Evolution of the Women’s Movement Explained.

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I’m a little baffled when it comes to Women’s Rights these days. Back in the 50s and 60s, girls were required to wear dresses to school. It made it hard to do cartwheels on the playground during recess. In high school, we were lucky to be allowed to wear shorts one day out of the whole year. They called it “Shorts Day.” We were ecstatic on that day. But we never complained.

Since the 70s, all we wanted was to be treated equally in the workplace and compete in sports professionally like men did. We definitely benefitted from Affirmative Action bills which required companies to hire a percentage of women in male positions. But after we got that, some still weren’t happy. Then they wanted to have children and still be able to go to work which involved all kinds of childcare perks from companies even providing onsite childcare which allowed women to continue working after childbirth. (After my time.)

Soon after that we benefitted from Sexual Harassment Claims in the workplace, whereby we could sue our boss for hitting on us. What a concept! Boy, we have come a long way! But some women chose to stay in a hostile work environment as long as they kept getting promoted which gave birth to the #Metoo Movement which ruined men’s careers many years later. But these same women became suspiciously silent when transgenders started competing in the same sports as they did and winning. Not a word came from the Women’s Movement. They were okay with it.

We’ve had Planned Parenthood since the 70s and no one is worried that it will go away except when conservatives outnumber liberals on the Supreme Court. Why is that? Why is a conservative majority so threatening to the Women’s Movement? It’s not. These men in the highest court have wives and daughters. They aren’t going to rule on anything that hurts women. So what’s got the libs so riled up all of a sudden?

I believe it has nothing to do with Women’s Rights or Health like the protestors are ballyhooing about, but more to do with liberals, progressives, feminists, and wokesters changing the world as we know it. Climate change is a religion to them taught in college (thanks to Al Gore) and they know conservatives do not think the same way. One reason is, because the U.S. can’t do enough to effect the Globe as far as reducing fossil fuel emissions and keeping water and air clean. It’s basic science. We are just a drop in the bucket.

So although the left likes to feel good as they drive their EVs, install solar panels, compost their waste, and use their bathwater to irrigate their plants, it will never be enough. Conservatives actually believe the planet together with God has its own restorative methods. Heaven forbid the Environmentalists believe in that. They also don’t believe in constructing more dams and nuclear power plants or forest thinning which would reduce wildfires.

So they think if they hang their hat on the ol’ “Women’s Right to Choose” issue, they can keep control of the Congress, the Presidency, and eventually the Supreme Court this November. But they are holding on to this issue under false pretenses, as they didn’t give a whip about transgenders taking over women’s sports. Why? Because it was condoned by the leftists and Biden. Anything approved by the left is okay in their eyes like mask and vaccination mandates. Women are becoming just pawns in the game for Climate Change Activists. Way to be used, ladies.

Can you imagine a woman wearing a pink knit cap and a mask too? Lovely. This is where we are headed. Boy, oh boy, have we come a long way, baby. We’re still talking about Women’s Right to Choose even though we have a multitude of birth control options since the 70s. It seems like we’re going backwards, not forward. We’re regressive, not progressive. Women were happier in the 70s and had better manners and social etiquette than they do now. I would hate to be a woman in her twenties these days.

I don’t think we’ve come a long way any longer. We haven’t broken any glass ceilings recently without cheating to get there. And then once there, our accomplishments haven’t looked so impressive at all, (cough) Kamala. Maybe women are trying too hard to have it all. Guess what? If you’re feeling guilty trying to have it all, it ain’t worth it. Take one thing and be your best at it.

That is the Evolution of the Women’s Movement. We burned our bras, sued our bosses, let transgenders into our sports, and got used by the Climate Change Activists. Way to go, ladies. We were advancing and advancing and then have been spinning our wheels for the last ten or so years. I suspect next, boys will be required to wear dresses in school in the future like in the movie Time Machine. After all, they want to be gender neutral as far as this administration believes.

Time for a wake up call, women. Start behaving like ladies again. Get out of the streets with your stupid banners and masks and do something that really helps others. Stop complaining, start achieving. And stop being a pawn for the Climate Change Activists or being duped by BLM.

The Left Steals a Line From the Right.

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All year long we’ve heard conservative pundits say, “This ain’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. The party has gone too far woke.” I guess it got to them so they had to turn the tables on us and use the same line only in reverse.

Yesterday Chuck Schumer feigned outrage over Roe being overturned (supposedly) and said, “These are Trump Justices not your grandfather’s Republican Party. It’s a far-right Republican party.” Way to plagiarize, Schumer. And spare us your fake anger. Where’s your anger at the Supreme Court having a mole? Oh, that’s right, you knew the leak was coming just like the whistleblower you guys hired.

The Dems know Roe was bad law from the get go. With advances in science, it has proved to be unconstitutional in modern times. They only like science when it’s on their side. They also know overturning Roe does not mean an end to abortions. There’s a morning-after pill now and Planned Parenthood clinics throughout America that are governed by their state. It just won’t be the law of the land any longer. There’s a few other unconstitutional, amoral laws that went into effect under Obama that should be overturned.

Bottom line: this leak is just a ruse to prevent us from taking over the House and Senate in November by changing the subject off a failing presidency and onto “Women’s Right to Choose.” PERIOD. Leak it early to get more crazies on their side. The Leaker will be protected by the left just as Schumer’s Whistleblower was. There will be no investigation. All part of their sick playbook. Expect riots from BLM, Antifa, pink cap ladies, and college age feminists from now until election day.

Kudos to Trump’s nominated justices who finally got the chance to overturn Roe. They stuck to their convictions and hopefully will not cave before the final verdict comes out. Kudos to the candidates that Trump endorsed for congress that won last night. Trump had a clean sweep. Get these woke clowns out of congress in November. Last night proved that Trump still has power and respect even though he’s not in office. Can’t say the same for Biden who’s in office and has no pull.

And to the left: We know you like to steal elections but don’t steal our slogans like “Buy America”, “Made in America”, and now “This ain’t your Grandfather’s Party”. Be original for once in your life. It almost looks as though you have no original thoughts, ideas, or plans other than cheating.

There’s a Snake in the Grass at the SCOTUS.

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What’s new at the SCOTUS? This leak of a draft of a ruling on Roe being overturned is unprecedented. What could possibly be the difference? Could it be the justice who recently said, “We have overcome”? Who’s “We”? Is it the women’s movement? Is it the Black Movement? We have a radical snake in the grass in the highest court. She wasn’t going to stand for Roe to be overturned or a loss in November to the GOP. Not on her watch. So what does she do? She leaks out a draft to a law clerk to promote protests in the street to essentially effect the midterms by getting out the young vote. The left will scare the woke youth about horror stories of back alley abortions, no doubt.

Will this justice be blamed for inciting riots in the streets? Will she be kicked off the court? This law clerk will possibly become a hero in the eyes of the left just like Balsey Ford, Vindman, and the Whisleblower. We never seem to be on top of this crap the left pulls on us. How did we not see this coming? Is the left mad at the leak? No. They are mad at the potential ruling which is very telling. You’d think they’d be mad at the leak.

The leak is worse than the ruling as it means we can never trust the Supreme Court again with any deliberations as there’s a snake in the grass. Biden has already voiced an opinion that this ruling means we have to elect pro choice members to congress in November. Shocker and more evidence that this was a well planned leak created in the backrooms by desperate Democrats like Nancy and Schiff. They know what gets the people riled up. They are clearly desperate and some heads need to roll. Another planned coup by the left to effect the results of the election in November by taking the focus off a failing president and possibly to instigate need for packing of the court.

We should know by now that whenever we are ahead, they are ten steps ahead of us in planning their next sham, scam, or hoax. That’s why the leader of the snakes is always grinning a sinister grin. He has his drones working on their next plan. How did we let this snake in the grass get away with this? Will the FBI be called in to investigate? Not a chance. They are all in it together. They are all evil.

Cue the pink knit caps in the streets from now till November. Call Ashley Judd and Madonna. They are all sick but shrewder than us, unfortunately. This news is akin to Trump’s locker room talk tape leaked by NBC. We just have to be more vigilant by knowing that the left always has something up their sleeves.

Correspondence Dinner Hosts Run Interference for Biden…

but mock Trump and his supporters like Kelly Ann, Giuliani, McCarthy, Hannity, Tucker, and Judge Jeanine. No mention of Gutfeld or Watters though. Biden managed to eke out his self-deprecating humor without brain freeze this time, but couldn’t stop picking on the GOP. He brought up Brandon so we know he always knew what the crowds were chanting even though he played dumb. Some of his jokes fell flat especially the one about Disney, but he awkwardly chuckled anyway. He just can’t read a crowd. Biden’s bowtie was crooked; but the more he fiddled with it, the crookeder it got. Sort of like the clean up of the Hunter laptop story. His bowtie leaned far to the left, symbolic of the audience: Crooked and Left.

Some of the surprising moments of the night were the constant jabs at Governor DeSantis. His name was mentioned more than Biden’s. DeSantis is the new Trump. Boy, they really are nervous about his popularity. They also made a snide reference to Governor Abbott. They mocked two Democrats: Manchin and Senima and the launch of CNN+. But at least they mentioned that FOX News is the #1 Cable News Network to a tepid response from the leftist crowd. They also had to mention, “Hannity is the longest running News Anchor on television” to a shocked audience like they didn’t even know. Shows what great journalists they are. Must have missed that story. But no mention of Newsmax. I guess they don’t want anyone to know there’s more than one news network that reports the truth.

Many more apropos jokes could have been made at Biden’s expense, but quite sure the Easter Bunny proofread Noah’s jokes and crossed them out. Too many awards were given to journalists who reported on January 6th claiming Trump was the inciter of the riot. That has not been proven and should be considered spreading disinformation. Two years from now the truth will come out that January 6th was planned by the FBI, and no one will apologize. They still claim Trump colluded with Russia to win in 2016. Not one award given on the Laptop From Hell story. Shocker.

These Democrats break their own rules and lack self-awareness. The worst of the night was when they had the nerve to compare alter boy Peter Doocy to slick Hunter Biden saying they both used their father’s name to succeed in business. But they left out that Hunter is a drug-addicted bagman who got kicked out of the military and travels to other countries on our government’s dime selling his daddy’s name in order to rake in millions for all the Bidens. Disgraceful joke. It was like comparing fictitious Theodore Cleaver to Damien from The Omen.

All and all, a missed opportunity for the press to prove to the public that they aren’t in the tank for Biden, but instead ran interference for him. Epic fail. The press should be unbiased, neutral, and just report the facts. But those days are gone.

Do Progressives Feel Guilt?

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I truly want to know as I’ve been wondering lately how they sleep at night after all the lies and scams they’ve pulled over on us. We all have guilt to some degree in our lives but the extent of their guilt must keep them up at night! Right? Or not. Are they even worried that they may go to hell? Living an honest, guilt-free life is the best way to live as you never have to tell a lie to cover for what you’ve done wrong.

I notice lately it is real easy for the Dems in my life to just lie off the cuff when they are caught in the corner. They are quite glib at it. We used to call these “white lies,” but now they are bordering on being brown or black lies. I catch my woke sister in lies so often that I don’t call her out any longer, as she’ll deny ever saying it in the first place. Lies to cover their lies. Wonderful way to live.

For instance, Dems will use covid now as their “go to” excuse to limit the size of a party they’re planning; when in reality, they just don’t want conservatives in attendance. I get it; but just be honest by saying, “this won’t be your kind of crowd.” I wouldn’t want to be in a group of progressives anyway—eating vegan, praising Biden, all the while complaining about the rising costs of everything like it came out of nowhere. It would be too tempting. But instead, they’ll say something like “we’re following the CDC guidelines” which makes me want to hurl as I know it’s a phony excuse progressives use. But we can’t balk as we’d immediately be labeled unpatriotic. Right? Been there, seen that.

But getting back to our government who lies for a living, how do they sleep at night? I thought feeling guilt was an inherent trait all humans possess. Apparently not. But maybe it does get to them judged by Biden’s, Pelosi’s, and Psaki’s appearances lately. Biden has aged so much since the campaign, it’s almost like he has the aging disease whereby you age ten years for every one year. That makes him look and act around 98 years old. Nancy’s face is drooping like a baby’s full diaper and Psaki’s hair is turning devilish red. (Half expecting horns to emerge.) Do any of them have a fear of going to hell? Doesn’t seem like it, even though Biden and Pelosi claim they’re Catholic.

I just don’t understand how these people can continue to be so lawless, corrupt, and downright dishonest and not feel guilty? Are they sociopaths, all of them? Is that even possible? Or has corruption and lying become so commonplace that they feel it has become acceptable in our society? I sure hope not. I sometimes think we have been taken over by an Invasion of the Body Snatchers. All those who conspired along with Biden to steal an election should be tossing and turning in their beds at night. But I feel they are much like Hillary who sleeps like a baby as she has no guilt. (Bad visual.)

Living a guilt free life is so much easier than coming up with a lie. I had to come up with a lie recently so I wouldn’t hurt my dentist’s feelings who didn’t take dental insurance. It weighed on me for days trying to come up with a lie on why I was cancelling my next appointment after they sent me the estimate of $1,900 for a crown. Luckily, my husband was going to have surgery the same day and needed me to take him. Good excuse. I went to my other dentist who takes insurance.

But seriously, how do lies come out of progressive’s mouths so smoothly and effortlessly like Psaki and Pelosi make? I just don’t get it. I know Psaki is lying for her boss, but just because she strokes her hair every time she lies, doesn’t make me believe her. And does that hair dye rub off on her hand? Meeoww! I just don’t like her. She is nothing more than an arm for MSNBC now.

In conclusion, do Progressives feel guilt or do they still think “the means justifies the end” which is just code for: we can break the law or lie with impunity? It’s the 64,000 dollar question. I truly want to know.

Our Government Wants to be the Arbiter of Truth?

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Are you kidding me!? The same ones who told us Hunter’s laptop was Russia disinformation? The same ones who said Trump colluded with Russia? The same ones who fell for Jussie Smollett’s and the Bubba Wallace hoax? The ones who thought the Steel Dossier was true? Those ones? The same ones who thought Trump incited violence at the Capitol? The ones who think we are delusional for saying the election was rigged? The same ones who are now saying that they inherited a broken immigration system and that walls don’t work? Those folks? They are going to be the arbiters of truth? HAHAHAHAHA. I….don’t…think…so. This gives new meaning to the old game show Truth or Consequences.

They wouldn’t recognize the truth if it was knocking at the White House door. This sounds very desperate and Orwellian Big Brotherish to me which the Democrats usually loathe. But they are so fearful of Twitter allowing the REAL truth to be heard, that they have decided to devote a department in the government to penalize anyone that opposes their woke opinions. Not only is this a waste of taxpayers dollars but is unconstitutional.

The government doesn’t decide what we can hear from the press, media, social, and others. We decide. We can tell the truth from a lie. We can turn off the news we don’t believe or cancel a newspaper like the New York Times for lying. And from what we’ve seen from those in charge like Kamala and Biden, they’re always are on the wrong side of any story, i.e. they never get it right.

Thank you but no thank you, government. We don’t need your help in deciding what is truth. You have lied to us so much it would be like putting Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy in charge of security at a sorority house. You not only bury the truth but you create a diversion from the truth usually involving Russia which is very evil. Everything you’ve done to this country so far is evil.

Certainly when a false story is proven to be wrong like Hunter’s laptop and the Steel Dossier that was pushed for two years, there should be some consequences like those behind the false story (CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc.) asked to recant their stories and return their Pulitzers Prizes; but other than that, the government has no place in screening stories.

So keep your stupid idea of a Disinformation Department in the Suggestion Box where Obama put it. It ain’t gonna happen. We won’t stand for it. What’s next, arresting anyone who writes about the stolen election? I….don’t….think…so. Remember we have Freedom of Speech in our country whether you like it or not. We have fair and honest elections (cough) to change what we don’t like. And we’ll do it in November. We don’t like your governing.

Lip-smacking Biden Claims He Knew Putin Would Invade…

“Where’s my Easter Bunny when I need him?”

and that we were prepared with weapons and firearms being sent robustly to Ukraine. Really? Does he think we believe his revisionist history of how this war started? We remember him saying that they weren’t afraid Putin would invade; and even if he did, it wouldn’t be that bad. They have been wrong from the get go and are now trying to change history to make it appear like we weren’t caught flatfooted.

What’s with all the lip smacking coming from him now? He has a new tic. He also made a sinister giggle at an inappropriate time (like Kamala does) referring to seizing Putin’s mansions and yachts and calling him a Kleptocrat (which he stumbled on pronouncing twice) claiming Putin was getting rich by ill-gotten means. He’s trying to appear tough. The chances of him seizing anything is nil. He can’t even get back our billions in weaponry from Afghanistan.

Kleptocracy is a government whose corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) use political power to appropriate the wealth of the people and land they govern, typically by embezzling or misappropriating government.” Wikipedia. I guess it takes one to know one, Biden.

And where are all these billions coming from that he wants congress to approve? From our tax dollars? We have the worst representatives in congress if they approve 33 billion more dollars sent to Ukraine that I see no evidence of arriving there. Maybe it’s going there and being money-laundered back into Biden’s many accounts. Don’t trust this greedy lip-smacking liar for one minute.

Biden signed a bill to improve schools during the pandemic, but most of the money that got approved per school went to teaching Critical Race Theory that A.G. Garland’s son in law is invested in. Conflict of interest much? Do you think teaching kids about sex at a young age contributes to sexual attacks of ten year old girls? Look what just happened in Wisconsin. A 14 year old boy killed his cousin during a sexual attack. Where in the world would he get those sexual ideas at that age other than school?

Our country is getting corrupted by these wokesters in charge and getting worse by the day. Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas can’t answer a single question honestly about the border crisis. He obfuscates, ducks, and weaves every question. He even tried to blame the Trump Administration for the invasion. What a joke. He needs to be impeached as well.

Lawless Democrats Fear Elon Musk.

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Their jig is about up now that Free Speech will be restored on Twitter. No more suppression of Hunter’s laptop and the secret meetings at the White House with Hunter’s partner. No more banning of Trump and his supporters. No more suppression of election fraud evidence and January 6th theories. No more burying the news of the debacle at our borders and the death of a National Guardsman, and other subjects that the left does not want out there. In fact, some anchors are predicting that Elon will control the next election by suppressing news from the woke left. Oh my! Really? How’d they come up with that? Oh, I forgot, it’s already been done before the 2020 election.

The height of hypocrisy has no bounds with these loons. From The View claiming only white straight males are on Twitter to others claiming Elon is racist to Pocahontas claiming the end to democracy (which is code to the end of their cheating), they have stooped to new levels. Since when is it bad to be a straight white male? Without straight males of any race there’d be no procreation and reproduction in the normal sense. None of the baby boomers would have been born and they are the parents and grandparents of millennials, Gen X and Gen Z of any race. A big thank you to straight males of any color is in order. The left needs to stop vilifying them as they wouldn’t have been born!

Usually the left adores smart, innovative billionaires that invent spaceships and electric vehicles, but not when they want to restore Free Speech in America. That’s where the left draws the line. Democrat Elon Musk is now their Number One Most Hated individual next to Trump and DeSantis, of course. These three smart men threaten to disrupt the criminal activity of election fraud among the Democrats and the Biden Crime Syndicate Family by allowing conservative speak. Biden is lawless now as he is ignoring court orders at our border and ignoring the overturning of mask mandates. He needs to be indicted.

Hopefully, Elon Musk can accomplish what should have been done by our government, but they failed us. It takes a billionaire to buy out a corrupt social media to allow voices from both sides of the aisle to be heard. Maybe he can buyout the New York Times and Facebook next. Shadow banning and outright banning of news stories should be outlawed or at least monitored in newspapers, television, and social media. We never had this being done in past generations to this extent. The news needs to be unbiased, “just the facts, ma’am.”

Joe Biden, “the Opposite President.”

“Whatever Trump would do, I’ll do the opposite.”

Remember when George Costanza of Seinfeld fame decided he’d do the opposite of the way he normally would do things and it worked in his favor? He suddenly became honest to women, employers, parents, and friends and even ordered the opposite food he’d normally eat? His friends and employers were all impressed by his frankness. It even landed him a job at the New York Yankees.

Well… I suspect ol’ Joe has taken a page from this Seinfeld episode and decided to do the OPPOSITE of everything Trump would do, thinking he’d be successful. But it has backfired, as you can’t do the opposite of someone else, it has to be the opposite of the way you’d normally do things. (If it has any merit at all.) I believe his decision making of late has become much like this: He’s confronted with a problem or crisis and thinks to himself, “What would Trump do? I’ll do the opposite of him” just like how George Costanza did in one episode.

His decision in Afghanistan, opposite of Trump; decision on mask wearing, opposite of Trump; decision on border control, opposite; decision on drilling and fracking, opposite; decision on vaccinations, opposite; decision on CRT, opposite; decision on taxes, opposite; and so on and so on.

It may please his bleeding heart base to some extent, but it is irrational governing of our country especially when most of Trump’s instincts and policies were right on. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That has always been my mantra, especially when I go to the dentist and he wants to replace a filling. Biden could have done “nothing” for two years (another Seinfeld reference “a show about nothing”) and our country would be thriving economically with no foreign wars, no rising gas prices or increase in crime; and Biden would be praised. But instead he chose to do the OPPOSITE of everything Trump did and is now mocked. What a fool.

This is why I label him “the Opposite President.” Biden will be on the wrong side of history on just about every decision he makes especially when it comes to our schools, borders, health, race, gender, and energy policies. For instance, he has been in favor of transgender rights, open borders, and BLM and look where that has gotten us. Wrong side of history on every decision he makes. At this point he’d better off copying Trump rather than doing the opposite; which is what he is usually good at: plagiarizing.

Biden Favors Cartel over Border Agents.

Invasion at our southern border.

One of our border agents risked his life to save a migrant drowning in the river that she was illegally crossing into our country. The agent disappeared underwater and is presumed dead. Does Biden care? No. Does he have a press conference honoring this agent? Not yet, but I doubt he will because he is on the side of the cartel getting paid to smuggle illegals into our country at a count of 9,000 a day not including the getaways.

To Biden every illegal that enters our country is a potential vote for him in 2024. Biden is delusional if he even thinks he’ll last until 2024, evidenced by his failing health. He thinks Title 42, which is soon to end, is a mask mandate on public transportation. Delusional. The media is covering for him as well as his wife. She drags him around like a blind dog. I know as I used to have a blind dog. She behaved much like Biden does: spins in circles, loses her way in new surroundings, needs to be escorted up and down stairs, and told to “Stay” just like Biden is told.

Seriously though, our border is a mess and getting worse by the day. Something has to be done. Agents are risking their lives for migrants breaking the law! Absurd! The Democrats remain silent on this issue as they are hoping for votes as well. They certainly can’t earn votes from U.S. citizens for their policies so they have to recruit voters into our country with promises of freebies and freedom. But the unintended consequences of drug dealers, terrorists, MS13, and criminals crossing our border is overlooked by them.

Fentanyl deaths of teenagers are on the rise in our country. Migrants are smuggling drugs into our country like we’ve never witnessed before, and there aren’t enough agents at our border to stop them. If we had finished the wall, kept migrants in Mexico, and returned those sneaking in back to their country of origin, we’d be a much safer nation than we are now. No telling what some of these potential killers are plotting. They have different values than Americans and some of them don’t value life.

Certainly there are some honest ones who will be willing to work as farmers and grape harvesters, etc., but we had a work program for them in the past whereby they came over the border, worked, then left again. They didn’t live here and certainly would never have voted in our country illegally like they did in 2020. We opened the flood gates for illegal voting.

If a border agent had died under Trump’s watch, the media would be screaming that Trump was heartless and his policies allowed the agent to die. But the media is suspiciously silent when this occurs under Biden’s watch because they are covering for him. Whatever their hero Biden does, seems to be hunky dory with them. It is becoming increasingly hard to watch. The double standard of how Trump was treated compared to Biden is deafening. It is also blatantly obvious.

But bottom line is Biden cares more for the drug cartels smuggling in migrants than he does our own overworked border agents. Otherwise, he’d apologize for arresting the border horsemen, shutdown the border, finish the wall, keep Title 42, enforce current immigration laws, and stop flying migrants to red states to turn the state blue. What he is getting away with is impeachable for failure to keep America safe; and when we take over the House in the midterms, we should impeach him and Kamala. Then the current Speaker of the House becomes temporary president, whomever that may be.

Our border invasion is a bigger threat to America than the war in Ukraine and much more imminent.