I Saw a T-shirt Reading, “Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way” Worn by a 30- Something. Are You Kidding Me?

boy wearing blue and white stay cool print crew neck t shirt next to girl wearing white and teal butterfly printed scoop neck shirt and gray open long sleeved cardigan
Photo by Sayantan Kundu on Pexels.com

Is this the new mantra of our youth that girls and boys are the same gender? And that their parents must raise them exactly the SAME WAY?  What exactly does this message mean?

Boys should be allowed to join Girl Scouts and visa versa?  Boys should be given dolls as toys and girls toy soldiers?  I mean what is it they want parents to do?  Dress them in the same outfits?  Let the boys wear purses, lipstick, and barrettes in their hair? I’m confused.

I hate to tell these young kids but boys are different than girls.  Boys pee different.  Boys walk different. Boys have different body parts. Boys grow beards and hair on their chest. Boys are stronger and better at athletics. Boys can lift heavier items. We teach different things to our sons than our daughters because they are different.

As a mother of sons, I know young boys are harder to raise because they are so active and play physical. And they always lose their stuff.

So the next time someone wears a stupid slogan like that on their chest, they need to explain themselves.  If they only mean, send your daughters to college or teach your sons to cook, then that’s okay.  But I feel they are trying to say something else to society like that we are all the same.  Which we are not!  Or if the daughter is a tomboy, we should cut off her hair and sign her up for Boys Scouts.  No, we shouldn’t!

Let boys be boys, and girls be girls! Stop trying to turn people into all looking and acting the same. What a boring world that would be.

There’s a reason they wrote of poem in the 19th century:

                                                  What are little boys made of?

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

                                                    What are little girls made of?

                                              Sugar and spice and everything nice. 

Who could argue with that?