Who Are We Really Kidding?

“Where am I? What am I doing?”

We have a president who stole the election and is in full dementia while on heavy anti-dementia drugs in plain sight, yet we are pussyfooting around the problem like he has a cold. I, for one, am getting sick of it. I can’t stand the media’s covering for him like he’s ol’ lunchbox Joe from Scranton. That ship has sailed and wasn’t true to begin with. This is fratboy, cheatin’ Joe who’s karma is catching up with him in the form of full onset dementia. He finally got what he’s always wanted “to be president” but doesn’t have the brain left to appreciate it.

Based on doctors analyses of his behavior, he has maybe two years left to live if he doesn’t fall and break his brittle hipbone or concuss his skull which would escalate his demise even sooner. His wife is covering for him like a kindergartener that got a bad grade from a teacher who doesn’t understand him. It’s sickening to watch yet the media goes along with it. Enough already!

Their whole administration is involved in a coverup of Joe’s mental condition which they knew of before the election. Why do you think they kept him in the basement? Why do you think they unleashed a pandemic on the nation? Why do you think they won’t investigate where covid came from? Why do you think Fauci is still employed? Why do you think they are obsessed with a J6 Commission? Why do you think they allowed a war to begin in Ukraine? Why do you think they allowed us to become energy dependent on our enemies? Why do you think they are pushing transgenders and white guilt on our school children?

All of the above is to distract We the People away from Joe’s condition while they force the green energy on us, and we fell for it or at least the media has. They want the Green New Deal to be the religion of America over other countries. Why? So we can virtue signal in their faces that “at least we care about global warming.” So in essence, we want other countries to drill for oil to send to us while we appear green, righteous, and pure in the eyes of American Woke Supremacists and other countries. And 30 to 40 percent of America think he’s doing a good job!

But come on, man. Enough is enough. Let’s call a spade a spade and put an end to this charade they are forcing down our throats. The media needs to get angry and call him out. Ask Biden what medications he’s taking? Ask him how much money he’s made on his son, Hunter’s, illegal influence pushing and money laundering? Ask him if Hunter should be indicted and when is he going to resign? Ask him why Buttigeig is qualified to be Transportation Secretary? Ask him when will he close the border for real and finish the wall? Ask him why Kamala speaks in word salads? Ask him where the covid 19 originated? Ask him what is a woman? Ask him why he won’t bring down the cost of gasoline by drilling for our own oil on our own soil?

Our press core needs to get tougher on him as I am sick of the softball questions they continue to ask like are you sorry you made a fist pump? Who are they really kidding? Themselves? Certainly not the rest of us. The Democrats have full control over what the media asks even over some on FOX News (Cavuto, Baier). The Dems are covering for Joe so they can remain in power and instill fear in our youth to vote Democrat in order to save the planet and are bringing in illegals by the millions to vote illegally in our elections. (Word salad.)

That’s what makes this whole past two years seem like we are living in some kind of weird science fiction movie whereby our leaders are unqualified and our media is corrupt, yet We the People have become weak and compliant to whatever they tell us. Sort of how we bought the covid pandemic lockdowns, masks, and vaccines–hook, line, and sinker. We are better than this. What ever happened to America’s will to win, to succeed, to demand truth from our news networks, and to achieve the American Dream? Seems we have lost it.

And, yes, they will cheat in the midterms to retain their power and their sick agenda.