“Tell Me Lies…Tell Me Sweet Little Lies…”

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Biden’s gaffes are sounding more like lies. But he learned from the best.  For Biden to mistakenly think he was in the White House in 2018 after the Parkland Shooting is not a gaffe or a senior moment.  It’s a lie.  Almost Brian Williamsesque.  He strategically tried to place himself as Vice President in the White House as consoler to the survivors of the Parkland Shooting. He even elaborated that “they came to see me then went to the halls of congress and you guys covered it. The congressmen hid from their questions.” He could probably recall what they were wearing that day if push came to shove. It was no gaffe.  It was a calculated and crafty attempt to try to sound current and sympathetic to the victims of the recent mass shooters, but failed miserably.  But his boss used to pull off so many of these lies effortlessly, it’s SOP–Standard Operating Procedure for them.

Obama’s “you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan, your premiums will go down 2400 a year” and  “the first I heard about this IRS scandal was in the newspaper” anda hateful video incited the attack on Benghazi” were all lies.

When asked about the IRS scandal by Bill O’Reilly on national television:

OBAMA: “Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgeon of corruption.”

Since leaving office the lies continue. Obama is taking credit for the great economy even though he said you’d “need a magic wand to bring back jobs.”  I guess Trump got a magic wand.   He said that “his administration was not involved in one scandal while he was president.”  More lies.  The only reason he gets away with lying is that the fake news media didn’t report on his scandals. Just FOX News. But they figure if they say these lies often enough, the clueless will believe them.  Like the Charlottesville lie heard ’round the world or the Mexican rapists lie repeated daily by the desperate candidates. Lies, lies, and more lies, is all they’ve got.

Remember Hillary’s big lie that she dodged sniper fire getting off a helicopter when she was First Lady.  Then she said she was tired and misspoke.  Biden will be saying he misspoke.  They are infamous for misspeaking and the press letting them off the hook. Or Hillary’s other big lie that her 33,000 missing emails were about yoga and her daughter’s wedding.  We know better now, don’t we?  They’ll lie to suit their purpose.

The big lie told this week by all the candidates is that Trump is a white supremacist or nationalist. They figure if they collectively say it, the stupid public will believe them. Ask people on the street and the first thing they say is, “Trump’s a racist.”  This will soon be a bumper sticker for the candidates. Even today the candidates are lying that the Ferguson shooting was murder by cop.  They lie to support their belief that cops are racist over the facts of a case.

The smarter people, known as deplorables, know that Trump’s not a racist.  He’s an equal-opportunity insulter.  Doesn’t give a hoot what color, gender, or race you are.  It’s just him speaking in retaliation for something the recipient of his insult said about him.  Tit for tat.

Tit for tat is underrated.  Bush never did it and look what happened to him.  He never stood up to all the incoming lies about him. “Bush lied, people died” was their favorite lie about Bush.  But he never defended himself like Trump does.  He was like a bullied kid on the playground. Just took it on the chin.

The Republicans have been too nice and now they’re paying the price for it.  Can you imagine if someone said over a mic in a public place, “I often think about blowing up the White House” while Obama was president?  That person would have been bum rushed off stage, cuffed, and shackled, but they did nothing when said about Trump’s White House.  We’ve been too nice. We always give these loons the benefit of the doubt.

The press says, “Oh, poor Biden is having a senior moment.  It’s just Biden.”  He’s allowed to make inaccurate, racist, and sexist comments constantly, and the press gives him a pass.  It’s nauseating.  Yet they will spin all Trump’s nonsexist, nonracist, and accurate comments into something homophobic, white supremacist, xenophobic, and sexist. We’ve heard enough. Enough is enough. Today they’re trying to link Epstein’s death onto Trump.  They’ll never stop.  They have no scruples.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…but we won’t believe them. Don’t be surprised at who’s waiting in the wings after Biden and Pocahontas implode–Michelle Obama.  And she lies too, just like her hubby. Two peas in a pod.

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