The Demonicrat Party.

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De-mon’-i-crat Party.

There’s no other description of this party other than being demonic. Possessed by evil demons. One of the symptoms is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) which many celebrities possess like Robert DeNiro, Alec Baldwin, Whoopie, Madonna, Depp, Judd, Smollett, Kathy Griffin, as well as the media and many other hasbeens. Another symptom is DeSantis Dismissive Disorder (DDD). They have dismissed Governor Ron DeSantis before he has even given a thought of running for President. They hate this man at a level that only a demon could possess.

Other symptoms of the possession of the Democrat Party is the way they have weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI to punish their opponents. There’s no other excuse for the way they are behaving other than evil demonic behavior like how they raided Trump’s home and rifled through his wife and teen’s belongings or how they have imprisoned innocent rally goers from January 6th without due process or why they just hired 87,000 new armed IRS agents. Something evil comes our way.

Another symptom of this possessed party is the way they have held the January 6th Commission. All one sided, no exculpatory evidence presented for the defendant (Trump), and literally no defense allowed. Not one mention of poor Ashlee Babbitt who was shot in cold blood. That is demonic in itself. And no evidence presented of the pipe bombs found in front of the DNC and GOP offices which would have been more proof that Trump was being set up prior to the capitol riot. That alone should have warranted the National Guard being called in, but no mention of Nancy refusing backup that infamous day.

Another symptom of demonic possession is the way Tyrant Joe speaks of Trump and his supporters. It’s not normal. He’s possessed. We have all been reduced to fascist, MAGA extremist, white supremacist, racist, violent, J6 rioters that disrespect the constitution and hate our country! Really? Is it opposite day? Remember, whatever they accuse us of, they are doing or have done. But in Joe’s weird world of his failing presidency, it’s all he has left to run on: Malign Trump and his supporters. It feeds his demonic base and gets them rioting in the streets again. And boy, oh boy, do his followers look demonic!

So if your losing hope in what is going on in this country or what is being reported in the media or how the truth is buried, just remember they are being controlled by The Demonicrat Party. Do they all need a exorcism? Possibly, but will we have to witness Biden’s head spin around spewing his morning avocado toast or Kamala retching her word green salad or Obama hurling his spinach and kale smoothie? Whatever it takes.

In the meantime, let’s pray for a BIG WIN in the midterms. Pray, pray, pray. The demons hate prayer.


Congratulations to Casper Ruud who is the first ever NORWEGIAN to compete in the finals of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament held in New York. First Norwegian tennis player that I’ve ever heard of. He was a real class act playing against a Spaniard who barked ever time he hit the ball making it very off putting for any opponent. He was the clear underdog as the pundits predicted Carlos to win and the announcers praised ever shot Carlos made ignoring his annoying bark.

Although Casper Ruud was defeated by the barking seal, he made the most respectable, mature speech for a 26 year old, much better than the host gave. He honored all the victims lost on 9-11 as the tournament was played on the 21st anniversary of that infamous day. Leave it to a mature, young adult Norwegian to make our youth in America look like a bunch of spoiled entitled elitists. I wish more of our youth of today had the poise and decency displayed by Casper Ruud yesterday. Hell, I wish our current president displayed half his poise.

I’m so proud of him not just because I’m Norwegian, but he looks like two of my sons and has my Norwegian grandmother’s maiden name Ruud and comes from same town, Oslo. He’s second in the world now in tennis. Remarkable achievement for the first Norwegian tennis player. Similarly, Viktor Hovland is making a name for himself in golf as the first Norwegian player. Go Norway!