Our FBI is Biased. Now That Barr Resigned, Time for Wray!

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Remember when they stormed Roger Stone’s home in the wee hours of the morning some even hiding in a pond with scuba gear on loaded for bear in order to arrest him live on camera with CNN filming? Remember when they stormed a NASCAR garage of Bubba Wallace in order to obtain evidence of who had placed a so-called noose on his garage door instead of a rope pull? Remember when they stormed Chicago and ran a month long investigation after Jussie Smollett falsely claimed he was attacked by someone in a MAGA hat? Remember when they held back information that it was Hillary who sent a letter to them asking for a Russia Collusion Diversion to get the attention off of her illegally disposing of 33,000 emails so she could win the election?

Remember when lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s email chain proved that they had bias against our president and would do anything to make sure he did not win the election and agreed to have an “insurance plan” if he did? Remember when someone in their organization “altered evidence” (under the direction of his superiors) in order to present to the FISA court to get permission to spy on the Trump campaign? Remember when they infiltrated the White House to get an impromptu meeting with General Flynn in order to entrap him into lying without a lawyer present? Remember when they hired a Russian woman with so-called opposition research on Hillary to entrap the Trump family in a meeting?

It’s clear the FBI are only working for the Democrat Party and not the GOP. Why? Why didn’t they release information regarding Hillary’s intent to divert attention away from her prior to the election that would have ended the Mueller Probe? Why when they interviewed Hillary regarding her destruction of subpoenaed evidence did they not record it or put her under oath? Why did they remain silent about the Hunter laptop which holds incriminating evidence about presidential candidate Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s activities overseas? Why did they ignore reports that Dominion voting machines would threaten our presidential election in favor of Biden? Why didn’t they storm the election precincts that clearly were up to no good once the counting was stopped live on television? Why haven’t they conducted a complete investigation after proof of election fraud was presented? Why did they remain silent that Hunter was under investigation by the FBI for tax evasion prior to the election? We know if it had been Eric Trump the world would have known prior to the election. So what is going on here? The leadership of the FBI are clearly working for the Democrat Party.

Maybe this is why AG Barr had to quit. He had no power and realized the swamp was deeper than he could drain. He or his family may have been threatened by the powerful left. He couldn’t control the FBI. No matter what he did or said, they had gone rogue and wouldn’t listen the AG. After all, they are behind the coup d’├ętat together with the CIA and NSA to take out our sitting president. They didn’t want any information coming out that they are part of a conspiracy themselves. So whenever evidence pointed back to them, they coverup for each other. Chris Wray, the FBI Director, needs to go!

He has been the leader of the coverup artists. For him to not intervene in the suspicious election is dereliction of duty. Trump needs to get someone like Ted Cruz in there to really clean up the joint. Ted would also be a candidate for Attorney General or General Flynn, Sidney Powell, or Jim Jordan. None of these changes will happen unless Trump overturns the Biden Heist which his chances are getting slimmer and slimmer, as there’s no one in Trump’s court except for 74 million disenfranchised and disheartened voters.

It’s an Unmerry Christmas.