Bonehead Biden Gives Boring Bloviating Blabber…

The Benjamins Biden wants from us.

putting Ted Cruz to sleep. What a bunch of goons sitting in that chamber wearing masks, sitting ten feet apart, and clapping on cue like trained seals. The gist of Biden’s lackluster, hush-toned boring speech was: construction jobs, unions, minimum wage, climate change (yawn), government daycare, waterpipes, cure cancer, Asian hate crimes, gay inequality, systemic racism (yawn), Russian inference (still?), gun violence epidemic, and voting rights. Basically a giveaway of money (our fair share) by raising our taxes. Same ol’ same ol’.

Does he mention the crisis at the border? No. Does he mention the riots in our cities every night? No. Does he mention cops getting ambushed on the streets? No. Does he mention getting our kids back in school? No. Does he mention restaurants that can’t reopen due to loss of staff who are getting paid more on unemployment? No. Does he ask that small businesses reopen now that the pandemic is under control? No. Does he mention that if not for Trump’s Warp Speed Program, the pandemic would still be spreading? No.

Does he mention that they want to pack the Supreme Court? No. Does he mention New York residents fleeing in droves due to high taxes and stand down orders? No. Does he mention that he has a vendetta against Rudy Giuliani and sent the FBI to raid his home? No. Does he mention that our biggest threat to America now is domestic violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are ruining our cities and threatening citizens? No. And he doesn’t mention that homegrown terror attacks on our shore have escalated.

Why are Kammie and Nancy wearing masks looking faint? Nancy’s ready to pass out. You can’t wear one without breathing in fresh air once in a while. The message they’re trying to send doesn’t make sense; in fact, it’s confusing. We’re vaccinated already. No need for masks. They look like clowns. Biden handed off another job to lazy Kammie that she will refuse to do. It was overseeing the infrastructure (cough) climate change bill, i.e. Biden doesn’t want his fingerprints on it just like the border crisis.

He stole Buy American phrase from Trump which was what Trump was already doing. He also pretended to take on “lowering prescription drug costs” which Trump had already done. Trump helped with cancer research (Right to Try) but Biden had already failed at that while VP. He has no ideas other than throwing our money at a problem. It’s not about money, it’s about innovation and ideas. He tried to predict the greatest economy in four decades was coming soon, trying to steal Trump’s thunder. Copycat Biden. Commander in Thief.

He had the gall to compare the breach of the capitol to the civil war in an attempt to turn the people against Trump. Trump had nothing to do with the breach at the capitol. It was planned ahead by agitators to set up Trump and Nancy allowed it. What a bonehead. All in all it was tough to listen to all the lies. But Biden was surrounded by sycophants and hypocrites who kiss the floor he stumbles across while they control him. Remember his default phrase is, “I’ll be in trouble.”

His two biggest whoppers were 1) saying that while he was VP he had South America immigrants under control but Trump reversed his policy forcing them to flee to our border. Reality is, Biden reversed Trump’s policies and invited them to come–2 million as I recall. Play the tape. And 2) that We the People means “the government” not us. So again, the Commander in Thief wants to steal what little power we have left. But amazingly there was no ripping up on camera a copy of the speech by Pelosi. I wonder why? Hmmm. I guess she liked it.