The House Judiciary is Displaying Abuse of Power and Acting Childish.

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They are acting like spoiled children who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. They won’t accept the results of the last presidential election or the Mueller Report so, therefore, are abusing their power to hold AG Barr in contempt of Congress.  The Trump Administration and AG Barr, however, are upholding the law; but the Democrats want Barr out of the way so as not to reveal what really happened before and after the election.

The Democrats together with the media, top FBI, and heads of intelligence tried to frame Trump in a coup d’etat. Everyone with half a brain knows this, but this committee is trying to divert attention elsewhere. Trying to turn the tables back onto Trump when they clearly got turned after the Mueller report came out. Case closed. They are changing the subject (which they don’t like) as true sociopaths do.

Trump is giving them a taste of their own medicine by ignoring all their requests. He’s not acting above the law, he’s acting how they’ve acted. And they don’t like it. How many times did the Republican Congress get ignored by Democrat witnesses who took the fifth (Lois Lerner) or just refused to appear?  How many times did Jim Jordan request papers from the scandalous Obama administration officials and got ignored?  Too many. Trump learned this behavior from them.  It’s called playing hardball.  The Republicans used to play softball but the ball’s in Trump’s court now, and he’ll play it the way it has been played on him. See how they like it.  Not so much from the looks of it.

This committee’s “go-to” phrase today is that the President is acting above the law.  Was the president acting above the law when he allowed a Special Counsel to investigate a Russian Hoax for two years?  When he allowed Sessions to recuse himself?  When he allowed all witnesses to testify for hours with no executive privilege invoked?  He was being very accommodating with these disgruntled Democrats. Now they say he’s acting above the law. Kettle calling the kettle black.

We know that Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, and others are corrupt.  It’s written all over their faces.  They are in so deep that they themselves are in legal jeopardy when Barr has completed his investigation.  They could all be involved and are trying to head off the investigation before it gets started–by taking out Barr now.  They failed at taking out Trump. The Inspector General’s report comes out in June, and they can’t stop that.  So they are running out of time and are desperate to change the narrative before all the sh-t hits the fan and the dominoes begin to fall.

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The unredacted Mueller report is available to Nadler and others but they refuse to read it.  He says he wants the American People to read it instead.  That’s illegal but he doesn’t care as he thinks the American People are stupid. It’s just another head fake to fool the people.

One member is playing the “Republican card” saying that because Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Mueller are all registered Republicans, it couldn’t possibly have been an attempt to frame Trump.  Really?  Have they heard of Never-Trumpers?  That’s what they are along with Kasich, Flake, JEB, McCain,  and others.  All corrupt. You can’t play that phony card.  Their affiliation with a party changes in the political wind.

Impeach is the only card they have left to play but you can’t impeach unless the Senate votes for it.  So it’s a fools errand to begin with, but they will continue this until 2020. It’s all a charade.  Don’t fall for it.  They are worried sick that Trump will win again due to the great economy and it keeps them up at night.  They want their power back and will do anything to get it.  Anything.  They have already broken many laws to get it back.  What’s one more law?

These spoiled children will not be happy until Trump’s long gone.  Maybe in six years, they’ll settle down.  But not if another Republican wins.  Then a new war breaks out. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not Trump himself they hate, it’s losing power to a Republican who has the courage to put conservatives in courts and uphold the constitution which they hate.  Trump has the courage that Bush never had.  The left wants to shred the constitution to pieces but claim Trump is shredding it. More projection from them.  Until November 2020, we will have abuses of power like today’s charade up the wazoo.

Make America Great Again means “upholding the constitution as it was written not as it is interpreted by political activist judges” which is what the spoiled children want.  The grownups are in charge now.  Get over it, already.

Can’t wait for the Democrat debates.  How many candidates are there now, twenty-five?  With Hillary and Michelle waiting in the wings?  Get the Jiffy Pop ready.  We’re in for a bumpy, bumpy road to the White House.

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