The “Great Uniter” Wants to Jail his Opponents.

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Desperate Biden says he wants to jail his political opponents in an attempt to garner laughs on the Kimmel Show. He’s resorted to late night non-comedy for an interview. This way when he screws up an answer, he can say he was just kidding. But reality is, he has been jailing all Trump supporters and cabinet members that he can, starting with rally goers at the Capitol riot that have unconstitutionally been jailed since the rally.

Chuck Schumer incited violence upon Brett Kavanaugh in an outdoor speech which had led to an assassination attempt on Kavanaugh’s life at his place of residence. It’s against the law to protest outside a Supreme Court Justice’s home yet none of the protestors are getting arrested under the Biden Administration. The Biden supporters are desperate and out of control.

All the Democrats are running on is Abortion, Guns, and Insurrection. It’s all they have left. Biden’s policies and spending spree has not succeeded in helping America. But they refuse to let any crisis go to waste, thus the gun reform speech by an actor at the White House. But all three of the crises were a result of Democrat dirty deeds. Some Democrat leaked a decision on abortion prior to the justices’ final ruling. Democrat parents dropped the ball on their mentally ill sons allowing them to purchase rifles used in recent mass shootings. And the Democrats planned and executed the trespassing of the Capitol as Nancy turned down 20,000 National Guard approved by Trump and the security escorted rally goers inside during an important election hearing.

Nothing the Democrats do helps America. Nothing. Biden is still tripping on the stairs to Air Force One, Hunter has still not been indicted yet nor Hillary, their press secretary is still lying, the border is still being overrun by illegals, their drones are still rioting in the streets and in front of political opponents’ homes, violence in cities is still rising, gasoline and food prices are still soaring, homelessness is still increasing, the Supreme Court leaker has still not been identified, the truth of the stolen election has still not been widely accepted, and outlaws are still being released back on the street in Democrat-run cities.

Election reform has still not been universally adapted, “masks or no masks” “boosters or no boosters” covid is still spreading, our government has still not held China responsible for unleashing covid onto the world, Fauci still has a job, Democrats are still allowed to spread hate on social media, baby formula is still hard to find, products are getting smaller but cost the same, The Dollar Tree is no longer a dollar, cancel culture is still alive and entered the professional golf arena, and the deficit is still soaring while our roads and bridges are still collapsing. Other than that, everything is hunky dory.

Welcome to America which is run by the Great Uniter.


Welcome to the Kangaroo Kourt Kommission on the Kapitol Khaos Kabuki Theatre tonight. What a Hollywood production sham of a Democrat-only committee to selectively choose what they deem the public to see so they can put the final nail in Trump’s coffin. Will they report on the rejected 20,000 National guard? Will they even mention Ashlee Babbitt getting shot down in cold blood by a Trump-hating BLM supporter security guard? Will they show footage of the security guards escorting rally goers into the building? Will they show footage of the FBI undercover agents inciting the crowd? “No” to all the aforementioned.

America’s Melting Pot is Much to Blame for Increased Violence.

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For decades America has opened its arms to welcome foreigners from every country, legally. But under the Biden administration we not only welcome them, we allow them to cross over our borders illegally without punishment. They are breaking the law, and Biden doesn’t care. He actually gives them cell phones, baby formula, food, clothing, then buses them to a town near you. They are entering illegally at a rate of around 200,000 a month now under doofus Biden.

Biden has lots of remedies to prevent school shootings but the one thing he never comments on is stiffer penalties for those that break the law. Give them the death penalty if they kill someone. Emphasize stricter penalties for these shooters rather than blame the gun shops, gun laws, or Republicans. Outlaws don’t follow gun laws.

Biden said we are the only country that has these school shootings. I wonder why? Other than our loosey goosey law enforcement these days, another reason is we allow folks from any country with different religions, cultures, and values that don’t easily assimilate into our culture, laws, and traditions and; as a result, they build up resentment over the years. For instance, we allowed Muslims after 9-11, Japanese after Pearl Harbor, and South Americans after a stolen election because we want to be known as bleeding heart America. But I suspect it has gone too far.

Melting Pot America will be our undoing. Countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, China, Mexico, even Canada, etc. have predominately natural born citizens living there of the same nationality. This makes for a more congenial lifestyle for its citizens rather than having certain groups standing up against their country’s traditions. America, on the other hand, has pockets of foreigners like Muslims, Mexicans, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, and Israelis speaking their language and living their cultures within our country. An enemy within. And under Biden, no telling how many new nationalities have entered our country thinking it will be a utopia or planning the next terror attack. Blending cultures was America’s goal, but they don’t always mix congenially. Europeans mix nicely with us as our forefathers were descendants of Europe, but other countries not so much. They curdle in the pot rather than blend smoothly.

When these foreigners find out they don’t fit in, they grow resentful and angry much like the marathon bombers did. We don’t know for sure what leads up to a mass shooter as the government will not release that information to us. Remember the Las Vegas shooter? Funny how the government buried that story. Must have been a disgruntled Hillary voter or something else nefarious. All they do is label it a hate crime, domestic terror, or a terror attack or their favorite white supremacy. They never get to the root of the reason, especially if the shooter or car mower is black. Because under Biden, black is good, transgender is good; whites are bad, heterosexuals are bad. This is the filth they are teaching our children in school.

Bottom line: Our country is melting into one big pot of boiling dissention, and we can expect just about anything if this leadership continues. Vote these degenerates and reprobates out in November, especially Liz Cheney. Vote Republican, not RINO, all the way down the ticket, or we’ll be doomed forever.

Weak Leadership = Weak Economy.

“I said we have the best economy of every country, even China!” Biden brags.
“But sir, we can’t afford gasoline or find baby formula or afford groceries,” One reporter says.
“First I’ve heard of this,” Biden responds perplexingly.

Biden is looking weaker and weaker the more he comes to the mic. Today he could hardly get the words out of his mouth while he was gaslighting all of us about the best economy since sliced bread. He even spins a yarn about the high cost of gasoline when he was a child which was probably 50 cents a gallon. He signed a five billion dollar bail out of student college loans which raises the deficit, but says he is lowering the deficit by companies increasing wages. What? He’s really just buying students’ votes in November.

This guy is so weak that he doesn’t make any sense when he comes to the mic. None of his facts add up. Best employment since l976 or some other nonsense. Trump had all the records beaten during his four years and Biden doesn’t even come close to any of Trump’s records. Trump had gasoline at $1.87 and now it’s five bucks and rising. Biden is closing down all drilling leases and pipelines yet says there’s no magic switch to turn things around. Very similar to when Obama said we’d need a magic wand to get manufacturing companies back. I guess Trump had the magic wand. If not for covid, Trump would still be president. And who brought us covid? Hmmmm.

I heard a rumor that DHS is considering starting reconstruction of the southern border wall. Trump’s wall. Hmmm. I wonder if it took two years of lying to finally admit that their policies aren’t working and that Trump had a secure border? But rebuilding the wall? Amazing. I’d like to see it, or is it just another gaslighting by Biden to win in the midterms. [Promise them anything so we can win this November.]

Kamala is cackling again about putting billions into solar buses. What a kook. Our country can no more afford solar buses as we are spending money like drunken sailors. What’s the point of solar buses if our children are getting shot in school? We throw money at every problem but nothing ever gets fixed. Billions to the schools for covid ventilation yet what they really needed was to harden the security of the schools since Sandy Hook. We spend money, borrow money, and print money. We don’t bring in enough money to cover our debts. Soon Biden will have to pay the piper but we’ll be bankrupt by then. Did someone say we have rainbow colored bullets in the military now? Help!

“This expression “pay the piper” originated around the 1680s. Many sources suggest that it comes from the story The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The story of the pied piper takes place in the 1200s. The town, Hamelin, had a rat infestation. A man in colorful clothes offered to get rid of all the rats, for a fee. The town agreed, and the man played a pipe to get all the rats to leave the town and drown themselves in a nearby river.

When the piper came to collect payment, the townspeople told him that they would not pay. The rats were already gone, so they had no reason to make good on their debt. As revenge, the pied piper played his pipe to get all the children of the town to follow him.

Although the rat portion of this story is fiction, historical records do show that this town lost its children at that time. The exact cause is unknown.” Google. I suspect they had a weak mayor like Biden whose wife drags him around like Weekend at Bernie’s.

Is There Any Good News Lately?

Good ol’ American apple pie.

Lately it seems there is nothing positive to hear in the news. No matter how much we complain about what this administration has done to the country and no matter how many solutions to the problems we offer, they fall on deaf ears and nothing gets done. The problems are just swept under the carpet, dismissed as ephemeral, or blamed on a myriad of excuses.

I heard one pundit say our country is being turned into a communist globalist society. Not sure what this entails but it doesn’t sound good nor was it something we were taught about in school. Communism, yes; but globalist society, no. Once we turn socialist which it seems we have become, a society of loafers sitting home on their computers in the basement, not paying rent, and depending on the government to support them, then the next step is communism.

Joe seems to like the direction the country is going and therein lies the problem. Rumors of him and his son being behind the covid 19 biolab research, condoning the war in Ukraine to coverup biolab evidence, Sussmann jury pool filled with Hillary donors, shortages of baby formula, apathy toward rising gas prices, encouraging folks to buy expensive EV cars, mass shootings by troubled youth, open border invasion of drug and gun smugglers, costs of food rising to unaffordable levels, retirement plans hitting new lows, rumors of election fraud on the horizon, blaming white supremacy for everything, violence in the streets of big cities, increase in racism and reverse racism, biological men dominating in women’s sports, etc., etc., and no one wants to point out the root cause of all of this.

It’s Joe Biden! People will downplay what is going on like it just appeared out of no where. It drives me crazy. I hear, “Things are costing so much these days” or “those guns are becoming so easy to purchase” or “fentanyl is killing our youth” or “oil companies are so greedy” or “supply chains are the worst” or “the stock market is coming back” or “our schools are unsafe” or “people are so angry these days” and lastly, my favorite, “God is giving us high gas prices so we’ll stay home to save the planet”. I guess Joe is God now. But notice no one is addressing the real cause: Joe Biden. None of this happened under Trump except for the BLM and Antifa riots which they all seem to conveniently ignore but were part of the Democrats Resist Movement.

They like to call Joe an empty suit, being controlled by the likes of Obama or Susan Rice. And they are not bothered by this. But whether or not he is controlled by others is not relevant as the results are the same. He’s corrupt and so are they. He likes what they are telling him. He likes what the teleprompter reads. And when he goes off script and says what he really wants, it’s right in line with what they are pushing down our throats: Wars, famine, recession, hate, social justice, climate change initiatives, fear, poverty, socialism, tax the rich, gun confiscation, and LBGTQ rights.

Joe Biden is running a crime syndicate family and has been for years. I’m sick of the news sugarcoating what he has gotten away with. Let’s call a spade a spade. Joe’s a socialist who wants to change our country into a communist globalist society. He wants to abolish the second amendment and confiscate our guns. He wants to eliminate all gasoline cars. He wants blacks, women, transgenders, gays, and pedophiles running the country, preferably a combo of them all. Heterosexual, white men need not apply. He wants sex and racism taught in elementary schools. He wants more abortions to combat overpopulation. He wants interracial marriages but pays couples to stay single. There’s no sugarcoating the fact that Joe was behind the stolen election of 2020 and the riot at the capitol and has his drones out in droves planning another one this midterm and in 2024.

No telling what incredible story they will try to pin on our 2020 candidates. I’m sure they have their drones paying for another fake dossier on Trump and DeSantis right now. It will involve sexual deviance of some sort. They’re casting for the next Stormy Daniels, Dr. Ford, or Switnick.

So while I search for some good coming out of this administration, I find none except that the selective Metoo movement took a big hit yesterday. Therefore, Joe Biden and his ilk need to go. Joe has not taken responsibility for one of his mistakes. He just blames others. They are ruining everything that America stands for, or used to stand for: Freedom, courage, American flag, independence, capitalism, strong military, family values, traditionalism, our constitution, our forefathers and explorers, space exploration, legal immigrants, hardworking families, innovation, religious freedom, The Bible, baseball, and apple pie.

Sussmann Verdict Proves D.C. Democrats are Dishonest People!


Any juror with half a brain knew the evidence presented to them proved Sussmann was working for Hillary Clinton and was involved in spreading outrageous lies about Trump to the FBI. Those jurors should be ashamed of themselves; but, of course, Democrats have no conscience nor did the judge who was appointed by Obama. They are all in cahoots to bring Trump down, even more now as they fear he will return.

I have lost all faith in Democrat leaders. They outright lie. They lie by omission. And they have no guilt. Those jurors who voted not guilty on a piece of paper will have their karma to deal with as we can’t trust the legal system any longer. Nor can we trust the election system. The outlaw Democrats have their hands in everything. They are no better than outlaws from the Old Wild West that robbed banks, stole horses, stuffed ballot boxes, and burned down the Sheriff’s Station. They are no better than the mafia that had corrupt police working for them. They are no better than the leaders of Third World Countries and are turning us into one. No doubt these jurors got paid off by the Clinton Machine as a guilty verdict would lead Durham right to Hillary’s front door.

I’m fed up with our whole system.

Texas School Massacre is the New “George Floyd.”

Innocent grade school children.

Mr. Blame couldn’t use white supremacy this time so he has come up with a scheme to somehow “blame Republicans” for not passing more gun laws. Somehow our leader has found a way to blame us for a mentally ill, high school dropout, abandoned by his liberal parents, Hispanic teen that shot up a grammar school. Outrageous! Apparently, this is all Biden has left to blame on us. He failed at all the other excuses. He has his drones out in droves in congress and on The View saying similar nonsense. Republicans failed to pass gun reform laws so, therefore, this massacre happened or something along those lines.

Biden is off his rocker. He mentioned George Floyd yesterday as a dog whistle to get his radical base out to the streets again before midterms. Certainly this evil kid had problems at home; but how they come to the conclusion that it is just a “gun purchasing” problem defies logic. Certainly a background check should have turned up something on this kid. The shop owner should have alerted someone. “If you see something, say something” seems to be just a mantra. They should have called the FBI or at least his parents. But he also had a handgun and the media doesn’t mention where he snagged that. Most likely from his liberal, irresponsible parents’.

But, this notwithstanding, the boy could have mowed down a street full of parade goers or set an apartment house afire or attacked children in a playground with a machete. I wonder if he was what Biden once called “The Dreamers?” Doubt if the media will ever tell us that. He was obviously a troubled teen and possibly on drugs. He lived with his grandmother rather than his parents. That alone looks like the core of the problem. Parents need outlets to handle their out-of-control, depressed teenagers especially after a year of school shutdowns in his prime. Family counseling, outreach, drug rehab, worship, therapy, work programs, etc. could have prevented this timebomb from going off–not Republicans passing more gun laws like Whoopie and the Dems seem to think.

But, of course, this is a midterm year, and they will stoop at nothing to blame Republicans rather than look in the mirror. Why is it when clearly liberal families drop the ball, Republicans get blamed? Was he a Trump supporter? I think not. Are we responsible for every liberal family that fails to raise a decent child? I think not. This child should have been in school or holding down a job rather than home brooding and planning to shoot his grandma. “Idol hands are a devil’s workshop” and this kid was evil. I can’t imagine a situation whereby one of my grandsons decides to shoot me someday. Horrible.

Parents should have met with school authorities and had some program for this kid to graduate. The school dropped the ball. The counselors dropped the ball. Police dropped the ball. The gun store dropped the ball. Social media screeners dropped the ball. His friends dropped the ball. Hollywood movie producers dropped the ball. Video game producers dropped the ball. But mostly his liberal parents dropped the ball. But no Republicans dropped the ball. So many red flags went ignored and none of them were Republicans.

The government gave billions to schools during covid to improve their ventilation systems so the children would breathe covid-free air, but they never focus on protecting the children from the evil outside school doors. Schools need to be secured. The days of open campuses are over. The Democrats are against securing schools, funding more police, and security guards. If anything, they are to blame for the school invasion that killed innocent lives. But notice no one in the media blames them. Remember the Parkland shooter? Police hid outside while the shooter went wild inside the school. I thought this would never happen again. But apparently schools have not wised up.

So expect the crazy Democrats and Biden to use this against us in the midterms. Somehow we are to blame for all their evil. I weep for the children who lost their lives and their parents who sent them to school thinking they were safe. Not any longer. No more. No more. Something has to be done in our schools to keep our precious children safe. And it’s not passing more gun laws. Criminals don’t follow laws. Murder is against the law, and they ignore that law. Maybe someone needs to invent lightweight bulletproof vests for our school children. Horrible times we are living in. We can’t send our children to school in bulletproof bubbles, but it seems we will have to if this evil continues.

Biden Wants an End to Guns, Gasoline Cars, and Births.

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Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit but whenever he comes to the mic, he slips up and tells us what he really wants. He wants us all driving EV cars and even admitted increased gas prices are a means to an end of gasoline. He also wants an end to the 2nd Amendment which his drones in the media are asking for. And finally, he wants less babies being born like AOC is touting to combat overpopulation. All part of her Green New Deal plan which Biden is onboard with.

But if we stacked all our discarded gasoline cars on top of each other, they would probably reach the moon. Where in the hell does Biden think all these abandoned cars would go? Smashed and recycled? Museums? He never looks at the big picture. Guns aren’t killing people; mentally ill, gangs, and criminals are. Births are part of our pursuit of happiness and are protected by the constitution. So you see, guns, gasoline cars, and births are here to stay whether he likes it or not. You can’t eliminate them.

Biden is an angry, old man that wants to leave behind a legacy known as “The Green President who saved the world.” Unfortunately, the only green he will be remembered for is his green with envy of Trump. Trump was a successful businessman that knew how things are run; and as a result, everything he touched turned to gold. Conversely, Biden is a lifetime bureaucrat that has never run anything; so everything he touches, turns to dust.

Biden now realizes that he has ruined America in two short years, has lost most of his fanbase, and is grasping at straws. Laura Ingraham said it best, Biden uses tragedies to promote his own political agenda. Shameful. He is not the empathetic or the compassionate president like Democrat Brett Baier keeps falsely repeating. I see the opposite. He’s turned to stone from the tragedies he has experienced in his life. Rather than sympathizing with others, he’s now cold and calculating.

The Democrat Party props him up as some sort of older, wiser, gentler, more experienced politician, but he has even failed at foreign policy. He should never comment on foreign policy, said Senator Rand Paul recently. He also shouldn’t be sharing our foreign policy positions for the world to hear. The old adage, “Loose lips, sink ships” comes to mind. And Biden has loose lips. The person behind the teleprompter is running the show. Sort of like in The Wizard of Oz. Notice Biden couldn’t blame yesterday’s shooter on white supremacy as the kid was Hispanic, so he reverted to his old standby: gun lobbyists and gun sales. Boy, oh boy, that must have stuck in his craw not to mention white supremacy.

So while Biden continues to try to eliminate guns, gasoline cars, and births in America, let’s keep setting him straight by speaking our mind where and whenever we can.


Part of the problem in mass shootings of late is adults (even Democrat ones) are angry about where our country is headed and their anger trickles down to their children. Other problems are: Biden’s open borders have allowed many less than desirable characters into our country. Schools are too soft on troubled students, police have dropped the ball, and kids have no home supervision. Some have no father figure in the family. Schools need to be secured from within not just on the outside. Fenced perimeters, one locked entry door, metal detectors, security cameras, armed guard outside, and at least one volunteer teacher trained in gun usage to protect the children. Allow the police or FBI to surveil troubled teens social media that post photos of themselves garnishing guns and threatening lives. None of the above was done at this school. Abolish the Promise Program initiated by Obama.

In the fifties, we had air raid drills in the classroom in the event we got bombed from above. We weren’t upset by the drills. We weren’t snowflakes either. We had disciplinary teachers who scolded and punished us. Schools should have shooter drills in the classroom. Where to go, what to do, etc. similar to fire drills. It sounds scary, but there are too many crazy 18-year-olds out there. Covid shutdowns had them confined for over a year and now they are coming out armed for bear. If our government refuses to secure our schools, then we’ll have to put our kids in private school or homeschool. Don’t leave it up to the individual school districts. We don’t want our innocent children being massacred by troubled teens. Did we learn nothing from Columbine? Sandy Hook? Parkland? Apparently so.

Pray for the families who lost loved ones. If you see something, say something.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: “What Happened in the 2020 Election?”

Mules are ballot harvesters that literally stuff the ballot box (drop boxes) like was done in the Old Wild West or Third World Countries. They come out in the wee hours of the morning but were caught on tape in this documentary movie and tracked by their cell phones. These drop boxes were paid for by Zuckerberg of Facebook fame and suggests that he colluded with Biden to influence the election by providing these drop boxes that had no chain of custody. Where’s the investigation into that collusion? Where’s Bob Mueller now?

Where did these ballot harvesters obtain these ballots is the burning question? At rest homes, homeless encampments, winos on the street, drug rehab centers, prison, or some other God only knows locations? How do we know a ballot came from a coherent person that showed his ID and signed their name? We don’t. How do we know these ballots weren’t forged in someone’s basement with fake names, fake signatures, and fake addresses? We don’t. How do we know where these drop boxes were taken? We don’t.

We do know that ballot harvesting is illegal and considered election fraud, punishable by jailtime. We do know that suitcases of ballots were rolled into an election office after the counting stopped and election workers had changed their clothes and appearances in order to pull this off. We do know that the “broken waterline” was just a ruse to shutdown the counting, send home workers, and allow fraud to occur. We do know that windows were covered with cardboard to prevent anyone from seeing what they were doing. We do know that inspectors were prevented from standing too close to election workers and some were even prevented from entering some election offices. We also know that not one of these criminals have been arrested, as yet. Biden would never approve that nor Garland.

This movie by Dinesh D’Souza attempts to explain some of the mysteries of the 2020 election. It’s been my experience, even when talking to conservatives, that if they can’t easily put together the puzzle pieces of this election, they don’t want to hear about it. After all, it was unprecedented so, therefore, not possible. Widespread voter fraud in many states sounds like a conspiracy theory to them, and they want no part of it; thus why FOX News owners will not allow this movie to be mentioned on their network. Must be due to the liberal wives of the owners. Where’s Rush Limbaugh when we need him? He’d be all over this movie.

We do know that most Americans witnessed in real time an election being shut down while Trump was ahead, but the next morning a different scenario miraculously emerged. This made inquiring minds think some shenanigans occurred overnight, but they weren’t sure if it amounted to the level of fraud or enough to change the results. This documentary movie attempts to answer some of our questions.

I can’t wait to see it. Do you think Netflix will carry it? HBO? Showtime? Discovery? Anyone? Just kidding. You Tube is already banning the trailer.

Sussmann Trial Indicates Mueller as an Accomplice in Russia Collusion Charade.

Crooked Hillary.

Testimony in Clinton Lawyer, Michael Sussmann’s trial suggests that Bob Mueller, Special Counsel, knew all along that the story behind Trump colluding with Russia was contrived, fabricated, approved, and signed off by Crooked Hillary herself so she could tarnish Trump before and after the election. But he went along with it anyway to ruin Trump’s reputation in his first few years as president. “The means justifying the end” rears its ugly head again.

Everyone on Mueller’s team knew. Comey knew. Strzok knew. Page knew. Weissman knew. Ohr knew. McCabe knew. Clapper knew. Brennan knew. And dare I say, FBI Director, Chris Wray knew and didn’t put a stop to it. This team of corrupt lawyers spent 37 million taxpayer $$$$$ lining their own pockets, all the while pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public. The whole lot of them in the FBI need to be impeached.

And who spread the fake Steel Dossier among the Senate? None other than Trump rival, Senator John McCain. Did he know it was fake? Probably, but what the heck. He wanted to take Trump down for something he said during one of his debates. Senator Romney has been filling in for McCain since his death.

This trial of Sussmann actually has chosen Hillary donors as jurists. They also chose a jurist that knows Sussmann personally. You can’t make this stuff up. This alone would never fly in any other city other than corrupt D.C. Durham should have gotten a change of venue outside of D.C. Why are we always so trusting to allow a tainted jury before the trial even begins? Durham should know better. It shows that we are still naïve to the tricks of the Clinton Machine. They have probably already bribed or blackmailed the jurors.

The lame stream media won’t even mention this trial as they have always been in the tank for Hillary. I turned on one of their shows only to hear how Trump planned a capitol insurrection to change the results of the election that killed officers and guards. Now they have resorted to exaggerating the whole incident. They are still obsessed with Trump. So you see, we are up against a vindictive media, a corrupt government, and some lawless renegades in the legal system. Will Sussmann even be found guilty with these mounting bombshells; and if so, will his accomplices be held accountable? In a perfect world. But nothing is perfect right now. In fact, everything is upside down.

I won’t hold my breath as we have been sort of naïve to the tricks of the Clinton Machine. They have their dirty hands in everything. And they are indestructible like The Terminator.

The Left Does to Elon Like They Did to Trump.

Why? Because billionaire Elon Musk used to be the darling of the left with his space exploration and EV cars but is now realizing that it IS the left that is filled with hate and racism, not the Republicans. So he’s abandoned the Democrat Party which he falsely thought was the party of kindness. Haha. Same thing happened to Trump. He saw what radicalized Obama was doing to our country and had to leave the Democrat Party and run as a Republican to save America, albeit a little bit late to the party.

Both billionaires are self-made and formerly Democrats. When Trump left his party and joined up with the GOP, both parties were reviled. Those on the right thought he was just a plant for the left and would govern as a leftist, not a conservative. But he surprised them and kept all his campaign promises and then some. Those on the left treated him like a traitor and spent four years trying to impeach him as a punishment: first with a phony Russia Collusion hoax, then the manufactured Ukraine quid pro quo, and finally the cherry on the top: the capitol riot.

I see the same thing happening to Elon. Women will be coming out of the woodwork claiming sexual harassment which is part of their playbook. Cue the Balsey Fords and Stormys. Every sexist remark he’s made over the years on camera will be exposed and replayed ad nauseam. Then every innocent remark he’s made regarding the black movement over the years will be amplified and turned into something more than it is. The Democrats will ruin his reputation so badly that Twitter will lose all its members on the left leaving a shell of a company for him to run with freedom of speech for both sides, i.e. they will try to discredit Twitter as a far-rightwing social media.


Biden is committing mutiny by abandoning America during domestic turmoil. He’s like a captain abandoning ship as it sinks. Why he goes to Asia during the height of our energy crisis is very telling. He’s running away from negative news about himself. He cancelled many drilling leases yesterday. He wants an end to fossil fuel altogether. He’d be happy with the return of the horse and buggy. But he is in cahoots with China so what better place to land softly than with his communist allies. (The ones who engineered the China virus and unleashed it on the world.)

And what’s with the media constantly saying Biden is at an all time low approval rating but it is always at 39%? Can’t it at least go to 38%? It’s not an all time low if it never changes. Truth is, it is probably really around 34% approval rating. And who are the 34%? What rock are they living under? Name one thing Biden has done to make America better? The same rock Whoopie lives under it seems.