Here’s How IT Will Go Down.

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Our future VP and future President.

Now that America and possibly the world knows that Biden is incapable of running the country as his mind is quickly spiraling downward into the depths of advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, his administration has to come up with an exit plan. The administration cannot say the “A” word but we all saw it prior to the election while the main stream, derelict in duty, covered for him. And now not only are they covering for him, they are shielding him from the media as well as dodging incoming sniper fire in the form of a barrage of questions.

Within two to three weeks time from now, the White House doctor, Jill, Kamala, Pippi, Nancy and others will come to the podium with serious countenances to make an important announcement that President Biden has fallen ill and will need to “step down.” This will send shockwaves through the ignorant press core and newspapers across the world but the feminists across America will roar in excitement for achieving their first female president, Kammie, and a female VP, Nancy. It’s a two for. The feminists never wanted Biden in the first place. He was just a placeholder for what is to come. I can almost envision this.

Don’t you think this has been Nancy’s plan all along? She needs power and what better way to get it, being the VP. One scandal away from being the president. I hope this prediction does not come to fruition (although it won’t matter which one of these leftists are running our country) but it sure looks like “the replacement” will probably be sooner than later as Biden is fading fast. The press will all feign sympathy for Biden, even FOX News, like they didn’t know his condition. It is all a charade. We are living in a fantasy world. We are being played for fools. We miss transparent President Trump.

My husband hates my predictions, but we don’t have Rush Limbaugh to foresee the future any longer. We have to channel Rush to see what he’d be foreseeing. And this is what I see. I may be out on a limb but not too far out on that limb. I feel it is going to happen soon because Biden is conducting sort of a “scorched Earth” exit even to the point of messing up all Trump’s peace in the Middle East while allowing in potential terrorists here from hotbed countries. He’s involved in another shady deal with Iran according to the foreign press.

Who would do all this damage in such short order? What’s his rush? He has four years to mess up our country. Only someone suffering from dementia that knows his time is about up. He’s probably doing Obama’s bidding before he exits so he can get the credit, not in a good way. Then Kammie will continue as she is even more radical and of sound mind. All in all, any which way we look at it, we are in for a world of hurt down the road. We are being played for fools. We miss peace-loving, transparent, America First, twitter active, vocal President Trump.

I pray there will be a huge mistake discovered in the presidential election (haha) that puts Trump in the winning column to replace Biden. In a perfect world.