GOP is the “Party of Parents.”

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For the Democrats to lay claim that they have always been the “party of parents” is laughable. GOP were the soccer moms and now the momma bears, not the Democrat Party. Soccer moms wanted to be safe from Al Qaeda after 9-11 and, therefore, why Bush won a second term as he was keeping us safe with no terror attacks on our soil. Unlike when Obama took over.

Momma bears do not want their children indoctrinated with racist, hateful teachings of CRT (which they are saying now doesn’t exist!). Hee hee. Although many Democrats have agreed with our party and voted with us, die hard Democrats live in a blue bubble and can’t see beyond the blue. One was interviewed and agreed with all that we stand for accept that she always votes Democrat and can’t change. Die hard.

How could the party that condones late term abortions, mask mandates on children, CRT taught in schools, encourages BLM, calls Antifa an “idea,” wants forced vaccinations on children, called oral sex not sex, encourages gender changes on children, wants unisex bathrooms, mocks Christians and Jewish, condones legalized marijuana, thinks voter ID is racist, wants open borders, rewards illegals, called violent riots “peaceful demonstrations,” condones cheating in an election, allows stealing up to $1,000, follows a congresswomen into a bathroom, plants pipe bombs near the Capitol, and participates in hate crime hoaxes be THE PARTY OF PARENTS? What kind of parents are these?

Not the kind of parents I had or was. So the Democrats need to look into the mirror and realize that they have “jumped the shark” long ago. They don’t represent parents that I know. Most parents have scruples, consciences, common sense, and morals. Not this party. So when Van Jones of CNN says the Democrats are in a bubble and don’t realize that they look annoying to the rest of America, he is spot on. Annoying.