The Left Does to Elon Like They Did to Trump.

Why? Because billionaire Elon Musk used to be the darling of the left with his space exploration and EV cars but is now realizing that it IS the left that is filled with hate and racism, not the Republicans. So he’s abandoned the Democrat Party which he falsely thought was the party of kindness. Haha. Same thing happened to Trump. He saw what radicalized Obama was doing to our country and had to leave the Democrat Party and run as a Republican to save America, albeit a little bit late to the party.

Both billionaires are self-made and formerly Democrats. When Trump left his party and joined up with the GOP, both parties were reviled. Those on the right thought he was just a plant for the left and would govern as a leftist, not a conservative. But he surprised them and kept all his campaign promises and then some. Those on the left treated him like a traitor and spent four years trying to impeach him as a punishment: first with a phony Russia Collusion hoax, then the manufactured Ukraine quid pro quo, and finally the cherry on the top: the capitol riot.

I see the same thing happening to Elon. Women will be coming out of the woodwork claiming sexual harassment which is part of their playbook. Cue the Balsey Fords and Stormys. Every sexist remark he’s made over the years on camera will be exposed and replayed ad nauseam. Then every innocent remark he’s made regarding the black movement over the years will be amplified and turned into something more than it is. The Democrats will ruin his reputation so badly that Twitter will lose all its members on the left leaving a shell of a company for him to run with freedom of speech for both sides, i.e. they will try to discredit Twitter as a far-rightwing social media.


Biden is committing mutiny by abandoning America during domestic turmoil. He’s like a captain abandoning ship as it sinks. Why he goes to Asia during the height of our energy crisis is very telling. He’s running away from negative news about himself. He cancelled many drilling leases yesterday. He wants an end to fossil fuel altogether. He’d be happy with the return of the horse and buggy. But he is in cahoots with China so what better place to land softly than with his communist allies. (The ones who engineered the China virus and unleashed it on the world.)

And what’s with the media constantly saying Biden is at an all time low approval rating but it is always at 39%? Can’t it at least go to 38%? It’s not an all time low if it never changes. Truth is, it is probably really around 34% approval rating. And who are the 34%? What rock are they living under? Name one thing Biden has done to make America better? The same rock Whoopie lives under it seems.