Why Was Noah Green’s Social Media Immediately Scrubbed?

What do you have to hide Facebook?

Whenever I don’t hear that a suspect is White, I become suspect. The authorities made it a point to say they don’t think it is terror-related, yet NBC equates this act of domestic terror at the capitol today to Officer Sicknick getting killed by Trump supporters. Officer Sicknick was not killed by Trump supporters. His cause of death is not being released by the FBI, curiously.

This Noah Green appears to be a person of color, shocker; and may I go out on a limb to suggest that he is a member of BLM or Antifa. MSNBC has purposely called the killer out as a “White male”, shocker. The machete is a dead giveaway, as well as using a vehicle to impose death, of ISIS. According to Facebook (before it was scrubbed by Big Tech) he was also a follower of Nation of Islam. So let’s call him out for what he is. He’s no Trump supporter. He’s a radicalized Black Islamic suicide killer. And it’s no coincidence that he commits murder on Good Friday.

Second terror attack on Biden’s watch. Way to go Biden. Let’s not forget the supermarket shooter only a week ago that was laughing while he shot innocent White shoppers. Biden is racking up quite a record. But as in the Obama Admin they will never call terror for what it is. It is workplace violence, a protest prompted by a hateful video, or a gay hate crime, never terror.

Why are the authorities trying to imply that Noah is a Trump supporter? Why are they covering for a person of color? Why did big tech drop the ball yet again on weeding out this terrorist before he attacked? If it was a MAGA-hat wearing perp, you can bet your bottom dollar his social media would be left alone for all to read and the media and authorities would be shouting from the rooftops that the perp is White. White is bad; Black is good.

But the media, big tech, and the government are going to continue to equate this nut to a Trump supporter. Not one Trump supporter killed anyone on January 6th. An unarmed Trump supporter was shot dead, however, by an unnamed Black capitol officer. The double standard is deafening.

May the officer that got murdered today rest in peace. Prayers go out to his family. But Washington needs to be more vigilant as ISIS is making a comeback due to MAWA: Make America Weak Again. They see an opening in this soft on crime atmosphere.


Due to the fact that this domestic terror at the Capitol, no less, was committed by a Black male, the media has gone silent on this report. No one is even reporting on it any longer and the FBI are cowardice to call it homegrown terror. If he was a White male, the FBI would be weeding out conservatives claiming they are the biggest threat to America today.

Bottomline: We are living under the worst, most nontransparent, most deceptive government in my lifetime. It is blaringly derelict in duty. Small girls being dropped over the border fence by coyotes is dismissed by this administration as nothing to see here. All is fine. Move on. They were found.

Let’s Reopen All Schools, Nationally!

Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com

It’s a national mental health emergency, says a pearl-clutching, deporable, non-racist citizen. These teachers who are refusing to go back to the classroom, and you know who you are, are being lazy and selfish. You like getting paid for sitting at home. You’re insulted that we call you essential workers. No, you’re not a stockboy or a hamburger flipper; but maybe you can think of yourself as a doctor. Doctor of the future of our children. And our children are the future of America.

Feel proud that we are dependent on your expertise. You are comparing yourself to a daycare facility so that parents can go back to work. You’re insulting yourself, as teachers have been around since mothers were stay at home homemakers. And the parents who are refusing to let your kids back in school are being political activists. Making a statement in the name of fear of covid which just shows your ignorance.

This is nothing more than politics at this point. There is no concern over health. If there was, they would be concerned about the mental health of all these children stuck home on a computer. It is purely unhealthy according to all health experts!

My grandson was allowed back to school for one weekly two hour session in an auditorium with other kids. Big whoop! Many teachers refused to show as well as many students. Basically, it was a waste of two hours as they weren’t in a classroom setting with a teacher of their own or even their own classmates. It was more like what they are conducting at the borders for the illegals. So this is what it has come down to. Our children are getting an education on the scale of illegals at the border. What’s next, handing out space blankets? This is what we are paying taxes for?

These teachers and teachers unions are just doing the bidding of the president. They should all be fired for refusing to show up for work and new teachers brought on in their place. This is what we did when the air traffic controllers refused to go to work. We hired new ones. I’m sure there are plenty of teachers willing to take their jobs. We, as parents and grandparents, need to speak out and demand that our schools reopen. I’ve threatened to not pay my property taxes to the County Auditor’s office in California, and they transferred me to one person after another to complain to. Some actually agreed with me and gave me the numbers at the school unions. Those numbers were all answered by answering machines and not one called me back. But I left them a “nice” voicemail.

So you see. They are doing the bidding of their illustrious new president and current governor of California. It is sick and it needs to end. REOPEN ALL OUR SCHOOLS NATIONALLY! PERIOD! This has gone on too long. The jig is up. We’re onto you, now that you have teachers calling us racist and white supremacists for asking that they return to their jobs.

Biden needs to make a public address to the nation from his oval office demanding that schools reopen immediately. Cut with the masks requirements and air refiltration nonsense. Just open up our friggin schools already! But I won’t hold my breath because for some reason this president enjoys seeing us suffer. He has some sort of axe to grind and is taking it out on all of us collectively while his VP cackles at the notion of reopening schools. He’s heartless.

Happy Good Friday.

Biden is Doing a Marvelous Job!

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 25: U.S. President Joe Biden answers questions during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. On the 64th day of his administration, Biden, 78, faced questions about the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, …

I’m so impressed by Biden’s sharp handling of our economy so far. Kudos to our new president! He took the baton from Trump and ran with it. He’s raising our taxes so we can have better roads, new replaced bridges, and pipes replaced in our homes. He’s going to put thousands of charging stations along the freeways so we can charge our new electric Teslas. I’m so happy. He’s going to add a bonus to the unemployment checks so my son’s unemployed brother in law can continue living in their home. I’m so happy.

He’s letting immigrants into our country so their children can get a good education from our teachers that have not worked in a classroom for a year. He’s sending others across America so we can all be more tolerant of other races and hopefully they can vote by mail. I’m so happy. He stopped the building of that racist wall along our southern border and reinstated strict regulations on those pollution-spewing factories causing some to shut down. He stopped the construction of that hazardous Keystone pipeline but will allow them to work on abandoned coal mines or take computer coding classes! Marvelous.

He’s allowing transgenders back in the military so our country will look diversified if we get attacked by another country. He’s allowing them to join in with women in their sports so we can all feel equal. I’m so happy. He’s letting Twitter and Facebook have full control over who goes on their platform. Marvelous job. He’s reinstating the mask mandate across the nation for our safety! He’s keeping schools closed that can’t insure the safety of our teachers and children! He’s gotten back in with W.H.O. and China and letting them come to the conclusion of what went wrong with the China virus. How generous of him.

He’s endorsed two stimulus bills amounting to over a trillion each, one to reward all his loyal supporters and the current one to stop climate change! Together these will make us the strongest economy in the world! He also rejoined the Paris Accord which will let us pay more for gasoline to help climate change. Such economic foresight. So happy.

He’s allowing all the vaccines to be dispersed across America that were already planned to be dispersed. Great job. He’s guaranteeing 2 million vaccinated in 100 days. Amazing accomplishment! And he’s letting honorable Dr. Fauci take full credit for the expeditious research that led to the production of many vaccines. He’s allowing his rescue police dogs that have been behaving badly to stay on at the White house to show his respect for the police. Great job.

Lastly, he’s protecting the Capitol from those pesky white supremacists who are the biggest threat to America today. And he’s punishing all those conservative invaders of the Capitol on January 6th. So you see, Biden is doing a marvelous job so far!


Wake Up Conservatives!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You are not welcome on liberal social media if you post political messages. Don’t even try as you’ll get censored, banned, cancelled, or unfollowed. Social media should just be for sharing photos of your grandkids, vacations, or scenic pictures–not politics! Don’t even try. Leave it for our senators to attempt. They can’t even get their message out. These medias are programmed to red flag your conservative message and take it out. Welcome to Communist America.

An interview with President Trump got cancelled yesterday when Laura Trump put it on Instagram which is owned by Facebook. Waste of time. Put it on Fox Nation, Trump’s website, or Newsmax. Why even attempt to give Instagram the viewership? They don’t deserve it. The less we use social media, the more they will get hurt in the pocketbook. And if Trump is successful in starting up his own social media “Trumpet” to compete with Twitter, we can express ourselves on it.

There is too much to beef about daily and no form in which to beef. New York Times bans conservative comments in their comment section, Twitter cancels your account, and now Instagram. There isn’t much left. It is getting scary out there. It’s like half of America has become brainwashed by the Socialcrats as they walk around aimlessly covered in masks.

Have you noticed their masks are getting larger and covering more and more of their faces? What’s up with that? Are the women saving on makeup and men covering their five o’clock shadow? They are lazy. Pelosi’s masks are the worst. Whoever is making those for her needs to be fired. She looks like a clown. Masks are a form of control that the government wants to have over us. Yesterday Biden asked the states that have no mask mandate to reinstate the mandate. Nice try.

Let’s do Biden. This guy is weak, feeble, and incompetent and the world is witnessing it first hand. It is embarrassing. He won’t even throw out the opening pitch at the first baseball game. First time ever. Maybe he can send in a pinch pitcher like Fauci. What a failure that was. Biden lied that Georgia’s new election law closes the voting booths at 5 p.m. Even the Washington Post gave him four Pinocchios. Biden is a chronic liar and will turn around any story to make us look bad. He is actually trying to get rid of the Republican Party altogether so the Socialcrats have no competition the next go around.

We need to wake up. We are getting cancelled by social media, television, and by our Socialcrat friends. We don’t hear from them much anymore. Why is that? They are in a club that we are not welcome in and are being told to distance themselves from us. We are a bad influence on them so better not to socialize with us. Reminds us of grade school, right; when our parents told us not to hang out with that one kid in class that disrupted everything or persistently got in trouble. Now we are the troublemakers in their eyes and that kid is probably a grownup Socialcrat. And these Socialcrats are taking over everything from schools, to golf tournaments, to big corporations. Can you even believe the Masters may move their tournament from Georgia due to the governor’s election law which helps to improve voter integrity ? This makes me puke. But Nike and other liberal sponsors control sports now too. We are outnumbered.

Wake up Conservatives! Stand up for your rights when they are being infringed on. Speak out and let your voices be heard in the schools, the stores, the doctor’s office. Don’t let them snowplow us into the side of the road like roadkill. Don’t be mask-shamed if you are caught without your mask. Women in masks look submissive and men look emasculated. Tell them, if they say something to you. Maybe they’ll get the hint that they have been brainwashed. The more we speak up, the more we’ll get our message out. If showing ID is racist, I won’t show mine until they start to require ID at the voting booth. Right now we have no checks and balances in the government. The Socialcrats are calling all the shots. It’s a fixed game. They’ve got hand, like in Seinfeld.

If Requiring ID When Voting is Considered Racist…

Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

by the Democrats; then I guess a doctor’s office is racist, a lawyer’s office is racist, the airlines is racist, a car rental office is racist, the bank is racist, a mortgage company is racist, the will call ticket booth is racist, a car dealership is racist, a casino is racist, the hospital is racist, the liquor store is racist, employers are racist, school registration is racist, the grocer is racist, the pharmacist is racist, and many more vendors too many to list. They’re all racists because they have the gall to ask us for our driver’s license! Shame on them! Outrageous!

But seriously now, how hard is it for an adult to get a driver’s license? I’ve had one since my sixteenth birthday, and I was just a naïve school girl wanting to drive my parents’ car. And they only had one car. Democrats are crying that Blacks don’t have the means or the capability to acquire an ID so, therefore, asking for one is racist. Are Blacks running around wondering where to obtain one? Is the left saying that they are a helpless race that can’t even figure that out? Do they really have a problem paying for the driver’s license when they own iPhones and Nikes? Come on, man! I hope not! Give them some credit. Give us some credit for knowing BS when we hear it. They know what the DMV is. They’ve come a long way over the years and we have to start treating them with respect.

Also, this nonsense in the Georgia bill that water and food will be handed out to voters while standing in a line is pure idiocy. We’re not helpless. We don’t need to mail in our ballots nor get them harvested nor be waited on while standing in line. We have legs or a car unless handicapped. What are we a bunch of snowflakes? To call a bill that insures “election integrity measures” in Georgia “racist” is absolute insanity.

The Democrat Party has jumped the shark with all this racist talk. People are sick of it, and it may backfire. Every time we turn on the news, we hear the word “racist” ad nauseum. They have cried wolf so many times about everything being racist except when there’s true racism. And, yes, it goes both ways. But this is Biden’s America. He is dividing us up into races and classes. Rich against poor; Blacks against Whites; liberals against conservatives. He is punishing the White race, especially if they were Trump supporters.

I’ve never lived in an atmosphere of so much insanity, divisiveness, and outright lies. Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave for he famously said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The Democrats are stomping on King’s dream as everything is about color with them. Their latest is Asians being targeted by hate crimes. But truly it is Antifa and BLM targeting anyone that walks that isn’t Black not just Asians.

Now we have Fauci claiming that the best decision he ever made was to expedite the vaccines! Are you kidding me?! He totally was not the one who expedited the vaccines. It was Trump all day. Fauci is acting like he was the president. He was told to say this by Biden. Biden is telling his staff to lie to America to change history.

They are lying about conditions at the border, lying about taxes going up, lying about January 6th being an insurrection, lying by omission about Biden’s health, lying about Trump’s Warp Speed program, lying about China’s responsibility for spreading covid, lying about necessity for mask wearing, lying about school closures due to safety measures, lying about the violence caused by BLM and Antifa, lying about Trump supporters being white supremacists and an imminent threat, and lying about Voter ID being racist. If everything is racist then nothing is racist.

They’ve said some tv shows are racist or evidence of white privilege, some board games are racist, some songs are racist, some books are racist, some words are racist, some school names are racist, some statues are racist, reopening schools is racist, and we’ve had enough already. We can’t listen to it any longer. Next, “not wearing a mask” will be racist. Right now it is unpatriotic…wait for it. We’re over it.

The Democrats have given new definition to the word racist: anything or anyone that prevents or hinders someone from cheating, performing their obligated duties, or committing a crime. So locked doors are racist, burglar alarms are racist, security lights are racist, walls are racist, prisons are racist, ICE is racist, border control is racist, cops are racist, and voter ID is racist. But the security fence at the Capitol isn’t racist! Amazing how that works.

The real definition of racism is: belief in the superiority of one race over another; prejudice based on this. So the mayor of Oakland plans to send $500 a month to ONLY people of color making under a certain amount of money. Does she think Whites are superior over people of color and, therefore, do not need the extra money? Just asking. Would this be considered racism or reverse racism? Would Martin Luther King approve of this practice? I’m hearing crickets on this in the news. Crickets.

Biden’s Silent Message at the Southern Border.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Biden tried to downplay why we are being flooded at the border by immigrants during his failed press conference, even trying to blame Trump’s policies. But no one fell for that. He then tried to say they are coming because “I’m a nice guy. They think I’m a nice guy.” But no one fell for that either, not even the fawning press. So he then played the humanitarian card by saying they are coming because of hurricanes, no street lights, failed crops, drought, climate change, and crime. Like we don’t have those problems here in the U.S.

But let’s get one thing clear: Biden doesn’t give a blip about these illegals but invited them to come and gave them 100 days, handed out Biden tee shirts, stopped the building of the wall, fired the border security committee, stopped Mexico from holding them, and promised them benefits once they get in! And the reason is: to get future Democrat voters into our country to outnumber Republican voters so the Dems can hold onto the White House for years, if not decades. And the press (even FOX) needs to stop pussy footing around this reason.

They want illegals to vote in our elections and will do anything possible to allow it by passing bills to not require voter ID or residency or citizenship and to allow same day registration, all at the peril of our safety and health. The means justifies the end, for Democrats. We know nothing about these invaders. Some are drug cartels, sex traffickers, criminals, MS-13, gang members, and, yes, even terrorists from Muslim countries that do not have respect for life. But most of them test positive for covid 19 and no one seems to care. They are super spreaders during the time of a pandemic. It is outrageous.

Biden lied when he said most of them are being sent back. They are being released into our country by “catch and release.” The children are being held in crowded makeshift quarters until they can find a place to send them. They will disperse them out across America based on where they need future voters. Notice they are sending them to red states. Not a coincidence. This practice will continue until the left grows some “you know what” and actually reports the truth.

But I won’t hold my breath because the left is the press and they want progressive, liberal green new steal policies and cancel culture to continue. In short, we’re screwed unless the Supreme Court finally steps in. We can’t trust the FBI, the National Guard, or even our military right now, as they have been emasculated by Biden’s new Secretary of Defense. All he cares about is weeding out Trump supporters and calling out racists. Wait until we are attacked by a foreign country or terror group, he will be caught with his pants down unprepared.

I am convinced the FBI is one of the most corrupt institutions in the U.S. They had over 50 warnings ahead of time that there would be violence at the capitol but ignored it. Why? Because they wanted to blame Trump. They held back Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year. Why? Because they wanted Biden to win. They treated Hillary with kid gloves when caught red-handed in a crime. Why? Because they wanted her to win. They held back information that would have ended the Mueller Probe from the onset. Why? Because they wanted to take out Trump i.e. they were in collusion with the Democrats.

Chris Wray needs to go, but notice how Biden has curiously kept him on? Why? Because he has always been a plant for the left. Remember when he reported that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud? Please. Trump got played when he accepted the recommendation by Rosenstein of Chris Wray. Imagine how things would be different today if only Chris Wray was never appointed Director of the FBI. And what the hell happened to A.G. Barr? What a disappointment he turned out to be. He was all bark and no bite. Two of Trump’s biggest mistakes. I would have appointed Ted Cruz as Attorney General or even Jim Jordan. At least with them, you knew what you were gonna get. Love of country over self. And where’s the elusive Durham report? Anyone…anyone know?

Do You Miss Him Yet?

Trump’s song to the Democrat/socialist party, Twitter, or Pence.

I sure the heck do. With all that’s going on in the country right now, cops getting ruthlessly gunned down daily, border inhumanities being covered up, conservatives being cancelled and targeted, silencing free speech, and lies being told by the administration, we are all missing Trump.

“We will never be a Socialist Country,” Trump once famously said. Without him, however, we fear we’re slowly becoming one.

Act II, Parody: Day in the Life of the Bidens.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The scene is in the White House after Joe’s first press conference. Jill is ushering him back upstairs to the master bedroom for a rest.


Come on, Joe, lift your legs up the stairs so you can take your afternoon nap. One, two, one, two. See, that’s not so hard. You can do it.


But I’m pooped. Those reporters tried to confuse me by asking if I was going to run again. I just got here. Why can’t they let me be?


They will, honey, once they see how great you are for the country.


One reporter said I was decent and kind. I liked her. The rest of them were sick vultures. Notice how I ignored that tall freak from FOX. He’s a horse-faced, lying, pony soldier.


Good job, Joe. You’ll hear great reviews from the press tonight after your nap. Now here’s your pills and a glass of milk. Sit down and I’ll take off your shoes.

Joe sat on the edge of the bed while she loosened his tie, removed his jacket, socks and shoes. He slowly reclined onto the pillow.


Ouch! You touched my bruised leg. Be more careful!


Sorry dear but that leg looks nasty. Has the doctor seen it yet?


Yes, it’s just a laceration from the edge of those tricky steps. It’ll heal on it’s own. Do I have any more meetings today?


No, Kam’s going to handle those for you. You had a trying morning and need your rest.


Why do they want me to go to that damn border? I thought we gave Kamal that chore. When’s she going to visit there and get that creepy Cruz off my back?


She will dear. She needs to compile a Border Committee to go with her. You know, “it takes a village” to get anything done around here. She can’t do it on her own.


I’m beginning to wonder what she can do on her own. And she needs to stop laughing. It’s getting on my nerves. And could you ask her to wear a colorful dress once in a while? She looks like an usher at a terrorist’s wedding with that black tux she always wears.


Geez honey. I don’t think I’m up for that assignment. She scares me.


Me too. But we’re getting things done. Things are getting done. Like I promised today. I was hired to get things done. I’m bushed Jill. I’m really bushed. I feel dizzy. Can we watch Green Acres tonight?

He laid his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. He fell fast asleep.


Again with the Green Acres? I’d prefer Murphy Brown reruns.

She broke out in song.

I just adore a penthouse view.
Dahling, I love you but give me Park Avenue.

She saw he was asleep so she got on the bedroom phone to place a call.

How long do you think we can keep this charade up? It’s starting to get to him. I think he knows. He’s bound to slip up and expose us for what we have done to the people. How long? People in our circle are even starting to talk. Yes, even Jay Tapper. I dread turning on Tucker, Hannity, or that bitch Laura tonight. Now we got that new guy Greg Kelly who imitates Trump talking.

She listened on the phone while nodding her head and swearing under her breath a few times. She then placed the receiver slowly down on its cradle so as not to startle Joe. She sighed after looking at him, then went to the bathroom to run the bathwater and poured in some bubble bath. She lit two candles on the side table, poured herself a hefty dose of red wine in a goblet, then disrobed. Jill slowly emerged herself into the wet heat as the bubbles surrounded her neck. She closed her eyes and made a deep sigh.

Ahhh…Please God, make Joe get better.

She took a large swill of her wine then broke out in song once again to Green Acres.

I just adore a penthouse view. Dahling, I love you but give me Park Avenue.

She slid below the water’s surface to melt her troubles away.

Blue pony soldier rug.

A Day in the Life of the Bidens in the White House.

Biden’s “Just Wait ‘n See” Answer to the Press.

Biden reading his answers from cheat notes.

Yesterday’s “close encounter of the first time” with Biden was riddled with outright lies, confusion, jokes that fell flat, and repetitive questions from the press. I give the press a “F” grade and Biden a “D”.

The bar was set so low for Slow Joe that just making it to the podium without tripping and enduring an hour gave him a “D”. His answers, which he read from prewritten typed notes in size 18 font, were more like a kid cheating on a test looking at notes written in the palm of his hand. Biden dodged and weaved questions, literally, while he swayed back and forth like a kindergartener ready to wet his pants.

The whole encounter was actually pitiful to watch. But what did we learn from his answers or non answers? We learned that Iran and North Korea are testing us, Russian and China are mocking us, and ISIS and Afghanistan are back in play. We also learned that reporters are forbidden to take cell phone pictures at the border until Biden gets things in order. In other words, “Mom, don’t go into my room until I get it cleaned up.”

Tucker did the best satirical review of Biden’s presser ever. He should be on late night comedy instead of the clowns they currently have. We also learned that Biden has a bitter taste in his mouth for Republicans, actually wishing the party would not be around in four years. Maybe that is his secret goal. He also despises Trump with a passion based on his hateful answers such as Trump allowed a child to starve on the side of the road at the border. I have never heard such sick lies like that from a president in my lifetime. He needs to check himself into an institution of some sort. He and Hillary seem to be suffering from similar ailments and the symptoms include: chronic hateful lies, delusional, no self-awareness, and urge to rewrite history.

All in all, yesterday’s presser was what we expected and more. Reporters seated ten feet apart wearing ridiculous double masks and asking the same question over and over. Biden droning on with his rehearsed answers or reading them from notes. No reporters from conservative news outlets were called upon. Worse question came from NPR who premised her question with since you’re a decent, nice guy you are attracting immigrants to the border. Let’s get one thing clear. It is not decent to put the needs of foreign children over the needs of our children at home. It is not nice to expose our country to thousands of infected illegals right when we are getting over the pandemic. It’s a super spreader. He’s not being decent or nice.

And his “just wait ‘n see” approach to the border is wearing thin. Just a matter of time before the likes of smug Colbert, the champagne-toasting, dancing, late night fool, sees the light. Wait until his taxes are hit, his gasoline skyrockets, we go to war, or he’s threatened by an illegal or ISIS, then we’ll see if he’s still rejoicing. Because the rest of us are scared to death of the next four years.

Today’s Press Conference Agenda:

A Big Nothing Burger.

Blame Trump. Screen questions. Scripted and rehearsed answers. No follow up. Giggle or dismiss difficult questions. Softball questions. Preselected reporters. A few “come on, man’s.” And lots of lies. Basically a big nothing burger.

If America is waiting with bated breath for the first time asking questions to Biden without his teleprompter, you may be disappointed. He’ll come out so rehearsed in his pat answers with no follow up your head will explode. He’ll quickly move onto the next question leaving you wondering why he didn’t answer the last one truthfully.

For instance, he’ll repeat the lie that Trump handed them a mess at the border that will take some time to clear up. No honest person believes this answer but the press core will not dispute it. Onto the next question. “Why have you left up the razor fence in front of the capitol building for so long?”

Because violent white supremacists are the biggest threat to America now. The reporters won’t dispute this answer, and he’ll move onto the next question.

“Why during a pandemic would you allow covid-positive illegals into our country?”

They are thoroughly tested, and we are a compassionate country that will treat them humanely unlike the previous administration.

No questions on the continued violence from Antifa and BLM. No questions on the questionable results of the last election. No questions on his cognitive condition or the meds he takes. No questions on why he promised no ones taxes will go up making under $400,000 a year. No questions on the continued mask mandate even though we’re vaccinated. No questions on why schools continue to be closed yet they received stimulus money. No questions on the retaliation against Trump supporters like putting them on a “no fly list” because they are antigovernment. No questions on whether or not ISIS is recruiting terrorists in our country again, just gun control.

So you see, it will be more of the same ol’ same ol’, pass the buck, it’s not our fault, Trump did it, and look the other way. Save your popcorn for something more relevant. This will be a snoozer. We will leave this press conference feeling more disappointed than when we turned it on. But what we expected. They can’t answer any questions truthfully because there is no excuse for the policies they have implemented other than vindictiveness. No excuse. And people are starting to awaken to this administration’s hypocrisy, vengefulness, and divisiveness. They can’t hide it much longer.

Stay tuned.

YAWN. That was one of the most uninformative pressers in history. He fumbled through papers looking for answers to read. “Um” was his favorite refrain. At one point he sighed and said, “Anyway.” He snubbed FOX and Newsmax reporters for obvious reasons. Most of the questions were about the filibuster or the crisis at the border which he blamed on Trump. Then one long extended answer on China. Biden rambled on with his pat speeches trying to kill time then threw in the use of some big words to throw us off like paradigm and autocracy. Then he looked at his watch which is always the kiss of death for a president. It showed that he was ready for nappy time.

He ridiculed Trump on more than one occasion even sarcastically saying, “My predecessor? God I miss him.” So condescending, dismissive, and jealous of Trump.

It was totally self-serving garbage filled with lies. His repeated line of the afternoon was “to get things done.” That’s his motto.