Voters, Please Save our Country From the Evil Takeover by The Left.

For the past six years, we’ve witnessed more and more evil acts and speech by people in the news. It’s almost a supernatural takeover of their bodies by the devil himself and they can’t help their evil behavior. Sometimes I think I’m watching a violent or science fiction movie. The problem lies in the fact that we’ve allowed this evil entity to infiltrate our government at the top by voting (stealing) them into office and allowing their bizarre behavior to exist and spread from the top down like an rotten apple spoils the bunch. Their behavior and corruption spreading like cancer.

It began when we slowly permitted our American flag to be disrespected and then our National Anthem. Then we slowly allowed two radical groups to form BLM and Antifa and burn our cities in resistance to Trump’s presidency. We’ve slowly allowed faith and religion to be disrespected and mocked by the media. We’ve slowly allowed our education system to permit the CRT and Gender Confusion curriculum that has made our children fall behind in standard test scores. We’ve slowly watched our U.S. Constitution be ignored and reinterpreted. We’ve slowly succumbed to the CDCs every whim regarding vaccinations, masks, and school and business closures. We’ve slowly allowed the green activists, globalists, and environmentalists to put an end to our fossil fuel exploration as well as coal, halting our energy independence rendering us dependent on our enemies.

We’ve slowly accepted murder, destruction, theft, looting, mugging, carjacking, and arson as commonplace. We’ve slowly permitted speech by conservatives to be banned, suppressed, and labeled disinformation. We’ve slowly allowed foreigners illegally into our country at our southern border increasing our welfare rolls, crime, and homeless. We’ve slowly allowed mail in ballots to confuse and threaten the integrity of our election system. We’ve also slowly allowed our justice system to become two tiered, politicized, and weaponized. We’ve slowly allowed social justice issues, Socialism and Communism, and social media to creep in and become center stage in our military, law enforcement, and society. In other words, we’re slowly becoming apathetic to all the aforementioned which has turned most folks into accepting evil as normal. Just like they accept the high gas prices and consider it something we have to live with. But we don’t. But change has to happen soon.

Here are just a few of these evil people past and present that have slipped into power and ruined our country: Merrick Garland, Chris Wray, James Comey, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Adam Kissinger, Mitt Romney, Peter Strzok, John Kerry, Valerie Jarred, Susan Rice, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barrack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Eric Holder, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Mueller, Adam Schiff, Gretchen Whitmore, Kathy Hochul, Lorie Lightfoot, AOC and her squad, Kamala Harris, and, of course, Joe Biden. If we could get just the current ones out of power, our country would come back to normal. But it’s going to take voters to pull this off by sending them a mandate.

Who coined the word Woke? What is it really? When this Woke movement ends, we’ll all be better off. Now these midterm elections will be the most important votes in a lifetime. We have to regain power back before anymore damage is done to our country. Please voters, save us from this evil that has taken over our country. Let’s do this.

Symbolic of what the evil Left is doing to America. Even the flags have had enough.