Where is Lyin’ Biden Hidin’?


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Where’s “I did that” Joe?  Where’s the Democrat candidate who’s won the most states so far?  Where’s the guy who says he’d be able to handle the coronavirus better than Trump? Where’s the guy who’ll beat Trump like a drum? Where are they hiding him?

For the last few weeks all we’ve seen is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo acting very presidential at press conferences speaking passionately and intelligently, neither of which Biden can do.  He’s a stark contrast to Biden.  I think Cuomo is vying for the Democrat primary candidate as the rest of the candidates could not do what he does daily.  None of them have personalities or senses of humor like Cuomo. None of them can speak from the heart and off the cuff like Cuomo. I don’t really know the history of Cuomo, but he looks like a viable candidate for their top ticket.

When Biden’s not lying about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic, he’s in hiding. I hear Joe’s going to make a statement today via video.  I’m all ears waiting with bated breath.  A little late to the party, Joe.  Where have you been for two weeks? Everything that could be said has already been said.  Your eleventh hour speech will do nothing for us. Save your strength for the convention. You’re gonna need it.

I can see a brokered convention coming.  The election has taken the backseat to the war on the coronavirus crisis and the two candidates remaining (Biden and Bernie) are not getting any airtime.  If they do get airtime, all they do is repeat their same old insults on Trump. They have no plans, ideas, or a doctrine that makes economic sense. Perfect time to slip in someone else like Andrew Cuomo. Any Democrat with a brain knows that Biden can’t stand on a stage next to Trump during a debate.  It would be unfair and cruel.  But if Cuomo stood up next to Trump, now we’ve got ourselves a presidential debate.  Not that I want Trump to lose but at least give him a challenge from someone relevant.

And why wouldn’t the Democrats want a true Progressive to run against Trump?  One that has years of political experience, is a seasoned speaker, and has common sense.  One who is age appropriate. Cuomo may not have a conservative doctrine like Trump has, but better than Biden I’m sure.  The Democrats should take a long look at Cuomo and consider him to replace Biden.  Biden is not up for the challenge.  He has serious mental issues and his wife is hiding it. Someone needs to talk to her.

Our country is going through unprecedented times. We’ll have massive layoffs soon and huge jump in unemployment checks going out.  This is all the result of the virus not our economy.  If everyone is patient and follows the shelter in place orders, the virus will starve and companies can reopen for business as usual.  Patience is a virtue which we are all beginning to lose, but we must persevere. We are in a battle like we’ve never had before and during an election year.  The perfect storm.

Trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak very presidentially too.  But it’s taking a toll on him, no doubt.  He didn’t deserve this outbreak.  He has spent three years defending himself against hoaxes contrived by the Democrats all the while running our country successfully and now this?  Out of the blue.  Blindsided.  No good deed goes unpunished?  Really?  And astonishingly, the damn coronavirus was creeping on our shores right when poor Trump was up for impeachment. Talk about a distraction!  This has all the components for a government conspiracy novel but a literary agent would pass on it saying “it’s too contrived and unimaginable.”  Yeah, no one would believe it. But it happened.

Trump’s daily press conferences have been informative and reassuring to Americans.  Some of the reporters ask snarky, unnecessary, repetitive questions making us want to slap them down; but that notwithstanding, Trump is keeping his cool.

Wherever lyin’ Biden is hidin’ makes no difference as he’s irrelevant during this war on the invisible enemy. And Mike Pence is as cool as a cucumber and very presidential.  Look out 2024.

Being Patient = Less Patients = Back to Work Soon.

An “Invisible Enemy” Like in the Movie, The Predator.

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As in the movie, we are at war with an invisible enemy that we can’t see to fight it.  It’s impossible to know when we leave the house, if we’re going to happen to breath it in, touch it, and transfer it back into our homes.  It could be just one droplet on the gasoline nozzle, the box just delivered to your house, even on your personal mailbox.  We don’t know. And there’s no laser gun like in the movie to obliterate it.

We try to put on plastic gloves for the obvious places where the news has warned us about like doorknobs, shopping carts, money, and slot machines.  But there are so many more places to encounter this invisible enemy: on the cylinder at the drive up bank window, at the ATM machine, on the blue U.S. Post Office mailbox handle, on the payphone, on the box of cereal just purchased, on the pen at the credit card machine.  We almost have to wear plastic gloves whenever we leave the house.

If we get take out food, how do we know if the predator was inside the restaurant floating through the air and landing on our food?  We don’t.  If we get home delivery of food, how do we know the delivery person didn’t cough the predator onto the bag or pizza box it comes in?  We don’t.  We almost have to avoid those encounters or wash them down once inside the home.  Maybe zap our take-in prepared food in the microwave before eating. It’s unseemly to behave in this manner, but it is the only way to kill the predator.

No more family dinners with your seemingly healthy family.  They are one cough away from spreading the invisible enemy unbeknownst to them.  They are one hug away from transferring a predator onto your clothing which you’ll touch later.  Even though you’ll ask for no handshakes or kisses, that doesn’t stop the predator. It’ll find another way to invade the whole family.  It doesn’t care what political party you are with or how old you are.  It’s an equal opportunity predator.

With the shelter in place order, we’ll be visiting fewer and fewer public places; but we’ll always need replacement food or medicine.  Will this predator be lying in wait for our accidental encounter?  Will we be aware of Its presence?  Not likely.  It can disguise Itself on a family member, even a grandchild.  We won’t be able to spot It. This is why we must stay away from our loved ones for a few weeks.  The predator will starve as It must live in a human’s cells.  With no humans around to attack, It will have nowhere to go.  With no cells to invade, It dissipates.  It goes away until another time, another year, another place.  By then we’ll have the vaccine.

Stay home = Stay well = Starve the predator. 

COVID-19 Silver Lining: No Election News!


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What election?  No one cares.  No more rallies. No more debates. No more town halls. No more results. Some guy won all the states last Tuesday but no one cares.  The winner has no say in our current crisis: the war against an invisible enemy.  Whatever he says is worthless. Trump is getting 24-7 coverage with his daily coronavirus updates, governor telephone calls, and FEMA meetings. He’s even getting along with governors and some journalists except for the same one who asks, “Why are you calling it a China Virus?  Isn’t that racist?” Could be the dumbest question of the year by a journalist. She should be fired.

What’s Joe doing today besides complaining on some weird video that Trump had mishandled the epidemic from the beginning and is xenophobic, racist, and incompetent.  Who’s watching Biden videos?  Probably China, Hollywood, and Pelosi, as he is their last great hope. Bernie’s done.  He’s crying in a Russian beer somewhere. They didn’t want him. He and his protege AOC may as well quit the race.

I was wondering what the first silver linings would be: 1) No election news. 2) It is how well the Trump Administration is handling the war against an invisible enemy that came from China. Trump has nicknamed the coronavirus the China Virus, despite the press’s calls for it being racist.  When all else fails for these poor, poor journalists: claim racism.  Trump even called them out for sitting too close in the press room today. Classic Trump.

Trump is as serious as anyone has ever seen him.  He’s fearful of the economy which has tanked.  He’s fearful of unemployment which has escalated.  He’s fearful of deaths which haven’t increased terribly but still a big concern as the cases have. Trump’s demeanor shows a new side to him to the average Joe. They never knew he had a serious side or what they call “presidential.”  Press conferences are the new rallies.

Biden wouldn’t be able to handle this crisis. He’d be hiding in a room which he calls the “situation room” asking for advice but wouldn’t enlighten the public.  That’s the Obama way.  They would be hiding the number of cases, keeping the borders open, allowing flights to continue as well as businesses. Neither of them have ever run a business and have no clue how to obtain supplies or get help from the private sector. They’d be hiding Biden from public speaking because he can’t speak intelligently in public.

I think when this is all said and done, Trump comes out smelling like a rose sort of like after 9-11 when Bush came out like smelling like a “rose” bush.  Trump’s economy, although great one month ago, wasn’t even being reported. But if the death toll stays down and the market comes back as well as jobs, Trump will win hands down.  He will have proven to the people that he can handle the biggest crisis since 9-11 despite never being a politician before. He has the “art of the deal” no matter what the deal is.  Even an invisible enemy. Trump is able to learn on the job and adjust– what we call a “quick study.”

Third silver lining: Drive In Movie Theatres are making a comeback.  Always enjoyed those. Now if Facebook goes under, we’ll all be better off.

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NY Governor Cuomo Doesn’t Understand the Federal Guidelines.


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The Federal Government cannot put restrictions on each and every state.  That’s up to governors.  That’s why we have governors.  The Federal Government has been very clear from the beginning of this outbreak on guidelines of what not to do and what to do.  How much clearer do they need to be?  I read them loud and clear:  avoid crowds, eat from home, avoid flights, avoid public transportation, wash hands upon entering your home.  It’s really pretty simple common sense stuff, but apparently Gov. Cuomo doesn’t get it.  He needs the Federal Government to come into his city and take over. He wants national restrictions.  He’s asking for the National Guard.

CA Gov. Newsom gets it.  It’s a little hard to enforce, but at least he gets it. And I’m no fan of Newsom.  Stay home if you’re over the age of 65.  PERIOD.  Cook, drink wine, and be merry in your home. You should have already gotten enough food (no hoarding) weeks ago.  There’s some things you can go without.  And he’s closing all bars, wine tasting (which is unnecessary), and clubs.  He’s asking restaurants to cut patrons to half. These are common sense suggestions which the restaurants should have already taken into consideration.  We’re not a nanny country.  We don’t need government to tell us what to do at all times.  Sometimes we have to use good judgment, make smart choices, be considerate, and try to be flexible. Sometimes our judgment is not up to par, and that’s when the government steps in.

Every state is different.  What’s good for San Francisco may not be good for Twin Falls, Idaho.  For the Federal Government to put the same restrictions on every state would be inadvisable, but that’s what Cuomo wants.  Leave it up to the governors, please.  And Cuomo please stop your press conferences.  You’re not running for president.  If he can’t figure out what to do in his state, he should keep it to himself.  We don’t need to hear from him daily. He actually said, “We are in chaos.”  Speak for yourself, Cuomo.  JEB likes that word too.  Coincidence.  I don’t think so.  They crave chaos.

Also hospitals don’t have a shortage of beds yet.  Why set up emergency tents with beds until they do?  That would be wasteful.  FEMA is ready for any outbreak that one city cannot handle.  That’s what they do.  No need to call them in beforehand.  That would be selfish and a waste of valuable personnel and money. This is another of Cuomo’s brainstorms.  He seriously needs to shut up as he’s just spreading fear and disinformation.  Maybe that’s his intent.  Spread fear and crash the market even more.  And why do we need to televise him?  We don’t.  He should just be on NY channels.

Trump has done so much good for our country.  For the left to hang this China virus around his neck is not only unfair but cruel.  But that’s what the left are–cruel.  They will look for anything to bring him down in November.  Let’s stand by our president and show him it’s not his fault.  Let’s nip this contagious virus in the bud by following the guidelines set in place weeks ago.  68 deaths is not a pandemic really in 2-1/2 months nor are 3,800 cases out of 300 million population, but the media will hype it as one. A pandemic would be 138,000 cases with 6,000 deaths, IMO. This is not 9-11, our last real crisis.

And to the idiot who posted a picture of a crowded airport labeling it “Government incompetence:” or something to that effect, maybe you were being selfish by traveling overseas against the guidelines during an epidemic.  Guidelines said “avoid long flights.” Duh!  You didn’t need to return. It was optional. Continue on your stupid vacation and return when it’s over.  For everyone to return at once was not smart.  Just stay in Europe if you think our government isn’t handling the epidemic properly.  We won’t miss you.  See how long you’ll last with socialized medicine.

What to Expect in Tonight’s Debate.


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It will be a battle of who’s tough enough to take on Trump.  Not who’s better to run our country; just who’s mean and strong enough to go up against Trump, i.e. who can beat him?

Besides these two old White guys without an audience to cheer on their big egos will be too chicken to take on each other for fear of what will come out. After all, they’ve been senators together and know where all the bodies are buried.  It will be the “man behind the curtain” vs. the “cowardly lion” from Wizard of Oz.  One talks loud and tough and the other cowers in fear when challenged; and for the life of me, I can’t say which is which.

Biden’s real tough when he’s surrounded by his so-called supporters; but when on stage with Bernie, he won’t have a go at him or tell him step outside.  He’ll focus on Trump.  Same with Bernie.  Bernie never tries to take out another Democrat. So tonight will just be another Trump-bashfest.

They will spread more fear of the coronavirus and how Trump has mishandled it from the get go, which isn’t true.  But it’s all they’ve got.  Without Trump, they’ve got nothing to talk about.  Biden can’t run on past accomplishments as he has none.  Neither can Bernie. So essentially, we’ll be watching two old white-haired men slinging insults at Trump such as incompetent, this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, most corrupt administration in history, Putin’s puppet, and decency and the soul of America will be on the ballot. And since the debate will appear on fake news CNN all the questions will be loaded with misinformation prompting them to bash Trump.

We’ve seen it before on MSNBC.   Rachel Maddow started her line of questions with, “Now that the ambassador has testified that Trump had a quid pro quo with Ukraine, will you encourage your fellow senators to impeach?” Such a nasty question and so debatable.

Here’s a taste of what we might hear tonight:  When Trump minimized the threat of the coronavirus by calling it a hoax, how did it make you feel?  What would you have done differently to save lives in the U.S.?  How will we get government-provided lunches to the millions of children kept home from school!?  Do you think Trump is asking the CDC to hide the total numbers of infected and deaths in the U.S.?  Who would you have appointed to head the crisis rather than unqualified VP Pence? Will the stock market keep crashing and are we heading for a recession?  Do you think Trump should have used a testkit on himself rather than on someone showing symptoms? 

There will be no questions asked about how a “medicare for all” would look during this crisis.  No questions about their plans to increase taxes on companies already suffering losses from this crisis.  No questions about their plans for open borders allowing more illegals into our country overburdening our health facilities.  No questions on Obama’s poor economy and job market that Biden was part of.  No questions on late term abortions which they both approve of.  No questions on Biden’s dealings with Ukraine or Bernie’s praising Castro.  No questions on Trump’s successes with ISIS, USMCA, and job market prior to the coronavirus outbreak. And absolutely no questions on Biden’s failing health. Some subjects are just taboo.

These moderators will go after any negative issue they can conjure up on Trump. Both the candidates will try to prove who is “the one” who can take on Trump.  And if Bernie says “Trump is a pathological liar and the most dangerous president in history” one more time, he needs to be tested for tourette syndrome. Bernie has no answers to questions other than this pat answer to any question.  He’s a BS artist; not qualified to run for president.

Biden is suffering from senility and needs to be treated in the privacy of his home.  The fact that the Democrats are pushing him on us is elder abuse and malpractice. But they have a devious plan to have Biden’s VP takeover at some point.  But I doubt if he’ll stand a chance on stage during a two hour debate against Trump.  Trump will eat his lunch like Bloomberg said.

So remember when watching tonight’s debate that it’s nothing more than them trying to prove to the voters which one has the “secret sauce” to beat Trump. Not what they’ll do for America.  Not what they’ll do for climate change, mass shootings, homelessness, or infrastructure.  It’s all about who is better at taking on Trump.  So far the voters think Biden is. I think Biden has a short shelf life and will implode one of these days.


The candidates ended up standing at podiums after all.  I guess they got word it would look wimpy if they sat. The two old men did have a go at each other, much to my surprise.  Bernie was scratching his head at one point as he couldn’t believe all the lies Biden was spewing about his own record, and he didn’t have Candy Korlic there with a fact memo to help him.  Biden acted arrogant and above some of the questions.  But when asked if he’d deport an illegal if they broke the law, he frankly said, “No.” Probably wouldn’t even keep him in jail.  He compared the Mexicans crossing our border illegally to Irish who migrated here legally.

Bernie just kept talking about how people will pay for their healthcare if they get coronavirus.  That is a non issue as the government will step in.  He is not up to speed. But he did repeat his pat line that Trump is a pathological liar etc. etc. 

Trump won the debate as these two men looked not ready for prime time.  Biden thought he’d garner some votes by claiming he’d pick a female VP.  Big whoop!  We already knew that. Bernie can’t find one woman progressive or old enough to choose. AOC is too young.

Schumer Takes Credit For Trump’s National Emergency!


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When will Nancy and Schumer get it?  When they aren’t blaming Trump for the coronavirus, they’re taking credit for anything he has done to prevent it.  “That was our idea!” they claim when Trump announces a National Emergency.  It sounds very similar to “I did that” Joe.  These Democrats are so envious of Trump’s handling the country they can’t see straight.  They were wishing for a pandemic (which I think is overkill) to tank the stock market.  It’s a virus that kills older people with underlying conditions or younger folks that have a condition. PERIOD.  It’s a virus that is easily spread but rarely deadly.

Let’s recap shall we?  The Democrats have been looking for a reason to take Trump out since he first came down the escalator.  This is just their latest attempt.  It all started with the suspiciously timed release of a recording by NBC of a private conversation which they held for months during the campaign.  I won’t repeat it.  But Billy Bush is JEB’s cousin.  No coincidence.  Remember JEB repeatedly said during the debates, “You’ll never be president.  You’d be a chaos president.”  What did he know that we didn’t know?  He knew about the tape that was being held by NBC. From that day on JEB and his “never trumpers” ( RIP McCain, Romney, Flake, Kasich) have been giving Trump chaos.

Then there was Stormy Daniels who came out of the woodwork together with Cohen and Avenatti, and we all know how that turned out.  That was supposed to be the end of Trump’s presidency.

Then after Trump fired Comey all hell broke loose whereby Comey leaked memos to the press which spurred a Special Counsel being appointed to look into Russia Collusion. What??  Trump colluded with Russia?  How so?  Oh, must have been that off-the-cuff joke made at a rally about Russia finding Hillary’s missing emails which she had already deleted and bleach bit her hard drive.  Grasping at straws much, Mueller?

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While this investigation was going on Trump nominated Kavanaugh.  Then all the bleep hit the fan again.  More chaos.  Kavanaugh was accused of everything back in high school and college from being a blackout drunk, a rapist, punch spiker, to a gang rapist.  It was outrageous.  But the Dems were desperate to keep a conservative off the bench. Lindsey Graham put them all in their place including Booker, Harris, and Klobuchar. All three unfit for president.

The Mueller Probe was a big stretch, but they had been spying on the Trump campaign, passing around a fake dossier, and thought they could tarnish Trump with something, anything.  After three years, several innocent witnesses arrested, and 33 million dollars later, the investigation came up with nothing.  It was all a smokescreen to scare voters into voting Democrat, taking over the House.

But that wasn’t enough.  They still wanted Trump out. They were wounded and dangerous which was the impetus for the leaked phone call with Ukraine by Vindman and the parade of scholars that testified against Trump and the eventual Impeachment by the House!  But not in the Senate much to their chagrin.

So that left the Dems looking vindictive and hated by most of America.  Now we are up to present with a virus which they are trying to blame on Trump.  Trump has done everything possible to keep the number of victims down to 50.  No one wants people to die.  But careless healthcare workers and those coming home from overseas have led to the spread of this virus.  Now we are in containment mode whereby folks should stay home and not visit with family or friends.  Schools closed and many companies too.

But the Dems trying to take credit for Trump’s handling of the virus so far, is rich.  When they aren’t blaming Trump, they’re taking credit away from Trump.  Like they all did with Trump’s economy including Obama.  And Slow Joe giving a speech on how to handle the virus with suggestions that Trump has already done is also rich.  The guy has been on the wrong side of history his whole life.  Who would ever listen to him? He has no business running for president or for any position for that matter.  He skated through the VP position while lining his son’s pockets.  He wouldn’t be able to run a city let alone the country.  He doesn’t hold a candle to Trump. He’s just green with envy of him.

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When this coronavirus suddenly comes to a halt and Schumer takes credit for that, the media will shut up. Then the Dems will just invent their next chaos like JEB predicted. Notice we haven’t seen JEB in three years? That’s no coincidence. JEB is also green with envy on how Trump has done everything JEB wished to do but wouldn’t have been courageous enough to do.  Thus, all the chaotic hoaxes, scares, and shams (spaghetti) thrown at the wall hoping something, anything will stick.  But Trump is always two steps ahead of their shams. Why? Because he’s smarter than them.

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NY Gov. Cuomo “Thinks” Virus Will Last 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 Months???!!!


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What is it? A pregnancy? Who the hell is Cuomo to GUESS something like this?  Answer: A Democrat trying to ruin Trump’s chances of winning in November.  DUH!  He’s not a doctor.  He’s not a scientist. He’s not a health provider.  He’s a ineffective governor. He has no business talking like this. He needs to shut the hell up! He is just politicizing the virus to suit his own party’s agenda.  It’s no coincidence his brother works at CNN spreading more FAKE NEWS. They are trying to  “Never let a crisis go to waste” is the Democrat mantra.

Notice how Nancy tried to slip in all kinds of permanent goodies into an emergency bill to combat the virus?  They don’t care about the virus.  They want a bill that remains in effect long after the virus is gone which would stifle a strong economy and run up the deficit.   She even had funding for Planned Parenthood. Remember the Swine Flu during the Obama years?  Of course not.  The media circled the wagons around Obama and didn’t report the deaths and number of cases all in an effort to protect the “chosen one.” And Obama rarely mentioned it as he was the king of downplaying terror attacks and any news which would affect his reelection. Benghazi. 17,000 people died from Swine Flu vs 40 so far with the Coronavirus.  See how this is being overhyped?

And if there’s any cutbacks at hospitals this is the result of Obamacare.  Hospitals are losing money when the uninsured (who can’t afford Obama’s health plan) walk into the hospital.  So they cutback on beds and health providers.  When is the last time you went to the ER?  If you did, you waited in the exam room for over an hour to be seen by a doctor.  Then four hours later and an $8,000 charge, you are diagnosed with a sprained wrist and sent home with a soft cast and a prescription for pain pills.

The media will hype this virus daily to run down the stock market and spread fear among families, businesses, and cities.  Companies are cancelling future business for fear of coronavirus.  Weddings are being cancelled as well as sporting events due to this virus.  This virus should dissipate in the warm months despite what Cuomo “thinks”. That’s what has happened to viruses in the past.  Cuomo wants it to continue for the long haul so they can drag out bad news for Trump. Not everyone needs to be tested, only those with the typical symptoms in high risk age. PERIOD!

It’s just a last ditch effort by the left to ruin the economy which has already taken a hit.  They would rather destroy our livelihood than have Trump win in November with a strong economy and job market.  This is what they do.  They will use this “crisis” to try to get Trump out.  Yesterday Joy on The Pew said, “Trump should resign already.”  Are you kidding me?  Joy should have been fired long ago. She’s one ignoramus.

It’s not Trump’s fault that China let a virus get out of control.  The president of China knew about it and took no precautions then it spread like wildfire.  That’s on China not Trump.  Trump immediately banned incoming flights from China and now Europe.  These are bold moves but good moves.  These Americans who are traveling during this outbreak are being irresponsible and Trump has to deal with them when they return.  It just makes his job harder.

Everytime you hear of a new case of the virus it is caused by an irresponsible, selfish person. One with a laissez faire, nonchalant attitude.  We all know them.  They go about their business without a care in the world spreading germs.  When you ask them to take precautions they will pooh pooh you.  They laugh it off.  They’ll say something like, “I can’t shut out the world.”  But they will be the first in line to clear the shelves at Costco leaving nothing for the next person. And if they got it, they would ignore all recommendations and rush to the ER exposing everyone in the waiting room. Selfish people.

Everyone needs to act responsible so we can nip this in the bud.  If we do, this will all be nothing more than a memory when June comes around.

HOPE FOR THE BEST, BUT TAKE PRECAUTIONS FOR THE WORST.  Don’t spread unnecessary speculation like “Doctor”Cuomo is doing. It will all be over soon.  Be smart. Stay well. Ignore the media as much as possible as they love bad news and never report good news.  In fact, we never see the statistics on how many cases have recovered only the deaths and new cases. Why is that?  You know.