Lies Democrats Tell and Perpetuate…

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In no particular order.

  1. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was never said by Michael Brown.
  2. Trump never said white supremacists were fine people.
  3. Trump never colluded with Russia.
  4. Trump never asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails.
  5. Ruth Ginsberg’s dying wish is not real. Fake news.
  6. Trump never said Mexicans are rapists.
  7. Trump never said fallen soldiers are suckers and losers.
  8. Trump is not going to remove pre-existing conditions.
  9. Trump will not touch or defund our social security.
  10. George Floyd was not an innocent victim of the police.
  11. Rittenhouse is not a white supremacist, just a kid trying to help.
  12. Rioters doing destruction are not Trump supporters.
  13. Trump is not fanning the flames of violence with his rhetoric.
  14. True death counts from Covid aren’t 200,000 but much lower.
  15. Trump is not responsible for any deaths from covid.
  16. Trump was not incompetent when handling the virus. He’s not God.
  17. Trump is not a dictator.
  18. Covid 19 is a China virus that was unleashed on other countries.
  19. Trump did not steal the last election nor will he this time!
  20. Trump never said the covid pandemic was a hoax.
  21. Russia did not give Wikileaks the Podesta emails.
  22. Kavanaugh is not a rapist or sexual predator.
  23. Trump will accept the results of a fair and honest election.
  24. Absentee ballots are not the same as “mail in” ballots.
  25. “In person” voting is not dangerous.
  26. Westcoast wildfires are not caused by global warming.
  27. Trump’s tax cuts weren’t just for the rich.
  28. Hydroxychloroquine will not kill you. It is a safe and effective therapeutic drug for covid-19.
  29. And the biggest lie they tell is: Trump said to ingest clorox as a cure for covid.

I could go into the explanation of each item but it has been explained ad nauseum. The Democrats just refuse to listen to reason or truth. They twist every comment or issue and use it against Trump. There are many more lies they tell, but these are the ones that bug me the most.

The Democrats are using Nazi practices of repeating a lie often enough so it becomes the truth, like hands up, don’t shoot. Some of their lies are too disgusting to make the list like Trump is a criminal in the White House said my none other than Kamala Harris and Bernie. They all lie but the real crime is that they repeat the lies over and over. And they call Trump a liar.

America is Being Duped by Biden.

Breast implant : Stock Photo

Biden is the biggest phony since the invention of breast implants. And I don’t think fake breasts fool too many people. If you are gullible enough to fall for the sham Biden and his handlers are pulling, then shame on you. If you realize it’s all an orchestrated sham on America and are turning a blind eye like you did with Hillary, then also shame on you. Either way you should be ashamed of your vote.

No one is excited about voting for Biden but some will anyway just because he has a “D” next to his name. It’s pathetic. He is involved in a real life bait and switch and we are getting duped. Mike Bloomberg is breaking the law by paying off felons’ fines so they’ll be able to vote in the election. That’s called giving something of value in exchange for their vote. It’s illegal. The Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal in order to win an election.

Biden and his handlers are executing the biggest sham on America ever made. He is being fed his answers to simple questions, memorizes lines for his pre-screened questions, and reads from a teleprompter whenever possible. And the media is part of the sham. The guy is nothing more than Breakfast at Bernies being propped up for a later “installation” of his replacement–radical Kamala Harris who didn’t get more than 3% of the votes during the primary. Jill will come to a mic one day to announce that her husband has taken ill and will no longer be able to perform his duties as president.

Even Justice Ginsbergs’ dying request was written by the handlers of Biden. Otherwise it wouldn’t have the word “installed” in it. Presidents are elected, not installed. Freudian slip much, Schumer? This smells to high heaven and Ginsberg wouldn’t even agree with it.  “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Justice Ginsburg said. First of all, when one is dying they don’t use these words “fervent” “replaced” and “installed.” This is “made up” dialog. Dying words are to your children, but usually their spirit has already left their body and they don’t say anything like is portrayed in the movies. There’s no “Rosebud” moment.

Reality is we are being duped by the left once again. Why are the media and Republicans accepting what they say as being true? Their tract record proves otherwise. Remember their mantra, never let a crisis go to waste. They are trying to use her death to hurt the Republicans, but it will backfire.

Biden can’t even say who’d he nominate for the court. He’s playing fast and coy with us. Biden is the definition of bait and switch. He’s currently pretending to be a moderate, when during the debates he was far left. Do not fall for this current version of Biden. He is fake. He is being handled by the likes of AOC, Nancy, Schumer, Warren, Bernie, Schiff, Beto, and Nadler. Not characters we want running our country. For Biden to say he will bring back dignity and soul to the White House is the height of hypocrisy. He is the opposite of both. His current statement, “I’m not a socialist” will come back to haunt him if he’s ever elected. It’s akin to Nixon saying, “I’m not a crook.”

Why is it the old timer Democrats in congress would want the Supreme Court going so far left on us and legislating from the bench? It’s true they have no respect for the current constitution and want to make changes. But what is it they are really worried about? The justices we have chosen seem to all be levelheaded and not outrageous in their decisions, Obamacare notwithstanding, so what is it? I’d really like to know. I don’t think it is abortion, guns, or gay issues. So what is it they are so afraid conservative judges will rule on? Kavanaugh has been fair with his decisions. Results of a presidential election like in Bush vs Gore? This could be a harbinger that they plan to cheat with the mail in ballots which will end up in the Supreme Court and don’t want a conservative majority ruling on it.

They are now threatening to impeach, if Trump chooses a replacement for Ruth. They also have the media on their side ready to blow up the system altogether–pack the supreme court, abolish the electoral college, and add more states to the union to get more Democrat senators. It’s another sham.

Klobachar thinks Biden will win. What does she know that we don’t? Yesterday she tweeted, “Voters choose the president and the president will nominate a supreme court justice.” This is true but voters have already chosen Trump. So she’s planning on a Biden win. They are all up to no good.

Democrats are Behaving Like Spoiled Brats.

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When Obama nominated two liberal women to the Supreme Court, the Senate graciously approved of his nominations without any delay or long hearings dragging out witnesses to lie about these two women. Fast forward to Kavanaugh’s hearing and the difference was night and day. Kavanaugh was treated with disrespect and behavior unbecoming of senators. One of which is running as VP under Biden and plans to replace him at some point. TBD.

Obama had a chance to get a third lib on the court but McConnell chose to skip the advise and consent of Merrick Garland as the Senate had the majority and they figured Obama had used the Supreme Court to slip in Obamacare by getting our conservative member, John Roberts, to vote in his favor. We couldn’t take the chance he’d pull another fast one on America. He lied to us all about keeping our doctor and lowering our premiums. We were made out to be chumps and his staff even bragged about it afterwards. One saying, “American people are so stupid.” Remember not one Republican voted for Obamacare.

Obama treated the Supreme Court like his own that he could do with it what he wanted, and we let him. He was like a child with a grown up toy and broke it. We couldn’t let him have another toy to break. Fool us once shame on you; twice, shame on us.

Now that Trump has a chance to level the playing field in the court, the selfish Democrats will not let him. They are threatening to impeach, again. Trump deserves more than two picks for the supreme court after what the congress and FBI have put him through. They should be so apologetic and give it to him without saying a word. Not even a hearing. But they are selfish, self-centered children. Instead they send out their drones to harass McConnell’s and Graham’s house too. They are sick. The whole lot of these protesters should be arrested for threatening the lives of elected officials.

Biden won’t even name his choices for the supreme court as I remember he made a deal with Obama to give him the nod in exchange for his endorsement. That’s all we need is Obama running our supreme court. Biden won’t comment on threats to pack the court or eliminate the electoral college or to add more states to our union. Doesn’t want to show his cards before the election. This is very telling, as he will not be a transparent president just like Obama wasn’t.

This is not the world we want to live in where protesters go to homes and threaten lives. Put yourself in our senators’ places and imagine how their families are feeling. The left is now promising to pack the court if Trump loses in November. All these threats are getting absurd as this is not how our forefathers intended our elected officials to behave when they lose. They must be spinning in their graves about now.

Everyone needs to take a collective breath and calm down. We have an election coming up soon, a supreme court justice to approve, anarchy in our cities to quell, forest fires to fight, flooding in some cities, not to mention a virus pandemic. Our plates are full right now. Let’s clam down and let it be. Let the wheels of justice turn and let our President do what the constitution allows him to do, fill the seat.


Biden Plays the “Poor Card” During Today’s Speech.

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His mother yelled at him as a child, “Joey, no one is better than you!” while she wagged her finger. Wow. What a weird thing to say to your son. I never said that to my sons, ever. My parents never said that to me. Apparently his parents never told him the truth and explains why he became a liar. He also said the rich kids, like Trump, used to look down on him. Poor, poor pitiful Joey. Vying for the sympathy vote again or trying to relate to the poor, common man. Another dig at Trump coming from successful parents. Man, Biden has a problem with his childhood, for sure. From the Corn Pop dude, to the kids in the pool, to fighting behind the gym, this guy has issues.

But I think it is just another one of Biden’s tall tales trying to portray himself as the poor kid on the block and that his mother had to build up his confidence. If it’s true, which I doubt as Biden lies about everything, I’d say his mother built him up too much as he can’t compete in the real world. This is why he resorts to making money dishonestly, he was never good at anything. He just learned how to read a blueprint! Next he’ll be telling us he learned to start his barbecue on his own. Biden could be the result of unintended consequences of overpraising your kids. Seen it before. They get so much praise as a child that when they get in the real world they have an inflated view of themselves but find that they are good for nothing. Just like Biden.

Biden continues to spread the lie that Trump called fallen soldiers suckers and losers. Complete lie. I am reminded of the famous statement by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. This is the tactic that Joe Biden uses, Nazi tactics. And he calls Trump a white supremist.

Biden is also very jealous of Trump’s rallies saying that he keeps his distance from the folks. That’s what a president does regardless of covid. Although he used to shake hands with people in the front row that he passed. I suppose Biden would like to see Trump getting caught on camera kissing them on the lips, sniffing their hair, and whispering in their ears like he used to do. What a bummer, Trump hasn’t been caught yet! So Biden is complaining that Trump is following the virus guidelines. Biden is also lying about people making fun of what college he attended. Another attempt to play the “poor card.” No one cares what college Biden attended unless they’re Democrat elites. We’re just surprised he graduated.

In a 45 minute speech, Biden touches his mask 50 times and coughs a phlegmy cough real loud through his mask sending up microscopic germs flying through the air about twenty feet. He claims Trump held up telling the truth about the virus because he didn’t want mass panic. Well, as it turned out, people did panic and ransacked the grocery stores, sold stock, and laid off employees. So it would have been even worse and Trump was right. Trump’s signature was never on the stimulus check like Biden keeps lying about. The guy wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face.

Biden’s son Beau did not come home from the service and contract cancer. Many years later he came down with cancer and his insurance company didn’t dump him. These are all playing to the sympathy vote again. Trump did not freeze during covid and didn’t fail his presidential duty. He held daily meetings with the task force and took questions, unlike what a Biden Administration would do. Biden would run to his basement and hide his head under a blanket.

I’m tired of Biden coming to a mic and Trump-bashing for 45 minutes then returning to his blankey at home. I’d rather he stay at home since he can’t tell the truth for the life of him. Just stay home, Joe, and keep telling yourself, no one is better than you! It may have gotten you a wife, but it won’t get you the presidency because Trump is better than you!

Biden has the full backing of the House so basically doesn’t have to do much campaigning just running dishonest ads. Nancy is threatening to impeach Trump again if he chooses to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court which is his presidential duty. This should be interesting. Impeaching the president for doing his job. Just like the last impeachment was about, doing his job congratulating the leader of another country after their election. Amazing how the House interprets and cheapens the impeachment power, which is basically the only arrow they have left in their quivers.

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Fill The Seat ASAP!

Meet all of the sitting Supreme Court justices ahead of the new term - ABC  News

The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a gift to Trump and the country whether she knows it or not. May she rest in peace. This may be our last chance to secure a constitutional conservative in the Supreme Court if we lose the Senate in November even if Trump wins the presidency. There are some Independent voters who like the checks and balances and may vote against Republican Senators while voting for Trump or vice versa. We can’t take this chance. We need to get one more justice nominated and approved prior to election day.

The importance of a conservative Supreme Court has never been more critical than now. We have an abundance of radical lower courts, radical prosecutors, radical mayors, radical governors, radical educators, radical election system, radical congress, and a rogue FBI that may need to be overruled by the Supreme Court at some point. Especially during this election year that stands to be hijacked by the left with “mail in ballots” pretending to be a deterrent to catching covid.

Ignore the crazy left’s threats. They have no constitutional ground to stand on. “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES,” as Obama said. Trump is the President and the Republicans have control of the Senate now. They can claim Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a martyr, an icon, and saint all they want. We don’t have to listen to her wishes. The fact is, she made some nasty political comments about Trump when he won and that is conduct unbecoming of a Supreme Court Justice. And she never ruled according to the Constitution just her political agenda. There’s a reason Bill Clinton appointed her. She was radical and admittedly proud of it. If Ruth was loyal to her Jewish roots, she should have honored Trump after making two peace agreements in the Middle East rather than putting her ideology over her country and religion.

So Trump should appoint someone, most likely a woman, and soon. The Democrats hate conservative women more than men, so be prepared for a battle of our lives to get her approved. Romney, Collins, and Murkowski will most likely not vote for her. They are really Democrats, flies in the ointment, Judases so that’s to be expected. The left will tear her limb from limb making her out to be a whore by the time they are finished with her. This is what they do. They’ll drag out some guy that supposedly had an affair with her in the courtroom bathroom or some guy she hurt in high school or some other nonsense like they did with Kavanaugh. This is their playbook. But it won’t be true. Not one shred of truth. Wait for it.

The mob will continue their burning of cities and life goes on. We just need to vote all Dems out of office before the rest of our nation is burned down. Feminists will come out in droves against her proving that they are not for women at all; just for radical females getting ahead. They are very selfish humans. Like how they treated Sarah Palin and Harriet Myers. We can’t trust John Roberts either as he is being bribed by Obama. He’s not to be trusted.

Be prepared for a fight like we’ve never seen before. But just remember, the Democrats are desperate and will do anything to stop another conservative justice getting on the Supreme Court. Thank you Ruth for your gift to Trump and the rest of us. We needed this vacancy in the court before the election. Not after.

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May you rest in peace. You will be greatly missed by the left.


Let’s Get Something Else Straight Re: Unsolicited Ballots.

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They are not absentee ballots that require proof of ID. I love the way the media and Biden are conflating them to be one and the same. They aren’t! They are random ballots sent to random addresses across the nation and there’s no control over who will get one, making them rife for crime. They can even be sold to the highest bidder. Why? Because Democrats cheat. Simple as that.

Look at all the Democrats rioting that don’t care if they get caught. Do you think they will care about a little voter fraud? Certainly not. They get released from jail the next day. They burn down buildings and have already proven to be lawless. As past is prologue, they can’t be trusted. The honor system does not apply to Democrats. Look at Hillary, Comey, Mueller and his team. How honest have they been? Not so much. They set the stage for dishonesty. Democrats get away with murder while Conservatives go to jail for jaywalking.

Blue States like California have been known to fill in silly names, pet names, cartoon character names, dead people’s names, and the post office workers have been known to do a dump and run of ballots in GOP areas. We just saw a postman get caught on video jumping out of his truck and ripping a “Trump” lawn sign out of the ground. And we can expect them to handle our ballots honestly? I…don’t…think… so. Some precincts will hide a box of ballots showing up from GOP areas. Even Jerry Nadler said mail in ballots are rife for fraud. There’s just too much chance for fraud and/or error and everyone knows it. Let’s stop playing dumb. Trump is just being honest enough to call it out.

For those politicians and media who can’t admit it, shame on you (Chris Wallace.) We’re not stupid and know what you’re up to. Hope Trump wins in the courts to eliminate unsolicited ballots from being counted. If we can go to a grocery store, gas station, liquor store, casino, rally, or riot safely, we can go vote in person. Get over yourselves snowflakes. You’ll live.

And to Biden, he is getting away with murder saying Trump called soldiers suckers and losers and is now adding he called John McCain a sucker. This is all made up junk by a magazine purchased by Steve Jobs’ widow. She must be a big time feminist. You don’t hear this stuff on television. And Lyin’ Biden is using his deceased children for a sympathy vote in his ads. He is lower than low. There’s not a word invented for how low he is.

He says Trump never mentioned the China virus in his State of the Union Address. As a matter of fact, he did and it hadn’t even hit America yet. So Biden is a big fat liar and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And he disgustingly coughs while giving a speech. This president should step down, Biden says trying to sound like a tough guy.

Billionaires like Steyer are supporting Biden and controlling him, yet he is trying to compare himself to the working class. He is trying to steal Trump’s thunder. He says his campaign is about Stranton, Pennsylvania versus Park Avenue. Guess what? Park Avenue is made up of rich elitist Democrats like Biden so Biden is running against the working class. Biden talks about apprentice jobs like they are a new idea but wants the minimum wage to be $15 an hour. Apprentice jobs don’t pay that much. He says Buy American and Hire American stealing a line right from Trump’s playbook. Biden will send jobs to China like he did four years ago. Why? Because he’s beholden to China.

Another stupid comment he makes is there will be 215,000 more deaths from covid by next year! Apparently he is a scientist now too. And Trump never promised an infrastructure plan in 2016. He promised to eliminate ISIS and make peace in the world. Biden is a lying jerk when he says Trump keeps promising an infrastructure plan. He can’t get any plans through the House with crazy Nancy there and he knows it. He can’t even get another stimulus plan approved in the House to go to those out of work due to Democrat governors, not covid, just Democrat governors.

Biden admits in his speech that he learned to read a blueprint today. After 47 years of being in government, he never read a set of blueprints until now? No wonder he couldn’t approve the plan to take out Bin Laden, he couldn’t read the location map. He never had any plans to read even in his personal life? This guy has no experience. As a former draftsman and designer of all kinds of plans from civil to architectural to landscape to electrical, it offends me to think this guy is that stupid and has the gall to run for president with a slogan Build Back Better. Again trying to steal the thunder from a real builder.

He also said something about being the first candidate running for president without an ivy league university degree. I’m quite sure Trump doesn’t have an ivy league degree and there’s no way Biden is the first with a State College Degree. Some presidents never even attended college. Again, he is trying to pander to the average person, not millionaires. But billionaires are running his campaign. Biden is a chronic liar and makes shit up to pander to whatever audience is listening to him. And if I have to hear him say, “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck; it’s about dignity” one more time, I will throw up. Come on, man. Get some new material.

Bottom line is: Biden is so green with envy of Trump’s success, it’s oozing out of his itchy ears so he has to dismiss all of Trump’s talent and genius. His platform is simply “Blame Trump” and nothing more.

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Rest in Peace Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Trump will nominate your replacement as he predicted there would be several new openings and was prepared. Unlike goofy Biden who has promised Obama a place in the Supreme Court.

After what the left did to Kavanaugh, we’re prepared for about anything. But we won’t be threatened into not naming a replacement. We have the votes in the Senate and Trump has only had one term. Totally different scenario than when Obama was on his way out and didn’t have the votes in the Senate. So stop the comparisons, media. We get it. But we won’t fall for it.

Rest in Peace.

Would You Hire Biden to Run a Mini-Mart, Gas Station, or Starbucks?

Mini Mart Convenient Store | Lucky89 Border Casino

OF COURSE NOT! Unless you are deaf and blind. Yet you are considering him to run our country?! Get real!

Let’s call a spade a spade. Biden is incapable of running anything. He probably can’t put his clean underwater in his dresser drawer when his wife asks him. He leaves the burner on at the stove. He forgets to turn off the kitchen faucet. And he can’t remember anyone’s name. He has the capabilities of a three year old right now. And you want him to deal with leaders of other countries? Sure he can memorize short dialog, so can a parrot and a three year old. He has dementia! He wears a hidden speaker in his ear for most of his answers. He cheats and America is falling for it. Don’t be a fool.

The questions Biden was given by the audience in his townhall were disgusting. One woman asks, “How will you handle Russia’s involvement with Trump in the last election and the many ways he’s compromised the United States?” Are you kidding me? This question passes their screeners? Trump DID NOT COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA, PERIOD. When will these numbskulls stop repeating this lie? Trump on the other hand gets a question from a Black woman, “Why did you downplay the coronavirus that kills mostly African Americans?” These tv stations should be ashamed of themselves for trying to sway their audiences against Trump. Not one question regarding Trump’s recent peace agreements or eliminating the threat of ISIS and North Korea. Only questions regarding covid deaths. Covid was a novel virus and we all had to learn from the onset even the CDC, Fauci, and WHO. Trump took the advice from them even though it wasn’t always right.

Biden is a walking hazard at this point. This is why his wife laughs whenever she talks to him. It’s a nervous laugh as she is scared to death at what will come out of his mouth. What the heck did he say in one rambling filibuster a quartermaster working in the second floor lingerie department? What? His mind is jumbled and his word salads are getting worse. Corn pop? Blond hairy legs? Loves kids sitting on his lap? They used to rub my legs? Dog-faced pony soldier? Turn the phonograph on at night. Cutting coupons for the stock market. I’d like a few of those stock coupons.

His recent playing of a Hispanic song when lyrics translated talks about smelling women’s necks and kissing them all over and hearing them moan. It is Biden’s playbook. No wonder he got that lecherous expression on his face. ICK!

Biden seems to be jumping on the coronavirus bandwagon and blaming every death on Trump. It’s not only ridiculous but ungrateful for all that Trump accomplished in a short time. Trump saved lives while Cuomo caused deaths in his state. The governors asked to handle their states and now when they failed want to blame Trump. It’s just another one of their lies. It’s also a known fact that hospital administrations are asking doctors to label any cause of death “Covid” to increase the total number of deaths to hurt Trump and fleece Medicare Insurance. It’s another scam. They love when seniors come into the ER as it’s a windfall for their hospital. Total number of deaths by just covid, I suspect, is in the 40,000 range much like a bad flu. They politicized Covid from the onset to hurt Trump. It is another hoax, but Trump can’t say it as the media will jump all over him.

As God works in mysterious ways, I also suspect the wildfires, smoky air, and hurricanes are killing the covid virus, and it will soon disappear like Trump predicted. All viruses disappear at some point. We may not even need a vaccine. But we do need to rid China of all their testing labs. Maybe bomb ’em. They sent a killer virus to every country and have not apologized yet.

So when you are going to the polling booth and ready to click on the candidate of your choice, ask yourself, “Would I hire Biden to run my shoe store, restaurant, or hair salon?” If the answer is “no” you must vote for Trump. Personally, I wouldn’t hire Biden to load my groceries in a bag.

Running a country is the most difficult job in the world! And Trump has done an exemplary job. Don’t leave the job to a three year old.

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“Pursuit of Unhappiness” is the Left’s New Playbook.

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Unlike the movie Pursuit of Happyness, the Democrats are trying to make Americans feel unhappy as they possibly can prior to election day. From the fear of violence in our streets, to the fear of covid in our schools, to the fear of existential climate change, to the fear of wildfires, to the closings of our eating establishments, to the incessant rules enforced by stores, and to refusing to write Trump on a cake, it’s no wonder we cringe whenever we awake each morning to pursue another day in search of the elusive happiness we once had.

Yesterday, just trying to go to my local nursery, I was wearing my face shield when entering the front door. The manager yelled at me, “Ma’am, you can’t wear that in here. It’s not an acceptable form of mask.” I gave him a raspberry and returned to my car to get a scarf. The store was empty and nurseries are outside. The guy was out of his mind, but I didn’t have time to debate with this jerk. These store owners or managers are out of control, and they all have different rules. I’d been wearing this mask shield for weeks with no other complaint. I can’t wait until all these rules end and we can walk into a store without arrows on the floor, some inspector checking our masks, and some asshole customer or clerk telling us we’re doing it wrong. Can’t wait.

The Democrats are trying their best to make us all unhappy so we’ll go vote Trump out of office. They are giving us a collective feeling of general malaise caused by their actions. In the movie Pursuit of Happyness, which was loosely based on a true story, a poor Black man and his son were trying to live in San Francisco while he trained to be a stockbroker and sold bone density machines in his spare time. Unlike what’s going on in today’s society, this movie wasn’t about discrimination, it was about determination to make something of himself in his pursuit of happiness and the American Dream.

Pursuit of Happyness was a feel good movie as the protagonist never complained about his poverty or his race or protested in the streets, he just got up everyday and went to his training class, some days even after sleeping the night in a public restroom with his son. He was literally homeless. But he was a hard worker, respectful to his future employer, a good father, and never played the goddamn race card. And in the end, they selected him for the job, not because of his color or his gender or for being heterosexual, but because he studied and ace’d the final exam. Loved the ending. Wish Hollywood could make more movies like this. These days if the protagonist isn’t gay, transgender, radical, pedophile, hooker, drug attack, or feminist, the screenplay gets tossed into the round file.

Why can’t the Blacks of today watch this movie and learn something from it? It should be required viewing in school rather than The Inconvenient Truth. This movie had more subtle morals to it than most books or nursery rhymes they make the kids read these days.

My point is, life will get back to normal after the election when the liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, Democrats or whatever the ef they call themselves finally realize that Trump is here to stay. Then when we get some indictments on the former Obama Administration for spying on the Trump Campaign that will shut the skeptical left up permanently, even the loonies in Hollywood like Debra Messy and Bette Midriff. Then we can pursue our normal days of happiness like we used to. Make America Happy Again.


Trump Seeks “Peace Through Truth,”…

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says former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. Rather than bribing, fooling, lying, bombing, ignoring, intimidating countries to achieve peace, Trump has been upfront and honest with them. Those are two words that we usually don’t associate with Trump, if we believed the left media. He is able to level with them and get to the bottom of what they really want and need. It’s the art of the deal. Usually it is prosperity and peace for their people. He knows this is Israel’s goal and has been for fifty years. Crazy Pelosi called his remarkable accomplishment a distraction from covid. Schumer said, he’ll have to read the details of the agreement first. Jealousy much!

Nikki says, Biden is a pushover and China and Iran will want him to be president so they can pull the wool over our eyes again like they did to Obama. It’s pretty simple. We will become dependent on the Middle East again for oil. If Trump wins we will keep peace, if Biden wins we’ll be owned by our enemies and our people will eventually want out. That will lead to another war.

Trump is the peace president as well as the law and order president. Biden is an empty vessel that will do whatever his handlers tell him to do, depending on the day. I assume Bernie and Warren will have a big say in what he does as well as Kamala. Kamala is in a tough spot. She thought she’d get the Black vote hands down, but she has to earn it. She also thought she’d get the women’s vote hands down but will have to earn it. Anyone that laughs when they’re asked a serious question is showing her cards that she’s not honest. Anyone that has to think about her answer before she speaks is usually not going to tell the truth. According to Judge Judy, If you’re telling the truth, you don’t have to think about your answer.

Yesterday Biden sat at a table with his ridiculous off-putting mask on when no one was around him with pre-screened questions on paper in front of him that he answered with prepared answers. Most of his answers droned on and on like he’d been practicing for this session. This is why he disappears for two days, is to practice. Just like Hillary used to do. It’s in the Democrat playbook.

Biden is a phony. Earlier that day he came up to a podium and played a Hispanic song and sort of swayed to it. It was creepy. Reminded me of a great grandpa dancing at a wedding for his great granddaughter. He was pandering. During this prompter-fed speech, he claims Trump hasn’t denounced violence of right wing radicals in cities. This is not who is committing the violence. It’s Antifa and BLM but Biden is trying to place blame on Trump supporters. Nice try Biden, but we have eyes and can read their tee shirts.

During his sit down session, he touched his face hundreds of times and his ears. He is obsessed with his ears, even putting his finger in his ear and twisting it. Trump is right. He’s using the mask to hide behind as a security blanket. If Trump ever behaved with these mannerisms, he would be mocked incessantly by the media. But not Biden, as they cover for him. He cupped the head of his mic and brought it close to his mouth and breathed on it like a porn star. It was disgusting to watch. The guy has some strange habits we were never allowed to witness while he was VP. He hasn’t been able to sniff a woman or child’s hair in months and it’s getting to him. Obama kept him in the basement for eight years for good reason. He’s what we used to call a lecher.

On another note, eight more domestic terrorists or members of BLM were captured in Portland, Oregon, all coming from privileged backgrounds. What does this tell us? They are hypocrites. They pretend to be fighting for the underclass and minorities yet they are the epitome of spoiled rich kids that never had to work. Disgusting. This is the result again of poor upbringing and schooling. Something needs to change in our schools.

Stay tuned.

“Trump’s Statesmanship and Tireless Efforts Have Brought us Here Today to Make Peace a Reality,”…

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says Bahrain Foreign Affairs Minister today at the White House. This is an historic day for America. First time since 1978 a treaty of PEACE agreement has been signed by the Middle East. Jimmy Carter ought to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as early as 1978 when he successfully mediated a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, but they gave it to him in 2002 for his efforts to stop the war in Iraq.

Congratulations Trump! You won’t hear it from the left media. Israel, UAE, and Bahrain came to sign this PEACE Agreement that the Trump Administration mediated.

Ask yourself why is it that leaders in the Middle East speak more favorably and complimentary about our President than our own media in the United States? Jealousy. If Trump can be behind two PEACE Agreements in the Middle East and up for two Nobel PEACE Prizes, he must be doing something right! Eat your hearts out CNN and MSNBC.

Eat your hearts out O’Biden. They must be collectively drowning in their tears today.