America’s Weakness Will Spawn Wars.

Ever since Biden took office he has shown a weakness across the globe and our enemies can smell it. They are currently taking advantage of Biden’s weakness by bullying neighboring countries they wish to invade.

The second Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, drilling for oil, fracking, coal mining, reentered the Paris Climate Accord, and condoned a pipeline from Russia to Germany, we became dependent on Russia’s oil and, therefore, at their mercy. We became a weaker nation.

The second Biden stopped the building of The Wall, Stay in Mexico policy, and invited two million invaders to cross our borders with promises of healthcare, welfare, and housing, we became a weaker nation.

The second Biden started printing money to send to those affected by loss of jobs due to covid and then continued the practice after most were vaccinated, we became a weaker nation.

The second we cut and ran out of Afghanistan leaving behind our allies, Americans, and weaponry, we became a weaker nation.

The second he and Kamala encouraged defunding the police, criminalizing the police for doing their job, and allowing catch and release of suspects, crime has escalated; and we became a weaker nation.

The second he asked for vaccine and mask mandates across our nation including in our military or be fired, he divided the country and in essence made us a weaker nation.

The second he started to indoctrinate our school children with critical race theory teachings in our classrooms; it caused racial division and, therefore, a weaker nation.

The second he began to allow transgender women to compete in sports against biological women, we became a weaker nation in sports.

The second he weaponized the FBI against school parents and Trump rally goers, he divided the nation by parties and, therefore, made us a weaker nation.

The Democrats are smelling blood in the water come November and are beginning to deny that they were ever for “defunding the police or mask and vaccine mandates”; and thus why the blue states are cancelling the mandates suddenly. It’s amazing how fast the science changed when they started looking bad in the polls; which means it was never about science, just political science.

And don’t be surprised is all this talk of war between Russia and Ukraine is being hyped by Biden only to get the news off of his failed presidency. Wag the Dog. Worst president in history.

Expect more of this denial of past positions and complete reversal of positions to continue until election day. Soon, they may even say they were “for Voter ID and building The Wall all along”. BS! And expect Hillary to go on defense now that she has been exposed by Durham. She will double down on her original charges against Trump including Russia collusion. The best defense is a good offense so expect more of it from her and the lying media for follow in lockstep.

America under Biden has become a weaker nation which could spawn wars. Peace is always through strength like we had under Trump. Better off with Trump.


Are We Heading to War Under Biden?

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All signs sure point to this. Biden has the lowest approval rating this early in a presidency that I’ve ever witnessed and may use a wag the dog scenario to take the attention off of his failures. That’s how the Democrats roll. Nothing like a war that he has allowed by showing weakness and appeasement across the globe to change the news cycle. He’s like the substitute teacher that we used to take advantage of when our real teacher was out sick. He’s even meeting privately with news anchors telling them to report more positive stories about him. Are you kidding me?

Trump had 99% negative, untruthful stories done on him for four years and Biden is complaining about a few negative stories about his son and his involvement? Too efing bad, Biden. You made your bed, now sleep in it. In fact, stay in bed, we’d all be better off.

Reagan coined the phrase “Peace through Strength.” The opposite of that would be “turmoil through weakness” and that’s what’s going on. Biden has been on the wrong side of history his whole career. He has no instincts, foresight, or solutions to problems. How he became the leader of the free world, people will be asking themselves for years to come. We have a good idea how he did, but whether it comes to light in the near future is debatable. The left still wants to talk about January 6th hoax to take the attention off of what really is going on. It is only a deflection.

We’ve got turmoil in our own country and cannot take on a war right now in another country. We have mayors allowing “smash and grab thieves” to be released from jail across the nation. We have home invasions in high-end neighborhoods across the nation. We have car jackings in broad daylight across the nation. We have foreigners freely invading our own borders with no opposition across the nation. We have cops and innocent citizens being shot, stabbed, or whacked across the nation. We have Christmas being threatened by thugs across the nation. We have homeless openly taking drugs and defiling our streets across the nation. We have parents being investigated by our own FBI across the nation. We are in turmoil across the nation. No city is safe from these outlaws.

And what is going on with the vaccine mandates? What ever happened to HIPPA laws? Those seem to have gone by the wayside. Our health decisions should be private and not the business of others, especially the government. It is unconstitutional to force vaccines on us. But this administration has ignored the constitution over and over and no one seems to care. They just overlook it, especially the media. How is The View still on the air? These women are about as dumb as AOC and have no business voicing their view on anything other than a mani-pedi. They still believe there was Russia collusion, Trump incited January 6th, Rittenhouse is guilty, and Smollett got attacked by MAGA-hatted, racists on a freezing night.

You don’t think our enemies see what is going on in our country and are taking advantage to invade another country thinking cowardly lion Biden will not come to their aid? Of course, they are. The time is perfect for our adversaries to invade another country as we are too busy raging war against our own people. This would never be happening under Trump. We were better off with Trump.