How Mob Rule Can Influence a Jury’s Verdict.

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Now I hope I’m wrong, but judging from the way some in the media are slandering Rittenhouse (Joy Behar) and the city bringing in the National Guard (which they should have done prior to the innocent), I suspect the jury is feeling intimidated to make a verdict whereby they will not be retaliated against by Black backlash and the biased media. Any juror that doesn’t have this fear is not being truthful.

Can you remember the trial of O.J.? There was so much evidence proving him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” that there wasn’t a smidgeon of a chance he was innocent; yet the jury (who was intimidated by Black backlash) acquitted him. In fact, they had turned the trial into claims of racism against the cops that arrested O.J.. It sent shockwaves across the nation. Also the trial of Michael Jackson. His supporters didn’t care about his accusations and influenced his jury to declare him innocent of all charges. It was also shocking. Both black defendants, I might add.

But now we have a non-celebrity, conservative white teen who, for all intents and purposes, did not go out into the night to kill ruthless rioters; but rather found himself in the middle of a gang attack and over his head literally. And where for God sakes were the police? Rittenhouse freaked and found himself fighting for his life. And he didn’t shoot black rioters, but they were members of Antifa or BLM and that’s all that matters to the blacks and the biased media. The boy’s a racist!

I don’t know if this boy has a jury of his peers or what, but he should be found innocent of Murder One. I hope the jury and the judge have not been intimidated enough to effect their vote from the threats they have received to them and their families but rather rule according to the law, not mob rule.

If mob rule is the way our high profile trials are going to go, then there’s no point in having a judge and jury. But notice it is only conservatives or cops getting prosecuted these days by leftwing prosecutors. This is what worries me. I can assure you if Kyle Rittenhouse had been shot dead by one of his victims, those perps would never have been charged, i.e. no high profile trial, no media reports of the killing. They’d bury the story. For example, why hasn’t the cop that murdered Ashli Babbitt been prosecuted? Why was his identity protected for so long? Oh, I forgot, he’s black and a known supporter of BLM. And he hated Trump. I suspect Ashli’s MAGA hat alone prompted him to shoot her. Reverse racism.

If this boy can’t get a fair outcome to his trial because of threats of the city being burned or lives of the jurors, then this country has turned into a third world country whereby elections and trials have no purpose and are, therefore, nothing more than “for show.”

“Karma Has No Menu…

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You get served what you deserve.” I heard these words of wisdom in a movie recently and it made me think of what our country is getting served by choosing Biden over Trump by rigging an election. Boy, oh boy, are we getting served a pile of shit on a plate. The Misery Index is at level 8 whereas a year ago (before the rigged election) it was at 0.6. What baffles me is how the people who voted for Biden seem oblivious to what he has caused all on his own. Biden is even downplaying inflation which is getting worse and seems to welcome it. Kamala, on the other hand, says it’s serious; but also feigns obliviousness to who created it: Biden. But clearly is distancing herself from him.

The rest of us have to reap what the Democrats have sewn. It’s not fair. Democrats can get away with ignoring a subpoena whereas a Republican gets indicted. It’s not fair. Biden has gotten rid of energy independence which makes our gas prices soar but acts like it’s business as usual. It’s not fair. Biden is paying people more to stay home and our store shelves are empty. It’s not fair. Patriotic rally goers on January 6th got indicted whereas BLM rioters that burned cities and FBI agents that incited January 6th did not. It’s not fair. Biden wants to shutdown more pipelines in our country and bankrupt oil companies and jail CEOs but thinks selling access to his presidency is legal. None of the above is fair; but right now the rest of us are just collateral damage.

Buttigeig says vaccines and childcare will solve the backlog at the ports! He thinks the pandemic has something to do with truckers and longshoremen staying home. The price of gas has caused many truckers to throw in the towel. Biden paying people to sit home has more to do with the backlog than the pandemic which is over. Energy dependence on other countries trickles down into every aspect of our economy. Buttigieg is an idiot with no business being a transportation secretary. Secretary maybe, just not in our cabinet. More like a boring motivational speaker who rips off his paid audience.

But if my title rings true. Karma will be serving up to those who helped to cheat to get Biden in office and those who incited the January 6th setup and to those who are still hyping it. For the rest of his clueless supporters that still back him, that’s on you. But I’d be careful, your feigned naivete can border on bad karma. For example: If you don’t stand up for freedom, low taxes, energy independence, and parents at school board meetings; then you can toss out your menu. We will never stand for being a socialist country.



If Rittenhouse is Acquitted…

Joe saying stupid stuff.

he should sue Joe Biden and those in the media that labeled him a White Supremacist and Domestic Terrorist prior to his trial. It was slanderous, obstruction of justice, and jury tampering which caused the prosecution to overcharge the case to please the woke president’s mob. Why is it that conservatives with a gun get arrested for defending themselves, yet Antifa and BLM with weapons and guns threatening murder and assaulting people do not?

Many BLM and Antifa have shot police, innocent bystanders, store owners, security guards, or assaulted old women on the street, yet I never hear of their trials? Why is that? Reminds me of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer’s trial. Oops, I forgot, her killer was awarded a badge of honor. Hmmm. Is it because they are in the protected class of people which includes BLM and Antifa and Climate Change activists? They are doing the bidding for this crazy old man running our country into the ground? This crazy old codger that threatens to bankrupt the oil industry and jail their CEOs? Who the hell does he think he is…God?

He has a god-like complex. He hired people in his cabinet that are either crazier than him or are just going along to get along like the Energy Secretary who scoffed at the thought of gasoline prices coming down. This is what they want: all conservatives arrested and jailed so they can shove the rest of their agenda down the gullibles’ throats without any resistance.

The media have labeled Rittenhouse a school shooter, vigilante, militant, and racist even though those shot were white. But they call the rioting BLM and Antifa anarchists (paid for by George Soros) peaceful demonstrators. The blatantly biased double standard is deafening.

I’m worried for the future of our country, very worried. I see nothing positive happening this whole year. Everything this administration does has a deleterious effect. But I know now it is on purpose. No administration could be this inept so often. If Trump were making all these mistakes, it would be frontpage, global news; but our communist news networks (aside from FOX and Newsmax) are all in on it. They haven’t even apologized for spreading the “Russia Russia Russia” lie. Adam Schiff had the gall to double down on the Russia lie still claiming Trump’s innocent joke was a message to Russia. What a buffoon he is. I call that CYA.

I hope Rittenhouse is acquitted as it was not premediated murder. He brought a rifle into a mob and lived to tell about it. I blame the mayor for allowing this mayhem to start and not bringing in the National Guard. The city was under siege by anarchists. If he had, Rittenhouse would have stayed home and none of this would have occurred. Liberal mayors are ruining our cities across America and Rittenhouse is just a symptom of the problem. He has brought the problem to light.

Have you noticed the left’s new answer to the obvious? Antifa was just an IDEA, they aren’t real. Critical Race Theory now DOESN’T EXIST in our schools. It’s just a right wing culture war lie. Inflation is called a GOOD THING. And finally, the Laptop from Hell DOESN’T EXIST, either. So when they get caught, it is just a mirage we are seeing. Better get our eyes checked. I think the left needs their own dictionary called The Woketionary. But we now know what Build Back Better is supposed to mean: Bankrupt our country and build back a socialist, anti-fossil fuel, green energy, and all EV Utopia.

Problem is it is not sustainable, feasible, or practical. But “energy independence” is including all types of green energy. Eliminating our oil, natural gas, and coal production makes us dependent on our enemies which is not a place we want to be but where we are headed under Biden.

Hoaxes Spread by the Media, Democrats, and Social Media Are Coming Home to Roost.

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We all remember the likes of Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Woodward, Maddow, Todd, Stzrok, Blitzer, Hillary, Brennan, Obama, Biden, Lemon, Tapper, etc. etc. all spewing the never-ending story of Russia Russia Russia! Collusion against Trump day in and day out ad nauseum. It made us sick. But Robert Mueller and his clan got rich off the story then came out and said, there was no solid proof of collusion. “Phew,” we all collectively sighed aloud. But that’s not the end of the story.

It now comes out, finally, (and as we all suspected) that everyone above was in on it from the beginning. They helped to spread, cultivate, and marinate it until the people began to believe it whether it was true or not. Then when Trump was totally exonerated, they came up with their next hoax, the Ukraine Phone Call with Traitor Fiona Hill one of the instigators together with pajamaboy, Schiff, and Lt. Vindman. Wonder how much they paid these clowns? Four beauties as Trump would say. They strung that story out for as long as they could even coming up with an impeachment that went nowhere. But we now know (as we all suspected) that it was just another hoax created by these loons in the Deep State together with smirking Chris Efing Wray.

I just hope Durham has enough evidence to link these two hoaxes together onto the same lawless Deep State. Then when that wasn’t enough, since Trump was doing so great with the economy despite the setbacks and false stories about him, we experienced the bioweapon unleashed on the world and funded by none other than Adolf Fauci. Word is still out whether there will be a special counsel to investigate Fauci’s involvement with the Wuhan Lab and Gain of Function.

So while Trump was coming up with vaccines at record speed and holding daily pressers with the Hitler Fauci secretly undermining him in the media, the next sham or scam or hoax was the presidential election. Totally rigged with the help of corrupt governors, mayors, postal workers, election workers, social media, media, and BLM. It seems too widespread to even believe but that’s what makes it possible because they already did it with Russia Russia Russia so it’s in their playbook now! This is how they roll. They call it The Big Lie and want that term to spread across the nation. This will take some more time to unravel as they spun quite a big web.

Lastly, the final coup de grace was the January 6th “insurrection” hoax. They wanted to put the final nail in Trump’s coffin. BUT we aren’t buying what they are selling. Never thought it looked right from the get go. Something was off about the demeanor of Nancy. She looked like it was business as usual as she closed out the electoral counting meeting with the swing of the judge’s mallet. She knew it was coming and was waiting for the building to be closed so the senators could leave in fear and come back in a vengeance against Trump (after the media spread the false story that Trump told his rally goers to go fight.) All a set up.

Liz Cheney has the gall to say there is not one iota of chance that it was an inside job. What the hell does she know? She may or may not have been part of it, but she certainly is not an authority to what went down that day. She’s just a Trump hater and will always be a Trump hater. And what happened to women supporting women? She cares nothing about Ashli Babbitt’s murder! She needs to go.

There are so many involved in the hoaxes at the top level that it will be interesting to see if Durham has the mettle to indict them starting with Hillary and even Biden. Biden was behind the stolen election. Hillary tried to cheat and lost, but Biden cheated and pulled it off with the help of all his cronies. All the hoaxes are coming home to roost though as the truth will always prevail; it just takes longer in the government. Hillary should look nice in an orange jumpsuit.

Biden Stinks up the COP26 Summit…

leaving a lingering impression according to the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.

We’ve all read about or seen comedy skits on Biden’s crude behavior in front of a group of women. He has no filter on what comes out of him. Although, according to Gutfeld, it was the first honest thing to come out of him since taking the presidency. I’m not sure why I’m commenting on this maybe because the main stream media will bury this story faster than a kid hides his soiled pants from his mom.

Biden needs medical care. He shouldn’t be in groups of people at all. If this is his SOP, I feel sorry for his cabinet and know now why Kammie stays as far away as possible. And why they all still wear masks. They can’t stand the stench. Biden gives new meaning to “sucking all the air out of the room.” He also gives new meaning to “the gas crisis” and “wind power.” He really knows how to clear a room with his wind power.

Fraudulent President Joe Biden couldn’t stop doing loud, smelly farts while in the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall at the COP26 summit.

According to Camilla, Biden kept “breaking wind” right in front of her as she attempted to make small talk with him.

As the Daily Mail notes, an insider claims that “Camilla was taken aback to hear Biden break wind as they made polite small talk at the global climate change gathering in Glasgow last week.”

It’s been a bad week for Biden, first this smelly story, then his 180 on the $450,000 planned for illegals, and then him having the FBI raid the home of Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe in order to seize his daughter Ashley’s diary now that her handwriting has been authenticated. First the Laptop from Hell now the Diary from Hell. What did he do to his children?

We’ve heard the stories of what’s in her diary, memories of being touched in a shower by her dad. Trust me, I never saw my dad naked nor did I ever shower with him. What are they, a bunch of hippies? And why would Dr. Jill condone this? Lots of questions to be asked by a real journalist not Chris Wallace.

Biden is not what he portrayed or promised to be: transparent, honest, and decent. He is quite the opposite, and this Crapper in Chief is emitting his true self daily. The bloom is off the rose.

VEEP Harris is on a Worldwide Giggle Tour.

Kamala Harris Has Worn Converse Sneakers For Much Of Her Campaign
Kamala Harris slammed for 'cringe' response to border questions: 'Not a  joke to laugh at' | Fox News
Kamala Harris' awkward laughs spark outrage. Why laughter is not her best  medicine - World News
Giggling all the way to the bank.

Who does she think she is, the next President of the United States? Maybe she thinks if she keeps as far away from Sleepy Joe, she won’t be attached to all of his blunders. But the biggest blunder of all has her name on it: Harris’s Border Crisis. She can run, but she can’t hide. She ran from the border crisis as fast as Biden cut and ran out of Afghanistan and as fast as Buttigieg ran from the supply chain crisis. All failures and dereliction of duty.

Now we are heading into a energy crisis whereby the energy secretary is laughing it off. Prices will rise to $4.00 a gallon, if not already. And they don’t care. This is what they wished for. Get rid of energy independence, so we the people will be forced to buy expensive electric cars. They are planning on shutting down two more oil lines in the U.S. They shut down coal. We are all screwed. They will install charging stations up and down all the freeways (that don’t work) all for show. Biden marking his territory like a dog does.

Kammie’s popularity is in the 29 percentile. That’s the lowest of a VEEP in modern history. Of course, she’ll cackle it off as sexist, racist, and misogynist. Yesterday she had a great idea to measure trees to help with climate change no doubt. Shall we measure each tree in the forest and how tall it grows in one year? That sounds like fun. This gal has no hands on experience doing anything, not running a company, not raising a child, not building anything with her hands, not even planting a garden, and not making ends meet on a budget; and yet she thinks she can run a country? I…don’t…think…so. Her and Joe are both bumbling, giggling misfits.

But she is Biden’s job security. As long as she is around to replace Joe, no one wants to take the chance. Sometimes the evil we know is better than what we don’t know. And from what we see of her (which is less and less each day) she looks scary.

Joe chose wisely when he picked her. I thought he’d choose Michelle but; of course, he couldn’t as everyone would dump Biden for Michelle in a New York minute. And he couldn’t put blame on her either with Barack in his ears. He definitely picked the right woman of color. She’s one step up from Lightfoot and Abramms. But right now she’s in Europe on the taxpayer’s dime living it up and staying as far away from all the crises here.

13 RINO Traitors in the House Voted for Spending Bill.

Current Leader of the Former Free World, Sleepy Joe.

They all need to be voted out at some point. They can’t be trusted. Someone on the other side of the aisle bribed or blackmailed them into voting with the progressives. With traitors like this, the GOP doesn’t need enemies.

Oil prices are rising and will not come down under Sleepy Joe’s term and this trickles down to the price of everything we purchase from toys to toilet paper. Joe hates oil and energy independence. Notice how all the Press Core Speakers try to spin the border crisis onto Trump? They continue to say Trump pulled children from their parents and caged them when that happened under Obama. But they want to reward these parents for pain and suffering just under Trump’s term. Trump stopped most migrants before they crossed the border.

The ports are still clogged because this government is paying people to sit home. When they stop doing that, they will open up. Everything Sleepy Joe touches turns sour. He couldn’t run a convenience store successfully. With this said, the GOP needs to takeover the HOUSE in 2022 and send the inept progressives packing along with the ice cream queen, Pelosi. They know nothing about how to run a country. Zero.

The mask and vaccine mandates spreading across the nation and into our children’s classrooms, needs to STOP. This is unhealthy for growing, healthy children. The pandemic is over. Don’t let the progressives use it as a reason to force vaccinations on our children. Go to your School Board Meetings and demand that you have privacy and the right to choose what is right for your children. None of the school’s business.

The Hillary Campaign together with Obama et al and Comey et al were behind the Russia Collusion story that they tried to pin onto Trump. Heads should be rolling from Durham. Wait and see who’s next. Get your popcorn ready to pop.

If Durham Won’t Indict Hillary for Election Interference…

Suing a ham sandwich.

then President Trump should sue the pants suit off the Hillary Campaign. I’ve heard you can sue a ham sandwich, well…what about just a ham?

Her campaign was behind the funding of the Steele Dossier that got leaked to the media and to none other than John McCain who, if he had any decency at the time, would have thrown it in the round file. But he had it out for Trump.

Two conspirators have already been indicted by Durham (names not important as they are low hanging fruit) for conjuring up the dossier. Why Steele hasn’t been indicted is beyond comprehension. Why Hillary hasn’t been interrogated is beyond. Why Bruce Ohr and Nellie haven’t been indicted is beyond. Why Mueller hasn’t lost his law license for going along with the sham once he discovered it, is unexplainable. Why, now that we know Hillary asked Chris Wray to go along with it, does he still have a job? But Durham is taking his time.

Let’s face it, there are a whole lot of people involved in the conspiracy to pin Russia Collusion onto Trump from the top on down including disgraced Jim Comey. Just as there are a whole shitload of people who conspired to set up Trump on January 6th from the top on down, [cough] Pelosi.

But all in good time. It takes about five years I guess to do a thorough investigation due to the pandemic. Haha. I swear the pandemic gets blamed for everything under the sun these days.

“Your window hasn’t come in yet, due to the pandemic.”

“What does the pandemic have to do with a window I ordered four months ago?”

“Well, everything is slower these days.”

“Why, aren’t they made in America or do they come from China or something?”

“Well, maybe some parts do.”

Give me a break. The pandemic has nothing to do with the lack of workers to make a window. It has to do with paying people more to sit home. I wish stores would just be honest. But I digress.

Little by little , drip by drip, Durham is exposing the Deep State and how widespread it is. But when will the big names be held accountable? Why should they get off scot free? Once one of these unscrupulous characters get indicted; I think the house of cards, that the Dems have built, will fall. Including the one they built around the rigged election. Durham needs to be hired to investigate election fraud and who was behind it, and finally the January 6th hoax.

In the very least, the Mueller Probe committee should pay back the $34 million to the taxpayers and reward Trump for pain and suffering.

The Democrats are scared. First they lose Virginia in an honest election, then Durham starts coming out with some indictments exposing them for who they really are? They must be quivering in their stilettoes.

Keep it up Durham, even though we’ve never seen you.

GOP is the “Party of Parents.”

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For the Democrats to lay claim that they have always been the “party of parents” is laughable. GOP were the soccer moms and now the momma bears, not the Democrat Party. Soccer moms wanted to be safe from Al Qaeda after 9-11 and, therefore, why Bush won a second term as he was keeping us safe with no terror attacks on our soil. Unlike when Obama took over.

Momma bears do not want their children indoctrinated with racist, hateful teachings of CRT (which they are saying now doesn’t exist!). Hee hee. Although many Democrats have agreed with our party and voted with us, die hard Democrats live in a blue bubble and can’t see beyond the blue. One was interviewed and agreed with all that we stand for accept that she always votes Democrat and can’t change. Die hard.

How could the party that condones late term abortions, mask mandates on children, CRT taught in schools, encourages BLM, calls Antifa an “idea,” wants forced vaccinations on children, called oral sex not sex, encourages gender changes on children, wants unisex bathrooms, mocks Christians and Jewish, condones legalized marijuana, thinks voter ID is racist, wants open borders, rewards illegals, called violent riots “peaceful demonstrations,” condones cheating in an election, allows stealing up to $1,000, follows a congresswomen into a bathroom, plants pipe bombs near the Capitol, and participates in hate crime hoaxes be THE PARTY OF PARENTS? What kind of parents are these?

Not the kind of parents I had or was. So the Democrats need to look into the mirror and realize that they have “jumped the shark” long ago. They don’t represent parents that I know. Most parents have scruples, consciences, common sense, and morals. Not this party. So when Van Jones of CNN says the Democrats are in a bubble and don’t realize that they look annoying to the rest of America, he is spot on. Annoying.