Democrats Complain About Inflation, Gas Prices, and Empty Shelves…

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like it appeared out of the blue. These people thought they voted for dignity, calm, and normalcy; but instead got what we all knew they’d get CALAMITY. It almost makes me laugh when I hear my friends complaining about the economy when they helped to put this joker in office. But if you mention that all of the above is caused by Biden’s policies, they act like it was going to happen anyway; that Biden is just president while it is occurring. Sort of like Being There the movie.

They know nothing about the Keystone Pipeline getting cancelled along with other drilling projects. They know nothing about Biden beholden to China. They seem to know nothing about employees getting paid more to sit on their asses and, therefore, why no longshoreman show to work. They also seem to know nothing about vaccine mandates causing thousands to be “let go” from their jobs, i.e. they watch CNN.

We are heading for the perfect storm where good workers get laid off, there’re no products to purchase, and too expensive to drive your car. This will lead to complete and utter chaos toppled with millions of vagrants being dispersed into the suburbs of our states. Complete mayhem. I hate to sound pessimistic, but even the conservative news networks are avoiding the inevitability of where we’re headed. They always appear cheerful and disaffected except for Brian Kilmeade and Dan Bongino.

How do you reason with these kind of Democrats? They don’t listen to reason. They are still upset about “mean tweets” and the capitol riot rather than 60,000 ruthless and overweight invaders heading to our border with the border control’s hands tied. Looks like these invaders have eaten well in the poor country they’re escaping from. Good luck coming here where we’ll have empty shelves soon. This country is imploding in plain sight and the Democrats can’t see beyond their hate for Trump. It is exhausting to me.

While our clueless president is trying to screw our country, simultaneously with groping young boys’ heads between his crotch, we’re heading for the perfect economic storm. He needs to be placed in a home so we don’t have to listen to his sinister Joker-like laugh any longer. The Joker does describe his character, however.