Who Are These Haters of America?


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Last night’s tragic, destructive, lawless mayhem in our cities across the nation made we wonder who are all these haters?  They obviously hate America and have no respect for authority or even for their own cities.  But where did they originate from?  From afar, they appear to be the largest group of misfits I’ve ever seen. They weren’t born this way.  It has to be their upbringing.  Their parents or parent instilled hate and disrespect in them for America and the police from the day they were born.  Hate always starts in the home then gets marinated in our schools then perpetuated by liberal city leaders. And, viola, what we are facing now.  It is so disheartening.

The rest are just hangers on spoiled pajama boys that like chanting and feigning support so they can get on camera. I wondered how these poor kids were able to buy sweatshirts with “I can’t breathe” printed on them.  Hmm.  George Soros, at it again?  Then come the agitators like Antifa and college students from out of the city to do mayhem. They all committed assault like throwing rocks, garbage cans, and bottles yet few were arrested. Some Secret Service were injured as well as cops. It was sickening to watch.

This isn’t about the death of one Black man from a police officer or racial inequality any longer, this has taken on a life of its own. This has become domestic terror. I am expecting the U.S. Army to come in; and, when and if they do, it won’t turn out well for these criminals.  Yes, criminals not protesters like NBC is claiming.  When they start to storm the White House, it will be all over.  No more playing Mr. Nice Guy with these thugs.

A rioter was shot last night by a drive by shooter but no one cares a thing about that.  It’s not even newsworthy because the perp was probably Black. What’s the one thing all these delinquents have in common?  They all carry cell phones and video their crimes.  What’s the other thing they all have in common?  They will all vote Democrat, 100%. What’s one other thing?  They all hate the president. And lastly, none of them are peaceful protesters. If they were, they’d run from a group like this so they wouldn’t be associated with them.  But do they run?  No, they follow.  Birds of a feather flock together.

And what happened to social distancing?  No one was practicing this last night.  In fact, they were screaming in officers’ faces spreading germs.  Their masks are nothing more than a disguise like a bandit’s bandanna. And where is the remorse for George Floyd?  Half of these dimwitted criminals probably don’t remember his name.

How is it the cops are getting outnumbered by a group of unarmed thugs?  It’s hard to watch.  They should use teargas and make them stand back not run from a group of thugs.  They’re law enforcement not law unenforcement.  The thugs have power in numbers, but the police have weapons.  Don’t let them takeover another police station, please.  When asked why they’d vandalize the CNN Building, one said we don’t get news from them just Facebook and Twitter.  Wow!  That says it all.  A bunch of mindless, liberal Facebook-brainwashed youth getting their marching orders from Facebook.  Facebook will go down in history as one of the worst influences of our time along with Zuckerberg. One FOX News reporter got surrounded by these delinquents chanting F–k FOX News! 

And where are our African American leaders about now?  Why aren’t they asking for cooler minds to prevail?  Why?  Because they hope this mayhem will affect the next election.  Trump couldn’t stop it, so we’ll vote him out.  These Democrat leaders will stop at nothing to get Trump out.  If this helps, they’ll remain silent. The pandemic didn’t work yet so why not let this carnage of our cities run out?  Even Obama’s silence is deafening. Shame on all of them. And Biden, preaching from his 10,000 square foot mansion bought with bribery and payback money, shut the blank up.  You are the biggest racist ever running for president.

In conclusion, parents need to be mindful of their talk around their children.  I once heard a parent shout in front of his high school son, “Bush is a m–ther f–ker!” I never wanted to be in the same room with him again. Children do what they see; and if they are raised around hate, there’s no other result than them becoming hate-filled themselves like these criminals.  I can only imagine what their parents have said about Trump.