“Political Correctness is a Bunch of Garbage”…

says Dr. Ben Carson. I agree with him. People my age are constantly getting schooled by millennials on what words we can no longer say. I grew up saying “oriental” for any Chinese or Japanese person if I didn’t know their real heritage. It wasn’t insulting. One of my best friends was half oriental, and I never even knew if she was Japanese or Chinese. It didn’t matter to me.

So today we have wokeys telling us how to speak. I’m over it already. I used to be kind and let it pass, but no more. If Ben Carson is over it, so am I. I never bought into the gender-neutral conversation and never will. “What pronoun do you use?” Seriously? I don’t even know what that means. I got an A in Business English but never got asked this on a test. And what is nonbinary?

This country is so racially divided now due to Biden that he can’t give a normal speech without invoking how we used to be segregated even in 1967. Not sure where Joe was back then, but I never experienced segregation in 1967. I shared the Dean’s Office as a secretary in high school with a Black girl at the same desk in the same room. She was quite popular and on the cheerleading squad with other white girls. Didn’t look like segregation to me. We didn’t have separate water fountains either.

In my opinion, if someone says, “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid” like Joe recently said, that’s a racist comment. That flowed off his tongue too easily which means he used to say this to Black kids only he added, “not stupid like you.” And “boy” used in reference to Blacks is a racist word. Joe is the real racist, and it comes out in his unscripted dialog quite often. He panders to the Blacks, only for votes, then ignores them once elected.

Joe wants to keep instilling that Blacks were and still are being oppressed, but actually they were given opportunities over other whites due to Affirmative Action Laws. I was a casualty of that law when I once got promoted, but an unqualified Black fellow protested as he wanted the position. Needless to say, the company caved to him and gave him my new position as they didn’t want to get sued. I said nothing at the time as I was a mild-mannered 23-year-old but secretly applied for a new job elsewhere and quit within two months, much to their chagrin. They all looked and acted embarrassed for their decision. It was the best career move I ever made. But I digress.

“Political correctness is a bunch of garbage.” We don’t need to kowtow to the left and fall in place using their new vocabulary words. We can say “China” and “Chinese” and “Japan” and “Japanese” without being quietly corrected, “It’s Asian.” What’s so great about the word “Asian” over “Oriental” or the actual country? Pretty soon Asian will be banned by the left and replaced with another word. They just like controlling and correcting the rest of us.

Sure, I went along with most of the changes like “flight attendant” from “stewardess” or “waitperson” from “waitress”, but no more. “Homeless” are now called “temporarily displaced individuals” and “violent protesters” are called “mostly peaceful demonstrators”. “Antifa is just an idea” was a classic. Last time I checked, ideas don’t burn down police stations. I’m going back to the way I learned to speak, and I don’t care what they say. It’s getting out of control. Men are men and women are women. Boys are boys and girls are girls. PERIOD. They are different and should have different titles. We still have the term First Lady in the White House. When will that be banned by the left and called First Person? Certainly not while queeny is there.

Everything the left touches now sucks. Senator John Kennedy said, “the Biden Administration sucks.” I agree with him too. We have to start speaking our minds and not letting them control our minds. Six months ago, I had lunch with my feminist wokey friend and haven’t seen her since. I was rudely interrupted in mid-sentence and later told I was so intense. I can take names from my husband occasionally, but I draw the line at friends. When they resort to name calling, I’m done. I don’t need friends like that especially when they feigned outrage by the tweets Trump gave his critics.

Political correctness has been the downfall of our country and lately has included transgender rights to operations and puberty blocking on children. All of this is a bunch of garbage and needs to stop. Can’t wait for Trump’s CPAC speech today. Should be funny and politically incorrect.