Why the Presidential “Glass Ceiling” Will Have to Wait, Ladies.

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We all know the feminists are waiting to break the proverbial glass ceiling at the White House for a female president.  That’s why they voted for Hillary despite all her flaws and corruption. But here’s why they’re reaching too high:  We haven’t even successfully gotten a female VICE president yet!

We’ve tried with Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Dole (1976), albeit both Republicans, and failed. Once you break that lower glass ceiling, the top ticket will be easier to attain.

The Democrats are putting out one “tough” woman up after another in hopes of beating Trump.  The Democrats version of a successful woman is that she looks and talks “tough.” That is a losing ticket. Why not just come up with a ticket with a woman as VP first?  That would be the most successful chance of beating Trump.  I hate to give the Democrats any tips, but from what I’ve seen with one socialist after another coming out against our president, it looks futile for them.  They are running on abolishing ICE, calling ICE the KKK, free college, and Medicare for all.  These aren’t sensible, knowledgeable comments.

We pay for Medicare out of our pocket through Social Security.  Comes right off the top of our check.  These women aren’t old enough to realize it. So Medicare for all doesn’t even make sense as there’s no way to pay for it.  It will bankrupt our country in short order if relying on tax payers.  They are lying to the people. These females surprise me with all their collective degrees that they can’t do eighth grade mathematics.

Running on “free college for all” as well as preK is a piss poor plan.  Anything for free is not worth it.  Imagine going to a free four-year college and going up against another candidate for a job that paid $90,000 for the same degree.  Is that fair?  Certainly not. And what about parents who saved for years to pay their children’s education, will they get reimbursed?  I think not.  They just bought a degree that has been cheapened by laws passed by libs in order to garner votes from a future generation that has no clue on how to save, spend, or budget.  They want it all, and want it all now, and for free.  The day of the lay away plan at Sears or Penneys is long gone.  If you ask a millennial what “lay away” means, they’ll probably say a basketball move.

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We are all surprised by the interviews of college students when asked simple questions like who is our vice president or when was the Declaration of Independence signed?  They hum and haw and usually get it wrong, yet this is the demographic that the Democrats are trying to appeal to.  Get the young people’s vote, they don’t know anything.  Sort of like the Life Cereal commercial, “Let’s let Mikey try it, he hates everything.” This strategy is evidenced by the last election when they voted for Hillary.

So although the glass ceiling is taking so long to break, it will be a few more years, ladies. And, hopefully, it will be by a Republican women such as Nikki Haley or even Condi Rice. But, of course, the left will tear them apart even though they are women of character with no baggage. 

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The left has a war on Republican women and would never allow one to be president.  I can hear Joy Behar now, “She’s a moron! We can’t let her win! I will leave the country if she wins!”  They say they are  for all women, until one says that she’s a Republican.

Kamala Harris and Lizzie Warren Are All About Giving Out Freebies.

imgp0781We can just about write off these two women as being the Democratic candidate for president in 2020.  They are running so far to the left that Trump will have no problem taking them out.  We are not a socialist country nor do we want to be. Here’s what they are running on:  Free college for all, free healthcare for all, free preschool for all, tax the rich (which is code for taxing all levels of income) and Open Borders for all.  These women will bankrupt our country and increase crime if these policies ever came into fruition.

There’s an ugly rumor going around spread by Democrats that we are heading into another recession.  This is their way of scaring the folks into voting Democrat and tightening their belts before the next election.  Don’t listen to them.  All the economists say our economy is the best in fifty years evidenced by the lowest unemployment in that time period.  For these rumor mongers to spread lies like this is reprehensible.

The left is doing high fives after Trump decided to end the shutdown for three weeks to negotiate.  Trump is putting country over politics which the left never does.  The left is all about politics 24/7.  They don’t care about the people or our country; only regaining power.  Let’s see is Nancy puts her money where her mouth is. She said she wanted to postpone the State of the Union Address until the shutdown is over, yet all I hear from her now is crickets.  Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

The left shouldn’t be celebrating a win after Trump ended the shutdown.  As a businessman, he knew if it went on any longer the airlines, right before the super bowl, would experience major problems as some employees were unable to make it to work due do financial issues.  Trump took the high road in order to avoid an airline crisis.  Trump has good insight.  Well done, president.  That’s why we voted for you.

One other fellow thinks he can beat Trump–former CEO of Starbucks.  A big lib that has always used his company to make subtle liberal statements. His coffee franchise is similar to MacDonalds.  Get the youth hooked on your sugar-flavored coffees (secret sauce) and then take over the world.

I for one never go to Starbucks.  Any shop that has weird names for the size of the coffee cups and long lines to get it, I don’t want any part of.  Small, medium, and large is what I go by.  His renaming that was stupid in my opinion. We don’t need a guy like that running our country.  I can make a pot of coffee at home and save thousands of dollars a year which I do every morning.  Beware, going to Starbucks several times a day can be hazardous to your health. It probably was the cause of one women’s cancer of the bladder but we’ll never know now. Anything in excess will cause cancer at some point in one’s life; but coffee is an addiction and Starbucks needs to put a warning label on their cups rather than your first name. There’s a reason why pregnant women should not drink coffee.  Mr. CEO of Starbucks, get in line for the presidency, after all, you love long lines. By the way, what’s your first name?

Health Insurance is NOT a Right! Let’s Stop Socialism Before It’s Too Late!

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Health insurance is like any other insurance.  You should buy it in case you fall ill or get hurt.  Just like auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and renter’s insurance.  Without it, you will pay for your loss. But if you find yourself being afflicted with a disease of some kind, you can purchase a plan and the insurance company can’t turn you down for a preexisting condition like they did in the past.  We never had that before, so STOP complaining!

Imagine if one could buy auto insurance after an accident or homeowners after a fire.  Ain’t gonna happen.  So folks, these millennials who want it all, and all for free, should be happy with what we have right now.  Once we get Obamacare repealed, we can work on lowering the premiums too.

I’ve had health insurance since I moved out on my own at nineteen.  It was an incentive to get a job that offered a health plan.  Kids these days stay on their parents’ plan until age 26 (thanks to Obama) which is only adding to a society of lazy youth. Why get a job if my parents are paying for me?  This age 26 should never have passed.  When my kids went to college we bought them a reasonable private plan offered by the college.  This is what is done and should be continued.

When the radical left promise free health insurance for all, it’s an insane plan that will bankrupt the country.  The government can’t afford to pay for everyone’s health insurance! They aren’t even paying for Medicare–that comes right out off the top of our Social Security benefits which we already paid into.  So basically we are paying for Medicare.  It’s a clever deception; a misnomer.

When Sanders, “the bartender”, and the likes say tax the rich and give everyone free health insurance, they are basically saying we want to turn our country socialist like Venezuela.  Venezuela is crumbling.  People are in the streets protesting as socialism doesn’t work.  It’s been tried and failed.

We need to stick with what is working.  Trump’s plan to make America great is working. Give him the time to finish, Nancy. Let him do what he’s good at.  Being a businessman. The country is a business and has been run poorly for many years.  Time for a change, and we don’t want the radical left like Joy Bahar to stop what he has started.  Waiting for Trump to resign or be impeached is not a platform to run on.

Note to Nancy:  Let Trump give us the State of the Union address.  You’re not the president.   What are you afraid of?  That things are going so good, the Democrats will look bad?  That’s a rhetorical question.  You don’t want to look bad sitting behind Trump, the man who brought the economy back to the best job market in fifty years.  You can’t argue that missy.  Just sit on your hands, suck on your breath mint,  and don’t clap like you did last year.  That’s what we expect from you. Nothing more and nothing less. You aren’t the president but you’re the leader of the party of “NO.” 

Maybe if we hold up the paychecks to congress, the votes of “the bartender” will change.  After all, she can’t afford the rent in D.C.  Wait until she has no paycheck to pay her rent.  Then they’ll pass a budget that will be suitable for all.

Nevada had a serial killer on the loose and was finally apprehended.  The main stream media or the left politicians aren’t pointing out that he is a Mexican illegal that killed four seniors for money.  He shot them to death.  Defenseless seniors living in fear of a serial killer who enters their home during the night.  No walls around these poor people’s homes like you have Nancy.  They were shot and robbed by another illegal but finally caught by ICE.   Sanctuary cities don’t work either.

If the wall was built, we could avoid future deaths of Americans which are surely to occur and increase in numbers as the caravans continue to invade.  Wake up America!  Make congress approve the funding of our wall.  It will pay for itself in the long run and save lives. And stop radical socialism!

A. Ocasio-Cortez Missed Her True Calling

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The new darling of the left, “the bartender,” missed her true calling. Instead of running for congress she should have applied for a bartender job on the Vanderpump Rules reality show.  That’s what she’s qualified for.  She talks stupid, is into the women’s movement, loves to be on camera, loves social media, loves confronting people, loves being interviewed, and knows how to pour drinks.  Perfect for that show.  

Lisa Vanderpump, give her a call.  She’ll make more money and you’ll be doing the country a favor.  You love rescuing animals why not rescue us from her presence in congress?  We’re sick of seeing her face and hearing her childish, ignorant comments like “the world will come to an end in twelve years due to climate change. This is our world war II.”  Maybe she’s Jehovah Witness and we haven’t found that out about her yet.

Her fifteen minutes of fame is soon to expire as she makes too many gaffes.  Soon to replace Biden as the Gaffe Master.  I’ve never heard so many ignorant comments come out of a congresswoman except for Maxine Waters.  She obviously went to the school of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and bought it hook, line, and sinker.  She knows nothing about economics, world history, or the constitution yet this is what her current job entails.  She is lowering the bar for all the other members of congress. She makes women look bad.  She’s no better than Christine Ford which puts her in the category of feminists who hate Trump like Joy Baher, Kathy Griffin, and Alissa Milano. Three uninformed has-beens.

For those willfully ignorant followers of hers, they need to grow up.  Get your facts from somewhere other than late night comedy shows, Facebook, and The View.

Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly, and Religion Have Been Hijacked by the Left

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Apparently citizens are only allowed freedoms if they agree with the politics of the liberal celebrities, politicians, and media.  For instance:  If you assemble for ProLife you deserve to be “punched in the face.”  If you wear a political hat for the opposite party you deserve to be “burned in your school and your parents too.”

This double standard that the left has needs to stop.  This rush to judgment to condemn every conservative as racist if they wear a MAGA hat is hateful and cruel.  The media will jump to conclusions of their own and spew hateful commentary too.

This weekend’s attack on all American boys from a Catholic school was an example of what we are living in.  Mob Rule exists and has to stop.   These boys will have their reputation ruined as it is all over social media.  Their parents should sue for slander if that even exists any longer.  The left is getting away with lies, smears, jeers, and violence and are not held accountable.  Someone has to hold these clowns accountable!  They spew out vile insults on social media; then when they hear the true story, they make a lame apology.  Over and over this is happening. This could be the result of social media but it’s also the product of poor upbringing, hateful minds, and brainwashing of our youth in school.

Not everyone on social media spews hate. Although many do.  They should put a filter on what they are thinking before posting.  Maybe put their phone down for a month and see if some of their hate goes away.  Hate begets hate.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a political hat for your candidate.  Hillary voters wore “I’m with Her” stickers and bumper stickers.  No one called them racist.  We have had slogans since the beginning of candidates running for office.  To suddenly condemn Trump’s slogan as racist is insane.  Many candidates before him made the same promise. There’s nothing wrong with making our country great again.  It was falling into an abyss with no jobs, high unemployment, and ISIS attacks under Obama.

Just because the left repeats the narrative that conservatives are deplorable, dregs of society, racist, smelly Walmart shopper, KKK members, toothless, and alcoholics doesn’t make it true.  Conservatives are none of those sick names. And the politicians, commentators, and celebrities that spew these lies need to look at themselves in the mirror.  They are projecting what they are onto us.

The lame stream media so hypocritical.  The woman’s march was endorsed by antisemites and they didn’t condemn that.  If Trump supporters held a rally like that, it would be all over the news.  “Trump’s supporters are anti-semites!” But, of course, the media was silent on the feminists holding this rally and turned their attention on some all-American boy smiling at a protest that he had nothing to do with.  Maybe turn the camera on the folks that were shouting vile anti-gay remarks at the boys instead of on the boys who did nothing.  Typical left media always taking the wrong side.

Trump “tit for tatted” Pelosi.

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Pelosi had the unmitigated gall to send Trump a professional sounding letter telling him the State of the Union should be cancelled or postponed due to “lack of security” worries.  Trump remained silent for days and didn’t tweet a thing.  All along I knew our Commander and Chief was going to respond.  He just waited for the proper and equal response:  a professional sounding letter cancelling her business trip to Egypt and Brussels due to the government being shut down.  He thought it would look bad to be flying across the country at government’s expense (especially since she just returned from a vacay in Hawaii.) Does this lady ever work? It was the perfect response in all respects.  It was feigned concern just as hers was.  Well played Trump. You always have an ace up your sleeve.

Ironically Pelosi doesn’t care about the security at our borders but cares more about the security of the State of the Union speech attendees.  BS!  She is so diaphanous a blind man could see through her.

I knew Trump would respond in kind, it was just a matter of time.  Trump invented the tit for tat.  And he has the chutzpah to do it.  Pelosi is dreaming if she thinks she can beat Trump at his own game.  Dream on Nancy.  You’ll never trump Trump.

Of course, the more established Republicans and the left will call him out for being childish.  But that’s why we voted for him because he knows how to stand up for himself and fight back.  Bush couldn’t do it.  Romney couldn’t nor could McCain.  We finally got a president who’s not going to take “IT” any longer.

We Are Living in a Willfully Ignorant Society.

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Everywhere I go I hear people talking about shutting off “the News” as it is crazy.  I guess it depends on what news channel or paper you are getting it from. But that notwithstanding, they are tuning out, especially young folks, but old folks too.

Of course, if they have to endure the likes of MSNBC, CNN, and NBC they will get inundated with the buzz word of the day: vanity project, manufactured crisis, Stormy Daniels, unhinged, impeach, sh-thole, Metoo, collusion, obstruction, unfit, racist, and many more. The commentators will go with the one word and saturate the air waves with it.  Today it will be about government shutdown whoas but they will bury the good news of the day.

They are interviewing parents who for some reason can’t sign their children up for college or bring them to soccer because of the shutdown. These parents are clueless. Schools aren’t shut down. If you can’t do one payday without a paycheck then you aren’t planning for the future and maybe it’s a wakeup call for you to save money for a rainy day.  Government employees are typically overpaid for what they do anyway, and maybe it’s a good time to cut back or trim the fat. Government employees should think of it as a two week paid vacation rather than complaining. The lame stream media picks and chooses what they will show their viewers and usually they will put their own spin on it.  This isn’t news, it’s opinion.

I worry that when people get fed up with the repetitive nature of what they are hearing or reading, they’ll just choose to shut it off.  Then when voters go to the polling booth, they are willfully ignorant to whom they are voting for or against.  Hear no evil, see no evil, but burying your head in the sand.

Even FOX news is repetitive but they never bury the good news.  They understand that building the border wall will save time and money for the border control agents and eventually pay for itself with less illegals coming into our country and going on welfare.  It’s a no brainer as they won’t have to be running from one end of the country to the other with drones and trucks arresting foreigners entering at an illegal spot.  One must go through points of entry.  A beautiful wall with cameras is the way to go.  PERIOD.