When Conspiracy Theories Are No Longer Theories.

President Obama Discusses the Attack in Benghazi, Libya | whitehouse.gov

We are living in an era where conspiracy theories are more likely true than just theories. It all started with the Benghazi Attack on our U.S. Embassy in Libya.

“The 2012 Benghazi attack was a coordinated attack against two United States government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia.

At 9:40 p.m., September 11, members of Ansar al-Sharia attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi resulting in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.[1][2] At around 4:00 a.m. on September 12, the group launched a mortar attack against a CIA annex approximately one mile (1.6 km) away, killing CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty[2][3][4] and wounding ten others.” Wikipedia.

Following this attack began a long drawn-out coverup of the terror attack in order for Obama to win reelection in November. He was running on the claim that Al-Qaeda was on the run and terror attacks on American interests were no longer a fear. He and Hillary immediately went to the mics to call the attack a “spontaneous uprising due to a hateful video” that was running in Libya. They arrested the creator of the video Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a US citizen and Egypt-born Coptic Christian with a history of anti-Islam activism. The video portrayed Muslims in general, and the prophet Muhammed in particular, as murderous monsters with a taste for Christian blood.

Then Susan Rice went to six Sunday shows to tell America that it was caused by this hateful video not a premediated planned attack. Sound familiar? Just like the Capitol Breach wasn’t a planned attack but a spontaneous uprising due to a speech by Trump that incited an insurrection.

At least their M.O. hasn’t changed in nine years making it easier to spot a setup when I see one. I notice Wikipedia has scrubbed all mention of Susan Rice’s role or the hateful video. Interesting. Suppression of news much google? Benghazi coverup led to the erasing of 33,000 of Hillary’s subpoenaed emails that would have implicated Obama’s secret email account with Hillary in which they coordinated the Benghazi coverup. The truth was that Hillary had received over 400 calls for added security in Benghazi from Stevens that went ignored. The night of the attack Stevens begged for help at the embassy but soldiers were told to “stand down” from commanding officers. I suspect in order to squelch any news of a war in Libya prior to an election. Sound familiar? Mitt Romney lost due to this conspiracy. Pelosi turning down a request for National Guard to come in and help the Capitol Police is a similar response. After all, they were looking for another impeachment of Trump and needed a reason.

The destruction of Hillary’s evidence led to the fabrication of a Russian Collusion with Trump story invented by Hillary to take the heat off of her prior to her campaign for the presidency. The FBI took her advice and ran with it for three years just to make it look legit. See how all these plans seem to snowball into the next? What’s that old saying? “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Once the Mueller Report exonerated Trump, the left was livid. They needed another reason to take out Trump. Cue Lieutenant Vindman who spearheaded a phone call relayed to him by a whistleblower between Trump and Ukraine, claiming Trump was holding back aid in exchange for outing Hunter Biden in order to ruin Joe Biden’s chances for the presidency. The House ran with this story while the GOP called it a conspiracy to take out Trump. Again this conspiracy theory turned out to be true. The Senate exonerated Trump; and then while the economy was booming, the Democrats became, once again, desperate.

In comes a lab-created coronavirus from Biden’s buddy China to kill off millions of people across the world and lands on the U.S. shore during an election year. Conspiracy theory or true? Word is still out on this but looking more true than conspiracy. I think it was a planned attack in order to hurt Trump’s chances in 2020 combined with the mail in ballots which were forced on us. The left has no bounds when it comes to stealing, lying, and now killing in order to regain power as the means justifies the ends in their minds.

That brings us to today. When the GOP was making their case objecting to the certification of electoral votes in several states where the election was stolen, in comes an attack on the Capitol Building clearing everyone out exactly where the case against Biden was being adjugated. Conspiracy theory or true? You do the math.

And finally, this beefed-up security prior to Biden’s inauguration seems to be another bolstering of their theory that Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. The FBI claims to hear chatter from the right that they will attack on inauguration day. To me, it is just an aftermath smokescreen for what they already allowed on January 6th similar to arresting the creator of a video in the aftermath. It’s called covering your ass. Operation Crossfire CYA.

So you see conspiracy theories are becoming more conspiracy than theory.

Can Trump’s Impeachments be Appealed Based on False Accusations…

like in a real trial? Or does he have to be stuck with two sham impeachments on his record? Why would there be no recourse or due process for an appeal? This seems totally unconstitutional and illegal to me. In every trial there needs to be direct evidence, witnesses, and circumstantial evidence presented. The House presented none of this, not even a transcript or tape of Trump’s speech that apparently poured gasoline on a flame of insurrection.

Instead it was a disgraceful day of spewing hateful names from white supremist in chief to racist in chief to a clear and present danger too disgusting to listen to. If this is the way the House (which acts like a grand jury) is going to issue articles of impeachment with fabricated accusations, then no president will ever be safe from the same treatment in the future. I think they overplayed their hand, twice. First with the Ukraine phone call and now with the false accusation of inciting an insurrection. Someone should be losing their license to practice law over this. And it’s not Giuliani.

The following is a description of the above image:

“Mr. Mostofsky is a 34 year old registered Democrat and the son of a New York Judge. [Shocker]. He is seen in the picture above dressed in fur, carrying a stick and wearing a bullet proof police vest he had stolen. [Shocker].  Mostofsky is standing beside the man who carried a Confederate flag into the event.  This indicates they possibly knew each other and both appear to be outsiders and leftist demons plotting to smear Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday it was revealed that the federal authorities warned of an eminent planned attack on the Capitol building on January 6th, and they wanted to send National Guard troops to Washington D.C.. In fact, they requested the ability to provide backup to the Capitol Police, but they were denied by Congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi, and D.C. Democrat Mayor Murial Bowser, [Shocker] who have both repeatedly voiced their desire to remove President Trump from office!” Evans News Report.

This evidence alone, if true, convinces me that Trump should get an appeal based on his speech having little or nothing to do with stirring up or inciting the crowd. It was a planned attack many days in the making. We got rolled or set up! So did Trump. It was an inside job. And we are paying for these clowns to run a three ring circus. At least in Bill Clinton’s impeachment we saw him lie under oath. Trump has done none of this.

We need some brave congressmen or women or senators to come out in defense of Trump during his time of need. Voice your disapproval of the impeachment in public for all to hear. The more the better. Liz Cheney needs to resign or just change parties already. She lacks comprehension skills. No place for her in the congress. She has shamed her father’s name.

Banks, Social Media, and Some GOP are Banning Trump.

Trump Watch | NRDC
Why Twitter says it banned President Trump | TechCrunch

Cancel culture is now being used by some businesses and the GOP. The way some companies and GOP are treating President Trump is so ungrateful it will surely backfire on them. The banks that are refusing to do business with Trump will get thousands of accounts closed, their stock plummet, and reputation ruined. Social media is already experiencing this backlash and there will be more. Liz Cheney might as well join the Democrat Party. She’s done. She made a grave error in judgment by jumping ships and calling it voting her conscience. If that’s her conscience then she needs to grow a new one.

If it weren’t for President Trump some of these social media companies wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground like Twitter. Trump had the most followers on their platform and now, out of spite, they cancel his account along with all other conservative accounts. It’s clear to everyone that the socialist Democrats want only one party, one voice, one opinion. And that they want to erase any mention of voter fraud or stolen election from the minds of America. But that ain’t gonna fly with conservatives. We have long memories.

Yesterday the MSM news networks didn’t show a Presidential Oval Office Message. Probably the first time in history an Oval Office Message got blacked out. It was a beautiful message of peace and what Trump wants America to know. He has always been against violence and would never, ever incite it. Google has been our “go to” search engine but I feel it is banning some searches. I looked for a Biden speech but it was nowhere to be found. They are all suppressing the news.

McConnell better grow some you know what and dismiss or postpone the Impeachment Trial as irrelevant and punitive. Why impeach a president after he has already finished out his term? Unheard of. They just want to leave an everlasting stain on the president whereby he will lose some supporters. Trump’s previous lawyers for the impeachment have shown no interest in this second one. What does this mean? I don’t know. Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe something bigger is going on behind the scenes whereby Trump will not need defending in the Senate. An impeachment trial is nothing more than a show trial for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. She has gone bonkers and so has the House.

The Capitol is gearing up for a major disruption during the Biden Inauguration. They have brought in thousands of National Guard to sleep in the hallways. I thought the left said the National Guard incites violence. I guess not when Biden is president. Regardless, it looks ridiculous and is overkill. Now they have security whereby during the most important hearing of the year, they had a handful of security guards. Something evil is going on in our country and I fear for the future. We are not getting the truth from anyone, especially now that Trump is banned from all forms of communication except for the press core on the lawn outside the White House.

At the rate this cancel culture and lack of freedom of speech is going, I can foresee NPR being the only talk radio left on the airwaves and Hannity packing his boxes at FOX. Doesn’t the left realize that this is a form of DISCRIMINTATION. They always cared about any group being discriminated against. Well…now it’s conservatives being discriminated against. Maybe we can file discrimination lawsuits. I would, if I got fired from a job for going to a Trump rally. Are there any conservative lawyers brave enough to take these cases? Anyone? Anyone?

Lastly, if this is what Biden calls uniting America and representing all Americans he has broken his promise before even taking office. If he really had any integrity and decency like he ran on, he would have objected to the impeachment proceedings; but he has none. He is nothing more now than a sock puppet run by the likes of Pelosi. This is who the left stole the election for? Careful who you cheat for.

“Impeachment” Punishment Has Been Reduced in Severity to that of a Parking Ticket.

yellow fire hydrant on street

The Democrats and some suicidal Republicans have watered down the power of impeachment by fabricating a crime that didn’t happen and using it against Trump. Sound familiar? Yes, it does because they’ve done this before with the Ukraine phone call hoax. They are giving out impeachments like candy on Halloween now. No evidence was presented in the House today that proved or even implied that Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol. Notice they chose a big word “insurrection.” Riot wasn’t catchy enough because we’ve gone all year with riots and no one cared. So they changed the name to insurrection! Nadler called it a MAGA Civil War! Whoa! Gee a civil war that lasted about an hour. Remarkable! Trump’s speech (which no one cared to play) only asked that they march to the capitol peacefully and patriotically. That is not inciting violence, and they know it.

So what was it that incited violence? Was it the word march? Of course not! This has been in the making for some time. What these goons decided to do at the Capitol was planned days or weeks ahead of time regardless of what was said at the rally. Evidenced on camera these agitators came with weapons, kneepads, body armor, and climbing equipment. The FBI was fully aware of them coming. In fact, mysterious large white vans came into town the night before escorted by the D. C. Police and suspicious characters got off. They weren’t Trump supporters. This leads me to believe this was an inside job financed by the likes of Soros, Obama, Hillary, or Pelosi. As past is prologue, those are the usual suspects. History books will reflect on this day in history when Trump got attacked by congress for nothing. It was a total embarrassment. It’s like a Seinfeld episode “Impeachment about nothing.” It’s another impeachment “about nothing.”

Oh sure, some of the Democrats spoke passionately today about Trump. It just showed us their pent up hate for the man and nothing more. Just because they say it, doesn’t make it true. They are all lying. There wasn’t one witness brought in to testify what went down at the Capitol. Not one firsthand account from a Trump attendee. I’ve heard from several of them over the radio and tv. Most of them said it was a peaceful gathering that got infiltrated by agitators prior to the speeches ending and that the police opened the doors to let them inside the Capitol. Many Trumpers tried to stop the agitators by yelling and pulling them off the windows and doors, etc.

Liz Cheney is looking to run for president in 2024 and just became a Judas in order to do so. She wants to take out Trump. She must have had one nice meeting with JEB and Cheney families. The only ones that have incited violence this year have been Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and we have them on tape. In fact, Maxine has threatened to assassinate the president only yesterday. Back in my day, anyone that threatened the president was promptly arrested. Not these days. The left gets away with threatening murder while Trump gets impeached “about nothing.”

I think levelheaded Americans are starting to see through what is going on. If not, they haven’t been watching. It is clear as day. Hunter Biden’s laptop will be Joe Biden’s undoing. It is just taking longer than we expected. Trump’s second fake impeachment will have about as much effect on him as getting a parking ticket.

Stay tuned.

Conservative Think is Being Muzzled.

Dog Muzzles: What You Should Know about When, Why, and How to Use One –  American Kennel Club

Not only are we asked to wear masks to cover our mouths now we are being told to shut our mouths. Big companies are punishing those that even mention that the election was stolen. They are firing employees that believe this or that attended the Freedom March on January 6th. We are not allowed to voice what we saw right before our own eyes. Big Tech like Twitter has cancelled tens of thousands of conservative members from their platform. This is scary. This is communism.

So why, you ask yourself, is this going on? I certainly am asking myself. I’ve never worked at a company that told me how to think. They told me what the dress code was and that’s about it. How can they silence our thought process? By threatening our livelihood. The left and some on the right want us to FORGET how the election was stolen so Biden can have a peaceful term with no questioning his legitimacy. Isn’t that nice. Much like how they treated Trump. NOT!

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I always doubted the fact that Oswald shot JFK simply because he was swiftly taken out by a man dying from cancer live on television. I saw this on my round-screened RCA tv as a teenager. It convinced me then that we do have conspiracies in our country and coverups evidenced later by the Watergate scandal and Benghazi. But nothing like what I’m seeing today. To even mention that the election was stolen gets you fired or asked to resign from your senator job? I think I’ll mention this at my next California HOA Zoom Meeting and see what the liberals do to me. Maybe they’ll fire me from my volunteer job. Bring it.

This is a full court press to erase our minds of something we saw and witnessed. Both parties are partaking in this suppression of speech and thought. They way the congress has jumped on the bandwagon to impeach our president for a second time is so obviously disgusting that I think they have overplayed their hand. They are calling January 6th a MAGA Civil War. They sound and look like idiots. Why are we paying these clowns to represent us? Anyone that votes for impeachment should be voted out of office. This is just their last ditch attempt to erase and tarnish Trump’s presidency. They won’t even hear that Antifa overtook the Capitol too and that some of the police were in cahoots.

Geez, these congressmen and women are so afraid of Trump it is pathetic. Maybe they have aspirations to run for president in 2024 and are taking out their competition ahead of time. This is a stain on our country as we look vindictive and vengeful in the eyes of the world. I wonder what other countries are thinking about us. I can’t be good. But we are making up with China now that they think Biden won. Amazing.

If I have to see shifty Schiff and Beijing Swalwell up on their soapbox arrogantly debating whether to impeach Trump again, I think I will throw up. These two men are a stain on congress. Our government has taken this nonsense too far.

We won’t be silenced. I mean, we may lose a few friends or family members but that is the cost of freedom. Besides, one of my New Years’ Resolutions was to make new conservative friends in my liberal towns. Mission impossible? We’ll see.

Second Fake Impeachment? Is This All They Got?

Killer Grandma (2019 Lifetime) – Lifetime Uncorked
Deranged grannies.
Lifetime's 'Psycho In-Law' Movie And 'Rambo Grandma' True Story–Two Deadly  Tales – TV Crime Sky
I almost feel sorry for the House of Representatives.  So many great GOP members recently won but they're collectively looking like a herd of sheep led by a deranged granny akin to an actor in a Lifetime Movie.  The only thing missing is her wielding a large bloody kitchen knife.  But she does have blood on her hands after what she incited at the Capitol Building.  She called in her militant drones to disrupt the proceedings that weren't going her way and had several Capitol Police (who are currently under investigation) helping her.  One even committed suicide.  One congressman was caught on camera opening a backdoor to the mob. A planned and coordinated attack, not from Trump, but from the left.

President Trump would never try to pull off any sort of violent attack on any establishment. He is our law and order president. He loathes violence. He is one of the few presidents that didn’t go into any wars while in office. He loves peace and order. He was up for four Nobel Peace Prizes for the Middle East. Instead of condemning him for the acts of out of control idiots, he should be commended in his final days of a stolen election.

You see, whatever Pelosi accuses Trump of, she has committed herself. This has been the M.O. of the Democrat Party for the last five years. The militant drones were already amassing outside the Capitol Building while Trump’s lackluster speech was still going on and the GOP was kicking butt objecting to the electoral votes. Trump’s speech wasn’t finished until 1:15 but barricades had already been removed by security or breached by the mob prior to that. Trump asked for a peaceful gathering at the Capitol. That is not inciting violence. No grounds for impeachment. Sorry crazy lady. You lose.

The sudden feigned outrage over militant actors from the left is pitiful. They’ve had all last year to voice their outrage over the riots, lootings, destruction, and mayhem in our cities and remained silent. We ain’t buying it. The usual Trump supporters who have abandoned ship only care about themselves and probably only did prior to the Capitol incident. Trump knows who his true friends are now. So many Benedict Arnolds in the bunch. Trump did nothing wrong but the lame Democrats are fabricating some insurrection charge for their low IQ followers. And there are so many of them. [ Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83) who later became one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history after he switched sides and fought for the British]

Joe Biden is a disaster already, and he’s not even in office yet. He and Cuomo look like fools. Cuomo is suddenly going against “science” and opening up his state saying we can no longer stay shutdown. We need to open up our economy. Really? Now that Biden thinks he has won, Cuomo and his goons will open up their economy? He alone has killed more people and bankrupted more companies than any single person in America. Cuomo should be arrested.

Biden foolishly announced that only women of color of all ages will be getting the vaccines first. So an unemployed, illegal 25 year old female who snuck into our country will be eligible for the vaccine over a White woman in her 70s. Biden is a reverse racist. He is punishing all White men and women in the high risk age. Biden should be impeached for insurrection of our election and inciting race division. He’s a sexist and a racist.

Now all conservatives are getting punished or cancelled for opposing to the certification of the electoral votes in two states? Citibank, that I use for my credit card, is cancelling donations to any senator or congressmen that opposed the certification? Maybe I’ll just cancel Citibank. This cancel culture is getting out of control. If Biden calls this kind of retaliation unifying the country then he needs to buy a dictionary or just stop lying. Biden has told more lies prior to taking office than Trump has in four years in office. Trump made promises and kept them.

No one is surprised that Rogue Vogue puts Kammie on the front cover. They are so jealous of Melania’s beauty and grace as First Lady that they had to ignore her for four years. No one can top Melania as First Lady not even Jackie Kennedy. But, of course, the left media and magazine industry is run by feminists who would never acknowledge a Republican woman. They hate Republican women more than they hate Trump. It is a sad state of affairs our country has turned into by letting the women’s movement get so much power. Women’s lib was created for those poor unfortunate gals who couldn’t get hired as an office typist. There had to be an outlet for them. Well…this brings us to today.

We got a bumbling, stammering, racist white guy who chose a radical, childless woman of color who slept her way to advance her career and represents everything feminists should abhor. But they don’t, because they are all hypocrites. But trying for another fake impeachment? If this is all they got, they need to go back to the well, as Ted Cruz once famously said.

The Trump Vendetta.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Pelosi is out for blood like a nasty mosquito. She must be so jealous of Trump’s popularity that she now wants to either have him removed from office using the 25th Amendment claiming he has lost his mental ability to be in office or another impeachment for inciting violence at the Capitol Building. But the real motive behind her madness is so that Trump will never be able to run again in four years.

Trump has never said that he wanted to run in four years just that he wanted to win fairly last year, but the election was stolen from him. Ironically, Trump is one of the few left in D.C. that is not insane! The Democrats should be gleeful if they really thought they had won this election, but the opposite is true. They are out for blood. They know Biden cheated and the truth will eventually hit the airwaves by hook or by crook. Biden will have to step down much like Nixon did and be replaced by the true winner, Trump. So they are going for a preemptive strike against Trump. Take him out before he has a chance to come back. This is how the crazy left thinks. They must be terrified.

This Operation Crossfire Preemptive Strike is coordinated with Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google to ban all conservative voices as well as put Parler out of business so conservatives have no say while this strike is going on. We are experiencing what communism is really like–one party rule stifling any other opinions. The socialist party, formerly known as the Democrat party, is showing their true colors. This is what some of you voted for.

Notice how the Democrats are using face masks to control us? These elected officials have mostly had their vaccines already but are still donning face masks. It seems to be a badge of honor for them to be wearing them or a form of brainwashing and they won’t stop. Nancy has the ugliest masks and wears them incessantly. I think her mental capacity is in question. Too much Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Nance?

Biden has already failed at one of his main presidential promises: to unite the country in order to heal. He promised to represent every man not just the Democrats. Does allowing the congress to try for another impeachment of Trump sound like uniting the country to you? Does trying to remove a sitting president in his last week of office sound like uniting the country to you? Of course not! Biden has no power, no ethics, no scruples, no decency, no empathy, and no honesty. He is an empty suit for the socialists to dictate whatever they want through him. It is a sad state of affairs our country is going through.

Some agitators that stormed the Capitol were actually recruited through Facebook by a BLM member who’s been arrested. Does Facebook shutdown these liberal agitators accounts? No. In fact, they encourage BLM and Antifa and have even let ISIS hold accounts; yet they have banned Trump and other conservatives from spreading so-called “hate” speech. To them, the truth is considered hate speech. This is ridiculous. If I were on Twitter or Facebook, I would close my accounts as a preemptive strike on them. If congress can’t shut them down, who will? Supreme Court? Yeah…I don’t think so.

Colin Powell saying he has left the Republican Party is a joke. This traitor left us the second he saw a Blackman running for president. He jumped on the Obama wagon and never looked back. I don’t care for one second what he thinks. He is blinded by his own race. For him not to see through what crimes Obama committed while in office shows that Powell is just another member of the Deep State. Good riddance to him.

So you see, Trump is receiving incoming fire from all sides and he likely has no way to speak out. It’s not Trump who is scorching the earth as he leaves, it is the Democrats. It’s not Trump ruining his legacy as he leaves, it is the Democrats trying to ruin his legacy. Trump has done nothing wrong. Speaking at a rally is not grounds for impeachment or removal from office. They want no memory of Trump even being in office; yet what they’re doing to him, will undoubtedly make Trump a martyr. They are out for blood. It is the Trump Vendetta.

Now that our Checks and Balances are gone…

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

what’s in store for us? Our government is tilted to the far left now and the left has gone socialism. Who can stop them? Not the Senate, not the President, not even our Judas Supreme Court. We are screwed with Biden as President.

The U.S. Constitution is full of checks and balances of the three branches of government. The best example of checks and balances is that the president can veto any bill passed by Congress, but a two-thirds vote in Congress can override the veto.

Other examples include:

  • The House of Representatives has sole power of impeachment, but the Senate has all power to try any impeachment.
  • Any bills that intend to raise revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate also has to approve the bill.
  • Congress has the power to set and collect any taxes or duties.
  • The president is commander-in-chief of the U.S. Army and Navy.
  • The president has the power to grant pardons and reprieves for crimes against the U.S. except in an impeachment.
  • The president can make treaties, but only with a two-thirds agreement from the Senate.
  • The House of Representatives and the Senate both have to pass the same bill before it can become a law.
  • The president can appoint Supreme Court judges, but the Senate must approve these choices.
  • Supreme Court judges have the power to declare presidential actions as unconstitutional.
  • The vice president is also automatically the president of the Senate.
  • Congress can amend the Constitution, which means they can override a Supreme Court decision.

We are outnumbered in all of the aforementioned except for our Judas Supreme Court which I hold solely responsible for where we are at today. They were pushed around by compromised Chief Justice John Roberts. Now we will have a president who is compromised by China.

We all know our election was stolen in plain sight and that Trump and his legal team were forbidden to obtain crucial evidence to show to the courts. The courts refused to hear what they did have: thousands of first hand accounts of the voter fraud from whistleblowers. Our tainted FBI turned a blind eye to the theft as well as the CIA and NSA. We are all alone in this fight with no government at any level able to help us.

The media has gone full tilt to the left including most of those on FOX News. Hannity is outnumbered and must have pressure everyday from the liberal owners of FOX to tone down his reporting or be fired. Hannity still has talk radio as well as Rush Limbaugh who is fighting cancer. The social medias are slowly banning every conservative from their system. This is suppression of free speech and no one seems to care. Newsmax seems to be the only news station that is reporting the truth about what went on in the election as well as at the Capitol.

So when we do come out to show our strength in numbers, we are hijacked by a few idiots that ruined our message together with Antifa. Now the stupid media is reporting that if it were BLM attacking the Capitol there would have been many more shot and killed? What are they talking about? BLM went all year long attacking every liberal city they could even outside the White House with little interference from the cops. They took over Seattle and the mayor called it the summer of love.

So when the left commandeers a police station or a downtown, they call it expressing their discontent. But when the Trump supporters demonstrate peacefully outside the Capitol it is called an insurrection. Rebellion and insurrection refer specifically to acts of violence against the state or its officers. This distinguishes the crime from sedition, which is the organized incitement to rebellion or civil disorder against the authority of the state.

We are all sick of the double standard so much that we can’t even turn on any news channels or radio news. I heard the radio news say, the Capitol was invaded by Trump supporters before they even knew who the trespassers were. They want them to be Trump supporters.

So where does this leave the rest of us? We have no branch of government representing us. The left are even going to try to punish conservatives that have supported Trump. They are vindictive, ruthless, dirty rotten scoundrels with no limit to their evil. It is really come down to good against evil. We are being run by evil.

I’m not worried about myself per se but my grown children and their future. Will they be able to stay employed and send their children to a school that teaches the truth about our history and learn good values? Or will they be taught in school to be anarchists that resist everything and revolt? This is where we are heading folks with no checks and balances. The left will be controlling our schools too. And our grandchildren are the future of America.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’ve got a rocky road ahead.

Photo by Saeid Anvar on Pexels.com

Capitol Breach is the New Waterpipe Break.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

They needed something to stop the objections to the certification of the electoral votes as Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz were wiping the floor with the Democrats’ lame excuse for why Biden won. It was all they could do to stop America from seeing the truth. Cause a diversion and clear out the joint. They probably had the Capitol Police working with them. An inside job. Unfortunately, one of the police got himself killed as well as an overzealous Trump supporter caught up with the imposters. And notice we are not hearing who killed the police officer. No doubt it was a BLM or Antifa member as if it was a Trump supporter, it would be front page news.

During the night of November 3, the Georgia counting room claimed there was a waterpipe break and everyone had to clear out, especially the observers. They shut down the joint but then changed their clothes and hairstyle and came back in. This was a premediated act. They then started dragging out suspicious suitcases of ballots from under a skirted table to erase the lead that Trump had. There was no waterpipe break, just a plugged toilet which could have been done on purpose.

Similarly, the Capitol Breach was used to erase the lead the GOP had in the debates. They were making too much sense and had to be stopped. They were eating Nancy’s lunch. Nancy was in control and remember she’s the one who tore up the State of the Union Speech. She’s a trickster. She is the leader of the B & B Party–Blackmail and Bribery and now Breaches. She pulled out her insurance plan.

Well played, Nancy. She got several rattled GOP senators to rescind their objection to the electoral votes once the session resumed in the evening hours.

Now the media is blaming Trump for the invasion? While Trump stood back and watched freedom lovers march to the Capitol, he had no idea it had become infiltrated with animals poorly disguised as Trump supporters. Anyone can carry a Trump flag. This is not who we are. We don’t trespass and destroy property although there were a few bad apples amongst them. The majority had to be agitators. Trump would never condone what happened. Never. But the left has been condoning and encouraging this behavior all year long in other cities and never got blamed. Why is that? While Trump urged for the end to violence and tried to send in the National Guard all year long he gets blamed now for inciting the mob. The double standard going on is blaring. Look to them for the leader of the invasion, not Trump.

They will now use this invasion as another excuse to try to impeach Trump. Wow! What a setup or as one woman talk radio caller said yesterday, “We got rolled!”

Capitol breach is the new waterpipe break.

“First They Came” Poem. Rewritten.

flag of u s a standing near tomb
Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com


By Martin Niemöller and rewritten for today.

First they came for business owners
And YOU did not speak out
Because YOU were not a business owner.

Then they came for churches

And YOU did not speak out

Because YOU were not a church member.

Then they came for your cities
And YOU did not speak out
Because YOU did not live in the city.

Then they came for the police
And YOU did not speak out
Because YOU were not a policeman.

Then they came for our schools 

And YOU did not speak out

Because YOU were not a student.

Then they came for our freedom of speech

And YOU did not speak out

Because YOU were not a journalist.

Then they came for our elections

And YOU did not speak out 

Because YOU believed they were fair.

Then they came for our Congress

And YOU did not speak out

Because YOU weren’t a member.

Then they came for our President

And YOU did not speak out

Because YOU were not the President.

Next they came for YOU
And there was no one left
To speak out for YOU.  

This is where we are headed folks if we don’t speak out. Don’t let them come for YOU.  This has been their plan all along to take out the president.  Don’t let them.  Speak out whenever you can, peacefully.

They is the Democrat Party and their drones like BLM and Antifa and Twitter.

Think about it. 

“Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany. He emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps. He is perhaps best remembered for his postwar words, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out…”