We’re Outnumbered by Lawless Politicians Running our Country.

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There is so much evil going on in our country right now right under our noses that I fear we cannot get out from under their spell. We never see it coming. Who knew Bitcoin was a ponzie scheme to help the Democrats win elections? How do we not know this ahead of time? Who in the Republican Party oversees these things and how did they miss it? We are too trusting.

Money Laundering 101.

1. Foreign aid goes to Ukraine.

2. Ukraine invests in $FTX

3. $FTX donates back to the Democratic Party.

4. Case closed. Ukraine meddled in our election.

No wonder Biden has been giving so much money to Ukraine. It wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart, it was another one of his laundering schemes. The only thing the old codger is good at. No wonder he never cared if Russia went to war with Ukraine. He saw it as another opportunity to cheat in the midterms. Never let a crisis go to waste. Ukraine leaders have also been investing in property in Switzerland using our foreign aid money.

We let Soros, Zuckerberg, Twitter, and now some GenZ’r, aptly named Bankman-Fried, who is the son of a Stanford Professor take over our election system. Yes, our election was stolen again by the crafty Democrats. We can’t compete with their evilness as they never get prosecuted for their crimes. If they do get indicted, the juries let them off. If we did anything similar, there’d be arrests galore just like they did to the January 6th trespassers and all of Trump’s colleagues. In fact, they’re still coming for Trump in the January 6th commission and New York’s District Attorney.

The 2020 election had the help of Zuckerbuck’s drop boxes and paid ballot stuffers across the nation. Now we have a younger billionaire who bilked money from mostly Hollywood and other stupid investors to invest in an abstract form of money which never made sense. When something doesn’t make sense, it usually is senseless.

“As part of their marketing efforts, the parent companies of FTX and FTX US in September 2021 signed Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry to a long-term promotional partnership, providing the NBA star an equity stake in FTX.19

In August 2021, the same companies announced a long-term promotional partnership with venture capitalist and television personality Kevin O’Leary providing the “Shark Tank” host equity stakes in FTX and FTX US along with pay in cryptocurrency.20

Per FTX’s website, the company “is proud to partner with the world’s most exciting teams, properties, and heroes of their trade to amplify crypto education, involvement, and community impact”. As of September 2022, additional partnerships included Major League Baseball, FTX Arena and the Miami Heat, Shaquille O’Neal, and FTX Field (University of California-Berkeley).” Wikipedia.

These types above are influencing our elections. Basketball players, universities, and tv celebrities. When are we going to stop huge amounts of money from being invested in candidates? There should be a limit of $5,000 from donors. Now Hollywood is investing in Georgia runoff election to the tune of millions against Walker. We shouldn’t be choosing a candidate by the amount of money given to his campaign but rather by his qualities. One of the reason I liked Trump, as he financed his first campaign as he didn’t want to be beholden to any companies or people. Money buys votes and the Dems know how to do it. Just look at Biden’s failed college loan forgiveness promise. It bought many votes even though it was deemed unconstitutional and will never happen. Reminds me of the lie Harry Reid told about Romney then after he lost Reid said, “Well, it worked didn’t it.” That’s how evil the Dems are.

I’m not sure if taking over the House and kicking corrupt Nancy to the curb is enough to combat the evil going on right under our noses in government. We’ll be spending the next two years investigating and having the media mock us 24/7. Whether we investigate or not, or indict or not, a Democrat never gets found guilty in Washington. The Democrat juries make sure of that. So you see, we are outnumbered by lawless politicians, elected officials, and even juries.

Until we pass election reform on the federal level like Voter ID, same day voting, paper ballots only, no mail in ballots unless requested due to illness or out of town, no ballot harvesting, limit to donations, and equal poll watchers and ballot counters from both parties, we cannot expect our elections to be fair. Laxalt and Lake were winning on election night before the ballot dumps. Ballots coming in after election day have to be disqualified. Full stop. Some states have made it easy to cheat and hard to vote. We need a recount in Nevada and Arizona as I suspect the voting machines were flipping votes and most were not even valid ballots. If something smells fishy, it’s usually fish.

Good luck to the House for getting to the bottom of all the lawlessness going on in the Democrat Party. Let’s expose Biden for who he really is. Not just a senile old man, but a corrupt politician who is compromised as he’s selling out our country to China. Forget about choosing a candidate now for 2024. There’s no sense in discussing the next election when we’ve been snookered out of the last two. It’s a fool’s errand. Fix what is broken in our election system already!

Democrats Love Celebrity Candidates Unless they’re Republican.

During the midterms candidates like Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz, and even Kari Lake were vilified by the left for their celebrity status. The left held that against them by claiming they had no experience, etc. But mark my words, they would have put them on a pedestal if they ran as Democrats. The same happened to Donald Trump when he switched parties and Elon Musk. These men top the list of the most hated by the left right now. But if Trump had run as a Democrat, there wouldn’t have been one impeachment or even negative story on him even if his policies were conservative. They would have loved The Wall, America 1st, and lower taxes. He had a few skeletons in his closet, but the left loves Democrat skeletons. Look at Fetterman. They overlooked all his faults and Biden’s too.

My point is, if you are a Black Republican candidate, they come for you. If you are a Republican celebrity, they come for you because Blacks and celebrities are supposed to be Democrat! No matter how popular you are like DeSantis, they will tear you limb from limb if you decide to run for president. It was never about the man who ran, it was about his party. So whether we have Trump running again or DeSantis, they will both be torn apart by the left. They call Republicans evil, racist, bigots who are against women’s rights and want to end social security. All lies being spread by the liberal media and colleges.

Look at celebrities that have come out as Republican and what they do to them like Clint Eastwood or Jon Voight. Most are too afraid to voice their political views for fear of being cancelled at the box office. I’m sure there are countless numbers of conservative actors that remain silent. But the liberal ones scream from the rooftops like Madonna, Ashley Judd, Johnny Depp, Bette Midler, Cher, Robert DeNiro, Alec Baldwin, and Barbra Streisand. They may have lost some fans at the box office as well, but we don’t cancel like the left does. I still watch their movies on tv, some of them being my favorites like Double Jeopardy, Secret Garden, Beaches, Moonstruck, Falling in Love, Working Girl, and The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Message to Trump: We know you got treated badly for four years in office yet you were able to accomplish so much during that time with little experience as a politician. That being your Achilles heel. You had no idea how vicious the opposing party and the FBI would get and sometimes didn’t see it coming like January 6th. When you held a rally that day near the Capitol, it allowed the left to take advantage and stage the riot to blame on you. But that is history now that no one wants to admit. We also know the 2020 election was rigged but too late to adjudicate it now. Whatever you decide regarding 2024, I will support your decision. Just don’t be too hard on your GOP opponents. The GOP is very discombobulated right now. Can’t believe Laxalt lost. He was ahead on election night. Sound familiar? :>/

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Recent Coverups That Have Disappeared from the News.

More and more I feel like We the People are getting fed a line of BS by the media, police, FBI, authorities, and this administration. There are many unanswered mysteries that just seem to disappear like in a magician’s hat. For instance, why have we not heard any more about what really happened to Paul Pelosi? We saw the attacker get indicted but what really happened? The police have bodycams of what went down, but we never get to see them. We never heard from the hospital regarding Paul’s injuries which was very suspicious. We got their spin that the attacker was looking for Nancy to tie her up, but who believes that story? Was it their October Surprise before the election to blame J6 type activists to bring pity on Nancy and keep her around?

Another mystery is: who placed the pipe bombs near the capitol building on January 6th, and why wasn’t the National Guard brought in afterwards? They have video tape of the young guy or gal and videos from where he/she originated from, but we never get to see them. But the story has died over time like all the other mysteries. Was it an attempt to place blame on Trump supporters that went bad? These are rhetorical questions, of course.

Another mystery that seemed to fade into the sunset was who leaked SCOTUS’s decision on Roe v Wade prior to the ruling? Was it done by a Democrat legal aid to get their drones out in arms prior to the midterms? Notice no investigation has been done although it was the first time in history that the SCOTUS had a leak. Interesting. Another story that has no resolve.

We have hundreds of questions about election night 2020 that have never been resolved and no one seems to care. Too many suspicious things went on and were even caught on tape that no one wants to explain. The authorities just would rather sweep that election night under the carpet, never to surface again. We know what really happened, but it will go down as another unexplained mystery.

Seth Rich was another mystery that the police failed to investigate. Someone told them it was a private matter and should be left that way, same as Paul Pelosi’s attack. Will we ever know who killed Seth Rich? He will go down in the history books along with Marilyn Monroe. As a reminder, he was the Democrat campaign worker who sent Podesta’s internal emails about Hillary to Wikileaks. Never turn on the Clintons and expect to live.

Then there was the death of Supreme Court Justice Scolia who seemed to die in his sleep at a hotel. Was his death so that Obama could choose a radical justice to replace him while he was still in office? We never got to the bottom of that death. There seemed to be a coverup that no one wanted to investigate. But the result was the shifting of power in the Supreme Court.

Another mystery that always bothered me was the timing and assassination of Bin Laden. Why was he quickly buried at sea without a proper DNA done on him? Why was he assassinated rather than arrested and brought to trial like we did with Saddam Hussein? Not our typical method of operation. But who knows? With Obama, Biden, and Hillary in charge at the time, it seemed to be orchestrated at a time when they needed some good PR. But that story was quickly put to bed once they got their accolades.

But the biggest and most atrocious mystery of them all was who was behind the release of the Covid 19 Virus onto the world in an election year where Trump was winning hands down? Who authorized the Gain of Function of the virus in the Wuhan Lab? Who paid for these biowarfare studies in the Wuhan Lab? Was the release accidental or on purpose and why haven’t we held China responsible for the deaths of millions whether it was accidental or not? And why weren’t we allowed in to investigate early on before all the evidence and witnesses were destroyed? Why has Fauci’s wealth gone up exponentially since the vaccines came out? Most of these are rhetorical questions.

I know there are many more coverups and mysteries of recent that have conveniently disappeared from the news. But notice they all involve the Democrats and not the GOP. Why is that? Another rhetorical question.

UPDATED 11-19-22

One more newsworthy item that mysteriously disappeared from the news. “Swedish and Danish authorities are investigating four holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines that link Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea and have become a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis.” Notice how the media quickly dropped this story? Makes me think our country was involved or at least an oil activist which Biden condones.

We Underestimated the Power of Punk GenZ’rs.

Generation Z are the college age punks or recent grads that have been indoctrinated for the last eight years with lies from their teachers about racist Republicans. So when they heard about women’s rights to abortion being taken away and their college loans being forgiven, they swarmed to vote either by mail or in person for Democrats all the way down the ticket. Who knew they voted? We thought they were lazy and couldn’t even read or hold down a job or at least go into work other than working remotely. Shocker!

But this notwithstanding, how in the world did Biden know ahead of time that the election winners wouldn’t be known for days afterward? Hmmm. Sounds a bit like they had another plan to cheat underway already. Nevada has a terrible governor and he could be behind this too. Why did the security cameras in the Washoe County counting room go out last night for eight hours? Why did they send the workers home during that time? Sounds a little like the broken water main that we fell for before. Can we really be this stupid two elections in a row? I hope not. I hope we left a GOP Poll Inspector behind during that time. Otherwise I want a RECOUNT OF EACH AND EVERY BALLOT! I’ll volunteer to help.

Why did Maricopa voting locations run out of paper, ink, and have machines that weren’t functional in a predominately Republican area? Voters that were standing in line got frustrated and left. Others had their ballots put in a drawer to be looked at later on. This is either highly incompetent or voter suppression.

Now I still think we have a chance to pull this election off in our favor in the House and the Senate; BUT the longer it goes, the more suspect I get. I just heard Nevada had changed their voting rules to allow mail in ballots posted November 9th to be accepted many days afterwards. This is insanity and why we need to get rid of Governor Sisolack. He changed many of the voting laws to favor cheating. This is also why when I went to vote I gave the workers a hard time with questions they didn’t have answers to. Figures, I thought.

Why did Biden and Kamala come out with a Democracy is in tack speech and elections are finally honest? The election isn’t over and if it turns in our favor, the opposite speech will be given. They’ll claim Democracy was lost if the GOP takes over the House and Senate. And why is the Murdock media attacking Trump for being the cause of some losses? That’s not on Trump, that’s on the candidate. No good deed goes unpunished comes to mind. What about the landslide Sarah Huckabee Sanders win? The media is ignoring all the candidates that did win that Trump held a rally for. Trump endorsed 162 candidates for the House with 142 wins, 10 losses, and 10 waiting. He endorsed 25 candidates for senate with 17 wins, 4 losses, and 4 waiting. That is not a Trump loss. That is a Trump win with more to come, but the left is slow walking the results to tarnish, yet again, Trump.

But in the future when the Democrats bribe college students with unconstitutional executive actions and tell lies about the Supreme Court, we have to campaign in college towns. We were caught flatfooted. This was Biden’s plan all along, and we didn’t see it coming: Power of the Lost Generation Zr’s. Biden may just be dumb like a fox.

The Real Reason CA, NV, AZ are Holding up their Results.

It’s the same reason certain states held back their results in 2020. It’s to make it look like the Republicans weren’t winning then and aren’t winning now. The longer they can hold off the reality that Republicans won the House and the Senate, the more they can flaunt the news of a “failed red wave.” The more the media can mock us, the more the gullibles on The View will believe it. The more Biden will be grinning and chuckling as he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. This proves that the media runs our country and is in bed with this administration doing the dirty work for them. And these election officials are playing along.

But the rest of us live in the real world. We know we won but not by as big as we wanted. But a win is a win. We’ll take it. There’s no reason in 2022 that we can’t know the results of an election the same night. We knew back in the 90s. We knew back in the 80s. Has technology gotten so complicated that it has ruined our election system? I think so. That together with these incessant mail in ballots sent to everyone not asking for them is another glitch that the Democrats seem to relish in. We need to put an end to the mail in ballots ASAP and early voting too. Just open up more polling locations on voting day so everyone has a chance to vote without long lines. These are simple solutions to what is going on, but there’s no common sense in government any more. They turn a simple task into a monumental one.

Yesterday the election results didn’t move at all in Arizona and Nevada. Who is behind this? What are they pulling off behind the scenes? Are they adding forged ballots to the tally? There’s no reason that the stats showed 60% or 70% all day long and the totals never moved other than shenanigans.

There was a Red Wave it was just a Stealth Red Wave. We pulled it off without alarming the wackos that go to the streets with signs and screams. The climate change and abortion activists actually helped us by tightening the red wave gap in many of the races. But as Trump urged, we needed to win by a lot because they cheat. So we did enough to thwart a loss in most races. Can’t win them all. But enough is enough. Let the public know who really won. We did. Kari Lake did. Laxalt did. And we got rid of two losers like Beto and Abramms for good this time. And will kick Nancy out of the speaker’s box for good. She can go home and protect her strange husband. Unfortunately, we got stuck with Fetterman and Whitmor due to early voting, which needs to end.

We will win in Arizona and Nevada two more seats in the Senate bringing us to 51. That’s a majority. See ya, Kamala. We will no longer need your tying vote. And if we get Walker too, just icing on the proverbial cake.

We Had a Bad Day!

We Had a Bad Day.

I went to bed last night feeling robbed again. A pit was in my stomach that remains this morning. I can’t believe voters don’t vote their biggest issues and sometimes split the ticket which screws things up. I was really proud of the way Florida and Texas voted and will be pleased with Nevada’s results once they are in but what happened everywhere else?

Arizona is looking dumber than a rock. They can’t count votes in a timely manner, and they voted for a women who refused to debate Kari Lake. Ashamed of Arizona. We had a few rock stars last night: Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, Kemp, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Laxalt. And I think we will have a new Republican governor in Nevada. ‘Bout time. Silver lining.

Trump endorsements were hit and miss but he did so many of them. I wish Dr. Oz would have won but it seems there is an evil element in politics that will be hard to break away from. I hope Kari Lake wins as she was a rock star. I hope Walker wins in Georgia but we have to be patience. The Red Wave promised by the pundits seems more like a tremor.

We were never sure if we could take over the Senate and still is up for grabs. But the House is close too which almost gives Biden a mandate to continue with his climate change policies which are killing the economy. I can’t believe people who hated the education system, crime, inflation, and border crisis had the nerve to vote for any Democrat. I feel like I did after Romney lost to Obama. It was a shock but the gullibles believe anything the media tells them, and they slandered Romney pretty badly just like they have done to Walker, Oz, and Lake. Never underestimate the power of slander. It works in politics.

Never underestimate the power of abortion activists who are feminists. Lots of Hollywood money went into voting against those states that were happy with the SCOTUS decision. In fact, the Democrats out spent us in all the races.

I’m sure these results have given goofball Biden a reason to run in 2024 and maybe Trump is rethinking his decision to run after seeing how well DeSantis did. Trump has so many false lies tied to his reputation that he could never shake which makes him a polarizing figure. It may be time for a few of his protégés to take the baton of America First.

The only good thing coming out of this election is that we will take the House and get a new Speaker. That will be a start. Maybe we can end the January 6th Commission too. One thing we did learn last night is that it will take baby steps to get our country out of the jaws of evil. We are in too deep! We have to rejoice at every little win.

Angry Biden Pledges “No More Drilling or Coal Just Solar and Wind Power.”

This is his closing argument to the voters. He even bent over and whispered it in true Biden fashion much to his handlers’ chagrin. He figures none of his other arguments have stuck. Not abortion, not democracy, not MAGA extremists, not lowering the deficit, not infrastructure bills, not tuition payoffs, not his strong as hell economy, not his lower inflation than other countries, not Obama and Bill lying for him, not his packing the court, and not his codifying Roe v Wade. Nothing was working. So he went back to the well and dragged out his old tired “No more drilling and an end to coal in our country” leaving mouths wide open in shock.

He knows his time is up and wants to be remembered in the history books as the First Green President. Greener than Obama was. One that enacted more Green Policies that didn’t work than any other previous president. Does Biden realize that when it snows, solar panels don’t work? Yet he wants us all to go solar? Does he realize that when turbines freeze in an ice storm, they don’t work? Does he also realize that when there is no wind, they don’t work? Does he realize that coal industry provides much of our electricity which EV cars run on? Yet he wants to eliminate coal? This guy is no scientist. He’s also not much of a politician which is a real insult.

So as the price of goods rise higher and higher along with our gasoline costs, he wants them to rise even more by eliminating drilling and coal altogether. Not a very smart thing to say to struggling families of either party two days before an election. The only ones pleased with that comment are the climate change activists that destroy works of art. I don’t even think AOC bought that closing argument as hers was always phony just to garner attention. She never believed it.

Nice try, Biden. I notice you promised to “veto” any bills coming from a GOP congress. Guess you see the writing on the wall after all. Guess what? We’ll veto you for allowing an invasion at our southern border. Be careful what you threaten. Any more great ideas that you think will change the minds of the voters? How ’bout mocking the violence on the New York subways? That’ll work.

Voters, Please Save our Country From the Evil Takeover by The Left.

For the past six years, we’ve witnessed more and more evil acts and speech by people in the news. It’s almost a supernatural takeover of their bodies by the devil himself and they can’t help their evil behavior. Sometimes I think I’m watching a violent or science fiction movie. The problem lies in the fact that we’ve allowed this evil entity to infiltrate our government at the top by voting (stealing) them into office and allowing their bizarre behavior to exist and spread from the top down like an rotten apple spoils the bunch. Their behavior and corruption spreading like cancer.

It began when we slowly permitted our American flag to be disrespected and then our National Anthem. Then we slowly allowed two radical groups to form BLM and Antifa and burn our cities in resistance to Trump’s presidency. We’ve slowly allowed faith and religion to be disrespected and mocked by the media. We’ve slowly allowed our education system to permit the CRT and Gender Confusion curriculum that has made our children fall behind in standard test scores. We’ve slowly watched our U.S. Constitution be ignored and reinterpreted. We’ve slowly succumbed to the CDCs every whim regarding vaccinations, masks, and school and business closures. We’ve slowly allowed the green activists, globalists, and environmentalists to put an end to our fossil fuel exploration as well as coal, halting our energy independence rendering us dependent on our enemies.

We’ve slowly accepted murder, destruction, theft, looting, mugging, carjacking, and arson as commonplace. We’ve slowly permitted speech by conservatives to be banned, suppressed, and labeled disinformation. We’ve slowly allowed foreigners illegally into our country at our southern border increasing our welfare rolls, crime, and homeless. We’ve slowly allowed mail in ballots to confuse and threaten the integrity of our election system. We’ve also slowly allowed our justice system to become two tiered, politicized, and weaponized. We’ve slowly allowed social justice issues, Socialism and Communism, and social media to creep in and become center stage in our military, law enforcement, and society. In other words, we’re slowly becoming apathetic to all the aforementioned which has turned most folks into accepting evil as normal. Just like they accept the high gas prices and consider it something we have to live with. But we don’t. But change has to happen soon.

Here are just a few of these evil people past and present that have slipped into power and ruined our country: Merrick Garland, Chris Wray, James Comey, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Adam Kissinger, Mitt Romney, Peter Strzok, John Kerry, Valerie Jarred, Susan Rice, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barrack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Eric Holder, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Mueller, Adam Schiff, Gretchen Whitmore, Kathy Hochul, Lorie Lightfoot, AOC and her squad, Kamala Harris, and, of course, Joe Biden. If we could get just the current ones out of power, our country would come back to normal. But it’s going to take voters to pull this off by sending them a mandate.

Who coined the word Woke? What is it really? When this Woke movement ends, we’ll all be better off. Now these midterm elections will be the most important votes in a lifetime. We have to regain power back before anymore damage is done to our country. Please voters, save us from this evil that has taken over our country. Let’s do this.

Symbolic of what the evil Left is doing to America. Even the flags have had enough.

Obama Compared an Asteroid Hitting Earth to Biden.

In a very inarticulate way Obama was trying to compare how Republicans feel about Biden policies but he slipped up (unbeknownst to him) when he compared them to an asteroid threatening our existence (which is very true). So he says if an asteroid was heading to Earth the only solution Republicans have would be to cut taxes. A few useful idiots laughed in his audience as they missed the nuance of his gaffe.

Let’s face it, the Dems are desperate and will do or say anything from now until election day. They have nothing good to run on so they chose to attack the GOP. Hmmm. I thought when we go low, they go high. That was another one of their lies. They go low all the time.

Oprah even endorsed Fetterman while stabbing her old friend Dr. Oz in the back. I thought the left loves doctors, only when they’re Dems. She is an idiot who endorsed Obama, Hillary, Biden, and hates Trump even though she used to be friends with him. With a friend like Oprah, watch your back if you’re not a Dem. She’s fake, phony, and no better than Whoopie. All she really ever did was kiss up to guests to increase her pocketbook.

The Dems are trying to amp up the fake stories about violent political unrest on the right while it’s those on the left committing all the violence–shooting a bullet into a candidate’s home, slugging a candidate, destroying works of art in the name of anti-oil, stabbing a volunteer, defacing corporate offices, running over a volunteer, leaving threatening gory messages on candidate’s phone and others. But do you think the FBI will investigate these crimes? No. They only care about threats by the illusive MAGA who haven’t made any threats. And, frankly, don’t exist. Biden even linked Paul Pelosi’s hammer boy toy to a right wing MAGA. Nice try, Slow Joe. If he was anymore left, he’d be AOC.

Some nimrod on The View said white suburban women who vote Republican are roaches voting for Raid, to an audience of laughter. Wow! Another deplorable moment from the left. Hillary thinks Republicans have no solutions to increased crime. But we do. And notice how she conveniently ignores the cause of increased crime. We should keep felons behind bars and stop releasing them out to commit another one, and close our borders by enforcing laws on the books. Fire the DAs endorsed by Soros. And stop fanning the flames with hateful rhetoric. She also says we’re instilling fear in people rather than really caring about safety. They just want to scare the public. Is this the best closing argument the desperate Dems have? If so, they better go back to the well, as Ted Cruz once said.

I sure hope the general public can see through their desperation, especially Biden’s and Obama’s.