Tomorrow is the Democrat’s Day of Reckoning.

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Either the Biden Heist of the 2020 Election will be certified or it will need to be audited in several states like Arizona, Nevada, Wisconson, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. I’m convinced by listening to all the evidence presented that our election was stolen in at least these states. Anyone with half a brain can see this. It was a calculated and well-organized widespread criminal event. Much like a terror attack only domestic. The decision tomorrow seems to be in the hands of our vice president Mike Pence. I think. Tomorrow will also reveal whether or not we hold onto the Senate after the vote in Georgia of two runoff senatorial campaigns.

Since when is it illegal to burn a BLM banner but not the American Flag? I’m confused. BLM is not a national symbol of our country. It never will be. It is a radical hate group that doesn’t even deserve mentioning. Those that have bought into the group as being a legitimate group that helps the underprivileged Blacks have been snookered. Been sold a bill of goods.

Has anyone noticed how Biden and his cronies look on stage? They have the appearance of imposters that know they shouldn’t even be standing up there but also know that they have pulled off some big heist and seemingly got away with it. They have guilt written all over their masked faces. And why is Biden, who received a vaccine, even wearing a mask? He must be dumb. They are akin to an employee that shows up to work trying to look normal after embezzling millions of dollars from his employer. How they have the gall or the kahunas to show up baffles me. They have no conscience. Dumb and no conscience is a lethal combination for a President of the United States.

And what about the people who voted for this sham of a candidate that are celebrating what they think will be a Biden Administration? How do they sleep at night knowing that the only way they could win was by cheating? Who are these people? Some of them are my friends. I need to find new friends.

I think this year will be a defining year of people leaving their old time friends that have sat through the Biden Heist and not said a word. That have sat through laptopgate and not said a word. That sat through the Russia Collusion hoax and not said a word. And sat through the sham impeachment of our president and not said a word! Time for a separation of sorts. How can we associate with the likes of those that would condone a compromised, crooked candidate that stole an election? We can’t. I need to find new friends.

Note to self: Find friends that aren’t Democrats or RINOs.

What’s Going to Happen?

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I’m scared. I am at a loss for words. I can’t figure out what will happen on January 6th to our election process. Will enough senators object to the results of the certified electoral votes to overturn the stolen election? Will the peaceful march on D.C. turn out millions of disenfranchised patriots enough to change things around? I feel the Georgia election has already been stolen from us. Trump’s chances to prove the presidential election was stolen is falling on deaf ears. Covid hospitalizations are on the rise. Some of our trusted Republicans have thrown in the towel and resorted to taping private conversations with Trump. The courts are worthless. We are in the middle of a perfect storm.

I’m getting emails that Trump has all these cards up his sleeve to play. I love the optimism, but we’re running out of time for cards. And so far all the cards Trump has played have been ignored. It’s a total coup d’état involving most of the country. We can’t turn it around. It’s like in the movie The Perfect Storm when the captain said, “It’s not gonna let us out.” We’re stuck in this perfect storm that the Democrats created and we can’t get out. Our ship is hitting a wall of water and about to flip over then sink into the depths of despair. We should’ve known better.

Why are there stories in the media of police officers doing their job being called Good Samaritans? They get paid to be Good Samaritans. When the police rushed into the World Trade Center to help the victims inside, they were called brave but never Good Samaritans. It’s when a stranger helps another that it is called random acts of kindness or a Good Samaritan. But in this PC culture apparently when cops “are good” the media has to point it out as being special.

Something is going on in our country and it stinks. We’re raising kids to be animals that attack a man and his mother while sitting at a red light in New York City. Where were the Good Samaritans that day or the police? Why not stop these animals from destroying a brand new BMW and threatening innocent people? We’re training cops to “stand back or down;” and when they don’t, they’re considered Good Samaritans. I can’t figure it out. I’m at a loss for words. I’m trying to watch less news because it is disturbing. The Democrat mayors have allowed this violent behavior to continue and it has snowballed into an unstoppable force of evil. It’s not gonna let us out.

No “Commander and Thief” is going to change this country around. Nothing this guy can do will help our country. Nothing. His VP is a disgusting, lying woman that I can’t stand to watch. She still thinks she’s a prosecutor and speaks like one. We are so screwed and robbed if Biden becomes president. Screwed and robbed. Hate being pessimistic; but I’m a realist, and we’re running out of time. What’s going to happen? I’m scared.

Things We’d Like to Kiss “Goodbye” in 2021.

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Let’s start with hoarding toilet paper. Come on, man! Then we’d like to say adios to loners walking or driving with masks on. We’d like the mask Nazis at the storefronts to find a new job. Let’s see an end to “sorry we’re closed” in front of restaurants. Let’s say vamonos to those colorful cloth homemade masks on women’s faces. They’re ugly. Pelosi is not a fashion icon. And the grocery store arrows, lines, and distancing needs to go.

We’d love to see Twitter get shutdown. Conservative censoring on Facebook needs to go or they should be open to lawsuits. New York Times along with CNN should just hang it up. They aren’t news sources. Dominion software should be banned from our country along with voter fraud.

Goodbye to mail-in voting which should be considered the biggest mistake since the Edsel, Pinto, and the Corvair. The Pulitzer Prize should just be discontinued as it has lost all its esteem when they gave it to those who covered the Russia Collusion fake news story. Disgraceful!

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We’d love to say arrivederci to AOC and the squad together with Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the speakership. Wouldn’t it be nice not to hear them squawking daily on the news? We’d also love to see less of Joe Namath, the Pillow Guy, Pat Boone, and Tom Selleck on our tv screen. Come on, man! We loved you once, but let it go. Retire already. And that other actor who wants us to buy gold or silver, not sure which.

Love the term “packing the court” to go by the wayside together with “defunding police and eliminating the electoral college.” Love to say vamonos to zoom schooling and zoom office meetings. Love to hear less of Dr. Fauci’s scratchy voice on the air. Love to kiss Governor Cuomo and Newsom goodbye, not literally though. Love to see an end to California’s wildfires, rolling blackouts, and shutdowns. Let’s kiss rioting and looting in our liberal cities goodbye.

Love to see the misused and overused words of racist, whistleblower, xenophobic, sexist, and misogynist to come to an end. Also, the groups BLM and Antifa to dissipate and their graffiti to be sandblasted. Love to kiss the plywood goodbye from storefront windows. Love to end the term “stand down” being told to our police.

Just these few goodbyes would make a huge difference in our lives. I’m sure there are more but some of them would be impossible like ridding us with the late night non-humorous talk shows or cowardice supreme court justices. Some things we are just stuck with like an illegitimate president that has mental acuity issues.

And lastly, let’s hope to God the China coronavirus comes to an end! We all have covid fatigue and the rules-that-come-with-it fatigue.

Happy New Year 2021!

Baldwin’s Wife Used Fake Heritage to Advance Her Career.

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This is what some libs do. They fake their heritage in order to inflate themselves into the current trend which is Latino apparently. After seeing some of her tapes on television, she looks Jewish or Italian. I guess those heritages didn’t meet with her agenda. Now she’s claiming she is the combination of many nationalities. I don’t believe her. My husband is Jewish and his heritage came back 99% Jewish. She needs to make her 23 and Me test public. I bet money that she has zero Spanish blood, but that she vacationed in Spain with her parents once. Maybe her husband wanted to tell his sycophants that he married a Latino girl. Who knows, but it smells of Elizabeth Warren or that other woman who faked being Black by coloring her skin and perming her hair.

My Jewish brother-in-law went to England for a few years and has been speaking in English accent ever since. A couple of years in England and he comes back sounding like Paul McCartney! Compared to his 65 years in the U.S., I don’t think so. But he’s a big lib and that’s what they do. They aren’t happy with who they really are.

Hilary had on her bio that she was born in Spain. That makes her Spanish, right? Sounds exotic, right? Why not claim you were born in Mexico? Not cool enough? I think Alec is behind her charade. He couldn’t marry a cliché East Coast Jewish or Italian girl that attended an ivy league college. After all, he was married to Kim Basinger. But maybe it was her first name that attracted him to her, Hilary. Ugh. That name would send up red flags for me. Hillary is infamous for lying about her career and experience. Remarkably, her sham did put her on the cover of Latino Magazine. More than Melania got. I’m surprised she didn’t land a Spanish cooking show.

Apparently, Alec said on Letterman Show that his wife was born in Spain, they spoke part of their marriage vows in Spanish, and had a Piñata at their wedding. Wow. Didn’t he see his wife’s birth certificate before marrying her? Talk about pretending to be something you’re not! Way to fool your guests with your fake accent. And they call Trump a liar and phony. So you see, whoever cries the loudest about Trump is usually guilty of doing what they’re accusing him of. Like Swalwell accusing Trump of being in bed with Russia.

This kind of stuff makes me sick. What’s next, putting Jill Biden on the cover of MAYO Clinic Magazine donning a surgical gown and stethoscope? We should all hate phonies. Alec, ironically, has been making his career off of mocking Trump. So the couple are fake for a living. So while Alec is crying in his guesthouse for being isolated from his “Spanish” wife and kids, she just made them both look like laughing stocks in Hollywood. Taste of your own medicine, Alec? How does it taste? I smell a divorce.

I’m seeing a lot of karmic action lately starting with Congressman Swalwell. Things are starting to turn on their own against Trump’s biggest critics. Now if we can shine some sunlight on the likes of Tapper, Lemon, Maddow, Baher, DiNero, Pelosi, Schiff, and Brian Williams who have spread lies about the president, that should shut them up too.

Biden Supporters are So Angry…

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And delusional if they think Biden won the election fair and square. But notice they haven’t stopped shooting cops, robbing banks, and destroying property. They are angry that Trump hasn’t conceded yet, and it’s driving them loco. Trump has every right to pursue the legal system until his time runs out. He doesn’t care what the left thinks of him. He’s still in charge and making smart decisions.

If not for Trump, there wouldn’t be a $2,000 stimulus check going out to those in need. The Democrats want all our money going to foreign countries. If not for Trump, there wouldn’t be millions of vaccines coming to a drugstore near us. Trump rushed the research into finding a vaccine and gets all the credit. If not for Trump, the whole country would be mandated into wearing masks and lockdowns. The only lockdowns and mask mandates are in blue states. Trump asked for everything to open up as well as schools.

If Trump leaves office we can say goodbye to sanity and caring and hello to corruption and greed as the Bidens only care about who’s going to line their pockets. They’ve been doing this for decades and old habits are hard to break. It’s the only way they know how to make money. I can assure you Biden will not donate his salary to charity like Trump has done for four years. They are greedy, selfish people but pretend to care about the wellbeing of the poor and unfortunate. They do not!

Who Are the Low IQ, Mediocre Grinches of Christmas?


Love the mom’s expression in the end.

We’ve all run across them during the shutdown of our cities, restaurants, bars, salons, schools, concert halls, gyms, and other forms of entertainment. They’re the ones who shout at you for not wearing a mask, who refuse visitors over the holidays, who make anyone that comes into their home don a mask, who make businesses go into lockdown, who want to impose power over others they don’t even know, who sneak into restaurants or salons owned by their friends, who want to make life miserable for others over the holiday because they are, in fact, miserable themselves just like the fictional Grinch. We should feel sorry for them.

Maybe they’re feeling guilty that they got caught stealing the election from Trump and just can’t rejoice. Nancy, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Biden, Kamala, and Newsom certainly don’t appear to be happy after the election. So what do they do? They punish their cities and states. It’s all they know how to do. It’s all they’ve been doing for the last four years since Trump won the first time. If they really thought that they’d won, they’d all be dancing in the streets like the morons did the day after the election before they realized that it had been stolen under suspicious circumstances. Even Inspector Clouseau and Barney Fife would be able see that the election had been stolen but not our FBI and DOJ! There’s nothing to see here.

Inspector Clouseau biography | birthday, trivia | Fictional Ninny | Who2
More Life Lessons from Barney Fife : "It's therapetic!" - The Last Drive In

I notice my Democrat relatives haven’t been too joyous over Christmas. They refused any visitors due to covid. They must know in their heart of hearts that Biden cheated and that they lost. Are they ashamed? Will they admit it? I’d hate it if Trump cheated and was awarded the win. I’d feel awful. I’d feel guilty too. Do they? Maybe.

Only time will tell how all the chips will fall. We certainly have enough evidence to prove voter fraud in at least five states. But do we have the mettle to go through with it? Do the uninformed masses have the mettle to sit through it? From the looks of it, they are too self-absorbed to even care. Just let it go is their common refrain. Must have come from their favorite movie, Frozen. Low IQ, mediocre Grinches.

This video exhibits how the low IQ, mediocre Grinches of Christmas behave.

What Ever Happened to the Days of Woodward and Bernstein?

A Few Words From Woodward And Bernstein - 1976 - Past Daily

Sort of gone by the wayside like the Days of Wine and Roses: a bygone era of innocence and simplicity, especially in our youth. Days when two hardworking reporters uncovered a story about one candidate for reelection for president breaking into the others national campaign office to plant bugs to record their activity. I think it was called Watergate. Doesn’t sound like much of a crime compared to these days, but it made frontpage news for months, caused a president to resign, and inspired a bestselling book and a blockbuster movie. Even launched a spinoff porn movie entitled Deep Throat. All this resulted from two inquisitive reporters for the Washington Post named Woodward and Bernstein.

But these days we get zilch from reporters. And even if we do get a breaking story that will blow the socks off of Americans like the New York Post printed on Hunter Biden, it gets squashed or buried by the main stream media and social media and totally ignored by the FBI.

What has happened to the inquisitive minds of the average American though? Have they become so complacent, so involved in their cell phones, so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t even care about the government and media corruption going on all around them? Gregg Garrett of FOX News along with two other investigative reporters Solomon and Carter have broken stories all year long much like Woodward and Bernstein did, but they go nowhere. Why is that? Is it because their stories are against the Democrat Party? So if you’re a Democrat involved in crime, the media overlooks you as well as the FBI? Is this what it has come down to?

“The metonym Watergate came to encompass an array of clandestine and often illegal activities undertaken by members of the Nixon administration, including bugging the offices of political opponents and people of whom Nixon or his officials were suspicious; ordering investigations of activist groups and political figures; and using the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Internal Revenue Service as political weapons.[15] The use of the suffix “-gate” after an identifying term has since become synonymous with public scandal, especially political scandal.” Wikipedia.

Isn’t this exactly what has been happening to President Trump? Using the FBI, CIA, and NSA as political weapons against Trump? But no one cares. We all have our heads in the sand. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. But it’s all around us.


Three wise monkeys or Three Mystic Apes sacred ancient icon - salesSHIFT
  • Mizaru, who sees no evil, covering his eyes
  • Kikazaru, who hears no evil, covering his ears and
  • Iwazaru, who speaks no evil, covering his mouth

“Just as there is disagreement about the origin of the phrase, there are differing explanations of the meaning of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil:”

  • In Buddhist tradition, the tenets of the proverb are about not dwelling on evil thoughts.
  • The proverb and the image are often used to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way, or feigning ignorance.[12]

(Remember when Biden’s crime brother Jim said about how they get away with their crimes, “We use plausible deniability” which means they will deny it but it has to be plausible to the stupid FBI which has worked in the past for Hillary. Remember when Comey said, “She made some careless errors but not intentional” or something to that effect, i.e. she used the “dumb” defense. So if Hunter ever gets indicted, the defense lawyers will say, “He made some careless errors, but he had no intent to commit a crime.” )

I think the three mystic monkeys should be renamed: FBI, CIA, and DOJ i.e., Wray, Haspel, and Barr as they have been guilty of refusing to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way, or feigning ignorance.

Three wise monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. | Three wise  monkeys, Wise monkeys, Animals beautiful

Will America Become our Biggest Threat to Liberty?

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Excerpt from NWO Report:

“The new SCOTUS justices have to be aware that our United States Constitution is under attack, not just from anarchists, but also from numerous politicians and the media.  Freedom of speech, the right to own a weapon, and property rights are all being attacked, and to a fundamental degree, our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being increasingly denied.  There has been extreme violence in several of our major cities, which does not meet even token resistance from their governors and mayors.  Lives have already been lost.  In addition, the rioting has destroyed numerous businesses, thereby destroying property and denying liberty and pursuit of happiness for those business-owners.

There is a report that the chief justice, John Roberts, is afraid of inciting riots and said he would tell the other justices how to vote.  Considering John Roberts’s actions in the past that appeared to be politically motivated, he may well be concerned that a SCOTUS ruling could incite violence.  His determination to uphold the Constitution seems to be weak at best.  However, the older conservative justices, Alito and Thomas, proved that they were willing to hear cases about the fraudulent election when they dissented in the Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al. case.  So why wouldn’t the new SCOTUS justices follow the lead of Alito and Thomas, especially when the issue of free and fair elections is so vital to our Constitution?

To read more:


The previous article was an eyeopener. Why wouldn’t the new justices side with Alito and Thomas? It is disconcerting. Trump chose the most conservative judges he could, but there seems to be a bigger power at play that has taken over. If we allow threats of violence from within our country to rule, then we have lost our country to anarchism. “The presidential election is the most important election to ensure that our Constitution is preserved.” NWO Report.

Yesterday’s alleged domestic terror attack is a prime example of where we are heading. I’m not ruling out an attack from ISIS. If it did came from one of our own (whether they be on the right or left or just some crazy nut), we can probably expect more because our mayors and governors have not confronted the problem all year long. Now the attacks on our cities could get more severe. Plus there are more disgruntled, unemployed people from both sides of the aisle across the nation due to all the irrational shutdowns of their businesses from their governors.

Nashville is a popular spot for country musicians to play their music and live. Country singers are known for their love of country. They are peaceful folks. An attack on Christmas morning is clearly an attack on religion which the media fails to notice. It couldn’t be a more blatant statement the nut was trying to make. The comment from the FBI is, “It was an intentional act, but there is no clear motive.” In English that means they know more than they’re telling us. It was probably a mentally ill anesthetist activist, but the left media will try to bury that part of the story. I’m waiting for them to compare it to Oklahoma City bombing by right wing nuts. That is always the media’s “go to” villain. They blamed Rush Limbaugh for inciting the Oklahoma City bombers. The media will probably blame Trump for inciting violence this time as they’ve done for the last four years. When in doubt, blame Trump.

Americans like this are behaving like spoiled children. They have to get their way, or they have a hissy fit. The more we give in to them, however, with no repercussions, the worse they behave just like children do. I weep for the future under a Biden Administration because he will never be able to control the spoiled children of America. They will demand more and more from him just like AOC will. Will America become our biggest threat more than China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and ISIS? That remains to be seen.

Stay tuned.