspiring at all. More of a review of how the election fraud took place. Certainly not enough to stir up a crowd. In fact, he told them to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to let their voices be heard.

Look how the Deep State treated Roger Stone, Manafort, and Giuliani for working with Trump. Look how they’ve treated Trump and his family from day one. Look how they’re treating any member of congress that dares to say that there was election fraud. They want them to resign. Look how they’ve treated peaceful attendees of the Trump rally of January 6th. Look what they’re doing to the owner of Parler having him flee his home from death threats. Look what they’ve done to all conservatives on Twitter–banned. They have been treating us all like criminals for believing in Trump. It is a travesty. They are the thought and speech police trying to silence us.

Ironically, the Deep State are the criminals overthrowing our government and treating us as the criminals. They are metaphorically pulling us over for a traffic violation and shooting us to death. I do wake up at night and wonder where the hell our country is heading. Dirty Harry’s script in Magnum Force was foreboding and rings true today. And as art imitates life, Clint is a conservative.

What the hell the world is going to?

Biden, “the liar and racist in chief”, is trying to divide this country down racial lines. It has been his goal from day one when looking back at all his tossed word salads. His rhetoric is getting more and more hostile against white conservatives with his constant Jim Crow and Critical Race Theory references. It is almost like someone with an axe to grind like Obama is a ventriloquist talking for him and pulling the strings of the puppet (dummy). I wonder, just like Dirty Harry, what the hell the world is going to? Why are we allowing this to continue?

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such suppression of the truth from the media and government. It is Big Brother times ten we are experiencing. They are spying on us, banning us, and criminalizing our thoughts. It’s like we are living in a third world dictatorship country. And yet, almost comically, they are allowing the untrained son of the dictator to blow paint on canvas to be purchased for $500,000 by undisclosed foreign buyers. The double standard is excruciating.

I wonder what the hell the world is going to?

Who Can Stand Watching the “News” Any Longer?

the-eye-of-faith-on-tv-vintage-photo-of-family-watching-television-1958 -  Florida Politics - Campaigns & Elections. Lobbying & Government.
Black and white TVs are a lo-fi rebuke to a world gone wrong | Television |  The Guardian
Good ol’ days.

Every time we turn on the “news” we see a video of angry Blacks causing havoc across America and the police trying to intervene. Then we ask ourselves, “What has happened to our beautiful country in such a short time?” It’s a fool’s errand. The police are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” intervene. Radical Blacks are either condemning America or destroying it.

Why are the Blacks stirring up so much trouble for America? They got what they wanted: Sleepy Joe Biden. Why can’t they go back into their homes and behave like good citizens? Maybe they didn’t get what they wanted. Maybe they lost their jobs or their education under the Biden administration. Schools are still being shutdown across America due to covid and many businesses are still on lockdown. Maybe these angry Blacks could be back in school or work instead of in the streets stabbing and shooting people. They look angrier than ever, much like the Black Panther Party of the 70s.

“What was the Black Panther Party?

The Black Panther Party was an African American revolutionary organization that was formed in 1966 and reached its heyday a few years later. Its initial purpose was to patrol Black neighborhoods to protect residents from police brutality. It later evolved into a Marxist group that called for, among other things, the arming of all African Americans, the release of all Black prisoners, and the payment of compensation to African Americans for centuries of exploitation. It was also notable for its various social programs, such as free breakfasts for children, and medical clinics.” Britannica

Sounds familiar, right?

The difference between the 70s and today is there is a war on cops by the media, Blacks, and the White House which makes it almost impossible for the police to maintain control of the crowds. The media are doing their best to make cops look like the “enemy of the people”, which they aren’t. They suppress the full story of a resisted arrest, spinning it to look like excessive police force.

Cops of today are always considered “guilty until proven innocent” which is not the way the law was intended. But this administration seems to govern by a different set of rules. Even Independents and Democrats are starting to notice the difference in the way this country is being run. Maybe they will all come to their senses and vote these socialcrats out of office in 2022. It’s our last chance to save America…in 2022. Before we get in too deep.

Until then it is hard to turn on the news and see the same ol’ same ol’ fighting in the streets with angry Blacks. I’m over it.


UPDATED: July 13, 2021.

Nothing has gotten better since I posted this blog. In fact, the racial problem is getting worse under this new administration. They are forcing Critical Race Theory on the military and in our schools with the attitude that elections have consequences so suck it up. Blacks are now acting like they are in the majority and are the boss of us. I see it in the way they are talking on reality shows, in the streets, and in interviews. We’ve created a monster. We gave them everything they asked for like a spoiled child and now we are reaping the rewards. Temper tantrums.

Innocent pro golfer getting shot in the head for trying to assist a black driver that drove onto the golf course, cops getting shot daily during routine traffic stops or domestic violence calls, and blacks staging fake hate crimes. Boy, oh boy, it is not fun turning on the news and hearing the word racist, racist, racist, ad nauseum. If everything is racist, nothing is racist. The word has lost its strength.

Yesterday, Kammie said asking for voter ID is racist because rural folks can’t find a copy machine. What??? I live in rural, not black, and there are plenty of places to make copies. Has she ever gone into a UPS Store? She’s out of touch with reality. And why would one need a photocopy of their license if they voted in person? They wouldn’t. Kammie is referring to mail in requests for ballots and proof of ID, which she is against. Reason being, she wants all the illegals to vote.

When will all this racist talk end? I’m sick of it, but the news anchors seem to dwell on it. Maybe if we stop talking about race, it will go away. We shouldn’t judge one another by the color of our skin just the content of our character. Where did that phrase go? Long gone.

And lastly, if you are one still donning the hideous mask in the stores…please stop. You look like a submissive fool. I can’t stand passing you in the aisle. We know what you’re really doing. You think if you drop the mask, people will think you’re Republican. We won’t. We’ll think you’re smart. And you probably think the American Flag is a symbol of supporting Trump. It’s not. It’s a symbol of loving America. Stop your virtue signaling already. We’re all on to you.

Herd immunity combined with the Warp Speed vaccination creation has, by all intents and purposes, eliminated the China Virus thanks to Trump. If Biden had been president at the time, we’d all be dead by now from his disapproval of banning flights, disapproval of hydroxy, and national ineffective mask mandates. Children should not be getting the vaccine and wouldn’t under Trump. Biden has been on the wrong side of decisions his whole elected government career. He was for the Iraq War, against taking out Bin Laden, and now onboard with the Green New Deal which will be the downfall of America unless we can vote or impeach him ASAP.

The January 6th Hoax.

FBI Director: Agency won't recommend criminal charges in Hillary Clinton  email investigation – The Denver Post
Hillary asks a favor from the FBI.

We all remember the hoax the left forced on America called “Russia Collusion.” Then the hoax was exposed for what it really was: Hillary asking the FBI for a smokescreen called Russia Collusion to cover for her criminal acts of disposing of subpoenaed evidence. Then out of the blue on cue came the Ukraine quid pro quo hoax. That was nothing more than Biden looking for a similar smokescreen (favor) to cover for his quid pro quo with Ukraine and all his shady transactions that his son was involved in. We thought that was the end of the hoaxes, but the left wasn’t done.

And let’s not forget the China Virus which was unleashed on the United States during a presidential election year and constantly blamed on Trump for mismanagement. Reality was Trump had good instants as far as therapeutic treatments which, if they had been used in certain states like New York, California, and Nevada, thousand of lives would have been saved. But the governors of these states and Fauci used the virus to cause a pandemic to hurt Trump’s chances. They politicized the virus, sent infected patients into rest homes, refused to allow HCQ to be prescribed, and have blood on their hands. Word is still out on who has their fingerprints on the unleashing of the bioweapon.

When the China Virus didn’t hurt Trump’s success, the Shutdown of the Economy was their next plan of attack. Some states are still in shutdown mode and have mask mandates.

The next scheme was the well orchestrated rigged election stolen from President Trump. Many states and governors were involved all the way down to the election offices. I witnessed it firsthand in Nevada when the election clerk didn’t ask for my ID, signature, or even look me up on their voter rolls. First time ever. Just handed me a ballot like they were giving out candy. Red flags popped up, and I knew then we were going to have a stolen election. Then on election night when the results of Arizona were called early by none other than FOX News analysts that were anti-Trumpers, the election took a turn for the worse. The counting stopped in many states for phony reasons like a broken waterpipe that never existed and in the dead of night six states that Trump should have won in, miraculously flipped to the Biden column.

Then when the left started to get worried that certain state senators wouldn’t accept the electoral vote count in their state, they had to come up with another scheme: plan an attack on the Capitol during the exact time the Senate was contesting their state’s votes and compare it to 9-11, call it something horrible like an Insurrection. Truth was, there were no armed demonstrators and the only person shot dead was a Trump supporter by a black anti-Trump Capitol police officer–name being withheld.

Here’s some facts that the media fails to report on. The Black youth who placed the pipe bombs that were discovered prior to the Capitol breach has not been charged or name released. Pelosi asked that the National Guard stand down as it would not be good for optics (which is code for they wanted chaos). Four hundred or so conservatives who attended the Trump rally have been sought and imprisoned indefinitely for trespassing. Silly charge. Haven’t heard of any antifa being arrested that day or BLM. They release violent BLM rioters the same day.

There was no insurrection. The Capitol police asked and escorted many demonstrators into the Capitol building so how can that even be called trespassing? Antifa planned days ahead to come to town to infiltrate the Capitol demonstration and were dressed accordingly with backpacks and climbing equipment to scale the walls. DC police were seen escorting their buses in the dead of night. A well planned coup.

Now the latest scheme is to make more of January 6th than it really was and to criminalize anyone who disputes the presidential election. The media is big on shaming us for wanting audits done in the suspect states. We know for a fact that election fraud was committed as many of these workers were caught on tape sneaking in additional ballots. But not one of these election workers have been arrested. Not one that I have heard of. Only conservatives get arrested. The crooked FBI is in cahoots with the stolen election and will not pursue any evidence to prove it.

The January 6th Commission (sounding like the Warren Commission) is nothing more than the left’s latest smokescreen covering up for the chaos at the border and turmoil in the Middle East. In fact their new mantra is: “Cause a crisis and keep it going to take their eyes off the ball.”

January 6th was a big nothing burger, nothing compared to the assassination of President Kennedy, the attack on the World Trade Center, or attack on Pearl Harbor. For the left to make any comparisons is reprehensible. So far, Biden is going down as the worst president in modern day history. He has turned our country inside out with his constant racism remarks and teaching racism in schools. Worst president ever. Shame on him.

UPDATED: July 12, 2021.

Nothing has really changed since this post was published although the left is still trying to make more hay out of January 6th than it is worth. The pipebomb culprit is still at large as well as the only murderer on Jan. 6th, a black capitol police officer. Now Biden claims six people died on January 6th, which is another lie. Some committed suicide the next day probably from guilt, a drug overdose, and another from a medical condition. No one was murdered except for Ashli Babbitt, a white, female, Trump supporter that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trump spoke at CPAC and admitted he was disappointed in AG Barr and the Supreme Court as we all are. And “where’s Durham?” is the new question. He promised us a report was coming soon but apparently has been threatened by the left just as Barr and the Supreme Court have. Our country is being run by blackmailers.

We all know the election was rigged by the left with a well-orchestrated plan committed by amoral people in elected offices together with Big Tech, election workers, and the press. When FOX News declared Biden the win in Arizona, I knew then something evil was coming. But as far as I’ve heard not one person that committed election fraud has been arrested and some of them voted in two different counties, voted once by mail-in ballot and another in person, were non- registered voters, non-resident voters, underage voters, mailed in deceased voters’ ballots, carried ballots over state lines in postal trucks, photocopied blank ballots and filled in just Biden’s name, and tampered with the voting machines. Phew, that’s a lot of fraud.

All the aforementioned acts are voter fraud. If this is allowed to continue, the Republicans will surely never win another election as they are “too nice and too honest” as Trump said at CPAC. We cannot allow another election to be stolen by these evil tyrannical culprits, ever again. And don’t be afraid to voice your opinion to the left. These radicals are in the minority according to Trump.

RHONY Show Has Been Hijacked by a Black Cast Member.

Real Housewives Of New York City: Eboni K. Williams accuses Ramona Singer  of 'gaslighting' | Daily Mail Online
Ramona, disgusted by the politics of the new cast member.

I used to enjoy tuning into a few reality shows, not all of them, but RHONY to see how the rich folks live in NYC. They say reality shows are all fake and scripted but their homes and cars aren’t. When a cast member dies on the show like in Gold Rush, that’s real enough for me. But lately the Housewives casting criteria has become something less than desired.

Last year they chose a single mom living way below the standards of the rich in New York City. But this year they have thrown all criteria out the window. I feel sorry for the remaining cast members of the Real Housewives of New York show. They invited a new black gal to be part of the cast, but she’s never been married just an admitted mistress which makes her unqualified to begin with. It’s called Housewives for a reason, not Single Career Women. All the other gals have been married at some point. The only reason she got on the show was because she is a good looking black lawyer. But what a mouth she’s got on her. She won’t shut up about the election and how great it is that Kamala is our first woman VP much to the other cast members chagrin.

I don’t tune into a reality show to hear their politics as most likely in liberal towns the women will be feminist Biden voters. Don’t care one iota who they voted for. The RHOBH had a celebration party when Biden was announced the winner, but the RHONY are somewhat divided on the subject. My hat’s off to Ramona who is one of the more outspoken of the ladies and can’t be fake (except for her boobs). What you see if what you get. She wasn’t going to be forced into submission by the new black gal and stood up to her nonsense. And she did it on tv. She risks receiving lots of backlash from the feminists and BLM but wasn’t going to kowtow to a loudmouth, pushy, uninformed woman. Good for her.

This new member is a know-it-all that doesn’t know anything. She’s told the other gals that she is the most educated one at the table. Unfortunately that does not alone make you smart. Biden has a law degree too. She’s ruined the show, and I won’t tune in anymore. I can’t stand to listen to her grandstanding. The show ought to be ashamed for allowing her to spew her misguided racist opinions on the show. Another show bites the dust.

In this last episode she was forcing the other women to admit there is racism in America and that those who voted for Trump are white supremacists. Are you kidding me? Little did she know that Trump’s black vote increased in 2020 and that her beloved Kamala colluded with Biden to steal an election. And she’s the most educated one at the table? I…don’t…think…so. She sounded like Michelle Obama. Ungrateful beeches.

It was bad enough when they allowed some lowlife alcoholic chick with a police record on the show arrested for assaulting the police no less. She’s a member of BLM too and has embraced the new black feminist. She’s added nothing but drama with her dirty mouth and skimpy clothing. But she’s a liberal millennial raised in a liberal upbringing and doesn’t know any better.

IMO if they don’t get rid of this new radical cast member, the show will jump the shark and be cancelled. We can cancel stuff too by tuning out. Unless they change the title to The Real Activists of New York.

Now let’s get back to my regularly scheduled programming: politics. Kudos to Trump for suing the Big Tech. Way to go. About time! Hope it sticks and hope the SCOTUS sides with him…this time. Or is the rumor true that they are being threatened that the court will get packed and will do anything to please the left in the meantime? If so, this is a form of blackmail.

Is Russia Really Behind the Ransomware Cyberattacks?

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Not so fast, Biden. Since when has the left ever told us the truth in the last six or so years? Hardly ever. These intelligence agencies are quick to blame Russia and Trump for just about everything, evidenced by a leftwing anchor saying Trump killed Ashli Babbitt and the rest saying GOP defunded the police and are the cause of increased violence. We can’t believe a word that comes out of their collective mouths. These leftwing nuts lie for a living and are getting away with it.

Now let’s analyze these cyberattacks. Anyone that is internet/computer savvy combined with lawlessness and greed in our country could be committing these crimes. There are a lot of Zuckerbergs out there. Crime does pay in this environment. Look at Hunter. Look at Biden. Look at Cuomo. Look at Maxine and Pelosi. Crime does pay. Why not steal from successful capitalists rather than work for a living? Why not? Who would be stopping them? Certainly not the limp dic- Garland. He’s about as dumb as AOC and Maxine combined. He said our biggest threat to America is white extremists [that support Trump.] Bu–sh-t! Were those the same armed guys that blocked a freeway in Massachusetts? Hmmm.

Now dumbo Biden put out a list of 14 infrastructures that would cripple America if they got hacked. This gave an open invitation for hacking every company not on the list with impunity. He has to be the dumbest president ever to steal an election. He must have gotten help from the left. Duh!

I think Russia is just a red herring scapegoat that the left uses when they are guilty of doing something evil; just like they blamed Trump for four years for what they were up to. They can’t blame Trump for ransomware cyberattacks so who better than their old fav Russia? I’m sure Putin is getting annoyed with these accusations and this could lead us into a war, thanks to dumbo Biden.

These same intelligent agencies have decided there was no election fraud, Trump incited a riot at the capitol, the dossier was legit, and Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails. They are a biased group of left-wingers appointed by Obama. Why did four Democrat judges decide to suspend Rudy Giuliani’s law license? Because we are living under a vindictive, punitive, biased administration. These rulings come from the top. They are taking their marching orders from dumbo. The witch hunt never ends.

So when you hear in the news that Russia is cyberattacking, don’t believe it. Usually the opposite is true. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is BLM or Antifa related. Some of them have attended capitalist-hating college and think the illegal means justifies the end. And judging by the way the left treats Democrats; even if they caught them, they wouldn’t be charged. So better to blame good ol’ Russia as a distraction.

What’s Going on in our Country?

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We’ve got new black militant groups shutting down highways dressed in full military gear and ammo in Massachusetts saying they are above American Law; an employee of the Trump Organization being perp-walked out of his office for tax evasion on typical large corporation fringe benefits; 92 shootings in Chicago over the weekend being blamed on sexism and racism; condos collapsing killing a hundred being blamed on climate change; our president who can’t talk without searching for crib notes; 178,000 illegals crossing our border a month that most folks are unaware of; Russian and Chinese ships amassing off the shores of Hawaii; Hamas and Israel fighting again; U.S. dropping bombs in Syria; cyberattacks on our corporations escalating; responsible parties for the Wuhan Lab leak going silent; the Taliban and ISIS taking a foothold in Afghanistan again; schools teaching racism to our children; Hollyweird putting out crap tv movies and ads with more interracial couples than not; liberal newspapers, social media, and news anchors suppressing the truth; gasoline prices soaring along with food; men competing against women in sports; Olympic athletes disrespecting our flag; children being forced to wear healthy masks in school; states being sued for voter ID laws; companies unable to hire due to stimulus checks and increased unemployment compensations and all this is the result of this new administration. It’s like a horror show. Our country’s being setback fifty years or so thanks to the takeover of this administration. But it is socialism by no other name. Socialism is a horror show.

Fourth of July was not the same as usual. Fireworks banned from most cities due to fire danger, not covid this time, and lack of enthusiasm for what is going on in this country made it difficult to celebrate. We know the last election was rigged, yet the Democrats are out there celebrating like fools. It is unseemly. It’s hard to overlook and pretend that everything is hunky-dory around these types. Easier to stay away from them at all costs. Recently, however, I attended a backyard party where one big lib was mouthing off about Republicans. I overheard him say, “Anyone that doesn’t believe in climate change, is an idiot.” So you see, they are still unhappy and are filled with the name calling. I spoke up and said, “I’m Republican” and he walked away. He was looking for likeminded folks to complain with him. And what’s up with talking politics in a mixed setting? Not cool.

Our country is looking weak on the world stage. We have a stumbling (literally), bumbling, mentally-challenged, Weekend-at-Bernie’s president being propped up by his elder-abusive, power-hungry, fame-whore wifey. Remember she’s no saint. She cheated on her first husband with Joe and eventually ended up leaving him for Joe. If that is not career climbing or sleeping your way to the top, I don’t know what is. She epitomizes everything I am against in women as I have had my share of what I call “homewreckers” that put a stick in the spokes of my marriage. My husband was the owner of a corporation and all that that entails. Women he hired may or may have not had affairs with him. He’ll never tell but I saw the evidence. But I digress.

She also did a poor job of taking over the raising of Hunter and the daughter they both had together. Both children have suffered from drug addition and one still is. And she calls herself a doctor. Laughable. And the diary claiming the daughter was sexually abused. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s almost material for a lifetime movie entitled, From Pedophile to President.

My point is, this country is not going to be recognizable if Biden et al stay in power. They have dismantled, destroyed, and eliminated just about all the good policies Trump had put in place starting with the border wall and keystone pipeline. It is unconscionable. We need now, more than ever, to win in 2022 to takeover the House and the Senate, to send Nancy packing and to put a STOP to what is going on in our country. It’s our only hope.