When Covid’s Not Enough.

gray and black semi automatic pistol
Photo by Derwin Edwards on Pexels.com


I guess the covid pandemic and mask issues aren’t hurting Trump enough.  I’m hearing snippets of gun control becoming the next big issue.  All of a sudden the media and mayors care about random shootings in New York and Chicago when they are the ones allowing them to occur. They are blaming it on the guns rather than the rioters and lowlifes in the streets.  This will all boil down to: Trump is FOR the Second Amendment and, therefore, part of the problem.

A White female protester who’d been dancing on the highway in Seattle in honor of George Floyd and stands for Black Lives Matter, got violently run over by a vehicle on the highway the protesters took over. The irony was the driver, was a black fellow.  From the video it looks as though he was startled by a vehicle parked sideways across one lane and then came upon the two girls.  He may have not even seen them before it was too late.  Authorities said he drove up an off ramp onto the highway to get on.  Maybe he was fed up with all the road closures and just wanted to get somewhere.

But as in guns being blamed for increase in shootings rather than lowlifes in the street, this girl’s death is being blamed on the driver rather than crazies on the highway where they shouldn’t be.  Guns don’t shoot people, people do.  Cars don’t kill people dancing on the highway, dancing on the highway does.

Biden, who claims he will transform the country, has already promised the anti-second amendment nut Beto to be in charge of gun control if he wins.  Wow! This guy wants to confiscate guns from every person in the U.S.  He also wants anti-capitalist Elizabeth Warren to be Secretary of the Treasury. Why?  The lady who wants to tax our wealth rather than us receive interest will be in charge of the Treasury? She knows nothing about bringing back the economy other than taxing. She’s a former teacher for godsakes. Never ran anything involving money.  Appoint her Secretary of Education, something she has experience in.

Biden has also said he wants Obama himself to be on the supreme court!  The guy who wants to legislate from the bench and doesn’t respect the constitution put on the bench? What else does Biden have up his sleeve, AOC for Secretary of Defense? Sounds about right.  All this will transform the country. But not in a good way.

Why are the news anchors so shocked that anarchy will result in gun violence?  Why are the news anchors so shocked that occupied cities will result in gun violence? When mayors allow this kind of rioting and takeovers to persist, it will eventually result in gun violence. Thugs have more guns than honest people do. They’ve been allowed to commit every other kind of violence from rocks, bottles, bricks, garbage cans, Molotov cocktails, firebombs, arson, knives, why not guns?  So for the news anchors to sound shocked, it’s almost as though they’re playing dumb. Or are dumb.

So if you start to hear lots of stories about gun control even on FNC, it is a collective, orchestrated “silent dog whistle” to blame the violence on 2nd Amendment Trump rather than poor leadership of the mayors and governors in high crime cities.  Trump will get blamed.  Just like how Cuomo blamed him for the nursing home deaths. They have no shame. Blame is the name of their game.


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