Now That the Candidates Have Come Out of the “Socialist” Closet…

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It’s time to let our youth know the “dirty little secret.”  They seem to think socialism is social media.  It’s not.  It’s government takeover of your life!  And it’s NOT FREE.  It will cost you, your parents, and your grandparent’s social security, healthcare, and life savings. And you don’t want to do anything to hurt grandma. Anything for free is not worth having.  It cheapens the value and, therefore, becomes ineffective.

For instance, free healthcare would become a mess of long waits, poor service, and lack of doctors and nurses. No one wants that. Why do you think Canada comes to America for operations?  Because of the long waits in their country.  Free college would result in impacted colleges, lack of professors and teachers, lack of housing, food, and parking resulting in four years turning to five or six years to graduate.  The end result would be a degree that’s not valued as you wouldn’t get the same attention or education as before. And employers would dismiss your degree as something you got for free like candy on Halloween. And, ironically, tuition would increase as they’d sock it to the government.  The real answer to high cost of tuition is forcing colleges to lower them.  But that’s a whole other problem that needs addressing.

The youth of America need to wake up and smell their Starbucks Vanilla Latte. They seem to be walking around in a college-induced cloud of “socialism is good, capitalism is bad.” When asked on campus what is socialism, none of them seem to know but they like it. They are being brainwashed by their professors.

The Democrat candidates all shot themselves in the foot during their debates.  They held their hands up willy nilly and went along with the socialist agenda.  They can’t take that back.  They are obviously pandering to the crazy left but at what price?  Their losing the election? Stupid.

Sleepy Joe didn’t know what hit him when he went along with the crazy left.  Where’s the Joe of the Obama years?  He sold his soul to the left Thursday night. What’s the first thing he’d do once becoming president, beating Donald Trump. Gaff, but what happened to his promise to cure cancer once he becomes president?  He’s not quick on the draw like Obama was, that’s for sure; but can’t he remember just a week ago?

The whole reason one used to attend college or get a job was to pay for their own health insurance, car insurance i.e. stand on their own feet.  If you get these things for free, why work or go to college?  Just sit home and see if the socialist government will pay for your home or tent too?  That’s why we have so many homeless camps.  They wait for their welfare check.  Getting free stuff just incentivizes our youth to become lazy and game the system which a lot of them are doing.

Health insurance is just what it’s called.  Insurance. We buy car insurance in case of a car accident.  Government doesn’t pay for that.  We buy home insurance in case of a fire or theft.  Government doesn’t pay for that.  We buy life insurance in case of death and there’s no money for our beneficiaries. Government doesn’t pay for that.  Health insurance has always worked in the past.  Albeit they get a little greedy when one has a pre-existing condition.  That’s why you apply for health insurance at a young age, so you are covered when you do get sick or hurt. And they never cancel you once you get sick.  That was a fallacy spread by the likes of Obama to get Obamacare passed. He lied when he said he fought with doctors daily when his mother got cancer.  Unless she didn’t have a health plan, he was lying. Extending the age to 26 on your parent’s health plan, just makes kids lazy.  Get a part time job already and start paying your own way. They have college rates for those attending college.  Check into it.

If the candidates were serious about giving free health plan to illegals, I don’t think we’ll have America as we now know it.  Make America Great Again will become Made America Socialist.  Let’s stop these insane ideas at the ballot box before it’s too late for America.  And talk to our youth to convince them that socialism is wrong for America.

Vote Trump 2020. Take Back The House.