At What Price Winning?

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I’m hearing in the news that Obama says Trump should concede to maintain his dignity and legacy. Ahh, how nice of Obama to give Trump this advice. But really? His dignity? That’s rich. When the guy Obama endorsed who ran on dignity, soul, and decency just ran the biggest heist for votes in American history? Very rich. Now Trump’s just supposed to step aside for Biden? I…don’t…think…so.

At what price winning, Biden? At the price of being labeled illegitimate throughout your term, but for real this time? At the price of another long drawn out investigation that costs the taxpayers millions, but much needed this time? At the price of selling your soul that you ran on to the devil? At the price of shaming your family’s name for eternity? At the price of losing any decorum you had left that you ran on just so you can go down in the history books of becoming the 46th President of the United States? Doesn’t that seem a little self-centered? Why isn’t anyone calling him out on this? He’s been caught. Why not ask him to concede, Obama?

Stealing isn’t winning. Biden got caught. All this talk of Trump conceding is moot, as they say. People don’t say moot much anymore. I guess it’s out. Moot is out. What’s in? Social distancing, zoom, remote learning, pandemic, systemic, existential threat, tweet, text, memes, Antifa, BLM, covid. How often do we hear these words a day? Too often. But I digress.

Biden has hired an owner of Dominion software (used to steal votes) as the head of his transition team. Hmmm. Normally I’d say that’s conflict of interest hiring someone who helped you steal an election for your transition team; but since I’ve never heard of such blatant audacity, I’ll have to make an analogy. It would be like a bank robber hiring the crooked lawyer that helped him stake out the joint and give him advice on pulling off the heist to be his defense lawyer after he got caught. They are partners in crime! It’s unheard of. It’s in-your-face arrogance which is what Biden is all about. Arrogance. The most arrogant man to ever run for president in modern day history. He has no humility whatsoever.

Now, if this sounds a lot like what they used to say about Trump, you’re right. Only this time it’s true. The way the left portrayed Trump in suppressed news media was totally and utterly malicious and downright false. None of the characteristics they gave to Trump were true like narcissist, racist, anti-Semite, homophobic, sexist, xenophobe. Absolutely none; but they said them often enough didn’t they? Some came to believe this nonsense when Trump is the complete opposite of those terms.

For instance, a narcissist does not have the love of his family. They all hate him. Hmm, Hunter and Ashley? Do Hunter and Ashley love Joe? Not so much. Racist: Trump has done more for the blacks than any president in history while Biden panders to them every four years when he runs for president. Anti-Semite: we all know Trump has done more for Israel than any president in history, is up for three Nobel Peace Prizes, and has a Jewish son-in-law. So that’s a complete lie. Homophobic: Trump announced plans to have a vaccine for HIV within 10 years. Xenophobe: Trump wants legal immigration not illegal and had a plan for DACA which did not get through the House. Thanks Nancy. They didn’t want Trump to get a win. And sexist: Trump supports women and has not had an affair or groped any interns as far as we’ve heard. And he appointed a woman for the Supreme Court and head of the CIA! Biden, we’re not so sure about. He sniffs more women than a dog licks his bleep!

Now if Biden really pulls this off, he’ll be known as the Commander and Thief. Not a good nickname for the POTUS. Not good for foreign affairs either having a president who stole his election. Let’s hope the SCOTUS sees this as it is: Biden’s Heist.