Ol’ Joe Says, “No One Should Behind Bars That Committed a Non-Violent Crime.”

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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Are you kidding me?!  Let’s run with that.  So if you commit tax fraud–no time in jail.   If you commit insider trading–no time in jail.  If you commit embezzlement–no time in jail.  If you cheat your kids into college with bribes–no time in jail. If you sell illegal drugs–no time in jail. If you commit burglary–no time in jail. If you commit grand theft auto-no time in jail. If you commit treason–no time in jail. So what’s the punishment–a fine? This is how we’re going to live from now on–just a fine and community service?  I don’t think so, Joe. You better come up with something better than that to run on.

What’s this world coming to?  I can’t believe what I am hearing from these candidates this year.  It seems everything goes.  Break all kinds of laws and you won’t serve time? Are they setting the table for all the crimes that their previous administration committed?  It seems so.  Heaven forbid Obama spends a day in jail for orchestrating the attempted coup against Trump.

I can’t live in a world that doesn’t have punishments for illegal behavior.  Sorry candidates, you’re not representing what I want to leave behind for my grandchildren.  If someone breaks the law, they should be punished; otherwise, more laws will be broken.  That’s why we have punishments. This “anything goes” attitude goes against everything our forefathers created for guiding principles of life including one of the Bible’s Ten Commandments…I shall not steal.

Yet, our Democrats in the House are trying to impeach Trump for God knows what.  Yesterday’s kangaroo court was the first of many hearings trying to find something on Trump. Did Trump ask a friend to deliver a message to Sessions seemed to be the question of the hour.  Regardless if Trump asked someone to send a message to Sessions, Trump had the authority to fire Mueller anyhow so that’s not obstruction of justice.  They’re grabbing at straws trying to find something, anything, to pin on Trump even a felt pen mark on a weather chart and accusing him of trying to get rich while in office.  That’s rich in itself as the Obama’s got very rich while in office and never hired a sole or ran anything prior to being president. Again, they accuse Trump for the very things that they’re doing.

Trump is not even taking a salary as President.  He gives his salary to different departments in need of the money.  First president ever to do this that I know of. So Trump is volunteering his time and reputation to make America great again.  And the left can’t stand it.

Their recent attacks on poor Kavanaugh are totally contrived.  No guy ever exposes himself at a party in front of others.  It’s just not done.  Maybe in private, if he’s a creepster; but Kavanaugh had a good reputation in college with lots of gal friends who already vouged for him.  If he was ever like that, it would have come out; and he would have been like Matt Lauer as a working adult.  Not one accusation of sexual harassment while employed.  The fact that these two activist feminist writers came after him, again, is not a coincidence.  One of them has worked for Hillary.  They’re desperate to impeach Kavanaugh as they know Trump will win in 2020 and appoint yet another conservative judge changing the court for decades.  Please, they must think we’re stupid.  We’re not.

Pocahontas thinks she’s all that with her arms waving, head bobbing, and saying that she got where she is without the help of a man.  Big whoop.  Checking the “female box” now instead.   I guess her checking the “Native American box” on her own without the help of a man is what she means.  She’s a cheat. Once a liar and cheat, always a liar and cheat.  She’ll cheat her way into the White House like Obama did unless we do something about it.  Vote Republican up and down the ticket and especially Vote Trump. We can’t put our trust in Pocahontas.

Boot-edge-edge says God wouldn’t condone the party of Republicans.  If that were true, Trump wouldn’t have won.  Trump won against all odds and Google changing possibly millions of votes to Hillary by only having negative searches appear on Trump and positive ones on Hillary.  God wouldn’t condone abortion, lying, gay marriage, and cheating your way into the office of President either, Boot-edge-edge. So get off your high horse before someone like Trump puts YOU down.

Let’s put an end to all of their shenanigans once and for all.  Then let them wipe the egg off of their faces and cry into their pillows for another four years.  They don’t deserve to be in power.