Testing Kits Are Not The Problem!

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Anyone who has a fever and feels like they have contracted the coronavirus will be tested.  They need to call the ER or their doctor and ask for advice on where to be tested, what their symptoms are etc.  They shouldn’t walk into the ER or their doctor’s office as they could infect others.  They should remain calm and wait for directions from a health provider.

Typically local laboratories will have the kits and your doctor will send you there.  Keep in mind, if you don’t have it, you are risking exposure from someone that does while sitting in the waiting room.  After you get tested, it will be sent out and results will take some time.  Be patient.  If you have a cold, you don’t need to be tested. If you have the stomach flu, you don’t need to be tested.  We have to know our own bodies and not put the medical providers through unnecessary testing.  Be considerate of others.

The United States is handling this epidemic better than all the other countries.  We have less cases and less deaths.  Some are saying that South Korea has more testing kits than we do.  Maybe, but they don’t meet our FDA standards and we had to come up with our own test.  Trump’s idea to temporarily stop European flights into the U.S. was bold and courageous and could save many lives.  We will allow Americans to return to the U.S. if they so choose. It will have an economic impact for sure but only temporary.

The NBA deciding to cancel basketball games for two weeks also seems prudent.  Companies and businesses should error on the side of precaution.  Families should postpone gatherings for now.  No sense infecting your seniors unnecessarily from someone younger that may not be showing symptoms. Events all across the nation are being cancelled out of fear of contagion.  The sooner we contain this nasty virus the better. And be considerate when shopping for supplies.  Be rational when buying toilet paper, disinfectant, and wet wipes.  Leave some for the next shopper.

Tom Hanks and his wife who have contracted the virus are in Australia.  This country has socialism medicine.  The fact that they got it reveals how serious it is and maybe some of those in Hollywood will shut up now that one of their own got it. Same for the basketball stars. The entertainment industry will be hit hard as well as the travel industry.

This lack of testing kits claim is just another red herring that the Democrats are ballyhooing about to hurt Trump.  Ignore them and use your common sense. The media won’t give credit to Trump for the way he is handling it. Pelosi is babbling about getting lunches to children if their schools are closed.  What a nut!  If they aren’t in school they go home and their parents feed them. That’s on the parents not the government.

Everyone does not need to be tested like Nancy is claiming.  Waste of time and money. Avoid crowds, keep your distance, cancel flights, eat from home, wash your hands frequently, and stay well.  All this will soon pass leaving more egg on the Democrats’ faces. They are such partisans.

Joe’s Indecent Proposals.

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Joe wants to bring decency and the soul of America back?  It hasn’t left; and since when has Joe been decent? When he swims in the nude in front of female secret service? That’s indecent.  When he sniffs the hair of young girls and women and whispers in their ear inappropriate comments?  That’s indecent.   When he threatens U.S. Aid to Ukraine unless they fire the prosecutor on the Burisma Case where his son works?  That’s indecent. When he says he wants to take Trump out behind the gym and fight him? That’s an indecent proposal. When he’s caught on a hot mic saying f–king at a televised press meeting? Sooo decent.  When he verbally assaults potential voters with names like: fat, dog-faced pony soldier, goddamned liar, horse’s ass, too old to vote, full of shit, or when he challenges them to push ups? That’s an indecent proposal.

Point is, the man is a foul-mouthed hair-trigger ready to explode on anyone that disagrees with him. That’s not how Trump acts.  Trump doesn’t lose his temper and go off on strangers like Biden, yet Biden thinks the soul of the country needs restoring? I think his soul and mind need restoring.  He’s a big hypocrite like the rest of the Democrats.

His nickname should be Dirty Joe not Sleepy Joe. He’s been playing dirty politics his entire adult life and has his mind in the gutter.  And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to his son Hunter. He and Hunter are dripping in corruption like Hillary.  Biden will run as Hillary 2.0–shielded from prosecution due to his candidacy.  Trump will have to expose all their past criminal dealings during this campaign, and it will get ugly. The media is jumping on the Biden bandwagon like he’s a newborn fawn and will malign anyone that tries to disparage poor old Joe like they did for Hillary. Trump has his work cut out for him.

This coronavirus fear isn’t helping any.  The sooner this goes away the better. It’s not Trump’s fault, but Biden will claim that he could have handled it better.  Biden’s handlers will try to keep him out of the limelight as much as possible for fear of another outburst of temper or more senile stammering. They’ll use the coronavirus as their excuse.  I’ve never seen such an angry candidate for president.  Maybe he should pick Kamala Harris as his running mate as they have similar personalities. He’s already promised Obama’s cabinet and the Deep State to come to work under him.  It will be a corrupt Obama Administration all over again, and we can’t have that.

Spread the word that Biden isn’t the soft spoken, genteel man the press tries to portray. He’s just the opposite.  He’s foul mouthed, Dirty Joe.  He always votes on the wrong side of history on topics like war, criminal justice, and trade bills.  He promises socialist plans just like Bernie such as open borders, no ICE, sanctuary cities, healthcare for illegals, punishing wall street, reversing the tax cuts, more Obamacare, more climate change accords, more Iran nuclear deals, free college, and other freebies we can’t afford. These are not business, job, or economy-friendly ideas. He also promises to get rid of the fossil fuel industry and some guns. Goodbye cars.

Biden wants a sit-down debate with Bernie next week as he’s tired. The less he talks, the better.  The more he sits, the longer he can last. The moderators will give him fawning, softball questions and direct all the tough ones to Bernie. It will be another Trump bashfest, as they don’t have the balls to go after each other. The fix is in for Biden though as evidenced by the sudden 180 the fake news has made when referring to Joe.  A week ago he was a “dead man walking” according to them.

He plagiarizes, lies, and sells his name to the highest bidder. If he became president, he would have a private email set up for his dealings on the side like Obama did as well as a secret cell phone to call his cohorts. He’s a bigger flip flopper than John Kerry and just as corrupt as Hillary. He also promised to put Obama on the Supreme Court!  That would be the end of civilization as we know it for real.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg about Biden.  If the DOJ can’t indict him beforehand, we will at the ballot box like we did Hillary.

Wake up America!  Don’t be stupid! Don’t fall for Biden!


Bernie Says, “He Doesn’t Do That”…

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when referring to bad mouthing his opponent, Joe Biden.  Bernie is above slinging insults on Joe’s mental capacity but slings lies about Trump nonstop.  He calls Trump every outrageous name in the book but can’t say one bad thing about Biden?  What is that?  Bernie “Does Do That”, just not to his Democrat opponents.  Biden is his rival right now.  Maybe Bernie needs to man up and focus on the problem at hand: Biden. He had the same attitude when running against Hillary, and he lost.  Hillary has no problem slinging insults at him; in fact, she recently claimed, “no one in congress likes Bernie.”

Bernie has all the Democrat Establishment bearing down on him now, and he can’t say one negative comment about Joe?  This is a recipe for failure. He will lose if he continues this loyalty to his fellow Democrats. He should expose the Democrat Party for what they are: scam artists. The people would have more respect for him if he did. Can you imagine a guy like this running the country?  A guy like this when dealing with our enemies? He would kiss their butts like he has already implied he’d do to the Palestinians over Israel.  He is not a supporter of his own heritage and our ally Israel. This is a sign of a self-loathing traitor.

The way the Democrat Establishment and the media is propping up Biden after three weeks of dismissing him, is almost malpractice.  They are trying to fool the people into voting for him and apparently have.  Whoever is voting for Biden, just because they think he can challenge Trump, is a fool.  Biden is mentally challenged yet not one of the Democrats have asked him to have a mental evaluation by a doctor.  Every year my doctor gives anyone over 65 a mental evaluation based on standardized government tests.  If Biden had just one of these tests, he’d flunk.  Give me a break.  We can’t have a mentally diminishing president sitting in the Oval Office.

This is the biggest sham the Democrats have ever tried to pull on America yet.  It’s almost fodder for a blockbuster movie. It’s bigger than the Russia Collusion scam; bigger than the Ukraine Hoax.  When will the people be able to see through these scam artists?  I’m beginning to think they are incapable of seeing evil right before their eyes.  They have dismissed all allegations against Biden that his last name as VP was up for sale and his son and brother used it to make millions. Biden knew what they were up to as well as his doctor wifey, and they should both be ashamed of themselves rather than running for president.  But it worked so well for Hillary to be running for president.  It seems to be a shelter from all criminal investigations against them: running for president.

The next time anyone robs a bank all they have to do is run for president, it seems.  They become instantly untouchable, if you are a Democrat.  If a Republican had done one thing Biden is accused of, he’d be sitting behind two feet of concrete with conjugal visits.

So Bernie, we know you DO do that: sling insults.  You just need to know who your rival is. It’s the Democrat Establishment propping up ol’ Joe, but you can’t seem to read the writing on the wall.  Trump has, in fact, been trying to defend you, but you’re ungrateful.  You bite the hand that feeds you and also don’t think much of yourself or your heritage. That’s why you turned atheist and socialist.  You hate religion and America.

Good luck today in the voting booths across the nation.  You’re gonna need it. The Dems are systematically trying to take you out like they’re still trying to do Trump, but you don’t stand up for yourself like Trump does.  Not a good sign of a leader.

Is “Coronavirus Fear” a Foreshadowing of Socialist America?


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Is this the world we’d be living in if a socialist (Bernie) or socialist-light (Biden) was running our country only to a smaller scale?  Stock market losses, empty stores, oil companies hurting, no air travel, patients treated in tents, people working from home, massive spread of germs, and massive deaths of seniors.  Is God giving us a taste of what it’s like to live in a socialist country?  He does work in mysterious ways. This could just be a foreboding of what’s to come if we’re not careful who we vote for.

I feel like the Democrats must be loving the stock market crash as it’s hurting the economy.  Anything to hurt Trump, they’re happy about.  This is their secret weapon to get Trump out.  But at what cost winning, losing America? And this all started in China.  Is China behind this spread of the virus?  Was it done in retaliation of the new tariffs?  I hope not.  All these thoughts and more swirl through my mind as I hear about companies hurting and more cases popping up.

I still think the media is hyping this virus to spread fear across America.  We do need to change our habits during this outbreak; but the fact is: 23 people have died, many patients have recovered, and many more didn’t know they had it.  About 600 folks across the nation have contracted it that we know of.  It runs its course and then you are not contagious any longer.  Conversely, 20,000 people have died from the flu this year and it barely makes a blip in the media.  I’m staying away from folks with the flu!

Both parties should come together to combat this virus rather than playing the blame game. It certainly isn’t Trump’s fault that the virus got here but that’s all you hear from the left. Trump doesn’t care about the people.  It’s called global travel and the Democrats love global travel. They are globalists.  They’re part of the problem they’re complaining about.  This is what they do.

They love going to Italy, France, and England. They love going to museums, outdoor cafes, and bus tours of the countryside. They love taking selfies in front of historical buildings and inside cathedrals. It’s in their blood. And they especially love going on cruises!  And now 200 more of them are going to be quarantined at Travis Air Force Base.  I hope their travels were worth the risk they took.

Why would you pay big bucks to sit on a cruise ship for two weeks when you could rent a cabin along a river in mountainous Montana for less money?  I don’t get it.  Sitting by a trickling river on a lounge chair with a fishing pole, bottle of wine, and picnic lunch OR sitting in a cabin on a huge ship with 3,000 strangers playing shuffleboard.  Mountain cabin vs, ship cabin? Fishing vs. shuffleboard? Mountain cabin wins in my book. Well, not necessarily the one in this picture.  Sort of Unabomber-ish. But I digress.

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What will the silver lining be if this epidemic fear endures much longer?  Companies starting to produce their products in the U.S.A. rather than in China.  Stores buying their products from the U.S.A. rather than China.  Increase in the job market by new industries producing products in the U.S.A. rather than China.  The U.S. travel industry will boom if people aren’t flying. The automobile and motorhome industry sales will boom if people aren’t flying. But the theatre business would suffer hurting Hollywood. That would be them getting their comeuppance. Ironically, they were all cow and climate shaming us, but now they have to worry about their careers.  That’s a good thing getting them off our backs.

Companies realizing that maybe they can have their employees work at least one day from home a week to reduce the carbon footprint.  People learning to cook at home rather than going out to eat all the time.  Fast food industry, which is basically unhealthy, will suffer but obesity will be a thing of the past.  South Americans will stop crossing our southern border illegally, making us no longer a magnet. That’s a good thing.  Some sort of public transportation will be invented that protects each passenger from germs. They can call it the “bubble train” or “bubble subway” each person sits in their own protected fresh air circulated environment. Democrats love science and inventions!

Hopefully this fear will all pass soon as it has people panicking.  We liked the way things were before this outbreak; but maybe in the long run, we could stand a few changes.  Maybe God was tired of seeing all the divisiveness from the Democrats. “Something had to give” as the saying goes. He wants the country to come together and all get along.  He wants fake news to go away and be replaced with the truth. Maybe He’s hoping the virus will snap us out of it.  I heard Gavin Newsom said something kind and true about Trump for once.  See, it’s working already.

If we are reduced to fighting over a bag of toilet paper rolls in a store, that’s not a good thing. That’s a socialist thing. After that there will be a run on the banks for cash.  A real sign of people losing it, mentally.

The FEAR of coronavirus is worse than the VIRUS. Let’s get past the fear and use common sense to avoid the virus and then get back to business as usual: draining the swamp and winning in 2020. Without the win, we’ll have a self fulfilling prophecy of socialism which the fear of coronavirus is foreshadowing.





Buttigieg and Klobuchar Caved to Democrat Establishment Pressure…


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and they wanted to run the country?  Both are chickens. What they did the day before Super Tuesday was cowardice.   Not only did they both backout but both endorsed Biden!  Biden, the guy Klobuchar was making fun of during the previous debate, wants him to run the country?  I think not.  And Buttigieg, a walking Scrabble Dictionary, wants a guy that struggles to get out the right word to run the country?  I know not. Have your kids listen to the phonogra, record player…um, the radi..you know the thing at night.  That guy?

These politicians have no shame or integrity.  If they thought they were “the one” to run the country, they wouldn’t have backed out in this manner.  They would have stayed in through Super Tuesday to get the results, then graciously ended their campaign admitting defeat.  But no.  They did it the day before as part of a conspiracy to oust Bernie.

Rumor has it that Obama called them individually and asked them to “get out.” The B&B Party.  Party of blackmail and bribery in full force.  They folded like a cheap suit; both showing us their true colors: yellow.  Can you imagine if one of them had won the presidency and a leader of a state bribed or intimidated them?  We’d all be in trouble.

Now the public is left between Bernie, the socialist, and Biden, the socially inept, to choose from.  If the Democrat Establishment thinks they’re going to push Biden on America, they have another thing coming.  We see through them.  Obama, the puppet master, is up to no good again.  He had all the Deep State endorse Biden.  Hmm.  I wonder why, as they are all under investigation themselves. He’s also got Kamala Harris endorsing Biden, and we all know she thinks Biden’s a racist.  Must have promised her the Attorney General position. This is getting ridiculous if they think they can pull this off.  They must think Americans are stupid.

Next, we’ll be hearing from Booker, Steyer, Gillibrand, and Castro, all circling the wagons around their very diverse candidate, Biden. I doubt if they will get to Yang or Gabbard as they seem to have more integrity. But nothing would surprise me any longer.

No one knows for sure what their game plan is, but it won’t be We the People picking the Democrat candidate nor the vice president.  It will be Obama and his closest confidants (partners in crime).  Then once Biden is chosen, they will shelter him from public speaking like they did with Hillary–keep him from holding rallies where he’ll say something bizarre. Ol’ Corn pop and legs with standing blond hairs may make an appearance once again. Or that woman who takes her clothes off in public and the man who has no right to touch her.

Stay tuned for what they’ll pull next. They’re not to be trusted.  This isn’t the No Malarkey Tour any longer. It’s the Shenanigan Tour because that’s what they’re up to.

Finally, Klobuchar and Buttigieg should be ashamed of themselves for caving like they did. They must have been bribed something real sweet like Chief of Staff or Director of Diversity Sensitivity.  And we all know Warren will be promised Secretary of Education if she endorses Biden.


We Must Use Common Sense to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus.

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Companies and citizens need to change their way of working and living for a while to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  Things we normally do daily may not be advisable right now.  Cases are popping up in cities unexpectedly for no known reason now.  It’s not just those coming back from overseas trips or cruises.  It’s someone having contact with someone having contact with someone having contact with someone who came from overseas who contracted the virus.

Some people may have it unbeknownst to them and are spreading it to their family, friends, and strangers.  If you come down with a cold, stay home until it’s gone.  If you come down with the flu, stay home until it’s gone.  If you feel like you’re getting pneumonia, call your doctor for advice.  Don’t walk into a health clinic or ER and expose thirty patients in the waiting room. This is how it’s spread.

If you have a scheduled dental or doctor physical, postpone it until after the scare is over. Don’t expose yourself unnecessarily to others’ germs.  If you have tickets to a concert, movie, convention, cruise, any large gathering, postpone it. If you go to a public gym, avoid it for now. Try hiking or just a walk in your neighborhood. Even your church could have someone there with the virus.  No handshaking, hugs, or waver eating for a while. Pray in the privacy of your home.  Keep within six feet of strangers when in public. (No need to carry a measuring tape.) Avoid taking selfies or asking a stranger to hold your cell phone for a picture.  Really dumb right now.

All kidding aside, don’t do something that could result in many people getting exposed for the sake of being polite or not hurting someone’s feelings.  We all know people with a laissez-faire attitude that won’t make any changes or take advice during this outbreak.  These people are the spreaders. Conversely, we also know masked people who are panicking and clearing the shelves of Costco for God knows what.  Just remain calm, avoid crowds,  have food for a couple of weeks, and be weary of germs on surfaces outside your home.  Wash your hands whenever coming in the house from a store. Don’t touch your face until you do.

Wear disposable rubber gloves when gassing up your car then dispose of them.  Wear rubber gloves when handling currency then dispose of them.  Avoid fast food or store prepared food that is touched by strangers.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home for a while, arrange it with your employer.  The less people out and about the safer we will all be.  Unfortunately, rest homes are some of the most vulnerable places to be.  They should be testing frequently and wearing masks.  Plane flights should be avoided if not necessary.  Vacations should be postponed.  Drive within the United States for a trip if you must.  When staying at hotels and motels clean the surfaces of furniture and tv remotes with sanitary wipes. Check on your elderly family member or neighbor that lives alone.

Don’t go to casinos for a while as the machines are loaded with germs. Avoid eating out for a while as you do not know who is preparing your food and sneezing on it.  If you work in the food industry and feel sick, please stay home for the sake of the consumer. Don’t wear a mask in public unless you are sick or at the airport.  Avoid busses, trains, ferries, subways, even cabs.  Try walking or driving your car and paying for parking.

Yes, some businesses will suffer temporarily until this virus is contained.  But it is a crisis and is to be expected.  We must be vigilant to stay healthy.  Seniors are the most vulnerable and should follow these tips.   Although more citizens may die per year from the flu or pneumonia, at least they had the option for a flu or pneumonia shot.  We’ve got nothing but our own common sense to rely on.  Use it.  This too shall pass in about a month’s time. Bear with it but be vigilant in the meantime.

Don’t play the blame game.  China started it, no one in the U.S. did.  Don’t blame your government as they’ve been on top of it from the get go and are doing the best they can. Avoid the hyping by the media as they love spreading fear.  If we take care of ourselves, there should be no fear.  Just be smart, use common sense, and listen to advice from friends and family.   There will be some silver linings from this virus outbreak, but they may not be apparent right now.  Don’t look at your stock portfolio for a while either. :>/

Warning to Vegans and Vegetarians When They Become Septuagenarians.


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I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I suspect the fad of vegan and vegetarian may be harmful to your health when you reach age 70 and above.  Doctors love it when a patient says they’re a vegan or vegetarian.  They say it will make them live longer and prevent heart disease. Wonderful! But I have always thought that God didn’t put cows, chickens, sheep, and fish on this earth just to graze the fields and swim in the rivers.  They were put on this earth to be eaten by humans for some reason: protein.

Now some humans these days claim they have given up meat and dairy due to cruelty to animals.  How nice. That’s a nice gesture but let’s get real. Fruits and plants are alive too.  Are you being cruel when you pick an orange from a tree?  That’ll be next.  Animals and plants were put on this earth to provide us humans with food to sustain us. Period.  There’s no cruelty.

But seriously, I’m finding from personal accounts that longtime vegetarians are experiencing osteoporosis (thinning of bones) throughout their body beginning in their teeth.  Bone loss in your jaw causes teeth to loosen. There’s also the fear of one’s hip breaking from a minor fall, and they are also experiencing premature hair thinning. If vegetarians are going through this health issue in their 70s can you imagine when vegans reach the same age?  Wigs, false teeth, and casts will be all the rage.

The millennials and GenZ of today that have jumped on the vegan train should reconsider, IMO.  We all know them.  We all have them in our families and just go along with it while rolling our eyes.  They claim they get plenty of protein from other sources. Maybe it’s time to give them some sound advice. They seem to care a lot about the climate thirty years from now. What about their hair, teeth, and bones thirty years from now?  Do they want to be dealing with tooth and hair loss before their time?  I think not.  And I think doctors should start advising their patients that it’s not that healthy in the long run to be a vegetarian and especially a vegan. Become a moderatarian: One that eats everything in moderation.  Pass it on.

So have a glass a real milk not phony soy milk and start eating meat again.  Chewing meat also helps maintain healthy teeth and jaw bone.  There’s not a lot of chewing in the vegan diet.  Now I could be wrong, but I have come to this conclusion from otherwise healthy people I know that are slim and fit that are going through this.  Someone needs to warn young folks before it’s too late for them.  And we can’t trust the doctors or dentists to let them know.  All they care about these days is checking your blood pressure. What’s the point of a low blood pressure if your teeth and hair are falling out? Maybe the veggie burger should have a FDA warning label on it saying “May be hazardous to your long term health.” Then consumers will think twice about their choices.

MILK DOES A BODY GOOD!  An old saying that rings true even today.

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Maybe they were onto something in the 1940’s.