What’s the Going Rate for a Hoax?

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A million, two million, 100 million? I know the Steele Dossier was in the tens of millions, then there was the whistle blower in the Urkaine hoax, Dr. Ford’s hoax, and the rioting hoax still going on. How much do they get paid? What’s it cost the Democrats to come up with the next hoax? I’d really like to know.

The hoaxes are coming in hot and fast on Trump it seems.  We went from mini strokes to insulting fallen heroes within a day’s time.  What will be the next one?  I half expect them to claim Trump’s been having an affair under his desk in the oval office like Bill Clinton.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  These hoaxers get paid well by their conspirators. The plots come right out of a Netflix drama movie script.  Who sits on their board? Hmm.  I can see them now planning their next attack on Trump and how much they are willing to spend. Do they use campaign donation money?  Isn’t election interference illegal?  Isn’t that what they accused Russia and Wikileaks of?  Amazing. Forget China or Russia interfering, it’s the Democrats that we have to worry about, again. They’re stone cold crazy.

The way the press core and main stream media and even FOX News jump onto these fake news stories is sickening though.  Haven’t they learned anything yet?  “Unnamed sources” is code for made up or in the Democrats’ cases, well paid liars.   And the press protects these unnamed sources like they protected the whistle blower.  The press needs to go back to journalism school. Did we all see the fawning presser they gave Biden compared to Trump’s?  OMG it was enough to make one throw up.  I, for one, am sick of the press.  They don’t deserve to ask questions of the president after the way they’ve treated him.  How he takes it, I’ll never know. He must have a strong mettle. 

If the press and media had any scruples, which they don’t, they’d ignore the next hoax until they had direct evidence, not hearsay.  Stained blue dress, anyone…anyone?    

Fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a very raucous ride until election day. And Trump, be careful. Everything you say or do until election day will be sliced and diced by the media looking for one little tidbit to run with. Conversely, for Biden, they overlook all his dementia, word searches, bumbling, bumfuzzlement, and stutters like they have blinders and earmuffs on. It’s enough to make one throw up.

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Why Are the Lies Mounting? “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

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The unemployment rate dropped to 8.4% today adding 1.4 million jobs last month.  The economy is coming back after covid shutdown and the left can’t stand it. What better way to distract from good news than to come up with a new scandal? Fastest labor market recovery in history. Auto sales surging as well as retail. Mortgage applications are up as well as construction. 

Biden can’t run against a good economy and the left knows it so more and more lies will be forthcoming from them.  Today’s whopper was instigated by an Obama sycophant writer saying he relied on “four unnamed sources”.  Sounds a lot like the whistle blower. Right? Sounds like he got his marching orders from Obama himself.  Well the story is about Trump saying he called fallen soldiers losers and suckers while in France.  It’s just a rerun of the old Gold Star family story from four years ago.  He had a despicable go at Trump at the Democrat convention and Trump hit back.

Trump loves the troops and the vets and would not say that, plus he denies it.  So where is this coming from?  It’s coming from the desperate lying left.  And Biden repeated it today linking it to his son Beau like it was planned ahead for him to comment on.  He actually said, “Beau’s not a sucker!” Biden acted all outraged over Trump’s fake news comment. He overacted like a kid in a play. Why are all Biden’s questions from the press pre-scripted?  Because he has to have his answers written down for him. Even then he blows it. He’s like a child actor with a stage mom coaching him from the side lines.

Yesterday in Biden’s speech in Kenosha to an empty church, where he had scripted questions given to the few in attendance, he began to talk about “taxing the rich” but then said, I’m not going to lay out for everyone now because they’ll shoot me.  The guy is so delusional it’s hard to pick on one comment he makes. “They’ll shoot me” is Biden’s way of trying to say that the GOP are the violent ones or white nationalists he claims Trump is.  He even brought up the old tired Charlottesville lie about Trump saying they are fine people.  If that’s all he’s got, he needs to go back to the well.  It’s all going to come down to race bating until the election.  That’s why Biden chose a half Black running mate. But it’s really the economy, stupid.

GOP are racists, the ones inciting violence, the ones destroying cities, I can hear them now. Biden won’t admit that his supporters have destroyed our cities so is trying to turn the tables onto us blaming Trump supporters. It’s shameless. It’s ANITFA and BLM that are killing, looting, burning, and destroying our cities! PERIOD.  No ifs, ands, or buts. But notice Biden won’t denounce BLM or Antifa, can’t even say their names because he donates to them.  ABC News on the radio was claiming that the executor of a Trump supporter killed him in self-defense. This is what we are up against. Lies, lies, and more lies. They will believe a known criminal over a nice Trump Supporter.

Biden is lying in a current commercial about his son’s Beau’s healthcare as he stole the line from Obama when talking about his dying mother. Insurance companies don’t drop you in the last few months of cancer and say “you’re on your own”. I’ve had two family members die of cancer around the same time as Biden and this didn’t happen. The lies are mounting but now they are putting them in commercials. Seems old Biden is playing the sympathy card to garner votes. That’s almost sick using the death of his son. They are pulling out all the stops.

A former mail carrier admitted today that when an election comes around some mail carriers would frequently do a “dump and run” of stacks of ballots in predominately GOP areas. It’s amazing we ever win elections. The Postal Union has already endorsed Biden, so do the math. We will get screwed even with absentee ballots. I also heard that harvesters will come to your home and ask for your ballot that was mailed to you unsolicited. We should not give them a ballot under any circumstances. I’d call the police on them.

The lies and scams are mounting but it will come down to the economy, stupid. And that’s why the politicized governors and mayors will not open up their states, cities, and schools. They want to keep the economy stagnant to hurt Trump’s success prior to the election. But despite all this, the economy is still coming back.

The Democrats will lie, cheat, and incite violence to win.

Chicago Alderman Admits “They Were Trying to Prevent Trump From Success Prior to Election.”

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But he also said, “He’s tired of it.” He wants peace in his city. We’re being hoaxed by these liberal mayors and governors using “crossfire city chaos” across the nation prior to the election. Members of the Deep State are involved in this hoax too or at least cover for them. This is why they condone violence in their cities to prevent Trump from success, but it’s backfiring. Focus groups have voiced their negative opinions on the violence so the Dems are trying to change their strategy to blame the violence on Trump. Nice try. They had a week-long convention to denounce the violence, but not one virtual word was spoken about it. Too little too late, Dems.

Governor Cuomo threatened Trump’s life today by saying Trump is not welcome in New York City without an army to protect him. In the old days when one threatened a president like he and Madonna have, they’d be arrested. These days, not so much. The Democrats get away with murder. Can you even imagine if anyone said this to Obama? The Feds would be swarming in to arrest that person. Governor Cuomo is a failure in his state for allowing infected patients to reenter their nursing home rather than be isolated in the many facilities that Trump gave him. He’s trying to blame Trump, but it ain’t sticking. He is an Italian mobster. At least this Chicago Alderman is able to admit their shenanigans. Cuomo and his little macho misogynist brother on CNN won’t admit diddlysquat.

Biden is giving one of his word salad speeches and is breathing so hard behind his mask. Sounds like he’s about to faint. He’s gasping for air but too stupid to take off his mask. He even asks if he’s violating social distancing while alone on stage. Apparently only white guys can afford a lawyer, Biden implied. That’s a racist comment. He just cut down our Department of Justice saying they aren’t good for much. He wants minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. That will hurt small businesses and apprentice-type jobs, but since he’s never been an employer or ran or built anything, he knows nothing of what he speaks. Build Back Better is just Build Back Biden.

You need to have background experience in real life to be a good president not a lifetime bureaucrat. I just hope the people can see through Biden. He’s not what he’s trying to present himself as. He’s trying desperately to thread the needle between a radical and a moderate and it’s pretty hard to do. You can’t please both sides of your party. Pick one!

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Conversely, what you see with Trump is he’s been the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He doesn’t flip flop. Promises made, promises kept, and then some. This is why we are Better Off with Trump. We know what we’re getting. He’s a sure thing.


After 6 Mos. of Behaving Like Gullible Sheep for Covid…

herd of sheep
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what’s in store for us next?  First we were told there was NO “person to person” transfer, then there WAS person to person transfer, NO need to wear a mask anywhere, then need to wear a mask inside, now need to wear a mask outside, stay six feet from others, stay home for two weeks, then stay home for 45 days alone, don’t see your family or friends for rest of year, leave your livelihood or business indefinitely, don’t shake hands, wash your hands, sneeze in your elbow, wear plastic gloves, don’t touch your face, don’t attend church, teach your children from home computer, don’t listen in on the lesson, wear goggles, wash your food boxes, don’t wash your food boxes, there’s surface contact transfer, there’s not surface contact transfer, all in the name of science and fear.

So what’s next? Getting in long lines for our mandatory vaccine shot? Having to prove that we got the vaccine in order to board an airplane, attend a ballgame, enter a restaurant, or see the dentist? Having a tracing chip surgically inserted under our skin invented my Bill Gates? How compliant or gullible are we?

dental cleaning
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Speaking of dentists.  My dental office which sees patients daily, many more strangers than I’m in contact with, says when I come in they will check MY temperature, have ME sign a release form, cleanse MY mouth with a strong solution, fog MY exam room with a cleansing mist, and wanted to know where I’D been in the last two weeks?  That’s all well and good, I thought but what about them? I answered, “Nowhere really, but what’s protecting ME?  MY mouth is wide open for a cleaning with no mask on.” Where’s MY protection from the hygienist?  Where has she been?  Have their instruments been recently sterilized?  Has she been tested?  Did they check her temperature? How do I know for sure? How many people has she seen? I guess my point is: I’M a sneeze away, a sitting duck, from catching covid from THEM; but they are protecting themselves, not ME. We are just sitting gullible sheep in their office.

I’d rather go to a hair salon or a gym than a dentist any day. At least you can wear a mask and wipe down your own equipment with sterilizing wipes.  Try that in a dentist office, you’ll get yelled at. These rules on what businesses can open and what can’t are so “hit and miss” they do not make sense to me. Just ask Pelosi.  Hee, hee, she got caught in her own sham. Come on, Nan! Open up your town so folks like the salon owner can make some money!  How much did you pay for your cut, color, and style?  Certainly not enough to keep her in business. Now she’s getting hate posts from your supporters.

In Biden’s world, I can see many more “hit and miss” forced behaviors and rules put upon us since they know how gullible we have been; but not Trump’s world.  Biden came out yesterday in another bumbling, stuttering “blame Trump” speech filled with more lies.  His favorite line is: “Trump pours gasoline on the flames that incite violence.” Then he goes on to say that Trump doesn’t have a concise plan to reopen schools.  News flash Biden: the governors of some states are keeping them closed.  Talk to them.  Trump has told every state to reopen their schools. The CDC has set guidelines for reopening the schools.  Schools need to incorporate what’s best for them.  It’s not one size fits all like Lyin’ Biden thinks.

Then he has the nerve to say Trump is politicizing covid, the violence, and the reopening of schools to help himself not the people. Wow! How does it help himself?  Another whopper!  It’s hard to listen to anything coming out of his lying mouth.  A Chicago Official admitted that, they are preventing Trump from looking like a success before the next election. Bingo!  And he’s sick of it and wants it to end. Today Lyin’ Biden will go to Kenosha to heal the folks and bring them together.  What’s he going to have, a beer summit? If this is not politicizing an issue to help himself, I don’t know what is. Another hypocrite.

JEB Bush’s campaign assistant is putting on a fundraiser for none other than…drum roll:  Joe Biden!   Get it now?  JEB was always a never-Trumper and has been working behind the scenes to hurt Trump.  He is so pissed that he lost the 2016 primary because he was told he was next-in-line just like Hillary was told. Nothing worse than losing a “next-in-line” election. Joe thinks he’s “next-in-line” so be prepared for a repeat election results sh-t show.

Where did the phrase “chaos president” come from? From JEB.  Where did the Hollywood Access tape come from? From JEB’s cousin. JEB is a male Jezebel, a Judas, a Romney, a Kasich.  In fact, JEB might be short for Jezebel. Why haven’t we seen his face in four years?  Soon we’ll look up traitor in the thesaurus and JEB will be a synonym along with Judas. But I digress.

So if you’re wondering what they’ll force on us next in the name of science and fear, be prepared for just about anything as we set the table of compliance by being gullible sheep. Now we’re sitting ducks.

white ducks on water
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Stay tuned.

“Who Are Those Guys?”

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - NYT Watching

Wondering who makes up Antifa and BLM.

Has anyone wondered why we never see an interview with one of the Antifa, BLM, or anarchists that are terrorizing our streets?  Why is that?  If they have such a compelling argument to protest then why not want the limelight?  Who are these guys and gals? They are very destructive and have no respect for life, that is clear.  That’s why they can coldly shoot someone in the head and not in self defense. Have they been raised on violent video games which made them numb to death?  Or have they been raised by animals? I wonder.

Are they newly released felons from prison?  Are they foreigners from another land sent to ruin our country?  It’s like the line from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid that were getting chased by an unknown posse in the mountains of Bolivia.  “Who are those guys?”

Why are the media so uninterested in finding out who those guys are, what drives them, and where they come from?  I’d really like to know. It would make a great story. I thought they were college kids at first that were bored, but I’ve changed my mind.  These characters are pure evil and should be locked up for a long time.

Are they members of the Socialist or Marxist Party?  Who is their leader Bill Ayers, Soros, Obama, Bernie?  I’d really like to know.  I suspect they’re well paid and don’t even know why they’re there.  I suspect that’s why they don’t want to be interviewed as they’ll be exposed for the “useful idiots” they are. They’re smart enough to be able to notice when an outsider enters their protest. They’re smart enough to know the new punishment for toppling a statue but not for murder. Why is the Biden/Harris campaign donating to them and posting their bail? This needs to be answered ASAP.

They recognize elected Republicans. Some have shown up at several different riots, so they travel and someone pays for their travel. They stay in expensive hotel rooms. They are Biden voters.  They don’t have real jobs. Where do they normally live when they aren’t involved in yet another riot of a cop shooting a Black criminal? They are provided crude weapons wherever they go.  Why isn’t the FBI arresting them so we can know who they are?  If they have been arrested why won’t the FBI tell us who’s funding them?  What is going on?  They know more than they’re saying. Where is Chris Wray?

Where is the media in all this or are they all part of this new domestic terror conspiracy?  Are the cops that go overboard lately with excessive force really going overboard or is something else behind it? It just seems too coincidental for me during an election year with racial tension; and Freud said “there are no coincidences”.  I’d really like to know.

Who are those guys?

Lastly, why is the media and radio news reporting that the victim in the latest execution by BLM was a Nazi Trump supporter?  Trump supporters aren’t Nazis!  The KKK was part of the Democrat Party.  Lincoln was a Republican.  I know they want to forget that little fact; but facts are facts.  Media should be ashamed. We believe facts over fiction as Biden once said.


Violent Riots Have Backfired in Democrats’ Faces.



After months of lying that the mob’s rioting, looting, murders, and arson were a myth or summer of love or peaceful protests or people will do what they do, now the Democrats are denouncing the mob’s violence as Trump’s America. It’s laughable! They never mentioned the mob during their week- long convention. In fact, they praised BLM.

It’s too little, too late. You blew your last hoax, Dems.  It never was about racial inequality.  Never was.  Now you try to pawn the mob’s violence onto Trump like he wants the mob protesting racial inequality?  Trump’s behind all the protests?  You can’t have it both ways.  The mob are either protesting racial inequality or Trump is encouraging the mob to protest to help his campaign.  Which is it?  Take your pick. You’ve been caught. The jig is up.

This theory would be akin to an apprehended bank robber blaming his heist on the security guard who tried to stop him by saying he stoked him to rob the bank in order for him to keep his job which doesn’t make sense; just like Trump stoking the violence in order to keep his job doesn’t make sense.

We all know the truth. They were protesting under the guise of racial inequality to effect the next election by saying Trump has lost control of the country.  But the Democrats finally noticed that the riots are not sitting well with focus groups.  News flash.  Trump does not control these Democrat cities. Mayors control their cities until they lose control, then they ask for help from the Federal Government which they have refused. Nice try again, Biden. And don’t forget the Biden and Kamala campaigns have been posting bail for the rioters. Shhhhush!  It’s a secret.

Biden said yesterday that Trump is so desperate that he’ll do anything to hold onto power.  Doesn’t that sound a lot like the Democrats when they tried to pin Russia Collusion hoax onto Trump then the Ukraine hoax, now the violence hoax?  Projection much, Biden? Remember whatever they ARE DOING they will accuse Trump of.  Just didn’t realize they’ve become so obvious. He also said that Trump is toxic, and we have to rid ourselves of this toxin. The only toxin I see is the mob. We need to rid ourselves of them.

Biden will go down as the biggest flip-flopper since John Kerry.  He was against fracking before he was for it. He was for Medicare for All before he was against it. He was for the Iraq War before he was against it. He was for the rioting before he was against it. He was for a national mask mandate before he was against it. He was against killing Bin Laden before he was for it. He was against banning flights from China before he was for it. He was against fossil fuel industry before he was for it. He was against busing before he was for it.  He was for socialism before he was against it. He was for defunding the police before he was against it and many more. He changes his mind (what’s left of it) so often, it’s giving me whiplash.

And most of these flip-flops are within a matter of weeks.  What you see with Biden, is not what you’ll get.  He isn’t transparent like Trump. He’s a chameleon that changes colors for the situation. He’s a robot that you can program to say whatever you want him to. Otherwise he wouldn’t have asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist that will have a soft spot for rioters?”  He’ll rue the day he asked that.  BTW what do radical socialists look like?  Obama, Michelle, Bernie, Kamala, Ayers, Warren, Beto, Rashida, AOC and the squad. I think he fits in just fine.

Lastly, has anyone noticed that if a conservative shoots a rioter in self defense he becomes front page news and is immediately considered guilty of murder and incarcerated but when the mob kills an innocent bystander or a policeman or executes a Trump supporter, we never hear their name or if they even got arrested?  This boggles my mind.

The rioters that attacked Rand Paul and his wife have no names nor have they been arrested.  Where’s the FBI and why haven’t they converged on this yet? Chris Wray where are you?  They certainly converged on NASCAR Watson’s fake noose story real fast. The Black guy that shot a seven year old boy in the head has no name.  Was he even arrested?

Bottom line: The media protects the mob and vilifies conservatives especially if they defend themselves. I guess conservatives have to surrender to the mob and just be killed.  That would make the media happier. And the FBI has selective outrage. 

Biden’s Platform = Blame Trump.

At Joe Biden fundraiser, Barack Obama warns Democrats not to be 'smug'  about beating Trump - Chicago Tribune

Poor Sleepy has no accomplishments in 47 years to run on so he is blaming all the civil unrest in the country onto Trump.  “This guy has been sewing division and hatred in America.” “This guy has been incompetent handling the covid pandemic.” “This guy is fanning the flames of racial tension.” “This guy has failed in his leadership.” Biden can’t give Trump the respect he deserves by saying his name. Shame on him.

Did Biden forget that it was Obama that said “We need to get in their faces and when they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun?” That sounds like inciting violence to me. Did Biden forget that it was a Bernie volunteer that shot up the Republican baseball game soon after Trump won? That sort of got downplayed by the media too. Sounds like they are the party of violence and guns. Did Biden forget that it was Maxine Waters that said, “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,”?  Sounds a lot like Antifa and BLM to me shouting in strangers’ faces. Did Biden forget that Nancy recently called the GOP domestic enemies? That sounds divisive to me. Did Biden forget that he called Trump supporters the dregs of society and racist? Did he also forget that when asked if he’d debate Trump he answered, Debate him?  I’d like to take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. Can you imagine Trump saying this and getting away with it?  Of course, not. These are the people that are fanning flames of violence, division, and hatred in America, not Trump.

It’s clear Biden is getting nervous down in his old basement pacing like a caged panther.  I guess his wifey and running mate can’t speak for him forever. Although they do have big mouths.  He needs to get out there in person without his mask and address the people.  He plans to hold a few rallies soon at locations to be determined.  (I won’t hold my breath.) Everything he does is so secretive because he is such a VIP (very inactive person).

If he does come out of his cave, Sleepy needs to answer to his proposed tax hike that will punish small businesses already suffering from shutdowns.  He needs to answer to his proposed national mask mandate that is against our civil rights.  He needs to answer to imposing another shutdown based on science that will send the economy over the cliff. He needs to address some of the lies he’s been spreading about Trump like the Charlottesville lie that has been clearly debunked and the lie about defunding social security.  He needs to explain how he is taking credit for bringing the economy back with millions of jobs when it was all Trump’s doing.  He needs to admit that Obamacare was a complete failure and that Trump isn’t taking away pre-existing conditions like he’s been claiming.  He needs to denounce the rioters once and for all as domestic terror groups.

Biden needs to explain how his son got cushy jobs in Ukraine and China. He needs to explain how medicare for all will work.  How will we pay for illegals getting free healthcare?  How will we pay for free college?  How we will be protected if the police are defunded? My Democrat friend thinks they’ll send a social worker to the house during domestic violence. Thanks, but no thanks. How will diesel trucks bring goods to cities without fuel?  What judges are on his list for the Supreme Court? How will he control the border using just “smart” technology? “Mr. Know-It-All” has got lots of ‘splainin’ to do.

Instead of wasting time blaming Trump maybe Biden should start defending his own proposals which are pie in the sky.

Pie in the Sky: A Tasty Community Fundraiser - HKS Citizen

Biden just had another televised “Blame Trump” speech.  He again repeated all the lies above and then some.  Now social security will run out of money under Trump and Trump wants violence as he thinks it helps his campaign.  If this was even a little bit true, why is it that liberals are the ones committing all the violence?  He doesn’t control the libs and why would they want to help Trump?  Get it?  They wouldn’t.  They are projecting what they THOUGHT would help them in the election (all the violence) onto Trump.  AGAIN.  And why didn’t Biden denounce all this violence during their week long convention?  Because now they see it IS hurting them. Another one of their HOAXes goes down in history as a failure!

Biden seems to want to place all the blame of the pandemic on Trump rather than China.  This is very telling.  He will be China’s lapdog if ever elected. There’s no president that would have handled the pandemic better than Trump, not even Obama. Obama would have kept the flights coming in and would have no clue on how to get companies to produce equipment because he and Biden have never run anything.  Never worked for a company that builds anything, neither has Kamala.

And to dismiss a few myths:  Breoana Taylor was in a drug ring and was shot after the cops returned fire on her drug-dealing boyfriend, so we can dismiss her altogether. That’s on her.  And Blake was wanted for rape and endangered the lives of his children when trying to escape to his car.  That’s on him.

Lastly, Biden asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?  Really?”  Yes, yes you do!  In fact, Congresswoman Rasheda implied it and so did Obama and Bernie.

This quote may go down in history as “the most lacking self-awareness quote” since “Read my lips, I won’t raise your taxes” or “I’m not a crook!”  Biden will live to regret reading this pre-planned question. And whatever woke guy wrote it for him, will be fired. It’s akin to asking, “Do I have stupid written on my forehead?”  Yes you do!

Election Interference by Mob Intimidation.


crowd of protesters holding signs
Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

It’s clear to me and more and more Americans that the protests by BLM et al are nothing more than to intimidate voters before the next election.  Democrats are claiming that “Trump has lost control of the country and that we need to vote him out!”  That will be all they need to get voters to vote Democrat. But not so fast.

Yesterday driving through our normally peaceful downtown, the street was crowded with patriotic people holding Trump/Pence signs. We honked and gave them the thumbs up signal.  It was encouraging for about a hot minute until we looked to the opposite side of the street to see “Defund Police” and “Black Lives Matter” signage with the protesters shouting.  I flipped them off as it irked me for them being there then they jaywalked in front of our car.  I gave them the thumbs down sign and told them “you suck!” out my open window.  My husband quickly drove us off to safety.

I think if we let them know they are not welcome in our cities, maybe they’ll get the hint.  But the people who join in with them and the media who coddle them are being duped.  It’s not about racial inequality. And why do we make martyrs out of career criminals anyway?  We don’t look up to career criminals. Floyd, Blake, Brown, Trayvon, and the rest of them have all had sketchy pasts with drugs, rape, robbery, prison, or domestic violence. Their big mistake was not complying with the police.   This is not who we should be making martyrs of.  They are no Martin Luther King.  The media grabs onto anytime a Black person gets shot but overlooks when Whites or Blacks get shot by the mob.  Don’t White Lives Matter?  I guess not.

What happened to the story about the five year old boy riding his bike that was shot in the head by his Black neighbor?  Nary a word about it.  In fact, the shooter probably has already been released from jail. The media and others have selective outrage.  They could care less if any person gets shot or attacked on the streets by the mob. It doesn’t fit their peaceful protest narrative, so it is buried.

We all know what they’re doing.  It’s clear and becoming clearer.  Biden was  finally forced to condemn the violence along with his phony running mate but blamed it on Trump’s America. “This is on Trump’s watch.”  Nice try Joe and Kamala, we ain’t buying it. Buttigieg already let that cat out of the bag.  Trump hates the violence, looting, and burning of cities and has tried to send in help, but to no avail.  They’ve turned the tables on Trump and claimed his federal agents caused the violence. The stubborn mayors are in on the sham, meaning they figure the longer it lasts the better chances they have of winning in November.  But not so fast.

So when you go to the polls, no matter what party you are registered with, (and this includes my “lost cause” friend) think about your family, your home, your children, your job, your safety, and ask yourself, “Do I want to vote for a candidate that uses intimidation and threats to innocent people to get himself into the White House or do I want a candidate that is trying to keep America safe at all costs from domestic and foreign threats?” The answer is clear.  Vote for Trump/Pence to keep all Americans safe from the mob that is multiplying like cockroaches and from abroad.

Why will this violence end once Trump gets four more years?  The answer is: he’ll have the backing of the American people and hopefully the House of Representatives again to pass stricter laws against these domestic terror groups that will supersede the lame laws like “no bail, “catch and release,” and “sanctuary cities” that these mayors have endorsed and enacted.

Sure there will be a few nights of outrage and screaming in the streets (like last time) when Trump wins again.  Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Weisman in the crowd or Bill Ayers both screaming. What else is new?  But the intimidation will end because the election is over. These paid anarchists will crawl back into the dark hole they emerged out of. The left has been crazy for the last four years trying every angle they could to steal the election from Trump. But failed. I think we can handle a few more nights. Or we’ll end up in a civil war which I doubt Trump will condone.  He’s not a wartime president.

And astonishingly the threat of covid will miraculously dissipate in the air and in the media too.  Thank God.





Traditional Values or Cancel Culture are on the Ballot. Take Your Pick.


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Do you want all our past to be erased by the radical left or would you prefer to keep our history books unchanged for future generations to read?  Why would anyone want to erase our past, our history, our names of places? We are an honorable, lawful, prosperous, generous country with a history to be proud of despite what the Democrats say.

Trump tried his best last evening to refresh our memories of our forefathers’ struggle exploring the Old Wild West across the rugged vast countryside in covered wagons and establishing settlements along the way.  I think he was trying to make a comparison to today’s snowflake culture who seem to want to tear everything down that has taken centuries to establish and then expect handouts from the government which they hate to begin with.  But it may have fell on deaf ears.

The youth of today are being misrepresented by the acts of these ruthless street thugs. They surrounded and tried to attack Rand Paul and his wife last evening.  It is not safe for any recognizable Republican to be on the streets of these cities. Notice they don’t attack Democrat leaders.  Why is that?  Because the Democrats are the ones sending them out to cause havoc.  Nancy said even yesterday that the GOP were “domestic enemies.” This is a dog whistle to their followers to go out and commit crimes.  Rand suspects they were well-dressed anarchists flown in from other states.  Someone is funding them (Hillary) and they should be prosecuted. Remember the violent crowds outside of a Texas rally last election?  They were paid for by Hillary to incite violence to look like it was Trump supporters.  So this is still continuing today.

Would these same cancel culture thugs be the ones rebuilding what they have torn down?  Of course, not.  They would rather live in their tents along the ravaged streets and storefronts staring at their free cell phones smoking pot all the while collecting their monthly government welfare checks.  But who would provide them food?  Long lines to soup kitchens and healthcare provided by the government too. But how would the government be making money with no one working and no tax revenue?  Exactly!  There would be no money to provide food or healthcare to a soul.  So the government would just be a giant sugar daddy handing out freebies to all with no revenue coming in until they ran out.  Money would become a thing of the past, cancelled out.

So their stupid plan to end fossil fuel, medicare for all, open borders, and no police enforcement would turn us into a third world country in short order.  I choose traditional values like: in person schooling, in person work staff, in person medical appointments, walk-in restaurants, full police enforcement, healthcare insurance plans, end to kneeling at sports events, end to renaming cities, parks, places, and sports teams, fossil fuel industry, restoring peace to our streets, saluting the American flag, belief in God, low taxes, protecting the unborn, buy American and hire American, right to bear arms, movie theaters, concerts, events, presidential debates and rallies, open beaches and parks, apple pie, and an end to masks!

When Nancy says, “She wouldn’t legitimize a debate with Trump who lies” she was planting the seed of “no debates with Trump”.  BTW I saw a snippet of Kamala’s prebuttal to Trump yesterday and it was packed with lies. FYI Kamala, it’s called diplomacy when you don’t jump to conclusions by accusing the leader of a rival country of unleashing a virus on the world. It’s what presidents do.  Trump gave China the benefit of the doubt for about a hot minute until they refused our scientists to come to investigate.  So this “lying” accusation on Trump is more projection of what they’re doing.  Trump’s speech was 100% factual and even my husband had not heard of some of his facts.

They are hiding Biden from the people and this is the strangest election year ever.  They are using covid as an excuse to hide Biden even more and Biden is onboard with it.  He knows he can’t debate Trump as Trump’s record of accomplishments blows him out of the water.

Ivanka Trump’s speech was exhilarating and got the crowd energized.  Trump’s speech hit all the marks and then some.  It was not his usual rally speeches which are enjoyable, but he was speaking to lifetime Republican party members which is a different crowd. Can’t wait for his next “real” rally where he can let loose his personality.

Yesterday I heard Squaw Valley Ski Resort will drop the word “Squaw” from their name.  This is getting ridiculous!  What will they change it to, “Female Native American Valley” or “Non-gender Native American Valley?” Stop cancel culture already!  They are destroying all our memories and history.



Violence In Cities Has Zero to do with Trump or Racial Tension…


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and all about the next election.  Buttigeig made that clear. The Democrats are using the violence in our cities to blame on Trump by labeling him a “chaos president that incites violence”. Or some nonsense like this.  Let’s get something clear:  JEB Bush invented the label “Chaos Candidate” for Trump during the debates four years ago and the Democrats are running with it.  When all else fails to take out Trump go back to the debates and find something, anything, they can use against him as it’s all they have left: Crossfire Chaos it is.

Democrats see the writing on the wall and are scared.  Don’t be surprised if they bring out all the “oldies but goodies” from the last campaign: Gold Star family, Hollywood Access tape, Stormy, Charlottesville, sh-thole countries, handicapped reporter, Muslim ban, Rosie O’Donnell, and Meghan Kelly. I heard them even bring up the “climate change girl” that received a Nobel Peace Prize that Trump said should stay in school. They are desperate.

When Pete Buttigeig says that Trump is the cause of violence in these liberal towns that refuse federal agents to come in to help, it’s laughable.  All this chaos only started after the covid pandemic was starting to wain. They needed something new to grab a hold of so they jumped on the Floyd Bandwagon.

It’s nothing to do with Floyd or racial inequality.  It’s only to do with winning the next election. It’s a form of election interference by intimidation.  Now the basketball players are onboard with boycotting their games in the name of racial injustice but it’s really election interference by intimidation. I think their paycheck should be suspended during their walkout.

The Democrats are desperate now as they have clung onto the Black Lives Matter movement that turned out to be nothing more than New White Panthers group.  So sad.  Donna Brazille even said, “The next president has to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ in order to win.”  Now Biden is trying to condemn the violence as he sees it is working for the Trump Campaign.  Too little, too late, Sleepy.  You missed your chance during convention week.  But, of course, you are a copycat and always late to the party.

Another ploy they are trying is placing all the blame for the covid pandemic onto Trump.  Even old Carly Fiorina is coming out saying Trump failed to lead.  She is so jealous of Trump and how many things he was able to accomplish in such a short time.  She wouldn’t have been able to do an ounce of what Trump has done.  Carly, JEB, Kasich, Romney, and Paul Ryan are the worst Republicans ever as they don’t support their party.  They are so disgruntled that they lost that they have to support two corrupt lifetime bureaucrats from the opposite party.  What sellouts. Here’s who are standup guys: Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Chris Christy who put their country over self.  It’s called swallowing your pride which the others can’t seem to do.

These are the next two hoaxes that they will run with until the election.  Then it will be about not conceding the results as advised by old Hillary herself. “Don’t concede until we can “find” enough votes for you to win.” It’s already started with the “mail in ballots” scam and “post office funding” hoax.

Democrats will cheat to win.

Yay!  I received my first call from a pollster who I think was Black and it was 100% pro-Biden from the onset with the premises of the questions being all lies!  I had to interrupt the caller many times, saying, “That’s a lie and I can’t answer a question filled with lies.” She answered, “Please let me continue or I’ll lose my job.”   Her questions claimed that Trump was going to stop Social Security, take preexisting conditions from healthcare, gave tax cuts and covid stimulus and loans to his rich millionaire friends, implied he wants schools shut down, and didn’t listen to scientists during the covid crisis.  Of course, I called her questions out for being biased and when we were done she said “I was the greatest debater or responder she had called yet.”  

This is what they’re doing. Using Black pollsters to intimidate the responder to answer ‘Biden’ for fear of being called a racist.  They also ask loaded questions that any low information voter may fall for and also choose ‘Biden’.  I called her out and she sounded embarrassed but had to do what they tell her to.