Scared Silent.

For the past thirty or so years I’ve used one company to clean my carpets. Two big guys would arrive at the door looking clean, shaven, and cheerful. They’d do a walk through with me on what furniture needed moving and what trouble areas I had. They always did an impeccable job, replacing the moved furniture with plastic under the legs to prevent staining from dampened carpet and wouldn’t leave until the customer was happy.

I recently had quite the opposite experience. Same company, different town. When the truck arrived, the driver sat in the driveway for ten minutes. When he finally came to the door; equipment in hands, he looked disheveled and worn out and this was only ten in the morning. He told me his name and proceeded to walk into the house not even asking which rooms. I directed him to the bedrooms and asked where is the other guy. “I only work alone.”

“But I wanted my bed pulled out from the wall, and its quite heavy.” He shrugged. For the next half hour he didn’t say a word or ask me a thing. Just proceeded to pull his equipment inside and ignore me. His pants were dirty, and I smelled marijuana the second he past me in the hallway. His hair was messy and it looked as though he lived in his car. I should have fired him on the spot but feared to do so as I was home alone.

He did a so-so job not even attempting to pull my bed from the wall then quickly dragged his equipment back to his van and came in with the bill. He never asked to do a walk through with me as they used to do. But being assertive as I usually am, I said, “You missed a spot.”

“I worked on it and it wouldn’t come out,” he snapped.

“But it’s only a few days old.” He balked and didn’t even try to give it another squirt of their “special cleaning” solution. Lazy, I thought. I let it go.

Not that it would normally matter, but I couldn’t tell what race he was although he was brown-skinned with a huge chip on his shoulders. Brazilian, Haitian, Iranian, Guatemalan, Cuban? I could not tell. But not American Mexican or Black. One thing I could tell, he hated his job. After he left, I got out my Resolve Foaming Carpet Cleaner and removed the spot that apparently he “worked on.” I’ve never seen this attitude, disrespect, or performance from this company, ever. I was so disappointed, but I will not give him a review if they ask as I fear he will retaliate. He looked like he could pitch a tent in my yard or burn my place down. No joke.

We are at a crossroad in this country when we become fearful of a service industry. But this is the world Biden has given us. The normal guys don’t want to work in these industries any longer, so they are hiring less than desired employees. Marijuana has contributed to making this younger generation lazy. He was probably in his van taking a hit before he came into my house which would be grounds for firing; but this is California, so who knows? He was disgustingly dirty like he only owned one pair of pants and had no means to wash them. I am personally shocked by the decline of this company. I will not rehire them.

This is just a taste of what illegal immigration has done to our country. But I now have empathy for stores that are scared silent by street thugs as they don’t want to be retaliated against if they report them. The police may come and arrest them, but then they are released the same day to come back to retaliate. Expect more of this decline in the service industry as we are scared silent to complain.

This is a general appeal to the service industry whether it be restaurants, housecleaners, lawn service etc. Please do a background check before hiring and random drug screenings. We don’t want stoned people working in our homes. I know it’s hard to find good workers after covid, but we’d rather wait for an honest, clean, hardworking person to arrive rather than just any person off the street just so you can keep your business going. And make sure they live in an apartment somewhere.

I stopped using Doordash last year as they sent a homeless guy to my door who was tampering with the lid of my ice tea (like he took a sip and was replacing the lid, gross!) and lost my milkshake, He feigned no knowledge of the milkshake and the fast food place claimed they gave it to him but held no responsibility. I wasn’t scared silent by Doordash as they don’t enter your home but will not trust or use them any longer. Vet your employees already!