Crowded Bars and Mass Protesting Are Spreading Covid…


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Not the rest of us responsible adults.  Whether we wear a mask or not, it is not a political statement like the left thinks.  It’s called a personal preference or choice.  I thought the left likes choice.  Amazing.  When I see a chance not to wear one outside, I will take it.  When I jog, I’m maskless.  When in an empty store, I’m maskless.  When in an outdoor patio restaurant, I’m maskless.  When grocery or drug store shopping, I’ll wear a face covering.  It’s called commonsense which fewer and fewer people seem to have these days.

Keep your distance from strangers and wear a mask indoors around strangers.  It’s really “no brainer” stuff. Wash your hands after every encounter outside your home.  Wear gloves when pumping gas, then dispose of them before entering your car.  Don’t touch your face until you wash your hands.  Wear gloves at the ATM, then dispose of them.  I actually toss them on my car floor and wash them once a week in the wash machine in a perforated plastic bag.

Defiant young folks are spreading covid by going to crowded bars and protesting in masses.  That seems to be the biggest covid culprit.  Then they bring it home to their elders.  These young folks need to get back to school or work to help stop the spread. We can’t depend on them to follow any kind of rules.  Look what some of them have done to our lovely cities and historical statues.  Trump rallies and open beaches have been singled out by the left as spreading covid. I think they are less of a risk as long as they act responsibly and distance themselves from strangers.

Manic Biden, the liar, just said in some sort of covid-Trump bashing speech, “Trump said to inject our bodies with disinfectants.”  He’s so dumb. He doesn’t believe that yet he has the nerve to say it. He also perpetuated the lie that Putin interfered in our last election. Huh?  That was proven wrong. You need to get up to speed Biden as that bus has left the station long ago. His last question was whether he should see a doctor about his cognitive abilities. Thank you FOX News Reporter.  He immediately got angry and said he’d match Trump any day with his cognitive capabilities.  I’d like to see it.

Overall, his speech consisted of mask-shaming, rally-shaming, response to covid-shaming, and Trump-bashing i.e. Biden is better than all of us.  He’s a martyr. If we don’t wear a mask, we don’t care about other people’s health.  So moronic.  And how many times does he need to tell us that Jill is his wife and Bo is his deceased son?  He treats us like he should be treated.  We don’t have memory loss.

Biden is FOR toppling of some statues but had to read his answer from a paper in his jacket. Boy, he must have been nervous about that question and couldn’t remember his pre-written answer.  I wonder if the debates will allow him to have cheat notes in his jacket?  Most likely, as he is picking the moderators.  Anyone called Donna Brazil lately?

First questions taken by Biden in 85 days. Biden is all for more testing of covid but he hasn’t been tested because he doesn’t want to take anyone’s place in line. Please, cut me a break. He hasn’t been tested because he’s been in hiding all year in his basement.  BYW, I still haven’t had one pollster call me, yet Biden remains ahead in the polls. :/

I saw goofy John Kasich on CNN (of course) spewing the same old lie that Trump said White Supremacists are good people.  Does this clown ever stop?  He’s like a broken record. Thank God he didn’t win for president. He’s the worst.

If Trump wants to go to Mt. Rushmore to visit our founding fathers over 4th of July, nothing wrong with that.  That carving is the most precious landmark in America, and it’s not endorsing White Supremacy.  Ridiculous! Whether it was Columbus or Leif who discovered America, African Americans were no where around until hundreds of years later; but they either don’t want to believe it or are trying to change history. Facts are facts.  No matter what Trump does, the left will find fault. We know that, but we’re onto them.  Don’t fall for it.

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