The Deplorables vs. The Gullibles. Who Will Win in 2020?


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We all know who the deplorables are as coined by Hillary in 2016.  We are the “dregs of society” (Biden coined) and “irredeemables” (Hillary)  that support President Trump. The rest of the candidates just call us racists which is becoming overused and thus has lost its meaning.

I’d like to coin the Democrat nominee supporters “the Gullibles.”  After hearing them clap and cheer for Brennan, an admitted Deep State coup planner, I feel they have to be gullible if not lawless.  Lawlessables doesn’t have a good ring to it.  So ‘the Gullibles’ it is.

Anyone that supports AOC and her gang of corrupt idiots has to be either lawless or gullible. Anyone that believes Bernie’s or Pocahontas’ healthcare plan will work HAS to be gullible. And anyone who believes Biden wasn’t involved in a shakedown with Ukraine IS gullible.

These gullibles have fallen for just about everything the Democrats and media have pushed from Stormy Daniels, to Russian collusion, to Kavanaugh assault, to Charlottesville, to altered weather maps, to mafia style script of Ukraine conversation, to Smollett-staged attack, to Muellersham, to whistleblowergate, to impeachmentgate, to a photoshopped dog getting a medal of honor.

Why are they so gullible, we ask?  I think it is wishful thinking on their part or just plain apathy–they don’t really follow politics so they’ll listen to the most often reported version of events which is usually the mainstream fake news or ESPN.

These gullible voters also watch late night comedy shows which are always anti-Trump and pro whoever is the liberal darling of the week.  They also get their information off of liberal social media like Facebook.  They think they’re being populist or with it by agreeing with ESPN, Hollywood, or Facebook.  But they’re just being gullible, willfully ignorant.

These gullibles actually still think that Obama was a shining example of a great president–that he brought the country together, was scandal free, and restored the economy.  How could they think any different when this is what the media and our schools have been serving us for eleven years?  They have been fed a pile of horse manure for eleven years and don’t even know it.

Therefore, to change their minds will be next to impossible.  The gullibles have their heels dug in deep. The only eyeopener for them may be when one of the Deep State clowns get indicted.  The sooner the better.  I’ll take anyone of ’em–McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Strzok and the office s-ut, or Nellie, preferably with a late night raid of their home. Anyone will do, to help change the Gullibles’ mindset.

Who will win in 2020 the deplorables or the gullibles? I predict the deplorables, America, and our Constitution wins.  When one wins, they all win.

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