Bloomberg Will Need a Food Tester…

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if he chooses crooked Hillary as his running mate.  How naive can he be?  We don’t want a naive president that can be fooled by leaders of other countries.  To hint that he’d pick crooked Hillary, who’s been drooling to be president since 2001, is a fatal error. She’d be one heartbeat away from the presidency which she’s been lusting for twenty years. And we all know the reputation of the Clintons. He obviously thinks he’d garner the feminist vote if he chooses Hillary.  Really?  He’d be better off choosing Marianne Williamson, the hippie author.  The millennials of the country hate billionaires and possibly even Hillary too. He may fool the women on The View to vote for him and some of Hollywood, but that’s it.

Why are some candidates putting out rumors of who’d they’d pick for their ticket other than they can’t make it on their own?  They need a running mate that will cover for some of their shortcomings.  Bloomberg’s not good with women so, therefore, choose Hillary.  Bernie’s White so, therefore, choose Abrams and check two boxes.  Biden is looking bad for everyone and hinted at choosing Michelle.

Next Buttigieg will hint at choosing a candidate much older and more experienced than himself as a running mate similar to what Obama did.  Will it be a woman?  Not so sure he gets along with women. Maybe Charlie Crist.  Maybe Romney, the new darling of the left or former Senator Flake both proven thorns in Trump’s side. Klobuchar is a feminist and would likely choose another feminist as her running mate.  Maybe Kirsten Gillibrand or Kamala Harris.

These candidates aren’t ready for prime time.  None of them.  Bernie has been a socialist for thirty years.  He thinks standing in line for food is a good thing and wants that for our country as long as it solves the homeless and poor problem.  Buttigieg has a chip on his shoulder.  Never underestimate a man with a chip on his shoulder like Obama had.  Bloomberg has something to prove to himself and is using his run for the presidency for his ego.  He would be running for a different goal–not to make America Great–but to make himself greater. He’s on a power trip like the left has accused Trump of from day one.  Trump’s tariffs on China may be hurting Bloomberg too, so he’d get rid of them.

Don’t trust Bloomberg especially if he chooses crooked Hillary, as your first decision as president is choosing a running mate and that would be an unforced error. Could you envision a debate between Pence and Hillary–a saint versus a career cheater/liar in everything she does? Just because a person is good at one thing, financial investments, does not make him a good candidate for president.  Bloomberg has apologized for every decision he made as mayor of New York moving to the left which makes him wishy washy. We don’t need a wishy washy president going on another apology tour. We want a tough president who’s proud of America, like Trump.





It’s Democrats Who Are “Above the Law.”

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How many times in the last year have we heard a Democrat get “all charges dropped” and wonder what the hell is going on?  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this in relation to Andrew McCabe!  This dweeb is the starter of the Russian Probe, the leaker of classified information to the press, the ringleader of Strzok and Page, and an admitted liar to Congress, yet he gets off?  He was easy pickens.  He also was the other guy at work having an affair with the office sl-t, Page.  I notice she’s still in communication with him by tweet.  She must be the pride of her family and the red in Mrs. McCabe’s eyes.

Why do the FBI and Department of Justice hold Republicans to a higher standard and; therefore, indict more of them for lesser crimes but they turn a blind eye to the hate and crimes on the left? Answer is: there were dirty cops at the top before and during the Mueller Probe.  McCabe’s crimes were as clear as day as well as Smollett’s last year.  Are they all in cahoots to take every Republican down no matter what they’ve done to get back in power?  Hate crimes against our president go unreported in the news by maincrap media.  I keep asking my brother (who’s the only Trump supporter I know who follows this stuff) when will there be one arrest?  He promised me something BIG is coming down soon which will have all the Democrats and their media SHOCKED.  I can’t wait.

I trusted A.G. Barr to be tough and to able to swim through the swamp dwellers in our government.  Unless McCabe cut a deal with him to sing like a canary and tell us who he was taking his orders from (cough, Obama), I’m losing faith again. All roads lead to Obama but the justice department is afraid to announce it.

At least, Avenatti was found guilty.  I was beginning to think every jury in D.C. is tainted with political activists.  And why isn’t Blasey Ford who conspired with Feinstein being indicted for giving false testimony in a senate hearing?  Is she “above the law?” Why isn’t Swetnick who gave a false story about Kavanaugh being indicted?  Everyone of these scumbugs should have been fired in the least or served jail time in the worst but are given a pass because they hate Trump. Hating Trump seems to be a “get out of jail” card. I also think our government is afraid of feminist activists especially one with a PHD.   They shouldn’t be.  We should all be treated equally, like they wanted.

Maybe Barr thought a jury of McCabe’s peers would have found him not guilty so why bother trying.  Let’s put witnesses on the stand and bring out the truth for the world to hear.  We can understand a biased jury more than “all charges dropped.” Maybe more charges are forthcoming.  Who knows now as we’ve been let down and had to see that weasle McCabe on CNN airing out his grievances on why it took so long.  Is he kidding?  Why did the Mueller Probe take so long?   Who does he think HE is?

Are all Democrats above the law like Hillary, Comey, Smollett, and now McCabe?  Why did it take a year for the FBI to finally indict Smollett?  Who’s obstructing justice now, the Obamas? We know Smollett was a personal friend of Michelle. And we know McCabe is a friend of the Obamas.  Is Obama still running the FBI and the Department of Justice? It sure looks as though he is.  FBI Director, Chris Wray is a staunch defender of the FBI and won’t admit to any of their wrongdoing.

Has anyone wondered why the fake news media is giving the Bidens a pass when it is clear they are up to their elbows in corruption?  If that was Trump and Ivanka, the media would be calling for their heads like they do daily for nothing.  Can’t believe one of the idiots on The View said, we never go after the children to the Bidens.  We never go after children unless they are Trump’s children should have been her remark. But they say it with a straight face and the audience cheers. They’re all a bunch of stupid, lying hypocrites if they think we can’t see through them.  And why does the audience clap when Joy Baher says, Trump didn’t win his election and is not the president. Thank God, Megan set her grievances aside and put Joy in her place much to the audience’s silence.  Who’s in these tv audiences anyway, a gaggle of Trump haters? Yes.

My brother said liberalism is linked to mental illness.  Well, THAT I can believe.  All the crazies out there trying to attack Trump supporters that go unreported by the MSM are an example of their mental illness. Pelosi and Schiff are an example of their mental illness.  Knife-wielding assassins climbing the White House fence, conservatives being attacked on college campuses, and cities bypassing ICE and releasing illegals into our streets is an example of their mental illness.  But where does that leave the rest of us?  Are we stuck in a world living among the mentally ill?

Katie Couric recently tweeted that she’s living in an alternative universe when she watches FOX News.  She can’t believe the lies FOX is spreading.  But they’re not.  None of what they’ve reported since I’ve watched them has ever turned out to be fake or wrong.  Katie herself has been caught tampering with the facts in her stories so is not one to talk. She lives in that Hollywood/D.C. bubble that knows nothing other than what they hear at parties.

This violence on college campuses and in our streets will only get worse as we get closer to the election.  And if something BIG does come out of our justice system (finally) to shock the left, no one will be safe.  These crazies will flood our streets in violence as they can’t stand it when one of their own gets prosecuted.  Only friends of Trump are allowed to go to jail. But Democrats are “above the law,” evidenced everyday by the decisions of our biased judges and our two-tiered justice system.

Lock your doors and stay home if a Democrat in Power gets indicted.  All hell will break loose.




Feigned Outrage Over A.G. Barr’s Investigation into Stone Sentence.

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The crazies are at it again.  They couldn’t get Trump so the next best thing is Attorney General Barr.  Barr is a threat to those that are feigning outrage.  So is Trump.  Everyone knows Roger Stone got a raw deal from the wee morning raid on his home with CNN watching, to the biased jury, the overzealous prosecutors asking for nine year sentence, and the biased Obama judge.  It’s time to set the man free.

Just because he tweeted something about Wikileaks after the Podesta’s emails surfaced and was friends to Trump, the Mueller Mob came at him.  Trump should pardon him.

The Democrats in power are creating all this “noise and nonsense” and the media is amplifying it. The candidates asking for Barr’s resignation are desperate to get noticed.  The candidates left on stage are not even worthy for the VP position.  And we all know Biden can’t be VP again.

Buttigieg is a boring bloviating mayor of a small city riddled in crime that talks in circles but never answers a question. Klobuchar is the new flip-flopper.  She used to be for a border wall and legal immigration but has flipped on her head to please the crazy left. Now she wants illegals to have free healthcare and that is an attraction for more to cross illegally.  She’s not ready for primetime.   And we all know who Bernie is as he tells us who he is.

The Democrats know that they don’t have a candidate to beat Trump, so they’ll do anything to impeach him again or impeach Barr.  They are obsessed with impeaching as it’s all they got left.  This is evidenced by the crazy Trump Haters from a kid who slammed his van into a Trump/Pence Voting Registration tent to a nut on ASU campus calling for Republicans to be slashed to golfers on the golf course complaining about Trump rather than golfing. They are all going nuts.

This may be the first election year I’ll be afraid to put a sticker on my old car or a sign on my lawn. The crazies can’t be trusted and I don’t have the Ring Doorbell to video them. But I’ll still stick up for Trump if I hear someone spreading lies about his accomplishments. Their biggest complaint lately is Trump’s tweets.  I say to that “Look at his feats, not his tweets!” 

Oh and Nancy complaining today that Trump promised an infrastructure bill over and over and broke his promise.  Hey Nancy, he’s been a little busy the last several months getting impeached by you. I’m sure his new budget includes infrastructure if you take the time to read it rather than going to the mic daily.  Then you won’t have to pass the bill to know what’s inside the bill like you did with Obamacare.

Note to Trump:  A.G. Barr is your best ally right now.  Don’t do anything to upset the applecart. If Barr does something you like, keep it to yourself.  Celebrate with your family inside the White House. Let him do his job without you congratulating him.  He’s a big boy and knows what he’s doing.  He needs to systemically go after each and everyone of these scoundrels that conspired against you, and you can’t comment. Otherwise the fake news media and the Impeachment Squad will feign outrage and accuse you of interfering with an investigation.  Loose lips, and tweets, sink ships.  

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Now That Biden, Warren, Steyer, Yang, and Gabbard are Basically Out…What’s Next?


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Who would have “thunk” several months ago that the “darling of California” Kamala Harris, “the next JFK” Beto, “Spartacus” Booker, “water-pong” Kirsten Gillibrand would drop out and now essentially Pocahontas and “Obama’s buddy” Biden are close to ending their quest for the presidency?  Who would have predicted this?  These were their favorites, dropping one by one like flies!  Bernie and the gay guy weren’t even on the radar, but they flew below the radar. I seriously thought ex-prosecutor Kamala and Trump would be running against each other. But Gabbard took her out.

Warren made the grave error of conspiring with CNN during a debate to take out Bernie with some claim that Bernie told her a woman can’t win for president.  Then she came at him after the debate with her mic on which viewers figured was staged.  She couldn’t be trusted after that. Bernie became a victim of a dirty campaign trick.

Bernie was written off after he had his heart attack and said that he wanted prisoners to be able to vote; but since he is one of the last ones standing, they are taking another look at him.  No one wanted to take out Buttigieg for fear of being labeled homophobic.  Now he’s in the running. This is how Obama won.  No one wanted to touch him for fear of being labeled racist.  It’s a clever strategy as even Trump won’t want to touch the gay issue.  But he is an equal opportunity insulter, so who knows? Buttigieg certainly has no problem slinging insults directed at Trump and the whole Republican Party.

Bernie doesn’t hide what he is for and what he wants to turn America into.  It’s one of his fortes, but at what cost honesty?  Do we really want an honest president who will ruin America? Of course, not.  Not even the fake news media wants Bernie.  They make too much money to have it taken away from them, and they don’t want to stand in line to see a doctor.  They are dumb, but not stupid. Chris Matthews is not on the Bernie train.

So where does that leave us?  Buttigeig or Klobachar?  You’d think with the women’s movement this year, they’d all scramble to Klobuchar’s camp.  But they are a little tepid toward her.  Why?  Hollywood seems to be backing Buttigieg so far, but why not Klobuchar?  What do the feminists and Hollywood have against her? She has much less baggage than Hillary did but no name recognition really.

Klobuchar sat on the jury against Kavanaugh which made me think she’s just another feminist who is anti-male. If she had voted in favor of Kavanaugh her stock would have gone way up in my eyes as a fair and nonpartisan type of president.  But she blew it.  My first question to her in a debate would be, “Can you tell me the 15,000 lies that Trump has told that you keep referring to?”  If not, she needs to stop lying herself.  It was all Democrats that lied for three years, not Trump.

So will Klobuchar be able to sway America in her direction away from Bernie and Buttigeig?  A socialist, a gay, and a feminist?  Those are their choices.  It’s quite a dilemma.  If you pick the gay, you are labeled sexist and anti-medicare for all.  If you pick the socialist you are labeled homophobic and sexist.  If you pick the feminist you are labeled homophobic and anti-medicare for all.  Such a quandary.

I wish they could have found just one normal candidate that doesn’t check any boxes to run against Trump but that ship has sailed already.  Should be smooth sailing for President Trump; but I don’t trust the Democrats, as they always have something else up their sleeves.

Stay tuned for that.




Candidates’ New Buzz Phrase: “Stop the Noise and Nonsense.”

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The candidates will try to run on stopping all the “noise and nonsense” which they have brought onto Trump as they have nothing else to run on.  Trump has endured three years of THEIR noise and nonsense and they’re trying to blame it on Trump?  Whatever they’re guilty of, they put onto Trump. It’s a veiled threat that if we don’t vote for them, they’ll continue harassing Trump with trumped up charges. We have to vote Democrat to make the Democrats behave?  I don’t think so.

I, for one, am sick of it.  Trump is not a bad guy.  He’s likable, if one has the capability of comprehending that.  He’s friendly, funny, sharp, and intuitive.  He’s not evil like the Democrats think or at least say he is. Bernie says he’s the most dangerous president in U.S. History.  Doesn’t even make sense.  I don’t feel in danger.  Bernie also says he’s a pathological liar, a racist, xenophobic, and other lies.  Interesting, as all the lies I’ve heard have been from the likes of Warren, Biden, Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler et al.  Amazing how they try to turn the tables on to Trump.

They’ve been out to get him from day one and brought every department into the mix from the FBI, CIA, IG, FISA Court, and NSC.  They were all waiting for something, anything, that they could use to impeach him.  Obama planted moles (Vindman) in the NSC to spy on Trump. Now it is just the House and the remaining candidates that are out to get him.  The other departments have all been exposed, some fired, and can’t pull off the same crime more than once.  The House doesn’t care as they have no scruples.  From Nadler to Schiff to Nancy they’re all nuts.  They are the noisemakers and nonsense, not Trump; despite what the candidates are claiming.

It seems all the Dems are looking for is a candidate that can take out Trump.  They don’t care about his policies or whether or not he or she will bankrupt the country with social issues. They aren’t looking for prosperity and security like we’ve voted for in the past. If ISIS was the number one threat to them rather than climate change, they’d be voting for the president who will keep America safe. Now these knuckleheads just say, One who can beat Trump.  These people are clueless and ungrateful as to where Trump has brought the country.  They don’t deserve Trump. If they think healthcare and jobs will get better under anyone of these clowns, they’re in for a rude awakening if one wins.

Trump needs to walk and talk on eggshells from here on out as they’re waiting for their next article of impeachment.

Don’t fall for this ploy. It’s all they have left as they can’t run on Socialism. They’ll try to scare you into voting for them to “stop all the noise and nonsense.”  It’s only a threat.

Biden Needs to Get on “His” Pony and Ride Off into the Sunset.


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For Biden to attack a college girl who asks an intelligent question by calling her a “dog-faced liar”  was ten times worse than anything Trump has ever said to anyone in his audience when he was campaigning.  And that spilled off his tongue just a little too easy for my liking.  He must say it all the time in private. He’s a trash talker from the hood. But the press gave him a pass saying it was a line from a movie.  Well, if that’s his excuse what’s next, “Do you feel lucky?  Well do ya, punk?”

Biden is angry and it shows. He’s losing it more and more on the campaign trail and can’t take tough questions.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen as the old saying goes.  It will get much worse when going up against Trump.  He’ll bring up all Biden’s scandals.  Then when Biden says he will beat Trump physically and mentally, that’s a stretch.  Trump is years younger and much sharper. I think Biden is full of himself.  He may have fooled half of America with is father/son scam in Ukraine, but he hasn’t fooled the rest of us.  Biden needs to quit before he embarrasses himself any more.  He won’t beat Trump like a drum or a drumstick or even a bongo drum.  He needs to quit already. The Impeachment Sham hurt Biden more than Trump as it exposed the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine. You can’t recover from that.

I feel sorry for him as he was so confident that this was his time to run. But he took a chance by having the whistleblower (who used to work with him) make a preemptive strike on Trump.  Bad move.  Biden took a chance of eliminating his opponent (which ironically is what they accused Trump of) and it backfired on him. Obama picked him as VP to distract while he got away with all his scandals as he knew Biden had years of “selling influence” that Obama held over himAfter all, they were senators at the same time and knew what each other were up to.  Keep your friends close and your former opponents closer.

Biden needs to admit to himself that Obamacare was a complete and utter failure for everyone involved.  No one likes Obamacare.  It needs to be replaced.  Biden needs to admit to himself that Obama has not endorsed him and that he’s not his buddy.  Biden needs to admit to himself that he is too old for the position of POTUS.  His mind and verbal skills are slipping.  Biden needs to admit to himself that he was just as much a part of the Benghazi cover up as Hillary was. He was either part of it or was told to keep quiet. Neither is good.  Biden needs to admit to himself that he was also part of the shady deal with Iran where pallets of cash were sent in the dead of night as a bribe to Iran.  He was either part of it or was told to keep quiet.  Neither is good.

Biden needs to get on that pony like a good soldier and ride off into the sunset and enjoy his golden years with his family before he ruins his legacy any more. Bye bye Biden.

If Buttigeig Wins the Primary: Gay Guy vs. Happy Guy.

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Gay and happy appear to sound the same but they would be polar opposites if they ran against each other. That would be some presidential debate. The visual difference would be striking: One old guy vs. one young guy; one big guy vs. one petite guy; one conservative vs. one liberal; one brash speaker vs. one soft speaker; one charismatic public persona vs. one boring public persona; one builder of high rises vs. one demolisher of homes; one developer of golf courses vs. one that doesn’t golf; one married to a supermodel vs. one married to a man; one that loves women vs. one not so much; one that goes to wine caves vs. one that doesn’t cave or drink wine.

You can see the differences already and this doesn’t even touch their differences in policy:  One built up the military vs. one that served in the military; one that lowered taxes vs. one that wants to raise taxes; one that’s Pro-Life vs. one that’s Pro-Choice; one from a metropolitan city vs. one from a small town; one with no government experience except being president vs. one with long experience as a Mayor; one that has hired tens of thousands vs. one that has not hired anyone; one that gets sued regularly vs. one that sues people; one that’s a road builder vs. one that’s a Rhodes Scholar; one climate change skeptic vs. a climate change embracer; one that mistrusted the Obama Administration vs. one that’s endorsed by Obama Administration.

As you can see they are virtual opposites in every way possible.  They haven’t one thing in common. If they ever meet on the presidential debate stage (which is looking more possible as Biden is sinking faster than a lead balloon and Warren’s arms are flailing trying to keep her afloat), I pity the moderators. With the reports from the Barr Team imminent, things will change in the next few weeks. Buttigieg is a good debater but can he stand up to the human snowplow, the equal opportunity insulter, and the creator of the greatest economic boom in modern history?  Time will tell.

And lastly, Trump appears to be one happy guy despite what the Democrats and the previous administration have done to him vs. Buttigieg who seems to have a chip on his shoulder.  Happy vs. gay with an axe to grind.  And don’t worry Buttigieg will take years of feeling discriminated against out on the American people with weird policies like the recent sentence of fifteen years in prison for burning a flag of a rainbow.  Stuff like that.  Okay to burn American flag with no consequences but a rainbow flag?  You’re busted.

Since when does the Gay community own the symbol of a rainbow?  We never voted for that.  They just can’t steal a symbol from the rest of the world.  Rainbow is a universal symbol of no more rain.  They don’t own it. Trump needs to commute that sentence to a week in jail. It’s outrageous. Buttigieg is like another Obama. He’s playing the Gay card like Obama played the Black card.

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Still awaiting Obama to throw in his wife once Buttigieg doesn’t get enough votes. She checks two boxes: female and Black. I don’t trust Buttigieg, like I didn’t trust Obama.

Stay tuned.


Buttigieg seems to have captured the hearts of Iowa and now maybe New Hampshire.  They like his filibustering answers and his deer-in-the-headlights look. One woman said, “He has a calming effect.  I’ll be able to talk to my neighbors again. He has a vision for the future. My blood pressure will go down.”  Really?  Will your blood pressure go down when your retirement plan tanks and homelessness increases?  Will you be able to talk to your Republican neighbors that think you’re crazy to vote for a kid who wants to legalize all drugs even heroin? What vision does he really have? He never tells us his plans. He’s phony like Obama was.   I see through this kid.  He’s not what he seems.  He’s too young and too radical.  Be afraid. Be very afraid. Don’t be gullible like that woman. He’s never ran a business or company and has no clue on corporate tax laws and health insurance.

He’s fooling you when he says he wants to bring people from both parties together and work on both sides of the aisle.  It’s a ploy.  If he wins the primary, he’ll dump FOX News and conservative interviews altogether.  He will label Republicans like we’ve never heard before, calling us homophobic and not worthy of God’s love.  He’s already hinted at it. He hates Republicans as much as Hollywood does. Hollywood will embrace him as they love the Gay community. Hannity showed up at one of his rallies and the women treated him like scum. Whadda you doing here? You’re fake news. You lie everyday. These are the typical Dems voting for Buttigieg.  Clueless, low information voters filled with hate.

Run from this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing before it’s too late. He’s acting right now but will turn on a dime.  He’s not the next Obama  (although he’s a close second), he’s worse.  He will divide America like Obama did only more so. And he may have helped cheat in the Iowa voting debacle by contributing to the company who handled the votes.  Conflict of interest much?  Just what we need another candidate that cheats his way into the primary like Hillary did. Watch your back Sanders, he’s coming for you first then Trump. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.