Pelosi Missed Her Calling.

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She should have went into acting.  Her recent dialect, voice, mannerisms, and arm motions in her press conference was reminiscent to that of Ruth Gordon in Rosemary’s Baby who played the wife of the devil.  Add a few hair rollers, a scarf, and a house dress and we’ve got ourselves a doppelganger.  Ironic isn’t it–wife of the devil?

But since she missed her calling and went into politics, it’s Hollywood’s loss and our cross to bear. Lucky us.  Yesterday she dismissed Trump’s great SOTU speech as a “manifesto of mistruths” as the reason she had to shred it. Apparently she can’t admit that Trump brought the economy back from the edge of an abyss.

Our retirement plans were flat for eight years under Obama then Trump came into office and made up for lost time. Unemployment was high and that didn’t count those that given up altogether and went off the unemployment rolls. Companies had left the country as well as factories and Obama had to finally admit it was the new norm unless someone had a magic wand to bring them back.  And that someone was Trump. How soon they forget, spin, and lie.

There was no momentum that Trump inherited like the actor claims other than a downward momentum.  The Dems are delusional.  They’re living in an alternative world if they think Obama brought back jobs.  If he did, they were jobs at fast food joints or UBER. Solyndra-like solar companies failed as well as the shovel-ready government jobs. Companies were downsizing during Obama years as they couldn’t afford Obamacare rules for their employees so they had to cut back. Regulations were so stiff on companies in California, some had to move to Texas. Taxes were so high, companies stopped giving out raises and bonuses. Welfare and food stamp rolls are going down now under Trump yet Nancy had the gall to say Trump was taking credit for Obama’s economy in his speech. She’d make a good actor as they lie for a living.

Sorry Nancy, but you’ve lost your memory as well as your mind. Just because you say something or print it on a sheet of paper, does not make it true.  It’s you that needs a fact checker, not Trump. You and your ilk like Schiff, who you praised, do nothing but lie daily. You need to resign and change careers into something you are more suited to, like acting. Hollywood needs you and loves you.

She actually said, Trump is degrading and denigrating his country daily.  What the hell does that even mean? Trump is America First, why would he do that? He would never.  Amazing how Nancy has embraced Romney for turning against his party.  If that’s who Romney wants as a friend, he can have her. Romney’s last fifteen minutes of fame.

Nancy said, “I feel liberated.”  That is a feeling one has after having a psychotic break or nailing her audition for a part.  She had been practicing ripping paper for days and nailed it!  Way to go, Nance! She also released the poison that she was holding inside of her heart when she ripped up his speech. It was a two for one feeling of liberation.

Bottom line: Pelosi was irked by the Senators chanting four more years when Trump entered the room, and she went off the reservation when Trump honored Rush calling it Trump’s Reality Show.  She’s so disrespectful and jealous.  During the Prayer Conference she actually had the guts to say we all need to show respect for each other.  How did she say that with a straight face in front of Trump?  She did miss her calling.  Like I’ve written before: Lifetime Movie is calling.  They want her to audition for their next psycho granny role.  You have to start somewhere, Nance.

Are All Consciences Created Equal?


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When we vote our conscience does that mean it is the right vote?  One person’s conscience may be totally different than another’s. Romney says he is making the right decision according to God, his religion, and his oath to the constitution.  But does that mean the rest of the Senate is not religious, has no conscience, or upholding their oath?  I submit that Romney’s comprehension skills are less than adequate for the job he is in.  If he couldn’t understand what Mulvaney was saying at a press conference, then he doesn’t have good comprehension skills and would have made a terrible president.  He almost reiterated what Adam Schiff has been saying about Trump verbatim which leads me to believe he’s trying to garner favor with the fake news media and the Dems.  But why?

I thought when you run for office in one political party you should be loyal to it. All for one and one for all.  Not Romney.  He goes against the grain.  Romney may be looking for a job at CNN or MSNBC when he gets recalled. They love hiring anyone that turns on Trump. This could be his only reason for being a turncoat.  I don’t believe his conscience, as his conscience is wrong.  For some reason he can’t comprehend that Trump would look into corruption during the 2016 election after all the crap they have put him through?  Romney has no clue what Trump has gone through or doesn’t care.  He is vengeful and that is not a religious trait like he is ballyhooing about. And what happened to the Golden Rule of do unto others?

You can’t impeach someone for saying the words “the Bidens.” Joe Biden strives for the highest job in the land and Trump has the right to look into his past corruption when he was vice president as he would for any other candidate with rumors of corruption. Nothing to do with 2020 as Romney has claimed, “Enlisting the help of a foreign country to win an election.”  A bullsh-t accusation which mirrors what the left accused Trump of doing with Russia and was investigated for three years ad nauseam.  Seems ol’ Romney wants Trump out of office.  Very cruel punishment for something so vague.

Trump was trying to protect the future of America from a possible corrupt candidate–nothing to do with himself like Romney thinks.  The president has more information than the rest of us are privy to, so Biden deserved looking into. Like Dershowitz said, “There can be more than one reason for doing something.  There can be multiple reasons,” i.e. if he protects the country and it happens to help him too–not a crime–just doing his job.

I would have given Romney more respect if he had just voted for convicting Trump rather than going to the mic.  When he goes to the mic, there’s an ulterior motive.

Goodbye Romney.  Been nice knowing you.  You just wrote your political obituary. Trump is right.  If you had fought this hard against Obama when you ran for president, maybe you would have won.  Too late now.

Pelosi Showed Signs of Mental Illness Last Night.


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I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think she’s playing with a full deck.  From the onset of Trump’s SOTU Address her demeanor and facial distortions were off. Her mouth was crooked and she was mumbling to herself.  She was obviously uncomfortable but a normal person would have sat still and looked forward like Pence did.  But she looked to the right at her “women in white” in between frantically searching through the pages of the speech like it was a cocktail menu that didn’t have her favorite drink.  Very childish behavior. She smiled when her minions rose to protest. She was sweating and at one time raised her hand to instruct someone to God knows what. She was definitely living in her own little world, dissociated from Trump’s speech altogether.  Poor Mike Pence looked like an embarrassed father sitting with his unruly toddler in a restaurant.  He tried to ignore her as best he could, but I could almost imagine him blowing up and scolding her in public.

BUT when she rose to premeditatedly and slowly rip up Trump’s speech in segments in full view of the camera with the face of a sociopath, she confirmed to me that she is mentally ill.  She was biting her lower lip in between looking like she wanted to spit on his back. No one in their right mind would have done this stunt on camera for the world to see.  It was primal behavior.  She has the restraint of a child; yet they say Trump has no restraint. She disgraced herself and the House and this will stay with her for the rest of her life. She has now dishonored all decorum of the House of Representatives as well as grounds for Impeachment. I hope the Supreme Court Justices caught her in this act.  That is not the way normal people in power behave. Maybe in a third world country or in a kindergarten classroom but not our House of Representatives. She didn’t even announce the president according to traditional protocol.  She’s vindictive; right from Central Casting of a Lifetime Movie. What else is she capable of doing? She needs to go before we find out.

This is the woman in charge of Trump’s impeachment sham?  This alone should make the whole impeachment fiasco “null and void” as she proved last night that it was a baseless political impeachment stunt and nothing more. It was the Seinfeld Impeachment–impeachment about nothing.  Ted Cruz should be able to come up with some way to reverse the House’s vote to impeach to clear Trump’s record, based on the Speaker of the House’s strange behavior.

The speech Trump gave was spot on.  I was tearful throughout the introduction of many of his guests especially Rush Limbaugh.  I’m sure Rush must have put Pelosi over the top as I watched her eyes roll, but his award was well deserved.  Pelosi had the waste-of-humanity Impeachment Managers slouched in the front row just to intimidate Trump.  He showed restraint by ignoring the creeps and never brought up the sham.  Good for him.  Not worth talking about pencilneck.

The Democrats in the audience thought Trump’s speech was dark and depressing and never mentioned climate change.  That’s an overused term that some folks are getting tired of hearing.  I guess touting success is dark and depressing to the Dems.  Trump was as serious as a heart attack which is not his typical behavior at rallies, but look at what he was dealing with: the “women in white” who should be hauled off by the men in white coats; the slouching, stoic Impeachment Managers; and a deranged woman sitting directly behind him making distorted faces throughout the whole proceeding.  It gives new meaning to a tough crowd.  The “women in white” sat on their hands throughout most of his speech.  AOC didn’t even attend which proves she’s immature and can’t handle his success–all a bunch of disgruntled employees at best or deranged individuals at worst.  I hope America saw their true colors last night which was on full display, especially Pelosi’s mental illness. Vote all the bums out.


To the media, Hollywood, and Dems who are disgustingly maligning Rush Limbaugh as a racist that doesn’t deserve the medal he received:  Be careful what you say about him as you may be in for a similar health challenge someday. Never mock anyone fighting cancer.  Obviously those who are mocking him have never taken the time to listen to his show. If they had, they would never say such lies about him. Just because he was not in favor of Obama’s radical policies, does not make him a racist.

Participation Trophy Party–Democrat Party.


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There’s something rotten in Iowa.  This is the party that wants to take over our healthcare?  They can’t even run a small voting program.  It was either coordinated to screw Bernie out of his momentum or just plain old incompetence.  Either way, we can’t let them be in charge of a snack shack at a little league game let alone the health of our country.  They aren’t good at anything other than targeting the president.  That’s their forte.

Some compare the caucus snafu to the launch of Obamacare. I smell a rat like Hillary.  Turns out some of her boys were in charge of the program and should have tested it.  Did the DNC want to quash Bernie’s win by claiming their program malfunctioned?  They are all behind Biden and possibly why this happened. Interestingly, some of the candidates took a victory speech like they had won.  Participation trophy winners.  They participated so why not let them be the winner?

Or was it an orchestrated attempt to take the narrative away from Trump’s State of the Union Address tonight?  Maybe they will finally announce a winner right when Trump goes to the mic.  Would not put it past them.  They are tricky.  Let’s wait a week and see how they can blame Trump for their computer glitch, shall we?  Russia where are you when they need you?

Prayers go out to Rush Limbaugh who usually filled my mornings with his show.  Wishing him a successful treatment and quick recovery. We can’t lose him.

California Needs to Get Used to Losing…

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like they did last night at the Super Bowl.  Lick those wounds now and get ready for more. As a native San Franciscan I was sorry the 49ers lost, but they do need to focus on more important things like their homeless problem.  San Francisco streets are riddled with homeless tents, feces, urine, and needles. How could they have a parade if they did win?  It wouldn’t be fair to the spectators.  SF needs to clean up their act before expecting to win at the Super Bowl.

I suspect most of the players live in the city in fancy accommodations and the filth doesn’t bother them.  Just because something doesn’t affect you doesn’t make it okay to turn a blind eye. They make lots of money playing on the 49ers and could come up with a plan to help house these vagrants.  It would be a much more noble of an enterprise than winning the Super Bowl or having the first female coach.

If they had won the Super Bowl, most likely they would choose not to go to the White House if invited.  That would be an ungrateful move on their part.  But the SF 49ers are liberal first and athletes second. As a typical liberal, they would have to show support for their liberal city by not going to the WH.  Sad and ungrateful.

Why is President Trump the most unappreciated President in modern history?  “No good deed goes unpunished” comes to mind and has never before been more evident.  All the good deeds he has done from donating his salary to the booming economy has gone unnoticed and unrewarded by the left.  Why do liberals not show appreciation for a job well done or talent?  I’ve often thought about this.  Why are they so unappreciative which translates into being cruel?

I notice Hollywood is upset that the Senate couldn’t get the votes to call more witnesses.  They’re blaming every senator that voted against it.  These senators actually saved the country from weeks of more nonsense, yet they too will go unappreciated by the left.  Is it just the old fashion reason of jealousy or something more nefarious?  If someone has the answer, I’d really like to know. Why are liberals so mean?

Regardless of the answer, California needs to get ready for more losing.  They need to lick their wounds now and get used to the taste of losing.

There Are ONLY Two Genders (Sexes): Male and Female!


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When couples have a Gender Reveal Party it’s only pink cake for “it’s a girl” or blue cake for “it’s a boy.”  There’s no purple, gray, or rainbow cake.  How do the millennials or the Gen Z have a problem with that?  When a doctor delivers a baby he says, “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy.” He never says, “I’m not sure” or “we’ll wait and see what it feels like.”

How does anyone think there are more than two genders (sexes)?  Ask a pediatrician how many genders there are.  Ask any scientist how many sexes there are.  Ask the hospital how many genders there are. Ask a biologist how many sexes there are. This discussion on how many genders there are is ludacris. It’s black and white with no gray area.  I thought the Left likes science–only when it agrees with them.

Let me break it down for the younger generation.  If you’re born with a pee pee, you’re a boy.  If you’re born with a vagina, you’re a girl.  Didn’t you watch Kindergarten Cop? It’s as simple as that.  Kids shouldn’t be outraged when someone says there are only two genders. This nonsense needs to stop and parents of these young kids need to tell them so. Nip it in the bud.

SEX: Either of two divisions of organisms distinguished respectively as male or female. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1973.

I don’t think women are pushing out any new genders from their womb since 1973, although the newer dictionaries have become PC with vague, muddled definitions relating to social justice.  Schools are even changing our history books to reflect famous transgenders.  I suspect the woman caught wearing men’s clothes driving a stagecoach was because she wanted a job outside the home and that was the only way to get it–like in the movie Yentl. To portray her as a transgender just to change the history books is a stretch.

Back in 1973, when Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs had the highly promoted Battle of the Sexes tennis tournament, it was not called Battle of Two of the Genders.  Just saying.

Parents who try to change the gender of their child because he/she feels like the opposite gender are guilty of child abuse.  Leave your child alone. Let them be the sex they were born with.  If your daughter doesn’t like to wear a dress, so what?  If she doesn’t like to play with dolls, so what?  She’s a tomboy.  Buy her a tennis racket. It’s a trait.  Deal with it.

If your son likes to try on your high heels or lipstick, so what?  If he slips into your underwear one day, so what?  If he doesn’t want to play sports, so what?  He’s not coordinated maybe. Put him in acting classes.  It’s also a trait.  Deal with it.

Trying to blur the sexes is a problem.  They are different.  They need separate bathrooms and different parenting. We don’t raise them the same.  Don’t mess with something that was working for years.  When you do, there will be new problems in schools and society.

What they do as an adult is on them.  Don’t interfere with their God given sex when they are young.  That’s all I have to say.  Don’t want to read or hear about child gender changing.  I did hear about a nine year old transgender who spoke up at a town hall.  The audience clapped.  At nine years old, I was playing jacks, hopscotch, and doing cartwheels.  The thought of my sex was not even a blip on the radar and shouldn’t be on the kid’s radar that attended the town hall either.  Parents put them up to this crap. It needs to stop.  It’s dangerous to their health.

There are only two sexes/genders!   It’s a girl!

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Boys trying to play as girls on sports teams should not be allowed.  They have different muscles and hormones.  They are taking scholarships from the girls.  VOTE “NO” ON THE EQUALITY ACT. It’s ludacris.

Election May Come Down to Billionaire vs. Billionaire.

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Two old white guys with big bucks, bucking horns for the same job. If this happens, who will the AOC’s, Millennials, and GenZ’s vote for?  There’s no way they’ll vote for a successful billionaire whether he’s liberal or not.  No way.  They want the billionaires’ money to pay for free stuff for themselves.  They want free healthcare, free college, free childcare, free pre K, with no feasible way in hell to pay for it all. Like Pocahontas, they’re all about punishing the rich and big corporations.

Where would the Socialists go without a Socialist on the ballot?  Would they vote for the Green Party candidate?  That would take votes from the Democrat candidate. Hopefully they would stay home sulking in their parents’ basement.  AOC and her gang would have a conniption. They wouldn’t be able to endorse a billionaire candidate.  It would serve the Democrats right for all the trouble they’ve given Trump. It would actually be karma for the way they’ve been treating Trump.

The rest of America would have to decide between the two billionaires, one who was mayor of New York City and ran it like a “nanny city” and the other the current president of the United States who gave us a roaring economy.  Who did a better job?

Bloomberg didn’t trust people to choose their own type of food, size of drinks, or seasoning.  He restricted food establishments in what they could serve.  He sounds controlling. He’s bought into the climate change big time yet flies around in his private jet.  He sounds hypocritical.  He’s for encouraging illegals to come to our country to better their life and not for deportation. He’s pro, pro, pro choice and will nominate liberal Supreme Court Justices.  Although he ran as a Republican when Mayor of NYC and more moderate than his Jewish contender Sanders, he is Jewish and they’ll always be Democrats at heart. Not sure why Judge Judy recommended him other than him being Jewish. Did she like him restricting her food choices?

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It would be interesting to see a debate between two New York billionaires that have both changed parties. They ran in the same circles at one time as Democrats. Trump probably supported his campaign for mayor and in return asked for approvals of projects. Two New Yorkers bucking horns. Two New Yorkers with different goals for America. Bloomberg voted for Hillary which I think disqualifies him from the get go as he doesn’t have good judge of someone’s character. Or he doesn’t care if she was crooked which makes him complicit.  He probably also voted for Obama. Being a good judge of character is a prerequisite to being president. When the president surrounds himself with shady characters it makes for a corrupt government. Just look who Obama surrounded himself with: Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok and the office lover, and Rice.

Bloomberg made his money on Wall Street while Trump constructed buildings on All Streets. Bloomberg restricted the Big Gulp while Trump made the fake news media take a big gulp. Bloomberg is against trans fat in food while Trump is against transgenders in the military. Bloomberg restricted salt in restaurant meals while Trump rubs salt in his critics wounds. Bloomberg is pro choice on abortion while Trump is pro choice on hospitals for Veterans.

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Bloomberg sees a crippled Biden and thinks it’s the perfect time to come into the race. Bloomberg along with many successful billionaires do not agree with Warren’s “medicare for all” plan and wants to get on the stage to shoot it down like a good billionaire can.  Tom Steyer, billionaire candidate, had a poor performance during the last debate.  He was all about calling Trump a criminal but didn’t go after Warren. Time for a capitalist to come to the table and set them all straight.  He’ll probably play the “climate change” card to court the Socialist vote; but if Lil’ Mike thinks he can come in and take credit for Trump’s economy, he’s got another thing coming. Trump won’t let him.

It’s a bad day for the frontrunner Biden. Bloomberg thinks he’ll be the superhero or has the secret sauce to save the world from Trump. We’ll see about that.  Stay tuned.