The Party of “Science” Can’t do Math!

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The Democrats have claimed the mantel of being the “party of science” but when it comes to math, they suck.  They continue to say “Trump doesn’t listen to science” when referring to climate change and more recently the coronavirus, but they don’t listen to math.  Newsom is one of the biggest offenders.  In California, you have a .19 percent chance of contracting covid 19 and a .0079 percent chance of dying, yet he has imposed the strictest shutdowns of any of our states.  Why is that?  Answer: Politics.

He figures the longer businesses are shut down, the better chances they’ll go bankrupt, and the unemployment rates will skyrocket even higher hurting Trump in November. He’s also hoping this will warrant a bailout from the Federal Government.  But he’s putting all his chips on one number and it could fail, as Trump could still win in November and won’t agree to a bailout. He’s cutting off his nose despite his face. And he has such a nice face.

Cuomo is another example of not being able to do math. Everything he asked for from ventilators to the hospital ship to portable hospitals to hospital tents were barely used but boy, oh boy, were those nursing homes and subways used which caused the death rate to rise.  Same with Newsom’s hospital ship that he demanded to be offshore in case the patient numbers exceeded the hospitals’ capacities.  They are both either really bad at math or bad at comparing statistics, models, and patterns from other states and countries or both.  The result was a waste of federal money which we don’t have to waste.

And now these governors and other governors from the blue states want a bailout from the Federal Government?  I don’t think so.  They are using this crisis as an excuse to get a big bailout from the Feds after years of their mishandling their own budgets in their states, rewarding illegals, and condoning homelessness and sanctuary cities.

Ironically, they collect the highest property taxes in the U.S. but waste the money on useless, frivolous projects. Then when an emergency comes along, they don’t have the money in the till to pay for it.  We know people like this, they spend money like drunken sailors and never put away for a rainy day.  That’s Newsom and Cuomo.  This has been going on for years.  Now they expect the federal government to give them a big handout in the name of the pandemic?  No way.

If anything good comes from this emergency, these out-of-control governors will be taught a lesson to stop wasting money on pet projects that the liberals come up with like studying the sex habits of a jellyfish or protecting a grub worm or minnow, stuff like that.  In turn, they should lower the property taxes to a more sensible amount fair to all homeowners not just those that bought in the 70s and start spending their revenue on roads, bridges, dams, and forest fire prevention.

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When you level the playing field for property taxes from one house to the other and not base it on when you bought the house but rather on it’s assessed value, it’s possible revenues could rise as those who haven’t been paying much will have to pay a little more and those that are paying exorbitant amounts will pay less. But everyone’s tax is based on the same formula. Fair, right?

Then you spend this revenue on, you know, things that will improve your state.  Maybe this will attract people to move BACK to California and New York rather than FLEEING in droves. But I won’t hold my breath, as they suck at math and won’t be able to come up with a formula.

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Reade Won’t Bring Biden Down…Flynn Will.

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Because ‘what goes around comes around’. Biden’s initial denial of knowing about an investigation into General Flynn, then suddenly remembering an investigation into Flynn (as he was in the meeting) but then claiming “that’s all I know” but it turns out he was the last one to unmask Flynn before Flynn’s name was leaked to the Washington Post won’t cut it once Trump has a go at him on the debate stage.  It’s all on tape and in black and white documents and Trump will point it out if the media won’t.

It is illegal to spy on an American citizen without a warrant, but we have technology to listen in on conversations with foreigners and to transcribe them with the American’s name blacked-out (masked).  To unmask (un-black) the American’s name, there has to be a legitimate reason like suspecting a crime was in process based on the transcribed conversation and a written report submitted by whomever does the unmasking.  It’s not routine like the media is claiming. It’s a big deal and Flynn’s name was unmasked by 39 intelligence officials!

Biden filled out one of these reports one week before leaving office in order to unmask an American’s name during a conversation with the Russian Ambassador. He needs to be asked by a real journalist, “What did he see or hear in that conservation that led him to need the American’s name unmasked?” And let’s not kid ourselves that he didn’t already know it was “Flynn’s” name as the Obama Administration was out to get Flynn.

In fact, the fake news media is claiming Flynn’s exoneration by a special prosecutor under AG Barr is just a diversion by the Trump Administration from the covid 19 response failure. Trump doesn’t control the Department of Justice.  If Trump is diverting attention from their response to this crisis, then why does he still have coronavirus press hearings each day?  That’s one weird diversion. We could say the same for the House Impeachment Hearings that they “were a diversion by the House to divert Trump’s attention from the covid 19 pandemic coming to our shores.”  Touche.  And that really happened unintentionally, we hope.

Biden can run but he can’t hide from the fact that his hands are all over this scandal. No pun intended.  He claims he doesn’t even remember Tara Reade either.  He has selective memory.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  If he had the hots for her, he’ll remember her until the day he dies, senility notwithstanding. He’s seen the younger picture of her and that’s enough to spark the old coot’s memory.

Conversely, he seems to have vivid memories of World War II, old Corn Pop, getting arrested in a girl’s locker room, boys in the pool rubbing his leg hairs, and pinning metals on soldiers coming out of ravines carrying dead soldiers but no memory of this girl. Amazing! I don’t buy it. He’d be better off saying they had a kiss in private but was purely consensual and that she’s exaggerating. That’s more believable to me. She has no motive to go after him, as she’s a Democrat.  But she doesn’t want him running on bringing character, soul, and dignity back to the White House.  It’s a farce.

And let’s stop comparing Biden’s sexual deviant behavior with Trump’s past alleged infidelity.  Trump was never accused of sexual assault nor held an elected office before the presidency, yet FOX News allows these scumbags on air to say, “Trump has had similar accusations,” without any retort.  Apples to oranges.

The Flynn story won’t go away regardless of what the stupid biased judges decide and all the lying co-conspirators’ denials.   Flynn will be made a sympathetic character as well as Trump and people will prosecute the “guilty party” at the voting booth. We can’t wait for the wheels of justice to turn as they seem to be rusty. And why do Republican defendants like Roger Stone always get the Obama/Clinton-appointed biased judges and not Trump-appointed ones?  Just curious.





Opening Beaches and Parks Won’t Bring Back the Economy.

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It’s nice, but seriously, we want our companies to reopen. This gesture is nothing more than a temporary appeasement to the fact that businesses are still in shutdown.  To visit a beach while you’re out of work won’t put food on the table.  People need to work!  It’s akin to giving a child an ice cream cone after he cuts his toe.  It takes away the pain initially, but it comes back after the cone is eaten.  We aren’t children! We didn’t put our three kids through college and sell our home for tuition, so they can sit home on their asses on their computers all day long.  They need to get out on the freeway and fight commute traffic like the rest of did to get to the office! :>)

On a more serious note, this shutdown has to end across the country for the economy to come back.  We were lied to.  They asked us to stay indoors for TWO WEEKS, then it went to FIVE WEEKS, and now who knows what it is.  This has become just a political game for the Democrats, and we are just pawns in their sick game. And the name of their game is: Get Trump Out!

We are slowly turning into a socialist or communist country like the left has become.  This is just a precursor to the way they want the country to be: a bunch of lazy bums living off the dole of the government.  CNN has hired a high school dropout Greta Thunberg to comment on our ultimate coronavirus goal: Green New Deal.  The left rewards failure and punishes success.  They hire fired, lying FBI agents on their panels that should be in jail. They elevate anyone that is anti-Trump and pro-Obama.

The election this Fall will not be Trump versus Biden.  It will be Trump versus Obama.  Now that Obama has been exposed for who he really is, he will be out campaigning for old groper Biden in the name of protecting Biden from the big bad virus; but reality is, he wants to change public opinion about himself.  He has a legacy to uphold. Obama committed the worst crimes in U.S. History against a sitting president, and we have no other recourse than to punish him like we did Hillary…at the ballot box.  We can’t count on the Federal Government to prosecute him or any of his partners in crime.  They have failed us for four years. Either they don’t have the courage or something else is going on.

We keep hearing on the news that indictments are coming down the pike.  Well…I’m still looking, and I see nothing coming down the pike.  I hear about all the crimes they have committed, but the fake news continues to bury this story even when there’s solid evidence so that their followers won’t even hear about it. It’s repulsive!  This has been going on for four years now.  We can’t take the fake news much longer and the government dragging their feet.

We have to go to the ballot box and vote for Trump to send a message to Obama as he and his cronies have lied, blackmailed, entrapped, cheated, and bribed for twelve years now.  They lie under oath and on air, steal elections, entrap innocent people, and blackmail or bribe congressmen.  Lying has become the new norm.  They can’t be trusted any longer.  The only way to save this country from them and socialism is to vote them ALL out. Every single one of the Democrats on the ballot need to be voted out.  There isn’t an honest one left in the lot.

So let’s cut with the “opening beaches” song and dance and demand that our cities are no longer in shutdown.  The hospitals are not impacted now and the fear of overcrowding them is over which was the intent of the original shutdown or so we were told. :>/

Let our youth go back safely to their offices, restaurants, stores, or boutiques.  They can be responsible by wearing masks when needed and washing hands frequently.  They’re not stupid.  We are all responsible for our own lives. Let us make a living.  Handing out checks is NOT the American way.  We weren’t raised to expect “handouts”.  Stop creating a society of lazy, government-sucking Elois from The Time Machine.

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Wimpy whiner Rick Bright, Former Dir. of BARDA Was NOT Sworn in…


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before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health!  The chairwoman said he knows he should tell the truth before our committee.  Please, he’s a Democrat and all they do is lie.  It’s second nature to them.  He was then asked if he wants a lawyer and, low and behold, who stands up?…Dr. Christine Balsey Ford’s lawyer, Katz. That in itself says it all.  This is just another attempt to bring down the Trump Administration.  Maybe even spark another impeachment!

One of the loaded questions asked by the Dems was Trump asked the public to inject Lysol!  Are you kidding me?  After listening to this activist witness, it is clear that he tried to undermine Trump’s recommendation of hydroxychloroquine because Rick was investing in two “new drugs” and didn’t want HCQ to overshadow his recommendations.  When we are at war, we use the weapons we have at hand not wait for new ones to be tested.  And what happened to health over profits?  Looks like ol’ Rick Bright wanted to make some money on the side with a new drug he recommended not an old tried and true one.  This whole hearing is about bashing HCQ to make Trump look bad.

Another loaded question was that Trump waited until April to enact the Defense Production ACT to get swabs.  What she failed to mention was that Trump enacted the help of numerous private industries with the threat of that act to produce ventilators, masks, testing equipment, and gowns without having to use the Defense Production Act.  This is all another set up.

These questioners also are trying to blame the slow response to “recommending wearing masks” at the beginning of the pandemic on Trump.  It was actually Fauci who said masks don’t protect the wearer. Only to be used if you have symptoms. That’s on Fauci not Trump. So you see, it’s all about getting Trump. Another questioner said early science-based warnings were ignored by the Federal Government and that they still have their jobs. They need to put science ahead of cronyism and politics.  What hypocrites!  Next they’ll be blaming the shortage of toilet paper on Trump.

Rick Bright failed to inform the committee that HCQ had been successfully used on other coronaviruses like SARS and was used by Fauci before.  He only said that it has been successful for Malaria.  Bright is a liar by omission! Or he’s not that bright. Arrogant Rick gets paid over $200,000 a year and hasn’t returned to work since being transferred. He has an ax to grind.  He said he’s on mental medical leave for stress.  Another lie as I’ve never seen such a calm, calculated liar in my life.  He’s on a mission to punish Trump for removing him from his former position.  But he didn’t get a pay reduction?  Poor, poor man. I can see why he’s stressed!

Rick Bright is part of the Deep State and reminded me of  Lieutenant Vindman, the tattletale to the fake whistleblower in the House Hearings. Could be brothers.  He said we don’t have the proper leadership for this pandemic right now. Hint hint.  (Let’s remove Trump!) He was a snake in the grass and got exposed and should have been removed prior to the pandemic as he allowed the pandemic supply stock pile to be depleted while in the Obama Administration. Eventually they all get exposed!  He keeps repeating that HCQ has high risks for the patient, yet he refuses to admit that it has saved the lives of many if taken early without being in the hospital under supervision. And it saves the hospitals time, money, and lives.

During the House Impeachment Hearings an adored witness, former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich, blatantly lied under oath regarding her knowledge of Burisma and Hunter Biden, it turns out now.  Are they going to prosecute her for lying under oath?  I don’t think so.  So when this chairwoman says he knows he has to tell the truth, doesn’t mean he will as there are never repercussions for these Democrat activist liars. Do you see Dr. Ford being prosecuted or Swetnick or the rest of the smug clowns in the House Impeachment Hearings?  No.

My point is:  This committee hearing is just another attempt to “bloody-up” Trump before the next election because they don’t have a candidate that can beat him. 


All the President’s Men…and Women.

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Thirty-nine names appear on ‘The List’ of Obama’s intelligence officials who asked to have General Michael Flynn’s name unmasked on phone records with foreigners. Thirty-nine!  Why did 39 intelligence officials need to unmask General Flynn’s name? Why did they single HIM out?  What does this mean?  Full court press much?

Shortly before Obama left office he added 15 government agencies to be part of the intelligence community to share information. No one at the time questioned this move, but it was all part of their Insurance Plan in case Trump won. It sounded suspicious to me. This allowed these agencies to get involved in intelligence…even the Coast Guard.  What the hell does the Coast Guard have to do with the intelligence community? They’re supposed to rescue wayward boats and look cool.

And after a while, they collectively reported that Russia interfered with our election! What a coincidence they all came up with the same conclusion!  Amazing! And how much better does it sound when you say “15 intelligence agencies reported that Russia interfered with our election” versus just the FBI determined it. Obama must have had a mole doing his dirty work in every agency. Must have been one fine dinner he hosted for them all! I know, I’m using artistic license when embellishing this story but, what the hell, they do too.

Why did they target Flynn?  They were recruited to read the transcript of phone calls of an American Citizen talking with a foreign ambassador without obtaining a search warrant? That’s reprehensible!   It’s against our constitution to spy on an American Citizen without a warrant. Isn’t it? So Obama kept his hands clean while these drones did all the unmasking.  Genius!  But he finally got caught.  Because there are records of this crap going on.  Too bad it comes out so late in the game.  Should have been presented during Trump’s impeachment for “nothing”.

Back story: Obama fired Flynn when he objected to his shady Iran Deal among other things.  Obama was worried when Flynn became part of the Trump Campaign then was invited into the Trump Administration as National Security Adviser that Flynn would retaliate so he did a preemptive strike.

So all of these new-founded intelligence officials (drones) that were recruited vouched that Flynn was colluding with Russia so FBI Director Comey could surreptitiously entrap Flynn after Trump came into office.  But then Deputy AG Rosenstein grew a conscience and came to the podium and announced, “Not one vote was changed due to Russia interference.”  What?  Then why even report it?  It was a CYA announcement. He knew Obama was up to no good and probably didn’t want any part of it.  And the Russia Collusion Story begins.

The more familiar names on ‘The List’ range from Powers to Brennan to Clapper to McDonough to Comey (of course) and finally to Biden who said he doesn’t know a thing about it.  Shocker! These requests all happened before the 2016 election and one week prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.  No wonder Obama and Michelle had those guilty looks on their faces. I suspect Comey, who has a history of leaking to the press, was the one who leaked Flynn’s name to the Washington Post. Oops!  That’s an illegal act. Comey better lawyer up. And the seeds of the Russia Collusion Story were planted.

Brennan also had documents that revealed that Russia preferred to have Hillary win the election as she was more malleable (and the Clinton Foundation owed Putin) but Brennan lied to the public that Russia wanted Trump.  And some (word’s not out yet on who, but I suspect some POSING as Russians) ran pro-Trump ads on Facebook. Have to cover all your bases, right, when you’re planning a conspiracy? And the Russia Collusion Story begins.

What does Russia have on Trump?  Nothing, so let’s create something to look like Trump could be blackmailed.  What about a dirty sex story from one of his last visits there?  Excellent! I know a Russian Spy who’d love to come up with this story.  How much do you think we should pay him?  We can get the DNC to chip inAnd when it’s completed we’ll drop it on McCain’s desk so it doesn’t look like it came from us. McCain hates Trump! And so the Russia Collusion Story began.

I suggest the Senate bring each and everyone of these so-called intelligence agencies that reported that Russia interfered with our election into the Senate to be questioned as to what or who brought them to that conclusion.



Mueller Report Falsely Reported “DNC Emails Hacked by Russia”…


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And America believed it. Special Counsel knew all along that the DNC emails given to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks were from an inside job, yet we were lied to.  If they lied about one thing in that report, then the rest of it cannot be believed. They covered up a huge story in order to protect persons in high positions just as Comey did when he refused to charge Hillary for deleting subpoenaed emails.

This is becoming a pattern for the FBI and CIA and Deep State. They can do whatever they like to protect whomever they want, it seems. In fact, it’s looking more and more like Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC, was gunned down by a hired hitman to silence him and the murder investigation was stymied by the police department. Talk about a conspiracy.

I recall when the FBI went to interview Julian Assange regarding the leaked DNC emails, suddenly Obama told the FBI to “stand down” after “something” turned up.  This to me means they found out it was an inside job and didn’t fit their fake Russia Collusion narrative so that news COULD NOT be released as it would affect Hillary’s chances.  Obama is known for lying right before an election–Benghazi. Also the parents of Seth Rich asked for privacy and wished for no further investigation to be done on their son’s murder.  Weird.  Someone got to them.  IMO.  I’ve always thought this, but it never gets reported.

The woman who stirred his curiosity was Ellen Ratner, a veteran TV news analyst. On the day after the 2016 presidential election, Ratner participated in a videotaped panel discussion at Embry-Riddle University.

“I spent three hours with Julian Assange on Saturday at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London,” said Ratner with a curious lack of emphasis. “One thing he did say was the leaks were not from, they were not from the Russians. They were an internal source from the Hillary campaign.” NWO Report

Forensic evidence combined with testimony from the horse’s mouth are ample proof it was an inside job from someone pissed that Bernie got the nomination stolen from him and this leaker wanted revenge.  Stories come out about Seth’s suspicious death but nothing seems to make it to the press.  I wonder why?  Is the government so big, so protected, so corrupt that we never really find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Yes.

Look what one judge is doing to General Flynn now.  Even though the Attorney General’s special prosecutor has found no evidence of him involved with Russia Collusion or even lying to the FBI, this Obama-appointed judge won’t drop the charges without hearing from the Deep State for their opinions.  This sucks.  While Flynn remains in purgatory, this judge is playing tiddlywinks with his life.  He needs to step aside as he is compromised and prejudiced and probably part of the conspiracy.

Papergreat: Top of an old box of Tiddledy Winks

Eric Holder, Obama’s wing man, is coming out against AG Barr now saying he is doing Trump’s bidding.  That’s rich.  Notice how he and Obama are resurfacing suddenly?  Don’t you think it is to get public opinion on their side?  They must be scared to death of Barr and Durham.  Good luck.

Is everyone tired of what the left is doing to this country yet?  Are we in for bigger trouble down the road with three trillion dollar stimulus packages that propose to keep our youth home from work forever?  Red states versus blue states?  Health experts GUESSING about a virus threat to one extreme causing people to be afraid to reenter the workplace?  Mayor’s telling their citizens they have to shelter in place for three more months! Governors telling boaters, no more than two occupants to a boat regardless of the size! There’s no covid in boating. What is this world coming to?  Why aren’t we fighting back?  Why aren’t the Republicans fighting back?  Just coming on television and voicing your strong opinions is doing nothing for us. You’ve done that for four years to no avail.  Do something!  This is why you hold elected offices. We can’t do anything. Who will save our country?

Trump needs to take control of these states that are out of control and tell the companies to reopen safely.  He gave these partisan governors a chance, and they’re playing politics.  Now it’s time for “Trump to the rescue” like Superman.  Otherwise, we lose our country to poverty AND the plague. The blue state cities are lying about the death counts from covid and the availability of testing.  They’ll say anything negative about the handling of the pandemic as long as it reflects badly on Trump.  And the press conference reporters need to go. They are setup artists trying to trap Trump with nasty questions.  I’m sick of it.  I’m over it.

Reopen our country, free General Flynn, and tell the truth about Seth Rich!

#reopenamericanow #I’moverit  #freegeneralflynn


“Was the Goal of the Shutdown to Flatten the Curve or the U.S. Economy?”

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asked Rush. “And ultimately get rid of President Trump?”  Fauci is claiming opening up the economy too soon will cause a resurgence in the Fall which will result in suffering and death. He hinted at schools remaining closed in the Fall unless there is a vaccine. What a fear-mongerer. How will that work for working parents that are allowed to go back to work?  Not so good.  Who’s going to watch their children at home?  Will Day Cares reopen? Most can’t afford them. Fauci makes no sense.

“What if we open up too late?” Rush Limbaugh asks.  What is their goal to ruin the economy even more and, therefore, ruin Trump?  The lifetime bureaucrat Fauci says he doesn’t recommend on the economy–just health. Of course he doesn’t care about the economy as he is still getting paid.  He could care less about small business and what they must be going through.  He lacks empathy.

If Fauci undermines Trump during this Senate Hearing today, which is just Democrats and RINOs (Romney) grandstanding on their soapboxes, Trump should take him off the committee.  He can’t have this guy undermining his vision as a way out of this shutdown and a chance to restore the economy.  The quarantine should have been just for “the vulnerable and the infected” not the rest of America.  But since we listened to the experts and did it anyway, we have to have a sensible way out. Fauci has no sense.

Some governors like Newsom and Cuomo and Whitmer are not using “common sense” for the reopening of their states.  Newsom won’t open up California rivers for fishing so as a result my husband had to drive 40 miles to a river in Nevada to fish. There’s no covid in fishing.  Waste of gas and time. He also won’t allow tennis to open but opened up golf.  Makes no sense.  There’s no covid in tennis unless you’re sharing your balls with strangers.  I think tennis players have the brains to know better. And what person inflicted with covid would have the strength to play tennis?  Newsom has no sense.

Whitmer is closing down a barber shop that reopened and arresting the owner. Whitmer has no sense.  Cuomo has been clueless from the get go regarding the epidemic from allowing foreigners into his state to allowing infected patients to go back to their nursing homes to having a family birthday party during the shutdown to releasing dangerous prisoners into the  general population. Not only no sense but clueless.

All the governors need to open up their states and let their citizens and company owners use their brains for a change.  If you go into a store, put on your face mask.  If you go golfing, 86 the face mask.  Don’t hold any large parties with folks you do not know have been following the guidelines only family members you can trust (and that limits the numbers by a lot). Continue to keep your distance of six feet from other shoppers.  It can be done.  Open up offices and factories in your cities allowing only healthy workers to return. Cut work days in office to 3 days in and 2 days working from home.  Allow the owners to implement their own guidelines.  They’re not stupid.  They run companies for godsakes! Better than most of these governors do. Let us live before there’s nothing left to live for.