What’s Next for the Ol’ Bag of Bones?

This guy is an embarrassment to our country, yet the left keeps encouraging him to appear at events. Why? So they can prop up his approval rating before the midterms? But he’s hard to watch or listen to. His wife looks scared to death of what he may say once he gets the mic in his hand. It’s like she’s praying on stage for him not to mess it up again. He has the mentality of my six year old grandson who sometimes blurts out family secrets, loses his temper, and tells little fibs. But in Joe’s case, they are lurid secrets, raging tantrums, and blatant, outright lies.

He recently admitted to being a pedophile to an audience of leftists that remarkedly laughed. He said a “12 year old girl helped him out a lot when he was 30.” What the hell was she helping him with when he was a senator? Was she in his office like Matt Lauer has admitted to? Was she a daughter of one of his volunteers? The FBI needs to investigate that comment. That girl would be 62 now and needs to come forward. This guy has a litany of creepy memories from his past and they are oozing out of his pores in real time.

Still can’t believe he is our president and normal guy Trump is ousted by a coordinated coup by the left. How in the world did our country succumb to such a thing? With all our technology and achievements, we have come to this: an old bag of bones pretending to be president. It is the most heinous atrocity ever played on us, worse that Pearl Harbor and 9-11 combined and some fell for it. And now they are sticking it to us every time he appears on a stage. It’s like they are flaunting their crime on all of us in plain sight. That’s the feeling I get.

Everything the left does is disgusting to normal people. Releasing murderers from jail, allowing smash and grab thugs to stay on the streets, suppressing news of a crazy leftist radical running down a young GOP in the street, and ignoring our border crisis. These leftists are lawless, heartless, and Godless. They have no conscience, scruples, or morals. They revere criminals and condemn good people. They harped on the Charlottesville story for years regarding a white supremacist that ran down a pro-statue removing protestor, yet they ignore the story of a radicalized leftist running down a conservative youth. It is appalling what they are able to get away with with the help of the fake news.

We’ve all been duped for two years by this ol’ bag of bones to the point of it being a lost cause trying to inform the people of the truth. His legs resemble Pinocchio’s legs and has the same gait. Just watch him. The only thing missing are the strings holding him up and the ventriloquist. The left would be better off if they left him in the basement with the other marionettes.

It is exhausting to continue with this guy to say the least, and we are all tired. Let’s just vote the crazies out in November that support this madman, pedophile in the White House once and for all. Stop the madness we are all witnessing daily! I’ll take Trump’s tweets any day over this joke foisted on us.

Biden is Doing a Marvelous Job!

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 25: U.S. President Joe Biden answers questions during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. On the 64th day of his administration, Biden, 78, faced questions about the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, …

I’m so impressed by Biden’s sharp handling of our economy so far. Kudos to our new president! He took the baton from Trump and ran with it. He’s raising our taxes so we can have better roads, new replaced bridges, and pipes replaced in our homes. He’s going to put thousands of charging stations along the freeways so we can charge our new electric Teslas. I’m so happy. He’s going to add a bonus to the unemployment checks so my son’s unemployed brother in law can continue living in their home. I’m so happy.

He’s letting immigrants into our country so their children can get a good education from our teachers that have not worked in a classroom for a year. He’s sending others across America so we can all be more tolerant of other races and hopefully they can vote by mail. I’m so happy. He stopped the building of that racist wall along our southern border and reinstated strict regulations on those pollution-spewing factories causing some to shut down. He stopped the construction of that hazardous Keystone pipeline but will allow them to work on abandoned coal mines or take computer coding classes! Marvelous.

He’s allowing transgenders back in the military so our country will look diversified if we get attacked by another country. He’s allowing them to join in with women in their sports so we can all feel equal. I’m so happy. He’s letting Twitter and Facebook have full control over who goes on their platform. Marvelous job. He’s reinstating the mask mandate across the nation for our safety! He’s keeping schools closed that can’t insure the safety of our teachers and children! He’s gotten back in with W.H.O. and China and letting them come to the conclusion of what went wrong with the China virus. How generous of him.

He’s endorsed two stimulus bills amounting to over a trillion each, one to reward all his loyal supporters and the current one to stop climate change! Together these will make us the strongest economy in the world! He also rejoined the Paris Accord which will let us pay more for gasoline to help climate change. Such economic foresight. So happy.

He’s allowing all the vaccines to be dispersed across America that were already planned to be dispersed. Great job. He’s guaranteeing 2 million vaccinated in 100 days. Amazing accomplishment! And he’s letting honorable Dr. Fauci take full credit for the expeditious research that led to the production of many vaccines. He’s allowing his rescue police dogs that have been behaving badly to stay on at the White house to show his respect for the police. Great job.

Lastly, he’s protecting the Capitol from those pesky white supremacists who are the biggest threat to America today. And he’s punishing all those conservative invaders of the Capitol on January 6th. So you see, Biden is doing a marvelous job so far!


UPDATED: Although April is long gone and this post was from over a year ago, I thought I’d continue with more of his marvelous accomplishments! He has begun to allow schools to secretly help children question their biological gender. Marvelous! Saves parents from that embarrassing conversation! He’s also condoning schools to teach children how being white is a priviledge and blacks are the suppressed race. Very good to enlighten them with this knowledge at such a young age. What a great unifier!

Since this original post, Russia has invaded Ukraine and he has sent billions of our hard-earned taxpayer money to help with this unnecessary war that he had no inkling would escalate. We also pulled our troops out of Afghanistan in such a timely manner, almost on the 20 year anniversary of 9-11! What a brilliant idea! And he promised to hunt down whoever planned the suicide bomber attack on our troops. And he generously left behind billions in weaponry for those that will need it to continue fighting without our involvement. How nice!

He also allowed his FBI to raid Trump’s house seeking documents that could link Hillary to colluding with the FBI prior to the 2016 election. Way to keep the FBI’s business private and out of the hands of that pesky media like when Comey leaked a memo to the press. Trump could have done the same! Way to prevent that from happening!

And lastly, his open border has spurned governors of Red States to send these poor migrants farther than originally planned into our sanctuary cities where they will be welcomed with open arms! I’m so happy. The migrants are happy too. Nothing like feeling welcome in a strange, new land. I’m sure they will take them into their homes and find them jobs.

So you see, he is doing such a marvelous job! We may even get to go to war with China in order to protect Taiwan! Can’t wait for this! And he suddenly ended the pandemic with one statement! Marvelous!

September Fools ;>)

Why the Sudden Concern for Those Entering Our Country Illegally?

Coming to a town near you.

Oh, I see, because they ended up in rich elite cities. Oh my! We should be sending them back to the country they came from rather than trying to find a spot for them in our country. THEY BROKE THE LAW! Even Kamala says our borders are closed, so they must have crossed illegally, right? I’m getting sick and tired of reading or hearing about the inhumanity of Governors Abbott and DeSantis for the way they are treating just a handful of these illegal invaders compared to the millions being dumped in their states. Please.

The history books will say that these two governors were acting heroically in trying to save America from a foreign invasion by relocating them to Sanctuary Cities where they could see for themselves the problem and possibly, just possibly, close the border once and for all. For real. It is good what they are doing–sharing the illegals with the rich elites. BTW, it is an impeachable offense to not protect America from a foreign invader. And The Tyrant has allowed over 5 million to enter and be dispersed among our citizens. It’s like an invisible Trojan Horse. We now have the most porous border of any country in the world.

Let’s be honest, The Tyrant has invited all these foreigners to cross our border so he can fly them to Red States in the dead of night so they can become citizens, vote Democrat in appreciation, and turn the state Blue forever. Simple as that. This is all that is going on and everyone is lying about it: the press, the Dems, and even some GOP. They are not coming here because they are fleeing for their lives but rather have been promised freebies of all kinds. It’s all a bunch of nonsense. Some are drug traffickers, terrorists, murderers, and convicts. Thank you, Biden.

It’s all about stealing more elections. Kamala even wants to make them citizens already, so there’s your first clue. They don’t care about the increase in the homeless, taking over private hotels, increased crime, flooding our already overburdened healthcare system, or overcrowding our schools. They don’t care about the unintended consequences. All they care about is maintaining power over the country and keeping it out of the hands of the GOP. Simple as that.

So let’s stop the feigned outrage from the millennials about how cruel Governors Abbott and DeSantis are being. They fear these two patriotic, popular governors as much as they do Trump because they may run for higher office too. That alone has them shaking in their UGGs and slandering these heroes. Remember, whenever a Dem doesn’t have facts on their side, they resort to slander; and that’s what they’re doing to these governors.

Will Democrats Ever Admit When They’re Wrong?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m waiting for the day when one, just one, of my Democrat friends or family will call me to say, “I was really wrong about Trump and totally wrong about Biden. I wish I hadn’t voted for him. You were right all along.” But it will be a freezing day in August before I receive that call. In fact, I’m not even expecting it

Why can’t they admit they’re wrong? What kind of personality can’t fess up to being wrong about something? I would love love love an apology of sorts for their hateful comments about Trump, his family, and his cabinet members, but I’m a realist and know it won’t be forthcoming anytime soon. In fact, I shouldn’t meet with these folks again until I get an apology. Still waiting for the one apology for saying “Trump incited the capitol riot by telling folks to go fight.” Ain’t gonna happen.

Our politicians figure if they say something often enough it will become fact. Rules for Radicals 101. Like “White Supremacy domestic terror is the biggest threat on American soil today.” This mantra is being repeated daily by the media, Democrat politicians, DOJ, and the FBI. The main stream media is sadly carrying the water for the Democrat Party. They also never admit when they’ve been wrong. It must be addicting. No apology for the Russia Collusion Hoax as yet nor the phony Hillary-funded Steel Dossier that they pushed on us. No apology for the Hunter Laptop “Russia Disinformation” hoax as yet. After they get exposed for lying to us, they just turn the page like it never happened. It’s maddening.

Speaking of Hillary and Hunter…the Two H’s. Notice they are brazenly appearing in the media lately like they have no shame. Fat-face Hillary doing interviews makes me vomit. What…does she think she’s running again after being exposed for colluding with the FBI? What gall! And scroungy Hunter showing up at White House functions is another slap in the face by The Tyrant. It’s almost as though he’s thinking, “you pick on my son, and I’ll show you by embracing him on camera more often.”

And what’s with The Tyrant’s closeup face contact with women on stage? He close-talks them, and one can only imagine what they are smelling. Has he not seen one episode of Seinfeld in his life? Ugh! He seems to think he is some sort of heartthrob celebrity that women are attracted to. Unless he’s thinking the banjo player from Deliverance was hot. Must be his dementia or there are no mirrors in the White House.

But seriously, our country is in trouble with a capital T which stands for Treason. Our elected officials are selling out our country to China and soon Iran, and we can’t do a damn thing about it until we take over the House and the Senate and send Nancy and Schumer packing. There’s much we can do to turn back the tide and reverse The Tyrant’s executive actions once we get control of the Congress. We can even start impeachment proceedings on many. Two can play this game.

But don’t be fooled as they will cheat again in the midterms. How much? We do not know yet. Will Zuckerbucks invest another 400 million $$$$$ in drop boxes for harvested ballots that have no chain of command? Will the post office recruit rogue drivers to throw away GOP ballots again? Will election officials stuff the ballot box with forged ballots again? And will they allow nonresidents, non citizens, underage, and dead people to vote again? We do not know. Another reason to get an apology from our friends–for the stolen election. Still waiting.

Martha’s Vineyard in Uproar Over 50 Illegals!

Photo by Kristina Gain on Pexels.com

Wow! What an invasion! Wonder what it feels like to have a taste of their own medicine for a change? Doesn’t taste so good, does it? So while Arizona, Southern California, Texas are all suffering from thousands of illegals crossing over daily at the “closed, secure” border, Governor Ron DeSantis shares the wealth with the elitists in Martha’s Vineyard, but they remarkedly don’t want them!

The party that loves illegals entering our country doesn’t want them in their rich neighborhoods? Shocking! What…there’s no voting machines in Martha’s Vineyard? And we thought they were loving, all inclusive folks that want to bring dignity back to our country by allowing those from third world countries into our open arms. I guess we were wrong. Even The Tyrant is calling it a political ploy. Really? So if it’s okay to fly them in the dead of night across the U.S. to Red States, why is it a political ploy for us to send a few to New York City, Chicago, D.C., or Martha’s Vineyard?

Two can play this game, and it’s not called kidnapping, Newsom. Leave it to a Democrite to look for another reason to prosecute a successful elected Republican. It’s called getting a taste of your own medicine so you’ll know what it feels like and finally CLOSE OFF THE BORDER, FINISH THE WALL, AND SEND BACK THOSE THAT HAVE ALREADY ARRIVED HERE! You dummies are in charge!

The irony of the rich elites’ reaction to what Governors Abbott and DeSantis are doing goes without saying. Do they even realize how hypocritical they are being? Or are they just as tone deaf as The Tyrant is?

Maybe now we will get the attention of the braindead Democrites in office to do something about our southern borders! They wouldn’t listen before.

Tone Deaf Tyrant Continues Trump Bashing.

Tone deaf Tyrant.

Why? you ask, does he continue to bring up Trump in every speech? Maybe because he subconsciously feels guilty about stealing the presidency and good economy from him that he has run into the ground, off a cliff, into the abyss. In his meek, demented mind, he has to place blame on something as he has nothing else to run on. Sort of like “California EVs have nothing to run on.” (Gutfeld). But will The People believe all the lies this administration and his press secretary are spewing? That is the burning question.

I like to think most people are good and have some degree of common sense, but when I hear what Hollywood and the media say about Trump while ignoring The Tyrant, I begin to wonder. Can they be this stupid or narrowminded to believe what this administration is spewing? They even have Jim Cramer from Mad Money running interference for The Tyrant’s economy saying “he has financial numbers that the rest of us aren’t privy to.” Really? How much are they paying Cramer to cover for them? Are our eyes and pocketbooks lying to us too?

This corrupted FBI is attacking anyone that supports Trump publicly like The Pillow Guy. Wow, are they losing it or what? Going after a recovering addict who made a life for himself and chose to support Trump. I thought The Tyrant had sympathy for recovering addicts like Hunter. Guess not. Only when they support him. What crime did Pillow Guy commit other than showing up at Trump rallies? The Homeland Security Secretary implies Trump supporters are domestic terrorists comparable to 9-11 terrorists. Another sick attempt to sway voters away from voting Republican.

The Tyrant is so jealous of Trump’s following that he had to hire clueless James Taylor to sing at his celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act while the inflation rose and the market crashed in real time during his performance. James need to go back to Carolina not just in his mind. How embarrassing is this Tyrant? Too embarrassing for the media to point out. In fact, CNN is just covering Tribute to the Queen 24/7. Big question, will The Tyrant mess his pants in front of folks he meets in England like last time and shake hands with ghosts? Most likely. He’d be better off staying in Delaware in his basement where he belongs. Jill better be packing lots of Depends and double them up.

Listen folks who voted for The Tyrant: Never vote for a lifetime politician of either party that has never run or been responsible for anything like a corner store yet lined his pockets with millions of influence peddling money. Red flag. This Tyrant has no idea how a company is run and; therefore, why he punishes small companies with higher taxes, stricter regulations, and higher gas prices. In his meek mind, he actually thinks companies will pay their employees more and hire more causing an increase in spending which helps the economy? He calls it “growing the economy from the middle out.” “We never got a job from a poor person” (Hannity), only successful businessmen like Trump. So when he punishes them, there will be layoffs. Don’t be fooled again into voting for this Tyrant or any of his ‘yes men” drones. Candidates with business experience make better presidents. PERIOD.

The Demonicrat Party.

Photo by Abel Kayode on Pexels.com

De-mon’-i-crat Party.

There’s no other description of this party other than being demonic. Possessed by evil demons. One of the symptoms is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) which many celebrities possess like Robert DeNiro, Alec Baldwin, Whoopie, Madonna, Depp, Judd, Smollett, Kathy Griffin, as well as the media and many other hasbeens. Another symptom is DeSantis Dismissive Disorder (DDD). They have dismissed Governor Ron DeSantis before he has even given a thought of running for President. They hate this man at a level that only a demon could possess.

Other symptoms of the possession of the Democrat Party is the way they have weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI to punish their opponents. There’s no other excuse for the way they are behaving other than evil demonic behavior like how they raided Trump’s home and rifled through his wife and teen’s belongings or how they have imprisoned innocent rally goers from January 6th without due process or why they just hired 87,000 new armed IRS agents. Something evil comes our way.

Another symptom of this possessed party is the way they have held the January 6th Commission. All one sided, no exculpatory evidence presented for the defendant (Trump), and literally no defense allowed. Not one mention of poor Ashlee Babbitt who was shot in cold blood. That is demonic in itself. And no evidence presented of the pipe bombs found in front of the DNC and GOP offices which would have been more proof that Trump was being set up prior to the capitol riot. That alone should have warranted the National Guard being called in, but no mention of Nancy refusing backup that infamous day.

Another symptom of demonic possession is the way Tyrant Joe speaks of Trump and his supporters. It’s not normal. He’s possessed. We have all been reduced to fascist, MAGA extremist, white supremacist, racist, violent, J6 rioters that disrespect the constitution and hate our country! Really? Is it opposite day? Remember, whatever they accuse us of, they are doing or have done. But in Joe’s weird world of his failing presidency, it’s all he has left to run on: Malign Trump and his supporters. It feeds his demonic base and gets them rioting in the streets again. And boy, oh boy, do his followers look demonic!

So if your losing hope in what is going on in this country or what is being reported in the media or how the truth is buried, just remember they are being controlled by The Demonicrat Party. Do they all need a exorcism? Possibly, but will we have to witness Biden’s head spin around spewing his morning avocado toast or Kamala retching her word green salad or Obama hurling his spinach and kale smoothie? Whatever it takes.

In the meantime, let’s pray for a BIG WIN in the midterms. Pray, pray, pray. The demons hate prayer.


Congratulations to Casper Ruud who is the first ever NORWEGIAN to compete in the finals of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament held in New York. First Norwegian tennis player that I’ve ever heard of. He was a real class act playing against a Spaniard who barked ever time he hit the ball making it very off putting for any opponent. He was the clear underdog as the pundits predicted Carlos to win and the announcers praised ever shot Carlos made ignoring his annoying bark.

Although Casper Ruud was defeated by the barking seal, he made the most respectable, mature speech for a 26 year old, much better than the host gave. He honored all the victims lost on 9-11 as the tournament was played on the 21st anniversary of that infamous day. Leave it to a mature, young adult Norwegian to make our youth in America look like a bunch of spoiled entitled elitists. I wish more of our youth of today had the poise and decency displayed by Casper Ruud yesterday. Hell, I wish our current president displayed half his poise.

I’m so proud of him not just because I’m Norwegian, but he looks like two of my sons and has my Norwegian grandmother’s maiden name Ruud and comes from same town, Oslo. He’s second in the world now in tennis. Remarkable achievement for the first Norwegian tennis player. Similarly, Viktor Hovland is making a name for himself in golf as the first Norwegian player. Go Norway!

Fifteen Signs You May Be Woke.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

In no particular order:

  1. If you think climate change is the biggest threat to the world, you may be woke.
  2. If you think sex, gender, and CRT should be taught to third graders or younger, you may be woke.
  3. If you still wear a mask in stores or outdoors, you may be woke.
  4. If you think transgenders should compete in women’s sports, you may be woke.
  5. If you think requiring Voter ID on election day is racist, you may be woke.
  6. If you think the government should mandate covid vaccinations, you may be woke.
  7. If you think parents shouldn’t have a say in what is taught in our schools, you may be woke.
  8. If you support BLM and think they are improving the lives of African Americans, you may be woke.
  9. If you think the corona virus came to our country just by happenstance, you may be woke.
  10. If you think the 2020 election was decided fairly and squarely, you are woke.

Get some help. You’ve been brainwashed.

Two more. [4-22-22]

11. If you think it’s normal for parents or schools to encourage children to undergo a sex change, you may be woke.

12. If you believe that the millions of illegals crossing our borders should not be prosecuted and returned but rather receive all the benefits of being a U.S. citizen like free healthcare, welfare, housing, and other rights, you may be woke.

More: (9-08-22)

13. If you think the January 6th Commission is justified, fair, and legal, you may be woke.

14. If you think the raid of Trump’s home was justified, fair, and legal, you may be woke.

15. If you think voting for Republican candidates in the midterms will cause a civil war, you are woke!

If you agree with five of the above you are bordering on becoming woke. If you believe in ten or more you have become woke. If you believe in all of the above, you are Ultra Woke!

The Tyrant Gives War Speech Against Americans.

Backdropped by a blood red, shadowy, creepy, militant stage setting reminiscent of Michelle Obama’s dress on inauguration night, we felt like we were living in Nazi Germany. Something is happening here and it ain’t just exactly clear. There’s a man with two fists up there screaming and flailing in the air. Is this the man the left forced on us to be president? Is this the man who stole our election and has the audacity to brag about receiving 81 million votes? Is this the same man who promised to be a unifier in his inauguration speech? There really are no words to what we witnessed last night.

My husband called it disgusting. That’s not strong enough. The dictionary hasn’t created a word for what we all witnessed. Unhinged, despicable, contemptable, detestable, divisive, sordid, shameless, evil? All he focused on was hating Trump and his supporters. I felt personally assaulted by this speech and yelled “f*** you” at the tv more times than I can recall. He mentioned Donald Trump’s name more times than I can recall. He’s obsessed with him. He wanted to frame Trump as some sort of cult leader of an extreme violent fringe group called MAGA Forces like Antifa or BLM. We’re not a fringe group. We are not violent or insurrectionists like BLM or Antifa. We are “We the People”, the American voters. As he shall soon find out.

When he screamed at the BLM crowd to “vote, vote, vote.” Yes, we will. And we will vote, vote, vote all the whackos currently in office from his party. Then we will do all we can to get this tyrant out of office. We are not MAGA Republicans or MAGA FORCE as he kept referring to us. He’s trying to label us as part of some extreme violent cult. We are common sense conservatives, plain and simple. We don’t don red caps, attend every Trump rally, nor just vote Trump. We’re not white supremacists that need watching by the FBI. We’re regular people with common sense solutions to problems created by this tyrant.

Ironically, everything he accused Trump of doing or being, like authoritarian leader, is exactly what he is doing or being. Vote, vote, vote this communist party out of power.