We Underestimated the Power of Punk GenZ’rs.

Generation Z are the college age punks or recent grads that have been indoctrinated for the last eight years with lies from their teachers about racist Republicans. So when they heard about women’s rights to abortion being taken away and their college loans being forgiven, they swarmed to vote either by mail or in person for Democrats all the way down the ticket. Who knew they voted? We thought they were lazy and couldn’t even read or hold down a job or at least go into work other than working remotely. Shocker!

But this notwithstanding, how in the world did Biden know ahead of time that the election winners wouldn’t be known for days afterward? Hmmm. Sounds a bit like they had another plan to cheat underway already. Nevada has a terrible governor and he could be behind this too. Why did the security cameras in the Washoe County counting room go out last night for eight hours? Why did they send the workers home during that time? Sounds a little like the broken water main that we fell for before. Can we really be this stupid two elections in a row? I hope not. I hope we left a GOP Poll Inspector behind during that time. Otherwise I want a RECOUNT OF EACH AND EVERY BALLOT! I’ll volunteer to help.

Why did Maricopa voting locations run out of paper, ink, and have machines that weren’t functional in a predominately Republican area? Voters that were standing in line got frustrated and left. Others had their ballots put in a drawer to be looked at later on. This is either highly incompetent or voter suppression.

Now I still think we have a chance to pull this election off in our favor in the House and the Senate; BUT the longer it goes, the more suspect I get. I just heard Nevada had changed their voting rules to allow mail in ballots posted November 9th to be accepted many days afterwards. This is insanity and why we need to get rid of Governor Sisolack. He changed many of the voting laws to favor cheating. This is also why when I went to vote I gave the workers a hard time with questions they didn’t have answers to. Figures, I thought.

Why did Biden and Kamala come out with a Democracy is in tack speech and elections are finally honest? The election isn’t over and if it turns in our favor, the opposite speech will be given. They’ll claim Democracy was lost if the GOP takes over the House and Senate. And why is the Murdock media attacking Trump for being the cause of some losses? That’s not on Trump, that’s on the candidate. No good deed goes unpunished comes to mind. What about the landslide Sarah Huckabee Sanders win? The media is ignoring all the candidates that did win that Trump held a rally for. Trump endorsed 162 candidates for the House with 142 wins, 10 losses, and 10 waiting. He endorsed 25 candidates for senate with 17 wins, 4 losses, and 4 waiting. That is not a Trump loss. That is a Trump win with more to come, but the left is slow walking the results to tarnish, yet again, Trump.

But in the future when the Democrats bribe college students with unconstitutional executive actions and tell lies about the Supreme Court, we have to campaign in college towns. We were caught flatfooted. This was Biden’s plan all along, and we didn’t see it coming: Power of the Lost Generation Zr’s. Biden may just be dumb like a fox.