Will Manners, Civility, and Decency Return in 2022?

Believe it: 'Back to the Future' predicted Trump's run
Biden’s Pleasure Paradise

We certainly saw none of this in 2021. In fact, 2021 was worse than 2020 when covid first broke out. By 2021, people had their heels dug in and were either on board with every lie this administration told us or were against every lie this administration told us. There was no gray area. Just black and white.

Lootings, carjackings, fake hate crimes, shootings, muggings, home invasions, media coverups, and outright rudeness prevailed in 2021, and the culprits got away with it. It was like watching a real life Back to the Future II whereby corrupt casino owner turned once peaceful Hill Valley into a chaotic dystopia overridden with crime and violence. It starts at the top, and we are witnessing it in real time. Sorry. For those who don’t believe it; sorry, but it is true. Corruption begets corruption. Biden is Biff Tannen.

The media can sugarcoat Biden with stories of a new puppy, correct all his garbled language, and ignore his phone calls with heads of state; but the rest of us know what’s going on. And where are all these whistleblowers that used to listen in on Trump’s calls like fat-face Vindman? Oh, I guess it was just another hoax to get Trump impeached since “Russia Russia Russia” didn’t work. Of course, it was. But stupid billionaire celebrities like Larry David believed it. Shame on him.

Last night’s New Year’s entertainment in various cities showed us the black and white we are living in. Miami entertainment was darn right indecent with scantily clothed singers shaking their big naked butts into the camera, and the audience didn’t look much better. It was gross. But then you turned to Nashville and the music was epic, sung by country western groups like Brooks and Dunn attended by attractive, dancing unmasked fans. Not a mask in the bunch. One audience, the vision of goodness; and the other, like a gathering of strip club attendees.

This is where we’re at folks. Our country is divided down the middle by cultural differences. Big time: Masks vs. no masks, mandates vs. no mandates, mocking therapeutics vs. using therapeutics, open borders vs. closed borders, transgenders in women’s sports vs. just women, censoring free speech vs. freedom of speech, defund the police vs. respect the police, no rights to defend vs. rights to defend, abandoning our allies vs. supporting our allies, teaching CRT vs. eliminating CRT, atheists vs. worship of God, blaming Trump vs. supporting Trump, Joy Behar vs. Greg Gutfeld, dishonesty vs. honesty, crime vs. law and order, and meanness vs. kindness. Simple as that. Black and White. No gray.

I doubt if our differences will go away with Biff at the helm, but maybe we can keep them to ourselves just a little more than we did in 2021. I don’t mind healthy debate, but I do mind poor manners, incivility, and indecency.

Vote the elected Biff worshipers out in 2022.

“…my Republican Friends. Get Ready, Bal. You’re gonna in for a Probum,” Warns Biden.

Boy, the GOP must be shakin’ in their poots. This guy cannot complete a sentence without mispronouncing a word or blending them all together into a word smoothie. And what’s with the anger and threats? Everything he wants to address like crime, immigration, and police reform was ruined under his policies. The only unity he wants is within the Democrat Party. GOP be damned. His hate for the GOP is quite evident in this full video addressed to Democrats. He may as well have called us deplorables.

And this is the president who promised to be not just for blue states and red states but for the United States of America. BS. “Promises made; promises broken” should be his motto if he wants to run again. This guy thinks he’s going to keep the House and Senate in 2022? That is laughable. I guess he is planning another organized cheat campaign thus all the fear of covid being spread so he can try that pesky mail in ballot scheme with the help of Zuckerberg who supplied all the drop boxes in critical cities.

The only thing the Democrats are good at is cheating. Does that make them better at running a country? No. It just makes them better at cheating. Cheaters never win in the long run thus why his polls are sinking faster than the Titanic. Even Hillary is turning on them. When late night comedy and Hillary (which are one and the same) start going after this administration, they know they are in trouble. One can only hope. Plus their karma stinks.

Happy New Year and Pray for a better 2022.


What has happened to Larry David’s writing? This is the worst season of Curb I’ve ever watched topping if off with a segment honoring Lt Col. Vindman who should have been court martialed for treason. How could Larry get it so wrong? They kept calling Vindman a hero and gave him a party. It was sickening. Where’s Seinfeld when we need him? Even he would have been offended.

Larry, your writing has taken a hit maybe due to political correctness or covid or just that you are a Jewish Democrat trying to be loyal to your party or HBO. Whatever the reason, come on man, no bueno this year. Cut with all the vagina references. If you need someone to ghost write, call me. I’ve got some good mask episodes you can use. Penis hugs and vagina rejuvenation? Really? You’re losing what’s funny.

Ghislaine Won’t Need to Name Names to Reduce Her Sentence.

Lolita Express Flight Log

She’ll need to remain silent though. She is a walking little black book for major players in the Millionaires Mile High Club that flew the Lolita Express to a Virgin Island. Why do you think Epstein got murdered in jail? Because the Clintons were fearful that he’d name names during Trump’s DOJ. Now that Ghislaine’s found guilty of assisting in Epstein’s underage sex trafficking, she has the client list; but will the prosecutors ask for it? Not to worry, Ghislaine. The henhouse is being guarded by the fox (Biden Regime) so you should be safe as you are one of the foxes. In fact, not disclosing the client list will actually get her sentence reduced.

What Democrat lawmaker wants to release the client list? Certainly not Comey’s daughter who was one of the prosecutors. The Democrats protect their own and will cover for Bill Clinton till the cows come home. This country is being run by willy nilly, loosey goosey, anything goes, law and order. They don’t want their heroes like Clinton being implemented in such a scandal, so she will not be asked to name names. In fact, she is the sacraficial lamb to get this scandal shutdown. She may be able to leak names to the press, but they are in cahoots with this administration so they don’t even have curious minds. Journalism is dead.

The only chance of getting those names is Project Veritas or investigative reporters for Hannity’s show. And then the story will be scoffed at by the MSM and buried by social media as fast as Hunter’s laptop, so what’s the point? Until we get the scoundrels out of leadership positions, no truth will be reported. Look at Fauci who lies daily. Look at Biden who hasn’t spoken a word of truth in years. Then there’s Pinocchio Psaki whose nose grows in real time.

And all this talk about Michelle Obama running for president to replace Biden. I thought this beloved gal would have been picked for VP, but I messed up. But as president? The girl who said she was never proud of her country until her husband won the presidency? We want that? I…don’t…think…so.

But the Democrats have no moral compass as they are drawn to amoral types and put them on a pedestal like they did Kamala, Biden, Avenadi, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strzok, the Cuomos, and Dr. Ford. Phew…the list is too long. The more amoral they are, the more they are revered.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they propped up Michelle despite all the rumors surrounding her past. One of them being, has anyone ever seen a picture of her pregnant with either daughter? Can’t see her as a stay at home mom or even a working mom with a baby. Think about it. Or a picture of Obama holding one of his own daughters as a baby? Where are those pictures? And I don’t mean the photo shopped ones. All signs point to adopted children but not as babies. Hmmmm. Think about it. If they lied about one thing, you can expect many more lies. And they made them.

The Democrats are the originators of fake news from fake families to fake credentials to fake college rankings to fake qualifications to fake impeachments to fake insurrections to fake presidency to fake promises. Don’t believe a word they utter. Ghislaine is safe with her secrets while the Dems are in charge.

Vote the lying imposters out in 2022!

Biden Admits Trump was Right All Along…

again, but in a lefthanded way. Biden said, “There is no federal solution [to covid]. This gets solved at a state level.” Duh! Just ask Ron DeSantis. What took so long?

While Trump was president, he supplied whatever each state needed in a timely manner and had it under control until big shot Biden comes along and takes over. His whole staff said it was a national pandemic to be handled by the federal government. Trump encouraged use of therapeutics starting with Hydroxychloroquine but got rebuffed by the media. How many lives were lost due to the media discouraging its use? Too many.

Problem is, the feds have no skin in the game and could care less about red states. They also are a bunch of inept academia types that have never run anything let alone a pandemic. Probably why they refused to extend a helping hand with therapeutics to Florida when they asked for them. They could “pick and choose” which states to kill off people in. I guess when his blue states started complaining about the spread of covid, he realized his jig is up and throws in the towel, cries uncle, puts up the white flag, i.e. surrenders to Trump’s plan all along. How’s that egg on your face feel, Biden?

But will he admit it? No. He’ll make it sound like he had an original idea to let the states handle covid. Trump will get no credit. But he also needs to put his money where is mouth is and lift the federal vaccine and mask mandates across the nation. No school should be forcing masks on children without scientific evidence of its effectiveness and adverse side effects revealed. Leave it up to their governors and see how long they stay in office. He also needs to announce the early use of the covid pills that just got approved by the FDA. Guess there’s no profit in that for him or Fauci.

And lastly, fire flipflop Fauci and name new heads to the CDC, Health and Human Resources, and Surgeon General. They all got it wrong. Watch for more news of January 6th to hit the airwaves to distract Americans from the out of control handling of covid. Wait for it.

2022 New Year’s Resolutions to Save America.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

In no particular order:

  1. Fire all District Attorneys that were funded by George Soros and also fire Fauci.
  2. End mask mandates on children in school and people in stores, banks, and restaurants! Mass transportation okay.
  3. Pass a bill making it a misdemeanor to wear a mask outdoors and a felony while driving alone in your car. Police need to see your face when they pull up next to you.
  4. End covid vaccine mandates by employers and military, making it optional only.
  5. End covid vaccine requirements in schools.
  6. End the mass requirement of covid testing unless one requests a test or has symptoms.
  7. Secure our borders, complete the wall, and send migrants packing that try to sneak across.
  8. Restart construction of Keystone pipeline and other pipelines which were halted.
  9. Allow police to enforce laws on the books and not let criminals to be released to appear later in court.
  10. End all stimulus checks and extended unemployment checks to those sitting at home claiming fear of covid is the reason they cannot return to work.
  11. End all teachings of Critical Race Theory 100% in our schools all the way through college
  12. Put an end to transgenders allowed in women’s sports and bathrooms.
  13. Increase production, distribution, and knowledge of covid therapeutic pills like Merck making them covered by insurance and free to those without health insurance.
  14. End the January 6th Commission witch hunt.
  15. Vote as many Democrats out in 2022 as we can.
  16. End mail in ballots unless requested, clean the voter rolls of deceased and nonresidents, require voter ID, background checks on all election workers, allow inspectors from both sides in every election office.
  17. Begin a real investigation into China’s involvement in the creation and spread of covid 19 and sue them for loss of lives, jobs, and wealth.
  18. Hold the media accountable for every lie or suppression of the news by fining them and reversing their Pulitzer Prizes based on lies.
  19. Fine big tech social media for discrimination every time they ban a conservative or a story from their platform but allow terrorists to continue their propaganda. It’s discrimination. News of Hunter’s laptop was banned by them prior to the election.
  20. Make it illegal for big tech to donate to a political party through means of a phony charitable organization.

These few resolutions alone will save America from turmoil across the globe, inflation, escalating crime in our streets and stores, election fraud, and put an end to covid. It’s a start. After this, and only after this, can we seriously address the homeless, wildfires, and drug issues.

Ugly Masks, the New Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Fresno Health Officials to Residents: Practice COVID Safety for Holidays -  GV Wire - Explore. Explain. Expose

Now I know one of my siblings follows the orders from their god, Fauci, like he’s Hitler; but to come to a family gathering with your whole family donned in ugly black masks seemed more like a political statement than a fear of catching covid. They’ve all had their boosters too.

When I opened the door and saw the lot of them wearing the same big black ugly masks, it was not only offensive to me but scary to look at. My mouth dropped. They were the same ugly masks donned by Kamala and Biden. Are they in a cult? What do the grandchildren think? But being on my best behavior lately by not stirring the pot, I said nothing. My family said nothing. We rolled our eyes to each other but that was all that was done. My son whispered, “Let it go, Mom. It’s par for their course.” I feel like they wanted to make a statement and hoped they’d get a reaction. One wouldn’t even sit on the couch near me as they needed to follow the rules of six feet apart. All I said was, “You worry too much.”

While everyone else was donned in cheerful, colorful Christmas outfits of white, green, and red, they wore dark clothes suitable for a funeral. Was this in honor of Black Lives Matter? I felt like it. Or was it in homage to their leader Biden who can do no wrong? Probably. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Anyway I was taken aback as I didn’t get to see their smiling faces except for when they ate and lowered their masks to a chin bra. Also scary. And I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of the year when they were silently celebrating Biden’s so-called win. Masks begone that day! I couldn’t say a thing for fear of my one sibling blowing up which is also par for the course. They had their kids slipping on the mask in between sips of champagne, but I still held my tongue. I felt they were being too controlling and hard for me to watch. But Democrats love an excuse to control us. My dad wouldn’t have put up with this. He would have said something for sure if he were still alive. It definitely put a damper on what could have been a nice party.

If half of America is behaving like they just did, I weep for our future. If families are divided this severely, I weep for our future. When will this covid nightmare end? It has ruined Christmas for me. Get me off this crazy covid train. Or was their behavior just a fluke? It may have just been some sort of statement. Statement or no statement, I’m done with masks. It’s the luck of the draw. Every man for themselves at this point.

My son said he went to a gathering of Democrats later than evening where not one person donned the ugly mask and they ranged in ages from six to 75. How did I end up with the one weird family gathering or did others have to endure the same?

Ugly masks are the new Ugly Christmas sweater.

Merry Maskless Christmas!

When Democrat Lawmakers Become Victims of their own Laws…

Will we finally start seeing them reverse the “defund the police” bills?

“Pennsylvania Congresswoman Mary Scanlon and Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightfoot, both Democrats who supported police reform, were carjacked on Tuesday just hours apart from one another in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Lightfoot was carjacked at gunpoint on Tuesday night while driving with her husband in a Chicago suburb. Lightfoot’s husband was driving their Mercedes Benz when three masked men approached and fired multiple gunshots at him. Lightfoot’s husband, however, was not injured.

Both women have been vocal supporters of police reform, co-sponsoring bills to allow mental health specialists to replace police officers as first responders in some instances. Lightfoot also slashed Chicago PD’s budget by $59 million in 2020.” NWO Report.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. They carjacked Democrat lawmakers? Are they stupid? This is what I call the Democrats getting a taste of their own medicine, and it doesn’t taste good. San Francisco Mayor has already cried “uncle” and wants out of the defund the police program. Her city is going to pot.

Problem is now that many cops have retired or been cut back during this period and cops are being sentenced to jail for accidentally killing blacks, who would want to apply for these positions? It’s too risky of a job now. Officers are getting ambushed and shot or arrested for doing their jobs much more frequently than in previous times. In Law & Order Criminal Intent cops accidentally shoot unarmed perps but never get sentenced to serve jailtime. They get their gun confiscated for a while and see a therapist. Now we have cops who accidentally shoot an armed suspect during an escape attempt and get arrested and found guilty of manslaughter. No one would want to apply for this unappreciated position.

Bottom line: If you are resisting arrest and attempting to flee, no matter what your color, you may find yourself at the business end of a gun. PERIOD. I think the verdict was wrong in the recent trial of the Officer Kim Potter. Police officers should be held to a higher standard over an average person as they are hired to serve and protect while wearing a firearm. That alone makes it easier for unintentional mistakes to be made. An officer with a clean record has no intention to murder a suspect. None.

“Kim Potter, the Brooklyn Center police officer who fatally shot black motorist Daunte Wright during a traffic stop was arrested and charged with first-degree and second-degree manslaughter in April.

After 26 hours of deliberations, a Minneapolis jury found the former Minnesota police officer guilty on both charges.” NWO Report.

I don’t think this officer should have even been arrested, just suspended for a while. And what was with the soft-spoken judge in her case? She talked to the jury like they were children volunteering for the military. It was weird. But ever sense George Floyd’s accidental death, things have changed. Officers are guilty, suspects are innocent. Daunte Wright had a record of police defiance, drugs, and guns from a young age. He had a grim future no matter what the outcome of his arrest.

But since we finally have Democrat lawmakers knowing what crime feels like when they become the victims themselves of a carjacking, maybe there is a glimmer of hope that things will turn around. When celebrities too start witnessing the same crimes in their bubble then maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop being tone death to the escalating crime wave like Seth Rogen is.


When Covid is Nothing More Than a Cold…

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

will we still be forced to wear the stupid masks in stores? We know the government never wants this day to come based on all the different variants they come up with from corona to delta to omicron. They’ll be sure to have another one prior to the 2022 election to scare the folks into mail in ballots once again. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, we’re idiots.

I don’t think about covid much any longer except for that fact that I can’t turn on the news without hearing about it 24/7 and can’t go into a store without seeing all the masked zombies walking around. I don’t think the vaccines are true vaccines like the polio vaccine but rather nothing more than a flu shot which doesn’t always work, now does it? That’s why our doctor keeps offering it every year. Just the fact that those that already got the vaccine are testing positive is proof that the vaccine is just to make the symptoms less severe if you catch it. But you can still catch it.

Omicron is being hyped up by the media to scare us prior to Christmas gatherings. The unvaccinated aren’t filling up the hospitals. I ain’t buying it. If they are, then Biden has lost total control of the virus by not allowing therapeutics to be easily available. In fact, he never mentions therapeutics, just vaccines. Why is that? Follow the money. He also never gives us the possible adverse side effects of the vaccine like all other drugs are required to tell us. Why is that? Doesn’t want us to know.

I wish people would just forget about covid altogether and enjoy their lives. If you catch this flu, get plenty of bed rest, take Advil, eat chicken soup, and drink lots of fluids. If it seems worse, take one of the many therapeutic drugs out there. We don’t have to live in fear of catching covid. And we shouldn’t be forced into taking anymore vaccines. It is the luck of the draw whether you catch it or not. We are all responsible for our own lives, not the government who wants marshal law to take over, line us up, and vaccinate us. Right, Jim Cramer, from Mad Money? He’s mad all right. Stark raving mad.

And we don’t want a generation of masked kids running our country some day. No telling the psychological damage it has done to our children already which will carry on into their adult lives. When the schools get smart and end their mask mandates on innocent children then, and only then, will I think this country is getting back to sanity. Until then, we are being run by a bunch of fools that laugh every time they get asked a tough question from the press, then give a snarky answer. It’s their “go to” response as it gives them time to think of their snarky answer.

So enjoy your holidays like there’s no covid. Don’t talk about it, don’t wear a mask, and eat, drink, and be merry. Fauci be damned. We know who’s getting coal in their stockings this year, and, ironically, they hate the coal industry. So when covid is nothing more than the common cold, we need to treat it as such. Blow your nose, take vitamin C, and keep your distance from others. Get the government out of our medicine cabinet.

Wonder if the Covid Vaccines Have Been a Placebo all Along?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

“What is an example of a placebo?

Image result for placebo definition

A placebo is a fake or sham treatment specifically designed without any active element. A placebo can be given in the form of a pill, injection, or even surgery. The classic example of a placebo is the sugar pill. Placebos are given to convince patients into thinking they are getting the real treatment.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Wonder if Big Pharma, who made tons of money on coming up with the vaccines, gave us nothing more than a placebo to meet the deadlines and agenda of the government and calm down the masses? It seems the vaccines aren’t working that well. Why not? Maybe because they were depending on herd and natural immunity to kick in around the same time as their vaccine rollout and thought they could get away with it. Fauci is tied up with these drug companies as well at Gates. What a way to scam the people and make millions in the process? No wonder they are forcing mask mandates on people whether they are vaccinated or not. Makes sense. Am I being a conspiracy theorist? You bet I am.

Who knows what’s in those vaccines at this point? Can we really trust anyone at this point? They keep telling us the unvaccinated will die this winter but why are vaccinated catching covid at the same rate? Doesn’t make sense. The Democrats have been behind other shams and coverups lately like Benghazi, Russia collusion hoax, Ukraine phone call hoax, Kavanaugh defamation, funding gain of function, spreading global warming fear, origin of covid, election fraud, and insurrection hoax. What is stopping them from a vaccine hoax? Nothing.

“Why don’t people trust the science and scientists anymore?

This is simple: Because many scientists have been caught lying and misrepresenting their data to fit the conclusions they want rather than the facts at hand. Science is often politicized to serve an agenda. This is not conspiracy theory, this is provable fact.” NWO Report

Maybe the vaccines were just their way to keep control of the people by continually instilling fear in them. We know they were hyping up the statistics of covid patients and have been since the beginning of the virus. We know they are hiding the origin of the virus which is the Wuhan Lab by racist-shaming anyone who said the word “China.” We know they are reluctant to use “tried and true” methods and therapeutics starting with hydroxychloroquine. So why is this? Therapeutics that have been tried and true don’t make them money.

Follow the money. Someone is making a ton of money off of covid vaccines, and it’s not just big pharma. When politics collides with science, politics wins. Just like it did with the fudged global warming models they used. Fauci is a political hack not a scientist any longer. He only tells us what the government wants us to know about the vaccines. He never tells us about the possible adverse side effects or the effectiveness of the vaccine. All drugs come with a warning label, but not the covid vaccine. Take it or else lose your job or be kicked out of the military. He also never gives out the statistics of our chances of catching covid or dying from it. Those facts are kept under wraps.

We just found out now that Zuckerberg invested 300 million in phony nonprofit organizations that supplied the drop boxes in critical cities for our last election. What are the chances he also had control of the chain of command of the ballots inside those boxes? Donating to a candidate is not supposed to be a nonprofit organization eligible for write off on our taxes, yet Zuckerberg is able to write off 300 million to sway the election toward Biden? I hope he gets indicted for tax fraud. We have to get him some how, some way.

Bottom line is: The Democrats think Americans are stupid and that they can put just about anything over on us. They have in the past, and there’s nothing stopping them from continuing unless we stand up for ourselves and say, “No to more vaccines and masks. You had your chance and failed. Now we are on our own.”

But what if the vaccine is nothing more than a placebo that the government is forcing on our low-risk five year old children together with mask mandates? Get vaccinated or get kicked out of school. What kind of a country is Biden running? We know how he likes groping and rubbing children, but this is also child abuse. When your doctor asks you to take the booster, tell her you’re on your own and will take your chances.

Democrats Smell Blood in the Water Except…

🔥 Great white sharks can detect one drop of blood in 100 liters of water  and they can also sense even a small amount of blood up to 5km away 🔥 :  r/NatureIsFuckingLit
Blood in the water.
Answers About Sharks
Shark bait Biden

it’s Biden’s and Kamala’s blood. They are scrambling to come up with candidates to replace them in 2024. But the names they are dragging out are retreads like fake-Indian Warren, pothole-Mayor Pete, Kavanaugh-hating Klovachar, fake-kidnapping Whitmer. Why do they always go to the most radical candidates they can find? Why not DeBlasio or Cuomo? Were they too busy?

They are desperate right now for a decent, honest candidate, but they have none. They are all disciples of the Hillary School of Depravity. Not an honest one in the bunch. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start throwing out Michelle’s name again. Everyone loves Michelle Obama in the Democrat Party. But what is her expertise aside from being a female version of Biden parroting everything her husband wants? Nothing other than planting a vegie garden and being another radical.

They’ve painted themselves into a corner by choosing Biden then covering for his shady transactions with his son then cheating to get him elected then staging a fake insurrection. Quite the mess they’ve got themselves in. Every which way they turn, they are backed into a corner. Crime doesn’t pay after all. I’m finding it the perfect example of getting their comeuppance or just deserts. It was just a matter of time. Karma is a b**ch.

Even the smash and grab crimes are backfiring in their faces. Nancy finally admits there’s an uptake in lawlessness. No shit Sherlock! Welcome to the party. But she has no idea what is causing it. That’s a lie. The liberal “defund the police” and “catch and release” polices are causing it, lady. Man, her facelift is melting faster than an iceberg in Arizona. Trump’s Law and Order presidency has turned into Biden’s Loot and Outlaw presidency.

They are desperate and out of ideas on how to cheat. Every lawsuit that goes to the court goes in favor of the GOP. Even the Obama-appointed judges have grown a conscience and can’t side with Biden’s radical agenda. Biden is flailing in the water like a wounded seal and the Dems can smell it. “Dun…Dun…Dun…Dun…Dun…Dun….”