Biden Ducks, Weaves, and Dodges Soft Balls.

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At Biden’s first presser in months where he promised to finally take questions, he appeared feisty and smug. He had what he perceived to be a funny comeback for some questions before the reporter was even finished, evidenced by his blooming smile. Must have ate his Wheaties yesterday and got a shot of B12 before he came on stage. He was well rehearsed in his answers.

He began taking prescreened questions from prescreened reporters with his preplanned answers written out in his binder that he flipped through until he found them. In short, he had cheat notes. Typical. But when he finally went off script, he got some relatively tough questions: “Why do you continue to run the country to the far left when it is clear it’s not working?” His answer was, “I’m not a socialist. Bernie Sanders is. Next.”

Then another question asking, “why do 49% of America think you have dementia?” His answer, “I have no idea. Next” He completely avoided a question about whether he was compromised with China because of his son’s shady doings over there. He lied about bringing up the origin of the Wuhan Virus with President Xi. No record of that.

Out of thirty reporters, not one question about the increase in crime across America or our open borders which are out of control. One reporter asked, “Will you run with Kamala again and do you think she’s doing a good job.?” His answer, “Yes and Yes. Next” Biden brought up John McCain two times like McCain would be in approval of what Biden has done. Not even McCain would. Besides McCain and Romney voted together.

So you see he was snarky, short, and outright rude. He did his standard lean-in whispering to one question about school closures. He’s out of touch. He had his standard pauses as he searched for words in his head that he had memorized. He snapped at one reporter about his speech comparing Republicans to racists in history and implied that the reporter couldn’t read or write. It is beneath a president to behave like that.

I gave him a B for his energy, but an F for his answers. And the reporters got a C+ as they continued to ask about conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Those aren’t the biggest problems we have here in our country. They were deflecting from our real kitchen table problems like safety in our streets and rising inflation.

He never took blame for the economy or bare shelves; it was covid’s fault. He tried to blame Trump for his failure in Afghanistan, again. He also brought up January 6th with a snide smirk. He said the Supreme Court made a mistake ruling against unconstitutional vaccine mandates, implying that he is smarter than the nine justices.

Twice he called out Republicans for not being FOR” Anything. My response to that would have been: “Republicans are FOR: low taxes, closed borders, election integrity, law and order, no vaccine mandates, freedom of choice to wear masks in schools, tough on crime, women only in women sports, energy independence, Keystone pipeline, covid therapeutics, the constitution, respect for the Supreme Court, honesty in journalism, building the wall, forest management, clean water, fossil fuel, no CRT in schools, arresting rioters and looters, in-class learning, no more pork bills that raise the deficit and our taxes for generations, peace through strength, and voter ID.” Easy answer to that accusation.

For him to generalize that Republicans aren’t FOR anything just because we think his policies suck, was a piss ass excuse for not having any good ideas. It’s Biden’s way or the highway. He is living in his own world, an alternative world. He actually said he has gotten more done in his first year than any other president. He slipped in that he taught constitutional law for 20 years. What? I’d like to hear from those students. Well…if reversing all that Trump got done, then maybe he’s right. But just getting something done does not mean it was good or helped us. It harmed us. So Biden’s version of what helps Americans is 180 degrees from what we want or need.

Lastly, Biden foreshadowed that the midterms would be rife with voter suppression if his “Right to Cheat” bill isn’t passed. Already questioning the results of an election prior to the election? Has he been getting advice from Cher? And I thought the covidcrats criticized us for questioning the results of the 2020 election. Amazing.

This guy needs to go. He’s tone death on what America wants or needs. Tone death.

Close Encounter of the Third Variant.

Best remedy for covid: bedrest.

As a recent victim of the highly contagious variant strain of covid-19 even though I’m vaccinated, wearing my mask, and at the vulnerable age, I can honestly say, “It wasn’t that bad.”

I’ve always thought that it will be the luck of the draw at this point, and we’ll probably succumb to the feared OMICRON if we want to live our lives, and it happened last Wednesday. I innocently brought my car into the dealership for a routine service and asked for a shuttle ride so I wouldn’t have to sit in their waiting room for two hours. A nice lady said she was the driver and off I went. She didn’t drive a mini bus like usual but rather her own small compact. I went to open the back door and she said, “Sit in the front.” My inner voice said no thanks but I didn’t listen.

Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I sat in the front seat in closed quarters with a relatively friendly, chatty lady. It was about a fifteen minute drive where she dropped me off. Covid was the last thing on my mind. That was all it took though. She wore a cloth mask and I had the hospital blue one on but that, notwithstanding, does not stop the virus.

Two hours later when I got back to the dealership they told me the reason it took so long was they had many employees “out sick.” Still didn’t register with me. I called back on Friday as my part came in, and I needed another appointment. They said everyone is out sick with covid. I responded, “Then I’ll wait until your outbreak is over to come back in.”

It starts with a mild sore throat which came on suddenly Friday night. I thought for an instance Hmmm, I wonder if I caught covid? Then in the morning the second I got out of bed, it hit me like a Mack truck. I felt really fatigued with cold chills running up and down my body. I bundled up, turned on the heat, and went back to bed. Whenever I got up my muscles ached fiercely from my neck down to my lower back. Then a wicked headache came. It covered my whole head like helmet. I took some Motrin and a hot bath as I was colder than s–t and ached all over. Then went back to bed. No appetite. I checked my fever about an hour later; it was 100.2. I knew then it was the feared Omicron. Oh shit I thought as I’m home alone.

Two more Motrin, some juice, and more rest. Day two: muscle aches, fever, and headache miraculously gone. It was now into my nose and sinuses. Watery eyes, plugged nose, post nasal junk and more fatigue. Day three: feeling more energy, most symptoms gone but fever and sore throat returns. Day four: feeling almost back to normal with mild sore throat and no fever. Not that bad considering all the hype in the news. I’ve had worse flus but they only last 24 hours. This one moves around your body like a highly engineered virus, which it is. Very clever virus.

Bottom line: Bedrest, Motrin, thermometer, and Kleenex are your best friends for three days. The masks don’t work when you are within two feet of a talker and in closed quarters. Vaccinations probably lessen the degree of the symptoms and keep you from being hospitalized. People that spread it have no idea they are sick so one cannot blame them. The blame game has to stop. No one would go out if they knew they had it. It comes on so fast like within an hour of first symptom. Then you are down for the count. The first day is the worst of it. Five days of quarantine from the first symptom. And lastly, don’t listen to a word Fauci says. He has no idea.

Biden “Had a Bad Day.”

Biden Had a Bad Day.

Yesterday Biden had a really bad day. Despite the media fawning all over this man and covering for all his foibles, he still can have a bad day now and then. Yesterday was one of them. He tried to address the public with another word smoothie all garbled and slurred together in his routine mushy-mouth manner but suddenly he seemed to short-circuit like a robot that malfunctioned. It was weird. He looked down and held his head up with his clasped hands until the camera stopped. “What is going on in this old guy’s mind?” we all collectively wondered. I was half waiting for smoke to spew out his ears.

Something’s happening here, and it ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man sitting over there pretending that he cares. But seriously now, his wife is clearly committing elder abuse as well as his staff. To put this man out daily in front of the camera with his stiff-legged Pinocchio gait is becoming pitiful to watch. It would be funny if it weren’t so cruel.

His redhead press secretary talks of bunny rabbits and ice cream in her answers to important questions, clearly a sign that she is losing it too. Everything is going against Biden now as his chickens are coming home to roost for cheating. Funny how that works. The truth will always prevail. But where does that leave the rest of us? Kammie hasn’t faired much better these days. She looks like a deer in the headlights when getting interviewed. She’s scared to death of the questions. How in the world did she debate with Mike Pence? That’s right, she lost.

The Supreme Court has ruled against his vaccine mandates for private businesses which was a no brainer yet Biden tried to push that on employees using OSHA as the means. OSHA usually checks out construction companies to make sure they are wearing hardhats and vests, not checking to see if they’ve been vaccinated. Nice try Biden. And his “Right to Cheat” bill got defeated too. He had a bad day.

Trouble is, we all see through him now. He’s not the mild-mannered grandpa that hid in his basement for fear of catching covid. He’s the angry old neighbor who yells at the kids for playing on his lawn. He’s George Wilson from the Dennis the Menace Show. He has no sense of humor like Trump does. Trump’s a stand up comedian compared to this grumpy old man. And the media used to call Trump mean.

It will be interesting to see where the chips fall this year. And they are falling fast. I don’t see this defeated man lasting much longer. He’s clearly depressed at a minimum and probably more serious and should be on antidepressant medication, if not already. He can’t handle many more of these bad days.

Can’t wait for Trump’s first rally of 2022 tomorrow covered by Newsmax. Where’s FOX these days?

Covidcrats Want to Pass “Voter Rights” Before Midterms.

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Voter Rights is code for “Right to Cheat.” They are pulling out all the stops before the midterms to change the election laws allowing for everyone to vote whether or not they are citizens. They want NO VOTER ID! No cross reference to the voter rolls. NO signature match. They want illegal ballot harvesting like Zuckerberg funded and extended days of voting and mail ins so they can stuff the ballot box past election day. This opens the doors to underage voters and serial voters, voting multiple times. In other words, they want to legalize cheating.

They got away with it in 2020, but we can’t let them do it again. Even Hillary sees a window of opportunity for her to reenter the race as cheating is the only way she could win. How can the covidcrats be so dumb? Or are they dumb but rather just evil-minded. Anyone that would allow voting without proof of identity is either dumb or evil. But every covidcrat in the House voted against a new bill protecting voter ID. Think about it. Every single one of the covidcrats are either dumb or evil. Evil people loot and steal from stores. They are no better than them.

We have to strengthen voter integrity not loosen it. I know we have the fox guarding the henhouse or the inmate guarding the prison or the mentality ill running the asylum with Biden as president; but that, notwithstanding, the GOP has to do something to thwart their evil intentions to steal another election.

Similarly this kangaroo court of a January 6th Commission is a sham. It is made up of Russia Inference conspiracy spreaders, Kavanaugh slanderers, and disgruntled Trump haters. Not one honest one in the group. Senator Amy Klobuchar should be ashamed of herself. And she wanted to be President? No way now. We judge people by who they surround themselves with. She is in the center of this witch hunt. She’s out for revenge as she knows in her heart of hearts that Trump won the last election and that she can’t let him win again. The Big Truth.

So when you hear the left ballyhooing about Voter Rights just tune them out. They are trying their best to change the rules prior to the midterms. They are running scared.

More Proof FBI Was Behind Capitol Breach.

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During a Senate Hearing with the Assistant Director of the FBI, Ted Cruz grilled her with very specific questions on whether or not the FBI had infiltrated the crowd in front of the Capitol, whether they took down barricades, and whether they incited violent behavior from others in the crowd. Now, if the FBI was undercover and behaving properly, her answers would have been straight forward Yes’s or No’s. But she hummed and hawed her way through the questions with a pat answer, “We cannot disclose our methods” or “I can’t answer that question.”

“Then what the hell are you doing here at a meeting?” I would have retorted.

Lastly Cruz asked, “Do you know of Ray Epps and what have you discovered about his behavior at the Capitol and prior to the riot?” Her answer was, “Yes, I am aware of him but have no further information about him.” That is suspicious as he was on tape inciting a crowd with them shouting “FED FED FED.”

Lastly, and the most egregious of her answers was when Cruz asked outright, “Did the FBI incite violence at the Capitol Building or not?” She hesitated at first then answered, “Not that I know of.” Big lie. Can she be indicted for lying under oath? Just wondering. If they hadn’t incited violence her answer should have been a flat “NO!” But notice she put the caveat that she was not aware of it. Shouldn’t the Assistant Director of the FBI know of it? Of course. She lied!

All her answers were evasive and vague yet the questions were not. This proves to me that they were behind it and got caught and are now in the CYA process. There needs to be a Special Counsel to investigate the FBI. PERIOD. Someone needs to appoint one and it won’t be finger wagging, shouting, angry Biden. He’s lost all creds at the last speech he gave. It was disgraceful. He is getting angrier and angrier and it shows. He didn’t smile once except when he lied about being an activist for the Black Movement. He was the complete opposite. He once said, “integrated schools would be like sending his kids (Hunter) to a jungle.” He is the biggest racist president we have ever put in office. But, oh, I forgot he put himself in office with the help of many lawless folks. Ironically, the only supporters he has left are Black Lives Matter judging by the audience he had yesterday. They ate up every word.

I notice the covidcrats continue to use the term “the big lie” over and over. We will have to start countering that by calling the election fraud “the big truth”. See how they like it. But I’m convinced based on this latest hearing that the FBI was behind the Capitol Breach, 100%; working in concert with little old Nance and the D.C. Mayor. Time to bring fly-in-the-ointment Chris Wray in front of congress for some pressing questions. He can’t still play the naiveite card with his signature smirk. That’s getting old.

The Covidcrats are Running Scared.

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All they have left to hang their hat on is the coronavirus and all that that entails when the midterms come around. Especially now that they have egg on their faces after a poor January 6th performance. Some congressmen and women are choosing to quit before the midterms as they can see the writing on the wall. The covidcrats are isolating the unvaccinated, loosening up election laws, shaming unvaccinated athletes, demanding employees and students be vaccinated, refusing the unvaccinated in restaurants and flights, discriminating against whites trying to get therapeutic treatment, etc., etc. The list is too long and most of it is unconstitutional and more like communism.

Since when is it okay to pick and choose who gets medical treatment based on their race? Martin Luther King would be spinning in his grave if he thought the government had swung the pendulum 180 degrees to now discriminating against white people. That was not his intention when he made his famous speech where he hoped his children would not be “judged by the color of their skin but rather by their character.” We all hoped that but it seems the covidcrats have taken it too far.

They are using covid to gain power over the people, free elections, and freedom in general. Everything they do now is to gain power over us. To control us. Even your covidcrat relatives and friends are using covid to shame, blame, and marginalize us as unpatriotic if we haven’t taken the booster. It is sick. The sickness has spread to the people, but it starts at the top. Biden is running the show whether we admit it or not. Biden has a vindictive personality and wants to punish all those that suspect he cheated. He wants to eliminate us. He thinks only the unvaccinated are Trump supporters, but he’s wrong; many Biden supporters are unvaccinated as well.

He is the most pessimistic, uninspiring president warning us of dark winters of death, especially the unvaccinated. It’s shocking how he speaks. Curiously though, those that agree with him are coming down with covid in record numbers. In fact, the red states have fewer cases of omnicron than the blue states. Why is that? “Rules for thee but not for me” comes to mind. AOC, Psaki, Whoopi, Geraldo, Perino, and others who didn’t support Trump are all falling victim to Omnicron. They are the biggest proponents for vaccinations too. I guess the vaccinations didn’t work for them, and they should shut the hell up. Let people choose what is right for their own bodies. No one should be forcing a vaccination on us. No one. But I digress.

The covidcrats showed their desperation on January 6th with their divisive speeches filled with lies and a performance from the cast of Hamilton that was recorded in 2020 rendering it irrelevant. But this is what they do. Everything they do is staged because they think we the people are stupid. Sure some are, like the gullibles on The View as they have turned into the covidcrats believing everything that Fauci, the CDC, and Biden say. This is the intention to scare the people into voting by mail and voting often like they did in 2020. Even encouraging cheating as “the means justifies the end” in the covidcrat’s minds. They have even dragged out Michelle to make a video saying how important the midterms are.

The covidcrats are running scared. Proof is whenever they have to drag out Michelle and Oprah, we know they are scared to death. Personally, I can’t wait for the midterms when we take over the House and impeach both Biden and Kamalface for not securing our borders which is dereliction of duty of the president. But does our GOP have the mettle to go after them like the covidcrats did to Trump over and over? I haven’t seen it in the past. AG Barr and Sessions failed at it. Let’s see what the next Speaker of the House can do. Wish it were Trump.

Is This What Global Warming Looks Like?

California’s Global Warming of the Sierras.

As I drove through the Sierra Mountains leaving California, I had to wonder if this is what global warming looks like? I know the libs tried to change the name to “climate change”, but I’ve driven through this climate change every couple of years and it’s beginning to look a lot like weather or what we used to call Winter. Could it just be winter? Skiers and snowboarders were heading back to California from a New Year’s vacation of skiing like they’ve been doing for fifty years. I wonder what they call it? I know. They’ve called it a freak storm, worst in history. Trust me. It’s not. People have short memories.

Frankly, this snowfall is the same as it was when I was a skier. The roads were impossible to drive home on after a weekend of skiing, and they haven’t gotten much better–just our cars have. Highway 50 over the summit will always be the same: sheer cliffs on one side and a vertical drop off of the other that no car could survive if it slid off the road. But we live our lives to enjoy our lives. We don’t want to hunker down inside our homes waiting for the politicized covid and climate change to go away. We live with it. Amazingly, the skies were blue with no smog; and the mountain air was free of covid. Enjoy it. Breathe it in. Don’t hide in your home.

The covidcrats (which I’m calling them now because that’s all they have left to hang their hat on) are obsessed with vaccines, boosters, quarantines, testing, and masks. It’s all they talked about over the holidays. I was sick of it and glad to drive home after a blizzard to get away from all their hot air. Maybe their hot air is what is causing all the wildfires in the Sierras. Could be.

I stopped at a convenience store in Strawberry and accidentally left my mask in the car. I was greeted by the checker and I said, “Oh no, I forgot my mask.” She waved her hand and said, “That’s okay.” This is where we should be at in the Bay Area about now, but we’re not. We get called out the second we enter a store. It’s rude and, frankly, unscientific as they now say cloth masks are ineffective as the vaccines seem to be. The covid vaccines aren’t really vaccines; they are flu shots. Vaccines are what we got for polio, measles, and the mumps.

If we catch covid, we catch it. We do have to live with this annoying virus until it dissipates which I predict will be around the time all the snow melts in Tahoe. This time for real as it has spread across the nation now and mutated over and over. It’s about done. But watch for the Biden administration to keep it alive through the midterms with fearmongering at a fever pitch.

Happy skiing! Drive safe! Watch out for drivers filming while driving. Don’t try this.

VP Compares the Capitol Breach to Thousands Killed in WTC and Pearl Harbor Attacks.

Kamala encouraging BLM to continue rioting.

What a disgrace to those innocent lives lost from a sneak attack from our enemies. How dare she compare them? One life was lost at the Capitol breach. It was Veteran Ashli Babbitt who was murdered by a partisan police officer. Some may have died under suspicious circumstances later on but really to make some comparison to the biggest attacks in U.S. history was unbecoming of a sitting Vice President and a dishonor to 2,900 lost on 9-11 and 2,400 lost on 12-7. Shame on her. What they’re trying to do is to equate the date 1-6 to be remembered like 9-11 and 12-7 for generations. Nice try.

She is overly dramatic and tries to embellish everything that happens in our country by turning it into something bigger than it was. BLM is a movement but not for good when they destroy property and lives. They were involved in over 500 riots in 2020 prior to the election that went virtually unnoticed by the media and Democrats. But encouraged by Kamala. BLM has been hijacked by the left and used for their own selfish purposes. Is Kamala admitting in this old video that it’s okay to riot and storm the capitol building if you think an injustice has occurred? Oh…I guess it’s only okay when the injustice occurs to the left. Republicans be damned.

Rally goers had the right to voice their disapproval of the way the election went down and show support for the real winner of the election as we’d never seen the likes of this in our history. Something went wrong overnight and we will never forget.

Biden came to the mic angry and called Trump many names like “defeated.” I think he was talking about himself and the way he feels about his own presidency. The only way the Democrats can win an election from here on out is by cheating. They are good at it. They have billionaire Zuckerberg helping them.

The speeches those two gave yesterday pissed me off as it did many others, I suspect. They were divisive, angry, and vindictive. Not good traits for the Leaders of the Free World. I don’t know where we can go from here. We feel marginalized by them as if we don’t exist in their world. They don’t care about us. They don’t care about covid spreading. They don’t care about cops being ambushed daily and our children being forced to wear masks in school. They don’t care about our borders being overrun by illegals. And they don’t care about our cost of living soaring.

I think my biggest disappointment in them however is the mask mandates of children. I feel like it stunts the emotional growth of our children and could lead to a generation of troubled kids in the future. I guess in their eyes, easier to slip CRT into their mushy brains.

And what’s with AG Garland still seeking to punish those that attended the Trump rally that day? Hasn’t he done enough by imprisoning over 700 patriots? I feel sorry for those in jail as I hear the guards treat them miserably. What world am I leaving in? They’d be better off at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

Here’s one author’s summary of what really went down on January 6th 2021.

JANUARY 6th, 2021

The minute they [the deep state] heard the news that Trump was organizing his capitol rally, they sprang into action. First, meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and secretly lay out the plan; Make certain the capitol police don’t overreact. Secondly, do not activate the National Guard, that will certainly ruin the plan. Thirdly, infiltrate the crowds with federal agents as plain clothes agitators. Fourth, place agitators at strategic locations to tear down barriers and break windows. Just for good measures, throw in a fake pipe bomber. Their missions were nothing more than to incite a riot. They executed the plan perfectly and made it possible, with the help of the media, to label all Trump supporters as “insurrectionists”.” Steelpencil.

Make the masks go away! Release the Capitol patriots from jail! Let’s go Brandon. Come on, man.

Top 20 Signs FBI Incited January 6th Riot.

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More and more evidence is surfacing that the FBI was the instigator behind the so-called riot at the Capitol Building on January 6th which the left cannot stop ballyhooing about. Here’s the top twenty signs:

  1. A video was released showing an undercover FBI agent pulling glass from a window of the capitol building and suspiciously dropping it like no one saw him. Then corresponding with the other agents via his mic do not defend this opening from trespassers and the large group of police turned their backs to the opening and walked away. But when this same undercover agent saw he was being videoed, he immediately changed his demeanor to pushing people and shouting “get out!” All for show. All on tape.
  2. Capitol police strangely took down barricades and welcomed demonstrators and rally goers into the Capitol building as if on a tour. All on tape.
  3. Anyone that entered was later found and arrested for trespassing and are still incarcerated but only if they were Trump supporters.
  4. Agitators were witnessed coming into town the night before by the bus loads and greeted by police or undercover agents.
  5. Many FBI agents were undercover and behaved violently at the demonstration to incite the peaceful rally goers. Then teargas was used against innocent patriots which enraged them.
  6. Chris Wray feared Trump would fire him if reelected or if the electoral votes were challenged putting Trump in the winning column.
  7. Nancy knew many states would be objecting to the electoral votes and had to be stopped at all costs. Even at the cost of Ashli Babbitt’s life.
  8. The Biden Administration erected guarded fencing around the capitol building for months afterwards to make it look like they were under attack from Trump supporters. Which they were not. All for show.
  9. This administration continues to say that white supremacists (which are not Trump supporters) are the biggest threat to America. All for show. In fact, no one knows who they are or if they even exist.
  10. The cop who shot an unarmed trespasser Ashli Babbitt dead has been exonerated by authorities and by the media. No public outcry for her murder like what was done after Floyd’s death. Crickets heard from the left.
  11. Many capitol police have died since the riot either out of guilt or under suspicious circumstances. Maybe got threatened to remain quiet.
  12. The FBI has been caught in collusion with Hillary during the Russian Collusion hoax so why not be part of this set up of Trump too?
  13. Nancy was looking for another impeachment of Trump that would stick this time and put the final nail in his coffin to never run again. Unfortunately for her, this didn’t stick either as Trump said walk peacefully and patriotically to the capitol and let your voices be heard. All on tape. Trump was no where near the capitol and no evidence of an invasion being planned ahead.
  14. Nancy declined extra security the day of the counting of electoral votes even though pipe bombs were found nearby. She refused national guard and sent some capitol police home. She knew all along the secret rogue FBI agents were coming to do her dirty work.
  15. The planter of the two pipe bombs has not yet been arrested even though we have her on tape. Obviously, the FBI used tapes to find all the trespassers but this gal has not been located. All part of their inciting violence plan as they wanted the pipe bombs to be associated with Trump. And still do thus not releasing the identity of the pipe placer.
  16. Haven’t heard of any BLM or Antifa being held or arrested from the riot even though we know one of their leaders was behind much of it or was paid to come. All on tape.
  17. The whole summer of BLM and Antifa rioting and burning down cities was called peaceful demonstrations by General Milley and others, but this rally gone wrong was labeled an insurrection. The labeling was changed to warrant another impeachment of Trump.
  18. General Milley called China afterwards in order to tarnish any future Trump relationship with China just in case the SCOTUS decided to hear the election fraud cases. But Jon Roberts (another beauty) had a hissy fit heard through the walls that he wouldn’t support Trump or take the cases. He fears Trump too. They are all in cahoots.
  19. The media and Biden Administration continually call the rally goers “armed insurrectionists” but not one policeman was shot at nor one gun confiscated only a lone Trump supporter was shot dead by the police.
  20. The FBI became part of the Deep State while under the helm of Comey who is buddies with Wray and Mueller. Nothing that comes out of the FBI since then has been aboveboard including the staged kidnapping of Governor Whitmer, the staged hate crime of Jussie Smollett, and the fake hate crime of a Bubba Wallace all of which the FBI jumped on and were left with egg on their faces.

Another author’s concise version of what really went down on January 6th, 2021.

JANUARY 6th, 2021

The minute they [the deep state] heard the news that Trump was organizing his capitol rally, they sprang into action. First, meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and secretly lay out the plan; Make certain the capitol police don’t overreact. Secondly, do not activate the National Guard, that will certainly ruin the plan. Thirdly, infiltrate the crowds with federal agents as plain clothes agitators. Fourth, place agitators at strategic locations to tear down barriers and break windows. Just for good measures, throw in a fake pipe bomber. Their missions were nothing more than to incite a riot. They executed the plan perfectly and made it possible, with the help of the media, to label all Trump supporters as “insurrectionists”.” Steelpencil.

Or as Clint Eastwood predicted, “a whole suborganization within the FBI and CIA”:

The FBI can’t even surveil a guy who is under suspicion of killing his missing girlfriend Gabby. They let him escape! This agency is nothing more than a “Cover Your Ass” agency. They cover for themselves after they screw up. They cover for Democrats up to no good. In fact, they should rename it the CYA. And if there are honest agents working under this corrupt leadership, they need to become whistleblowers but probably fear for their life. They saw what happened to Seth Rich. Look what they’ve done to Stuart Scheller. No one is allowed to speak out against an elected Democrat or this administration. And no one is allowed to show support for Trump! No one!

Biden Pits Trump Supporters Against His in Today’s Speech.

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Way to unite America on the anniversary of an embarrassing attempt to set up President Trump. Biden coughed and spit out lies today in an attempt to resurrect the January 6th breach of the capitol last year. He conveniently forgot to mention the murder of Ashli Babbitt by a BLM member Capitol Police Officer. He also forgot to mention that pipe bombs were discovered near the Capitol planted by a Biden supporter prior to the crowds. That alone would have sent in the National Guard but, no; because something more nefarious was in play that day.

He also forgot to mention that the capitol police suspiciously took down barricades and happily welcomed in most of the protestors that morning while Trump was still giving his lackluster speech to a crowd of patriots. All on camera. He also forgot to mention that the GOP was contesting many electoral votes in many states and things were going in their favor, much to Nancy’s chagrin. “The Big Lie” being debunked in real time. Yes, Liz Cheney, The Big Lie is not a lie. Biden cheated.

Mushy-mouthed Biden implied that guns and weapons were brought to this breach and that two police officers were killed. Not true. Officer Sicknick was a true Trump supporter so no telling why he died later that week. Maybe he didn’t want any part of the coup and was silenced in Clintonesque fashion. There was not one gun confiscated at this event, but officers antagonized the crowd with teargas, rubber bullets, and beat downs. I wonder how much bonus pay they got that day? A couple of the more dramatic ones went to congress spilling tears of PTSD anguish hoping for a gig on CNN, no doubt. They, together with FBI undercover agents caught on tape, incited a riot. Many of those inciters have not been arrested, yet innocent Trump supporters have. We have them on camera inciting the riot together with BLM and Antifa in disguise by holding Trump flags. Nice try.

He also forgot to mention that undercover FBI agents helped remove a window to the Capitol then turned and walked away with the Capitol Police in tow turning a blind eye to the incoming crowd. Essentially allowing them to breach the capitol. All on tape.

Nancy gleefully sent down her gavel and closed the vote count when she heard of the riot. She turned down ten thousand National Guard that Trump had requested days prior, due to bad optics. She was in on it. Capitol police were a disgrace that day. Nancy was successful in stopping the proceedings that were going in Trump’s favor. Enough states had senators contesting the results to make it appear Trump would win. But after Nancy shutdown the proceedings, they came back later and changed their mind. It was a highly planned set up against Trump. And still is based on Biden’s accusatory speech today.

He ignored mentioning poor Ashli Babbitt which proves in itself that Biden has no soul, no heart, no conscience. He is a cold, calculating partisan hack with ice running through his calcified veins.

Today’s speech also proved that the Democrats are deathly afraid of Trump returning, so they need to get bills passed to legalize election cheating. They cheated once, so why not twice? When blank ballots were counted after hours with no inspectors present that only had Biden’s name checked exceeding the number of registered voters in many cities, that is concrete evidence that Biden cheated. In old fashion terms, which have been around since the Wild West, Biden stuffed the ballot box with the help of the likes of Zuckerberg, BLM, and dishonest election workers. Why else would they cover the windows of the election offices with cardboard? So cameras couldn’t film what they were up to. Duh. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. They stole the election.

We shouldn’t be remembering this day orchestrated by Biden and Pelosi. We should be ashamed of it. It was a purposeful breakdown of security by the Capitol Police, FBI, and the Speaker of the House. Let’s try to forget what they attempted that day. Shameful. But remember the insurrection of November 3, 2020, when our election was stolen in the dead of night. That was the real attack on democracy which has pitted one party against the other and still does today. I’ll never forget that night. Stolen right before our eyes.