Biden’s Henchmen, FBI and DOJ, Are Desperate.

I believe when Trump won the straw poll at CPAC, when Chris Wray got raked over the coals in front of the senate, and when Biden’s troubles with Hunter escalated, this prompted the dictator’s henchmen to ratchet up their witch hunt on Trump in order to prompt Trump to announce he’s running to rally their proabortion base to hit the streets prior to the midterms. It is a hail Mary for sure and last ditch attempt at tarnishing Trump, but they are desperate as all their corrupt cards have been shown.

If the FBI can perform an illegal search on Trump’s private residence, you know they can and did incite the January 6th riot and helped with the stolen election. They are all corrupt and out for retaliation, especially dictator Biden. Chris Wray and his little smirk need to resign as well as worm-face Garland. These two clowns have it out for Trump; one, for not getting the SCOTUS job and the other, for the firing of his buddy Comey. They want revenge and have been at it since taking their jobs.

Now that we all know the DOJ and FBI have become politicized and biased against conservatives, they need to be dismantled from the top down. And if the IRS gets 87,000 more agents, we’ll come after them too. Our best defense is success in November. Let’s not let their unlawful actions continue. Let’s stop them before they do more harm to the rule of law and our democracy as we are looking like a third world country run by a dictatorship.

When Biden denies any knowledge of this raid, he’s lying. It’s not a coincidence he and Chris Wray left town on vacation.

It’s embarrassing, to say the least, the midnight armed-raid on Trump’s home, searching through Melania’s closet, Trump’s safe, and all their drawers. It is a stain on our country that can never be reversed. Let’s end their complete control of our country and end it soon! We are the laughing stock of other countries.

NYC and DC Are Nimby’s–Not in My Backyard!

Not in this backyard!

It’s okay for tens of thousands of illegal aliens to be dumped on cities in Arizona and Texas; but the second Governor Abbott buses them to NYC or DC, the mayors of these cities claim they have a crisis on their hands and want the National Guard to come in. No shit, Sherlock. Welcome to the party. How’s your own medicine taste? Not so good.

But doofus Biden refuses to approve the National Guard as the optics wouldn’t look good, The White House would look uncompassionate, cruel, or racist like they used to call Trump and that is out of the question. They’d rather have the National Guard sleeping in cold basements on the floor than protecting your city from vagrants. So the mayors will continue to complain, the governors will bus, and the border crisis continues.

Until the border is really closed and secure like the head of Homeland Security claims, this will continue. When interviewing the new residents of NYC, they have taken the treacherous journey from Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras at Biden’s request. He is luring them to our country with promises of freedom, cash, welfare, and accommodations mainly in red states! And these illegals are well dressed and healthy looking. What will they become in America other than welfare recipients, criminals, or homeless? It is immigrant abuse at its worst. Trading their dignity for votes.

Yesterday Biden gave another Trump-bashing speech on the economy and how Trump failed at everything including allowing some companies to take advantage of covid government money. This is calling the kettle black in plain sight. He is obsessed with Trump’s success. If anyone is getting duped by fake victims of covid, it is Biden. Some are still sitting home in fear of covid and getting paid from the government. He’s rewarding fathers up to twelve thousand a year on their tax return just because they didn’t marry the mother of their child. But they live as a couple. It’s a sham and he’s falling for it. Biden incentivizes amoral behavior wherever he goes as he’s been doing it for years and is in good company. And he punishes those that follow traditional values. And he ran on bringing dignity and soul back to the White House. Laughable.

Let’s take away doofus Biden’s power by taking back the House and the Senate this November!

What is Biden’s Doctrine?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

We all remember how Bush, McCain, and Palin got hounded with questions from the idiot press like Katie Couric about what their doctrine was? It must have been a trick question because no one cares what Biden’s is. So far it looks like: Spread Hate and Despair Among Americans.

Biden wants us to hate the police, hate the GOP, hate Blacks, hate Whites, hate Asians, hate teachers, hate journalists, hate guns, hate the vaccine, hate masks, hate Trump, hate Trump supporters, hate congress, hate juries, hate ICE, [hate border agents], hate The Wall, [hate pro-lifers], hate social media, hate illegals, hate gasoline, hate climate deniers, hate voter ID, hate election reform, hate the constitution, hate the Supreme Court and lately hate beef. Everything he has said points to a Doctrine of Hate. But he wants us to embrace [Green Energy, EV cars, transgenderism, gender neutrality, CRT], racism, America Last, [the media,] fear of covid, higher taxes, suppression of free speech, and love of [January 6th Hearing.]

This is the most destructive, most devious, most incompetent regime our country has ever [lived under] according to political historians. Worse than Obama’s. I guess he wanted to upstage Obama. Boy, oh boy, has he ever. Probably worse than an invasion of aliens from outer space. I feel like we’ve been invaded by aliens from outer space every time I turn on the news. I can’t believe what the anchors are reporting with a straight face. Where’s Rush when we need him? RIP Rush. Cue the truckloads of pods. Biden’s administration is full of radical plagiarizers, academia types, or bartenders [with not one business-minded person with practical experience.] They fake it, until they make it. Problem is, they don’t make it. No one is believing their head fakes not even the silent moderate Dems. Boy, are they silent lately. Notice that?

Give it up Biden. Your Doctrine of Hate is obvious. You and Fauci and the rest of your phony cabinet members need to fess up. You stole the election and are failing at running the country. Give it up now to save face. You look ridiculous and out of your league. You’re embarrassing us on the world stage. You wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of you. While you’re at it, drop the mask as it makes you look stupid–two vaccinated and boosted leaders standing outside with masks on. Come on, man. It’s hard to watch.

Sign in front of the White House Parking lot.

UPDATED August 5, 2022. Brackets above [ ] are additions.

Biden’s New Doctrine: Pretend to fix what we caused.

(I.E. make it appear like a clean up is on aisle eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. )

Notice they are already claiming that gas prices are coming down? Please. Tell that to the gas station in California where I just filled up at $6.99 a gallon. Fake news. They are also claiming that the border is suddenly “closed and secure.” Lies and more lies. They are trying to say they now respect the police and are increasing their salaries after allowing two years of BLM “Pigs in a Blanket–Fry Them Like Bacon” chants. More fake news as the catch and release program is alive and well in liberal cities, and AG Garland just indicted four cops involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting. He’s a worm.

Coverup Artist, Chris Wray, is claiming that there is an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden and cannot comment on it. Another lie. He won’t even admit that Russia Collusion was a hoax. They won’t admit that they have been weaponizing the DOJ against parents in schools. He also won’t admit that it is against the law to protest in front of a supreme court justice’s home. He’ll have to look that law up. Please. He’s lying to congress. He should be indicted. They will never admit to wrong doing. All of the above has been created by the left but now has to be forgotten, “looked into”, or swept under the carpet prior to the midterms.

All the problems our country is going through have been created by Biden’s radical green energy policies and he now wants to pretend to miraculously fix them then take credit for what he caused including the inflation and recession with a new bill “The Inflation Reduction Bill.” Just because they label it that way doesn’t mean it’s true. It will raise our taxes AND the deficit and reward green energy programs. Solyndra on steroids. They also want to hire 87,000 more IRS agents to audit and/or target conservatives taxpayers like Lois Lerner got caught doing.

This is his New Doctrine: Pretend to Fix What We Caused while Causing More Havoc. And make conservative taxpayers pay for it.

What’s Really Behind Nancy’s Secretive Trip to Taiwan?

Let’s hope she dressed a little more Speaker and age appropriate in Taiwan.

Since she is just two heartbeats away from the presidency and the VP is incompetent to fill the position, she is upping her creds to be worthy of the top spot IF it suddenly opens up. She knows she doesn’t have a chance in the traditional sense of running for pres, so why not be prepared in case there is a 25th Amendment invoked? She’s like a shark smelling blood in the water and it’s Biden’s. She’s licking her chops. Maybe her and Newsom struck some sort of deal while Biden was overseas. I thought it was Kamala, but she’s too damaged. You see, you have to think like a Democrat to be one step ahead of their shenanigans.

There’s really no reason for Nance to be in Taiwan other than to say “she is the first high ranking official to visit Taiwan since 1997.” Big whoop but this is what she’s doing. She’s also trying to appear brave in the face of China’s threats and take the news off her husband’s DUI car accident. She also wants to show that Biden is a weak president who can’t even control a member of his own congress. She is up to no good and also trying to distract the voters from the failing economy, border crisis, and her insider trading.

Yesterday they supposedly took out a top terrorist in Afghanistan that was believed to be dead in 2020 to make Biden look tough but his lackluster announcement speech was less than convincing. Unfortunately, that top terrorist would not even be there if not for Biden’s ef up in Afghanistan allowing Al-Qaeda to take control of the region. So in essence, we took out a problem that we created. Nice job, Biden. In case you haven’t noticed, Nance is after your job. Watch your back especially around stairs.

Was Congressional Baseball Game a Harbinger of the Midterm Results? 10 to Zero. GOP Wins!

Photo by Martin Pu00e9chy on

Let’s hope so as the GOP has good karma on their side. And I notice the media hasn’t covered this story much at all. I wonder why? Not really. The Dems are embarrassed so bury the story. The Dems put one of the members of the Unselect J6 Kangaroo Court in as pitcher! Talk about being in our face! Can’t even get away from these loons during a playful baseball game? And why did one chubby female pinch baserunner give the finger to the GOP dugout when she ran by? She displayed poor sportsmanship, typical of the Democrats.

She later said someone shouted a misogynist comment. If so, let’s hear what it was? She’s lying. Let’s face it, if the Democrats can’t cheat, they lose. And when they lose, they make up lies. All in all, it was a great game with pretty skilled outfielders on both sides. These guys must play baseball in their spare time. At one time the Dems had bases loaded with no outs, but our pitcher struck out three batters in a row. Very professional game.

Nancy was in the stands claiming how competitive they are. Well, we already knew that; but competitiveness aside, you have to have a little luck too. And I think their luck has just about ran out and it’s our time. If this is a foreshadow into how the midterms will turn out, I’ll take it.


There are so many things going wrong in this country at once it is too numerous to go into them all. Everyday more and more disturbing information comes out about the past election, the tainted FBI, the border crisis, the inflation, war in Ukraine, crime in our cities, the January 6th hoax, along with the Biden Crime Syndicate Family. Almost too much for the average person to digest at once. But this was their intent, I believe, to throw so many crises onto the wall at once that only some of them would stick and be noticed. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is their mantra so why not have a multitude of them to throw off the voters? But in time, they will all be exposed. Recession has now been termed “a transition.” This is how they try to fool us, with redefining historic words.

Sure some of the die hard Dems will fall for the media’s tricks as well as this Administration’s; but now that their karma is beginning to kick in, they should all be getting their comeuppance soon. Let’s hope by the midterms, but expect an October surprise from them.

Question: Did Biden really have covid and test positive again? I wouldn’t put it past the Dems to fabricate that Biden has contracted “long covid” and must resign before the midterms to be replaced by a person of their choice. All in an effort to boost the ratings of the Dems before going to the polls. They are coming up with something devious, no doubt, as everything else they have tried has failed.

Watch how they’ll use Monkeypox disease to their advantage by trying to scare average folks into wearing a mask to prevent catching it. They will call it another pandemic soon. It is only spread through sex and usually by gay or bisexual men. It is the New AIDs. Beware women picking up strange guys. But don’t fall for mail in ballots as it is not spread by exhaling or talking in close proximity of others. You will not catch it by standing in a line to vote this November.

Stay tuned.

Democrats: The Human Dictionaries.

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Have you noticed lately that whenever the Democrats are backed into a corner, instead of crying “uncle” and admitting they’re wrong, they change the definition of what went wrong. Or whenever they are trying to attract a new block of voters, they change the definition of terms to fit their narrative. For instance, they want the “homeless” to vote for them, so they changed their name to “temporarily displaced individuals” or some other nonsense.

Yesterday they changed the definition of the term “Recession” so Biden wouldn’t be embarrassed that we are heading into one. Convenient, right? They definitely changed the meaning of the word “Insurrection” so it would fit their narrative of Trump Supporters demonstrating at the capitol so they could hold a January 6th Unselect Show Trial. When gas prices rose 3 to 4 dollars/gal, they called it “Putin’s gas hikes;” when they went down 50 cents, it was “Biden’s Ingenuous releasing of oil reserves.” I call it “sugarcoating horse manure.”

Get where I’m going? They’ve changed the definition of the gender “Woman” to “Chest Feeding Persons” to please their woke gender-neutral voters and transgenders. Not sure why their base of men would rather be women other than to exceed in professional women sports or vice versa. Apparently men now can get pregnant just to give the transgenders hope and Buttigeig too. But they can’t breastfeed until science catches up with them.

This is also “Political Correctness Gone Wild.” “Illegal immigrants” are just that. Illegal! We don’t need to change their term to fit the Democrats’ bleeding heart narrative like “Temporary visitors seeking asylum.” They crossed illegally! They need to be sent back! But wait! (These are potential Democrat voters as long as we give them benefits that our U.S. Citizens receive.) And do they ever: Cell phones, plane tickets, cash, shelter, food, healthcare, baby formula, and schooling. Who wouldn’t want to come to our country if they could live for FREE while the rest of us pay for them?

A “tax increase” is now known as an “inflation reducing bill.” Really? Do people really believe that shit? They think if they put lipstick on the pig, people will think it’s a cute bunny. We are getting played, folks. And they are masters at pulling the wool over our heads to fit their green agenda. This will kill tens of thousands of jobs, cause foreclosures, and a real estate bust. How much did Schumer and Nancy pay Machin to change his mind on the Build Back Worse bill? Bribery and blackmail is alive and well in the Democrat party as well as changing definitions of everything they try to force down our throats. They treat us like children that won’t eat their vegetables. “Going to the hanger, going to the hanger”… down the throat.

Law and Order has really been changed to meet the Democrats catch and release system of law enforcement. If a shoplifter beats up a store owner, he is a “hungry person in need” not a criminal. However, if the shop owner defends his store, he is a violent vigilante. Bank robbers are probably just “masked covid-fearing individuals in need of urgent money.” And the “getaway driver” is an “UBER driver trainee.” They change the meaning of crimes to protect their base when they get caught. Remember, the destructive BLM rioters of 2019/20 were “mostly peaceful demonstrators” that were armed and dangerous inflicting terror and destruction of one billion in property damage. But the peaceful demonstrators at the capitol were rounded up and labeled “armed white supremacist insurrectionists” which is a total lie.

Let’s face it. Democrats break the law then dismiss the law to “get off.” And they don’t even try to hide it any longer. They do it in plain sight. For instance, Hunter Biden has broken so many laws and morals including tax evasion, money laundering, lying on a gun application, illegally disposing of a gun, buying illegal substances, prostitution, and selling influence to the VP but he will probably be labeled a “victim of privileged-family-syndrome” and get community service. But Bannon was found guilty of “contempt of kangaroo court” and will probably serve jailtime.

Democrats are definitely human dictionaries or know-it-alls. And no one likes a know-it-all especially when they don’t know-it-all. Or as President Reagan famously said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” Let’s vote all the dictionaries out of office this November!

Doggone Masks Are Back!

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Or should I say virtue signaling is alive and well in liberal towns. Now when I go into the grocery store sixty percent of the shoppers are walking around masked up like we are in a scene from the movie Outbreak. I’m half expecting Dustin Hoffman in a hazmat suit to appear down one of the aisles. I guarantee you if asked, they are 90% Democrats trying to effect the next election by requiring mail in (harvesting) ballots once again before the midterms. Little drones out working for their hero covid/cancer-ridden Biden. The rest of them are just followers.

Some think Biden’s covid positive is just a ploy to take the news off of the worst inflation in forty years. What are his symptoms really? The sniffles, tired, phlegmy cough, and unable to blink? And if he is so boosted, it should be over by now. It lasts three days with no boosters. Is he dragging it out for sympathy or what? Gutfeld is on the same page as I am. The Democrats will pull anything out of the hat to change the subject off his poor performance.

Biden typically has a phlegmy cough whenever he comes to the mic. What’s new? I don’t see any difference between now with covid and before without. He’s still pale, thin, weak, disorientated, slurring his speech, and on heavy meds. But the difference is the media can blame it on covid now. And they have been. Covid was a Godsend to Biden, if he really has it. I doubt anything that comes out of this White (Lies) House is true. But what’s with the eyes wide open? Did they give him a brain transplant and has a computer brain now?

Message to masks fools: If you are so worried about catching covid, why not order your food online and pick it up in the parking lot so the rest of us don’t have to be annoyed by your irrational behavior? It’s getting old already. Haven’t you heard, there is no science behind mask wearing to protect you from this virus. I prefer you stay home, lock your doors, and don’t show your doggone masked face in public ever again. You are hurting the children of America by instilling fear in them. Or just move to China where it is normal behavior.

The Insurrection Hoax…

is just the new Russia Collusion Hoax that dragged on for months costing the taxpayer millions of $$$$$ just in order to tarnish Trump’s reputation. Everyone of the members of the Show Trial are Never Trumpers suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Just as the jury in Bannon’s trial. Trump associates cannot get a fair trial in D.C., New York, or California for that matter as 90% of the jury of their peers are Democrats. Democrats put Party over honesty.

There is a two-tiered justice system that is for sure. Remember Eric Holder got charged with contempt of court, same as Bannon? Remember Lois Lerner Took the Fifth in front of Congress? Remember Hillary lied to the FBI and Congress? Remember Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Brennan, Strzok, and Page all lied to Congress? Remember Sussmann who lied to the FBI? Remember Adam Schiff lied during a Senate Hearing? Remember Kamala inciting violence from Black Lives Matter? Remember over five hundred destructive riots committed by BLM and Antifa?

Remember Chuck Schumer threatening two Supreme Court Justices on camera? Remember Maxine Waters threatening anyone working in Trump’s cabinet live on camera? Remember Christine Balsey Ford who lied in a Senate Hearing? Remember Jussie Smollett found guilty of staging a hate crime yet not serving time? Remember the staff of Colbert trespassing at the Capitol? Remember the recent attempted assassination of Congressman Zeldin? And we can’t forget Hunter Biden and all his crimes exposed on his Laptop from Hell

Why is it all the aforementioned never get indicted, charged with perjury, or serve jail time, yet we have hundreds of rally goers from January 6th sitting in jail, Bannon found guilty, Roger Stone found guilty, Navarro arrested for contempt of court, Manafort found guilty, and General Flynn arrested for lying to FBI? What is the common thread? They all supported Trump. The second you say you support Trump, you’re guilty of something. The Democrats won’t be happy until we are all in jail. We committed the crime of voting for Trump.

We are living in communist times, folks. We are being treated like pariahs and one step from being rounded up and jailed by the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party. We have a dictator posing as president. We have allowed illegal elections to occur. The Big Steal was real and The Big Lie was not. The only Democrats ever charged for crimes have been Anthony Weiner, Avenatti, and Michael Cohen. Sacraficial lambs to show that they do arrest their own.

AG Garland is nothing more than a pawn for Biden doing his dirty work of revenge against Trump. Thank God he was never put on the Supreme Court. The Insurrection Hoax is an apropos name for it. Years from now, the truth will finally emerge and journalists for the lame New York Times and others will have to apologize again for “getting it wrong” just as they have for the Russian Collusion Hoax. And they have degrees in journalism! Wow! Even Woodward and Bernstein and have been wrong about Trump and not apologized as yet! But, of course, they are Democrats and Nixon was a Republican so they just are Democrats first and honest second.

The Tale of Two Medias: One that reports on Hunter’s story, and the other that buries the story. Main Stream Media has spent zero minutes on Hunter’s new legal troubles. Zero! Which media would you want to believe? They say that the MSM is just an “arm for the Democrat Party”, but I think it is more than an arm. It IS the Democrat Party–one and the same. When we tune into one of those networks we might as well be listening to Adam Schiff spin one of his fake news stories. Do you think Hunter will be charged and serve jail time? Not while his father is president. He will be given a slap on the wrist and have to do community service at best. All ties to his father’s dealings will be overlooked by our current justice system.

That’s why we have to Take Back The House and Senate in November!

Biden Pledges to Ban all Sharp Keychains Next.

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Now that sharp keychains are being used for attempted murder by our opponents, it’s time to ban all sharp plastic keychains! Even sick ol’ cancer-covid-ridden Biden can rule from his bed that “sharp plastic keychains will no longer be allowed in public! We will stop and frisk key carrying individuals that enter a campaign rally! Enough is enough! Not a joke! This ends now!”

I’m spoofing, of course. But it was an assault weapon capable of murder which proves that all the gun laws in the world won’t stop a deranged person from violence. But why was the suspect released back on the street after an attempted murder of Lee Zeldin? If it was a Democrat campaigning, the suspect would be hung from the nearest tree, no doubt. But they always cut and release deranged Democrats back out on the street to kill someone else.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul encouraged her supporters to confront Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin on his “far-right agenda” hours before a man wielding a knife tried to attack Zeldin at a campaign stop.” NWO Report. Well…didn’t she incite violence? Didn’t she put the sharp keychain in the hands of a lunatic with her rhetoric? That’s what they are accusing Trump of doing. Didn’t her court system release him back on the streets to do more harm? Will there be a July 21st Commission on her? Of course, not; she’s a Democrat.

Democrats are above the law and can get away with murder. “It’s not what they do, it’s that they know they can get away with it.” Law & Order SVU. Look at the Clintons. Does anyone remember the unsolved deaths of Seth Rich, Ashlee Babbitt, Jeff Epstein, Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Christopher Stevens, Officer Sicknick, Justice Scalia, Marilyn Monroe, Seal Team Six, or Mary Jo Kopechne? All suspicious deaths. All committed and covered up by Democrats, most likely. And none of them investigated properly or thoroughly.

Only Republicans can incite violence, right? Only Republicans start insurrections, right? And Republicans do not demand answers from the Democrats after someone dies suspiciously. We let them get away with too much. Aren’t we tired of this already? When will we hold our own Commission or appoint a Special Counsel Probe? When will we hold Impeachment Hearings? We never do. We just turn the other cheek to get slapped again.

Why is Covid-Positive Biden Wearing a Suit?

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He should be in bed! You are supposed to be aching all over with a headache and chills not posting videos of yourself in a suit. Runny nose and dry cough are not even symptoms. Headache, achy muscles, sore throat, and fatigue are. Fever comes a little later. Something is up with this test. BTW, Biden is always coughing and rubbing his nose, so what’s new? Even a flu puts one in bed and covid is worse than the flu. Biden is not working or running the country. This video was either staged to make it look like he is a tough guy or his test was a false positive. Or another smokescreen to get the news cycle off his failed overseas trip and inflation.

Nothing that comes out of this White House is true. If he feels well enough to put on a suit, then he needs to be retested. It may have been a false positive or in Biden’s case, a ploy for sympathy. Retake the test! If he really has covid, then he should act like it. See you in five days.