Hollywood “Has-Beens” Trying to Convince Us (Lie) that Mueller Report Has Something on Trump.

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Hollywood won’t give up.  They think they can convince the rest of us that Trump colluded with Russia, despite the fact that 15 angry, Democrat, Hillary-supporting lawyers couldn’t find shit on Trump. They need to just go to a white sandy beach (preferably out of the country), have a refreshing tropical drink, and forget about it.

Better yet, leave for good and leave the politics up to the politicians.  Stop trying to brainwash the rest of us. Just because you played a few politicians in your lifetime, possibly, doesn’t give you license to school the rest of us.  No one wants your liberal, lying, biased opinions except for your candidates. So try helping them rather than lying about Trump.

We don’t miss you Deniro or Sheen or Reiner. Your time is up.  Go away.  You’re not the voice or face of reason.  You look ridiculous. You were wrong about Trump, and you have egg on your faces. Admit it. An apology is in order.  No amount of public service statements produced by you is going to change the results of the “Muellersham.”  You have Trump Derangement Syndrome, and we don’t take advice from you.  Get some help.

So gas up your private jets, and begone. Hillary lost. Mueller has nothing on Trump. Get over it already. PERIOD.


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Is Iran Part of the Deep State’s Insurance Plan? Who’s Pulling the Strings?

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Is Trump being set up, yet again?  Is this the Deep State’s last ditch effort to get rid of Trump by forcing him into making a strike on Iran?  Who’s behind these unprovoked strikes from Iran?  Did someone get to Iran and promise them something in exchange for provoking Trump?

The Democrats know that Trump ran on getting us OUT of wars.  So if he happened to be forced into one by all these provocative attacks on us, would he lose all chances of winning next year? Is this what they’re thinking?  From what the left has gotten away with already, I wouldn’t put it past them.  They would sell their souls and their mother to win back the White House. And would also sell out their country to win back the White House.  If they are behind these unprovoked attacks this is the real definition of treason.

This is like a reverse Wag the Dog scenario as it’s coming from the opposite side to take the subject off the GOOD accomplishments of Trump and put it on his failing foreign policy.  It’s all the libs have left: to tarnish Trump’s foreign policy.  Let’s hope I’m not right.  I don’t want to be right.  I just suspect something is fishy about all these sudden unprovoked attacks on us. And I don’t want Trump to be forced into a war under false pretenses.

[The media has reported that National Security Adviser John Bolton (a long advocate of military force and proponent for confrontation with Iran) was supportive of the strike. CIA Director Gina Haspel also supported a strike according to these reports. However, Pentagon officials reportedly voiced their concerns that we could easily find ourselves in a full-fledged war that could escalate out of control.] J. Turley

I’m glad Trump is not trigger happy and has restraint, so far. But he can only take so many of these attacks.  He has commanders that will recommend measured attacks which he’ll need to consider.  Trump said killing 150 Iranians is not proportionate to taking out an unmanned drone.  I agree.  So he called off the strike. The press is calling Trump indecisive which is just another way to provoke him into war.  The press is working for the Democrats.  They used to revere any president’s restraint from war.  Now since it’s Trump, they’re against it.  Go figure.

Why did John Kerry go to Iran in 2018?  He shouldn’t be over there as he no longer represents our government. Or is he still working for Obama? Did he promise Iran that once Trump is gone, we can get back into the Iran Nuclear deal? Did he tell Iran the end result will justify the means? Something is up.

[Trump appears to be partially referring to a reported meeting between Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the beginning of 2018, part of what the Boston Globe called “an aggressive yet stealthy” mission to put pressure on the Trump administration to keep the Iran nuclear deal.]

Something is up.  I smell a rat. I smell a couple of rats: Obama and Kerry.

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Taylor Swift Mocks Conservatives to Sell a Song.

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She releases a music video portraying conservatives as bigoted hillbillies and rednecks. It was reminiscent of Hillary’s portraying conservatives as deplorables and irredeemables and gave me the same feeling. That didn’t work out so well for Hillary.

The music video of her latest song portrayed conservatives as poor, dirty, toothless, homophobic rednecks that scream in the streets with misspelled signage. The only thing missing was Walmart.  It was insulting.  She went straight to central casting for rednecks and hillbillies whereas all she needed to do was go to an anti-trump protest and pull those folks for her video.  Besides conservatives don’t protest.  What’s to protest? We won!

She must be as clueless as they come, blinded by Hollywood with her elitest friends and sycophant followers.  She’s trying to stand out as an equality-feminist in the Country Music world.  She probably thinks Trump has no women or gay followers. If she had watched only one Trump rally maybe she would have seen people of all economic backgrounds, races, genders, sexual persuasion, and cities–all dressed fashionably.  She can join the likes of the Dixie Chicks. Good bye.

If she was smart, which she isn’t, she’d be happy with the Trump economy which allows her followers to be able to purchase her crappy songs.  She’d be happy that her audience is no longer in danger from ISIS at her concerts.  She’d be happy with the low cost of gasoline as she travels in her band’s bus. She’d be happy that she gets more people being able to afford her concerts and thus make more money.  She’d be happy that Trump has restored respect for the American flag and the National Anthem. But instead she’s just aimlessly counting her money.  I guess she thinks the good economy “just happens.”

But she’s not happy and is mocking conservatives in order to sell a song. Low-blow Swift is going to lose on this one, like she did with Stacey Abrams.  I guess the egg is off her face, and she wants to try again. Since her song is about telling folks to “calm down,” it would make more sense if she focused on the Resist movement and told them to “calm down.” They are the crazies in the streets protesting.

But no one listens to political rhetoric from Taylor Swift in her tweets or in the guise of a song.  It’s about as valuable as the bartender’s and Milano’s.  Three clueless feminists out to make a name for themselves– albeit not good ones.

She’s lucky she’s good looking as that alone sells.  But as far as her feminist group think, she stinks and needs to shut up and sing.

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Mueller Probe: A Smokescreen/Sham From the Get Go and They All Know it. “The Big Lie.”

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At the recent “Impeach Trump” Protest, some of the protesters were asked why should Trump be impeached?  All of the answers were perplexing.  One guy said, “For all the crimes he has committed.”

“What crimes?” the reporter asked.

“He colluded with Russia to win the election.”

“But the Mueller report found no collusion with Russia.”

“Yes, but he’s involved in a cover up of the collusion. He conned his way into office. He’s a conman,” said the laughing protester. (That must have been one clever, devious guy to con his way into the presidency without leaving an ounce of evidence.  Do these people hear themselves talking?)

So you see, Nancy’s talking points of a “cover up” are being planted in the mindless liberals, progressives, or Democrats (whatever they call themselves) and they’re repeating them.  Whether they believe them or not is not the concern.  The fact that they want to believe the worst about our president is.  Any negative tidbit or lie they get, they’ll use it. Just as they believed Harry Reid when he announced that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.  They ate that up. They’re very thirsty and gullible for negative information.

Another protester smugly said, “He’s an illegitimate president.”

“Why is that?” asked the reporter.

“He stole the presidency from Hillary.” (Way to put what Hillary was involved in onto Trump.  The audacity! The guts! What projection!)

“If so, why didn’t Mueller recommend indictment?” the reporter grilled.

“Because Mueller knew you can’t indict a sitting president, so he left it up to congress to impeach him.” (What analysis!  These libs must be clairvoyant too!)

These quotes aren’t exact but are the gist of the conversations.  This “big lie” is what the left is thinking and spreading around to our youth and in our schools.

The Mueller smokescreen/sham was nothing but a waste of taxpayers dollars in order to cover their own asses in the FBI and CIA which were waist deep in corruption from the fake dossier to spying to unmasking to insurance plan to lying and leaking to the media in order to tarnish Trump’s presidency from the get go.  And they’re still at it.

It is the worst, most wide-spread conspiracy in our history.  Forget Watergate.  This is ten times worse.  No telling how many folks are involved in it, yet. And it all started at the top when Obama approved the unmasking of private citizens.  The buck stops there!

[“We’ve all seen the reports of the unprecedented unmasking of U.S. citizens by senior Obama official, Ambassador Samantha Power, in the final days of the of the Administration – to the tune of more than one a day.  Now, through our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation, we have unearthed evidence of significant political bias during the same time period she was unmasking Americans.” ACLJ American Center for Law and Justice.]

And, of course, Obama will feign no knowledge of Power’s unmasking just like he had no knowledge of Lois Lerner’s targeting conservatives.  He gets his drones to do his dirty work so he can keep his hands clean.  Squeaky clean Obama.

This spreading of the “big lie” to the common folk of America needs to stop before the next election.  Either these protesters are uninformed or they ate the “big lie” hook, line, and sinker and it’s too late to pull the hook out.  And I think it’s the latter.

Reports from the IG will be coming out soon to explain how an unverified, fabricated dossier was used at the FISA court to get warrants for spying on the Trump Campaign.  This should be enlightening but it is just the tip of the (so-called melting) iceberg.

Why is it the new FBI Director, Chris Wray (who replaced Comey) isn’t that forthcoming and seems to disagree with Trump and AG Barr?  Did they get to him already or was he already part of the Deep State and they threw him to Trump to choose?  I don’t trust him or his expression.  He looks like he’s hiding something. He could be part of the “big lie and the smokescreen.” He could be communicating with Comey daily and getting his head filled with more lies. Time to find a new Director of the FBI, IMO. That should get the left in a tizzy.

DRAIN THE SWAMP before the next election. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

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In Search of a Church…and Failed.

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Five years ago when my life, as I planned it, went off track and I didn’t want to burden my kids and friends with my problems, I decided to go to church to pray and sing hymns in order to find comfort.  I chose a church close to town.  It had a full attendance so I sat in the back pew.  The minister noticed me as a new attendee and asked are there any new worshipers here today?  I shrunk in my seat as the whole room turned around to “out” me.  “Please stand and introduce yourself,” the minister instructed.

Are you kidding me?  This is why I came to church to be singled out in a crowd?  I don’t think so, I thought. I obediently stood and introduced myself.  I sat through the sermon and sang a few songs and prayed then slunk out quickly afterwards.  Amazingly, I came back the following week.  This time the minister walked down the aisles and picked me out.  “Are you new here?”

“No, I was here last week,” I meekly uttered.

One of the other members confirmed, “Yes, she was here last week!”  No, I’m lying in church, I thought sarcastically.   Again the whole room turning around to glare.  Honestly, this is not why I came to church to be singled out in a crowd.  I wanted to blend in, pray, and sing. I wanted to heal. I wanted to be anonymous.  That’s it.  Afterwards, there was a breakfast where I had to sit with strangers and make small talk.  I felt worse than when I came in and decided to find a new church.

Two weeks later I attended a different church closer to home, hoping for a better experience.  Once inside an older woman walked down the aisle from one of the front pews and came up to me. “How is it I do not know you?” she asked snobbishly.

“I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s a big world,” I answered flippantly. Does everyone have to know everyone? I thought. Who are this church-going people?

I already had my back up when the minister singled me out before the sermon began. He asked me to stand and say a little something about myself.  I became defiant and shook my head in refusal. What am I, in school?  I thought. But the girl next to me said she would stand with me.  It was so humiliating.  I almost ran to my car when it ended.  And I never looked back. There were no hymns with an organ just the minister singing folk songs with his guitar.  Not what I expected.

Needless to say, that was the end of my church experience.   I went back to pray in the privacy of my home.  I healed on my own by getting engulfed in my first and second mystery novels.  Out of everything bad comes a little good. Silver lining.

I never remember church being so “in your face.”  Why can’t people just come inside a house of worship to pray?  Why do they have to be introduced?   Ministers need to understand that not all people like having the spotlight on them as they do.  I realize this is the “look at me” generation but not all of us are part of it.

Ministers should introduce themselves in private to a newcomer and don’t ask them to stand for whole congregation.  It takes a lot of courage for some of us go to a church alone and there are many different reasons why one would.  Don’t ruin the experience for them by singling them out. It may be the church’s way of welcoming new people, but it was off putting to me.

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Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers.

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We see in the news and even in sports the rich and famous getting a shout out on Father’s Day.  I dedicate this blog to my father.  He wasn’t rich or famous but was the father of four and a husband to one wife which is rare these days.  He held the same job for thirty years and always provided for his family.  He even had his mother-in-law living with us the whole time.  Also rare.  That’s a kindhearted, generous man.

My father never rose to the highest position at his company but was a dedicated employee until he retired.  He never took us on European vacations but taught us how to fish and camp and be handy around the house. He was a Cub Scout den leader for my brothers.  Although he may have had one too many highballs on the weekend and smoked one too many packs of cigarettes, that was his only vice.  He was a Navy Veteran of World War II and could fix or build anything.  He could replace a clutch in my 1964 Austin Healy Sprite.  In all his years of marriage, he never called a plumber or a carpenter and rarely needed a mechanic.  He owned three homes during his lifetime and several automobiles from a Buick to Chevy’s and finally a Cadillac.  He loved his workshop in his garage and planting vegetable gardens with my mother.

Fourth of July was his favorite holiday and would always host a block party with fireworks for the neighborhood kids to enjoy.  Expert at barbecuing and taught us all.  Big sport fan of baseball and football–always listening to the games on his portable radio.  Didn’t purchase works of art, expensive jewelry, or any frivolous items–just practical stuff.

Always told me if he didn’t like my outfit or my hairdo.  He was good at that. Was known for shouting “Yahoo” at high school graduations even though the crowd was told not to. And when I had a broken heart from a boyfriend it was he who came into my room to console me while I cried myself to sleep to say, “I understand. You’ll live.  I had my heart ripped out once too.”  And once while pregnant with my first child and crying for some other reason, he came again into my room to say, “You have someone inside you who will love you forever.  Never forget that.” He was right.

Those are the things I love about my father.  Not what movie he starred in, what political office he ran for, what sport he was great at, what charitable foundation he started, or what fortune he amassed.  Just that he was kind, sentimental, and great at fixing things; and usually gave me good advice. The simple things in life gave him contentment. Contentment is the secret to happiness which he instilled in all of us.  And he was good at being a grandpa.  I think becoming a grandpa was his proudest accomplishment. He was grandpa to five grandsons. We all miss him.

Happy Father’s Day to the best and only father I knew and all the other not-so-famous fathers who are loved.

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Flip-Flop Biden Now Playing the “Cancer” Card for Votes.

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Biden thinks he has the answer to curing cancer now.  He stated that curing cancer will be his number one priority if he becomes president.  I do recall Obama passing that job onto him while he was VP.  Hmmm.  I guess he failed at the job and wants a redo.

President Trump has created and passed the Right to Try law which allows terminal patients to get unwarranted treatments like chemo that hasn’t passed FDA yet.  So far it is helping terminal patients, and now Biden wants to come in and take credit.  Again, the Obama administration trying to take credit for Trump’s accomplishments. Once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer.

Flip-flop Joe has no new ideas.  He’s washed up.  He’s like that old pair of shoes in your closet that are out of style and worn out, yet you don’t throw them out because they have sentimental value. They bring back memories of when and where you wore them–the prom, your first date, a job interview, or your wedding. Anyone thinking of voting for Biden must feel the same way–sentimental.

Biden brings back times when Obama was in office.  Times when climate change was the biggest threat to our country.  Times when there were anti-cop protesters in the streets daily.  Times of violent protests at colleges with buildings and cars afire.  Times when our 401K accounts remained flat as well as our savings accounts. Times when the football players knelt during the National Anthem. Times when we shouldn’t say Merry Christmas. Times when we apologized to other countries and gave them pallets of cash.  Times when college grads couldn’t find a decent job.

Times when the threat of ISIS and North Korea loomed over us daily.  Times when we went online to apply for a high priced health plan.  Times when we ignored our vets. Times when we told our soldiers to stand down.  Times when we invited illegals to come to our country.  Times when we treated Israel like a rival and Russia like a friend. Times when we targeted conservative speakers at colleges and non-profit companies. Times when solar company startups were failing. Times when companies had to move out of California or the country due to stiff regulations.  Times when the FBI and CIA were weaponized against political opponents.  The good ol’ days.

God, I can see why people will vote for Biden.  The sentiment is overwhelming.  Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane.

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