Fearless Trump Defies His Critics.

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Trump plans an impromptu meeting with Kim Jong Un making it the first sitting U.S. President to ever set foot in North Korea. It is an historical moment in history.  He should get the Nobel Peace Prize for trying to make peace in the Korean Peninsula Region for South Korea and Japan.  Will he be awarded the prize?  Probably not.  

Foreign policy analysts said the border meeting won’t mean much unless it it leads to progress on a deal to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs. “What matters is what is agreed to and actually happens,” tweeted Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. “It is not the personal but policy that counts.” Harry Kazianis, with the D.C.-based Center for the National Interest, sounded a positive note, saying the meeting could “set the tone for … carving out a path toward lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.” USA Today

The self-proclaimed Socialist candidates and main stream media will undoubtedly find fault in this visit as they always do.  At least he’s trying, unlike his predecessors. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar is the method of Trump’s madness. This old adage rings true. Another one is: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. His critics will ask, “How can he cozy up to a ruthless dictator, our enemy? He’s legitimizing Kim Jong Un on the world stage for a photo op!” Photo op will be the buzz word of the week for the left. They’ll claim Kim played Trump like a fiddle.

Conversely, when Obama landed in Cuba and cozied up with Raul Castro, the media all raved about it being an historic event for a president.  Obama went to a game with him and did the historical “wave” and that wasn’t a photo op.  Basically the media are hypocrites. The praise they gave Obama, they do not extend to Trump. Nothing will make them happy no matter what Trump does. He could find a cure for cancer, and they’d say he caused cancer in order to cure it. That’s how they think.  We should all be proud of Trump for trying to remove the threat from North Korea especially if you live in Hawaii.

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Kamala Harris lamented during her debate last Thursday on benefiting from busing of Blacks back in the 70s. Good for her, although busing was controversial to both sides. Some Black families wanted their children to attend their neighborhood school rather than be forced to integrate with a school across town.

It comes to everyone’s surprise now that Kamala is half Indian decent and the other half Jamaican.  Jamaicans are Africans brought to their country as slaves for the Spanish. She has benefited as the descendant of African Americans for years, whereas she’s really half African Jamaican. It’s a distinction without a difference, meaning she’s half Black like Obama is. And her descendants weren’t slaves in America, same as Obama.  No reparations for them.

*       *       *

Trump will continue to defy his critics, and we should be thankful he does. He’s trying to give peace a chance, like the song says.


Why Did the Utah Coed Meet With a Stranger?

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What a horrific crime! What kind of a society are we creating when a pretty coed goes on an app in the middle of the night and trusts meeting a complete stranger?  Did she not listen to her parents?  Never talk to strangers and definitely never get in their car.  Did she ever hear of Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, the Zodiac Killer, Hillside Strangler, or the Craigslist Killer? Apparently not!

Bundy would have it so easy these days with smart phones.  He wouldn’t have to feign a broken arm and ask for help. He’d just post his handsome photo on a website, say he was in law school; and, viola, the girls would come to him.  Was this girl so sheltered from the news growing up that she didn’t learn it could be dangerous to meet up with a stranger? Did she hear of Elizabeth Smart, Polly Klaas, or the Yosemite killings? There are evil predators out there!

Someone needs to shut down these apps. You may have a few innocuous encounters but eventually it will bite you in the ass. This Nigerian psychopath was a time bomb waiting to go off.  The contractor, who was creeped out when asked to build a soundproof room in his house, should have called the police. If you see something, say something is the mantra we should all live by. Or was he afraid of being called a bigot which is overused these days? And how and why does a Nigerian come here?

There was a loner recently who killed a girl’s family then held her captive for over a month in his house.  She finally escaped.  Don’t people know what’s going on?  Or are they watching the sugarcoated fake news or reading the New York Times? This is frustrating.  If girls knew what danger is out there lying in wait, they’d never go on any apps. All they are being taught is the danger of climate change from the likes of AOCI fear.  They are forgetting the basics. Lots of people dropped the ball before this girl got kidnapped and murdered.

Smart phones are part of the cause of this murder.  If she didn’t have a smart phone, she’d still be alive.  Smart phones don’t make you smarter, they make you dumber.  You can’t read a map, you can’t read someone’s demeanor because you’re always looking at your dumb phone, and you can’t talk because you’re always texting.  Cell phones should just be used for real emergencies–call Triple A when your car breaks down or 911 when in danger.  Not for meeting up with strangers.

Deepest condolences to the poor family of Mackenzie Lueck.  Every girl should be made aware of what happened to her in order to prevent a similar tragedy. 😦

Word to the wise: Don’t meet up with complete strangers; but if you must, make sure it’s in a public place and during the day. And bring some pepper spray if you have it. This goes for older gals too. You CAN’T Be TOO Careful! And don’t be afraid of hurting their feelings.



Now That the Candidates Have Come Out of the “Socialist” Closet…

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It’s time to let our youth know the “dirty little secret.”  They seem to think socialism is social media.  It’s not.  It’s government takeover of your life!  And it’s NOT FREE.  It will cost you, your parents, and your grandparent’s social security, healthcare, and life savings. And you don’t want to do anything to hurt grandma. Anything for free is not worth having.  It cheapens the value and, therefore, becomes ineffective.

For instance, free healthcare would become a mess of long waits, poor service, and lack of doctors and nurses. No one wants that. Why do you think Canada comes to America for operations?  Because of the long waits in their country.  Free college would result in impacted colleges, lack of professors and teachers, lack of housing, food, and parking resulting in four years turning to five or six years to graduate.  The end result would be a degree that’s not valued as you wouldn’t get the same attention or education as before. And employers would dismiss your degree as something you got for free like candy on Halloween. And, ironically, tuition would increase as they’d sock it to the government.  The real answer to high cost of tuition is forcing colleges to lower them.  But that’s a whole other problem that needs addressing.

The youth of America need to wake up and smell their Starbucks Vanilla Latte. They seem to be walking around in a college-induced cloud of “socialism is good, capitalism is bad.” When asked on campus what is socialism, none of them seem to know but they like it. They are being brainwashed by their professors.

The Democrat candidates all shot themselves in the foot during their debates.  They held their hands up willy nilly and went along with the socialist agenda.  They can’t take that back.  They are obviously pandering to the crazy left but at what price?  Their losing the election? Stupid.

Sleepy Joe didn’t know what hit him when he went along with the crazy left.  Where’s the Joe of the Obama years?  He sold his soul to the left Thursday night. What’s the first thing he’d do once becoming president, beating Donald Trump. Gaff, but what happened to his promise to cure cancer once he becomes president?  He’s not quick on the draw like Obama was, that’s for sure; but can’t he remember just a week ago?

The whole reason one used to attend college or get a job was to pay for their own health insurance, car insurance i.e. stand on their own feet.  If you get these things for free, why work or go to college?  Just sit home and see if the socialist government will pay for your home or tent too?  That’s why we have so many homeless camps.  They wait for their welfare check.  Getting free stuff just incentivizes our youth to become lazy and game the system which a lot of them are doing.

Health insurance is just what it’s called.  Insurance. We buy car insurance in case of a car accident.  Government doesn’t pay for that.  We buy home insurance in case of a fire or theft.  Government doesn’t pay for that.  We buy life insurance in case of death and there’s no money for our beneficiaries. Government doesn’t pay for that.  Health insurance has always worked in the past.  Albeit they get a little greedy when one has a pre-existing condition.  That’s why you apply for health insurance at a young age, so you are covered when you do get sick or hurt. And they never cancel you once you get sick.  That was a fallacy spread by the likes of Obama to get Obamacare passed. He lied when he said he fought with doctors daily when his mother got cancer.  Unless she didn’t have a health plan, he was lying. Extending the age to 26 on your parent’s health plan, just makes kids lazy.  Get a part time job already and start paying your own way. They have college rates for those attending college.  Check into it.

If the candidates were serious about giving free health plan to illegals, I don’t think we’ll have America as we now know it.  Make America Great Again will become Made America Socialist.  Let’s stop these insane ideas at the ballot box before it’s too late for America.  And talk to our youth to convince them that socialism is wrong for America.

Vote Trump 2020. Take Back The House.

And Then There Were Two.

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After last night’s debate at the grownup table, it was clear that Kamala Harris was the only one who could take on Biden and, therefore, moved herself up the ladder. It’s now a race between Biden and Kamala.  Kamala had her pre-planned attack and it made Biden look like a bullied kid on the playground.  I actually felt sorry for him.  First time ever.

Kamala, although she’s a good speaker, she was a little too rough on Biden.  It was bordering on cruel like the left calls Trump daily.  She can be a nasty woman as Trump would say.  Trump has put food back on the table of the middle class, Kamala.  We don’t need you to come up with a plan for that.  Done already.

The rest of the candidates talked about typical nonsense: Trump is kidnapping, killing,  or caging children, he’s a pathological liar, unemployment hasn’t gone down as people are holding three jobs, tax cuts were to pay off donors–Koch Brothers and NRA, he only cares about Wall Street, White supremacy, wants to go to war with Iran, climate change denier, reproductive rights are being assaulted, has insulted all the world leaders, Russia helped him win the election, and corporate corruption is running the White House.  Blau. blau, blau. All the aforementioned are lies, but it’s all they got.  Lies. A bunch of Debbie Downers with nothing positive to say about Trump.

None of them knew why we have a sudden increase of illegals invading the country. None of them mentioned that Soros is funding many of their trips.  None of them said that they are coming here for Trump’s prosperity not asylum.  None of them think that the onus should be on the parents of these children to protect them, not our government.  They all want to blame Trump for the conditions at the border, yet it is the Democrats who won’t allow an immigration reform bill to be passed.  They were all lying.

There was some #Metoo feminist at the end of the stage that no one knew.  Calls herself an author.  What a weirdo. She quoted JFK yet never mentioned his infidelity while in the White House.  (Guess he got a pass from her.)  She was just there for insult-slinging.

Hyper Gillibrand is a Hillary want-to-be and interrupted the moderators over twelve times.  She’s rude and abrasive with no manners. The other gentlemen on the stage at least had manners.

Cackling Kamala overplayed the race card.  Neighbor kids weren’t allowed to play with her.  She was bussed.  Poor girl.  I thought she was half Jamaican not African American.  Who knew? I guess she can play the race card when necessary.  At least she’s not claiming to be Native American. Does she want reparations?  She never addressed the massive homelessness in her state or the invasion of illegals aside from wanting to give them FREE health insurance plans. They never address how to pay for these pipe dreams or the unintended consequences of incentivizing more Latin Americans to come here.

Bernie looked like his spiel has run it’s course. He wrote his obituary when he mentioned that he wants terrorists to vote a month ago. Buttigeig looked meek as well as tie-less Yang. Swalwell wants the government to buy back all assault weapons from every house in America. Good luck with that plan. There were a few other “no names” from Colorado which is a state with so many problems–not worth mentioning.

Biden was inflicted with the “I did it already” disease that John Kasich had during his debates.  Biden said Trump was the first president to thumb his nose at our allies.  Really?  I do recall Obama thumbing his nose are our close ally, Israel.  Biden’s first priority if he wins the presidency is to defeat Donald Trump.  Hmmm.  Shouldn’t he have already done that?  Interesting.  Gaff.

But when it was all over, Kamala took on Biden turning him into a stuttering, battered husband and that means she’ll take on Trump which moves her up the ladder in the polls.  The rest of them will stay on the same rung.

Last Night’s “Kiddie Table” Debate was Lackluster.

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Some of my predictions rang true:  They spent nineteen minutes bashing Trump but didn’t go after each other. They never had a go at Biden or Sanders, nor ISIS, nor the wall, nor North Korea, nor Israel.  It’s almost as though the subjects never existed. They offered lots of freebies with no way to pay for them other than taxing the rich.  Same ol’ same ol’. In general, they sounded as though we were still in the Obama years with high unemployment and no growth. They ignored Trump’s economic success altogether.

Not one question about ISIS? What happened to ISIS?  Did Trump eliminate the threat? Was he given credit for that?  But they went back to the war in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and 9-11.  Hadn’t heard those names in a while.  I guess eight years of a threat of terrorism from ISIS under Obama and many terror attacks on our soil were an “inconvenient” memory.

But when asked what is the biggest threat to America today, some said China, others said nuclear war, others said Iran, one said climate change, one said Russia, and one nimrod said Donald Trump and the biased crowd cheered.  What an insult. Not one mention of North Korea which was an eminent threat when Trump took over. Did they give Trump credit for diffusing that threat?  I don’t think so. In short, they have no idea what the biggest threat to America is.  That alone should eliminate their chances. I think the answer should have been the invasion at our borders and all that that entails! Clueless group of candidates.

They all lamented on stagnant wages and irresponsible tax cuts only helping the rich and big corporations. Boo hoo!   They all lie like rugs. They also ballyhooed about stricter gun laws which could have prevented the last school shooting.  Actually, it was the Promise Program that Obama put in action that contributed to the school shooting as it allowed troubled kids to stay in school until they graduated.  The Mayor and Chief of Police condoned the Promise Program and the security guard acted cowardice.  All three contributed to the school shooting, not gun laws.

What I also gleaned from the debate: Warren is against big corporations, Booker and Beto like speaking Spanish which was real annoying.  It was like a “Spanish off” in Spanish class between three of the candidates.  Who can speak it the fastest?  Obviously vying for the illegal immigrant votes. What country are we living in? The congresswoman from Hawaii was pretty but not a good debater.  Klobachar was invisible as well as the rest of them.  One Hispanic Governor spoke often and with conviction.  They were all hot on women’s right to choose but didn’t want to go into specifics. They were hot on women getting equal pay as men.  One candidate mentioned transgender rights.  DeBlasio played the race card saying he’s the only one with a Black child and has to worry about him daily with the police.  He figured that would get the Black vote. Good luck with that.  Blacks aren’t stupid. They know when they are being pandered to. The audience was packed with female voters that liked to cheer when they were mentioned.  #Metoo was alive and well in the audience.  And LBGT rights too.

In my opinion, there were no stand outs.  I didn’t like their solutions to anything as they had none. No solution to the border crisis or healthcare.  All these years to think about it and they’ve got nothing. No good ideas.  I didn’t see any of them that could stand up to Trump in a debate.  They all looked scared.  If you’re afraid of Rachel Maddow, you don’t have a chance against Trump, although Rachel is scary.

The one compliment I will give the debate is: the moderators asked tougher questions than expected.  I thought they’d ask what your favorite movie was or book was or your pet’s name.  Big surprise to me. Those were the questions they used to ask Hillary, the chosen one. But they brought up Mitch McConnell a lot, like he was the sitting president. Probably a method to their madness like Mitch is running the show not Trump.  Like they did to Bush.  Always giving Cheney credit/blame for Bush’s decisions.

Most of them will stay at the “kiddie table” with the exception of Warren, Booker, and maybe the Hispanic governor. Trump needs to give him a nickname already.


“Wayfair. You’ve Got What I Need, Unless I’m a Trump Supporter.”

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Wayfair employees are walking out like zombies due to a “government contract” that sends beds to the border. If their employees are that dumb, I don’t want to shop there any longer.  These are the folks packaging our online purchases.  They have bought into the “concentration camp” lie and shows that they have no comprehension skills, no commonsense, no compassion, and aren’t for the good of America.  They’d rather punish kids brought over the border illegally by adults, as an anti-Trump policy statement.  Plain stupid.

They and the female soccer players who are already refusing to go to the White House can all get a room together somewhere, preferably out of this country.  I hope they lose their jobs.  This blind obsession against Trump is all it is–blind.  The blind leading the blind. They look like fools.

How did these losers come up with this plan?  From Facebook, Google?  Someone is behind all this crap.  Soros? These folks can’t think for themselves so they walk out like zombies being lead by their crazy leader.  Is it the bartender?  Hmmm.  She may have more power than I give her credit for.  I thought most folks saw through her for what she is–a dumb chick. I thought wrong.

Who are these sponge-brained kids being raised by?  I’m embarrassed that we’re turning out such wimpy, snowflake, losers.  I weep for the future when they inherit it. Hope Trump can save us from them, before it’s too late. Wayfair should change their song to, “Wayfair. You’ve got what I need, unless I’m a Trump supporter.”

Boycott Wayfair.  And cancel the bed order with them.  Place a new one with a discount mattress store or Sears or Penneys.  

Pre-debate Predictions…Goody Basket of Freebies; Trump Smackdown.

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Tonight will be the first Democrat debate of the 2020 Election.  What can we expect?  Aside from promises of a goody basket of freebies from preschool to college to healthcare to birth control to puppies and Popsicles, they will protect each other and go straight for Trump’s jugular.

Here’s the typical lies they repeat about Trump:  He pulls children from parents at the border, he’s killing children at border, he calls Nazi’s good people, he told Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, he’s at war with the media, he’s trying to suppress the vote, he colluded with Russia to win the election, he obstructed justice by saying ‘witch hunt’ and firing Comey, he wants to run for a third term, his tax cuts only helped top 1%, he won’t leave the White House if he loses, he wants war, he’s a chicken, he’s a dictator, he’s lost the dignity of the office,  he’s mean and cruel, he’s a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic, religious bigot, sexist, and the more recent a rapist.  They will stop at nothing to bring this man down.  The insults will be flying like incoming sniper fire all directed at Trump.  But they’ll protect each other as they’re all part of the Never-Trumper Resist Movement, if not the Insurance Plan.

Maybe one will get the chutzpah to go after Sanders for wanting terrorists and illegals to vote. That was his obituary a few weeks ago. Reparations will come up, and they’ll all be for it.  They’ll repeat the disgusting AOC’s lie of concentration camps at the border. It’s sort of “predictable nonsense” that comes out of them all like programmed robots.  They’ll avoid the topic of the economy or say it was passed down to Trump from Obama.  Another of their lies. They’ll say Trump has never earned anything on his ownAll given to him. They’ll call him a “game show” or “reality show” host and ignore his accomplishments as a businessman/builder and developer.  Doesn’t matter if it’s day one or day two of the debates, they’ll all spew the same garbage.

So get out your Jiffy Pop and watch the circus of clowns from Spartacus to Pocahontos to Sleepy Joe to Alfred E. Neuman to Crazy Bernie perform–all trying to smackdown our leader before the election.  All secretly hoping for impeachment so they don’t have to run against him. All thinking they have the secret sauce to run the country better than Trump or bring it back to the Obama days. All secretly in favor of a “reverse Wag the Dog” to upset Trump’s good economy.  All feigning denial that Trump is innocent of collusion and obstruction.  All repeating the same lies about Trump.  All offering a basket of freebies in exchange for votes.

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