Why NOT “Crying Fraud” Will Hurt the Republicans.

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I have lost all respect for any elected government Republican that can’t see that the election was rigged. It proves they are either stupid, part of the scheme, cowardice, or have been bribed. I have lost all respect for any conservative news anchor that can’t see that the election was rigged. It proves they are either stupid, part of the scheme, cowardice, or have been bribed. I have lost all respect for any appointed official in the Trump Administration that can’t see that the election was rigged. It proves they are either stupid, part of the scheme, cowardice, or have been bribed. I’ve lot all respect for any conservative judge that can’t see that the election was rigged. It proves they are either stupid, part of the scheme, cowardice, or have been bribed. Likewise, I have lost all respect for any conservative newspaper or magazine (if there are any) that can’t see that the election was rigged. It proves they are yadda yadda yadda. And none of these choices are good. And we all know who comes to mind.

These elected government officials will not win again when they their term is up. These news anchors will soon be laid off for loss of audience. I certainly cannot watch Sandra Smith, Martha McFly, Brett the Bear, Chris Walrus, nor Dana the Rino since the election. I just turn them off when they appear. The appointed officials that have claimed the election was fair and square will be standing in the unemployment line soon. The conservative judges will not be reelected. Likewise, the newspapers and magazines will lose subscriptions. They are all disloyal to their party.

What I do wonder about is our FBI and DOJ. Are they investigating the election fraud or not? This remains to be seen. I will not write them off yet. But if they aren’t, this will just be another stain on their departments which will last forever. And there’s not enough Bounty paper towels in the country to clean up the stain of the FBI’s Mueller Probe combined with a rigged election which they may or may not have had prior knowledge of.

This is why NOT “crying fraud” will hurt the so-called Republicans. And remaining silent about the fraud is akin to lying by omission. The silence among some of them is deafening. Thank you Jon Voight for risking it all to stand up for Trump and America. Someone had to. Where are the rest of the notable cowards like George Bush and Colin Powell? They know the election was rigged. They aren’t stupid. But they are cowards, afraid to lose their fan base.

Sometimes in life taking a stand for what is right is more noble and, therefore, more rewarding in the long run than cowering in the corner. This is exactly what Jon Voight just did. He stood up for what is right: the integrity of our election system. I wish more of our Republicans could be more like Jon Voight. Otherwise they will pay a price for NOT “crying fraud.”

And Biden in a foot boot is so Hillaryesque after she lost her election. So maybe this is a harbinger of what is to come. Wearing a foot boot for sympathy is a sign that Biden will lose. If not, be prepared of a year of injuries, illnesses, and trips to the ER with this fragile man. Remember Hillary collapsed on camera and we never got the truth of what happened? Part of the Democrat playbook.

Stay tuned.

Colin Powell is a “Never Republican.”


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He jumped ship long ago.  Once he left office under Bush, he never looked back.  He voted for Obama twice just because he was Black and then Hillary! He is basically an Obama robot programmed to do whatever “they” tell him now.  He ignored McCain and Romney so for him to claim that he is staunch Republican who is NOT voting for Trump is not breaking news.  It’s like reporting that Nancy won’t be voting for Trump. We don’t expect him to.  He needs to quit trying to claim the Republican mantel. He does not represent the Republican Party nor does he support the party or policies.

Powell actually said he cannot vote for Trump because he lies.  That is laughable compared to Hillary and Obama’s lies about a terror attack on our embassy that they tried to cover up which affected the election. And Hillary lied about her private server and missing emails. Obama lied about Obamacare and his spying on the Trump campaign among numerous other lies. Trump exaggerates which is totally different.  Shame on you, Powell, for spreading the Democrat talking points.

He’s actually a disgrace to the party as he’s a quitter.  Just the fact that he keeps telling us who he’s voting for is disgraceful. We don’t care. He should actually be ashamed of his voting choices and should keep it to himself.  We also don’t care who the McCains, Romney, JEB, nor George votes for.  All these people are resentful. They live with regret.

Jealousy is the mother of hate and resentment.  Sorry folks, but these characters are jealous that Trump won and they or their family member didn’t. Colin Powell probably regrets that he missed his chance to run and that Obama stole the thunder out from under him.  So he lives vicariously through Obama, however corrupt he was. But for him to announce publicly that he will vote for Biden because he’s known him for years made me wonder what Obama bribed him with. Probably a position in the Biden cabinet. Remember, Obama’s in charge and the Democrats are the B & B Party–bribery and blackmail. Biden is just going along for the ride.  “Fasten your seat belts, Biden. You’re in for a bumpy ride.”

They’re also jealous that Trump has done such a good job as president with no experience in politics. It irks them. But since they left their party long ago, they’re now “Never Republicans” who sold out their party for personal, vindictive reasons.  Meet the Never Republicans or commonly known as swamp dwellers.

All it does is make them look weak if they’d vote with the crazy Democrats for a president with failing mental health.  Weak at decision making. Who’d vote for a president that was part of a coup d’etat? Not me. Who’d vote for a president that has been selling his name and position for 30 years? Not I.  Who’d vote for a president that clearly obstructed justice?  Not me. Who’d want to be part of the crazy Democrat Party? Not me nor I.  I’d be embarrassed to admit I was voting for Biden especially when Trump has implemented the most Republican policies since Ronald Reagan. Promises made, promises kept…and then some.

Maybe someday far in the future after Trump is long gone out of office, they’ll actually call his presidency “the good ol’ days.”  They’ll miss him. For now they will just be “never Republican” swamp dwellers out of spite.