Cat Demonstrates How Pelosi “Threw Trump Under the Bus While Overseas.”

We watch daily as the media and Democrats attempt to throw Trump under the bus or, in this case, down the stairs metaphorically stabbing him in the back with cruel comments like he’s involved in a coverup or he should be imprisoned or he embarrassed us on the world stage. All lies, but still damaging to the president.

This cat demonstrates how vindictive the media and Democrats can be.  It makes you laugh at first, but there’s clearly an underlining “mission of hate.”  Cats are curious, sly creatures much like the lion.  They are out for blood just like the Democrats are. The better Trump does, the more vindictive and jealous they get.

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They couldn’t let Trump have a successful, presidential visit with the Queen.  They tried to upstage the “good” news by slandering him back home.  Nancy is losing it when she says she wants to see Trump in prison.  She’s acting exactly like this cat–push him down when he’s clearly doing well.  Change the narrative at all costs.

There used to be decorum that our leaders followed.  They weren’t supposed to slander a president while overseas representing our country.  That is gone and is obvious the Democrats are desperate by breaking this rule.  The media in England treated President Trump with respect, yet our papers and media back here looked for any lie and spin they could conjure up.

It’s a disgrace. When will the media start reporting the truth? When will they stop being biased against our president? When will they treat Trump as they treated Obama?  Why do they push him down at every turn?  I know these questions are rhetorical but someone should ask them regardless just to make them squirm.

Cats are curious creatures but sometimes they get themselves stuck up in a tree and can’t get down.  The more they investigate Trump, the more likely they’ll be stuck up in the tree in 2020.

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Before We Ban Dodgeball, Why Not Let Congress Play the Game? Republicans vs. Democrats.

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Love to see the outcome of that game.  And whichever side wins, gets to pass a bill!  It is beginning to look like this is the only way to get something done in Congress, since they are so divided. They should play it once a week. It should be co-ed with equal number of players on each side. Team captains will pick their players with equal amount of women to men on each side.  And no balls to the head.  We don’t want to crack Nancy’s makeup or have any wigs flying off of Maxine. Size of teams to be determined.

Nancy wants Trump imprisoned.  What a disrespectful thing for the Speaker to say.  She should be imprisoned for why San Francisco is looking like a slum.  She’ll be balled out first.  Schiff will be second, then Nadler, and Schumer.  Then take out the loony bartender and her cohorts. They could sell tickets to the game to help fund the wall.

Star Republican players would be Jordan, Nunes, and Graham.  They have a lot of energy and reason to take out these incorrigible, cheating leftists.

The way the media, the candidates, and Democrats have been treating Trump while he’s overseas is despicable.  I only see snippets of what they say, but it’s clear they’re pulling no punches. They can’t stand to see Trump succeed so they bury the good news about him.  Fake news.

Let’s get to the bottom of SPYGATE, MUELLERSHAM, and RUSSIANHOAX.  These Democrats are getting bolder, louder, and more outrageous daily.  One or more of them need to be indicted like Comey, McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper for starts. Let’s get the dodgeball rolling.

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Liberalism is a Cult. Top Ten Signs You May Be a Member. Take the Test.

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After reading repetitive stupid comments on Turley’s articles, seeing reactions to the Mueller Report and Barr’s testimony, and Trump’s visit to England, I’ve come to the conclusion that liberalism is a cult.

Top ten signs that you may unknowingly be a member of this cult:

  1.  You have an urge to rip a MAGA hat off a stranger or yell at them in public.
  2.  You change the channel off of FOX News when in a public place or turn it off.
  3.  You give the finger to a car that has a Trump bumper sticker on it or key it.
  4.  You repeat “faux news”  often in social settings or online and think it’s clever.
  5.  You frequently call Trump racist, xenophobic, sexist, antisemitic, and misogynist.
  6.  You protest willy nilly in the streets with homemade signs.
  7.  You name call anyone that disagrees with you or tell them to educate themselves.
  8.  You still think Russia helped Trump win the election and say “impeach” daily.
  9.  You call Trump a Nazi because of his comments on Charlottesville.
  10.  You believed Dr. Ford’s testimony and dismissed Kavanaugh’s.

There are many more signs but these are the top ten. If you are guilty of five or more of the aforementioned items, you may be part of this cult.  Get some help.

We know that main stream media (fake news) are members; in fact, they may be the leaders of this cult as well as most of the candidates running for president.  But if you’re guilty of any five of the above actions or thoughts, you may be a member and not even know it.  Get some help. These people below are displaying some of the symptoms of liberalism.

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Thank You Chris Wallace For Putting Kirsten Fili(buster)brand in Her Place.

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What a change in moderating Kirsten Gillibrand versus Mayor Buttigieg.  Chris was tougher this time and stood up to this blabber-mouthed, filibuster feminist.  When she went off on FOX News, Chris interrupted her and said it was not polite since we invited you.  He should have said “rude” but it is Chris Wallace. When he asked her why she used to be for gun owners and now is not, she hummed and hawed and double talked.

She blamed Trump for immigrant children dying when arriving at the border with diseases and illnesses.  She’s cruel.  She said she would pass immigration reform bills, yet her party won’t even allow them to be voted on.  She’s for abortion at any time in a pregnancy stating it is just a woman’s right.

She had all her long pat answers planned ahead and used them for whatever they asked her.  Sometimes not even answering the question.  She changes her opinion with the political wind or what is expedient for her at the time.  She was for Bill Clinton before she was against him.  She was against Al Franken before she was for him.  She was for guns before she was against guns.  She was against the DNC but now apparently for them. Basically she’s a fast-talking, scatter-brained hypocrite. A smaller, younger version of Hillary.

Better job this time Chris!

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Who is Mass Shooter DeWayne Craddock and Why is the Media Protecting His Identity?

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It took a lot of searching to find out anything about this gunman but still no picture of him.  Why is that?  Reverse discrimination?  Usually when there’s a mass shooting by the White guy, the media is quick to point that out together with implying that he is a “right winger” when they don’t even know that.  They always error on the side of the left and show a disregard for the right.  Since there was no mention that he was White, I knew something was up.

The media protects Blacks that commit crimes, and they really protect Blacks who are mass shooters.  It may be because of this politically correct climate we live in now or may be something more nefarious going on.  When a Black shoots a cop, it is not known for days, if ever.  The media goes after the NRA first, then Republicans law makers, when reality is this perp was a Democrat.

The article I finally found stated that DeWayne was a Black Democrat, recently divorced, possibly fired.  But not one picture of him. It also went on to explain: “Statistics show that it is rare for Black people to perpetrate mass shootings.”  Really?  Maybe in the past, but not any more. And they are also not immune to being serial killers.  It’s called equality which is what they wanted.

Who tells the media to stand down on a story?  Who’s doing this? If they can’t blame Trump for the shooting, they bury the true story.  Someone is hiding the race of Black suspects while immediately outing all White suspects.  The same protection is given to Hispanic suspects.

Remember how the media called the killer of Travon Martin a White guy for weeks even though he was Hispanic. They wanted it to be a White on Black murder in order to fan the flames of racial discord which was Obama’s secret mission.  And if a serial killer is an illegal Mexican like in Carson City, NV, last year, the media buried his illegal status.

For all we know this DeWayne character may have joined alliance with ISIS, but it will not be reported.  All they say is no motive for the shootings.  It sounds more like he went postal on all his former co-workers.  But why won’t the media show his picture?  Blacks along with Muslims are the protected races now.

This treating Blacks with kid gloves and throwing Whites to the wolves has to stop.  We are in the middle of reverse discrimination and no one even notices it.  I’ve seen it sneaking up on us for years.  More and more, Blacks are the “chosen ones” in college applications, in sports, and in the job market.  It makes the employer feel good to hire a Black over another qualified individual.  Just like those who voted for Obama to feel good about themselves.  Just like how Elizabeth Warren gamed the system with her American Indian claim.  This all started in the 70’s.

Once while working for a utility company, I put in a transfer to another department and was accepted.  I went on vacation before the new job was to start.  But while I was gone, a Black with no experience in my field filed a grievance.  He wanted my job although it was out of his league.  When I returned, I was told they’d given the job to an unqualified Black employee.  Being a young woman at the time, I didn’t want to make waves.  I looked for a new job and quit two weeks later.  It was the best career move I’d ever made and should thank my lucky stars, but was still the result of reverse discrimination as the company had no guts and was afraid of a Black discrimination lawsuit.

Little by little, we allow this kind of stuff to occur and then it marinates.  When we don’t stand up for ourselves, we get walked over and our descendants will too.  I should have been the one filing the lawsuit as they promised me a new position.  They broke a promise and acted guilty when I returned.  But being true to my nature, I felt sorry for the way they got bamboozled, so I silently punished them by quitting.  The best revenge is success, so I went on to a much better career than if I had stayed.  Sometimes we change jobs out of inspiration; other times, out of desperation.

I could have filed a discrimination against women lawsuit.  But I wasn’t a feminist and never wanted to be associated with that title.

Let’s face it.  Trump has been the victim of reverse discrimination ever since he won the election. The media maligns him daily with no repercussions just because he replaced a Black president. If he were Black and Democrat, none of these false accusations against him would ever have been made.

Let’s not allow the media, schools, and employers to treat Blacks more fairly than Whites.  We should all be treated the same.  It’s called equality.  Let’s not let the pendulum swing to the extreme other side. If we’re not careful, Whites will soon be the ones sitting at the back of the bus and not allowed to drink from the same drinking fountains.  It’s slowly swinging that way. :/  And Whites will become a minority due to the flooding of our borders by South Americans.

BUILD THE WALL and build it fast!

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The Liberals Have More Coverups Than Max Factor.

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It’s hard to keep track.  From the Smollett coverup to Collegegate to Benghazi to Emailgate to Spygate to the Russianhoax—all committed by Liberals.  And they’re running on bringing dignity and morality back to the White House? Give me a break. Mueller read a written statement that even contradicted previous statements he’d made.  And he didn’t misspeak.  He’s trying to cover all bases as he knows he’s in trouble, and the Democrats (Comey) put a gun to his head to make this statement.

The rats are scurrying from a sinking ship now, trampling over each other in the process.  It’s fun to watch them scramble.  This coverup of scandals started at the top and involves many people in government and elected office.  They’re all running scared.

There was NO RUSSIA COLLUSION!  Trump and his campaign were not involved with Russia.  Nor was one American (unless you consider the fake dossier paid for by Hillary).  There was NO EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (unless you consider Hillary’s destruction of 33,000 subpoenaed emails.) But they weren’t considered. Just because they repeat this lie over and over does not make it true.  And if there was even a smidgen of evidence to take out Trump, don’t you think eighteen hired hit lawyers on the Mueller team would have used it?  Of course they would have.

The Democrat candidates have nothing to run on.  Biden is the “default” candidate as they’ve got no one else out of the 23. Trump’s new slogan could be 23 and Me. None of them can draw a crowd.  So in order to win, they are  trying to take Trump out by impeachment prior to the election or at least tarnish his reputation. The Insurance Plan is alive and well.

Pelosi keeps saying Trump wants to be impeached.  If anyone thinks that’s true, they need their head examined.  No sitting president would ever want to be impeached! It’s Pelosi’s way of saying that Trump is defying congress so, therefore, must want to be impeached.  It’s BS. Quite the opposite.  He’s defying congress because he’s not taking their shit any longer.  It’s gone on too long.  Mueller had two years and 35 million dollars wasted on a Russian Hoax and Congress wants a mulligan?  Ain’t gonna happen with Trump’s help.  He’s done! We’re all done!

But there’s a new sheriff in town named AG William Barr, and he isn’t having it.  He won’t be intimidated by Mueller either. He knows a coverup when he sees one and will be throwing down the gauntlet soon.  Even their coverups have coverups.

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Kerry, Obama, Clinton, and Biden Have All Slandered a SITTING POTUS on Foreign Soil Yet…


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They are outraged that Trump takes a question about what Kim Jong Un called Biden?  That’s what the left is upset about?  Trump didn’t purposely go overseas to bash Biden.  Although the former high level American Politicians did go overseas to call our POTUS some vicious names.  And that was dignified behavior? I don’t think so.

I don’t remember any outcry from the press when they bashed Trump which is conduct unbecoming of a former President, Secretary of State, and VP.  You can’t have it both ways.  The left is holding Trump to a different standard. As usual.

Trump knows that Sleepy Biden has been lying about him from the Charlottesville racist accusations to illegal migrants all being called rapists.  And trying to steal Trump’s economy, claiming it was his and Obama’s.  Those blatant lies stick in your craw. Lyin’ Biden has a clever way of spinning everything Trump has ever said to make it sound awful.  He takes things out of context and adds his own spin.  Sniffing Biden has no record to run on aside from hanging on to Obama’s shirttails. Good luck with that.

The left is running scared right now.  Comey is going on a scorched-earth rampage, writing and saying anything he can to divert the attention away from himself yet he puts himself in jeopardy.  I suggest he leave the country with his liberal wife and family.

Mueller has just given a Comey 2.0 statement to the nation. Obviously an attempted redo of the Russian Probe to help his old buddy Comey. In essence he said,  Trump’s guilty of all kinds of things that we can’t name specifically, yet we are unable to indict him as a sitting president.  BS.  Then why waste two years and 35 million tax payers’ dollars if you weren’t planning on indicting?  Complete nonsense. Statement must have been written by Comey. Notice Mueller took no questions.  He’s afraid of what they may ask.

Brennan and Clapper are doing the same–doubling down on lies about Trump in a last ditch effort to spin the story back onto Trump.  They are all conspiring in a “cover your ass” campaign before they themselves are indicted. I’m sick of it.

The public is on to them yet they have no self awareness.  They have been coddled by the MSM for so long that they fail to realize when they are caught, just as Avanati was.  Avanati trying to blame Trump for his arrest is rich.  Avanati and the MSM had a go at Trump and when nothing was found, Avanati was exposed for his unscrupulous practices that he’d been involved in for years. And he was the darling of the left media for months.  Those hosts should all be fired for biased incompetence: Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Maddow, Morning Joe and everyone at CNN.These dubious characters like Comey and Avanati are all getting their comeuppance. And the more the fake news carries their water, the more they all look deranged.

Kamala Harris is all over the board.  She doesn’t know what to be angry about.  One week it’s Abolish ICE, and then it’s women have the right to choose; when all else fails, it’s impeach, impeach, impeach Trump for acting un-presidential on foreign soil. What a load of poppycock.

The candidates have nothing to run on and are wishing Trump gets impeached prior to the election.  Comey enlisted Mueller to yet again add more fuel to the impeachment fire. Without an impeachment, they will undoubtedly lose.  They have no good ideas, no charisma, and no ethics.  Yet they will boast they are running on morals, dignity of the office, restoring the rule of law, and working for the middle class.  It’s all lies.

They just want their power back so they can continue to ruin the country with willy nilly social justice policies from boys using the girls’ locker rooms and playing on their teams to sex changes paid for by the military.  Equality at all costs is the name of their game but we are not all equal.  Women are not men and men are not women.  I know this because men have different traits like misplacing their keys, wallet, and phone constantly.  Women rarely do that. (We carry purses for that sh-t.)

So, fake news media and Democrats (which are one and the same) get off your high horse and start holding your candidates and former officials to the same standard that you hold Trump.  Call them out when they disparage the POTUS on foreign soil or just shut your mouths.

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