Will McCabe Just Go To Jail, Already.

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Who is this clown and will he just go away already?  He lied to Congress and is apparently currently under investigation and has admitted to being part of the Deep State that tried to take out Trump in a coup d’ etat, yet he’s profiting from his crime with a book filled with lies.  He’s still trying to get the public to think Trump was involved with Russia to win the election.  He’s feigning fear that Trump was involved with Russia.  No one believes it. Only leftist loons would. Without Russia’s help how in the world would he have won? 

What happened to equal justice under the law?  Why do we have a duel justice system? Manafort, Flynn, and others did far less than this clown, yet he’s walking free and able to write a book for profit with his partner in crime, Comey.  I thought crime doesn’t pay but in these unprecedented times, apparently it does. Can’t the people see through this?  Or are they believing the complicit fake news that is having McCabe appear daily to spew more lies?  How dense are the public? McCabe is actually trying to rationalize what he did, in order to taint a future jury pool, no doubt.  Rosenstein sees the writing on the walls and is leaving as Assistant Attorney General.  He knows he’s next on the chopping block. But why and who are allowing this scumbag McCabe to run free trying to influence the public yet others are sitting behind bars? Are all the judges part of the corruption too, like the FISA court judges?  Who paid them off?  I heard one of them was friends with Strzok.

I can only hope that the new AG, William Barr will finally clean house and indict McCabe and Comey and put these scoundrels behind bars.  I have $100 bet on those two going to jail first but am still waiting.  My 100 bill is growing mold on it. Sessions, although a good man, must have been threatened by the Deep State and was told to “stand down.”  Obama’s favorite mantra is “stand down.”  Little did Sessions know what he had gotten himself into until he realized the conspiracy was bigger than ever imagined and started from the top, Obama.

This conspiracy is so unbelievable that it would be turned down as a novel as being too contrived.  But this is what the Deep State intended.  The more contrived we make this sound, the more the people won’t believe it if we are discovered. And it seems to have worked so far. I’m not sure the fake news believes it but they are definitely complicit and carrying their water likes mules, regardless. And asses they are.

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All the conspirators seem to get the benefit of the doubt that they were “only kidding about wearing a wire,” or “those texts were just hyperbole not intended for public view” or the classic “I don’t recall doing or saying that,”  and “I’m not sure who was in the room or who changed the wording on that computer, but it was a big office.”  The more details you add to a lie, the more your victims will believe you.  This is how a sociopath thinks. Sociopaths are running the coup d’ etat. 

The Democrats are pretending to buy McCabe’s story hook, line, and sinker as they want the public to believe that Trump was in bed with the Russians. McCabe will be their new savior like Comey, Dr. Ford, Smollett, and Stormy.  They revere felons. This is the only way they can justify Trump winning.  But they are willfully ignoring the fact that it was Hillary that was in contact with Russians when she paid for the fictitious Steele Dossier.  And they ignore her pay to play Uranium One deal with the Russians whereby Bill Clinton got huge amounts of money to do speeches.   In fact, I thought someone was investigating that crime but have heard only crickets.  Are all the investigators’ families getting threatened by the Deep State?  Makes me think so, as it is just dragging on too long.

First-time-I’ve-ever-been-proud-of-my-country, Michelle Obama, has never done one thing for our country to qualify her to run for president. Yet her adoring fans want her to run.  She planted a vegetable garden.  Big whoop!  She changed the school menus to healthy food that the kids threw out.  Big failure!  She wears a wig.  She’s phony all put together in a dress. Behind every great man, there’s a woman?  Well, with that said, behind every corrupt man, there’s a woman. 

We won’t stand for another four years of the likes of Obama and all his corruption from pallets of cash going to Iran Deal in the dead of night, to the failing Solyndra, to Fast and Furious gun running, to stand down Benghazi, to the Paris Climate Change sham, to IRS scandal, to the Veteran Administration scandal, to sending emails to Hillary on her private server then lying about knowing about it, to this coup d’etat of Trump and more more scandals too long to list.  And yet, Obama had the balls to say “his administration was never under investigation.”  Well I wonder why?  Because the investigators were/are all involved in his scandals. They can’t investigate themselves!  Otherwise Mueller would be investigating himself.

Put these clowns McCabe and Comey behind bars already.  They’re an embarrassment to the FBI and to clowns.

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Anything Worth Having…is Not Worth Getting For Free.

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One must earn it or pay for it.  Imagine a college degree obtained for free.  How much will employers value your degree once it is announced that it was gotten for free?  How about that health insurance that is given for free?  How many doctors will be willing to take in a patient that has full coverage without paying for it?  And what will the quality of his service be?  Everything of value costs money.

Would you go to a hairdresser that offered her services for free?  I think not.  Would you get your automobile serviced if it was given for free?  How about a free plastic surgery? Call the Botched show.  What about free rent?  Sounds good but the quality of the apartment would be substandard. Would you drop your child off at a free daycare?  Wow, that would be risky.  A driver’s license used to be an honor to receive as well as voting rights.  Now the socialists want to give them out like candy to illegal aliens.  Gasoline-operated cars would be a thing of the past as well as your electricity. Socialists will jack the price of oil so high, you’ll be forced to go solar or battery-generated vehicles.

Now Bernie and some of the other socialists running for president are planning to give out freebies in exchange for votes.  But at what cost?  The cost of our country going bankrupt.  The cost of the ruin of our country and the world.  Hospitals would have lines out the door for patients. Operations would have a seven month waiting line like in Canada. Colleges would be overcrowded as well as the dorms.  There would be no room for the students and the teachers would have impacted classes thus turning a four-year degree to possibly six years to get through.  Roads would be overcrowded with lousy drivers and voting legally would be a thing of the past. There would be so many illegal votes the whole system would implode on itself. Eventually these Green ideas would lead to anarchy with violent people taking to the streets against the government like they do in Paris and Venezuela.

So be careful what these politicians are offering. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Most of them know nothing about economics and have never held a real job or hired anyone for that matter (Hillary, Obama, Bernie, Biden, Pocahontas, Spartacus). We can’t believe a word they are saying. They are just pandering to the young and illegal voters.

It’s also rich that they are running on stopping racism and anti-Semitism when they are the party that has been found most guilty of conducting themselves that way.  Projection much?  And their identity politics is tiresome.  Just pandering to women or people of color never worked in the past. Ask Hillary.  You have to have policies that actually promote growth in business and economy.  Without that, they’ll surely lose.

We will never be a socialist country! We are born free and we will stay free! So start saving your coins for the future.  A penny saved is a penny earned.

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Smollett: Story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

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First this actor staged a racist letter sent to himself from Trump supporters which got no attention from the PD, just like the shepherd in the Aesop Fable tale. So a week later he has two buddies stage an attack of himself and says they were two white, MAGA-wearing, racial-slurring, homophobic Trump supporters, again like the shepherd in the Aesop Fable tale trying to get attention.  This time he got attention but, ironically, this actor is the one who committed a race/hate politically motivated crime.  And he has stirred up hate among blacks for Trump which was what he intended to do.  And, of course, celebrities, fake news, and liberal politicians jumped on board piling on Trump.

From Kamala to Spartacus to Pocahontas to Juno actress to Maxine to The View to all the fake news, they all blamed Trump for inciting race baiting and even poor Pence got blamed.  This is the attention the wolf-crying actor wanted.  He has so much hate for Trump, he couldn’t even say his name so he calls him “45” like Maxine Waters does and gave up his career to stage this stupid unbelievable-from-the-onset crime.  Fake crime.

When will the fake news get it right?  They ALWAYS take the wrong side of every issue. They are looking so bad right now.  FOX News, on the other hand, handled it correctly. They waited for the facts to come out and at least an investigation by the PD. They reported the alleged attack; which it was, alleged.  And now all the evidence points to it being staged by two of his buddies–not two white guys–saying racist and homophobic remarks on the coldest night in Chicago this year. And the clincher is, he used a screenplay from one of his acting jobs to come up with this hoax.  What a loser.  Not even an original story.  Not only is he a liar, but he’s a plagiarizer. 

This fake news that hate crimes have escalated against African Americans has to stop.  These hoaxes just add to the narrative, and we don’t need that.  It all started under Obama with the Beer Summit whereby he blamed the Boston PD for discriminating against a black homeowner, then it escalated to “hands up don’t shoot” hoax then to the Trayvon Martin rush to judgment.  The fake news continues to rush to judgment but they are always the wrong conclusions and they never apologize afterwards.  It is becoming a pattern.

Trump deserves an apology from this actor as well as all the newscasters that jumped on board together with the lame celebrities that are filled with hate themselves.  Listen, Juno unknown actress, your only movie sucked and for you to say Pence is filled with hate makes you look filled with hate.  If you don’t like the way you turned out, don’t blame others. Look in the mirror, girl.  Pence is a well-respected, moral man and should never get reprimanded from the likes of you. And you were 100% wrong!  PERIOD!

We need to have stiffer sentences for those who file false claims. If this actor doesn’t serve time, others with the same intent will copy him.  This isn’t the first time a black has claimed that MAGA hat wearing thugs attacked them.  But it is the first time an actor said it, which he knew would get national attention.  Most of these hoaxes don’t get reported as they are soon exposed by the PD.  They gave this guy the benefit of the doubt because he was a known actor.  He needs to be locked up to set an example if nothing else. If he gets off like Dr. Ford, Swetnick, and others who filed false reports, it will be repeated by other cry-wolf hoaxers out to get Trump.

The Trump-hating, liberal, partisan hack, fake news needs to stop.  Isn’t there one neutral, unbiased, objective reporter or news person left in the main stream media?  We are on to you.  America is watching and not believing you any longer.  Shape up or give up your profession.  You’re an embarrassment to newsmen of the past.  They are all turning over in their graves.

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The Leftists Are Grasping at Straws by Protesting Trump’s Border Crisis Emergency

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On President’s Day the loony left are going to protest his declaring a national emergency to build the wall. The fake news are calling the crisis at our borders a manufactured crisis.  So their sheep will go to the streets looking like fools again.

I am amazed at how many ignorant famous people we have in our country.  From some manufactured hate crime by an actor to our previous VP going to Munich to say he’s embarrassed of America, to a manufactured rape at a high school party, to a congresswoman thinking 2 billion dollars grows on trees not generated by jobs and tax revenue, the left are showing they are really suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get some help!

I can remember just last year before our election when the left orchestrated a mass invasion of our border by caravans from South America in order to embarrass Trump prior to the election.  They were calling it a chaos presidency over and over. But when it was exposed that they were responsible, fake news stopped reporting it.  But it hasn’t stopped.  Illegals got through our borders and are seeing the prosperity of American and are telling their folks back home to come.  The invasion is real and it needs to be stopped.  The left wants them pouring over the border so they can get them to vote Democrat.  Simple as that.  That’s the only way they can win, by cheating.  Just like Hillary tried to do in the last election with the help of a complicit FBI .

McCabe admitted he was part of the deep state in a recent interview and Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to get some goods on Trump in order to invoke the 25th Amendment.  They never wanted Trump to win and were willing to break the law to get him out.  Orders were coming from the top (Obama) but no one wants to admit that.  There’s a reason he and Michelle sat there at Trump’s inauguration scowling. They were steaming mad inside but they knew they had a plan set in motion to oust Trump. There’s a reason he held a meeting with his staff saying everything they did was on the up and up.  No one would have to say they did things on the up and up unless they weren’t on the up and up.  Susan Rice had to write a memo on this very meeting in order to clear her conscience.  They were all in cahoots to take down our president, and they should all be going down themselves.

The list of corrupt politicians and government employees is so long now, I can’t name them all.  It all began with Benghazi (Obama ordering a stand down) then the tarmac meeting and then Comey going rogue.  Then the fake dossier which was passed around the Senate and eventually ended up at the FISA Court.  Then enters Mueller who gathers a team of Trump haters and Hillary lovers to investigate our president for collusion.  Two years later, everyone that worked on Trump’s campaign has been indicted for lying.  But no one has colluded.  Some Russians placed ads on Facebook on their own.  I’m quite sure there were more pro-Hillary ads as Facebook is liberal social media. Not one vote was changed.  More recently they are trying to link a flippant comment made at a rally by Trump, implying that he and Roger Stone conspired with Wikileaks.  Ridiculous!

Grasping at straws seems to be all the leftists have left to stay alive. They are sinking in quicksand.  From real Democratic racist elected officials, to anti-semites, and socialists, they are looking for anything to grasp onto. Trump is up in the polls and it’s eating the fake news from the inside out.

So, go to the streets sheep with your fake news signs.  Someday you’ll look back and realize that you were duped by the fake news and wish you hadn’t been protesting like a fool.




Trump: “We Were Born Free And We Will Stay Free.”

IMG_0432Just as a newborn fawn, we are all born free in America and want to stay that way.  The socialists want to take our freedoms away.  And if they do, you can kiss your health plan goodbye, kiss your vehicle goodbye, kiss your social security check goodbye, kiss your good paying job goodbye, kiss your safety goodbye, kiss your warm home goodbye, kiss your clean parks and cities goodbye, kiss your gender goodbye, kiss your vacations goodbye, kiss your safe schools goodbye, kiss your food goodbye and too many more freedoms to list.

Here’s what they want you to be: A bike-riding, childless,  genderless, solar-homed, government dependent, healthless, jobless, pot-smoking, vegan.  Basically zombies. That is their utopia.  Is this what you want?  I don’t think so.

Vote them all out next time.  We have to be careful of the young, impressionable voters.  They vote from their hearts rather than their brains as Winston Churchill once warned.  Clean air and water and paychecks for all is what they are hearing. Global warming is their mantra.

They’ve all been brainwashed from kindergarten on up.  Teachers are teaching our children liberal, social justice issues.  They bring their own one-year-olds to gay pride parades where scantily dressed men are dancing and kissing in the streets.  How do you think our kids will turn out if raised that way?   Too much exposure to alternative life styles at a young age combined with the legalization of pot and the younger and younger usage of smart phones is a recipe for disaster.  Something has to give, like the movie says.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to predict this.

With traditional values coming back under the Trump administration maybe, just maybe, we can thwart this trend that is being taught in our schools nationwide.  I, for one, am shocked by what teachers are telling their children. They are teaching hate of Trump, Godlessness, un-patriotism, gay sex, gender confusion, protests, and global warming ad nauseam.  If their parents don’t combat what they are learning in school, the future of America looks dim.

We were born free and we will stay free with the help of the deplorables, the dregs of society, and the irredeemables.  We have to stick together and stand up for our rights. Don’t let the socialists take over our country.  Vote them out!  Don’t let their liberal, social justice issues become the norm.  Let’s raise our kids with traditional values despite what Hollywood and teachers are instilling in them.  Let’s let boys be boys and girls be girls without interference of the feminist and liberal movement.

Happy Valentines Day to all, if that is permissible in this participation trophy society.  Sharing of valentines is probably considered insensitive to a kid that didn’t get enough valentines and, therefore, not allowed in schools any longer.  Let’s face it, we have our first crush in second grade, so that crush will get the best valentine from you. It’s called life; the left is trying to squeeze all the life out of our lives. Let’s not let them any longer.

Trump’s a Human Snowplow.

IMG_0396He has knocked down just about every obstacle the left throws at him.  From Russian collusion to Stormy payoffs to racist and sexist accusations and impeachment threats, the man keeps plowing through. Nothing stops this guy.

His ratings rose to 52% approval after his State of the Union Address which is higher than Obama’s at same time period.  If he manages to compromise with the Democrats this week on a border wall, game’s over. Trump will look like a pragmatic leader and negotiator and will have the down payment for the wall and renegotiate the rest during his next term. He said it last night, “This is what I do.”

He played “them” the right way as they were not going to give in.  But they are all so involved in spinning the New Green Deal that they endorsed that they don’t have time to get in the way of the snowplow.  They would actually be doing themselves a favor by compromising as they look so socialistracist, and antisemitic that all the news on them is negative.  Nancy is starting to wonder who got voted into the House and why? She doesn’t want to spend her time apologizing for these uniformed children.

My favorite comment in Trump’s rally last night was, “We will never be a socialist country!”  The crowd roared.  All he has to do is run on that slogan alone, and he will plow through to a win.





















Most of My Friends Are Democrat.

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As a native Californian, I’ve met mostly Democrats over the years and formed lasting relations with them.  I voted Democrat before I voted Republican.  That sounded like John Kerry.  I had all the traits of a Democrat:  Scandinavian, born in San Francisco, worked for all the governments from city to state to county to federal in between a public utility even the Golden Gate Bridge District. Was a volunteer for years. Lived in Southern California, San Diego, but mostly Northern Cali. Even married a Jewish fellow. Never owned a gun. Planted over eighty trees in my life.  Love the outdoors and all the national parks. These are the so-called Democratic traits.

BUT when I saw Bill and Hillary do that interview to save his campaign for president on national television, I changed parties and never looked back.  For her to sit there and say she wasn’t a stand by your man kinda gal and then stood by her man sounded so phony; plus, I believed Jennifer Flowers over both of them.  I believed the woman.

One of my siblings is Democrat and all that that entails: Arguments over holiday dinners, months without speaking, and resentment whenever their side loses.  I never approved of Obama as I didn’t like his associations with Reverend Wright and that terrorist couple.  That was enough for me.  And when he became president, I remained quiet for eight years but had endured eight years of Bush-bashing from my friends and family.

It’s tough having Democratic friends as I can’t talk about current events as I may offend. I recently went to lunch with one of them and when I brought up the wall being approved, she froze, made a face like Kamala, then changed the subject.  They always act like they are superior to us. I always say to myself, I need to find new friends.  It’s a common phrase around my house.

My sons have been brainwashed in college that Republicans are evil and often say that they met someone they think I’d like as they might be Republican.  I say, “Republican isn’t a disease.  There are lots of us out there.”  For some reason, they think I’m the only one. But we don’t talk politics either even though they said they voted for Trump.  Not so sure about that as their girlfriends are liberal.  (The women tend to tell their men how to vote.) Just the opposite of what Barbra Streisand said.

I was in an antique store and a man was arguing with a senior lady about Trump.  It was the day of Trump’s State of the Union Address. He was telling her lies about Trump, saying he wants to privatize the V.A. and that he only cares about Wall Street and making money for himself.  I pretended to be looking at an item but when I heard the lady say she’s a Trump girl, I said to myself “I’m in.”  So I walked by and said “Drain the Swamp,”  which irked the man. He turned around and started in on me.  I told him Trump is just fulfilling his promises made during the campaign, and never once said he was going to privatize the VA. I walked away after that as I could see this guy was fed all kinds of lies and ate them hook, line, and sinker.

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Plus he looked so angry.  No telling about these libs.  They are impossible to reason with.

The lady waited in her car and when I left the store, we had a long talk about how misinformed the Democrats are.  We had a lot in common but, alas, I was just visiting but would have been her best friend.  She said she deals with likes of these people all the time.  They want to argue and spread lies.  I told her I stay away from Democratic strangers as much as I can and will only make friends with Republicans from now on.  Life is too short to waste time on Democrats any more (or as they call themselves to be cool, Progressives).