Biden’s Crime IS worse than the Coverup…


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As they know if it gets out, it will bury Joe Biden. America needs to wake up and do the research into Joe Biden’s criminal behavior before they cast their vote. They won’t get it from CBS, ABC, NBC, or NPR, your parents old networks as they have been hijacked by the mob. If you get your news from your cell phone, you need to toss it aside as it won’t have this story either. Unfortunately, the only news network that is telling us the truth is FOX News Channel, conservative talk radio, and The New York Post who broke the story.

Now we all knew that Biden was lying when he said he was unaware of his son’s activities in other countries as we saw him on tape bragging about holding back money from Ukraine in exchange for dropping charges against his son’s corrupt company Burisma. But we didn’t have the physical evidence until the New York Post printed it from Hunter’s seized laptop shockingly held by the FBI since December 2019. But low and behold, Twitter, Facebook, and Google refuse to cover this story; in fact, they froze the New York Post’s account unless they delete this story. This is called blackmail. In case you didn’t know, these three social media moguls are working for the Biden campaign which is a big time conflict of interest.

This is the worst coverup in American history by the media and FBI. Not one mainstream news network has covered the story nor any other newspapers. They should all be shut down for conspiring to cover up a bombshell story against their candidate Joe Biden. Even Joe’s brother Jim, who is involved, refused to answer questions from a brave lone reporter yesterday. “Please, don’t bother me!” he arrogantly said while walking away. He is just like his brother Joe: arrogant, corrupt, and conceited.

The Biden’s father (who Joe often quotes) must be spinning in his grave for raising such a corrupt bunch of characters. Joe often brags about his father, but his father did a poor job. Whatever he instilled in this family was not ethics, morality, or decency, which laughably is what Joe is running on. When Joe’s father said, “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck” I don’t think he meant it was using your name and position to sell out your country for millions of dollars to communist China! I cringe whenever Joe repeats this quote which we have no idea whether it is even true as he lies so much.

I have a few quotes from my mother like nothing ventured nothing gained, which I have used throughout my life and it has turned out well. But no quotes on what a paycheck means. And when Joe’s mother said, “No one is better than you, Joey” that I believe is a true quote as it made Biden arrogant and above the law. Bad advice Mrs. Biden. She should have said, “You’re not better than anyone, Joey, as we are all created equal” or something like that. All she did was create the conceited monster we are dealing with today.

Please, if you are one of those that refuse to listen to FOX News, and you know who you are, just give them a try this week so you will learn what the mainstream media is covering up. Their silence is deafening. Give FOX a chance just this one time. The story is guaranteed to blow your socks off. And then tell your closeminded friends what is going on.

Now there also is a story regarding Joe’s daughter who we rarely hear about. Not sure if it is true or not but her alleged dairy claims she is has suffered from cocaine and sex addition. She also fears she was molested as a child by her father but it has been suppressed. This Biden family including Jill is one hot mess if this is true. The apples aren’t falling far from the tree as we do what we see. Don’t put this corrupt, lawless, addicted, amoral family in the White House. Keep sniffy, groper, kickback, lyin’ Joe out of the White House. Joe will make the Monica Lewinski story look like child’s play and we will all live to regret it.

Give Trump four more years. Promises made, promises kept and then some. With Trump we know what we get. Look at his feats, not his tweets. Don’t take a chance on this corrupt empty vessel named Biden filled with far left ideas that will ruin us all. Trump = American Dream and Biden = Biden Team.