It’s Over, Dems. Time’s up. We’re Calling the Shots Now.

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Trump has just about sewn up the 2020 election with zero collusion and no obstruction.  He is free to run on policy as the veil of uncertainty has been lifted and the Dems have nothing to run on but hate.  We would have won the House if this had been lifted sooner.  Thanks Mueller for dragging your feet.  You knew all along.

Your top candidates are flawed: One who gropes women from behind (Horny Joe), another who eats dirt and makes his wife eat baby poo (Dirt man), another who lies about being a Native American to garner jobs (Pocahontas) , another who smoked pot illegally as a prosecutor (Kamala Cannabis), another who’s a hypocrite when it comes to sexual harassment–she’s against it until it’s one of her employees (Hypokrist) , and finally one who’s a self-proclaimed socialist with little record of accomplishment in the senate (Crazy Bernie)–stale, pale, and male.

The left is still trying to pin Russian collusion on Trump from Stalwell to Schiff to Nadler they are all in denial of the Mueller Report.  If Barr got the summary wrong all the leftist lawyers working for Mueller would be coming forward to set the record straight. But we have heard only crickets.  And some fake news commentators are going after Trump’s weight now.  Body shaming is all they have left.  I guess it’s okay when done to a Republican male. More of their double standard.

The Dems and the left media need to let it go.  You lost that one.  Move on to your next scandal.  You can’t go back to the Russian collusion well.  Maybe wipe the egg off your faces, apologize for being stupid and biased, and come up with some good policies to run on.  And forget the Green New Deal.  That is a loser of a policy and you all know it.  Alexandria’s time’s up. She isn’t the darling of the left any longer.  She’s more of a dumbbell.

Trump wasn’t exonerated, he was never guilty of any crimes.  You have to have done something to be exonerated.  Trump was framed from the get go by the Deep State led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Lynch, Page, Strzok, and Obama.  Now we will turn the spotlight back on them and see how they like it.  Karma is a bitch.

We will not let them get away with what they did as no future Republican president will ever be safe from their conspiratorial slander again.  It has to stop here and now.  No more. Not again. Ever. Time’s up.

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To Never-Trumpers: Just Wonder If?

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Did you ever consider that you could all be wrong about President Trump? Like the bloody poster in Fargo the series says: “wonder if you’re right and they’re wrong?”  Well, wonder if Trump is right and you’re all wrong?

Wonder if Trump really ran to make America great again and is not in it for his company, his children, or himself like you all accused from day one?

Wonder if he and his campaign were NOT involved in collusion with Russia whatsoever and just won outright by his wit and tenacity?  Why do we never hear about Russia collusion any longer?

Wonder if he really wants to keep America safe by banning folks from terror hot-bed countries and is not anti-Muslim and racist and xenophobic like you all claim?  The Supreme Court said his ban was legal and within his right as a president to make.

Wonder if these crazy women that came out accusing him of sexual harassment were just hired by his political enemies as part of the “Insurance Plan?”  Certainly seems like a possibility since reading those texts from the cowardly FBI lovebirds.

Wonder if Trump is just a sharp businessman and is bringing back our economy and jobs to America by making our tariffs fair and lowering stifling regulations and taxes on companies?  Just wonder if?

Wonder if he really wants to defeat terrorism around the world and eliminate the threat of ISIS altogether?  Why do we never hear the word ISIS any longer?  Hmmm.

Wonder if Trump has empathy for all the people of all races, religions, and economic levels?  Unemployment has gone down to historic levels for Blacks and Hispanics since he took office.  Hmmm. And he certainly cares more about Israel than Obama did.

Wonder if the Mueller Probe that was set off by Comey and Strzok is nothing more than a witch hunt to take down his presidency as he claims?  Starting to look like it.

Wonder if Trump wants peace around the world and wants to avoid war at all costs?  He certainly has calmed things in North Korea.

Wonder if the Paris Accord was nothing more than a bad deal for America and will not help climate change at all?  Just wonder if he is right?  We won’t know for thirty years so why say he’s wrong already?

I could go on and on with the wonder ifs but the bottom line is:  Trump won his election fair and square despite what the crooked hypocrite Hillary says and his win should be acknowledged and not resisted by the Never Trumpers.  You all need to support the will of the people and our president and stop all the name-calling hate and feigned outrage like Abolish ICE and Impeach 45.  It’s getting old and is ridiculous.

The next time you Never Trumpers want to go in public to say something stupid about our sitting president or his policies, just stop and think:  Wonder if Trump is right and you’re all wrong?  Just wonder if?

This was written July 6, 2018 but appears that the “wonder ifs” are becoming true. 

One more wonder if:  Wonder if Smollett was hired by the Dems to commit his crime and when it went south, they scattered like rats on a drowning ship but they had to rescue him from prosecution?  Wonder if?  It’s starting to appear that way. This has the fingerprints of George Soros et al.

Note to Rahm Emanuel: Trump Doesn’t Take Orders From You!

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You have the nerve to admonish Trump when he takes your side?  You are incorrigible!  Just shut your mouth. Just because your buddies Michelle and Barack are behind the dropping of charges of Smollett does not give you license to come after Trump.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  We see what you’re doing.  Got a call from Obama?

Your city is riddled with crime daily and Trump has nothing to do with that.  When one of yours commits a fake hate crime with the intention of implicating Trump supporters, that’s not Trump’s fault.  Trump hasn’t created the hate that’s within all of you.  Hate comes from yourself not from some outside influence.  No one makes you commit a crime.  No one makes you lie.  No one has control of you.  Jealousy is the mother of hate.

Smollett created his own crime and deserves to be punished for it.  Just be happy Trump agrees with you. It’s nice to have people on both sides agree with each other like when we all agreed that the college admissions crimes were outrageous.  Let well enough alone already.  Why create another controversy?  Or are you just Democrat and can never agree with a Republican ever, at all costs?

Don’t ever tell our president what to do.  You are a mere mayor of a crime-ridden city and should keep your mouth shut.  Maybe it’s you who have created a hate-filled environment.  Whenever you point your finger at someone else three fingers are pointing back at you.  Look yourself in the mirror.

With your thinking, maybe that’s why the prosecutor dismissed his charges.  Smollett was so influenced by Trump that he had to commit a crime that punished Trump supporters. Stop talking like this as you are the one influencing your citizens.  You giving Smollett an excuse for his crime has shades of Hillary blaming her loss on everyone but herself.  People need to take responsibility for their own shortcomings. Smollett tripled down on his innocence after getting his charges dropped instead of being contrite.

And we aren’t going to move on now that the Russian hoax is over.  We are stronger than ever and Trump will run on that fact and find all those who are responsible for starting the hoax.  Be careful, you were working for Obama and could be part of the “insurance plan” and maybe left when you saw things going south. Don’t put yourself in the spotlight now.  Feel lucky that you got out just in time.

Shut up and just govern your city. Republicans are in charge now as the Democrats have been exposed.

Smollett, the Boldfaced and Baldfaced Liar, Gets a Slap on the Wrist.

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Smollett speaks to his fans saying his mother’s son would never do what they are accusing him of.  (He’s a little angel.)  Tripling down on his lies; lying to his mother, his fans, and the rest of us.  Michelle Obama has her hands in this.  Her assistant wrote some emails to the prosecutor possibly promising her some future in politics if she lets off this scumbag.

So this is how it works–a slap on the wrist for hate crime suspects? Does this mean the parents of the accused in the college admissions sandal will get off too because they are rich and famous?  I wouldn’t be shocked. And his sixteen hours of community service with Jesse Jackson and a 10,000 bond being kept just gives him the double jeopardy claim if they come for him again. They must think we’re all stupid to accept this as a punishment.

Liberals seem to have a different justice system.  A two-tiered justice system. Why do they seem to be getting off lately?  This had shades of O.J., Michael Jackson, and Casey Anthony trials.  Guilty as hell but gets off.  This also had shades of Hillary’s investigation whereby she was guilty as hell but they refused to indict. Conversely, poor Manafort gets seven years for tax evasion; but Smollett, who clearly committed a crime that could have caused mass race riots in the streets, gets no jail time?  That seems fair. :/

This prosecutor needs to be investigated.  She’s on the take. Or it was a tit for tat that Trump was exonerated so they wanted one of their own to be exonerated also. And it happens the very next day?  What a coincidence!  NOT.  How do we even know if this stunt was orchestrated by higher-ups to make MAGA supporters look racist?  We don’t.  But it’s sure starting to look like it.  Another failed coup by the Resist Movement.  In fact, Smollett said in his speech, that his movement will continue. Whatever, lying dude.  We don’t care.

Get this scumbag charged for the fake crime he reported to the police that spent many days looking for the “imaginary” racist suspects.  Make him pay for what he did. If not, we’ll see more of this as we get closer to the election.

These Trump haters are shameless liars. From Kathy Griffin to Johnny Depp to Madonna and Ashley Judd, Midler, Streisand, Alec Baldwin and many others, they all spread hate to their fans, if they have any, and are never held accountable. They spread lies about Trump every day. In fact, my son’s SF friends were convinced that Trump was in bed with Russia and were shocked by Mueller’s conclusion.  Mindlessly following the lying narrative of the left for the last two years, no doubt.  Poor kids.

From now on, it’s full court press.  The Democrats are pissed that Mueller Report didn’t indict Trump, and now they are coming for Trump from all directions.  They have nothing left to hang their hats on.  They will now invent, scheme, and break the law in order to take Trump down again. We need to block them and not let them get away with another attempt at taking down Trump.

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This dropping of all charges stinks to high hell and everyone knows it.


The Elephant in the Room.

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With all the talk about the Mueller Report and how terribly wrong the main stream media was for two years, there’s an elephant in the room that no one wants to address.  Who started the coup d’etat against Trump?  They refer to this elephant as “they.”

I hear commentators skirting around the edges of who started this ball rolling but are afraid to say who started it.  They’ll say things like it started at the top, right? It annoys me that they won’t go there.  Aside from Sean Hannity and a few of his guests, most politicians and guests fail to point out where it began.  They’ll mention Strzok, Page, Ohr, Comey, and McCabe et al but these folks weren’t working in a vacuum.  They have a leader.

Let’s finally call a spade a spade.  Who spread the lies to Brennan and Bernstein and Schiff and Nadler?  They all spoke with conviction that Trump was involved in collusion with Russia and that they had direct evidence.  They boldly spoke of Trump being indicted and spending time in jail when his term was up. And the fake news media took the ball and ran with it from comedy shows to talk shows repeating the lie that Trump was in bed with the Kremlin.  They even called FOX News an arm of the Kremlin.

Who was doing all this lie spreading?  Who told investigators to stand down after they found out the truth about the hacked emails from Julian Assange?  Who was it?  You’re probably thinking Hillary as she has been surprisingly silent since this report came out.  And the Clinton Machine is very powerful.

But come on, folks.  It’s plain and simple.  It’s Barack Obama. He’s behind all of the scandals and usually comes out smelling like a rose as he keeps his hands clean. He has his drones working for him. Like when he said, “Everything we did was on the up and up,” in a private meeting with his cabinet before he left office.  He controlled the FBI’s dirty cops and the deep state.  He is the puppet master pulling all the strings and the man behind the curtain with the smoke and mirrors. He probably told them that what they were doing was for the better good of America. And they bought it. Not an excuse for breaking the law, but it was coming from their boss.

And today “someone” got to the Chicago prosecutors and told them to stand down.  Hmm wonder where that came from? Maybe someone who comes from Chicago and wants to protect the guy who hates Trump and fabricated a hate crime against Trump supporters.  Again the press appears clueless and won’t hint at where this is coming from.  The puppet master.

He’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention.  In fact, he’s been incredibly silent since the report came out. Probably seething. When they finally get the nerve to investigate him like they did Trump, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall in place. But everyone is afraid to touch him for being labeled a racist.  It’s quite a conundrum we’ve got ourselves in.


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The Dark Cloud of Suspicion Has Lifted, Letting a Glimmer of Sunlight Through. Just a Glimmer.

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When you look up Fake News in the Urban Dictionary now, you’ll find: CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, WAPO as the definition. It has now been confirmed they are officially the purveyors of Fake News.  The sham they were part of for over two years has done irreparable damage to our country, the president, and our government as well as many private citizens who will never get their name back.  Trump should pardon some of them ASAP. And we should never let this happen to another president, ever again.

But the fake news media are behaving like shameless, lying, poor losers again. In fact, they are doubling down and going all in on the coup d’etat.  One MSNBC commentator said “they were fed wrong information” about Trump–taking no ownership in the sham.  We don’t believe him for a second.

They spent two years relishing every word coming from the likes of Schiff, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Maxine, Bernstein and Comey.   They never questioned whether the slander was true.  They wanted it to be true.  Dissimarily, they ridiculed every word that came out of Nunes mouth, and he was 100% right.  And Maxine Waters should resign from all the hateful lies she has spread over the air.

The fake news media and Democrat politicians are behaving more like sociopaths than socialists now.  A sociopath lies with no remorse.  Candidates are hanging their hats  on Mueller’s comment that there could be obstruction just not enough evidence for it. These candidates seem to have no comprehension of a well written letter. It was very clear that there was “no obstruction because there was no crime to be obstructing.” Trump is innocent of all charges of collusion and obstruction.  They should be apologizing to Trump, his supporters, and the people for advancing a lie in order to take out Trump.

The important thing is that TRUMP TOLD THE TRUTH for two years.  They can’t call him the liar any longer. He denied Russian collusion and obstruction of justice and has been exonerated by his enemies who thoroughly searched everything they could–to find him guilty.  They left no stone unturned.

The fake news needs to give it up. Their coup d’etat failed.  Most of them should be fired but apparently only FOX news comes under fire for a flippant remark, when fake news has been making slanderous remarks for two years. Double standard again. We should never believe the fake news media again.  In fact, everyone should boycott the fake news.

But the black cloud has been lifted from the 2016 election.  It was won fair and square with no help from Russia which we knew all along.  It’s a bittersweet win for Trump, however, as the investigation into his campaign should have never happened in the first place.

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The Democrats Are Expressing “Sour Grapes” Before Tasting the Grapes

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Just like the fox in the fable that couldn’t reach the grapes on the vine, some Democrat politicians are saying they didn’t care to have them anyway.  The report isn’t even out yet, and they are making statements like, “We always wanted the president to be innocent as indictments wouldn’t be good for the country.” This is the definition of sour grapes.  Didn’t get the result they wanted, so pretending to not care or that they like the results.  Please, they really must think we are stupid. 

For two years we endured countless claims by the likes of Maddow, Todd, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Bernstein, Matthews, Shiff, Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Scarbourough et al saying Trump committed treason and will be perp-walked out of the White House.  Now they expect us to believe that all they really wanted is for Trump to be innocent of all charges so as not to upset the country? These democrats lied then and are lying now to cover for their lies. At least Nadlar is being true to himself and won’t accept the results if favorable for Trump.  He wants to bring Mueller into congress under oath.  How quickly they turn.

All the while the dumb candidates out spewing the same talking points, “We want the FULL report released to the pubic! The public deserves the full report!.”  Again insinuating Trump has his cronies hiding something from the public. The spectators roaring in agreement to these comments, as they know no better. Just follow the bouncing balls, kids.  How gullible are these people at the democrat rallies to believe these candidates like Bernie, Kamala,  Gillibrand, Warren, and Beto?  Pretty darn gullible. I weep for their future.

Careful what you wish for Dems.  The full, unredacted report may turn up lots of dirt on Hillary, Obama, and Lynch.  After all they were behind the tarmac meeting and Lynch telling the FBI to stand down which led to Comey being fired–not Russian collusion. Be afraid. Be very afraid of what’s in that report.  You may be kicking yourself afterwards.

Let’s get this summary of the report out soon. We can’t handle too much more of their bulls–t. In the meantime, the Dems will keep dismissing those grapes as sour but pouring lots of wine in anticipation of the report–drowning their sorrows with grapes of wrath no doubt.

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