Let’s Get a Few More Things Straight…


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1.  Trump is not a racist and is NOT dividing America with his patriotic speeches. Patriotism is not racist.  Defending statues and monuments is not racist. Defending the police, law and order, and rule of law is not racist. The 4th of July is not racist.

2.  Bubba Wallace jumped on the BLM bandwagon the minute the fake noose was found in his garage that had been there since last year.  I smelled something rotten in Denmark when this story first began. He went on all the news shows supporting BLM just like Jussie Smollett did.  He needs to apologize to NASCAR fans that were falsely accused of racism as well as his team members that rallied around him. He’s anti-Trump all the way.

3.  Our schools are indoctrinating our children to hate the government, the president, and the police.  It’s no wonder they break the law once they are out of school as they have no respect for it. We need to complain to school administrators if we suspect this going on in any classroom from elementary to college.  Some of these teachers proudly belong to the RESIST Movement.  Outrageous that they’re teaching our children.

4.   Sports like Golf on television have kowtowed to the radical group BLM with commercials supporting them. They are all wusses. The wussification of sports. The NBA plans to paint BLM on their courts and the NFL plans to kneel again.  Do they know that BLM gives donations to Biden and vice versa?  Get it now?

5.  Covid fear is being hyped by the media due to the election year. The case numbers are being illegally jacked up, hospitalization counts are not all for covid patients, and the death rates are down.  We will not be wearing masks for years.  Give me a break.  We will be back to normal not a “new norm”.  After the election, the virus will miraculously disappear. Amazing how that works.

6.  The polls showing Biden ahead by nine points is fake news.  I have three phone numbers with two hard lines and to date have not gotten one call from a pollster.  Not one.  So they are calling mostly Democrats and Independents.  Full Stop.

7.  When outdoors the covid virus is not a threat when social distancing, only indoors when speaking close with one person that may be carrying it.  It’s like catching a cold.  Wash your hands when coming home, avoid touching public surfaces, don’t touch your face.  Wear gloves when appropriate or a face covering in crowded areas. If you’re of risky age, avoid seeing friends for a while longer.

8.  When the news reports that well-educated voters are voting for Biden…well…they may be college-educated but not well-educated.  They’ve been brainwashed into hating conservatives so, of course, they’ll vote for a liberal president and get counted as a well-educated voter.  My vote is just as crucial, if not more, than theirs; after all, most of them can’t spell or sign their name in cursive. We’ve seen their well-educated protest signs.

9.   If you’re still collecting unemployment checks after your job was offered back to you and declined, you’re breaking the law.  They’ll catch up to you, and you’ll be prosecuted.

10. Trump is running against all the media and most of the liberal organizations.  He can’t trust the news to report accurately on him so he, therefore, tweets the truth in his defense.  Let him tweet the truth without complaining like a wuss. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s not harsh or cruel.  He’s just defending himself against a rushing tide of lies.  His tweets aren’t speeches so don’t criticize them like they are. They’re just thoughts. The House even wants to impeach him again for some fake Russia Bounty intelligence. They won’t let up.

11. Biden has some serious mental acuity problems despite what the fake news is reporting.  He introduced himself as “I’m Joe’s husband, Joe”.  That alone says it all.

So when you’re hearing all the chaos, bias, lies, and complaints in the news, just remember the aforementioned.  Just trying to set some things straight. The truth will prevail.