Who Started Divisiveness in Our Country? Not Trump.


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A female voter in Kentucky when asked what she’s looking for in a president responded, “I want to have a Uniter not a Divider in the White House. One that doesn’t sling insults. We’re teachers.”  Shocker.  Ironic, and hypocritical, that a teacher that slings insults at our president in her classroom, no doubt, wants the president to be more kind. Amazing. Practice what you preach, lady. Schools need to start hiring conservative teachers.  They seem to be outnumbered by liberals indoctrinating our children.

You call what Pelosi, Schiff, and Obama have done to Trump ‘uniting America’?  Do you call the daily onslaught from the lying NYTs and fake news media ‘uniting America’? Do you call what the CIA and FBI tried to do to Trump before and after the election ‘uniting America’?  Do you call the current impeachment sham, ‘uniting America’? Do you call the hateful vitriol coming from Hollywood and the candidates ‘uniting America’? Do you call the Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration ‘uniting Americans’? Do you call the Mueller sham ‘uniting America’? Do you call trying to reverse the votes of millions of Americans ‘uniting America’?  No, this has all divided us, not Trump.  They started all the divisiveness after, and even before, Trump won.  Then you want Trump to just sit there and take it and call them flowery names?  That’s not why we voted for him. They are all crazy.

If the gullibles can’t see that Trump is being attacked from all sides for no reason, they must also like bullying. Obama started and condoned Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the kneeling at football games.  That divided America.  Obama was NOT a uniter.  He started the war against law enforcement and now look how it has escalated.  He started telling mayors to tell their police to stand down and allow protesters to be violent. Now we have thugs ruining police cars and assaulting police in New York City. The police aren’t arresting them due to poor leadership in New York.  Trump should send in the National Guard and clear them out.

Trump is very inclusive to all groups, races, sex, and religions.  Blacks have noticed this as well women and the Jewish.  Everytime Trump tries to connect with the Democrats in congress they shut him out or shout him down.  They are the dividers, not Trump.  The Republicans never treated Obama like this. They treated him with respect, although they didn’t agree with anything he did.  Trump deserves the same respect from Democrats as we gave to Obama.  It’s called being reciprocal or living by the Golden Rule.  But the Democrats are never reciprocal nor even heard of the Golden Rule; in fact, they are vengeful.

When the Clintons finally left the White House their staff vandalized and stole from the White House because George W. Bush won over Gore.  They were angry and vengeful much like Hillary’s followers are today.  Notice how the Clintons’ hands are in all this divisiveness?  Wish they’d just go away along with Soros, and we’d have a more united country. Soros is putting his money into the elections of radical prosecutors across the country to make sure they’re permissive. Cities are releasing prisoners across America before their time was served.  Cities are reducing the meaning of theft to be over $1,000 in order to be a crime.  This will only condone thieves to steal up to $1,000 and not be arrested. Permissiveness is not the answer to reducing crime, stricter enforcement is.

Very proud of the governor of Texas that put a workforce together and cleared out all the homeless from Austin.  They did a beautiful job cleaning amid the smell of urine and feces and only took one day. One homeless man complained that the governor is wasting taxpayer money.  Classic “kettle black” syndrome.  The homeless encampment caused the governor to have to come in and clean it up.   If Nancy and Newsome could take a lesson from this, maybe we could see the same in California.  So proud of Governor Abbott. Wake up California!  Trump told Nancy at his rally to stop wasting government time on impeachment and go back to her city and clean up the filthy mess. Great advice.

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The Demo-rats clearly see that they can’t beat Trump in 2020 so the impeachment sham is in full force.  A caller into Limbaugh Show nailed it when he said the Democrats are trying to take out Trump using death by a thousand cuts.

Lingchi (Chinese凌遲), translated variously as the slow process, the lingering death, or slow slicing, and also known as death by a thousand cuts, was a form of torture and execution used in China from roughly 900 CE until it was banned in 1905. It was also used in Vietnam. In this form of execution, a knife was used to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time, eventually resulting in death.

Lingchi was reserved for crimes viewed as especially severe, such as treason. Some Westerners were executed in this manner. Even after the practice was outlawed, the concept itself has still appeared across many types of media. Wikipedia

“This figure of speech refers to the idea that while a single small cut may not be not fatal, the cumulative effect of many of them could cause a person to bleed to death. The term is derived from an ancient form of torture in which the condemned person was subjected to a number of minor wounds until the accumulation of damage became fatal.” Investopedia.

Then when the election comes around, Trump will be so wounded from all the cuts that he’ll come limping onto the stage like a wounded animal next to old senile quid pro Joe making Joe’s chances better.

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This is what they’re trying to do.  It is a form of torture, and we need to stand up against it.  Just like Rand Paul said at the Trump rally yesterday.  He asked congress to come to President Trump’s defense i.e. circle the wagons like the Democrats always do. Not enough of them are.  I have always thought that their silence only hurts Trump.  They’re worried about their reelection if they support Trump, more than the country.

For instance, the winners of the World Series went to the White House yesterday and courageously praised president Trump for making America Great Again and keeping us safe.  The social media immediately jumped on the team with threatening comments.  This is what happens when you support our president, the meanies come after you.

Bottomline is:  Trump is not the divider; he’s trying unite the country but the Demo-rats and the media won’t have it.  The more they cut him, the more they misreport the news, the more he’ll stand up for himself.  Whether it’s by harsh rhetoric, or more conservative policies, or more clandestine ISIS missions; he will not bleed out. Get over it, gullibles.


The Deplorables vs. The Gullibles. Who Will Win in 2020?


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We all know who the deplorables are as coined by Hillary in 2016.  We are the “dregs of society” (Biden coined) and “irredeemables” (Hillary)  that support President Trump. The rest of the candidates just call us racists which is becoming overused and thus has lost its meaning.

I’d like to coin the Democrat nominee supporters “the Gullibles.”  After hearing them clap and cheer for Brennan, an admitted Deep State coup planner, I feel they have to be gullible if not lawless.  Lawlessables doesn’t have a good ring to it.  So ‘the Gullibles’ it is.

Anyone that supports AOC and her gang of corrupt idiots has to be either lawless or gullible. Anyone that believes Bernie’s or Pocahontas’ healthcare plan will work HAS to be gullible. And anyone who believes Biden wasn’t involved in a shakedown with Ukraine IS gullible.

These gullibles have fallen for just about everything the Democrats and media have pushed from Stormy Daniels, to Russian collusion, to Kavanaugh assault, to Charlottesville, to altered weather maps, to mafia style script of Ukraine conversation, to Smollett-staged attack, to Muellersham, to whistleblowergate, to impeachmentgate, to a photoshopped dog getting a medal of honor.

Why are they so gullible, we ask?  I think it is wishful thinking on their part or just plain apathy–they don’t really follow politics so they’ll listen to the most often reported version of events which is usually the mainstream fake news or ESPN.

These gullible voters also watch late night comedy shows which are always anti-Trump and pro whoever is the liberal darling of the week.  They also get their information off of liberal social media like Facebook.  They think they’re being populist or with it by agreeing with ESPN, Hollywood, or Facebook.  But they’re just being gullible, willfully ignorant.

These gullibles actually still think that Obama was a shining example of a great president–that he brought the country together, was scandal free, and restored the economy.  How could they think any different when this is what the media and our schools have been serving us for eleven years?  They have been fed a pile of horse manure for eleven years and don’t even know it.

Therefore, to change their minds will be next to impossible.  The gullibles have their heels dug in deep. The only eyeopener for them may be when one of the Deep State clowns get indicted.  The sooner the better.  I’ll take anyone of ’em–McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Strzok and the office s-ut, or Nellie, preferably with a late night raid of their home. Anyone will do, to help change the Gullibles’ mindset.

Who will win in 2020 the deplorables or the gullibles? I predict the deplorables, America, and our Constitution wins.  When one wins, they all win.

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Al-Baghdadi Was Taken Out Under Trump’s Leadership, Just as Bin Laden Was by Obama’s…

Yet the mainstream media has not given Trump one idota of credit for his leadership.  In fact, they have made a coordinated effort to claim that the mission was successful IN SPITE OF THE INEPTITUDE OF TRUMP.  As though the military just went in on their own willy nilly and decided to take out the current leader of ISIS without Trump’s approval.  It is pathetic.

Years ago when Obama approved the mission to attack Osama and it turned out successful, Trump congratulated him as well as FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and Hannity.  The mainstream media praised Obama and Hillary for months showing their picture in the situation room. What a difference when Trump approves a similar, yet more risky, plan to take out Al-Baghdadi.  Obama as well as the mainstream media are not reciprocal nor grateful.  But their silence only means one thing: jealousy. They don’t want any good news to befall the president while he is under scrutiny of impeachment for a phone call.

Everything Trump touches turns to gold and the media and former administration can’t stand it.  They want Trump to be a big buffoon that doesn’t understand the running of the government or national security. Trump has instincts together with his business talent that make the perfect combination to be president. Where they come up with the word “ineptitude” for Trump, baffles me. They must pull these words out of their a–es. Was it ineptitude that brought our economy back from the edge of an abyss?  I don’t think so.  It was skill.  Biden also said the mission went through IN SPITE OF Trump but Biden gave the thumbs down on the Bin Laden mission.  He doesn’t have the courage needed to be president.

This impeachmentgate is nothing more than another Muellersham, and they’re looking for anything now to impeach him on.  If he jaywalks in New York City, he’ll be arrested. He needs to watch his back. Based on the Democrats bad karma, this impeachmentgate will blow up in their faces, big time.  They’re looking like vindictive, poor losers and aren’t reflecting the president in a good light for the rest of the country and world to see.

For instance, in a grade school in California an eleven year old wore the costume of “baby Trump” balloon.  The kids in the class videoed the kid and were giggling and chanting “kill him,” while the teacher remained silent.  That costume should not have been allowed in the classroom, period. This disrespect is coming from D.C. and trickling down to our schools.  When an eleven year old hates our president, something is wrong. When I was that age, I barely knew who the president was. And in high school when JFK was shot, that was the only mention of a president in the classroom.  Teachers are showing their hate for our president in the classrooms.

Our teachers in school have to show respect for the current president or it affects the kids. The kids are learning disrespect for adults, our leaders, and possibly the police in our schools which will result in what we’ve seen in New York City with gangs of thugs attacking the police over virtually nothing.  This is not free speech; it is anarchy. I don’t blame Trump for wanting to move out of an ungrateful city. But for the mayor and the governor to say, “good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out” is not only immature but a dog whistle to the kids to act violently.  When our leaders can’t show respect for our president, why should our youth respect law and order?  Kids do what they see and all they’re seeing is dissension from the Democrats.

The Democrats are a bad influence on our youth, plain and simple. It starts at the top and trickles down to our governors, mayors, teachers and lands on our kids. When our leaders are showing total disregard and disrespect for the president who has given us a roaring economy, peace, and great policies, it reflects badly on our youth. They need to snap out of it! They’re ruining our country from the top down.

Thank you President Trump for taking out al-Baghdadi and the co-leader of ISIS. It was a successful mission and you should be proud, in spite of the media’s INEPTITUDE. 

Recently an Opinion Columnist Wrote That ‘Clueless’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ Created Trump Voters.


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She’s got it all wrong.  If anything Seinfeld created Donald Trump voters by using pet names for people, like Soup Nazi. But seriously, I’m a movie buff and never wished to see Clueless nor the tv show Saved by the Bell; but I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld many times which takes place in New York City and a creation of Larry David.  They never get old.

The columnist writes:

“I want to be very clear that I’m not talking about kids of marginalized identities or communities who have never for one second had the luxury to choose whether to fight or not. I’m talking about the mediocre white kids, the comfortable kids, the suburban kids.” NYT

The character Jerry Seinfeld created pet names for people in his life much like Trump does and it was endearing:  There was the soft talker, the low talker, the bubble boy, the sideler, the mimbo, schmoopie, soup Nazi, man hands, two face, and other words that the show coined. Trump labels candidates like sleepy Joe and Pocahontas.  It’s cute. People who don’t think Seinfeld is funny, probably don’t vote for Trump. People who don’t think Trump’s nicknames are funny, probably don’t vote for him either.  

I think the writer was trying to imply that only spoiled, rich, suburbanites vote for Trump.  That’s silly.  Trump has rural voters along with city dwellers. She’s clueless herself. Probably her favorite movie.  She was way off base with her column thinking we’d be influenced by pop culture movies from the 90s; but then again, it is the New York Times which never gets anything right.

Just so she knows, it is “comfortable kids” (pajama boys) that live in their parents’ basements that are part of ANTIFA and the other protesters not the poor underprivileged kids. It is the Gen Z snowflakes and radical millennials that do all the protesting.

The writer is obviously a feminist activist who just can’t believe anyone would vote for Trump.  Her and Hillary are still looking for reasons. This is now reason number 119–movies and tv shows from the 90s.  It would be hillaryous if not so sad and insulting. They must think Trump voters are a bunch of sponge-brained idiots. They must be projecting again.


The Deep State Admits it Exists…Finally!

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And they thanked God for it.  Like sneaky raccoons, former CIA Directors McLaughlin and Brennan, essentially admitted on CSPAN that they spied on the Trump Campaign by saying, “Thank God for the Deep State!” and the audience roared. The left media has been saying the Deep State was a FOX News conspiracy theory for three years.  Thank God they finally admit to their underhanded infiltration, spying, leaking, and setting up a coup to take out our sitting president!

They are incorrigible to sit there and admit this to an applauding audience.  Who the hell is in their audience that would condone this illegal soviet-style action by our government?  Who are these people?  We can’t call them Deplorables as that word has been taken.  I’d like to call them The Gullibles.  How gullible and lawless are these people to condone this?  Why do they applaud lying criminals?  Since when are criminals better than hard working honest folks who support Trump or as Hillary calls them deplorables?

Personally I think these CIA agents have nothing to lose as their jig is up.  Now they want to become leftist martres to the liberals. They are in Deep Shit up to their eyeballs to admit that there is a Deep State set up by Obama.  Obama always called it a foolish thought invented by paranoid Republicans.  Well, I guess Obama was wrong again or just lying again.

Wonder if the Republicans in power had taken it upon themselves to reverse the results of an election due to the fact that The People voted a radical into the highest office?  After all, Obama began his quest for the presidency in the home of a unrepentant terrorist that sympathized with the 9-11 terror attack.  Amazing that we’d vote a guy like this for president. And his wife who is dearly beloved still, said the first time she was proud of her country was when they voted her husband as president.  Really?  She had a radical past as well.

When the media asked Obama about this terrorist friend of his he answered, “He’s just a guy in the neighborhood.” They never asked again. That was enough explanation for the leftist media. Obama was never vetted properly and we were all worried when he won. I suspect he was chosen, groomed, and planted by none other than George Soros. And look what he left us with–a Deep State that is so enmeshed into our government and brainwashed in liberal-run universities like this whistleblower, it will take years to sniff them all out. I’d give each and everyone of them a polygraph test to see if they are spies, leakers, or Obama holdovers.  I hope Trump has fired that elitist, millennial whistleblower’s ass already.  Trump needs five more years to filter out all the swamp dwellers. 

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Those two crooked CIA creeps might be thanking God for the Deep State, but I’m thanking God for Trump and the Barr Team which is beginning to bring to the surface all the swamp dwellers. 

When Ukraine Is Not Enough.

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Pelosi is already backpedaling from Ukraine as the reason for the season. The season of “treason and high crimes and misdemeanors” i.e. Impeachment of Trump. She gave a dog whistle to her drones to find something else on Trump because this Ukraine conversation is starting to turn into a big nothing burger.

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Tim Morrison, National Security Council’s testimony stuck a pin in the whole he was trying to dig up dirt on Biden theory.  Morrison made it clear that he heard nothing illegal in the whole conversation. So again the Democrats have failed and the reason for the impeachment is looking very thin. The Democrats in the House stand to have so much egg on their faces or meals of crow by the time this if over, they’ll be a shortage of eggs and crows.

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Pelosi comes out with a statement that we may be impeaching for more than just holding back federal money in exchange for dirt on a political opponent.  There may be more.  (“Please, find me something else: a rape charge, an affair in the oval office, tax evasion, a binder of models, cutting a kid’s hair in high school, anything.  I’ll even take a dog on the roof at this point.  It worked before.  Why not now?”)

Because Trump stands up for himself, unlike Romney who took the lies and let them lie there and ferment until election day.  The people believed what Harry Reid swore to about him–that he hadn’t paid taxes in ten years.  He was lying, when lying wasn’t cool. Now it seems to be the trend in the Democrat party.  Romney is getting tough now but on the wrong person.  Too little, too late, Rom.

Pelosi wants to go back to the Mueller Report and reinvestigate for possible “obstruction of justice.”  If that’s the well you’re going back to, good luck.  That was nothing more than a bunch of gossip regarding Trump’s rallies and his tongue in cheek comments.  Done and done, already.  That well has run dry. The whistleblower is a millennial political hack, an Obama holdover, planted by Schiff, Brennan, and Biden.  Definitely a premeditated, orchestrated attack on Trump.

What if Ukraine is not enough?  (“Dig up something more, before it’s too late!  Make it look believable, the media will back us up.  They always do.”)

It should be an interesting next few months leading up to the primaries.  Beto dropped out today.  He knew he was done a while ago but hung in there. Pocahontas came out with her plan to pay for “medicare for all” that doesn’t pass the economic smell test.  None of the leaders in the polls will be on the ticket unless it’s for VP.  The Democrats will have to throw in someone else soon as they know Trump can beat them all “like a drum.” Hillary is biting at the bit to run again but the party is discouraging her. Michelle is waiting in the wings and the party wants her if the impeachment plan fizzles out, which it’s starting to look like.

But the Barr Team Report will stand to throw a stick in the spokes of all their wheels.

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Another Phrase That Needs to Go: “No One…Is Above the Law.”

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I notice the Kangaroo Court hearing today continue to use this phrase regarding our president; however, we never used it in reference to Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Holder, Lerner, Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden, Obama, Lynch and many others.  It’s only Republicans that they refer to when using this phrase. Why is that?  Because the Demo-rats are trying to project what they’ve already done and committed onto President Trump.

kangaroo court is a court that ignores recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides.[1] The term may also apply to a court held by a legitimate judicial authority who intentionally disregards the court’s legal or ethical obligations. The defendants in such courts are often denied access to legal representation and in some cases, proper defence and the right of appeal. Wikipedia

This sham impeachment hearing they’re holding today is something done by the Soviets or Nazis yet they accuse Trump of being in bed with Russia or of being a white supremacist.  The more our government acts like this, the more we’re becoming a Socialist country. Pelosi says today, “What is at stake and all of this is nothing less than our democracy.”  What she really means is “all of this is nothing less than our being Democrats.” Washington is rigged toward Demo-rats. They get off on all charges just because they are Demo-rats. It’s ironic that this vote today was on Halloween.  Trick or treat?  This vote on impeachment is just another trick by the Demo-rats.

I don’t even recognize what is going on in today’s government.  There’s no comparison to Nixon or Clinton impeachment proceedings.  This is all one-sided on the left and a totally contrived claim of holding back funds to Ukraine and jeopardizing national security in exchange for digging up dirt on a political opponent.  This is an outright, blatant lie.  Nothing in Trump’s conversation singled out Biden nor did it say he was holding back money endangering our national security.

I keep wondering when all this crazy will stop but apparently it won’t.  The “whistleblower” is an Obama loyalist drone with connections to lying Susan Rice and quid pro Joe Biden.  It is an all out orchestrated attack on Trump just as the Russian collusion was and just as Dr. Ford on Kavanaugh was.  This whistleblower apparently was involved in the Russian collusion hoax as well.  Is this whistleblower above the law?  Apparently.  Everyone on the Demo-rat side are above the law.  Not one has been brought to justice yet.  When will we see them being brought to justice?

The Barr Team needs to submit their findings soon on the real corruption and the real fraud as the rhetoric is heating up on the other side.  They are lying about Trump on national television and this has to stop.  They have premeditatedly misconstrued Trump’s transcription of his conversation to be all about Biden, which it certainly was not.  Biden is behind this sham too, judging by his arrogant confidence that he’ll be the Demo-rat nominee.  Trump’s call was about looking into what happened in 2016 regarding interference into our election then, not the current election.  Nothing was about the current election which the Demo-rats are claiming.

It’s obvious to me that this whole witch hunt charade is nothing more than another smokescreen to get the attention off of the impending Barr Team Report.  They don’t want the people to know the real truth-the real scandals that went on during the 2016 election.  The investigation spotlight has turned onto them, and they’re running scared like rats from a sinking ship.  Demo-rats.

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This phrase “No one is above the law” is an overused, untrue statement by the Demo-rats and needs to be banned as the Demo-rats are ALL ABOVE THE LAW.  When I hear them say it, I cringe, as we know the truth.  If “no one is above the law” all I can do is picture the lot of them behind bars. One could only hope.

Hurry up Barr Team!  We can’t take much more of their lies, schemes, and insurance plans.