Democrats Are Reckless. Still Think Trump Stole the Election From Hillary…

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with the help of Russia, preventing the elusive glass ceiling from shattering. No, he didn’t.  He was set up by the FBI, Hillary, and Obama to make it appear that he enlisted the help of Russia to steal the election from Hillary.  Reality is, that Trump won his election fair and square by campaigning everywhere and his supporters were ecstatic the night they declared him the winner.  But the left has been trying to dismiss, tarnish, and delegitimize his win from day one.  They’re poor losers.

This week’s latest attack on Trump was from a disgruntled interloper that is supporting one of the other candidates.  That fact alone should close the case. When we find out who this clown is, he’ll be fired.  Trump had an honest conversation with the new leader of Ukraine and brought up the fact that Biden and his son had some shady transactions in Ukraine. Who wouldn’t?  It’s common knowledge.

Regardless if the Democrats think he was using his position to get information on his opponent, our country needs to get to the bottom of why Biden was strong-arming Ukraine to fire a prosecutor that was investigating his son. It’s called vetting.  Trump already knew about Hunter’s involvement in a shady company. It’s old news that needs another look, especially if Biden is running for president. And it’s not election interference from another country because it’s already well-known as Biden bragged about it on camera. Biden needs to be vetted like any other candidate.  Obama wasn’t vetted enough before winning the primary and look what we got!

Any president would get to the bottom of Biden’s conflict of interest as VP.  He also asked about Hillary’s server if they could clear that up.  If the tables were turned, you can bet your bottom dollar Obama would be looking into Trump’s involvement in his son’s business with another country.  Oh yes, they already did that before and after Trump won.  So what’s the difference?  The difference is: Trump is a Republican and Republicans get called out on everything while Democrats are given a pass.

When will all this crazy stop?  The public can’t stand to listen to much more of this double standard.  Biden needs to fess up, as well as Obama.  They both knew about Biden’s quid pro quo to Ukraine and have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Bottomline is:  Trump could fail to put a plastic cup in a recycle bin and the left will cry foul and ask for his impeachment!

He’s under scrutiny from now on and needs to be careful.  These scoundrels will set him up again, like they just tried to.  Be careful Trump. They’re worried you’ll win and will stop at nothing to take you down before the next election.