Tomorrow is the Democrat’s Day of Reckoning.

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Either the Biden Heist of the 2020 Election will be certified or it will need to be audited in several states like Arizona, Nevada, Wisconson, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. I’m convinced by listening to all the evidence presented that our election was stolen in at least these states. Anyone with half a brain can see this. It was a calculated and well-organized widespread criminal event. Much like a terror attack only domestic. The decision tomorrow seems to be in the hands of our vice president Mike Pence. I think. Tomorrow will also reveal whether or not we hold onto the Senate after the vote in Georgia of two runoff senatorial campaigns.

Since when is it illegal to burn a BLM banner but not the American Flag? I’m confused. BLM is not a national symbol of our country. It never will be. It is a radical hate group that doesn’t even deserve mentioning. Those that have bought into the group as being a legitimate group that helps the underprivileged Blacks have been snookered. Been sold a bill of goods.

Has anyone noticed how Biden and his cronies look on stage? They have the appearance of imposters that know they shouldn’t even be standing up there but also know that they have pulled off some big heist and seemingly got away with it. They have guilt written all over their masked faces. And why is Biden, who received a vaccine, even wearing a mask? He must be dumb. They are akin to an employee that shows up to work trying to look normal after embezzling millions of dollars from his employer. How they have the gall or the kahunas to show up baffles me. They have no conscience. Dumb and no conscience is a lethal combination for a President of the United States.

And what about the people who voted for this sham of a candidate that are celebrating what they think will be a Biden Administration? How do they sleep at night knowing that the only way they could win was by cheating? Who are these people? Some of them are my friends. I need to find new friends.

I think this year will be a defining year of people leaving their old time friends that have sat through the Biden Heist and not said a word. That have sat through laptopgate and not said a word. That sat through the Russia Collusion hoax and not said a word. And sat through the sham impeachment of our president and not said a word! Time for a separation of sorts. How can we associate with the likes of those that would condone a compromised, crooked candidate that stole an election? We can’t. I need to find new friends.

Note to self: Find friends that aren’t Democrats or RINOs.