Bitch Lives Matter in Manhattan Beach.

In Manhattan Beach while trying to eat his burrito, a gentleman got accosted by a couple of preppy liberal activists for not wearing a mask.  I’d call them yuppies but they didn’t act professional, more like “young urban pain in the asses”. They wouldn’t stop yammering at him behind his back.  All he wanted to do was eat his lunch, but they behaved like an annoying gnat that wouldn’t go away.  They were decidedly the aggressors while this poor man tried to ignore them.  Then out of the blue, the gangsta female threw her coffee in his face and all hell broke out.



The accosted man went after both of them and took them down.  It was two against one.  The girl was slugging him in the face and tearing at his shirt. Then they had the nerve to continue to harass him using vile language while they called the police on him. This is the world we are living in now where the aggressors call the police on the victim.

These two lowlifes were egging for a fight and got it. They messed with the wrong guy. I tell ya, if that was me sitting there on a bench minding my own business without a mask one block from the ocean and two nuts like them accosted me with a drink,  I would have chased the girl down too. No one throws a drink in my face, ever.

People like these nuts need to mind their own business.  Covid doesn’t give them the right to call people out.  They’re not the covid police.  Covid isn’t being spread by fresh air out in the sun.  Wearing a mask under these circumstances is an insult to my intelligence, and I won’t have two activists telling me differently. We need to stand up for ourselves like the gentlemen in this video.  Normally, I don’t condone violence, but this behavior from the left is starting to get on my nerves.  I don’t think I could have refrained either.

Violence is getting out of control everywhere if it has hit Manhattan Beach, normally a sleepy surfer town. The governors of our states need to loosen up the mask rules as it gives nuts like these two license to commit assault on strangers.  Stop the mask mandate. We are all responsible for our own lives.  In life, there are risks we take everyday.  Let us live our lives without being judged by strangers daily.



Brain-Freeze Biden Won’t Debate Trump.

Biden, on brink of White House run, reaches out to Sanders to ...


Joe gives new meaning to the phrase “I’ve got brain freeze”. We’ve all said it before. It’s usually said after sipping a blended Margarita too quickly, now it’s thought whenever Joe is in mid-sentence. For example: When Joe was speaking at an event he said,  “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their… [brain freeze] you know the thing.”  He couldn’t remember the word Creator or he knew Creator meant God and he could have no reference to God in front of his liberal, some atheist, audience.  This exposed himself as having either dementia or being a panderer.

From the looks of it, there will be no debate between Trump and Biden as Biden’s handlers and apparently the media are discouraging it and pooh poohing the importance of debates.  They know Biden will lose. The public knows Biden will lose. The media knows Biden will lose. Everyone knows Biden will lose, so why take the risk? This is the most unfair election year in U.S. History.  Unfair to Trump.

Trump can’t hold rallies without being called insensitive to rally goers’ health. He can’t hold a convention for the same reason. They want to have mail-in voting which will be rife with fraud and now they are reneging on the debates. If Trump insists on a debate, they’ll claim he’s bullying Biden because he’s losing in the polls. He’s desperate for a debate because he’s losing. Stuff like that.

This is the worst election year ever.  How does a healthy, strong candidate run in this climate of snowflake, cover up, sham artists?  He can’t.

Brain-freeze Biden has moments of clarity but it ain’t enough obviously to debate Trump.  He’ll inevitably have a “corn pop,” “blond hairy legs,” “phonograph,” “keep punching” or “stock coupons” senior moment for sure.  That’s why they have to keep him in the basement.  This is the worst election year ever.

Not having debates not only hides Biden but it hides Trump from future voters. But this is all orchestrated and planned by the left.  This is the way they want it. This is the only way they think they can win, by hiding their candidate and stifling Trump.

I hope America can see through this sham, as this is all it is–another sham. 

To date:  Not one phone call from a pollster and have not seen one Biden lawn sign or bumper sticker, lots of Trump signs held by supporters cheering though.  That’s a good sign. Dare they put one on the lawn in today’s climate where they’ll get vandalized by weirdos. Where is the enthusiasm for Biden?  There is none.

Who Will the Dems Pick for Biden’s VP?


This photo of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton at Donald Trump's ...

Coronavirus Updates: New York Sees Fewest Daily Deaths Since Mid ...



Fauci confident virus vaccine will get to Americans in 2021 ...

President Barack Obama learns about the results of the experimental Ebola vaccine, which just completed Phase 1 clinical trials, from Dr. Nancy Sullivan, Chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center Biodefense Research Section. HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci accompanied the tour.

Biden won’t be choosing his VP.  But the names that have come out are, I suspect, nothing more than a head fake to feel out the reaction from the public. Biden may have lost his political savvy but he’s always been a shrewd, calculated, lying, cheating guy.  His promise to pick a woman of color may not even be true or may just be wishful thinking as he wants and needs Michelle Obama in order to have any chance to win.

Notice how we’ve been seeing recent appearances of Mr. Obama trashing Trump? Obama is all in on Biden winning and may even say yes to Michelle being the choice.  It’s all about power with them and if she got into the White House, Obama gets his power back.

Notice how we haven’t heard from Michelle and her silly Becoming book lately? Where is she hiding?  Is she “in-training” to be the VP pick and practicing mock debates with Pence?  Here’s who I think the Democrats will choose in order of their preference:

  1. Michelle Obama
  2. Governor Cuomo
  3. Dr. Fauci

Now I know these are dark horse choices or out in left field but that’s just how I think.  I think they are trying to throw us off the scent of who they really want.  They are biding their time or letting the clock run out so we can’t vet their final choice. They are probably in the midst of printing “BIDEN/OBAMA” lawn signs as we read.

Notice how none of the other “women of color” that have been “put out there” are on this list?  That’s because they have no name recognition and you can’t win without it. Remember how that worked for Sarah Palin? Kamala Harris has name recognition but lacks likability. Remember how that worked for Hillary?  Susan Rice has name recognition but she holds more Benghazi baggage than Hillary as she was her wing girl. So that leaves three dark horse darlings of the left listed above. The ONLY darlings of the left right now by the media. Avenatti is long gone as well Beto. And what ever happened to Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard?  Nary a mention of those women.

Cuomo is not a woman of color but he is sporting a pretty good tan lately and he whines like a girl. No offense to girls. Fauci is as White as they come but his doctor/scientist creds erase any pigment of his skin or his gender. And he does throw a ball like a girl. No offense intended to girls. But seriously, man, he sucks at baseball. Notice the photo of Fauci and Obama at a Chinese lab together while Obama was president.  Interesting picture. Obama Administration did give them money for research.  Hmmmm. Just wondering.

Michelle fills and checks all the left’s boxes and then some.  She is adored by the left and some independents think she can do no harm.  After all, she was in charge of a healthy school lunch program (that the kids hated). And she had her staff plant her a vegetable garden. That’s all the left needs to hear. She is snarky, wears expensive clothes, and has appeared on more magazine covers than Jackie O.  That’s all the left needs to see. She is a lawyer and attended ivy league colleges.  That’s all the left needs to hear. She has muscles in her arms and wears sleeveless dresses.  That’s all the left needs to see.  Her hair is smooth and shiny.  That’s all the left needs to see.  She is a big outspoken critic of Trump. That’s all the left needs to hear.  Put all these creds together and you have yourself the perfect presidential pick for Biden. A sure win for Biden.

But not so fast!

I’ll leave it up to Tucker, Hannity, Rush, Watters, Gutfeld, Judge Jeanine, and Ingraham to vet Miss Michelle.  I’m sure they have lots of material that they are holding back for the opportune moment.

Stay tuned.

Obama Fans the Flames of Racism and Voter Suppression at a Funeral…


Watch Obama's full eulogy for John Lewis - CNN Video

resulting in cheers and standing ovation from the attendees of John Lewis’ funeral.  The last time I attended a funeral it was taboo to even clap during the service.  This looked more like a political rally as if Obama himself was running for president again. I wonder why Biden didn’t attend or speak?  Just kidding.

He began his eulogy sounding like a preacher then went political saying some in power are trying their darnedest to prevent folks from voting. This is blatantly wrong. Obama does not respect the dignity of the presidency and how one acts after leaving office.  He’s supposed to fade into the sunset.  But not Obama! He’s not finished with the divisiveness he started in America.

He talked of voter suppression at a funeral no less. He claims asking for voter ID is voter suppression. Yet I recall it was Obama that placed Black Panthers at some polling locations to intimidate voters from entering the building. Eric Holder, his wingman, chose not to investigate. Remember, whatever “they” are doing or are planning on doing they accuse Republicans or Trump of.  He talked of polling locations being closed down in minority areas.  This is crazy talk. If anything we’ll add more polling locations due to the virus to shorten the wait time.

Everyone knows that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud.  I have received three Federal Census Ballots when I should have only gotten one.  So with this in mind, I can only imagine how many “extra ballots” folks will receive especially if they have more than one address. There’s just no accurate way to collect ballots by mail and depend on every post office to do the same.  How do the homeless get ballots unless by volunteers distributing and helping to fill them out?

There is too much honor system involved in the mail-in ballot from post office to post office to the mailbox and back to the post office to post office to the mail in center.  Too much trust and chance for interference or accidents to occur.  And then who’s hand counting them and how long will that take?  Sounds like a repeat of hanging chads.

If we can go to the grocery store, a protest, or a funeral, we can certainly vote leaving six feet in front of us and wearing a mask.  We’re not a country of idiots like they want to treat us. We won’t get “sick” if we stand in a line for ten minutes.  Quit lying to everyone, Obama!  If anything is suppressing the vote, mail-in ballots will be, as ten percent will be filled out incorrectly and thrown out.  Obama is lying like when he lied to us about keeping our healthcare plan, our doctor, and lowering our premiums.  Obamacare caused thousands of doctors to quit or retire early.  He lied.

The hypocrisy of the left never fails to disappoint.  I like the voting booth and the voting booth ONLY.  A mail-in ballot touches too many hands and machines before it reaches the official hands. No telling how many “deceased”, illegals, pets, or felons will be voting fraudulently by mail. I know there’s jail time for voter fraud, but surprisingly we never hear of anyone getting prosecuted for it.  The government doesn’t have the time to tract these lawless people down. Plus mail-ins would begin at the end of September not allowing for the inevitable “October surprise”.

Obama, you should be ashamed of turning a funeral into a race-baiting campaign rally.  Shame, shame, shame.  You disgraced the memory of one of your icons (that didn’t attend Trump’s inauguration.)  But the same politicizing was done at the McCain funeral and has become SOP for the Democrats. Everything is politics to them.

The Democrats definitely don’t live by the Golden Rule. For instance, the Republicans wouldn’t turn a hypothetical  Republican senator’s funeral into a Biden bashing event.  They just wouldn’t. They have more class. Democrats live by their own self-aggrandizing rules. After witnessing Obama’s disgraceful performance today akin to a campaign rally, we need to vote them all out!

Dr. Zuckerberg Warns Us About the Danger of Hydroxychorloquine.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Says Goal To Avoid Imminent Harm – Deadline


Zuckerberg, the creator of the worst invention in modern day history that has been the impetus for more suicides alone among teenagers, murders by rioters recruited on FB, and the demise of more families and friendships thinks he’s a doctor now and wants to save lives.  Awhhhh, what a thoughtful man. Give me a break.

Yesterday during a congressional hearing among liberal “tech giants”, he had the gall to say that he is not the arbiter of truth but when someone (a doctor) promotes HCQ he has to intervene as it could cause people to take it and harm themselves.  Apparently he thinks he IS the arbiter of truth.

Is Zuckerberg this dumb or is he just trying to affect the next election?  I think both.

FYI Zuckerberg: Hydroxychloroquine has to be prescribed by your doctor after an exam of symptoms of a virus.  If one has no underlying condition that the medicine would have a negative effect on and if it is allowed by the Democrat governor of the state one lives in, then a doctor can prescribe it along with Zpack for optimum results.  Neither are an over-the-counter pill that people will run out willy nilly and purchase without a doctor’s prescription. Neither are new untested medicines but rather quite the opposite. HCQ has been around for 50 years with little side effects.

It is quite clear, Zuckerberg is screening or banning conservative views and videos from facebook like he did during the 2016 election.  But to his members it is called suppression of the news.  Shame on you, Zuckerberg.


Rest in peace Herman Cain.  Always enjoyed listening to you. A truly great, successful man. 😥

To date:  Not one call from a pollster.

Store Covid Rules Have Become Nothing More Than a Power Trip.


crop woman with open sign
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on


During this covid crisis, we are feeling the power of arrogant strangers wherever we go.  From the store clerks to walkers to HOA’s to hotel workers to waitresses, they are all on a power trip because they’ve never felt power before. They love telling you if you’re wearing your face covering wrong or what to touch and not to touch or where to stand and not to stand or what door to enter and not to enter. They get off on it.

They love pasting stickers on the floor telling you it’s a one way aisle. I half expect the grocery police to ticket me for going the wrong direction. It’s exhausting going shopping.  And they are so rude about it.  These low paid bank tellers, store clerks, sales clerks, desk clerks, and some strangers we pass all think they have a power over us. Sort of like Joy Behar who drives around looking for citizens without masks so she can yell at them. Arrogant.

These morons think they can control us since we are in their place of employment or walking on the same street.  I was nice at first when I got scolded by a checker, hardware store clerk, and a waitress; but I’m not going to take it any longer.  Their power is about up. “Appreciate your service; but you’re not volunteers, military, or the police. Get off your high horse.”

Next time I get scolded for doing something not on their covid “to do” list, I walk out of their store leaving a full shopping cart or a table of entrees without paying for it.  This has gone too far. Whatever happened to the old adage “the customer is always right”?  It’s been replaced by “the customer is at our beck and call, and we can treat them however we want. We are essential and they aren’t!”

Not everyone is taking advantage of their position and acting rudely.  It depends on the town you are in.  In one town some picnickers got pepper sprayed by a stranger on a power trip for sitting in the park without masks on.  It’s out of control. But some store clerks are actually kind and sympathetic for what we the consumers have to go through. It’s not easy on us either. We are having to learn to do things we never intended to do before like joining Door Dash, Zoom, and curb side pick ups.

I think covid is being used as an excuse by some; for instance, the teachers are using covid as an excuse to stay home and be lazy while still collecting a salary.  Having their summers off wasn’t enough. Some hated their job to begin with and now are being very selfish to the children by not wanting to return to the classroom in the name of health.  This is not the American Way.  When we are faced with a war, we step up. We are at war with an invisible enemy, but they’re raising the white flag and giving up.  We confront a problem and find solutions. We don’t throw up our arms and say, “we don’t know how to open the classrooms.” Use your noggin.  That’s what it’s for.

So if you’ve been scolded by a stranger in a store or elsewhere, just know that you are not alone.  If you haven’t been, you haven’t gone out much. We are all experiencing it.  Tensions are high, people are scared; but it’s no reason or excuse to treat others inhumanely. These people have taken advantage of us to gain power, but we don’t have to take it.  Just shop elsewhere. Freedom to shop elsewhere.  And if a walker asks where’s your mask (this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve heard stories), tell them to get off your power trip.  They won’t ask again.

I actually want to stop my car and ask a lone masked-walker out in the middle of nature “why the ef are you wearing a mask in the Sierras?” but I bite my tongue and drive on.  Deer aren’t spreading covid.

photo of deer on snow
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Jordan Wipes the Floor with Nadler…

English adge dictionary illustration on Pantone Canvas Gallery


with his opening statement and exhibit alone at the House Judiciary Meeting which was proof positive that the protesters are not peaceful and that A.G. Barr has good reason to send in Federal Agents to protect federal buildings from being burned.  But, par for the course, the main stream media cut away when Jim Jordan gave his opening monologue but ran with Nadler’s. Another set up by the left.

Nadler and the rest of his goonie women and men lied that the protesters are mostly peaceful and violence is a myth.  That it is “fake news”.  Wow!  Finally they admit there is such thing as “fake news” but for the wrong news.  How Nadler can dismiss what is going on in liberal cities as just a myth defies credibility. Nadler and rest of his goonie women, men and the media claim the protesters are predominately moms and veterans. That’s a laugh!  They must think we’re blind, deaf, and stupid too.  They hired those women to come in as a line of moms to screen from the media the violence that was going on behind them.

A.G. Barr is a stand up guy and as serious as a heart attack.  He cares about the country and the direction it is going in.  “Since when is it okay to burn down a Federal Court?”  Classic question he asked the morons at the hearing. He cares about what the Democrats have done to Trump, although he has no personal interest in protecting Trump.  He’s trying to protect the rule of law that everyone is entitled to be treated equally, even presidents.  And we all know Trump was treated unlawfully and criminally by the Democrats. Barr is not Trump’s wingman like Holder claims he was for Obama.  Another double standard they hold Trump to.

Now the congressmen are claiming that Trump sending in the Federal Agents to restore peace is just to divert from his covid crisis failure and to have a photo op for an election ad.  Please. These ads write themselves without Trump’s name added to them.  The Dems are disrupting the peace to affect the election. Guess what congressmen?  Trump Administration can do two things at once and apparently have to due to YOUR chaotic interference in our next election by rioters.  They will probably surround the polling precincts on election day to intimidate voters. Trump can combat the virus and restore peace in the cities at the same time, photo ops notwithstanding. Nice try congressmen but, again, we aren’t falling for it. We’re losing interest. And you’re looking petty and pathetic.

The House members asked Barr many loaded questions then wouldn’t let him answer in his defense.  It was more for them to grandstand to the camera and then shutdown Barr with “I reclaim my time.” Talk about a photo op.  Remember, whatever they are guilty of doing, they will claim Trump is doing. Barr held his own and answered the questions anyhow.  They all treated him very disrespectfully like they did to Kavanaugh.  Really no difference.  One asked that he be impeached.  The left’s favorite word is impeachment.

Trump could have saved thousands of lives if only the Democrat doctors had listened to him when he recommended Hydroxychorloquine.  But they didn’t and thousands of people died that would have been saved.  The Democrat mayors, governors, Fauci, and doctors have blood on their hands. Now scientists and doctors are speaking out that HCQ together with the Zpack has therapeutic and preventative qualities like Trump first claimed and was even used by Fauci to fight SARS. It has little side effects as long as you don’t have a heart condition. These whistleblowers are also claiming that many VIP’s are secretly taking the drug but refuse to admit it because Trump had endorsed it.  So it is just politics at play again and the whistleblowers have been banned from twitter and facebook.

See ya Nadler.  You should have stayed home today rather than driving into the meeting.  Maybe your car accident was an omen to stay home.  Jordan ate your lunch in the opening segment and you had no comeback other than calling Barr shameful which made no sense after Jordan’s opening. Everything you accused Barr of doing was debunked in the first segment by Jordan. The only shame I see is on the Democrats.

One more thought.  How can the Democrats talk so disrespectful, cruel, and crass to Republicans and never get called out for it?  Trump would never be able to say half the names and lies they get away with.  They are the kings and queens of mean, disrespect, and bullying, yet they call Trump mean. Why is that?

More to come.







Democrats Have “Jumped the Shark”…

10 Moments Where TV Shows Jumped The Shark - Goliath

and are in serious danger of achieving the opposite result they were striving for: winning in November.  Independents and even some Democrats are losing interest in the continuous rioting just like viewers of Happy Days after the water skiing episode. All this chaos in the streets is no longer about racial inequality or police brutality and the viewers have frankly lost interest. We know it’s just about the next election and the activists are being paid to cause mayhem until the next election. But they’ve taken it too far.

Residents in some of these liberal cities are starting to see the light.  They’re starting to realize that their towns are being ruined by the radical left, not Trump.  Trump wants to come in and stop the mayhem, but the Democrat mayors won’t allow it.  It is becoming obvious to the residents who’s at fault. And the BLM ads they’re running on tv is also maddening and causing us to lose interest. People are making fun of BLM as well as the Democrats in power as they’ve taken it too far.

Closing of schools in the name of covid is another one of their schemes to hurt Trump.

“There’s a war against commonsense solutions to a virus that has stolen the livelihoods of American workers and the childhoods of their children, and Joe insists that schools and businesses must remain shut down until at least the day after the presidential election.” NWO Report.

So you see, people are beginning to realize that this is all just another Democrat stunt like Dr. Ford, Stormy, Russia Collusion, and the Ukraine set up. The Democrats who’ve gone along with these schemes are part of the problem and get what they deserve; but the rest of us shouldn’t have suffer for their stupidity. We need to fight to keep our schools, businesses, restaurants, and events of all kind open to the public and our streets free from rioters.

The stupidity of cardboard cutouts was “jumping the shark” too.  They’ve gone too far. We won’t settle for a fake audience nor will we settle for a fake president. The Democrats have taken this virtual reality shit too far with fake audience cheers from speakers to superimposing fans in the stands from a previous year’s video. We aren’t living in a video game, we’re living in real life.

We don’t want our kids being taught from a computer screen nor looking at fake cutouts or virtual fans. Allow the fans to return to the stadium with masks on and sit six feet apart unless with a family member.  We are all responsible for our own cleanliness and safety measures even when using a restroom. What’s next a bunch of cardboard fans propped up at each hole at a golf game?  These players get paid far too much to have to coddle them with fake audiences. They’ve taken it too far.

So no matter who Biden chooses for his VP, it won’t matter; just like it didn’t matter when Hillary chose “what’s his name” as her VP.  We vote for the top of the ticket, not the VP.  So whether it’s Michelle, Cuomo, phony Fauci, fake Warren, or facelift Kamala, it doesn’t matter.  The Democrats jumped the shark, cooked their goose, overplayed their hand, bit off more than they could chew, and We the People see through them and have lost interest in them.  They’ve taken it too far.

We the People are tired of turning on the news and seeing the nonsense of stores looted, people shot, police stations and city halls burned, statues vandalized, streets painted by rioters and now fake fans.  We’re done.  We’re done with the whole lot of them. They are making a mockery of America in the eyes of the world. They’ve all “jumped the shark”.



Fauci Goes Way to the Left.

Dr. Anthony Fauci gets own baseball card after throwing out first ...


The darling of the left, threw way to the left. He threw the opening pitch at the opening season game, but it went about fifteen feet to the left of home plate. It was, frankly, embarrassing.  If I was a guy, I’d say he threw like a girl.  But I don’t think any girl would throw that bad.  Seriously.  It was horrible.  He may need new glasses or take off that unnessary mask while throwing. You’re outside, Fauci, and no one’s around you.

I think he oversold the fact that he used to play baseball.  I think he oversells a lot of other things like his expertise on viruses.  The mask will help, the mask won’t help. Reopen schools, don’t reopen.  Reopen businesses, don’t reopen. Ironic that the ball went left?  Not really.  It was a sign. We always knew he was on the left.  Now God proved it to us.

I guess when Fauci claimed a few days prior that he would throw a curve ball, he didn’t know the definition of a curve ball because it’s supposed to end up crossing the plate with a strike–not literally curve fifteen feet off course. Fauci strikes out.




The cancel culture wants to change the name of Squaw Valley because it is disrespectful to Native American women.  Give me a break.  This is getting out of control. What’s next, Heavenly Valley’s name is too religious?  If we continue to cave to pressure from these snowflakes and change the names of ski resorts, military bases, cities, and vacation spots, we deserve what we get.  We gave them an inch.  Yosemite fought to keep the historical Indian name of the Ahwahnee Hotel.  We have to fight to keep our history from being totally erased by these sensitive, brainwashed snowflakes coming out of college. But it seems the local government and even the military just rolls over to their lame demands.

The Donner Party was a horrific memory yet lakes, ski resorts, and towns are named after them.  Are we going to erase that little tidbit from history too? Why we are taking down Christopher Columbus statues, I do not know.  He was one of our most admired explorers that we used to celebrate.  But everything is upside down in this bizarro world.

Last night I dared to rent the movie Contagion.  I was shocked to see how what we are going through today is identical to this movie from the masks, social distancing, surface contact, washing hands, no handshaking, bat virus from China, looting of stores, destruction of cities from crazies in the streets, contact tracing, world epidemic, search for the vaccine, mass evacuations, shutdowns, and mass graves.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the writer of this story knew this was coming or China got the idea from this movie.  Life imitating art, much? Who produced this movie, Netflix?  Hmmm.  Who’s that owned by?  Just wondering. :^/

It is almost as though China used this movie as their blueprint to cause world panic, death, and economic ruin.  The only difference is we stopped incoming flights early on that prevented millions from dying like in the movie and required “essential workers” to keep grocery stores, gas stations, garbage collection, and hospitals running.  They didn’t plan on that, did they? Thank you, Trump.

But the other main difference in the movie is they didn’t have to deal with BLM, Antifa, and the other lowlifes that are rioting in our streets due to an election year, nothing to do with the bat virus. Almost seems like BLM and Antifa are the Democrats’ “Plan B” if the virus didn’t ruin Trump.  These know-nothing anarchists are getting paid to oust Trump and are in cahoots with the Democrat governors in liberal states.

One Democrat governor accidentally call himself President Cuomo recently.  I suggest that he’s planning on being Biden’s VP pick and made a Freudian slip; if Michelle isn’t available, of course.  He’s not quite dark enough although he has been sporting a tan and not female enough, but Biden won’t know the difference.  After all, he mistakes his sister for his wife and recalls nurses blowing him.

Stay tuned.

If Baseball Will Have Cardboard Cutout Fans in the Stands…

Oakland A's will fill Coliseum stands with cardboard cutouts of ...

What’s next? A cardboard cutout of a president in the Oval Office if Biden wins?  Do they think we’re stupid? Yes. If we’re going to fall for an audience that isn’t there, I guess they think we’ll fall for a president that really isn’t there. We are living in a bizarro world. More and more, I’m shocked to hear bizarre ideas coming from Democrat mouths, cities, and leadership.

For instance, a beloved high school coach and teacher being fired for expressing support for President Trump and asking for schools to reopen.  He obviously is not lazy like the other teachers opting to stay home.  He misses his job and his students but got fired due to pressure from mob rule. He should sue the school district and expose their political bias.

I’m shocked to hear about protesters calling themselves “moms” lining up in front of rioters to protect them.  The definition of “mom” must have changed.  If my mother did that, I’d be ashamed of her. But these women have no shame, no class, no morals. They obviously are activists trying to promote chaos in order to hurt Trump. Please don’t use my title in your game of chaos. As moms you disgrace the name of “mom”.

Another bizarre story was the couple that had their gate broken down by rioters and their life and home threatened by the mob. They got arrested for wielding their guns in their defense, but the trespassers are running loose. It’s bizarro world. What’s up is down, what’s down is up.

All this crap is just to hurt Trump.  My grandsons can’t go to school this fall due to crazy governor who wants to hurt Trump.  This is making parents crazy.  They can’t be kept home indefinitely plus try to teach their children.  They didn’t go to college to be a teacher nor to sit home on their computer. All this is bizarre thinking by crazy governors. Teachers should be labeled “essential workers” and kept in school.

Kamala Harris took space in the hospital for an unnecessary face lift thinking that would help her chances as Biden’s VP pick. What a waste of taxpayer dollars to have a senator sitting at home in recovery while our cities are being ravaged by animals. From what she looks like now, I’m not so sure it helped her case.  She looked better before. She is not a good example of “Build Back Better” just “build back worse”. But she’s in good company with hair-plugs, face-lift Biden.

When will citizens who are against all this chaos, mayhem, and bizarro thinking come to their senses and realize this is all the work of the Democrats?  They need to vote them all out up and down the ballot this November before they do any more harm. We don’t want a cardboard cutout of a president running our country. He will only be there in name but will have no say in what goes on.  It will be Obama 2.0 and his cronies and all our work to investigate them for conspiring a coup to oust a sitting president will be for not.

Now, one last bizarro story told by Biden.  He had an aneurysm in the brain and was hospitalized (that in itself sounds like a disqualifying medical condition to be running for president) but he bragged how nurses would blow into his nostrils to keep him alive.  This is sick stuff. Either he was making out with these nurses while in the hospital and got confused where their mouth was or we have a bunch of nurses who need to go back to nursing school. An aneurysm is serious business.  He may be taking anti-seizure medicine and needs to disclose this.

This guy is not fit to sit in the Oval Office let alone have a debate against Trump and will try to avoid it.  He’s just not mentally fit. He’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  If anyone thinks he is, they need their head examined.

Let’s not vote for a cardboard cutout president. Let’s not vote for a candidate who plays the race card daily against Trump without evidence. Biden doesn’t misspeak.  He tells what he thinks or what Obama tells him to say.  It’s all part of their bizarro plan to label Trump as a racist in order to win. When covid, BLM, crossfire chaos, shutdowns, economy, or anarchy fails, go back to the race card. Label Trump a racist.  It’s their “go to” campaign strategy.  And they and Juan Williams think it’s true.

Look out for the silent backlash.




To date: Not one call from a pollster on three different phones nor knowing anyone that has contracted covid. Sounds suspicious doesn’t it, based on polling results and covid counts?

Since when does covid get spread by beach goers, schools, and churches but not by mass protesting in the streets?  Get it now?  We’re being hoodwinked.