Twenty Years Ago Today…

Smoke billows across the New York City skyline after two hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers on September 11, 2001.
Never Forget.

I awoke to witness on tv the most devastating attack on our country in my lifetime akin to the infamous Pearl Harbor Attack which I had heard about but was not born yet. Also akin to the news of JFK getting assassinated while I was in class in high school. Those days will never be forgotten as we were blindsided.

We had just elected a new President, George W. Bush, and all that that entails with hanging shags and recounts after four years of debating Bill Clinton’s sexcapades in the Oval Office. Our country was in turmoil over that election almost as it is twenty years later with the suspect election of 2020. At the time, a Democrat congressman’s mistress and intern, Chandra Levy, was missing and all the D.C. police were searching for her. Her body was found much later. My point is, we were distracted around the time of 9-11 with less important issues which may have led us to not spotting suspicious looking guys wearing turbans boarding our planes. Today alone, passengers would point them out to authorities. They must have been wearing turbans, sweating profusely, checking the boxcutters in their pockets, and pacing.

When I turned on FOX News as I did most mornings to watch News Anchor, Bridget Quinn, I saw one of the World Trade Centers with smoke coming out of it. I immediately thought it was from a small plane that hit, as we were innocent to terror attacks before that day.

We had smaller attacks on the USS Cole and the underground garage of the World Trade Center which we had dismissed, but nothing to this extent. But as I was watching this “accident” live on tv it slowly turned into something that would have a lasting effect on our country for years to come. Another plane hit the other twin tower! A much bigger plane! In that instant, I knew we were under attack. We were at war. We had been blindsided just like Pearl Harbor. I had lived through the Viet Nam War but it was never on our shores. The hairs on my arms stood up, as I realized then the future lives of my children would be changed from here on out, whether they knew it or not. Everything would change.

As we were in the midst of retiling our master bath twenty years ago today, I am back to square one retiling my master bath in a different home. Although it seems nothing has changed in twenty years, everything has changed. Society has changed. Traditional values have changed. Our youth of America have really changed. Some of them seem numb to death and destruction. Young folks are being taught in school to forget the past as it was nothing more than a disagreement between religions. “We are an imperialist country. We think we are better than other countries. We live in a systemic racist country,” they are taught in school and by our current occupant of the White House. They are not taught to be proud of our American Flag but rather to honor a rainbow flag and a BLM flag. Ridiculous!

They are taught about political correctness of everything from pronouns to nationality terms and humor especially when it comes to foreigners. We can’t say Oriental any longer only Asian. Even saying Chinese or Japanese is taboo. I get corrected today if I call someone Chinese. “Say Asian,” they’ll whisper to me. I respond, “No, there’s nothing wrong with the term Chinese.” It would be akin to saying Norwegian is not PC, we must say Scandinavian. Ridiculous and I won’t change. And we went eight years without being able to say Radical Islamic Terror under Obama/Biden. Even Seinfeld episodes are considered politically incorrect and Jerry finds it difficult to do standup comedy in college settings. They don’t laugh.

These terrorists may have a problem with our western way of life and beliefs but we never came after them for theirs. It was a one sided war until twenty years ago today when we were blindsided. That day changed me to become more vigilant of my surroundings. I rarely fly, only as a necessity on rare occasions. I don’t even leave the house on 9-11. Those terrorists put a fear in me that will live on until I’m gone despite that the college professors are teaching our youth to forget.

I learned later that my neighbors lost their oldest son in the second tower to be hit. His son had just started his career; a high school football star, college graduate, and unmarried. He had his whole life ahead of him. He was the only victim of that attack from our town. His funeral had people standing outside all the way to the bottom of the steps of the church. Strangers from across the county came out to honor his fateful death.

We are also back to square one after a twenty-year war in Afghanistan. We left our marbles and went home. We gave up on defending terror in their country and allowed the Taliban to restructure. This is all on Biden, Milley, Austin, Blinkin, and Harris’s conscience. Hope to God we don’t have to experience another one of these attacks on our soil again.

Prayers to those innocent people who died on September 11, 2001, and their grieving survivors. We will never forget. Nor should we.

Media Ignores Elder’s Attack by KKK-Like Protester.

Protester poses in gorilla mask with pink hair.

The Democrats, fallaciously known as the party of diversity, compassion, and unity, are the first to attack a Black man running for governor of California. How dare he! So a white female protester dressed in a gorilla mask (racist) throws an egg at Larry Elder’s head and misses, yet she doesn’t get arrested nor do the MSM even care to run the story. In fact, they dismissed it as same ol’ same ol’, let’s move on. This ape lady also swung at the bodyguard of Elder. Is she the white supremacist the FBI and Biden keep warning us about? I wonder. Are the Democrats the real white supremacists?

I will tell you if Larry Elder was a Democrat and the same thing happened it would be front page news and run on all the news stations for a year. (Biden still refers to Charlottesville as the reason he had to run for president.) Or if it were Kamala, Maxine, or any other black Democrat; the media would jump on it as a hate crime, the ape’s identity would be revealed, and arrested by now, labeled a white supremacist. No doubt in my mind.

But it seems anything goes when it’s a Republican running. Look how they treated Trump. I also believe if Trump ran as a Democrat, he’d be a hero in the Democrat Party today even with the same policies that he enacted. But Trump knew what the Democrats believed and couldn’t get onboard.

This double standard needs to stop! It seems like Biden is Hitler now rounding up nonvaccinated people. Soon they will have a scarlet letters UV on their shirts and be banned wherever they go. This is not the America we grew up in. This is not the America we strive to live in. Biden promised he would never shutdown the country to stop covid but would shutdown the virus. Well, I feel this is dividing the country into classes of vaccinated and nonvaccinated. Biden stupidly assumes the unvaccinated are all Republicans, which shows his ignorance. People have the right to refuse vaccines as we have always had.

Biden mandated that all Federal Employees be vaccinated or lose their jobs, except for postal workers. Hmmm. I wonder why that it? Is it because he knows the postal workers handled those pesky mail in ballots and some of them were helping to put Biden in office? Very curious that he is protecting them now. More evidence that the election was stolen.

I choose not to get the flu shot or the pneumonia shot as I’ve had bad reactions to one of them. People have the right to choose not to get the covid shot for the same reason. Biden’s mandates, threats, and berating of nonvaccinated folks is just another reason not to trust this man. He lied about Afghanistan and now he reneged on not forcing vaccines on us. He cannot be trusted. He’s very vindictive against Republicans which is what this is more about. He just asked the Trump appointed members of a Military Oversight Board to resign today or be fired. He’s sick in the head.

Biden has clearly lost control of the spread of covid from mixed messages about the safety of the vaccine which he and Kammie said originally they would not trust, to mixed messaging on whether or not to wear a mask or even if the mask is effective, and lastly by letting in millions of unvaccinated migrants to spread it even more to those Americans who chose not to get vaccinated. Lost control, which was under control and in containment under Trump.

Biden needs to resign and be placed in assisted living as he is becoming the laughing stock of America not to mention across the globe. We need Trump back at the helm. The Democrats call themselves the adults back in charge. Well…if they are adults, I’d rather be led by kindergarteners. The Democrats are the real KKK as evidenced by the gorilla lady, and Biden is trying to take our freedoms away. All in all, the Democrat Party is looking more like something flushing down the white bowl.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Vote Larry Elder. Recall Newsom! If you care about the spread of homeless encampments, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about the massive wildfires, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about the draconian covid restrictions, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about high property taxes, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about legalized looting or pay-for-no shooting, you’ll vote to recall N. And if you care about hairspray shortages, you’ll vote to recall pretty boy Newsom.

But seriously, if you are happy with the way California is being run, keep Newsom. But remember, repeating the same and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Don’t complain, when you get the same.

Let’s Get a Few Facts Straight.

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I’m hearing a lot of lies in the news lately that need to be corrected, in no particular order:

  1. There was NO insurrection at the Capitol Building. Just because they repeat it, doesn’t make it fact.
  2. Biden didn’t follow Trump’s plan for the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.
  3. The State Department have not rescued any Americans by land that were left behind in Afghanistan. They had nothing to do with it. Zero.
  4. There was not a successful, courageous mission in leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban won and 13 soldiers died from a suicide bomb. That’s not success.
  5. The Taliban are not working with the U.S. for a peaceful end to our withdrawal. They are terrorists–not allies and can’t be trusted.
  6. Biden’s infrastructure bill includes $350 million for a new study of wildlife road crossing projects that aim to reduce the deaths of animals on America’s roadways. Sounds like a cushy job and a total waste of taxpayer $$$$. This is what they call infrastructure? Maybe put a sign along side the road reading or symbolling “Watch for deer.” Just saved us $350 mil.
  7. In July, Biden asked President Ghani to change the narrative (lie) about the Taliban gaining territory in Afghanistan, i.e. bury the story as it didn’t fit his “pullout plan” labeled “Biden Ends the 20-year War!” No wonder Ghani ran off as he didn’t want to be around for Biden’s sure-to-fail “pullout plan.”
  8. White supremacy is not our biggest threat like Biden and the FBI says. Radical Islamic Terror and BLM are. Be vigilant on the 20-year anniversary of 9-11. This administration has allowed many terrorists into our country.
  9. Joe has no empathy for fallen soldiers or abandoned Americans behind enemy lines. None, zero. He only cares about “the Beaus.” Beau Biden and Bo Bergdahl.
  10. Obama released the terrorists from Gitmo that are now in charge of the new country of Talibania. Taliban let out ISIS terrorists from prison that are now working with them.
  11. George Soros is backing Governor Newsom with 30 million $$ worth of anti-Republican ads saying “Elder is the Black Trump.” Haha…that could backfire on them as we could use a Trump in California to drain the swamp.
  12. Main Stream Media is jumping on a Texas abortion bill and the January fake commission to take the news off of Biden’s failure at our borders and in Afghanistan.
  13. A capitol policeman callously murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt. She was not a threat to anyone.
  14. Biden left behind 80 billion $$$$ worth of war equipment that is now in the hands of our enemies. Time for the government to order some new equipment. Someone’s making money and Biden will claim, “I rebuilt the military!” Again, stealing from Trump.
  15. The remaining hostages in Afghanistan will have to be rescued by courageous veterans, ransom paid by our government, or resending in our troops. They will not be sent home safely by the Taliban. In fact, our State Department won’t allow Americans and allies currently in planes to take off. Why is that? Because Joe needs to take the credit from private rescuers. Ask yourself, who are the real terrorists, the Taliban or whoever is running our government right now?
  16. Joe Biden’s dementia is getting worse. He has a need to take credit from others and lies constantly. He can’t speak clearly, can’t think, and can’t lead. Everything he touches goes to shit. Yesterday he got heckled by protesters in New York and came to the mic to say they all support me as I’m doing a great job. Something like that. Maybe his hearing is going too.
  17. The coronavirus originated in the Wuhan Lab and many of scientists at the time are missing as well as records. Remember, we weren’t allowed in to inspect at the time. Fauci is a liar and coverup artist. He needs to be fired or arrested. He alone has blood on his hands.
  18. Covid is a serious virus but since it is sticking around, we just have treat it as if it were the flu. We have plenty of therapeutics now. With the flu, we never do anything weird like wearing masks. We are asked if we want the flu shot, wash our hands when getting home, and keep our distance from sick people. We just want to live normal lives.
  19. The presidential election was rigged via mail-in ballots, no matter what the left says. Too much evidence points in that direction despite the Supreme Court refusing to look at it.
  20. The GOP is not trying to prevent people of color from voting like the left is reporting ad nauseum. They want honest in-person elections by legal, of-age, living residents, showing voter ID, paper ballots, with a signature match on election day, not weeks in advance. This has been the way it was done in years prior with no election fraud. This deters election fraud. It’s not voter suppression but rather voter integrity.
  21. We are in a Biden-caused inflation which is not going to be temporary like the left is reporting.

I hope this clears up some of the nonsense and lies we are hearing from the likes of CNN, Biden, FBI, DOD, Psaki, Wynken, Blinkin, and Nod. Last evening CNN said the 2020 election was by far the most honest election in years. It turned my stomach. Remember, just because they say it, does not make it true. In fact, nothing CNN reports is probably true.

Apparently ol’ Joe doesn’t like the term tornado. I guess it’s too harsh for him or not politically correct. What would he like to rename them, “air funnels on land?” Would that be a more kinder, softer name than tornado? Joe is losing it.

And lastly, where’s Kamala…anyone? She’s been noticeably absent, AWOL. Kammie would rather stand with Newsom than next to bumbling Biden right now, and that speaks volumes. And where’s Durham and his lousy report? Does he even exist? He has been threatened, no doubt, and gone underground.

Vote the bums out so we can take back the House and Senate outright! Impeach Biden!

Biden Gets a Pass for Hurricane Ida…

Ida, Katrina similar but tiny differences are key | KUTV
Katrina or Ida?

while Katrina was an albatross hanging around Bush’s neck for eight years. Bush got slammed for flying back from Crawford over New Orleans making a land visit on September 3rd while Biden visited the destruction from Ida in about the same timeline. Just as much destruction has been done by Ida, if not more, but the difference is politics. Bush was a Republican and the media wanted to pin a natural disaster on him. Even the victims of Ida are not calling out Biden; after all, they voted for him. The difference in reaction is staggering.

“Hurricane Ida was the second-most damaging hurricane to strike the U.S. state of Louisiana on record, behind Hurricane Katrina, and is tied for the strongest landfall in the state by maximum winds with Hurricane Laura a year before.” Wikipedia.

I don’t blame Biden for Ida nor Bush for Katrina as all the victims were forewarned in advance. It’s the luck of the draw when a hurricane hits. But it does give us pause as to what we’d do in an all electric car/solar panel/wind turbine world. The solar panels would be blown off the flattened homes, electric cars would not be getting charged due to power outages, and the wind turbines would short out underwater. It is sort of a forewarning to the green new deal enthusiasts that their plan won’t work in the long run.

If gasoline emissions are causing global warming and reducing them will lessen the strength of hurricanes, then why hasn’t it started working yet? There are plenty of electric cars on the road and homes with solar panels. What seems to be the problem? Answer: All the electric cars, solar panels, and wind turbines in the world will not prevent a hurricane as we’ve had them since the beginning of time, long before the boogeyman Al Gore.

So AOC, the bartender, et al are wasting our time and money on a pipedream. We all know that Obama had our scientists fudging the results of ocean temp models in order for them to get grants from the government. This led to automobile dealers having to change the design of their vehicles to meet the new standards of emissions. Trump lessened the regulations somewhat during his term, but they are back on full speed now that Biden is in charge. But at what progress? None really. Proof’s in the pudding.

How ’bout those vehicle charging stations that are underwater? How safe are they right now? How’s the ocean looking with all the discarded masks, rubber gloves, and needles floating around? If anything, the ideas of the environmentalists for helping the homeless, stopping covid, protecting forest wildlife, and preventing climate change are ruining our environment, not making it better. The unintended consequences of good intentions by the left.

There was a video of a bear fleeing the wildfire in Tahoe, stopping every ten feet to lick his paws that got burned from the hot ground he ran across. How’s that for protecting wildlife in the forest? Not so good. And how many raccoons, birds, squirrels, beavers, bunnies, snakes, and foxes survived that fire? If only the environmentalists had allowed the forest to be thinned or logged? If only.

We still get hurricanes, ice storms, wildfires, and tornadoes. Nothing we do seems to change the outcome of the weather or spreading of wildfires. I’ll tell you what will make our air quality worse and that’s allowing our population to increase by millions by inviting migrants to enter our country illegally and relocating Afghans into our country. What? They don’t drive or eat beef?

The Tale of Two News Media.

Photo by Pixabay on

One that reports the truth and the others that either bury a story completely, sugarcoat it into something positive, or fabricate falsehoods. For instance, the New York Times recently wrote a headline criticizing Biden’s invoking son Beau with the gold star parents; but when the “woke” department reviewed it, it had to be scratched. They changed it to sound like Biden’s experience with the death of his son helped to commiserate with the parents.

In Invoking Beau, Biden Broaches a Loss That’s Guided His Presidency

Referring to Beau Biden with families of U.S. Marines killed in the Kabul airport bombing drew criticism, but the president remains haunted by memories of a son he described as me, but without all the downsides.” New York Times. (What an insult to his dead son).

If it were Trump invoking his son who died of cancer, not in battle, the press would be raking him over the coals and calling him a narcissist. Which they did anyway for no reason, and he never bragged about his successful children. The double standard of the press is becoming increasingly nauseating.

We aren’t getting the truth from the liberal news media, whether by print or tv; only from conservative news outlets. The liberal media have jumped from Biden’s failure in Afghanistan almost making it sound like a courageous, compassionate mission akin to the successful mission to execute Bin Laden (which Biden opposed).

Let’s be clear: Abandoning Americans behind enemy lines as hostages is not a successful mission. Surrendering a 30 square mile airport to the Taliban that people could have used to leave on their own is not a successful mission. Surrendering 85 billion $$$$ worth of American arsenals, trucks, tanks, surface-to-air torpedoes, helicopters, military clothing, night goggles, and bulletproof vests is not a successful mission. Giving the Taliban a “kill list” is not a successful mission.

Losing 13 soldiers and injuring many more as well as killing 90 Afghans from a suicide bomb is not a successful mission. Sticking to a departure date during the middle of their fighting season is not a successful mission. Claiming success and bravery in a speech on August 31st does not a successful mission make. Just because he says it, doesn’t make it true. And discarding Trump’s plan to withdraw but claiming you were forced to use his plan is not a successful mission; it’s a scapegoat.

Asking the president of Afghanistan to lie about the resurgence of the Taliban is not morally acceptable and is probably impeachable. The corrupt House impeached Trump for much less. Everything Biden did or didn’t do in Afghanistan was 100% wrong including the way he acted at the ceremonial arrival of the coffins. Reading from cheat notes, checking his watch, and talking about Beau was all wrong. He lacks empathy and it shows.

Now some in the media want to bury the Afghanistan debacle and hostages altogether and move on to Ida or the January 6th fake commission or the spread of covid; news items which can’t be blamed on Biden. Make sense, right? Any news anchor that treats the story of Afghanistan and our hostages like it is nothing should be fired. Hannity, Watters, Jeanine, Gutfeld, Ingraham, and Newsmax won’t let it go. And it shouldn’t be let go.

Biden made us look like fools on the world stage for cutting and running with our tails between our legs in Afghanistan. Now we are all sitting ducks for the next terror attack on our shore as we are bringing in unvetted Afghans together with criminals at our border by the droves. When they reassemble via communist Twitter, we’re all in trouble. Masks on children will be long forgotten when that happens.

I already feel like our country is being destroyed daily by Democrat rule in many states from California to New York. It’s hard to turn on the local news and listen to the anchors sugarcoat the foibles of Newsom and Biden with a smiling, straight face.

The liberal media has blood on their hands for scoffing at the story of the rigged election. They are responsible for the 13 soldiers that were killed. Because of their hate-filled bias, we are stuck with an inept, power-hungry, dictator that ignores all good advice from the commanders and uses his feeble, vindictive mind instead. We are all in trouble. Invoke the 25th Amendment already, like Joe invokes Beau.

“What, Me Worry?”

This is a climate damn emergency,' California's Gavin Newsom says
“What, me worry?”

Albert Einstein famously said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” So, therefore, why give Newsom another chance? Are you insane? He should be worried.

California will get what they deserve if they vote “No” to recall Governor Newsom. I don’t want to hear them complain about high gas prices, high property taxes, high state taxes, border crisis, illegal unvaccinated migrants, tent cities, endless wildfires, rent moratoriums, housing shortages, aging roads, the drought, water rationing, drying reservoirs, covid messaging confusion, increasing violence, drug trafficking, filthy sidewalks, vaccine mandates, masked children, climate blame, teaching CRT, carjackings, or riots and legalized looting. Or their latest “paying thugs to not commit violence,” i.e. paying them to obey the law. Wow! Don’t want to hear it.

You’ll get what you pay for if you continue to vote for Newsom and expect different results. He has done nothing to help Californians as he is just a political hack with good hair. He is puppet for Pelosi. They only care about themselves and live by the “rules for thee but not for me” philosophy. While Newsom’s children attend private maskless classrooms, he sets draconian rules for public schools. Nice guy, eh?

And who are the real racists? Larry Elder is getting called every racist name in the book. The LA Times called him a black face white supremacist. Wow! They are playing dirty. But this is who they are. The Democrat Party are the real racists, not the GOP. That is their dirty little secret as I’ve witnessed it first hand. They talk the talk about discrimination of the blacks but don’t walk the walk. They will be the one who doesn’t open their door to the black UPS man or FedEx guy. “Please leave the package on the porch. I can’t come to the door right now.” This is who they are. The real racists.

They will be the ones who continue to vote in Newsom and pretend he’s doing a good job. But Democrats are predominately insane so this is just to be expected. They’ll do anything to keep a Republican out of office as they think they’re evil, even a black Republican. They will bite off their nose despite their face, over and over. The definition of insanity. It’s no wonder why most native Californians have left and more are fleeing in droves. It’s why we did. Just like they’re doing in New York City. Democrat governors ruin the state.

Please vote this self-centered pretty boy out of office. Let him move to Hollyweird and possibly get a role in a movie. After all, he’s been “playing” the role of a governor, why not let him become a real actor? Michael Douglas is aging and needs a replacement. Similar features. Just saying. We need a remake of The Perfect Murder or Basic Instinct.

#recallnewsom #voteElder

Biden Gladly Embraces Ida and Caldor, Changing the News Cycle.

I’ve never seen a guy so happy for a New Orleans hurricane that left millions without power and underwater and spread to New York and New Jersey. Biden was so happy, he learned how to spell FEMA. In fact, he spelled it three times during a presser to show us he’s learning. Congrats Joey! You’re such a big boy now. The press treats him like a toddler.

I know Biden has dementia but do the news channels have to go along with it? I turned on all the local news this morning and not one mention of those stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan due to Biden’s covering up of an incoming surge of the Taliban that he ignored. Now that the cat’s out of the bag on his deception, the news cycle has diverted to Ida. Ida all day and the Tahoe wildfires.

Being in a lockdown basically because the air outside is toxic, I am very concerned about the fires heading in our direction. I’m wondering since California can’t manage their forests if we should create a new branch of the military to get with the times: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, and Wildfire Force.

Men and women trained like army recruits to fight wildfires with all the equipment the government can provide. It’s getting to that point. These wildfires are as deadly and spontaneous as a terror attack and just as hard to fight. And many states are experiencing them. Washington State had one earlier this year. Instead of us throwing money at green energy and electric cars, we should be investing in wildfire prevention. All the solar panels, electric cars, and wind turbines in the world can’t fight a wildfire. And a wildfire will destroy those products in a New York minute leaving charred carcasses in its path.

Also politics are involved in fighting these fires when you leave it up to lame governors of a liberal state to call in for backup. Newsom and Sisolak are in charge of stopping the spread of the Caldor fire and so far it keeps spreading and more towns are getting evacuated. We need an army that doesn’t rely on governors to tell them where, how, and when to act.

Photos] Images From The Caldor Fire As It Burns Through South Lake Tahoe. |  The Washington Newsday
Tahoe ski resort

We need better forest management to begin with and wildfires treated with aerial firefighting helicopters outfitted with equipment that can drop 3,000 gallons of water or fire-retardant chemicals like going to fight a war, sending in all fire extinguishing equipment by air. Thinning the forest during a wildfire is like stopping smoking after you are diagnosed with lung cancer. Too late. Preventive measures must be taken. They are not. Fires in California just spread and last for over a month.

Biden came to the mic and blamed the flooding and California wildfires on climate change, a straw man or boogeyman and said it will get worse and worse. Reality is, in California we used to allow logging which thinned out the forest, but the environmentalists banned logging. They also won’t build new reservoirs or convert saltwater to freshwater. California could use a water pipeline bringing in water from another state. I see telephone lines running straight through oak tree branches in the highly flammable wine country that the environmentalists won’t allow to be trimmed.

All the money Californian taxpayers waste on pet leftist projects could be put toward underground utility lines which would solve this problem. Also the forests need thinning and the forest floors removed of dead debris. But it isn’t and, therefore, one spark and it goes up in flames. We also have the homeless starting campfires that get out of control when it’s windy and the occasional arsonist that just love fire. That together with lightening and wind, our forests will keep burning.

Two days ago Biden had a straw man argument over ending a twenty year war in Afghanistan ignoring the fact that he blew the withdrawal and we lost 13 soldiers. Yesterday he invented another straw man argument about insurance companies not paying for hotels of evacuated victims of Ida. Straw man of this morning’s presser is that productive billionaires and millionaires should pay more taxes than others (they already do) ignoring that his “infrastructure” bill will raise taxes for everyone and we’re already experiencing inflation. Gas prices will soar even more after Louisiana’s hurricane shutdown of the offshore oil rigs.

Offshore oil rig.

“A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy of having the impression of refuting an argument, whereas the real subject of the argument was not addressed or refuted, but instead replaced with a false one. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man”. Wikipedia.

This has become Biden’s new method of lying: ignoring the elephant in the room and attacking something everyone agrees with. He’s getting rehearsed by his staff or Jill on how to perform this new method. Everyone knows that when you are displaced from your home due to a natural disaster, your insurance company will pay for a hotel. Biden doesn’t know this as he doesn’t live in the real world. He just needed a straw man to show his toughness. Jill must be advising him on changing his demeanor during pressers. “Act tougher like Trump.” But then he still is not allowed to take questions like a toddler whose mommy told him not to.

Biden loves a new natural disaster to take the news cycle off the disaster of his presidency and especially off of his disaster in Afghanistan. He can run, but he can’t hide from that.

Code Pink Remains Suspiciously Silent…

St. Paul - September 1: Code Pink Protesters at the March on the National Republican Convention in St. Paul on September 1, 2008.
Did Biden get out of Afghanistan peacefully?

after the needless death of thirteen soldiers in Kabul. I wonder why? I thought they cared about our boys coming home in coffins. I see, if soldiers die under a Democrat President, they don’t come out. This just proves they were just a political organization against any Republican president. I can assure you if Trump had allowed 13 soldiers to die on his watch, they’d be up in arms in every city across the nation. Shame on Code Pink! They have probably joined the likes of BLM or Antifa at this point. Complete phonies.

And where’s Madonna and Ashley Judd in all this mess? I thought Madonna had dreams of bombing the White House when Trump won. I wonder what her dreams are of now? Sharing ice cream cones with Joey? These are supposed to be the peace-loving Hollyweird types, but they remain silent too. Isn’t it amazing? I haven’t tuned into late night comedy but am sure they have already buried the story of Biden’s debacle or sugarcoated it into a complete success, i.e., “The war has ended!” Except we lost.

Where are all those anti-war Democrats that come out of the woodwork every four years like Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders, Klobuchar, Booker, Steyer, Yang, Bloomberg, Beto, Castro, Bennet, Swalwell, DeLaney, Inslee, Ryan, Hickenlooper, Maryann, and annoying Gillibrand? Where are they in all this? Suspiciously silent. And we can’t even remember half of them, can we? (I had to replay an old debate.)

They all wasted our time debating universal healthcare and racism in our country and turned a blind eye on our soldiers in Afghanistan. They just figured under Trump everything was going so well so under their lead it would be hunky dory too. But it wasn’t. The Taliban grew and grew under weak U.S. leadership (even recruiting members of the Afghan army) and spread across the country in seven months while Biden was taking his nappy and sippy cup. Shame on all of them too, especially shame on Biden.

I weep for the twenty-year anniversary of 9-11 under a Biden presidency. No telling what will happen. Stay home. Don’t fly anywhere that day. And Code Pink, you have blood on your hands for voting for Biden. And for those 39% who think we are on the right path under Biden, that must be some fairy dust you’re smoking or drinking.

Boy, oh Boy, do We Ever.

Miss him.

This is the second time I’ve posted this video but it seems apropos at this juncture. We have witnessed the current president behaving in the most sociopathic manner with no remorse or guilt that I have ever witnessed in a president in my lifetime. I’m flabbergasted. This guy cannot take the blame for anything.

He has blood on his hands for the death of 13 young soldiers not old enough to rent a car, and he talks about his son who died from cancer at age 46. I’m sick of it. It makes me almost throw up. I can’t stand this president even more than Obama and that’s saying a lot. I can’t stand his wife even more than Michelle and that is also saying a lot. I can’t stand his press secretary Pippi Psaki nor any of his snooty staff. ALL THEY DO IS LIE!

Help get them out of office somehow please, Lord. You must see what is going on. Help us! We need help! I’m waiting for karma to kick in but in the meantime we have to endure the likes of Taliban cheering in the streets mocking us. They are terrorists. How can they be winning? Where’s those election audits?

Biden came to the mic today to declare a successful mission. Are you kidding me? This was his plan all along that he took from Trump, he declares. I can’t handle his lies much longer. Someone has to call out this complete and utter idiot running our country! Someone.

Where’s George W.? I’m serious. Isn’t he mad at all the blood and treasure gone for not in 7 months? Where’s JEB? Where’s Colin Powell to come out against this? Where’s Dick Cheney? At least we heard from Nikki. Trump is really the only one speaking out together with his children and some on Newsmax. I’ve seen more of the back of Biden’s empty head than the front of it lately.

At least this video gives me some comic relief as well as shows us what we’re missing. I think I first posted it in December of 2020. Now it seems even more relevant.

Kamala is Joe’s Job Security.

What California knows about Kamala Harris | CalMatters

Why do you think he picked her? No one likes her. Sort of why Obama picked Joe. No one liked him. But now we are stuck with Joe because just as the covid pandemic was the best thing to ever happen to him then, Kamala is the best thing right now. No one wants or trusts her which leaves impeachment off the table. Without the pandemic there would have been no mail in ballots; therefore, no stolen election. Period.

But now that we have bumbling, stumbling, incoherent Joe, what the hell will we do? Impeach him? The House won’t even start one up as it is run by loony tunes. Pull the 25 Amendment on him? That would be nice, but who’s going to do it, Nancy, Schumer…Anyone?

The other choice is his wife asking him to step down before he does anymore damage. But she acts like Alice in Alice in Wonderland, prancing around with her mask on oblivious to her son’s foibles as well as her goofy husband’s shortcomings. Never seen such an educated woman seem so out of it. She must be behind it somehow. It’s all for her position as First Lady. After all she slept her way up the ladder like Kamala. Both having to close their eyes while they did it. Ugh. She must be vying for Michelle’s phony approval. Soon she’ll be writing her own version of “Becoming.” Maybe she’ll call it “First Do No Harm.” After all, she’s a doctor. (Remember their titles are the opposite of them.)

Speaking of Michelle. Women still look up to her? Haven’t they figured her out yet? They have no idea what she is about. She’s a foul-mouthed, angry, radical woman. A news anchor on a local SF station bragged that she read a book over the summer, Becoming, and her co-anchors all oohed and awed. What a joke.

What we’re dealing with here is: we are living around a bunch of idiots. Anyone who voted for Biden has the blood on their hands from those 13 soldiers. If you knew how dumb Biden was and still voted for him, you really have blood on your hands. If you didn’t, then you do by being apathetic. How do you sleep at night? Those 13 soldiers would be alive if Trump was in office. Period. I’m not the first to express this. An anchor on Newsmax said it first, and he was talking to his family members. I wonder where he’ll be spending Thanksgiving?

With covid spreading in liberal towns, I wonder again where and who will be at our table this year. Will we wear masks and be seated six feet apart outside? Will we bring up the debacle in Kabul or ignore the 300 pound gorilla in the room? Joe is so lucky to have job security with his choice of inept Kammie. Well played, Joe. The only thing Joe is good at is surrounding himself with those more inept than himself. From Pippi, to Austin, to Blinkin, to Rice, to Levine, to Kerby to Millie. What a bunch of recycled Obama era losers. But they almost make Biden look normal…Not!