Green New Deal Seeks a World as Portrayed in H. G. Wells’ Movie, “The Time Machine.”

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A utopia where no one works; there are no laws, no government, no money, no transportation, no books, no past, no future, no children, no weapons, no cattle, no fire, and no emotions. But there’s clean air, clean water, fruit-bearing trees, lush landscaping, gender neutrality–all wearing dresses, and no one lives past age thirty.  Why?  They (the Elois) are the cattle controlled by the Morlocks who went underground during a world war and turned cannibalistic.

These Elois think they are “living the dream” like the Green New Deal promises: sitting by a river sunning themselves and eating grapes. No skin cancer, no cell phones, no diseases, no worries.

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Careful what you wish for.  The Eloi’s utopia was the result of a World War that lasted three hundred years destroying all the air, water, food, and structures on our planet. It took to year 802,000 for the planet to come back to life.  This disaster from war is what Trump is actually trying to avoid.

World war is much more threatening than a storm, melting icebergs, hurricanes, or drought.  In fact, California’s drought, that they are always ballyhooing about, is over.  They are experiencing flooding like they did twenty-five years ago.  History repeating itself–not climate change.  Moral is: Don’t build or buy homes too close to rivers, Russian River. Or at least improve your drainage system, city and county.

But the Green New Deal warns of climate change being our country’s biggest threat.  This isn’t true.  World wars are.  We don’t want an enemy with a nuclear bomb to attack us.  This is what Trump is trying to avoid. Denuking is the name of the game.  Not partial denuking.  Not possible denuking (Obama). Complete denuking. It only takes one nuclear bomb to destroy us.  And there are a lot of nuts out there with nukes.

Although these futuristic pipe dreams of utopia are like a siren call to the young minds of students, they need to study the history of weather and stop relying on scientific predictions.  Models can’t predict everything.   Life does.  If past is prologue, weather changes with time; and how egocentric is our generation to think that we are affecting the climate drastically with fossil fuels when we are just a speck of sand in the centuries that earth has been around? Pretty egocentric.

So, when most of the presidential candidates are running on climate change as well as gender neutrality, or the #metoo movement, think about the fake utopia that the Green New Deal (GND) promises.  We don’t want to end up a lazy society that gets handouts from the government (socialism) and that has a box for an X on our driver’s license where it asks “M, F, or X.”  X meaning no gender. And we wouldn’t need a driver’s license anyhow, if cars are outlawed.  No one will need an ID at all in a GND country. Everything is free, money is not needed. Just get in line for your next meal like the Elois and hope you’re not on the menu.

We are self-sufficient, independent-thinking people with a sex, not gender-neutral like the men in The Time Machine. They were weak, asexual males, wearing sundresses.  That’s not a world we want to live in, but H. G. Wells was good at predicting the future. And this is a prediction we don’t want to come to fruition, bountiful fruit trees notwithstanding.

So reject the preposterous Green New Deal and gender neutrality or you’ll end up in a world of lazy, asexual Elois being controlled by the Morlocks, metaphorically speaking.

America Has Flipped on its Head, Soon to Suffer a Concussion if it Doesn’t Right Itself.

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Everything I see and hear in the news lately is becoming increasingly disturbing.  Leaders of Israel and Canada under investigation; an immature millennial running the House; Cohen being used by the left to threaten the outcome of 2020 election; disgraceful accusations of our president during a televised hearing; the word racist being used over and over; companies being shamed out of cities for being successful; fake racial tensions; politicians insulting our country overseas; Americans ignoring peace efforts of Trump in NOKO; Hollywood protecting a political hate-crime suspect; Hollywood calling conservatives envious of them; the Democrats threatening impeachment of Trump.

America is flipping upside down right now and no one says a thing about it.  There should be outrage!  We shouldn’t have to take this nonsense, but we do.

Why does the House put up with a mere child pushing them around?  Why do they kowtow to the foul-mouthed new minorities in the House?  What are they so afraid of?  Why are they turning socialist right before our eyes?  They shouldn’t have to put up with this, but they do. It makes the leaders of the House look weak. It’s hard to watch.

Cohen’s written speeches during his testimony said it all.  He basically repeated all the left’s talking points (lies) about Trump from racist to con man to building his brand.  All Democratic lies about him. He’s being controlled by the left.  How much are they paying him to spread lies about Trump?  Or has someone threatened his family?  He claims he’s afraid of Trump’s threats?  That’s a lie too as it is the Clinton machine that carries out threats. Cohen is just another Balsey-Ford or Smollett for the left.  They are using him.

For him/they to say that if Trump loses the next election there will not be a peaceful transition is the kettle calling the kettle black. We haven’t had peace since Hillary lost.  She’s still behind the insurance plan and part of the deep state.  She orchestrated, along with Obama and the FBI, the Mueller investigation over Russian collusion. Yet she was the one that colluded with Russia.  She’s behind all the protests in the streets since Trump won the election. They look for reasons to go to the street.  The last protest was against his national emergency at the border.  Trump will not have a smooth transition? Kettle black much?

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Wake up America!  We’re heading for a concussion if we don’t right ourselves.  It starts in our country and spreads to others.  Look at Israel, Canada, and England.  They hear we are trying to impeach; they figure they can do the same.  We need to set a good example and stand up to the crazies on the left.  They are all looking increasingly crazy. They have never accepted Trump and will do anything to oust him. They are hoping it comes before the next election because they have nothing to run on besides socialism, hate for Trump, and racism which are all ridiculous. They are desperate. We shouldn’t have to put up with this, but we do.

Stand up America. Stand up to the loons on the left by refuting their lies. Speak out.  Don’t be afraid of their response.  Otherwise, the more they repeat their lies, the more they will be believed.  Let’s get off our heads and back onto our feet where we can think clearly again.

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Cohen Testimony: What Did We Learn?

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We learned that Trump is not an angel.  If we wanted an angel to be our candidate, Huckabee would have won.  We voted for the toughest candidate that could stand up for himself and bring our country back, not a choir boy.

What else did we learn:  Did Trump ever have affairs?  Maybe.  Did Trump ever boast about his net worth? Possibly.  Did Trump ever boast about his polls? Yes.  Did Trump like Obama? No.  Did Trump brag about his grades in school? Yes.  Did Trump try to get out of going to Vietnam War? Yes. Did Trump pay hush money to a blackmailer weeks before the election? Yes.  Was Trump saddened by rundown communities that African Americans have to live in? Yes. Were all of Trump’s side business practices on the up and up? Probably not.

BUT, did Trump ever destroy evidence that was subpoenaed? No.  Did Trump ever erase thousands of emails or crush his cell phones? No.  Did Trump pay anyone to write a false dossier about an opponent? No.  Did Trump collude with Russia and the FBI to win the election? No.  Was Trump involved with Wikileaks? No.  Has Trump done anything illegal since taking office? No.  Did Trump ask Cohen to lie to congress? No.  Is Trump a racist, con, and a cheat?  No, Cohen was apparently projecting or Shiff et al wrote that for him.

Is Cohen trying to be a martyr? Yes.  Is Cohen a tax cheat? Yes.  Is Cohen a hypocrite? Yes. Were Cohen’s closing remarks written by Clinton hack Davis? Yes. Were his opening and closing arguments filled with political red meat? Yes.  Was Cohen used by the Democrats like Shiff to take down Trump?  Yessiree! Is Cohen planning to write a book or a movie after or before he goes to jail?  Yes, yes, yes!

Some remarkable statements by Cohen were that Trump never intended to win.  That he was trying to build his brand.  Huge lie! So Trump spent 20 million dollars and two years out of his life just to build his brand?  Cohen was just repeating the Democratic talking points which are stupid. Cohen also said that he never wanted a job in Trump’s cabinet.  Bigger lie!  

When Trump said facetiously at a rally that “ya gotta love wikileaks,” it was after the wikileak dump about Hillary despite what Cohen testified.  Then Trump jokingly said, “if you have those missing emails Russia, turn them over to a reporter and make a reporter really happy.”  Her server was already shut down when he made that flippant remark. But the left always fails to report that. You can’t hack emails from a computer that is shut down.  The media and Dems repeatedly say that Trump asked Russia to hack her computer.  BIG LIE!  They must think we’re stupid.

This untimely political attack on Trump today, while he was overseas trying to make peace, was nothing more than a sham in order to get public endorsement for impeachment.   This committee should be ashamed of themselves, but they never are.  The only thing I learned today was, Trump is not an angel.  I just hope the general public didn’t lose faith in Trump after this hearing.

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We Left California, When Leaving Wasn’t Cool.

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In 2004, after living among Bush-bashing liberals for years, we finally left the state that Bill Maher thinks is so cool.  We don’t want to be elite coastal liberals, we want to leave elite coastal liberals as their ideas are all wrong for the country.

Bill Maher, you insulted most of America with your mindless dribble.  We don’t want to be known by the labels we wear, the plays we attend, solar panels on roof, or the famous chefs who live on the coasts.  That kind of pompous nonsense is not what’s important in life.  Raising children into decent, loving, successful adults is the most important thing in one’s life. And, if not so fortunate to have a family, to at least be a loving contributing member of your extended family or close friend’s families.

Bill Maher has no family and only has fame.  Fame is not family.  Maher will find out when he’s in assisted living someday with no one to love or miss him.  He’s truly misinformed if he thinks insulting all the red states will make Democrats win in 2020.  Hillary tried it with the deplorables remark and Biden tried it with the dregs of society.  Shaming the people who didn’t vote Democrat is not the way to get them to change their votes next time. Ask Madeleine Albright or “not-so-bright.”

You were right, however, we don’t hate the elites on the West and East Coast.  We aren’t the ones filled with hate.  You and your ilk are.  We are happy with the way Trump is running the country despite what Spike Lee said at the Oscars–“replace hate with love in 2020.”  All you are doing is projecting your hate onto Trump and his supporters.  Nice try.  I guess when everything is going good in the country all you have left is to make people think it isn’t…by lying.  Sort of like Smollett.  You are no better, Maher and Lee.  Lying to the young impressionable minds that watch your show is a form of brainwashing.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  And probably are.

Nobody I know wants to be you, Maher.  There’s nothing you have, that we aspire to. Don’t flatter yourself. You are self-loathing. You hate your religion and your people. You can’t even date in your own race.  And PETA is crazy and you’re part of them.  So go to your elitest Broadway plays to clap and cry “bravo” over and over; walk your “rescue dog” down the unsafe streets of New York, drink your Starbucks coffee, and go your solar-paneled estate surrounded by walls and guards.  And purchase your expensive designer labels from your exquisite shopping malls and dine where a famous chef comes out and shakes your hand.  But be sure to wear your pre-torn designer jeans that look worn like you worked hard once in your life. And smoke your legalized pot to your heart’s content. And be sure to let your Sonoma wine breathe before taking a sip. We don’t care.  Enjoy it, whatever floats your elitest boat.

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We, on the other hand, will buy good-looking shoes and normal purses that aren’t over priced, watch a movie on TV, sit by a wood-burning fireplace sipping home-brewed coffee, cook meals from old family recipes, not pay for grocery bags, not owe state tax, and clap “patty cake” with our grand babies. And we won’t smoke pot or let a mountain lion kill us. That’s what makes US happy.

People are leaving California in droves due to ever-rising property taxes and rent, crazy climate-change, tree-hugging governors, and sanctuary cities that release illegals into the general public. Crime has increased since they legalized pot and homelessness is abound.  Cities like San Francisco are littered with human feces, needles, homeless, and crime.  Nice job, Nancy.

You can have your coastal, liberal states that you and yours ruined with crazy laws and taxes, Maher. Maybe it’s really you who want to be us.  You’re projecting again.  We don’t want you, though.  Stay where you are.



What Do Smollett and Hillary Have In Common?


Smollett reminded me of someone; it finally dawned on me.  It’s Hillary.  Aside from the obvious similarities of them both liking big bucks $$$, liberals, and supporters of Obama.  Here’s why:

  1.  They both blamed an attack on someone else.  Hillary blamed Benghazi terror attack on a conservative man who made a hateful video. Smollett blamed his attack on two imaginary hate-filled conservatives.
  2. When asked by authorities for their cell phones as evidence, Hillary smashed her cell phones and Smollett deleted his texts.
  3. They both like bleach.  She bleach bit her computer’s hard drive, and he claimed bleach was thrown on him. Very curious.
  4. When authorities were closing in on them they both claimed a medical condition, she fainted and said she had pneumonia; he claims he’s under the influence of drugs–both to garner sympathy.
  5. Her reason for the cover up was she wanted a promotion to President; his reason for the fake attack was he wanted to promote his career to the next level.
  6. When asked to come in for questioning, they both dragged their feet and lawyered up.
  7. They both had heads of law enforcement give a rather scathing speech about them on national television, but then they were remarkably released.
  8. They both have the main stream media and Hollywood on their sides and circling the wagons for them.
  9. They both turned on the authorities by saying they are trying to pin something on them like in a conspiracy. A right-wing conspiracy no doubt.
  10. They both have the Democratic politicians on their side using their cases to smear Trump.
  11. They both have been publicly critical of our president.
  12. They both support Black Lives Matter, the Resist Movement, and have no respect for the police.
  13. They both did stupid things when trying to commit a crime.  He paid his accomplices with a check.  She deleted 33,000 emails after Congress subpoenaed them.  Dumb and dumber. They both never watched Columbo.
  14. She was married to a man who ran our empire. He worked on a show called Empire.
  15. They both claim Trump supporters are violent people filled with hate which is really what they both are.  Projection much?
  16. They both have lied to the public on national television. Her saying over and over her 33,000 erased emails were about yoga, the Benghazi attack was a protest gone wild over a video; him saying his attackers gave racial slurs, slugged him in the face, put a noose around his neck.
  17. He wrote a death threat letter to himself with white powder in it which is a federal crime; she lied to congress about not receiving any calls for added security for Benghazi, prior to attack.
  18. She wrote a book entitled What Happened. He’ll write a book entitled What the F–k Happened? on how his scheme went to hell in a hand basket.
  19. They both hired foreigners to do their dirty work.  She hired Englishman Steele to write a salacious dossier; he hired two Nigerians to attack him and purchase supplies.
  20. They both voted for Hillary in the last election; he probably thinks the Russians were involved in stealing the election from her. She knows better but won’t admit it.
  21. They both thought they were above the law, when they broke the law.
  22. Both their crimes were premeditated. She set up the private illegal server in her home, and he sent the illegal death threat letter to his workplace.
  23. They both love the status of victimhood and love lots of bucks$$$.imgp1373

Bottom line is:  She has yet to be brought to trial. Still hasn’t copped up to any wrong doing. They both will take their lies to the grave.  But she lost in the court of public opinion. Let’s hope the authorities and a jury get this one right and don’t fall for any more of his lies.

Why Does Trump Get Blamed For Friggin’ Everything?

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This blame game the media is using against Trump is getting old.  Obama never got blamed for terror attacks on our soil or for fanning the flames of racism throughout America.  I heard one news commentator lately blame Trump for the 2016 terror attack at Pulse club in Orlando.  Trump wasn’t even president then!  How could they blame him? That terrorist didn’t target the club because they were gay.  He joined ISIS.  They don’t care who they kill. He was committing jihad. But ISIS didn’t fit the liberal agenda of the media so they label it a hate crime rather than terror.  And why would Trump be blamed regardless of the reason? What’s good for the goose, should be good for the gander.  But it’s not.

I’ve heard women blaming their low libido and weight gain on Trump.  They’ve also blamed their divorces on Trump. I guess when the economy comes back and no one can blame him for lack of good jobs, they have to resort to other bothersome things in their lives.  I say to them, “Get a Life! Take responsibility for your own happiness.  Quit looking for someone to blame. Trump is a civic leader not your mother, psychologist, preacher, accountability coach, teacher, or spouse!”

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Yesterday a man was arrested for having a stockpile of weapons and a hit list of Democrats and all the fake news media immediately blamed Trump for this random guy’s intention to kill.  BUT when a guy actually shot up a baseball game of Republicans and almost killed a senator and he worked for Bernie’s campaign, the media and Pelosi warned Trump not to blame Democrats. This stinks of double standard.

I wish the fake news would stop blaming Trump for everything that hits the news.  If a conservative student is punched, it’s Trump’s fault.  If a gay, black man claims he was attacked by Trump supporters, it’s Trump’s fault.  If a rich Democratic donor kills two gays in his apartment, it’s Trump’s fault. If a football team owner gets arrested for solicitation, it’s Trump’s fault.  Next they’ll be blaming Trump for the Holocaust; they already blame him for slavery.  I’m being facetious but it’s almost getting to this.

Trump has helped the Black and Hispanic communities gain jobs and build up their cities.  Trump is a huge supporter of the Jewish religion and Israel. Trump has never done anything to hurt the gay community.  That is just another fallacy spread by the fake news and Democratic politicians.  I guess because of the fact that he trusts in God, that is enough for some gays to hate him.  Too bad. When all else fails, blame Trump is becoming the mantra of the left.

I’m not sure why some Blacks hate Trump.  We all know they generally vote Democrat but why all the hate?  Who instilled all this hate in them?  Obama, Michelle, Oprah, Lebron, Whoopi, Juan Williams, Maxine, Don Lemon, Kamala, Booker, Sharpton?  They are all outspoken haters of Trump. Are they poisoning the minds of the rest of the Black population?

Just because Trump took over after the first Black president is not reason to hate him. Just because he helped Hillary with the mystery of Obama’s birth certificate is no reason to hate him. Just because he’s turned over just about every executive action that Obama put in place, is no reason to hate him.  Just because he got the football players to stop kneeling is no reason to hate him.  Just because he pulled out of the Paris Climate Change is no reason to hate him. Everything he’s done has been for the betterment of the country.  Look at Trump’s feats not his tweets.

So let’s try treating him as you treated Obama, with respect and honor.  Try treating Melania like you treated Michelle, with respect and honor. Why not thank him for the great economy and peace he is trying to make around the globe?  Notice there hasn’t been one terror attack from ISIS since his presidency.  Try to stop blaming him for everything in the news.  Because what was good for the goose (Obama) should be good for the gander (Trump). 

At What Price Tag…Fame?

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At the cost of the safety of millions of Trump supporters?  At the cost of spreading racial hate across America? Did Smollett really stage his attack to garner national attention whereby he’d demand a higher salary on the show Empire?  He already made $60,000 an episode.  I’m not so sure this was his motive. 

I think he’s suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and his motive was to spread the hate.  His hate is so deep, it’s oozing out his pores.  So to get the story off him being filled with hate rather than his so-called attackers, he switches it to “he wanted a raise.”  FYI: Hate crimes get a stiffer sentence. He’s just another Colin Kaepernick.

This guy fanned the flames of racial hate across America by using props of a noose and bleach.  It was premeditated. He appeared on talk shows lying to the nation with a made up story.  He sucked in Trump-hating celebrities, potential presidential candidates, and news commentators into his narrative. One newscaster said, this is America 2019.  A has-been actress said Pence’s hate for gays is the reason Smollett got attacked. Cory Booker, who’s running for president, said it was a modern day lynching. Even TMZ bought it and won’t admit that they rushed to judgment or that the actor contacted them. The Trump-hating fake news media all used his story to smear Trump which Smollett no doubt loved.

Trump and his supporters need an apology from this scam artist and the media who bought into it–not just the LBGT community and the black community.  They weren’t the target of this nuts hate. He never thought he’d be caught. He never thought his two buddies would be caught and sing like canaries.

Smollett needs to spend a long time in jail thinking about what he did. He needs to lose his job and never become a director.  He sucks at directing a scene.  He overplayed his hand with the noose, bleach, and poorly written dialog.   Too stereotypical racist sounding. And what kind of dummy has his co-conspirators buying evidence caught on camera and him writing them a check for their services?  Dumb and dumber has a new meaning.

My biggest disappointment is with the people who believed his story from the onset. Celebrities wanted this story to be true. Why would they think Trump supporters are like this?  Maybe because the media has led them to believe that Trump supporters are angry, MAGA hat-wearing, homophobic racists.  This is what they call Trump daily.  Bernie just called Trump a racist and xenophobic in a statement. This is all the left has to run on–smearing our president. They all figure if they say it often and loud enough the people will believe it.  Which they have.

The Superintendent of PD in Chicago didn’t mention Smollett’s MAGA-hat-wearing-white-guys false claim in his address to the reporters. But certainly Chicago is not MAGA country.  Never was, never will be.  Another stupid accusation by Smollett.  Smollett may go down as the dumbest person of the year if there is such a category. He wanted fame and victimhood status, well, he got it; but it’s now known as infamous.

The fake news media is already defending him with comments like “Trump made racist remarks in tweets,” and “he’s a black man who told a lie and is getting punished, Trump lies everyday.”  The media blames Trump for everything. They will eventually blame him for Smollett’s crime saying he inspired the actor into committing this crime.  It may be his defense when it goes to trial. And if he has a jury of his peers, how many Trump haters are in Chicago?  A lot.  Beware of a media-tainted jury.  Shades of O.J. and Michael Jackson trials are coming to mind.

I hope if anything positive comes from this sham, it exposes the media’s bias against Trump and the media will be more careful before jumping on another story like this. I won’t hold my breath. Try some investigative reporting. “If it doesn’t ring true, it probably isn’t,” Judge Judy always says.

UPDATE:  The fake news media is ignoring Smollett’s story now that he’s been caught and they all have egg on their faces. They are saying he deserves due process and presumption of innocence.  The due process and innocence they wouldn’t give Kavanaugh. Double standard much?

Also, Smollett got out of jail on bail and returned to work. He addressed his co-workers saying, “I swear to God I didn’t do it!”  Wow, this guy is doubling down on his lies.  He can’t have it both ways.  If you did it for a raise, how did you not do it?  Something for the stupid left media to ponder.  Probably went over their heads.

Yesterday a conservative student got assaulted on Berkeley campus and the crime is going unreported by the left media and not investigated.  Apparently, hate crimes of conservatives are allowed on campus.  Double standard much?

Again I ask, at what price tag, fame, Smollett?