Ugly Masks, the New Ugly Christmas Sweater.

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Now I know one of my siblings follows the orders from their god, Fauci, like he’s Hitler; but to come to a family gathering with your whole family donned in ugly black masks seemed more like a political statement than a fear of catching covid. They’ve all had their boosters too.

When I opened the door and saw the lot of them wearing the same big black ugly masks, it was not only offensive to me but scary to look at. My mouth dropped. They were the same ugly masks donned by Kamala and Biden. Are they in a cult? What do the grandchildren think? But being on my best behavior lately by not stirring the pot, I said nothing. My family said nothing. We rolled our eyes to each other but that was all that was done. My son whispered, “Let it go, Mom. It’s par for their course.” I feel like they wanted to make a statement and hoped they’d get a reaction. One wouldn’t even sit on the couch near me as they needed to follow the rules of six feet apart. All I said was, “You worry too much.”

While everyone else was donned in cheerful, colorful Christmas outfits of white, green, and red, they wore dark clothes suitable for a funeral. Was this in honor of Black Lives Matter? I felt like it. Or was it in homage to their leader Biden who can do no wrong? Probably. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Anyway I was taken aback as I didn’t get to see their smiling faces except for when they ate and lowered their masks to a chin bra. Also scary. And I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of the year when they were silently celebrating Biden’s so-called win. Masks begone that day! I couldn’t say a thing for fear of my one sibling blowing up which is also par for the course. They had their kids slipping on the mask in between sips of champagne, but I still held my tongue. I felt they were being too controlling and hard for me to watch. But Democrats love an excuse to control us. My dad wouldn’t have put up with this. He would have said something for sure if he were still alive. It definitely put a damper on what could have been a nice party.

If half of America is behaving like they just did, I weep for our future. If families are divided this severely, I weep for our future. When will this covid nightmare end? It has ruined Christmas for me. Get me off this crazy covid train. Or was their behavior just a fluke? It may have just been some sort of statement. Statement or no statement, I’m done with masks. It’s the luck of the draw. Every man for themselves at this point.

My son said he went to a gathering of Democrats later than evening where not one person donned the ugly mask and they ranged in ages from six to 75. How did I end up with the one weird family gathering or did others have to endure the same?

Ugly masks are the new Ugly Christmas sweater.

Merry Maskless Christmas!