Socialist’s Mantra: Blame Trump.

Defund the police' movement hits semantics roadblock | TheHill
Liberal’s Handiwork.

Has anyone noticed that the socialist party is still blaming Trump long after he’s gone for just about every failure that they have caused? It is almost comical. Their latest is saying the GOP was behind Defunding the Police. You can’t make this stuff up. They hold the Defund Police signs in the street but are blaming us? They knew they couldn’t blame Trump so GOP was the next best thing. The violence in the cities across America is due to lack of police intervention so who better to blame than the Republicans. Makes sense right?

The condo building in Florida that collapsed will be blamed on Trump or climate change. They’ve already blamed DeSantis, Trump will be next. Somehow they will tie Trump’s construction company into the building of this condo. They’ll say the structural contractor or engineer once used by Trump or some other lie. Wait for it. Maybe if we hadn’t shutdown the whole country for a year due to covid which put extreme stress on the steel beams from full occupancy, the building would still be standing. Or maybe construction workers who weren’t allowed to come to work during covid could have brought it up to code by now. The shutdown is on the socialists who funded the Wuhan Lab.

Kammie recently blamed Trump for leaving them with a terrible situation at the border. When all else fails, blame Trump. They are embarrassed about reversing Trump’s policies that caused the influx of illegals so had to turn the tables back onto Trump. It’s not true, of course, but it is getting easier for the people to spot their lies. Even Bill Maher is noticing them, and he’s a big lib.

They even tried to blame Trump for the turmoil in Israel right now. Israel was doing great until Sippy Cup came along. Now Israel has to defend themselves once again from Hamas. We have a black activist, who is probably part of BLM, turning her back on the flag during the U.S. Olympics metal ceremony. Ironically the blue-lipped gal was a hammer thrower. Never knew that was a sport. Trump’s beliefs will get blamed for her shameless action even though Biden condoned her freedom of expression.

They’ve also blamed the racial tension in liberal cities and the capitol onto Trump and patriots. They fan the flames of racial tension then blame us. It is comical. Critical Race Theory, which is 100 percent backed by the socialists, will undoubtedly cause racial tensions in high school and colleges in due course but again they’ll switch the blame onto Trump somehow.

Just wait, inflation will get blamed on Trump. They’ll say they inherited a bad economy. Again not true. Trump left them with the economy soaring back after covid, but Biden has been spending money like a drunken sailor trying to pay for some Green program while paying the unemployed to stay home.

Time for the socialists to look in the mirror. They are the cause of all our current problems, not Trump, not the GOP, not patriots. They have no good ideas nor foresight. They are genius when it comes to corruption or stealing, but that’s all they’re good at. Time to take back the House, the Senate, and the White House so they can stop blaming us for everything they’ve caused and stop taking credit for Trump’s ideas.

The lies the socialists tell are getting so blatant and obvious, next they’ll be saying Biden was behind moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the Right to Try program, as well as Space Force. Wait for it. And if we happen to go to war again, which is looking more likely than not with Mr. Bumble as prez, they’ll blame Trump. I can hear it now, “We had no other choice after Trump ruined our foreign relations with this country.”