During the State of the Union Address, Trump Ate Pelosi’s Lunch


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Pelosi’s face said it all.  Her crooked smirk, flipping through papers, and doing a seal clap was evidence that she was the most uncomfortable person in the room.  She didn’t know when to clap, stand, or smirk.  She was flabbergasted by Trump’s accomplishments that got standing ovations and either thought he was lying or refused to hear the truth.  Either way she was flummoxed. No wonder she didn’t want him to address the nation in the House forum with her sitting behind.  Awkward!

Her herd of white sheep rose a few times clapping for themselves but for the most part looked like angry, spite-filled, vengeful women that just found out their husbands’ were unfaithful. It was a casting call for a Lifetime movie.  All that was missing was their bloody knives. And the bartender looked like she had gotten into her mother’s makeup drawer.  She looked uneasy too and didn’t know when to clap or stand as she is clueless to Trump’s accomplishments and whether they are true or not.  She wore her resting (arresting) bitch face throughout the speech.

Trump skillfully complimented the women in Congress and the most women working on record which also threw off Nancy.  She didn’t see that compliment coming. They thought Trump was a womanizing, misogynist like they’ve been hearing in the news daily. Little did they know he has a heart and cares about women, minorities, handicap, and veterans.  Trump emphasized the policies that have helped minorities because all he hears in the news is that he is a racist.  He showcased two blacks that he commuted their sentences from prison. That put that lie to rest, much to the left’s chagrin.

He also mentioned that we need a cure for cancer and highlighted a little girl that is recovering from brain cancer.  No one could disagree with that.  In fact, the audience was having a hard time disagreeing with any of his accomplishments except when he mentioned the left’s useless investigations, a need for border wall, and drugs coming across the border.  He didn’t address climate change but, alas, he knows the truth about that.  So there is always something for the left to complain about despite Nancy looking so discombobulated as well as Kamala, Phonyhontas, and Bernie.  Bernie looked like he was about to explode when he heard the job statistics and Gillibrand was rolling her eyes and huffing like she wouldn’t ever be able to top Trump’s accomplishments–ever.  Remember she wants to abolish ICE.  She will eat those words. Spartacus looked angry like he was ready to attack Trump.

But the main gist of his speech was the great economy and jobs and how they are back.  And that the U.S. is leader in energy production which probably made the bartender mess her pants. She wants to end all that.  All in all a good speech that got 70% approval from the public. My favorite line of the night was “We will never be a socialist country!” I could see the backs going up on Bernie, Kamala, and especially “the bartender.”

So after all the media was boasting all week on how Pelosi played Trump during the shutdown of the government, it all turned around in Trump’s favor.  Which it should have.  Trump did eat her lunch and then some, as they say in grammar school.

Let’s Stop Indulging This Child by Putting Her in the Spotlight

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The “bartender” is the result of too much attention as a child turning her into an attention-seeking, egomaniac.  Every time she spoke her parents must have swooned over every word that came out of her mouth whether it was logical or not.  They probably put her in drama class and attended all her plays showering her with praise. They were helicopter parents and stage parents all rolled into one.  And this is the result.

Let’s not indulge her any longer.  Why the Democrats are spotlighting her on stage shows that their party is in distress.  Normally a nut like this would be ignored somewhat the way Bernie was by the Democrats and Obama.  Now suddenly they are embracing socialism.  Stop showing her soap box spiels on air. It just indulges her even more. She is an embarrassment to her party.

Her ideas are pie in the sky pipe dreams.  Not feasible or rational by any stretch of the imagination. A total fantasy.  Would cause mass unemployment and basically the ruin of our country not to mention the world.  Her favorite movie was probably Avatar which depicted humans depleting the Earth’s natural energy resources. Her “green plan” holds as much reality as little green men from Mars invading Earth. Don’t pay attention to the girl behind that curtain.  She’s a phony.

The day I can’t take out my vintage gas using auto for a scenic drive past my local dairy farms with beautiful herds of grazing cattle or drive to the airport to pick up my son who wants to visit with me is the day I don’t want to be around any longer. The day I must have my home dismantled and invaded by the government to meet solar energy laws is the day I don’t want to be around any longer.  The day I see young people sitting around lazy expecting to get paid for not working is a day I don’t want to be around any longer. Nothing worth getting is worth getting for free. The day I can’t choose to make a juicy steak or cheese sandwich or have my daily glass of milk is a day I don’t want to be around any longer.  Everything comes from cows.

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This bartender’s ideas may also be the result in her partaking in too many of the product she was pouring for customers.  She has no fresh ideas–all regurgitated lame nonsense from the left put together in one Green New Deal. It’s neither new nor a deal.  It’s just a spiel.  And the only thing green is all the green backs it will cost us to accomplish. Fox News should ignore her.  Stop giving her air time.  She’s a waste of time and energy.

If this is what the Democrats are going to embrace for 2020, we might as well pronounce Trump the winner already.  It’s a slam dunk for him now.

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Why Are Costumes Suddenly Taboo?

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We’ve worn costumes since childhood.  We’ve impersonated Native Americans, Japanese girls, cowboys, Mickey Mouse, cops, Germans, Chinese, Scandinavians, Dracula, Mexicans, Italians, race car drivers, firemen, and celebrities regardless of their race, religion, color, or nationality.

Comedians and actors over the years in film have impersonated blacks, Asians, Indians, Jews, Englishmen and women.  Why are only certain races off-limits?  And since when?  When was the cutoff date?  Did they send out a flier for all to know?  Why are we allowed to put on white wigs when impersonating the British Royals but not an Afro wig when impersonating a black?  Did they pass some law?

They sell Afro wigs and Native American headdresses.  They sell kimonos and sombreroes. Are only humans that are of the same race allowed to purchase them?  Or are we as a society becoming a little bit too sensitive and lost our sense of humor?  Apparently the only costumes we are allowed to dress in are fictitious characters like Batman or werewolf or Frankenstein.

My mother once dressed as a hillbilly with missing teeth and my son a hobo.  Are those insensitive to the poor and homeless?  A cheerleader once wore a multicolored Afro wig to a basketball game and the opposing team claimed the whole school was racist.  It made the newspaper and the school was banned from playing other teams because of one cheerleader who thought he was being funny.  He didn’t paint his face black.  If anything he was being gay.  But the black players on the other team were offended.  This happened 15 years ago so things haven’t gotten better.

Every year masks are made of our presidents for kids to wear.  Are they being disrespectful to the president?  Maybe, but no one cares.  They only care when someone impersonates a black–the protected race.  I thought blacks wanted to be treated equally. If we’re going to be outraged by a costume, at least be equally outraged for all races of people being impersonated. Why is okay to dress up as Brittany Spears but not Whitney Houston?  In my eyes, there’s no difference. Both singers.  Why is it racist to impersonate a black especially if you admire the person you dress up as?  We can dress as Marilyn Monroe and no one says a thing.  When one sees a black guy posing with a KKK member, it’s supposed to be funny.  But that was lost on political correctness. It’s akin to a prisoner posing with a policeman. Opposites attracting.

I think we all need to sit back and take a breath.  Costumes are costumes.  They are not meant to offend.  They are meant to disguise yourself so no one knows who you are.  That is the reason people dress up in costumes.  No other reason.  Every race should be treated the same.  When Michael Jackson tried to be white by bleaching his skin, no one said he was racist against whites.  If anything he wanted to be white. Maybe those impersonating blacks, want to be black.  Who cares? We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves when we dress up in a costume.  Tired of it.  Let people wear costumes without the costume police. I’d never stick up for Joy Behar for any reason but if she dressed as a black celebrity, who cares?  Leave people alone already.  Stop this political correctness in everything we do! Costumes are just costumes.

What I do get outraged by is someone claiming to be a Native American to garner jobs and admission to college over true Native Americans.  That irks me.

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The Media’s Trigger Words of the Week: Billionaire, The Wall, and MAGA Hats.

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Over and over people are triggered by the word billionaire, mainly due to Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz,  planning a run for the presidency as an Independent. But also I hear The Wall being used over and over as some sort of racist dog whistle, which it is not.  And lastly, MAGA Hats being compared by the media to KKK hoods is appalling. One restaurant owner in San Francisco says he won’t serve anyone wearing a MAGA Hat.  How about, I won’t go to a restaurant that has feces on the sidewalk?

The left media needs to check themselves.  They are sounding stupider and more desperate as the weeks go on.  Who’s checking their commentary?  Billionaires used to be looked up to as they start businesses that hire thousands of people.  When did that become a bad thing?  Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezo are billionaires too.  Are they okay in the Democrat’s eye?  Probably–until they run under an Independent ticket.

Walls have been used all over the world to protect countries and homes from what we are going through right now–intruders. And the sex trafficking and drug smuggling is a real crisis not to be laughed at by the media.  Just because they don’t investigate it, doesn’t make it not real.  Trump has more information on that subject than they do.

The left is trying to take out Trump and Schultz at the same time by labeling them inexperienced billionaires.  They figure the never-Trumpers will associate Schultz with Trump and he’ll be ignored.  What they don’t realize is that they will be taking out one of their own as he is a big lib and always supported liberal causes like open borders.  Dems don’t usually take out their own. But if they threaten to steal votes away from their Democratic candidate, they won’t have it.  He’d actually be the best candidate for them to run on their ticket but he chose not to run on Medicare for all and free college for all as he knows it will bankrupt the country. He’s either smarter than the other candidates or cares more about our country’s future or both.

Schultz is a self-made billionaire and that threatens the left, as they prefer folks who’ve gotten everything they have from the government. The American Dream would be revealed and socialists don’t want that story told.  Remember Obama’s famous line:  “You didn’t build that! The government helped with roads and utilities.”  What a dork.

Democrats prefer lifetime politicians and the people who depend on them for freebies, i.e. socialism. They prefer candidates that have never hired anyone, run anything, or built a company from ground up (Hillary, Obama, Sanders, Biden, Warren).  No life experience in the real world and how it works, like Trump has.  Again, we are BetteroffwithTrump. 


The Democrats are “Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater.”


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In other words:  By trying to get rid of Trump, they just washed their chances down the drain too by pulling out all the stops on abortion.

Now they condone babies being aborted at birth in order to prove some lame point that Republicans want to abolish Roe vs Wade or that Republicans want to control women’s bodies. They are using this scare tactic as a last resort because everything else they’ve thrown at Trump hasn’t stuck. Hillary tried this tactic in her last debate against Trump and had voters appalled.

If this is the platform they want to run on, we might as well announce Trump the winner right now. It’s a losing platform.  Their other platform is “no walls” at our border.  Walls are immoral, but murder of a baby isn’t?   We just won hands down with this platform.  Four more years!

“A rose is a rose is a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Just as a wall is a wall is a wall by any other name would stop intruders.

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The leftists are playing semantics with Republicans; but in the long run, it will backfire on them.  We the people have eyes and see foreigners lined up to enter our country illegally. We aren’t stupid. Build the wall to deter them from coming in at easy locations. It will pay for itself in the long run by not having all of these illegals on welfare.

Nancy is proposing more legal points of entry and roads into our country!  With that thinking, if one’s house was being broken into time after time through the same door, would the logical solution be to add more doors to your house?  Of course, not.  It would be to put a high fence around the perimeter with security cameras.  Nice try, Nance.  We ain’t buying your solution.  Sounds like appeasement to the media not a solution to the mass invasion of our borders which is a crisis.  More entries equals more drugs being smuggled in by trucks.

I Saw a T-shirt Reading, “Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way” Worn by a 30- Something. Are You Kidding Me?

boy wearing blue and white stay cool print crew neck t shirt next to girl wearing white and teal butterfly printed scoop neck shirt and gray open long sleeved cardigan
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Is this the new mantra of our youth that girls and boys are the same gender? And that their parents must raise them exactly the SAME WAY?  What exactly does this message mean?

Boys should be allowed to join Girl Scouts and visa versa?  Boys should be given dolls as toys and girls toy soldiers?  I mean what is it they want parents to do?  Dress them in the same outfits?  Let the boys wear purses, lipstick, and barrettes in their hair? I’m confused.

I hate to tell these young kids but boys are different than girls.  Boys pee different.  Boys walk different. Boys have different body parts. Boys grow beards and hair on their chest. Boys are stronger and better at athletics. Boys can lift heavier items. We teach different things to our sons than our daughters because they are different.

As a mother of sons, I know young boys are harder to raise because they are so active and play physical. And they always lose their stuff.

So the next time someone wears a stupid slogan like that on their chest, they need to explain themselves.  If they only mean, send your daughters to college or teach your sons to cook, then that’s okay.  But I feel they are trying to say something else to society like that we are all the same.  Which we are not!  Or if the daughter is a tomboy, we should cut off her hair and sign her up for Boys Scouts.  No, we shouldn’t!

Let boys be boys, and girls be girls! Stop trying to turn people into all looking and acting the same. What a boring world that would be.

There’s a reason they wrote of poem in the 19th century:

                                                  What are little boys made of?

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

                                                    What are little girls made of?

                                              Sugar and spice and everything nice. 

Who could argue with that?


Maybe We’re Reading the FBI Predawn Raid All Wrong.

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Everyone is so outraged by the excessive force of the FBI on Roger Stone that the outrage was almost to be expected.  Expected so much that maybe it was done purposely by Mueller.  For what reason?  Maybe Mueller wants to be fired by the AG for abuse of power so he can leave the investigation as a hero among leftists like Comey did.  Fired before his investigation is complete? The lame stream media would have a conniption and the blame would be put on Trump as usual.  Maybe it’s Mueller’s only way out.  He’s trying to save face as he has nothing on Trump and is afraid to let his adoring fans down.

This could be the only reason for such excessive conduct and unequal enforcement of the law.  He knew the media would be shocked by 29 FBI Agents with guns deployed–like in a movie scene–knocking on a white-collar suspect’s door treating him like the Unabomber. Mueller wanted the outrage.  He couldn’t be asking to be fired more if he sent the AG a letter requesting it.

Former and current FBI employees are outraged, if not embarrassed.  Mueller had to know this would have been the reaction to what he orchestrated, yet he did it anyway. You have to think of Mueller’s motive.  The media says it’s intimidation.  “He’s trying to scare Stone into singing like a canary.”   I disagree.  It’s desperately seeking to be fired.