Last Night’s Debate: Liars, Loathers, and Loons…

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And for the life of me I can’t tell one from the other.  Let’s start with Biden.  He looked angry and desperate not to stutter or mix up his words.  He failed at that.  He actually called Bernie “president” at one point. He is confused. He was sucking on something like Pelosi is always doing.  He needed to share his mint with dry-mouth Bernie. At least he didn’t pop a blood vessel in his eye and blame it on his contacts.

Then there was Kamala who was filled with loathing for Trump.  All she could talk about was Trump.  She has no new ideas and when asked she just kackles like a Hillary protege.  Then we have Pocahontas which we need to start calling her “bobblehead.”  Her head jiggles when she talks and her arms wave.  I cringed when she told her childhood story of wanting to be a teacher since the second grade.  All I could think was how she played the Native American card to get into college and her first job.  It made me sick.  Were her two brothers Native American too and gamed the system like she did?  She should be ashamed to have brought up that visual of her applying for college and checking the Native American box.  Shame. Shame. Shame.

Then there was loony, hoarse-voice Bernie who thinks money grows on trees.  Nuff said about him. No one up on the stage had respect for him. Klobuchar is still directing traffic with her arms which is too off putting for me. Spartacus didn’t advance himself at all.  Boot-edge-edge got his name mispronounced (boot-a-judge) by the moderator. He looked perplexed after that or he was bumfuzzled by Yang’s great offer of $1,000 a month for a year to a winner of a contest.  Am I leaving anyone out?  Was there another liar, loon, or loather up there on the stage?  Ah yes, the guy on the end–Castro.  He tried to take out Biden but the ABC moderators tore him apart for that.  How dare he take out our leader!  How mean can you be?

These characters were an embarrassment to the office of POTUS. They had no appreciation for our current economy, Trump’s accomplishments, or American values which shows they are not up to the task.  All they want to do is turn back the clock and destroy all of Trump’s deeds.  They never mentioned jobs or the economy in a good light, just negative comments. They called Trump a racist and white supremacist which is a lie. They said Trump will eliminate allowing pre-existing conditions from our health insurance which is another lie.  They’re all off the reservation as far as I’m concerned.

The left is going to put in another candidate at some point as these ones won’t beat Trump.  Who will it be?  There’s rumors of Hillary giving it one last stab. Yuck. But there’s always the golden one who is married to the Tephlon one, Barack.  Don’t be surprised if they slip her in at the last possible moment to throw everyone off balance. The left is a shrewd group of liars, loathers, and loons.  Nothing they do will surprise me.  They chose McCabe to work for CNN.  That in itself explains that they will spit into the wind to defy conservatives.

The crowd last night was cheering when Obama was mentioned like he’s some kind of saint.  Do they not hear the real news at all?  Do they not know Obama was behind the coup to take out Trump? Do they not know that Obama was spying on American citizens and the Trump campaign?  What are these geniuses learning in college anyway? How can one group of students be that clueless?  I weep for the future when they’re in charge of our country as they collectively are being brainwashed in school.  My future step-grandson recently said, “Obama was amazing.”  This is what they’re teaching in our schools.  😦

Oops, I left out Yang.  I’m so over his tieless look.  He’s too arrogant for his own good.

Can’t wait until the Deep State is finally indicted. It can’t come soon enough for me so these students and media can wipe the egg off their faces.