The Media Needs to Tone Down Rhetoric to Prevent Future Shootings.

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For the past two years, all we’ve heard from politicians and the media are claims of our president’s racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, bigotry, and anti-semitism. All lies. And the candidates for POTUS stood on stage and many of them shamefully called our president a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, predator. It was disgraceful. One even saying she’d clorox his office.  Gross implication.

When our youth hear this hateful rhetoric coming from adults in their schools, our politicians, television, social media, and possibly their homes, what must they think? We never had to endure all this hate from the media when we were children watching our round-screened RCA T.V.  They reported just the news. What these sickos’ real motive was, we don’t know; but the El Paseo one had a white supremacist manifesto and the Dayton one was suspended from high school for compiling a “hit list” of students. Shades of Columbine.  The school should have called the police rather than suspending him. School error. So two different possible motives.  The Dayton boy should have been grounded at home. Why was he allowed to go out at night in a car?  Clueless parents.

I heard what Beto said about Trump, “He is a racist, and he stokes racism in this country. And it does not just offend our sensibilities, it fundamentally changes the character of this country, and it leads to violence and he should be ashamed for politicizing this tragedy.” This is exactly what Beto is doing.  We need to tone this shit down already.  We know it scores quick political points but at what cost?

Never let a crisis go to waste is the Democrats’ mantra. All the candidates have come out and shamefully blamed Trump for these shootings but don’t hear their own hateful rhetoric. It’s unbelievable how tone death they all are to what comes out of their own mouths. Remember the shooting at the GOP baseball game by a demented Bernie follower?  The GOP never blamed Bernie.

Then the media and politicians immediately jump to stricter gun laws and go after the NRA. The NRA didn’t shoot anyone. These suspects did.  Maybe as a result of these mass shootings, culture changes, and internet purchases, we should make our laws consistent across the nation, raise the age to purchase a gun, apply stricter background checks, and longer waiting periods. The youth of today have been playing violent video games from childhood to adult and have become desensitized to death.  The movies they’ve seen have been so violent but Hollywood never takes responsibility for their content. There are lots of reasons including bullying on Facebook which could cause a minor to snap. They aren’t old enough to reason with all the political divide in our country so they’re acting out like a child whose parents are fighting.

Make it a crime for parents to have guns in their home which a teenager could get access to. We need to start holding these parents accountable for the monsters they’re raising. Are they even home to see what they’re up to?  Do they have blinders on?  Are they permissive parents who allow their kids to smoke pot and drink? Do they even know their child purchased a gun via the internet? Violence starts with poor upbringing but the media definitely fans the flames and politicians’ hateful rhetoric puts it over the top.

And lastly, we have a mental health problem if teenagers are increasingly committing murder. Parents need to be aware of their children’s propensity for violence and depression and get them help.  But many, as we’ve seen, ignore their child’s problem. In fact, the media doesn’t even go there.  We need to know what kind of a background these two boys had so we can avert the next timebomb. The one shooter was wearing satanic clothes and slogans and listening to bands with demonic lyrics. Seriously?  Who are these parents? Apples usually don’t fall far from the tree, so I can imagine. Never, ever buy them guns like the Sandy Hook mother did. Is that Promise Program Obama enacted still running?  If so, that’s a problem.

We all know it’s hard to raise kids in any generation but this generation seems to be exceptionally challenged.  We can’t keep our children in a bubble, but we can try to dilute what they’re hearing on the internet or in school. And definitely don’t talk negative about our president in front of impressionable minds. Don’t ignore a problem as it will fester into what we’re seeing today.

I once went to a dinner party in a liberal household back in the “Bush years.” There were teenagers at the table. One adult guest at the table yelled Bush is a m-therfuc-er in front of all of us. I was shocked. But kids hear this talk in their homes, no doubt, and it could lead to problems. If he said that in public, what does he say in private, was all I could think.

We all need to tone down our rhetoric, including activist teachers. But mainly our media.  Stop calling Trump a racist!  It’s sick! It’s the Democrats and media that have been spreading hate, not Trump.  I’ll tell you what racism is. I had a cousin married to a Jewish woman.  Once they moved into a new town and a neighbor put a burning cross on their front lawn.  That’s racist.  That’s what we used to call racist back in the days. Today you get called racist for everything from saying rat infested or love it or leave it about our country. I wish these two families had left our country before their sons went berserk.

Stop the political divide in the country and tone down the hateful talk! Maybe we can all come together before there’s another tragedy.  Maybe not. It’s coming from somewhere and it usually starts in the home. These kids just don’t wake up one morning and decide to kill. It has been brewing for some time. The media needs to do their part.  Report the news and only the news and keep their stupid opinions to themselves.

Lastly, our deepest sympathies for the victims and their families.

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Why do they have to be in conflict with each other?  Can’t we be GREAT and GREEN too?  Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater and fall for the Green New Deal.  Let’s make a concerted effort to: recycle more, not litter, drive less, use less plastics, flush less, ration water use, burn less, pick up garbage, and consume less.  If everyone did their part, we wouldn’t have to worry about the climate changing. Although we can’t control what’s happening in other countries like China.

Everyone work from home once a week to save the air. Consider solar panels if you’re using lots of energy.  Plant drought-tolerant landscaping.  Buy a water filter, not water bottles.  Set up a compost in your yard if you have room.  Shut your lights off in empty rooms. Take shorter showers, less dishwasher and laundry cycles. Have less children and grow more trees.

If you’re a limousine liberal, then nothing will be done by you.  You live in your 10,000 square feet homes and ballyhoo about global warming.  That’s what you’re good at.  You feel guilty, so you put your guilt on everyone else ( Al Gore).   The Paris Climate Accord just taxes people buying gas while the rich fly around in their private jets.  That punishes people rather than having them change their habits.  Habits have to change before any change will take place.

Granted there are too many cars on the road commuting to work especially in California.  Try to get your employer to allow you work from home one day a week or carpool with another employee. Can you imagine if everyone stayed home just one day a week, how the freeways would open up? One less car on the road times 10,000s a day.

We don’t have to dispose of our vintage gas-using automobiles.  We don’t have to shut down our coal mines.  We don’t have to abolish straws. We don’t have to carry around grocery bags.  We just have to use and dispose of these things sparingly and smartly. We can all do our part. Every little bit helps. What’s the worst is hypocrites who complain about climate change but are doing nothing to help the environment–other than spewing hot air. Trust me, I could do a lot more and have in the past but at least I don’t complain about it.

Now Biden promises to get rid of the fossil fuel and coal industries. Good luck with that. “Air pollution cleaning devices” to recycle our air is a good idea.  Have many of these constructed along the freeways and cattle farms. We can invent more ways to keep our air clean. It isn’t a dire situation that demands the likes of the Green New Deal which calls for no cows, no cars, no airplane travel.  It also calls for the rebuilding of our homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.  It’s a fantasy plan which will surely bankrupt our country. But everybody knows that. It’s really just a plan to scare our youth into voting Democrat.

So let’s do our mere part each day to save the air and water by doing more than we’ve done before.  Every little bit counts.  Start today and we can be GREAT as well as GREEN.

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Two Nights of Debates–No Mention of ISIS, No. Korea, the Wall, Israel, or Russia. What?!!

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We heard those names incessantly for three years and now crickets?  Why is that?  Because the biased moderators know that Trump removed the threat of terror from ISIS and North Korea, they won’t admit that Russia Collusion was a hoax, Israel is our strongest ally, and that The Wall is needed. So best not to bring those subjects up. Shhh. (If we don’t mention them, our stupid audience won’t know any better.) Plus they don’t want to give any credit to Trump.

I heard lots of lies coming from each and everyone of these socialists usually about Trump. Trump is taking children from their parents at the border, Trump is a predator who preys on weak people, Trump is using the crisis at the border to win in 2020, Trump is just a reality star in the White House, Trump won’t cover pre-existing conditions, Trump commited ten obstruction of justice crimes but a memo is keeping him from being prosecuted.  This last lie came from Kamala who calls herself a former prosecutor.  When you lie to us once, everything else you say is discounted. She must have been a corrupt prosecutor like Gabbard implied.

Just when I was starting to think one of them made sense, they would say something stupid and fall on their face. Gillibrand tried her “clorox in the oval office” joke again and it fell flat.  I think she’s been using clorox on her hair.  The consummate feminist also brought up an oped that Biden wrote forty years ago about women should be home with their children. How do we know he wasn’t right?  Look at the problems our country has today?  Maybe Biden was onto something. We’ll never know now will we?  But the main theme for the night was climate change and the climate/science denying Trump.  Yawn.

Castro credited Obama for our economy and called Trump a racist.  Please.  You’re done. When you make a blatant lie, we will not listen to anything else you have to say.  Scary part was that the audience roared when he said that. Makes me wonder who’s out there in the Democrat world.  Kamala looked frustrated and angry throughout the whole debate and stole a line from Warren–Republican talking points.  She kept coming after Biden like a nagging wife.

Biden got a few good one liners in but stammered over five times even getting his “Joe 2020” wrong, saying “Joe 3-0-3-3-0.”  Huh?!  Cory spoke with cheerful authority and came after Biden getting a few good hits in but then he said Trump needs to be impeached and that killed his chances.  Biden evaded questions by Gillibrand and DeBlasio. Calming Gabbard looked and sounded better this debate although she stole a line from the spirit advisor– sick care system. And she shed the white streak in her hair.

Andrew Yang was cool and articulate but his plans don’t make sense. My favorite line of the night was when DeBlasio said to Biden, “You need to be able to answer the tough questions. I guarantee Trump won’t let you off the hook.”  It was a compliment to Trump and a cut to Biden at the same time.  Thank you DeBlasio.

It looks like climate change, healthcare, and open borders will be the Democrats undoing in 2020.  They want to get rid of coal and oil.  They want “medicare for all” even illegals and have no way to pay for it.  And want open borders with decriminalization for crossing illegally.

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Beware, Michelle is waiting in the wings once this crazy is over.



Is the FBI Director Covering for the FBI? Is he a Swamp Dweller?

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Based on answers that he gave in a recent hearing, it sounded like he was running interference for James Comey.  Who got to Chris Wray?  Has he already been polluted by The Swamp?  Did Obama get to him?  He’s bobbing and weaving on answers about whether the FBI was involved in spying on the Trump Campaign and who authorized it.  “I have no personal knowledge of spying.”  What the ef does that mean?  He doesn’t need personal knowledge, he needs FBI knowledge.  Way to deflect an answer, Chris.

Maybe it’s time to drain the swamp a little more and get rid of Chris Wray.  I never trusted that smirk on his face.  He’s hiding something and covering for the FBI so they won’t be tarnished and Obama won’t be either. He’s appears to be a protege of Obama.

Wake up Trump and get to the bottom of what’s going on with Wray.  He may have been thrown at you as a pick by the Democrats.  But may have a different agenda–to protect the FBI and the Obama Administration and Comey, McCabe, and Page.

Come on man, don’t you wonder who’s slow walking all the requests for documents?  It’s Wray.  He doesn’t want to truth to come out.  He’s a bad pick IMO.  I wish I was wrong, but I don’t trust the guy.  I’ve heard his answers to questions, always taking the FBI’s side over Trump.  Time to fire the new FBI Director…again.


*     *     *

Last night’s Democrat debate was at least not so boring.  Several of the candidates stood up to Bernie and Warren, calling them out on their “pie in the sky” medicare-for-all plan.  It was great.  I hope some of those that did will rise in the polls and bring “bobblehead” Warren down a few notches.

Bernie looked like he was ready to blow a fuse as he wasn’t getting the respect he demands.  What Bernie and Warren don’t seem to want to tell us is that Medicare comes out of our Social Security (that seniors paid into their whole lives) and then we have to buy a supplement plan to cover 20% of costs. We pay for it.  It’s not free. They are being disingenuous with their offer or “free” medicare for all.  Some of the opposing candidates almost sounded Republican for a minute.

But they all want to raise our taxes and give out lots of freebies like preschool, junior college, daycare, healthcare plans, and tax the rich.  Only a few thought giving out healthcare to illegals would be unfair to our citizens.  Bernie brought up the homeless like it’s Trump’s fault, yet it is Democrat cities which allow them to stay.  He also called Trump a pathological liar which I thought was unbecoming for any candidate to say.

The spirit advisor at the end was more outspoken than last time. Clearly a loose cannon who cares about what is causing America’s illnesses rather than healthcare.  Here’s a clue Williamson:  Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and bad eating or driving  habits.  But the government can’t control what we put into our own bodies or how we drive; when they do, we’re all in trouble.  She’s entertaining though. At least she wears makeup.

Klobachar looks likes she was either a music conductor or an air traffic director in a previous life.  Those hands movements are off putting.  Tie those things behind your back next time.

Some said they are concerned that Trump will win again, even Bernie. Duh!  That was the most honest thing that came out of their mouths. And Pocahontas, we don’t turn off the T.V. when Trump comes on.  We turn it up!  Just so you know.



Are We Creating a Bunch of Juvenile Killers ? What is Going on?

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First we have two cold-blooded killing teenagers on the run after killing three innocent adults in Canada.  Teenagers are becoming serial killers now?  Then we have two teenagers in Italy killing a cop!  What in the world are two teenagers from San Francisco doing in Italy anyway? Since when do teenagers go to Italy in the summer?  Whatever happened to sending them to camp to learn some skills?  Then we had a multiple shooting in Gilroy, California, by a nineteen year old.

Haven’t heard the background on these five hooligans yet, but I’d like to hear it.  Permissive parenting combined with drugs, social media, and a liberal school system would seem to be the underlying cause of what is going on here. The real question is: Where do teenagers learn to have such disrespect for life that they would stab or shoot someone to death?  Where?  It’s sick.

College girls are going missing one after another.  What kind of offspring are we creating in our country to hear these stories so frequently now that we are becoming apathetic to them? We tune out when we hear it now; like it’s so commonplace, it’s not news anymore. And then there’s Antifa which is comprised of angry teenagers for the most part.

Teenagers who kill became national news after the Columbine “revenge of the nerds” school shooting.  Then slowly have gotten to be more prevalent like the Parkland (Promise Program) shooting.  It’s not a gun problem, it’s what’s pulling the trigger–evil or mental illness. Because if they don’t have a gun, they’ll use a knife or a bomb or blunt force trauma.

The media and the police are being tight lipped on these hooligans’ backgrounds so far.  But they’ll probably say they’re far right nuts or white supremacists like they tried to do after the Gabby Gifford shooting and the Las Vegas massacre.  The reason they’re so quiet is they’re looking for the right wing connection.  Must have not found one yet. One picture of Trump in their bedrooms and Trump will most likely be blamed for inciting hate.

Undoubtedly, these teenagers are from liberal homes like the Parkland shooter, but they don’t want that news to get out. Whatever their background, we need to get to the crux of the problem–not their politics. What is giving them the reason not to value life? What is making them so angry? First we should look at their upbringing then what they’re learning in school and social media.  Are our schools indoctrinating hate?  Do these teenagers believe in God?

My eleven-year-old future step-grandson often yells that he hates Trump.  I ask him why and he says his whole school does.  He’s just a kid but still off putting. It’s the California school system, what do I expect?  As parents/grandparents, we need to try to dilute/diffuse what kids are being indoctrinated in school or on social media.  This killing spree by teenagers needs to be nipped in the bud.


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What are we creating, a bunch of juvenile delinquents?

Suggestion Box: Homeless Sanitation Problem: Install Portajohns.

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The cities need to place them temporarily in areas where the problem is the worst and hire several companies to clean the portajohns once a week. Put them where phone booths used to be and in parks.  After all this is the age of “homeless with smartphones.” With this plan, the homeless will stop defecating on the sidewalks or in the bushes.  It’s a sanitary and health emergency which is getting out of control. Shop owners are forced to clean the sidewalks, lose business, and endure the stench as well as Parks and Rec maintenance workers.  Not fair to them or their customers.

Construction jobs have these portable toilets for their workers so why not use them temporarily for the homeless?  Then work on reducing the homeless.  Shop owners shouldn’t be required to allow them to use their facilities inside unless they are paying customers. Something has to give.

The cities with the biggest homeless are San Francisco, Portland, LA, New York, and Seattle. Their mayors don’t seem to be on top of it.  They don’t enforce their existing vagrancy laws. If anything, they condone it by not dealing with the homeless, incentivizing more to congregate.  Round them up, place them in jail for one night, and see if they come back.  If they do, round them up again.  They’ll tire of it.

Pick one street, park, or beach at a time and coordinate with the Fire and Sanitation Departments. Have the garbage collection companies confiscate their tents and garbage bags and hose down the areas while they’re in jail.  Then put up permanent signage such as no loitering, no soliciting, no vagrancy, no sitting, violators will be prosecuted.  We use signs all over private and public properties such as no skateboarding, no smoking, no parking, no littering, why not for the homeless? Come on man, wake up and do your jobs, city officials!

When they break the law, round them up.  In the meantime, put portajohns in the troubled areas so the public doesn’t have to endure their messes. It’s not fair. This is called tough love, but sometimes it’s the only answer to these problems. And, ironically, the homeless don’t want to see a portajohn in their view so maybe they’ll leave the city.

Back in the day when there were less homeless, we called them hobos or bums.  There were areas where they hung out but never had tents or communities set up for themselves. And never defecating on the beautiful streets of our cities. I can hardly believe this is happening.  Jobs are plentiful, and I can’t believe they’re all mentally ill. Some are, dare I say, just lazy, while they collect a welfare check.  I once offered a just-purchased sealed-in-plastic sandwich to a homeless man with sign which read, “I’m hungry.” He turned my sandwich down asking for money instead.  So he wasn’t really hungry. I can’t figure these guys out.

Now the liberals will say in their defense, “Even if they found a job, the rents are too high for them to afford a place off the street. And where will they wash up to go to their job?” We’ve all heard it.  Big cities inevitably have higher rents.  Small towns across the U.S. don’t.  They could take a bus to a smaller town in a less populated state. They could get into affordable housing projects for the low income. The cities could turn some abandoned properties into suitable housing for them. They could get a couple of roommates like we used to do when we couldn’t afford rent. They could enter a state funded drug rehabilitation program if that is the reason they’re homeless or visit the Veterans Administration for help if that is their reason. Or call a family member for temporary assistance until they are back on their feet.

Why is it so different now?  Rents are higher but so are wages.  I lived on $3.00 an hour for several years and had a roommate, finally finding a place of my own.  I ate less, shopped less, lived on a budget until I earned more.  It’s the American way.

Are we creating a generation of entitled lazies?  When children desire to be You Tubers when they grow up rather than doctors, isn’t that a lazy goal?  Then when it doesn’t work out so well and their parents kick them out, they’ll be the next on the streets or public parks.

Place these portajohns temporarily to save the stench, health, and safety of our cities, at least.  Then mayors, senators, and governors get off your liberal a–es and enforce your laws to clean up your cities! Something has to give! It’s not fair to our once beautiful cities.

“I’m hungry.”  (Not really)

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The Candidates Are Sounding Nuts.

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Cory Booker says he has the urge to punch Trump in the face, Biden has challenged Trump to push ups, Buttigeig says Trump is our first racist president, Gillibrand says she’ll clean the oval office with clorox on her first day as president getting laughs from a crowd, and De Blasio says Trump will not be welcome in New York after he leaves office.  These candidates say that Trump is spreading hate? Sounds more like they are filled with it.  They all sound certifiably nuts.

Maybe Gillibrand forgot she supported Bill Clinton after his scandal of daily indiscretions under his desk with Monica in the oval office.  Maybe Gilli is a feminist who thinks all men are the same.  Or she’s just another hypocrite. Surely if Trump had a fling in the oval office, the world would have a heard about it by now.  Nice try Interrupting-18-times-Kirsten.  Shut your mouth Kirsten!

Booker should be investigated by the FBI like any citizen that threatens the President of the United States as no one is above the law, right? And Biden, although he’s in first place, won’t be for long.  Push ups really aren’t a criteria for president. Biden was just Obama’s lap dog while he was VP.  And his debating skills are up there with Mueller’s.

Boot-edge-edge is despicably calling Trump a racist trying to garner the Black vote, no doubt.  He also thinks Trump is against gays for some reason whereas it was Obama that didn’t approve of gay marriage when he first came into office.  Notice how Boot-edge-edge ignores Obama’s past position but slams Trump for no reason. He may be able to speak five languages, but his mother should have put soap in his mouth when calling someone ugly, untrue names. I can’t believe a mayor of any town would speak this way of the president.

And finally lazy De Blasio who has ruined New York City since being mayor has no ground to stand on. He allows his police to get drenched by gangs.  The sooner he resigns or gets voted out the better.  Him running for president is a joke.


With all these nuts running around shooting their mouths, don’t be surprised when the time is optimum for Obama to push his wife Michelle into the game. Obama wants back in the White House so bad he can taste it.  He still lives in D.C. so he can keep an eye on Trump. He wants to impeach Trump and slip in his wife to run against a damaged Trump or Pence.  This has been his plan all along.  He didn’t endorse Biden. He wants to do all this before A.G. Barr exposes him for who he really is.  His house of cards is about to crumble, and he needs to do something quick. We all know who was pulling the strings behind the Russia Hoax despite how FOX News skirts around the issue. When the cards fall, he’ll be at the top. The buck stops there.

Let’s not let these nuts do any more damage to our country. Let’s never forget what they tried to do.  Support Trump. Look at his feats, not his tweets. And call out those who disparage him.

It’s the economy, stupid!

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