Caitlin Jenner “The Compassionate Disruptor”

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She spoke to me. I felt her passion for wanting California to return to what it once was before the liberals ruined it. As a native Californian residing in both Northern and Southern California, I’ve seen the rapid demise of this state since Newsom came onboard. Caitlin does not speak like a polished politician like Obama and others. She was thoughtful and careful about her answers to Hannity but spoke her truth.

She will be better at governing California than Newsom. She cares about the border, illegal migrants, high taxes, the homeless, the wildfires, droughts, mask mandates, and the shutdowns. Newsom doesn’t. She mentioned forest management, the wall being secured, election integrity, lowering taxes, solving the water shortage, opening schools and restaurants, and shipping illegals back to where they came from. Newsom just cares about running for president someday. She mentioned common sense over and over which also spoke to me as the politicians of today like Newsom, Pelosi, AOC, Cuomo, Biden, and others are lacking. Most of their policies are politically driven not by science or common sense.

If she runs for governor of California, depending on who runs against her, I will definitely support her. She feels the same as I do about California and was raised in the same era. I even understood her explanation of her gender change. She votes Republican for economic and traditional reasons but most of her friends are Democrat and I can relate to that. She lived as a male but always felt like a female. She had the money and the time to make the change to feel better about herself. We can’t know what she went through unless we were in her shoes. I’m sure it took a lot of soul searching to make that life-altering decision.

Caitlin has a calling now to replace Newsom and figures she must answer the call. She was born into greatness thus why she won Olympic Metals. Maybe she can translate her greatness into saving California. Most Republicans running will have a challenge in California since it is so blue, but she may have a chance. She calls herself “The Compassionate Disruptor” and I totally understand that reference. We can all disrupt in a nice way. If we don’t, we will continue to get steamrolled like we have been by the likes of Newsom and Biden.

Pippi Psaki Reads Lies Written by Staff to Shift Border Crisis onto Trump…

Biden White House pledges data, transparency, respect for free press |  Duluth News Tribune
Press liar.

and not one press core sycophant calls her out on it. Liar, liar, pants on fire like her hair.

No one believes the border surge started under President Trump, yet this administration lies about it daily. “If you tell a lie often enough, they will believe it.” It’s the Nazi way of brainwashing which the Dems have adopted. They must really think we are stupid enough to believe these lies. This administration controls what the media is allowed to report to We the People, except for a couple of radio and tv news channels which they desire to put out of business. It’s all about controlling the news.

Why do the two news channels that do report the truth feign surprise on how Pippi is answering the border questions? They should be used to it by now but continue to act surprised. It is clear that this administration is embarrassed at their failure and want to place the blame onto Trump. Simple as that. “Trump caused the Russian interference, the pandemic, the mass shootings, the riots, the insurrection, the business shutdowns, the climate change, the holocaust, and now the surge at the border.” Who else would they blame?

But seriously, Obama played the blame game for eight years. He constantly put the blame for high unemployment, food stamps, and poor economy onto his predecessor Bush. This is their SOP–standard operating practice. Biden has taken the baton from Obama. He is also claiming he inherited the worst economy since the great depression which is what Obama used to say. Amazing how that works. What he fails to say is that Trump’s economy was booming until the pandemic was unleashed on us by CHINA and we were forced to shutdown businesses for two weeks but blue states continued the shutdown for over a year in an attempt to hurt the election for Trump. That actually ruined our economy and barely hurt Trump; but the left is solely responsible, not Trump.

Some California companies have remained closed to employees for over a year out of fear of possibly getting sued by employees catching covid. So paranoid. Can’t believe business owners are actually this stupid but were able to make money prior to covid. Amazing. It’s like everyone has lost their brain due to covid. And people have lost their liberation and freedom due to covid. We have become a nation of wimps, in my eyes. I can’t stand to look at all of these compliant emasculated sheep. Drop the mask, already!

Someone in the newsroom needs set the record straight. They need to emphatically correct the lies Pippi is telling on camera to the press core rather than feign surprise. Instead they report the lies as though they are possible which makes us want to throw a shoe at the tv. They have the airtime but waste it on nonsense. The left has taken over everything, we don’t need them to water down our few remaining conservative news voices. Can we get rid of Chris Wallace and Juan Williams already? They are the epitome of a waste of airtime when they speak.

Another big lie the left is spreading is that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful organization that wants to help the underprivileged blacks. Not so. They want to intimidate, rewrite, and destroy America and its history as we know it. And they’re doing a good job of it because the media backs them up together with stupid Hollywood and sports characters like Milano, Midriff, and LeBron. Notice they were quick to drop Caitlin Jenner once she voiced a conservative view. They are the real racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, misogynist, intolerant ones, not us.

Missing Trump Today; More Than Ever.

We Need Him Back.

I feel at a loss to do anything about saving our country short of elections which are now considered fraudulent and will be from here on out. The lies we are hearing from the current administration are mounting and appalling. The way our police are being targeted and anyone that supports the police is disgraceful. The mixed messages about whether or not to wear a mask is derelict in duty to inform the public truthfully. And making our children wear them while keeping them out of school is child abuse! Now we are hearing the socialcrats won’t take off their masks for fear of being labeled a Republican (which is code for having common sense). Heaven forbid someone thinks they are smart. This is an example of biting off your nose to save your face–now called covering your face to save disgrace.

The sports commentators together with Hollywood and the media are covering for this lame brain president making me ask myself, “What world am I living in?” more often than I like. I can’t watch the commercials even. They are dumbing down America while having actors wearing masks. They are also making unnecessary public announcements warning us about attacks on Asians. But do they say who’s committing those attacks? No, of course not, because it is BLM and Antifa to appear like it is Trump supporters.

We are getting maligned and smeared across the board from social media to sports to the news and the newspapers. They are sending out subliminal, as well as blatant, messages that conservatives or Trump supporters should be eliminated while they are trying to make Biden look like a saint. Even Pelosi said she’d never forgive us. For what? Telling the truth? Then we have traitor Mitt Romney who is a disgrace to the GOP together with Liz Cheney. Those two need to go as well as Flipflop Fauci.

More and more I feel we are being run by a very, very corrupt government sounding more like communism than ever. But do we have any way to stop it? How can it be stopped when they have control of all our medias and the congress? And our former leaders and Supreme Court are cowardice and soon to be packed. I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of where we’re heading.

That’s why I miss President Trump and Rush Limbaugh daily. Trump was the most persecuted president in history; but was also the most successful, and therein lies their secret. The socialcrats don’t want our country to succeed nor any of its citizens. They want us to be a third world country like Venezuela. Why? So the richest of them can stay in power and make us all poor and dependent on them for every morsel of food.

Sounds like a villainous cartoon movie whereby Pelosi plays an evil queen dropping food over the gates of her castle to the poor. But is where we’re heading. Why else would they try to keep our children from learning in school? Why else would they increase unemployment checks making them higher than one received at work? They want us unemployed and dependent. We are their future dependents along with the illegals pouring in and the uneducated children whose parents are forced to stay home to watch them rather than to return to work.

It’s all part of their big plan which they have been scheming for years. It started with political correctness which we stupidly fell for then came the bioweapon unleashed from China which was the feather that broke our country’s back. We still haven’t heard the end to that scheme or who was behind it (cough) Gates, Fauci, Obama, Biden. We either didn’t see this takeover coming or stepped into it big time. That’s why I miss Trump more than ever, as he called them out for what they were. No holds barred. But it takes more than one man to defeat this takeover, and that’s why he’s out of power. He had no support from the governors, the courts, the judges, not even his own VP. It’s a crying shame. :'<(

DOJ = Dogs of Justice…

DOJ on offense.

attack dogs that is. This administration and the media realize that Biden is failing as president so their DOJ is going on offense. Here’s how they think: “Let’s attack all Trump loyalists and former legal representatives to get the focus off of Biden and back onto Trump. Let’s have the media gush over Biden’s speech propping him up even more.” Trouble is most people with a brain can see through their scheme which is all it is–a scheme. AG Garland is nothing more than a sock pocket.

There was nothing to praise during Biden’s speech unless you like being lied to or being sold a bill of goods yet the media gushed over it. Biden said yesterday, “Trump didn’t plan for the surge at the border and didn’t have enough beds.” Trump didn’t have a surge as he reinforced the border security and built a wall. These lies are getting outrageous enough that someone needs to impeach this guy. I can’t listen to this much longer.

The fact that the media is carrying the water for this illegitimate president and ignoring all his lies proves that we are living in a two-tiered justice system one for the socialcrats and one for the Republicans. They don’t investigate the socialcrats, just the Republicans. Biden’s DOJ is just doing the dirty work for him. They didn’t impeach Trump enough times, so now go after his lawyers. Someone in our government needs to compose Articles of Impeachment of this arrogant imposter.

They raid Rudy Giuliani’s home to seize all his electronics but leave behind what Rudy said was evidence of Hunter Biden’s crimes. That alone proves the DOJ is just working for the Socialcrats and always have been. The FBI, led by Chris Wray, have been corrupted from the top down and only investigates Republicans and white supremacists–not Antifa nor BLM. We are living in communist America. We are getting blackballed for thoughts and speech. History is repeating itself although now we are blackballed or blacklisted for NOT sympathizing with communism.

“The Hollywood blacklist was the colloquial term for what was in actuality a broader entertainment industry blacklist put in effect in the mid-20th century in the United States during the early years of the Cold War. The blacklist involved the practice of denying employment to entertainment industry professionals believed to be or to have been Communists or sympathizers. Not just actors, but screenwritersdirectorsmusicians, and other American entertainment professionals were barred from work by the studios. This was usually done on the basis of their membership in, alleged membership in, or even just sympathy with the Communist Party USA, or on the basis of their refusal to assist Congressional investigations into the party’s activities. Even during the period of its strictest enforcement, from the late 1940s through to the late 1950s, the blacklist was rarely made explicit or easily verifiable, as it was the result of numerous individual decisions by the studios and was not the result of official legal action. Nevertheless, it quickly and directly damaged or ended the careers and income of scores of individuals working in the film industry.” Wikipedia

Sound familiar? Only today it is called cancel culture and it doesn’t just cancel actors like Roseanne Barr it cancels news anchors, books, tv shows, toys, lawyers, movies, statues, or anything they deem racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, climate and covid deniers, or patriotic. Cancel culture was originated by a bunch of snowflake, participation-trophy millennials like Zuckerberg but has been taken over by BLM and Antifa and led by none other than Joe Biden. Today he cowered to BLM saying he would eliminate all private prisons in five days. More job losses. His speech said he was about jobs, jobs, jobs, yeah eliminating them.

Now the left is blacklisting or cancelling us for not sympathizing with BLM, Antifa, climate change, or illegal immigration. And let’s just admit already that “the mask” has morphed into nothing more than a symbol now for one’s allegiance to the socialist/communist party. If you don’t wear it, you get blackballed or thrown out of a store. Thus why Biden/Harris are still wearing it inside and outside. I thought they were just stupid at first, but now we know it is a symbol of what they want to turn America into. Communist.

Bonehead Biden Gives Boring Bloviating Blabber…

The Benjamins Biden wants from us.

putting Ted Cruz to sleep. What a bunch of goons sitting in that chamber wearing masks, sitting ten feet apart, and clapping on cue like trained seals. The gist of Biden’s lackluster, hush-toned boring speech was: construction jobs, unions, minimum wage, climate change (yawn), government daycare, waterpipes, cure cancer, Asian hate crimes, gay inequality, systemic racism (yawn), Russian inference (still?), gun violence epidemic, and voting rights. Basically a giveaway of money (our fair share) by raising our taxes. Same ol’ same ol’.

Does he mention the crisis at the border? No. Does he mention the riots in our cities every night? No. Does he mention cops getting ambushed on the streets? No. Does he mention getting our kids back in school? No. Does he mention restaurants that can’t reopen due to loss of staff who are getting paid more on unemployment? No. Does he ask that small businesses reopen now that the pandemic is under control? No. Does he mention that if not for Trump’s Warp Speed Program, the pandemic would still be spreading? No.

Does he mention that they want to pack the Supreme Court? No. Does he mention New York residents fleeing in droves due to high taxes and stand down orders? No. Does he mention that he has a vendetta against Rudy Giuliani and sent the FBI to raid his home? No. Does he mention that our biggest threat to America now is domestic violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are ruining our cities and threatening citizens? No. And he doesn’t mention that homegrown terror attacks on our shore have escalated.

Why are Kammie and Nancy wearing masks looking faint? Nancy’s ready to pass out. You can’t wear one without breathing in fresh air once in a while. The message they’re trying to send doesn’t make sense; in fact, it’s confusing. We’re vaccinated already. No need for masks. They look like clowns. Biden handed off another job to lazy Kammie that she will refuse to do. It was overseeing the infrastructure (cough) climate change bill, i.e. Biden doesn’t want his fingerprints on it just like the border crisis.

He stole Buy American phrase from Trump which was what Trump was already doing. He also pretended to take on “lowering prescription drug costs” which Trump had already done. Trump helped with cancer research (Right to Try) but Biden had already failed at that while VP. He has no ideas other than throwing our money at a problem. It’s not about money, it’s about innovation and ideas. He tried to predict the greatest economy in four decades was coming soon, trying to steal Trump’s thunder. Copycat Biden. Commander in Thief.

He had the gall to compare the breach of the capitol to the civil war in an attempt to turn the people against Trump. Trump had nothing to do with the breach at the capitol. It was planned ahead by agitators to set up Trump and Nancy allowed it. What a bonehead. All in all it was tough to listen to all the lies. But Biden was surrounded by sycophants and hypocrites who kiss the floor he stumbles across while they control him. Remember his default phrase is, “I’ll be in trouble.”

His two biggest whoppers were 1) saying that while he was VP he had South America immigrants under control but Trump reversed his policy forcing them to flee to our border. Reality is, Biden reversed Trump’s policies and invited them to come–2 million as I recall. Play the tape. And 2) that We the People means “the government” not us. So again, the Commander in Thief wants to steal what little power we have left. But amazingly there was no ripping up on camera a copy of the speech by Pelosi. I wonder why? Hmmm. I guess she liked it.

From Corona to Crow…

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Jim Crow that is. Biden ran on eliminating the corona virus, covid, China virus, Wuhan virus, whatever one calls it now. But since Trump’s vaccines have worked out so well for America, he seems to have jumped ships to Jim Crow, Jim Crow, Jim Crow. I honestly have never heard Jim Crow’s name mentioned so many times in my life as in the last month from Slow Joe. I cringe whenever he says it.

I probably was taught about Jim Crow in history class but his name was never uttered so much as now. My parents never dropped his name in forty years while they were alive. We learned about famous explorers in history like Magellan, Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Sir Francis Drake, or my dad’s favorite, Snowshoe Thompson. Not infamous characters. Our teachers and parents didn’t dwell on slavery like Biden currently is. He must have been raised in one racist family and is trying to atone for it. Now it seems this is all our current education system and administration talks about. In fact, they have cancelled Christopher Columbus and changed his name on my calendar into Indigenous People’s Day. What an insult to our historic figures that risked their lives to explore the world. No good deed goes unpunished.

This administration crows about wanting to eliminate racism in America; yet the more they bring it up, the more it will be spread. They have the Blacks hating us now. They have Hollywood at the Academy Awards Show giving speeches on cops killing blacks but no mention of how our cops are targeted daily. Jon Voight, who is a conservative, says we must stand up for ourselves and be heard as communism is taking over America. It started during the 60s and slowly spread as it is being taught in our schools as acceptable. Progressive is just one step from socialism and socialism is just one step from communism. Thanks Joe. Joe was the trojan horse that has brought us up the stairs to the doors of communism. No wonder he has trouble climbing them…guilt.

The crisis in America is not only at our Southern border, although that is a humanitarian crisis in the making. It is everywhere: in our schools, our jobs, our hospitals, our public transportation, our stores, our cities, our counties, our states, and our country. We’ve been hoodwinked and brainwashed. The mask mandate is just their method of control. It shows we have capitulated to the left’s demands.

Don’t wear the mask. Stand up to them as often as you can without getting arrested. Third time shopping without a mask and no one has said a word. I get looks from other shoppers, but no offensive remarks. The more we are compliant, the more the communism spreads. I am still amazed at the number of folks walking around outside with masks on. They must have voted for Biden. They look like fools.

So if you are wondering what happened to running on eliminating covid, it has changed to spreading fear of Jim Crow. Amazing how that works.

What is Biden’s Doctrine?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

We all remember how Bush, McCain, and Palin got hounded with questions from the idiot press like Katie Couric about what their doctrine was? It must have been a trick question because no one cares what Biden’s is. So far it looks like: Spread Hate and Despair Among Americans.

Biden wants us to hate the police, hate the GOP, hate Blacks, hate Whites, hate Asians, hate teachers, hate journalists, hate guns, hate the vaccine, hate masks, hate Trump, hate Trump supporters, hate congress, hate juries, hate ICE, hate the wall, hate social media, hate illegals, hate gasoline, hate climate deniers, hate voter ID, hate election reform, hate the constitution, hate the Supreme Court and lately hate beef. Everything he has said points to a doctrine of hate. But he wants us to embrace racism, America Last, fear of covid, higher taxes, suppression of free speech, and love of Biden/Harris.

Hee, hee. I…don’t…think…so. This is the most destructive, most devious, most incompetent regime our country has ever encountered according to political historians. Worse than Obama’s. I guess he wanted to upstage Obama. Boy, oh boy, has he ever. Probably worse than an invasion of aliens from outer space. I feel like we’ve been invaded by aliens from outer space every time I turn on the news. I can’t believe what the anchors are reporting with a straight face. Where’s Rush when we need him? RIP Rush. We’ll deal with it. I’m half waiting for pods to show up in our bedrooms when we go to sleep. Have they all been replaced by aliens? Cue the truckloads of pods. Biden’s administration is full of radical plagiarizers (imposters) or bartenders with no smart ideas. They fake it, until they make it. Problem is, they won’t make it. No one is believing their head fakes not even the silent moderate Dems. Boy, are they silent lately. Notice that?

I met up with two of my staunch moderate Democrats lately for lunch. Nary a word was spoken of Biden. In fact, they were mute on him. One had an axe to grind about Ron DeSantis for obvious reasons (their next big threat), but I remained silent until she got in her car to leave. Then I asked, “You know who I’m really attracted to if I was younger and single?”

She answered, “No.”

“Ron DeSantis.”

Her response, “He makes me throw up.” Love my Democrat friends. You always know who the biggest contender is as the left shows their cards early on like they did with Trump.

Give it up Biden. Your doctrine of hate is obvious. You and Fauci and the rest of your phony cabinet members need to fess up. You stole the election, and you’re failing at running the country. Give it up now to save face. You look ridiculous and out of your league. You’re embarrassing us on the world stage. You wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of you. While you’re at it, drop the mask as it makes you look stupid–two vaccinated leaders standing alone with masks on. Come on, man. It’s hard to watch.

Sign in front of the White House Parking lot.

Who Can Stand Watching the “News” Any Longer?

the-eye-of-faith-on-tv-vintage-photo-of-family-watching-television-1958 -  Florida Politics - Campaigns & Elections. Lobbying & Government.
Black and white TVs are a lo-fi rebuke to a world gone wrong | Television |  The Guardian
Good ol’ days.

Every time we turn on the “news” we see a video of angry Blacks causing havoc across America and the police trying to intervene. Then we ask ourselves, “What has happened to our beautiful country in such a short time?” It’s a fool’s errand. The police are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” intervene. Radical Blacks are either condemning America or destroying it.

Why are the Blacks stirring up so much trouble for America? They got what they wanted: Sleepy Joe Biden. Why can’t they go back into their homes and behave like good citizens? Maybe they didn’t get what they wanted. Maybe they lost their jobs or their education under the Biden administration. Schools are still being shutdown across America due to covid and many businesses are still on lockdown. Maybe these angry Blacks could be back in school or work instead of in the streets stabbing and shooting people. They look angrier than ever, much like the Black Panther Party of the 70s.

“What was the Black Panther Party?

The Black Panther Party was an African American revolutionary organization that was formed in 1966 and reached its heyday a few years later. Its initial purpose was to patrol Black neighborhoods to protect residents from police brutality. It later evolved into a Marxist group that called for, among other things, the arming of all African Americans, the release of all Black prisoners, and the payment of compensation to African Americans for centuries of exploitation. It was also notable for its various social programs, such as free breakfasts for children, and medical clinics.” Britannica

Sounds familiar, right?

The difference between the 70s and today is there is a war on cops by the media, Blacks, and the White House which makes it almost impossible for the police to maintain control of the crowds. The media are doing their best to make cops look like the “enemy of the people”, which they aren’t. They suppress the full story of a resisted arrest, spinning it to look like excessive police force.

Cops of today are always considered “guilty until proven innocent” which is not the way the law was intended. But this administration seems to govern by a different set of rules. Even Independents and Democrats are starting to notice the difference in the way this country is being run. Maybe they will all come to their senses and vote these socialcrats out of office in 2022. It’s our last chance to save America…in 2022. Before we get in too deep.

Until then it is hard to turn on the news and see the same ol’ same ol’ fighting in the streets with angry Blacks. I’m over it.


AG Garland Caves to Black Lives Matter.

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Now I’ve seen everything. They’ll never be happy. The left got the verdict yesterday that they demanded through intimidation of the jury, but they still aren’t happy. They had to go to the president’s AG to get him to come to the mic. Now the Minneapolis PD is going to be investigated for unfair racist practices and procedures. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars! When will this nightmare end? And why isn’t the Black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt being investigated? Where is he hiding? We are experiencing unequal enforcement of the law.

Ashli Babbitt was a white, unarmed woman, no less, and murdered by a Black cop hiding behind a wall. There was no resisting arrest involved. He stuck his gun out through a window and shot her in the neck. No one has called for his indictment. If we are going to start indicting cops and investigating police departments, then at least be consistent about it. Ashli was a trespasser along with many others, not a counterfeiter, drug user, dealer, nor lifetime criminal. This cop needs to be exposed and indicted. If anyone is racist, he is. He hated all the White cops he worked with that supported Trump. That’s reverse racism.

The riots and looting will continue because the police are being told to stand down. These anarchists will not be happy until they change America from the inside out. They hate capitalism, success, law enforcement, and the constitution. One black in the Mini Apple said it may come to just shooting all the whites. This is how they think? They’re trying to eliminate all of us. They’ve been raised and brainwashed into thinking there is widespread racism when there is clearly not. We have Black governors, mayors, police chiefs, judges, supreme court justices, senators, congressmen, and once a president, and now a VP (albeit they stole the election.) When will they be happy? Never.

We gave Blacks an inch, and they’re taking a mile and unappreciative to boot. Mini Apple gave the Floyd family 24 million which set the stage for a “guilty” verdict. Now they have our Attorney General going to bat for them. We are getting into scary territory when the POTUS and AG are coming for the police departments across America. Officer Chauvin got an unfair trial regardless of the verdict. The Defense should have asked for a change of venue, sequestered jury, and a gag order put on elected officials during deliberation. I thought it would have been a hung jury. Amazing they got 12 jurists to fall lockstep into the same verdict. Someone got to them.

AG Garland is a disgrace to the position. He should never have been put through by congress. He is nothing more than another puppet, like Biden, for the likes of BLM and AOC. We are all doomed. The left has turned George Floyd into a martyr and saint which he clearly isn’t. He’s no Martin Luther King. It was just a routine resisted arrest that turned bad like many others over the years in many different cities from San Francisco to New York. Nothing remarkable about it. The difference was that he was Black and the left needed something to make hay about since Trump’s presidency was so successful. Period.

Is It a Crisis or Are They Playing a Game of Words?

Number of unaccompanied migrant children in Customs and Border Protection  custody drops 45% - CNNPolitics
A picture’s worth a thousand words.

This administration seems to be running the country by political correctness gone wild. Everything to them is a game of words or semantics. Crisis is just a challenge; illegal aliens are undocumented migrants; rioters are peaceful protesters; arson is demonstrating one’s expression of frustration; shoplifting and theft is needing bread to live; losing your job is a chance to better yourself in a new career; infrastructure is handing out needles and teddy bears to the homeless, i.e. the left is downplaying every crime or failed policy with their choice of words.

Conversely, when an unarmed Trump supporter trespasses it is called an insurrection. They exaggerate rather than downplay when conservatives are involved. When Trump asked his supporters to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol it was called inciting violence. When Maxine Waters tells protesters to keep getting confrontational to get the “guilty guilty guilty” verdict, it’s called freedom of speech or right to an opinion. When Biden threatened Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his son, it was called helping Ukraine rid themselves of a corrupt prosecutor. When Trump made an innocent phone call with Ukraine’s new president, they called it quid pro quo. It’s all in the choice of words for them.

This administration claims illegals were treated inhumanely by the Trump Administration. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Anyone that believes this has been living under a rock for four years. Trump had the border problem completely solved while he was in office. To quote Trump, “All Biden had to do was nothing. It was working.” But Biden, being the spiteful character that he is, reversed all of Trump’s policies including the building of the wall and “stay in Mexico.” Now we are experiencing the worse crisis at the border in history, but they won’t admit it. Instead they are using PC language to downplay their failures.

I think the jig is about up. Once these migrant children start falling ill from their crowded, unsanitary quarters, the truth of the situation will be exposed. This administration won’t be able to PC themselves out of the words “hospitalized” or “sick”. There’s no euphemism. Unless they call it “temporarily indisposed due to fatigue of making the heroic trip across two countries to seek a better life.” These children are in imminent danger thanks to Biden inviting them to come then piling them into small quarters. Watch them try to hide the bodies on stretchers from the press.

Pippi Longstocking, the press secretary, will be doing a lot of circling back to us once that story breaks. She is this administration’s well-paid liar. “The crisis isn’t here, it’s in South America. The children are seeking refuge from violence, economic hardship, and other dire circumstances.” Lies, lies, and more lies.