Save Your Prayers for Nadler and Yourself, Pelosi.

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You’re going to need them.  Trump’s doing just fine.  He needs no intervention from his children nor does he need fake sentiment from you. And you don’t need to pray for our country. It’s doing a lot better since Trump took over.  It looks like your side has all the health/mental problems.  You shake and stutter, Biden stammers, and Nadler faints. And you all lie. Why do you think that is?

Maybe because AG Barr is turning the heat onto you and your cronies; it’s getting too hot.  Schiff tweets that Trump is keeping the truth about his obstruction from the public and weaponizing law enforcement against his enemies.  That’s exactly what Hillary, Obama, and the FBI did for two years.  What a coincidence!

And now the media’s buzz words of the week–coverup and getting under his skin.  You don’t think your side has been involved in a coverup since Benghazi? You invented the coverup.

Remember when Hillary and Obama tried to HIDE the fact there was a terror attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi?  They lied to every American that it was the result of a hateful video? I’d call that a coverup.

Remember when Hillary destroyed evidence of 33,000 emails sent from a private server after they were subpoenaed and smashed her cell phones and bleach bit her hard drive?  I call that obstruction and a coverup. A two for.

Remember when the FBI started spying on the Trump campaign?  Or when the IRS discriminated against conservative non-profits?  I’d call that weaponizing law enforcement.  How soon you forget.

So you see, Nancy, it’s your side that has done all these criminal activities, and the spotlight’s on you.  We know using a mirror to deflect what you have done back onto Trump has worked before, but no more.  No more.  We are all on to you and your day of reckoning is coming soon.  And could be why your side is acting like spoiled children that didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas.  Someday maybe even the fake news will see the light and come to their senses.  Probably not.

So save your feigned concern for the president.  Trump didn’t have a temper tantrum, you’re not under his skin or living rent free in his head, and he was never involved in a coverup.  It’s clearly your way of trying to get Trump off his game by your orchestrated attempts to rile him.

Surprisingly, the more you push him, the better he performs for the country. Can you imagine how great America would be if you and your resistance would just let up and let him be? Give it up. You’re starting to look like you’re losing it.

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How a Date With a Gay Gave Me PTGD.

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I had a trip down Memory Lane yesterday while driving.  When I was a naive eighteen-year-old working at a big government office in the city,  I was on the hunt for a single guy.  One day I spotted a cute, new guy at work and pursued him. He was shy and clean cut which was rare during tumultuous times of war protests and the ‘love generation’. He was tall, slim with thick wavy hair, and I was definitely attracted to him. Within a short time, he asked me out.

He picked me up at my parents’ home, and we double dated with his older brother and his guy friend.  That was the first clue.  I’d never gone on a double date with two guys and was not on board. But was shy myself and didn’t say a word.

We then went to a club in the city where Barbra Streisand’s sister was singing.  That was the second clue, but I didn’t realize at the time. When my new buddies and I walked into the club, I immediately felt like a fish out of water.  I was the only female in the club! I felt like running out and escaping my date but instead I sat down with my new buddies as if nothing was the matter. I felt conspicuous and embarrassment colored my face red. I didn’t eat or drink or converse with my new-found friends. There was nothing worse to me at that time in my youth than sticking out in a crowd for any reason. I felt like the whole crowd was staring at me. I even remember pulling on my mini-skirt under the table to make it longer.

I rationalized that this singer just had a big male following. No shit Sherlock! And keep in mind this was way before females starting hanging out with gays as ‘their pals’.  There wasn’t a big gay population yet.  Most hadn’t “come out” or even congregated there yet. Needless to say, my date and I drove home in silence and there was not a goodnight kiss at the front door. I was pissed, mainly because he brought me to a weird club that made me feel uncomfortable.

The next morning, my suddenly worldly and intuitive, mother asks, “Where’d you find that guy?”

“At work, why?”

“He seemed…a little…different,” she carefully worded. Gotta love my mom.

“Don’t worry we won’t be having another date, Mom.”

But really, how did my homemaker mother who never really held a job in an office anywhere know anything about any guys? She could be critical of my dates, so it didn’t bother me.

Two weeks later my shy date from the office “came out of the closet” donning makeup and dyed hair.  I was flabbergasted. A myriad of questions ran through my mind: Why did he ask me out? Was it to impress his brother?  Was he on the fence at the time? Why did he take me to a club full of guys? Am I attracted to gay guys?  What’s wrong with me? How did my mother know and not I? Mother knows best? 

From that day on, I developed a sort of paranoia syndrome what I now call  PTGD–post traumatic gay disorder whenever I got asked out.  I would secretly give guys a gay test in my mind which is now called gaydar.   If they had muscles-gay.  If they wore tight pants-gay.  If they were too close to their mother-gay.  If they were too cute-gay. If they drove too slow-gay.  If they ate quiche-gay.  If they were too shy-gay. Some of my reasons were becoming ludicrous.  No telling how many good suitors I dismissed for fear of going out with a gay and being humiliated again.

Then six years and a two ‘real’ boyfriends later, a guy with movie-star looks hit on me at a party.  My gaydar immediately came up when he said he was an actor/model, but he looked and flirted like a legit heterosexual.  I was smitten. We had a few good dates where he was very polite and mannerly and opened the car door etc.  But no romance yet.  Hmmm!  Was politeness a gay trait that I wasn’t aware of? Then he took me to a bar in the city that was packed with all guys, again!  I  instantly got deja vu, developed a case of PTGD, and clammed up.  Our dates got fewer and farther between after that, until I met someone else at work (four jobs later).

Eleven years later when I was married with children, I was surprised to see that same handsome polite actor co-starring in a blockbuster movie (ironically starring as a bad-boy ladies’ man).  My kids, to this day, think I’m obsessed with that movie, but they don’t know why.

I often wonder when watching his movie again (as it is one of my favorite thrillers), if he was the one that got away or was he really gay. I don’t think he was, but my PTGD didn’t allow me to find out. And for all I know, the bar he took me to could have been a sports bar full of guys.  Not sure, as I was instantly blinded by PTGD.

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Gender is Not a Choice, Nor is it Equal.

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Let’s get real Democrats.  If you’re born with a peepee you’ll be playing on boys’ sports teams until you don’t have one.  If Bruce Jenner had played in women’s track just because he felt female back in the day, he would have cleaned their clocks.  Not fair to us women who are athletic and would like to excel in sports. Not fair.  You have a choice when you pick your outfit in the morning or a meal at McDonalds not on what team to play–boys or the girls.

Boys are biologically built different that girls.  Otherwise I would have beat my brothers in all sports we played.  Although I gave them a run for their money, especially in tennis. When I was in school there wasn’t even a choice on what to wear to school.  Now you have a choice on whether to be female or not?  We had to wear a dress everyday or be suspended.  One day a year was named “Shorts day.”  It was the best day of the year.  Girls could wear what they wear at home to school.  Shorts.

I think parents are giving children too many choices at too young of age.  Don’t let them decide they are a boy if they happen to be a tomboy that likes to play football with her brothers or play war in the dirt with toy soldiers.  Don’t let your son decide he’s a girl just because he dressed in his sister’s clothes one day.  This is not your decision.  If one or the other happens to be fully grown and is attracted to the same sex, well, it’s out of your control; they can become gay or lesbian or transgender or keep it secret.

But I’m confused, why aren’t all gays transgender?  Why don’t they all want a sex change?  Some just decide to have sex with the same gender but others change the way they look.  What’s the point?  Why go to all that trouble and expense if being gay is accepted?  Or do gays not want to be female?  Do the transgenders not want the peepee? Maybe they should just be cross dressers.  Or female impersonators.  Wonder if a male transgender starts dating a female?  Is she a male transgender lesbian?  Someone please explain to me all these trends.  Sorry if I’m not up on all the trends. I don’t mean to offend.   And what’s being fluid mean?  That just sounds like what we used to call “sluts.”  Sex with anyone or any gender. “Anything goes” attitude.

Yes back in my day, girls that had sex at a young age were know as “easy” or sluts. I know it’s not acceptable to call a girl that today but morality has taken a back seat.  The kids’ moral compass seems to be missing. What I see girls doing on reality shows today, shocks me. Apparently having a lesbian affair these days is not considered cheating on your boyfriend.  It’s called curious.  Really? Parents are not teaching girls to save themselves or boys to be careful.  Which is what we were taught.  Instead liberal parents are handing out birth control like candy at younger and younger ages and condoning lesbian experimentation.  Disgusting.

Parents need to be stricter when it comes to raising their children; otherwise, I weep for the future.  There’s nothing wrong with having rules and making your children abide by them.  Nothing wrong.  Our son in high school once brought his girl home and said they were going to have a “sleepover” in the living room.  We said, “We don’t think so. Not in our house.”  The girl looked flummoxed but went home.  We weren’t ready for that kind of promiscuity in our home under our noses.

I liked the old days when there were boys and girls; some boys were called fems or fruits and some girls were called tomboys or butch.  It was simple back then.  We’d go to the drive-in movies to “make-out” with our crush.  Then there was the Vietnam War and then out of nowhere sprung Castro Street.  Then feminism was born and from there, the gay pride movement. Then came AIDS and now we have God knows what–liberals passing Gender Equality Laws in school sports.  Genders are not equal.

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Thanks liberals for, yet again, trying to transform America.  Keep Making America Great.  KMAG

The House Dems Want a Horse and Pony Show…

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Like in a circus to distract from what is really going on–the investigation of the investigators by AG Barr.   They’re asking for a “Do-over,” a mulligan, of the Mueller Report because they didn’t like the findings.  So they’re subpoenaing everyone that Mueller’s biased team already interviewed like White House Counsel to the President, McGahn.  This is all a sh-t show and a bad one at that. It is unprecedented, so Trump asked him not to appear. But the House held their meeting anyway to make a horse and pony show out of it for public view.

“Let me be clear: this committee will hear Mr. McGahn’s testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it,” Nadler said during a roughly 30-minute hearing, with the committee’s witness chair remaining empty for the second time this month.

The Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine that the Republicans received for eight years under Obama:  refusal to turn over papers, appear before committees, taking the fifth, etc. etc.  They just don’t like the taste of their own medicine. It’s bitter.

The Democrats in the House are the circus clowns. Anyone that condones what they are trying to do is as misinformed as Biden, Gillibrand, Pocahontas, Kamala, Buttigeig, and Sanders or just plain lying. And I think it’s the latter.

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Chris Wallace Played Softball with Mayor Buttigieg.

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I thought I was watching CNN!  What’s the point of going on FOX News if the moderator behaves like CNN?  Pete Buttigieg got such easy questions like “what are you and your husband’s guilty pleasure when watching tv?”  Or “what was the most surprising thing that’s happened to you since running?”  Or “how are you going to handle Trump’s tweets?”  Not one question on how he’d keep the great economy going.  Or how he can win the primary against all his other competitors.

My questions would have been, “Is America ready for a gay president with a husband in the White House?” Or “Who’s going to be our First Lady?”  Or “since you say the job of president is a moral job, how can you level that with the voters?” Or “how can someone that speaks seven languages and attended Harvard never heard of Alfred E. Newman?  No pop culture? Have you heard of Playboy Magazine or Hugh Hefner? Tough questions, but someone has to ask them.

But the worst was when Pete had a go at our Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, and Wallace didn’t come to the defense of his fellow FOX News Hosts.  He also let Pete B. say there was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by the current president without correcting him. Pete said the conduct, behavior, divisiveness, and corruption of this presidency. And he called Trump a grotesque thing.  He said Trump is against paid family leave which was a lie.  He said Trump is blocking people getting raises.  Another lie. He said we are saber rattling with Venezuela and Iran.  Not really. Typical left wing scare tactics.

Chris Wallace is clearly a Democrat and doesn’t stand up for conservative values. He almost enjoys Trump-bashers and the lies the left are spreading. Where’s Bill Hemmer, Hannity,  Martha, or Brett Baier to set these candidates straight when they lie?  Wallace’s questions were sugarcoated, softball questions with little followup.

When Pete B. said that the country got an unnecessary and unaffordable tax cut, Wallace didn’t have a follow up.  He should have followed up with, but the tax cuts have helped bring back jobs and the economy. When Pete B. said he regretted firing someone by letter instead of in person, Wallace asked why’d you do it?  Pete said he didn’t know.  The followup should have been, “How can you run the country if you’re fearful of firing someone at the city level?”  Missed opportunity Wallace.

Here’s what I learned about Pete:  He’s a fast, smooth-talking, typical liberal-talking-points politician. He wants to raise taxes and have a wealth tax on our savings.   He wants to eliminate the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court to 15 so he can win.  He hates FOX News hosts, Vice President Pence, John Bolton, pardoning soldiers, conservative values and traditions, conservative women, and Prolife. I think his social justice and LBGT issues would dominate the way he would run the country.  And that’s the last thing we need. NEXT!

And Wallace, you’re just trying to be liked by all so you can get the presidential debate gig.  No more softballs! FOX is known for asking tough questions of all candidates, Republican and Democrat.  Maybe get Hemmer next time or even Jesse Watters.

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Low-blow, Lyin’ Joe is Out for Blood.

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Biden has taken a page from the Obama playbook:  Take full credit for Trump’s economy and slander him at the same time.  That’s called stealing or plagiarizing in my book (which Biden has been accused of before).

Obama spent eight years ballyhooing about the worst economy since the great depression that he inherited from Bush.  And now Biden is claiming Trump inherited the great economy from Obama?  You’ve got to be kidding!  You can’t have it both ways. You have to be deaf and blind to believe that. (No offense to the deaf or blind.)  And yet his audience clapped and cheered like a bunch of Kool-aid drinking, dunces. Which they are.

Facts are facts.  Obama ruined the economy and job market with his healthcare plan, stiff regulations, green energy plans, and high taxes.  PERIOD.  It was stagnant for eight years with low wages and young adults living in their parents’ basements not able to leave the nest. Companies were fleeing the U.S. to get lower corporate taxes and less regulations.  Companies were firing their employees to avoid the Obamacare rule that they had to provide healthcare if they had over fifty employees.  Reality is, some start up companies can’t afford to provide healthcare to employees until they’re established. Laid off college-educated workers were taking jobs as waiters, Uber drivers, and fry flippers to stay above water or gave up all together.  Factories were closing.  That was Obama’s economy.  Not Bush’s nor Trump’s.

Obama said this economy was the new norm and manufacturing jobs will not come back.  He can’t take that comment back.  He said Trump would need a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back.  Well, he got the magic wand by lowering taxes for all, lowering regulations on companies, and reversing just about every ridiculous executive action that Obama put in place like the Climate Change Accord which would have punished gasoline consumers and done nothing for the climate. Obama rewarded green energy startups and punished oil companies and the auto industry by imposing implausible regulations. This alone caused companies to move and lay off employees.

Biden has the gall to repeat the talking points of the lying left media.  But that’s all he has.  He has no new policies or ideas.  Nothing to run on but hate for Trump. Unless he wants to run on jobs is a three letter word. He called Trump the Divider and Chief.  That’s rich when the dividing of America started under Obama with Black Lives Matter, Hands up Don’t Shoot,  and kneeling at football games and Obama did nothing to stop it.  Nothing.  In fact, he encouraged and secretly loved it.  So the left is trying to take credit for the great economy and pin the racial tension onto Trump.  Just because they say it and repeat it frequently, does not make it true.

All the left does is lie, project, and deflect.  That’s all they know how to do.  They have no good ideas. And the lies are mounting but for Biden to be running on these lies is extremely rich.  Wait until Trump has a go at him with his shady dealings in Ukraine and China.  He won’t have a lying leg left to stand on. He’ll stammer, stutter, and finally challenge Trump to a fight behind the gym.  Yes, it’s the Democrats that are violent and make divisive remarks but never get held accountable to them.  And yet they say Trump is mean and bullies others?  Only when they have a go at him.

The Democrats are scrambling as they’re fearful of what AG Barr discovers about them.  Barr thinks the Russian Probe started at the top of the FBI and that sort of investigation and spying should never have been handled by the top.  So it was a rogue operation headed by Obama IMO.  This is why Obama and Michelle looked so peeved at Trump’s inauguration.  They had already put the wily wheels in motion and were keeping their cards close to their vests; but their poker faces gave them away.

The Democrats are going full speed ahead with impeachment talk and tarnishing Barr’s reputation as he’s getting to the crux of what went down and doing the job that should have been done two years ago.  Instead of investigating Trump for a Russian Hoax, the AG should have been investigating Comey, McCabe, Brennen, Clapper, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Nelly, Steele, Hillary et al. They’re all afraid, including Biden. Anyone that went along with the Insurance Plan/Russian Hoax, or helped with it, is in jeopardy including many in the media that carried the water. Anyone that was in the “we-did-everything-by-the-book” meeting that Susan Rice wrote about is in jeopardy.

So low-blow, lyin’ Joe.  I’d be keeping my mouth shut right now rather than projecting onto Trump.  It’s you and your administration that had all the scandals.  Yes, your administration was the most scandalous in modern history.  I could list them all, but it’s too long.  Trump’s administration is looking like a kitten compared to yours which is more like a voracious, wily lion out for blood.  (No offense to lions, PETA).

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Act Two Parody: A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home with Bill.

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The scene is Hillary and Bill relaxing in their Chappaqua, NY,  living room reading the newspaper in the afternoon.


Well, Bill it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Hillary cackles as she pours her first glass of Chardonnay for the day.


What do you think about this AG Barr character?  He seems to be stirring up a lot of stuff from the past.  And he’s appointed a topnotch lawyer to investigate. Do you think we’re in jeopardy?


It’s just another vast right-wing conspiracy trying to bring us down. They’re obsessed with us.


But they’ll be digging into my meeting with Lynch, your interview with the FBI, the meeting with Obama after the election, and even the missing emails not to mention the dossier.


I don’t care.  We’re above reproach.  No one can touch us.  They tried with Whitewater, then with Monica, and finally Benghazi.  They failed before and will fail again.  They’re all a bunch of Keystone Cops, if not Barney Fifes.


I’m not so sure.  Trump is out to get revenge for the Insurance Plan, the spying on his campaign, the Steele dossier, and the Russian Probe. We may have gone too far this time, Hillary.  Barr is working for him, and he looks as serious as a heart attack.  I hate to tell you, but I think our jig is up, dear.


Stop being so gloom and doom.  All I need to do is take another fall in public view and the fawning press will come to my rescue.  It will change the news cycle. Not to worry honey.  I’ve got this. I’ve gotten you out of jams before and will do it again.

Hillary fills her wine goblet to the rim again and takes a large chug, some splashing onto her colorful caftan. She cackles as she wipes the wine from her chest with a cloth.


Okay Hill.  If you think so.


Get Stephanopoulos on the phone. I’d like to have him interview me prior to Barr’s findings as a preemptive strike to snuff out any smoldering embers that this Barr dude is stirring up.


Yeah, he’s always got our back.


And he could use a boost in his ratings, for sure.

A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home with Bill.

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