To Work Remotely or Not? That is The Question.


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I’m surprised to hear from young folks that they don’t mind working from home.  It actually shocks me.  You’d think they’d be bored talking with the same family member every day or significant other or spouse.  I’m bored of hearing my spouse repeat stories he’s already told me during this shelter in place.  But the young folks aren’t complaining.  What is going on? Let’s examine three cases:

The first case is an engaged couple that both previously fought commute traffic to get to work. They live in the suburbs of Oakland. One has a toll bridge charge each day.  They are finding that they can save around $500 in cash each month on travel expense alone not to mention going out to lunch and this pleases them. The second case are a couple that are not engaged but have been sharing expenses and live in the suburbs of L.A.  They find when they do go out, the freeways are less crowded, the air is cleaner which pleases them, and they believe in climate change. : >/  The third are a young married couple with two small children living in suburbs of San Francisco. Normally one would commute to SF either by bus or ferry.  For some unknown reason he doesn’t mind working from his bedroom amid kids crying and a dog barking.  Could be, not taking public transportation pleases him.

Whatever the case, I’m flummoxed.  When I was single it was actually part of the American Way to go to work and mingle with co-workers, go to coffee with them, and dare I say, flirt with a single person that caught your eye and possibly go for a drink after work.  You can’t find a date over your cell phone.  You can, I guess, but it certainly won’t be as truthful.  We need to see what one wears, how one walks, and their mannerisms one cannot see over a cell phone. You may meet your future spouse at work not at home on your laptop.

Interaction with other humans, whether you are single or not, is still necessary at work.  You can brainstorm a work topic more effectively.  You can attend group office meetings in the conference room.  Your boss calls you into his office to show you plans, files, or material for your next assignment.  You can all go to lunch and relax together.  None of that happens at home in your bed.

I think it is healthier for the kids to be in school with other kids–not be home everyday with two parents.  Save that special time for the weekends. One parent home is easier to be the disciplinarian. But two parents at home trying to work off their computers plus teaching their kids is not good for anyone. As a child I never saw my father home during the week with my mother.  It never happened.

The American Way is to Go to Work not Stay Home to Work.  We never went to a job interview to be asked to stay home and work, unless you were a novelist.  We’d look around the work environment to see what they had to offer.  Does the building have windows, offices, or work spaces?  Does it have a cafeteria? For companies like Facebook to say now that they will keep half their workforce working from home remotely, good luck with that.

Out of sight, out of mind.  You will be first to be forgotten and fired when there is an economic downfall.  They will keep those that are in the office.  So careful what you wish for.  Working from home is one foot in the door to the unemployment office.  And I say that to all my kids.   Don’t be the one who chooses to stay home (unless you’re pregnant.)  You’ll regret it. Maybe not now, but in the near future. Choose to go back to the office.  Healthier all around for your family. Even for the kids.  Leave the homeschooling for those that are trained for homeschooling. The average parent is not.

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Let Us Think For Ourselves! Let Us Be!


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If we choose to wear a mask, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to wear rubber gloves, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to take HCQ, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to be vaccinated, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to attend church, let us. If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to go to the beach, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to quarantine ourselves, let us. If we choose not to, let us.  Let us be!

Stop slowly taking away all of our civil rights. Don’t send the covid police out to arrest us for not wearing a mask or opening our small businesses. If we come down with the coronavirus, it’s on us; not on our employer, a neighbor, a store, a sporting event, the school, or a restaurant.  We probably got too close to someone with the virus or touched a recently contaminated surface and didn’t take the proper precautions.  If we feel a virus coming on, we’ll self quarantine to protect others.  We won’t go into work or a public place or transportation with any virus symptoms.   We’ve learned that much. Let us prove it.

We have minds of our own.  We aren’t sheep. We know when a situation looks safe or not safe. We know how to be sanitary. We’ve never let the government control our every move in our lives. Never, ever have let them.  But we seem to be cowering like obedient dogs for everything they suggest or demand.   And they keep changing their minds.  Don’t wear mask, wear one. Wash your food containers, don’t wash them.  Go to the ER, don’t go there. Don’t need to be tested, need to be tested.  Meet in small gatherings, don’t meet at all. 

Every city, every county, and every state seem to be adopting their own rules not to mention homeowners associations.  Ours won’t open up tennis courts for fear of cross contamination.  They also won’t open the pool but they aren’t sure why.  My biggest complaint is with California grocery stores.  They used to ask an annoying question after you just spent $200 on food, “Do you need bags?”  Then I’d say, “Yes, paper ones please.”  “That’ll be ten cents per bag.” “Whatever.” I called this bag-shaming.

Now, even though they are cleaning up financially due to everyone eating home, they not only 86’d the paper bags and heavy plastic ones, but only provide thin flimsy plastic ones for free.  The state decided bringing in your own cloth bags was unsanitary, so they aren’t charging us for bags any longer but provide the thin flimsy plastic ones that rip.  Thanks a lot grocery stores who are doing this.  You know who you are.  Now it’s my turn to “bag shame” you. Give us some decent bags when shopping there.

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Lastly, if a company chooses to open up safely, let them.  Why one company is called essential over another baffles me.  Four to eight years of college to be working at a job not considered essential is a little disheartening.  Liquor stores are essential but not Macy’s.  Home improvement stores are essential but not the courthouse.  Pot stores are essential?!  You’ve got to be kidding.  None of this makes sense to the average thinker.  If one can shop a grocery store safely, they can shop Macy’s safely.

Let people return to their normal shopping, eating, sporting events, and extracurricular activities.  Let children return to school to boost their self-esteem.  Staying at home without interaction with other school kids is not the way we should be bringing up our kids.  It is harmful in the long run. There’s no benefit to keeping schools closed. My 3- year-old grandson is talking like an adult right now as he’s around two parents all day long.  He asked me, “How’s it going?”  That’s not a 3-year-old’s question.  That’s a pick up line in a bar.  It stumped me as I didn’t know how to answer it.

Seriously now, let people be responsible for their own health sort of like how some folks choose to smoke cigarettes versus those that do not and others exercise and others do not.  We have the capability to know what is good for us or not and will make the calculated risk. We don’t need Dr. Neil Cavuto telling us what will kill us or not or whether we have an underlying condition.


Good Ol’ Joe Has a Temper!

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If we look at his past comments whether on camera or behind camera, he loses his temper quite often and that’s not a good quality in a president.  He’s not mild-mannered ol’ Uncle Joe.  He’s mean-spirited grumpy ol’ Joe.

I could go through all his old comments at town hall meetings where he loses it and calls people names like “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, but what’s the point?  The left won’t believe it.  They will cover for him until the cows come home as Joe is all they got.  And what they got is a grumpy, short-fused, ol’ man suffering from dementia. Good luck with that.

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Lori Loughlin is Taking Advantage of Covid Crisis.

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Typical lying Hollywood Democrat.  She FINALLY pleads “guilty” for college cheating scam amid the covid crisis as she knows the courts are closed and the prisons are releasing violent offenders.  What a lying piece of you know what. She’s been lying for over a year to all of us and now makes a deal with the court?  If this doesn’t smell to high heaven of Hollywood privilege like Smollett got,  I don’t know what does.

She pleads guilty in exchange for a TWO MONTH sentence?!!!  Are you kidding me?  A $500,000 bribe and she gets two months and her husband gets longer?  What happened to women’s lib and equal treatment?  Why does a man get a longer sentence?  The court and lawyers are obviously giving her special treatment because she’s female, but she’s the ringleader behind it all.

Other CEO’s who pleaded guilty upfront got nine months for doing less.  Then the news says the court will not even jail her due to covid!!!???  This is all set up by Lori to take advantage during the covid crisis, and the courts can’t see through this?  I give up.  The justice system has gone to hell.  Either they’re terribly gullible or just covering for their own.  If she was a conservative actor, I can assure you she’d be made an example of and would have had the book thrown at her with a sentence similar to what they gave Manafort.

The liberal court system is worthless right now.  We can’t trust them to enforce the law, to keep prisoners jailed, or to render proper verdicts.  They’ve gone too political.  If Lori Loughlin gets house arrest, which the rest of us are already in due to the covid shutdown, it will be a travesty. If she never gets another acting role, that’ll have to be her punishment as we can’t trust the courts to administer justice.


So here’s Biden’s shtick lately:  He seems to be running on ridiculing Trump (while he hides in his basement doing nothing for months) for his handling of the covid crisis, the economy, jobs, and dignity in the White House.  Does he not realize that we had the best economy in modern day history prior to CHINA unleashing a terrible epidemic on the rest of the world?  Is he really that clueless?  To blame Trump for loss of jobs during a national shutdown, economy, covid, and dignity in White House is either joke or the ramblings of a person with dementia. Or he thinks his followers are stupid enough to believe it. Some are. They are “the gullibles”.

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Biden just said, “If you can’t decide to vote for me over Trump, then you ain’t Black!”  Wow!  That would be a racist, demeaning comment if Trump had said it.  To assume that Blacks just vote for one party and use the world “ain’t” is racist.  To be that arrogant to assume Blacks will vote for him on his record is just plain stupid. You can’t pigeonhole one race like that.  It’s racist!

Biden has no game plan.  He has no campaign, no ideas, no original thoughts, yet he is winning in the fake polls against Trump?  What in the world?  Who in this world could actually vote for him in sound mind? Biden named Trump President Tweety? If that’s the best he’s got, America will really be in trouble choosing him for president.

Biden should stick to comedy as his virtual interviews have become as funny as any comedian could come up with.  But we’re laughing at him not with him which is sad. He isn’t making jokes, he’s making a joke of himself.  He’s like a ventriloquist’s wooden dummy, and this one even looks like him.

Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood (2015) - IMDb

“No more malarkey!” says the dummy.

Act VI Parody: Day in the Life of Hillary Venting on Shutdown and Biden’s VP Pick.


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The scene is in her living room during the shutdown sitting with Bill in the afternoon at their Chappaqua, New York, home sipping her first glass of Chardonnay of the day.


It’s five o’clock somewhere, Bill. Cheers!  I’m getting tired of this damn shutdown of our state.  I’ve been drinking a lot more than usual. What the ef is Cuomo thinking?  And who the hell does he think he is, God?

She takes a large swill from her stemmed glass.


Now, now Hill.  If we don’t stay put, they’ll be shelter-shaming us if we leave the house.  The paparazzi is waiting outside our property like vultures.  Cuomo seems like he’s vying for the VP position with all those annoying pressers.


Mr. Covid-Cuomo thinks he will be picked as the VP?  He’s mishandled his state, how does he expect to run a country?  Plus he’s got a scandal of his own to explain with all the nursing homes deaths. And how long do they want us to stay indoors? I think he’s politicizing the virus to tank the economy even more. I feel like I’m on house arrest. I can’t see Chelse or my granddaughter, Lotte. At least we can still drink.  They haven’t taken that from us.

She cackles as she puts her glass up for a toast with Bill. They clink goblets.


Yeah, he’s done a terrible job in New York spending our high taxes on frivolous green programs and not preparing the hospitals for the next 9-11.  He’s definitely got it out for Trump too.

Let’s talk about Joe’s running mate choice.  Do you think he’ll choose you?


That old coot, who knows?  I should have been Obama’s pick for VP.  Why he chose him, I’ll never know. Even if Joe picks me, he’ll forget the next day.  But yes, I’d take the position as he won’t last much longer then I can slip in as the Commander and Chief and break that illusive glass ceiling…finally.

She stares up at their ceiling reflectively and cackles a wicked laugh then takes another sip of her wine some dribbling onto her chin.

Oops!  That’ll kill any stinking virus germs off my face for sure.


I know, dear, but unfortunately rumor has it he wants Michelle. She’s younger and will garner the Black vote; not to mention she’s adored by all. It’s a “sure thing” ticket: Biden/Obama. Get it?


Shut up Bill. Rumor schumer.

She pours another hefty portion of wine.

That vegetable garden maven? He better not pick her. She doesn’t deserve it. It’s my turn!   She’s always hated me and hates all Whites.  Wait till that news gets out.  She’d be running on her husband’s coattails anyway. And she wears wigs! And what was that book she published, Becoming?  She’s becoming?  Becoming what?


Bill rolls his eyes at her lack of self awareness at the hypocritical comment about running on husband’s coattails.

Meeeoooow!  Becoming vice president maybe.  Who knows?  Don’t get all catty on us.  No one hates a catty female more than other females.  You’ll alienate your base, and you don’t want to do that.


Don’t roll your eyes! Joe and the Obamas are so dripping in corruption with China and Ukraine I can’t wait to get what I know out there to the fake news.  Will they report it?  Probably not.  I’ll have to call Hannity or Tucker and let one of them know what I know.


Hannity?! That’ll be some interview.  We could probably get it for a “pay for view” and make some money on that one.


Hey, if he doesn’t choose me, who’s most entitled, all hell will break loose.  I will go jihad on all of them and expose everything from “insurance plans” to “Dr. Ford” to “the Steele Dossier” to the “Flynn entrapment” to the “Mueller sham” to “Ukraine setup” to the “phony impeachment” and to this “pandemic fear”.  It will give new meaning to “scorched earth!”


Geez, honey, they could come back at us about our Foundation.


She shrugs her left shoulder and polishes off her wine slamming down her glass onto the coffee table.

That’s why he better choose me!  Otherwise we’ll all be in trouble. He knows I deserve it and will garner the most votes.  Even with his failing mind, he’s knows that much. I’m going to take my bath now, dear. I’m sick of talking about this everyday. End the shutdown!

She rises onto her wobbly feet and smooths out her colorful caftan.


Okay.  Take it easy, you polished off that bottle from last night and started a new one.


Get off my case!  It’s boring sitting home all day just the two of us!  I haven’t been in an interview in months and my base misses me. Check on me if I don’t come out in an hour.


I always do.

He shakes his head in frustration and let’s out an exhaustive sigh after she leaves the room.

Man, oh man.  I better place a call to Joe and let him know what Hillary is capable of doing.  Just as a warning of what could come down if she is scorned again.

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A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home.


The Left Is Willfully Ignorant of Facts and Evidence!


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It doesn’t matter how hard the soil is to penetrate, if they hear a positive Trump story, they’ll get a pick ax and shovel and start digging. The left doesn’t seem to be aware of General Flynn being exonerated by documents that were declassified finally. Either they know what has recently come down about the Obama Administration and are lying about it, or they’ve been listening to fake news which has buried the story.

For instance, a liberal male claims he’d not heard the story about Governor Cuomo sending covid patients back to their nursing homes to die.  He said, “He’d never do that!”  However, he DID hear that Trump was taking hydroxychloroquine. Amazing how this happens. How does taking HCQ supersede what Cuomo did?  It doesn’t or shouldn’t. But this is how the left thinks.

So this is what we have here: The left is only hearing tidbits of a story which is watered down or spun by fake news media, but they blow up any news on Trump that they deem to be negative.  Voila: Trump bad; Obama good. The fake news is selectively reporting stories based on if they reflect negatively on Trump.  The liberal male response to “the Flynn exoneration story” would be:  just a diversion by Trump to take the news off of all the people he’s killed by his slow response to covid or he’d say he hasn’t heard that story which is code for “you heard it on FOX News and it’s faux news.”  This is the SOP of the left: spin or play dumb, there’s no in between. It’s been this way for years.

It makes no difference how educated these folks on the left are.  Some may have attended Harvard or Stanford or UCLA, but they all have the same mindset: Get Trump Out! They refuse to listen to reason, facts, or common sense.  But they sure can listen to fake news as long as it is negative about a conservative.  I, for one, am over it.  The way they treat the president reflects on how they’d treat me.  The president has done everything in his power to prevent and stop the spread of covid; and yet, they have nothing nice to say in return. They are being ungrateful and no one likes being unappreciated.

Trump started taking a trial run of HCQ to prove to folks that it isn’t a dangerous drug, has no side effects if taken early, and has been tried and true for fifty years.  If Obama had tried this brave move, the media would be calling him courageous; but with Trump, it’s irresponsible. There IS scientific evidence that people taking hydroxychloroquine for other conditions like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis have not contracted covid so Trump is using his intuition that possibly it can be used as a preventative medicine and is assisting science by taking a trial run. What better endorsement than from the President of the United States?  But what does Nancy say, “Trump is morbidly obese and shouldn’t take it.”  Her description of Trump is out of line, rude, and way off base. Notice how Nancy has started to excessively belittle and dismiss Trump lately talking about dog do and such?  She must be real nervous about something.

The Democrats are trying to stir up impeachment over Russian Collusion AGAIN because Russian Collusion has been taken off the table completely and it has them fuming. Evidence has come out that the DNC WASN’T hacked by Russia (which was the impetus for the Mueller Probe) but the Mueller Report lied about it.  Without this, the Democrats got nothing.  Isn’t this the definition of insanity when you keep trying the same thing over and over and getting the same result?  The Democrats are insane and willfully ignorant of facts and evidence including Mark Cuban who said, “Who cares?” when asked what he thought of Trump being spied on during his campaign.  Who cares?  We should all care when the FBI and CIA secretly plan a coup to oust the POTUS!  What’s wrong with Mark Cuban? He also said he’d vote for Biden.  Cuban is a typical Democrat voter that is willfully ignorant of facts and evidence.  He actually compared Biden’s mental incapacity to Trump’s mental health.  Another insult from the desperate left.

Bottom line:  Flynn was unmasked 39 times (spied on) as well as other members of the Trump Administration by all the so-called intelligence agencies that Obama enlisted right before leaving office, then entrapped in the White House by Comey and his band of thieves trying to steal the presidency back, then blackmailed into lying.  All the former president’s men and women are scrambling and lawyering up. They all know that they could be subpoenaed to come to congress and answer questions including Biden who’s hunkered down in his bunker like he’s in the middle of a battle. Maybe he’s dodging imaginary sniper fire like Hillary used to do. I doubt if a one of them will answer anything to congress as they’ll plead “the fifth”.

The left media is burying the truth from the public, and we’ll have to deal with this until the next election.  Their followers are behaving willfully ignorant as they eagerly devour fake, false news with large gulps of Kool Aid and dismiss the truth. But we all know the truth and if we bring it up to a lib, we’ll get shouted down.  That’s just the way it will be from here on out.  I’ve basically given up on them.  Save your breath. They aren’t worth informing as they’re close-minded, gullible, and locked in. They’ll vote for Biden whether he’s got one foot in a rest home, one hand handcuffed behind him, or whether three more sexually harassed gals come forward. Who cares? as idiot Mark Cuban says.




All Roads DON’T Lead to Putin…They Lead to Obama.


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Someone has to say it.  The media will never say it–not even FOX News. They nibble around the edges but never say it.  As Democrat President Truman once famously said,

  “The buck stops here” is a phrase that was popularized by Democrat U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. The phrase refers to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions. Wikipedia.

“Come on, man,” as Joe Biden would say. We’re all thinking it.  All this corruption and underhanded behavior by the FBI, CIA, IRS, VA, GS, and other departments had been schemed and overseen by the top–Obama. 

We were warned while Obama was running for president that he had radical connections, possibly even being influenced as a teenager from a radical Muslim mentor. Then we heard he attended services in a church of the radical Reverend Wright. He also began his quest for the presidency in the home of an unrepentant terrorist which he dismissed as “just a guy in the neighborhood.” I always wondered how many pow wows Obama had with this guy in the neighborhood before he decided to run for president. All of this information was reported to us during the election by FOX News, Hannity, and Rush but was buried by the MSM to the rest of the gullibles.

I immediately became concerned about what Obama was doing to our country and labeled him a “stealth financial terrorist.”  It sounded rather harsh even to me, but our retirement plan reflected what I was feeling.  For eight years under Obama jobs were difficult to find, companies were cutting back, my husband’s business sale fell through due to the crash in the stock market, and our retirement plan was flat–didn’t make any money in eight years.  I’m not exaggerating either.  For a while I wondered why we even had money in stocks and mutual funds.

Obama’s executive orders requiring stiff regulations on companies, high corporate taxes, crazy healthcare plan, climate change criteria, and political correctness was ruining our country and in our plain sight.  Traditional values were going by the wayside too. He was caught in many scandals which he takes no responsibility for, unlike Democrat Harry S. Truman. In fact, he boldly claims now that he had a “scandal free” administration.  Not true.

First there was Fast and Furious where our government sold guns to Mexico in order to trace them and one was used at our border and killed one of our border patrolman. Their goal was to change the gun laws in America, but it backfired on them. No pun intended. Then there was the General Services scandal where they were going on expensive junkets and sipping wine in jetted tubs in luxurious hotels and taking photos.  No telling what other salacious activities they were involved in.  Then there was the IRS singling out conservative nonprofit groups and not giving them protective status or holding up their requests.  Lois Lerner comes to mind that took the fifth in front of congress then was given a pension and let go.

There were many other scandals where the FBI had dropped the ball from the Ft. Hood to Aurora Theater to San Bernardino to Boston Marathon to Sandy Hook to Orlando Club to Benghazi terror attacks which was their biggest scandal. They all lied, covered up, had the media protecting them including Candy Crowley during a debate with Romney allowing Obama to win a second term.

Then there was the “war on police” that Obama condoned from Ferguson to Trayvon Martin to Boston Police and a few others. This was the birth of the movement called Black Lives Matter which led to the birth of kneeling Kaepernick which was a thorn in America’s side until Trump made some changes.

There were also many financial decisions Obama made that failed during his presidency; for example: the failed Solyndra startup, and his famous line that these jobs weren’t as shovel ready as I thought referring to a tax hike that funded government programs.  We suspect this government money really went to all his donors as payback.  Another scandal. Then the pallets of cash being sent to Iran in the dead of night, the hostages being taken from our Navy ship by Iran, and the horrible deal made with Iran which did not allow us to go check on their nuclear activity in a timely manner.

The fact is Obama’s administration was so filled with scandals it was hard to stay on one before another one popped up. Then the final scandal which he cooked up prior to Trump’s inauguration and held a meeting with Susan Rice who deemed it necessary to write a memo on it.  After all, they used her to lie to America regarding a hateful video that spurred on the Benghazi attack. Obama is, and was, behind the FBI and CIA coup d’etat of Trump.  PERIOD.

All roads lead to Obama. When we can finally admit this, we’ll get to the bottom of this whole mystery from the Russia Hoax to Ukraine Hoax to the current Impeachment Sham. Obama is the puppet master and always has been.  But the dirty cops and politicians and some investigators are fearful to say it.  Why?  Either Obama was the most clueless president in U.S. History as to what was going on all around him or was behind it; I suspect the latter.

Obama is Teflon. But as we all know Teflon doesn’t last forever, it scratches up and needs to be tossed out.  Obama’s Teflon shelf life is about over.  Tick…tock…tick…tock…

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Stay tuned.

UPDATED 5-18-20:

Obama emerges to criticize Trump’s handling of the coronavirus now that evidence has turned up that his administration entrapped General Flynn in order to spark a Russian Collusion Hoax.  Way to project Obama.  Your Teflon is starting to erode.