Everyone Knows this Election was Fixed…

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even the Democrats know, but can we prove it? Trump had the red wave coming into the shoreline and it was surf’s up. GOP candidates in the House were waxing up their boards, we were catching the wave in the Senate, and riding in the curl in states that the pollsters said we’d lose. We were surf’s up by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, not sure why Florida hadn’t been called yet nor Ohio. In fact there’s an old adage if you don’t carry Ohio, you can’t win the election. Then Trump suddenly won Ohio. Gnarly! But…not…so…fast. Wipeout.

Suddenly the sky turned black above us foreboding a storm coming like in the movie The Perfect Storm and I thought, we’re not getting out of this. We climbed aboard a rescue ship. FOX News called Arizona for Biden when there were only 67% votes in and our ship started taking in water. We were ahead in Wisconson and Michigan but the waters got choppy and they called it for Biden. Then are ship was overcome by a white squall that no one saw coming and all the counting stopped dead in the water. Atlanta said they had a watermain break, another said they ran out of ink, and another ran out of ballots. It was an all out perfect storm of vote stealing. Our ship was hitting hard headwinds, our mast broke, and we started to sink.

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But seriously, this election was like a fixed sports game where one player purposely made a huge unforced error giving the game to the other team. But this is different as Trump didn’t purposely make an unforced error to give the states to Biden. Trump got all out robbed of the ball by Biden, but there were no penalties or fouls or interference called. The refs and umps were in on the fix and remained silent while Trump got systematically robbed in the dead of night. And no one was there to shout out in Trump’s defense. They were all in on it or too afraid to say anything.

Historians will write stories about this election for decades. It was unprecedented in U.S. History. It was like a cyber warfare terror attack on our election system that will scare anyone from ever running for office again. It all started with the demand for mail in ballots under the ruse of covid fear. The GOP capitulated on the mail in ballots and therein lies their first mistake. Then the pollsters lied for weeks about Trump being way behind so when they stole the election it wouldn’t look so shocking. Even FOX News pollsters suspiciously and remarkably were in on it too. But Trump’s rallies were off the charts which made his supporters think there would be a red wave. Notice FOX News uncharacteristically stopped covering his rallies the last week and we couldn’t find them on CSPAN either, just online. Another foreboding of what was to come.

When I saw Martha McFly donning bright blue the night of the election, that was the first clue we were in trouble. I’ll never watch her show again. Someone got to her. One of the Murdock wives must have befriended her. She chose her career over country much like Meghan Kelly did and look how that turned out. They didn’t seem outraged at all when Trump’s fortune began to whittle away. They sat there smiling and giddy. I don’t think Bill Hemmer was in on it but that notwithstanding, FOX News sucks.

If Trump can’t turn this around in the courts, the only redeeming hope we have left is that each and everyone of the cheaters (and they know who they are) may contract covid 19. It would be ironic if nothing else. I’d rather have them go to jail, as they used covid to steal the election. Then they catch it? It would be their karma, comeuppance, or just deserts. But seriously, these people are criminal and belong behind bars. These people are the lowest form of pond scum. Not the kind of people I grew up with. Not the kind of people I want my children to look up to. Not the kind of people we want running our country. Not the kind of people we want handling our ballots ever again. They will get their just deserts for cheating. They belong behind bars, but I won’t hold my breath.

In the meantime Trump needs to keep fighting for us and the country. We stand by Trump. People need to stop telling us to “let it go.” I won’t let it go until the last legal vote is counted. They never allowed Trump a day’s rest in four years. They can wait a couple of weeks. Trump got robbed, and he needs to be made whole by the Supreme Court. The truth will prevail.


Happy Veteran’s Day

Cuomo Shuns the Vaccine Until Biden Takes Office.

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i.e., he wants Biden to get credit for all of Trump’s work from recruiting the private sector to work at Warp Speed to removing all the red tape that would have held it up for years. Reminds me of Obama and Biden taking credit for Trump’s booming economy after they left office. Impossible to give credit to previous administration that had us on the brink of bankruptcy with high unemployment and those that had given up altogether. It is incorrigible.

First of all, Biden ain’t going to be in office as stealing isn’t winning. It may feel like winning to a bank robber or an auto thief or even a burglar; but it is short-lived as they usually get caught. In every heist there are about 50 or so mistakes made. In Biden’s heist, there are so many mistakes made, it almost looks rooky and sloppy enough to throw off investigators. They must be thinking this couldn’t have been planned as it is so blatantly sloppy. This has to be just a series of mistakes. But I think the opposite, that it was highly planned and called Crossfire Ballot Chaos. The more chaos, the better so they can blame low level election and postal workers when they get caught; and they always get caught.

So while Biden is walking around trying to look presidential, reading speeches written by a scholar that works for MSNBC that praised Biden’s speech the next day, Trump is actually running the country while trying to seek a legal opinion on the suspicious ballots and tampered voting machines.

Biden looks uncomfortable, if not guilty, trying to play the part of president. He and his cohorts are probably wondering how in the world they pulled this off and are still in shock. But to shun a vaccine with 90% effectiveness is almost dereliction of duty of a governor especially one that lost 30,000 seniors in his city to covid. It is shameful. Especially one that has shutdown every business in his city and put stores out of business. Especially one that has schools closed indefinitely which is child abuse. Especially one that allowed BLM to deface the streets of New York City with paint and allowed looters and arsonists to vandalize with impunity. Especially one that allowed his police to be attacked by thugs and were told to stand down. Especially one that has residents fleeing in droves and real estate tanking. No one should listen to Governor Cuomo. No one.

Obviously Biden has promised a position to Cuomo in his cabinet and Cuomo owes him. This is how Biden works with bribes. He uses his position even to members of his cabinet and Cuomo pays him back with “trying to stop” the vaccine. Screw the people who are deathly afraid of catching covid. Screw them all. Biden needs to get credit, and they’ll just have to wait. This is what Cuomo is thinking.

Cuomo claims the Trump administration won’t be able to handle the disbursement of the vaccines; that’s why we have to wait for Biden. So far Trump has handled just about everything more effectively than previous administrations so Cuomo has no proof of that. Biden actually wants to send OUR vaccine to poor countries before OUR people. This is the way they think. They are not “America first,” they are “every other country besides America” first especially China and Ukraine.

In fact, Biden promises to open up flights from hotbed Muslim countries which will start terror attacks again on our shores. Bottom line: Biden could ruin our country in a matter of weeks sending our stock market to depression levels the likes of the Great Crash of l929 that sent investors jumping from their New York City windows, although all the windows in New York are boarded up right now due to looters. This crash led to the Great Depression, so beware.

Biden wants to rehire the Obama cabinet. He wants to reinstatement all of Obama’s regulations on companies, cancel Trump tax cuts, get back in the Paris Accord which will raise our gas taxes, and sign another agreement with Iran. Basically it will be Obama 2.0 on steroids. Biden is a copycat so don’t expect him to have any original thoughts or ideas. Everything that Trump has done, he’ll take credit for; just like he’s trying to do with the vaccine with the help of Mafia-style Cuomo who threatened to “deck” the president if he wasn’t governor. Whether Cuomo is governor or not, he’d be put in jail for life. It would almost be worth it to get Cuomo out of office. Trouble is, Trump would hit him back and they’d probably arrest the president instead. And whatever happened to “a threat to a president being a crime?” Amazing. Democrats are all just above the law.




Could This Be Joe on December 8th…


Maybe, as Joe is sitting in the catbird seat right now and acting real smug since the media has crowned him with a media-made title of “president elect.” But not so fast!

Now imagine the Yankees are the Republicans and the Royals are the Democrats. Trump is Coach Billy Martin of the Yankees and Joe Biden is hitter George Brett. The umpires are lawyers from both sides with the home plate ump being AG Barr. Trump notices something funny with Biden’s bat after he hit a homerun which surely secured a win for the Royals in the ninth inning. The umps run over to give it a looksee and find it covered with pine tar. The video says it all.

Brett was resting on his laurels until the ump called him out and took away his homerun. Cheaters don’t look very happy when they’re caught. This is known as the Pine Tar Incident.

We are going through the bat inspection period right now and George Brett and the Royals need to sit quietly and not be claiming a win. If they keep calling Billy Martin a baby or a poor sport this could turn out bad for them. There was cheating in broad daylight not even trying to hide it both in the baseball game and in the election. That’s what could bring the Democrats down like it did the Royals.

The Royals ended up appealing the ruling and were able to replay their game another time starting at the same score. The point is, if Biden really is in the right, better to keep quiet until every legal vote is counted; and if he is still ahead, congratulations. Wouldn’t he feel much better to win without a cloud of suspicion hanging over him? What are they so angry and afraid of? What’s the big bum’s rush about?

Trump went through four years of a Russia Collusion hanging over his head while he ran the country, surely these snowflakes can endure a month of scrutiny. Otherwise, heaven forbid, someone might call Biden an illegitimate president for four years! And that would just be unkind. It is almost ironic that the shoe is on the other foot now, and they obviously don’t like how it feels. Only this time, there is solid, direct evidence of fraud, unless my eyes are really lying.

Conversely, I don’t want to hear from celebrities and RINOs that Trump needs to concede. Even Hillary wouldn’t give that advice or at least she told Biden not to, ever.

This video was played on Newsmax as they are all over this voter fraud, unlike FOX. FOX News has been carrying the water for Biden lately. I’m sure it has to do with the owner’s wife who posted “WE DID IT!” once FOX called the election for Biden. Well…FOX might have done it, but the people and the law can UNDO IT! The media doesn’t pick our president. The legal votes do.

Real Clear Politics has removed Pennsylvania from Biden’s win column which means Biden is not the projected winner any longer. And he’s never been the fake title of “president elect,” but he does like copying which is similar to stealing. His followers may have taken a page from his playbook that it’s okay to steal.




Goodbye FOX News, Hello Newsmax.

fox news logo | Applied DNA Sciences

The media is making an orchestrated attempt to con the whole world into thinking “Crooked Biden won the election” even though there has been widespread systemic voter fraud. With evidence! Yes, with evidence that we don’t have to show Neil Cavuto or Brett Baier. They aren’t judges! This evidence will be presented in a court of LAW. The media is not the LAW.

The FBI and DOJ are remaining suspiciously quiet as they may even be in on it, or they know something we are not privy to yet. Trump has the backing of the GOP senators, congressmen, lawyers, conservative radio, long time loyal friends, and 70,000,000 disenfranchised voters. Forget the media, even FOX News, they’ve jumped ships. Hello Newsmax.

Biden is not a “president elect.” He became “projected by the media” but not by lawful counts of votes. They have not even finished counting in Alaska. What? Are their fingers frozen or are dogsleds on strike? And what’s with North Carolina? It seems the governors of these two states are holding out to make Trump look like he lost by a lot. Part of the plan. I’ve never seen such collective lawlessness in the election process in my life.

One numbskull election worker in Michigan bragged on Facebook that she threw out 10,000 Trump ballots. I guess she has no idea that lawyers can find this post and she’ll be brought in as a witness for Trump. In fact, every postal worker and election worker needs to have their social media accounts searched for bias and their garbage bins seized for evidence. I believe some of the election workers belong to BLM. Why is it that three days before the election, searches for “punishment for voter fraud” peaked in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? Well, at least they knew they were breaking the law. That proves “intent.”

I believe Trump has an excellent chance of turning around Arizona, then Michigan, then Pennsylvania. He’ll get Alaska and NC when their governors get off the pot. Then he’ll win another four years while the crazies hit the streets for a few days, again. Despite the Kumbaya they were having across the nation yesterday, one Biden supporter got shot dead in Seattle by one of his own. But, of course, the media will drop that story like a lead balloon. It’s only Trump supporters that are chaotic, divisive, and hateful. Right, Michelle? Don’t kid yourself, once the Bernie bros find out that Biden isn’t implementing all their radical ideas, they’ll hit the streets again because we’ve created a monster by telling the police to stand down.

Keep in mind, every vote that went to Biden via software glitches will flip over to Trump’s column and will give him the most popular and electoral votes in history. Forget Crooked Biden. He couldn’t draw a crowd at a rally much like when Romney ran for president. They have no charisma. These corrupted machines were placed in battleground states. Also all “dead people” votes will be erased from the Biden column together with the counterfeit ballots with Biden’s name on them and back- dated ballots that all came in for Biden.

Doesn’t anyone find it curious that all the voter irregularities went into the Biden column? Of course they do, but they don’t seem to care. Corruption is second nature to Democrats and they don’t give a hoot. The end justifies the illegal means, I guess, in their minds. But we aren’t having it. I can’t accept a president that wins by cheating. No way, no how. The left will get a taste of their own medicine if we don’t win in the courts. Biden will not get a honeymoon from me. Just like Trump never had one. It’s been my experience in life “if you lie about one thing, the rest of what you say can’t be trusted.” Same can be said for these election offices. “If they are caught doing one thing illegal, everything else cannot be trusted.”

When Biden bragged about getting the most votes in history, that was unseemly, as he knows in his heart that they cheated. But if you say a lie often enough, the gullibles will believe. So goodbye to radical Juan and cheater Brazille and Never-Trumper Chris Wallace. Goodbye to giggly Martha and stoic Brett. I may still watch Watters, Tucker, Jeanine, Hannity, and Ingraham, but that’s it. My daily news will come from Newsmax. FOX blew it. They were too “unfair and unbalanced” for me.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” And they have weaved quite the tangled web for us to untangle. But Al Gore was allowed 36 days to contest his results so Trump should be allowed at least the same as this was widespread fraud.

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Still better off with Trump.




If This Election is Stolen From Trump, he Ends up a Martyr…


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The briefings aren't working: Trump's approval rating takes a dip - POLITICO

and the symbolic leader of the Republican Party for a decade. Is that what you want Dems? I…don’t…think…so. So you better be careful what you wish for.

On the other hand if he is allowed to win, which he did; he would stroll into the sunset after four more years, and you’d never hear from him again. But you blew it, and now you’ll get what you deserve. Trump is a very successful man in all that he does. Unlike Biden who uses his son to vacuum up money in other countries. Trump will be watching Biden’s every move and on him like white on Chinese rice. You blew it.

And he’ll have 70,000,000 disenfranchised voters on his side and that’s not a good thing. Hell hath no fury like 30,000,000 scorned women. We’re pissed. Spare me the Kumbaya that the left is trying to have with us. You’ve been maligning Trump for four years to the point of impeaching him for nothing and calling his supporters every name in the book, spare me. Even Michelle today called us liars, haters, chaotic, and divisive. This does not unite us, lady. Shut the bleep up. You didn’t win. “Stealing” is not winning. If it was, I could go steal a Lamborghini tomorrow and say I won it.

And Biden last night trying to steal the mantle of president before all the states have been decided was rich. And maybe it was just me but they looked uncomfortable in that position, even Kamala. It was like actors pretending to be president and VP. So unnatural, so forced. Possession is nine tenths of the law so his handlers must have told him to go out and possess it. What no one knows is that Joe’s mind is nothing more than a parrot who repeats what they tell him to say. Sometimes he hears what they tell him in private and it comes out. That’s dangerous for a president.

Trump won against Hillary fair and square without the help of tainted ballots, lawless election workers, felonious postal workers, and tampered voting machines. And he had no help from Russia, China, Ukraine or senators that invested in these voting machines. He won with his own money too; not big donors from Hollywood, Wall Street, and big tech. Just Trump money. Unlike Biden and Hillary who would be beholden to them. Big tech and China own Biden right now otherwise they come out with the truth. This is called blackmail.

Trump is his own person, not a phony politician that changes his position like a leaf in the wind. He sticks. If Trump ends up losing, he’ll be made a martyr for sure. He should start his own television news network in competition with FOX News which has been taken over by liberal Murdock sons’ wives and a disgruntled Paul Ryan. Let’s see how fast FOX goes under for abandoning their audience to try to be fair and balanced. First hired will be Tucker, Hannity, Jesse, and Laura. The rest will be left blowing in the wind at FOX with Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, and now Martha and Brett. Shame on all of them. They didn’t stand by our man. They jumped ship last night.

Still better off with Trump.

“It Ain’t Over till the Fat Lady Sings” and Amy Barrett Ain’t Fat.


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The chances of illegal votes in Nevada and Arizona being thrown out and flipping those states back to Trump is highly likely so why not give Trump Alaska and North Carolina already and possibly the win? This is malfeasance of the election process. But it ain’t over till…

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings is a colloquialism which is often used as a proverb. It means that one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress. More specifically, the phrase is used when a situation is (or appears to be) nearing its conclusion. It cautions against assuming that the current state of an event is irreversible and clearly determines how or when the event will end. The phrase is most commonly used in association with organized competitions, particularly sports. Wikipedia. Originally said during a baseball game by a sports announcer referring to the old Norse opera singer that comes on stage at the end of an opera.

The way FOX News was covering the street thugs last night was over the top. These dancing thugs are the same fools who looted, burned, and pillaged our cities yet FOX News was joining in their celebration. I wanted to change the channel to Tucker or Hannity, but they weren’t on last night. It was sickening to see them prematurely celebrate. The media doesn’t choose our president, the election process does. Martha and Brett were way too conciliatory for me.

If anyone has ever had their auto broken into and their sound system and all their tapes or CDs stolen or come home to find your front doorknob busted and everything of sentimental value stolen out of your apartment, it was a similar feeling I had to last night. I saw the people who participated in robbing votes from Trump dancing in the streets. And no social distancing. Even Biden was hugging family members on stage, suddenly with no mask, and that is taboo I thought. How come they can all break the rules NOW, and we are supposed to just fold our cards and go home? If that wasn’t a super spreader last night, I don’t know what is. And the news won’t even mention it. It was the height of hypocrisy again.

There are charges that Pelosi and Feinstein are financially invested in the voting machines that were used to count votes across America. If this is true, they could be behind how these machines were programmed and thus the “software glitches” which were discovered. There’s a reason that Biden said “We have the biggest election fraud organization going right now, and I don’t really need your votes right now.” Freudian slip much?

Notice how in Biden’s speech he gave a big thanks to the election workers and said “I owe you.” Well if that wasn’t a dog whistle that they helped him cheat, I don’t know what is. He shouldn’t be owing election workers anything for just doing their job, but maybe they did more than their job. Maybe they had been instructed beforehand to handle Trump ballots differently. We heard about voting machines that would not accept Trump votes but instead flipped them to Biden. Huge scam. We heard about the sharpie pens given to just registered Republicans in Arizona. Possibly 800,000 votes have been stolen from Trump as a guesstimate. 400,000 ballots only have a vote for Biden and no other votes for candidates or bills. If that’s not suspicious, I don’t know what is. DHS needs to go into these voting stations with a search warrant to remove these machines for forensic inspection. In some states, we need a recount by hand by auditors with both parties watching over to determine if the counts are correct. We shall soon see.

Our third world country was all singing Kumbaya last night but how long will it last? If Trump wins in the courts for voter fraud, they will go nuts again. Why is it we have to cower to their demands? Who the ef are these people? Who raised them? Why are they so filled with hate and jealousy? Some think that these people were brainwashed for four years by social and mainstream media that Trump was Hitler so they had to cheat to get him out of office. So we have 74 million brainwashed cheaters in the U.S.? Wonderful. But this is the media’s fault.

I hate to inform Kamala but the GOP has had two women on their ticket for VP. She’s not special. She said she is the first woman VP and not the last. Not so fast. They haven’t won yet. We are going to court and if Trump’s lawyers can prove they were not allowed into the building to oversee the mail in ballots within viewing distance, Pennsylvania automatically goes to Trump. It’s called the law, and they broke it. And they have over 50 witnesses and some video evidence. It’s called direct evidence.

Trump is a fighter for what is right, as I am. If I see something that isn’t right, I will say so. If Biden won with lawful votes, then I will accept him as the next lawful president. If not, we need to have the court decide who won. Justice John Roberts is wishy washy and will vote according to threats. He should never have a lifetime appointment in the court. The whole thing about being a judge is that you can’t be intimidated or bought or blackmailed but some are, unfortunately. Monday morning the cases begin to go to the courts, and we’ll see how the lower courts rule. I won’t hold my breath depending on whether we get an activist judge or not and Soros bought many activist judges.

Don’t concede Trump!

Still better off with Trump.

“Cheaters Never Win” Even if the Media Says They Did.


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Hold off on popping the champagne bottles. The media, not even FOX News, does not choose our president. Lawful votes do. Not illegal votes, just lawful votes. After all the dust settles and the auditors come in, we will soon find out the lengths to which the left has gone to steal this election. After all, they’ve gone to great lengths to hide the counting of these mail-in ballots, which is circumstantial evidence of something fishy going on. After this is accomplished and ends up at the Supreme Court, batten down the hatches as these crazies will not fail to repeat their mob behavior.

At what price does one want to win an election? At the price of selling your soul to the devil? I would hope not. But it seems the devil has bought millions of American souls especially the media’s, big techs, election workers, and of course the Democrats that voted unlawfully for Crooked Joe. We all have a Democrat family member or friend that is gloating right now, maybe even dancing. Not so fast. How can they feel good about an election that had faulty voting machines, backdated postmarks, was stopped in the dead of night when Trump was clearly ahead, and continued the next day in favor of Biden. Something was up and everyone knows it.

The mob is out in the streets carrying the American flag rather than burning it. Ahh, isn’t that nice. Too bad they couldn’t have acted like this when Trump won for real without cheating. All this says to me is we are living in a very corrupt country which will soon be more corrupted if we can’t get the courts to right the ship. To think that I live among people that condone stealing, forgery, counterfeiting, falsifying, kickbacks, bribery, and blackmail sickens me and some of them are in my family. The mob’s behavior is short-lived as they will soon storm the White House trying to get Trump out before his time, and encouraged by those in the MSM.

I guess when Hillary got away with destroying subpoenaed evidence without any repercussions (other than losing her election), it set the table for more fraud. Voter fraud will not go unpunished. I guess when the FBI embarked on a coup to spy and frame the president without any repercussions, it set the table for more fraud. Voter fraud will not go unpunished. I guess when the House embarked on a fools errand to impeach our president over a perfectly good phone call without any repercussions, it set the table for more fraud. Voter fraud will not go unpunished. Our powers at be have set a bad example for the rest of us.

It’s now up to the courts, recounts, inspectors, auditors, lots of lawyers, judges, and God. Truth prevails over evil. Cheaters never win. They may feel like they are winning today but look what eventually happens to those like Michael Jackson, O,J., Jeff Epstein, Matt Lauer, Weinstein, and countless others that felt they won or got away with it. In my life experience, cheaters always get caught; and it’s usually at their own hand as karma is a bitch. Where’s Hunter?

The media does not choose our president, the courts will.

Why is it Whenever There’s Software Glitches…

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suddenly found ballots, nonresident ballots, dead people ballots, sharpy pen ballots, shortage of ballots, ink shortage, missing signatures and postmarks, it results in tilting counts in Biden’s favor? It’s a rhetorical question.

Thirty cities in Michigan had computers with software glitches (tampering) that just so happened to eliminate 6,000 votes for Trump on average per city. That comes to about 180,000 votes intended for Trump that flipped to Biden. If we do the math, Trump won Michigan. These weren’t glitches. This was purposeful intent to commit voter fraud by tampering with the software. Now we find that these same voting computers with suspicious software could purposely have been placed in 30 other states! Gee, I wonder which states those could be? Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, and Wisconson is my guess.

My point is, the Democrats pulled out all the stops in order to steal this election. Even to the point of not allowing in poll watchers from our party. That’s looks suspicious. They never intended to have an honest election with lawful ballots. The Republicans are too trusting, to a fault. We trusted the voting locations to have their act in order with proper equipment, enough ink, no broken pipes, enough blank ballots, voter ID, postmarked ballots, matching signatures, and enough pens to go around. But we are too trusting and now we are paying the price. America is paying the price. Moral of the story: Hell hath no fury like a woman (Hillary) scorned. She won’t stop and never underestimate the chicanery and tricks they will pull in order to get back the election they think was stolen from them by Trump.

When crooked Biden comes to the mic like he’s the president already it’s enough to make one hurl. He knows good and well that he has his hands in this and it stinks to high hell. This is the guy that wants to bring the soul back to the White House? Dignity? Decency? Spare me. He’s been cheating America for decades and enriching himself, why would he suddenly grow a conscience? He wouldn’t. He has no remorse or guilt and that is the recipe of a sociopath. Even Nancy claimed yesterday that Joe would bring back soul to the White House. I…don’t…think…so. How she could say that with a straight face baffles me. I even laughed.

I think Trump has some tricks of his own up his sleeve like maybe a way to tell if the ballots are counterfeit or not? That would be awesome. When all the chips fall and the inspectors come in for an audit, Trump may have his red wave after all. It stands to reason, as we flipped many spots in the House to red with the help of Trump. Why then would people vote against Trump? No one wanted Socialism nor defunding the police. That was the message they sent to D.C.

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels.com

We’re not out of the woods yet. Keep the faith. Trump won’t let us down. Don’t fall for the media’s demands for Trump to concede. They are in on the sham. No reason to concede while we are in litigation. Even if FOX is forced to call Biden the winner, don’t fall for it. FOX is run by liberal son of Murdoch who is all in for climate change initiatives.

We stand by Trump.

Reversal of Fortune.


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This has been their plan all along. It started with China who is buddies with Biden sending a virus over to our country, killing thousands, then Biden blaming Trump. This turned into a mask controversy that lasted for months resulting in millions of MAIL IN BALLOTS being sent to addresses everywhere. We tried to stop it. Trump tried to stop it, but he was against strong headwinds coming from the media, big tech, Democrats, FBI, the courts, and compromised scientists (Fauci).

Then came the Hunter laptop from hell which proved that Crooked Joe was on the take from China, but the left did everything possible to bury the news. They banned it from social media, newspapers, and not one tv network ran with it aside from FOX.

Notice Crooked Joe remained calm during the Hunter scandal as he knew the fix was coming soon. The big fix. Ballots were harvested, forged, counterfeited, and stored just awaiting for a Trump red wave. When they saw it coming on election night, governors called the cities that agreed to be involved in this sham and told them to wait for all the rural counties to finish counting before they did anymore counting. “We need to know how many illegal ballots to come up with.” Notice this only happened in Democrat-run cities. All the red states were able to finish counting on election night with no problem. They weren’t part of the sham. This is a highly organized scheme that has Hillary’s, Obama’s, Soros’, and now Eric Holder’s fingerprints all over it. Including Crooked Joe, Kamala, and Jill.

They literally stuffed the ballot box. The oldest trick in the book in a Banana Republic. Biden bragged recently that he got more votes than Hillary and Obama. So did Trump, Crooked Joe. Lazy people decided to vote for once in their life or sold their ballot or had it stolen. This is why mail in ballots were mostly filled out for Crooked Joe. I love the way FOX is blaming Trump for putting down mail in ballots which caused the Democrats to come out in droves to use the mail in ballots. This may be true, but how many of them also voted in person? That remains to be seen. When I voted in Nevada, they didn’t ask for my license or have me sign my name. I could have been anyone sent in using my name. I’m telling you, there’s something rotten in Denmark (blue states).

If someone voted twice, forged someone else’s ballot, mailed a dead person’s ballot, mailed a former resident’s ballot, weren’t a resident longer than 30 days, discarded a batch of mailed ballots, tampered with a ballot in the elections office, or counterfeited a ballot this is stuffing the ballot box. They will be caught and prosecuted at some point. In the meantime, Crooked Joe will be named our next president. We got robbed right before our eyes. I’ve never in my life seen such blatant chicanery in broad daylight and not one person is arrested. Where is the outrage from the media, FBI, CIA, DOJ, National Guard, our Republican senators…anyone…anyone? Why are we sitting back and allowing them to steal the election away from Trump? Why? I know, because they hate Trump.

When I woke up this morning and saw a blue board, I knew then we got robbed. If I thought for a minute that the mail in ballots were legal and Joe really won, I’d say “well, we gave it a good run.” But when the counting stopped in the middle of the night and didn’t continue until more ballots arrived the next day, I knew we were doomed. Curious that the mail in ballots hadn’t been opened prior to election day. But this is worse than I thought. Ballots workers covering the windows, cheering when inspectors are kicked out of the room, and all out filling in ballots is more than I can take. These ballot workers were hired with intent to commit fraud. They must be antifa or blm. We need to check their social media accounts.

This is a woman boldly filling out ballots for Crooked Joe, no doubt, in broad daylight. Pennsylvania went from a sure win for Trump into the blue category overnight. It is shocking.

Next they will be coming up with phony votes to steal the Senate. Just wait. Then the stock market will crash big time and we will have the beginning of a third world country because our law enforcement has no guts. I am pissed and disheartened. I feel like I was physically punched in the gut and robbed in broad daylight without the help of Russia.

Our hard evidence of voter fraud is past is prologue and the Democrats have been coming for Trump for four years. Why stop now? They have no shame or guilt. We’re not stupid. We know what they do as they’ve told us so. They have no scruples. They are dirty rotten scoundrels that have committed a reversal of fortune right before our eyes.