Biden’s Bid for President is Collapsing Like a Sandcastle on the Seashore.

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Indignant Biden lashing out at reporters who dare to question him about Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine have about imploded his campaign.  Biden had been untouchable after he lost his son Beau to cancer. He never thought the media had the chutzpah to go after his younger son. But they have.

Trump unwittingly started the ball rolling with his phone call with Ukraine that was listened to by God knows how many interlopers.  Little did Trump know that suggesting to Zelensky to check into corruption would open up this can of worms for both he and Biden.  Trump being the target of a “bull-hit” impeachment now, and Biden being the target of a scandal while he was Vice President. All from one routine phone call with the leader of another country. So called whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork everywhere like termites.

And where’s Obama in all of this?  He’s as quiet as a church mouse as he undoubtedly knew what Biden and Hunter were up to.  He should have put the kibosh on it, but he didn’t because this whole arrangement is much deeper than we all know.  There are reasons why Obama went along with it that will come out later. Maybe Attorney General Barr has got the goods on the lot of them. One could only hope. And Obama dared to say his administration was “scandal free.” Bull.  Or bull-hit as Trump would say.  Obama should have said “so far scandal free.”

Angry Biden’s response to the reporters’ questions is, “Don’t look at me.  I don’t have to answer these questions. This is unsubstantiated. Focus on that man! He’s ruining our country!” or something similar.  He calls President Trump “that man.” He can’t even say his name.  Similar to what Hillary calls Trump “the man occupying the White House.”  They are so incensed that Trump beat them that they can’t say his name out loud.  It’s very telling.

So as the tide silently glides in and implodes the sandcastle being Biden’s campaign, that leaves us with arms-flapping, head-bobbing, mouth-lying, socialist Lizzie Warren. Rhymes with Lizzie Borden.  Since Trump will be able to beat her hands down, who will the Left throw in at the last minute?  Will it be Michelle or Hillary?  Right now it’s a toss up.  Hillary with all her baggage or Michelle with her knowledge of the framing of a duly elected president who won fair and square.  Who will it be?  Time will tell. Get out the Jiffy Pop and fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy, scandal-ridden election ride.

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