20 Questions the Media Must Ask Biden Prior to 2024 Run.

In no particular order:

  1. Have you ever taken a simple cognitive test at the doctor’s office which involves drawing a clock on a whiteboard with a time given you and remembering three words given you earlier in the exam?
  2. Are you currently taking dementia meds; how often and at what strength?
  3. How many times in the past year have you fallen down?
  4. Were you or have you ever been involved in your son Hunter’s business transactions with other countries; and, if so, did you receive compensation whether under the table or via money laundering? How much did the “Big Guy” receive?
  5. Were you notified by the FBI prior to the 2020 election that they were in the possession of Hunter’s laptop containing suspicious content; and, if so, what did you tell them to do with it?
  6. Were you aware that Twitter, Facebook, and MSM were suppressing news of this laptop prior to the 2020 election; and, if so, was this at your or the FBI’s request? If so, have you weaponized the FBI and DOJ?
  7. Why did you lie during a national tv debate that the laptop was Russia Disinformation when, in fact, you knew all along it was Hunter’s as the FBI had it in their possession for nine months?
  8. Who do you know asked that former CIA and Intelligence Agents write a letter confirming it was Russia Disinformation?
  9. Do you really think that the 2020 election wasn’t rigged in your favor? If so, how many fraudulent votes are acceptable to you?
  10. Do you approve of ballot harvesting, drop boxes, and mail in ballots without proper ID?
  11. Are the rumors true that Susan Rice and Obama are running the show at the White House and not you? If so, why do you think one American should vote for you again? Why does your press secretary keep misspeaking, “President Obama” instead of Biden?
  12. If America goes to all electric vehicles in the future like you propose, how will the electrical grids across the nation be able to sustain the increase in use especially during a heatwave or snowstorm? Is this just a pipedream?
  13. Is wind, solar, and battery power efficient during an ice storm? If not, what should consumers do to stay warm and power their vehicles? Wood burning fireplaces are taboo too.
  14. Have you thought through the unintended consequences of the green energy bills you are trying to promote?
  15. Why are you promoting transgender rights? Do you think men should compete in women’s sports and use their bathrooms? Do you think children should be thinking about their gender in grade school? Do you approve of gender change surgeries in the military?
  16. Are you compromised with China; and, if so, were you involved in the gain of function of the covid virus unleashed on the world prior to Trump’s reelection? Why won’t you punish Communist China for killing millions and getting away with the crime of the century?
  17. Did you, Nancy, and the FBI conspire to start a riot at the capitol in order to take the focus off of the states that were in the midst of rejecting their electoral votes?
  18. Why have you divided the nation down racial lines when you promised to be a uniter? Why won’t you punish BLM and Antifa that have broken laws, yet go after peaceful patriots that oppose you?
  19. Why do you continue to say that your son Beau died in the Iraq War? And why was Jill kissing Kamala’s husband on the lips at the SOTU address?
  20. Since you reversed all Trump’s energy and border control policies, do you regret it now that we have the worse border crisis in history and have depleted our energy reserve? Why won’t you declare the drug cartels at our southern border as terrorists?

I admit, most of these are leading or rhetorical questions; but remember the questions they used to ask Trump during the debates which were all leading? I’d like to see our media, especially FOX News, give one of these questions to Biden at a press conference or during a debate and watch the audience’s jaws drop. I’d also like to see more Democrats come out and oppose Biden in the primaries. What are they, a bunch of cowards? Looks like it. Or do they think Biden is best at cheating so why not keep him in the race? And where’s ol’ Hillary when we need her? Why doesn’t crooked Hillary come out and oppose Biden? Surely, we can get more than Marianne Williams. Step up to the plate, Dems! Your leader is a proven corrupt, compromised cheater. Cheater can’t be a leader.


“Political Correctness is a Bunch of Garbage”…

says Dr. Ben Carson. I agree with him. People my age are constantly getting schooled by millennials on what words we can no longer say. I grew up saying “oriental” for any Chinese or Japanese person if I didn’t know their real heritage. It wasn’t insulting. One of my best friends was half oriental, and I never even knew if she was Japanese or Chinese. It didn’t matter to me.

So today we have wokeys telling us how to speak. I’m over it already. I used to be kind and let it pass, but no more. If Ben Carson is over it, so am I. I never bought into the gender-neutral conversation and never will. “What pronoun do you use?” Seriously? I don’t even know what that means. I got an A in Business English but never got asked this on a test. And what is nonbinary?

This country is so racially divided now due to Biden that he can’t give a normal speech without invoking how we used to be segregated even in 1967. Not sure where Joe was back then, but I never experienced segregation in 1967. I shared the Dean’s Office as a secretary in high school with a Black girl at the same desk in the same room. She was quite popular and on the cheerleading squad with other white girls. Didn’t look like segregation to me. We didn’t have separate water fountains either.

In my opinion, if someone says, “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid” like Joe recently said, that’s a racist comment. That flowed off his tongue too easily which means he used to say this to Black kids only he added, “not stupid like you.” And “boy” used in reference to Blacks is a racist word. Joe is the real racist, and it comes out in his unscripted dialog quite often. He panders to the Blacks, only for votes, then ignores them once elected.

Joe wants to keep instilling that Blacks were and still are being oppressed, but actually they were given opportunities over other whites due to Affirmative Action Laws. I was a casualty of that law when I once got promoted, but an unqualified Black fellow protested as he wanted the position. Needless to say, the company caved to him and gave him my new position as they didn’t want to get sued. I said nothing at the time as I was a mild-mannered 23-year-old but secretly applied for a new job elsewhere and quit within two months, much to their chagrin. They all looked and acted embarrassed for their decision. It was the best career move I ever made. But I digress.

“Political correctness is a bunch of garbage.” We don’t need to kowtow to the left and fall in place using their new vocabulary words. We can say “China” and “Chinese” and “Japan” and “Japanese” without being quietly corrected, “It’s Asian.” What’s so great about the word “Asian” over “Oriental” or the actual country? Pretty soon Asian will be banned by the left and replaced with another word. They just like controlling and correcting the rest of us.

Sure, I went along with most of the changes like “flight attendant” from “stewardess” or “waitperson” from “waitress”, but no more. “Homeless” are now called “temporarily displaced individuals” and “violent protesters” are called “mostly peaceful demonstrators”. “Antifa is just an idea” was a classic. Last time I checked, ideas don’t burn down police stations. I’m going back to the way I learned to speak, and I don’t care what they say. It’s getting out of control. Men are men and women are women. Boys are boys and girls are girls. PERIOD. They are different and should have different titles. We still have the term First Lady in the White House. When will that be banned by the left and called First Person? Certainly not while queeny is there.

Everything the left touches now sucks. Senator John Kennedy said, “the Biden Administration sucks.” I agree with him too. We have to start speaking our minds and not letting them control our minds. Six months ago, I had lunch with my feminist wokey friend and haven’t seen her since. I was rudely interrupted in mid-sentence and later told I was so intense. I can take names from my husband occasionally, but I draw the line at friends. When they resort to name calling, I’m done. I don’t need friends like that especially when they feigned outrage by the tweets Trump gave his critics.

Political correctness has been the downfall of our country and lately has included transgender rights to operations and puberty blocking on children. All of this is a bunch of garbage and needs to stop. Can’t wait for Trump’s CPAC speech today. Should be funny and politically incorrect.

Why is the Media Obsessed with Murdaugh Trial?

Who cares about this greedy lawyer that had the walls closing in on him? After he decided to commit familicide on his wife and one son (after being caught red-handed embezzling money from his own company, his wife filing for divorce, and son was investigating him), he obviously lost his mind and killed out of pure anger and hate. His life as he knew it was over and took revenge out on those who didn’t support him. Then he tried to coverup the evidence.

This is a common occurrence in America. Why was this trial shown on cable tv? I would have rather seen the trial of Michael Sussmann who was found not guilty by a jury of his D.C. peers. That affects our lives more than this greedy rich guy.

“Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted Tuesday of lying to the FBI, in the first trial of special counsel John Durham’s investigation.

The verdict is a major defeat for Durham and his Justice Department prosecutors, who have spent three years looking for wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia probe. He claimed Sussmann lied during a 2016 meeting in which he passed a tip to the FBI about Donald Trump and Russia.

The Sussmann case revolved around his September 2016 meeting with James Baker, a friend who was the FBI’s general counsel. Sussmann passed along a tip that led to a four-month FBI inquiry into a possible internet backchannel between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank. Both companies denied the claim, and the FBI didn’t find any improper cyber links.

Prosecutors argued that Sussmann intentionally lied to Baker by saying he came only as a concerned citizen, and not on behalf of any clients, saying Sussmann hid his ties to Democrats to “manipulate the FBI” and gin up an “October surprise” to help Clinton win.” Wikipedia

Every time I turned on FOX News, I saw this man crying with pundits pontificating and wondered who the hell he was. It wasn’t exactly a Scott Peterson, OJ, or Ted Bundy worthy trial. One, being a double-life killer; another, a jealous-rage killer; and lastly, a serial killer. It wasn’t even Casey Anthony, a mom-gone-wild killer. Those salacious trials had the public’s interest for months and were newsworthy. This rich guy came out of the blue and his trial means nothing to me when our country is going down the tubes with a corrupt president in charge pushing us to the brink of war.

I wish the media cared more about Biden’s crimes than some rich lawyer that tried to get away with familicide. At least he wasn’t killing the country with his daily lies and executive actions. Gregg Kelly of Newsmax agrees with me. Why the hell is this guy’s trial being televised on cable news? I have a sneaking suspicion the obsession with this trial is another smokescreen ordered by the Biden Administration to get the news off his failure to visit the Ohio train derailment, the House’s hearings, and FBI’s and DOJ”S corruption being exposed. And it’s working.

Now today we have to wait with bated breath on how long this guy’s jail term is. He’ll be shiv’d or suicided while waiting for his appeal. Saddest part of this trial was his sole surviving redhead son being left all alone. Moral of the story: Never turn against your wife. It won’t turn out well for you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Trump Was Right About Wuhan Lab Leak.

What else will turn out to be true now that Trump has left office? Amazing how this works. Avoid looking into anything that Trump suggests, but then investigate it after he is out of office. In fact, there was an investigation ongoing into the Wuhan Lab virus leak when Biden took office, but he suspiciously ended it. Hmmmm, I see a pattern emerging. Let’s do a trip down Memory Lane on what the press called fringe conspiracy theories whenever Trump suggested them.

Hunter’s laptop comes to mind. The press and social media buried the story calling it Russian disinformation prior to the election along with the FBI; but amazingly now, we find that the laptop does exist and is filled with incriminating emails. But there have been no charges filed. And Trump was right when he said Biden committed quid pro quo with Ukraine, but no one credits him with that truism. They collectively committed election interference. Trump was right.

The effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Zpack has suddenly been discovered to be an effective therapeutic drug for covid if used early on. Just like Trump suggested. But the press turned governors and doctors against it and was not allowed to be prescribed. They even falsely claimed Trump was invested in HCQ. But Trump was right.

Trump’s border wall and immigration polices were effective but the press and the Democrats never gave him credit. Now it looks like Trump was right again as the wall is not being built nor surveilled by Border Control, policies ended, and we have a major crisis on our hands. Trump was right again.

Trump suggested over a year ago that businesses, schools, and restaurants should reopen safely but again the press and some governors ridiculed him. He said shutdowns would hurt the economy and the children irreparably, but they pooh-poohed his advice. Some red states followed his advice and have not endured such hardships. But look where we’re at in New York, California, and Washington state. Trump was right.

Trump suggested the national guard needed to go into some cities to stop rioting by antifa and BLM, but he got rebuked by liberal mayors and governors who are now desperate for help. The rioting didn’t stop once Trump left office but has taken a stronghold in some cities who just look for an excuse to tear up the town. The police didn’t enforce current laws and are now paying the price. They should have allowed the help from the national guard like Trump suggested a year ago, but the press and Democrats called antifa and BLM peaceful demonstrators. Trump was right.

Trump was telling the truth when he said he did not collude with Russia. Hillary, on the other hand, asked the FBI for a smokescreen called Russia collusion to take the heat off of her destroying subpoenaed evidence. Did the press apologize for four years of accusations and a needless and costly Mueller Probe? Of course not, as they were in on the hoax. But again Trump was right.

Trump once said he’d get a vaccine approval before the 2020 election. He was scoffed at and made fun of by the press for months. But again Trump was right. It was approved prior to the election but Pfizer purposely held it back until right after the election. They committed election interference. But Trump’s prediction was true. Did he get credit for Warp Speed approval? Of course, not. Biden tried to take credit.

Trump was also right about not inciting the breach of the capitol, but the press hasn’t come around to that story yet. That will take some time. In fact, they are doubling down on that lie. [Recent footage from the riot proves that the police and FBI shot rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd of peaceful demonstrators in order to rile them up.]

Also Trump was right that the election was rigged. This will take some time before the crooked media admits to collusion with the Democrats. But at least the public sees now that Trump does tell the truth and that his instincts are usually correct. It just takes a while before it is believed. Eventually the Democrats will admit to election fraud and treat it as a badge of honor that they got away with it. They can’t help themselves to act smug and admit to it.

So you see, Trump’s claims, predictions, and suggestions will eventually be proven true and the false stories debunked. It will just take time. In the meantime, the press will continue to call them fringe conspiracy theories from the right. 74 million folks can’t all be wrong.

UPDATED 2-28-23.

[We knew all along that the covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab and was funded by the U.S. to do Gain of Function bio warfare research on bat viruses. Whether or not they unleashed this on the world remains to be proven. Lab whistle blower scientists in China are missing. China refused to let Trump send in investigators. But I get the sneaking feeling that someone wanted to take out Trump before the next election and this was the only way. China got word from someone in high places. Hmmm. I wonder if corrupt Biden is connected to all of this. Remains to be proven. Could be the biggest international crime in history, worse than Hitler, and the media was complicit.

I’m not on the theory that the virus leaked out accidentally. Accidentally on purpose is my guess. It was way to coincidental for me to have leaked out in an election year where Trump was leading in all the polls. And you know what Freud said about coincidences. “There are none!”

But it still amazes me that two years later the media and some in the government are finally coming around to the Wuhan Lab could be the origin of the China Covid 19 Virus. Duh! Like Trump said.]

Staged Kyiv Air Raid Sirens are to Biden as “Landing Under Sniper Fire” was to Hillary.

The air raid sirens that blared while Joe Biden walked down the street in Kyiv, Ukraine with President Volodymyr Zelensky were all staged to make bumbling, tottering Biden look like a brave president on the world stage. How sad. Keep in mind, Zelensky went along with the fake scenario while taking more of our taxpayer’s money. They are two partners in crime. I wonder how much of this money Zelensky has promised to donate back to Joe’s campaign? Like he donated to crooked Sam Bankman’s fund that in turn went to Democrat candidates.

But now Joe and Hillary have similar stories of bravery in a war zone to tell their doting fans. Recalling her trip to Bosnia, Hillary remembered “landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Nice try, Hillary.

But reality is, they both have dirty baggage that they need to overshadow with some stories of bravery while boosting their international and political creds. Even his wife Jill is making the rounds trying to reinvent ol’ stumbling Joe. But as karma is a b***ch, clumsy Joe tripped ascending the stairs to Air Force One on his departure, again. You can’t fool The Man Upstairs, and he is trying to tell the public who Joe is. “Just watch me,” as Joe has ordered. We have, and it is very similar to Hillary: falling, lying, boasting, bloviating, and taking a page out of the Democrat playbook. But Joe has one more page to add: hiding his cognitive decline.

We are onto the Democrat party. They know they have a man in the White House with failing health and can’t replace him with cackling, word salad Kammie; but since Obama and Susan Rice run the country anyway, they will probably keep him. “See Joe Run.” Thus, why they are trying to boost his creds. Sorry Newsom. Unless they replace Kammie with Newsom.

Obama has Joe just where he wants him so he can secretly pull all the strings behind his back. He once even wished he could do such a thing. Hey, Barrack, why not check on your wife and help her with her depression. Remember she was never proud of her country until Barrack became president. She’s not proud any longer and her depression has returned. No wonder they couldn’t handle illegals being relocated to Martha’s Vineyard. They have to keep Michelle happy.

Anyone that tries to run against Joe will soon be taken out by the left. Look out Marianne. Are we stuck with incompetent Joe for six more years? Yes, if they steal another election as he can’t win on his own fake creds.

Barney Fife Called. He Wants His Look Back.

And this guy wants to be president? You’ve got to be kidding! Who would vote for him? The same people who put Biden in office? I’m convinced now that the Democrats have the worst taste in what qualifies someone to be president. They have to check identity diversity boxes first and how many languages one can speak then every other quality goes out the window. And what the hell are Venn Circles? I had to look them up. Wow! Kamala is losing it as fast as Biden has.

Let’s face it, folks. The Democrats act like know-it-alls. But reality is, they know nothing. I’m sure you have run across of few of them. They’ll say they are going to support Newsom or Buttigieg for a presidential run, yet these voters know nothing about how our government runs. In fact, as Reagan once said, “The Democrats know a whole lot about stuff that’s just not true.” And they force it down our throats daily.

For Buttigieg to blame the Ohio train derailment on conductors needing more vacation time (like he takes) or Trump’s regulations on brakes is laughable as Biden has reversed every regulation Trump put in place. He’s been in office two years but somehow that regulation slipped their minds? Amazing. Why did the EPA shoot holes in five of the trains? To turn a simple derailment into a chemical disaster that they can run on in 2024. You know when Joy Blowhard is reading talking points from the White House, this is their plan. PERIOD.

Buttigieg needs the Boot. Pothole Pete, as he is whimsically known, could care less about a city that mostly likely voted for Trump. So he runs his department through the vision of what will gain them politically, not on how to help Americans. But he missed the mark this time just as Barney Fife would have. The public sees through his lies and excuses.

Vote all the bums out next time! Stop electing socialist politicians to represent your states. You get what you deserve when you vote Democrat, and you keep repeating the insanity. Look at California, New York, Washington, and Arizona. We look like a Third World Country based on the way these states appear with tents, feces, needles, garbage, and homeless lining their streets. It is, frankly, the most disgusting demise of our country in U.S. history thanks to liberal policies.

Built a Redwood Deck.

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.

As a thirty-year-old newlywed, I took on the arduous task of designing, ordering supplies, buying tools, and building together from the ground up a custom redwood deck off the back of our first home. This was while we both worked full time and only had the weekends. The hardest task was drilling the ledger board into the stucco home and getting it level with just two people. We built this with no other help.

My husband had never hammered a nail before or used an electric saw but was a willing participant. I went to the library to get books on building a deck to code; and as a former draftsman and designer, I designed and ordered the proper amount of lumber to be delivered by a local lumber store. I think the lumber cost $800 back then. The nails, bolts, tools, and concrete foundation blocks we picked up ourselves. This deck also had a custom railing and steps down to the lawn. In today’s market, the deck would cost about $20,000+ to hire someone to build.

At the time, I didn’t realize how ambitious that project was. Years later we’d always hire a contractor for any project that large. But this home was built in the 50s and the kitchen, bathroom, hardwood floors needed updating for which we did all on our own. We tiled, refinished cabinets, wallpapered, painted, and refinished hardwood flooring. We did hire professionals to install a pedestal sink, vinyl flooring, a window, and French doors.

After that we concentrated on having children in this home and soon outgrew it. So, we sold and purchased a larger fixer upper, the hardest task being removing asphalt concrete tiles to expose the hardwood flooring with two little boys running around the house and another on the way. Remodeling became my thing while my husband worked. We bought, fixed up, and sold throughout our marriage until we got the home of our dreams five homes later. I guess we’d be called flippers these days. But back then, we called it moving on up. Average time in each home was 4.7 years.

Now on our ninth property, just finished a bathroom remodel designed by DIY. Once the flipping gets in your bloodstream and you make money doing it, why not? I have become very good a packing and moving. And we put our kids through college with real estate equity.

The redwood deck was without a doubt the most ambitious DIY project we ever took on and that was before they called it DIY. It was also something women typically didn’t do back then, hammering and sawing. Thinking back, it was the best, yet poorest, year of our marriage; but DIY brought us closer together.

Transphobic and Proud of It!

I still believe you are the gender that you were born with. Transphobic is a new term for me, but when I heard what hospitals are doing to children here and overseas, I’m onboard. No offense to Katlin Jenner, as I’m sure he’s against children getting their privates mutilated or their puberty blocked. Has the world gone insane!? What are you doing to our children? They are our future. They will inherit the Earth, and you’ll be long gone. Do you want a bunch of woke, confused, gender-reversed resentful adults running our country like our current Secretary of Health whatever her or his name is? Can’t tell from looking at it.

The doctors, teachers, and nurses involved in this secret takeover of our children need to be arrested. PERIOD. They have no right. Whatever happened to parental consent? Has that gone by the wayside in a woke world? And if they got parental consent, the parents should be arrested for child abuse. Most of these children who wish to change genders are probably being encouraged by their teacher or a parent who didn’t get the gender reveal they wished for; or they are being bullied for not being good at sports. These are not reasons for one to change one’s gender! These surgeries never come out looking normal. You can’t fool mother nature.

Since when is being a crossdresser or transvestite something to revere? Since Biden started congratulating nine-year-old boys who wanted to become girls. Sick stuff. He actually said that the schools own our children while they are in attendance. Interesting. This abhorrent stuff starts at the top, and Biden has been condoning this for at least four years. Something is wrong in his brain and our country is suffering for it. Anyone who raised a drug and sex addicted adult should not be allowed to run for president because he is turning our youth into a bunch of Hunters. He and Jill failed at being parents and are now running our country!

My husband went to the restroom in a restaurant and there were two doors. They both had the symbol of male and female on them. He confusedly entered one of them and urinated into a regular toilet not a urinal, but he’s not a good aim at his age and that combined with being a germ-a-phobe…well, do the math. So, women are being subjected to men’s urine on their toilets. Nice going Biden. Another fine mess you’ve caused. But why, I ask why, do these establishments cater to the woke crowd? Do they have no loyalty to longtime customers or seniors with more traditional habits? Apparently, no. Do they not care about sanitation or health of their customers? This is how STDs and crabs can spread.

Seniors are getting hit from all sides. We live off our retirement plan while our variable loan goes up and gas prices and food are exorbitant; and now the lies the government told us in order to purchase an EV truck are hitting us too. Apparently if you want the 7500 credit on your tax return, you lose 7500 elsewhere in your return. Bait and switch. And this year there is no line item for charitable donations unless you use Schedule A which Biden figures will mostly hurt conservatives. And now we can’t urinate in the privacy of our own gender bathrooms.

Everything is upside down. But I’m proud to be called transphobic. Thanks to Biden.

Why Sue Norfolk Southern Railway?

We don’t even know for sure how this freight train derailed. Was it sabotage by an anti-oil activist who put something on the tracks or under the wheels during a stop? Remember someone recently blew up the Nord Stream II. Was the government involved? Keep in mind Norfolk just transports these chemicals, they don’t produce them. Possibly this was just an unfortunate accident like a truck accident. Does the truck get sued for carrying toxic chemicals if the accident wasn’t the fault of driver? Of course, Norfolk feels responsible and is taking some responsibility, but it may not be their fault.

Was there a flaw in the track? There needs to be a thorough investigation prior to filing lawsuits. Why did authorities blow holes in five of the train’s 150 cars, which contained toxic chemical vinyl chloride to allow for a controlled burn? This seemed capricious and irresponsible and possibly the EPA should be getting sued rather than Norfolk. During this time around 5,000 people were ordered to evacuate by the governors of Ohio and Pennsylvania. From what I’ve read, none of the cars were leaking prior to having holes blown in them. Something’s up. HAZMAT should have been called in to contain whatever risk there was going to be prior to blowing holes and setting these cars afire. IMO.

Like Buttigieg said, they have many derailments all year long, so why start a controlled burn on this particular one? Could there be politics involved punishing a Red State that voted for Trump or the EPA looking for more support from liberals prior to the next election? Anything is possible these days. They can use this chemical burn crisis as their platform to run on. Who knows? But I doubt if this is the sole responsibility of Norfolk Southern Railway. Remember, whoever wins Ohio, wins the presidential election. And they are still pissed that Trump won Ohio, forcing them to steal the election from Trump during the dead of night.

I smell a rat, and it’s starting to smell worse since Biden and Buttigieg refuse to visit the site. They know who blew the holes in the five cars and probably know it was done with nefarious intentions. Trump plans to visit the site tomorrow, much to Biden’s chagrin, which is what a true president does. Biden spitefully refused FEMA to come in and supply bottled water for the residents. This is outrageous behavior by a sitting president.

He goes to Ukraine on President’s Day and meets with other countries’ presidents which gives the middle finger to America. This guy is America Last. He’s merely over there for a photo-op to boost his international creds prior to announcing another run for president, and the media is fawning all over it. Then he gives away our taxpayer money to a war that our soldiers are not even involved in (just all our money). He has added to our deficit 140 billion dollars to Ukraine. Compromised much, Biden? Trump says he’s pushing us into a World War III.

Before the media places all the blame on Norfolk Southern Railway (or on Trump as Buttigieg tried to do), remember the Democrats’ mantra: “Never let a crisis go to waste. And if there is no crisis, cause one.” Like they did on 1-6.

“A Job is More Than a Paycheck. It’s About Dignity.”

What president has said this over and over claiming it to be the words of his father? You’re right! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. President Joe Biden. Biden claims to be from a poor family where his father gave sound advice about holding down a job. But his father owned a Chevy Dealership and Joe drove a new Chevy every year in high school probably cruising for chicks on weekends in his hot car thus why he holds onto a 1967 Corvette. That doesn’t sound so poor to me. So that was another lie by Joe.

I don’t remember any stories about Joe holding down a job as a teenager unless the one about him being a lifeguard at an all-black swimming club. Sounds suspiciously false to me. How do you think a boy with C grades in college could become a Senator at age 29? Because his father had connections and money. PERIOD. Joe is a phony.

But Joe’s claim about a job being more than a paycheck belies what he has been encouraging across the nation: Guaranteed Basic Income Programs paid by the government to those who prefer not to work, i.e., BLM and Antifa. Joe is incentivizing people to be lazy socialist activists. His street drones before the 2024 election. History repeating itself. Has Joe ever heard another old adage, “Idol hands are a devil’s workshop”? Apparently not.

These state-sponsored poverty kids are the ones tearing up cities around America with shootings, arson, and lootings. Their job apparently is to disrupt society while Joe is paying for their civil disobedience. So, when you hear Joe repeat the title phrase over and over, just know that he is not encouraging anyone to hold down a job. In fact, his policies have contributed to stores closing across the nation, one recently in my town was Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Last week it was Best Buy. Last year it was Sears along with numerous small restaurants. These stores have been there for decades and now poof. Gone.

Biden’s, along with Obama’s, policies destroy capitalism. We lost Borders Books and Staples under Obama’s reign. This is what happens when you vote Democrat, you bite off your nose despite your face and possibly lose your job.

I’m beginning to wonder if the train derailment was a planned sabotage by our government in order to punish Ohio farmers and the governor for voting Republican. Did someone put something on the track to make it derail? Why did they come in and set the chemicals afire? Are they killing off a generation of future hardworking GOP voters? Why is Buttigieg suspiciously staying away from the disaster? They know something more than they’re telling us.

I don’t trust Biden. Now he is showing up secretly in Ukraine trying to look brave but really because he’s a foreign agent. He cares more about our adversaries than he does our people. Also, he wants to detract from Trump’s visit to the Ohio Chemical Disaster Zone that he and Buttigieg refuse to visit. Just like Kamala and him refusing to visit our borders.

We have our own war going on at our southern border. We are being invaded daily by foreigners and Biden turns a blind eye. We have to enforce the laws that are in place, reinstate some that Trump had, and stop the invasion. Until we do that, nothing will change.

Biden is bringing us to the brink of a World War III with us and Ukraine against Russia and China. China is taking Russia’s side, so do the math. Joe is in so deep with Ukraine now that he can’t get out. He brought us into this war, and we’ll be forced into fighting if it comes it that. One country led by a comedian together with a country led by weakness fighting two countries with strong leadership. Wonder who will win?

Joe has also ruined New York City by allowing illegals to occupy downtown hotels and set up tents in front of the hotels. This ruins businesses on those streets as illegals are not paying customers. Joe has ruined everything across the nation and will go down as the Worst President in U.S. History and First President to Cheat His Way into Office. Karma is a b**ch and his chickens are coming home to roost soon. Cheaters never win in the long run.

In the meantime, keep your job not because Joe calls it dignity; but because you want to work for a living rather than take a handout from a socialist corrupt president.

Happy Presidents’ Day to our real presidents.