Trump-haters Are Living in a Parallel World.

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Maybe a sister planet or a parallel universe.  They’re walking among us and doing things much like we do like having their morning coffee, taking walks, drinking lots of water, shopping, even driving; but the world we live in looks different to them.  They see hate, darkness, fear, death, and doom.  We see flowers, trees, love, butterflies, and wildlife. Of course, I’m being somewhat facetious, but I’m trying to make an analogy.

These people are living with alternative information that they swear by.  They’ve gotten their info from some leftwing source like Maddow or CNN, no doubt, and they bought into it. You can’t reason with these haters. They believe everything they read or hear as gospel as long as it is anti-Trump, and they come after those that think differently. Boy, oh boy, do they ever. They’re close-minded, intolerant of opposing views, have no comprehension skills, antireligious, blind to evidence, suffering from TDS, and, frankly, just plain mean. When Obama (their leader) said to get in our faces, they listened. When Trump said recently that the media and the Democrats are nuts, I 100%, wholeheartedly believe it now. Here’s why:

Recently I wrote an innocuous blog paraphrasing a playful Trump rally and somehow some liberal read it and forwarded it to her cult.  She was apparently appalled by my support for Trump and had to share it with her minions.  They proceeded to belittle me one by one on her blog site with various names, one even trying to analyze me like I was an alien specimen from another planet!  It was hard to believe that people that don’t even know you can be so quick to judge and pigeonhole you. One woman said she pitied me. What a weirdo.  I’ve never received such an onslaught of veiled insults and hate coming from any group. But they can’t stop me.

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Most reduced me to being brainwashed, an obsessed fan, a troll, or part of a right-wing FOX News conspiracy cult–all after reading one playful blog. One accused me of stealing parts of other blogs or news segments and compiling it into satire. He was convinced I stole what I wrote to be funny.   There’s no way I could believe what I had written.  It had to be a spoof. That was the strangest comment but probably a left-handed compliment thinking I plagiarized, which to me means they thought my blog was pretty good.

Over two hundred readers came to my blog in three days and are still coming, some from countries I wouldn’t be able to find on a map. Where the hell are they coming from, I thought to myself.  It was uncanny.  Some piled on, spewing their smug left wing garbage at me with long boring dissertations about climate, our constitution, and democracy. It felt like they were trying to “save me” or “convince me” much like a religious cult leader would do. It was like dodging incoming sniper fire for a while. I felt like Hillary in Bosnia.  Some comments were just plain absurd and warranted sending to spam. My husband asked, “What’s got you so preoccupied today?”

“There’s a bunch of millennials who hate my blog coming at me and some are from other countries.”

“Well, as long as they read it, what do you care? And what do they know?”

Why folks in other countries care about Trump is beyond me.  Why don’t they mind their own country’s business?  We are America First, and we’re doing just fine under Trump. I guess the reason I care is that these people sounded much like the readers in the “comment section” of the lying New York Times which I don’t go on any longer because when I write a comment they think it is satire much like the followers of this one blogger.  They are all obviously not up to speed with what’s going on in this country. I guess they missed the FBIframejob, the Russianhoax, the Muellersham, the Kavanaughsmear, and the Ukraineconjob which is happening right now.

These followers are misinformed or have little information, if any. It was shocking what they believe to be true–positive things about Obama, lies about Trump.  One said Trump vacations more than any other president.  Plain, bald faced lies. It wasn’t worth debating with them because they always resorted to name calling the president or me.  That’s how they think they win. Or they smugly tell you to go on some left wing websites “to educate yourself.”  Most of them were either millennials or GenZ’rs, so I’ll give them a pass.  But the older ones should know better. Too much hippie lettuce, I guess.

Trump’s rallies are energizing and infectious. The folks in the crowd are patriots filled with love for America–not hate.  They have a good sense of humor and love when Trump goes off script.  He says what we’re all thinking but afraid to say.  That’s why we hired him.  He has surprised me to no end as he has accomplished more than I think any Republican could have done due to the fact that he’s a courageous businessman used to negotiating and knows a lot about the economy and what makes it tick. One of my biggest surprises was him moving the embassy in Israel.  He promised to do it, and mission accomplished! No other president has been able to pull that off.

Their biggest complaint about Trump was that he slings childish insults and “makes up” names for his opponents. The poor little snowflakes can dish it out but can’t take it.  Trump slings insults when someone goes after him with disgusting untrue names like racist, xenophobic, childish, sexist, pu–y grabber, bigot, liar, gangster, conman, anti-semite, Nazi, sexual predator, impeach45, etc., and his “made up” names are truthful yet endearing.  Trump is a fighter and if you come at him, he will retaliate unlike former presidents. I like the fact that he defends himself much like I do.  It may not be a typical presidential trait, but he won and they didn’t. 

We now know that the Democrats lie, cheat, and steal their way into power.  Much like they are trying to do today behind closed doors interviewing witnesses they hope have “the dirt” on Trump to warrant an “impeachment.”  They commit voter and immigration fraud which goes unpunished. They destroy evidence, write salacious dossiers, leak, lie, project, connive, collude with other countries, engage in pay for play, frame, weaponize the FBI and IRS, and spy and, so far, have gone unpunished.  They have no scruples. What scares me is that they have so many followers like in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers walking around with no personality and trying to invade another human’s body. They’re definitely living in a parallel world maybe with truckloads of body-snatching pods. Don’t fall asleep!

But, seriously, conservatism is on the rise despite the phony polls, and we’ll undoubtedly keep the White House. If we don’t, we’ll surely all be doomed if the bodysnatchers gain power again. Or as Trump says, we need to let the roots of the policies we put in place grow and take hold. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2020. But only once. We don’t cheat.


Act IV-Parody: A Day in the Life of Hillary Considering a Run for a Second Term.

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The scene is Hillary and Bill in their Chappaqua, N.Y.,  study sitting by the fireplace enjoying her afternoon glass of chardonnay. Chelsea’s in the room with them.


You know Bill, I’ve had such a successful first three years, bringing back our economy from the edge of the abyss that Obama left us in, I think I’ll try for a run again.


Sure dear.

Bill looks at Chelsea for a little help.


Come on, Mom.  You’re kidding, right?


Whadda you mean?

She takes a sip from her stemmed glass and cackles a bit.


You didn’t win the last election.  What makes you think you can win this time?


I won the popular vote and the people have told me I’m the real president.


Doesn’t matter what they say, you lost dear.  We aren’t in the White House. When’s the last time you saw your therapist?


Shut up Bill!  I don’t need therapy.  That clown in the White House does!


Mom!  Stop it!  You’ll wake Charlotte. Relax now and let’s talk about our book sales and your granddaughter.


Of course, dear.  We all love Lotte.  She’s a doll.  We’ll set up a nursery in the White House so you can work for me next term. You do seem to have a lot of time on your hands these days since The Foundation closed.

Chelsea rolled her eyes and looked over at her father for help.


Trump won!  Get over it!  You can’t beat the man.  He’s improved the economy and it’s the economy, stupid!


How dare you call me stupid!


It’s a saying, Hillary.  Remember when I beat George Bush Senior?  That phrase was coined by Jimmy Carville.                          .


Oh…yeah.  I remember him.  Ol’ Jimbo. Maybe I can get him in my cabinet next term.

Chelsea and Bill shared frustrated glances.


Sure dear.  Whatever you want.  Why not go take your afternoon bath now?  You seem a little off today.


Whatever Bill.   I’ll think about my next campaign slogan.  “I’m With Her” really worked out well last time, but I should come up with a fresh one.  How ’bout “I’m Sticking with Her” with a dollar sign with an arrow going up^ through it like the economy did?


That’s a winner. You nailed it! How do you come up with these ideas?


It’s a gift.  Wonder if I should keep that same guy on my ticket or get a woman this time? Women power is in right now with the #metoo movement. A two-woman ticket would really break some more glass in the ceiling.


I wouldn’t put emphasis on that movement especially with what they’ve put me through. It could conjure up a lot of old memories that we’d have to explain away like bimbo eruption and Epstein.  Not to mention your pictures with Weinstein that have surfaced.


Oh poo.  You always find the negative, Bill.

Hillary wobbled out of the study down the hall toward her guest bath. Both Bill and Chelsea shaking their heads in unison whispering she’ll never accept her loss.

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Day in the Life of Hillary Considering a Run for Second Term.


Biden’s Bid for President is Collapsing Like a Sandcastle on the Seashore.

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Indignant Biden lashing out at reporters who dare to question him about Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine have about imploded his campaign.  Biden had been untouchable after he lost his son Beau to cancer. He never thought the media had the chutzpah to go after his younger son. But they have.

Trump unwittingly started the ball rolling with his phone call with Ukraine that was listened to by God knows how many interlopers.  Little did Trump know that suggesting to Zelensky to check into corruption would open up this can of worms for both he and Biden.  Trump being the target of a “bull-hit” impeachment now, and Biden being the target of a scandal while he was Vice President. All from one routine phone call with the leader of another country. So called whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork everywhere like termites.

And where’s Obama in all of this?  He’s as quiet as a church mouse as he undoubtedly knew what Biden and Hunter were up to.  He should have put the kibosh on it, but he didn’t because this whole arrangement is much deeper than we all know.  There are reasons why Obama went along with it that will come out later. Maybe Attorney General Barr has got the goods on the lot of them. One could only hope. And Obama dared to say his administration was “scandal free.” Bull.  Or bull-hit as Trump would say.  Obama should have said “so far scandal free.”

Angry Biden’s response to the reporters’ questions is, “Don’t look at me.  I don’t have to answer these questions. This is unsubstantiated. Focus on that man! He’s ruining our country!” or something similar.  He calls President Trump “that man.” He can’t even say his name.  Similar to what Hillary calls Trump “the man occupying the White House.”  They are so incensed that Trump beat them that they can’t say his name out loud.  It’s very telling.

So as the tide silently glides in and implodes the sandcastle being Biden’s campaign, that leaves us with arms-flapping, head-bobbing, mouth-lying, socialist Lizzie Warren. Rhymes with Lizzie Borden.  Since Trump will be able to beat her hands down, who will the Left throw in at the last minute?  Will it be Michelle or Hillary?  Right now it’s a toss up.  Hillary with all her baggage or Michelle with her knowledge of the framing of a duly elected president who won fair and square.  Who will it be?  Time will tell. Get out the Jiffy Pop and fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy, scandal-ridden election ride.

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Check List of President Trump’s Accomplishments “For Dummies.”

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I’ve been reading a lot of lies lately about how Trump hasn’t kept his promises from the 2016 campaign or that the lowest unemployment in 50 years is due to policies Obama put in place. What?!  Are they stupid?

So I decided to come up with a list of what Trump promised during the 2016 campaign and what he’s accomplished “For Dummies” who just don’t get it or have been watching or reading the FAKE NEWS or maybe even brainwashed in school.

This is an updated version from previous post.

                         Trump’s Promises                                                                   KEPT

  1.           Pass major tax cut bill for all, not just the rich                           X
  2.           Get out of Paris Climate Change Accord                                       X
  3.           Cancel Iran Contract                                                                         X
  4.           Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem                                                   X
  5.           Build the wall                                                                                     x almost there
  6.           Loosen stiff regulations on companies                                         X
  7.           Drain the swamp and government waste                                still at it
  8.           Enforce current border and ICE laws                                           X
  9.           Begin peace talks with North Korea                                              X
  10.           Begin peace talks with Russia                                                         X
  11.           Vet flights from terror hotbed countries                                      X
  12.           Lower unemployment to 50 year low                                           X
  13.           Bring companies, jobs, and savings back to America                X
  14.           Get rid of the healthcare mandate                                                 X
  15.           Repeal Obamacare                                                                (one vote short)
  16.           Rebuild the military                                                                           XX
  17.           Put Conservative Judges in Supreme Court                                  XX
  18.           Prosecute Hillary for destroying evidence                    still working on it
  19.           Bring “Merry Christmas” back                                                         X
  20.           Destroy ISIS and reduce threat of terror                                       X
  21.           Get other countries to pay more into NATO                                  X
  22.           Get players to respect the National Anthem                                  X
  23.           Restore respect for law enforcement                                              X
  24.           Bring back the manufacturing industry                                        X
  25.           Cure AIDS in ten years                                                                       X
  26.           Right to Try for cancer victims                                                         X
  27.           Improve the VA healthcare                                                               X
  28.           Make America #1 in energy production                                         X
  29.           Appoint conservative judges to the courts                                     X
  30.           Fair trade tariffs with other countries                                almost there

I’m quite sure he has kept more promises together with new ideas, but this is just off the top of my head.  He has a few tougher ones left to be completed.  But The Left and fake news media will not give him credit for anything.  Zero. They are being selfish, partisan, and dishonest with America.

If he got this much done while being the target of a Russian hoax, Kavanaugh smear job, and now impeachment, what will he accomplish when all the con jobs and witch hunts end?

The best is yet to come. Trump 2020!

Trump Was the Tasmanian Devil Last Night Spurred on by Joe’s Combative “Impeach Trump” Speech.


Image result for tasmanian devil cartoon

When Biden gave a recent speech suggesting that Trump be impeached for various reasons, little did he know he’d be unleashing the fictional Tasmanian Devil at the Minnesota Rally.  Trump started out reading from his teleprompter then suddenly went off script first tearing into Strzok and Page, the lovers, and mocking their romantic emails.  It was hilarious.  But then he went after Sleepy Joe.

He said things about Biden that we’ve all thought, but were afraid to say aloud even to other Republicans.  He didn’t hold back.  Then he came up with a classic idea, a “Where’s Hunter?” tee shirt.  Someone should turn these out and make lots of money.  Trump is always spurring on the economy.

Trump’s cadance and voice changes were on the level of comedians and fictional characters.  To the average American, it was refreshing; to the snowflakes, liberals, and progressives, it was probably disgusting. Juan Williams’ face on FOX News said it all.  He looked visibly ill. The left has no sense of humor.

Trump slammed the mayor of Minneapolis who tried to keep him out of his town. He then went after Omar, the congresswoman who married her brother, committing immigration fraud.  Who else could point this out?  He asks why she’s still allowed to be in congress?  We all wonder that. She broke the law.  Why’s she not indicted?  The Democrats are always ‘above the law’ and conservatives are held accountable.  The double standard is blinding.

Then he revealed to the crowd of 20,000 that the candidate that is behind the whistleblower turns out to be none other than Joe Biden.  He called it a political hitjob and witchhunt coordinated by the Democrats.  The crowd groaned.  It’s no wonder that Trump went ballistic on Biden.  He barely mentioned Pinocchio Pocahontas this time.

Lastly, he got serious about pulling out of Syria and how hard it has been to see coffins coming home with parents crying.  He turned from Tasmanian Devil to Bambi. He expressed how hard it was to write the letters of condolence to the family of one that was killed in action.  It brought tears to my eyes at the thought as my mother lost her first husband in the war and how she must have felt at the time. He relays a convincing story; but unlike Lizzie Warren, his stories are actually true.

After the two-hour rally was over, the crowd dispersed and were met by angry, insane ANTIFA holding very strange signage and burning MAGA hats in the street.  One sign reading LockHimUp another TimesUp and Blacklivesmatter.  Old regurgitated slogans.  They don’t even know why they’re protesting apparently as their signs don’t make sense-a combination of Hillary and Weinstein and Kapernick.  Not original at all.  Was Soros paying them to show up? They were shouting obscenities and calling the police ‘pigs’ and throwing bottles at them.  The police seemed to be in a “stand down” position.  They weren’t arresting anyone.  Their mayor needs to step down. He’s a disgrace.

If the Democrats think going after our police and law and order is the ticket to win in 2020, it’s over.  Trump will win. Or as renowned actor Jon Voight said,

“This is a crime that the Left are trying to force,” he continued. “This is a disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what truly has been brought back to our country. We have gained greatness; we have gained jobs; we have gained more than any president has promised.” NWO Report

All in all it was an action-packed audience with a few protesters that were escorted out but the rest were well-behaved, but spirited, deplorables.  Even the Mypillow Guy was in the crowd enjoying every minute of it.



Impeachment Threat is Just Kabuki Theater.

Image result for images of kabuki theater

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

Kabuki is a form of classical theater in Japan known for its elaborate costumes and dynamic acting. The phrases Kabuki theaterkabuki dance, or kabuki play are sometimes used in political discourse to describe an event characterized more by showmanship than by content. Pop Culture Dic.

All theatrics and drama, no content.  They need to put up or shut up. Or in Texan terms, all hat, no cattle.

All hat, no cattle” A traditional Texas putdown refers to someone who is all talk with no action, power, or substance behind his/her words.  The Daily Meal.

Pelosi and Schiff do not have the courage to take a vote in the House for impeachment because it will hurt some of their members in Red States; so, therefore, it’s dead before it begins. It’s just political posturing to bring Trump’s ratings down before the election.  They’ll try to drag it out as long as possible, but Trump is calling their bluff by not cooperating with their subpoenas.  Without a vote in the House, they don’t deserve sh-t from the White House.  They have the media in lockstep spreading the impeachment threat together with the candidates.  Even Quid Pro Joe spoke out yesterday:

  “To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached,” the former vice president told supporters here, accusing Mr. Trump of having “betrayed this nation.”NYT

That’s rich that Biden is trying to protect our constitution, our democracy, and integrity–all things he has ignored when being VP.  Then Joe, who’s dropping like a lead balloon in the polls, had to say, “He picked a fight with the wrong guy.”  No he hasn’t.  You’ll be the easiest to beat. Quid Pro Joe is trying to look like a tough, mafia guy.

One of the candidates is behind the whistleblower conjob; it’ll come out soon.  I suspect Pinocchio Pocahontas, who recently met with another liar Hillary, may have come up with the whistleblower-conjob to take out Biden and Trump in one full sweep. But it has hurt Biden more, so Pelosi had to come to Biden’s rescue with the threat of Trump’s impeachment.

They’re all a bunch of corrupt politicians.  Biden is dripping in corruption back to when he was senator.  He has lined his pockets in dirty money while pretending to be for the working man.  Bull.  Biden’s position is always for sale just like Hillary’s was.  For Hillary to lie recently on camera saying her emails weren’t under subpoena and she beat Trump was gobsmacking.  Has she lost all her marbles, if she had any?

Not sure about this poll that says the people want to impeach and remove Trump.  No one called me.  Who are they calling, millennials?  I think they need to reconsider the method used in polling.  It’s not working.

I notice Clapper and Susan Rice are beginning to sing like canaries against Obama and Hillary.  Clapper saying he was just doing what his leader told him to do and Rice saying they used her to go on the talk shows and lie.  I guess those two can see the writing on the wall that A.G.Barr is coming in hot, and they better start singing or else.  Sing away you two conspirators. It always goes to the top, as the buck stops there. But we already knew that.  Enjoy that hilltop, coastal estate while you can Obama.  Much prettier than Gitmo.

Ellen’s Sudden “Can’t We All Get Along” is Too Little…Too Late.

Image result for images of a rat


I smell a rat. She’s had nothing but anti-Trump guests on her show for years ridiculing Trump and, yes, his policies.  She’s a one-man The View. For her to say we don’t have to agree on policy but still respect each other is laughable.  Give me a break!  She’s probably hanging with Bush because he’s been a Nevertrumper ever since JEB lost. 

It’s not that she’s become open-minded all of a sudden.  They have a common interest: hate for Trump. They must have been sharing Trump jabs and laughs.  I don’t see ‘hope’ for both parties in them sitting together.  What’s next giving Ellen the Nobel Peace Prize?  I ain’t buying this unorthodox lovefest.  I think it’s very orthodox. 

When’s the last time Ellen had a Republican on her show?  When’s the last time she had a Republican candidate for president on her show?  Did she invite Trump, Melania, or Bush on her show?  We know she had Michelle and Barack on her show. For her to have a sudden “can’t we all just get along moment” is phony.  For her to say she’s friends with lots of people with different political views is doubtful. She’s not open to conservative views.  She won’t even allow them on her show.  She needs to get over herself.  She’s right up there with Colbert, Maher, and Kimmel with her Trump-hating guests. 

Democrat friends of mine who used to hate Bush are suddenly saying nice things about him to me.  I know where this is coming from.  Bush hasn’t said one nice thing about Trump nor come to his defense since he took office.  This is why they like him now: silent on Obama and critical of Trump. Cheney has been nicer to Trump.

Bush wishes he could have accomplished as much as Trump has done in three years to his eight years.  I smell a rat.  Bush is cozying up to Democrats and liberals, why?  Is there another clandestine plan to take out Trump at the last minute by a Nevertrumper? Are they going to throw in JEB, Paul Ryan, or Kasich to take credit for all the good Trump has done?  Something’s up.

Stay tuned.