BLM = Boisterous Lazy Malcontents


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Or Belligerent Looting Marxists. Whatever they are behaving like, this is no longer a Black movement.  This is not the original Black Lives Matter. It has been hijacked or morphed into by mostly White, loudmouth, lowlife females like AOC and her ilk.  The Blacks should be ashamed for letting their movement be hijacked by a mob of feminists.  I thought they were stronger than this.  I guess not.

When this all started as a peaceful protest of the way George Floyd was killed, it made sense.  But that lasted for a hot minute.  Now we have all these activists running around towns and cities destroying our history, assaulting police, and staging hate crimes. It is disgusting. Yesterday they attacked one of their own, a gay, Democrat politician, seriously injuring him. These thugs are equal opportunity assailants.

And where are the Republicans in all this mayhem?  Aside from a few congressmen and senators, they remain silent as church mice.  Where are you now Colin Powell (so-called Republican that said he’d vote for Biden) and Romney?  Why are you so silent? Where are you George and JEB?  Why so silent? Where is Clint Eastwood now?  Why so silent? Why is it always up to Trump to be the only one defending our country? Show him some support by coming out and making a statement against this anarchy and tumult in our cities.  Stop being cowardice.

“Logan Act” Biden is a loser stuck in his basement wearing a stupid mask like a coward. He recently lied about having anything to do with General Flynn’s investigation yet evidence has now turned up from the infamous meeting with Obama that it was he that suggested going after Flynn with the Logan Act.  It’s all written down in their notes. Sorry Biden.  Your “playing dumb” jig is up.

Lyin’ Biden hasn’t had a press conference in 83 days.  He has made no statement on whether he approves of this rioting and melee or not.  At least Cuomo has admitted he approves of removing statues as an expression of their feelings or some other bleeding heart nonsense like that. What are you hiding from Biden?  Afraid to answer questions?  Show us where you stand on these issues!

Here’s what needs to be done:

  1.  Make it a crime punishable by five years for burning the American flag.
  2.  Make it a crime punishable by ten years for toppling a statue or defacing monuments or churches.
  3.  Make it a crime punishable by three years for defacing a building, car, street, or structure with graffiti, fire, or broken windows.
  4.  Make it a crime punishable by six months for putting up a tent on public property without a permit.
  5.  Make it a crime punishable by three years for faking a hate crime.
  6.  Make it a crime punishable by four years for assaulting a police officer.
  7.  Make it a crime punishable by ten years for taking over city streets with barricades and guns.
  8.  Make it a crime punishable by six months for destroying or removing a political campaign sign.

I’m sure most of these are already crimes but they need to be enforced.  Just because one is protesting does not make the aforementioned legal, but that seems to be what has been going on. Peaceful assembly is legal, not taking over city streets with barricades, fires, and rioters. What we are witnessing live on tv looks like something from a third world country.

These clueless liberal mayors need to be removed by the National Guard if they don’t enforce the law, like DeBlasio, Washington D.C.’s, Durkan, and Atlanta’s mayors.  They are ruining property values for tax paying business owners and are enabling this riotous behavior to fester. They are allowing statues to be toppled and destroyed.  When you give the mob an inch, they’ll take a mile; and this is what they’re doing.

Black lives matter is nothing more than mostly White, boisterous lazy malcontents.  They’ve never accomplished a thing. The original BLM movement is no longer applicable. It is not about police brutality or the death of George Floyd.  It is about ruining our history and cities in the name of causing melee and chaos in order to force Trump out of office. Make him resign. Overtake him by violence.

But be careful, malcontents, it may backfire.  Trump and AG Barr are the only ones defending the country. No one wants to live in the tumultuous world you desire.  No one.  No one wants to overtake the presidency. No one with half a brain does anyway.

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Fear and Loathing = A Recipe for Disaster.


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The Democrat party is filled with fear and loathing which is a recipe for disaster.  From now on, we can expect just about anything from them as we witnessed last night in front of the White House in Lafayette Park. They want to erase any evidence of American History and start over. Our forefathers are all spinning in their graves for what we have allowed these lowlifes to get away with.

They’ve destroyed statues, stores, cities, monuments, police stations, churches, next will be homes. These goons are jealous, disgruntled Bernie followers, Antifa, BLM (Boisterous Lazy Malcontents), Marxists, and wok females all combined together. Some, if not most, are paid activists; very organized, but stupid.  They don’t really know who the statues are of that they try to remove or the history behind them.  They just do what they are told.  They hate success and hate the rich.  Sounds a lot like Bernie,Warren, and AOC followers which are disciples of radical Obama.

The party that supposedly supports the art community, is destroying works of art daily.  Over 100 statues have been destroyed.  This is not the party that loves art and supports them.  It is quite the opposite.

We witnessed what the Democrats in power tried to pull off the last three years from Russia hoax to Ukraine hoax to a bogus impeachment trial.  This is nothing compared to what these lowlifes will try now that fear and loathing is motivating them.

Wasn’t it coincidental that the covid pandemic came right when the Durham Investigation was winding down?  It had to be put on hold while the country was shut down–no more interviews, no grand jury, no travel.  Very coincidental.  Is there a conspiracy to delay the Durham Report until after the election?  One would almost think so.  But what do I know?

The Durham Report will expose the Democrat Party’s coup to take out Trump from the top down to all the cronies working for the top.  They are shaking in their boots right now as the country begins to open up as well as travel and interviews and will do anything to prevent from opening up even causing havoc all over our cities.

A lot can happen between now and election day.  Hillary is supposed to testify on September 9, 2020.  That will be a good day for all, but she’ll probably come down with covid prior to her testimony which is SOP for her.  If she lies under oath, that’s a crime. If she tells the truth, it will be admitting crimes.  If she takes the Fifth like Lois Lerner, that is consciousness of guilt. I can hear her now, “I don’t recall…I don’t recall…I can’t remember.” That actually can be construed as a lie. But what do I know? She’ll probably choose covid.

Chief Justice, John Roberts, wants Trump out too as he is being investigated for accepting bribes, I heard. If Trump gets out, all investigations will end. Chris Wallace of FOX News seems to be wanting Trump out by the lie-packed questions he asks anyone in his interviews.  Fauci and Cavuto too are working against Trump as well as the Democrat governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, Bolton, Romney, and media. There’s a lot of loathing out there to spread around combined with fear.

Sixty-one percent of Biden voters are voting for him due to FEAR of Trump winning.  This is not a good reason to vote for Biden.  Biden has no platform to run on, no ideas, no policies, no good history of law making, just LOATHING for Trump. Is this enough?  I don’t think so. He’s nothing more than a sock puppet or a place holder, as some say he’ll bow out right before the election.

The media has no sense of humor.  For them to pick out one comment from Trump’s rally when he said covid is called about nineteen different names from Chinese virus to Wuhan virus to Kung-flu proves they don’t get jokes.  I’m sure some on the internet have facetiously named it that.  So he wasn’t making it up himself, just repeating one of the 19 names.  Big deal.  He also joked about slowing down the testing as every time one tests positive (whether they are sick or not) it gets counted as a case.  We are definitely over testing the public. But the lame stream media wouldn’t let up on that remark.  Don’t they realize that rallies aren’t State of the Union Addresses that put the audience to sleep? Trump can’t catch a break from them.

Governor Cuomo (who’s taking the heat for killing so many folks in nursing homes) today outright blamed the Trump Administration.  He said, “Because the Federal Government (Trump) allowed incoming flights from Europe, that’s why there were so many deaths in nursing homes.”  Think about it.  Are there a lot of nursing home folks traveling overseas? No.  How he correlated nursing homes with European flights is a big stretch even for a lying Democrat. But he’s desperate to blame it on Trump because he’s the pick for Democratic candidate for president when Biden bows out.

And does anyone think Bubba Wallace’s incident has shades of the Smollett fake lynching?  I suspect an activist Democrat, possible a black, was paid to place that noose in his space to spread more hate and racism in America.  I doubt if a legitimate racist did this stunt. But we’ll wait and see for the FACTS come out.  More and more blacks are faking attacks on themselves or others of the same race. It has become their SOP.  There’s nothing worse than a fake racist.

So expect the volume of crazy to be turned up to the max from now on. Everyday more and more never-trumpers and their goons will try to pull off something to hurt Trump. They are filled with fear and loathing which is a recipe for disaster.  Like Rush said before, “Believe nothing that you hear in the news from now on”  especially from the lame stream media and only half of what you hear on FNC.  Fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy election.

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Orchestrated Campaign to “Not Attend Trump’s Rally” is Evidence of Dems’ Sickness.


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Apparently the left thinks they pulled off something remarkable by reserving tickets to Trump’s rally and not showing up.  One 60 year old bragged about ordering 300 tickets.  The rest were demented teenagers on some stupid TicToc App. This is something they are proud of?  Wow!  If I had raised children to behave in this manner, they’d be grounded.  But a 60 year old doing this?  Shame, shame, shame on all of them.

Here the media was complaining all week that Trump’s rally would have too many people at it spreading covid. But they knew all along it was a set up.  This is the kind of game they want to play to win the election?  Plans to sabotage the attendance at rallies?  Can you even imagine if the Republicans did the same to poor old Biden?  It would be front page news saying Republicans are cruel and heartless.  But I’m hearing crickets today from the media.  If anything they will point out how many empty seats there were. These are stone cold sick people Trump has to deal with as he demonstrated during his rally last night.

AOC is claiming that Trump’s campaign is incompetent for not knowing that people who reserved tickets wouldn’t come. She is behind this plan to sabotage. And who does she work for?  Biden.  I guess Trump’s campaign has to be clairvoyant now too. Biden is old and senile but he has always been dripping in scandal, so Trump needs to watch his back.

To the sick individuals who ordered tickets and were “no shows,” there’s a book you may want to open.  It’s called The Bible.  In it there is a famous scripture known as the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.” How would one of these “participation trophy” teenagers feel if they planned a party and half their friends didn’t show? They’d be crying to mommy.

Learn the Golden Rule and live it, and your life will be more rewarding.  Those that don’t live by it, live a rather unhappy life.  I have seen evidence of it over the years. Just saying.  The way these kids are starting out doesn’t look very promising for these culprits.

Despite the sabotage, Trump’s rally was energizing and refreshing.  He was also so comedic with skits that most comedians couldn’t pull off.  He was back! But what was greedy and shameful was taking tickets from those that wanted to attend and sit inside.  It was heartless, cruel, and insensitive, not to mention the worst karma ever. And we all know that karma is a b-t-ch!





Covid Has Exposed a New Kind of Illness, “Covid Shaming Disorder”.


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Hate, jealousy, and resentment of Trump and his supporters are the cause of this Covid Shaming Disorder.  Before it was Trump Derangement Syndrome but now we have a spin off.

We’ve all sacrificed these past few months in the name of health, but the Democrats want to covid-shame us if we start to get our lives back in order.  If you ask one of them afflicted with this disorder to do anything outdoors, they will covid-shame you.  Then they will run through a litany of what they have had to sacrifice like the rest of us haven’t.  It’s sick. They are trying to be martyrs; trying to make us think they are better than us. Don’t fall for it.

They AREN’T acting like this in the name of their health. Quite the opposite. They are using covid as an excuse to distance themselves from us for being Republican and voting for Trump.  It’s quite clear to me they have become afflicted with Covid Shaming Disorder. Thank God my more moderate members of my immediate family have not used covid as an excuse to distance themselves any longer, just my far left members that weren’t nice before covid. Now they have an excuse to be cold, unkind, and hateful.  It’s quite telling. They’ve even joined BLM and are BLM-shaming us.

We all hear the mask-wearing press reporters mask-shaming the press secretary and the president daily.  Why won’t you wear a mask? Why won’t the president wear one? It is so dumb.  Mask-shaming is another symptom of covid shaming disorder.  I experienced it recently when I went to a casino that finally reopened. I got mask-shamed by a couple when I sat down by myself.  They glared at me with their masked faces.  It gave me the creeps. It was like something out of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I half expected them to point their arms at me and scream. I should have said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer,” an oldie but goodie. Masks were optional and I chose to sit alone not near anyone. We are all responsible for our own health and making good choices.  Otherwise, it’s not a free country.

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Look at Biden’s response to Trump’s rally today.  It looked so off putting with large circles painted on the floor around chairs spread so far apart.  Talk about trying to shame Trump for having a rally.  This is all this was about. Rally-shaming or we’re better than you. Then he gave a weird speech that no one knew was over until he walked away.  And this guy thinks he can beat Trump?  I don’t think so. He spaces out in mid-sentence.

Susan Rice says Trump supporters should be on a garbage pile heap along with his senators. Wow, and she wants to be picked for VP?  Can you even imagine Pence saying something like this about Democrats?  No.  Nancy and the media are trying to claim that covid will spread if Trump holds a rally, yet they have been encouraging masses of protesters in every state across the nation. The hypocrisy is blinding.

Judge Jeanine said that the Democrats are doing everything to stop the economy from coming back.  They want no businesses to reopen. They are selfish people. They’d rather ruin the economy even more if it will help defeat Trump in November. This is reopening-shaming.  But this is what we’re dealing with.

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Another symptom of this disease is the destruction of historical statues across America.  They are tearing them down. They are removing historical portraits in the Capitol Building in the name of erasing the history of slavery.  They also want to rename the Aunt Jemina bottle of syrup. What will they call it, Aunt Michelle?  They also want to ban Paw Patrol, Dirty Harry, and any movie with cops as heroes in it. This is slavery-shaming and cop-shaming.  The more they cancel, the more our children will be brainwashed growing up, if not already.  Look at the protesters, most of them are the product of liberal upbringing and education along with liberal college professors.

We all know that covid doesn’t have one party that it infects.  It is an equal opportunity virus. Yet the Democrats say that when Republicans get together they are spreading it; but when the left does, they don’t.  They must think we’re stupid.  But, maybe not, as I remember one brainchild congresswoman said that mostly Republicans will die from covid.  Maybe they’re just stupid. That didn’t happen as most deaths were in the predominately Democrat NYC run by the incompetent Governor Cuomo otherwise known as “Grandma killer”and mostly of Black race. Hmmm.

So whether you are mask-shamed, rally-shamed, distance-shamed, BLM-shamed, slavery-shamed, reopening-shamed, or cop-shamed, it is all a symptom of Covid Shaming Disorder. They’ll say, don’t take it personally; but DO take it personally. It’s a spin off of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and they’re using covid as an excuse to release their hate, jealousy, and resentment of Trump and his supporters.  No doubt in my mind. Just watch the press room reporters in action. They are all suffering from Covid Shaming Disorder!




We Can’t Even Trust the Supreme Court.

11 Supreme Court cases with imminent decisions - ABC News


Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is working for the liberals. He will vote against conservative issues and Trump from now until election day.  He sided with Obama and the liberals on DACA.  Will he side with them on releasing a president’s tax returns and changing the Electoral College to help the Democrats too?  I don’t trust him.

John Roberts and Dr. Fauci are working for the other side, that is clear.  They want President Trump out and will do anything to ruin his chances. They are snakes in the grass. I thought Supreme Court rulings were supposed to be in accordance with the constitution not politics, but that ship has sailed.  We have a politicized supreme court.

Trump has done everything possible getting constitutional justices in the supreme court, but John Roberts is not one of them.  He was appointed by President Bush and all that that implies. He ruled in favor of Obamacare, and we’ve been suffering ever since.  He’s not to be trusted. Never trust a judge with a sly smirk on his face.

DACA children were brought into our country ILLEGALLY and not one reporter or anchor will say this.  They came ILLEGALLY by their parents.  What part of that do they not understand?  They are not citizens no matter what job they hold, or school they attend, or what welfare they receive. Trump just rescinded a policy that Obama enacted through “executive order” which is legal to do.  Congress didn’t vote on DACA.  The Supreme Court should have easily agreed with Trump if they had a non-biased brain, but they don’t.  They are not to be trusted.

What’s good for the Obama goose is not good for the Trump gander.  Trump rescinded Obama’s willy nilly executive order by executive order. But the Supreme Court called DACA a “landmark” law whereas Trump’s rescinding it is called capricious. Who got to Roberts?  That answer is obvious.  He’s been tainted.

The walls seem to be closing in all around Trump from police defunding to biased court decisions to disgruntled former cabinet members writing tell all books to cities being taken over by thugs to mayors quitting under pressure from BLM to governors keeping their state closed to the violence in the streets to the closing of schools to the media bashing Trump’s walk to the church, to the talk of mail-in voting to the rebirth of kneeling to the closing of churches to the crowd-shaming of rallies. Everything Trump has done for this country seems to be eroding all at once. His great economy disappeared within a week’s time and his law and order went kaput. Those were his pride and joy.

For the first time, I’m worried they will really steal the election from him now. We all need to pray for the president.  He needs our help. The truth will eventually prevail, but the president needs our help until it does.

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When the Left Gets Caught in Their Own Web, Their Movement Ends.


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When the #metoo movement landed directly on Biden’s front doorstep, it suddenly ended.  Amazing how that happened. When the “defund police movement” hits a prominent Democrat personally, it will suddenly end. For instance, if Pelosi’s daughter has to call 9-1-1 and gets a “sorry this number is no longer in use” message, the “defund police movement” will suddenly end. Or if a prominent celebrity (not Rosanna Arquette) that happens to own a boutique, restaurant, or pup, gets vandalized by the BLM and tries to call for help, it will suddenly end.  It’s as simple as that.

The left pushes their agenda until they are caught in the web they spun, like it did Matt Lauer, Chris Matthews, and Kevin Spacey.  They didn’t see that coming. When their movements hit too close to home for them, it suddenly ends. Maybe if one of these celebrities that has a statue of himself that gets vandalized, the “removal of statues movement” will end too. One can only hope.

So we’ll have to wait for this to happen before the “occupy city” efforts end as well as riots, burning, and vandalism because the local authorities are clueless.  Seattle construction crews are amazingly erecting concrete barriers for these lowlife children to protect them from outsiders’ vehicles.

BLM is getting huge donations from NIKE, Adidas, and Walmart; but they don’t use the money to help the underprivileged black children or schools or anything relating to black inequality. Just to fund more disruption in America. BLM is nothing more than a domestic terror group along with Antifa and Occupy Wall Street. This money should have been sent to the store owners that were looted or burned down by BLM. Instead they are rewarding criminal behavior. Shame on NIKE, Adidas, and Walmart among others for being cowardice.

The point is: it’s not about who the statue is of or who owns the store they vandalize or who sexually harassed someone on the job, or the race of a person killed by cop; it’s about destroying traditional America: its values, its law and order, its constitution, its religion, its businesses, and its history with any excuse they can use to disrupt i.e. police brutality, sexual harassment, slavery, capitalism, global warming etc.

One lowlife on the street admitted that in order to make change, we have to destroy everything and start over. Wiping the slate clean so the lazy, cowardice Elois can start their Green New World agenda of eating fruit whilst sitting by the river and singing Peter, Paul, and Mary songs.

The Time Machine Poject-Eloi and Morlocks

And their first order of business is getting rid of their biggest obstacle this November: The big bad boogeyman, Trump. Trump is the epitome of everything they are against.

Stay tuned.

“Law and Order” President Can’t Catch a Break.


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No matter what he says, tweets, or does, the left will criticize.  Unbeknownst to Trump, he planned his first rally on a day that seems to be important to the Blacks and got vilified. It was a day I’d never heard of before this, but the media made a big deal about it. So Trump changes the day and now the media are going after his next rally as being insensitive to the Blacks as well.  He can’t catch a break.

What do they do, look up the day Trump plans a rally then go on google to see if a Black person did something remarkable on that very same day?  Colin Powell’s first child was born. Obama’s mother died. MLK’s aunt got married. Susan Rice defended Benghazi on five news channels.  See what I mean? Trump needs to ignore these nuts. This is getting preposterous, but it is their next game plan.  Revisit the same ol’ theme that Trump is racist.  They tried it before and it seemed to work, so why not again?

Remember when the media went crazy that Trump held up the Bible in front of the burned church outside the White House?  It was a strong message to us of strength and that we won’t be intimidated by thugs. But the media turned it into a Bible-shaming and crowd-dispersing issue to the point of one military officer having to apologize on camera.  Trump can’t catch a break.

They are also targeting the cops.  Since Trump is the “law and order” president, why not vilify the cops?  Set them up as much as possible until the election, get them fired and arrested or have them defunded so they’ll quit, making them look corrupt.  This is their game plan. People will begin to hate cops and, in turn, vote against Trump. He can’t catch a break.

Remember when punks were throwing water on the NYC police and deBlasio told them to stand down and take it?  Now look where we are. If you give punks an inch these punks grow up to be thugs and now we are all in trouble. They should have done something three years ago.

The reason they are challenging Trump’s rallies is not about the date or social distancing, it’s about putting a wet blanket on his campaign like Biden’s is. Biden can’t hold a rally as he’d probably not draw a crowd over 10,000 folks and can’t talk coherently for long periods, so better to just go after Trump’s rallies. Put a stop to them or “rally shame” everyone.

The media were all for the protesters breaking the social distancing rules in honor of George Floyd but Trump breaking them?  Not so much. The double standard is deafening. Trump had to change the RNC Convention from North Carolina to Florida due to the Governor being a nevertrumper who claimed he couldn’t risk lives at a convention. Trump can’t catch a break.

This just boils down to the left against the right.  Nothing to do with racism or social distancing to save lives. It’s all about the election.  That’s all it has been from the beginning of the riots. It’s nothing to do with black lives mattering. Now we have cities being taken over by loons in the name of “who knows what” CHAZ, CHOP, whatever. It’s a group of lawless children that are anti-police, anti-government, anti-trump, anti-work, anti-statues, anti-success, anti-rich, anti-history, and anti-capitalism. Everything for free is the name of their game and getting Trump out of office. Sounds more like angry former Bernie and Warren voters.

Removing statues from our cities should be stopped by the police.  These vandals need to be arrested. Now they want to change the names of our military camps and some cities like Fort Bragg and the local authorities are considering it!  It’s sickening.

Now old Fauci is back to the mic as he has media withdrawal pains. He’s claiming that a return to normalcy won’t be until next year.  Wow!  What a Benedict Arnold he has become to Trump. And to top it off, the FDA has reported that HCQ (which was praised by Trump) could be dangerous to a patient with covid (even though it saves lives if taken early on). Who got to them, is my question?  Fauci is waiting for a big vaccine deal where he scores. Doesn’t want anything like HCQ getting in his way.

From the Nevertrumpers like Bush, Romney, Powell, Murkowski to half the media to the science experts to the Deep State, Trump can’t catch a break! 

So in closing, no matter what Trump says, tweets, or does from now until election day, he’ll be criticized.  He could bring Peace to the Middle East and they’d criticize it. So let’s cut him a break at the polls next November.






As Limbaugh said, “Don’t Believe a Word We Hear or Read in the News From Now Until Election Day.”

news typewritten on white paper
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And this weekend proved that.  If you read the fake news or listened to reporting on the Brooks death by cop, you’d think two cops just singled out a black man on the way to his daughter’s birthday and shot him in the back.  The spin the news is putting on this story is utterly absurd and almost against all journalistic ethics but Rush was right.  “Ignore them.”

The fake news turned a routine stop and arrest into a racial issue.  Black employees of Wendy’s called the police to get Brooks out of the drive up window line. He was drunk and passed out in his car. When you resist arrest, no matter what your race is, you seal your fate. You take a chance by running away from the police especially after stealing a weapon from them. If it had been a gun, he would have shot at police.

The media is fanning the waves of racism to hurt Trump in November, even FNC.  They encouraged the protesters to burn down Wendy’s before it was even broken into or looted.  A bush was burning out front and the news kept reporting, “Wendy’s is on fire!”  They lie, spin, and persuade stories.  This is not reporting news; it is swaying, impacting, and instigating the news.

They also kept reporting that the fire department couldn’t get close to Wendy’s due to street protesters.  Another lie unless my eyes are lying.  The streets had a spattering of onlookers and fire trucks can get where they want by running over sidewalks to stop a fire.  But they were no where to be found.  They were probably told to “stand down” by the Black police chief no doubt.  This all feeds into their narrative of chaos and anarchy which they think will help them win in November. Remember JEB predicted that Trump would have a chaos presidency, well.., nothing like creating what you predicted.

Don’t listen, read, or watch the news from now until November unless you enjoy being lied to or stick with Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, or Watters. Other than them, take even FNC with a grain of salt.  We are not getting the truth.  Remember how they lied about Hillary being ahead of Trump in the polls?  Remember how they lied about Russia Collusion?  Remember how they lied about Ukraine phone call?  Now they are saying Trump is falling in the polls due to his handling of the George Floyd death. I guess when their lie about his handling of coronavirus failed, they had to find a new failure. This is it. Well…from now on, the lies will get more preposterous and appalling.

They have a dunce running for president in the Democrat Party.  He doesn’t know what day it is, nor anything for that matter.  He had a sad sack mask hanging from one ear reminiscent of a Ben Stiller scene from There’s Something about Mary.  It was pitiful. It is truly sad, but they are using him to “slip in” their president of choice.  They will pick his VP, not Biden.

Don’t be surprised if it’s no one on his (their) “short list”.  Michelle is waiting in the wings and so is her husband. :/

Stay tuned.



Are All Black Lives Created Equal?



Do ALL black lives matter or do just SOME black lives matter?  Is it just “blacks killed by cops” that matter?  Cuz I’m hearing crickets when it comes to black cops being killed or attacked by rioters.  No one becomes outraged over that. Why is that?

Yesterday’s riot in Atlanta is a good example.  The town went crazy after a black man fought off two policemen, stole a weapon from one, escaped, then used the weapon against them, and got shot.  That could be considered resisting arrest, but what do I know?  I think I’ve watched enough Law and Order episodes to know that when a cop gets attacked by a suspect and his weapon stolen, it’s almost a death sentence for the perp during split second reactions.  But what do I know? Usually when I cop yells, “Stop, drop your weapon. You’re under arrest” and the perp keeps running, the cops have the right to shoot. It seems to be Criminal Justice 101, but what do I know?

Violence begets violence and when the town erupts in violence it doesn’t solve a thing.  It just puts people out of work that got their business burned down. It endangers spectators or lookie loos that congregate on the streets.  It doesn’t help their town at all.  The next morning it will appear like a war zone.  They are only hurting themselves.

If you really want change in your communities, you need to vote out liberal mayors and governors that turn a blind eye to violence.  As one might notice, most of the problems we are having are in liberal states run by bleeding heart liberal governors with bleeding heart liberal mayors (Cuomo, de Blasio). For instance, the mayor of Seattle who wants “the summer of love.”  What a nutcase. She should be arrested and perp-walked out of their city by the National Guard.

If “black lives matter” want to be respected and acknowledged they should change their name to “blacks killed by cops matter” so we can at least know what they are truly about. Because they certainly aren’t for “all blacks mattering.”  Not from what I’ve seen. These rioters have even killed some black cops during all this raucous and didn’t bat an eye. Black lives matter is becoming a militant black power group not a sympathetic group.  They are more like The Black Panther Party from the 60’s and even use the same symbol of a closed fist.

“The Black Panther Party (BPP), originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, was a revolutionary socialist political organization founded by Marxist college students Bobby Seale (Chairman) and Huey Newton (Minister of Defense) in October 1966 in Oakland, California.[7][8] The party was active in the United States from 1966 until 1982, with chapters in numerous major cities, and international chapters in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s. At its inception on October 15, 1966,[11] the Black Panther Party’s core practice was its open carry armed citizens’ patrols (“copwatching”) to monitor the behavior of officers of the Oakland Police Department and challenge police brutality in the city.” Wikipedia.

Is history repeating itself or are the youth of today so unoriginal they can’t come up with anything new?  I think the latter.  Sounds so familiar to what is going on in Seattle right now with malcontents patrolling their commandeered property with rifles.  But let’s see if we are repeating history, shall we?

“Black Panther Party membership reached a peak in 1970, with offices in 68 cities and thousands of members, but it began to decline over the following decade. After its leaders and members were vilified by the mainstream press, public support for the party waned, and the group became more isolated. Popular support for the Party declined further after reports of the group’s alleged criminal activities, such as drug dealing and extortion of Oakland merchants. By 1972 most Panther activity centered on the national headquarters and a school in Oakland, where the party continued to influence local politics. The Seattle chapter persisted longer than most, with a breakfast program and medical clinics that continued even after the chapter disbanded in 1977.The Party continued to dwindle throughout the 1970s, and by 1980 had just 27 members.” Wikipedia.

So when the mainstream press starts to vilify them, they will dwindle.  I won’t hold my breathe on that happening as right now they are encouraging them.  Remember when the Black Panthers intimidated a voting location by standing out front during Obama’s first election?  They were never prosecuted as Eric Holder dropped the case but certainly came out of hiding and maybe have been growing ever since.

So are all black lives created equal?  Not the ones in gangs in Chicago that get shot by other black gang members every weekend.  Not those black lives.  Not the black cops that have been shot since George Floyd’s death.  Not those black lives. Not the black protesters that were shot by black malcontents. Not those black lives. Not the black store owners that got ransacked by black rioters. Not those black lives. Maybe they should just change their name to “Black panthers are back” rather than “black lives matter”.  Makes more sense to me. But what do I know?

Human knuckle, African-American Civil Rights Movement Black Power ...

What Is Antifa? Ans: Epitome of Fascism.

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It is projection in the truest form.  These Antifa drones are projecting what they do onto the rest of us. They are claiming the Trump Administration is about government control, group think, and dictatorship, yet it is these drones who are forcing their liberal beliefs and control onto us which is the definition of FASCISM.  “Anti-fa” is a misnomer. 

1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompassing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator.
2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.

Fascist countries are known for their harmony and lack of internal strife. There are no conflicting parties or elections in fascist countries.

Urban Dictionary

This sounds more like how Obama governed.  He wanted to rule globally with his Paris Climate Accord and Iran Deal. He grew the deficit and government programs tenfold while in office. He wanted government-controlled healthcare for all. He ruined the economy so people would be dependent on welfare programs. He was secretive yet wanted his drones like Comey, [McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Rice], and Lois Lerner to do his dirty work. He was a silent dictator who kept his hands clean. Teflon Obama.

Trump has been the most transparent and vocal President in modern history.  He tells us daily in tweets or press conferences what’s on his mind.  He never holds back, sometimes to a fault.  That’s not a dictator.  Trump wants less government programs and spending. He wants more people working and more jobs for everyone. ICE was created after 9-11 and should be honored by all Americans and not threatened.  And Trump doesn’t get involved in how other countries govern unless it is affecting us.  It’s America First.  He’s trying to level the playing field with trade with other countries so we don’t get screwed.

Our country under Trump has lots of internal strife and no harmony and conflicting parties and elections. So Fascism is not a description of Trump’s presidency BUT, conversely, the left wants to shut us all up, cause internal strife and conflict between parties. They also want control of our election system by abolishing the Electoral College [and requiring mail-in ballots.]  One of the Squad members implied that if we don’t think like them, we are racist. So, it is they that are the Fascists, IMO.

Antifa are a violent group with masked faces that is supported by Facebook, CNN, Soros, the Squad, and the Democrat Socialist candidates for president. [Biden].  They commit assaults that are not condemned by the Democrat candidates.  In fact, their silence condones it.

This is the world we are living in now, thanks to Obama and his drones.  These Antifa [misfits] are nothing more than Obama’s drones.  They take their orders from him, commit crimes, and slander our duly elected president. Notice not Obama nor his wife come out to condemn Antifa.  I wonder why?  We didn’t have them terrorizing our streets prior to Obama. Since ISIS is no longer a threat, thanks to Trump and the military; the left has created their own domestic terrorists–Antifa [and Black Lives Matter]. 

If the left, no matter what color they are or where they were born, don’t like it in America; they can go to the country of their choice. That’s not a racist comment.  It’s actually what they promised to do IF Trump won.  They just don’t stand by their threats.

Let’s tell these Antifa drones to take off their masks and fly home.  If we see them assault someone, call 911. No one should have live in a city with their mob rule mentality.  Go away Antifa!  You’re phony, [selfish], worthless misfits that contribute nothing to society.  We know what you really are–Fascist drones for Obama doing his dirty work and suffering from TDS.  You’re not anti-fascism, you’re for it.

Fly home [to mommy].  

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UPDATE 6-13-20.  [   ]  = added words to original post.

It seems Antifa and Black Lives Matter have joined forces and taken over a portion of Seattle calling it CHAZ.  The liberal mayor has allowed this to occur and is totally disrespecting the store owners who pay rent and taxes in their city. These misfits or lowlifes running around with their rifles in hand are anarchists.  They think what they’re getting away with is cool. It’s not!

These lowlifes are nothing more than children of hippies that never had discipline IMO.  Poor upbringing again. Liberal schooling.  So sad.  I’m embarrassed for their parents. I’m embarrassed that other countries have to witness this childish, spoiled behavior occurring in America.

Trump: Send in the National Guard if one person gets injured by them. Remove the mayor of Seattle. They’ll starve to death in a week’s time, if not kill each other first–not to mention the stench and garbage that will pile up.  These kids don’t clean up after themselves.  They are not peace-loving, flower children; and they don’t give a hoot about the environment.  It’s all a phony act despite what CNN says.

What do snowflakes grow up to be?  Answer: Antifa or BLM sympathizers.