What’s Happening in Rocky Mountain High?

Scenic Colorado.

John Denver must be spinning in his grave. Colorado is known for its majestic snow-covered mountains, pristine lakes, quaint towns, historical sites, minerals, mile high city, ski resorts, and now mass shootings. Why are the youth of Colorado so confused? Are they so blessed with natural resources and beauty that they take it for granted? Someone needs to do a study on Colorado.

This latest shooting isn’t a gun problem, it’s a radical Islamist problem. He must have become radicalized just like the Fort Hood shooter and the Boston bombers. He hated Trump and believed the lies he heard on let’s say MSNBC that Trump banned Muslims from flying to America. He banned flights from terror hotbed areas of Muslim countries, not Muslims. Four years of lies can affect a youth’s mind, especially at the critical ages of 18 to 21. The hate-filled media has to hold some responsibility in this shooting. They need to start reporting the truth. I won’t hold my breath.

So he remains quiet for four years but now sees the new president is soft on crime even considering letting out terrorists that were involved in 9-11. This could be the impetus for his rampage. Ironically, he should be ecstatic that Biden is president. But he’s not.

Social media can be a haven for hate and may have brainwashed this kid’s mind enough to make him snap. Is he enrolled in college or are the colleges shutdown as a result of fear of covid? Idle hands are a devil’s workshop. He either needed a job or to be in college. Are his parents radicalized? The Boston Bombers’ radical aunt influenced those boys. The Aurora theater shooter was influenced by a violent movie and most likely video games. The “revenge of the nerds” Columbine shooters were taking revenge on the more popular students. Clearly a mental issue and lack of after-school supervision.

Thousands of people are depressed in America especially after a year of covid restrictions. It shouldn’t be a reason to attack innocent shoppers. Thoughts and prayers go out to their families. Depression can’t be the only reason he shot up a supermarket; if so, we’d have mass shootings everyday across America. It has to be combined with radical Islamist hate for America. It’s not the gun’s fault, it’s the person holding the gun. His parents need to be interviewed.

What does have me scratching my head, however, is the fact that the media wanted the shooter to be a White guy over an Islamist and the police tried to bury this fact. Why is that? It’s a rhetorical question. But someone should do a study on the youth in liberal Colorado. Something is going on there in rocky mountain high aside from getting high on pot.

First Terror Attack on Biden’s Watch.

Photo by Mona Termos on Pexels.com

Boy, that didn’t take long. I guess the radical Islamists have noticed that Biden is soft on crime so they will start coming out of the woodwork now. Yesterday when innocent people were killed for no reason in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, I immediately wondered why they hadn’t plastered the White killer’s face and name all over the airwaves like they did with the massage parlor shooter. Hmmm, I thought. Something fishy going on. The shooter is either Black or Mexican, and they are burying his identity.

So I went to Google and they buried it too. Amazing how this works. A White shooter is immediately labeled a racist hate crime guy, but this shooter remains a mystery. Remarkable! We’re getting sick of this double standard going on. Just call a spade a spade already. The guy has a Muslim name and looks Muslim and born in Syria. If it walks like a duck. This is a terror attack under Biden’s watch much like all the terror attacks under Obama’s watch. This administration really is Obama 2.0.

To listen to the presser by the police soft shoe mentioning the killer was hard to watch. They skirted around saying who he is and so are the news anchors. News anchors are now calling him a White guy. Really? This has shades of when Trayvon got shot by a “White” neighborhood watch guy who was half Hispanic. They always choose the “White” race first when there’s a crime committed. Liberal towns in liberal states are havens for terrorists hiding out. Don’t be surprised if this was just a precursor or signal of what is to come.

Next we’ll be hearing about gun control and work place violence. Maybe the shooter got turned down for a job there as a teen. They’ll find a link, anything to avoid saying “terror.” But ask yourself, “Why was this mentally ill Muslim who was on the FBI’s Watch List allowed to buy any sort of gun a week earlier? We don’t need new gun laws. We need to enforce the ones we already have in place. The FBI dropped the ball again or the gun shop. Colorado had Columbine and Aurora Theater shooting, didn’t they? Did they learn anything from those? What’s going on in Rocky Mountain High?

Remember, we can only achieve peace through strength, not weakness. We are MAWA now. Make America Weak Again.

Biden’s Agenda So Far:

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Soft on crime. Open border surge blamed on Trump. Loosen election laws. No voter ID. Segregation in college. Masks after vaccinations. Higher taxes for all. High gas prices. Millions of undocumented Democrats coming over the border. Companies fleeing the United States. Gun confiscation. Wealth tax. Pathway to citizenship for illegals. Sanctuary cities. Virtue signaling. White shame. Defund police and ICE. Reward School Unions. Reward prisoners. Weaken the military. Eliminate genders. Statue removal. Unemployment bonuses. Energy dependency. Men in women’s sports. Ignore the violence of BLM and Antifa. Punish Trump supporters. Erase Trump’s name from history. Permanent security at Capitol. No security at our border. Disrespect religious rights. Disrespect American Flag and National Anthem. End freedom of speech. Needless wars.

Did I miss anything? In short, Biden’s agenda is the opposite of what Trump did or was trying to achieve. But we knew what we were getting with Biden and the media needs to stop acting surprised. America got what they deserved. Supreme Court got what they deserved. Congress got what they deserved. Governors got what they deserved. And, yes, We the People got what we deserved by allowing political correctness and naiveté to result in the election fraud that occurred. We were being too nice (too PC) by allowing mail in ballots and all that that entails.

It’s too late now. We are stuck with him or her, doesn’t matter which one of them is at the helm. We will get the same radical result. It’s almost impossible to watch what is going on in the news. The bias the MSM shows towards White people. Whites are becoming the New Minority. We are discriminated against at every turn now under this administration. With the teaching of White Privilege and White Supremacy in our schools and in social media our children are beginning to wish they were born a different race. We will probably be told to sit in the back of the bus or plane soon. And we’ll do it. This is probably their intention to get Whites to hate themselves and to capitulate to their demands. They got the nation to wear masks willy nilly. White shame and White guilt is next.

I don’t have White guilt nor will I ever. My grandparents never owned slaves nor discriminated against Blacks. They were just hardworking immigrants that came to our country the legal way. Learned the language and took the proper steps towards legalization. Nothing to be ashamed of. Oh sure, I like a good tan and used baby oil as a teen together with QT, the orange hand turning quick tanning lotion.

1968 QT Quick Tanning Vintage PRINT AD Skin Care Products Couple Beach  1960s | eBay

But no amount of brainwashing by the media and our school system can change my mind. I don’t think we should have to pay reparations to the Blacks in any form as the Blacks of today were never slaves and we have no idea if their ancestors were. We gave them many opportunities with affirmative action and low cost housing initiatives over the years for them to better themselves. And many did. We even elected one President of the United States. So we aren’t a racist country. Unfortunately, Welfare has been a crutch to many and actually held them back. They are on their own now.

So you see, now that we are living Biden’s Agenda for the nation, we can no longer act shocked or surprised. His plan was never Build Back Better. It was Make America Weak Again. MAWA. We all saw it coming. We allowed it to happen. That’s the only thing we should be ashamed of, not our color.

Newsom Fails, Cuomo Flails, and Biden Falls.

Oopsy daisy!
Embarrassing lack of mental awareness.

It’s been a bad week for the Fab Three. The male “darlings of the left” are fading fast. Their short stint of fame and glory is about up. Female stand-ins are lying in wait behind the curtain to replace them. The Democrats want these men out and replaced by liberal women…but not so fast. The GOP has some thoughts on who’s better to run California and New York, but we’re stuck with Kammie to replace Biden. That’s just how things work in government. And also how the Democrats planned this all along.

The fake news press didn’t cover the fall of Biden on the stairs of Air Force One, just conservative talk radio and news shows. They actually downplayed it as Biden blown over by the wind. Really? Is he that light? Visually, it was downright embarrassing and should be the subject of comedy skits for months. But not with the lying left media and Hollywood who hounded President Ford for years calling him a klutz for slipping down the stairs. Double standard.

This fall was a symbol of weakness that will spread across the global arena. Not a good look. No wonder Putin wants to debate the guy. He smells blood in the water like a Great White. China respects strength also, not weakness. So they used this to gain leverage over Biden in the meeting in Alaska. We are being humiliated by Biden on the world stage every time he opens his mouth and now when he attempts to run. Biden will not be able to debate Putin or even a ten year old for that matter.

We know why he insists on running up the stairs or across a stage. It is obvious he is trying to upstage Trump who usually walked slow and carried a big stick. He wants to look like a young, spry millenial; but he is delusional. Just because one is thin, does not make one healthy or even coordinated.

I’m embarrassed for our country every time he speaks. Play your record player, your phonograph at night. I have blond hairs on my legs that stand up when you rub them underwater. I love children sitting on my lap. Cut out your stock coupons. You’re a lying horse-faced pony soldier. Coalminers can become coders once they lose their jobs. How did the left ignore those comments? They should be ashamed. The election of this president is on them and the media. They own it.

He will probably need to step down soon for lack of mental acuity. Biden may have the shortest stint as president in U.S. History. All to fill his ego to be President of the United States. How humiliating for him. I guess it will be his comeuppance, his just deserts, his due. But at what price to our country for Joe to get his fifteen minutes of Presidential fame? It’s a national disgrace that I hope we never have to be forced into again. So you see, Newsom fails as governor, Cuomo flails at accusations, and Biden falls climbing stairs. Their time’s about up! Tick tock, tick tock.

Not Every Tragedy is Trump’s Fault.

Girl noticing gas prices rising. Must be Trump’s fault.

Biden and the media (which are one and the same) seem to want to blame anything that goes wrong in America today onto Trump even though he isn’t president any longer. Hmmm…Trump is a convenient scapegoat. The violence at the Capitol on January 6th, Trump’s fault; the surge at the border, Trump’s fault; some sex addict who shoots up massage parlors; Trump’s fault. I suppose the surge in gas prices will be Trump’s fault too. Amazing.

Now they are claiming there is an anti-Asian violence uptick due to Trump saying the virus came from China. It did come from China! Hello! Just like SARS did. Trump has been saying it came from China for over a year, why now would it cause an uptick in Asian violence? It wouldn’t.

We’re all angry at China but not the Chinese people. Massage killings were not hate crimes just a lone sex addict who probably didn’t get the happy ending he asked for. Have they ever seen an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent…ever? There are some sick puppies out there that kill for no reason. Most girls in those parlors are Korean anyway. If someone was really angry at the Chinese, most likely they’d go to Chinatown and shoot up an outdoor live market. Let’s hope not though. Or order tons of Chinese food to be delivered to someone else’s address, like Hillary’s.

I suppose if there’s an outbreak of dead bats falling from the sky, Trump would be blamed for saying the virus came from bats. It did come from bats! Not everything is Trump’s fault like the media and Democrats claim. But Biden jumps on the it’s Trump’s fault bandwagon whenever he can as he has no good ideas for our country. And he just called Kammie, President Harris. Oh me, oh my, oh. He plans now to perpetuate the myth that Asians are being targeted by hate-filled Trump supporters. Way to take the focus off the real crisis at the border, Joe. I’m sick of it. The only hate I see is coming from the left.

When 27 illegals piled into one vehicle that crashed coming over our border from Mexico, I’m surprised Trump wasn’t blamed. But guess who is to blame: Biden. He ended the security at the wall which allowed this car to enter and thus crash. But notice the conservatives never blamed Biden. We don’t do that. When a disgruntled Bernie-bro volunteer shot up the GOP baseball game after Trump won, we didn’t blame Bernie. We don’t do that. When the deranged kid shot up Parkland Highschool, the conservatives didn’t blame Obama for the Promise Program that allowed this kid to remain in school. We don’t do that.

Insanity is on the person who commits the crime, not on anything that led them to commit the crime. It is usually the result of poor upbringing, not a president nor a candidate nor a radio talk show host on either side of the aisle. When the media realizes this, we’ll all be better off.

Note to news outlets: Stop looking for a scapegoat. Just report the facts of a case and don’t speculate. Leave that to opinion writers. All we want is the facts without a racial or motive spin put on it. Tragedies and mass killings are bad enough without blaming Trump for each one. Trump had every right to call the coronavirus a China virus. It came from China! Hello! Corona sounds like Mexico. It didn’t come from Mexico!

What is Biden Hidin’?

Biden trying to remember something, anything.

Unanswered questions for the Biden Administration together with the main stream media and the Democrats which are one and the same:

  1. What is the identity of the capitol officer who shot dead unarmed, conservative Ashli Babbitt?
  2. Where is this cop and why is he in hiding?
  3. What is the identity of the hooded male youth or female who dropped the pipe bombs at the GOP and Dem Offices on January 5th?
  4. Why won’t the FBI release the coroner’s report on Trump supporter Officer Sicknick? Was he murdered by gunshot?
  5. Who ordered the National Guard to stand down on January 6th?
  6. Why won’t the FBI admit that Antifa and BLM hooligans infiltrated the January 6th breach of the capitol?
  7. Why did the Capitol Police take down barriers and open doors to allow many demonstrators inside the capitol prior to the violence? Who told them to do that?
  8. Why was there a 7-foot razor fence built around the capitol with the National Guard standing guard at the cost of taxpayers? And still there today?
  9. Why hasn’t there been an investigation yet into the Wuhan Lab that produced the deadly bat virus that was contagious to humans?
  10. What happened to the Chinese scientist who alerted us to the release of this deadly China virus?
  11. Why won’t the media and FBI acknowledge the existence of Antifa and BLM violence that has killed 25 people, destroyed $1 billion worth of property, and injured thousands of police?
  12. Why does this administration and the media compare the Jan. 6th breach to 9-11 destruction but ignores Antifa and BLM destruction that has occurred all last year and still continuing in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, and L.A.?
  13. Why won’t the media release the coroner’s report of George Floyd’s real cause of death?
  14. Are Hunter and Joe Biden beholden to China after the deals they made on the side while Joe was VP?
  15. Is Joe being blackmailed by China?
  16. Why won’t the FBI seize and perform a forensic evaluation of the voting machines in six states that had mathematical and statistical impossible results?
  17. Why won’t the media release the race of a Black perp, yet is always quick to release the race of a White perp?
  18. Why are schools and the media being allowed to perpetuate the lie that America is systemically racist?
  19. Why won’t this administration explain what their real reason for allowing tens of thousands of “undocumented Democrats” over our border is?
  20. Why won’t this administration demand that all schools reopen to save our children?
  21. Why won’t Joe tell the public what medications he is on? We deserve to know what meds he is on when he has the codes to nuclear weapons. If he was Trump, the media would be hounding him for this information like they did while he was hospitalized with the China virus.

This administration is involved in so many conspiracies and “coverups of the conspiracies,” too many to count. They cannot be transparent nor answer questions honestly, yet they used to call Trump and his press secretaries chronic liars. Amazing. Biden won’t answer any questions off the cuff without a teleprompter. They can’t even be consistent with their opinions on whether to believe a sexually harassed woman or not.

The death of Officer Sicknick has been described as first an attack by a Trump supporter with a fire extinguisher to the head, then several weeks later, pepper spray inhalation, then an underlining condition, and now recently inhalation of bear spray in order to blame hunters that would most likely be Trump supporters. They are covering up something big time. I suspect he was shot by the same cop who is in hiding who shot Ashli Babbitt. There is video of him dangerously wielding a gun with his finger on the trigger and pointing in direction of fellow officers. Show the tape! Release the coroner’s report! He didn’t like Sicknick. Could have been committed in the fog of war or fog of breach but at least tell us instead of trying to hold a Trump supporter responsible.

I’d like to know just one of the answers above but fear they will never fess up. I fear Officer Sicknick will go by the wayside as Seth Rich and Jeffery Epstein did. What is Biden hidin’?

Trump Credited for Chaos at Border but No Credit For Vaccines!

animal eyes | Shark photos, Great white shark, White sharks
Great White’s lifeless, black eyes like Biden’s.

They can’t have it both ways. Whatever Trump created, he gets no credit; whatever Biden ruined, Trump gets blamed. Let’s face it, the new administration is a lying sack of “bleep.” They wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of them.

Here’s the truth: Trump created Warp Speed which removed some of the red tape of bureaucracy in order for scientists to get the vaccines researched and produced in record time. It was an emergency effort. Period. Trump built the wall and had 27,000 Mexican soldiers guarding it along with Homeland Security, drones, and cameras. Biden ended the construction of the wall and all security measures which has created a crisis at the border. In fact, he is allowing illegals to prop up crude makeshift ladders along the new wall to climb over it. It is so discouraging after all Trump’s good work. Biden incentivized South Americans to come to our borders within 100 days time for freebies. Nancy is a chronic liar and needs help. She calls them “farmers” leaving their country due to “climate change.” If that isn’t a crock of “bleep,” I don’t know what is.

We are all sick of their lies and their double standards. Biden is a lifeless-eyed pessimist. Or as my son calls him Weekend at Bernie’s. The Democrats better be careful as even the non-followers are starting to notice the hypocrisy and lies, like renaming the children in cages to “humanitarian shelters.” I think most of those who voted for Biden are simply embarrassed but won’t admit it, like Saturday Night Live and every news anchor in main stream media. Thank God for Newsmax and some FOX anchors for reporting the truth. We miss Rush though.

Life Under Trump Before Covid, Floyd, and Antifa.

Life was good. People were social and happier.

All was good. Economy was booming, people were commuting to their jobs, gasoline prices were low, wages were rising, unemployment the lowest in 50 years, restaurants were thriving, children were in school, streets were peaceful, ISIS was decimated, peace deals were made in the Middle East, energy independence, veterans were treated respectfully again, police were valued, military was strengthened, respect for the flag and National Anthem had resumed, the border wall was being built, border invasions were down, trade deals with other countries were successful, stock market stable, and threats from North Korea were eliminated. In short, Trump was running the country like a well-oiled machine that even impressed the establishment Republicans. Life was good. But those were the good ol’ days compared to the present times.

Then out of the blue came a bioweapon from China that brought our country to its knees. But Trump remained steadfast and optimistic that he’d be able to combat it, which irked the left. Not dark and dour like Biden has been. So then came the unfortunate death of George Floyd which was totally out of Trump’s control and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests and Antifa riots which were also totally out of Trump’s control, and the final nail in the coffin mail in ballots. Something had to be done to ruin the success of Trump. So they used the virus to shutdown the economy together with a routine arrest of a drug dealer and the ensuing paid rioters to begin the assault on the Trump Administration prior to the election.

Fauci was in on it. He gave so many misleading recommendations that we all had whiplash and still do. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, have sex with strangers but wear a mask, go on cruise ships, don’t go on cruise ships, wash your packages, don’t wash your packages. Fauci either doesn’t know shit or was trying to hurt the economy. He definitely didn’t endorse Hydroxychloroquine as he couldn’t make any money on that endorsement and possibly has blood on his hands.

Trump tried to give him the respect he and the media demanded, much to his demise. He should have taken Fauci off the case the minute he started going on the talk shows making derogatory comments about Trump. I knew then, he was a plant. Trump was too trusting. Then we had Chris Wray, also a plant. He sided with Antifa and BLM even to the point of believing two fake hate crimes: first Smollett’s and then the Bubba Wallace fake noose. This was all part of their plan to make it seem like Trump and his supporters are racist. Even episodes of Law and Order SVU were implying Trump and his supporters were racist. This was well coordinated from Hollywood across the fruited plains to Washington D.C.

Then they sicced the lech Cuomo onto Trump with his daily press conferences disputing everything that came out of Trump’s Covid-19 pressers. It was like the dueling pressers. Cuomo earned an Emmy; Trump caught covid and survived which would normally be an impressive feat with his age and weight, but not for our media. They doubted his illness and mocked his enthusiasm. Trump was the poster boy for Covid 19 survivors but did not get the press coverage. Instead he was labeled a super spreader.

Cuomo became the darling of the left just like Avenatti and Balsey Ford once were; but like all leftist darlings, they eventually have their fall from grace. All this coupled with two fake investigations of Trump, both fabricated by the left: a Russia Collusion story invented by Hillary and passed to the FBI then a phone call controversy by a fake whistleblower along with his fake lieutenant tattletale, it was a wonder Trump did as well as he did. He was able to run the country quite successfully while the insane left was nipping at his heels like a rabid Doberman pinscher the whole time.

Now we are in the depths of insanity. Everything we hear or see in the news is literally insane and not worth commenting on like the news does by feigning outrage. I’m over it. We can’t feign outrage as we knew what we were getting once the mail in ballots were allowed. Democrats cheat, lie, and steal. We shoulda known better. They told us what we were getting. What does irk me, however, is the way they are trying to eliminate Trump from the history books. They want no record of him being the success that he was. So they uninvite him from former presidents’ videos, want to keep him from being buried in Arlington Cemetery, and pretend that his followers are violent in order to warrant the fence around the Capitol. They’ve tried to pass a bill, [the “No Glory for Hate Act” which would prevent the interment “of any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives” in Arlington National Cemetery. It also seeks to mandate that no federal funds be used to create or display monuments, symbols, or statues that commemorate such presidents.] Snopes. This is all sick stuff. Trump’s impeachments lacked evidence which would be thrown out of a normal court. Insanity is the only word for it.

Just remember what it was like before covid, Floyd, and Antifa. It was quite nice. Wine tasting, room service, weddings, flights, dinner parties, school, and offices. AND NO MASKS! The good ol’ days. Never forget. President Trump will not be erased from the history books because he won’t be erased from our minds and our mouths. He will be remembered and missed despite all the left’s attempts to discredit, dishonor, and disgrace him. Shame on them. Karma will be a “bleep.”

Joe’s Morose, Dour, Vainglorious Speech.

Left us clutching our pillows in despair.
Or praying at the beach.

I’ve never heard such a depressing, yet self-serving, speech about coming out of a pandemic in my life. It was the best of times and the worst of times all in one speech. Dour threats of more restrictions, mask wearing, and school closures, yet we can gather in our yard for 4th of July! Big whoop! Biden can’t have it both ways. He is the reason schools have been closed, yet he says the children have been harmed. Harmed by him and the Democrat governors. That’s on them, and they can’t back away from it. Trump asked that schools reopen while he was president.

Joe gave a twenty minute speech congratulating and praising himself on the “fast production of vaccines.” Let’s get one thing clear: without Trump there would be no vaccines and they had been produced and dispersed prior to Joe. Joe is a self-serving dunce. All three of the vaccines were researched and in trial long before Biden came around. Biden got handed an economy coming back after the pandemic and all the vaccines. He is nothing more than a leach trying to suck out all the work that Trump did and claim it as his own. It is not.

Biden had the nerve to say that Trump ignored the virus when it hit our shores for days, weeks, and months. Total bald face lie. At the time, Biden actually called Trump xenophobic for banning flights from China and Nancy and Cuomo were ignoring the virus telling folks to go to the parks and plays and Chinatown. Remember, whatever they accuse Trump of, they are doing or did. It was Fauci that recommended shutting down the country for two weeks which led to a year. Trump wanted it to reopen after two weeks, but by then the governors had taken over the handling of the pandemic. Notice how Fauci has been rewarded in the Biden Administration? Planned much?

There was no mention of the two trillion dollar pork bill which rewards black programs (reparations) and ignores white people in the same situation. This is dividing the country even more and probably more cause for division. In fact, Biden called it a “relief bill.” Not a “covid” relief bill as he knows everything has already been accomplished for covid prior to him coming around. So they reward all their pet projects and donors in the name of covid. It is deplorable. There was no mention of the crisis at our border which is 100% caused by Biden since coming into office. There was no mention of China being the cause of the virus as Biden is in bed with China. That story needs to be looked into. There was no optimism in the speech which leads me to believe he wants the covid boogeyman to remain indefinitely.

The life Biden described about us for the last year is not the life I have been living. I’ve been around my children and grandchildren. We’ve hugged and kissed. We’ve had barbecues and indoor parties. We’ve gone to restaurants and even to a resort hotel with our grandchild swimming in the hotel pool. The life he described was of those who fell for all of Fauci and the CDC’s nonsense.

We’ve used common sense to realize that most of what they told us was bunk. And it has been nonsense from the get go. The masks are only 2% effective. The therapeutic meds like HCQ, that would have helped patients early on, were rejected by Democrat governors, causing more deaths. The death tolls were escalated by governors throwing infected seniors into rest homes to infect more. This was an orchestrated plan to jack up the death count to ruin Trump’s chances in the election. The whole thing has been politicized.

If only the Democrats had listened to Trump, thousands of lives would have been saved by therapeutics, hospital ships and tents. Tens of thousands. But defiant governors refused Trump’s advice. They even mocked Trump for saying a vaccine would be out before the election; which it would have, but Pfizer nefariously held it back to effect the election.

If our country had just treated this virus like any other virus and told folks to be vigilant, wash their hands after contact in public places, and stay away from sick people, we’d be in much better shape. When I first heard of the virus in China, I warned my children not to ride public transportation, go to theaters, or touch money or gas pumps without washing afterwards. Ignorant people went on cruises and flights to Europe at their own risk. Our economy got devastated and children irreparably harmed from needless shutdowns which has caused worse problems with suicide, drug and alcohol addictions.

All in all, Joe’s speech was just to show his face to prove that he isn’t in a mental crisis. But his speech was repetitive saying vaccines and masks too many times to count. And who says hyperbole more than once in a speech? Only someone trying to prove he can pronounce or remember the word. We learned nothing new from this speech as it lacked facts. He relayed that same lie about his father walking up the stairs to say he lost his job. Well… turns out, he owned a Chevy dealership and his kids were quite well off, Joey bragging about driving a new car each year. Spoiled rich kids they were. And a frat boy in college drinking and cruising for girls. That poor-stuttering-Irish-boy-from-the wrong-side-of-the-tracks story he’s been feeding us may have fooled the liberals, but I ain’t buying it. Poor kids don’t make it to the Senate in their twenties without money, a war injury, or brains. He must have had money.

He played us back then and is playing us now. Don’t be fooled by Joe. He’s lyin,’ connivin’ Biden.

Here’s How IT Will Go Down.

Kamala spars with Biden, calls comments on race 'personal and hurtful' -  Business Insider
Is Kamala Harris a Trojan Horse for President Nancy Pelosi?
Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi to Draw on Their History in Bid to Unite Fractious  Democrats - WSJ
Current President next to future VP.
Pelosi isn't just failing as a legislator. She is failing at basic politics  | Carl Gibson - GulfToday
Our future VP and future President.

Now that America and possibly the world knows that Biden is incapable of running the country as his mind is quickly spiraling downward into the depths of advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, his administration has to come up with an exit plan. The administration cannot say the “A” word but we all saw it prior to the election while the main stream, derelict in duty, covered for him. And now not only are they covering for him, they are shielding him from the media as well as dodging incoming sniper fire in the form of a barrage of questions.

Within two to three weeks time from now, the White House doctor, Jill, Kamala, Pippi, Nancy and others will come to the podium with serious countenances to make an important announcement that President Biden has fallen ill and will need to “step down.” This will send shockwaves through the ignorant press core and newspapers across the world but the feminists across America will roar in excitement for achieving their first female president, Kammie, and a female VP, Nancy. It’s a two for. The feminists never wanted Biden in the first place. He was just a placeholder for what is to come. I can almost envision this.

Don’t you think this has been Nancy’s plan all along? She needs power and what better way to get it, being the VP. One scandal away from being the president. I hope this prediction does not come to fruition (although it won’t matter which one of these leftists are running our country) but it sure looks like “the replacement” will probably be sooner than later as Biden is fading fast. The press will all feign sympathy for Biden, even FOX News, like they didn’t know his condition. It is all a charade. We are living in a fantasy world. We are being played for fools. We miss transparent President Trump.

My husband hates my predictions, but we don’t have Rush Limbaugh to foresee the future any longer. We have to channel Rush to see what he’d be foreseeing. And this is what I see. I may be out on a limb but not too far out on that limb. I feel it is going to happen soon because Biden is conducting sort of a “scorched Earth” exit even to the point of messing up all Trump’s peace in the Middle East while allowing in potential terrorists here from hotbed countries. He’s involved in another shady deal with Iran according to the foreign press.

Who would do all this damage in such short order? What’s his rush? He has four years to mess up our country. Only someone suffering from dementia that knows his time is about up. He’s probably doing Obama’s bidding before he exits so he can get the credit, not in a good way. Then Kammie will continue as she is even more radical and of sound mind. All in all, any which way we look at it, we are in for a world of hurt down the road. We are being played for fools. We miss peace-loving, transparent, America First, twitter active, vocal President Trump.

I pray there will be a huge mistake discovered in the presidential election (haha) that puts Trump in the winning column to replace Biden. In a perfect world.