Chris Wallace Played Softball with Mayor Buttigieg.

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I thought I was watching CNN!  What’s the point of going on FOX News if the moderator behaves like CNN?  Pete Buttigieg got such easy questions like “what are you and your husband’s guilty pleasure when watching tv?”  Or “what was the most surprising thing that’s happened to you since running?”  Or “how are you going to handle Trump’s tweets?”  Not one question on how he’d keep the great economy going.  Or how he can win the primary against all his other competitors.

My questions would have been, “Is America ready for a gay president with a husband in the White House?” Or “Who’s going to be our First Lady?”  Or “since you say the job of president is a moral job, how can you level that with the voters?” Or “how can someone that speaks seven languages and attended Harvard never heard of Alfred E. Newman?  No pop culture? Have you heard of Playboy Magazine or Hugh Hefner? Tough questions, but someone has to ask them.

But the worst was when Pete had a go at our Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, and Wallace didn’t come to the defense of his fellow FOX News Hosts.  He also let Pete B. say there was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by the current president without correcting him. Pete said the conduct, behavior, divisiveness, and corruption of this presidency. And he called Trump a grotesque thing.  He said Trump is against paid family leave which was a lie.  He said Trump is blocking people getting raises.  Another lie. He said we are saber rattling with Venezuela and Iran.  Not really. Typical left wing scare tactics.

Chris Wallace is clearly a Democrat and doesn’t stand up for conservative values. He almost enjoys Trump-bashers and the lies the left are spreading. Where’s Bill Hemmer, Hannity,  Martha, or Brett Baier to set these candidates straight when they lie?  Wallace’s questions were sugarcoated, softball questions with little followup.

When Pete B. said that the country got an unnecessary and unaffordable tax cut, Wallace didn’t have a follow up.  He should have followed up with, but the tax cuts have helped bring back jobs and the economy. When Pete B. said he regretted firing someone by letter instead of in person, Wallace asked why’d you do it?  Pete said he didn’t know.  The followup should have been, “How can you run the country if you’re fearful of firing someone at the city level?”  Missed opportunity Wallace.

Here’s what I learned about Pete:  He’s a fast, smooth-talking, typical liberal-talking-points politician. He wants to raise taxes and have a wealth tax on our savings.   He wants to eliminate the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court to 15 so he can win.  He hates FOX News hosts, Vice President Pence, John Bolton, pardoning soldiers, conservative values and traditions, conservative women, and Prolife. I think his social justice and LBGT issues would dominate the way he would run the country.  And that’s the last thing we need. NEXT!

And Wallace, you’re just trying to be liked by all so you can get the presidential debate gig.  No more softballs! FOX is known for asking tough questions of all candidates, Republican and Democrat.  Maybe get Hemmer next time or even Jesse Watters.

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Low-blow, Lyin’ Joe is Out for Blood.

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Biden has taken a page from the Obama playbook:  Take full credit for Trump’s economy and slander him at the same time.  That’s called stealing or plagiarizing in my book (which Biden has been accused of before).

Obama spent eight years ballyhooing about the worst economy since the great depression that he inherited from Bush.  And now Biden is claiming Trump inherited the great economy from Obama?  You’ve got to be kidding!  You can’t have it both ways. You have to be deaf and blind to believe that. (No offense to the deaf or blind.)  And yet his audience clapped and cheered like a bunch of Kool-aid drinking, dunces. Which they are.

Facts are facts.  Obama ruined the economy and job market with his healthcare plan, stiff regulations, green energy plans, and high taxes.  PERIOD.  It was stagnant for eight years with low wages and young adults living in their parents’ basements not able to leave the nest. Companies were fleeing the U.S. to get lower corporate taxes and less regulations.  Companies were firing their employees to avoid the Obamacare rule that they had to provide healthcare if they had over fifty employees.  Reality is, some start up companies can’t afford to provide healthcare to employees until they’re established. Laid off college-educated workers were taking jobs as waiters, Uber drivers, and fry flippers to stay above water or gave up all together.  Factories were closing.  That was Obama’s economy.  Not Bush’s nor Trump’s.

Obama said this economy was the new norm and manufacturing jobs will not come back.  He can’t take that comment back.  He said Trump would need a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back.  Well, he got the magic wand by lowering taxes for all, lowering regulations on companies, and reversing just about every ridiculous executive action that Obama put in place like the Climate Change Accord which would have punished gasoline consumers and done nothing for the climate. Obama rewarded green energy startups and punished oil companies and the auto industry by imposing implausible regulations. This alone caused companies to move and lay off employees.

Biden has the gall to repeat the talking points of the lying left media.  But that’s all he has.  He has no new policies or ideas.  Nothing to run on but hate for Trump. Unless he wants to run on jobs is a three letter word. He called Trump the Divider and Chief.  That’s rich when the dividing of America started under Obama with Black Lives Matter, Hands up Don’t Shoot,  and kneeling at football games and Obama did nothing to stop it.  Nothing.  In fact, he encouraged and secretly loved it.  So the left is trying to take credit for the great economy and pin the racial tension onto Trump.  Just because they say it and repeat it frequently, does not make it true.

All the left does is lie, project, and deflect.  That’s all they know how to do.  They have no good ideas. And the lies are mounting but for Biden to be running on these lies is extremely rich.  Wait until Trump has a go at him with his shady dealings in Ukraine and China.  He won’t have a lying leg left to stand on. He’ll stammer, stutter, and finally challenge Trump to a fight behind the gym.  Yes, it’s the Democrats that are violent and make divisive remarks but never get held accountable to them.  And yet they say Trump is mean and bullies others?  Only when they have a go at him.

The Democrats are scrambling as they’re fearful of what AG Barr discovers about them.  Barr thinks the Russian Probe started at the top of the FBI and that sort of investigation and spying should never have been handled by the top.  So it was a rogue operation headed by Obama IMO.  This is why Obama and Michelle looked so peeved at Trump’s inauguration.  They had already put the wily wheels in motion and were keeping their cards close to their vests; but their poker faces gave them away.

The Democrats are going full speed ahead with impeachment talk and tarnishing Barr’s reputation as he’s getting to the crux of what went down and doing the job that should have been done two years ago.  Instead of investigating Trump for a Russian Hoax, the AG should have been investigating Comey, McCabe, Brennen, Clapper, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Nelly, Steele, Hillary et al. They’re all afraid, including Biden. Anyone that went along with the Insurance Plan/Russian Hoax, or helped with it, is in jeopardy including many in the media that carried the water. Anyone that was in the “we-did-everything-by-the-book” meeting that Susan Rice wrote about is in jeopardy.

So low-blow, lyin’ Joe.  I’d be keeping my mouth shut right now rather than projecting onto Trump.  It’s you and your administration that had all the scandals.  Yes, your administration was the most scandalous in modern history.  I could list them all, but it’s too long.  Trump’s administration is looking like a kitten compared to yours which is more like a voracious, wily lion out for blood.  (No offense to lions, PETA).

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Act Two Parody: A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home with Bill.

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The scene is Hillary and Bill relaxing in their Chappaqua, NY,  living room reading the newspaper in the afternoon.


Well, Bill it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Hillary cackles as she pours her first glass of Chardonnay for the day.


What do you think about this AG Barr character?  He seems to be stirring up a lot of stuff from the past.  And he’s appointed a topnotch lawyer to investigate. Do you think we’re in jeopardy?


It’s just another vast right-wing conspiracy trying to bring us down. They’re obsessed with us.


But they’ll be digging into my meeting with Lynch, your interview with the FBI, the meeting with Obama after the election, and even the missing emails not to mention the dossier.


I don’t care.  We’re above reproach.  No one can touch us.  They tried with Whitewater, then with Monica, and finally Benghazi.  They failed before and will fail again.  They’re all a bunch of Keystone Cops, if not Barney Fifes.


I’m not so sure.  Trump is out to get revenge for the Insurance Plan, the spying on his campaign, the Steele dossier, and the Russian Probe. We may have gone too far this time, Hillary.  Barr is working for him, and he looks as serious as a heart attack.  I hate to tell you, but I think our jig is up, dear.


Stop being so gloom and doom.  All I need to do is take another fall in public view and the fawning press will come to my rescue.  It will change the news cycle. Not to worry honey.  I’ve got this. I’ve gotten you out of jams before and will do it again.

Hillary fills her wine goblet to the rim again and takes a large chug, some splashing onto her colorful caftan. She cackles as she wipes the wine from her chest with a cloth.


Okay Hill.  If you think so.


Get Stephanopoulos on the phone. I’d like to have him interview me prior to Barr’s findings as a preemptive strike to snuff out any smoldering embers that this Barr dude is stirring up.


Yeah, he’s always got our back.


And he could use a boost in his ratings, for sure.

A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home with Bill.

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“Evidence Obtained From the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree is Inadmissible in Court.”

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This legal doctrine/metaphor means that if a tree (evidence) is poisonous (untrue) any fruit (evidence) obtained from that tree is poisonous too and, therefore, not able to be used (tainted and inadmissible) by the prosecution.

The fabricated, untrue Steele Dossier is the evidence that was used to present to the FISA Court to get a warrant to spy so any evidence found thereafter during the Mueller Probe is tainted and, therefore, inadmissible.  Without the Steele Dossier (paid for by Hillary), there would never have been warrants issued to spy/surveil. How come whenever there is a scandal, Hillary’s got her hands in it? And SPYGATE is much bigger than Watergate.

This also means that Mueller Report was waste of $35 mil and two years.  Mueller knew this, as well as his team.  All working off tainted evidence yet they strung it out for two years so it would hurt Trump during the mid term election. Now the Democrats are trying to extend that hurt into the next presidential election.  All fake outrage. FOX News needs to stop reporting on their outrage as it just fans the flames of their corrupt intention.

The Democrat politicians won’t let go of the Russian Collusion narrative despite the fact that there was none. Not by one American. When they stop all their slandering of AG Barr and Mueller, maybe they can do the jobs they were hired to do.  Write some bills that will get passed or vote on some bills that a Republican authored namely an immigration bill or a healthcare bill.  Just shut up and vote.

Basically all the evidence obtained after the fake dossier is as rotten as an apple that fell from a tree. Rotten fruit from the poisonous tree.

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Big Little Lies That Democrats Tell

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For years now we have endured lie after lie after lie from Democrat politicians and their media without any apologies when they get caught. Honest Abe is spinning in his grave.  For instance, Harry Reid once swore that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.  It was a big little lie. People believed him and Romney lost the election against Obama. Obama told many lies such as you can keep your health plan and your doctor and your premiums will go down by $2400 a year.  The first I heard about this IRS scandal was in the newspaper.  Two big little lies, Obama. Hillary told some whopper little lies like the 33,000 emails she erased were about a wedding and yoga.

Then her and Obama told the biggest little lie on national television that a hateful video incited a group of protesters to kill four Americans in the Benghazi Reality was, it was a planned terror attack which they have never apologized for nor to the victims’ parents.  Shameful.  Adolf Hilter once said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  Hate to think the Democrats are taking advice from Hitler. 

Current big little lies are being spread by the Democrats that Trump is buddies with Putin and that they conspired to rig our last election and will do it again.  Really?  Did anyone get the results of the Mueller Report?  No collusion with not one American to rig our election.  Not one.  Yet the Democrats are continuing to spread this big little lie including Biden. “A liar begins with making a falsehood appear like truth and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood,” English poet, William Shenstone.

Biden agreed with a deranged woman in a crowd that Trump was an illegitimate president.  This kind of insidious talk needs to be shut down, and Biden didn’t do it.  If he was a man of character, which he’s not, he would have set the deranged women straight by saying, Trump won the election fair and square and we intend to win ours the same way.  Biden has no character.  He’s not a stand up guy.  He’s a yes-man for whomever is speaking at the time.  Biden can barely put two sentences together without stammering.  And then his comments are incomprehensible as he talks in circles.  He doesn’t stand a chance in a debate against Trump.  Not a smidgen, as Obama would say.

With his shady dealings in Ukraine and China, Trump will eat his lunch.  Trump has the goods on him already but is holding back.   Biden will pick a woman as his running mate to garner the woman vote, but it is all for show.  To him, women are just around to be fondled.  Choosing one as a running mate can’t change that.  Proofs in the pudding. And he’d hate to have a woman look smarter than him during a comparison of their debates.  Biden is an old-school, male chauvinist and no amount of women around him can change that.

Adam Schiff told the biggest little lie during the Mueller Probe that he had evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Has he apologized for his lie?  No.

Dr.Ford told a huge little lie about Kavanaugh that, to this date, can never be erased at least in the minds of the crazy leftists.  He never attacked her at a party at an unknown location.  He didn’t know the sad girl from the other side of town.

Maxine Waters spreads big little lies daily about Trump.  No one believes a word that comes out of her lying lips. And the media spreads these lies daily with their coordinated talking points like “constitutional crisis” and “manufactured crisis.”

AOC told a big little lie just yesterday that she was kidding about the earth dying in twelve years.  Then tried to put the blame on Republicans for not being able to take a joke.  Really AOC?  You weren’t joking.  What about all the jokes Trump tells at rallies that your side tries to use to impeach him.  Kettle black much, bartender? Maybe you should go back to spinning yarns to your drunken barroom customers not the American People. They’ll believe you.

The Mueller Report was a Big Little Lie from the get-go; therefore, I don’t believe the part where they say Russia hacked the DNC’s emails.  Where’s the proof?  Why haven’t we heard from Julian yet?  Where are they hiding him?  He knows where the emails came from, and he already swore they weren’t from Russia.  So the Mueller Report has some ‘splainin’ to do.  They threw that in as red meat for the left without an ounce of proof. They also tried to insinuate that Trump’s off-the-cuff remark at a rally was a dog whistle to Russia to hack the DNC.  Wrong.  It was already hacked and they know it. More big little lies spread by the Democrats to cripple Trump’s chance for re-election. Just because these lying Democrats say it, doesn’t make it fact.  Fake news.

There was spying on the Trump campaign by the Obama Administration.  SPYGATE.  The FBI was corrupt.  Period.  Hillary paid for the false dossier on Trump. Period.  There is a Deep State embedded in the government and it’s like pulling weeds to get them all removed. And they tried to reverse the results of the last presidential election. And still are.  The Democrats and fake news tell big little lies and there’s no denying it.  We just need to call them out more often. Or buy some Roundup.

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Rosenstein Turns on Comey. The Deep State Begins to Squeal Like Pigs.

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Comey already turned on Strzok, Page, and McCabe.  Now he’s turned on Rosenstein. But Rosenstein isn’t taking it sitting down.  He turned back on him.  As in the movie The Simple Plan, the guilty parties (in an attempt to stay out of jail) turned on each other if they thought one was going to squeal. One by one they killed off each other leaving only two to live out their lives in all their guilt.

One by one the members of the Insurance Plan will start naming names and squealing on each other in order to keep themselves out of jail.  Life imitating art.

Who will be the first to be indicted?  I predict Comey and McCabe.  They were the ones taking orders from the top: Lynch, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Obama.  Now FOX News skirts around who they were taking their orders from, but we all know who.  What do they think we are, stupid?

Just like when the IRS took orders from the top to discriminate against conservatives and Lois Lerner took the fifth.  She took the fifth so she wouldn’t have to say who she was working for.  Obama said they had gone rogue.   This conspiracy had leadership.  No FBI agent would act on his own like they did.  But in order to mitigate, they will squeal on their leaders, no doubt.  There are many other participants in the conspiracy to hijack the election from Trump: Susan Rice, Valerie Jarred, Samantha Powers, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, McCain, Ohr, Strzok, Page, Steele, Simpson, Nelly and many more including Mueller and his sham of a team.

The pig pen will soon just be “the pen.”

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Comey’s Like the Ringleader of a Failed Bank Robbery…Trying to Wash His Hands Clean.

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He has no idea why his buddies tried to rob the bank. “Did you know this bank robbery was going down?” asks the police interrogator.

“No.  I had no idea. They could have done it, but not that I’m aware of.  But you should ask them,” he innocently responds with his eyebrows raised like a high school boy caught in an under-the-bleachers indiscretion.

“Did you plan this robbery yourself and hire these thugs?” asks the interrogator.

“Lordy me. Of course, not. I know these guys and they have always seemed on the up and up. I’m totally surprised they tried to pull this off; but you should ask them,” he repeats as he shrugs.

“Where were you the night of the robbery?” the detective cuts to the chase.

“I was home with my lovely wife reading a book after a long hike in the woods. We love to read together.”

“If evidence proves you were in contact with the suspects the night of the robbery, what say you?” the detective grills.

“I say it was ‘unrelated conversation’, of course,” Comey spat.

“Can you turn over your cellphone?”

“Do you have a warrant?” he snarls as he bares his upper teeth like a rat.

*    *    *

Comey is a media hog right now, desperately trying to wash his hands of any part of the Deep State’s Insurance Plan, before Barr and Horowitz complete THEIR investigations. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth and contradicting himself in one interview.  Comey’s guilty and running scared.

He’s done trying to sell his book of lies and now resorting to selling his interviews of lies all in an attempt to clear his name. He’s a stain on the FBI and that will be his legacy. He spied on Trump and there’s no denying it.  A spy, is a spy, is a spy by any other name would still be illegal.  He’s caught like an animal in a snare.  He needs to get his private jet gassed up and ask Bill Clinton which island he can escape to.

Dry your hands, Comey.  Just shut up and flee while you still have a chance or you’ll be wearing an extra-tall, orange jumpsuit soon and eating lunch with Cohen.

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