Impeachment is just a Deflection from the Election.

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This sham of another impeachment is nothing more than a way for the Democrats to get the narrative off of the stolen election. All the networks are talking about the impeachment, almost as though the stolen election has already been resolved. The Dems have all their surrogates on tv demanding that Republicans denounce any mention that the election was stolen. Why? Why do we have to dismiss the evidence without one court looking at the evidence?

We will not be silenced. Not by the Democrats, the courts, the media, the social media, nor our friends. The election was stolen from Trump no matter what lies they tell us! PERIOD. FULL STOP.

They have been trying to use Trump’s “spreading lies about the election” as the reason the crowd swarmed the Capitol. This is a big stretch because most of Trump supporters are informed people that already knew the facts. They watched the hearings live on tv, heard from witnesses live on tv, saw videos of fraud in action on tv which were overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, yet all the courts dismissed it. Why do they think they showed up in D.C., for their health? No, to show support for President Trump.

It is frustrating in the least and infuriating at the most. What can we do aside from continue to voice our disapproval of the government? We can’t protest as they turn a peaceful protest into a riot when they send in their drones. We can’t write our congressmen as they get slammed by the likes of George Stephanopoulos on CNN for even considering voter fraud. Apparently, we have to remove the term “voter fraud” from our vocabulary. The media’s reaction is so defensive it almost screams a coverup. For George to ask Senator Rand Paul to admit there was no voter fraud, was pushy and clearly planned by the Democrats.

They planned the Capitol Breach in another attempt to blame Trump and, therefore, get another bite at the impeachment apple. They are comparing the Capitol Breach to 9-11 which is despicable as we lost 3,000 innocent employees and two beautiful landmarks in that attack from Bin Laden. Last I looked, the Capitol is still intact but lost a few windows. They want Americans to compare Trump to Bin Laden. It is shameful and ungrateful how they are treating our successful president.

The Democrats are so corrupt right now; if you look up corruption in the dictionary, Biden and Pelosi’s picture will be there. Impeachment is nothing more than a sham to tarnish Trump and take the narrative away from the stolen election at the same time. It is a two for one. Remember whatever they accuse Trump of, they have already done or are doing. They are acting like Communist China right now by suppressing free speech and condemning someone with false charges. A real life dictatorship in the making, but will try to put that label onto Trump.

It is clear from watching Biden at his desk the last few days, he acts like the kid in school who stole the answers and is cheating on a test. He just looks like it. Sorry. I half expect him to be looking for answers written on the palm of his hand when he gets asked a question from the press. He is a shady character. Nothing like the media is portraying him as: first religious president, healing arms outstretched, decency and integrity. All comments meant to make us hurl. There’s a reason his name is a compressed Bin Laden into Biden. Just like why Fauci has F-U-C in his name. Not a coincidence. Has anyone noticed how Kammie looks standing next to Biden? She reminds me of a Muslim terrorist all dressed in black with her face covered waiting to attack. The only thing missing is a machine gun peeking out below her long jacket. She needs to soften her look. Didn’t she see the movie Tootsie? You don’t need to look masculine to hold a traditional male position.

Biden is doing everything we thought he’d do, despite the lies he told in his debates and few public answers given. We knew what we were getting with Biden: a guy who plagiarizes lines from other’s speeches, lies about his past, flip flops on every issue, and is on the take from many countries. We shouldn’t be surprised one bit. America got the president they deserved. He will sell America out to the highest bidder. We allowed corruption to infiltrate everything, even our election process, and now we are reaping the results.