Biden is Just a Pawn in the Democrats’ Scheme…

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to steal the election from Trump. He’s not a president. That’s all he has been all this time, just a pawn. They are using him. His mind is fried. He introduces his granddaughter as his son Beau, the Senator of somewhere. He doesn’t know what words are coming out of his mouth. He needs medical help as he is fading fast and the Dems know it. They can’t even look at him when he speaks as they know gibberish will come out of his mouth. Even his wife can’t look at him. It is a sad state of affairs and even sadder to watch.

I guess my question is: why have we allowed this sham to get this far? Why couldn’t the GOP come in and put a stop to the mail-in ballots which we all knew was just a ruse to steal the election? Covid fear was also a ruse. Trump knew it would turn out like this and warned us all. No one listened. Now we’ll have recounts up the ying yang until the end of the year. All these ballots coming in from people that had moved out of Nevada or are dead or not registered in Wisconsin is outrageous. I think these ballots are what we called “harvested ballots” bought for $200 each. What happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas.

The Democrats have become the party of the rich, Wall Street elites. Biden is heavily supported by big tech, Wall Street, and Hollywood. They are not for the working man any longer, Trump has secured that title. The Democrats are no longer the party of minorities either, Trump has stolen that from them. But I notice the media is claiming that Biden got the suburban women vote. Not so fast. In our county it’s all suburban women and they support Trump. I hate when they pigeonhole women as one vote. We have our own minds and don’t vote the same. Otherwise all my friends would be voting for Trump. (I need to find new friends.)

The Democrat’s goal is to get full control of the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the media, the big tech, and the Supreme Court. They want a one party rule. They never want another Republican president again. So far they have the FBI, the CIA, the House, big tech, and the media. Let’s not let them get the rest. Trump and his legal team will have to drag the presidency out in the courts. Notice we haven’t heard from him in a couple of days. He is working hard to get to the bottom of their scheme and will stop at nothing to expose them for what they are: scam artists.

The Democrats spent the last four years coming up with one scheme after another trying to oust Trump from the presidency. What would stop them from trying it again? Nothing. They actually thought that they had a blue wave coming whereby they would have gotten more votes in the House and taken over the Senate, instead they ended up having egg on their faces, again. What they don’t realize is that there are a lot of smart people out there that are onto them. But they call us deplorable, irredeemable, ugly, dregs of society, chumps.

What are the chances that the election workers in these blue states have heard lies about Trump for the last four years that he is a racist and when they come across a Trump ballot, they find something wrong with it and put it in the disqualified pile? Highly likely. The urge to do it would be palpable and hard to prove if it was discovered. They would feel like the means justifies the end. That’s why we need machine-activated ballots, not hand-touched ballots. I even heard that some of the election workers are writing on the Biden ballots to make them legit, like maybe adding a signature that was missing? No one touches my ballot.