Trump’s Golfing, GOP’s Giddy, and Dem’s Gobsmacked.

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It’s a huge sigh of relief for sure for the GOP and Trump Administration.  The Democrats are gathering today to decide on their next move.  Obviously, grieving over the Mueller Report, they have to come up with Plan H.  All their other plans to oust Trump have failed from Stormy to Ford to Swetnick to Smollett to Sandman to Cohen to their last great hope, Mueller.  Now what will they do?

They should be groveling or eating crow but they never do that.  They never apologize for nothing. Obviously it’s good news that Trump was not involved with Russia evidenced by no more indictments.  If he was involved, trust me, there’d be indictments up the wazoo.

Now all the resist movement has left is to impeach.  They’ll be hoping there’s some little tidbit in the full report that is grounds for impeachment in their eyes. One fake news commentator said they’ll be looking for honor.  Is Trump honoring the country?  They make their own set of rules. Maybe they’ll impeach him for tweeting.

Hurry up Barr finish reading that report, the natives are getting restless.  They are starting to turn on their hero Mueller already. Why can’t they just leave Trump alone and let him run the country?  He’s had the loony left obstructing everything he does and says from day one.

Are There Enough Eggs For All the Fake News Media’s Faces?

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Don’t think so!  Two years, millions in tax dollars spent, reputations smeared, allegations swirling, and for what?  To find out what we already knew–NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION!  Can we get our money back? That money could have helped with the wall.

The liberal politicians as well as the fake news media owe Trump and his family and campaign members a big apology.  They made it up from the get go and sold it to the public.  The public deserves a big apology.  But, unfortunately, when libs have egg on their faces, they will not apologize.  They will come up with the next lie: Mueller’s in a conspiracy with Trump. How much did Trump pay him?  

The deplorables knew all along that Trump didn’t conspire with another country to steal an election.  BUT the losing side sure did a lot of conspiring to steal the election FROM Trump. This will be fully exposed.  It’s just a matter of time.

Trump needs to hear an apology from the lying Pelosi, Shiff, Schumer, Beto, Sanders, and those other new green schmucks.  Also Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Clapper, Brennan and the other media hogs.  Finish your fried eggs, wipe the runny yoke off your chins, and go on tv to apologize to Trump.  Losers.

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The only thing “manufactured” it seems is Russian collusion. Can’t wait to see how the left tries to spin the Mueller Report in their favor.  Mueller found out who really was involved in collusion (The Democrats and FBI) and had to walk away.  Let’s wait now for the house of cards to really come down.

I’m just happy I don’t have to hear the word dossier and FISA court much longer. :}

I’m Shocked by the New Green Democrats.

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They are snubbing the Jewish AIPAC Forum that Benjamin Netanyahu will attend and speak.  Are they trying to look anti-Semitic?  They couldn’t do any more to look anti-Semitic.  Benjamin praised Trump and that’s all it took for them to turn on Benjamin.  Plus he’s a conservative in Israel and that just doesn’t sit well with the New Green Dems– NGD. I hope the Jewish population is listening and watching today and that this news isn’t buried. The NGDs hate anyone that likes Trump.  Period.

These New Green Democrat’s ideas are so far out: from reparations to African-Americans (even though our country has given them breaks for years over the rest of us) to wanting to change years of Supreme Court and Electoral College history. When all else fails, cheat your way into the White House and universities. Most of the parents involved in the cheating scandal were publicly against Trump one even saying Trump has no character. Projection much?

The New Green Democrats sudden defense of McCain, who they tore apart mercilessly when he ran for president, is rich.  Trump’s first comment about McCain getting captured was flippant and probably regrets it; but heroes that fought their captors off rather than being caught never got the heroes welcome home as most of them died.  That was probably what Trump inarticulately meant.

McCain was no angel himself.  When McCain came home from being a POW, he dumps his wife who waited for him for years.  That shows no character or loyalty to his marriage. He was not loyal to his voters when he turned down repeal of Obamacare. McCain was vindictive when he asked for a presidential funeral and chose to use his funeral as a Trump-bashing memorial service. He also asked that the president not attend his funeral nor his former running mate, Sarah Palin.  That was cruel. McCains way of saying that she was the reason he lost the presidency.

I see why Trump is not a fan.  Plus he was the senator that passed the fake dossier around to the press and FBI (if not helped in paying for it) which started the ball in motion for the Mueller witch-hunt Investigation. He even said “we can go to hell” if we disapprove of him passing the fake dossier to the FBI.  Him and Allbright sending half of America to hell. The New Green Democrats need to shut up about McCain.  His legacy will speak for itself; he doesn’t need defending.  May he rest in peace.

If these New Green Democrats think they can win an election with these far out ideas like Gillebrand promising social security to illegals to Beto who eats dirt and puts his dirty shoes on restaurant tables, good luck NGD’s. Biden trying to play identity politics by suggesting a black women as his running mate was just that–checking two identity boxes if he runs. We don’t want Stacey Abrams one heart attack away from the presidency.  Who is she?  We don’t know.  And everyone–Democrats, Republicans, and the media–need to stop reporting on “the bartender.”  She’s as dumb as a rock and spews nonsense.  The more they talk about her crazy ideas, the more the millennials will idolize her. We all need to shut her down. She’s an embarrassment to the Democrat Party.



Democrat Candidates Want to Abolish ICE, Fossil Fuel, Cattle, and Electoral College; Lower the Voting Age and Pack the Supreme Court!

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And America as we know it will come to an abrupt halt. The Democrats haven’t come to grips with their 2016 loss.  In order to never lose again, they want to abolish the electoral college and go by the popular vote (illegal votes).  They want to add more members to the Supreme Court to garner an advantage over the conservative majority that exists in the court right now.  They want to abolish ICE which will cause more illegals to cross over the border and vote illegally in our next election. And finally lower the voting age to sixteen to get all those kids brainwashed by liberal teachers who’ll vote Democrat in order to get a good grade. When all else fails, change the rules.

We know that illegals voted in California for Hillary but no one seems to care. All they have to do is use a “provisional” ballot which gets added in after the votes are tallied.  No one cared afterwards since Trump already won by electoral college, so it never got challenged.  BUT they added those “provisional” ballots regardless of their validity to the total votes in California. Now they aren’t even hiding the fact that illegals (newcomers) will be able to vote in next election.

Pelosi has renamed the illegals the newcomers. I love her new dictionary: Border security is lawnmowers, money is crumbs, MS13 are God’s children, border wall is manhood, passing a bill is reading a bill, and anti-Semitic comments are misinterpretation of our language.  What’s next in the Pelosi Dictionary: Shredding the constitution is recycling paper.

By not pointing out this fake “popular” vote, it just perpetuates the lie that Hillary won the popular vote. Pocahontas wants “Every vote to count!”  But she fails to say every legal citizen’s vote to count.  The Democrats don’t care if they cheat as they have been getting away with it since the 60’s.

Everything the Democrat candidates are proposing will destroy America as we know it.  We will no longer be the country other countries look up to.  Without fossil fuel, cattle, and airplanes there will be no food delivered to big cities. Big semi trucks are diesel gas operated and they deliver the food. People will starve and eventually cities will die out one by one.  The only place left to live will be in the country; but, ironically, their land will be covered by solar panels and wind propellers leaving no room for crops.  This sounds extreme but it is the unintended consequences of implausible green plans. It will result in a disaster of apoplectic proportions.

In fact, if Trump doesn’t win in 2020 our country will be no more.  There will be no turning back. The liberal, brainwashed-participation-trophy millennials will take over like pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  We can kiss our beautiful country good-bye.

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Preacher Gets Political at a Funeral

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I recently attended the funeral of a relative in a beautiful church in a resort town.  The funeral was well attended and flowering, tearful eulogies were given by family members and friends.  After music, singing, and prayers were said and the service was winding down, the preacher suddenly says out of the blue, “There’s so much hate in the world.  Look at the mass shooting in New Zealand at a church.  Reject hate in all forms.  Reject racism.  Reject sexism.  Reject xenophobia and discrimination of all forms.”  It went on. I was shocked. I tuned out after he said sexism.  There’s no place for these comments at a memorial service.

I suddenly imagined we were at the Oscars listening to a #metoo actor’s acceptance speech or McCain’s funeral or just watching The View. That wasn’t the place to lecture the people who came to show respect for the deceased.  We didn’t go to the funeral to hear his opinions on what he thinks of the world.  It was inappropriate and sounded like a feminist’s talking points.  He wouldn’t say that at a wedding.  So he should keep those thoughts to himself.  It’s okay to be said at his next Sunday service to his members but not at a memorial service filled with people from all over.  And why bring up such negative thoughts at the end of a beautiful service where grieving loved ones spoke endearingly about their friend, relative, or mentor?

Can’t we go anywhere to escape politics these days?  Not even in a church? So thoughtless.

May my relative rest in peace.

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Are the Rich and Famou$ More De$erving Than the Re$t of Us Peon$?

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I’m beginning to think so.  From Hillary getting a pass from the FBI to celebrities bypassing the strict admission requirements into ivy league colleges, do the rich and famous have a different set of rules to abide by?  It’s a rhetorical question.

The rest of us are getting tired of the way they slip by the law and rules to get what they want.  When they have all the money in the world, do they think they are entitled to give their children the best that money can buy even though their children didn’t do the hard work that goes along with what the ivy league school requires?  Apparently, yes.  Similarly, do the rich and famous think they can skirt the government rules and set up a private server in their home to conduct shady pay for play business on the side?

This university scandal may be bigger than first thought.  It may include athletes’ children, team owners’ children, and politicians’ children.  How did Chelshi get into Stanford, I wonder?  How did Obama’s daughter get into Harvard?  Should we abolish the legacy and the purchase of a campus building to get a student admitted?  It’s not fair to the other students who don’t have the money or the name to have to compete with these kids.

When the rich and famous discover their kids aren’t going to get into the college they want them to, do they have a conversation that goes like this, “We’ll just have to give the school a large donation and see if that helps little Janie get in,” or do they say, “Let’s hire a college admissions counselor to pull some strings to help our child get in.” Maybe they start out thinking this is legally allowed but when the college admission counselor calls to say we need about $50,000 more to get your girl in and proof of her being part of a sports team, do they think this sounds fishy? When the counselor asks for a head shot of their daughter to photoshop over another athlete’s picture, does this give them pause?

I don’t know what mitigating circumstances these parents will come up with, but I doubt if it will be good enough for us to believe.  All I do know is they hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of us.  They think they are deserving of more just like when they go to the Oscars to get awarded for doing their jobs.  No one else gets awards for doing their job well.  It’s a false sense of appreciation that they have become accustomed to which has led them into breaking the law.

Has the media been told to stand down on this story, as I see less and less of it being reported.  What other prominent parent has turned up on the college admission scandal list?  Hmm.  Or are the media still trying to find a way to blame Trump for these parents?  Notice how the media has already blamed Trump for one nut in New Zealand.  Clearly whenever something goes wrong in the world, they will try to blame Trump for it.  They never blamed Obama or Bernie for the congressional baseball shootings.

Let’s send these parents a message by punishing them to the fullest the law allows so this favoritism will come to an immediate halt.  Let’s level the playing field for all the students to give them a fair shot at entering college.

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Hollywood Clams Up on University Bribery Scandal

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Yesterday’s university scandal was commented on by all the usual suspects except Hollywood.  I guess when it’s one of their own, they clam up.  I suspect that they are looking for an angle to blame Trump for the dirty deeds of these rich elitist parents, coaches, and executives.  They’re probably scouring through Ivanka’s college application at this minute or seeing if Singer owns a MAGA hat.  They will look for a conservative scapegoat, no doubt.  New York Times already downplayed the scandal as parents have to resort to cheating in order to get their children into college–blaming it on the colleges.

One by one these Hollywood elites from Smollett to Huffman are getting exposed for who they really are.  “Do as I say, not as I do” is their mantra.  Imagine the example these parents have set for their children.  “As long as you can cheat your way through life and not get caught, you will reap bountiful rewards.”  Also it gave them bragging rights at Hollywood parties about what college their little angels got accepted to.

I notice Hollywood rewards felons in the recent movies they make too.  They used to have the criminals getting caught in the end leaving the audience feeling good.  Now they have the criminal getting caught, destroying evidence (Hillary), serving no time, and writing a bestselling book on their crime.  Crime isn’t supposed to pay.  But in recent years of Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Michelle, and soon to be Cohen having bestsellers, it is paying.  This sets another bad example for potential felons. One of the coaches involved in this scandal is a family friend of the Obamas.  Birds of a feather thinking they are above the law again.

The Huffman actor was a champion for women’s empowerment for her daughters as well as an outspoken critic of Trump saying he has no character.  Kettle calling the kettle black again. I guess her daughters weren’t smart enough for the elite liberal education she wanted them to have, so she resorted to cheating.  Her husband is well aware of what she was involved in. He’s not stupid.

This bribery scandal caused potential students (who worked hard for good grades and studied for the SATs) to be overlooked.  Now I’m wondering how many more parents are gaming the system by cheating and bribing.  This may be just the tip of the iceberg.  And if these parents and coaches get off with a slap on the wrist, we should all be outraged.

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