The Candidates Are Sounding Nuts.

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Cory Booker says he has the urge to punch Trump in the face, Biden has challenged Trump to push ups, Buttigeig says Trump is our first racist president, Gillibrand says she’ll clean the oval office with clorox on her first day as president getting laughs from a crowd, and De Blasio says Trump will not be welcome in New York after he leaves office.  These candidates say that Trump is spreading hate? Sounds more like they are filled with it.  They all sound certifiably nuts.

Maybe Gillibrand forgot she supported Bill Clinton after his scandal of daily indiscretions under his desk with Monica in the oval office.  Maybe Gilli is a feminist who thinks all men are the same.  Or she’s just another hypocrite. Surely if Trump had a fling in the oval office, the world would have a heard about it by now.  Nice try Interrupting-18-times-Kirsten.  Shut your mouth Kirsten!

Booker should be investigated by the FBI like any citizen that threatens the President of the United States as no one is above the law, right? And Biden, although he’s in first place, won’t be for long.  Push ups really aren’t a criteria for president. Biden was just Obama’s lap dog while he was VP.  And his debating skills are up there with Mueller’s.

Boot-edge-edge is despicably calling Trump a racist trying to garner the Black vote, no doubt.  He also thinks Trump is against gays for some reason whereas it was Obama that didn’t approve of gay marriage when he first came into office.  Notice how Boot-edge-edge ignores Obama’s past position but slams Trump for no reason. He may be able to speak five languages, but his mother should have put soap in his mouth when calling someone ugly, untrue names. I can’t believe a mayor of any town would speak this way of the president.

And finally lazy De Blasio who has ruined New York City since being mayor has no ground to stand on. He allows his police to get drenched by gangs.  The sooner he resigns or gets voted out the better.  Him running for president is a joke.


With all these nuts running around shooting their mouths, don’t be surprised when the time is optimum for Obama to push his wife Michelle into the game. Obama wants back in the White House so bad he can taste it.  He still lives in D.C. so he can keep an eye on Trump. He wants to impeach Trump and slip in his wife to run against a damaged Trump or Pence.  This has been his plan all along.  He didn’t endorse Biden. He wants to do all this before A.G. Barr exposes him for who he really is.  His house of cards is about to crumble, and he needs to do something quick. We all know who was pulling the strings behind the Russia Hoax despite how FOX News skirts around the issue. When the cards fall, he’ll be at the top. The buck stops there.

Let’s not let these nuts do any more damage to our country. Let’s never forget what they tried to do.  Support Trump. Look at his feats, not his tweets. And call out those who disparage him.

It’s the economy, stupid!

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