Epstein’s Pimp Finally Arrested? After all These Months?


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The woman who allegedly was having an affair with Bill Clinton whilst recruiting underage girls for sex trips to Lolita Island?  Oh, the possibilities of what may come out now are infinite.  Will they give her immunity in exchange for spilling the beans on the Clintons and others?  She’s got the client list.  Or will she just go to jail and mysteriously meet her demise?

And why did it take so long to find her in New Hampshire?  Guess she needed to be close to Bill.  Maybe he was aiding and abetting. Will the lame stream media even cover this story?  Not if the Clintons get to them.

Stay tuned. This could be HUGE.

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“Who Raised These Foul-Mouthed Street Thugs?”

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Laura Ingraham wants to know.  We all want to know. Can you imagine being the parent of one of these white, man-bunned, shirtless males or screaming, partially-clothed, foul-mouthed feminists?  How embarrassing.  Were they raised by wolves or did our school systems fail us?  It may be a little of both.

Our educators are failing us daily and have been for the last twenty years since Al Gore lost the election.  He started some crazy climate change movement out of spite and the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC have continued it.  It should be named the Spite Warming.  The teachers in our schools and colleges are a product of this kind of education and are perpetuating this nonsense to our grandchildren.  Ugh! :/

These dirty, bragging college kids got brainwashed and wasted their money.  One of them commented on my last blog that Africans were in America first. Really?  If that’s so, why didn’t they build anything?  I thought Native Americans were here first.  Amazing what they’ve learned in college. Now they are claiming they were here?  Again with the trying to change history. When will this stupidity all end?

I heard an 81 year old lady today on the radio say her two granddaughters shouted her down about Black Lives Matter implying she was racist unless she believes what they have been told in school.  Granny held her own and said, “I’ve lived a lot longer than you; and I don’t know where you’re learning all this, but it’s wrong.” Remember it was Obama who told his followers to get in their faces referring to anyone that didn’t agree with you. Why are high school kids talking shit to their grandmas? I never did that.  We never learned politics in high school to this degree.  Something is going on and it stinks.

My furnace repair guy who lives in a predominately liberal county said he feels there’s something rotten going on with the covid crisis, but he can’t put his finger on it. Without telling him I was a Trump supporter I said, “It’s simple.  It’s an election year, and they want Trump out.” He looked so relieved to finally run across a customer that may be thinking like him so he wouldn’t stop talking.  He let all his frustrations out without wearing a mask.  When he left, I simply said, “Vote Trump!”

Never seen a guy so happy to hear those two words come from a woman in a liberal town.  How many men are running around afraid to speak their minds for fear of backlash?  This same guy got mask-shamed by a man on the street for not wearing a mask.  He told the man, “Mind your own health mister, and I’ll mind mine.”  This is what it has come to now.  Every man for himself.

My husband can’t have a peaceful golf game these days without one or more club members Trump-bashing while he’s trying to play.  It angers him then ruins his game.  This is their M.O.–continue to bad mouth Trump until people start to believe it.  They know nothing about what is truly going on, yet they won’t shut up.  It’s becoming unbearable. Now basketball courts are going to paint Black Lives Matter on the court?!  Do we really have to kowtow this low?  When they go low, we fold. Republicans will be known as the party of wusses if this continues without the party standing up for themselves!

Thanks a lot crazy left wing nuts.  You’ve ruined our country by dividing it: Youth against elders, Blacks against Whites, BLM against All Lives Matter, Left against police, relatives against relatives, masks against no masks, golfers against golfers, and Liberals against Conservatives.  Why is it that the left always has a go at those that are minding their own business?  Why won’t they leave us alone and shut the hell up? It’s hard to live in a country where liberals are constantly mouthing off.  I actually wondered for the first time what it would be like to live among my quiet, yet liberal, people in Norway.  I’ve never wondered that before.

If Biden wins, our country goes to pot and down the tubes. Full stop. Living off of our crashing retirement plan in a socialist country with loons running it won’t give us very many comfortable years left. We’d have to sell property to live but then where would we live? It’s a conundrum, but true. 😦



Did NYTimes Just Print Another Hit Job on Trump?


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I guess Crossfire Chaos wasn’t enough.  Did they have to come at Trump on foreign affairs now too?  He doesn’t have enough trouble with covid and rioting?  Of course, they did.  The New York Times is infamous for fabricating stories then getting Pulitzer Prizes for them. We all remember how the media spread the lying Steele Dossier about Trump and Comey’s notes from a private meeting. We also know they’ve been proven wrong after three years of reporting on Russia Collusion, so is this Intelligence Story just another attempt to put Russia back on the table before the election? Rhetorical question.

If Trump says he had not been briefed on this intelligence and hadn’t heard about it until he read it in the NY Times, why not take him at his word? Based on the Times’ reputation, it’s very likely fake news.  Conversely, when Obama said he first heard of the IRS scandal was when he read it in the newspaper, the media believed him. Double standard rears its ugly head again.

Biden’s response to a question regarding this intelligence story was Trump has committed dereliction of duty.  This was a planned question and answer so we know he’s part of the set up.  Biden is trying to put Russia back on the table because he is mired in corruption and this gives him a smokescreen while he tries to get out into the public again. The lame brain reporters will keep asking questions about Trump rather than his involvement in Ukraine, Hunter, the rioters, or Logan Act. Biden promises he will have no rallies to keep the people safe from covid.  What a nice man.

Reality is, he wants no rallies as he can’t draw a crowd and has nothing to speak about. He’s an empty mask. He has no policies to run on.  No opinion on occupied cities, toppled statues, rioters, church burning, monument vandalizing, the economy, or supreme court justices. His answers are all we’ll wait and see.  He wants to drag out his VP pick as long as possible so he or she can’t be vetted.  Duh!

I noticed a facial quirk during Biden’s well planned appearance yesterday like he’d been practicing this for a while.  He pulls in his lower lip on the left side when he’s trying to sound tough against Trump almost identical to what Bill Clinton used to do.  I guess he’s been watching Bill Clinton tapes and decided to plagiarizer or mimic his facial expressions. Guy’s a phony from head to toe.  Nothing original in his head or outside of it.

His only opinion is on covid.  Apparently he is the only president that can stop the spread of covid.  In fact, he predicts it will still be around next year.  When has Biden ever been on the right side of history?  Never.  Mr. “I was AGAINST banning flights from China before I was FOR banning flights from China.” Flipflopper.  This guy doesn’t know which end is up.

It also sounded like Biden was endorsing Fauci for his VP pick.  He’s neither black nor a woman, but I think Biden (who is historically racist and a male chauvinist) doesn’t really want a black woman as his VP and regrets promising it. Fauci and Biden need to get a room based on the like thinking they’ve recently expressed about covid. They are definitely in communication. Biden said he wants Fauci in his Oval Office.  That’s weird to say.  Where in the Oval Office? I knew Fauci was sabotaging Trump, but now we know why.  Fauci is vying for the VP position. What better way than to sabotage his reelection and get on the ticket?  Fauci is a God among Democrats and Independents.  Who wouldn’t vote for Fauci?  Not I.

Like Rush said, “don’t believe anything you read or hear in the news from now until election day.”  The New York Times is proving Rush right again.  There was likely no legitimate intelligence that Trump failed to get or read or act on.

Stay tuned.

Crowded Bars and Mass Protesting Are Spreading Covid…


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Not the rest of us responsible adults.  Whether we wear a mask or not, it is not a political statement like the left thinks.  It’s called a personal preference or choice.  I thought the left likes choice.  Amazing.  When I see a chance not to wear one outside, I will take it.  When I jog, I’m maskless.  When in an empty store, I’m maskless.  When in an outdoor patio restaurant, I’m maskless.  When grocery or drug store shopping, I’ll wear a face covering.  It’s called commonsense which fewer and fewer people seem to have these days.

Keep your distance from strangers and wear a mask indoors around strangers.  It’s really “no brainer” stuff. Wash your hands after every encounter outside your home.  Wear gloves when pumping gas, then dispose of them before entering your car.  Don’t touch your face until you wash your hands.  Wear gloves at the ATM, then dispose of them.  I actually toss them on my car floor and wash them once a week in the wash machine in a perforated plastic bag.

Defiant young folks are spreading covid by going to crowded bars and protesting in masses.  That seems to be the biggest covid culprit.  Then they bring it home to their elders.  These young folks need to get back to school or work to help stop the spread. We can’t depend on them to follow any kind of rules.  Look what some of them have done to our lovely cities and historical statues.  Trump rallies and open beaches have been singled out by the left as spreading covid. I think they are less of a risk as long as they act responsibly and distance themselves from strangers.

Manic Biden, the liar, just said in some sort of covid-Trump bashing speech, “Trump said to inject our bodies with disinfectants.”  He’s so dumb. He doesn’t believe that yet he has the nerve to say it. He also perpetuated the lie that Putin interfered in our last election. Huh?  That was proven wrong. You need to get up to speed Biden as that bus has left the station long ago. His last question was whether he should see a doctor about his cognitive abilities. Thank you FOX News Reporter.  He immediately got angry and said he’d match Trump any day with his cognitive capabilities.  I’d like to see it.

Overall, his speech consisted of mask-shaming, rally-shaming, response to covid-shaming, and Trump-bashing i.e. Biden is better than all of us.  He’s a martyr. If we don’t wear a mask, we don’t care about other people’s health.  So moronic.  And how many times does he need to tell us that Jill is his wife and Bo is his deceased son?  He treats us like he should be treated.  We don’t have memory loss.

Biden is FOR toppling of some statues but had to read his answer from a paper in his jacket. Boy, he must have been nervous about that question and couldn’t remember his pre-written answer.  I wonder if the debates will allow him to have cheat notes in his jacket?  Most likely, as he is picking the moderators.  Anyone called Donna Brazil lately?

First questions taken by Biden in 85 days. Biden is all for more testing of covid but he hasn’t been tested because he doesn’t want to take anyone’s place in line. Please, cut me a break. He hasn’t been tested because he’s been in hiding all year in his basement.  BYW, I still haven’t had one pollster call me, yet Biden remains ahead in the polls. :/

I saw goofy John Kasich on CNN (of course) spewing the same old lie that Trump said White Supremacists are good people.  Does this clown ever stop?  He’s like a broken record. Thank God he didn’t win for president. He’s the worst.

If Trump wants to go to Mt. Rushmore to visit our founding fathers over 4th of July, nothing wrong with that.  That carving is the most precious landmark in America, and it’s not endorsing White Supremacy.  Ridiculous! Whether it was Columbus or Leif who discovered America, African Americans were no where around until hundreds of years later; but they either don’t want to believe it or are trying to change history. Facts are facts.  No matter what Trump does, the left will find fault. We know that, but we’re onto them.  Don’t fall for it.

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Are Transgenders Just Gays That Are Embarrassed?

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Does a gay guy choose to become a female so he won’t be embarrassed having sex with a man?  This is probably considered a homophobic thing to ask, but we never had all this gender talk back in the 60s.  We had tomboys, which I was but didn’t look like one, and fems, guys that were a bit effeminate.  No gays, queers, or lesbian terms or even behavior like that in high school.  Or at least it wasn’t mentioned. But the times have changed, boy, oh boy, have they ever. I just need clarity.

So was Bruce Jenner a gay guy all this time hiding in the closet but too ashamed to admit it so he became a woman?  As a woman now is he attracted to men? Does he date men?  Or did he just want to wear women’s clothing so bad that he needed a sex change?  I’m confused. He definitely is bisexual since he’s fathered many children. So are transgenders just bisexuals that got tired of changing teams?

We always had women impersonators in Las Vegas and clubs.  Are they just gay guys trying to act like a woman to make money or are they straight guys trying to make money by being funny like in the movie Tootsie? What’s the difference between transgender and women impersonators? What’s the difference between a cross dresser and a drag queen?  I’m confused. I wonder this because there seems to be a lot of transgender sex change talk these days like it is becoming a fad or socially acceptable.

Case in point:  I saw a black male on tv who called himself a drag queen with breast implants, but said he wasn’t a transgender.  Okay.  So he was female on the top and male on the bottom.  He dressed like a man when he wasn’t performing as a drag queen.  He’d been married before and had several children with a female.  But he says he hooks up with butch lesbians and they like him.  Does that make him a heterosexual drag queen?  What would you call the lesbian that was with him?  I thought lesbians just liked women top and bottom.  I’m confused.

Let’s do lesbians now.  Do lesbians become transgender because they are embarrassed to be attracted to women?  Some look butch like Ellen, but do some get a sex change so no one will know they were female?  Why does Ellen need to dress like a guy? Does she think she is fooling her partner? That’s always confused me. We’ve all heard the old cliche that I always felt like a girl but was born a boy. Or I always felt like a boy even though I was a girl. Are they rationalizing for being gay or lesbian? Or are they just trying to gain fame for being gay?

I seriously want to know.  Transgenders seem to be offended if called gay.  Likewise, are gays ashamed of transgenders?  I’m confused is all.  I started to wonder about all this when I saw a Black Trans Lives Matter protest on tv. Is that a big concern among Blacks whether the transgender ones are discriminated against?  Are there a lot of Black transgenders? Or are these protesters trying to confuse us?

Personally, I think we should be happy with the gender we are born with.  Life would be much easier. I think Bruce Jenner made a big mistake. He was a good looking guy but as a woman? :/

Not all males are athletic, no reason for a sex change.  Not all females are pretty and feminine, still not a reason for a sex change.  Not everyone has luck in the love department, still doesn’t mean they should change sexes. So if you’re thinking about a sex change, reconsider.  It isn’t necessary.  You may just be embarrassed about being gay or bisexual–not born in the wrong body.  Just saying.

This is not based on medical or psychological research, just my thoughts.  Hate to see anyone make a big mistake because of a fad or embarrassment or fame. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace for nose jobs, boobs, and even butts (which I don’t condone) but a sex change? Plastic surgery is very risky to begin with as most women are never happy with their boob jobs and many more not happy with their nose jobs. If those are difficult surgeries, can you imagine a sex change operation? That’s major and should be reconsidered IMO.

Conclusion: Be happy with what your mama gave ya. You can’t get your gender back once you change it or if it becomes a botch job. Life is just a series of choices. One wrong choice can stay with you forever.




Crossfire Chaos.


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We all remember the FBI code names from Crossfire Typhoon to Crossfire Razor to Crossfire Hurricane.  All shady operations which were the impetus for the Steele Dossier paid for by Hillary to be submitted to the FISA Court to spy on the Trump Campaign, all intended to stop Trump from winning the presidency.  They were coordinated by dirty cops at the highest levels in the FBI and CIA (Comey and Clapper) in cahoots with the DNC and headed by Obama.  Full stop.

Well, Trump won against all these odds and shady operations, but they refused to accept it.  How could the FBI and CIA plans to disrupt Trump’s campaign fail? Unheard of. So they had to dismiss the results of millions of American voters and find an excuse for why he won.  He had the help of Russia. So they went to Crossfire Insurance Plans A through I which began with the Mueller Probe.

We’re now up to the letter J: Crossfire Chaos, it’s probably named.  The Democrats controlled by Obama and Biden now, are fueling the fire for this chaos across America. It’s disgusting and shameful what they’re allowing in order to get their power back.  It’s all about the Democrats wanting power and control.

Expect more and more: cities to be occupied, statues to be toppled, flags to be burned, teams to be kneeling and wearing BLM tees, Hollywood lies, media lies, John Roberts siding with liberals, Nevertrumpers siding with liberals, sports world Trump-bashing, defunding of police, covid cases to increase, cities threatening shutdown, manbun-wearing millennials and Gen Z’s screaming in the streets, mandatory mask-wearing, rioting in cities, and buildings being looted and burned.  This is Crossfire Chaos.

The ultimate goal: folks will be worried for the safety of their families and figure Trump is the cause of all the chaos (which he is not), but all they’ll see is that it is happening under his watch. Then when November rolls around, if this is still going on (and I suspect it will be);  they’ll go into the voting booth and think: What do we have to lose? We’ve already lost so much: schools closed, companies closed, high unemployment, virus spreading, cities burning; and Trump hasn’t stopped it.  Maybe a change will do us good.  This is their plan: Crossfire Chaos.

Let’s help Trump put an end to the chaos by showing our support for him, ignoring the defunding police proposals, standing up for the police, encouraging school reopenings, condemning the kneeling at games and politicizing of games, ignoring the virus fear mongering, encouraging businesses to reopen, shaming the burning of flags, ignoring the lying media, protecting our cities from takeovers, arresting the rioters, and denouncing the protesters.

It’s about all we can do to help, aside from prayer.  The truth will prevail, it just sometimes takes long, due to the rusty wheels of justice.  Maybe A.G. Barr together with Durham will be our savior and indict some of these dirty politicians before then.  One could only hope.  Hurry up Durham and Barr, the country needs you. Trump needs you, as he can’t trust anyone now.







Defunding, sheltering, nooses, cancel-culture, masking, and occupied = Scorched Earth.


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All terms we never thought of a year ago. This has all been created by the crazy left to takeover our glorious country while they simultaneously destroy it.  It is a scorched Earth method of trying to win back the presidency, but it’s all they have left.  Don’t fall for it!

Their powers at be must sit around in large groups coming up with this nonsense because that’s the only description of it: nonsense.  Nooses. Really? Defunding the Police. Really? Toppling statues.  Really?  Occupying cities. Really? These are the acts and thoughts of devious, criminal minds. What was embarrassing to watch was the city of Seattle helping them construct the barriers of CHAZ; and now they want to come in and remove them, but the loons won’t let them. What happened to the summer of love? More and more the left and their media prove to us that they are incompetent, lying, unapologetic, hypocrites.  They got what they deserved by enabling it to begin with.

The left figures if they cause so much chaos across the nation, Trump won’t be able to control it; and they’ll win in November.  It’s sick; but it’s highly funded and orchestrated by the likes of Soros, Obama, and Biden.  Yes, Biden donates to BLM and Obama doesn’t want to lose his legacy. And, coincidentally, it only occurs in liberal-run cities which means it’s not organic but well-planned. It’s just another form of a coup like their Russia Collusion, Ukraine Hoax, and impeachment sham–still trying to steal the presidency back from Trump. Can you imagine what just one of these characters was like as a child?  Spoiled rotten.

black and white picture of a crying child
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Pelosi as a child.

Nooses will be appearing everywhere, staged by the left to make us look like a racist country.  Don’t fall for it.  Covid numbers will increase everywhere to make it look like the pandemic is back.  Don’t fall for it.  Talk of defunding the police will spread everywhere to make us look like a nation of police brutality.  Don’t fall for it.  More statues will be toppled in the name of erasing history but really more for chaos. Don’t fall for it.  Talk of re-sheltering in place will increase everywhere to scare companies from reopening.  Don’t fall for it.  State orders to wear masks outdoors will be everywhere to take control of us.  Don’t fall for it.  More cities will be occupied by BLM to disrupt the economy even more. Don’t fall for it. It’s all part of their orchestrated coup which they probably have a name for like Crossfire Chaos. Remember it was JEB who claimed Trump would be achaos president’. Maybe he is in on this conspiracy too.

We need to ignore this disruption, chaos, control, and cancel-culture of our great country and get out to vote.  We need to vote Trump back in so these crazy loons will crawl back into the holes they crawled out of.  These are lowlife crazies.  Have you heard them screaming obscenities at the police?  They’re nuts!

Can we really believe the polls?  I have three phones: two hardlines, and one cell and have not gotten ONE poll call yet.  Who are they calling, the loons?  There’s no way these pollsters are getting a true account of people’s intentions.  No way.

Things will get back to normal once these indulgently-raised loons realize once and for all that Trump won the presidency fair and square the first time and fair and square the second time.  They need to finally admit it to their small, brainwashed minds or just leave the country.  We won’t miss them.




Why The Left Embraces Corruption.


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We often wonder why someone like Hillary got so many votes in 2016.  Hell, I’m still wondering why Obama got so many in 2012 after he was caught in so many scandals already, including Benghazi.  Yes, Benghazi will go down in infamy as one of the biggest scandals in modern day history and still not one politician or military has been arrested yet.  Not one. In fact, Susan Rice, the serial liar, is up for the position as Vice President under Biden! Incredible!

How in the world would anyone in their right mind vote her into office?  But it happens, over and over, by the left.  The left seems to embrace corruption.  They know Biden is dripping in it based on what he said on tape about bribing Ukraine into dropping an investigation on his son Hunter.  But they turn a blind eye.  It’s almost like the wife who turns a blind eye on the cheating husband.  Why…we ask ourselves.  There has to be something in it for them.

The wife may like the income she is receiving from the husband and doesn’t want to give up her lifestyle; likewise what the inner circles around Biden may be receiving from his scandals.  We know his family members, including his brother, are profiting off the Biden name. Maybe others are doing the same.  But what about the voters?  What’s in it for them?

I think, and it’s just an assumption, that voters that embrace corruption are trying to feel better about themselves.  Here’s how.  Maybe they aren’t the most honest tools in the tool shed; and if a more dishonest person becomes President, it makes them feel better about themselves. For example:  Hey, look what he did and got away with it. I only cheated on my wife and my taxes, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  Or, hey, look what he lied about. I’ve been lying up to my eyeballs to my family for years, so I don’t feel so bad.  He lies about much more serious things.  I only lie about how busy I am so I can disappoint a family member who comes to town. Or, hey, I am living off the government dole illegally and don’t want someone smart in the White House to finally find out. Or, I’m a big bleeding heart liberal who supports the LBGQT and climate change folks (just to be cool around my friends), so I’m voting for Biden who thinks like I do.  Or lastly, Biden’s running on bringing integrity and soul back to the White House. That means if he’s got any integrity and soul left, so do I. I’m feeling much better about myself. 


This rationalization must be the only reason a Democrat can vote for someone like Joe Biden who is dripping in corruption for the last forty years not to mention his recent cancer charity which made his friends and staff rich but did nothing for cancer victims.  Joe’s all about pay for play.  YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I’LL SCRATCH YOURS must be in needlepoint hung somewhere in his home. That actually is his forte and why Obama chose him as his sidekick.  But this is not a good characteristic for a president. Biden has never held a real job outside of the government.  Never ran a business or worked for a private company. He knows nothing about how real people make money, the old fashion way. He’ll do nothing to bring back the economy as he doesn’t have business experience.

Obama figured if he chose someone corrupt as VP all the attention would be taken off of him while he pulled the wool over America’s eyes.  It was a genius move.  Trump on the other hand chose a saint as his VP.  Total different criteria in mind.  Trump wasn’t looking to put someone corrupt in as VP to take attention off himself. He wanted someone with experience and “know how” to do the job. I respect his choice of VP.

Can you even imagine what job Biden’s son Hunter will land and at what company if Biden wins the presidency?  I suspect he may become CEO of liberal Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft, pulling in $600,000 a year. No wonder Biden wants to be president: to enrich his “know nothing” family.

Biden has been a liar and plagiarizer since college days.  He lied about his ranking in his law school, about scholarships, and his speeches that he copied word for word from others.  He has no original thoughts. He has lied so much over the years, it’s second nature to him.  That combined with senility, we won’t know if he forgot or is lying.  Not a good characteristic for president. His latest brainstorm is he will make it a federal law that everyone must wear masks outside their home.  What a moron!

So if you’re scratching your head on why someone would vote for Biden, the aforementioned are the only reasons I can come up with aside from the obvious that they just hate Trump.  That’s a stupid reason to vote for his opponent.  He’s never been ‘honest Joe’.  Never. These folks are just trying to feel better about themselves voting for someone worse than them for president. Sort of like what they did when voting for Hillary.  Same thought pattern.



America is Being Bullied by the Left.

white and black cows on gray asphalt road
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When we succumb to the left’s demands, militant threats, occupied cities, and cultural vandalism without standing up for ourselves, we are becoming a nation of wusses.  The more they get away with it, the more they’ll take.  These are mostly disgruntled Bernie disciples that hate America and have embraced the Socialist Party. They’ve never been disciplined at home or in school. They are a product of poor upbringing. Full stop.  They are childish bullies, as they’ve never grown up.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost of a generation of spoiled, coddled, participation trophy children. The police are kowtowing to them as well as the rest of us. We have to nip this in the bloom (as the bud is long gone), and soon.  One leader of the BLM thugs said they will destroy the country if Trump wins in November.  So you see, all this mayhem, melee, chaos, and havoc is all about ruining Trump’s chances in November, and it seems to be working based on the recent polls. Are we going to allow them to intimidate us into voting for Logan Act Biden?!  I sure hope not. And the mail in voting is another ploy for them to cheat their way into the White House.

Someone in our government besides Trump needs to grow some “you know what”.  So far we’re being bullied by the left, and I thought the left despises bullying.  This no longer remains to be true.  They were also the party of supporting the arts.  But with the daily destruction of artifacts by the left, this no longer remains to be true.  They were also the party of the #metoo movement; but with Biden being accused, this no longer remains to be true. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

They are “for or against” something until it affects one of their own. The left are phony hypocrites–against police brutality unless a White guy is a victim of it. You never hear from the media of a White guy getting shot in the process of a crime by the police because they don’t care if a White guy dies. They are the racist ones.  It’s only an issue if a Black is killed at the hands of police.  Why is that?

This week a White, gay, Democrat senator was assaulted by BLM, and we hear crickets from the media.  If the same was attacked by a “Make America Great Again” supporter, the left media would be screaming from the rooftops.  Why is that?   Get it now?  It’s okay to bully conservatives; but if you’re caught doing it to the left, we’ll bury the story. We’re sick of it and everyone can see through it.

So America stop being wusses!  When your Democrat friends speak disparagingly about Trump or yourself (and you know they do), stand up for yourself and your beliefs. They’re usually lying or repeating talking points like the cadaver Pelosi spews.  Don’t take it. They’re trying to bully us into changing our vote.  Don’t let them get away with it.





DeBlasio to Allow BLM to Occupy Outside of Trump Tower!


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What in the world?!  Are the Democrats in power purposely encouraging BLM to vandalize or occupy outside of the Trump Tower?  This is Trump’s personal residence. This area should be protected by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and National Guard as all homes of presidents have been. DeBlasio should be arrested and taken into custody for encouraging something like this.

This is obviously another attempt to force President Trump into resigning.  If Trump feels his personal assets are being threatened, maybe he’ll return home to protect them. Not likely.  Trump took a job to bring America back from the edge of the abyss that Obama and Biden put us on. He’s not about to quit now.

Reporting on spikes in covid cases is another attempt to tank the economy.  Just because more people are testing positive doesn’t mean they are sick.  They pull up in their cars and get tested.  They aren’t sick.  Plus there are a lot of false positives which spike up the numbers too.  No need to panic. No need to shutdown the country again.  There’s plenty of room in the hospitals.  Plenty of room.

Trump has survived the Russia Probe instigated by Biden himself, the Kavanaugh fake sexual accusation, the Ukraine phone call “set up” by Obama holdovers, the phony impeachment by Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi, the virus unleashed by China, Fauci’s false models, the countrywide shutdown, the crashing stock market, the spike in unemployment numbers, and the media lying about him for four years.  I think he can handle the vandalism of loudmouth, lowlife, agitators.

DeBlasio needs to be arrested if he allows the vandalism or occupying near Trump Tower.  He is threatening the property of a sitting president. Simple as that.