Time to Cut the Illustrious Fauci Loose.

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Fauci is like the slow sleigh dog pulling back the pack.  Trump needs to cut him loose to get our country back to full speed.  Fauci has been wrong from the get go.  His models are wrong. He’s wrong about hydroxychloroquine’s success and about the estimated time to return to work. We are at war with this virus and will use the weapons we have on hand, not wait two years for a better weapon, said recently by a conservative no doubt. Fauci wants no one to go back to work until there are zero deaths. With that thinking, there will be no jobs to go back to. But what does he care?

Fauci has no skin in the game as he continues to get his bureaucratic paycheck.  He has no empathy for small businesses as he’s never run one.  Just because he’s a doctor does not make him right. He only cares about the virus, not the economy or people out of work. He’s myopic whereas Trump has to be concerned for both.

“Dr. Smoke and Mirrors” used China and Italy for models for our country.  Our country is nothing like China and Italy.  Garbage in = garbage out. And he calls himself a scientist?  “PTA Mom” is not much better and those scarfs… :/  These two experts are Democrats that voted for Hillary.  I’ll bet my last dollar on that.  They have an ulterior motive to hurt Trump. When Trump finally puts the country back to work they will scoff, causing the public to scream in protest. Better to cut them loose now so they don’t have a say in the matter.  They’ve overestimated deaths and the spreading to other states.  Cuomo said his state was ground zero and that other states will experience the same, and I’m sure his Italian friend agreed. Time to get some other doctors on the payroll like Dr. Oz who has current experience in treating patients–not some bureaucrat.

“In the United States, the primary agent of panic has been the highly-esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci who also has close ties to the World Health Organization. According to National Review, Fauci hypothesized in late February in the New England Journal of Medicine that the fatality rate of COVID-19 may be “considerably less than 1% because many people who are infected experience either no symptoms or very mild symptoms and therefore do not report.” And yet, the media routinely states that the mortality rate is 3.4% or higher. Dr. Fauci himself continues to claim that COVID-19 is 10x as bad as the flu, even though his own estimates of 100K to 200K deaths compares to the CDC’s reported deaths during the 2019-2020 flu season of between 24,000 and 62,000. If Fauci’s 10X figure is accurate, then he should be estimating between 240,000 and 620,000 deaths, which he is not. His numbers simply do not add up!” Technocracy News

Even A.G. Barr said yesterday that hydroxychloroquine was being spoke of positively until Trump praised it then the left went jihad on it. So no matter what Trump says or does, the left will go crazy.  They don’t like anything he likes.  If Trump praised the sun, the left would start hating the sun. They are so dismissive of VP Pence when he comes to the podium. They don’t even have questions for him–just questions for their hero “Dr. Smoke and Mirrors.” The left has promoted Fauci to “the voice of reason” and will ONLY listen to him.  Time for him to go.

My husband’s doctor, who is undoubtedly a Democrat, dismissed hydroxychloroquine as nothing more than a placebo and wouldn’t prescribe it.  Who the hell is he to say that! He also said that Biden’s videos in his basement are being “doctored” by the media to make him look bad.  Since when do our personal doctors get political on us?  My husband couldn’t debate with him as he’s under his care and doesn’t want to offend the guy. But boy, oh boy, did he blame everything on Trump from his lack of gowns to testing to facemasks.  Everything wrong in his office and the world, apparently, is Trump’s fault not our Democrat governor’s. This is what we are up against.  This is not good.

Also doctors may be fleecing patient’s medicare plans by putting them on a ventilator to jack up the billing to $39,000.  And now we are finding the ventilators may be harming our healthy lungs?  When money influences our care in the hospital, we are all in trouble.  But I have found it to be that way.  Last November, my medicare plan got billed $8,000 for a lousy sprained wrist by the ER.  This is not good.

And lastly, the number of deaths from Covid may be misreported due to doctors checking the Covid box rather than the real cause of an underlying condition like heart failure, diabetes, obesity, pneumonia, and immune deficiencies. This contributes to false graphs and projections. This is not good.

Dr. Fauci, Gov. Cuomo, and Pelosi have misled the public and should be fired or step down. Pelosi told residents of San Francisco to continue to visit Chinatown while the epidemic was spreading.  That was not good advice.

So when Trump pulls the trigger on our economy just wait for the left to go nuts!  Trump knows they will, but will have to do it anyway.  Better to do it without those two know-it-alls looking over his shoulder in disapproval.

Drain the swamp, Trump! Cut Fauci Loose Before It’s Too Late!

UPDATE:  Now that the media is catching up to what we all thought about Fauci from the get go, what will become of him?  I remember when he threw Trump under the bus during his first interview with the media.  He pooh-poohed hydroxychloroquine making the drug and Trump look bad. But, ironically, making himself the darling of the left. Trump should have fired him when he had the chance.  He was a fraud and still is.  He is only out for his own pocketbook and fame.  He’s a hypocrite and a phony.  His emails prove that he covered up the involvement of China in the pandemic and was praised for doing so.  I really think he committed treason and should be prosecuted.  During Obama Administration, Fauci sent grants to the Wuhan Lab in order for them to manipulate bat viruses into a bioweapon.  Mission Accomplished,  Fauci!  He then politicized the pandemic rather than follow common sense or common science.  Time to go!

The word is still out on who permitted the virus to escape from the lab to the general public. If three lab workers came down with the China Virus in November of 2019, why was it not reported then?  Why wasn’t the lab shut down and virus secured from spreading?  Why were residents allowed to travel to other countries from China?  Why did the WHO originally report that it was not contagious from person to person? All these questions and more need to be addressed and people prosecuted.

Ask yourself, how is it that we saw through Fauci over a year ago and the media is finally catching up?  Journalism really is dead. They are nothing more than a political arm of the Democrat Party.  They have blood on their hands too.

Memorial Day Remembrance.

Chilling account of the largest wartime explosion comparable to the H Bomb.  On 10 November 1944, shortly after 18 men had departed for shore leave, the rest of the crew were killed when the ship exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

Every Memorial Day I think of my mother’s first husband, my oldest brother’s father, my father’s only cousin, my great cousin, who never got to meet his future son. He died suddenly in an ammo ship explosion called the USS Mt. Hood on November 10, 1944, ironically named after a volcano in Oregon. They never found the cause of the explosion other than careless handling of cargo. But as ill fate would have it, my mother’s high school boyfriend from Oakland, California, President of his Class, father of her firstborn, perished that ill-fated day. He was only 21 years of age. No remains found to be buried. All she got was an American flag folded in a triangle.

They never recovered his body and all the bodies on the ship disintegrated and many ships and soldiers docked nearby perished as well.  “The largest remaining piece of the hull was found in the 80 foot deep hole the explosion made underwater and measured no bigger than 16 by 10 ft (5 by 3 m). No other remains of Mount Hood were found except fragments of metal which had struck other ships in the harbor and a few tattered pages of a signal notebook found floating in the water several hundred yards away. No human remains were recovered of the 350 men aboard Mount Hood or small boats loading alongside at the time of the explosion.” Wikipedia.

Explosion of the USS Mt. Hood killing 350 soldiers aboard.

My mother who was 7 months pregnant at the time received the worst news of her life. “Your husband is missing in action,” the government wrote her. Lost her young husband and the father of her child. I don’t think she ever recovered from it totally. She died young from cancer that really had no typical causes. Families don’t get over a death like this of their loved ones. It scars you internally.

Many folks, especially police officers, are getting needlessly killed in the line of duty leaving their loved ones feeling much the same. But we have a different enemy compared to World War II. Our enemy is among us. They look and dress like average citizens. But they are on a mission to destroy law and order across the Nation. When I think of what my great cousin had to endure at such a young age compared to the spoiled rich college protesters in the streets throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails, it makes me sick. They don’t know what hardship is. And that’s the problem. The snowflake, participation trophy generation. Everything’s been handed to them.

Soldiers gave up their lives for our freedom and these street thugs are taking it away. They are a malignant cancer on society that is spreading. The sooner the Democrats realize this, the better chance we’ll have to combat it. But from what I am hearing about BLM Flags flown at the U.S. Embassy, I’m appalled. Might as well hang the ISIS flag outside the embassy. The left is all about stifling any hate flags and speech, but they sure embrace the BLM Marxist flag and hate speech from the left on Twitter. And we allow it!

Kids these days are getting paid to sit home on their a$$es during the day and protest at night. It has to stop. Employers that can’t find workers, need to report any former employee that refuses to come back to work. This way their unemployment checks will be denied. Or at least this is the way it used to work. In Biden’s world, no telling what system he has put in place to create the laziest, most divisive group of young people in the world. Way to go Biden! Keep it up. What ever happened to his mantra, “A job is more than a paycheck.” Maybe he should change it to, “Laziness is more than an unemployment check.” Cuz that’s what they are.

May all the soldiers that have lost their lives protecting our country rest in peace, especially on the ill-fated USS Mt. Hood. They never had a siren, a shout out, a telegraph, or a chance to say a prayer. Similar to some who died on impact on 9-11. One second later they were obliterated from existence. :’>(

Guns Aren’t the Problem…

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causing the increased violence in liberal run states. Guns don’t go off on their own. The media and the Democrats in power have ignited the violence flame by spreading hate for the police. Guns can be bought illegally, stolen, or purchased legally by these hate-driven killers. Killers don’t follow gun laws. If there were no guns, they’d use a machete, a car, a bomb, or a brick. These killers are taking over our streets in liberal cities and killing indiscriminately.

Now we all know The Mob began as the Resist movement created by the likes of disgruntled Hillary followers funded by Soros. Remember when she hired these mobsters to attack folks in line for Trump rallies so Trump supporters would get labeled as violent? This is their SOP. Nothing has changed since then, it is just on a larger scale now. They pretend to be peaceful protesters by day but that is just their ploy to kill and get violent when the sun goes down. Where are their parents, we ask? Obviously raised in a very liberal upbringing filled with hate for President Trump. Children learn what they see. They’ve seen and heard lots of hate in their homes then they go to high school and hear it from their teachers during their impressionable years.

The teaching profession used to be revered and looked up to as a career that was devoted to helping children. Not any longer. We now know they just want to indoctrinate our kids from kindergarten on. College is the worst. The pandemic exposed teachers for what they really are, lazy, self-centered, and lacking empathy for our children with some exceptions, of course.

Yesterday on radio news they reported that “Officer Sicknick was attacked by The Mob and died.” He didn’t die from any attack but the news is spreading that rumor to imply that Trump supporters are The Mob that killed him. Outrageous. The more the left tries to blame guns and Trump supporters for the increasing violence, the stupider they look. At some point people will be able to deduce for themselves that we are all being lied to by the media. They are using the Nazi form of brainwashing, “if you repeat a lie often enough, they will believe it.” And some have.

So now that Biden has appointed another dufus radical as the Director of ATF, we are sure to be hearing more about threats of gun confiscations and bullet shortages across the nation. This is their answer to all violence. What they’re really trying to achieve is to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase guns to defend themselves. Criminals have no problem getting ahold of guns. Honest people do.

We also have a bunch of Jussie Smolletts out there faking hate crimes against Blacks and Asians in order to blame white folks. This is escalating too and the media never calls it as it is. They never fail to mention white supremacists implying that Trump supporters are racist. Who is inspiring these young Jussie Smolletts to commit these crimes? BLM together with social media may be behind it. An investigative reporter needs to interview these punks; but, of course, they never get arrested or if they do, they’re released and sent back on the street. Never ending revolving door.

So when you hear on the news that crime is escalating just remember that it is only in liberal-run, loosey-goosey, anything-goes, cities that don’t enforce the laws on their books and is being fueled by Democrats’ and the media’s hateful rhetoric toward the police. Once a city suspends law enforcement, crime will only escalate as there are no repercussions for the violators. We need a bunch of Rudy Giulianis to takeover these liberal towns.

Are We Heading for a Constitutional Crisis?????

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It sure looks that way. We have never before in our history discovered that an election was rigged and that our president may be illegitimate. Never before…but, more and more, it looks as though when these states in question get through with their audits, we will have a constitutional crisis on our hands. Who will we turn to, the Supreme Court who is controlled by compromised Jon Roberts? I…don’t…think…so. We already gave them the chance to rule on the election and they punted.

If anyone in their right mind thinks Slow Joe who campaigned from his basement received the most votes for president in U.S. History, then they need their heads examined. In some cities he received more votes than there were registered voters. How is that even possible? It’s called cheating. They gamed the system, and we weren’t allowed to contest it. The election offices, the judges, the governors, the FBI, and the intelligent agencies were all in on it. They should all be in jail, but I digress.

Will we have to have a redo election and revote for President Trump or Biden? That would be a first not to mention a monumental task. No mail in ballots this time, kiddos. And no Dominion voting machines, please. From what is coming out finally in the news about Fauci’s involvement (granting one million) in the Wuhan Lab bioweapon creation and leak, I’m wondering why his house hasn’t been raided in the wee hours of the night like the FBI did to Roger Stone. Why hasn’t he been arrested? Because he is the darling of the left, their God. If you contest Fauci, the left threatens your life like they’ve done to poor Rand Paul. Fauci’s hands are dirty in the unleashing of covid along with Gates and possibly Biden’s. It was their next “insurance plan.” That’s why Biden stopped the investigation into the Wuhan Lab when he took office. Duh!

We’ve all been hoodwinked! The Democrats are all in cahoots with what went down in 2020 from the manmade virus to the draconian shutdowns to the mass rioting to the rigged election to the mask mandates to the planned breach of the capitol to the second impeachment. They played us and many Republicans went along with it. They (Romney, Cheney, Murkowski et al) wanted Trump out and this was their chance to have him removed permanently.

Three republicans are emerging during these crises as potential frontrunners in the next presidential election: Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor DeSantis are making history by standing up for us and never wavering. DeSantis is defending his state against the federal government’s and social media’s wacky rules. He passed a bill that social media cannot ban Republican candidates from their platform during the next election. If they do, they can be fined $250,000 per incident. Great bill. Other states should follow his leadership.

Our country is in the worst, most precarious situation now that I’ve ever witnessed even more so than during the Viet Nam war or after 9-11. We are purposely being invaded at the southern border by criminals and unknown foreigners. We witnessed a bioweapon kill off millions of people worldwide without conducting any investigation afterwards. Basically letting the culprits off scot-free.

We are heading in some unchartered territory that will undoubtedly lead us into a constitutional crisis. We need more Republicans in office to pass bills in their states that will at least hinder the total control that the left has over us. Then, little by little, we can get integrity back into our election process. Voting these crooks out is the only chance we have left to save America.

In the meantime, fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. We actually need Democrats to come around to our side once they are fed up with all that is going on. Once it hits their backyard or their pocketbook, they’ll change their vote if they have any sense left. One can only hope. :>/

Trump Was Right About Wuhan Lab Leak.

Wuhan Lab Leaked like a faucet.

What else will turn out to be true now that Trump has left office? Amazing how this works. Avoid looking into anything that Trump suggests, but then investigate it after he is out of office. In fact, there was an investigation ongoing into the Wuhan Lab virus leak when Biden took office, but he suspiciously ended it. Hmmmm, I see a pattern emerging. Let’s do a trip down Memory Lane on what the press called fringe conspiracy theories whenever Trump suggested them.

Hunter’s laptop comes to mind. The press and social media buried the story calling it Russian disinformation prior to the election along with the FBI; but amazingly now, we find that the laptop does exist and is filled with incriminating emails. But there have been no charges filed. And Trump was right when he said Biden committed quid pro quo with Ukraine, but no one credits him with that truism. They collectively committed election interference. Trump was right.

The effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Zpack has suddenly been discovered to be an effective therapeutic drug for covid if used early on. Just like Trump suggested. But the press turned governors and doctors against it and was not allowed to be prescribed. They even falsely claimed Trump was invested in HCQ. But Trump was right.

Trump’s border wall and immigration polices were effective but the press and the Democrats never gave him credit. Now it looks like Trump was right again as the wall is not being built nor surveilled by Border Control, policies ended, and we have a major crisis on our hands. Trump was right again.

Trump suggested over a year ago that businesses, schools, and restaurants should reopen safely but again the press and some governors ridiculed him. He said shutdowns would hurt the economy and the children irreparably, but they pooh-poohed his advice. Some red states followed his advice and have not endured such hardships. But look where we’re at in New York, California, and Washington state. Trump was right.

Trump suggested the national guard needed to go into some cities to stop rioting by antifa and BLM, but he got rebuked by liberal mayors and governors who are now desperate for help. The rioting didn’t stop once Trump left office but has taken a stronghold in some cities who just look for an excuse to tear up the town. The police didn’t enforce current laws and are now paying the price. They should have allowed the help from the national guard like Trump suggested a year ago, but the press and Democrats called antifa and BLM peaceful demonstrators. Trump was right.

Trump was telling the truth when he said he did not collude with Russia. Hillary, on the other hand, asked the FBI for a smokescreen called Russia collusion to take the heat off of her destroying subpoenaed evidence. Did the press apologize for four years of accusations and a needless and costly Mueller Probe? Of course not, as they were in on the hoax. But again Trump was right.

Trump once said he’d get a vaccine approval before the 2020 election. He was scoffed at and made fun of by the press for months. But again Trump was right. It was approved prior to the election but Pfizer purposely held it back until right after the election. They committed election interference. But Trump’s prediction was true. Did he get credit for Warp Speed approval? Of course, not. Biden tried to take credit.

Trump was also right about not inciting the breach of the capitol but the press hasn’t come around to that story yet. That will take some time. In fact, they are doubling down on that lie.

Also Trump was right that the election was rigged. This will take some time before the crooked media admits to collusion with the Democrats. But at least they see now that Trump does tell the truth and that his instincts are usually correct. It just takes a while before it is believed. Eventually the Democrats will admit to election fraud and treat it as a badge of honor that they got away with it. They can’t help themselves to act smug and admit to it.

So you see, Trump’s claims, predictions, and suggestions will eventually be proven true and the false stories debunked. It will just take time. In the meantime, the press will continue to call them fringe conspiracy theories from the right. 74 million folks can’t all be wrong.

China Unleashed a Deadly “Bat Virus” on the World While Sealing Off Wuhan From the Rest of China.

selective focus photo of black bat on brown stone
Photo by HitchHike on Pexels.com

What does this tell us?  Answer:  They knew it was deadly and wanted to keep it from spreading to the rest of China but allowed these same quarantined people to travel abroad.  The Bat Virus also known as the China Virus, the Wuhan Virus or the more politically correct, according to W.H.O. and the media, the Covid-19 Virus was spread by citizens of Wuhan that were allowed to travel abroad after their government knew they may be infected.  Their government also failed to tell the world that this Bat Virus could be contagious from human to human.  Was their silence unintentional or malice?  :/

Something else that is curious, but hopefully not another layer of a conspiracy, was the fact that in 2015 nearing our election year when our FBI and CIA had gone rogue by coming up with insurance plans to keep Trump from being president, Obama gave a Grant of 3.5 million to the same lab that unleashed the Chinese Bat Virus.  Now a government conspiracy thriller novelist would use this fact to come up with a plot that maybe, just maybe, this contagion was a hit for hire as part of the FBI’s insurance plan to ruin Trump’s presidency before he was up for reelection. Just maybe.

I know it is far-fetched, but that’s just the conspiracy mind in me.  Freud didn’t believe in coincidences; I don’t either.  Let’s hope it was just Obama being very generous with OUR money to the same exact lab in Wuhan that studies bats and one careless lab worker got infected and went home and spread it around and it traveled overseas and caused 154,000 deaths worldwide with 2.2 million cases…tanking the booming U.S. economy…threatening Trump’s second term.  Let’s just hope that’s all it was. :/

When Trump ran for president he promised to eradicate ISIS as they were spreading havoc around the world and no one seemed to know how to stop them.  What does ISIS have in common with the Bat Virus?  They both live in caves, they’re both deadly, and they’ll both be eradicated by Trump.   If Trump was successful in eradicating ISIS why wouldn’t he be successful in eradicating the Chinese Bat Virus? It’s a war, just a different kind of war. One with guns and bombs and the other with hiding in our homes washing our hands.  Let’s give him some credit that he knows what he’s doing.  So far he has listened to his advisers and experts, it’s now time for him to use his instincts and intuitions which are pretty good to get our economy back on track.  He did it once, let’s see if he can do it again. :/

Democrat governors need to swallow their pride and open up their state in stages. Enough with the politics they’re trying to play like Cuomo and Michigan’s governor. I can’t believe Cuomo blamed Trump for his overzealous ordering of ventilators and beds claiming he used “Trump’s models” when ordering.  Trump didn’t come up with these models that overestimated deaths.  Doctors Fauci and Birx vouched for the models, not Trump.  That was a cheap shot. Now Trump is getting blamed for “scientific models” that he was told were accurate.  Unbelievable. I thought Democrats love “science.”  Not so much if Trump is involved.  :/

This would be akin to Trump buying into the “climate change hoax” hook, line, and sinker then after implementing the Green New Deal (which would bankrupt our country and put millions out of work in the fossil fuel industry, automobile industry, health insurance industry, real estate companies, and wall street) the left would blame Trump for the idea that they all wanted in the first place.  Nice try Cuomo.  Do your job and stop with the pressers.

When Mayor DeBlasio was telling New Yorkers to ignore warnings and go to the theater, Trump was banning flights from China and Europe and catching hell. When Nancy was telling San Franciscans to ignore warnings and go to Chinatown and enjoy their food, Trump was coming up with the Guidelines to avoid exposure to the Chinese Bat Virus after the sting of just being impeached.  And they say Trump mishandled the pandemic? I don’t think so. 

People need to get outside for their mental and physical health, especially seniors who are retired.  Some of them are on “doctors orders” to exercise whether it be at a gym or pool or golf or tennis or just walking.  To close down these activities and contain people indoors for extended periods is just destroying their lives and livelihood in their final years not to mention our economy.  It’s cruel and unusual punishment because of a Chinese Bat Virus that they probably won’t be exposed to as they will take extreme precautions. We are all responsible for our own lives. 🙂


Update:  Now that the media is finally getting curious as to where this deadly virus came from, thought I’d repost what most of us we’re thinking at the time.  Fauci and Obama visited that same lab that it came out of. Coincidence or not?  Biden took money from China along with his son, coincidence or not.  This could be the biggest bioweapon terror attack on our country and it happened right under our noses because we were too trusting and the media didn’t do their job of investigative reporting.  They buried the story along with Hunter’s laptop. Don’t expect the truth to come out under a Biden Administration.  He’s part of the coverup.

Antifa/BLM/Mob are the “New ISIS.”

How ISIS looked under Obama Administration.

I thought of this comparison when I saw a flashback of ISIS marching on the dusty roads of Afghanistan prior to Trump eliminating all of them in short order. At first I thought it was an Antifa or BLM march but then realized they look and behave very similar. Obama played with the terror group for eight years even supplying them with Toyota trucks from the U.S.

The mob here reminds me of ISIS and they are increasing exponentially daily. Some even dress in similar dark garb looking and marching like ISIS. Someone is supplying them with their outfits and weapons. (Soros) The problem is, is that we have allowed them to grow and spread in numbers and get more and more recruits. We don’t eliminate them like we would ISIS, yet they are just as deadly. Their weapons are arson, bricks, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and guns versus roadside bombs, but they can do as much damage. Now Palestinian sympathizers, spurred on by the media, have joined these groups and are attacking Jewish folks due to turmoil in the Middle East encouraged by Biden.

And let’s be clear, Asians are being attacked by BLM not Trump supporters. Yesterday an Asian boy got shot in Orange, California, in the backseat of his parents’ car. This is getting out of control and no one calls out the perpetrators. The media won’t even identity what the couple in the drive by shooting looked like which means they were Black. The media is complicit in these attacks by the fact that they never out the race of an attacker if he’s Black. They just continue to imply that they were white supremacists or Trump supporters, which is a red herring.

Protesters that commit violence and mayhem are breaking the law under our constitution. But protesters of today have no conscience or morals. They do not value life or our constitution. They shoot cops if they get pulled over. The reason this is getting out of control and turning into an ISIS like organization, is due to the fact that our prosecutors are releasing them after they get arrested. No trial, no bail, no consequences, and they’re back on the streets again. The prosecutors are in on it. It is the Old Wild West only we had a sheriff and and a court back then that usually hung the criminals if found guilty. Not today. The bleeding heart liberals have ruined that too.

Criminal defense lawyers are hurting under this president. They have no one to defend. Prisoners are released to do more harm and no new perps are getting arrested. And police, who are quitting daily, are afraid now to arrest blacks as they always resist and that never turns out well. In fact, the cop usually gets arrested and the perp’s family gets rewarded millions of dollars. Isn’t this setting up an incentive for suicide by cop? Maybe Floyd committed suicide by cop. He was a unproductive citizen in society who was on drugs and passing counterfeit bills. He had nothing to live for. Who would of thunk a lawyer would be short of clients? But in this unlawful society where criminals rule, criminal defense lawyers are not needed.

I feel like we are living in Back to the Future II where the town had been taken over by gamblers, hookers, and criminals; only our country has been taken over by criminals not only on our streets but in our highest government positions. I am one who still believes the election was stolen by Biden and his ilk. Nothing can change my mind. I also believe that the China virus was created in a lab and purposely released on the world as China was hurting under Trump. Evidence, although most of it destroyed or dead, points in that direction. We are being duped from the top on down.


Criminals are running our country now. We have to speak out whenever possible but be vigilant too. Our government is using the New ISIS to take us out whenever they please. We have more criminals coming over the border like cockroaches and will surely be recruited by the New ISIS. If this continues, which I don’t see changing anytime soon, we will be outnumbered. It will come down to good versus evil which it probably has been all along. Speak out and don’t give up the good fight for our country and freedom.

The January 6th Hoax.

FBI Director: Agency won't recommend criminal charges in Hillary Clinton  email investigation – The Denver Post
Hillary asks a favor from the FBI.

We all remember the hoax the left forced on America called “Russia Collusion.” Then the hoax was exposed for what it really was: Hillary asking the FBI for a smokescreen called Russia Collusion to cover for her criminal acts of disposing of subpoenaed evidence. Then out of the blue on cue came the Ukraine quid pro quo hoax. That was nothing more than Biden looking for a similar smokescreen (favor) to cover for his quid pro quo with Ukraine and all his shady transactions that his son was involved in. We thought that was the end of the hoaxes, but the left wasn’t done.

And let’s not forget the China Virus which was unleashed on the United States during a presidential election year and constantly blamed on Trump for mismanagement. Reality was Trump had good instants as far as therapeutic treatments which, if they had been used in certain states like New York, California, and Nevada, thousand of lives would have been saved. But the governors of these states and Fauci used the virus to cause a pandemic to hurt Trump’s chances. They politicized the virus, sent infected patients into rest homes, refused to allow HCQ to be prescribed, and have blood on their hands. Word is still out on who has their fingerprints on the unleashing of the bioweapon.

When the China Virus didn’t hurt Trump’s success, the Shutdown of the Economy was their next plan of attack. Some states are still in shutdown mode and have mask mandates.

The next scheme was the well orchestrated rigged election stolen from President Trump. Many states and governors were involved all the way down to the election offices. I witnessed it firsthand in Nevada when the election clerk didn’t ask for my ID, signature, or even look me up on their voter rolls. First time ever. Just handed me a ballot like they were giving out candy. Red flags popped up, and I knew then we were going to have a stolen election. Then on election night when the results of Arizona were called early by none other than FOX News analysts that were anti-Trumpers, the election took a turn for the worse. The counting stopped in many states for phony reasons like a broken waterpipe that never existed and in the dead of night six states that Trump should have won in, miraculously flipped to the Biden column.

Then when the left started to get worried that certain state senators wouldn’t accept the electoral vote count in their state, they had to come up with another scheme: plan an attack on the Capitol during the exact time the Senate was contesting their state’s votes and compare it to 9-11, call it something horrible like an Insurrection. Truth was, there were no armed demonstrators and the only person shot dead was a Trump supporter by a black anti-Trump Capitol police officer–name being withheld.

Here’s some facts that the media fails to report on. The Black youth who placed the pipe bombs that were discovered prior to the Capitol breach has not been charged or name released. Pelosi asked that the National Guard stand down as it would not be good for optics (which is code for they wanted chaos). Four hundred or so conservatives who attended the Trump rally have been sought and imprisoned indefinitely for trespassing. Silly charge. Haven’t heard of any antifa being arrested that day or BLM. They release violent BLM rioters the same day.

There was no insurrection. The Capitol police asked and escorted many demonstrators into the Capitol building so how can that even be called trespassing? Antifa planned days ahead to come to town to infiltrate the Capitol demonstration and were dressed accordingly with backpacks and climbing equipment to scale the walls. DC police were seen escorting their buses in the dead of night. A well planned coup.

Now the latest scheme is to make more of January 6th than it really was and to criminalize anyone who disputes the presidential election. The media is big on shaming us for wanting audits done in the suspect states. We know for a fact that election fraud was committed as many of these workers were caught on tape sneaking in additional ballots. But not one of these election workers have been arrested. Not one that I have heard of. Only conservatives get arrested. The crooked FBI is in cahoots with the stolen election and will not pursue any evidence to prove it.

The January 6th Commission (sounding like the Warren Commission) is nothing more than the left’s latest smokescreen covering up for the chaos at the border and turmoil in the Middle East. In fact their new mantra is: “Cause a crisis and keep it going to take their eyes off the ball.”

January 6th was a big nothing burger, nothing compared to the assassination of President Kennedy, the attack on the World Trade Center, or attack on Pearl Harbor. For the left to make any comparisons is reprehensible. So far, Biden is going down as the worst president in modern day history. He has turned our country inside out with his constant racism remarks and teaching racism in schools. Worst president ever. Shame on him.

Biden, Our First Dictator.

46 and Done: Why Joe Biden Should Be Our Last President | The Nation

“A dictatorship is a form of government characterized by a single leader or group of leaders and little or no toleration for political pluralism or independent media.[2] According to other definitions, democracies are a form of government in which “those who govern are selected through contested elections”; therefore, dictatorships are “not democracies.” Wikipedia

We weren’t allowed to contest the last election; so, therefore, we do not have a democracy but rather a dictatorship. We’ve all read about the dictators of the past that ruled other countries we’ve never been to. “This type of dictatorship was imposed during the 20th century in countries such as, Chile by Augusto PinochetArgentina by Jorge Rafael Videla and other leaders, Uruguay by Juan Maria BordaberryParaguay by Alfredo StroessnerBolivia by Hugo BanzerBrazil by Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco.” Wikipedia.

Biden is ruling our country via single party dictatorship as the Dems control the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. We have lost all checks and balances. It’s Biden’s way or the highway. He’s an angry old man. How did this happen? They stole the presidential election and rigged the Georgian election. PERIOD.

“Single-party dictatorships are regimes in which one party dominates politics. In single-party dictatorships, a single party has access to political posts and control over policy. In single-party dictatorships, party elites are typically members of the ruling body of the party, sometimes called the central committeepolitburo, or secretariat. Those groups of individuals controls the selection of party officials and “organizes the distribution of benefits to supporters and mobilizes citizens to vote and show support for party leaders.” Wikipedia.

But did we ever think we’d be living in a country where our President of the United States begins to rule like a dictator, imprisoning people for freedom of speech, controlling what news is allowed for public consumption, rigging elections, imposing draconian rules on the public, brainwashing our children in school to believe one way, and overtaxing the rich to pay for the poor? Of course, not. But this is where we are.

Even though the CDC has relaxed the rules on mask wearing, the obedient followers of this regime are going to continue to virtue signal us as this is what it has been all along. It has never been to stop the spread. It has been a symbol of allegiance to an insane dictator (which is a common trait) that stole our election from President Trump.

Every time I turn on the news, which I hadn’t for five days, I am sickened by what this madman is getting away with and no one is saying a thing. The Middle East is on fire and Biden favors the Palestinians over Israel. All the peace agreements that Trump oversaw are for not now. Biden has become the poster boy for “reversal of fortune”: Higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher taxes, higher costs for goods, high unemployment, and turmoil in the Middle East and at our Southern Border.

Biden looks like a Chinese dictator and his eyes do too. The GOP gets their feathers ruffled up but have done nothing really to stop him other than propose some bills in the House that are DOA in the Senate. It gets us nowhere. The GOP better stand up and revolt soon rather than keep acting like a bunch of doormats or pushovers or we’re all doomed. The way they let Pelosi run the Chamber forcing them to wear masks for no reason is pitiful. The more they get away with and the longer we tolerate this, the more power the dictator gains.

Notice they are now blaming the turmoil in the Middle East on Trump which is laughable. We had four years of peace under Trump, PERIOD. This is their SOP. Whenever something goes badly, blame Trump. Ironically, they want it to go badly but they need someone to blame for the benefit of the gullible stupid press. Now Biden has condoned a Russian and Germany pipeline but cancelled all our pipelines. Something bad is on the horizon and it smells like war.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Masks Are No Longer Required for your Health!

Submissive girl looking silly in the mountain air with a mask on.

In fact, they may be hazardous to your mental health. It has become a symbol or a statement or to some a fashion statement or a habit but is no longer needed for health reasons. Most of us are vaccinated now; we can’t spread it or get it. Even if one is not vaccinated, most likely those around one are. Ones odds of dying from a car-related accident are much higher and we don’t ban cars.

We need to cut with the commercials on tv showing groups wearing masks. We need to stop jogging in the park with masks on. We need to stop forcing children to wear masks in school and sports. We need to stop requiring masks onboard planes, trains, and buses if vaccinated. We need to stop requiring them in stores, waiting rooms, and taxis. We need to stop congress and the president from wearing them altogether as they’re all vaccinated. It sends a confusing message. We need to stop waiters, store clerks, and bank tellers from wearing them if they are vaccinated. What is the point? Once this happens, masks will become a thing of the past.

We need to fire Fauci as he wants the masks to become a permanent part of society forever. He’s nuts. He should move to China where his buddies are. The mask is a statement for some that they are “allegiant to this administration and not Republican” which is ridiculous. The mask is a fashion statement for some thinking they have the coolest mask around. The mask is a habit for some that just put it on like a robot whenever they leave their car. The mask is being used by the government to subconsciously control us. The mask is beginning to look like the Muslim burka to me. But what the mask isn’t is a means to keep you healthy. Doesn’t do one thing to protect you from the covid virus.

In my opinion, the mask is emasculating for men to wear and submissive for women to wear. Since when do men want to look like sissies or women want to look like subservient beings? Never. What happened to women’s lib? Gone. That alone should stop these clowns from donning the mask. But a day does not go by without me having to see ignorant people wearing them outside. It is nothing more than ignorance at this point and it irks me.

I tell them that they don’t need the mask on my account and they look like they’ve never heard anyone say that to them before. These are robots walking around in a cloud of misinformation from this government and/or their employers. Stop with the masks already!

And last, but not least, please someone tell Pelosi to throw out all her masks as she looks the worst in them. I have to change the channel when she comes to a mic. It’s like she has a diaper on her mouth, which is not a bad idea for what comes out of her mouth.