City of Santa Rosa Caves to Mob Rule.

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As a former resident of Santa Rosa, before the hills of the city burned to the ground, I’m ashamed to say that they have wimped out. Apparently a former cop witness for the defense of Officer Chauvin (who’s on trial in Minnesota) got his former residence vandalized with red paint, severed animal head, and graffiti. The mob is not only destructive but stupid. Instead of supporting the homeowner and condemning the actions of these reprehensible suspects, the city made a statement that they do not support the opinions of their former officer. That’s reprehensible.

Santa Rosa was Alfred Hitchcock’s old stomping grounds and the location for many of his movies like The Birds and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. He must be spinning in his grave. How embarrassing to cave to a bunch of thugs and throw a former police officer to the wolves. Shame on Santa Rosa. And where’s Peta when we need them? Silent as usual as they’re a leftist organization.

If we keep caving to the mob out of fear like the Supreme Court has done, we will no longer be a democracy that follows the rule of law–just vigilante law. They are intimidating all of us in anticipation of the verdict of Officer Chauvin. The death of George Floyd has taken on a life of its own. It’s not even about what really happened or how he died. It’s all about punishing America for racism of the past. It’s Rodney King, Michael Jackson, and O.J.’s trial all rolled into one. Way to unite the country, Biden.

It’s hard to believe that the protesters awaiting this verdict are really upset about police brutality. Blacks are getting killed at the hands of gangs in Chicago every night and no one cares about those victims as they barely get reported. Additionally, officers are getting ambushed by Blacks and no one cares or receives a high profile trial afterwards. So why is it the death of a lifetime criminal and drug abuser is so much more valued? Only because it was at the hands of the police, allegedly. Period. I’m over it. The rate at which Black suspects are given the benefit of the doubt over police officers now is becoming alarming.

I expect the town to be burned to the ground regardless of the verdict. These anarchists just look for a reason for destruction. They’re embarrassed by their president that stole the election and are putting out a distraction to take the news off of him. It’s why Kammie said the rioting will not stop nor should it stop. That’s why Maxine Waters has asked we become more confrontational if they don’t get the verdict they want. All part of their plan to distract from Biden’s embarrassing failures in such a short time in office.