Wonder if the Joke’s on Us?

Photo by lil artsy on Pexels.com

Wonder if we are all being played by old Joe? I got to thinking in my mystery-writing-novel mind that old Joe could be playing us all, even his staff members and his doctor. When I saw him ask for Jackie it was almost as if he knew he’d get a huge reaction from the press and others. It almost looked calculated, planned ahead. And how many times has he gotten lost on stage? Even someone with true dementia couldn’t have that bad of a record trying to choose the right exit plan. It’s a 50/50 chance of getting it correct. There’s only two choices: right or left. So what is really going on?

Wonder if he doesn’t have dementia at all but is play acting a role of having it, sort of like an actor would do? After all, they said revered President Ronald Reagan suffered from it. But you’re asking ‘what would be his motive’? I’m asking myself that too. Let’s break this down: First, he ran for president from his basement so no one really got to know him. The few times he went in public, he made some terrible gaffes. But were they planned gaffes? Then he chose the most unqualified, off putting VP candidate in history that no one would want as president. Very calculated as we couldn’t use the 25th on him. Genius, in fact. Then he got the FBI and social media and others to orchestrate the stealing of the election. Sort of evil genius. Then he systematically proceeded to undo all of Trump’s good work and go along with the green radicals in his party. To what end game, you ask?

Why pretend you have dementia while you are tearing apart our country? The only answer is: So he won’t get blamed in the end! His wife and close handlers will. Obama will get blamed. He could be putting us in harms way soon with a World War III if he’s in office much longer. Maybe he’s just evil like George Soros and not demented at all. Maybe dementia is his scapegoat. Think about it. Your Democrat friends know he’s senile and have taken pity on him. Is he playing us all to get some evil result whereby his hands are left squeaky clean due to his dementia? Could be the biggest scandal in the history of the world; bigger than JFK’s assassination, and only Joe is privy to it. Is he dumb like a fox?

I know I’m going out on a limb with this theory, but his gaffes and confusion are starting to look staged to me. I hope this article is satire; because if it’s not, we’re in deep trouble with a capital T that stands for Trickery.