Couple Running on Bringing Decency, Dignity, and Soul Back to the White House…

Running Mates: As Biden considers VP pick, Jill Biden is at his side


committed adultery when they met.  Jill was married when she met Joe Biden and had an illicit affair which ended her marriage according to her ex husband.  This wouldn’t be shocking news for a power couple in D.C. except for the fact that they are running on bringing back decency, dignity, and soul making them both hypocrites.  Joe was the homewrecker in their affair and Jill the adulterer.  Not too many women I know have ever cheated on their husbands.  She is definitely unique but epitomizes everything I hate.

We all know Trump has had his moments of infidelity but has never taken the mantel of decency or dignity like these two.  It is a joke for us to think that they will set an example.  We all know Joe has been sniffing women’s heads for years and cheating on Jill.  This is obvious.  But for the two of them to claim they are holier that thou is sickening. So let’s take that claim off the table right now and what do these two have left to run on?  Nothing.

So the Democrats can’t run on “we hate Trump and our guy is nicer” any longer. Joe ain’t so nice, neither is Jill.  Just because she is a teacher doesn’t make her nice. Half the teachers in America are brainwashing our children.

What else did we see last night?  We saw the Democrats drag out their “oldies but goodies” from Carter to Bill Clinton to Caroline Kennedy to Cindy McCain to Powell to Kerry to Schumer.  I half expected Mitt Romney to show up.  I call characters like McCain and Colin Powell traders to their party.  They tried to accuse Trump of messing up foreign policy and his response to covid.  All lies, but expected from these clowns.  They have the gall to accuse Trump of exactly what they have done.  Kerry’s been recently accused of breaking the Logan Act and Clinton of being involved with the Epstein sex scandal.  Kerry also claimed that the Obama Administration took out ISIS. OMG, ISIS was our biggest threat when Trump became president along with North Korea. These two should never have been allowed to speak.

Shockingly,  Sally Yates came out guns a blazing against Trump. She should be hiding somewhere or lawyering up.  I recall recently at a senate hearing that she was asked if she hated Trump and her indignant answer was she didn’t hate anyone.  Here’s a sampling of what she said about Trump. Trump is a bully, morally bankrupted, benefits himself, weaponizes the justice department to help his friends, fawns over dictators, sabotages our postal office, doesn’t reflect our values, treats country like family business.  Sounds like someone she hates to me.  Last night’s performance showed her true colors and that she lied under oath.

Other than that, the night was filled with more hate for Trump and no new policies.  It is looking good for Trump as they won’t even denounce the violence in liberal cities.  Cuomo is so worried that he has to write a book of lies on how he handled the covid crisis.  I’d like to see if the guy can write, period. The Democrats accuse Trump of passing the buck, yet they pass it everyday onto Trump:  Trump caused the virus, Trump allowed people to die, Trump started the violence in streets, Trump ruined the economy that Obama handed over to him, Trump imposed a Muslim travel ban, Trump coddles terrorists and dictators, Trump ignored the scientists on covid, Trump caused the unemployment rate to triple, and Trump bankrupts everything he is given.  This is what they are running on.

But they can’t run on bringing the soul of America back with Joe Biden. This guy and his wife are both adulterers as well as Kamala Harris. So they all have that in common.  They should be ashamed to be running on dignity, decency, and soul.  But they have no shame.

Another lie they’re spreading is that Joe is for the “working man” and “wants to hire American and buy American.”  If Joe is elected, he will send jobs to China faster than Bill drops his pants and Romney sides with Democrats.  And that’s pretty fast.